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									                                         JAMIE KLEBER
                                         MARCUS TRAUMA CENTER PATIENT

Grady Health System 2011 Annual Report

NEARLY                                             GRADY IS THE LARGEST

620,000 953
                                                   HOSPITAL IN GEORGIA






911 CALLS IN 2011
                         OF GEORGIA PHYSICIANS
                         RECEIVED THEIR TRAINING
                         AT GRADY                  WITH

                                                   CRITICAL AND

      HELPING PATIENTS                             INTERMEDIATE BEDS,
      AND FAMILIES                                 GRADY BURN CENTER IS
                                                   ONE OF THE LARGEST IN
                         EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT

                 2011 ANNUAL REPORT | 1

      Grady is critical to Atlanta.                             • Continued to maintain the high standards that have
                                                                  made services such as Infectious Diseases, Stroke,
      Every week I hear a new story about how Grady saved         Burn and Sickle Cell among the best in the country.
      a critically ill person’s life. Or delivered a baby who
                                                                All this was made possible through the leadership
      has grown into a leader of our community. Or trained
                                                                of the Grady Memorial Hospital Corporation, as well
      an eminent physician who has treated thousands of
                                                                as the unprecedented support of The Woodruff
      patients and schooled other renowned physicians.
                                                                Foundation and many other donors and allies including
      In this, Grady’s 120th anniversary, we have a tre-        the Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority and the Fulton
      mendous legacy to celebrate. And, during the past         and DeKalb County commissions.
      year, we have made significant strides to ensure
                                                                But much remains to be done to ensure Grady’s
      this institution continues to provide the life-saving
                                                                long-term viability as the premier provider of health
      services for decades to come. In 2011, we:
                                                                care services to the region.
      • Completed our $325 million Greater Grady capital
                                                                First, we must continue to make progress on Grady’s
        campaign two years ahead of schedule, providing
                                                                financial stability. The fate of national healthcare
        desperately needed cash for facilities and equip-
                                                                reform is unsettled but what is clear is that Grady can-
        ment upgrades.
                                                                not maintain its commitment to the underserved of
      • Unveiled the new $7 million Marcus Trauma Center,       Fulton and DeKalb counties, and its expanding role as
        introducing state-of-the-art equipment to handle        a specialty care center for residents of metro Atlanta
        the most seriously injured patients.                    and Georgia, if the institution is not financially secure.
      • Opened a new $1 million Walk-In Center to direct        The cornerstone of our financial sustainability is
        non-emergency patients to appropriate care and          to provide the best care possible for every patient
        alleviate congestion in our emergency department.       in every situation. To make that happen, we will
                                                                focus on five areas: Quality, Service Excellence,
      • Welcomed patients to Kirkwood Family Medicine, a
                                                                Stewardship, People and Growth.
        new model for Grady’s neighborhood health centers.
      • Consolidated our EMS services into a facility on
                                                                I believe this is our strong suit. Staffed by physicians
        Memorial Drive and created an in-house training
                                                                from Emory University and Morehouse schools
        program with Atlanta Technical College to educate
                                                                of medicine as well as our Community Medicine
        paramedics, meeting a need and providing Grady
                                                                physicians, Grady patients are served by some of
        employees’ new opportunities for advancement.

the best specialists in the country. In fact, 17 were     they provide our patients — and to make changes if
recognized in 2011 by U.S. News & World Report as         some employees put themselves ahead of the needs
being tops in their fields. Thanks to their research,     of those patients.
Grady patients continually benefit from break-
                                                          As we add new staff, we’ll seek more than educa-
throughs in health care. We, in turn, contribute
                                                          tion, experience and ability. We will also seek skilled
to the continual improvement of Grady. Our new
                                                          employees who have the right attitude. We want every
equipment and facilities — including the Epic elec-
                                                          employee to be a patient advocate who is proud to
tronic records system — allow physicians to operate
                                                          be a part of the Grady team and who lives up to the
ever more efficiently.
                                                          legacy of Grady’s first 120 years. Our ultimate goal
SERVICE EXCELLENCE                                        is to make this institution a magnet that attracts the
Top-notch medical treatment is only part of the care      best and brightest health care professionals.
patients need. They and their families also deserve
                                                          I want all of Grady’s employees to feel satisfaction
compassion, consideration and communication with
                                                          in their work, to be respected, to believe that their
their caregivers.
                                                          ideas are heard and their concerns understood. I
We often hear compliments about our staff — the           don’t think we can have satisfied patients if we don’t
people who empty the trash, deliver the meals and         have an engaged, happy workforce.
push the gurneys. But we also recognize opportuni-
ties to engage more employees in the kind of patient
                                                          For an institution that’s been around as long as
communication and consideration we know can
                                                          Grady, it’s tempting to proudly reflect on the past.
improve the patient experience at Grady.
                                                          However, during these changing times, we must
We are formally encouraging all Grady Health System       prepare for the future.
staff members to look for ways to improve the patient
                                                          We will continue to seek ways to expand our
experience. Grady takes patient satisfaction surveys
                                                          services to attract more insured patients while
seriously and we expect our ratings will continue to
                                                          always caring for the uninsured and underinsured.
improve as we redouble efforts to improve the experi-
                                                          One of our first successes is the Marcus Stroke and
ence of every patient who is treated here.
                                                          Neuroscience Center, which attracts patients from
STEWARDSHIP                                               across Georgia, saving lives, minimizing disabilities
We have come a long way from the days when we             and serving a broader cross-section of the commu-
held tubes in the neonatal intensive care unit together   nity. Many of these patients have private insurance,
with adhesive tape. But that doesn’t mean we can          which increases hospital revenue and enables us
afford to become less vigilant.                           to make additional investments that will benefit
                                                          every patient. We are looking for ways to introduce
We recognize that the future of healthcare requires us
                                                          a broader patient population to the expertise that
to deliver better quality care while controlling costs
                                                          has made Grady a leading health care provider and
as much as possible. This means we will continue to
                                                          cornerstone of Atlanta’s history.
conserve wherever we can without impairing patient
care. We must keep meticulous records, bill promptly,     I’m excited to be a part of such an important
eliminate waste, and keep our equipment and facilities    institution in the capital city of the Southeast. I look
in good repair so that they will serve us well.           forward to many more years in Atlanta, helping
                                                          Grady to prepare for its next 120 years.
Working at Grady is not a job. It’s a mission.

All of us chose to work in healthcare, to take care of
patients and their families at their time of greatest
need. We must remember why we’re here. But we
recognize that Grady must balance that against the
economic realities we face.                               JOHN M. HAUPERT, FACHE
                                                          President and Chief Executive Officer
That means we must make Grady’s staff as produc-
tive as possible and will look for ways to improve
efficiency. Our goal is to make sure we compensate
people appropriately for their skills and for the value

                                                                                                  2011 ANNUAL REPORT | 3

   Landmark. Life saver.

                                   Recently, we’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars
                                   in new facilities and equipment to make Grady more
                                   accessible, efficient and comfortable — all part of our
                                   mission to deliver the best medical treatment possible.
                                   That investment and the dedication of our 5,300 staff
                                   members enables Grady to treat diseases, restore health
                                   and save lives every day. But don’t take our word for it.
                                   See what our patients have to say:

                                   MARCUS STROKE AND NEUROSCIENCE CENTER
                                   On the night of October 7, 2011, 43-year-old Tracie
                                   Steadman fell out of bed and couldn’t get up. She
                                   didn’t know it at the time, but she was having a stroke.
                                   “My whole life flashed before my eyes,” she says. “I
                                   didn’t know if I was going to live or die.”

                                   She was rushed to Grady’s new Marcus Stroke and
                                   Neuroscience Center, where physicians use the latest
                                   techniques to stop brain damage in its tracks, often
                                   reversing symptoms of stroke almost immediately.
                                   “My husband said, ‘Don’t hurt my wife, don’t hurt my
                                   wife,’” she recalls. “Dr. [Raul] Nogueira said, ‘I can save

                          TRACIE STEADMAN
                          “I GOT U AND WALKED OUT. I DIDN’T EVEN NEED
                           AND THEIR DOCTORS SAVED MY LIFE.”


     her, I can save her.’… He had so much faith. … Before they
     got me off the table, they said, ‘Mrs. Steadman, can you
     move your arm?’ And I moved my arm.”
     Dr. Nogueira, an expert in minimally invasive neurological
     procedures, spent six hours removing a stubborn blood
     clot in Tracie’s head. Two days later, she was released.
     “I didn’t need therapy,” she says. “I got up and walked
     out. I didn’t even need a wheelchair.”
     In August, 2010, 19-year-old Emory University student
     Noor Araim was in a car accident in Kentucky. Her head          GRACIE WILSON
     was whipped back and forth, severing an artery in her           AND RACHEL WILSON
     neck, causing a stroke. After being treated at another          PREEMIE
     hospital, she was moved to Grady, where Dr. Rishi Gupta,       “SHE WAS GIVEN A FIVE PERCENT
     an acclaimed vascular surgeon, took charge of her case.         CHANCE OF SURVIVAL. I GIVE
                                                                     GRADY BIG CREDITS FOR SAVING
     “Dr. Gupta saved my life,” she says. “He is the best doctor     GRACIE’S LIFE.”
     that I’ve ever met. He calmed my mom down. He would
     tell her things. He helped us get through it.”
     Noor has received follow-up care at Grady through 2011
     and into 2012. And she’s become an evangelist for us.
     “Grady’s new Marcus stroke center is really great,” she
     says. “The doctors there can definitely save your life.”

                                                      82.3                    %
                                                       OVERALL PATIENT SATISFACTION
                                                       UP FROM 79.8% IN 2010

                                                                                      2011 ANNUAL REPORT | 5
                                         On February 16, 2009, Gracie Wilson was born in
   CONTINUED                             Cartersville, Ga., 18 weeks early. She wasn’t expected
                                         to live.
                                         “All of her body basically had no skin on it,” recalls her
                                         mother, Rachel. “I was given her to hold and watch
                                         her pass away. … She was given a five percent chance
                                         of survival.”
                                         Gracie was transported to Grady, where she was
                                         treated for more than 100 days. She left a beautiful,
                                         healthy baby.
         CENTER PATIENT                  “She is a vibrant three-year-old and loves and enjoys
        “WHEN YOU’RE IN A CATASTROPHIC   everything that she does,” says Rachel. “She loves
         SITUATION AND YOU’RE IN THE     outdoors and loves playing like a normal three-year-old
         ATLANTA AREA, [GRADY’S] WHERE   should. She’s into everything. … I give Grady big credits
         YOU GO.”
                                         for saving Gracie’s life.”
                                         TRAUMA CENTER
                                         In 2006, Jamie Kleber and her family were driving
                                         home from Sunday school when they swerved to avoid
                                         a mattress on the expressway. Their car rolled over.
                                         “I was taken by ambulance to Grady Hospital,” she
                                         recalls. “I shattered my pelvis. I was bleeding profusely.
                                         I had a broken hip, collapsed lung and broken ribs. I
                                         was very scared.”
                                         After several surgeries in one week, Jamie was released.
                                         “Grady saved my life,” she says. “The resources that
                                         Grady has are not available anywhere else in the city.
                                         I’m thankful we have a trauma center like Grady.”


In January, 2012, Joel Jenkins was in a car crash that he
can barely remember. He was rushed to the new Marcus
Trauma Center, where doctors found he had suffered
multiple broken bones and injuries.
He credits Grady with saving his life and says his treat-
ment has been excellent — which is why he continues to
receive his follow-up care at Grady.
“When you’re in a catastrophic situation and you’re in
the Atlanta area, that’s where you go,” he says.
In May, 2011, Mason Choi-Nguyen was seriously burned.
He was accidentally burned by a commercial-sized pot
of soup at his family’s Cumming, Ga., home.
Mason was rushed to Grady, which has the only burn
unit in Atlanta and one of only two in Georgia.
“As soon as we got there, they started working on
Mason,” says his mother, Miseon Choi-Nguyen. “He had
to go through surgery because one part of his body
was severely burned. … He was at Grady for about a
month. Grady saved his life.”
Mason has since undergone several skin grafts at
Grady. But his family has come to consider us a
part of their extended family.
“I didn’t know how wonderful Grady was
until Mason was there,” she says.
Hundreds of families feel the same way
because we were able to reunite them
with their loved ones.


                                                            2011 ANNUAL REPORT | 7

   Grady’s greatest
   asset is its staff.

At Grady, patients are treated by physicians who are       administrators and social workers, cooks and janitors.
nationally and internationally recognized. Seventeen       And we all understand how each of us can make a
Grady doctors, representing sixteen different spe-         difference in a patient’s comfort and care.
cialties and subspecialties, were listed among the         “Every nurse here is committed to Grady,” said
nation’s top doctors in 2011 by U.S. News & World          Dr. Rhonda Scott, senior vice president and chief
Report magazine.                                           nursing officer. “They don’t just take care of patients,
Our physicians are the Emory University and                they look after their families, too.”
Morehouse medical school professors who train              We know that good patient care requires more than
tomorrow’s doctors and conduct the cutting-edge            good medical treatment. It means we must look after
research to find new ways to treat disease. Each           patients’ emotional needs, too. And we must make
year, Grady produces more than 1,000 doctors who           their experience — and that of their family — as posi-
go on to practice in Atlanta and beyond. In fact, one      tive as possible.
in four physicians practicing in Georgia learned their
                                                           Patients are starting to notice. Atlantan Thom Snyder
craft at Grady.
                                                           was initially reluctant to go to Grady for treatment
“The people who serve at this place are amazing,”          after he was brutalized in a home invasion.
says Dr. Curtis Lewis, Grady’s chief medical officer, as
                                                           “The perception I had of Grady was that it handled
he lists colleagues who have led national and interna-
                                                           indigent, poor people and the folks that nobody else
tional organizations and made medical breakthroughs.
                                                           would take. I just expected people sitting in hallways,”
But physicians make up a small percentage of Grady’s       he says. “Everywhere I went it was clean and it was
dedicated team of 5,300 staff members. There are           well maintained. The staff was friendly. I can’t think of
nurses and technicians, nutritionists and therapists,      anybody that really was not top notch.”

                                                               “THE PEOPLE WHO SERVE AT THIS PLACE ARE
                                                               AMAZING,” SAYS DR. CURTIS LEWIS, CHIEF MEDICAL
                                                               OFFICER. “IT’S AN INCREDIBLE PLACE THAT DELIVERS
                                                               INCREDIBLE CARE.”

                                                                                                  2011 ANNUAL REPORT | 9

   Grady’s goal: The best care
                 for every patient.

                           ESTELA MUNOZ
                           WITH DAUGHTER MINA
                           JUST ONE POUND, FOUR OUNCES AT BIRTH,
                           MINA MUNOZ NOW WEIGHS MORE THAN
                           15 POUNDS. HER MOTHER CALLS HER, “OUR
                           LITTLE GRADY MIRACLE.”

                                                                                 EMS SERVICES
                                                                                 GRADY AMBULANCES RUSH THROUGH
                                                                                 ATLANTA, RESPONDING TO OVER
                                                                                 120,000 CALLS IN 2011 AS THE CITY’S
                                                                                 EXCLUSIVE 911 AMBULANCE PROVIDER.

Grady is Georgia’s largest hospital, provides Atlanta’s ambulance service,
operates a network of specialty clinics and, for many patients, serves as
their family physician.

As patient needs have evolved, so too has the process by which Grady
delivers medical care. For example, to keep patients healthy so they don’t
require hospital services, Grady has adopted the Patient-Centered Medical
Home (PCMH) model, which delivers health care services through six
clinics in Fulton and DeKalb counties. Kirkwood Family Medicine, which
opened in May, is our newest community facility.

Kirkwood provides both primary care and access to some specialists on
site. Its goal is to deliver preventive care and a primary physician anchors
every patient’s healthcare team.

When additional care is needed, patients are connected to one of
Grady’s many specialty clinics, such as the Grady Diabetes Center,
which is at the forefront of dealing with a disease that may affect as
many as 1,000,000 Georgians.

New technology, like Grady’s new Epic electronic records system, enables
each clinic to share information with other facilities, primary physicians,
and even with Grady’s 911 center.                                              NEIGHBORHOOD HEALTH CENTER

Better communication and information sharing also motivated the con-           TO MANY PATIENTS, GRADY IS THE
solidation of Grady’s ambulance system. From locations scattered around        FAMILY DOCTOR. THE PATIENT-CENTERED
                                                                               MEDICAL HOME (PCMH) MODEL DELIVERS
the Grady campus, all facets of emergency services have been moved to a
                                                                               CARE THROUGH SIX CLINICS IN FULTON
single facility on Memorial Drive. On-site maintenance, bulk fuel purchase     AND DEKALB COUNTIES, INCLUDING THE
and other efficiencies save hundreds of thousands of dollars while keeping     NEW KIRKWOOD FAMILY MEDICINE.
more ambulances on the road. A team of nurses triage phone-in medical
complaints and set up doctors’ appointments for non-emergency patients.
And scheduled transportation ensures that non-emergencies don’t tie up
the system.

When Mina Munoz was born at North Fulton Hospital three months early,
doctors gave her only a five percent chance of survival. Grady’s EMS sys-
tem sent an Angel—a specially equipped neonatal transport—to bring Mina
to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where top neonatologists and specialty
nurses cared for her for three months. “The neonatologist at North Fulton
told us that if it were up to him it was Grady all the way,” says her mother
Estela. “We owe Mina’s life to Grady.”

At Grady, individual services are working better, and working better with
each other. That’s good for everybody.

                                                                                                2011 ANNUAL REPORT | 11
                     MARCUS TRAUMA CENTER
                     METRO ATLANTA’S PREMIER
                     LEVEL 1 TRAUMA CENTER
                     NOW HAS STATE-OF-THE-ART
                     FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT.

               24/7                              THE MARCUS TRAUMA CENTER TREATS
                                                 PATIENTS AROUND-THE-CLOCK


New facilities
make Grady care
even better.
If you haven’t been to Grady in five years, you don’t know the new Grady.
Major capital improvements have placed Grady at the cutting-edge of
medicine in several specialties. And our patients are benefiting from
the investments.
The new $7 million Marcus Trauma Center is equipped to serve the most
seriously injured patients and has been expanded to handle a mass casualty
situation if necessary.
The Marcus Stroke and Neuroscience Center, opened in 2010, is the world’s
only stroke center built around a specialty surgical unit. Hospitals through-
out Georgia are referring patients to the stroke center.
Grady’s expanded and refurbished burn center, unveiled in 2010, provides
state-of-the-art care.
Non-emergency patients find help at the new $1 million Walk-In Center. It’s
expected to reduce the emergency department’s 100,000 annual cases
by more than 25,000. By providing a timely, cost-effective alternative for
patients with less urgent conditions, Grady can provide more appropriate,
efficient treatment for both emergency and non-emergency patients.
These new facilities make Grady unrecognizable to some patients. Michael
Colman, operations manager of Grady Emergency Medical Service, tells
this story: An ambulance picked up an injured man who asked to go to
Grady before passing out. When he regained consciousness in Grady’s new
Marcus Trauma Center, he looked around at the state-of-the-art facilities
and said angrily, “I told them to take me to Grady.”
Though he knew our reputation for quality health care, it had been awhile
since he’d visited. He was reassured once we told him he was at Grady.
And that, of course, is how so many of our patients feel.

                                                               2011 ANNUAL REPORT | 13

   Consolidated Statement of Operations

                                           2010      2011

   Net Patient Service Revenue             703.8    724.6
   Other Revenue                            94.4     79.9
       Total Revenue                       798.2    804.5
   Salaries and benefits                   301.3    304.7
   Supplies and other expenses             326.8    330.2
   Depreciation and interest                40.7     48.6
   Provision for uncollectible accounts    201.2    215.2
       Total Expenses                      870.0    898.7
   Shortfall before County Contributions    -71.8   -94.3
   County contributions                     70.6     64.4
   Operating Margin                          -1.2   -29.9
   Non-operating Income                       1.0      .4
   Excess or Shortfall                      -0.2    -29.4

Grady Memorial Hospital Corporation Board of Directors
F. Duane Ackerman                  Thomas W. Dortch, Jr.            Pierluigi Mancini, PhD             Michael Russell
Retired Chief Executive Officer    Vice Chair                       Chief Executive Officer            Chief Executive Officer
BellSouth                          Grady Memorial Hospital          CETPA, Inc.                        H.J. Russell & Co.
Sharon Bent-Harley, MD                                              Robert Miller                      James E. Stephenson
Obstetrician/Gynecologist          Chairman of the Board            Secretary                          Chief Executive Officer
Atlanta Women’s Specialty Group    and Chief Executive Officer      Grady Memorial Hospital            Yancey Bros. Co.
                                   TWD, Inc.                        Corporation
Thomas D. Bell, Jr.                                                                                    Pamela S. Stephenson, Esq.
Chairman of the Board              Andrew W. Evans                  Retired Partner                    Managing Partner
SecurAmerica, LLC                  Executive Vice President         King & Spalding, LLP               Stephenson Reynolds
                                   and Chief Financial Officer                                         Law Group, LLC
Vice Chairman                                                       Aasia Mustakeem
                                   AGL Resources
Goddard Investment Group, LLC                                       Attorney                           Louis W. Sullivan, MD
                                   Henry W. Grady, III              Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLC     Former U.S. Secretary of Health
A.D. “Pete” Correll
                                   Managing Director                                                   and Human Services
Chairman of the Board                                               Rev. Joseph L. Roberts, Jr.
                                   SunTrust Robinson Humphrey
Grady Memorial Hospital                                             Retired Pastor                     Founding President of Morehouse
Corporation                        G. Lemuel Hewes, Esq.            Ebenezer Baptist Church            School of Medicine
Chairman of the Board              Retired Partner
                                                                    Joe W. Rogers, Jr.                 James Young
Atlanta Equity Investors LLC       King & Spalding, LLP
                                                                    Chief Executive Officer            President and
Chairman Emeritus                                                   Waffle House                       Chief Executive Officer
Georgia-Pacific Corporation                                                                            Citizen’s Trust Bank

Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority Board of Trustees
Sharon Bent-Harley, MD             Michael R. Hollis, Esq.          Frank Monteith                     Richard L. Teters, Jr.
Obstetrician/Gynecologist          Attorney                         Treasurer                          Entrepreneur
Atlanta Women’s Specialty Group    Entrepreneur                     Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority   Retired U.S. Army Colonel
Thomas Dortch, Jr.                 Robert (Bob) Holmes, PhD         Owner and Operator
                                                                                                       Avia Turner-Gray
Chairman of the Board              Former State Representative      Atlanta Livery Co.
Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority   Retired Professor and            Louise Allen Moore                 Surgical Nurse,
Chairman of the Board and          Department Chair of Political    Entrepreneur                       Emory University Hospital
Chief Executive Officer            Science at Clark Atlanta
                                                                    Pamela S. Stephenson, Esq.
TWD, Inc.                          University
                                                                    Vice Chair
G. Lemuel Hewes, Esq.                                               Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority
Retired Partner                                                     Managing Partner
King & Spalding, LLP                                                Stephenson Reynolds
                                                                    Law Group, LLC

Grady Health Foundation Board of Directors
Lisa Ashby                         Pete Correll                     Kathleen Klatt                     Deborah J. Sessions, CPA
Regional Investment Executive      Board Chair, GMHC                Secretary                          Partner – Porter Keadle Moore,
Senior Vice President              Atlanta Equity Investors LLC     Community Advocate                 LLP
Bank of America                    Chairman
                                                                    Kerry Kohnen                       Andrea Smith
Lawrence E. Bell                   Julie Francis                    President – Kaiser Foundation      Director of Development
Vice President                     Chief Commercial Officer         Health Plan                        Grady Health Foundation
AT&T (Retired)                     Coca-Cola Refreshments           Kaiser Permanente of Georgia       David A. Smith
Thomas Bell                        Leon Haley, Jr. MD               John C. Loomis                     Executive Vice President
Interim Chairman of the Board      Vice-Chair Clinical Affairs      Vice President, HR                 Regions Bank
Chairman of the Board              Medical Director Grady ECC       General Electric Company           Elizabeth Morgan Spiegel
SecurAmerica, LLC                  Grady Health System                                                 Grady Board of Visitors
                                                                    Chad Richardson
Lisa M. Borders, MHA               John M. Haupert, FACHE           Treasurer                          June Tompkins
President – Grady Health           President and                    Director of Financial Planning     Community Advocate
Foundation                         Chief Executive Officer          Cox Enterprises, Inc.
                                   Grady Health System                                                 Leonard Walker
Michael Cadger                                                      Jeffery W. Robertson               Atlanta Business Banking Division
Vice Chairman                      G. Lemuel Hewes, Esq.            Vice President – SkyMiles          Wells Fargo
Chief Executive Officer            Partner – King & Spalding, LLP   Delta Air Lines
Monocle Health Data                (Retired)                                                           Cheryl L. Yarbough, CPA
                                                                    Ric Schank                         Shareholder, Audit
Ada Lee Correll                    Gerald L. Johnson                Senior Vice President              Windham Brannon, P.C.
Community Advocate                 Vice President,                  SunTrust Banks
                                   Customer Service
                                   Georgia Power Company

                                                                                                              2011 ANNUAL REPORT | 15
   2011 DONORS

   We want to thank all of our
   donors for their generosity.
   Abbott Laboratories         Cindy Milstead and          Shonda Beal                 Blue Cross Blue Shield/     Mary Ann and
   Mary and Ernest Abernathy      William Anglyn           Brandon Beam                   WellPoint Foundation       Michael Cadger
   Tanya Abraham               Katherine and Wayne         Beard Payne Family          Mike Blue                   Cafe Intermezzo
                                 Anselmo                     Foundation                Laura Bogan                 Jeanne Cagan
   Ackerman & Co.
                               Aramark Healthcare          Amy Becham                  Richard Boltwood            Ana Calderon
   Active Production and
                                 Support Services, LLC
     Design, Inc.                                          Tuwanda Beck                LaContean Bonner            Earlene Rene Callaway
                               ARCS Foundation, Inc.
   Dollmeshia Adams                                        Suzanne Begin               Sarah and James Borders     Sandra and Ronald Camp
                               Kimia Arjmand
   Madeline and Howell                                     Samir Belagaje              Lisa Borders                Gloria Campbell-D’Hue
     Adams                     Ava Arp
                                                           Carey Belcher               Patrick Boushka             Deborah and Joel Cancilla
   Mary and Michael Adams      Mike Arp
                                                           Wendy Belica                Laura and Charles Bowen     Janice Cantrell
   AdCare Health Systems,      Art Plumbing Co.
                                                           Connie Bell                 Elisa and Charles Bowling   Coby Canty
     Inc.                      Loussita Aruba
                                                           Lawrence Bell               Brenda Boyd                 Eric Cape
   Audrey Adderley             Hope Ashby
                                                           Lolita Bell                 Barrie and Robert Boyd      Crystal Capelle
   Marion Aderhold             Lisa and Samuel Ashby
                                                           Jennifer and Tom Bell       Karen Braddy                Nora and John Capers
   Ageless Mens Health         Koier Astin
                                                           Bell Family Foundation      Brami’s By Kelley           James Carpenter
   AGL Resources, Inc.         AT&T Georgia
                                                           Betty Bellamy               Sam Brannen                 Ray Carroll
   AirTran Airways             Louise and Hany Atallah
                                                           Bellcrest Advisors LLC      Brasstown Valley Resort     Arica Carter
   Velma and Ronald Albert     John Athens                                               & Spa
                                                           Barbara and Paul Belter                                 Cassandra Carter
   Gary Alessi                 Atlanta Beverage Company                                Lauraine Brazil
                                                           Brady Benjamin                                          Dion Carter
   Tramell and Michael         Atlanta History Center                                  Brian Breshears
                                                           Vicki and Gerald Benjamin                               Raven Carter
      Alexander                Atlanta Housing Authority
                                                           Scott Bennett               Bridges Across Atlanta      William Casarella
   Carolyn Alford              Atlanta Legal Aid
                                                           Stanford Bennett            Stan Brigmon                Robbie and Jim Caswell
   Dana Allen                  Atlanta Public Schools
                                                           Brittnye and John Berg      Elandra Brisbane            Jim Caswell
   Fenita Allen                Atlanta Technical College
                                                           E. P. Berry                 Bruce Brown                 CBS Outdoor
   Scott Allen                 Atlanta Track Club
                                                           Michael Berry               Gloria Brown                Central Congregational
   Zac Allen                   Byron Attridge
                                                           Betty and Leon Goldstein    Shara Brown                   Church
   Allergan                    Michael Austin                Foundation                Tracey Brown                CETPA, Inc.
   Alliance Laundry and        James Avery                 Lavergne Beyer              Scarlet and Wendell Brown   Albert Chambers
      Textile Services
                               Scott Baer                  Robert Bickel               Yalonda Brown               Karen and Russell Chapple
   Allstate Giving Campaign
                               Esther Bailes               Big Boys Smokin’ BBQ        Jamie Brownlee and          Mark Chastang
   Sahlu and Stifanos
                               Sharon Bailey               Rhonda Birenbaum              David Russell             Alvin Chenault
                               Betsy and David Baker       Shawn Bishop                Rodney Brownson             Chesed, Inc.
   Alpha Kappa Alpha
     Sorority, Inc.            Letitia Baldwin             Mike Bittel                 Alicia Bryan                Chick-fil-A
   Bryan Alsberg               Bank of America             Dameron Black               Karen Bryant                Children’s Healthcare
   John Alston                 Patty and John Banko        Yolanda and John            Buckhead Community            of Atlanta
                               Mary Banks-Taylor             Blackshear                  Fellowship                Mollie and Robert Childs
   Sonya Alston
                               Cassandra Barber            Julie and Christopher       George Bugg                 Michele and James
   Alston + Bird, LLP
                               Patricia Barber                Blaeser                  Chaun Bunt                    Chisolm
   American Cancer Society
                               Vickie Barber               Todd Blair                  David Burk                  Linda Christmann
   Rachel Ammirati
                               Bill Bariker                Alice Blake                 Elaine Burks                Jimmy Christopher
   Erik Anderson
                               Latrice Barnes              Liz and Francis Blake       Willie Burks                Chuck Watwood Agency
   Jeffrey Anderson
                                                           Blanche Lipscomb            Jan and Gene Burleson         Inc.
   Jennifer Anderson           Golden Barnett
                                                              Foundation               Melanie Burns               Roy Cicola
   Pam Anderson                Jeffery Barrett
                                                           John Blankenship            Louis Burton                Jason Cimino
   Andrew and Walter Young     Scott Barthelemy
                                                           Ashley Blessett             Gail Bush                   Citizens of Georgia Power
     Family YMCA               Bryan Batson
                                                           Sharon Blevins              Joseph Button               Bobbi Cleveland and
   Terree Andrezjwski          Lola and Charles Battle
                                                           Dwayne Blocker                                            Stanley Jones
   Danielle and Peter          Tia Batts                                               Julia Byrd
                                                           Minerva Blocker                                         Sharon Clinkscale
     Andruszkiewicz            Michele and                                             Ralph Cabret
                                                           Tyler Blomquist                                         Carmen Cloud
   Mike Anglin                   C. William Baxley

Jamie Cobb                 Nancy and John             Karen Duncan                Christian Fischer           Artemus George
William Cochran              Cunningham               Dunwoody United             George Fish                 Georgia Aquarium
Susan and Carl Cofer       Diane and Larry Cutts        Methodist Church          Frances and Donald Fisher   Georgia Community
Douglas Coghlin            Judith and Richard Cutts   Jessica and William         Steve Fisher                  Foundation, Inc.
                           Oliver Dallas                Durham                                                Georgia Hospital
Jackie and H.J. Cohran                                                            Five Points Psychiatry
                           Kisherra Dalton            Alain Eboli                                               Association/Healthcare
Irene Cole                                                                        Florence C. and Harry
                                                      Bernadette Echeumuna                                      Insurance
Terry Cole                 Sallie Daniel                                             English Memorial Fund
                                                      Margot and James Eckman                                 Georgia Motorcycle
Janice Coln                Malia Daniels                                          Adriana Flores
                                                                                                                Safety Program
                           Robin Daniels              Thelma Ector                Cheryl Flowers
Community Health                                                                                              Georgia Pacific
  Charities of Georgia     Elaine Danis               Joan and Dale Edmondson     Chairman Floyd
                                                                                                              Georgia Pharmacy
Compass Group USA, Inc.    Veronica D’Antignac        Michael Edwards             Ruth and John Flynn           Association, Inc.
Compassionate Care         David Dantlzer             Melinda and Michael Egan    Follett Higher Education    Georgia Power Company
Elizabeth Conklin          Brock Darby                Cindy and Walt Ehmer          Group
                                                                                                              Georgia Shares, Inc.
Farah and Ralph Cook       Nancy Darden               Theodore Eichelberger       Anthony Forbes-Roberts
                                                                                                              GGNSC Administrative
Steven Cook                Chris Darling              Duffy Elliott               Timothy Forman                Services LLC
Rosedale and Max Cooper    Rich Dasaro                E. Dawn Ellis               Donna Forsyth               Giant Impact, LLC
Sharon and Tom Cooper      Timothy Davey              Embassy Suites Hotels       Jacquelyn Foster            Suzette and Giulio
Troy Copelan               John Davidson              Embracing Hospice of        Robert Foster                 Gianturco
                                                        South Atlanta             Jack Fountain               Ozzie Gilbert
Rekesha Copeland           Claudia Davies
                                                      Emory University            Four Seasons Hotel          Joel Gilmer
Susan Coples               Dwight Davis
                                                      Emory University - Fuqua      Atlanta                   Mary and Charles Ginden
Ricardo Cornejo            Karen Davis
                                                        Center for Late-Life      Robin Fowler
Swanda Cornish             Oscar Davis                                                                        John Gitau
                                                                                  Richard Fox                 Marcus Givens
Ada Lee and A. D. “Pete”   Shawn Davis                Emory University School
  Correll                                                                         Stephanie Fox               Sinclair Givens
                           Winifred Davis               of Medicine
Katherine and Alston                                                              Julie Francis               Barbara Stoll and
                           Shyteesha Dawson           Mariem Endirias
  Dayton Correll                                                                  Kathryn and Michael           Roger Glass
                           Jeanette Swan Dean         Dulamdary Enkhtor
Debbie Cosgrove                                                                     Frankel                   Marlowe Glenn
                           Stephen DeAngels           Thomas Enlow
Robert Cotterman                                                                  Tessie Frankum              Global International
                           Lous and Ted Debreceni     Epic Systems Corporation
Sally and Warner Couch                                                            Denise Fraser                 Trading LLC
                           Tony Deckard               Equifax Foundation
Nandell and Richard                                                               Eldora Fraser               Renee Glover
                           Matthew DeHaven            Eric R. Beverly Family
  Coursey                                                                         Rene Frazier                Everlina Glynn
                           Edda DeLeon                   Foundation
Lynda and Richard Courts                                                          Ariela Freedman             Raheel Goheer
                           Dana Delman                Albert Ertel
Cousins Properties                                                                Glen Paul Freedman          Sanah Goheer
                           Chito Delos Reyes          Amy and Joseph Estey
  Incorporated                                                                    Sabina Frink                Joanna Goldman
                           Delta Air Lines, Inc.      Jennifer Etheridge
Calvin Cox                                                                        Frost King                  Carol Goodman
                           Regina Dennis              Molly and Bennie Evans
John Cox                                                                          Cynthia Fuller              Natoshia Goodman
                           Constance Derosena         Monica Evans
Cox Communications, Inc.                                                          Sally and Jimmy Fuller      David Goodson
                           Adanech Desta              Event Design Group
Cox Media Group                                                                   Paul Fulton                 Andrea and Timothy
                           Kathy DeVoe                Barbara Everett
Coxe Curry & Associates                                                           Fulton County Schools         Goodwin
                           Janice Dial                Martha and John Ezzard
David Crail                                                                       Fusion Fitness and          Gordon Document
                           Andrew Dickerson           Lesley Faichney                                           Products, Inc.
Andrea Crawford                                                                     Mixed Martial Arts
                           Timothy Dillard            Bill Fallis                                             Brittney and Matt Gove
Julie Crawford                                                                    Jimmy Gallo
                           Jack Dixon                 Sean Fallmann                                           Donald Graab
Scott Crawford                                                                    Luck and David Gambrell
                           Nancy Dixon                Wonagene Faniel                                         Kimberly and Henry
Credo Capital                                                                     Pauline Gambuto
  Management LLC           Lynn Dobson                V. Scott Fant                                             Grady III
                                                                                  Michele and Winston
Kevin Creekmore            Docqmax Digital Printing   Eugene Farber                 Gandy                     Carol and Henry Grady, Jr.
Michael Crews              Michael Doherty            Donna Farrow                Pat Gardner                 Grady Health Foundation
Wallace Crews              Vickie Dollahite           Edward Faulkner             Drew Pierce Garland         Grady Health System
Diana Crosby               Shelly and Allen Dollar    Sabinna Faulkner            Carlton Garner              Bridgette Graham
David Crosland             Bill Donahue               Carol and Bart Fausnaugh    Joy and John Garrett        Grand Canyon University
Sally Crowe                Daniel Donaldson           Grace Rozycki and           Anthony Gates               Shawanda Granville
                                                        David Feliciano                                       Russell Gray
Amanda Crowell             Lu Dong                                                Linda Gates
                                                      Dana Feltman                                            Judith Gray-Gibson
CrownBolt                  Anonymous Donors                                       Laurie Gay
                                                      Brandon Ferebee                                         Lauren Green
Amanda Cruz-Garcia         Cathy and Larry Dorfman                                Gay and Erskine Love
                                                      Angelishea Ferrell            Foundation, Inc.          Sue Green
Janice Culpepper           Barbara D’Orio
                                                      Ferst Center for the Arts   General Electric            Carlyn Greene
Lachinte Culpepper         Christopher Dowd
                                                        at Georgia Tech             Foundation
Jason Cummings             Karen Drescher                                                                     Sharee Greene
                                                      Fidelity Charitable         General Electric Company
Jon Cummings               Karen Drexler                                                                      Greene-Sewell Foundation
                                                         Gift Fund
                                                                                  GenOn Energy                Brandon Greer
                           Rhonda Ducuing             Angella Fider
                                                                                  Marc Genovese               Philip Greeves
                           David Duffield             Carol and Karl Fillip
                                                                                  Genuine Parts Company       Jim Griffiths
                           Tabitha Dumas              Ellen Finch

                                                                                                                  2011 ANNUAL REPORT | 17
   2011 DONORS
   Michael Grossman              Kate Heilpern                 Melissa Irvin                Malcolm Kelley               Life University
   Meeran and Rishi Gupta        Phyllis and Carl Heller       Jason Isbell                 Mary Kellogg                 Lifelink of Georgia
   Bobby Guthrie                 Jamal Henry                   Sherrie Ishak                Dean Kells                   Scott Light
   Gutterguard LLC               Mike Henry                    Asha Ivey                    Deborah Kelly                Lorna and Michael Lindsay
   Kathy and Robert Guyton       Regina Herbin                 Steven Ivey                  Kay and John Kennedy         Chris Litsas
   Nowland Gwynn                 Heritage Hospice Inc.         Sharon and Donald            Jacqueline Kennel            Livi Rae Lingerie
   Nigloti Haile                 Jackie Herring                  Jackson                    Sahirah Khabeer              Pamela and Robert
   Jane and Larry Hailey         Carolyn and G. Lemuel         James Jackson                Robert Khayat                  Livingston
   Henry Hair                      Hewes                       Les Jacobs                   Jim Kibler                   Keith Loewy
   Octavia Hale                  Lonnie Hicks                  Leslie and Rondell Jaggers   Kid Rock Foundation          Rae Loisel
   Elizabeth and Sheffield       High Museum of Art            Jamaica Flavors              Serait Kidane                James Lokey
      Hale                       Nancy Hildner                 James Starr Moore            Killer Creek                 Piper and John Loomis
   Carla and Leon Haley          Sheleesha and deMarcus          Memorial Foundation           Harley-Davidson           L. Joseph Loveland
   Annie Hall                      Hill                        Louise and Stephen Janas     Bruce Kim                    Doris Lowe
   Jon Hall                      Edward Hill                   Steve Jarry                  Juanita Kimbrough            LaWanna Lucas
   Sabrina Hall                  Paul Hinckley                 Terrell Jefferson            David Kimmel                 Stephanie and Mark
   Valaura Hallman               Leslie Hinks                  Walda and Timothy            Henrietta King                 Luetters
                                 Laura Hochwalt                 Jefferson                                                Jen Lyles
   Nancy Hanley                                                                             King & Spalding LLP
                                 Lisa and Adon Hoffman         Dennis Jerome                                             Speer and Emory Mabry
   Annie and John Hannor                                                                    Adriene Kinnaird
                                 Holder Construction           Jewish Federation of                                      Thereaon Mackey
   Judy Hanson                                                                              Milton Kirby
                                   Company                       Greater Atlanta
   Nona and Ozzie Hanson                                                                    Jerry Kirkpatrick            Debbie MacLean
                                 Melinda and Philip Holladay   S. Leanne Jobe
   Anne Marie Happe                                                                         Kathleen and Kenneth Klatt   Sharon Maddox
                                 Kathy Holloway                Deborah Johns
   Harbor Grace                                                                             Michael Knauss               Malik Consulting, Inc.
                                 Marla Coleman and             Timothy Johns
   Hard Rock Cafe                                                                           Allen Knight                 Robin and Pierluigi Mancini
                                   Kelvin Holloway             Garrett Johnson
   Caroline and Edward                                                                      Emily and Carl Knobloch      Martin Mann
                                 William Holloway              Phyllis and Gerald Johnson
     Hardin                                                                                 Knobloch Family              Lori and James Manor
                                 Pui Hon                       James Johnson
   Leslie Hardison                                                                            Foundation                 March of Dimes-
                                 James Hook                    Myra Johnson                                                Georgia Chapter
   Harriett and Billy Hargrove                                                              Donald Kohla
                                 Hooters of Downtown           Martha and Raymond                                        Alvina and Garret Markes
   Bill Harp                                                                                Kerry Kohnen
                                   Atlanta                       Johnson
   Jack Harper                                                                              David Kooby                  Greg Marquis
                                 Allen Hord                    Samantha Johnson
   Terry Harper                                                                             Kreg Foundation              Janell Marshall
                                 Gary Horner                   Theresa and Wayne
   Harriet McDaniel Marshall                                                                Heather Krehbiel             Lewis Marshall
                                 Hospice Advantage               Johnson
     Trust                                                                                  Krispy Kreme                 Tim Marshall
                                 Hospira Inc.                  Johnson & Johnson
   John Harris                                                   Services Inc.              Myra Kucera                  Francine Martin
                                 David Houser
   Julie and Jeffrey Harris                                    Cecile Jones                 Lynn and David Lambert       Dave Maryanski
                                 Brian Howard
   Melanie Harris                                              Rosie and Ladd Jones         Nina and Phillip Lamson      Katherine Mason
                                 Donnita Howard
   Rosiland Harris                                             Leticia Jones                Doug Lanasa                  Leslie Matthews
                                 Marion Howard
   Tavera Harris                                               Lyndon Jones                 Charles Landers              Roland Matthews
                                 Raymond Howard
   Taylor Harrison                                             Scott Jones                  Tammy Large                  Mark Mauldin
                                 Theodora Howard
   Hart Foundation, Inc.                                       Thelma Jones                 Hardy Lash                   Eileen and John Maupin
                                 Stephanie and Henry
   Frank Hartley                                               Wilson Jones                 Sarita Lathcart-McLarin      Audy Maxineau
   William Harvey                                              Yavonda Jones                Josephine Lau                James Maxwell
                                 Howell Adams Building
   Wilma and Carl Harvey           Fund LLC                    Tracy Jones-Myrick           William Lau                  Tammy Maynard
   Holly Hastings                Carolyn Hudson                Joseph Romano and            Jill Laurence                Andrea Mayo
   Heath Hathcock                Phillip Hull                    Associates, Inc.           Rebecca Laurens              Doris and J. Richard
   Kimberly and Bill Hathcock                                  Vincent Jullien                                             Mbonzo
                                 Jeff Hults                                                 Nancy Lawler
   Trina Hatton                                                Junior League of Atlanta,                                 Patricia and Richard
                                 Barbara and James Hund                                     Carla and Thomas Lawley
                                                                 Inc.                                                      McAdam
   David Haupert                 Gareth Hunter                                              Elvridge Lawrence
                                                               Vasti Kaine                                               James McBride
   Elizabeth Haupert             Mary Hunter                                                Marcy and Michael Leamy
                                                               Kaiser Permanente of                                      Sue and Bret McCarthy
   John Haupert and              Julie and Kevin Hyed                                       Gary Ledbetter
     Bryan Brooks                                                Georgia                                                 Kathleen McCarty
                                 Donna Hyland                                               Hee Lee
   Jacqueline Hawkins                                          Peter Kant                                                James McCoy
                                 IBM Corporation                                            Tad Leithead
   Tim Hayes                                                   Roberta Kaplow                                            Mark McDaniels
                                 Earnest Ingram                                             Victoria Lemke
   Susan and Joseph Haynes                                     Claire Kappa                                              John McDonald
                                 Ozzie and Mattie Ingram                                    Mary Lemons
   Ann Hazzard and Michael                                     Daniel Karanovich                                         Kimberly McDonnell
                                 Courtney and Walter                                        Helen and Robert Levy
     Issacs                                                    Howard Kaslow                                             Dianne McEver
                                   Ingram                                                   Addis Lewis
   Healthcare Georgia                                          Nadine Kaslow                                             Stefani McGougan
                                 Institute of Healthcare                                    Andrea Lewis
     Foundation, Inc.                                          KCI Therapeutic Services                                  Linda and John McGowan
                                    Executives & Suppliers
   Denny Heare                                                                              Curtis Lewis
                                 Interventional Spine and      Bill Keener                                               Jeannette McIver
   Heartland Hospice Services                                                               James Lewis
                                    Pain Management            Alexis Kelley                                             Margery McKay
   Lacresha Height                                                                          Meg Lewis
                                 Invesco                       Angela Kelley                                             Sara McKenna
                                                                                            Lexis Nexis

Joe McKinney                 Crystal Murphy           Mia and Eric Parker           Cheryl Pressly              Laurie Robins
Cynthia and Bart McLean      Dain Murphy              Monica and Sylvester          Felicia Preston             Bryna Robinson
Dorothy McMichael            Tanya and Paul Murphy      Parker                      Joseph Price                Ruby Robinson
Marquita McNeal              Scott Murphy             Teresa Parms                  PricewaterhouseCoopers,     Susan and William Roche
Marcy and Charles McTier     Tara Murphy              Larry Parrish                    LLP                      Rock Bridge Psychological
Russell Medford              Phillip Murray           Russ Parry                    Prime-Line                    Association
Medivance, Inc.              Regina Murray            Scott Parry                   Alan Prince                 Rock-Tenn Company
Jamie Melton                 Aasia and Sharrieff      Keshia Parsons                Makenya Pringle             Chris Rodriguez
Members Interior               Mustakeem              Jerry Pate                    Pritchett & Hull            Helen and Joel Rogers
  Construction, Inc.         Steven Nagy              Sheetal Patel                    Associates, Inc.         Malbea and Robert Rohrer
Matthias Menck               Stephen Nally            Diana Paterson                Professional Medical Home   David Roland
                                                                                      Health Care
Sheryl and Richard           Margaret Napier          Patricia and Roland Patillo                               Christy Grady Rollins
  Mendola                                                                           Windy Proffitt
                             Douglas Napoli           Kathleen Pattillo                                         David Rosenfield
MEP Entertainment                                                                   Project Linus-Northeast
                             Natus Medical Inc.       Patty and Doug Reid                                       Rodney Rossignol
Metro Atlanta Chamber        Kiranmayi Neelarambam      Family Foundation Inc.                                  Deirdre Rudat
                                                                                    Project Linus-Northwest
Wendy and Steven Meyers      Nelson Mullins Riley &   Joyce and Ronald Paul                                     Caroline and Martin Rudat
Judith Michna                  Scarborough, LLP       Mark Peabody                                              Caren Rudolph
                                                                                    Sherlene Pue
Erica Middleton              NERC                     Robert Peavy                                              Bill Russell
                                                                                    Jeffrey Pyron
Michael Middleton            Nestle Nutrition         Diane Pedersen                                            Stephanie and H. Jerome
                                                                                    Kevin Quick
Michele Miles                Newborns in Need-        Catherine Peeples                                           Russell
                                                                                    Misty Quick
Aiyana Miller                  Sugar Hill Chapter     Joseph Pekala                                             Sylvia and H. J. Russell
                                                                                    R. Howard Dobbs, Jr.
Dennis Miller                Glynn Newby              Louis Penl                                                Janet Salimonu
                                                                                       Foundation, Inc
Gaynell and Joseph Miller    Lawrence Newfield        Penumbra, Inc.                                            Jeffrey Salomone
                                                                                    R.L. Brown and
Marsha and Mark Miller       Susan Newsom             Jacqueline Perdue                Associates, Inc.         Ronald Sample
Mary Helen and               Analida Ng-Reid          Renee Perdue                  Ashwini and Arohi Rajput    Sandra Sanchez
  Robert Miller              Nicolas Nguyan           Diane Perez                   M. Catherine Ramos          Jeff Sanders
Karen and Harvey Millines    Eva and Van Nguyen       John-Henry Perez              Scott Ramskogler            Janet Sangster
Breda and Steven Minervini   M. Kay Nicolaysen        Ruperto Perez                 Elisa and Roger Ramstack    Noelle Santorelli
Rebecca Minor                Nawa Nigara              Alysson Perrin                Aarti Ranani                Charlotte Scarlett
Brad Mitchell                Louanna Nix              Phillip Perry                 Eldrida Rall                Dana and Ric Schank
Delki Mitchell               Bennet Njoku             Wendy Joy and                 Cathy and Hal Raper         Mark Schau
Sharon Mitchell              Mary Nnorom               W. Ray Persons               Barbara Rast                Mike Schelke
Mobile Air Control           Charles Noel             Dierdre Petee                 Ginny and Daniel Rather     Peter Scherm
Nakeisha Mobley              Raul Nogueira            Gail Peters                   Susan Ray                   Helen and Richard
Coretta Monroe               Norfolk Southern         Patricia Pharo                Makeeta Rayton                Schneider
Montag & Caldwell, LLC         Corporation            Mike Phelps                                               Rob Schreiner
                                                                                    Liese Redd
Dinah and Henry Moog         V. Srinivas Nori         Greggory Phillips                                         Michael Schultz
                                                                                    Glen Reed
Tony Moon                    Scott Norwood            Jackie Phillips                                           Schwab Fund for
                                                                                    Rafael Reeves
Alicia Moore                 Angela Nunn              Julia Phillips                                              Charitable Giving
                                                                                    Regions Bank
Andre Moore                  Saiydali Nurani          Kiwita Phillips                                           Alicia Scoggins
                                                                                    Sra Register-Hooper
Carla Moore                  Shahnaz Nurani           Mark Phillips                                             Kelvin Scott
                                                                                    Theophilus Reid
Carol and Abner Moore        Andromeda Oatis          Paul Phillips                                             Mary Scott
                                                                                    Ben Reiling
Louise and Lane Moore        Kevin O’Brien            Wayne Phillips                                            Rhonda and Thomas Scott
                                                                                    Lori Rhymer
Ted Moore                    Relly Oddi               Phoenix Concessions                                       Scott Financial Group
                                                                                    Clyde Rice
Morehouse School             Cindy Oden               Michelle Pierce                                           Ruby Serge
                                                                                    Marilyn Rice
  of Medicine                Lisa and Keith Oelke     Rita Piko                                                 James Sewell
                                                                                    Norman Richards
Victoria Morgan              Chris O’Hanion           Brian Pilger                                              Sandra and William Sexson
                                                                                    Susan and Chad
Elizabeth Morgan Spiegel     Joel Okoli               Pirate Printing                 Richardson                Cindy Shao
Morgan Stanley               John Oliga               Rafael Pizarro                Debra Richardson            Noel Sharp
D’rea Morning                Mark Oliver              Virginia and Alan Plummer     Ronnie Richey               Michelle Shaw
Kim Morris                   Gary Ollis               Norma Poindexter              Dave Riddle                 Sherri Shaw
Morris Family Foundation     Lola Olubiyi             Kory Pomon                    Nancy Ridley                Janet Shedrick
John Morton                  Vincynthia O’Neal        Cathy Pond                    Vicki Riedel                David Shelley
Mosaic Business Advisory     Ruth O’Regan and         Davie Pope                    Scott Riley                 Paul Shellman
  Services                     Raymond O’Regan                                                                  Patricia Shepard
                                                      Debora Porter                 Robert W. Woodruff
Brenda and Charles           Tommy Oswald                                             Foundation                Shepherd Center
                                                      Porter Keadle Moore, LLP
  Moseley                    Charles Owens
                                                      Mary Portier                  Carla Roberts               Shepherd Hardware
Leigh Moyer                  Tia Page                                                                             Products LLC
                                                      Eleanor Post                  Kevin Roberts
Richard Munson               Shelia Palmer                                                                      Marina Shuty
                                                      Post Properties, Inc.         Christy and Mark Roberts
Carol Murphy                 Beth Pannell                                                                       Bev and Horace Sibley
                                                      Lacey Powell                  T.J. Roberts
Cheryl Murphy                Bart Parker                                                                        Marcy and Steven Sills
                                                      J. Dubac and Anne Preece      Jeffrey Robertson

                                                                                                                  2011 ANNUAL REPORT | 19
   2011 DONORS
   Sean Simmons                 Andrea Stokfisz               The Luther & Susie Harrison   Alberta Turpin               Carolyn Wilcher
   Shirley Simmons              Pamela Stolba                   Foundation, Inc.            Cassandra Turpin             Tracey Wilds
   Barney Simms                 Susan Stone                   The Marcus Foundation Inc.    Shalinda Tye                 Hilary Wilkinson
   Janice Simpson               Joyce Stovall-Postell         The Medical Center of         Ann Marie Tyrell             Althea Williams
                                                                Central Georgia, Inc.
   Paul Simpson                 Boots and Kenard Strauss                                    UCB, Inc.                    Constance Williams
                                                              The MGive Foundation
   Pam Singleton                Brian Stripe                                                Mark Uhlig                   Demetrice Williams
                                                              The Ray M. and Mary
   Duane Sizelove               Merri Sudduth                                               Unihealth Post Acute Care    Denise Williams
                                                                Elizabeth Lee
   Scott Slack                  Connie Sullivan                                               of Brookhaven              Iris Williams
   William Sleeper              Ginger and Louis Sullivan                                   United Church of Christ      Josephine Williams
                                                              The Rich Foundation, Inc.
   David Slosberg               SunTrust Bank, Atlanta                                      United Distributors, Inc.    Michelle Williams
                                                              The Rockdale Foundation
   Phiona Smart                 SunTrust Foundation                                         United Way of Metropolitan   Terance Williams
                                                              The Sartain Lanier Family
                                  Atlanta                                                     Atlanta, Inc.
   Aaron Smith                                                  Foundation                                               Thomas Williams
                                SunTrust One Pledge                                         Brenda Upshaw
   Andrea N. Smith                                            The Southeastern                                           Shirley Williamson
                                  Campaign                      Permanente Medical          USAN
   Bryan Smith                                                                                                           Anne and Robert
                                Avril Sutin                     Group                       Vanguard Charitable            Willingham
   Claire Smith
                                Marianne and Darrell          The Tull Charitable             Endowment Program
   Dara and David Smith                                                                                                  Joyce and James Willis
                                  Swanson                       Foundation                  Chilton Varner
   Dewey Smith                                                                                                           Lenetia Willis
                                John Sweeney                  The University of Georgia     Joe Vaughn
   LaQuinta Smith                                                                                                        Dan Willoughby
                                Patricia and John Sweeney       Foundation                  Shaunta Vaughn
   Marilyn and Delroy Smith                                                                                              Wilmington Trust
                                Bernice Swift                 The UPS Foundation            Florina Veira-Corbett
   Charlene and Merrill Smith                                                                                            Evelyn Wilson
                                Bart Szafrick                 The Wall Street Journal       Evelyn Joy Versace
   Susan and Michael Smith                                                                                               Shannon Wilson
                                Thomas Szudajski              The Wilbur and Hilda Glenn    Terry Vickers
   Ralph Smith                                                  Foundation                                               Susan Wilson and
                                Joshua Taber                                                Antonio Viero                  Gene Ryals
   Reginald Smith                                             The Zeist Foundation
                                Eva Tackett                                                 Villa Christina at           Yolanda Wilson
   Steven Smith                                               Theatre In The Square            Perimeter Summit
                                Farah Taha                                                                               Tamara and Neil Winawer
   Karin and Joe Smithson                                     Theatrical Outfit             Stephen Vineyard
                                Evelyn Tankoh                                                                            Amy Wingard
   Kara Snead                                                 Kimberly Thiessen             Visiting Nurse
                                Ilya Tarassuk                                                                            Ken Womack
   Greg Snellgrove                                            Thomas Guy Woolford           VMware Foundation
                                Niniva and Bernard Taylor                                                                Hogai Nassery and
   Joseph Snitzer                                               Charitable Trust Fund
                                Darlene Taylor                                              Waffle House Foundation,       Douglas Wood
   Southland’s Full Throttle                                  Alan Thomas                    Inc.
                                John Taylor                                                                              Libby and Jenner Wood
     Magazine                                                 Boniface Thomas               Angela Waldon
                                Mary Rose Taylor                                                                         Jack Woodall
   Southern Company                                           Dana Marie Thomas             James Walker
     Charitable Foundation      Robert Taylor                                                                            Libby Woolard
                                                              Mary Derheimer and            Cathy and Oliver Walker
   Southern Refreshment         Shanta Taylor                   Donald Thomas                                            Kay Woolbright
                                                                                            Walter H. and Marjory M.
     Services Inc.              Taylors Helping Hands         Kenneth Thomas                                             Beverly Worrell
                                                                                             Rich Memorial Fund
   Southwest Airlines           Temps Excel                   Mark Thomas                                                Stephanie Worrell
                                                                                            Michelle and Robbie Walter
   Virginia and James Sowell    James Teresi                  Todd Thomas                                                Camille and George Wright
                                                                                            David Walters
   Charles Spahr                Dallas Terry                  Ann Thompson                                               Jeff Wright
                                                                                            Scott Walters
   Stephanie and William        Christine Terry-Carter        Tracie Townsend and                                        Kelly Wright
                                                                                            Kathleen and Stanley
     Spalding                   The Coca-Cola Foundation         Keith Thompson                                          Michael Wright
   Margaret Spratlin            The A. T. Bostic Collection   Lorraine Thompson                                          Yuri and Daniel Wu
                                                                                            Laura and Steven Walton
   Tony Squires                 The Arthur M. Blank Family    Cindy and Mark Thompson                                    George Wurtz
                                                                                            Helen Wanda
   St. Bede’s Episcopal           Foundation                  Martie Thompson                                            Chuyu Xi
                                                                                            Michael Wasson
      Church                    The Colleen & Sam Nunn        Margo Thomsen                 Jeff Waters                  Yancey Bros. Co.
   Melinda St. George             Family Foundation
                                                              M. Robert Thornton            Michael Watt                 Cheryl and David
   Beverly and David Stacy      The Community                                                                              Yarbrough
                                                              Barbara and Jonathan          Connie Weaver
   Craig Stanley                  Foundation for Greater
                                                                Throop                                                   Kevin Yearick
                                  Atlanta, Inc.                                             Betty and Ken Weisberger
   Tereon Stanley                                             Ben Thrower                                                Jim Young
                                The Correll Family                                          Janette and Jim Wells
   Michelle Stapleton                                         Sheila Tillman                                             Juliet Renee Young
                                  Foundation                                                Wells Fargo
   Blake Staten                                               Michele and Craig Tindall                                  Karen and Michael Young
                                The Fulton-Dekalb Hospital                                  Wells Fargo Community
   Janie Stegall                  Authority                   Divya Tiwari                                               Amelia and Brent Zelnak
                                                                                             Support Campaign
   Anita and Jeffrey Stein      The Hertz Family              Rosa and Norris Tomlinson                                  Huaiyu Zhang
                                                                                            WellStar Health System
   Marcy Steinberg                Foundation                  June and Michael Tompkins                                  Dorothy Ziemer
                                                                                            Nanette and Julius Wenger
   Carolyn and Kenneth          The Home Depot                Kimberly Tookes                                            Deborah Ziglor
                                                                                            Eve Wernicky
     Stephens                     Foundation
                                                              James Towers                  Lindsey West                 Gary Zindars
   Donna and Jim Stephenson     The Imlay Foundation
                                                              Todd Tran                     Jeff Westbrook               Zion Hill Baptist Church-
   Jacquelyn Stewart            The James M. Cox                                                                            Fountain of Life Ministry
                                                              Floyd Tuffs                   Colbert White
   Kent Stewart                   Foundation
                                                              Virginia Turks                                             Zipcar, Inc.
                                The Joyce Lanier Milner                                     David White
   Robert Stewart
                                  Charitable Trust            Evelyn Turner                 Kalisha White
   Tuquan Stockton
                                The King and Prince Beach     Patsy and George Turner       William Whitlock
   Dylan Stokes
                                  & Golf Resort               Turner Broadcasting           Thomas Wickes
                                                                System, Inc.

80 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive S.E.
Atlanta, GA 30303

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