List of free app review sites to submit your app

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					List of App review sites for your iPhone or Android App Publicity

Many people read reviews before purchasing or downloading an app. That’s why
a good review will significantly increase the sales of an app.

Here are few good app review sites:

Please note that there are hundreds of app review sites. You can choose any site
to submit your app for review. This is a list of most popular sites.

How to submit for review:

1. Write the name of your app and functionality.
2. Include the link of your app
3. Provide screenshots and demo video
    4. Provide your contact information, email address etc.

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Description: If you want to get massive free publicity for your app and honest feedback of your app, then submit to these websites for user review. Not only you will get thousands of installation but also you will get honest feedback to make your app flawless. the best part is its free.