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									Harrison Bergeron
ELA 30-2

   In our society, is everyone equal in every way?
    Should everyone be equal? Explain your views.

   How might the government make everyone absolutely equal?
the society . . .

   What is the function of the Handicapper General?
    Is she equal to everyone else?

   What kind of intelligence does Hazel have?
    Would she be considered "perfectly average" in our society? Explain.

   Why is George wearing a handicap radio? Is it conceivable that a
    person could wear such a radio without going insane or rebelling?

   Why do all the announcers have speech impediments?

   Is Harrison the hero of this story?
    Is Diana Moon Glampers the heroine? Explain.

   How do Harrison's parents react to his death?
    What does their reaction tell us about that society?

   Is there any humour in this story?
    If so, quote one example and explain why it is humourous.

   What is the theme of the story?
extension . . .

   In such a society, what would happen to art and science? Why?

   What would happen to the concept of individualism?
the assignment

   Download, print, and read the document (U3L1) which outlines how to
    create a found poem, illustrate it with a collage, and deconstruct both
    pieces of text. Examples are included.

   Use the instructions and examples contained in the Word document
    as a guide as you work through the following assignment.

   Step 1: Create a found poem on the story of "Harrison Bergeron".

   Step 2: Create a collage which will illustrate the found poem.

   Step 3: Deconstruct the poem and collage.

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