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									                                                                            December 2012
                Salesian Sisters, Mazzarello Convent, Kodambakkam - Chennai     INM FMA
                                                                                    Cir. No. 19
Viva Gesu`!

Dear Sisters,

I am sure that the joy of the celebration of the Beatification of Sr. Maria Troncatti is vibrating in
our communities. May her spirit of missionary passion and love for Jesus enthuse us in our
spiritual life and that of the mission.

I am grateful to Mother General for sending Sr. Kathleen Taylor the visiting General Councillor
for initiating the process of redimensioning through her encounters and animation. The encounter
with the visiting councillor from Rome in all the three zones has kindled the fire of
redimensioning of our province which has journeyed for 90 years. This special task requires our
intense prayer, openness to the Spirit, apostolic fervour, transparent communication in our
discernment will pave the way for the growth of the province for the expansion of His kingdom.
The worthy preparations and celebrations of the feast of the Immaculate and the incarnation of
Jesus be the source of inspiration. Let us implore the accompaniment of our Blessed Mother in this
search so that it may bring about the revitalization of our Charismatic identity and to ensure
renewed vitality of the mission. With this attitude let us reread the history of our province and
rewrite our history in a realistic way.

         90 Years of FMA Presence in Chennai
 History and the Spirit...(1953 – 1958)

The (Hi) stories to be remembered…
The year 1953 dawned with the invitation of Mother General to every FMA, “to be shining bricks
in the living Monument of gratitude to Mary Help of Christians”. Along with the final profession
and renewals, the sisters started the year with the educative passion for the young which was
crowned with the catechetical thirst to impart Christian values. Sr. Catherine Mania as delegate
and Sr. Clotilde Appiano as substitute were elected for the forth coming General Chapter XII.

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The residence of Mgr. Louis Mathias at Kingsford, Chennai has been offered and to convert as a
hostel for the unprotected city working girls. The Provincial council discussed about the
construction of College and other extension works in the land offered by the Government at
Dibrugarh. Thanks to Mgr. Marengo, the Bishop of Dibrugarh who arranged for a big loan without
interest. The Province lacked money and personnel, but the sprit and thirst for the mission
expanded incessantly that demanded more extensions. The year also witnessed the birth of the two
new Dioceses Vellore and Tanjore and it added extra joy for Salesian family, for Vellore was
blessed with a Salesian Bishop Mariaselvam SDB who was consecrated along with Mgr. F.X.
Carvalho, auxiliary Bishop for Madras–Mylapore and Mgr. Sundaram, the Bishop of Tanjore.

Placing under the protection of Mary Help of Christians, the construction work of College
commenced at Katpadi and its foundation stone was laid on 18th April. A small community was set
up in June Sr. Cleofe as superior, Sr. Nancy Pereira and Sr. Anna Abraham as members. The
Auxilium College, first of its kind in the Institute was built with a higher requirement of money,
work, prayers and sacrifices of our dear sisters.

The year closed with the joy of witnessing to the new birth of the Assam Province of Immaculate
Heart of Mary (24th Nov. 1953), bifurcated from the Province of St. Thomas the Apostle, Madras
and Sr. Catherine Mania, was appointed as the new Provincial. The FMA India was powered with
73 perpetually professed sisters, 27 temporarily professed sisters, 11 Novices with 15 flourishing
houses and 3 more new foundations - Auxilium College Katpadi, Kingsford and Dibrugarh. Sr.
Catherine Mania became the Shepherdess of 44 sisters of seven houses and its mission, the
Province of St. Thomas the Apostle, Madras inherited the rest, and both marched with full vigor to
work for God’s Kingdom.

The privileged Marian Year (1954) began with the pilgrim journeys of devotees to the Marian
Shrines. All the sisters and the Salesian family members of the Province took up a continuous
pilgrim journey to Chennai Lourdes Shrine at Perambur, Immaculate Heart of Mary’s Shrine at
Kilpauk and Lourdes shrine at Chetpet near Arni. The year has witnessed the deed of sale,
Kingsford was passed on from the Archdiocese of Madras to FMAs on 11 th June and the mission
was entrusted with Sr. Eva Fernandez and Sr. Alexandra Dias. The Auxilium College which was a
gift for the 25 years of FMAs' service in North Arcot was opened on July 1st with its motto,
‘Knowledge and Virtue' and Sr. Helen Fernandez was its first Principal. On the first day 64 girls
were enrolled for first Intermediate class. Sri G.D. Naidu of Coimbatore gifted 4 second hand
buses to Auxilium College Katpadi. Sr. Alexandra Dias was selected as the first Indian sister from
the Province to do Pedagogical study in Italy and Sr. Martha Griffiths was chosen from the North.
The first religious vocation Sr. Josephine from our Arni orphanage entered the Institute of St.
Francis commonly known as Vepery Sisters. The year bears the sad scars of the death of first
Bishop of Vellore Mgr. Mariaselvam, death of Sr. Margaret D’Souza and Novice Sr. Juanita
Fonseca. The Marian Year ended with special and solemn celebrations and processions in
honoring our Blessed mother who accomplished all things in the Province.

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The year (1955) dawned with the visit of Rev. Fr. Renato Ziggiotti, the 5th successor of Don Bosco
whose presence brought blessings to all the FMA houses of the Province and in a special way to
Auxilium College Katpadi as he inaugurated the new building, blessed the college campus and
witnessed to the Academic programme of the college girls. The reception accorded to Prime
Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru at the stadium, Madras in which the F.X. Anglo Indian School
displayed a float decorated with Italian flag and costumes as a symbol of world's recognition of his
leadership. The other important events of the year were the electrification work in Little Flower
convent at Pallikonda which was using only kerosene oil lamp for the past 22 years. The new
dispensary was set up at Auxilium College Katpadi to help the farm labourers and also the
inauguration of Social Service League and All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF) in
Auxilium College. The building was constructed for the teachers and trainees of Tirupattur. The
year also faced the sad news of the death of our Missionary leader Sr. Teresa Balestra and the
death of a great benefactor Dr. Stone who lent money for the college building without interest and
left it as a free gift at his death bed.

The year blossomed with the perpetual profession of our sisters along with the 2 Polish nuns
Sr.Valentina Czernick and Sr. Josefa Wojitowicz, the war prisoners who landed in India after
many struggles found a home in the Salesian family. The extraordinary visit of the Salesian
Provincial Fr. Pianazzi as delegate of the Holy see to all the houses of the Province brought a great
hope for the Province.

The year’s significant events were: the Homage to the Ex queen of Italy, consecration of a new
Bishop Mgr. David Marianayagam to Vellore Diocese, permission to start a Middle and High
School at ACK, the first University Exam at ACK, a new parish Church at Pallikonda and a small
clinic to care especially for lepers. As the fruit of our educational system the vocations increased.
A teacher from Arni, a teacher and student from Vellore, a trainee from Tirupattur and 4 oratorians
from Bombay joined in our congregation. The year closed with the annual retreat and the updating
seminar for all the sisters on Catechesis.

The year 1957 began its journey marking the transfer of Novitiate from Kotagiri to Sacred Heart
Home, Katpadi, hoping to get girls from Auxilium College campus that would foster many
vocations in future and also would favour the good health of the Novices who suffered of the cold
weather at hills. The blessing of Quadrangle College hostel, the deed sale of Kodambakkam, the
visit of Chief Minister Kamaraj to St. Joseph’s Arni and Mary Immaculate Tirupattur, the Visit of
Lady minister to Auxilium college and St. Mary’s Vellore were the important events of the year.
The year ended with the sad news of the death of Mother General Sr. Ermelinda Lucotti.

The year 1958 commenced with the circular letter of Mother General Angela Vespa’s guidelines to
mark the centenary year of the apparitions at Lourdes and to honour our Blessed Mother with filial
devotion. During this year Fatima Convent, Kodambakkam was inaugurated and blessed and the
Oratory was initiated. A new site for orphanage at Pallikonda was blessed. The Provincial Chapter
was held at ACK which elected Sr. Maria Dal Corso as delegate and Sr. Ruffina Micheal as
substitute for the General Chapter. Chapel was blessed at Polur and Arni.

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The first profession at Sacred Heart Home, farewell to the Provincial Fr. Pianazzi who was elected
as Prefect General of Studies and the member of General Council, welcome to the new Provincial
Fr. John Med SDB, the unofficial visit of A.J. John, the Governor of Madras and the extraordinary
visit of Fr. Modesto Bellido were the noteworthy events. The year ended with the sad event of the
death of Pope Pius XII. The church was happy at the election of the new Pope John XXIII.

Recall…the spirit to be relived
The Province was marching ahead with the moral, intellectual and physical development of the
young people, children and women. The missionary sisters were reciting the rosary for the cure of
the sick persons while walking miles for hours to reach the remote villages around Pallikonda,
Arni and Polur. They were never tired of the hardships and sun strokes for they always had reasons
to rejoice over baptizing children, adults and dying persons, curing the lepers and the sick. Sr.
Maria Zonta, Sr. Maria Rossini and Sr. Piera who walked many villages around Pallikonda always
rejoiced and recalled their joy of assisting the sick, catechizing the villagers and baptizing the

The Provincial Sr. Cesira Gallina accompanied the sisters with her realistic spirituality, responded
creatively to the signs of the times and the need of the hour. When the government closed down
the schools due to the spread of epidemic fever, she thought of an alternative way to enlighten the
sisters with the spirituality of Preventive system. She equipped the sisters on all aspects of life. She
sent two of the sisters with a Novice Sr. Juanita Fonseca to Nagpur to do their University Exam
and 4 sisters to Coimbatore to attend a month of course on Social Work. She permitted the three
houses of Chennai Broadway, Kingsford and Kodambakkam to have a picnic together. The
Chennai Sisters visited the houses of North Arcot and the North Arcot sisters and students visited
around the picnic spots of Chennai. She also exhorted the sisters to live their daily obediences
with true spirit of doing God’s will, self denial to accept others views and visions, to cultivate
edifying manner, treat everyone with respect and not to have mania for long excursions.

As we rejoice in rereading the life of our first sisters, let us retrieve their true spirit of obedience
and sacrifice that permeated their life of evangelization cost what it may, their competitive spirit in
caring for the sick and elderly sisters, their spirit of educative responsibility and their spirit of
sincere and upright communications that endowed their life to become a school of good example.
Rejoicing and recalling the rich history, in turn demands the commitment of reliving it and
representing it to others. Let each of our life become history to be read, spirit to be relived, good
example of school to be learnt, so that we may have the joy of sharing our faith journey with others
as we prepare ourselves to recall, rejoice and celebrate the incarnation of God into our human
history at Christmas.

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Sr. Kathleen Taylor's Visit
Sr. Kathleen Taylor who has been given the mandate by Mother General Yuvonne Reungoat to
initiate the process of redimensioning our province. She met all the sisters of our province in three
zones leading us to reflect, to share and to study the possibilities of redimensioning. We continue
this journey with docility and openness to the Spirit to ensure quality of our life and mission to
revitalize the Charism. This process will be continued in different moments during this year.
I am grateful to our beloved Mother General for the interest and love expressed in sending
Sr.Kathleen Taylor to our Province. I appreciate Sr. Kathleen for her availability and spirit of
sacrifice to enrich us so as to discern the plan of God for our province.
I thank Sr. Yetukuri Alphonsa and the community of Kodambakkam for the warm welcome
extended to Sr. Kathleen Taylor and for all the meticulous preparation done for the animators
meet. The atmosphere was very favorable to express our thoughts and views.
 I thank the animators and the community of Broadway, Manikandam Trichy and Auxilium
college Katpadi for the conducive arrangement of the venues for the zonal level encounter with
Sr.Kathleen Taylor, prayer moments and table fellowship. I felt a warm and cordial family
atmosphere. Let us continue to create this family atmosphere in all our communities.
I appreciate and thank the communities of George Town Marialaya, Chetpet, Tiruvottiyur,
Thanjavur, Regunathapuram, Auxilium Home, Sacred Heart Home, St. Mary's Vellore for the
suitable preparation made to welcome Sr. Kathleen and to facilitate the personal encounter with
her. Let us intensify our prayer, reflection and transparent communications towards revitalization
of our charism in our province.
May God bless you all.
Beatification of Sr. Maria Troncatti
I congratulate all the sisters and the educating community members for the beautiful celebration of
the Beatification of Sr. Maria Troncatti in your respective parishes. I appreciate the effort made to
make known Sr. Maria Troncatti to the young people and to the laity. May her life be for us a
renewed call to holiness.
Blessing of MM's statue and the Mornesian Well
In loving memory of the arrival of our pioneers and the 90 years of FMA presence in Chennai
Province a statue of Mother Mazzarello and a well of Mornese were inaugurated by Sr. Kathleen
Taylor the Visiting Councillor and blessed on 22nd Nov. at the Provincial house,
Kodambakkam. We were privileged to have the presence of Sr. Kathleen Taylor on this
auspicious day. We praised and thanked God for His marvellous ways of guiding us through the
history. We implored God's blessings for the expansion of His kingdom.
Beatification of Devasagayam Pillai
The Church in India specially in Tamil Nadu is proud and happy to have a precious gift from the
Lord in the person of Martyr Devasahayam Pillai who will be Beatified on 2nd Dec. 2012 at 4.00
pm at Carmel Hr. Sec. School Campus Nagercoil during the Eucharistic celebration. The papal
legate His Eminence Cardinal Angelo Amato, sdb prefect of the Congregation for the causes of
saints will officiate at the celebration. The concelebrants will be Most Rev. Salvatore
Pennacchio, Aspostolic Nuncio, His Eminence Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of
Mumbai, His Eminence Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo, Archbishop of Ranchi, His Eminence
Cardinal George Alencherry, Major Archbishop of the syro. Malabar Catholic Church, His
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Beatitude Mornan Mor Baselios Cleemis Catholicos, Major Archbishop of the Syro-Malankara
Catholic Church and Most Rev. Peter Remigius, Bishop of Kottar.

His passion for Jesus and for the paschal mystery should challenge our life as religious in this
multicultural context to make a difference in our life in a renewed vigour in our joyful witness to
our consecrated life. May the life of Blessed Devasahayam Pillai be the source of inspiration and
line of action in our educative mission.

Feast of Mary Immaculate
Dec. 8th is the day very dear to the heart of every FMA and to the Salesian family because God
had initiated His great project through Don Bosco in a very simple and unassuming way. The
accompaniment of our Blessed Mother is very tangible and concrete not only in our personal life
journey especially in the journey of our province. The negative influence of media and the
misuse of technological advancement leaves a deep scar in the lives of young and adults which is
a challenge for us to reflect the resplendent life of our Blessed Mother. May the celebration of
this great feast help us to acquire the virtues of purity and integrity of our Immaculate Mother.

Let us inculcate the true devotion to our Blessed Mother in a special way during the novena days
and to celebrate her feast in an attitude of gratitude for all her wonders and mysterious ways of
guiding us.
Personal Integration and renewal
 I wish the participants of both the groups of personal integration and renewal at Mannivakkam
avail the God given opportunity to the best to enhance the 'Being' towards a committed life in a
Salesian way.
The participants kindly be present at the venue on the previous evening without delay. Please
inform your arrival to the animator of the community.
Juniors animation at Anugraga
I wish all the juniors to be present at Anugraga, Dindigul on 14th evening. Let your participation
in the course be responsible and enthusiastic to boost your personal integration and spiritual
Symposium on Pedagogy of Don Bosco
In this second year of the preparation for the Bicentenary celebration of the birth of Don Bosco
the Salesian Province of Trichy has arranged for a symposium on the Pedagogy of Don Bosco on
1st & 2nd December 2012 at Don Bosco Manikandam, Tiruchy. The communities of southern
region participate and get to know more about Don Bosco and his pedagogy to make our
educative mission more fruitful.
Annual retreat
As Mother Mazzarello would say retreat is the special occasion to remove the ashes and kindle
fire in our hearts so as to strengthen our relationship with God and others. Let this God given
opportunity be utilized to the full in a best possible way. After the feast of Christmas we begin
the first retreat at Sacred Heart Home, Katpadi from 27th Dec. - 3rd Jan. 2013. Kindly send the
list of participants of your community to the province as well as to the animator of Sacred Heart
Home at Katpadi as early as possible.
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Co-operators retreat & Promise day
On 25th Nov. on the feast day of Christ the King 24 new co-operators made their solemn
promise during the Eucharistic concelebration at Gabriels Broadway. I appreciate and thank Sr.
Susai Marian Pushpam for her tireless effort to strengthen the cooperators unit and the animators
of various communities who prepared the laity with much enthusiasm and encouraged them to be
a part of the Salesian family. I wish the new cooperator to live up to this special call.
Diamond Jubilee of Vellore Diocese
We were privileged to have the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Vellore Diocese in our
Auxilium campus at the Auxilium Hr. sec. School open auditorium. The campus was vibrant
with the presence of many young people from Salesian Institutions FMAs and SDBs. I
appreciate the marvellous works of the sisters of Auxilium College, Auxilium Home Sacred
Heart Home and St. Mary's Vellore in performing the colourful programmes for this graceful
event of the diocese of Vellore . I thank the apostolic Nuncio Most Rev. Salvatore Pennacchio
and the Bishop of Vellore Most Rev. Soundararaju for the kind gesture of appreciation and
New Archbishop of Madras - Mylapore
Most Rev. Fr. George Anthonysamy, Apostolic Nuncio for West African countries has been
announced as the new Archbishop of Madras - Mylapore. He is a native of Trichy, Tamil Nadu.
He has served the Church as Apostolic Nuncio in many countries. Congratulations and best
wishes to the newly elect Archbishop and we pray that he may experience God’s blessings and
indwelling of the Holy Spirit in his new mandate.

Heartfelt Condolences
    † To our dear Sr. Anthonia Rayappan who lost her brother in law Mr. Arockiasamy(53) on
       19th November 2012.
    † To our dear Sr. Vimala Iyyakannu who lost her dear mother Mrs. Pitchaiammal (87) on
       21st November 2012.
    † Our heartfelt sympathies to the Provincial Fr. Jayapalan Raphael and the confreres of the
       Province of Chennai at the passing away of Rev. Fr. Arputharaj Pakkam (52) sdb, on
       29th Nov. 2012 at Citadel.
May the season of advent in this year of faith reinvigorate our love for Christ to know Him more
and to make Him known to the young and other recipients of our mission. Let Jesus be our centre
of our life and inspire us to live and act in His ways. May these days of preparation help us to
rediscover the fascination of a personal relationship with Him and lead us to the joyful
celebration of His birth in our hearts at Christmas to spread His love, joy and peace around us.

Yours Affectionately,


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                         PROGRAMME OF THE PROVINCIAL

                                     DECEMBER 2012
  01 - 02         Provincial council - Therespuram
  05 – 07         Provincial office - Kodambakkam
  09              Auxilium College – Core group meeting
  08, 10 -12      Provincial Visit     -   Kodambakkam
  13 – 20         Preparation for World Gratitude day - Kodambakkam
  21 - 22         Provincial council - Kodambakkam
  23 - 24         Provincial office - Kodambakkam
  25              Christmas - Kodambakkam
  27 - 03 Jan.13 Annual Retreat - Sacred Heart Home, Katpadi

  09 - 10         Thanjavur
  14 - 20         Dindigul Anugraga

  09 - 10         Thanjavur
  11              Dindigul
  12              Keela Eral
  18              Michaelpuram

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