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									Books for MDS aspirants
   …Our Journey so far!!!
     Rajeev Chitguppi
Our journey began with this book in
                             We focused on AIPG
                             and AIIMS PG Dental
                             Exams. We made
                             sure that we got the
                             maximum number
                             of authentic
                             questions and
                             options. The
                             objective was to give
                             the best available
                             references for
                             serious and focused
                             MDS aspirants.

                             The book received
                             great response and

   Our next aim was to respond to the
   request of our widespread student base.
   They had been asking for a compendium
   that contains last 6-7 years papers with
   easily understandable material explained
   from MDS exam point of view. So we
   collected the 7 years papers of AIPG &
   AIIMS exams. Within a very short time,
   the book became one of the most trusted
   resources for its authentic explanations
   and references. Even today we continue
   to get compliments for this book.
AIIMS Nov 2011
       While PGDEE 2 was about to go to print,
       there was a huge demand for AIIMS Nov
       2011 solved paper with well referenced
       explanations due to some of the ‘out of
       syllabus’ and ‘tough to crack’ questions
       asked in that examination. We decided to
       release this supplement too along with
       PGDEE 2 & thus began the writing with a
       very close deadline. And this book was
       written in the shortest time possible and
       released in record time. It was marketed
       along with PGDEE2 compendium. The
       release dates of the two books were so close
       that there was a confusion in the market as
       to how many books were being written and
       released. PGDEE 2 had two volumes and
       that added more to the chaos. But we loved
       the pandemonium!!!
PGDEE 2 + AIIMS Nov 2011
                      When we started
                      marketing in
                      2011, the
                      contained the
                      leaflets of both
                      books. This
                      marketing not
                      only made the
                      process easy &
                      convenient but
                      was also helpful in
                      clearing the
                      students’ query
                      on the no. of
                      books - that there
                      were 2 books and
                      3 copies !!!
PGDEE 2 announcement
AIIMS Nov 2011 Announcement
PGDEE 2: Basic Sciences
(7 years Compendium)
PGDEE 2: Clinical Sciences
 (7 years Compendium)
AIIMS Nov 2011
       Instead of just solving AIIMS Nov 2011, we
       decided that we would write additional
       sections, even with such time constraints, to
       allay some of the irrational fears of the
       students and to guide them of out of some
       of the misconceptions. We made our best
       attempt to orient the students towards
       scientific, logical, productive and rewarding
       way of studying and preparation. Therefore
       we wrote two additional sections – The
       AnteceDent and The Primer for success.
       Both the sections continue to be a part of
       our new books as well due to the kind of
       connect they established with the students
       and the kind of positive feedback we
       received from the students.
The Release Date was Unique!

                       This is a snapshot of
                       the contents page
                       with the names of
                       the sections.
                       ‘Synopsis’ became
                       ‘The Fun-da-mentals.’
                       ‘Solved papers
                       ‘became ‘The
                       Solutions and ‘Mock
                       test’ became ‘The
                       Rehearsal’. So not
                       just the release date
                       but also the section
                       names became
The Antece-Dent section
The best and the most authentic
AIIMS Nov 2012: Once again 5 Stars!
Our latest book – 2012 papers!
2012 papers: The Pre-order Chaos!
                As soon as the flipkart pre-order
                announcement went online, the flipkart
                counters and helpline no.s started buzzing
                constantly. The pre-order & booking
                numbers went up beyond our expectations.
                The market buzz and anticipation was so
                high with enquiries and requests pouring in
                continuously that we felt we were not
                prepared for it!

                In fact we were struggling to meet this
                overwhelming demand and make optimum
                arrangements for the timely arrival of the
                book and make it reach the students well
                ahead of time before the examinations. The
                entire new year day (1/1/2013) we spent on
                streamlining the process of stocking,
                availability, dispatch, and communication to
                its best.
Flipkart status chaos!

                         We were getting
                         so many queries
                         all the time that
                         to understand
                         where the
                         confusion was
                         coming from,
                         even we placed
                         pre-order for our
                         own book on
                         flipkart and then
                         understood the
Flipkart…the most reputed!
Finally….in hand!
                    Even we didn’t
                    have a copy of our
                    own book in our
                    hands. And we
                    were getting calls,
                    messages from all
                    over the country
                    given that there
                    were only 2 weeks
                    left for the exams.
                    Finally everybody
                    including us
                    started receiving
                    the copies from 3rd
                    Jan, 2013.
Mission MDS 2013

           The Most Trusted
          Reference Builder!
          Evidence Builder!!
         Confidence Builder!!!
      Thanks to Elsevier India!!!
• Wishing all of you a pleasant, enjoyable and
  enriching reading experience!!!

• Rajeev Chitguppi
• Amit Lall
• Kaustubh Gandhalikar

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