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                             A BERKELEY COLLEGE MAGAZINE


                                         SPRING 2007

  Read All About It:
       Intern Programs Are
        Good for Business

Berkeley College 75th
Anniversary Gala
Raises $125,000 for
Ethel C. Townsend
Scholarship Fund

New Degree

Alumni Kicks Off
New Year

      BERKELEYfocus                                                                        SPRING 2007

                                                                                                  Online Degree Programs
                                                                                         NEW JERSEY BACHELOR’S DEGREE PROGRAMS
MESSAGE FROM DR. MILDRED GARCÍA . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1                              Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
                                                                                         Bachelor of Science in Business Administration –
COVER STORY:                                                                                Marketing
   Extra! Extra! Internship Programs                                                     Bachelor of Science in Business Administration –
   Are Good for Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2                International Business
                                                                                         Bachelor of Science in Management
MILESTONES:                                                                              Bachelor of Science in Management – Entrepreneurship
    75th Anniversary Gala Raises $125,000                                                Bachelor of Science in Management –
    in Scholarship Funds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7              Human Resources
                                                                                         Bachelor of Science in Financial Services
      Campus Facilities Expand . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
                                                                                         Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies – Criminal Justice
      New Degree Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
                                                                                         NEW YORK BACHELOR’S DEGREE PROGRAMS
      Alumni Association Kicks Off New Year . . . . . . . 10                             Bachelor of Business Administration – General Business
                                                                                         Bachelor of Business Administration – Information
      Berkeley College OnlineTM                                                             Systems Management
      Is Cutting Edge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14   Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing
                                                                                         Bachelor of Business Administration – Management
                                                                                         Bachelor of Business Administration –
 The Berkeley Focus is published by the Office of Media
 Relations, 64 East Midland Avenue, Paramus NJ 07652
                                                                                            International Business
 Tel. 201-291-1111 ext. 5122. E-mail: mediarelations@                                    Bachelor of Business Administration –
 BerkeleyCollege.edu.                                                                       Health Services Management

                                                                                         ASSOCIATE IN APPLIED SCIENCE AND
                                                                                         ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE DEGREE PROGRAMS
                                                                                         Associate in Applied Science Business Administration –
                                                                                         Associate in Applied Science Business Administration –
                                                                                         Associate in Applied Science Business Administration –
                                                                                            Information Systems Management
                                                                                         Associate in Applied Science –
                                                                                            Health Services Administration
                                                                                         Associate in Applied Science – Health Services
                                                                                            Administration – Insurance, Billing, and Coding
                                                                                         Associate in Applied Science – Financial Services
                                                                                            (Approved by the New Jersey Presidents’ Council)
                                                                                         Associate in Applied Science – Justice Studies –
                                                                                            Criminal Justice
                                                                                            (Approved by the New Jersey Presidents’ Council)
             ON THE COVER: Esther Jones (2006,
             B.B.A., International Business) enjoys                                      For more information about Berkeley College OnlineTM
             working with the New York Times                                             call 800-446-5400, or e-mail the Online Admissions
             Company as she plans to continue                                            office at online@BerkeleyCollege.edu.
             her higher education.
                                                                  MESSAGE FROM DR. GARCŒA

              I t’s spring! - A time of renewal, new life and the blossoming of colorful flowers! Our
              graduating students are also approaching a new chapter in their lives as they prepare
              to celebrate their 2007 Commencement. And we share our happiness, love, and pride
              with our graduates and their families as they conclude one chapter of their life
              journey and begin anew. The gift to our graduates and audience at our Commencement
              will be the person delivering the Commencement Address, B. Smith. The former
              fashion model turned restaurateur, television host, author, entrepreneur, and
              entertainer is widely recognized as an expert when it comes to casual but elegant
              living. We are excited that Ms. Smith will be our graduation speaker. Now, students
              in business, fashion, and interior design will hear firsthand how an entrepreneur
              has become extremely successful.
                                         We at the College also continue with our journey as we
   “We share our happiness,              welcome new high school graduates and adult students,
    love, and pride with our             and encourage people of all ages to realize their dreams and
                                         goals through continuing their education. Never before
graduates and their families             has Berkeley College offered so many choices for students.
       as they conclude one             We are proud to have received approval from the New
        chapter of their life           Jersey Presidents’ Council to offer Bachelor’s degrees Online
                                        and at our New Jersey campuses in two new program areas
 journey and begin anew.”               – Financial Services, and Criminal Justice – and the
              Associate’s degree program in Criminal Justice. The Presidents’ Council is also
              expected to approve two programs for Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting and in
              Marketing. We also hope the New York State Board of Regents soon will approve
              the Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, which will be offered at our Westchester
              Campus in White Plains. And in May, the College will celebrate the Grand
              Opening of our Newark Campus.
              During this time the College is going through self-examination as we prepare for our
              accreditation site visit by the Middle States Association of Higher Education next
              spring. Presently, the College is in the midst of preparing its self-study to share with
              Middle States to demonstrate how we are living up to our Mission, Goals and Values.
              We will be seeking alumni participation throughout the process and hope that you
              will agree to assist in responding to the self study as well as participating during the
              visit next spring.
              I also want to congratulate our newly installed Alumni Association officers and to
              send a warm thank you to our business partners. You help Berkeley College in so
              many ways. Together, we continue to serve those who seek undergraduate degrees
              leading to strong business careers and lifetimes of success. We share our pride with you!

                                                           Dr. Mildred García

                                                                     SPRING 2007   |   THE BERKELEY   focus   1

                                       EXTRA! EXTRA!
                                       Read All About It:
                                       Intern Programs Are
                                        Good for Business

                            Berkeley’s “Inside Story” at
                           The New York Times Company

          ention the word internship and most people         Good News: New York Times Student
          think about the benefits to students. After all,   Interns Get Respect
student interns at Berkeley College gain real-world
experience, have a greater understanding of the work-              “We work hard to offer a true professional experience
place, face the pleasant possibility of being hired by the   to our interns,” says Karen Schmidt, Office Manager and
company after graduation, and have a leg up when             Executive Assistant for VP/CIO and Deputy General
competing for a position against graduates from other        Manager’s Office at The New York Times Company.
colleges with no job-related experience to showcase their    A Berkeley graduate, Ms. Schmidt, who has been with
talent. “Our interns are extremely well prepared,” says      the company for 18 years, is one of 29 members of the
Dr. Rose Mary Healy, Berkeley College Provost. “The          Professional Development Center (PDC). Formed in
word is out, and companies are calling us to hire            1998 by a group of senior-level executive assistants,
our interns.”                                                the PDC is designed to enhance personal growth and
      Internships are more than an amenity at Berkeley       professional development for top-level executive
College; they are a graduation requirement—and one           assistants at The New York Times Company.
that makes a Berkeley graduate an ideal employee. In               In 2000, the PDC established an intern program
fact, with this combination of academic studies and work     with Berkeley College. Ms. Schmidt, who serves as the
experience, “hit the ground running” is how companies        coordinator, says, “We never expect an intern to do
often describe Berkeley interns hired to fill full-time      what we don’t do.” In fact, the PDC Intern Program
positions after graduation.                                  was established with the goal of attracting, mentoring,
      But students aren’t the only ones to benefit from an   and training outstanding students who are committed
internship. Companies benefit, too, especially when they     to business careers.
receive tangible contributions from student interns who            A company that believes interns are solely about
demonstrate their abilities by going far beyond just an      filing and doing other menial tasks is missing an
extra “pair of hands.”                                       opportunity not only to mentor and guide members

2   THE BERKELEY   focus   |   SPRING 2007
of the future workforce, but also to learn from them.                  companies have a competitive advantage when looking
Because they are taught by faculty members who have                    to fill positions with qualified workers. In fact, companies
expertise in their fields, Berkeley interns are exposed to             and businesses that offer internship programs are investing
the latest business strategies and techniques, so they                 in the future of the community.
often bring fresh ideas to the workplace.
      When Trish McSweeney, also a Berkeley alumna                     ‘Times’ on Their Side
who is the Office Manager for Research and Development
at The New York Times Company, was looking for help                        “Karen Schmidt is the heart and soul of the Berkeley
with office duties, she thought a student intern would be              College internship program at The New York Times
perfect. But that changed when Ms. McSweeney took on                   Company,” says Caroline Rao, Senior Director, Career
the role of a mentor, and actually perceived the amount                Services, for the New York and Westchester campuses of
of knowledge, understanding, and problem-solving skills                the College. Besides meeting with each intern and mentor
that each of her interns brought to the job. Ms. McSweeney             on a weekly basis, she is actively involved in monitoring
says that mentoring students gives her the opportunity to              each intern’s professional growth. “And, if a mentor does
grow and sharpen her skills, too.                                      not meet her standards, Karen will find a more meaningful
      Another way businesses benefit from a student                    internship assignment for our student,” says Ms. Rao.
intern program is tied to the community. Since student                     If you peek into the offices at The New York Times
interns attend schools that are located in or near the                 Company, you’ll find Berkeley interns working in the
towns of the companies that offer internships, these                   Legal, Corporate Planning, Treasury, Syndication Sales,

Members of the Professional Development Center at The New York Times Company established a program for interns with the goal of attracting,
mentoring, and training outstanding students who are committed to business careers.

                                                                                                   SPRING 2007   |   THE BERKELEY   focus   3

Systems & Technology, and Human Resources departments.        there is flexibility in scheduling, the interns’ workday
What makes the PDC Intern Program exceptional, besides        runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., which includes a one-hour
offering Berkeley students the opportunity to work for        lunch break.
and learn about the world’s preeminent news organization,          Ms. Crescioni insists that interns must call if they
is that the PDC mentors want their student interns to         need to be out of the office. She tells them, “If you
grow and succeed.                                             forget, it is a reflection on me.” Ms. Schmidt agrees that
      “The New York Times Company is demanding,”              a student intern not doing a good job is also a reflection
says Ms. McSweeney. That’s why so many of the mentors         on the mentor. However, most PDC members want to
take extra steps in nurturing their interns to develop new    mentor because they enjoy watching their student interns
skills and learn how to accomplish the high level of the      blossom and grow into responsible and reliable team
professional goals set. “They’re like our children,” says     members.
Ms. Schmidt, who has attended the interns’ graduations             A testimony to the trust between mentor and intern
since the program launched. “This type of relationship,”      was brought to light when Ms. Schmidt had emergency
says Ms. McSweeney, “builds trust so the students feel        surgery. Because she had confidence in her intern’s ability
comfortable and learn the high standards practiced here.”     projects moved forward instead of grinding to a halt. “I
                                                              show students what I do so they learn about my job,
Another Side to                                                                           and I know things will run
the Story                                    Naturally, an intern with a                  smoothly,” she says.

      While the PDC mentors                  positive attitude goes a long              Expectations and
nurture and guide their interns, the         way. And, when they add                    Opportunities
interns must be “accountable for
                                             maturity, responsibility, poise,
their actions,” says Bea Crescioni,                                                            Although the expectations
yet another Berkeley alumna,                 and commitment to the mix,                  are high, so are the rewards – for
who is the Assistant to the Vice             interns with those traits are in            all parties.
President and Chief Financial                                                                  “Berkeley students have
Officer at The New York Times                for a meaningful experience.                used The New York Times
Company. Since the PDC mentors                                                           Company internship program to
work for senior management, their bosses expect nothing        gain entry into corporations as well as competitive gradu-
but the best from them. As a result, the PDC mentors           ate programs,” says Ms. Rao. Berkeley alumna Trudy
expect the same from their interns.                            Daly’s (2005, B.B.A., Business Administration –
      Naturally, an intern with a positive attitude goes a     Management) internship in the Legal Department of
long way. And, when they add maturity, responsibility,         The New York Times Company, working with a litiga-
poise, and commitment to the mix, interns with those           tion attorney, developed her interest in law. This experi-
traits are in for a meaningful experience. Of course,          ence led her to pursue an advanced degree at Duke
taking their work seriously doesn’t negate possessing a        University School of Law.
keen sense of humor, which is another characteristic the             Other talented interns have been hired by The
PDC mentors look for in their student interns.                 New York Times Company to fill both part- and full-
      Punctuality and attendance also rank high on the list    time positions. Of the 185 Berkeley students who
of traits that make prospective candidates ideal interns at    have participated in the PDC Intern Program since
The New York Times Company. Since internships are based        its inception, 12 have been hired full-time, and 11
on Berkeley’s quarter system, each New York Times intern       as temporary assistants.
program runs for 12 weeks. To earn their five college                Esther Jones (2006, B.B.A., International Business)
credits, student interns are expected to contribute 30         whose internship was with the Legal Department, was hired
hours of service from Monday through Friday. Although          after graduation to work part-time in the Index Department.

4   THE BERKELEY   focus   |   SPRING 2007
And Betsy Salas, (2004, A.A.S., E-Business) a PDC            However, the PDC mentors lobbied for and received
member who is a Confidential Assistant with Systems &        approval from senior management at The New York
Technology, worked in The New York Times Company             Times Company to offer a $250 American Express gift
Store during her internship.                                 card as a way to recognize one outstanding intern each
      Ms. Salas is also a good example of how staying in     quarter. “It’s a healthy competition among the interns,
touch with mentors could result in employment with           who must apply for the award,” says Ms. Schmidt. The
The New York Times Company. Although she was not             first Intern Achievement Award was presented in July
hired by The New York Times Company immediately              2006.
after graduation, she continued to pursue a position there
until she was hired in April 2006. Since the PDC keeps       A Story with a Happy Ending
an intern file, Ms. Schmidt encourages former interns to
drop off their resumes and keep in touch, especially if           Of course, The New York Times Company benefits
they feel they are qualified for a position.                 from its mentoring program, too. One obvious benefit is
      Ms. Schmidt admits that the student interns have       the opportunity to hire talented interns, who understand
opportunities some employees do not, such as sitting         and have functioned effectively within the environment,
and talking with the company’s editors and executives.       as full-time employees. “They can literally hit the ground
Meetings like these give the students a sense of value and   running,” says Ms. Schmidt. In addition, the company
a deeper understanding of the company’s culture. This        saves on training. Other benefits include having Berkeley
understanding results in interns who are more compatible     College and its students serve as a resource for the company;
with their work.                                             helping to guide curriculum development for Berkeley
      The interns do not get paid for their work.            College as well as tomorrow’s workforce; and creating

                                                                                 • The New York Times has a daily
                                                                                   circulation of nearly 1 million

                                                                                 • The New York Times presses run
                                                                                   24/7, 365 days a year

                                                                                      SPRING 2007   |   THE BERKELEY   focus   5

partnerships so students, faculty, and the company can
work together to build a strong, vibrant community.
                                                              Business and Berkeley:
      Naturally, Berkeley College is proud of its partner-
                                                              How to Establish a First-Rate Intern Program
ship with The New York Times Company. “The New
York Times Company provides a true learning experience            For more than 75 years, Berkeley College has been
for every Berkeley student who enters its storied build-      preparing tomorrow’s workforce with mandatory
ing,” says Ms. Rao, who credits Ms. Schmidt for helping       internships that provide students with invaluable
the program grow. “She (Ms. Schmidt) was the force            work experience within their career fields, as well
                                                              as a network of business connections for the future.
that allowed Berkeley College to expand our number of
                                                              As a result, the College has established very close
interns at The New York Times Company because she so
                                                              relationships with the companies that hire
fully believes in our students and our mission,” she adds.    graduates and interns.
      Ms. Schmidt agrees that The New York Times Com-             Berkeley welcomes the opportunity to work
pany and Berkeley have a wonderful relationship, as well as   with companies interested in establishing an intern
a growing program. “We get the best students,” she says.      partnership. The Career Services Department offers
                                                              the following advice to potential partners, noting
Companies interested in establishing an internship            that most companies the College works with have
program with Berkeley College can contact Caroline Rao,       already established internship programs.
Senior Director for Career Services for New York Campuses,      • The company is willing to develop and maintain
at 212-986-4343, ext. 4163, or Dave Sabin, Director               a close professional and academic relationship
of Career Services for New Jersey Campuses, at                    with Berkeley College.
973-278-5400, ext. 1333.                                        • The company provides students with an environ-
                                                                  ment that is both supportive and educational.
                                                                • The company provides students with relevant
                                                                  experience related to their discipline.
                   About                                        • The company allows students to apply the
             The New York Times                                   knowledge, skills, and behaviors learned within
                  Company                                         their discipline.
                                                                • The company is willing to offer guidance, support,
    The New York Times Company                                    and feedback since students are required to
    publishes…                                                    attend weekly meetings with their mentors or
                                                                  intern supervisors.
     • The New York Times, which has
       won more Pulitzer Prizes than any                          For more information about establishing an
       other newspaper                                        internship program with Berkeley College, New
                                                              York companies should contact Caroline Rao, Senior
     • International Herald Tribune
                                                              Director for Career Services for New York Campuses,
     • The Boston Globe                                       at 212-986-4343, ext. 4163. New Jersey companies should
     • 15 other daily newspapers                              contact Dave Sabin, Director of Career Services for New
                                                              Jersey Campuses, at 973-278-5400, ext. 1333.
    The New York Times Company owns…                              The College maintains two New York campuses,
     • Nine network-affiliated television                     one in Midtown Manhattan and one in White Plains;
                                                              and four New Jersey campuses located in Newark,
                                                              West Paterson, Paramus, and Woodbridge. In addition,
     • Two New York radio stations                            the College operates an Extension Center in Lower
     • Approximately 35 Web sites                             Manhattan in the Wall Street area and Berkeley College
       including NYTimes.com,                                 Online.The College’s website is www.BerkeleyCollege.edu.
       Boston.com and About.com

6   THE BERKELEY   focus   |   SPRING 2007
                                                                                           BERKELEY MILESTONES

Berkeley College 75th
Anniversary Gala
Raises $125,000
For Ethel C. Townsend
Scholarship Fund
A     festive evening of music, comedy, dining, and
      dancing at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center
kicked off this past holiday season at the Diamond
                                                                     otherwise not be able to attend Berkeley College.
                                                                           Chairman of the Board of Berkeley College
                                                                     Kevin Luing was Master of Ceremonies. He and
Jubilee Anniversary Scholarship Gala of Berkeley College.            his brothers – Randy, Timothy, and Brian – honored
The Gala featured sponsorships by business partners,                 their father, Chairman Emeritus Larry L. Luing, who
friends, and family; the publishing of a Commemorative               carried on the tradition of Berkeley College founder,
Journal; and the gathering of more than 250 people                   Alyea Brick, when Mr. Luing joined the College in
to celebrate.                                                        1965. After accepting the recognition and gift of a
     Chaired by Berkeley College Senior Vice President               crystal sailboat from his sons, Chairman Emeritus
of External Affairs Teri Duda, the Gala Committee raised             Luing acknowledged the help of all who were involved
$125,000 for the Ethel C. Townsend Scholarship Fund.                 with the activities celebrated during the 75th anniversary
The late Ms. Townsend, who joined Berkeley College in                year of Berkeley College. “I feel a little guilty,” he
1938, served as a teacher and administrator for many                 remarked. “A lot of people should be up here with
decades. The Scholarship Fund honors her memory by                   me because everything is a result of teamwork.”
providing financial assistance to students who would                       Earlier last year, the elder Mr. Luing, who retired

   Chairman of the Board of the Ethel C. Townsend
   Scholarship Fund, Jay Van Delden, gratefully accepts a
   check in the amount of $125,000 from Berkeley College
   Senior Vice President of External Affairs and Chair of the
   Berkeley College 75th Anniversary Gala Committee, Teri
   Duda. Proceeds benefit students who otherwise could not
   afford to attend Berkeley College. The presentation was
   made at the Berkeley College Diamond Jubilee Anniversary
   Scholarship Gala held at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

                                                                                             SPRING 2007   |   THE BERKELEY   focus   7

in 2001, was inducted into the Foundation for Free
Enterprise Hall of Fame. During that ceremony, Mr.
Luing was praised for making Berkeley College the
strong organization it is today, and for improving the
lives of thousands of people by helping them to obtain
more productive positions with their education and
newfound skills.
      Entertainment at the Scholarship Gala included
Newark Jazz for Teens musicians who performed during
the cocktail reception, and comedienne, Veronica Mosley,
following the presentations. Dinner and dancing took
place on the stage of Prudential Hall, surrounded by
sparkles that beamed through sheer-draped cylinders
of light, and white, sheer-covered tables with four-foot
floral arrangements of live, white, long-stemmed orchids.     Diamond Jubilee Gala honoree, Chairman Emeritus Larry L. Luing,
Music was provided by the eight-piece band, The Motones.      addresses the crowd after his sons presented him with a special gift.

Campus Facilities Expand in
Newark, NJ, and Midtown, NYC
 NEW IN NEWARK!                                                MIDTOWN CAMPUS
                                                               ADDS CLASSROOMS AT
       Berkeley College was pleased to open its doors in       12 EAST 41st STREET
January at 536 Broad Street in downtown Newark to 240
students. The interior of this historic building has been
completely renovated, and is now home to a thriving
community of students, faculty, and staff. The environment
is filled with excitement and camaraderie. New classrooms,
technology, a library, a student lounge, and offices - much
of which was designed by Berkeley College Interior Design
Department Chairman
Kevin Byrne – makes the
space warm and inviting,
and a great place to learn.
The front of the location
faces Washington Park. In                                           The Berkeley College Midtown Campus has added two
addition to being located                                     floors of new classroom space at a third building in Midtown,
within walking distance of                                    across Fifth Avenue, about a half of a block from the New
Newark Penn Station, NJ                                       York Public Library. The new location is within minutes’ walk
Transit’s new Light Rail                                      of the other buildings at 3 East 43rd Street and 535 Fifth
system stops by both the
                                                              Avenue. Offices for the International Division have also
College’s front and rear
                                                              moved. They are on the 14th floor of the newly acquired

8   THE BERKELEY   focus   |   SPRING 2007
                                                                                     BERKELEY MILESTONES

     Berkeley College Offers New Degree Programs
           in Health Services Management,
        Justice Studies, and Financial Services
B    erkeley College has received approval from the New
     York State Board of Regents to offer a Bachelor
of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree in Health
                                                             Justice is designed to meet the growing need for qualified
                                                             employees with the skills required for entry-level positions
                                                             in local police and corrections departments, state and
Services Management through its New York campuses            federal agencies, and private and corporate security
at 3 East 43rd Street in Midtown Manhattan and at 99         operations. Some of the required courses, which have
Church Street in White Plains. Some courses will also        been designed to enhance students’ employment
be offered at the College’s Lower Manhattan Extension        opportunities, include Introduction to Justice Studies;
Center, 130 William Street. The new degree program           Criminal Law; Criminal Procedure; Criminology;
is designed to meet the need for qualified managers to       Police and Society; and Forensic Science.
serve the growing health services industry. It is also
offered through Berkeley College Online.
      Berkeley College is pleased also to announce it
has received approval from the New Jersey Presidents’
Council to offer three new programs: A Bachelor of
Science (B.S.) degree in Financial Services; a Bachelor
of Science (B.S.) degree in Justice Studies – Criminal
Justice; and an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.)
degree in Financial Services. The new degrees will be
offered in New Jersey at the Paramus, Garret Mountain,
Woodbridge, and Newark locations, as well as online.
      Both Financial Services degrees were developed in
response to student and workplace demand. The B.S.
in Financial Services degree is certified by the American         “Offering these new degrees is consistent with the
Association of Certified Financial Planners Board (CFP       College’s mission and long-standing commitment to
Board) of Standards, meaning Berkeley College students       provide quality, student-centered, professional education,
who graduate from this program are prepared to sit for       especially in fields that are experiencing a shortage of
the Certified Financial Planner Exam administered by         personnel and are continuing to grow,” said Berkeley
the CFP Board. Some of the required courses in these         College president Dr. Mildred García. “These programs
degrees include Financial and Managerial Accounting;         will produce graduates who have acquired broad-based
Treasury Management; Principles of Financial Planning;       business knowledge and technology skills to effectively
Insurance Planning; Tax Planning; and Retirement             and efficiently serve in these increasingly complex fields.”
Planning.                                                         Transfer students and those with Associate’s degrees
      The A.A.S. in Financial Services degree will provide   who are interested in pursuing Bachelor’s degrees are
graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to         urged to contact the Office of Admissions or the Dean
pursue careers in a variety of financial organizations       at the Campus in which they are interested to see how
including investment firms and banks. This degree            previously completed courses may be applied toward the
focuses on financial support and planning, and graduates     degree they seek. Students with daytime responsibilities
also will be qualified for admission to baccalaureate        may also wish to consider courses and degrees offered
degree programs in Financial Services or a related           during evenings, weekends, and online. For more
business discipline.                                         information, visit www.BerkeleyCollege.edu or call
      The new B.S. degree in Justice Studies – Criminal      1-800-446-5400.

                                                                                       SPRING 2007   |   THE BERKELEY   focus   9

Berkeley College Alumni Association
Kicks Off New Year at Inaugural Dinner

N    ewly installed officers of the Berkeley College Alumni
     Association gathered with charged conviction for a
special dinner at the Fort Lee Hilton to celebrate and
                                                              inward in an effort to offer those who follow a launch-
                                                              ing pad to the business opportunities and challenges
                                                              throughout the world.”
commit themselves to a new vision for Berkeley College              Berkeley College Board Chairman Kevin Luing
alumni. Advisor to the Association’s Executive Board,         thanked the alumni for their devotion, time and
Alumna Michelle Calderon, was passionate as she               energy, volunteerism, and talent. “We hope all of
addressed the group of alumni, family, and friends.           the new officers continue to be enthusiastic and serve
     “For me, this evening represents the beginning           as role models to our students,” Chairman Luing said.
of a new vision for all Berkeley College students: past,      He congratulated those who were inaugurated and
present, and future,” she said.                               wished them the best of luck.
     “When I think of the past students, I think of alumni
like myself, who can help in building the foundation of
the Alumni Association so it becomes a strong tool where
we can continue to learn and offer the opportunity to
network globally. After all, our diverse student body         Meet the New Berkeley
represents the world.
     “When I think of the current students, I want            College Alumni Association
them to see an Association that they can be proud of,         Executive Board
an Association that has mentored them in becoming
successful businessmen and women, and an Association          ADVISOR MICHELLE CALDERON
that becomes the beginning of business opportunities.
     “When I envision the future students, I want             Michelle Calderon graduated
Berkeley College’s Alumni Association to be one of the        from Berkeley College New
reasons on the list of becoming a Berkeley College            York City Campus in 2004
student,” she told the new officers.                          with a Bachelor’s degree in
     Ms. Calderon enumerated several of the                   Business Management. A
Association’s goals. First, contact and be in touch           native of Saint Lucia, she
with as many alumni as possible so the Association            currently resides in Bronx, NY.
leadership can get feedback for setting direction.                 Ms. Calderon recently
Networking events and partnering with the Berkeley            accepted a position with
College Career Services Department in identifying             Berkeley College as Career
employment leads and career opportunities will also           Services Counselor at the
be a priority. Ms. Calderon would also like to see a          Westchester Campus. She
successful mentoring program for all students, and            formerly was Senior
she supports additional oral communication classes            Executive Assistant to the Corporate Secretary for the
as part of the curriculum.                                    Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
      Before concluding her remarks, which drew a                   In 2006, Ms. Calderon was awarded Distinguished
standing ovation, Ms. Calderon said, “Tonight is an           Area Governor for her leadership and mentorship of
opportunity for all Alumni Association members, past          Toastmasters clubs within the Wall Street area.
and present, to line up shoulder to shoulder, to look

10   THE BERKELEY   focus   |   SPRING 2007
                                                                                      BERKELEY MILESTONES

MAX PEREZ                                                      with a Bachelor’s degree in
                                                               Business Administration-
                               Max Perez graduated from
                               Berkeley College Garret
                                                                    As Human Resources
                               Mountain Campus in 2000
                               with a Bachelor’s degree in     Administrator for Transatlantic
                               Business Administration, and    Reinsurance Company in the
                               he has a Master’s degree in     Wall Street section of New
                               Technology Management           York City, Ms. Morrison’s
                               from Stevens Institute of       responsibilities include working
                               Technology. A native of         with the Director of Human
                               Ecuador, Mr. Perez currently    Resources on salary analysis,
                               resides in Livingston, NJ.      and maintaining and managing the quarterly stock
                                     As Vice President of      purchase plan for domestic and international employees.
CIT’s Systems and Technology Services, two of the areas
Mr. Perez is responsible for are customer support services
and problem management. On a volunteer basis, he serves
                                                               KIM BINNS
as Director of the New Jersey Chapter of Latinos in                                          Kim Binns of Irvington, NJ,
Information Sciences and Technology Association. The                                         graduated from Berkeley
not-for-profit organization provides Latinos with technology
                                                                                             College New York City
tutoring. He is also an active member of the International
                                                                                             Campus in 2002 with a
Toastmasters organization, and in 2006 was recognized as a
Minority Achiever by the YMCA of New Jersey.                                                 Bachelor’s degree in General
PENELOPE CHRISTOPHER                                                                               As Business Systems
                                                                                             Analyst for Horizon Blue
Penelope Christopher of                                                                      Cross Blue Shield of New
Queens, NY, graduated from
                                                                                             Jersey, Ms. Binns’ responsi-
Berkeley College New York
                                                                                             bilities include managing
City Campus in 2003 with a
Bachelor’s degree in General                                   workflows and procedures, and developing and customizing
Business. She has a Master’s                                   training materials. In addition, she serves as Vice President
degree in Organizational                                       of the Enlightenment and Empowerment Enterprise, an
Management from the                                            Affinity of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.
University of Phoenix Online.
      Ms. Christopher is                                       CASSANDRA JONES
employed as an Administrative
Assistant for Petony Partners, a                               Cassandra Jones of Bronx,
company that provides brokerage, consulting, and project       NY, graduated from Berkeley
development services related to trading and transporta-        College New York City
tion of crude oil, petroleum products, natural gas, and        Campus in 2006 with a
other commodities. A volunteer with the Salvation Army,        Bachelor’s degree in Business
Ms. Christopher is pursuing a doctoral degree so she can       Administration.
fulfill a childhood dream of establishing senior citizen            As Senior Client Service
learning centers in the United States and Trinidad.
                                                               Associate of the Private
                                                               Client Services Division of
JOY MORRISON                                                   JP Morgan Chase, Ms. Jones’
Joy Morrison of Suffern, NY, graduated from                    responsibilities include analyz-
Berkeley College New York City Campus in 2006                  ing financial information and providing support for new

                                                                                       SPRING 2007   |   THE BERKELEY   focus   11

business development. Ms. Jones is a volunteer with           20 entries received one of the suits at a special
Project Linus, a program that creates and distributes         presentation held in March at the Downtown
knitted blankets to children’s organizations and hospitals.   Extension Center of the College at 130 William
In 2003, she received the Millennium of Peace Award           Street in Manhattan.
for her work with the not-for-profit program.
                                                              SONYA NEMETH
                                                         Sonya Nemeth of Clifton,
Lori Mazzeo of Woodbridge,                               NJ, graduated from Berkeley
NJ, graduated from Berkeley                              College Garret Mountain
College Online in 2004                                   Campus in 1993 with an
with a Bachelor’s degree in                              Associate’s degree in Fashion
Business Administration.                                 Marketing and Management.
     As Senior Production                                She has a Bachelor’s degree in
Assistant for Phillips-Van                               Commercial Recreation and
Heusen in Bridgewater, NJ,                               Tourism from Montclair State
Ms. Mazzeo’s responsibilities                            University.
include tracking finished                                      As a Human Resources
goods from around the world                              Assistant for The Home Depot in New Jersey, Ms. Nemeth’s
and working with sales and marketing departments to      responsibilities include interviewing prospective candi-
ensure the customers’ needs are met. Phillips-Van Heusen dates for jobs, and acting as a liaison between employees
is one of the largest clothing companies in the world.   and upper management. An active member of the Berkeley
                                                         College Alumni Association, she enjoys participating in
DANIEL SANTIAGO                                          programs like Breakfast with Santa, and Bowling for Babies.

                             Daniel Santiago of New
                                                                                            DAWN GRAY
                             York City graduated from
                             Berkeley College White                                          Dawn Gray of Edison, NJ,
                             Plains Campus in 2003                                           received an Associate’s degree
                             with a Bachelor’s degree in                                     in Paralegal Studies from
                             e-Commerce.                                                     Berkeley College New York
                                   Combining his love                                        City Campus in 2006. She
                             of the Internet with his                                        has a Bachelor’s degree in
                             passion for fashion, Mr.                                        Organizational Management
                             Santiago founded and runs                                       from Mercy College, and
                             FashionIndie.com, an                                            a Master’s degree in
online company for emerging designers. With more than         Organizational Behavior from Polytechnic University.
10,000 members, FashionIndie.com is quickly becoming               Ms. Gray has worked for 18 years in the law offices
the source for information on sales and events for New        of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom where she
York fashion designers. An active member of the Alumni        serves as Assistant to the firm’s partners and associates
Association, Mr. Santiago recently launched a Suit            in the Visiting Attorneys’ Area. She is a member of the
Yourself program in which he secured donations to             National Association for the Advancement of Colored
Berkeley College of Jones New York suits. Male students       People (NAACP) in Edison, and a volunteer at New
were asked to write essays entitled, “Where My Suit Will      York University Hospital for Joint Diseases.
Take Me?” Students who wrote one of the top

12   THE BERKELEY   focus   |   SPRING 2007
                                                                                                 BERKELEY MILESTONES

Standing left to right are the new officers of the Berkeley College Alumni Association: Max Perez of Livingston, NJ; Penelope Christopher of
Saint Albans, Queens, NY; Kim Binns of Irvington, NJ; Daniel Santiago of Manhattan; Chairman of the Board of Berkeley College Kevin Luing;
Sonya Nemeth of Clifton, NJ; and Special Advisor to the Executive Committee Alumna Michelle Calderon of Bronx, NY. Sitting left to right are
Cassandra Jones of Bronx, NY; Dawn Gray of Edison, NJ; Lori Mazzeo of Woodbridge, NJ; and Joy Morrison of Suffern, NY.

CAREER SERVICES –                                          Lifetime Career Assistance

A     ll Berkeley graduates have a lifetime privilege
       of career and placement assistance services
through the Career Services office, which provides
                                                                       openings and career moves. Alumni who wish to
                                                                       create a new resume may contact the Career Services
                                                                       office. In New York, call 212-986-4343 ext. 4165; in
comprehensive career counseling and placement                          New Jersey, contact 732-750-1800 ext. 2403.
services as well as exclusive information about job

                                                                                                  SPRING 2007   |   THE BERKELEY   focus   13

Berkeley College Online
             is CUTTING                                                                   EDGE...

D     r. Mary Jane Clerkin never leaves home without
      her Blackberry, a lifeline for Berkeley College
Online faculty.
                                                               secure Educational Department approval of new, online
                                                               degree programs,” said Berkeley College President Dr.
                                                               Mildred García.
      “My husband asks me if I have to bring the                    This accelerated process resulted in NYSED
Blackberry when we go out to dinner,” says Dr. Clerkin,        approval in February of six Online Bachelor of Business
Coordinator for Berkeley College Online, who also              Administration programs and five Online Associate in
teaches online classes. “I keep it with me because I like      Applied Science programs.
to be available to help the faculty anytime they might              Why is Berkeley College Online so successful?
need me.”
      This dedication is typical of Berkeley College           Strong and Knowledgeable
Online professionals. The team includes 14 staff and           Administrative Support
13 faculty members. Berkeley College Online was
founded in 2003, and quickly became cutting edge                     In its report, the NYSED review team wrote:
with award-winning teaching and support methods.               “Evidence that Berkeley College values distance learning
The online “campus” is approved by the Middle States           exists across the entire institution; in the President’s Office,
Commission on Higher Education, and in December                among academic and administrative officers and leaders,
of last year, the New York State Education Department          among online faculty, and among students eager to see
(NYSED) approved Berkeley College’s Institutional              Berkeley College distance offerings expand in the future.”
Capability Review for online courses. The approval was               “Berkeley’s online program is second to none,
granted following a rigorous review of Berkeley’s online       and that’s in large part due to a superb administration,
programs, faculty, and services.                               knowledgeable about online education, and committed
      “We are now one of a very select group of institutions   to its success, whose vision and enterprise foster its
in New York authorized to use a streamlined process to         continued development and growth,” Dr. Clerkin says.

14   THE BERKELEY   focus   |   SPRING 2007
                                                                                     BERKELEY MILESTONES

Berkeley College Provost, Dr. Rose Mary Healy, said the             As COO of Berkeley College Online, Sharon Goldstein
College got it right from the beginning.                      is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations of the
      “We started out slowly, one                                                    online program, including developing
online class at a time, and we didn’t “We are now one of a very                      tuition reimbursement partnerships
expand without doing the necessary
                                             select group of institutions with corporations; increasing aware-
research into the best approaches to                                                 ness of Berkeley College Online; and
distance learning,” Dr. Healy says.          in New York authorized                  expanding outreach initiatives.
      In 2001, a Distance Learning           to use a streamlined                          Berkeley College Online Dean
Task Force reviewed literature on                                                    of Advisement, Joseph Pasqualetto,
distance learning and participated           process to secure                       follows Online students from entry
in conferences, before reporting back to Educational Department                      into the College through graduation.
College Administration on the best                                                   No student is permitted to carry
approaches to launching an expanded
                                             approval of new online                  an overload without the Dean’s
online program.                              degree programs...”                     permission, and permission is granted
                                                      – Dr. Mildred García only to students with strong academic
Technology Control Is on                                                             records.
Home Turf                                                           Throughout the online college experience, students
                                                              are encouraged to touch base with faculty by phone, or to
      The decision to locate the College’s Course             come to campus for face-to-face conversations. In addition,
Management System (CMS) on home turf was also a good          online students always have access to faculty via email and
one. According to the NYSED review team, at institutions instant messaging. The Berkeley College Online Library is
where the “College Management System is controlled by one-stop shopping for the research materials necessary to
a third party, unexpected slow downs or outages, as more excel in online courses. In addition, all Berkeley College
students enroll, have the potential to cause frustration to librarians are trained to assist online students.
students and faculty.” Having the CMS on campus gives               “Online students receive the same proven curriculum,
Berkeley College significant control over scaling up the      support, and high standards as Berkeley’s onsite campus
system as the online program grows.                           programs,” says Ms. Goldstein.
      Berkeley College Online has a fulltime Senior
Online Applications System Support person who keeps           A Comprehensive Program
the CMS running smoothly. Online students have round- of Faculty Support
the-clock access to their course and college information,
including class schedules, grades, transcripts, personal            When it comes to Berkeley College Online faculty,
information, payments, and financial aid. In addition,        Dr. Clerkin says, “Berkeley College is unique in that
Help Desk staff offer seven-day-a-week assistance to          most of our online faculty have been with the College
faculty, staff, and students.                                 a long time, and also teach onsite courses.”
                                                                    Online faculty design quality courses and use text,
Quality Courses, Student Support,                             voice, and video to accommodate different learning
and Community Outreach                                        styles, to encourage critical reading, thinking, and writing
                                                              skills. In preparing and teaching courses, new online
      In her role as Dean of Berkeley College Online, Dr.     faculty pair up with peers as part of an Online Faculty
Susan Biro reports to Provost Dr. Healy, and is responsible   Mentor Program.
for proposing faculty enrichment activities to enhance the          “Teaching in Berkeley’s online program has been one
quality of online programs. Dr. Biro also reviews all online  of the greatest and most enjoyable experiences in my
courses, and works with Department Chairs to ensure that      entire academic career,” says Dr. Hugo Walter, the 2006
all online courses have appropriate syllabi.                  recipient of the Online Faculty of the Year Award for

                                                                                     SPRING 2007   |   THE BERKELEY   focus   15

Outstanding Teaching. He teaches English and                      the importance of discussions. He teaches Forensic
Humanities courses. “I like to see my online students             Science and Environmental Science courses.
make progress in developing their critical thinking,                    “It’s extremely important to use discussion topics that
writing, and reading abilities, and in gaining an                 are relevant to students today,” Dr. Jackson says. Online
appreciation for, and an understanding of, classic                students are graded on their input during these discussions.
works of literature.”                                                   Each week, Dr. Jackson turns to the Science Times
      To prepare for online teaching, faculty are required        section of The New York Times to find environmental
to take a preliminary Road to Success in Online Teaching          topics of relevance to students. Topics of discussion in
course, and, in addition, have access to a wide variety of        his Forensic Science course have included: The Peterson
onsite and online workshops. During a recent workshop,            Trial, The O.J. Simpson Trial, and Megan’s Law.
Dr. Clerkin worked with Loren Kleinman, who will teach                  “These were topics that led to good discussions,”
her first online course, College Writing Skills, in the Spring.   Dr. Jackson says. “I ask students to research the topics we
      To learn more about effective practices in online           are discussing so they can give informed responses to my
teaching, Ms. Kleinman listened as the more seasoned              comments, and to each other. These discussions, and the
online faculty members explained - via video - how they           interaction the students have with me and with each
motivate online students. Dr. Richard Jackson, who has            other, are really what online is all about.”
been teaching online courses for six years, spoke about

Berkeley College Online Library
Offers Quality Support
      How can we provide online students with the same            “Through the use of narrated PowerPoint presentations,
‘walk-in’ feel as the onsite students have?                       Camtasia, Wimba, and Video Communicator tools, we
      How can we provide easily navigated routes to               are developing information literacy instruction that
services and materials the on-campus students enjoy?              effectively engages the distance learner,” says Ms. Doty.
       “We have to keep asking ourselves questions like                 Because there is such an overwhelming amount
these,” says Berkeley College Library Services Director           of information available in the online environment,
Marlene Doty. “Transferring the onsite library to the             Berkeley College Online librarians strive to make
online community was our initial challenge.”                      the research process less frustrating for students.
     The library staff rose to the occasion, and got glowing            “Like we do onsite, we take away the temptation for
reviews from the New York State Education Department              students to use Google and Yahoo! as the answer to all of
team that reviewed Berkeley’s online program last year.           their questions, and turn them towards search tools that
According to that team, the Berkeley College Online               can provide more reliable sources,” Ms. Doty says.
library is “comprehensive and navigates intuitively,
giving an almost physical sense of being inside a library         Student Support
where resources, support services, and ‘live’ help are
instantly accessible.”                                                  Students are first introduced to the Online Library -
     The physical sense of being inside the library is            via video – by Director of the Garret Mountain Campus
cultivated through multiple means of contacting the               Library, Leslin Charles. This is followed by a PowerPoint
library for support as well as library instruction that           Library orientation. The concept that support is available
takes place in the online classroom. “Transferring library        to the online students via phone, e-mails, or instant
instruction to the online environment has required that           messaging is reinforced. The entire Berkeley College
librarians learn new methods of delivery,” Ms. Doty says.         library staff is qualified to assist online students during

16   THE BERKELEY   focus   |   SPRING 2007
                                                                                     BERKELEY MILESTONES

regular campus hours. During evenings and weekends a           about primary versus secondary sources.”
part-time online librarian responds to questions. Students
are able to ‘walk’ and browse the collection through the       Faculty Support
Online Library by links leading to a catalog of print                Library staff works closely with online faculty, and
books, electronic books, multimedia, select web-sites,         librarians frequently take part in leading and moderating
journals, and magazines. Additional links to electronic        discussions in the Online Faculty Resource Center. Each
databases provide access to a wide range of research           faculty member is paired with a Library liaison who helps
materials, including company reports, government               in collecting and updating materials to support course
documents, historical documents, transcripts, newspapers,      curriculum. In addition, liaisons keep faculty apprised of
and wire services. When requested books or materials           library services and resources, including what’s new in
are not available online, those materials are mailed to        the professional collection section that supports the
students. At the invitation of online faculty, independently   continuing education of online faculty.
or at the encouragement of library liaisons, librarians are          “The college librarians have traditionally had a
embedded into online courses as guest lecturers and/or         symbiotic relationship with faculty that has benefited
discussion board moderators.                                   the on-campus library instruction program,” says Ms.
      “Our first goal in being there is to help students       Doty. “Minus the many on-campus opportunities for
in completing their assignments, and our second goal           informal discussions, the library liaison program fills
is to work on students’ information literacy skills,” Ms.      that void by connecting a librarian to each online
Charles says. “So, for example, let’s say I am embedded        faculty member.”
in a Feminist Philosophy Class. I would teach students

                                                                                    An exceedingly user-friendly
                                                                                    interface is key to providing online
                                                                                    students with a productive and
                                                                                    rewarding educational experience.

                                                                                     SPRING 2007   |   THE BERKELEY   focus   17
  UPCOMING QUARTER                          2007
  START DATES                               SUMMER – Monday, July 2                FALL – Monday, September 24

Bachelor’s and Associate’s Degree Programs
       Accounting                                          International Business
       Business Administration                             Justice Studies – Criminal Justice
       Fashion Marketing & Management                      Management
       Financial Services                                  Management – Entrepreneurship
       General Business                                    Management – Human Resources
       Health Services                                     Marketing
       Information Systems Management                      Network Management
       Interior Design                                     Paralegal Studies
                                                              Not all programs offered at all locations


ADP                            Children’s Aid and Family     JCPenney                     Pfizer
AFLAC                             Services                   Jessica McClintock           Phillip Jeffries Ltd.
All-Ways Forwarding            Cingular Wireless             JPMorgan                     Rail Europe
Amerada Hess Corp.             Coca-Cola Bottling            Judicial Title Insurance     Ralph Lauren
American BD/Opici                 Company of NY                Agency                       Childrenswear
  Wines                        Commerce Bank                 Korin Japanese Trading       Russ Berrie
American Cancer Society        Community Blood                 Company                    Seamates International
American Express                  Services                   L’Occitane                   Sherwin-Williams
American Red Cross             Donna L’Orén Group            Macy’s                       Shisheido
Ann Taylor                     Dorian Drake                  March of Dimes               Smith Barney
AnySystem.com                     International              Marsh USA                    Sony
Argent Mortgage                e-Fashion Solutions           Meadowlands Sports           Starbucks
Avon                           Enterprise Rent-A-Car           Complex                    Target
Bad Boy Entertainment          ESCADA                        Merrill Lynch                The New York Times
Bank of New York               Ethan Allen                   Myron Manufacturing          Tommy Hilfiger
Banta Books                    Fairchild Publications        Neiman Marcus                UBS Paine Webber
Bayer Diagnostics              Fortunoff                     New Jersey Nets/Devils       UJA Federation
BCBG                           Giorgio Armani                New York Life                Universal Music Group
BC International               Goldberg & Segalla, Esqs.     New York Police              UPS
Bear Stearns                   Gucci                           Department                 U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Bedford Fair Apparel, Inc.     Haband                        Nine West                    Vantage Apparel
Better Business Bureau         Hachette Filipacchi           NJ and NY Division of        Viacom
Bloomingdale’s                    Magazines                    Consumer Affairs           Vitamin Shoppe
Brotmann, Oros &               Harris Publishing             Nordstrom                      Industries
  Brusca, Esqs.                Hitachi America               Northwestern Mutual          Wal-Mart
Cabrini Medical Center         Hot Sox                       Omnicom                      Washington Mutual
CDM Institute                  IBM                           Oscar de la Renta            WebMD
Chanel Inc.                    J. Walter Thompson            PepsiCo

  NEW YORK                                                  NEW JERSEY
  NEW YORK CITY              WESTCHESTER CAMPUS             BERGEN CAMPUS                     MIDDLESEX CAMPUS
  Midtown Campus             99 Church Street               64 East Midland Avenue            430 Rahway Avenue
  3 East 43 Street           White Plains, NY 10601         Paramus, NJ 07652                 Woodbridge, NJ 07095
  New York, NY 10017         914-694-1122                   201-967-9667                      732-750-1800
                                                            GARRET MOUNTAIN CAMPUS            NEWARK CAMPUS
  Lower Manhattan                                           44 Rifle Camp Road                536 Broad Street
  Extension Center                                          West Paterson, NJ 07424           Newark, NJ 07102
  130 William Street                                        973-278-5400                      973-642-3888
  New York, NY 10038
  212-372-4446                                              BERKELEY COLLEGE ONLINE: BerkeleyCollege.edu/online

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