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					     Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2010

                                Indiana University - Bloomington

                                  Open Text Responses (Edited)
                              Indiana University Center for Survey Research

This text file includes responses to the final questions of the UITS survey:

Are there any additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology

The responses are listed by group.

Identifying references have been removed from this document indicated by [IRD].

Faculty Open Text Responses

I find the unusual Ethernet connections in the walls unusual and unnecessary, simply incurring additional
costs every time we change our machine configurations. Please change them.
VICOPS is a total disaster. The customer service and competence level leave much to be desired.
OnCourse is primitive. As a means for communicating to students, it's awful. For example, students
receive "postmaster" in their inbox and delete it because they don't know what it is.
There were a few times when OnCourse was not available during my classes. It would be really helpful if
the availability of OnCourse can be ensured on weekdays.
Please bring back KEYNOTE to the classroom access units.
UITS is a treasure. We are very fortunate here at IUB.
The people I've dealt with have been fabulous. My complaint is largely about using research databases
(IUCAT seems very clunky and requires a very long log-in process, at home or in the library, that seems
unnecessary (esp. in the library -- can't the computers have IUCAT as a default page?). Also, Outlook is
VERY VERY slow and not nearly as functional as Gmail (why not take their good ideas?). Also, OnCourse is
often down (for example, today when I've had to post grades to the roster, I haven't been able to log into
OneStart or OnCourse).
I have given up on using the STCs for my S400 class. The STCs are always booked solid when I teach my
classes. So I have my students bring in their laptops on the few days that we have lab exercises in my

Some Microsoft software cannot be loaded into the STCs. For example, MS Accounting Professional. (UITS
tried about 2 years ago.)

With IU's contract with Microsoft, it always amazes me that it is so difficult to obtain some MS software,
such as MS Project, MS Visio, and MS Accounting Professional. Why do the students need to go through
MSDN to obtain this software? To add to the frustration, the MSDN server has been unavailable most of
this past month. Why can't students download this software from IUWare?
The trend in computing is towards openness and towards mobility. These not areas that I see as UITS's
strengths. A lot more can be done in both. It is wonderful that students can now use a version of Gmail
instead of Webmail; it would be great if faculty and staff had the same option. Similarly, for most uses
Google Apps (or their equivalents offered by other companies) is sufficient for most users and indeed
improves collaborative work (in comparison with the bloated Office Suite). The search capabilities of
IUCAT are far behind those of Google. As a result, most of the computing environment at IU has a dated
and rather closed feel about it.

One sign of that is the extremely irritating message asking me if I would like to change my password
*every time* I log in. Whose brilliant idea was that? This is straight out of a Soviet mindset (we know
what's good for you).
I think that we have a remarkable system, with great capacity to support many people and projects, and
with reliability that goes unnoticed because it is so rarely down. Good work!

The classroom equipment is in poor shape to deliver effective presentations.
The Kelley School support at 5-4247 is good.
I would like to see the campus move to open-source solutions. Right now, it is pushing Windows and
training a new generation of Microsoft and, to a much lesser extent, Apple, customers rather than
independent thinkers who can make intelligent choices about which O/S and hardware they use. I would
like to be able to download paychecks in pdf format or at least be able to print them satisfactorily, on one
page, from recent versions of FireFox. I would like to be able to download rosters, including email
addresses, via the faculty center. Whoever answers ithelp messages should proceed under the
assumption that the user is intelligent and knowledgeable until the user proves otherwise.
The people in the School of education, especially Director, [IRD] are exceptional...they always respond!
Every time I have needed help with my computer (laptop and office computer) someone has been able to
help me right away, either at Wells library or online. Thanks!
I have found it difficult and confusing to create my own web page here at IU. I get bogged down in
creating a new account, trying to tell if I already have an appropriate account, etc. I have not sought help
for this, mainly due to time constraints, but it does not seem very intuitive or well explained.
I find the lack of admin privileges for the computer on the desk in my office to be a major nuisance. The
fact is that modern computing often requires installation of new programs in the course of daily work. It
is a major nuisance to need to have someone else install software that is easily available on the web. It
counteracts some of the great productivity gains that the web allows.
I have had good, bad, and indifferent experiences when I call the help desk--it all depends on the person I
happen to get on the phone. Some of them have been very helpful and pleasant; some have answered
questions grudgingly and were not helpful.
Keep up the good work! Great technology at IU.
Worst run and maintained computer services I've ever seen in any institution I've been associated with.
All PR and no substance. UITS stinks.
Thanks for the services, but the survey is too long.
Mostly, UITS provides reasonable service. Some of the student consultants in the labs do not know how
to use some of the software; a few are unprofessional. For me, CLASTECH has always been helpful.
The telephone contract sounds like a rip-off to me and the long distance charges are way too high.

OnCourse and OneStart STILL feel like old DOS programs to me. Clunky and nothing like interfaces people
use for all other functions. The purchasing web pages (where you shop vendors) are also clunky. Do
people really wonder why we prefer to shop directly from vendors like Amazon, Best Buy, and Staples
using our PO cards?

The electronic FAR system was easy to figure out and seemed about as streamlined as I could imagine
given the wide variety of faculty and departments it must serve. However, it takes significantly more time
to complete the FAR electronically than the old way and I found myself leaving things off because it just
didn't seem worth the effort. I sure hope that the data are going to excellent use in the dean of faculties
office and elsewhere. For example, in a few years when the faculty will be asked to again complete the
National Research Council (NRC) Assessment of Research Doctorate Programs; there will be an outcry if
that survey is not pre-populated with the data collected by the new FAR system. If the new FAR system is

simply saving us clerical time devoted to sorting and filing the reports, then I'll be very disappointed.

I am frequently disappointed in the search results of IUB pages and in OneStart and OnCourse.
UITS consulting are helpful 95% of the time, and when they can't fix my problem, I still feel they've made
a wonderful effort. I'm very grateful and pleased with their competence and friendliness. OnCourse is an
unintegrated, slow, buggy, diffuse mess. I use it because it's impossible not to, but I'd pay to have it
destroyed. KB is rarely helpful. I find what I need on it at best 1 out of 10 times; scratch that--I've pretty
much stopped going to it. For things I know how to do, I know the jargon and therefore the KB seems
helpful and clear. But when I'm doing something new to me--which means the vocabulary is unfamiliar--
the KB's insistence on jargon means the KB answers are impenetrable. The folks who come out to fix or
examine my machine are *incredibly* competent and personable. IUCAT had more functionality 15 years
ago than it does now. I find that incredible. The deals we get on software are fantastic, and I'm ever
grateful that almost everything I need I get cheaply. I hope that can continue.
UITS computing services are outstanding, but telecom (phone) charges are outrageous and out of sync
with current realities. Phone rental charges, for instance, are not justified and the quality of the old lines
is not good, especially given what many departments pay for a phone system that sees less and less
actual use (by faculty).
OnCourse: need a way to send URLs to people for resources within OnCourse. Users can log in if they
need to, but it would be nice to be able to send URLs.

Finding things in OneStart is almost impossible. The menus on the left column/sidebar are not intuitive in
the way they change when you click on things.
I'd like to see expanded storage options offered to my research scientists - the MDSS is great for long-
term archival, and the RFS works well but 10 GB isn't what it used to be. Also, expanding email quotas to
500 MB (for Cyrus) is great, but Cyrus webmail is outdated and clunky, whereas exchange webmail is very
windows-centric (you can't even check your own quota unless you're running windows, and using IE) so
improved webmail offerings would be a great improvement, and eventually even 500 MB quota may
become pretty tight compared to other, real-world offerings like Gmail.
I'm in the Telecom Department and rely on installed technology and software in all of my production
classes. All in all I'm very satisfied with the services and support. Any time we've had an issue UITS has
been quick to respond. Please keep up the outstanding work. You're doing a great job.

My only wish is that all students studying media production would have access to high-capacity portable
storage devices. (e.g. 1 TB firewire800/USB II drives) Almost all of our students (and those in Com &
Culture and FINA) need these. It would be great if those who couldn't afford them could check them out
over multiple semesters. Or better yet, build this into our fee structure and issue them to all students at
the start of the year.
Better support for videoconferencing needed. Too few people understand how to use this equipment.
VICOPS very helpful, but should not be first resort.
UITS gives great customer service!!! I encourage all of my students to use your services. :)
As COAS faculty, we seem to be given the lowest priority in terms of computer update and support. It is
also extremely inconvenient and annoying to have to resort to IT people to install or update anything on
our computers.

The same password that protects my class grade rosters and my direct deposit information is required for
basic wireless access and even to use the electronic card catalog at Swain West Library. That is an
unconscionably and incompetently bad security arrangement.
You really need to work on the test and survey instrument in OnCourse. The one in the Angel system
(Used by Kelley Direct) is much better!! The OnCourse test system has NO security (students can log in
and out with no restrictions) and there is no way for the students to save their test prior to submitting it.
Overall a very poor system. If the school is really committed to increasing the use of on-line learning and
support, you need to FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!
As a use of Macintosh computers, there continues to be very limited support.
I would like to have a better support for Mac system.
Webmail seems to be often slow and occasionally down, and is the only email choice available to faculty.
The search mechanism is primitive and difficult to use. (It used to be better.) OneStart has a rather
confusing user interface. I spend a lot of time trying to guess where the item I'm looking for is located.

A nice idea for the future would be to install some kind of tablet technology in classrooms to make all-
electronic presentations easier and more flexible. I like the Wiki capability on OnCourse, but it could be
substantially improved.

It would be nice if a wider variety of software could be supported on Webserve.

The sheer amount of hardware and software that is supported on campus is awesome, as is the online
documentation (Knowledge Base). The research systems are extremely impressive. The staff are very
knowledgeable and helpful.
I didn't realize UITS was responsible for OneStart and TIME - these two systems change my overall ranking
form a solid 5 to a low 4. Suggestions over the past several years seem to fall on deaf ears when trying to
offer user feedback.

I've tried to bypass TIME because it is so clunky and takes more than twice as much time to do the 10
person staff I am responsible for.

OneStart is painful at times trying to access important tasks we are forced to do. One example is
retrieving a roster for the current semester. Why is the default set to the previous semester for so long
into the current semester?

Other than OneStart and TIME I think UITS is doing a terrific job supporting our work.
UITS provides excellent services and customer service to support and facilitate the learning environment
at IU. Thank you.
I work in a unit that is located off campus where we are offered NO onsite service. This makes computer
servicing VERY difficult for us, having to disassemble computers and take them to campus when anything
goes wrong.
At the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community we have a more stable server and computing
experience because of the IU and IIDC collaboration. Our IT manager and support staff have emphasized
to us the benefits of this collaboration and cost-sharing enterprise.

I think IU does a great job with IT for both faculty and students! Thanks.
I have never understood the division of services/support of UITS and the services/support for ETS here in
the School of Education.
How about upgrading my 6 year old computer? Are there back-up services available?
I am very impressed with the technology support I get here at IU. (I am a faculty member and taught at
another university). One minor suggestion is that the KB articles on using quarry should be a bit more
user-friendly - that is, have an example for everything. Sometimes it is written in technical language,
which can be hard to decipher if you are not an expert in Unix. But I was able to figure it out after a few
helpdesk email messages.

One other suggestion - not sure if you can fix it. I use a laptop with a docking station here at my office.
Every time I want to print something, I have to connect to the VPN, even though I am physically here, and
connected through a wire to the network (not wireless). In addition I have to run an app to map my
network drives. It seems to me that if the laptop is physically connected to the network through a docking
station, these things could be done automatically.
UITS has repeatedly been fantastic in helping me. My only suggestion for improvement would be to keep
a MAC person on duty 24 hours as well. It is very helpful that people are on duty after 5:00 as I and most
everyone I know works at home at night and week-ends and it can be very helpful to have assistance
I gave high scores to the many things I like. Of the things that I dislike:
1) The voicemail system on our office telephones is incredibly and unnecessarily complicated. On any
home phone, you can press a button and get your messages, but not here. Dial a number, enter a
passcode, listen to a message, press 1, listen to some options, press 1, listen to the message, listen to
some more options, and press 7 to delete. Couldn't we simplify?
2) The FAR was a complete nightmare to complete, and took two weeks of potential research time or
class preparation time out of my schedule. Many categories relevant to my discipline were not even
listed. 'Other' was a frequent category choice. This would be MUCH easier if it were a standard form in
MS Word. Is there a member of faculty anywhere who thinks otherwise?
I may have rated things lower than I meant to. I'm impressed by people I've encountered in individual
parts of the tech infrastructure, but repeatedly frustrated by how poorly it coheres. It has improved over
the past few years.
The rosters that one accesses through OneStart continue to list students who have withdrawn. This
makes them not very useable as a way of writing to students via e-mail; you have to individually select all
the students who remain in the class. It would make more sense if once the student was withdrawn they
no longer appeared on a roster that you use to know who is still in your class and to contact them.
I came to IU two years ago and am still astonished at the alphabet names of services and agencies and
systems...endless confusing abbreviations.

I am also kind of surprised that the UITS newsletter that gets sent by email is so low tech -- there is a list
of topics and then one has to scroll down through a lot of stuff to get to the topic you want to read.
Would be better to have a link to take us to the topic of interest.

I have had some absolutely wonderful folks help me via the call-in user support system for computing
questions (email, OnCourse, some formatting issues). Some have really been great. I know that the
knowledge base has a great deal of information but I have generally found it to be very frustrating. The
consultants are much better. Thank you!
I have been disappointed by how unknowledgeable some consultants have been vis-a-vis word-
processing features like footnotes. (I can think of one or two who didn't know what a footnote/endnote
is.) One consultant told me that the help line doesn't really support word-processing. I found that really
strange for a research university.
I would love to see more help with word-processing and with the tracking features of WORD.
Thanks for your consideration.
I do not like the FAR as it is not compatible with the all information that I want to report in my annual
summary of activities. I realize it is a work in progress, but it is not user-friendly, or there needs to be
more instruction on how to use.

Staff Open Text Responses

I think UITS rocks! WOW! To have exposure to this level of computing expertise is beyond my
Implementation of system changes should first be done through test systems rather than changing
production first and then changing test-level later. This change started happening within the last couple
of years and gives the appearance of getting done on time rather than getting it done right.
I think the system TIME is in serious need of review. It is not intuitive or user friendly. The training
provided was lacking. It doesn’t make sense that the time needs to be rounded to a 10th of an hour and
frustrating that the timesheet submits automatically whether or not the employee has filled it out and
cannot be kicked back to the employee for correction. Otherwise I find almost all UITS products that I use
to be at least satisfactory.
I'd like to be able to get Visio on my home computer. I hope Lynda will continue to be part of the
Elearning opportunities for us. I am glad you folks are out there and I wouldn't want your job. There are
so many systems to keep track of and you all do a wonderful job of directing me to the right place. Proud
you are a part of the IU family.
My only complaint is passphrase. I hope it's not forced on everyone but allow the older staff to keep their
old random numbers and letters. Trying to think of a phrase that isn't being used by someone else is
similar to the old system that wasn't on the internet (well before that) and having to try and find a word
someone else wasn't already using. It was a pain. No to passphrase.
The customer service number is great for problems on my home computer needs.
I have had a lot of good experiences with UITS and the telephone services crew, there was an incident
with a problem with a new office assistant’s email and it took us over a month to fix the problem so she
could receive emails from work. It was very tiresome for no one to respond or keep telling us the same
thing over again which was not the solution. I do think that there needs to me more training on the side
of the tech support people.
At times, as an IU staff/LSP, I have felt that there are people at UITS that "I cannot contact." For example,
the commreq staff have made me feel that I should not have contacted them either via email or phone. It
has gotten better in the past year, but I am never quite sure if I'm going to step on someone's toes when I
call/email these people. I would suggest a better indication of how to appropriately contact some of the
offices that do not deal directly with the staff/faculty.

Also, the search function on the IUB page as well as within OneStart is still really poor. I almost "search
IU" to laugh at what odd results I will get. The results do not seem very close to what was requested. How
about using Google instead of Cha-Cha?
UITS offers skilled, experienced technical support. Why would a small department have two full time IT
On-line course system seems outdated; would much rather use the "blackboard" type system.
Our program used the STEPS instructors as a supplement to one of our classes. The instructors, materials
and overall services were great.

My dislike of the telephone services has to do with the "in-house" person rather than the campus-wide
personnel. The campus-wide personnel are extremely helpful. Just the person in the building who is
supposed to be in charge - is extremely slow. Necessary to contact her 3 or 4 times before process is
E-mail: Lately too many e-mails from IU e-mail addresses get sent to junk mail. I have not been in the
habit of checking junk mail so I've missed student e-mails and messages from colleagues--even those in
my own office. Not good.
IUIE: Too much info in most reports. Often hard to decipher exactly what information you're getting in
given reports (i.e.: IU gpa, program gpa).
AAR: Too long and difficult to read in printed version (even in "printer friendly" version).
I generally have good experiences with UITS representatives, and I think the campus is generally well
served by UITS--I do think that there are "holes in the net" though, that can be patched, as indicated by
my answers here.
Color printing is too expensive; would like better apple OS and related software deals to buy like
Microsoft; how about a steps class on a general overview of the statmath programs?
I would like to see Cisco phones in the office...or technology similar to what Cisco phones have to offer.
Office phone technology seems to be on par in cost to cell phone technology. It is definitely sub par on
functionality to cell phone technology. I think UITS should recommend users trade up from an office
phone to a cell phone where possible.
They're OK. Usually they're over my head & I have to find a student & ask him/her.
RE: Business systems - TIME was never a high priority and seems to have been pushed out before really
fleshing out the issues and burdens it puts on units. FIS - There seems to be critical accounting and data
history issues. Hopefully, Kuali has addressed many of the issues. Also, there is no real budgeting system
at IU - this is a MAJOR problem. There needs to be a complete review and overhaul of the budget process
and available technology. There is a significant lack of IT skills needed to bring about real improvement.
Travel Mngt System - out of date and in desperate need of improvement.
Departmental consulting for help on how departments can use technology better in their units. Outside
of the LTPs.
Overall fairly pleased.
I also use SharePoint a lot for my work, which I like VERY MUCH.
OneStart is very confusing and difficult to use when searching. Human resource information on OneStart
is also difficult to navigate.

The search system on the IUB webpage has improved, however, still only features faculty offices and not
very many offices for student services in the Division of Student Affairs. Also, the DSA website is old and
outdated; I hope that the University is making updating this website as a priority since it is the primary
student services (non-academic) for students.

The new computer center in the IMU is absolutely amazing! Great job renovating it!
I don't feel that the Knowledgebase is especially useful. One must know in advance key terminology to be
able to use it effectively. When such key words are not known, it feels a bit like trying to communicate

with someone who doesn't speak your language.
Very glad that UITS OnCourse is now using OneStart final grade rosters, wish it also used OneStart class
rosters or somehow indicated to faculty & students that adding student to class roster does not in any
way add the registration.
Almost every system has changed this past year. There have been some pretty severe disruptions. All of
this is being done to save money--no argument from me about that. But, it could have been phased in
more slowly.
There are UITS administrators who seem totally clueless about what is going on technically, how it is
affecting users, and what people are actually trying to use IU's systems for. The priorities of these folks
seem to be (a) we want to congratulate ourselves about being up-to-date, (b) we want a set of written
documents which say nothing substantive but mouth all the right buzz words to show that we are on the
"cutting edge", and (c) we want to impose our interpretation of these mantras on everyone without
understanding anything about their effects on the ground so that we can say we follow "best practices".
Most of the technical chimneys have little knowledge of or curiosity about what the problems and needs
of the other technical chimneys are. Almost no one is interested in trying to understand what the users
actually do or need--it's too hard to coax that information out of non-technical people.
There weren't enough staff in key technical areas to handle all the demands, and what staff there were
often ill-equipped for the tasks.
Overall I am very satisfied with the services, but the connection speed is often slow, especially at the
beginning and end of semesters.
I think we are very fortunate to have the level of support we have.
UTIS does an excellent job!
For the most part my UITS experience is great, but OneStart is terrible.

I visit many websites and feel like I've got a decent handle on navigation, but OneStart is so confusing
about where to find things. There are too many options, half of which I have no idea what they are. There
are links EVERYWHERE and it gets overwhelming. I only use it to do timesheets (which I've made a
bookmark to) and maybe find my paystub or ID#, and every time I can't completely remember all the
classifications to find it. As a staff member, should it be in campus? Or is it a "service"? If I'm taking a class
does that shift information to the "student" link? Then there are 10 modules that go way down the page
and all those have EVEN more links. It's maddening and I avoid going there except when absolutely
I work with PHP and MySQL. I would like to have a central contact if I run into a problem or question
about this service in particular. I don't get my answers with 5-6789.
I have always received excellent service.
It would be very helpful to have phones that show a missed call. When I miss a call by 1 second, it would
be nice to be able to check the number of the last call...caller id list.

I have had an issue for the past 8 or 9 months that I can't access OneStart from Internet Explorer...I get an
error message. I have tried and tried to have this fixed, but it still occurs. Now I just use Firefox.
IUIE and PeopleSoft. The expensive debacle and disaster and inefficient monster that just keeps on giving.

[IRD], [IRD], and[IRD] are a lot of help on construction projects.
Your classifieds section is full of spam and scam advertisements. If you are not going to monitor this, you
might as well take it down. It is annoying surfing through all the junk.
Overall, I rate my day-to-day interactions with your systems and support to be a 3. Great product
services, but poor usability testing.
Though I have not attended in the past year, my wife tells me the IT training classes at the Library are still
too accelerated for many students to keep up with. The ones I've taken in the past are about 45 min. to
an hour too short. My wife reports the same. Likewise with the Continuing Education IT classes, according
to her. She has to take classes more than once, and that gets expensive.
Generally UITS does a very good job of introducing students and staff (can't speak for faculty) to its
systems and telling us how to use them.
Areas needing improvement-
FIS: slow, locks up frequently, old system, not user friendly. SIS: posting scholarship awards takes 1-4
minutes to process after hitting post button. IUIE: Some query fields are confusing and don't seem to
work properly when trying to run reports.
This is a critical suggestion/observation. IU needs to urgently implement distinctive ring tones for
telephones that are designated for emergency response only. We have such a phone, and with five other
ringing phones in the office, it can be hard to differentiate the emergency phone. The phone sits with the
receptionist, and when she is away, it is important that the emergency phone has a distinct enough ring
tone that even people who have private offices can hear that phone and respond in a timely fashion.
With the use of AED devices (Emergency Defibrillators) on the rise throughout campus, this is something
that should just be standard issue wherever these units are located.

For software, we need a .docx converter program available through UITS download. I work from home
sometimes, and I frequently receive .docx or .xlsx documents that I am unable to read at home. I can't
find a converter program.
Also, I love OneStart, but it is very hard to customize (i.e., add links to my main start page). There are too
many "test" pages (like EPIC), so that when I want the REAL EPIC site, I have difficulty finding it.

Finally, for those of us who have asynchronous time sheets in the TIME system, we should be able to go
into our time sheets to edit them the Monday after they are due. I travel A LOT. My schedule can be quite
irregular, and I frequently miss the weekend timeline to update my timesheet. So I often have to give my
time to my supervisor. It would be helpful if you would do something like a text message reminder or
automated voicemail reminder at a designated number (which I can designate) to complete that time
sheet before midnight on Saturday.
Overall, I like UITS a lot. You guys do an amazing job. Thank you!
Overall I am very happy with the service you provide for doing my work correctly. Thank you.
OneStart/SIS Launch has had several downages over the past 6 months +/-. I'm not sure if it is something
that you all can help with or not. I've had Internet Explorer crash a few times too in the middle of
something. Again, don't know if that is our office in-house problem or yours. Overall, I think this campus
has one of the very best computer depts around....and I worked for Crane for 25 years where ours also
was very good. You have gone out of your way to make things as easy to use as possible. Keep up the
good work.

No questions were asked about cost. UITS charges are rather high for all departments. In years where we
continue to see budget cuts, UITS continues to raise its rates and I've seen less stable services as these
rates rise. I find that concerning. We are a captive audience and do not have a choice to seek services
The only problem I have encountered is when using the Microsoft a bit confusing.
AIT is who I have received assistance from most regularly (auxiliary services), and they've always been
prompt, reliable, knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient in managing and addressing any issues w/my
computer or dept. laptops. They even came to our building once when we had trouble setting up a
projector system for a presentation, which was a great learning experience, as I'd never set one up
The technical support team is best! I appreciate their efforts so very much. They do a great job. My only
negative remark is that I work in the main office at Gresham Food Court, and our computers are all very
old and it makes are job hard because they run so slow.

Undergraduate Open Text Responses

Many of the systems especially printing and Wi-Fi are very inconsistent. OnCourse and OneStart are also
offline quite a bit.
1. You need to offer alternative programs to Symantec anti-virus, because for the past couple months it's
been impossible for me to use the "get connected" utility to gain access to the internet as my computer
will not for some reason accept the Symantec software.
2. Please keep as a tool for IU students to use.
3. Make available online classic films to students majoring in the fields of telecommunications and
communications and culture.
4. A more intuitive way to browse and add selections from IUCAT into a shopping cart like application
letting you view your selections without re-querying them.
5. A more easy way of allowing students who have trouble logging into IU secure to have access to the
visitor network.
6. Less STEPS classes during peak hours of information commons usage during the week as many students
have trouble using a computer when a low enrollment course is wasting valuable computer space.
7. Remove the air conditioner unit from the Wright Library computer lab as it makes the temperature in
the room unbearably cold.
8. A means of notifying car owners by text message when a parking operations employee makes his
rounds of a parking lot to remove their car within 15 minutes or face a violation.
We need more computer labs, and I wish the printers wouldn't take forever to print PDF files.
More wireless points on the edge of campus (i.e. by Jordan hall towards 3rd street and by 3rd and Jordan
on the campus side).
Overall, the programs and support from UITS have been great. I have noticed that some of the help in the
Information Commons is a little dysfunctional, however. I spent three hours trying to print a poster
because the printer kept breaking, and one of the girls trying to "help" was rude and just generally
This is one of the best parts about IU!! NEVER NEVER lag behind in technology, because technology is the
The One Start and Student Self Service UI can be difficult and confusing to navigate.
I believe that our system is one of the top in the nation. I would see what makes differences between
other universities.
It is too difficult to find a computer during class time! I think availability of computers is UITS biggest
OnCourse crashes a lot. Too many things on OneStart. Kind of cluttered. Maybe combine/centralize
OnCourse, OneStart, etc.
Add incentive for printing double sided.
I hate OnCourse. It’s set up poorly and often goes down. I hate how little the teachers know about
computers as well. I believe money would be best spent educating them on computers because they
seem the least informed.

Good job!
One Start needs to be simplified a lot and OnCourse could also be simplified.
The wireless internet in the library keeps kicking students off line and switching between IU Secure and IU
Every year since I have been IU, things keep improving and getting better. As long as UITS stays on this
path, things will continue to get better, easier and more convenient for us students.
You guys are great!
The simplest way to contact them is via phone or email, which doesn't really help you when you are
having problems with those things.
I think the system is really great at IUB. =]
Every single bank of printers NEEDS to have a release station. There are other ways to prevent printing
back-ups, but release stations are always the most effective and the least time consuming.
I have found the Ethernet in my dorm room to be very poor and unfortunately with the large load on the
wireless network, that isn’t much better. I also feel that the wireless network is weak in some places on
Overall, I am pretty satisfied with UITS. The computers are all great quality and there are a lot of them all
over campus for use. I think the prices for fixing computer problems are way overpriced, especially
compared to other universities that do not even charge.
It is somewhat difficult to print especially when I had to input my id/password for printing.
I really like the OnCourse and OneStart websites, but it is very confusing to find things on the OneStart
page, and setting up my email my freshmen year was very confusing. I feel like these pages could be
better organized. Overall it's a great service though!
OnCourse is often down/too busy and runs slow at the most inconvenient times. Is there something
happening to fix these problems?
Make it easier to connect consoles to IU secure.
The wireless on the 4th and 5th floors in Wells is horrible during the middle of the day.
To be honest, I haven't use many services offer by UITS, even never heard some about them. However, I
feel satisfied about when I use daily like OnCourse. And I can see the "advertising" everywhere in the
campus about UITS, so I believe it is so helpful for students and really care about how can help students
to solve their problems or help them to learn. Also, my friend told me that once he brought his laptop to
the front desk and ask them questions about why his laptop didn't work, the staff are very friendly and
Adapt budgeting to allow for a certain amount of colored paper to be printed as part of the paper quota.

UITS is doing a great job!

Better connectivity to wireless internet.
They sometimes get in the way of us at LIT.

The services are very nice.
-The internet speed (both through Ethernet and wireless) is way slower than it should be. Often, the
download speed dips to 11 kbs/sec or lower and stays that way for hours. That is simply just unacceptable
for a university network.
-Since P2P sharing (i.e. uTorrent, Soulseek) is banned, it is EXTREMELY frustrating that there is no
university-sponsored P2P server here at IU. Such systems exist at schools such as Carnegie Mellon,
Dartmouth, etc. IU should either have a inter-university sharing system or allow students to use uTorrent.
Job placement for consultants is very shady... I applied and never got a response.
I am upset that the SPEA library is closed. It has really created a problem for a lot of people throughout
the school week.
I look forward to some new technology coming out.
I got UITS help when I was editing a movie on Imovie (I think) in HBW; they were helpful.
I've heard from people that plugging in your laptop into the wired connection will improve the internet
connection... but either my cable in my room doesn't work or I'm having trouble figuring out how to
connect my computer to the wired network. Wireless works fine, but occasionally can be slow or
altogether down.
Great resource.
My only real complaint is that I cannot connect my computers to the wireless network. I understand the
need for security, but it seems like every year I have to jump through more and more hoops in order to
get my computer(s) connected. My freshman and sophomore years I had no problems getting both the
wireless and wired networks to work. Now I can't access the wireless network on either of my computers.
Not even the UITS support people could fix the problem.
Other than this and the occasional problems with OnCourse crashing, I am extremely happy with the
service IU and UITS provides.
More free software packages for MAC OS would be a good idea.
It is annoying in OnCourse chat that whenever a new message appears it drops me down to it. I often use
it for homework help and when I am trying to learn something it is very annoying to have to find what I
was reading over and over and over again. I also recently installed a new operating system and thus was
reinstalling IU connect. Whenever that finds a problem it stops and doesn't give you options to fix it, but
makes you have to go through the entire process over again.
From the people that I've personally come into contact with about help with IT issues, have been very
helpful and seem to know exactly what they're doing. Very professional and very informed. Keep up the
good work.
Sometimes the internet connection is terrible in McNutt: Bordner 100.
You need to kick people off computers (Asians) on the second floor in the library, who log on, lock their
computer and leave for over an hour. They also log on for their friends leaving those computers locked as
well. Replace the Macs in the union with pcs. Macs are terrible for printing PC documents which the
majority of people use.
Actually I messed up an answer earlier... 812-855-4848 is the best thing on this campus!!! :-D I use it all

the time and they are so nice and helpful.
It’s been pretty good so far.
Sometimes when navigating the University's websites it can be difficult to find certain things. It’s like
while exploring them I will often times stumble onto something else that is available online that I didn't
know was there.

OneStart is very, very confusing. There is way too much information on there and unless you know exactly
where you are going, then the entire page just looks like a drop-zone for random sites.
There are always random glitches with OnCourse. Also sometimes there are problems connecting to the
wireless on campus. Otherwise OnCourse and OneStart are very helpful for me.
I think that the Registrar website is very confusing. I would hope this could be improved but I have always
been satisfied with UITS services.
Wi-Fi is so damn slow.
I really want a true wireless campus!!! No more dead spots:(
I believe that OnCourse and OneStart should be combined in a single system, where you can access all
available services. Computer systems, while adequate, are still lacking the processing power to run
today’s demanding applications. Additionally, Mercury hosting is quite limited and experiences occasional
slowdowns. Overall, UITS has provided an excellent service to the university community and has
implemented a solid IT strategy.
It is difficult to navigate OneStart and OnCourse doesn't calculate grades during the semester. The Wi-fi
can be spotty, but I like having it. I appreciated the UITS helping me put Wi-fi on my old laptop before it
got a virus and died.

Great Job! :)
I feel like I wasn't informed about some of the benefits IU students get... maybe include that at freshmen
You need to allow people who study on the upper floors of the library have a strong working internet

Graduate Open Text Responses

OneStart/OnCourse is a horrible mess of an interface. I don't want to offend anyone by this, but there are
multiple levels of problems there. Perhaps it is a difficult request to build something like OneStart. But...
Too much text, ambiguous meaning of text, can't ctrl F the text (you need to search with your eyes which
is a problem when there is a lot of text), poor hierarchy of links, strange behavior of tabs. I could go on I
guess. Oh, I realize there are people on the receiving end of such complaints, I get them too as an AI. But
what can I say, these are my observations? Basically my only complaint. I like IUCAT for example. Much
more concisely organized. Statmath is fabulous. I am almost finished with my time at IU, but if I were to
do this again, I would make better use of the supercomputers. Just by chance, I have not been able to
make the visits to Jordan Hall the various supercomputing teams have made. These visits are valuable,
but unfortunately have not taken advantage of them. The phone help is fantastic as well. I dread going to
another University. We've got great nerds here. Let's see. Oh yes, the UITS courses are also really really
good. The only suggestion I have, is that you should do more open source stuff. A lot of the programs are
excel or access or something like that. I might like open source database programs, or open office calc.
You know. The courses that are offered have been very helpful. And I'm spent, that is all I can think of.
I wish the printers were faster. Most of the time it takes 15-20 minutes for the printer to respond to the
print request.
The facilities for graduate students are completely absent from UITS' radar. IU is supposedly a research
school, but honestly none of UITS services support that endeavor. In terms of how UITS supports grad
students such as myself, I give a 0.
While OnCourse has improved over the past two years, OneStart has become even more counter-intuitive
and less user-friendly. Please make this service more accessible and navigable, especially since it's the
main hub of student and faculty information available.

The mypage service is great, but more storage space would make it even better, especially since so few
people take up server space by creating pages. More functionality (password protection for individual
pages on the website) would also be appreciated.

The number of computers on campus has improved a great deal, but there must be more scanners
available, especially in the Wells Library.
3 important items:
- Wireless -- Most of my research is done on my local systems.
- HPC - Quarry and Bigred are instrumental in doing my research (shared filesystem and softenv are very
- Utility of Labs -- I find these of low utility personally. For example they all have TPM chips but are not
activated and no one locally can administer them to support USB/CD booting. I understand the logic, but
there is a research trade-off.
Final Comments:
Remote access to SPSS would be nice. Perhaps a Windows Terminal Server to allow for some windows
apps to be accessible without going to a crowded lab (when it’s snowing).
So far, no. You guys did a great job.

It would be nice if Quarry had more nodes and more documentation.

A page dedicated solely to CAS logout would be nice also. I've noticed that whenever I go to I
log into the network, but when I log out of umail it does not give me the option to completely log out of
the network (CAS Logout is what I think it’s called?). This option is given when I log out of OneStart or
OnCourse. I often resort to completely logging out after I log out of umail by going to OneStart or
OnCourse (which, because I logged in through IU I don't actually have to log into these pages) and logging
I wish it were possible to receive a wireless computing signal in University West Apartments.

Also, it is difficult to print a document double-sided when connecting to the University West printer from
my apartment's computer.
No thanks. I think IU has great IT services.
I believe that IT service works well if not perfect.
Wireless access point systems and authentication are cumbersome at the Kelley School of Business and
Information Display Screens are currently non-functional, though they could be useful if UITS can
determine a unified system to handle them.
I like the wide range of services and the helpful and responsive staff. There is always room for
improvement, and hopefully there will be enough resources to develop UITS work further. It is
indispensable to quality learning, teaching and research at IU.
If there is some way to set the printers on-campus to print PDF files more quickly, that would make me
very, very happy.
Is it possible for you to make the wireless internet accessible for Tulip Tree residents?
Most of time the Wells library is full and there are barely any computers available. It would be really
helpful if the number of computers are increased or if we have a place in wells where students can
register for a computer on a particular day at a particular time.
We need more white board been laid in Wells library and department for free discussion.
Need larger email capacity.
Wireless access may be made available at all resident halls.
I think UITS is doing a good job. There is always room for improvement, of course. But overall, you are
doing a very fine job! Thanks for all you do. :)
They do a great job at helping students and making sure the infrastructure for computing is set up
correctly, as well as keeping students informed about changes. One complaint I have is the printers in the
GEC center. I am a 2nd year MBA student at the Kelley school. The printing situation is horrible at busy
times and needs to be addressed. I see mountains of wasted paper and ink because students print the
same thing to four different printers due to the fact that the materials print too slowly. I believe this issue
can be rectified with better technology to start out. Thank you, [IRD]
Four (negative - hopefully points of improvement) things:
1) The printing is HORRIBLE. Some say we do need VPN; some say we do not. About 60% of the time
printing does NOT work for me, and this is true of MANY of my classmates. It's a very debilitating problem

given the demands of many educational programs here on campus, and quite frankly it's unacceptable
considering my tuition is paying for this service.
2) The wireless connectivity on campus (specifically to Outlook's IU servers) frequently goes out - again
this is true for many of my classmates as well.
3) The email server systems are terrible. Why give two options? Imail/Exchange/Gmail ??? I was not
getting email at the beginning of the year, and now some people say they get something from Imail
forwarded back to them when they email me, but I thought I had been converted to just exchange? It's
strange, frustrating, and in my eyes completely unnecessary (again, why do we need three options? Have
one server, and if students want to forward somewhere they can do that themselves).
4) Finally, why have SO many places where information is kept? OnCourse, OneStart etc. And within
OnCourse, there is no standard, so people upload to assignments, resources, calendar, dropbox etc.
Thanks! Didn't mean to be negative but hopefully this helps improve the system!
My biggest complaint is OneStart and the main IUB website. They are difficult to navigate. OneStart
makes me want to pull my hair out. I love the tech support and the availability.
You are doing great! It's just really annoying to deal with OnCourse, it often crashes or doesn't work.
I am extremely appreciative of the wide range of software made available to students. In addition, the
computers placed around campus are a great convenience. Unfortunately, the computer labs around
campus (excluding the library) are consistently packed, which causes a problem when I need to print
something quickly. I heard there was a website that tells you the amount of people in each computer lab
before you head out to campus, but I don't know what it is, and it isn't really advertised well.
The switchboard is awful. I called for classroom technology and got IU med three times.
I've had issues accessing my umail account and have to enter it after logging onto OneStart (not sure
why). I often overlook the UITS Monitor listserv email because its long and no graphics are used so it
seems like all the words run together. OnCourse and OneStart are excellent and I find the partnerships for
software invaluable.
Can IU secure wireless support symbian OS phone (Nokia N95)?
IT in the music library and school is excellent - Variations and online tools through the music library are
incredible. We can't work without them. Excellent support by the UITS. Thanks all!!
Access to computers and printers on campus is excellent - service is consistent, always functional, and

OneStart, and particularly the PeopleSoft software, is very difficult, counter-intuitive to use, and
needlessly complex. OnCourse can be similarly difficult to navigate. IUCAT is useful - I use it almost daily,
but it is irksome to log in constantly, and its search capabilities are not as powerful as I would like them to
I've forgotten how fortunate I am to have IU's UITS resources. This survey woke me up. Thanks for all you
Every damn piece of software you write is buggy and rife with compatibility issues. To make matters
worse your support staff are generally clueless, and help files are generally poorly written.
Why can't we save our work to the computers and retrieve it later from others on campus?
The student center, and Registrar information (about courses to be offered etc.) has become a mess after

changes that were introduced the year before! There are a number of chinks in IUCAT. Save/print
function should be linked to a user's log in, which means that once I mark items on iucat, I should be able
to look at them next time I log in. This not being the case, as it is now, why should IUCAT make me log in
just for searching it? Because of that there are two extra steps before I can get to the point where I can
review/renew checked out items. Those are lot of clicks before I eventually am able to review/renew.
I am currently a law student, and we no longer have a full-time employee of the University there to help
students with computer problems. Such a person is sorely needed. Other than that, I am very pleased
with the technology services available to me through the university. The employee that used to work at
the law school, [IRD], was fantastic. That is why we need another good person to fill his shoes.
I've had great experiences with UITS. The help line # has always been helpful for me.
The procedure of picking courses is not very convenient. Sometimes it is quite slow, and it is really hard to
find the course I want to pick.
Too much is too much. Keep things simple.
Campus wireless access should be extended to all on campus housing (BBHN); IUCAT search engine needs
improvement; additional computer labs needed in IMU and SPEA.
The regular UITS emails only rarely have information that is interesting to me. I feel like they are sent,
whether there is enough new information or not.
I really enjoy the services provided by UITS, especially OneStart, OnCourse, IUCAT and IUWare.
Personally, I'd like to gain more help form UITS about self-learning of languages and other useful
knowledge. Thank you.
The business school needs to have print release stations like those in SPEA and the Wells Library.
Currently, the network gets extremely slow when more than 1 person tries to print to the same printer at
the same time.
Printers in Business school are not working many times, may be because of irregular maintenance.
The Lab registration website might need some improvement so that we can browse lab schedule and
book them up easier. Thanks.
UITS is great. I could not get study/work done as effectively without all the access to email, OnCourse,
OneStart, the library, etc. I need to take more advantage of UITS's services.
UITS has been very helpful-- The staff members are always there to assist with any issues, and I
appreciate their willingness to be so readily available. Thank you! I also appreciate IUWare-- what a great
resource. I would like to request that SAS be put on more computers on campus.
Thank you. I am gradually integrating computers in my teaching. I cannot imagine what my research
would be like without these technologies. I am very grateful overall.
I spent six weeks this summer at the University of California, Berkeley, and in terms of the IT
environment, Indiana is light-years ahead of Berkeley. My only complaint is that it is increasingly difficult
to get on a computer at the STCs than it was just a few years ago; more of the labs are reserved for
classes more often, so there are long lines at the STCs that are available for free use during the day.
I wish OnCourse & OneStart could be combined into one site.
I still can't get my Gmail account to work with my Umail account.

OneStart and IUCAT are both rubbish. OneStart is cluttered and not user-friendly. How many extra
windows and sub-menus do I have to click through? And IUCAT is worse than your average public library
card catalog.
It took such a long time to fix the Wireless for the Herman B Well's library. Yet, ITS did not even have
alternative ways for students who use laptop or students who did not get to sit on one of the library
computers. Wireless had stopped working for almost 3 weeks or even more...It just did not make sense.
Computer systems in the law school are slow - that is my major complaint. Also, there is no one there
now to help with its problems.
Most of my experience with IU's Information and tech services has been in the law building. Main
complaint I would have is that the school's computers are just painfully slow. I've waited ten minutes for
a computer to log on at times. In years past I might have also criticized the wireless connection at the
school. However, in the last year the coverage has been much more total and less spotty than previously.
Love the campus-wide wireless internet. Hate One-start, On Course, Symplicity. Annoyed easily by my
.edu email account, very impressed with the knowledge base. IUCAT should be easier to negotiate and
Some printers (both machines and network) at Kelley (graduate building) do not work properly
sometimes. It's also nice to have at least one color printer available at Godfrey Center for student use.
Thanks for all the good work.
Since I am living on-campus, I really have trouble using wireless connection in my laptop. Also, I have
trouble setting up my answering machine in my home phone.
As for the best services, I would emphasize the walk-in and online chat services to get consulted
regarding any issues. I also love technological facilities - hardware and software. The worst issue that I
encountered regarded OnCourse. As PhD student, I am quite upset with the OnCourse service that allows
access to records of only the past 6 (I believe) semesters and eliminates previous semester's history. In
my specific case, now I am at a stage of my qualifying exams and I cannot access these semesters' data.
I am satisfied with all kinds of services in IUB. This is my dream school!!!!
When trying to learn about access to Quarry/Big Red, I was fairly frustrated with UITS in their timeliness
of email and communication. After emailing back and forth for approximately 5 weeks, I was redirected to
the Advanced Visualization Lab. While I was unhappy with UITS in general, I was VERY PLEASED with the
help from the AVL, especially [IRD] who has made great strides in helping me with my computer
visualization needs for my research.
I have problems all over campus with the wireless internet.
Also, I'm very upset that people eat food while using computers in the labs and around campus. They
make a mess and get their greasy fingers and crumbs all over the keyboards and mice.
I don't really go anywhere on campus but the library; that has to affect my answers.
I wish the computer keyboards and mouses were cleaner. Although some labs are cleaned once a day, I
find the grime on the keyboards disgusting. The tables should be wiped down once a day as well.
A suggestion - a lot of students use their laptops in the Main Library Lobby, yet there are only two power
sockets, for those who have power-guzzling machines. Opening more power sockets will allow greater

freedom to students and will match up the high level of the rest of the IT infrastructure on campus.
I've never been able to access the library catalog or databases from outside the libraries. I can access it
just fine on campus, but off campus I cannot get to it.
I live on campus in the Evermann apartments. Even though IUB celebrates its wireless network, I think it is
RIDICULOUS that I can't access wireless in my apartment. If this is TRULY a wireless network, it should
matter if I stand outside my window, or inside...I should still have access. Overall I truly appreciate and
like the majority of the technology offerings, but this one point is a pain...esp. because I've lived on
campus since I began my career here. I'm not a technology expert, but I don't think that wireless access in
the campus apartments (located just behind residence halls and Greek housing) should be complicated.
UITS offers great services to the students. However, they need to increase the printing quota for graduate
students since many of us are involved in research.
I live on campus, (Tulip Tree apts), and relatively often the printer in the computer room will not work
Hope the wireless access can be more steady(Music school sometimes have no signals) and useful to all
the residents in school apartments.(ex. Tulip Tree)
IUCAT could use more search options, such as ISBN.
OneStart might just be the clunkiest system ever, especially for registration.
I think the student consultants in the library need to have a level of technical expertise higher than the
level of the average IU student, they do not. And as a result, they are often not helpful. Though they are
Wireless access at the Kelley school at least was pretty flaky this year. We really depend on the wireless
because the network cables are non-standard and there aren't enough wired jacks, so wireless goes down
we're out of luck. Also, why is printing so difficult? The printer finder utility on Win7 64 is very flaky for
non-domain joined computers! There need to be duplex printers and color printers in the CG side of the
Kelley school.
Only 2 areas of technology, because they're front-end and not considered true technology, are reflecting
poorly upon the Univ as a whole, especially with the excellent tech reputation that we've developed:
(1)poorly updated webpages with sometime 5+ years old information is left on servers, published,
providing confusing info to the public and (2) dozens of front office phone messaging that offers callers
no choices, wrong choices or no opportunity to speak to a person (when choices offered do not fit callers
situation). Unfortunately this is often a person's earliest experience with IU. We get friendly voices and
info from the Call Center, but then get transferred into voice mail madness. Offices such as the BURSAR,
Registrar, Admissions, etc must know that messages should be checked and reviewed so as not to
aggravate callers and push students, parents, alumni and potential affiliates away from our campus. It
may be some other department’s website or phone message, but it's still looked upon as part of IU's
I use chem library a lot. It seems they have really old computers and those are unexpectedly used a lot by
students. I think it may not be a bad idea to replace them if you have extra funds.
Please give the part-time job students some test about the network knowledge. Every time my friends ask
them for help to reset the network (it just needs a basic network common sense) at the UITS desk in the
Wells Library, but they usually cannot solve the problem.

Also, some of them don't know how to connect printers, if people use their own laptop at Wells Library.
I think that the technology provided is an outstanding resources for IU students and faculty. There are
only two things that I think could be improved:
* the Knowledge Base and UITS information pages are often difficult to navigate, and disorganized; in the
past I have often had real difficulty in finding specific information, and have even found out-dated and no
longer useful information still displayed.
* the student technology centers are fantastic resources, but I wonder if there is a way to discourage
undergraduate students from monopolizing computer stations only to play on social networking sites. I
have often waited 30 minutes or more for a computer in a student technology center, while most of the
students that I could seek were simply browsing facebook.
I work almost exclusively in Fine Arts and often the toner in 215 runs low for weeks. I don't know if this is
something you maintain, or the school, but it’s one thing that bugs me.
Resources dedicated to resources are very opaque and knowledge of their existence (other than
assistance with statistics) is not well implemented into most departments. If to generalize, I feel that
students pay more interest in the resources recommended to them by their own departments than
through blanket campus-wide e-mail announcements.
IUCAT, OnCourse, and the OneStart Student Center are all absolutely vital to a graduate student's career,
and all three have proven sub-par and infuriating, particularly IUCAT. These should be your top 3
Better wireless needed in the Wells library for personal computers as well as rentals. There is something
wrong with the rental computers as well, they rarely log in right. Over the past few months I stopped
using them because it takes forever to find one that works properly.
- Please don't change the interface of the web-based services (e.g., OnCourse, OneStart ...) frequently,
because we have to explore and learn the structure again.
- It takes too long for the campus computers to prepare the desktop. We have to wait long before we are
able to start working on them.
I only heard about the printing quotas granted to students by word of mouth. This is a great resource that
I wish I would have found out about earlier. One improvement would be to better inform entering
students about this benefit to being a IU student.
IU's search engine is too messy. The IUCAT is even messier. I hope can be improved.
Better printing stations and larger budgets for joint degree graduate students. Computers on the
treadmills at the gym.
One of the biggest challenges related to UITS is the lack of computers (and therefore, lack of printers).
Before closing, the Business/SPEA library was already quite competitive for getting a computer. Now it's
closed and there are even fewer options for students. The Wells library is equally competitive and, if you
want to you use your own laptop, currently has unreliable wireless. The situation would be much
improved simply by more computers and printers on campus. Thanks.


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