Nested Assembly Lines _That Make Music__ by xiaoyounan


									Nested Assembly Lines (That Make Music!)

By Dylan Portelance

Brief Description: This software will show the user a conveyor belt with a tube
above it and a light shining on part of it. The tube can drop blocks onto the conveyor
belt and when they pass the light they play a corresponding sound. A second group
containing a conveyor belt, tube and light will be next to it but the blocks for this
conveyor belt will correspond to properties of the first set. For example, there could
be a block on the first conveyor belt that plays a snare drum and a block on the
other conveyor belt that speeds up the first by 1 RPM. The user can then add more
conveyor belts that affect each other by way of the light reading their respective

Rationale: The system is valuable to the user because it provides a completely new
and innovative way to create music, interact with music and think about music.

Input: The user can point and click.

Interaction: Generally, the user can click blocks in tubes to send them to their
corresponding conveyor belt. Timing matters although there can be blocks on
another conveyor belt that could instruct the musical belt to snap its blocks to a beat.

Evaluation: The system has the desired effect if it is fun and interesting. Users could
take a survey or have the time they spend in engaged activity with the interface

Audience: This interface is for musicians and non-musicians alike of all ages. It
would be on a web site and accessible to anyone.

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