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									Studio Lighting setup 1

Lighting setup for first set of shots is largest soft box camera left , coming in to model at approx
45 degrees. 2nd softbox is back right , pointing down on to model to provide that rim / hair
light. Back light was + 1-2 stops higher than front. Collapsible black velvet backdrop in place.

Lighting Setup
Lighting Setup - Resulting Portrait
Lighting Setup - Resulting Portrait

Notice how 1 light at the front & the model facing the camera, allows you produce some clear
shadow definition on the face, whilst the rim light helps seperate the model from thebackground.

3 more Example Studio setups after the link
Studio Lighting setup 2

In this lighting example , the front light has been pulled back to allow lighting of some full body
shots. Note how by asking the model to face the main light & then only use the eyes to look
back at you, how you can minimise shadow on the face this time.

Studio Lighting Diagram

Here is a photo showing the height of the rim light in this setup.
Rim Lighting

The resulting end portraits are :-
Studio Lighting Examples
Studio Lighting Examples

TIP : Stand on a chair & ask the model to look up at you by only moving their eyees. Their
head should stay level. The results can be seen in 1st shot above. By forcing the eyes to look up,
you reveal more white of the eyes, making the eyes look bigger, which as all ladies know makes
for a more flattering look
Studio Lighting setup 3

We are now moving to a 3 light setup. 2 at the front at roughly 45 degrees to model, with larger
soft box acting as main light, at 1 stop higher than 2nd light. Now for some serious rim lighting,
by placing a bare studio light directly behind the models head , about 1-2 feet back.

Example Studio Lighting Diagram
Example Studio Lighting Results
Example Studio Lighting Results
TIP: Try taking some portraits at an angle. Different is good you know

Studio Lighting setup 4

OK, last setup for you. This one is know in the trade as the clam shell & is great for beauty
shots. Basically you place your largest softbox directly in front of the model, just above head
height pointing down at model . The 2nd softbox you place directly beneath the 1st , allowing
just enough space for your camera lens to poke though. This light will be pointed upwards

The top softbox will be 1 stop higher then the bottom one.
Studio Lighting Diagram
Clam Shell Lighting Example
Clam Shell Lighting Example

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