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					                                                              Registered Contractors / Subcontractors
                                                                                 As of May 2012

                                                  Mun./City/        Contact                                       Nature of                            Date
    Company Name            Street/Barangay                                         Position    Contact No.                       Registration No.                  RO Code
                                                   Province         Person                                        Business                           Registered
                         11B 2nd Ave.,
Exocet Security Services                                         Ma. Teresa C.      Finance                                       NCR-QCFO-7492-                    National
                         Santolan Road,         Quezon City                                      721-3849     Security Services                      3/25/2011
Corp.                                                            Marcelo            Manager                                          0311-055                     Capital Region
                         # 45 Aries Street,
RLdurotech Industrial                                            Romeo L.           General                   Toll                 NCR-MUNTA-                       National
                         Pamplona Park          Las Piñas City                                   872-3180                                            10/17/2011
Corporation                                                      Daanton            Manager                   Manufacturing       61901-1011-172                  Capital Region
Mayon Security Agency                                                                                                             NCRQCFO-7492-                     National
                      704 Aurora Blvd.          Quezon City      Judy T. Tan        Manager      721-7237     Security Services                      3/15/2010
Inc.                                                                                                                                0310-036                      Capital Region

FAS Consortium           37 K-7th West                           Fernando V.                                  Retailer/wholesa NCR-QCFO-7421-              National
                                                Quezon City                        President     435-9335                                     10/17/2011
Incorporated             Kamias                                  Alfonso                                      ler contractor      1011-268               Capital Region
                      Warehouse 15
Unity Freight Express Roligon Complez,                           Pablo               Gen.                                          NCR-MUNTA-                  National
                                                Parañaque City                                   854-3142     General Services                    12/16/2009
International         505 Qurino Ave.                            Nepomuceno         Manager                                       639-20-1209-059            Capital Region
                      No. 8, Sta. Candida
Aeropac Construction                                             Manuelito P.                                 General              NCR-MUNTA-                       National
                      St., Ramos Compd.,        Parañaque City                     President     822-0033                                            10/13/2011
and Development Corp.                                            Jugueta                                      Contractor          45100-1013-170                  Capital Region
                      Sun Valley
                         5th/F ODC Int'l. Plaza                                                                                     NCR-MPFO-                       National
Kinden Phils. Corp.                             Makati City      Alex Arreza       President     812-6440     Mechanical                             12/2/2011
                         219 Salcedo St.,                                                                                           12211-183                     Capital Region
San -Mar Trading and     50 ADIA ML. Quezon                      Susuna F. De        Gen.       0917-521-                          NCR-MUNTA-                       National
                                            Taguig City                                                       Construction                           10/14/2011
Construction             Ave., Bagumbayan                        Leon               Manager       4947                            45100-1013-171                  Capital Region

3G Manpower              502 A. Edsa, Bagong                                       Pres./Gen.                                                                       National
                                             Caloocan City       Alexander King                  364-5215     manufacturing       NCR-8-0509-253     5/25/2009
Resources, Inc.          Barrio                                                       Mgr                                                                         Capital Region
Acro Industral Dev’t &                                           Lino Manuel L.                                                                                     National
                         4636 Arellano Ave      Makati City                        President     831-5601     construction        72600-09-3-09-      9/3/2009
Construction Corp.                                               Jimenez                                                                                          Capital Region
Advanced Foundation
                         Unit 12B Sen. Gil                                         Exec. Vice                                       NCR-MPFO-                       National
Construction Systems                            Makati City      Joel S. Arceo                   886-3438     Construction                            1/6/2011
                         Puyat Ave.                                                  Pres.                                        72600-1611-177                  Capital Region

                         41 V. Concepcion                                                                                          NCR-MUNTA-
Aeroplus Multi-                                                  Mitzi Therese                                Janitorial                                       National
                         cor. Elizalde BF       Las Piñas City                     President     806-4524                         72600-1109-042- 11/12/2009
Services, Inc.                                                   P. de Guzman                                 Services                                       Capital Region
                         West Executive Vill.                                                                                            R
Aragon Security and       Unit 1&2, 2/F                                                                                        NCR-MUNTA-
                                                              Manuel                                                                                             National
Investigation Agency      Alabang Citi-Arcade Muntinlupa City                     President     659-3123    Security Services 74920-0710-063-      7/5/2010
                                                              Gervacio                                                                                         Capital Region
Corp.                     Bldg., Cupang                                                                                              R
                          Rm. 305-C Zeta
Argus Development                                              Melchor D.                                                         NCR-MPFO-                      National
                          Bldg., Salcedo St.,   Makati City                        Director     815-1538    Construction                           8/4/2011
Corp.                                                          Elegado                                                          72600-8411-099                 Capital Region
                          Legaspi Village
Asia Pacific Business &                                        Ramon D.            Gen                      Distribution of       NCR-MPFO-                      National
                          549 Vergel Street     Pasay City                                      844-9791                                           3/2/2010
Industrial System Inc.                                         Esqueta            Manager                   Broadcast           72600-3210-016                 Capital Region
                          31st St. Bonifacio
Bonifacio Security        Service Center                       Marnely R.           Gen.                                                                         National
                                                Taguig City                                     494-6667    Security Services 74920-0111-004-     1/27/2011
Sevices, Inc.             Bonifacio Global                     Andaya            Accountant                                                                    Capital Region
                          City, Taguig
                          3/F PDCPBank                                                                                            NCR-MPFO-
Career Mgt. Dev’t                                              Ma. Luisa           Gen.                     Manpower                                             National
                          Centre, V.A. Rufino Makati City                                       815-8451                        72600-08-07-09-    8/7/2009
Resources, Inc.                                                Loterte            Manager                   Services                                           Capital Region
                          St. cor. L.P Leviste St.                                                                                   0003
                       Unified Trading
Chancellor Security &                                          Paterno           Pres. & Gen.                                   NCRQCFO-7492-                    National
                       Bldg., No. 6 Denver Quezon City                                          727-5216    Security Services                     5/25/2011
Svcs. Corp.                                                    Cobrador Jr.          Mgr                                          0511-133                     Capital Region
                       St. Cubao
                       Nuestra Senora dela
                       Paz St. San Antonio                     Ma. ElRenato                                                                                      National
D’Robe Security Agency                     Parañaque City                         President     829-3063    Security Services 74920-1111-183-     11/3/2011
                       Ave. San Antonio                        Bernabe                                                                                         Capital Region
                       Valey I
Denz Trading &            2283-A Pasig Line                    Dioscorita D.                                Manpower &          NCR-MFO-74911-                   National
                                                Makati City                        Owner        11/8/2010                                      11/8/2010
Manpower Specialist       St., Sta. Ana                        Salcines                                     Trading                1110-063                    Capital Region

                          2nd Floor, CMI Bldg.,
Eaglematrix Security                                           Atty. Bernard                                                                                     National
                          315, Commonwealth Quezon City                           President     9511515     Security Services NCR-8-0609-317       6/9/2009
Agency Inc.                                                    Philip Claustro                                                                                 Capital Region
                          Ave., Dil.
ECD Business              26 Sampaguita Rd.,                                                                                                                     National
                                                Parañaque City Eunice Dato        Gen. Mgr.     310-3050    Marketing           72600-112911-     11/29/2011
Consultancy               RGV Homes Subd.                                                                                                                      Capital Region
                          Lot 6 Blk. 1 Ph3A,
Electro Alpha             Tamarind St.,                                                                     Electrical
                                                                                   Gen.                                                                          National
Engineering Sales and     Greenwoods            Pasig City     Angelito Javier                  642-0379    Installation        NCR-5-0609-351    6/23/2009
                                                                                  Manager                                                                      Capital Region
Services                  Executive Village,                                                                Services
                          San Miguel
FEMC International        4 Gen. Malvar St.                    Francisco L.                                 Trading                                              National
                                                Pasig City                          Pres.       633-8598                        NCR-8-0609-326     6/9/2009
phils. Inc.               San Antonio                          Carballo                                     Construction                                       Capital Region
Galleon Appraisal &     Rm. 206 V. Madrigal                        Olindo C.                                                         NCR-MPFO-                     National
                                            Makati City                                Pres.      811-6595/96 Business Services                      3/7/2011
Corporate Services Inc. Bldg. Ayala Ave.                           Garcia                                                          72600-3711-220                Capital Region

Gold Cross Security &     7791 Saint Paul St.,                     Dulce Y.           Acctg.                                         NCR-MPFO-                     National
                                                 Makati City                                       896-3542    Security Services                    3/21/2011
Inv. Agency Inc.          San Antonio Village                      Hernandez         Manager                                       74920-3211-232                Capital Region

Hire & Keep               Unit 704 Ortigas                                            Admin.                   Manpower &          NCR-PFO-74911-                  National
                                                 Pasig City        Jonah Bidaure                   638-2343                                         5/31/2010
Incorporated              Bldg., Ortigas Ave.                                         Officer                  Events Services       053110-079                  Capital Region

                                                                   Michael Tan                                 Fabricator/Whos                                     National
J.A.M. Industrial Sales   2837 Bagac Street      Tondo, Manila                      PRESIDENT      253-4709                    NCR-9-0609-334       6/22/2009
                                                                   Cabisudo                                    ale/Retailer                                      Capital Region
                          26th/F Burgundy
J.S. Domingo                                                                                                                         NCR-MPFO-
                          Corporate Tower                          Jerry S.                                    Consultant                                          National
Engineering &                                    Makati City                         Gen. Mgr.     844-6700                         74211-91511-    9/15/2011
                          252 Gil Puyat                            Domingo                                     /maintenance                                      Capital Region
Manpower Services                                                                                                                       129
Kalayaan Engineering      No. 4253 Emilia St.                      Rafael A.                                   Electromechanic                              National
                                                 Makati City                           Pres.       729-9771                    72600-10-22-09- 10/22/2009
Co. Inc.                  Palanan                                  Lahoz Jr.                                   al contractor                              Capital Region
Kintanar Detective        146-A Roosevelt Ave.
                                                                   Gloria A.J.                                                     NCR-QCFO-7492-                  National
Security Asociated        Brgy. Paraiso San    Quezon City                             Pres.                   Security services                     5/6/2010
                                                                   Kintanar                                                           0510-063                   Capital Region
Systems Inc.              Francisco del Monte

                        612 Pinaglabanan         San Juan,         Alexander G.                                                 NCR-PFO-45203-                     National
Livan Trade Corporation                                                              Gen. Mgr.     7270551     r, Gen. Building                     2/15/2010
                        St.,                     Manila            Garcia                                                         121210-019                     Capital Region
                                                                                                               & Eng'g.

Mapecon Philippines       2459 Arellano                            Roberto          AVP Admin                  Pest Control        NCR-MFO-03330-                  National
                                                 Manila                                            5250434                                        7/30/2010
Inc.                      Avenue, SFDM                             Samaniego        & Personnel                SErvices               0710-029                   Capital Region
                      3/F Port Area Tire
Micro Search Resource Bldg., Km. 31,                               Mariscencion     Pres./Admin                Manpower             NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                                                 Muntinlupa City                                   862-1785                                         10/26/2011
Corp.                 National Road                                A. Manaloto          Mgr.                   Services            74309-1011-179                Capital Region
                          Unit 212 La Fuerza
M-Power Service                                                                                                Manpower              NCR-MPFO-                     National
                          Plaza 2, #2241 Don     Makati City       Ernesto Moya      President     813-1292                                          4/5/2010
Solutions Inc.                                                                                                 recruitment         72600-4510-042                Capital Region
                          Chino Roces Ave.

Pharmaline Medforce       Cottage 840 Twin St.,                                                                                     NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                                                Las Piñas City     Jerry E. Davis      Pres.       788-0936    Trading Services                     8/12/2009
Inc.                      BF Int’l BF Homes                                                                                        91120-0809-003                Capital Region

Philippine Plumbing       # 40 Mabilis St. Brgy.                   Marylou                                                         NCR-QCFO-4533-                  National
                                                 Quezon City                        HR Officer     922-4011    Construction                         3/16/2011
Company Inc.              Pinyahan                                 Magalit                                                            0311-036                   Capital Region
                       No. 5 Eddieboy                                                                                             NCR-MUNTA-
PPLM Industrial                                                   Amelia L.                                                                                       National
                       Cmpd., Emilia St.,       Parañaque City                    VP Finance     820-2031    Manufacturing       24231-1010-108-   10/8/2010
Corporation                                                       Mendoza                                                                                       Capital Region
                       San Isidro, Sucat                                                                                                R
                       841 Twin St., BF
Professional Marketing                                            Josefina                                                        NCR-MUNTA-                      National
                       International, BF        Las Piñas City                       Pres.       825-3485    Gen. Services                         8/11/2009
Insight, Inc.                                                     Ramirez                                                        91120-0809-001                 Capital Region
                        36 Cordillera St. cor Mandaluyong         Marcelino Y.      HRD          5315963 to Electrical/Mecha NCR-PFO-4533-                        National
Romago Incorporated                                                                                                                                3/31/2010
                        Rd. 1 Highway Hills City                  Paguio, Jr.      Manager           70     nical Contractor  033110-042                        Capital Region
                        Unit 415 Union
S.M. Castro Mgt. &      Square One Condo.                         Engr. Santiago Proprietor/                                     NCR-QCFO-4532-              National
                                                Quezon City                                      912-6539    Construction                       10/26/2009
Construction Services   145 15th Ave.,                            M. Castro         Mgr.                                            1009-048               Capital Region
                        105 Rada St., Legaspi                                        Vice                    Messengerial                                         National
Speednet Incorporated                         Makati City         Rita Estrella                  893-8784                        72600-08-18-09-   8/27/2009
                        Vill.                                                      President                 Services                                           Capital Region
                        # 283 El Grande                                                                                           NCR-MUNTA-
Supra Multi Services,                                             Ian Dominic                                Manpower                                             National
                        Ave., Phase III, BF     Parañaque City                     Vice Pres.    788-0338                        74960-0411-055-    4/1/2011
Inc.                                                              Tambunting                                 Services                                           Capital Region
                        Homes                                                                                                           R
Tamaraw Security        1853 E. Rodriguez Sr.                     Fulgencio         Gen.                                         NCRQCFO-7492-                    National
                                              Quezon City                                        726-6571    Security Service                      9/29/2010
Service Inc.            Avenue, Cubao                             Dacara Jr.       Manager                                         0910-152                     Capital Region
                        3rd/F Maripola                                                                                             NCR-MPFO-
                                                                  Mary Ann                                   Computer/Hard                                        National
Teligent Systmes Inc.   Bldg., 109 Perea St.    Makati City                          Mgr.        813-9051                         72600-21910-     2/18/2010
                                                                  Magos                                      ware Services                                      Capital Region
                        Legaspi Vill.                                                                                                 011
                        Jemtee Bldg., 677                                                                    Process Control
Trigon Mgt. And                                                   Reynaldo                                                        NCR-PFO-453-                    National
                        Boni Avenue cor.        mandaluyong                        President     719-0820    &                                     11/16/2009
Industrial Corp.                                                  Manalo                                                           111609-046                   Capital Region
                        Aliw St. 1550                                                                        Intrumentation
                        338 London St.
                                                                  Eliseo S.                                                      NCR-PFO-4520-                    National
Twin Eagle Builders     Ciudad Grande,          Pasig City                           Mgr.        900-1633    Construction                           3/1/2011
                                                                  Campita                                                         030111-040                    Capital Region
                        Executive Village
                        Eastwood City, E.
Unified Forces Security                                           Marilyn          Operation                                     NCRQCFO-7492-                    National
                        Rodriguez Jr. Avenue Quezon City                                         706-33-49   Security Services                     9/13/2010
&Investigation Agency                                             Salaysay         Manager                                         0910-147                     Capital Region
                        3rd F Philmariner
Unisave Security                                                  Eduardo I.      Pres. & Gen.                                   NCR-CFO-74920-                   National
                        Bldg. 250 North Bay     Navotas, Manila                                  283-2559    Security Agency                       8/17/2009
Specialist Agency                                                 Ungui               Mgr.                                          0809-004                    Capital Region
                        161 Lopez Rizal St.,
Wellworth Business                              Mandaluyong       Carmelo M.      Pres. & Gen.               Janitorial          NCR-PFO-7493-                    National
                        Barangay Highway                                                         533-9389                                           6/6/2011
Agency                                          City              Ilagan              Mgr.                   Services             060611-140                    Capital Region
                        Rm. 206 CCH Bldg.,                                                                   Manpower             NCR-MPFO-
AB & N Manpower                                                                                                                                                   National
                        136 L.P. Leviste St.,   Makati City       Emily L. Calling HR Officer     8134592    Services            72600-102110-     10/21/2010
Mgnt. Inc.                                                                                                                                                      Capital Region
                        Salcedo Village                                                                      (Promodizer)             147
                         Unit 24-C, J Erestain
                                                                  Mary Grace                                  Project          NCR-QCFO-7493-                     National
Aimstaff, Inc.           St. cor. K-1st.       Quezon City                          HR Manager     927-8226                                         6/17/2011
                                                                  Pattugalan                                  Management,         0611-166                      Capital Region
                                                                                                              Contracting Firm
                       Km. 15 Mc Arthur
Bernabe Construction &                                            Arceli S.                                                       NCR-CFO-95100-                  National
                       Higway A. Marcelo        Valenzuela City                     Comptroller    292-3401   Gen. Contractor                       8/17/2010
Industrial Corp.                                                  Balleza                                                            0710-029                   Capital Region
Black Knight Security
                         42-B Main Ave.                           Alma S.           Personnel                                     NCR-QCFO-7492-                  National
Protective Agency                               Quezon City                                        912-7332   Security Services                     4/29/2011
                         Murphy Cubao                             Edones             Officer                                         0411-112                   Capital Region
Others Allied Services

Building Care            2/F BCC House, 537     Mandaluyong       Rosalina S.       Chairman &                Housekeeping        NCR-PFO-7493-                   National
                                                                                                   723-8578                                         2/8/2011
Corporation              Shaw Blvd              City              Tacorda              CEO                    Maintenance          020811-020                   Capital Region

Cougar Integrated        3/F BCC House, 537     Mandaluyong                          Executive                                                                    National
                                                                  Micaela Poe                      723-8578   Security Services NCR-9-0709-398      7/15/2009
Services, Inc.           Shaw Blvd.             City                                  Director                                                                  Capital Region
                         Suites 1008-10
                         Paragon Plaza Bldg., Mandaluyong         Alonzo                                      Construction-         NCR-4520-                     National
Daelim Philippines, Inc.                                                             President     687-7871                                         9/30/2011
                         EDSA cor. Reliance City                  Ancheta                                     Gen. Building         110411-231                  Capital Region
                         108 E. Rodriguez Jr.                                         Gen.                    Promotional         NCR-QCFO-4534-                  National
Demo Power Phils. Inc.                          Quezon City       Richard P. Lim                   634-7273                                         3/31/2011
                         Ave., Bagumbayan                                            Manager                  Services               0311-084                   Capital Region
                         Rm. 106 Gonzales
                                                                                                              Messengerial        NCR-QCFO-7493-              National
Electrobill, Inc.        Bldg., 1197 Edsa       Quezon City       Ruperto Ledda      President     480-4176                                      10/12/2010
                                                                                                              Services               1010-164               Capital Region
Fullforce Security and   68 Bansalangin St.
                                                                  Alvaro P.         Operations                                    NCRQCFO-7492-                   National
Investigation Agency     Veterans Village       Quezon City                                        738-2764   Security Agency                       7/22/2011
                                                                  Arizala, Jr.       Manager                                        0711-190                    Capital Region
Inc.                     Proj. 7
G.H. Resources &         4757-B Barosain St.,                     Grace H.                                                                                        National
                                              Makati City                            Manager       8956765    Promodizer          72600-08-07-09-   8/7/2009
Training Services Inc.   Brgy Olympia                             Cartago                                                                                       Capital Region
Leopard Security &                              Mandaluyong                                       7238578 loc.                                                    National
                         537 Shaw Blvd.                           Jose L. Poe III    President                 Security Services NCR-9-0709-399     7/15/2009
Invest. Agency                                  City                                               116 & 219                                                    Capital Region

                                                                                                             Jaitorial, Pest &
LR Specialist Builders                                            Arsenio C.        VP - Sales & 5284785/525                      NCR-MFO-74911-                  National
                         2272 Taft Avenue       Malate, Manila                                               Termite Control                     11/9/2011
Inc.                                                              Penales           Operations      3275                             1111-106                   Capital Region
                          190 P. Tuazon St.
Maria Management                                                   Cecilia I.                                 Merchandizing & NCR-QCFO-7414-              National
                          cor. 10th Ave.,         Quezon City                        President     911-0960                                  10/12/2011
Specialists, Inc.                                                  Paulino                                    Retail Mgt.        1011-266               Capital Region
Merit General Services 56 C Dr. Pilapil St.                        Angelito G.                                                    NCR-PFO-4533-                   National
                                                  Pasig City                         President     474-6077   General Services                     3/21/2011
Corp.                  Sayad                                       Benito                                                          032111-066                   Capital Region
                          150-158 2nd Floor
                          LMB Building San                    Raymund Jose                                    Janitorial/Gener                                    National
Omniworx, Inc.                                 Parañaque City                        President     829-4936                    72600-0411-067-     4/15/2011
                          Antonio Village, San                Alfredo                                         al Services                                       Capital Region
                          Valley I Sucat
Philman Power Center      123-B 15th Ave.,                         Divina                                     Janitorial          NCR-QCFO-7499-                  National
                                                  Quezon City                        VP-Finance    738-2644                                        6/27/2009
Inc.                      Cubao                                    Tablante                                   Services               1009-050                   Capital Region

                          715-A Shaw Blvd.,       Mandaluyong                                                 Messengerial        NCR-PFO-7493-                   National
PRO 2000 Services, Inc.                                            Gerry Vidallo     Manager       7272391                                          1/8/2010
                          Brgy. Wack-Wack         City                                                        services             010810-004                   Capital Region
                                                                   Ma. Teresa
Radar Security &                                  Sta. Ana,        Vergara/                                                       NCR-MFO-74920-                  National
                      2603 Lamayan St.                                                             563-7249   Security Services                  9/20/2010
Watchman Agency, Inc.                             Manila           Reynaldo O.                                                       0910-052                   Capital Region
                       U/601 Globe                                                   Finance &
Radix Systems Services                            Mandaluyong      Emmanuel P.                                Computer            NCR-Pfo-7230-                   National
                       Telecom Plaza II                                                Admin.      747-0346                                        7/25/2011
Corp.                                             City             Rieza                                      Services             072511-177                   Capital Region
                       Pioneer St.,                                                  Manager
                       Royal Cargo Bldg.                         Elmer                                                         NCR-MUNTA-
Royal Cargo Combined                                                                 Exec. VP &               Trucking/Forwar                               National
                       Sta. Agueda Ave.,          Parañaque City Francisco U.                      8516229                    71920-11-09-044- 11/24/2009
Logistic Inc.                                                                           CEO                   ding                                        Capital Region
                       Pascor Drive                              Sarmiento                                                           R
                          First Capitol Place,
                                                                                                              Service             NCR-PFO-7491-                   National
Service Resources Inc.    First St. cor. Philam   Pasig City       Jose T. Alberto   President     637-0634                                        9/14/2011
                                                                                                              Contractor           091411-207                   Capital Region
                          St. Kapitolyo

                          Annex 1-A Narra                                                                                           NCR-MPFO-
Shasta Concrete                                                    Jocelyn           Finance                                                                      National
                          Bldg., 2276 Pasong      Makati City                                      816-3296   Construction         45100-82511-    8/25/2011
Systems                                                            Santiago          Manager                                                                    Capital Region
                          Tamo Extension                                                                                               118
                          6th Flr. The Pearl
                          Bank Centre , 146                                                                   Elect'l. & Mech'l. NCR-MPFO-09-                     National
Sumisetsu Phil. Inc.                              Makati City      Akira Okumura President         817-5571                                        8/24/2009
                          Valero Salcedo                                                                      Contractor          24-09-0028                    Capital Region
                          672 Carlos Palanca                       Renato S.                                                      NCR-MFO-74911-                  National
Triad Security Services                           Quiapo, Manila                                   734-9597   Security Services                  7/29/2010
                          Sr. Street                               Chan                                                              0710-033                   Capital Region
                          3F Taft Office Center
                                                                   Roberto V.                     551-7401 to Construction/       NCR-45100-10-                   National
V.V. Aldaba Inc.          Building 1986 Taft    Pasay City                           Manager                                                       10/26/2009
                                                                   Unson                              04      Engineering          26-01-0045                   Capital Region
                         Unit 104, Jorio Bldg.,
Vican Investigation &                                            Jonas U.           Gen.                                         NCR-QCFO-7492-              National
                         433 Tandang Sora       Quezon City                                     929-2895     Security Agency                    10/27/2009
Security Agency, Inc.                                            Vinarao           Manager                                          1009-049               Capital Region
                         Ave. Bgy. Culiat
Allen Engineering                                                Alex P.           General                                                                       National
                         515-A Vergel St.       Pasay City                                      889-0056     Electrical Work      72600-32410-     3/24/2010
Services                                                         Pagaduan           Mgr.                                                                       Capital Region
                         7th/F Alscophil Bldg.,                  Nizhel                                      Trading and                                         National
Aquasolv Phils. Inc.                            Makati City                        Manager     379-9274/81                       72600-2-4-2010-   2/4/2010
                         Edison St., San Isidro                  Bernardo                                    Services                                          Capital Region
                         Rm. 902 South
                                                                                                             Service           NCR-MUNTA-
Asian Center for         Center Tower,                           Ginette R.                                                                                National
                                                Muntinlupa                        HR Officer    420-8530     Contractor/Tradi 45320-1210-125- 12/10/2010
Insulation Phils.        Madrigal Business                       Belleza                                                                                 Capital Region
                                                                                                             ng                      R
                         Park, Alabang
                         Unit 204 B KB VFP
                                                                 Marta                                                            NCR-MUNTA-
Basic Support Services   Taguig Plaza,                                             Managing                                                                      National
                                                Taguig City      Josephine Lea                  821-6679     Janitorial          72600-0710-066-   7/15/2010
Corp.                    Veterans Center,                                          Director                                                                    Capital Region
                                                                 R. Kramer                                                              R
                         Western Bicutan
Business & Automated                                                                                                               NCR-MPFO-
                       7787, St. Paul St.,                       Charito            Office                                                                       National
Systems Clinic (Basic)                          Makati City                                     895-4366     Consultancy          72600-42911-     4/29/2011
                       San Antonio Village                       Mendoza           Manager                                                                     Capital Region
Inc.                                                                                                                                  016
Care Best International, 8248 Camachile St.,                     Myrna              Admin.                   Janitorial                                          National
                                                Makati City                                     896-8678                          72609-32610-     4/28/2010
Inc.                     SAV                                     Camposano          Officer                  Services                                          Capital Region
                         27 A Soriano St., BF                                                                Canteen              NCR-MUNTA-                     National
Cater Pro Enterprises                           Paranaque City Ester Ablania      HR Manager    553-6039                                           6/3/2011
                         Homes                                                                               Concessionaire      93040-0611-093                Capital Region

                         161 Wayan St.,                          ConradoB.                                                       NCR-QCFO-4533-              National
CBA Construction                                Quezon City                       Asst. Mgr.    365-3042     Construction                       12/16/2010
                         Masambong                               Abendan Jr.                                                        1210-206               Capital Region
                         Unit 4 St. Mary’s
CGM Janitorial & Bldg.                                           Joenifer          General                   Janitorial/Messe NCR-MUNTA-                         National
                         Bldg., Philamlife      Las Piñas City                                  8736226                                            9/15/2011
Maintenance Services                                             Macabahug         Manager                   ngenrial         72600-0911-155                   Capital Region
                         Ave., Pamplona
                         193 Phase 1, Sitio
CMPT Manpower                                                                                                                    NCR-CFO-74911-                  National
                         Caigin Gen. T. de      Metro Manila     Marissa F. Paz    President    365-4618     Janitorial                            1/6/2011
Services                                                                                                                           011311-003                  Capital Region
                         Leon, Valenzuela
                         58th 11th Ave., cor.
D’ Champ Security                                                Danilo            General                                       NCR-QCFO-7491-                  National
                         Main Ave., Brgy      Quezon City                                       911-5643     Security Services                     4/18/2011
Agency                                                           M.Moral            Mgr.                                            0411-105                   Capital Region
                         Socorro, Cubao
                         Unit J. Dearjohn                                                                    Manpower
                                                                 Ariel T.           Gen.                                       NCR-MFO-90090-                    National
Dearjohn Services Inc.   Bldg., 2008 Garrido    Manila                                          564-5168     Services/Janitori                5/13/2010
                                                                 Cayanan           manager                                        0510-012                     Capital Region
                         St. Sta Ana                                                                         al
                         12 Manggahan St.                       Roberto Jose                                                   NCR-QCFO-4533-                   National
EEI Corp.                                      Quezon City                      President      635-0606    Construction                          5/20/2010
                         Bagumbayan                             Castillo                                                          0510-077                    Capital Region

Elixir Indl Equipment,                                          Dante S.          V.P.    9200513/926                                                           National
                         1100 North Edsa       Quezon City                                            Manufacturing            NCR-3-0709-381     7/2/2009
Inc.                                                            Hermogenes     Operations    7105                                                             Capital Region
                         Rm. 207 Kimee Bldg.,                                                             Security &
Evergreen Security                                              Edgar                                                          NCR-MFO-74920-              National
                         1000 A. Mabini       Ermita Manila                     Manager       02-521-6003 Investigation                       12/23/2010
Services Corp.                                                  Cabaltera                                                         1210-076               Capital Region
                         Street                                                                           Agency
                         809 Catleya Bldg.
Fabriquem Integrated                                            Eugenio V.                     8138947/    Contractor of                                        National
                         235 Salcedo St.      Makati City                      Admin. Ast.                                     NCR-5-0709-372     7/1/2009
Resources, Inc.                                                 Villegas                       8937654     Telecom.                                           Capital Region
                         Legaspi Village
                                                                Hernelita P.      Vice                                         NCR-PFO-74911-                   National
Fast Break Staff Inc.    121 CP Cruz St.       Mandaluyong                                     7472671     Services/Job                          8/16/2010
                                                                Santos          President                                        081610-117                   Capital Region
                         Blk. 1, Lot 7 San                                                                                      NCR-MUNTA-
                                                              Zosimo G.        Pres. & Gen.    541-2801,                                                        National
Giga Tech Inc.           Manuel St. St.        Parañaque City                                              Construction        45100-0411-066-   4/14/2011
                                                              Mercado              Mgr.        829-8035                                                       Capital Region
                         Martin Village, Sucat                                                                                        R
Goldnet Security
                         189 Mindanao Ave.                      Jesus S.       Pres. & Gen.    4536763/                        NCRQCFO-7493-                    National
Training Center & Allied                       Quezon City                                                 Security Services                     11/22/2011
                         Banay Toro Proj. 8                     Gamboa             Mgr.        4531979                           1111-296                     Capital Region
                                                            Yvonne                                                               NCR-MPFO-
H.A.R.D. Security        2447 Gen. Belarmino                                                                                                                    National
                                             Bangkal Makati Rebecca V.          President      8895006     Security Services    74920-81010-     8/10/2010
Service, Inc.            St.                                                                                                                                  Capital Region
                                                            Benavidez                                                               1048
Irvine Construction                            San Juan, Metro Aguinaldo        Personnel                                      NCR-PFO-4520-                    National
                         437-D A Juan Street                                                   723-4623    Construction                          12/1/2011
Corp.                                          Manila          Santos             Mgr.                                          12-1-11-248                   Capital Region
                                                                                                           Construction &       NCR-MUNTA-
Italian-Thai Dev’t Public Costal Road, Brgy.                    Maria Theresa                                                                                   National
                                               Paranaque City                 HRD Officer      7880764     repair of           45100-0510-036-    5/4/2010
Co. Ltd.                  San Dionisio                          Beato                                                                                         Capital Region
                                                                                                           Infrastracture             R
                         Room 307, 3rd Flr., S
Kengy Manpower and                                              Vincent B.       General                   Janitorial          NCR-MFO-74911-                   National
                         & L Bldg., 1500       Ermita, Mla.                                    404-28-72                                          2/9/2011
General Services                                                Rhom              Mgr.                     Services               0211-009                    Capital Region
                         Roxas Blvd.
                         Unit 411 DHI Bldg. 2
                                                                Honey Hazel                                Trading &             NCR-MPFO-                      National
Klotz Phils. Inc.        Lapu-lapu St.,       Makati City                                      869-3146                                           8/9/2010
                                                                D. Lapid                                   Services            72600-8910-105                 Capital Region
                         Magallanes Village
                         Rm. 803 Bel-Air
La Crescenta             Apartments, 1020                       Michelangelo                               Mnapower            NCR-MFO-74911-                   National
                                             Ermita, Mla.                       Proprietor     526-7986                                           8/9/2011
Manpower Services        Alhambra St., Roxas                    M. Titco                                   Services               0811-071                    Capital Region
Lt Dausons Industries,   3 Bustamante St. G.                                      Vice                     Landscape           NCR-QCFO-7499-              National
                                             Quezon City        Anthony V.                     407-7760                                       10/20/2010
Inc.                     Tuason Ext., Galas                                     President                  Maintenance            1010-169               Capital Region
Marchem Ind’l Sales &   Rm. 124 Columbia       Mandaluyong                      Admin.                  Business/Service NCR-PFO-74999-                      National
                                                             Cristy Santos                   726-7967                                         2/19/2010
Services, Inc.          Tower, Ortigas Ave.    City                             Officer                 s                  021910-020                      Capital Region
Mustang Security                                                                                                                                             National
                        89 Lim-An Street       Pasay City    Alona J. Loreto Head HRD        536-9769   Security Services    74920-12111-     1/21/2011
Agency, Inc.                                                                                                                                               Capital Region
                        K234 JP Rizal Drive,                 Adoracion
                                                                                General                                     NCR-QCFO-4533-                   National
New Culion Builders Co. Brgy. Kaligayahan      Quezon City   Marietta B.                     418-3654   Construction                          11/3/2010
                                                                                 Mngr.                                         1110-182                    Capital Region
                        Novaliches                           Iting
New Mabuhay Int’l Scy                                        Gilbert C.       Pres. & Gen.                                                                   National
                      2226 Tolentino St.       Pasay City                                    843-1752   Security Services 74920-120710-       12/7/2010
Agency                                                       Manela               Mgr.                                                                     Capital Region
                        Unit 403 Alexander
Olive Maintenance       House, 132                           Philip N.         Operation                Janitorial                                           National
                                              Makati City                                    817-5832                        72600-61010-     6/10/2010
Services, Inc.          Amorsolo St.,                        Oliveros          Manager                  Services                                           Capital Region
                        Legaspi Village
                        4/F Philamlife Bldg.,                                                                                NCR-MPFO-
                                                                                 Vice                   Structured                                           National
One Opsis, Inc.         126 Leviste St.,      Makati City    Alfrey Sanidad                  896-6298                       72600-61710-      6/17/2010
                                                                               President                Cabling System                                     Capital Region
                        Salcedo Village                                                                                          073
Philcare Manpower       6111 Albert St.                      Lolita P.          General                 Janitorial                                           National
                                               Makati City                                   890-3537                       72600-123010-     12/30/2010
Services                Poblacion                            Montanes            Mngr.                  Services                                           Capital Region

                        Unit 330 South Star
                        Plaza Bldg. South                                                                                     NCR-MPFO-
Probe Clean & Gen.                                           Berlinda B.        Gen.                    Janitorial                                           National
                        Superhighway         Makati City                                     867-1139                       72600-08-07-09-   8/12/2009
Services                                                     Bernardo          Manager                  Services                                           Capital Region
                        corner Gen. Estrella                                                                                     0006
                        St., Bangkal

Professional            31st St. Bonifacio
                                                              Jerome V.                                                      NCR-MUNTA-                      National
Maintenance Group,      Service Center        Taguig, M. Mla.                  President     856-3553   Gen. Services                         1/28/2011
                                                              Javier                                                        72600-0111-007                 Capital Region
Inc.                    Bonifacio Global City

Rational Merchandising                         Mandaluyong   Angelito B.      Administrati                                  NCR-PFO-93099-                   National
                       607 Boni Ave.,                                                        532-2081   Promo Services                        11/9/2010
Concepts Inc.                                  City          Pruna              ve Mgr.                                       110810-166                   Capital Region

                        Unit 203 Our Lady of
                        Fatima Bldg., 1849                   Lourdes T.                                                                                      National
RCIB, Inc.                                   Makati City                       President                Service Provider 72600-1-27-2010- 1/27/2010
                        Pililia corner                       Fabie                                                                                         Capital Region
                        Asuncion Sts.
Readycon Trading &                                                                                      Manufacturer of
                        407 A. Rodriguez                     Jesus F.         Pres. & Gen.                                  NCR-PFO-4520-                    National
Construction                                   Pasig City                                    6462186    Asphalt and                           11/10/2010
                        Ave., Manggahan                      Ignacio              Mgr.                                       111010-169                    Capital Region
Corporation                                                                                             Conrete Mix
                         Aces Code Del
                                                                  Rafael S.                     0927-     Steel Erection & NCR-CPO-45100-                    National
RFG Steel Fabricator     Mundo St., Brgy.       Valenzuela City                    Owner                                                       8/13/2009
                                                                  Fuenzalida                   5348108    Fabrication         0809-002                     Capital Region
                         Rm. 309 Armons.
Royal Building
                         Bldg., 142 Kamias                        Mateo C.         Gen.                   Janitorial                                         National
Maintenance and                                 Quezon City                                    922-8273                       NCR-9-0609-357   6/26/2009
                         Rd., corner Anonas                       Andeza          Manager                 Services                                         Capital Region
RTS Staff Center         21 Ford St. Veraville                    Reynaldo Y.                             Manpower                                          National
                                               Las Piñas City                     President    802-2044                       02990-12-09-058- 12/10/2009
Corporation              3A, Talon V                              Santos                                  Services                                        Capital Region
Servire Contact Center   No. 3 Grassland St.                                                              Service             NCR-PFO-51170-                 National
                                                Pasig City        Ruth Soriano   Supervisor    637-2920                                        4/18/2011
Inc.                     Brgy. Dela Paz                                                                   Contractor            041811-098                 Capital Region

Skynet Security &        180 Congressional                        Estrella Uy     General      9274944/                       NCR-QCFO-7492-              National
                                                Quezon City                                               Security Services                  10/20/2011
Investigation Agency     Ave.                                     Gamboa          Manager      4541837                           1011-270               Capital Region
Solid Guard Services,
                         620 Remedios St.                         Hermino A.        Vice                                      NCR-MFO-74920-                 National
Inc. (Formerly Solgus                           Malate, Manila                                 521-9655   Security Services                  8/11/2011
                         cor. Ma. Orosa Sts                       Aronce          President                                      0811-072                  Capital Region
                         70 Sct. Madrinan,
South Bend Security &                                             Ma. Darina                                                  NCR-QCFO-7492-                 National
                         South Triangle,        Quezon City                      Supervisor    414-0245   Security Agency                      8/31/2010
Investigation Services                                            Cabreros                                                       0810-134                  Capital Region
Superguard Security      Manufacturers                                             Gen.                                       NCR-MFO-74920-                 National
                                                Sta. Cruz Manila Jaime Clamar                  733-8236   Security Services                     8/6/2010
Corp.                    Building Plaza                                           Manager                                       0810-3-035                 Capital Region
                         7476 Bagtikan St.,                       Renato D.                                                                                  National
Teleplan Phils., Inc.                           Makati City                       President    454-6333   Telecom Services     72600-81211-    8/12/2011
                         San Antonio                              Aclan                                                                                    Capital Region
                         Rm. 802 8th/F
                         Greenbelt Mansion
                                                                  Dominador                    8401670/   Elect'l/Mechanic      NCR-72600-                   National
Toenec Philippines, Inc. Condominium 106        Makati City                      Administrat                                                   2/12/2010
                                                                  Lucero                       8401671    al Contractor         21210-016                  Capital Region
                         Perea St., Legaspi                                         or

Trans world Brokerage Room 226 Regina                             Emerlinda D.     Freight                                    NCR-MFO-63910-                 National
                                                Escolta, Manila                                241-5696   Import/Export                      12/3/2010
Cop.                  Bldg.                                       Espinosa       Forwarding                                      1210-066                  Capital Region
                      Room 360 Padilla
Triple E Manpower and                                       Rodolfo DC                         2472640/                       NCR-MFO-74911-              National
                      Bldg. Delos Reyes St., Binondo Manila                       President               Janitorial                         10/30/2010
Gen. Services                                               Enriquez                           2459863                           0910-049               Capital Region
                      Juan Luna

Ventureslink             3/F Astron Bldg., E.                                                                                 NCR-PFO-7421-                  National
                                                Pasig City        Emily Ramirez Finance and    571-4251   Busines/Services                      9/7/2009
International Inc.       Rodriguez Jr. Ave.                                                                                    090709-015                  Capital Region
                       AAI Freight
AAI Businesspro. Inc.                                                                                                          NCR-MUNTA-
                       Management Bldg.,                    Ernesto P.                                    Warehouse                                            National
(formerly AAI Maritime                       Paranaque City                       President   822-5241                        60139-0811-130-    8/1/2011
                       Kaingin Rd.,                         Lucido, Jr.                                   Management                                         Capital Region
Cargo, Inc.)                                                                                                                         R
                       Multinational Village
                         Acabar Corp. Ctr.,
                         JMBC Bldg.,                             Geraldine                                                      NCR-MPFO-
                                                                                                          Marketing                                            National
Acabar Mktg. Int’l. Inc. Rockfeller cor.        Makati City      Cedilla/Jonath HR Manager    844-9873                         72600-61011-     6/10/2011
                                                                                                          Services                                           Capital Region
                         Zansibar Sts., Brgy.                    an Concepcion                                                     061
                         San Isidro
Advantage Sales &        537 Policarpio St.,    Mandaluyong      Estrelita D.      Admin.                 Manpower            NCR-PFO-7499-                    National
                                                                                               5343882                                          2/28/2011
Promotions, Inc.         Brgy. New Zaniga       City             Arellano          Officer                services             022811-037                    Capital Region
                        Multinational                                                                                           NCR-NCR-
Allegrian Multi-Purpose                                          Virgilda dela                            Manufacturing                                        National
                        Ave.,Bo. Ibayo,         Parañaque City                    Chairman    822-3601                        MUNTA-74960-       6/3/2010
Coop.                                                            Cruz                                     of bag                                             Capital Region
                        Kaingin, Sto. Niño                                                                                     0610-049-R
                        4/F Rufino Plaza,
Almer Manpower                                                   Odette V.        General     8915572 to Service                NCR-MPFO-                      National
                        Ayala Avenue cor.       Makati City                                                                                      6/7/2011
Corporation                                                      Villanueva       Manager         73     Contractor           72600-6711-051                 Capital Region
                        Rufino Street
                         2106-A East Tower,
                                                                                   Admin.     6346579 /                       NCR-PFO-4520-                    National
Asset Builders Corp.     PSEC, Exchange       Pasig City         Liza A. Bolima                           Construction                           3/5/2010
                                                                                   Officer     6346601                         030510-026                    Capital Region
                         Road, Ortigas Center

                         495 MCR Bldg., Boni Mandaluyong         Griselda         Admin.      5346383 /                       NCR-PFO-9309-                    National
Boilermaker, Inc.                                                                                         maintenance of                        4/12/2011
                         Avenue              City                Sumibcay         Manager      5346149                         041211-085                    Capital Region
                                                                                                          power plants
                        U2 PH2 Busuanga
Catering Professionals,                                       Julius              General                                      NCR-MUNTA-                      National
                        St., Tierra Nueva,    Muntinlupa City                                 216-5153    Catering Services                      8/5/2011
Inc.                                                          Remundo             Manager                                     5529-0811-136                  Capital Region
                        3rd/F Tan Bldg., # 01                                                             Janitorial &
Cititrust Manpower                                                                                                            NCR-CFO-7511-                    National
                        Jasmin St., Sitio     Caloocan City Nieves Tan            Treasurer   935-4454    Messengerial                          10/22/2009
Services, Inc.                                                                                                                  10-09-016                    Capital Region
                        Gitna Kaybiga                                                                     Services
CMP Federal Security     No. 1009 Aurora                         Loinel V.        Security    4358015 to                                                       National
                                                Quezon City                                              Security Services NCR-9-0609-333       6/10/2009
Agency, Inc.             Blvd., Proj. 3                          Maribojoc        Director        18                                                         Capital Region
                         Rm. 401 Park Ave.,                                                   8312223/                          NCR-MPFO-
D. G. Chico Trading &                                                                                                                                          National
                         Mansion, Park          Pasay City       Emma Luarca      Secretary   8345802/    Construction        45100-08-18-09-   8/18/2009
Construction Corp.                                                                                                                                           Capital Region
                         Avenue                                                               8345803                             00010
                         Mezzanine Flr.,
Eaglewatch Security      Prosperity West                                          Operation                                   NCR-QCFO-7492-                   National
                                                Quezon City      Jomar Viola                  373-5881    Security Services                     3/21/2011
Services                 Center, 92 - A West                                      Manager                                        0311-040                    Capital Region
                         3rd Floor AB                                                       6834804;
                                                                Cesar E.        General                 Trading and                                        National
EDSAR Corporation        Sandoval Bldg., Shaw Pasig City                                    6384806;                      NCR-8-0609-312     6/2/2009
                                                                Abillar, Jr.    Manager                 Services                                         Capital Region
                         Blvd. cor. Oranbo St.                                              6336298

                         M11-12 Prince                                                                                      NCR-MPFO-
Encarline Driver & Car                                          Elizabeth                                                                                  National
                         Tower 14 Tordesillas Makati City                       President   892-1425    Driver Services    72600-41910-     4/19/2010
Services                                                        Paulino                                                                                  Capital Region
                         St., Salcedo Bel-Air                                                                                  048

Everest Security &       15/F GE Antonio                       Federico M.      Operation                                                                  National
                                                Ermita, Manila                               5249626    Security Services NCR-9-0609-361    6/30/2009
Investigation Agency     Bldg. T. M. Kalaw St.,                Patoc, Jr         Officer                                                                 Capital Region
                        Multinational                                                                                      NCR-MUNTA-
Exim Multi-Purpose                                           Ellen                          822-3601                                                       National
                        Ave.,Bo. Ibayo,       Paranaque City                Chairman                    Manufacturing     74960-0610-051-    6/3/2010
Coop.                                                        Caponpon                        loc.134                                                     Capital Region
                        Kaingin, Sto. Nino                                                                                       R
                        Multinational                                                                                      NCR-MUNTA-
Finishers Multi-Purpose                                      Blesilda                         822-      Manufacturing                                      National
                        Ave.,Bo. Ibayo,       Parañaque City                Chairman                                      74960-0610-050-    6/3/2010
Coop.                                                        Fortuno                        3601/117    of Bag                                           Capital Region
                        Kaingin, Sto. Nino                                                                                       R
                        # 561 Col. Boni
Fort Knox Security &                                         Mr. Rene T.    Pres./Gen.                                    NCRQCFO-7492-                    National
                        Serrano Ave., Project Quezon City                                   425-12-09   Security Agency                     7/22/2011
Service Corporation                                          Ricardo           Mgr                                          0711-191                     Capital Region
GBF Security &
                                              Sampaloc,                                                                                                    National
Investigation Agency,   699 Felina St.                       Gerardo Flores President       743-6534    Security Services NCR-9-0609-347    6/19/2009
                                              Manila                                                                                                     Capital Region
                         4F Trafalgar Plaza,
IRM Aviation Security,                                          Michael B. De                           Aviation Security NCR-MUNTA-                       National
                         105 H.V. Sela Costa   Makati City                      President    8118149                                        8/18/2009
Inc.                                                            Vera                                    Services          74920-0809-013                 Capital Region
                         St., Salcedo Vill.

Ironcon Builders & Dev.                        Intramuros,                                  5277616 to                    NCR-MFO-45100-                   National
                        471 Gen. Luna St.                       Jaime U. Lim    President              Construction                      9/26/2011
Corp.                                          Manila                                           20                           0911-095                    Capital Region

                         Unit A202 State                                                                                    NCR-MPFO-
                                                                Merlinda P.     Admin.                  Construction &                                 National
Joratech Corporation     Condominium, 452      Makati City                                   8963871                      72600-11-16-09- 11/11/2009
                                                                Agno            Manager                 Trading                                      Capital Region
                         EDSA, Guadalupe                                                                                       0050

                         82 F. Manalo St.,                      Herminio S.     General     7272442 /                     NCRQCFO-7492-                    National
Kris Security Systems                          Quezon City                                              Security Agency                     2/26/2010
                         Cubao                                  Savellano       Manager      7232441                        0210-018                     Capital Region
                                                                                                        Security &
                                               Mandaluyong      Emmanuel V.                                               NCR-PFO-7492-                    National
Majesty Guards, Inc.     216 Apo Street                                         Gen. Mgr.    5324987    Investigation                       10/13/2011
                                               City             Alano                                                      101311-224                    Capital Region
                         Unit H La Azalea                                                               Security &         NCR-MUNTA-
Man Great Security                                              Ruperto          Gen.                                                                  National
                         Bldg. # 8262 Dr. A.   Paranaque City                               826-0410    Investigation     74920-1010-112- 10/18/2010
Agency Corp.                                                    Rodillas        Manager                                                              Capital Region
                         Santos Avenue                                                                  Services                 R
Manila Shooters
                                                                  Eliseo G.         General                                         NCR-MFO-74920-                  National
Protective & Training    1153 Alhambra St.       Ermita, Manila                                    5369936      Security Services                  9/14/2009
                                                                  Goyon             Manager                                            0909-007                   Capital Region
                         Rm. 101-B Realty
Professional Asset                               Mandaluyong      Roberto                                       Real Estate         NCR-PFO-7499-                   National
                         Investment Bldg.,                                         VP Admin.      705-1434                                            3/3/2011
Valuers, Inc.                                    City             Ramos                                         Appraisal            030311-043                   Capital Region
                         195 EDSA
                         3rd Flr. CFS-3 Bldg.,
RVV Security Services,                           North Harbor,    Rizalito S.      Senior Vice 2454102 loc                   NCR-MFO-74920-                         National
                         South Access Road,                                                                Security Services                8/28/2009
Inc.                                             Manila           Venturina         President 8085/ 2320                        0809-004                          Capital Region
                         MICT Complex
                         Multinational                                                                                               NCR-MUNTA-
S2 Allegro Multi-                                                 Marites                        822-3601 loc.                                                      National
                         Ave.,Bo. Ibayo,         Parañaque City                    Chairman                    Manufacturing        74960-0610-052-   6/3/2010
Purpose Coop.                                                     Balando                            135                                                          Capital Region
                         Kaingin, Sto. Niño,                                                                                               R
SJO Pest Control         CX 7 JL Bldg., Naga                                       Operation                    Pest Control         NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                                                 Las Piñas City   Bevelyn Baclao                   8727935                                            4/18/2011
Services                 Road, Pulang Lupa                                         Manager                      Services            03330-0411-068                Capital Region
Stanch Security &
                         #3 Chico st., Mutual                                Pres. & Gen.                                                                           National
Investigation Agency,                         Muntinlupa City Nicolas Cortez                      895-20-09     Security Services NCR-9-0609-352      6/23/2009
                         Homes, Pututan                                          Mgr.                                                                             Capital Region
                                                                                    Admin. &
Vista Manpower                                                    Jason B.                                      Manpower                                            National
                         2643-L Taft Avenue      Pasay City                          Finance     8329156 / 57                       NCR-8-0609-330    6/9/2009
Corporation                                                       Pascual                                       Service                                           Capital Region
Breakthru Systems &      # 50 Sanciangco St.,                     Constantino                                   Janitorial &                                        National
                                              Malabon City                          Manager        2853179                          NCR-8-0609-307    6/1/2009
Services                 Tonsuya                                  Pomarejo                                      Landscaping                                       Capital Region
                        5617 Don Pedro cor.
Bulldog Security Agency                                                            Exec. Vice                   Security service      NCR-MPFO-                     National
                        Osias Sts., Brgy.        Makati City      Cesar Afable                    897-4385                                            4/5/2010
Inc.                                                                                 Pres.                      provider            74920-4510-043                Capital Region
                        Unit 1111 Cityland                                                                                            NCR-MPFO-
First Asia Corporate                                              Angelito           Gen.                       Credit                                              National
                        10, Tower I, HV dela     Makati City                                      892-2959                           72600-61810-     6/18/2010
Business Center                                                   Espanol           Manager                     Investigator                                      Capital Region
                        Costa                                                                                                            080
                        Unit 6 2nd Flr.,
Megaforce Security & Corporate House                              Raul U.          Exec. VP &                                                                       National
                                                 Quezon City                                      7214074       Security Services NCR-9-0709-424      7/28/2009
Allied Services, Inc.   Bldg. 239 Boni                            Manalo            Gen. Mgr                                                                      Capital Region
                                                                                                  local 111
                        Serrano Road
                        088-14 Eusebio
Mobile Protective &                                               Benjamin C.      President &    6334722 /                                                         National
                        Compound, Oranbo         Pasig City                                                     Security Services NCR-9-0709-420      7/23/2009
Detective Agency, Inc.                                            Aguilar           Gen. Mgr.      6329893                                                        Capital Region
                         Rm. 205 LM Bldg.,
Smile Security Services,                                                                          4153041 /                         NCR-QCFO-7492-                  National
                         111 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City           Ruth Floresca    Accountant                   Security Services                     10/5/2009
Inc.                                                                                               4153106                             1009-036                   Capital Region
                         Sto. Domingo
                      LG Tower 1, Globe
Solidbase Manpower    Telecom Plaza,            Mandaluyong       Carlos P.        Gen.                                     NCR-PFO-74911-                 National
                                                                                              719-3493   Breeder/Meat                        7/7/2010
Services, Inc.        Pioneer Highlands         City              Callanga        Manager                                    070710-096®                 Capital Region
                      # 16 Rosal St.,
                                                                  Violeta          Admin.                                   NCR-CFO-50500-                 National
ABC Commodities Corp. Bahayang Pag-asa,         Valenzuela City                               292-1196   Trading                             4/29/2010
                                                                  Abayan            Head                                       0410-015                  Capital Region
                      St. Joseph cor. St.                                                                Mechanical
BJ Technical Group                                                                Pres./Gen. 5458289/816                                                   National
                      Andrew St., Pulang        Las Pinas City    Jay Babaran                            Contractor and     NCR-8-0709-409   7/21/2009
Ventures, Inc.                                                                       Mgr.       2197                                                     Capital Region
                      Lupa                                                                               Fabricator
E. T. Quiambao           #1 Walnut Road, SSS                      Edelino          Gen.                  Engineering        NCR-PFO-7421-                  National
                                             Marikina City                                    548-6214                                       8/4/2010
Engineering Services     Village, Concepcion                      Quiambao        Manager                Services            080410-109                  Capital Region
                        No. 18 Greenland
King Henry Security and
                        Circle, Pasig                             Yolanda G.       Admin.                                                                  National
Investigation Agency,                           Pasig City                                     6409521   Security Services NCR-9-0709-433    7/31/2009
                        Greenland Village,                        Sierda           Officer                                                               Capital Region
                         2150 Beta Building
M.R. Messengerial &                           Sampaloc,                                                                     NCR-MFO-64122-                 National
                         Espana cor. Josefina                     Alfonso Lim     President    7498839   Messengerial                        9/1/2011
General Services, Inc.                        Manila                                                                           0911-079                  Capital Region

                         41-B Nazareth
                                                                                                         Industrial          NCR-MUNTA-
NDT Phils. Inspection    Street,Multinational                Engr. Jerson                     8226932/                                                   National
                                              Paranaque City                      President              Inspection         91120-1110-122- 11/26/2010
Services Corp.           Village, Barangay                   Cruz                             8226860                                                  Capital Region
                                                                                                         Services                  R

Polo Security &          Km. 16 MacArthur                                                                                   NCR-CFO-74920-                 National
                                           Valenzuela City Maria Reccion          Manager     292-2887   Security Agency                     8/18/2009
Integrated Services      Highway, Malanday                                                                                     0809-006                  Capital Region
Veterano Protection
                         #81 Alfina Building                      Cecilio A.      General                                                                  National
Specialist Security                             Quezon City                                    7220232   Security Agency    NCR-9-0609-346   6/18/2009
                         Lantana St., Cubao                       Caintic, Jr.    Manager                                                                Capital Region
Agency, Inc.
                     19/F PB Com Tower,                                           Human                                       NCR-MPFO-
Manpower Outsourcing                                                                                                                                       National
                     6795 Ayala Ave., cor. Makati City            Ma. Rhea Tinio Resources     8782700   Service Provider    72600-81511-    8/15/2011
Services, Inc.                                                                                                                                           Capital Region
                     V. A. Rufino St.                                            Manager                                         107
                         Unit 10-C 10th Flr.,
Global Staff                                                                                                                 NCR-MPFO-
                         GMA-Lou Del Plaza                                                               Manpower                                          National
Recruitment Search,                             Makati City       Eloisa Facelo   President   896-4108                      76200-1-13-10-   1/13/2010
                         Chino Roces Ave.                                                                Services                                        Capital Region
Inc.                                                                                                                            0076
                         cor. Bagtikan St.
                         207 Turqueise
Olagem Management                                                                 General                Service                                           National
                         Street, Posadas        Muntinlupa City Olivio Sta Cruz               838-0827                      NCR-8-0609-363   6/30/2009
Services                                                                          Manager                Contractor                                      Capital Region
                         Village, Sucat
Brahma Industrial        Residencia Braganza,                     Marleo            VP Eng’g                 Electrical          NCRQCFO-4533-                    National
                                              Quezon City                                         /9120341                                         11/15/2011
Corporation              270 Erwin Garcia                         Morelos           Manager                  Contractor            1111-288                     Capital Region
                         Street, Cubao
                       #16 Philcrest
Veolia Water Solutions                                                                                       Water & Waste        NCR-MUNTA-
                       Compound, Km. 23                                              Gen.                                                                         National
& Technologies                                   Muntinlupa City Alvaro Lon                       809-4010   Water               51223-0511-081-   5/18/2011
                       West Service Road,                                           Manager                                                                     Capital Region
(PHILs.),Inc.                                                                                                Treatment                  R
                       3rd Floor Correal
Ultracore Security and                                                                                                            NCR-MUNTA-
                       Bldg., 14 Lotus St., T.                    Ramer T. de       Executive     8427309/                                                        National
Detective Agency, Ltd.                           Las Pinas City                                              Security Services    74920-0211-      2/21/2011
                       S. Cruz Subd.,                             Guzman             Director     8077031                                                       Capital Region
Corp                                                                                                                                 024*R
                       Almanza II
                       Unit 406 Merchant
                       Condominium, 1386                          Herminio         President &                                   NCRQCFO-4533-                    National
Hercar Builders, Inc.                            Quezon City                                      723-1194   Construction                          7/28/2011
                       E. Rodriguez Ave.,                         Carreon             CEO                                          0711-202                     Capital Region
                       cor. Mabolo Street,
                       New Manila
Enhanced Electronics   2nd Floor AIC Gold                                            Head-
                                                                  Rene                                       Telecommunicati NCR-PFO-6420-                        National
and Communication      Tower, Garnet Road,       Pasig City                        Finance &      706-2089                                         10/13/2011
                                                                  Dominguez                                  on               101311-225                        Capital Region
Services, Inc.         Ortigas Center                                                Admin
                        Unit 4, Penthouse,
Fishers of Men          Aurora (Alabang)                         Teresa De                                   Training and                                     National
                                                 Muntinlupa City                   Chairman       733-1034                       91010-1109-051- 11/27/2009
Manpower Services       Bldg., Alabang-                          Guzman                                      Gen. Services                                  Capital Region
                        Zapote Road
                        Units F & G, CSC
Rising Business         Bldg., 4 Doña                                                                                                                             National
Concepts & Services,    Soledad Avenue,          Paranaque City Irene Jabines      Treasurer      821-3660   Services Provider NCR-8-0609-356      6/23/2009
                                                                                                                                                                Capital Region
Inc.                    Better Living Subd.,
                                                                                                             Manpower and
Honest BF Gen. Services 845 Fullon Street,                                                                                                                        National
                                                 Tondo, Manila    Carlos Napiza        VP         254-3363   Janitorial          NCR-8-0709-380    7/15/2009
Corporation             Dagupan                                                                                                                                 Capital Region
                                                                                                 8387311, 12
                         First Avenue corner                      Leonardo
Assistco Energy and                              Taguig, Metro                      Project          & 14,   Manufacturer &                                       National
                         Antonio Street,                          Palaroan &                                                NCR-8-0709-375          7/1/2009
Industrial Corporation                           Manila                             Manager       8373607 & Contractor                                          Capital Region
                         Bagumbayan                               Librador Lerit
North Asia Central       121 Cardona St.,                                            Gen.                    Manpower                                             National
                                                 Makati City      Belen Legaspi                    897-0927                 72600-102010-          10/20/2010
Manpower Services        Poblacion                                                  Manager                  Services                                           Capital Region
RS & Sons Shipbuilders, Road North 6, North                       Rodrigo M.          Vice                   Ship Repair -       VII-MFO-345112-                  National
                                            Cebu City                                            254-57-21                                         8/17/2010
Inc.                    Reclamation Area                          Seredrica         President                Contractor              0810-041                   Capital Region
Pilot Manpower            Rm. 307 Columbian                      Lilian dela                               Manpower and                                        National
                                               Quezon City                         Owner        4135526                        NCR-8-0609-355   6/23/2009
Resources                 Bldg., 160 West Ave.                   Rosa                                      Janitorial                                        Capital Region

                          0643 Quirino Avenue                Roberto              General                                       NCR-MUNTA-                     National
Roof & Wall Saver, Inc.                       Parañaque City                                    8981993    Painting Services                    11/24/2009
                          San Dionis                         Teodosio             Manager                                      50305-1109-047                Capital Region

Up-Town Industrial                              Mandaluyong                      VP Sales &    6318366 to Retailer,Wholesa      NCR-PFO-50-                    National
                          56-58 Madison St                       Alexander Tan                                                                  1/15/2010
Sales, Inc.                                     City                             Operations        75     ler                   011410-006                   Capital Region

RDMCL Manpower            2/F RL Bldg.,                                                                    Manpower                                            National
                                                Quezon City      Myrna Lanuza     President    935-9936                        NCR-8-0609-342   6/16/2009
Services Corp.            Mindanao Avenue                                                                  Services                                          Capital Region

                          Firenzi Building, No.                                  Chairman of
GC Gentech                                                     Ms. Florencia                   8204718 /   Service              NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                          52 President Ave.,    Parañaque City                   the Board /                                                    8/12/2011
Corporation                                                    Inosa                            8299210    Contrctor           74911-0809-006                Capital Region
                          Teoville 3, BF Homes                                      CEO

                         Unit 810 Peninsula
                         Court Bldg., Paseo                      Helga Rizza                   8172257 /                         NCR-MPFO-                     National
Strategic Networks, Inc.                      Makati City                         HR / Sales               Consultancy                           5/5/2011
                         de Roxas cor. Makati                    Visaya                         7503178                        72600-5511-020                Capital Region
                       Rm 605 Dona
                                                                 Gracia           General                                        NCR-MFO -                     National
Savior Security Agency Amparo Bldg., G.         España, Manila                                 408-8955    Security Services                    2/14/2011
                                                                 Bautista         Manager                                      74920-0211-010                Capital Region
                       Tolentino St.
                       3RD Floor, Pinatubo
Genra Allied Services  Building, 144            Mandaluyong      Alfredo           Mktg.                   manpower            NCR-PFO-7491-                   National
                                                                                               531-6246                                         11/12/2010
(GASI), Inc.           Pinatubo St.,            City             Leybag, Jr.      Director                 services             111210-171                   Capital Region
                       Barangka Ilaya
S. P. Delaroya Job
Contracting &          3/F Leomon Square                         Sarah                                     Service             NCR-QCFO-7499-              National
                                                Quezon City                       President    374-8761                                       10/26/2011
Consultancy Services, Bldg., 1199 EDSA                           Deloraya                                  Contractor             1011-280               Capital Region
                          16 Atherton Street,                    Engr. Enrico       VP         9368167 /   Services            NCR-QCFO-4533-                  National
Ricsons Corporation                             Quezon City                                                                                     9/16/2011
                          North Fairview                         Bulseco         Operation      9303318    Contractor             0911-247                   Capital Region
Ace Promotion &                                 Mandaluyong                         HR-                    Promotional         NCR-PFO-7413-                   National
                      144 Pinatubo St.,                          Raymundo M.                   531-3420                                         12/2/2011
Marketing Corporation                           City                              Manager                  Services             120211-251                   Capital Region
                         16/F Trafalgar Plaza,                                                                                   NCR-MPFO-
Technologies Specialist,                                                                    8136369 to Cable                                                   National
                         105 H.V. Dela Costa Makati City         Edessa Nola     HR Manager                                     72600-31511-    3/15/2011
Inc.                                                                                            77     installations                                         Capital Region
                         St. Salcedo Village                                                                                        230
                          Unit 506 Richville
Alps Maintaineering       Corporate Center,      Ayala Alabang, Leonardo                         8424506/   Plant                                             National
                          1314 Commerce                                            President                                  NCR-9-0709-410   7/21/2009
Services, Inc.                                   Muntinlupa City Dayon                           8421358    Maintenance                                     Capital Region
                          Ave. Ext., Madrigal
                          Bus. Park
                          Ste. 1004 Atlanta
Global SPA Systems                                                                   Exec.                  service           NCR-PFO-7414-                   National
                          Ctr., # 31 Annapolis   San Juan City   Rosallie Capili                 722-9244                                       6/9/2010
Provider Corp.                                                                     Secretary                contractor         060910-087                   Capital Region
                          St. Greenhills
                          160-B Katipunan
N.S.D. Detective &                                               Col. Narciso                                                 NCR-QCFO-1010-              National
                          Avenue, St. Ignatius Quezon City                         President      9118154   Security Agency                  10/27/2010
Security Services, Inc.                                          Daguioag                                                          176                  Capital Region
                          Room 305, 3rd Floor,
Sam and James                                                    Eufemio Musa, Operations                   Contracting       NCR-QCFO-7491-              National
                          Topaz Bldg., 99-101 Quezon City                                         4262895                                    10/19/2009
Enterprises                                                      Jr.            Manager                     Services             1009-043               Capital Region
                          5th Floor                                                                         Opeation,
                          Renaissance Tower,                     Wilfredo          General                  Repair,                                           National
Landbees Corporation                         Pasig City                                           6225384                    NCR-8-0609-323     6/9/2009
                          1000 Meralco                           Yabyabin          Manager                  Maintenance &                                   Capital Region
                          Avenue                                                                            General Services

                          3rd Flr., FCD Bldg.,                                                                                  NCR-MPFO-
Celestial Security &                                             Rosalyn           Operations                                                              National
                          1119-E J. P. Rizal St., Makati City                                    896 1448   Security Agency   74920-11-20-09- 11/20/2009
Surveilance, Inc.                                                Aguinaldo          Manager                                                              Capital Region
                          Guadalupe Viejo                                                                                          0058

                          3936 Int. E. Sociego   Sta. Mesa,      Alex Janssen L.   General                  Manpower          NCR-MFO-74911-                  National
JLC Manpower Services                                                                             7147002                                    3/14/2011
                          Street                 Manila          Co.               Manager                  Service              0311-018                   Capital Region
                          3rd Floor Ablaza
Añonuev Credit and        Bldg., 117 E.                          May                Gen.                    Collection        NCR-QCFO-6819-                  National
                                                 Quezon City                                      7435819                                       6/7/2010
Collection Services, Inc. Rodriguez Sr.,                         Anonuevo          Manager                  Agency               0610-090                   Capital Region
                          7 Saint Martin                                                          6328278/
Jollye Allied Sports                             Oranbo, Pasig                                              Management        NCR-PFO-7496-                   National
                          Street, Cityland                       Jose Aldanese     President    16225386/16                                    11/25/2009
Services (JASI), Inc.                            City                                                       Services           112509-051                   Capital Region
                          Townhouse                                                                225898
                          Penthouse, Quadstar
Computer                                      San Juan, Metro Maria Carmela            7271619/21/ Software                   NCR-PFO-7414-                   National
                          Bldg.,#80 Ortigas                                 HR Manager                                                         9/27/2010
Professionals, Inc.                           Manila          Papa                         46      Consultancy                 092710-141                   Capital Region
                          Avenue, Greenhills

Specialized Products & 48-50 Lion's Road,        Mandaluyong     Melchor                        5341730/534 Trading and                                       National
                                                                                   President                                  NCR-8-0609-360   6/30/2009
Services, Inc.         Ylaya Barranca            City            Padrigo                           1770     Construction                                    Capital Region
                          108 Sata Corp. Bldg.,
Vision Credit &                                                                                             Collection                                        National
                          2217 Taft Avenue,     Pasay City       Emilia Jaring     Manager       831-1278                     NCR-8-0609-359   6/29/2009
Collection Services, Inc.                                                                                   Services                                        Capital Region
                           6th Floor The Pearl
                                                                                    HRMD                       Electrical &          NCR-MPFO-
Sumisetsu Philippines,     Bank Center, 146                                                                                                                        National
                                                  Makati City     Socorro Ong      Division        8175571     Mechanical          45100-09-24-09-   8/24/2009
Inc.                       Valero St., Salcedo                                                                                                                   Capital Region
                                                                                   Manager                     Contractor               0028
                           PNCC Complex, EDSA Mandaluyong         Antonio                        6382858/638                                                       National
Technologies and                                                                   President                 Trading               NCR-8-0609-341    6/16/2009
                           corner Reliance St. City               Mesina                            2956                                                         Capital Region
Marketing Corp.
                           CLF Bldg. 1167 Chino                   Gerardo          Account       8995235/897 Manpower                                              National
Karpet Kleen, Inc.                              Makati City                                                                        72600-1-04-10-    1/4/2010
                           Roces Ave.,                            Leonin           Manager          2576     Services                                            Capital Region
Telexpress,                1007 Teresa St.,                       Arsenio          Operation                                                                       National
                                                  Makati City                                     897-9716     Courier Services     72600-11910-     11/9/2010
Incorporated               Brgy. Valenzuela                       Roman, Jr.       Manager                                                                       Capital Region
                           6-A San Rafael                         Ma. Theresa
1 Mail in the City Plus,                                                          Administrati                                     NCR-PFO-7499-                   National
                           Street, Barangay       Pasig City      Gladys C.                       746-1673     Courier Services                      6/13/2011
Inc.                                                                                ve Head                                         061311-143                   Capital Region
                           Kapitolyo                              Friend
Helpwide Employment No. 28 L.                                                                                  Recruitment         NCR-CFO-74911-                  National
                                                  Caloocan City   Marilou B. Sy      CEO          361-2909                                           6/29/2010
Specialist Corp.    Bustamante Street                                                                          Agency                 0610-025                   Capital Region

                           5/F Builders Center                                                                                       NCR-MPFO-
Tejo Manpower                                                                      General                     Manpower                                         National
                           Bldg. 170 Salcedo      Makati City     Joy Montes                       7516739                         76200-12-16-09- 12/16/2009
Services Co. Ltd.                                                                  Manager                     Services                                       Capital Region
                           St., Legaspi Village                                                                                         0069
                           No. 8130 Diovic
Nonagon Security                                  Sucat,         Anthony        President/C 7580279/895                                                            National
                           Bldg., Brgy. San                                                             Security Services NCR-9-0709-401             7/16/2009
Services, Inc.                                    Paranaque City Cristobal Ph.D     EO         3906                                                              Capital Region
                           231 Dr. Sixto
Arlo Aluminum                                                     Galo Leonardo    Executive                   Aluminum and NCR-PFO-45490-                         National
                           Antonio Avenue,        Pasig City                                     641-2573-74                                         11/9/2009
Company, Inc.                                                     Lim, Jr.            VP                       Glass Fabrication 110909-042                      Capital Region
                           Unit 404 Vicente
                                                                                                               Service             NCR-72600-10-                   National
Staff Alliance, Inc.       Madrigal Bldg., 6793 Makati City       Edgar Halog      President      514-6914                                           10/6/2009
                                                                                                               Contractor           06-09-0034                   Capital Region
                           Ayala Avenue
Accurate Security &
                           No. 56 Stanford                        Jesusa N.                                                        NCR-QCFO-7492-                  National
Investigation Agency,                             Quezon City                      Treasurer      913-1903     Security Services                     3/31/2011
                           Street. Cubao                          Wasan                                                               0311-083                   Capital Region
Horizon Business           # 05 E, Mejia St.,                     Jesus Dela                                   Business            NCR-PFO-7412-                   National
                                                  Pasig City                       President      470-6950                                           6/27/2011
Outsourcing Int'l., Inc.   Bagong Ilog                            Cruz                                         Outsourcing          062711-156                   Capital Region
                         3/F Century Tower
                         Building, 100
LBPSC Security                                                 Atty. Epifanio                                                                              National
                         Tordesillas cor. H.V. Makati City                       President     856-1570   Security Agency   NCR-9-0609-311   6/2/2009
Corporation                                                    Maranion                                                                                  Capital Region
                         dela Costa Streets,
                         Salcedo Village

                         FCFI Building, No. 12
Front Cargo                                                                                               forwarding and NCRQCFO-6099-                     National
                         Data Street, Brgy.    Quezon City     Amelia Simbul Comptroller       732-2154                                      9/13/2010
Forwarders, Inc.                                                                                          door-to-door      0910-146                     Capital Region
                         Don Manuel
                                                                                                          delivery services

                         Suite 205 LRI
International Refinery                                                                                                        NCR-MPFO-
                         Business Plaza, 210                   Mr. Shukor        General      8902505/895 Service                                        National
Services Philippines,                           Makati City                                                                 74211-12-28-09- 12/28/2009
                         N. Garcia Street, Bel-                Yatim             Manager         4540     Contractor                                   Capital Region
Inc.                                                                                                                             0070
                         Air Village
Sharp Karilagan      Rm. 402 FEMII                                                                       Manpower
                                               Intramuros,     Nestor            General                                    NCR-MFO-91120-                 National
Management Services, Annex Bldg., A.                                                                     Agency - Promo                    12/2/2009
                                               Manila          Guillermo         Manager                                       1209-023                  Capital Region
Inc.                 Soriano Jr. Avenue                                                                  Merchandisers
                         3rd Floor, Asian Star                                                           Procurement,
Flu0r Daniel, Inc.       Bldg., ASEAN Drive, Alabang,                                                                        NCR-MUNTA-                  National
                                                             Medy Camba         Controller     8504451 Construction &                       10/30/2009
Philippines              Filinvest Corporate Muntinlupa City                                             Project            74110-10-09-037            Capital Region
                         City                                                                            Management
Alpa Plumbing Works,     #157 Congressional                                      Finance      4567703 to Contractor of      NCR-QCFO-4533-                 National
                                               Quezon City     Lucita Peralta                            Sanitary, Fire                      3/28/2011
Inc.                     Avenue, Project 8                                       Manager          05                           0311-061                  Capital Region
                                                                                                         Protection and
                                                                                                         Sewer Line
                                                                                                         Supply of Civil
                         Unit 7P Cyberone                                                                Works Design,
Power Circle                                   Libis, Quezon   Atty. Anna    Corporate                                                                     National
                         Condominium,                                                          687-6313 Electrical          NCR-8-0609-349   6/19/2009
International, Inc.                            City            Maria V Tomas Secretary                                                                   Capital Region
                         Eastwood City                                                                   Distribution
                                                                                                         Systems Design
                         Rm. 201 Jemco Bldg.,
Hexagon Tower                                                  Petronio           Safety                 Design/Mfg./dist   NCR-PFO-2812-                  National
                         C. Raymundo          Pasig City                                       640-9754                                      6/16/2010
Philippines, Inc.                                              Dalagan, Jr.     Practioner               ribution/constru    061610-090                  Capital Region
Elite Force Security     426 A. Mabini Street,                 Magdalena          Gen.                                                                     National
                                               Caloocan City                                    2855348   Security Agency   NCR-9-0609-331   6/10/2009
Agency                   Poblacion                             Serrano           Manager                                                                 Capital Region
IGWT Culinaria Human                                                            President &
                                                                                                          training &                                       National
Resources and Training, 2661 Taft Avenue       Malate, Manila Lydia Ramos         General       5246196                  NCR-8-0709-396      7/10/2009
                                                                                                          Human sourcing                                 Capital Region
Inc.                                                                             Manager
                         Unit 2101 Cityland
Cornell Realty
                         Herrera Tower cor.                    Melchor             General                      Manpower            NCR-PFO-74992-                  National
Management                                     Makati City                                       7532664 - 65                                         9/28/2009
                         Valero & Herrera                      Ballesteros, Jr.    Manager                      Services              092809-025                  Capital Region
                         Sts., Salcedo Village
                                                               Isagani de            VP for    7413743/740
Will Decena and          949 Antonio Maceda Sampaloc,                                                                                                               National
                                                               Guzman             Administrati 8636/740602 Construction             NCR-8-0709-373    7/1/2009
Associates, Inc.         Street             Manila                                                                                                                Capital Region
                                                               Alcantara              ons           3
                         Rm. 509 Medalla                                          President/G
Forte Trabajo                                 Cubao, Quezon    Corazon                                     Manpower                                                 National
                         Bldg., EDSA cor.                                            eneral      4219528                            NCR-8-0609-328    6/9/2009
Korporasyon                                   City             Gonzaga                                     Services                                               Capital Region
                         McArthur Avenue                                           Manager
                         142 Kamias Road
Mica Security Agency,    corner Anonas                         Wilson                                                               NCRQCFO-7492-                   National
                                              Quezon City                         Admin. Staff    925-2577      Security Services                     3/24/2010
Inc.                     Street, East Kamias,                  Lumagbas                                                               0310-042                    Capital Region
                         Proj. 2
1957 Security &
                         Rm. 502 A & T Bldg.,                                                                                       NCR-MFO-74920-                  National
Investigation Agency                          Manila           Jaylord Asayo       President      232-1373      Security Services                  6/29/2010
                         244 Escolta Street                                                                                            0610-023                   Capital Region
Metalite Builders
                         152 M. Sioson St.,                    Engr. Manolito      General       4475249/262 General                                                National
Development Company,                            Malabon City                                                                        NCR-5-0709-392    7/7/2009
                         Dampalit-Muzon                        Mesina              Manager          4284     Contractor                                           Capital Region
                          U-Bix Compound,
                                                Sucat,          Roderick                                        Management           NCR-MUNTA-                     National
Facilities Managers, Inc. Km. 21 East Service                                     HR Assistant     8501645                                            8/12/2009
                                                Muntinlupa City Villaruz                                        Services            74960-0809-004                Capital Region
                          607 Shaw Blvd.,                                           VO &
Welltech Service                                Mandaluyong    Fernando                          7224819/722 Calibration                                            National
                          Wack-Wack,                                               General                                          NCR-8-0709-382    7/2/2009
Corporation                                     City           Tongol, Jr.                          4759     Services                                             Capital Region
                          Greenhills East                                          Manager
                         Rm. 4-G N & M                                        Operations
Power Edge Staffing                                                                                                                   NCR-MPFO-
                         Bldg., 1184 Chino                                    Manager/C                         Manpower                                            National
and General Services,                           Makati City    Arlene Balidoy                      8996167                          72600-2-5-2010-   2/5/2010
                         Roces Avenue, San                                    orp.Treasur                       Services                                          Capital Region
Inc.                                                                                                                                     007
                         Antonio Village                                           er
                         8864 Sampaloc                                                                                                NCR-MPFO-
Plumas Transport                                               Chito V.                                                                                             National
                         Avenue, San Antonio Makati City                           President      897-5611      Rent A Car           72600-82411-     8/24/2011
Corporation                                                    Manimbo                                                                                            Capital Region
                         Village                                                                                                         112
                         503 Alpap II Bldg.,                                                                 tronic
Shiloh International     Trade St., Madrigal                                                     7722360/772 Engineering,     NCR-MUNTA-                  National
                                              Muntinlupa City Yeon Woo Lee         President                                                 10/21/2009
Corp.                    Business Park, Ayala                                                       4392     Technical and   45330-10-09-036            Capital Region
                         Alabang                                                                             Manpower
                       Unit 11 Parian
Commodore Security & Commercial Center, Diliman, quezon Silverio S.                                                                                            National
                                                                                    President   9319888     Security Service    NCR-9-0509-278   5/21/2009
Detective Agency, Inc. Commonwealth     City            Pega, Jr.                                                                                            Capital Region
                                                                                   President &
Obnial Industrial         135 R. Fernandez       San Juan, Metro                               7252824/723 Electrical                                          National
                                                                 Felipe Obnial       General                                    NCR-4-0709-400   7/15/2009
Corporation               Street, Batis          Manila                                           4769     Contractor                                        Capital Region
                          4/F Ablaza Bldg., 117
Mega Integrated                                                   Bernadette        Admin.                  Manpower                                           National
                          E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. Quezon City                                     711-19051                       NCR-8-0609-348   6/19/2009
Services Corp. Phils.                                             Soriano           Manager                 Services                                         Capital Region
                          Tatalon D4
                          Blk 2 Lot 2,
                          Everlasting Street, T.                                                            Hardware and                                       National
Rakl Enterprises                                 Las Piñas City   Arnold Asetre     Manager     8078240                      NCR-8-0609-303      6/1/2009
                          S. Cruz Subdivision,                                                              General Services                                 Capital Region
                          Almanza II

Metchem Industrial,       Metchem Bldg.,                          Gilda V.                                                                                     National
                                               Paco, Manila                        Accountant   5253001     Trading             NCR-8-0709-432   7/31/2009
Inc.                      1120 Apacible Street                    Flormata                                                                                   Capital Region

                          Units 1107-1108 G/F
Symex Security                                 San Juan, Metro                                                                  NCR-PFO-74920-                 National
                          V. V. Soliven Bldg.,                 Rafael Arcera        President   7218610     Security Agency                      9/27/2010
Services, Inc.                                 Manila                                                                             092910-145                 Capital Region
                          EDSA, Greenhills
The 1st Eagle Guard       117 Balagtas Villas,                    Col. Domingo      General                                                                    National
                                                 Pasay City                                     5223520     Security Services    74920-21011-    2/10/2011
Security Services, Inc.   Balagtas Street                         Rodenas (Ret.)    Manager                                                                  Capital Region
Dynamics Personnel
                          Rm. 416 Burke Bldg., Binondo,           Jennifer                                  Sales Services      NCR-MFO-91120-                 National
Assistance                                                                          Manager     518-0403                                       6/25/2010
                          Escolta Sreet        Manila             Hernando                                  Maintenance            0610-021                  Capital Region
                          Unit 812 Cityland
Mechanical Handling                                                                                                               NCR-MPFO-
                          Herrera Tower, 98 V.                                     VP Admin &               Wholesale/Servi                                    National
Equipment Company,                               Makati City      Veronica Co                   844-8901                         72600-12611-    1/26/2011
                          A. Rufino Street,                                          Finance                ces                                              Capital Region
Inc. (MHECO)                                                                                                                         185
                          Salcedo Village
                          Suite 205 Lady of
Celtech Network                                                                                             Service
                          Fatima Bldg., 1849     Valenzuela,      Cecille C.                                                   NCR-MPFO-                       National
System& Electrical                                                                  Manager     8998192     Contractor/Telec                     2/3/2010
                          Asuncion corner        Makati City      Yalong                                                     72600-2310-012                  Capital Region
Services, Inc.                                                                                              om Services
                          Pililia Streets
                          8th Floor Basic                                                                   Janitorial
                          Petroleum Bldg.,                                                                  Services,
                                                                  Ma. Luisa         General                                                                    National
Corjams Services, Inc.    Carlos Palanca Jr.,    Makati City                                    815-1132    Messengerial,   NCR-8-0709-431       7/31/2009
                                                                  Loterte           Manager                                                                  Capital Region
                          Street, Legaspi                                                                   Factory
                          Village                                                                           Workers/Helpers
                       3rd Flr., 1517
Royal Asia Appraisal                                           Rosemarie         Executive                Appraisal           NCR-QCFO-7499-                 National
                       Quezon Avenue,      Quezon City                                         374-4311                                        5/20/2010
Corporation                                                    Abreu                VP                    Services               0510-074                  Capital Region
                       West Triangle
                       Unit A, 18/F
                       Belvedere Tower,
                       San Miguel Avenue,                                       Administrati              Structured          NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
Lantro Phils., Inc.                        Pasig City          Joy Ann Altea                   638-3881                                        8/18/2009
                       Ortigas Center,                                          ve Manager                Cabling Services     081809-009                  Capital Region
                       Ortigas Avenue, San

Value Parking Systems,                                                                                    Service                                            National
                       240 Menlo St.            Pasay City     Arleen Endaso     Manager       651-7768                        74920-52610-    5/26/2010
Inc.                                                                                                      Provider/Carpark                                 Capital Region
                       U 907 Atlanta
Progressive            Centre, #31              San Juan, Metro Marilou          Managing                 Consultancy,                                       National
                                                                                               525-5663                       NCR-8-0609-336   6/15/2009
Consultancy, Inc.      Annapolis St.,           Manila          Cordon           Director                 Services                                         Capital Region
                       Bldg. 5, Stall 524 FTI
Mang Kiko Catering                                             Rudel                                                                                         National
                       Complex, Western         Taguig City                      President     854-1033   Catering Services NCR-8-0709-391     7/7/2009
Services, Inc.                                                 Panganiban                                                                                  Capital Region
                       Envisage Bldg., Pluto
Envisage Security                                                                 Gen.                                        NCR-QCFO-7492-                 National
                       cor. Jupiter St.,        Quezon City    Imelda Vier                     432-0000   Security Services                    4/6/2010
Agency, Inc.                                                                     Manager                                         0410-046                  Capital Region
                       Bahay Toro
                       106 Urbano Velasco
Zanvel Manpower                                                                                           Manpower              NCR-7491-                    National
                       Avenue,                  Pasig City     Edna T. Asilo     Co. Rep.      640-1470                                        3/12/2010
Services                                                                                                  Services              031210-032                 Capital Region
                       Rm. 302 VI-LA
Liberty Manpower                                                                 General                  Manpower                                           National
                       Building, 598 EDSA,      Quezon City    Oscar H. Dosal                  9132470                        NCR-8-0609-327   6/9/2009
Placement Specialist                                                             Manager                  Services                                         Capital Region
                       Unit 1022 Cityland
                       Herrera Tower, No.
Prime Meridian HR      98 V. A. Rufino                         Rolando                                                          NCR-MPFO-                    National
                                                Makati City                      President     894-4494   Consultancy                          5/6/2010
Consultancy, Inc.      corner Valero                           Magcala                                                        74140-5610-057               Capital Region
                       Streets, Salcedo
Global Excellence      Rms. 307-308 TDS
                                                               Priscila Y.                                Manpower                                           National
Human Resources        Bldg., #72 Kamias        Quezon City                      President     567-1748                       NCR-8-0609-314   6/9/2009
                                                               Carabeo                                    Services                                         Capital Region
Academy, Inc.          Road
All Around Services and 6 Denver Street,
                                                                                                          Manpower                                           National
Merchandising           Immaculate              Quezon City    Rolando Torio     President     727-5089                       NCR-8-0609-321   6/9/2009
                                                                                                          Services                                         Capital Region
Corporation             Concepcion, Cubao
                          Unit 723 Cityland
                          Shaw Tower, Shaw
Reliable Work Force       Blvd. corner St.     Mandaluyong                                            Manpower                                            National
                                                             Marites Garcia VP- Finance    631-5107                       NCR-8-0709-388    7/6/2009
and Gen. Services, Inc.   Francis Street,      City                                                   Services                                          Capital Region
                          Barangay Wack
                          150 A. Levitown                                                             Janitorial &         NCR-MUNTA-
Cleaners and Runners                                                                                                                                    National
                          Avenue, Better       Paranaque City Juan Salomeo    President    823-8889   Messengerial        72600-12-09-057- 12/10/2009
General Services, Inc.                                                                                                                                Capital Region
                          Living Subdivision                                                          Services                   R
                          153 Boni Avenue
                                               Mandaluyong   Juanito            Corp.                 Marketing                                           National
Promosphere, Inc.         corner San Joaquin                                               532-9402                       NCR-8-0609-324    6/9/2009
                                               City          Dagdag, Jr.      Secretary               Services                                          Capital Region
                        8384 Sampaguita                                                                                    NCR-MUNTA-
Serve-well Services and                                   Edgardo             Operations              Janitorial and                                      National
                        Avenue corner West Paranaque City                                  895-9396                       72600-0710-074-   7/20/2010
Supplies Corp.                                            Faustino             Manager                Manpower                                          Capital Region
                        Service Road, United                                                                                     R
                        Blk 2 Lot 21 Mary
DHN Construction &
                        Town Circle,                         Romeo             Admin                  Construction        NCR-QCFO-4533-                  National
Development                                 Quezon City                                    418-5981                                         3/18/2011
                        Greenfield 1 Subd.,                  Tabisola          Officer                Services               0311-041                   Capital Region
                        Rm. 2-C, 2/F LPL
                                                                              CSP-EVP &                                   NCR-MPFO-
United Security         Bldg., 215 Sen. Gil                  Lt. Edwin A.                                                                                 National
                                            Makati City                         Gen.       897-8615   Security Services 72600-08-07-09-     8/10/2009
Logistics, Inc.         Puyat, Barangay San                  Flores                                                                                     Capital Region
                                                                               Manager                                       0009
                        8-A South Road,                                       Admin &
Labbel Security Agency,                                      Jeoffrey                   7230621/723                   NCR-QCFO-7492-                      National
                        Barangay Bagong     Quezon City                       Personnel             Security Services                       5/20/2010
Inc.                                                         Brucelo                        6436                         0510-075                       Capital Region
                        Lipunan, Crame                                         Officer
John Clements             12 B LKG Tower,                    Rita Magat         Vice                Consultancy,                                          National
                                               Makati City                                884-1227                     74140-09-3-09-       9/3/2009
Consultants, Inc.         Ayala Avenue                       Estella          President             Recruitment &                                       Capital Region
Puma Security &
                          G/F Rudgen Bldg,, 17                                 Finance                                    NCR-PFO-7492-                   National
Investigation Agency,                          Pasig City    Angelina Poe                  631-7056   Security Services                     3/10/2011
                          Shaw Blvd.                                           Officer                                     031011-055                   Capital Region
Lynx Security &           G/F Rudgen Bldg, 17                                 Executive                                                                   National
                                              Pasig City     Melissa Garcia                631-3532   Security Services NCR-9-0709-397      7/15/2009
Investigation Agency      Shaw Blvd.,                                          Director                                                                 Capital Region

Triple One Manpower                                                           General               Manpower &
                          431 Quirino Ave.,                                             8525861/852                                                       National
and Messengerial                               Paranaque City Jaime Bautista Manager/Pr             Messengerial          NCR-9-0709-412    7/21/2009
                          Baclaran                                                         7183                                                         Capital Region
Services                                                                      oprietor              Services

Vinhar Construction &     4849 Old Sta. Mesa   Sta Mesa,                      Operation                                   NCR-MFO-45100-                  National
                                                             Faustino Besa                 727-5864   Construction                          9/2/2010
Marketing                 Street               Manila                         Manager                                        0910-045                   Capital Region
                         P4-10 Manlunas
Polygon Manpower                                                Susano                           8544203/854 Manpower              NCR-MPFO-                    National
                         Street, Villamor      Pasay City                         President                                                       4/5/2011
Resources, Inc.                                                 Saavedra, Jr.                       0695     Services            72600-4511-245               Capital Region
Trained Resources
                         No. 8 or 472 Upper
Enterirng New                                  Mandaluyong                                       5314411/532 manpower            NCR-PFO-7499-                  National
                         Malaya Street,                         Cynthia Pinto       VP-HR                                                         6/8/2010
Dimensions, (TREND)                            City                                                 0271     services             060810-083                  Capital Region
                         Barangay Plainview
                         Pristine Bldg., Blk 51,
                                                                                            5413059/613 Electro-
Pristine Energy Transfer Lot 8, Phase II,                       Kristofer Ryan    Corporate                                       NCR-MUNTA-                    National
Corporation              Pinagsama Village, Taguig City         Orpilla           Secretary
                                                                                            3448/613344 Mechanical
                                                                                                                                                              Capital Region
                         Carlos P. Garcia                                                        7      Contractor
H. L. Yusingco Jr. Law   No. 2458 Syquia         Sta. Ana,      Ma. Teresa         Asst. to                  Pratice of Law,     NCR-MFO-74991-              National
                                                                                                  5623687                                       10/20/2009
Office                   Street                  Manila         Rañopa             Manager                   Litigation             1009-010               Capital Region
                         Rm. 212 Globe
Golden B. Manpower &                                            Merebeth                                     Janitorial          NCR-MFO-90090-                 National
                         Building, Gonzalo     Quiapo, Manila                     Office Staff    409-0002                                        5/6/2010
Referral Services                                               Negado                                       Services               0510-009                  Capital Region
                         Puyat Street
                         No. 6 Rosal Street,
                                                                                                             Fire Protection
TBS Industrial Services, Saint Dominic 3                        Ericson                                                          NCR-QCFO-7499-              National
                         Subdivision,          Quezon City                        President       453-2476   and Eng'g.                         11/11/2010
Inc.                                                            Maquinto                                                            1110-188               Capital Region
                         Mindanao Avenue,                                                                    Company
                         3/F Hyatt Centre,     Mandaluyong                                       7270661 to Aircon                                              National
HI-Aire, Incorporated                                           Marjorie Reyes HRD Officer                                       NCR-8-0609-358   6/29/2009
                         Ortigas Avenue        City                                                  68     Contractor                                        Capital Region
                       99 Sct. Fernandez
Freeport Shipyard &                                             Carmelito          VP for   9278262/926                                                         National
                       St., Bgy. Sacred     Quezon City                                                 Gen. Contractor          NCR-5-0709-406   7/20/2009
Eng'g. Corp.                                                    Aguinaldo         Operation    3436                                                           Capital Region
                       Heart, Diliman
                       B-14 L-14 Sto. Nino
First in Line Manpower Street, Maligaya                                                                      Janitorial                                         National
                                            Caloocan City       Elizabeth Solis   HR Officer      418-5647                       NCR-8-0609-354   6/23/2009
Specialist             Park Subdivision,                                                                     Services                                         Capital Region
                       3F Unit A Westgate                                         Finance,
                       Tower Madrigal                                             Marketing                                                                     National
Sangu Phils., Inc.                          Muntinlupa City     Marilou Nuqui     & Special       7721419    General Services NCR-8-0709-418      7/23/2009
                       Business Park Ayala,                                                                                                                   Capital Region
                       Alabang                                                     Project
                         # 8 Kanlaon Street,
D' Triumph Cleaners &    Bermuda                                Marion                                       Janitorial                                         National
                                               Las Pinas City                     President       874-9821                       NCR-8-0709-387   7/6/2009
Allied Services, Inc.    Subdivision,                           Morales                                      Services                                         Capital Region
                         Pamplona I
Epic Security Agency,    #82 F. Manalo                          Ernesto            General                                       NCR-QCFO-7492-                 National
                                               Quezon City                                        723-2454   Security Services                    1/18/2010
Inc.                     Street, Cubao                          Rabang             Manager                                          010-001                   Capital Region
                      2F Sycamore Annex
DEC Techno Resources, Bldg., Alabang-                              Godolfredo                      7722311/850 Engineering                                       National
                                                  Las Piñas City                      President                                  NCR-8-0709-413    7/21/2009
Inc.                  Zapote Road,                                 Luis Vinluan                       1179     Services                                        Capital Region
                      Almanza Uno

                          SOL Office
DCCD Engineering          Condominium Bldg.,                       Bella Socorro     Personnel                   Engineering                                     National
                                               Makati City                                          892-4586                     NCR-8-0709-405    7/16/2009
Corporation               112 Amorsolo Street,                     F. Guingguing     Manager                     Consultancy                                   Capital Region
                          Legaspi Village
El Grande Messengerial 372 El Grande                               Katherine De       General                    Messengerial                                    National
                                                  Paranaque City                                     8296794                     74960-0611-105-   6/29/2011
Services, Inc.         Avenue, BF Homes                            los Reyes          Manager                    Services                                      Capital Region
                      ICT Bldg., MIAA
Aviation Cooperative  Complex,                                     Paciano B.        Asst. Gen. 8517425/857 Manpower               NCR-MPFO-                     National
                                          Pasay City                                                                                               8/14/2009
for Enhanced Services Concessionaires                              Lodonia           Manager       1437     Services             72600-08-07-12                Capital Region
                      Area, Villamor Air
Golden Rock Manpower 02A Quiambao                                  Jocelyn           Operation                   Manpower        NCR-CPO-91110-                  National
                                          Valenzuela City                                            4433280                                       8/13/2009
Services              Street, Maysan Road                          Hernando          Manager                     Services           0809-003                   Capital Region
                         Unit 5 2nd Floor,
                                                                   Aquiles           Operations                  Manpower         NCR-MUNTA-                     National
Forecourt Cooperative    Susana Arcade Bldg.,     Las Piñas City                                     8022870                                       10/2/2009
                                                                   Manalac            Manager                    Services        74960-1009-031                Capital Region
                         5/F JS Contractor
                                                  Intramuros,                         Project                    Manpower        NCR-MFO-74911-                  National
J. Aces Staff, Inc.      Building, 423                             Aldwin Nicolas                  309-0891/93                                     4/7/2010
                                                  Manila                              Manager                    Agency             0410-003                   Capital Region
                         Magallanes Street
                         Rm. 213 Makati
                         Executive Center,                                            General                    Manpower                                        National
Bestlink Resources, Inc. 2114 L. P. Leviste       Makati City      Edna Ignacio                    7501794-95                    NCR-8-0709-429    7/31/2009
                                                                                      Manager                    Services                                      Capital Region
                         Street, Salcedo
                         Lot 2, Blk. 88, Ph. 5,
                                                                   Antonio              VP                       Manpower         NCR-MUNTA-                     National
Ruby Star Services, Inc. AFPOVAL, Bayani Rd.      Taguig City                                       889-2169                                       9/4/2009
                                                                   Perayra           Comptroller                 Services        72600-09-09-026               Capital Region
                         Fort Bonifacio
                          3308 Zapote corner                                         VP Finance                  Credit                                          National
Cibi Information Center                      Makati City           Editha S. Alano                  899-0015                     41500-08-07-09-   8/7/2009
                          Mascardo Street                                            and Admin                   Information                                   Capital Region
                          Unit 406, 4th Flr. #
E-Source Systems
                          1520 Jr. Bldg.                           Ester Y.          Operation                   Multi-Purpose   NCR-QCFO-9309-                  National
Development                                    Quezon City                                          410-2346                                       6/2/2011
                          Quezon Ave., South                       Gordon            manager                     Cooperative        0611-146                   Capital Region
                          Unit 5 2nd Floor                                      President/G
Forecourt Unlimited,                                             Aguiles                                Manpower              NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                          Susana Arcade         Las Piñas City                     eneral     8022870                                          9/2/2009
Inc.                                                             Manalac                                Services             74960-09-09-019               Capital Region
                          Building, Almanza                                      Manager
                                                                                President/G                                    NCR-MPFO-
JEC Labor Subcon          Blk. 233 Lot 6 Target                  Florencio                              Service                                              National
                                                Makati City                        eneral   09063670721                       45100-62111-    6/21/2011
Services                  Range Blvd., Tambo                     Bandanillo                             Contractor                                         Capital Region
                                                                                 Manager                                           068
                          3/F King's Court II                                                           Information            NCR-MPFO-
Phil-Data Business                                               Pinky             HRDD                                                                      National
                          Bldg., #129 Pasong    Makati City                                   8112878 Technology             74140-1-26-2010- 1/26/2010
Systems, Inc.                                                    Danganan        Manager                                                                   Capital Region
                          Tamo Street                                                                   Distribution               002

Alarm Security and        Rm. 2-2 Maxsalome
                                            Mandaluyong          Emichael C.      Mktg.                                      NCR-PFO-72500-                  National
Investigation Services,   Condominium, 457                                                    401-2484   Security Services                     3/25/2010
                                            City                 Avila            Officer                                      032510-040                  Capital Region
Inc.                      Barangka Drive

                          Unit C. Permarc
LED Express Services,                                                                                    Manpower                                            National
                          Bldg., San Isidro, Dr. Paranaque City Lolita Duria     President    826-9066                       NCR-8-0609-316    6/9/2009
Inc.                                                                                                     Services                                          Capital Region
                          A. Santos Avenue

                          23rd Floor Equitable
Taisei Philippine                                                               Personnel                                    NCR-NCR-MPFO-
                          Bank Tower Bldg.,                      Atty. Evita                             Engineering &                                       National
Construction                                   Makati City                      and Legal                                     45100-72010-     7/20/2010
                          Paseo de Roxas,                        Viovicente                              Construction                                      Capital Region
Incorporated                                                                    Manager                                           094
                          Salcedo Village
                          23-D Burgundy
Systems and Software      Corporate Tower,                       Maria Agnes       HR                  Information             NCR-MPFO-                     National
                                                Makati City                                844-1753/54                                         6/2/2010
Consulting Group, Inc.    252 Sen. Gil Puyat                     Cardo          Supervisor             Technology            74140-6210-066                Capital Region
Eastern Defender        5th Floor Citystate
                                                                 Mario          Property                                     NCR-PFO-74911-                  National
Security and Protective Center Bldg., 709       Pasig City                                    638-5667   Security Service                      5/31/2010
                                                                 Marahay        Custodian                                      053110-080                  Capital Region
Services, Inc.          Shaw Boulevard
                          CMI Building, 315
Excel Quality,                                                                  Operations               Manpower                                            National
                          Commonwealth          Quezon City      Andrew Josol                 9511515                        NCR-8-0709-428    7/31/2009
Incorporated                                                                     Manager                 Service                                           Capital Region
                          Avenue, Diliman
Training and Marketing Unit 7 Aniger Centre,                                                                                   NCR-MPFO-
                                                                 Lourdes                     8453478/889 Management                                          National
Professionals          8889 Sergio Osmeña Makati City                            Director                                     72600-72710-     7/27/2010
                                                                 Geraldez                       7919     Consultancy                                       Capital Region
Incorporated           Highway, Bangkal                                                                                           097

Advent Global             Unit 5C N & M                                                                  Agri research         NCR-MPFO-
                                                                 Rosalyn                                                                                     National
Corporate Resources,      Building, 1184 Chino Makati City                       Manager      895-8001   and crop            74140-08-07-09-   8/7/2009
                                                                 Villano                                                                                   Capital Region
Inc.                      Roces Avenue                                                                   production               0002
Integrated Technology    LG 62 Cityland
                                                Mandaluyong                          Vice                   Outsource           NCRPFO-                       National
and Process Solutions,   Pioneer, Highway                         Efren Japor                    747-0706                                       1/4/2010
                                                City                               President                Service Provider 7499010410-001                 Capital Region
Inc.                     Hills
Helping Hand        313 St. Francis Road,
                                                                  Bayani                                    Manpower         NCR-MUNTA-                       National
Development         Admira Village, Talon Las Pinas City                           Treasurer     801-5144                                      8/26/2009
                                                                  Hernandez                                 Service         74960-0809-011                  Capital Region
Cooperative         3
                    Unit 8, Anglo Bldg.,                                          Owner/Gen
Powerworld Manpower                       Mandaluyong             Normita                                   Manpower        NCR-PFO-74911-                    National
                    715 Shaw Blvd.,                                                 eral          7258655                                      8/11/2009
Specialists                               City                    Padilla                                   Services          081109-005                    Capital Region
                    Wack-wack                                                      Manager
Emperor Manpower         # 75 P. Florentino St.                   Genalyn           Gen.                    Manpower        NCR-QCFO-7491-                    National
                                                Quezon City                                      712-3175                                      10/2/2009
Services                 Sto Domingo                              Lozano           Manager                  Services           1009-035                     Capital Region
                         Units 317-318 Civic                                                                                 NCR-MUNTA-
Peoplesource Multi-                                               Lillie Ann                                Manpower                                          National
                         Prime Bldg., FCC       Muntinlupa City                    Chairman       7724068                   74960-0710-071-    7/16/2010
Purpose Cooperative                                               Briones                                   Service                                         Capital Region
                         Alabang                                                                                                   R
                         Unit 249 Cityland
                                                                                                            Manpower and
Conglow-Trailads         Pioneer Building,      Mandaluyong       Cora             General      7475604/747                 NCR-PFO-74911-                    National
                                                                                                            Marketing                           8/6/2010
Marketing Services, Inc. 128 Pioneer Street,    City              Lacanienta       Manager         7084                       080610-111                    Capital Region
                         Highway Hills
                         B21 Lot 6 Jasmin
Entom Pest Control &
                         Street, T.S. Cruz                                                      8426041/850 Pest Control     NCR-MUNTA-                       National
General Services                                Las Pinas City    Elmer Baradas    President                                                   10/20/2009
                         Subdivision, Almanza                                                      0276     Services        03330-1009-035                  Capital Region
                         Unit 3 Lower
                         Penthouse, Legaspi                                                     8121837/758 Sales &                                           National
Femeldas Trading                                Makati City       Dario Madelo    Proprietor                                72600-10-01-09-    10/1/2009
                         Towers 200, Paseo                                                         4026     Marketing                                       Capital Region
                         de Roxas

Asian Ventures General 2337 Onyx Street,                                                                    Trucking          NCR-MPFO-                       National
                                                Makati City       Gil Tobeo        President     403-7357                                       2/9/2011
Services, Inc.         Las Paz Village                                                                      Services        72600-2911-192                  Capital Region
                       4/F Princess
Toyo Construction Co., Building, 104                                               Personnel                Construction and NCR-45100-08-                    National
                                                Makati City       Ana Escobedo                    8121496                                      8/27/2009
Inc.                   Esteban Street,                                             Assistant                Engineering       27-09-0016                    Capital Region
                       Legaspi Village
Market Place Christian                                                                                                        NCR-MPFO-
                         770 E. Rodriguez                                         Chairman of 8893927 loc. Cooperative                                        National
Church Multi-Purpose                            Pasay City        Danilo Diaz                                               72600-08-07-09-    8/14/2009
                         Extension, Malibay                                        the Board 214 or 294 Service                                             Capital Region
Cooperative                                                                                                                      0012
                          L15 B12 Marcos
                                                                                  President &
Act Centerline Electrical Alvarez Avenue,                                                                   Electrical/Tradin NCR-MUNTA-                      National
                                              Las Pinas City      Corazon Sunga     General                                                    8/14/2009
Corp.                     Golden Acres, Talon                                                               g Services        75130-0809-010                Capital Region
                          88-A P. Tuazon Blvd.,
Brumbo Security           corner Planas II                        Nelson                                                         NCR-QCFO-7492-              National
                                                Quezon City                        President      4132762    Security Services                  10/27/2010
Agency, Inc.              Street, Kaunlaran,                      Barcelona                                                         1010-178               Capital Region
                          Unit 506 ALPAP II
Personal Ability of the   Building, Trade
Philippines,              Street corner                                           Administrati               Manpower             NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                                                Muntinlupa City   Chato Umilin                    8428197                                         8/26/2009
Inc.(Formerly: N. T.      Investment Drive,                                        ve Officer                Agency              74911-0809-016                Capital Region
Personal Ability, Inc.)   Madrigal Business
                          Park, Alabang
Kasangga Security &       10 7th Avenue,
                                                                                   General                                       NCR-QCFO-4533-                  National
Investigation Agency,     Barangay Socorro,     Quezon City       Leonito Tamor                  4214442/43 Security Service                      6/25/2010
                                                                                   Manager                                          1610-106                   Capital Region
Inc.                      Murphy, Cubao
                          5/F Rose Industries                                                              Manpower
Yukon General                                                                     Administrati
                          Bldg., 11 Pioneer                       Ma. Theresa                  6830871/635 Staffing,        NCR-PFO-74911-              National
Manpower Services                               Pasig City                        ve Services              Janitorial &                     8/13/2009
                          Street, Brgy.                           Solinap                         9006                        081309-007              Capital Region
Corp.                                                                                Head                  Messengerial
St. Clair Security &                                                                                       Security Agency,
                                                                  Jeremias          General 9292122/929                     NCR-QCFO-7492-              National
Investigation Agency,     #8 Road 3, Project 6 Quezon City                                                 Armored                         10/22/2009
                                                                  Dimbla II        Manager        2114                         1009-047               Capital Region
Inc.                                                                                                       Provider
Omni Security             2/F Christine                                                                                      NCR-MPFO-
                                                Pembo, Makati Ma. Cecilia S.      Personnel 7287625/728 Security & Utility                              National
Investigation and         Building #9                                                                                      72600-11-25-09- 11/25/2009
                                                City          De Vivar            Supervisor    7626    Services Provider                             Capital Region
General Services, Inc.    Sampaguita Street                                                                                     0060
Fisher's of Men                                                                                                              NCR-MPFO-
                          9554 Kalayaan Ave.,                                      General              Manpower                                        National
Manpower Services,                            Makati City         Fe S. Perez                 836-1014                      72600-21711-    2/17/2011
                          Guadalupe Nuevo                                          Manager              Services                                      Capital Region
Inc.                                                                                                                             200
                          Unit 907,88
                          Corporate Center                        Antonio                                    Clinic                NCR-MPFO-                     National
Activeone Health, Inc.                        Makati City                          President      817-7372                                         3/3/2010
                          Sedeno St., Salcedo                     Castillo                                   Management          72600-3310-019                Capital Region
                          Ground Floor, Don
                          Tim Building, 5438
TopServe Manpower         Pres. Osmeña                            Natividad        VP & Gen.                 Manpower                                      National
                                              Makati City                                         885-7631                    72600-11-10-09- 11/10/2009
Supply, Inc.              Avenue Cor. Gen.                        Villacrusis      Manager                   Service Provider                            Capital Region
                          Mascardo & Malvar
                          Sts. Brgy. Bangkal

                          Unit 1802 One San
                          Miguel Building, San
Extreme Retail                                                    Raymund          General                   Product             NCR-PFO-7413-                   National
                          Miguel Avenue,       Pasig City                                         6878726                                         12/23/2009
Specialist, Inc.                                                  Renancia         Manager                   Marketing            122309-073                   Capital Region
                          Ortigas Center, San
                           2nd Floor Optima
Aim Corporate              Bldg., No. 221                                        General                  IT Hardware &      NCR-MPFO-                      National
                                                 Makati City    Mario Enteria                 5000/759215                                     9/3/2009
Solutions, Inc.            Salcedo Street,                                       Manager                  Service Provider 72600-09-00018                 Capital Region
                           Legaspi Village
Vill-Care Management                                                               Adm.                                        NCR-MPFO-
                           No. 6014 J. D. Villena               Joel                       8994759/895                                                      National
and Maintenance                                   Makati City                    Personnel             Services               72600-92110-    9/21/2010
                           St., Brgy. Poblacion                 Costantino                    7530                                                        Capital Region
Services, Inc.                                                                   Manager                                          123

                           147 Boni Serrano                                         Vice
                           Road cor. 8th                        Stephen P.        President                                  NCR-QCFO-2699-                 National
Capital Industries, Inc.                         Quezon City                                    9117588   Handling &                          7/23/2010
                           Avenue, Barangay                     Cuasay               for                                        0710-112                  Capital Region
                           Socorro                                               Operations
                           3rd Floor, Lemon
Jobserve Business &                                             Claudia Cupi                  3748761/376 Manpower           NCR-QCFO-7491-                 National
                           Square Building,      Quezon City                     President                                                    10/9/2009
Consultancy, Inc.                                               Cui                              2182     Service               1009-040                  Capital Region
                           1199 EDSA
                           Unit 213 Guadalupe
Prime Mover Business       Commercial                           Rudylen G.       Operation                                                                  National
                                              Makati City                                      882-0512   Service Provider    72600-10710-    9/7/2010
Solutions, Inc.            Complex, EDSA,                       Somobay          Manager                                                                  Capital Region
                           6077 Pabaya Street
                                                                               Genera;                             NCR-CFO-50200-                           National
5-M Star Builders, Inc.    Extension, Mapulang Valenzuela City Rolly Derecho             4323227 Construction                                 3/16/2011
                                                                              Manager                               03-16-11-018                          Capital Region
                           Unit 2006 Herrera
Finex Marketing            Tower, V. A. Rufino                                                     Marketing/outso                                          National
                                                 Makati City    Jude Almazar Proprietor 8120618/64                  82190-32310-              3/23/2010
Services                   cor. Valero Sts.,                                                       urcing                                                 Capital Region
                           Salcedo Village
                           41 Camia St., Don
                                                                             President &                            NCR-MUNTA-
Rapid Line Trading &       Aguedo Subdivision,                  Roberto                            Electrical                                               National
                                                 Paranaque City                General   8234816                   45330-0910-101-            9/28/2010
Installation Services      San Antonio Valley 5,                Adriano                            Services                                               Capital Region
                                                                              Manager                                     R

                                                                                              9273324/722 Construction and NCRQCFO-4533-                    National
F.F. Cruz & Co., Inc.      800 EDSA              Quezon City    Felipe F. Cruz   President                                                    3/15/2010
                                                                                                 0411     Surveying          0310-032                     Capital Region

                        12/F Net One
Mynd Int'l. Ltd./CSC    Center, 26th Street,                                                              support services
                                              Taguig, Metro     Catherine        Resources                                  NCR-MUNTA-                      National
International Holdings, cor. 3rd Avenue,                                                        819470    of computer                         9/14/2009
                                              Manila            Cheng             Country                                  91120-09-09-028                Capital Region
Inc.                    Cresent Park West,                                                                software
                        Bonifacio Global City
                          No. 28 Evangeline
                                                                                   President &                                     NCR-MUNTA-
Excellent General         Reyes Street, BF                                                                    Janitorial                                          National
                                                Las Pinas City   Gina Ramos          General      872-1731                        72600-12-09-055- 12/7/2009
Services, Inc.            Resort Village, Talon                                                               Services                                          Capital Region
                                                                                    Manager                                              R
                                                                                                              Janitorial and     NCR-MUNTA-
                          62 Tirona Street,                                         General                                                                  National
Titleist Services, Inc.                         Parañaque City Marilyn Garcia                     659-1341    Manpower          72600-1210-124- 12/10/2010
                          South BF Homes                                            Manager                                                                Capital Region
                                                                                                              Services Provider        R
                                                                                                              Janitorial &
Villaseran Maintenance 413 Cavite Street,                        Virginia                                     Other               NCR-MFO-90090-              National
                                                Tondo, Manila                       President     253-88-28                                      10/21/2009
Services Corporation   Gagalangin                                Villaseran                                   Manpower               1009-011               Capital Region
Peacekeeper Security &                                                             President &
                       35-C Raymundo                             Eduardo                                                          NCR-PFO-74920-                  National
Investigation Agency,                           Pasig City                           General      640-9966    Security Services                    11/7/2009
                       Ave., Rosario                             Pestano                                                            120709-058                  Capital Region
Inc.                                                                                Manager
                          8/F State Financing
Emme Security and
                          Centre II Bldg.,      Mandaluyong      Marinette          General                                       NCR-PFO-74920-                  National
Maintenance Systems,                                                                               7231946    Security Agency                      4/15/2010
                          Ortigas Avenue,       City             Aglipay            Manager                                         041510-050                  Capital Region
                          Wack Wack

                          No. 512 Lt. Artiaga   San Juan, Metro                  Admin.                                           NCR-PFO-4520-                   National
Probes Construction                                             Josephine Cruz                     7263515    Construction                         3/25/2010
                          Street                Manila                         Group Head                                          032510-038                   Capital Region

                          No. 3 Luis Street,                                          HR                                           NCR-PFO-452-                   National
Loxon Philippines, Inc.                         Pasig City       Grace Gapasin                571-6562/64 Construction                             12/18/2009
                          Brgy. San Miguel                                         Supervisor                                       121809-069                  Capital Region

                     Rms. 202-203 De
AM Services Company,                                             Rommelito          General      5250358/400 Messengerial         NCR-MFO-61422-                  National
                     Villa Bldg., 1153 M.       Ermita, Manila                                                                                   8/24/2010
Inc.                                                             Baral              Manager         3325     Services                0810-042                   Capital Region
                     H. Del Pilar Street
                        Rm. 301 Olympic                                            Operation
                                                                 Leilani                     8886351/888 Manpower                 NCR-72600-09-                   National
Isearch.Net Corporation Building, 65 Sen. Gil Makati City                           Business                                                       8/25/2009
                                                                 Bumanglag                       5493    Agency                    25-09-0029                   Capital Region
                        Puyat Avenue                                                 Head
Plug Electric                                                                                            Electrical,               NCR-MUNTA-
                        Lot 3, Dama de                           Bernardo                                                                                      National
Manufacturing                                 Parañaque City                       President   823-5255 Fabricator                38399-1109-048- 11/27/2009
                        Noche, UPS4 Sucat                        Morillo                                                                                     Capital Region
Corporation                                                                                              Services                        R
Sese and Associates       # 20 Don Jose St.,                                                     7442550/744                        NCR-QCFO-                     National
                                                Quezon City      Atty. Tito Sese     Owner                   Law Firm                               8/9/2010
Law Office                Holy Spirit, D2                                                           4971                          68819-0810-120                Capital Region

Lawin Technologies,       L 18 Blk. 9 Paxton                     Pablito                                      Engineering         NCR-QCFO-4520-                  National
                                                Quezon City                         President     938-1881                                         4/26/2010
Inc.                      St., East Fairview                     Ocampo                                       Services               0410-056                   Capital Region
                         G/F JM Business
                                                                                   President/                                   NCR-MPFO-
                         Center, Osmena                           Oscar A.                                  Marketing &                                        National
Isopharma, Inc.                                  Makati City                       Managing      8899497                       72600-82710-     8/27/2010
                         Highway cor.                             Cadiente                                  Services                                         Capital Region
                                                                                    Director                                       115
                         Rockefeller Street
                         5th Floor Family
Information                                      Sampaloc,        Ernesto                       7318471/712 IT Solutions &   NCR-MFO-73300-                    National
                         Circle Bldg., 1474                                         President                                               6/29/2010
Professionals, Inc.                              Manila           Congco                           8485     Service Provider    0610-022                     Capital Region
                         Ma. Clara Street
                         9/F Sagittarius Bldg.,                                    Exec. Vice                                   NCR-MPFO-
Medicard Philippines,                                                                                       Comprehensive                                      National
                         H. V. dela Costa St., Makati City        Luis Montoya     Pres./Gen.    884-9999                     72600-08-07-09-   8/14/2009
Inc.                                                                                                        Health Services                                  Capital Region
                         Salcedo Village                                            Manager                                        0014

Zytron Marketing and                             Mandaluyong      Francisco                                 Marketing &       NCR-MPFO-7430-                   National
                         581 Cordillera Street                                      President    5310608                                     3/10/2010
Promotion                                        City             Valencia, Jr.                             Services            030110-024                   Capital Region

New Personnel Builders 2564 Arellano
                                                                  Geraldine                                 Manpower          NCR-MFO-91120-                   National
& Consultancy Services, Avenue corner            Malate, Manila                     Manager      523-4658                                    5/31/2010
                                                                  Aranas                                    Service                014                       Capital Region
Inc.                    Consuelo Street

                         96234 Pililia Street,
Sanpiro General                                                   Grace R. De La President &                Human Resource NCR-72600-10-                       National
                         Rizal Village,        Makati City                                       728-8890                                       10/15/2009
Services Corporation                                              Rosa              CEO                     Solution        15-09-0038                       Capital Region
                         Barangay Valenzuela
                         Rm. 204 R & B
Alarm Data Security      Building, 7615 Guijo                     Geraldo A.        General                 Security alarm                                     National
                                              Makati City                                        899-2581                     74920-120710-     12/7/2010
System, Inc              Street, San Antonio                      Pineda            Manager                 provider                                         Capital Region
Qualicentral Sourcing,   1 Carlo J. Caparas                       Ma. Dolores D.     Gen.                   Manpower          NCR-PFO-7499-                    National
                                                 Pasig City                                      671-7452                                       12/3/2009
Inc.                     Street, Ugong                            Tolentino         Manager                 Services           120309-055                    Capital Region

                         Interior, Km. 18                                                                Hazardous        NCR-MUNTA-
Solchem Philippines,                                                               Control                                                                     National
                         Impex Compound,         Las Piñas City   Rodolfo Reyes               8730932/33 Waste Treater   15992-1209-053-        12/2/2009
Incorporated                                                                    fficer-Safety                                                                Capital Region
                         Pamplona 3                                                                      and Transporter        R

                      Suite 5B Strata 100,
One Incentive Systems                                             Merly                                     Manpower          NCR-PFO-7414-                    National
                      Emerald Avenue,      Pasig City                              Accountant    6384023                                        12/3/2009
Advocates, Inc.                                                   Macayan                                   Services           120309-056                    Capital Region
                      Ortigas Center

                      Block 19, Lot 1, EP                                                                                      NCR-MUNTA-
Mansion Maintenance                                               Gloria                        8385198/837 Manpower                                           National
                      Village II, Western        Taguig City                       VP Manager                                 72600-0410-031-   4/20/2010
Company, Incorporated                                             Basaysay                         6307     Services                                         Capital Region
                      Bicutan                                                                                                        R
                         146-C 3rd St. 10th
Certified Pest Control                                            Roberto                                   Pest Control      NCR-CFO-7493-                    National
                         Ave., Brgy. 091, Dist., Caloocan City                     Proprietor    3611065                                         1/7/2011
Services                                                          Tipones                                   Contractor         011211-002                    Capital Region
                         Unit 5 Faraday
Ultimate Care Janitorial Fortress                                   Arlyn De Leon                             Janitorial            NCR-MPFO-                      National
                         Condomonium,              Makati City                      Proprietor    789-8295                                           3/1/2011
Services                                                            Gregorio                                  Services            72600-3111-209                 Capital Region
                         Faraday Street, San
                         2nd Floor Bongalos
                                                                                                              Janitorial            NCR-MPFO-
Blue Collar Manpower Building, 2816                                 Mariano         Operations                                                                 National
                                                   Makati City                                    884-1667    Manpower            72600-10-22-09- 10/22/2009
Services, Inc.           Borneo Street, San                         Hipolito         Manager                                                                 Capital Region
                                                                                                              Services                 0042
                         Rm. 405 Sunrise
Peftok Integrated        Condominium 1             San Juan, Metro Marichu           Admin.      7211908/721                      NCR-PFO-74920-                   National
                                                                                                             Security Service                        3/5/2010
Services, Inc.           Building, Ortigas         Manila          Bajaro            Manager        1910                            030510-027                   Capital Region
                         Avenue, Greenhills
Philippine National                                                                                                                 NCR-MPFO-
                         525 Hen.Lacuña                             Ildefonso                    8453485/845                                                       National
Guard Protective                                   Makati City                       President               Security Agency       74920-11311-     11/3/2011
                         Street, Bangkal                            Gervasio                        3486                                                         Capital Region
Agency, Inc.                                                                                                                           160
GSL Security and          33 J. P. Rizal Street,                    Dylan Romulo    Operations                                    NCRQCFO-7492-                    National
                                                   Quezon City                                     9950196    Security Services                      3/4/2010
Investigation Co., Inc.   Project 4                                 Santos           Manager                                        0310-021                     Capital Region
                          Andrea Bldg. I, 1009                                         VP
Airborne Security                              Sampaloc,            Enrigue                      7357554/735 Private Security     NCR-MFO-74920-              National
                          G. M. Tolentino                                           Administrati                                                 12/23/2010
Services, Inc.                                 Manila               Peregrin                        7559     Agency                  1210-075               Capital Region
                          Street                                                       on
Enriquez Security         30 Cetacio Street,                        Decoroso T.       HRD                                         NCR-QCFO-4533-                   National
                                                   Quezon City                                    723-2454    Security agency                       1/28/2010
Services, Inc.            Barangay Siena                            Gaturian         Manager                                         0110-006                    Capital Region

Loxon Wandset,            No. 10 F. Legaspi St.,                                       HR      6402907/642 Construction/En         NCR-PFO-452-                    National
                                                 Pasig City         Grace Gapasin                                                                   12/18/2009
Incorporated              Mayunga                                                   Supervisor    3280     gineering                121809-070                   Capital Region
                          Unit 710 Globe
Mediatrix Manpower                                                  Mischaelle
                          Telecom Plaza Tower Mandaluyong                             Gen.                    Manpower            NCR-PFO-7491-                    National
and Management                                                      Josanne M                     867-3835                                          2/10/2011
                          II, Pioneer cor.    City                                   Manager                  Services             021011-023                    Capital Region
Services, Inc.                                                      Ruiz
                          Madison Sts.,
                                                                                                              General               NCR-MPFO-
Phil-IT Resources         186 -188 Salcedo                          Jose Armando Administrati                                                                  National
                                                   Makati City                                    818-8131    Management, IT       72600-2-2-10-   2/2/2010
Network, Inc.             St., Legaspi Village                      Vargas        ve Officer                                                                 Capital Region
                                                                                                              Services                  004
Oro Verde Manpower & 5224 J de Leon                                 Virginia                                  Manpower                                         National
                                                   Paranaque City                    President    825-0351                        74911-1209-056- 12/15/2009
General Services, Inc. Street, San Dionisio                         Villanueva                                Services                                       Capital Region
                          Ground Flr., LPL
                                                                                      Senior                                        NCR-MPFO-
                          Mansions, 122 L. P.                                                                 Employment                                        National
Corporate Visions, Inc.                        Makati City          Perla Rebanal    Managing                                     726000-10-21-09- 10/21/2009
                          Leviste Street,                                                                     Agency                                          Capital Region
                                                                                     Director                                          0040
                          Salcedo Village
                          Unit 5 2nd Floor,                                                                                        NCR-MUNTA-
Forecourt Plus                                                      Alisan Gail       Gen.                    Service                                              National
                          Susana Arcade Bldg., Las Pinas City                                      8022870                        74960-0710-062-    7/2/2010
Enterprises                                                         Manalac          Manager                  contractor                                         Capital Region
                          Almanza                                                                                                        R
                        Suite 506 Richbelt                                        Head
Alproj Placement                            San Juan, Metro Susan Diola                                   Manpower            NCR-PFO-7491-                   National
                        Tower, 17 Annapolis                                     Admin/Fina                                                      1/10/2011
Services, Inc.                              Manila          Isla                                          Services             011011-005                   Capital Region
                        Street, Greenhills                                         nce
                        G/F Topy Building, 3
GAIC Manpower                                                                    General     6384947/635 Manpower             NCR-QCFO-4533-                  National
                        Economia St.,           Quezon City     Ricardo Reyes                                                                   1/28/2010
Services, Inc.                                                                   Manager        7419     Services                0110-005                   Capital Region
                        10th Floor,
Superclean Services     Manufacturers                                            General     7338236/733 Janitorial and       NCR-MFO-90090-                  National
                                                Manila          Editha Lopez                                                                    9/3/2010
Corporation             Building, Plaza Sta                                      Manager        7336     Allied Services         0910-046                   Capital Region
                        Units 7 and 8 Maja
Golden Beret Security   Food Plaza, Ninoy                                                    8254403 to                                                       National
                                                Paranaque City Hilario Torres    Security               Security Services NCR-9-1206-885        3/15/2010
Services, Inc.          Aquino Ave., San                                                         05                                                         Capital Region
                        1853 E. Rodriguez Sr.
Unicorn Security        Avenue, Barangay        Cubao, Quezon Jose Aggarao,      General                                      NCR-QCFO-7492-                  National
                                                                                              414-5095    Security Services                     10/8/2010
Services, Inc.          Immaculate,             City          Jr.                Manager                                         1010-162                   Capital Region
                      5th Floor
Meralco Industrial    Renaissance Tower                                         Head HR &
                                                                Esmeraldo S.                              Engineering &       NCR-PFO-7421-                   National
Engineering Services  1000 Meralco         Pasig City                           Corporate     635-5901                                          3/17/2010
                                                                Castro                                    Construction         031710-034                   Capital Region
Corporation (MIESCOR) Avenue, Ortigas                                            Services
                      4/F Pristine Bldg.,
Maxicool Industries & Block 51 Lot 8                                                                                           NCR-MUNTA-
                                                                                                          Service                                             National
Contracting           Pinagsama Village, Taguig City            Edwin Paguio     President   5413060/67                       51503-0311-040-   5/8/2011
                                                                                                          Contractor                                        Capital Region
Corporation           Phase 2 Western                                                                                                R
                      Unit 315 The
Facilities & Property                                           Roxanne B.                                                      NCR-MPFO-
                      Peninsula Court                                                                     Property                                            National
Management                                 Makati City          Guce - Delos    HR Manager     8300936                         72600-21711-     2/17/2011
                      Bldg., 8735 Paseo de                                                                Management                                        Capital Region
Technologies, Inc.                                              Santos                                                             201
                        3rd Floor, MJL Bldg.,                                                                               NCR-MPFO-
Promo Edge                                    San Antonio,      Milagrosa          HRD                    Merchandising/P                              National
                        1175 Pasong Tamo                                                     8992962/48                   76200-12-15-09- 12/15/2009
Corporation                                   Makati City       Nicolas         Supervisor                romotions                                  Capital Region
                        Street                                                                                                 0067
Interlink Manpower
                      Rm. 406 Topas Bldg.,                                                                                    NCR-QCFO-7491-                  National
Development & General                      Quezon City          Rafael Chico     President    426-5265    Service provider                      4/19/2010
                      101 Kamias Road                                                                                            0410-054                   Capital Region
Services, Inc.
                         1612-1614 Medical
Center for Health        Plaza, 25 San Miguel San Antonio,        Dr. Reynaldo                               Health Care     NCR-PFO-6814-                    National
                                                                                     President    637-0566                                     5/17/2010
Services (CHSI), Inc.    Avenue, Ortigas      Pasig City          Mariano                                    Services         051710-068                    Capital Region
                         517 Guijo Street,                                                                                    NCR-MUNTA-
Amersons Contractor                                               Antonio Q.         General                 Industrial                                       National
                         Doña Rosario           Muntinlupa City                                   838-0332                   45100-0710-067-   7/15/2010
Corporation                                                       Dela Torre         Manager                 Maintenance                                    Capital Region
                         Heights, Sucat                                                                                             R
                         Unit 403 Jafer Place
Alert General Services                        San Juan, Metro Lysine                  Gen.                   Janitorial      NCR-PFO-7493-                    National
                         Bldg., Eisenhower                                                        7256835                                      10/13/2010
Corp.                                         Manila          Bergantinos            manager                 Services         101310-154                    Capital Region
                         St., Greenhills

M. R. Valerio            154 Pinagtipunan       Mandaluyong       Marcelo                                                    NCR-PFO-63990-                   National
                                                                                      Owner       5314192    Hauling                           3/12/2010
Enterprises              Street                 City              Valerio                                                      031210-033                   Capital Region
                        Room 303 Jovan
STBN Manpower           Condominium, Shaw       Mandaluyong       Rolando           Operations 5336416/533 Manpower          NCR-PFO-7491-                    National
Agency & Services Corp. Blvd., cor. Samat       City              Narciso            Manager      5875     Services           041911-100                    Capital Region
                        2nd Floor, LFM Bldg.,
Extra Ordinaire                                                                     President/G                               NCR-MUNTA-
                        186 Dona Soledad                                                                     Janitorial                                       National
Janitorial & Manpower                           Paranaque City Vilma Page              eneral     8320838                    72600-0910-099-   9/28/2010
                        Avenue, Better                                                                       Services                                       Capital Region
Services, Inc.                                                                       Manager                                        R
                        Living Subd
                        54 San Pedro
Mandarin Security       Bautista Street,                                              Gen.                   Security Services NCRQCFO-7492-                  National
                                                Quezon City       Elizer F. Tomas                 374-8087                                     3/24/2010
Services, Inc.          Barangay Damayan,                                            manager                 Provider            0310-039                   Capital Region
                        6/F Peninsula Court                                                                                    NCR-MPFO-
Micro-D International                                                                  HR                    Information                                      National
                        Bldg., Paseo de         Makati City       Lani D. Alinas                  8122124                     72600-10410-     10/4/2010
Inc.                                                                                Supervisor               Technology                                     Capital Region
                        Roxas                                                                                                     136
                        Room 803 Bel Air
Conveyance,                                                       Benjamin                                   Manpower        NCR-MFO-74911-                   National
                        Apartment, 1020         Ermita, Manila                        S. V. P.    5233747                                       2/8/2010
Incorporated                                                      Cancio III                                 Service            0710-027                    Capital Region
                        Roxas Blvd
                         Unit 227 Comfoods
IValue Technologies      Bldg., Sen. Gil Puyat                    Geminiano                                                                                   National
                                               Makati City                           President    819-5519   Trading          72600-72010-     7/20/2010
Corporation              Avenue cor. Chino                        Lapuz                                                                                     Capital Region
                         Roces St
                         Unit 99, 9th Floor,
                                                Mandaluyong       Mary Ann                                   IT Service      NCR-PFO-7290-                    National
IT Managers, Inc.        Columbia Tower,                                            Accountant    726-0579                                     1/19/2011
                                                City              Villanueva                                 Provider         011911-009                    Capital Region
                         Ortigas Avenue
                        #160 3rd Floor L & L
Steelhawk Security &
                        Bldg., corner EDSA,                                      General                                      NCR-QCFO-7492-                 National
Investigation Agency,                        Quezon City        Ruben Zubia                    925-5010   Security Agency                      7/26/2010
                        Pasay Avenue, Brgy.                                      Manager                                         0710-116                  Capital Region
                        South Triangle

Southern Port Security                                                          Director for                                                                 National
                       246 Dancel Street        Pasay City      Roberto Velez                  8317672    Security Services    74920-21811-    2/18/2011
Agency, Inc.                                                                    Operations                                                                 Capital Region

                        Room 201 Simjuanco                                                                Manpower              NCR-MPFO-
Energen-Probottlers,                                            Corinna Y.                                                                                   National
                        Bldg., #210 Zodiac Makati City                           President                Services/Mainte      72600-92310-    9/23/2010
Inc.                                                            Castaneda                                                                                  Capital Region
                        St., Palm Village                                                                 nance                    124

AQA Marketing           8 B Surigao Street,                     Fe Silica       Operations                Manpower            NCR-QCFO-4534-                 National
                                                Quezon City                                    381-1216                                        6/9/2011
Personnel Support, Inc. West Avenue                             Arellano         Manager                  Services               0611-153                  Capital Region
                        Sixth Floor, IYS Bldg.,
                                                                Suzanne S.          &                     Toll                NCR-PFO-15154-                 National
ECSCO, Inc.             No. 59 Corporal Cruz Pasig City                                        6716403                                         2/5/2010
                                                                Rojas           Administrati              Manufacturer          020510-013                 Capital Region
                        St., Bagong Ilog
                        Unit N, 3rd Floor, JLC
Prime Core Collection                          Mandaluyong      Homer Gerard                              Collection            NCR-74991-                   National
                        Bldg., 100 Boni Ave.,                                    President     661-0946                                        4/19/2010
Services Co,                                   City             Palileo                                   Agency                042010-052                 Capital Region
                        New Zanila
PTM Integrated          Unit 4 St. Mary's
                                                                Madelyn G,       General                                       NCR-MUNTA-                    National
Services and Security   Bldg., Philamlife      Las Piñas City                                  8736226    Security Services                    6/1/2011
                                                                Macaballug       Manager                                      74920-0611-089               Capital Region
Corporation             Avenue, Pamplona
Lengeric Manpower &     5190 B. Hayes                           Ma. Gemma G. Operations 8890596/888 Manpower                                                 National
                                                Makati City                                                                    72600-32410-    3/24/2010
Gen. Services           Street, Pio del Pilar                   Mendoza       Manager      2879     Service                                                Capital Region
St. Thomas Security and 18 4th Avenue, Brgy.                    Ma. Salvacion    Personnel                                    NCR-QCFO-7492-                 National
                                             Quezon City                                       7248138    Security Services                    5/6/2010
General Services, Inc.  Bagong Lipunan                          Rivera            Officer                                        0510-062                  Capital Region
                        2/F Mire Shopping
GJMC Society                                                                    President &
                        Center, No. 18                          Nelando                                   Management          NCR-QCFO-7491-                 National
Management Services                             Quezon City                       General      4177364                                         8/24/2010
                        Susano Road,                            Jareno                                    Services               0810-127                  Capital Region
Corp.                                                                            Manager
                        JJM Bldg., 6 AMVEL                                                                                  NCR-MUNTA-
Kintetsu World Express                                                            HRA                     Freightforwardin                                   National
                        Compound Ninoy          Paranaque City Ellen Mercadal                  855-3400                    63920-0610-059-     6/22/2010
(Phils.), Inc.                                                                   Manager                  g                                                Capital Region
                        Aquino Avenue                                                                                             R
Amethyst Resources
                        No. 8 or 472 Upper      Mandaluyong                       Sr. Vice                Manpower            NCR-PFO-7499-                  National
Management &                                                    Sheryl Rufo                    5314411                                         6/8/2010
                        Malaya St., Plainview   City                             President                Services             060810-084                  Capital Region
Services, Inc.
7th Security and
                                                                Lawrence         Personnel 9219803/922                  NCR-QCFO-7492-                       National
Investigation Services, 55-B Kamias Road        Quezon City                                            Security Service                        4/13/2010
                                                                Tejada           Manager      3067                         0410-051                        Capital Region
                         19th Flr., Export
                         Bank Plaza Chino                                                                      Construction and
Technoserve                                                                                                                      NCR-MPFO-                         National
                         Roces Avenue.           Makati City      Rene Soriano      President       8899440    Manpower                             2/25/2010
Construction Co., Inc.                                                                                                          45100-225-017                    Capital Region
                         Corner Sen. Gil Puyat                                                                 Services
                         No. 1 Sheridan
Armadillo Protective                                                               President &
                         Street cor. Shaw        Mandaluyong                                   6318060/637                         NCR-PFO-7492-                   National
Security Agency                                                   Manuel Espejo       Gen.                 Security Agency                           8/6/2010
                         Blvd., Brgy. Highway    City                                             1091                              080610-112                   Capital Region
Incorporated                                                                        Manager
                         RD10 Makati
                         Creekside Mall,                          Ma. Lourdes       Managing                   Manpower              NCR-MPFO-                     National
Premium Staffers, Inc.                           Makati City                                       893-1206                                          3/3/2010
                         Amorsolo Street,                         Punzalan          Director                   Services            72600-3310-018                Capital Region
                         Legaspi Village
                         Unit 606 6F Pacific
Lindzor Service          Center Bldg., San                        Vanessa                                                          NCR-PFO-7493-                   National
                                                 Pasig City                        Bookkeeper       6387695    Services/Janitori                     4/6/2010
Corporation              Miguel Avenue,                           Tepace                                                            030610-043                   Capital Region
                                                                                                               al Services
                         Ortigas Center
                         #161 Aguirre                                                                         Janitorial &     NCR-MUNTA-
Dimensional Services                                              Gloria C.                       8269021/826                                                      National
                         Avenue, BF Homes,       Paranaque City                     President                 Bldg.Maintenanc 72600-0910-100-       9/28/2010
Corporation                                                       Venzon                           9024 to 26                                                    Capital Region
                         Sucat                                                                                e                      R
                         Tab2F-48 Palm
Ultra Security Services, Tower Condo., 7706                                          Acctg.                                                                        National
                                            Makati                Ricardo Aguila                   403-1312    Security Services    74920-11711-    1/17/2011
Inc.                     St. Paul Road, San                                        Supervisor                                                                    Capital Region
                         Antonio Village
Maximum Security and No. 6 Denver Street,                         Virgilio R.                                                   NCR-QCFO-7492-                     National
                                          Quezon City                               President     88/4120840- Security Services                     2/12/2010
Service Corporation  Cubao                                        Gonzales                                                         0210-012                      Capital Region
                         087 Filinvest Road I,                    Fely G.                                                          NCR-QCFO-7492-                  National
Isla Security Agency                           Quezon City                           Owner          9321263    Security Services                    12/1/2010
                         Batasan Hills                            Lumacad                                                             1210-200                   Capital Region

                         8th Floor, Room 811,                                          VP
Job and Personnel        Phil. Axa Life Ctr.,                     Maribeth G.      Operation &                 Service             NCR-PFO-7414-                   National
                                              Makati City                                           7593652                                         11/17/2010
Alliance Systems, Inc.   Sen. Gil Puyat                           Abuan            Administrati                contractor           111710-174                   Capital Region
                         Avenue                                                        on
                         18 4th Ave., Brgy.
                                                                                     Admin                                         NCR-QCFO-7492-                  National
Big Brother, Inc.        Bagong Lipunan,         Quezon City      Joven Gonzaga                    726-1863    Security Services                    5/14/2010
                                                                                     Officer                                          0510-072                   Capital Region
                         Unit 1 2/F RB Bldg.,                                                                                    NCR-MUNTA-
Intervolved Express                                           Sheila T.             General       8092679/809 Courier &                                            National
                         Don Jesus Blvd.,     Muntinlupa City                                                                   64110-0510-035-      5/4/2010
Services                                                      Aguinaldo             Manager          6632     Delivery Services                                  Capital Region
                         Alabang Hills                                                                                                 R
                        Unit 12 Parian
                        Commercial Center,                      Roderick R.         Proj.      9315093/932                        NCR-QCFO-4533-                   National
SSP Builders                               Quezon City                                                     Construction                             5/13/2010
                        Commonwealth                            Pega              Architect       3431                               0510-071                    Capital Region
                        Avenue, Diliman
                                                                                                              Electro-                NCR-
                        1417 Apolinario                         James Connie       Safety                                                                          National
Robros, Incorporated                           Makati City                                      889-4031      mechanical           MPFO=72600-       4/5/2010
                        Street, Bangkal                         Thomas             Officer                                                                       Capital Region
                                                                                                              Contractor            4510-044
Golden Z-5 Security and 363 Dr. Fernandez                                        Operation
                                               Mandaluyong      Feliciano                                                         NCR-PFO-7492-                    National
Investigation Agency,   St., Brgy. Highway                                        Finance       532-5939      Security Services                     11/18/2010
                                               City             Almera, Jr.                                                        111810-175                    Capital Region
Inc.                    Hills                                                    Manager
                          Unit 405-406,PSMBFI
Josiah Security Services, Bldg., Boni Serrano                   Hilarion dela    Operation                                        NCR-PFO-7492-                    National
                                              San Juan City                                     726-2359      Security Services                     6/24/2010
Inc.                      St., cor. 1st & 2nd                   Paz               Officer                                          062410-093                    Capital Region
                          West Crame
                         Rm. 16 RSTI                                                                                               NCR-MUNTA-
                                                                                   Sales &                                                                         National
Chemsol Industries, Inc. Compound,             Las Pinas City   Noel C. Capule                  874-7673      Manufacturing       24251-0410-033-   4/26/2010
                                                                                   Service                                                                       Capital Region
                         Pamplona                                                                                                        R
                        1075 2nd Floor, LEL
Integrated Dynamic      Bldg., Camia cor. J. P.                 Carlito San                                   Manpower                                             National
                                                Makati City                      Admin Staff     8904402                           72600-32910-     3/29/2010
Services, Inc.          Rizal Street, Brgy.                     Juan                                          Services                                           Capital Region
                        Guadalupe Viejo

Asian Security &        3/F Gencars Bldg.,,                                                                                         NCR-MPFO-
                                                                Ricardo          EVP/Genera 8175062/817                                                            National
Investigation Agency,   2113 Pasong Tamo Makati City                                                    Security Services          74920-32610-     3/26/2010
                                                                Silverio          l Manager    5065                                                              Capital Region
Inc.                    cor. Dela Rosa Street                                                                                          031

Goodline Staffers &                            San Juan, Metro                    Project                     Manpower            NCR-PFO-7493-                    National
                        123 A. Lake Street                     Alfredo Mina                    727-09-44/46                                          4/6/2010
Allied Services, Inc.                          Manila                             Manager                     Services             030610-044                    Capital Region
                                                                                                              Pest & Termite
Extermicon General      1031 Talundon          Pandacan,        Adelberto           Vice                                          NCR-MFO-03330-                   National
                                                                                                563-5150      Control &                          11/4/2010
Services, Inc.          Street                 Manila           Pagsibigan        President                                          1110-061                    Capital Region
                      Nasson's Bldg., West                                                                                         NCR-MUNTA-
Topnotch Multipurpose                                           Jose Nelson                                                                                        National
                      Service Road         Paranaque City                         Chairman      994-7824      Cooperative         74960-0610-056-   6/16/2010
Cooperative                                                     Conanan                                                                                          Capital Region
                      ,Sunvalley                                                                                                         R
                      #21 President
Morvilla Security
                      Quezon Street,                            Raquel V.                                                         NCR-PFO-74920-                   National
Agency and Services,                       Pasig City                             President     748-3491      Security Services                     3/10/2010
                      Lifehomes Subd.,                          White                                                               031010-031                   Capital Region
Foremost Investigation
                       34 Governor Pascual                                                                                         NCR-CFO-74920-                   National
and Social Security                        Malabon City          Ofelia Calpito     President       401-7385   Security Services                     11/5/2010
                       Avenue, Acacia                                                                                                11510-050                    Capital Region
Agency Corporation

                         Unit E, 148 San                                            Operation                  Janitorial and
The Clean Company,                               Mandaluyong     Jennifer                                                          NCR-PFO-7493-                    National
                         Francisco Street,                                           Service        531-5241   Manpower                              4/12/2011
Inc.                                             City            Martin                                                             041211-087                    Capital Region
                         Barangay Plainview                                          Officer                   Services
                        Unit 1015 V.V.                                                                         Security and
Iron Hand Security &                                             Santos T.                                                         NCR-PFO-63199-                   National
                        Soliven Bldg., EDSA      San Juan City                      President       7271409    Investigation                          6/6/2011
Investigation Agency                                             Ominga                                                              060611-136                   Capital Region
                        Greenhills                                                                             Agency
                        Unit 304, 818
Solutions Reengineering
                        Building No. 169                                             Acctg.                    Single Logistic &   NCR-PFO-5239-                    National
Group Philippines Inc.                           Pasig City      Jacquilen Glino                    6719984                                          4/13/2010
                        Pasig Road,                                                  Officer                   Trading              041310-047                    Capital Region
Prime Security and      No. 13 K-6th Street,                     Romeo A.           Director- 9260795/927                 NCR-QCFO-7492-                            National
                                             Quezon City                                                  Security Agency                             8/2/2010
Protective Agency, Inc. Kamuning                                 Santos            Operations    3317                        0810-119                             Capital Region

                         5/F Kings Court                                                                                               NCR-
Shimizu Philippine                                               Marivic           Administrati                                                                     National
                         Building 1, 2129   Makati City                                             811-2989   Construction         MPFO=72600-      5/11/2010
Contractors, Inc.                                                Villanueva         ve Officer                                                                    Capital Region
                         Pasong Tamo Street                                                                                          5110-055
IMSHR Corporate          #16 Marian Road I,                  Delbert               Recruitment                 Service                                              National
                                              Paranaque City                                        776-1134                       40100-0410-032-   4/22/2010
Support, Inc.            San Martin de Porres                Mauricio                Officer                   contractor                                         Capital Region
                          10th Floor
Superguard Security                              Sta. Cruz,      Jaime Clamar,      General                                        NCR-MFO-74920-                   National
                          Manufacturer's Bldg.                                                     7338236-39 Security Service                        8/6/2010
Corporation                                      Manila          Jr.                Manager                                           0810-035                    Capital Region
                          1757 N. Garcia                                                                                            NCR-MPFO-
Sentinel Integrated                                              Jose Ma. R.                                   Security Service                                     National
                          Street, San Miguel     Makati City                        President       8964169                        74920-102010-     10/20/2010
Services, Inc.                                                   Manotok                                       Provider                                           Capital Region
                          Village                                                                                                       145
Quiambao Risk             #328 Visayas                                             President &
                                                                 Felicitas                     9285727/454                   NCR-QCFO-7492-                         National
Management Specialist, Avenue, Brgy.             Quezon City                         General               Security Services                         6/22/2010
                                                                 Quiambao                         3075                          0610-097                          Capital Region
Inc.                      Pasong Tamo                                               Manager
                          Suite 1506 One
Power Master,             Magnificent Mile                                                                     Manpower/Janit NCR-PFO-7493-                         National
                          Condo., San Miguel     Pasig City      Philip A. Liao    Legal Officer    6375588                                          11/13/2009
Incorporated                                                                                                   orial Services  100109-048                         Capital Region
                          Avenue, Ortigas
Wings of Gold             7791-B St. Paul Rd.                    Dulce Y.            Acctg.                                                                         National
                                                 Makati City                                        890-6168   Security Services    74920-41311-     4/13/2011
Protective Services, Inc. San Antonio Village                    Hernandez          Manager                                                                       Capital Region
                        Unit 614 Globe
Beta Equipment Sales    Telecom Plaza II,      Mandaluyong                     Admin.                  Service             NCR-PFO-2924-                    National
                                                              Rolyn Andal                   7194046                                          10/21/2010
Corporation             Pioneer cor.           City                             Head                   contractor           102110-159                    Capital Region
                        Madison Sts.
                        3/F Limketkai Bldg.,                                  Human
Integrated Computer                                           Celeste                                                      NNCR-PFO-5190-                   National
                        Ortigas Avenue,        San Juan                      Resources      727-3801   Wholesale/Retail                      7/12/2010
Systems, Incorporated                                         Lorayes                                                       071210-099(N)                 Capital Region
                        Greenhills                                           Manager
                        Everlasting corner                                    Manager -
Protectors of Assets    Cadena de Amor                                                                                  NCR-MUNTA-
                                                              Reynaldo       Personnel & 8241231/824                                                        National
and Personnel Services, Sts., United           Paranaque City                                        Security Services 74920-0910-095-       9/23/2010
                                                              Guerra           Admin        1647                                                          Capital Region
Inc.                    Paranaque Subd.                                                                                       R
                        (UPS) IV
Basic's Affiliate for   Rm. 309 VI-LA
                                                              Rafaela G.       Admin.                  Manpower            NCR-QCFO-7491-                   National
Sourcing Integrated     Building, 598 EDSA,    Quezon City                                  4214214                                           6/7/2010
                                                              Jarlan           Officer                 contractor             0610-089                    Capital Region
Careers, Inc.           Cubao
                        #5 South Lawin                                                                 Manpower &
Federal Management &                                          Norben O.      OIC, Sales &                                  NCRQCFO-7493-                    National
                        Avenue, Philam         Quezon City                                  410-8085   Janitorial                            9/30/2010
Maintenance, Inc.                                             Minerva         Marketing                                      0910-154                     Capital Region
                        Homes                                                                          Services
                          6th Floor Berma                                                                                   NCR-MUNTA-
Spic n' Span Service                                          Rowena L.      Operations 8792061/879 Janitorial                                              National
                          Bldg., Redemptorist, Paranaque City                                                              72600-0211-027-   2/22/2011
Corporation                                                   Pelayo          Manager      2112     Services                                              Capital Region
                          Road Baclaran                                                                                           R
M. Y. Reyes Builders &    20 Oslo Avenue,
                                                              John Kenneth   Operations 9314018/932                        NCRQCFO-4533-                    National
Development               Capitol Homes, Old   Quezon City                                          Construction                             9/30/2010
                                                              Reyes           Manager      9010                              0910-156                     Capital Region
Corporation               Balara
                          641 Boni Avenue,     Mandaluyong    Diosdado T.     Managing                 Supply/Installati    NCR-PFO-453-                    National
Asia PTS Elevator, Inc.                                                                     533-3378                                          9/8/2010
                          Plainview            City           Belleca         Director                 on of Elevator        090810-126                   Capital Region
                          3742 General                                                                                   NCR-MPFO-
Achievers Security                                            Marilyn                    8889069/888                                               National
                          Estrella Street,     Makati City                   Proprietress            Security Services 74920-5210-058- 5/25/2010
Agency Phils.                                                 Legaspi                        9071                                                Capital Region
                          Bangkal                                                                                             A
Alert Security &                                                             President &                                 NCR-MPFO-
                          2973 Apelo Cruz St.,                Manuel D.                      0928-                                                 National
Investigation Agency,                          Pasay City                      General               Security Services 74920-102611- 10/26/2011
                          Malibay                             Dasig                        4563289                                               Capital Region
Inc.                                                                          Manager                                        155
                        7th Floor, Cocofed                                                                               NCR-MPFO-
Arsenal Security Group,                                       Jose Mari V.     General                                                             National
                        Bldg., 144 Amorsolo Makati City                                    8927209 Security Services 74920-41911-      4/19/2011
Inc.                                                          Flores          Manager                                                            Capital Region
                        Street                                                                                               007
                          Platinum 2000 #7                                      Chief
                                               Sam Juan,      Arlyn L.                               Services/Systems NCR-PFO-72500-               National
Multi-Fold Links, Inc.    Annapolis Street,                                   Operating    726-1440                                    3/25/2010
                                               Metro Manila   Solitario                              & Facilities        032510-039              Capital Region
                          Greenhills                                           Officer
                          2nd Floor Mary                                            Asst.
NYK Logistics (Phils.),   Bachrach Bldg cor.    Port Area,       Melisa B.      Gen.Mgr/Ad                 Total Logistics   NCR-MFO-63910-                  National
                                                                                   min. &       527-7057                                       3/3/2011
Inc.                      25th A. C. Delgado    Manila           Grafilo                                   Operations           0311-012                   Capital Region
                          Sts.                                                   Integrated
Trident Security &        No. 7 11th Jamboree
                                                                 Rafael L.                     9287620/416                 NCR-QCFO--7492-                   National
Investigation Agency,     St., Barangay Sacred Quezon City                       President                 Security Agency                 11/4/2010
                                                                 Venturanza                       5793                        1110-184                     Capital Region
Inc.                      Heart

Asian Construction &      2nd Floor Ajinomoto                                     Senior                                       NCR-MPFO-
                                                                 Serapio J.                                                                                  National
Development               Bldg., Sen. Gil Puyat Makati City                     Administrati    576-4500   Construction       45100-92611-     9/26/2011
                                                                 Pinugu, Jr.                                                                               Capital Region
Corporation               Avenue                                                    on                                            137

4th Dimension Multi-      26 Ipo Street,                         Maribel B.        Vice                    Manpower          NCR-QCFO-7493-                  National
                                                Quezon City                                      7119743                                       10/4/2010
Purpose Cooperative       Laloma                                 Salta           Chairman                  Services             1010-160                   Capital Region
                       Unit G101-102 Jocfer
                                                Holy Spirit                                                Janitorial &
Ryder & Sparks Prime   Bldg.,                                                    General                                     NCR-QCFO-7493-                  National
                                                District 2,      Noel Harucut                    9520293   Outsourced                          4/29/2011
Corporation            Commonwealth                                              Manager                                        0411-109                   Capital Region
                                                Quezon City                                                Services
                       3rd Floor Hyatt
Hyatt Elevators and                             Mandaluyong      Carlos del       Service                  Sales, service,    NCR-PFO-453-                   National
                       Centre, Ortigas                                                          723-0661                                       6/28/2010
Escalators Corporation                          City             Prado             Engr.                   Maintenance         062810-094                  Capital Region
                          Unit 1 Primrose                                        Owner-                                       NCR-MUNTA-
FCD Prime                                                        Fortunato                     8009011/801 Service                                           National
                          Bldg., Rose Avenue, Las Pinas City                     General                                     91120-0710-073-   7/16/2010
Management Services                                              David                            4355     contractor                                      Capital Region
                          Pilar Village                                          Manager                                            R
                          Mezzanine Flr.
                                                                                                           Legal &             NCR-MPFO-
Ofracio Caronan &         Nicsan Bldg., 2848 E.                  Ma. Leonora      Office                                                                     National
                                                Makati City                                     836-8278   Collection         82190-10410-     10/4/2010
Associates Law Offices    Zobel cor. Zenaida                     Ofracio        Supervisor                                                                 Capital Region
                                                                                                           Services               134
                          3rd Floor ADR Bldg.,
Marilyn T. Canaway                                               Marilyn         General                   Manpower          NCR-PFO-74911-                  National
                          E. Rodriguez Avenue, Pasig City                                                                                      9/27/2010
Employment Agency                                                Canaway         Manager                   Services            092710-140                  Capital Region
                          Dela Paz
                          6th Floor, The
                          Athenaeum Bldg.,                       Jose            Managing                  Search and                                        National
Asia Select, Inc.                               Makati City                                      8144200                     76200-12-01-09-   12/4/2009
                          160 Leviste St.,                       Balderama       Director                  Selection                                       Capital Region
                          Salcedo Village
Control Construction,     Control Bldg., 1277                    Milagros                                                    NCR-MFO-45100-                  National
                                                Malate, Manila                  Secretary/Tr    523-4990   Construction                     1/28/2011
Inc.                      Estrada Street                         Avante                                                         0111-008                   Capital Region
                                                                                                      Collection &
                          33-A San Francisco    Kapitolyo, Pasig Ailene Del     Owner/Man 6312680/713                        NCR-MFO-74960-                  National
Adros Business Services                                                                               Messengerial                          9/28/2010
                          Street                City             Rosario          ager       3113                               0910-054                   Capital Region
                            1760 Famos Bldg.
Famos Combined              Evangelista St., Cor.                   Alexander                                  Manpower                                           National
                                                  Makati City                        President     856-4660                         74920-42710-    4/27/2010
Services, Inc.              Hen. Macabulos Sts.,                    Fesariton                                  Agency                                           Capital Region
                            Brgy Bangkal

Corporate Elite Group                                                                                                                NCR-MPFO-
                                                   Poblacion,       Pedro                                                                                         National
Security & Investigation 2848 Zobel Street                                           President      8990008    Security Services    74820-52510-    5/25/2010
                                                   Makati City      Guevarra                                                                                    Capital Region
Services                                                                                                                                061

                            Rm. 412 Delta Bldg.,
KP Eco Construction &                                                                 Gen.        3733220/373                      NCR-QCFO-4533-                 National
                            West Ave. corner     Quezon City        Efren O. Capa                             Construction                          3/31/2011
Devt. Corp.                                                                          Manager         3221                             0311-085                  Capital Region
                            Quezon Ave.

                            72 Bernardo Street, Navotas, Metro Corazon                                                               NCR-MPFO-                    National
All Asia Structures, Inc.                                                                                      Gen. Contractor                      5/31/2010
                            San Rafael Village  Manila         Ramos                                                               45100-0510-018               Capital Region
Global Resource For         4/F Philippine First
                                                                    Rowena M.        General      8935267 to Int'l. & Local          NCR-MPFO-                    National
Outsourced Workers          Bldg., 6764 Ayala      Makati City                                                                                      2/1/2011
                                                                    Santos           Manager      69/8935284 Recruitment           72600-2111-187               Capital Region
(GROW), Inc.                Avenue
Standard                    # 64-2nd St.,                                                                      Telecommunicati
                                                                    Juliet T.                                                  NCR-QCFO-6420-                     National
Communication               Veterans Vill. Pasong Quezon City                       HRD Head       951-77-74   on Installation                      7/23/2010
                                                                    Ronduan                                                       0710-111                      Capital Region
Systems, Inc.               Tamo                                                                               Services
                                                                                    Operation &
EEE Valencia Services,      2365 Osmena                             Ernani                                     Technical           NCR-MFO-64210-                 National
                                                   Malate, Manila                     Mktg.        353-2082                                       7/26/2010
Inc.                        Highway, Singalong                      Valencia                                   Business               0710-031                  Capital Region
                            Unit 647 Park                                                                                            NCR-MPFO-
Trijon Manpower &                                                                    General                   Manpower                                           National
                            Avenue Mansion,        Pasay City       Lydia Q Ojon                    8318212                         72600-22511-    2/25/2011
Management Services                                                                  Manager                   Services                                         Capital Region
                            Park Avenue                                                                                                 206
                            Rm. 306 Fedman                                                                                           NCR-MPFO-
                                                   Legaspi Village,                    Vice       8174561/815 Service                                             National
Maxinter Corporation        Building, 199                           Rodel Adlao                                                     72600-62810-    6/28/2010
                                                   Makati City                       President       2036     contractor                                        Capital Region
                            Salcedo Street                                                                                              085
Global Quest Consulting #36 Stanford St.,          Cubao, Quezon Joseph                           4212347/913 IT Consulting        NCRQCFO-7414-                  National
                                                                                     COO/MD                                                         3/25/2010
Group, Inc.             Cubao                      City          Azucena                             4916     Firm                   0310-044                   Capital Region

                            10/F Sterling Centre,                                                                                    NCR-MPFO-
Beukhen International                             Legaspi Village,                   General                   Collection                                         National
                            131 Dela Rosa cor.                     Rey Lozada                       7514526                         72600-71910-    7/19/2010
(P), Inc.                                         Makati City                        Manager                   Services                                         Capital Region
                            Ormanza St.                                                                                                 093
                          G/FNEB Bldg., #1         Brgy.
Mega Corinthians                                                    Roderick          Admin.                                       NCRQCFO-7492-                  National
                          Don Gumersindo           Paligsahan,                                     371-9667    Security Services                    9/9/2010
Integrated Security, Inc.                                           Lictawa           Officer                                        0910-143                   Capital Region
                          Garcia St.,              Quezon City
                          NEB Bldg., #1 Don        Brgy.
Corinthians Integrated                                              Roderick M.       Admin.      3735801 to                   NCR-QCFO-7492-              National
                          Gumersindo Garcia        Paligsahan,                                               Security Services                10/20/2010
Security, Inc.                                                      Lictawa           Officer         03                          1010-170               Capital Region
                          Street,                  Quezon City
                          9/F Vernida IV
                                                Salcedo Village, Adora S.         Operations                 Product               NCR-MPFO-                     National
Victrix Marketing, Inc.   Building 128, L. P.                                                    7512410                                           7/4/2011
                                                Makati City      Asuncion          Manager                   Promotions          72600-7411-081                Capital Region
                          Leviste Street
                          2nd Flr., Manila
Right Eight Security      Memorial Park Bldg.,                   Graciano F.       General      8923483 to                                                       National
                                               Makati City                                                 Security Services      74920-10710-     9/7/2010
Agency, Inc.              2283 Pasong Tamo                       Onilongo          Manager          89                                                         Capital Region
                          2768 Lupin Bldg.,                                       Benefits &
Regcris Marketing                                                Liberato                                    Manpower              NCR-MPFO-                     National
                          Faraday Street, Brgy. Makati City                       Remittance     8939308                                           9/8/2011
Network, Inc.                                                    Garcia                                      Services            72600-9811-123                Capital Region
                          San Isidro                                                Officer
                          Unit 505, %th Flr.,                                      General                   Property             NCR-MPFO-
Property Specialists                                             Luisito                                                                                         National
                          Comfoods Bldg., Sen. Makati City                        Manager/Pr     7592475     Management &        72600-102910-    10/29/2010
Team (Prospect), Inc.                                            Tabones                                                                                       Capital Region
                          Gil Puyat Ave.                                            esident                  Allied Services          151
                          GF Doña Victoriana
ENL Management                                  Cubao, Quezon                     Admin.-In-                 Service             NCR-QCFO-7491-                  National
                          Bldg., New York                     Nenita Guarin                     9134716/17                                        8/31/2010
Services                                        City                               Charge                    contractor             0810-135                   Capital Region
                          Street corer EDSA
AE Research Exponents, Rm. 400-J Delta          West Triangle,                                3733205/373 Marketing              NCR-QCFO-6420-                  National
                                                                 Angelita Silao      eneral                                                       7/27/2010
Inc.                   Bldg., West Avenue       Quezon City                                      3522     Research                  0710-118                   Capital Region
Sentinel Credit          2nd Floor Emerald      Ortigas Center,                                              Credit              NCR-PFO-4542-                   National
                                                                Rona Didulo        HR Head       214-6960                                         3/24/2011
Information Service, Inc Building               Pasig City                                                   Investigation        032311-069                   Capital Region
                        3/F Emmanuel                                                                                               NCR-MPFO-
Modair Manila Co. Ltd.,                         Legaspi Village,                   Project                   Construction                                        National
                        House, 115 Aguirre                       Jovel Burgos                    894-5888                         72600-11811-    1/18/2011
Inc.                                            Makati City                        Director                  Engineering                                       Capital Region
                        St.                                                                                                           180
                        U-917 Cityland
Archon Consulting &     Herrera Tower, V.A.     Salcedo Village,                  Corporate 8939388/893                            NCR-MPFO-                     National
                                                                 Henry Ren                              IT Consultancy                             7/6/2010
System Services, Inc.   Rufino corner Valero    Makati City                       Secretary    8855                              74140-7610-087                Capital Region
Smartpark Systems         4/F Reliable Bldg.,                    Mia Vanessa                                 Service                                             National
                                              Makati City                         HR Officer    7533480/83                        72600-72310-    7/23/2010
Solutions, Inc.           7230 Malugay Street                    Loredo                                      contractor                                        Capital Region
Philippine Eagle          1853 Victoria House, Cubao, Quezon Jaime                  Gen.                                         NCR-QCFO-7499-                  National
                                                                                                 415-7788    Security Services                     6/9/2011
Protectors Co., Inc.      E, Rodriguez Sr. Blvd. City        Castaneda             Manager                                          0611-155                   Capital Region

Vulcan Security Agency, 1853 E. Rodriguez Sr. Cubao, Quezon Corazon                                                              NCR-QCFO-7493-              National
                                                                                  and General    7249002     Security Services                  11/24/2010
Inc.                    Avenue                City          Tagayuna                                                                1110-195               Capital Region
                          2nd Floor RYS Bldg.,                                                           Merchandising/
Promark Marketing                              Cubao, Quezon Divina               VP Admin & 4388995/995                         NCRQCFO-7491-                   National
                          #124 15th Avenue,                                                              Manpower                                 9/15/2010
Services                                       City          Tablante               Finance     4070                               0910-150                    Capital Region
                          P. Tuazon                                                                      Services
                          No. 151 Chioco                                                             703-                        NCR-MUNTA-
Help-U-Clean Systems,                             BF Homes,      Edison                                        Janitorial                                        National
                          Street corner Dela                                          Manager      9677/829-                    72600-0111-005-   1/28/2011
Inc.                                              Paranaque City Quiambao                                      Services                                        Capital Region
                          Rama Street                                                                5334                              R
                          Rm 103 G/F Rudgen
RRK Trade Marketing       1 Bldg., #17 Shaw                                                                    Promo/Merchan NCR-PFO-4532-                       National
                                             Pasig City             Lope Bernardo    President     631-6146                                       3/15/2011
Services, Inc.            Blvd., Brgy. San                                                                     dising         031411-063                       Capital Region
                          Antonio, Kapitolyo

Dominic Construction,     229 A Basilan corner Mandaluyong          Kenneth           Liaison     5322335/531 General            NCR-PFO-45-                     National
Inc.                      Talayan Sts          City                 Mandap            Officer        7892     Construction       080610-113                    Capital Region
                          UG 12 G/F, Cityland
                          10 Tower 2, H.V.                          Christian P.     Resource                                                                    National
Aspire IT R & S, Inc.                            Makati City                                                   IT Consulting     74140-72210-     7/22/2010
                          Dela Costa S.t, Bel-                      Rito             Manager                                                                   Capital Region
                          Air Village
                          G/F Sydney Plaza                                             HR &
Belize Manpower                                                     Joan                          8966254/899 Manpower            NCR-MPFO-                      National
                          Bldg., 968 J. P. Rizal Makati City                          Admin.                                                       9/3/2010
Services                                                            Hernandez                        6704     Services          72600-9310-117                 Capital Region
                          Avenue                                                      Manager
                                                                                                               Promotion,         NCR-MPFO-
Corporate Staff           7467-A Santillan                          Mangelie         Operation                                                                   National
                                                  Makati City                                       8193618    Messengerial &    72600-92410-     9/24/2010
Specialist, Inc.          Street, Pio Del Pilar                     Araos            Manager                                                                   Capital Region
                                                                                                               Janitorial            128
                          Rm. 202 Nayan
Proservice Marketing                              Mandaluyong       Orencia          Accounting                Marketing        NCR-PFO-7491-                    National
                          Ruelo Bldg.,                                                              5355775                                       8/31/2010
Promotions, Inc.                                  City              Lumaad              Head                   Services          083110-123                    Capital Region
                          Dansalan St
                          82 F. Manalo Street,                      Renato Luis C.                                              NCRQCFO-7493-                    National
Contract Services, Inc.                        Quezon City                           President      7230993    Messengerial &                     11/18/2010
                          Cubao                                     Isidoro                                                       1110-192                     Capital Region
                                                                                                               Other Services
Golden Ace Services,      Compound, E.                              Engracia         Operation                 Manpower          NCR-MUNTA-                      National
                                                  Muntinlupa City                                  752-0231                                       1/31/2011
Inc.                      Rodriguez St..,                           Gutierrez        Manager                   Services         52112-0111-008                 Capital Region
                          G/F Mary Bacharach                                          Business
                                                 Port Area,         Ambrocio                                   Manpower         NCR-MFO-74911-                   National
Toplis Solutions, Inc.    Bldg., 25th St. corner                                       Vev't.      523-1011                                    8/16/2010
                                                 Manila             Barce                                      Servcie             0810-036                    Capital Region
                          Railroad St.                                                 Officer
                                                                                                               Promotions,       NCR-MPFO-
Corporate Link     7234- B J. Victor St.,                           Edralin           General                                                                    National
                                          Makati City                                              840-5670    Messengerial &   72600-122910-     12/29/2010
Management Network Pio Del Pilar                                    Bermudez          Manager                                                                  Capital Region
                                                                                                               Janitorial            174
PB Communication
                         Rm. 406 ML Bldg.,                       Lamberto                                      Manpower            NCRQCFO-7493-                   National
Staffing and Services                           Quezon City                         President      9275492                                           9/8/2010
                         #47 Kamias                              Carpio                                        Services              0910-142                    Capital Region
                         #187 MH Del Pilar                                          General                    General              NCR-PFO-291-                   National
9R Manpower Services                            Pasig City       Reynaldo Cruz                     6420852                                          2/12/2010
                         St., Palatin                                               Manager                    Contracting           021210-017                  Capital Region
Nfyneat Datacon          3891 Marigold                           Angel Ruben         Liaison                   Data Conversion                                     National
                                                Paranaque City                                     823-1361                    91120-0710-077-      7/27/2010
Incorporated             Street, Sun Valley                      Martinez            Officer                   and Processing                                    Capital Region
Flying High Energy       #53 Araullo corner
                                                                 Rubenino                                                          NCR-PFO-6412-                   National
Express Services         Torres Street, Brgy.   San Juan City                      Admin. Asst.    386-86-62   Courier Services                     9/15/2010
                                                                 Rodriguez                                                          091510-134                   Capital Region
Corporation              Addition Hills
3rd Lanting Security &   LSWA Bldg., 1815                        Donald              Liaison                                       NCR-MFO-74920-                  National
                                                Malate, Manila                                     529-4694    Security Services                  1/19/2011
Watchman Agency          Singalong Street                        Pongyan             Officer                                          0111-005                   Capital Region
                         Rm.202, Vicar Bldg.,
Volare General Services,                                         Anthony M.                                    Messengerial &      NCR-QCFO-7493-              National
                         No. 25 Denver        Quezon City                           President      7214935                                        11/11/2010
Inc.                                                             Garcia                                        Other Allied           1110-187               Capital Region
                         Street, Cubao
Lionstar Value           3/F Roscar Bldg., 81 Mandaluyong        Teoderico dela      Gen.                      Manpower            NCR-PFO-7491-                   National
                                                                                                   535-1365                                          9/5/2011
Innovations, Inc.        Boni Avenue, EDSA City                  Cruz               Manager                    Services             090511-201                   Capital Region

Corrotech,               No. 9-B Road 15,                        Ma. Nerissa                                                       NCR-QCFO-4533-                  National
                                                Quezon City                         & Admin.       927-6859    Construction                          3/2/2011
Incorporated             Project 8                               Bauza                                                                0311-021                   Capital Region

Shooters Security        118 Balagtas Villas,                                       General                                          NCR-MPFO-                     National
                                                Pasay City       Richard T. Rios                   521-6606    Security Services                     9/1/2010
Services, Inc.           Balagtas Street                                            Manager                                        74920-9110-116                Capital Region
                         Unit 3 JS Gaisano
                         Bldg., No. 88 Shaw                      Rebecca            Managing 6891075/910 Courier /                 NCR-PFO-6412-                   National
A-Best Express, Inc.                         Pasig City                                                                                             11/22/2011
                         Blvd. Corner Oranbo                     Montes             Director    1613     Messengerial               112211-240                   Capital Region
Proserve Multi-          4/F Northbridge
                                                                 Juancho              Vice                     Service             NCR-QCFO-6819-                  National
Resources Specialists,   Plaza, Congressional Quezon City                                          920-6602                                         8/24/2010
                                                                 Pineda             President                  contractor             0810-130                   Capital Region
Inc.                     Avenue
                         3/F Hanzon Santos
Triple Star Staffing                                             Imelda                           3656927/407 Manpower                                             National
                         Bldg., EDSA corner Caloocan City                           President                                      NCR-8-0907-487   9/29/2010
Center, Inc.                                                     Cunanan                             6965     Services                                           Capital Region
                         Ang Street
                         Suite 503-A, 5/F, 337                                                                                      NCR-MPFO-
Asahi Synchrotech                                                Josenia B.         General                                                                        National
                         Sen. Gil J. Puyat     Makati City                                         8999392     Construction        45330-101310-    10/13/2010
Manila Corporation                                               Nantes             Manager                                                                      Capital Region
                         Avenue                                                                                                         142
                        G/F, JM II Building
                                                                                                 887-                           NCR-MPFO-
                        Osmeña Highway                           Louie M.       President/C                Messengerial                                         National
Securetrac, Inc.                               Makati City                                     1590/887-                       72600-102711-     10/27/2011
                        cor. Rockefeller St.                     Dabao              EO                     Services                                           Capital Region
                                                                                                 1453                               159
                        Brgy. San Isidro
Arm Corporate Security 28 Gladiola St.,                          Ana Ruby                                                      NCR-QCFO-7492-              National
                                               Quezon City                       Managing       3713176    Security Services                  12/13/2010
Services, Inc.         Roxas District                            Barata, CSP                                                      1210-205               Capital Region
                                                                                                           Janitorial and
Cleanermen,                                    Mandaluyong       Roberto                                                       NCR-PFO-7493-                    National
                        #37 Apo Street                                          Bookkeeper      5310196    Manpower                              11/8/2011
Incorporated                                   City              Roque                                                          110811-233                    Capital Region
                        G/F Metro Drug Inc.
Zi-Techasia             Compound, Mañalac Bagumbayan,                             Liaison                  Automation                                       National
                                                                 Renard Reyes                   9376749                        51223-1010-113- 10/21/2010
(Philippines), Inc.     Ave., Sta. Maria    Taguig City                           Officer                  Services                                       Capital Region
                        Industrial Estatem
                       3/F Erechem Bldg.,
                                                                                 President                 Computer              NCR-MPFO-
Primover Consultancy   Salcedo cor. V. a.                                                                                                                       National
                                               Makati City       Alex Sinogba   and General                Services & Other     74140-93010-     9/30/2010
Services, Inc.         Rufino Sts., Legaspi                                                                                                                   Capital Region
                                                                                 Manager                   Admin. Tasks             132
                       Unit F BFI Bldg. 177
                                                                                Admin./Fina                                     NCR-MUNTA-
                       Dona Soledad                              Margarita                                                                                  National
REV Industries, Inc.                           Paranaque City                      nce          8227476    Merchandising       52112-1010-114- 10/20/2010
                       Avenue, Better                            Catipay                                                                                  Capital Region
                                                                                 Manager                                              R
                       Living Subdivision
Generation One         G/F Units RCC
Resource Service and   Townhouse,                              Robert                                      Service                                              National
                                               Muntinlupa City                   Chairman      807-2046                        74960-1110-118-   11/5/2010
Multipurpose           Buencamino St.,                         Poblete                                     Cooperative                                        Capital Region
Cooperative            Alabang
                       2F SBCA Bldg. Km.                                                                   Janitorial &          NCR-NCR-
Sol Manpower Services,                                           Ana Lorena                                                                                     National
                       23.6 East Service       Muntinlupa City                   President      8071562    Manpower            MUNTA-72600-      6/22/2011
Inc.                                                             Oliva                                                                                        Capital Region
                       Road, Alabang                                                                       Services             0611-100-R
Manos De San Rafael    1675 Unit-E Rizalina
                                                                                  Asst.                    Manpower            NCR-QCFO-7493-              National
Manpower Services      2 Bldg., Quezon         Quezon City       Alicia Monge                  929-8328                                       10/20/2010
                                                                                 Manager                   Services               1010-172               Capital Region
Corporation            Avenue
Optimum Security        #119-A K-7th Street,                     Elmer           Managing                                      NCR-QCFO-7492-                   National
                                             Quezon City                                        9271204    Security Services                      3/4/2011
Services, Inc.          East Kamias                              Magnate         Director                                         0311-022                    Capital Region

                        Unit 206 Megastate
                        Bldg., 737 Araneta                       Benise S.         Vice       7430991/416 Service              NCR-QCFO-7493-              National
Management and                             Quezon City                                                                                        10/22/2010
                        Ave. cor. Agno                           Huang           President       8606     contractor              1010-175               Capital Region
Services Inc.
                        15/F Express Bank
Headstrong Philippines, Plaza, Sen. Gil Puyat                                                                                                                   National
                                              Makati City        Nora Terrado    Prsident      88618888    IT Consulting       45100-122110-     12/23/2010
Inc.                    cor. Chino Roces                                                                                                                      Capital Region
                       1st Floor,
Alsons/Aws Information Multinational                                Ferdinand           Vice                    Information                                         National
                       Bancorporation              Makati City                                        8886431                        72600-10510-     10/5/2010
Systems, Inc.                                                       Iquina            President                 technology                                        Capital Region
                       Centre, 6805 Ayala                                                                                                137
                       No. 1 K-H cor. 9
Phil. Pinoy Manpower                                                                  General                   Service             NCR-QCFO-7493-              National
                       Streets, Brgy. West         Quezon City      Emma Pabillo                     501-2636                                      11/11/2010
Services                                                                              Manager                   Contractor             1110-190               Capital Region
Perez, Sese, Villa and     3rd Floor, CLP Bldg., Intramuros,        Edwin C.           Mrktg.                   Manpower            NCR-MFO-74911-                  National
                                                                                                      4040318                                      1/10/2011
Co.                        372 Cabildo Street Manila                Rivera            Manager                   Agency                 0111-002                   Capital Region

Job Clean Manpower & 817 B San Pablo               Mandaluyong      Gina                                        Janitorial          NCR-PFO-7493-                   National
                                                                                     Proprietress    854-6035                                         3/2/2011
General Services     Street, Plainview             City             Magrimbao                                   Services             030211-042                   Capital Region

AVA Construction           # 9 Durian St.,                          Edgardo A.                      7161471/715                     NCRQCFO-4533-                   National
                                                   Quezon City                        President                 Construction                          12/1/2011
Corporation                Project 2                                Alinea                             1287                           1211-304                    Capital Region

                                                   Sampaloc,        Buena                                                           NCR-MFO-64110-                  National
BLV Courier Express        1261 Alfredo Street                                        Manager        419-0090   Courier Services                      8/1/2011
                                                   Manila           Velasquez                                                          0811-067                   Capital Region
Santos, Taguba &
Angeles Credit             Unit 306 3/F                                                                         Credit
                                                                                     President &                                    NCR-PFO-7499-                   National
Information Services       Emerald Place Bldg., Pasig City          Lucila Taguba                     6345462   Information and                       7/7/2011
                                                                                        CEO                                          070711-167                   Capital Region
(ST&A CISC)                604 Shaw Blvd.                                                                       Investigation
                           #41 V. Concepcion
Clean Pacific Services     cor. Elizalde St., BF                                     OIC-Acctg.                 Janitorial                                          National
                                                   Las Pinas City   Nowel Jaen                        8011050                       72600-0910-093-   9/13/2010
Corporation                West Executive                                              Dept.                    Services                                          Capital Region

Great Value                Unit 6-02-A Regalia
                                                                                                                Service             NCR-QCFO-7493-              National
Management Services        Park Tower Cond., P. Quezon City         Ninay Rile        President       4375804                                      11/24/2010
                                                                                                                Contractor             1110-197               Capital Region
Corp.                      Tuazon Blvd., Cubao

Protect Security &         287 E. Jacinto corner
                                                                                                                                      NCR-MPFO-                     National
Investigation Services     Del Pilar Sts., South Makati City        Daisy D. Jacob       CEO         881-4099   Security Services                     1/6/2011
                                                                                                                                    74920-1611-176                Capital Region
Co., Inc.                  Cembo
                           4/F Gallery Frames
Ameresco Commercial                                          Ma. Lenny D.            Personnel 5233683/525 Commercial &             NCR-MFO-45320-              National
                           Bldg., 2255 Osmena Malate, Manila                                                                                       12/31/2010
and Industrial Co., Inc.                                     Lazo                    Dept. Head   5348     Ind'l. Services             1210-071               Capital Region

J. Vitangcol         1625 Leon Guinto                                                                                               NCR-MFO-45100-              National
                                                   Malate, Manila Luis Mallari       Admin. Staff     4001672   Construction                       11/24/2009
Construction Company Street                                                                                                            1109-021               Capital Region
                          2nd Flr. G.I.F. Bldg.,                                                             Janitorial &
Romeger Manpower                                                                    General                                      NCR-PFO-7493-                   National
                          510 C. Raymundo          Pasig City     Daisy Gerolaga                  641-1438   Manpower                             6/15/2011
Services, Inc.                                                                      Manager                                       061511-150                   Capital Region
                          Ave. Caniogan                                                                      Services
Systech Industries        2367 Marconi Street,                                                               Service                                             National
                                               Makati City        Luis Vidal       HR Manager     551-8607                        72600-42511-    4/25/2011
Corporation               Brgy. Palanan                                                                      Contractor                                        Capital Region
Goldlink Security and     # 32 Scout Borromeo
                                                                                                                                 NCR-QCFO-4533-                  National
Investigative Services,   Street, South       Quezon City         Crispin Dantes    President     415-2720   Security Services                    6/21/2011
                                                                                                                                    0611-167                   Capital Region
Inc.                      Triangle, Diliman

                          Rm. 404-406 One                                           Safety &                                      NCR-MPFO-
Shinryo (Philippines)                                             Arnulfo                                                                                        National
                          Corporate Plaza, 845 Makati City                           Admin        8120083    Construction        45100-122110-    12/21/2010
Company, Inc.                                                     Hidalgo                                                                                      Capital Region
                          A. Arnaiz Avenue                                          Manager                                           169
                          301-B Victoneta                         Edward                                     Service             NCR-CFO-74911-                  National
Employment & Travel                                Malabon City                    HR Manager     365-6321                                        1/24/2011
                          Avenue, Potrero                         Gabriel                                    contractor            012411-004                  Capital Region
                          Rm. 202 FORC Bldg.,
Tri Eagle Consultancy                                             Lecenia P.                                 Consultancy         NCR-PFO-7421-                   National
                          N. Domingo corner San Juan City                          Office Staff   7257479                                         3/14/2011
(TEC) Corporation                                                 Opider                                     Service              031411-060                   Capital Region
                          F. Roman Streets

                          Rm. 202 FORC Bldg.,
3 Eagle Builders                                                  Felipe Kaimo,      Project                 Construction        NCR-PFO-4532-                   National
                          N. Domingo corner San Juan City                                         7443376                                         3/14/2011
Corporation                                                       Jr.              Coordinator               Services             031411-062                   Capital Region
                          F. Roman Streets
Erin Miles Manpower       160 Erwin Garcia
                                                                  Isagani B.         Gen.                    Manpower and NCR-QCFO-7493-              National
and General Services,     Street, Brgy. E.         Quezon City                                    913-2384                               12/17/2010
                                                                  Ganuelas          Manager                  General Services 1210-207              Capital Region
Inc.                      Rodriguez
                        2/F Yupangco Bldg.
CGC Personnel                                                     Sani D.           Finance                  Janitorial            NCR-MPFO-                     National
                        Ave. Extention Chino Makati City                                          3832398                                          3/8/2011
Alternatives Group Inc.                                           Matulac           Manager                  Services            72600-3811-222                Capital Region

                          2811 B. Lorenzo Dela Pandacan,          Edgar de                                                       NCR-MFO-45490-                  National
DEG General Contractor                                                             Proprietor     564-2601   Oil Depot                          12/7/2010
                          Paz Street           Manila             Guzman                                                            1210-069                   Capital Region

                          G/F Acrocity 1 Bldg.,                                    President &                                     NCR-MPFO-
JLFP Investigation &                                              Paolo Antonio                                                                                  National
                          116 Antipolo Street, Makati City                           General                 Security Agency      74920-72210-    7/22/2010
Security Agency, Inc.                                             Turno                                                                                        Capital Region
                          Brgy. Poblacion                                           Manager                                           096

                      5/F The Station Point
Global Venture
                      Bldg., 3299 R.        Sta. Mesa,                                                       Promotion &         NCR-MFO-74130-                  National
Promotion & Marketing                                             Francis Bagas    HR Manager     7158516                                       4/20/2011
                      Magsaysay Blvd. Cor. Manila                                                            Marketing              0411-036                   Capital Region
Services Corp.
                      Maganda St
                       922-8B Halili                                                                          Messengerial &
Metro Water Collectors                                            Rosauro                                                      NCR-QCFO-9309-                    National
                       Complex Aurora,          Quezon City                         Director      972-2753    disconnection/re                     6/30/2011
Cooperative                                                       Nadora                                                          0611-175                     Capital Region
                       Blvd.                                                                                  connection
Triple One
                         Blk 5 Lot 1-7 & 10
Management                                                                                                    Manpower            NCR-CFO-74939-                 National
                         New Kaunlaran          Malabon City      Nancy E. Lopez Vice Pres.       291-0464                                         2/1/2011
Development                                                                                                   services             02-01-11-005                Capital Region
                         Village, Longos
                         2703 Taft Ave., cor.                                                                                       NCR-MPFO-
                                                                                     Gen.                                                                        National
DJL Guam - P. I, Inc.    Sanchez St. Brgy.      Pasay City        Adelio Torres                   831-9999    Rent -A- Car         72600-41311-    4/12/2011
                                                                                    Manager                                                                    Capital Region
                         085,                                                                                                          001
                         Lot 86 552 Avocado                                                                                        NCR-MUNTA-
Heavenly Urban Chef,                                              Jean Paul                                   Industrial                                       National
                         St., Bagsakan Rd., FTI Taguig City                         President     772-3613                        55210-1111-193- 11/24/2011
Inc.                                                              Escudero                                    Cafeteria                                      Capital Region
                         Complex                                                                                                         R

Supermax Janitorial &    Unit 304, ACL Suites Cubao, Quezon Coralyn V.              Account                   Manpower/Janit NCR-QCFO-7493-                      National
                                                                                                  439-9395                                         6/14/2011
General Services, Inc.   #13th Avenue         City          Laguitnay               Manager                   orial             0611-160                       Capital Region
Global Business Support No. 76 Jasmin St., TS                     Marites          Personnel                  Manpower                                         National
                                              Las Piñan City                                     7721491-93                       74309-1111-189- 11/17/2011
Services, Inc.          Cruz Subd.,                               Baingan          Manager                    Services                                       Capital Region
                         Rm. 902, Pacific
Excellent Manpower                              Binondo,                           Senior Vice 2411980/241 Manpower               NCR-MFO-74911-              National
                         Bldg., 460 Quintin                       Chelo Malgapo                                                                  12/21/2010
Services                                        Manila                              President     1981     Services                  1210-074               Capital Region
                         Paredes Street
                         Jaka Center Bldg.,                                                                                      NCR-MPFO-
Sigma Security Services,                                                                                                                                         National
                         2111 Chino Roces       Makati City       Noel Cheung       HR-Asst.      893-5531    Security Services 74920-41811-       4/18/2011
Inc.                                                                                                                                                           Capital Region
                         Avenue                                                                                                      005
Pipols Synergy           2/F Elizabeth Bldg.,                                      President/G                                  NCR-MUNTA-
                                                                  Joseph                                      electronics/semi                                   National
Management Services, National Road,             Muntinlupa City                       eneral      862-0719                     40100-1110-119-     11/5/2010
                                                                  Caingcoy                                    conductor                                        Capital Region
Inc.                     Putatan                                                    Manager                                           R
Karangalan Manpower Room 306 West City                                                                                            NCR-QCFO-9309-                 National
                                       Quezon City                Carlos de Asis    Chairman      376-5499    General Services                     9/29/2011
Service Cooperative Plaza, West Avenue                                                                                               0911-258                  Capital Region

                         Unit 508 Integrated
Powerminds of Asia,                                               Mary Joyce                                  Manpower            NCR-QCFO-7493-              National
                         Professional Office Quezon City                           HR Officer     7321341                                        11/26/2010
Inc.                                                              Ordiales                                    Services               1110-199               Capital Region
                         #14 Quezon Avenue

                         3/F Alecon Bldg.,                                                                    Construction         NCR-MPFO-
Technology Builders &                           Guadalupe,        Riley P.         Officer-in-                                                                   National
                         2014-R. Magsaysay                                                        8821326     Management          45100-210011-    2/10/2011
Management Corp.                                Makati City       Libatique         Charge                                                                     Capital Region
                         St.                                                                                  Services                 194
                         11 Vic Valley,                           Atty. Rosalind     VP-
JITS Construction                               Old Balara,                                                                       NCR-QCFO-4533-                 National
                         Tandang Sora                             Tapales-       Finance/Ad       9325924     Construction                         3/21/2011
Corporation                                     Quezon City                                                                          0311-046                  Capital Region
                         Avenue                                   Jardeleza      ministration
                          1130 Mega Plaza
ECR Card Marketing,                            San Antonio,                         General                 Marketing           NCR-PFO-6613-                  National
                          Bldg., ADB Avenue,                     Emma Robles                     687-3764                                        6/14/2011
Inc.                                           Pasig City                           Manager                 Services             061411-147                  Capital Region
                          Ortigas Center
First Management          2012 Alecon Bldg., R.                                                             Construction          NCR-MPFO-
                                                                                   Officer-in-                                                                 National
Technologies              Magsaysay Avenue, Makati City          Riley Libatique                 8821326    Management           45100-21011-    2/10/2011
                                                                                    Charge                                                                   Capital Region
Corpoaration              Guadalupe                                                                         Services                 193

Human Resource            9710 Kamagong St.,                     Neal Marie                                 Manpower              NCR-MPFO-                    National
                                              Makati City                           HR Head      8968416                                         3/1/2011
Solutions, Inc.           San Antonio Village                    Bautista                                   Services            72600-3111-219               Capital Region

                          10 F NOL Tower,
Gervasio Security &
                          Commerce Ave.,                         Maribeth            Gen.                                        NCR-MUNTA-                    National
Investigation Agency,                          Muntinlupa City                                   659-3404   Security Provider                    4/8/2011
                          Madrigal Business                      Vasquez            Manager                                     74920-0411-060               Capital Region
                          Park Ayala Alabang
                      Unit 2012 Medical
Optimum Info Solution                                            Sheryl /san       Operation                                    NCR-PFO-7210-                  National
                      Plaza, Ortigas San       Pasig City                                        706-4213   IT Services                          9/21/2011
Philippines, Inc.                                                Lorenzo           Manager                                        09211-211                  Capital Region
                      5/F Golden Rock                                                                                             NCR-MPFO-
Taikisha Philippines,                                            Enrico               Vice                                                                     National
                      Bldg., 168 Salcedo       Makati City                                       8181707    Construction         45100-32311-    3/23/2011
Inc.                                                             Concepcion         President                                                                Capital Region
                      St., Legaspi Village                                                                                           235
Integrated Security &     122 P. Cruz St., Brgy. Mandaluyong                                                Import, Export,     NCR-PFO-7491-                  National
                                                                 Jarry Pua          President    535-3535                                        2/8/2011
Automation, Inc.          New Zaniga             City                                                       Distribution         102611-230                  Capital Region
                         1661 Peñafrancia
                                                                                   President &              Trading,              NCR-MPFO-
Jismar Equipment         Street, Santiago                        Isaganie R.                                                                                   National
                                               Makati City                            Gen.       8956150    Importation and      72600-82511-    8/25/2011
Trading & Services, Inc. Village, Brgy.                          Revilla                                                                                     Capital Region
                                                                                    Manager                 Services                 114
Centennial Eagle                                                                     Gen.                                       NCR-QCFO-7492-                 National
                          52-C Kamias Road     Quezon City       Andrea Franco                   9218861    Security Services                    4/8/2011
Security Services, Inc.                                                             Manager                                        0411-098                  Capital Region

Vallum Security Services G4S House, 142                          Felipe B.           Gen.                                       NCR-PFO-7492-                  National
                                               Pasig City                                        571-8860   Security Agency                      8/3/2011
Corporation              Pasig Blvd.                             Berroya            Manager                                      080311-183                  Capital Region

Eaglestar Security                                               Yolanda           Corporate 9225264/921                   NCR-QCFO-7492-                      National
                          52 Kamias Road       Quezon City                                               Security Services                       4/5/2011
Services, Inc.                                                   Encarnacion       Secretary    8852                          0411-093                       Capital Region

                          Rm. 216 Intramuros
U-Nid Me Services &                          Intramuros,         Ricardo           Operations                                     NCR-MPFO-                    National
                          Corporate Plaza,                                                       3010397    Service Provider                     8/1/2011
Manpower, Inc.                               Manila              Benitez            Manager                                     74911-0811-064               Capital Region
                          Recoletos Street
                        Units C & D 21st                                                                                          NCR-MPFO-
                                                                 Rosemarie P.                               Manpower                                           National
LBP Service Corporation Floor, Petron Bldg.,   Makati City                          President    846-0003                        72600-42611-    4/26/2011
                                                                 Leviste                                    Service                                          Capital Region
                        Gil Puyat                                                                                                    010
Di Security & General      9/F Lepanto Bldg.,                   Marites D.      Personnel                                        NCR-MPFO-                     National
                                                Makati City                                    841-0779    Security Service                      3/3/2011
Services, Inc.             Paseo de Roxas                       manahan          Officer                                       74920-3311-216                Capital Region
Primemovers Materials                                                                                      warehouse,
                       2107 V.V. Soliven                        Rowena          Corporate                                      NCR-PFO-6311-                   National
Handling and Transport                          San Juan City                                  723-5341    terminal depot                        2/3/2011
                       Bldg., EDSA,                             Lamague         Secretary                                       020311-014                   Capital Region
Corp.                                                                                                      and storage
                       2/Flr. LJC Bldg., 466
Triple Ways Manpower                            Novaliches,     Zenaida                                    Manpower            NCR-QCFO-7493-                  National
                       Quirino Highway,                                           Owner        454-4825                                          4/5/2011
Services                                        Quezon City     Bantugan                                   Services               0411-095                   Capital Region
                       2nd Floor Amber
                       Plaza Building, #19                      Weena M.         Admin.                    System                                              National
Annex Digital, Inc.                             Taguig City                                    856-1713                        45390-0211-029-   2/24/2011
                       MRT Avenue, Fort                         Roldan           Manager                   Integrator                                        Capital Region
                       10th Floor,                                                Asst.
Safeguard Armor                                 Sta. Cruz,                                                                     NCR-MFO-74920-                  National
                       Manufacturer's                           Ricky Begonia    General       733-8236    Security Services                     8/9/2010
Security Corporation                            Manila                                                                            0810-039                   Capital Region
                       Building                                                  Manager
                        59 Sentro Kapitolyo
                                                                                                           Manpower            NCR-PFO-6319-                   National
Delivery Exponents Inc. Bldg., West Capitol Pasig City          Lourdes Pinga    President     7472222                                           2/21/2011
                                                                                                           Services             022111-031                   Capital Region
                        Drive, Kapitolyo
Arkay Energy and           Suites 2310-12 City
Industrial                 Land Pasong Tamo                     Haydee J. de                               Engineering           NCR-MPFO-                     National
Corp.(Formerly Arkay                           Makati City                       President    8177106/07                                         7/4/2011
                           Tower, Chino Roces                   Guia                                       Services            74211-7411-078                Capital Region
Energy and Ind'l. Supply   Avenue
Alternative Network        4/F PIFCO Bldg.,
                                                                Ricardo          Admin.                    Outsourced         NCR-MPFO-                        National
Resources Unlimited        2300 Chino Roces     Makati City                                   8898733-34                                         3/1/2011
                                                                Fajardo          Manager                   Service Provider 72600-3111-210                   Capital Region
Multi-Purpose Coop.        Ave., Ext.
                           E-10 2/F Munoz
De Caliber Security        Market Building, 354                 Joy Fajarito-    General                                       NCRQCFO-7492-                   National
                                                Quezon City                                    371-1172    Security Services                     5/25/2011
Services Corporation       EDSA, Veterans                       Rayton           Manager                                         0511-134                    Capital Region
Sixth Sense Integrated     U-302 REMCO Tower
                                                                Alexander                                  Marketing &         NCR-PFO-7430-                   National
Marketing Solutions,       No. 61 West Capitol Pasig City                        Manager       4703646                                           6/9/2011
                                                                Pang                                       Advertising          060911-141                   Capital Region
Inc.                       Drive
                                                                                President/G                                   NCR-MUNTA-
Herstal Security Agency, #19 Philip St.,                                                                                                                       National
                                               Paranaque City Rodrigo Agojo        eneral      828-9125    Security Services 74920-0211-019-     2/16/2011
Inc.                     Multinational Village                                                                                                               Capital Region
                                                                                 Manager                                            R
                           #82 Bernabe Street,                                                                            NCR-MUNTA-
Polystar General                                              Jemelene Go       President/C 8238844/823                                                        National
                           Annex 16-18,        Paranaque City                                           General Services 72600-0411-065-         4/13/2011
Services, Inc.                                                Qui                   EO          883                                                          Capital Region
                           Betterliving Subd.                                                                                   R
                       1101 Medical Plaza
Advanced Outsourcing
                       Makati, Amorosolo                                                                  Outsourcing and     NCR-MPFO-                        National
and Business Services,                         Makati City    Grace Zata        President     750-6138                                           6/9/2011
                       Street, Legaspi                                                                    Business Services 72600-6911-056                   Capital Region
                       Unit 102 Corithian
ESMC-Expert Societal                                                            General                   Promotion and       NCR-PFO-7413-                    National
                       Exec. Regency           Pasig City     Abigail Sadsad                  7385741                                           10/12/2011
Marketing Concept Inc.                                                          Manager                   Marketing            101211-223                    Capital Region
                       Ortigas Ave.
                       5/F Campus Rueda                                                                                         NCR-MPFO-
Bluforce Security                                             Jocelyn                                                                                          National
                       Bldg., 101 Urban        Makati City                      Secretary     8874181     Security Services    74920-42611-     4/26/2011
Services, Inc.                                                Ancheta                                                                                        Capital Region
                       Avenue                                                                                                      014
                        #6 Tanque Street, U.                                   HR/Acctg. 5645278/561                    NCR-MFO-74950-                         National
Leadpack Corporation                         Paco, Manila     Eden Iguin                             Packing/Filling of                          5/3/2011
                        N. Avenue                                              Dept. Head   2332                           0511-039                          Capital Region
                                                                                                     Uniliv1r Products

                        Rm. 210 St. Anthony
Jobline Manpower                                                                                          Manpower            NCR-QCFO-7493-                   National
                        Bldg., 891 Aurora   Quezon City       Raul Veloso      Operations     4217961                                           9/21/2011
Services                                                                                                  Services               0911-251                    Capital Region
                        Blvd., Cubao

Trendset Manpower       #17 North Diversion                   Emmanuel                       3673988/364                  NCRQCFO-7491-                        National
                                            Quezon City                        Proprietor                General Services                       5/18/2011
Services                Road, Balintawak                      Halig                             9992                        0511-123                         Capital Region
International Elevator & Km. 23 West Service                 Jesusa Linda A.    Asst. HR                  Service                                              National
                                             Muntinlupa City                                 8423161-64                       45203-0711-125-   7/22/2011
Equipment, Inc.          Rd., SSH, Cupang                    Calleja            Manager                   Contractor                                         Capital Region
                         4/F SM Makati
Kforce Global Solutions, Cyberone, 373 Sen.                   Maria Cielito                                                                                    National
                                               Makati City                     HR-Director 632-8573700 IT Solutions            72600-53011-     5/30/2011
Inc.                     Gil Puyat Ave., Bel                  M. Presas                                                                                      Capital Region
                         Air Village
Dumalaog Construction No. 85 Mabolo                           Engr. John        General                                       NCR-CFO-45203-                   National
                                               Malabon City                                   2774314     Construction                          4/28/2011
Incorporated          Street, Maysilo                         Emil Dumalaog     Manager                                        04-28-11-032                  Capital Region
Staff Specialist and
                        376 L. Gonzales        Mandaluyong    Julieta P.        General                   Service             NCR-PFO-7491-                    National
Compuservices                                                                                 7171995                                           4/29/2011
                        Street                 City           Torres            Manager                   Contractor           042911-106                    Capital Region
                        Warehouse 16 Gate                                                                                      NCR-MUNTA-
IQ Packaging Systems,                                                          Managing 8054396/800 Packaging                                                  National
                        108 Marcos Alvarez Las Pinas City     Tanya Quiroz                                                    74950-0311-039-    3/8/2011
Inc,                                                                           Director    5206     Services                                                 Capital Region
                        Talon I                                                                                                      R
Romarn's Building       161-1 20th Avenue,                    Randolph G.                                 Repairs,                                             National
                                           Makati City                           Owner        8818208                          72600-53011-     5/30/2011
Maintenance Services    East Rembo                            Paz                                         renovation                                         Capital Region
                        209 7th Floor,
                                                                               President &                                      NCR-MPFO-
                        Medical Towers                        Mary Ann                                    Management                                           National
Semantrix, Inc                                 Makati City                        Gen.        8126180                          72600-33011-     3/30/2011
                        Makati, Rufino                        Manuel                                      Services                                           Capital Region
                                                                                Manager                                            241
                        3/F CAP Bldg.,                                                                                        NCR-MPFO-
Honest Service                                                Melinda                                    Manpower                                           National
                        Amorsolo Street      Makati City                      HRD-Admin      812-3448                        72600-62411-     6/24/2011
Providers, Inc.                                               Bejasa                                     Services                                         Capital Region
                        Legaspi Village                                                                                          075
                        No. 222 E. Rodriguez                                                             Automotive
VRA Cartracks                                                 Atty. Victor      Legal                                       NCRQCFO-7499-                   National
                        Sr., Ave. Brgy.      Quezon City                                      4163838    Servicing and                        11/9/2011
Corporation                                                   Villanueva       Counsel                                        1111-284                    Capital Region
                        Kalusugan                                                                        Repair
                        No, 222 E. Rodriguez                                                            Automobile
                                                              Atty.Victor       Legal       4128077/721                     NCRQCFO-7499-                   National
Raveltech Corporation   Sr. Avenue, Barangay Quezon City                                                Servicing and                         11/9/2011
                                                              Villanueva       Counsel         5437                           1111-283                    Capital Region
                        Kalusugan                                                                       Repair

                        Suite 201 2/F
Gresser Contractors &   Security Bank Bldg.,                  Engr. Gregory   President/C 9516608/931 General               NCRQCFO-4533-                   National
                                             Quezon City                                                                                      7/7/2011
Builders, Inc.          Commonwealth                          Serrano             EO         9017     Construction            0711-181                    Capital Region

                        2/F Case Maritima,                                                             Cargo
                                              Intramuros,     Atty. Noel                    5274074 to                      NCR-MFO-71990-                  National
WSI Checkering, Inc.    651 General Luna                                       President               Checkering                          9/13/2011
                                              Manila          Montilla                          76                             0911-084                   Capital Region
                        Street                                                                         Services
                                                                               Corporate                 General
                        # 505 MSA Prime                                                                                      NCR-MUNTA-
Trans-Asia Construction                                      Ma. Teresa       Secretary/G                Construction &                                     National
                        Center, MBP 2, Ayala Muntinlupa City                                  8368232                       45100-0711-129-   7/28/2011
Dev't. Corporation.                                          Marquez            eneral                   Maintenance                                      Capital Region
                        Alabang                                                                                                    R
                                                                               Manager                   Services
                        25 West 11th                          Ma. Nemie       Owner/Man 3663273/367 Manpower                NCR-CFO-74911-                  National
R.N. Manpower                                 Caloocan City                                                                                   3/29/2011
                        Avenue, Grace Park                    Castel            ager       9809     Service                  03-29-11-021                 Capital Region

                                              Mandaluyong     Barbara Jane    Operations                 Trading and        NCR-PFO-4549-                   National
BJBA Builders           190 Aglipay Street                                                    5319145                                         5/23/2011
                                              City            Arevalo          Manager                   General Services    052311-124                   Capital Region
                                                              Rodrigo                                                        NCR-MUNTA-
Jacmann Maintenance     10 Sanggumay                                            Gen.                     Manpower                                           National
                                              Muntinlupa City Mendoza                        838-0647                       74309-0911-156-   9/16/2011
& General Services      Street, Sucat                                          Manager                   Services                                         Capital Region
                                                              Mardoquio                                                            R
                       No. 42 Don Mariano
                                                              Jerome T.          VP-                                        NCRQCFO-4533-                   National
BBF Rock, Incorporated Marcos Avenue,     Quezon City                                        930-9244    Other Services                       7/18/2011
                                                              Maddumba        Operations                                      0711-188                    Capital Region
                       North Fairview

Pacific World Security & 2/F RB & S Place #30                                                            Security &
                                                              Erwin E.                                                      NCR-PFO-7492-                   National
Investigation Agency,    Ortigas Avenue       Pasig City                       Director      571-1456    Investigation                        9/23/2011
                                                              Dimaculangan                                                   092311-214                   Capital Region
Inc.                     Extension Rosario                                                               Services
                        11 Acacia Street,                                                                                    NCR-MUNTA-
Combined Electro-                             Taguig, Metro   Patricia C.      Admin.       8388607/684 Trading and                                         National
                        Mahogany Homes,                                                                                     61901-0711-118-   7/20/2011
Mechanical Supply, Inc.                       Manila          Cawayan          Manager        8/8285    Contracting                                       Capital Region
                        Bagumbayan                                                                                                 R
                         #71 Timog Avenue,                       Angie                                                           NCRQCFO-6099-                  National
Amcarriers, Inc.                               Quezon City                          President     355-5638   Trucking Services                    5/9/2011
                         South Triangle                          Mauricio                                                          0511-121                   Capital Region
Accord Advertising
                         3rd Prexedes Place    Kapitolyo, Pasig Ricardo             General                  Marketing,          NCR-PFO-7413-                  National
Concepts & Experts                                                                                6366069                                         5/25/2011
                         Bldg.                 City             Lagumbay            Manager                  Promotions &         052511-129                  Capital Region
Services, Inc.
                         2/F Executive Bldg.                                                                                       NCR-MPFO-
DBP Service                                                      Atty. Lauro         Legal                   Manpower                                           National
                         Center, Gil Puyat cor. Makati City                                       8908176                         72600-51811-    5/18/2011
Corporation                                                      Doble              Counsel                  Services                                         Capital Region
                         Makati Avenue                                                                                                026

                         523-A Katarungan      Mandaluyong       Engr. Felizardo    General                                      NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
GF2 Construction                                                                                  531-9881   Construction                         5/26/2011
                         Street, Plainview     City              T. Monakil, Jr.    Manager                                       052611-131                  Capital Region
                         24 A Dalson Street,                                       Owner/Gen
                                                                 Cristina L.                                 Services            NCRQCFO-4533-                  National
Qualifier Enterprises    GSIS Village, Project Quezon City                           eral         9290380                                         5/18/2011
                                                                 Villanueva                                  (Janitorial &         0511-124                   Capital Region
                         8                                                          Manager
Jech Manpower            3032 Rizal Avenue     Sta. Cruz,        Procopio           General      7320384/732 Manpower            NCR-MFO-74911-                 National
Services, Inc.           Extension             Manila            Alido, Jr.         Manager         4782     Services               0911-086                  Capital Region
ACHortaleza's            2016 Samat Street,                      Alma C.           Manager/Pr                Manpower                                           National
                                               Makati City                                        8959370                         72600-51811-    5/18/2011
Consultancy Services     Barangay Olympia                        Hortaleza         oprietress                Services                                         Capital Region
                     70 Scout Madrinan
First Agricultural                                                                    Head
                     Street, corner                              Eduviges R.                                 Landscaping &       NCR-QCFO-0390-                 National
Resource Management,                           Quezon City                         Acctg/Finan    4108484                                         6/17/2011
                     Esguerra South                              Gomez                                       Maintenance            0611-161                  Capital Region
Inc.                                                                               ce & Admin
Fastrack Multi-Purpose 3/F CVA Bldg. II,                         Rosario           Accounting                                     NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                               Muntinlupa City                                    8620574    Cooperative                          6/1/2011
Cooperative            Polacion                                  Atendido             Head                                       74960-0611-090               Capital Region

Bayanihan Placement & 651-B Boni Avenue,       Mandaluyong                          Associate                                    NCR-PFO-7491-                  National
                                                                 Blesilda P. Ong                  5350035    Service Provider                     5/11/2011
Management Services Plainview                  City                                 Manager                                       051111-114                  Capital Region

J. G. Manpo Janitorial                                                                                       Janitorial &
                         20-G 2nd Camarilla                      Jose Vicente       General                                      NCR-QCFO-7493-                 National
and Messengerial                               Quezon City                                        4407361    Messengerial                         6/14/2011
                         St., San Roque                          Garcia             Manager                                         0611-158                  Capital Region
Services Corp.                                                                                               Services

Galleon Services                                                                    General      9201046/928 Manpower            NCR-QCFO-7491-                 National
                         103 Kamuning Road Quezon City           Cayo Almario                                                                     6/7/2011
Corporation                                                                         Manager         8788     Services               0611-152                  Capital Region

                         820-E Balagtas         Mandaluyong      Joselito           General                                      NCR-PFO-74932-              National
Penttwo Ventures, Inc.                                                                            9124627    Pest Control                       11/10/2011
                         Street, Addition Hills City             Aquino             Manager                                        111011-237              Capital Region
                       393 Rm 20 Elai Bldg.,                                      President/G
Escort Security Agency                                          Lt. Col Hilario                                                 NCR-CFO-74920-                 National
                       Rizal Avenue            Caloocan City                         eneral      3619138    Security Services                    6/7/2011
Incorporated                                                    Frigillana Jr.                                                   06-07-11-049                Capital Region
                       Extension                                                   Manager
                       G/F Unit 102 FFC                                                                                           NCR-MPFO-
Pinagpala Manpower                                              Ildefonso S.                    8446486/843 Manpower                                           National
                       Bldg., Hen. Hizon St.   Makati City                         President                                     72600-52011-    5/20/2011
Services                                                        Gervasio                           5294     Services                                         Capital Region
                       Bangkal                                                                                                       030
                       1502 One San
Skills & Talent
                       Miguel Bldg., San                        Jayson C.         Operation                 Manpower            NCR-PFO-7491-                  National
Employment Pool Inc.                           Pasig City                                        6873674                                         8/22/2011
                       Miguel Avenue                            Fermin            Manager                   Services             082211-194                  Capital Region
(STEP, Inc.)
                       corner Shaw Blvd.
                       U1509 Cityland 10,
Vigilant Investigative
                       Tower 1, H.V. Dela                                         Marketing                                       NCR-MPFO-                    National
and Security Agency,                           Makati City      May Burgos                       8178754    Security Services                    6/2/2011
                       Costa Street, Salcedo                                      Manager                                       74920-6211-049               Capital Region
                       3/F PDCP Bank                                               HRD &
Goldmark Service       Centre V. A. Rufino                      Arlene P.         Personnel                 Service               NCR-72600-                   National
                       corner Leviste          Makati City                                       8402322                                         6/21/2011
Network Corporation                                             Abacial            Service                  Contractor            62111-0065                 Capital Region
                       Street, Salcedo                                             Officer
                       U-2C 2/F Airport
Finlink Marketing      Global Plaza, Seaside                    Lorraine                                                         NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                               Paranaque City                     Proprietor     8519063    Marketing                            6/1/2011
Services               Drive Corner Coastal                     Magracia                                                        61901-0611-092               Capital Region
                       Rd., Tambo
                      1117 11th Flr., AIC
Business Staffing and                                           Mary Joy M.                        915-     Service             NCR-PFO-6420-                  National
                      Burgundy Empire      Pasig City                              Director                                                      8/10/2011
Management Inc.                                                 Ocumen                           04290443   Contractor           081011-188                  Capital Region
                      Tower ADB Ave.,
                      16/F Salcedo Tower,
                      169 H. V. Dela Costa                      Irene                Vice                                         NCR-MPFO-                    National
Siemens, Incorporated                      Makati City                                           814-9953   General Services                     6/7/2011
                      Street, Salcedo                           Macatangay         President                                    72600-6711-052               Capital Region
Triple Excellence        2264 Rubi Street,                                        Manager                   Merchandising & NCR-MFO-74130-                     National
                                               Manila           Elaine M.                        5631919                                   6/14/2011
Marketing Services, Inc. San Andres Bukid                                          Accts &                  In-store Promo     0611-053                      Capital Region
                        2 Dama de Noche                                                                                          NCR-MUNTA-
Pampanga Block                                                  Myrna M.          Accounting                                                                 National
                        Street, UPSIV, Brgy.   Paranaque City                                    7763733    Construction        45100-1111-190- 11/18/2011
Builders, Inc.                                                  Vasquez            Assistant                                                               Capital Region
                        Marcelo Green                                                                                                  R
Philippine Airhawk      548 Banawe Street,                      Anastacio         Operations                                    NCRQCFO-7492-                  National
                                               Quezon City                                       740-3252   Security Service                     8/26/2011
Security Agency, Inc.   Sto. Domingo                            Morales            Manager                                        0811-231                   Capital Region
Black Shield Security                                           Benedicto         Operation                                                                    National
                        240 Menlo Street       Pasay City                                        520-8456   Security Service     74920-61011-    6/10/2011
Services Corporation                                            Hizole            Manager                                                                    Capital Region
Unitan Construction &
                         2E San Andres                            Christopher       General      2927049 to                     NCR-CFO-45203-                 National
Development                                     Valenzuela City                                             Construction                         5/26/2011
                         Street, Canumay                          Jones Tan         Manager          50                          05-26-11-040                Capital Region
                                                                  Rolino O.          VP for               Janitorial                                           National
City Service Corporation 2544 Tolentino St.     Pasay City                                    845-4321/22                        72600-71511-    7/15/2011
                                                                  Hernandez        Operations             Services                                           Capital Region
                         1188 Bernal Street,
J.E. Manalo &                                                     Augusto F.                     6412796 to                     NCR-PFO-5239-                  National
                         cor. C. Raymundo,      Pasig City                          President               Construction                         6/14/2011
Company, Inc.                                                     Manalo                             98                          061411-146                  Capital Region

                         4th Floor Philcox                                                                                        NCR-MPFO-
                                                                                     Gen.                   Janitorial                                         National
Expercs, Inc.            Bldg., Salcedo Street, Makati City       Monica Alpay                    7503893                        72600-91611-    9/16/2011
                                                                                    manager                 Services                                         Capital Region
                         Legaspi Village                                                                                             131
                         Unit 411 Sofia                                            President/G
Odin Security Agency,                                             Catalina U.                                                   NCR-QCFO-7492-                 National
                         Tower, 85 Don A.       Quezon City                           eneral     491-4033   Security Services                    9/21/2011
Inc.                                                              Juinio                                                           0911-248                  Capital Region
                         Roces Ave.                                                 Manager
                         474 Unit J, JLC
Faisal Janitorial &                             Mandaluyong       Romeo C.          General                 Janitorial &        NCR-PFO-7493-                  National
                         Building, Boni                                                           5338913                                        9/29/2011
General Services                                City              Bautista II       Manager                 General Services     093011-215                  Capital Region
                         Unit 423 Sofia                           Col. Carlos M.
Bessang Pass Security                                                              Pres/Gen.                                    NCR-QCFO-7492-                 National
                         Tower, 85 Don A.       Quezon City       Pattugalan                     490-5139   Security Services                    9/7/2011
Agency Inc.                                                                        Manager                                         0911-238                  Capital Region
                         Roces Ave.                               (Ret)

Project Management & 56-58 Madison
                                                Mandaluyong                                                                     NCR-PFO-4532-                  National
Technical Resources  Street, Barangka                             Alexander Tan     President     6318366   Construction                         9/20/2011
                                                City                                                                             092011-209                  Capital Region
Corporation          Ilaya
                      204-205 Summit
Summit Collection and                           Mandaluyong       Andrew Jocel                              Collection          NCR-PFO-7499-                  National
                      Office Tower Shaw                                             President     5352132                                        9/13/2011
Allied Services, Inc.                           City              T. Marquez                                Services             091311-206                  Capital Region
                      85 Masikap Ext.
BLE Best Manpower                                                                  President &              Manpower            NCR-QCFO-7493-                 National
                      Central District,         Quezon City       Elisa Esteras                  435-0119                                        6/30/2011
Int'l. Services, Inc.                                                                 CEO                   Services               0611-176                  Capital Region
                        248A San Miguel
Great Obelisk Builders,                                           Julie Ann        Corproate                                    NCRQC FO-4533-                 National
                        Street, Banlat Road, Quezon City                                         456-6610   Construction                         7/28/2011
Inc.                                                              Regalado         Secretary                                       0711-203                  Capital Region
                        Tandang Sora
                          2/F United Life Bldg.,
                                                                  Atty. Ethel                               Computer and
                          837 A. Arnaiz                                             Technical                                 NCR-MPFO-                        National
Fujitsu Philippines, Inc.                        Makati City      Marie                           8124001   Telecommunicati                      6/9/2011
                          Avenue, Legaspi                                           Manager                                 72600-6911-057                   Capital Region
                                                                  Castaneda                                 ons
                         #835 Ma. Clara         Mandaluyong       Rosalyn          HR Admin                 Marketing           NCR-PFO-7413-                  National
Active Brand, Inc.                                                                                7464057                                        8/4/2011
                         Street, Plainview      City              Bacabac           Officer                 Services             080411-184                  Capital Region
                       11/F Net2 Square                                                                    Design &
                                                                 Atty. Ethel                                                NCR-MUNTA-
Weserv Systems         Bdg., 3rd Avenue cor West Bonifacio,                        Tech'l.                 Develop                                         National
                                                                 Marie F.                       7937900                    73300-0711-108-   7/6/2011
International, Inc     28th St., Crescent    Taguig City                          Manager                  Computer                                      Capital Region
                                                                 Castaneda                                                        R
                       Park,                                                                               Software
                       3/F The Lydia Bldg.,                                                                                  NCR-MPFO-
Searchers & Staffers                                             Maximo          President &               Manpower                                        National
                       #39 Polaris St., Bel- Makati City                                        8966992                     72600-53011-     5/30/2011
Corporation                                                      Mariano          Gen. Mgr.                Services                                      Capital Region
                       Air                                                                                                      037
                       U-116 Ortigas Bldg.,
Centro-Tech.                                San Antonio,         Francisco F.        VP-       6316928 to Manpower         NCR-PFO-7493-                   National
                       Ortigas Avenue,                                                                                                       6/7/2011
Incorporated                                Pasig City           Panlilio III     President        29     Services          060711-139                   Capital Region
                       Ortigas Center

Guaranteed Marketing 350 Dr. Fernandez         Mandaluyong       Reynaldo                                                  NCR-PFO-5239-                   National
                                                                                  President    477-8769    Merchnadising                     6/13/2011
Services, Inc.       Street                    City              Encinas                                                    061311-144                   Capital Region
                       1101 Medical Plaza
                                                                                                           Marketing,        NCR-MPFO-
                       Makati, Amorsolo                                                                                                                    National
Marketserv Inc.                                Makati City       Grace Zata       President     7506138    Advertising,     72600-82411-     8/24/2011
                       Street, Legaspi                                                                                                                   Capital Region
                                                                                                           Sales Support        111

Workmen's Manpower Rm. 29 Danding Blsg.                 Diosdado                                           Service         NCR-CFO-74911-                  National
                                        Valenzuela City                           President     2936725                                      5/30/2011
Resources Corporation I, Poblacion II                   Santos                                             Contractor       05-30-11-041                 Capital Region

                       782 7 Javier Streeet
Worksavers Personnel                                             Marlene C.                                Manpower          NCR-MPFO-                     National
                       cor. M. Ocampo St., Makati City                            President    813-4220                                      6/9/2011
Services, Inc.                                                   Sendo                                     Services        72600-6911-058                Capital Region
                       Pio Del Pilar

                       4/F Accelerando                                                                 Manpower
Maximum Solutions                                                                 Managing 7500058/899                       NCR-72600-                    National
                       Bldg., 395 Sen. Gil     Makati City       Nelly Coralde                         Outsourcing                           6/21/2011
Corporation                                                                       Director    7853                           62111-0067                  Capital Region
                       Puyat Avenue                                                                    Services, Trading
                       6/F North South
Bluebonnet Services,   Bldg., 148 N.                             Rowena V.                                 Marketing       NCR-QCFO-4534-                  National
                                               Quezon City                        President     7382744                                      6/3/2011
Inc.                   Domingo Street,                           Palafox                                   Services           0611-149                   Capital Region
Fil-way Manpower
                       Rm. 29 Danding                            Diosdado D.         VP -                  Manpower        NCR-CFO-74911-                  National
Resources                                      Valenzuela City                                  2936725                                      6/1/2011
                       Bldg. I, Poblacion II                     Santos           President                Services         06-01-11-044                 Capital Region
Development, Inc.
Pointman Placement     Room 404 Aurelio                          Annalou A.       Admin.                   Manpower/Secu NCR-CFO-74911-                    National
                                            Caloocan City                                      1441/710-                                     6/27/2011
Specialist, Inc.       Building, 9th Avenue                      Balabag         Supervisor                rity           06-27-11-052                   Capital Region
                       LSWA Bldg, 3rd Flr,
NC Lanting Security                                              Elvira A.                     528-4694 /                   NCR-MFO-74920-                 National
                       1815 Singalong St.,     Manila                            HR Manager               Security Services                  8/3/2011
Specialist Agency                                                Reinante                          95                          0811-070                  Capital Region
                                                                   Gina V.                                   General          NCRQCFO-7493-                   National
Servicio Filipino, Inc.   105 West Avenue        Quezon City                        Relations     3711321                                       7/28/2011
                                                                   Nicodemus                                 Custodial/Servic   0711-204                    Capital Region
                          Rms 205/206
Wisdom Manpower                                                    Eduardo H.       General                  Manpower        NCR-CFO-74911-                   National
                          Augusto Bldg. 478      Caloocan City                                    3668820                                       2/2/2011
Services Inc                                                       Pabustan         Manager                  Services        02-02-2011-007                 Capital Region
                          Rizal Avenue
                          11/F Oledan Square,                      Florina B.        HRPA                                                                     National
PHPC Co. Ltd. Inc                             Makati City                                         8866974    Construction     MPFO=45100-       2/24/2011
                          6288 Ayala Ave                           Dizon            Manager                                                                 Capital Region
RBG Construction and      B3 L19 P2 Street                                                                                    NCR-MUNTA-
                                                                   Clarissa G.       Finance      632-861-                                                    National
Development               Claire, Sto Niño       Muntinlupa City                                             Construction    40100-0211-023-    2/18/2011
                                                                   Ramos              Head          8650                                                    Capital Region
Corporation               Village, Tunasan                                                                                          R
                                                                   Marianne A.                   7990134/635 Manpower         NCR-PFO-7491-                   National
Worthpro Staffing Inc     #5 First St., Kapitolyo Pasig City                        President                                                   2/14/2011
                                                                   Calderon                         4331     services          021411-027                   Capital Region

                          470 Solana St.                                                                     Brokerage &     NCR-MFO-71920-                   National
Inland Corporation                               Manila            Gina T. Torrilla HR Officer    5276520                                   4/12/2011
                          Intramuros                                                                         Trucking           0411-033                    Capital Region
                                                                                                             IT Outsourcing &
                          120-C Cordillera St.                     Roberto Z.                                                 NCR-QCFO-7330-                  National
Systemantech Inc                                 Quezon City                        President     7498552    Technology                         3/9/2011
                          Bgy Lourdes                              Ilagan                                                        0311-032                   Capital Region
                                                                                                             Bldg.              NCR-MPFO-
MSE Building              6218 Mañalac St,                         Manuel S.        General                                                                   National
                                                 Makati City                                      8966295    Maintenance       72600-91411-     9/14/2011
Maintenance Services      Poblacion                                Estacion         Manager                                                                 Capital Region
                                                                                                             Services              126
                      L31 B5 Santan St. La
Vector Electrodynamic                                              Joseph O.        General                  Electrical Supply NCR-PFO-51433-                 National
                      Colina Village,      Marikina City                                          9432604                                       9/8/2010
Technologies Inc                                                   Benitez          Manager                  & Contracting       090810-127                 Capital Region
                      10/F One San Miguel
                      Condo., San Miguel                           Jose E.          Managing 6870225/687 Collection          NCR-PFO-74991-                   National
Enzi Corporation                           Pasig City                                                                                           4/7/2011
                      Ave cor Ortigas                              Maddatu          Director    4252     Services              040711-082                   Capital Region
AC Technical Services,    2671 Agutaya St. Bgy                     Jocelyn J.                                                                                 National
                                               Makati City                             HR         8814563    Construction      45100-22411-     2/24/2011
Inc                       Pinakaisahan                             Matias                                                                                   Capital Region
                          406-407 Strata 100
Classique Business                                                 Cecil B.           HR      6313233/914 Manpower            NCR-PFO-7491-                   National
                          Bldg. Emerald Ave,     Pasig City                                                                                     4/28/2011
Assistance Inc                                                     Atienza        Coordinator    1483     Services             042811-103                   Capital Region
                          Ortigas Center
                        Unit 2703
                        Unionbank Plaza,                           Jacquelyn                    6372204/637                   NCR-PFO-7220-                   National
Emerio Philippines, Inc                      Pasig City                            Officer/Dire             IT Outsourcing                      7/4/2011
                        Meralco Ave. Ortigas                       Purugganan                      3746                        070411-159                   Capital Region
                          Units 114, 115, 117,
                                                                                  President &
Prime @ Technology        1120 Cityland Shaw Mandaluyong        Elenita T.                                    HR & IT              NCR-PFO-7491-                   National
                                                                                    General        6350700                                           2/28/2011
Specialist Inc            Tower, Shaw Blvd     City             Talucod                                       Consultancy           022311-033                   Capital Region
                          cor St. Francis St.

Filipinas Allied                                                                                             Janitorial &           NCR-MUNTA-
                      #26 Manggachupoy                          Ma. Leonora T.                   8056946/805                                                       National
Maintenance & Special                   Las Piñas City                         President                     Other allied          72600-0611-101-   6/23/2011
                      St. Pilar Village                         Redor                               9515                                                         Capital Region
Services (FAMASS)                                                                                            Service                      R
                                                                                    EVP for
Uniwide Security          L 13 B2 La Trinidad                   Artemio F.        Administrati                                     NCR-CFO-74920-                  National
                                                Malabon City                                       2873152    Security agency                        2/8/2011
Agency Corporation        Village Tinajeros                     Lirag                 on/                                           02-08-11-008                 Capital Region
                        3/F Matrinco                                                                                                 NCR-MPFO-
Fuji-Haya International                                         Hilda P.                         8923560 to Electrical                                             National
                        Building, 2178     Makati City                            HR-Officer                                        45330-81911-     8/19/2011
Corporation                                                     Castillo                             63     Contractor                                           Capital Region
                        Pasong Tamo Street                                                                                              109
                          114th/F PET Plans                     Deborah E.         General                    Manpower                                             National
Protemps Incorporated                           Makati City                                        8992851                          72600-82511-     8/25/2011
                          Tower, EDSA                           Centeno            Manager                    Services                                           Capital Region
Pelican Express           No. 2014 San                                                                        Manpower             NCR-MFO-64122-                  National
                                                Malate, Manila Neil A. Castillo    President       5364358                                        8/31/2011
Incorporated              Marcelino Street                                                                    Services                0811-078                   Capital Region

                     2/F Room 202 PCDC
                     Hermanos Inc.,                     Gary Q.                     Admin.                    Manpower             NCR-CFO-74911-                  National
P.G. Manpower Agency                    Valenzuela City                                           291-2312                                           8/26/2011
                     Building, McArthur                 Fuensalida                  Officer                   services              08-26-11-078                 Capital Region
                     Highway, Malanday

Laging Qlean Janitorial   626 G. Araneta                                           General                    Janitorial           NCRQCFO-7493-                   National
                                                Quezon City     Lauris Sanchez                     7422701                                           12/2/2011
Services, Inc.            Avenue                                                   Manager                    Services               1211-305                    Capital Region
Absolute Force            Room 207 Tiaoqui
                                                Sta. Cruz,      Norelene I. de      Gen.                                           NCR-MFO-74920-              National
Protective Security       Bldg., 523 Bustos                                                        7349268    Security services                   10/18/2011
                                                Manila          Leon               Manager                                            1011-100               Capital Region
Administrative, Inc.      Street
Fuji-Haya Audit           2/F Matrinco Bldg.,                                                                 Audit, Electrical,     NCR-MPFO-
                                                                Jesselie M.         Acctg.                                                                         National
Inspection &              2178 Pasong Tamo      Makati City                                        8928886    Services &            72600-92211-     9/22/2011
                                                                Nery               Manager                                                                       Capital Region
Maintenance Corp.         Street                                                                              Maintenance               136

Information Express      1652 Road 19 Fabie                     Josefina S.        General       5636520/564                  NCR-MFO-64121-                       National
                                            Paco, Manila                                                     Courier Services                9/20/2011
Service (Informex), Inc. Estate                                 Gonzales           Manager          1279                         0911-089                        Capital Region

                          No. 16 MLQ Street,                    Gaudencio          General                                         NCR-PFO-7493-                   National
Mueca Enterprises                               Pasig City                                         6813366    Cleaning Services                      10/7/2011
                          Manggahan                             Moran Mueca        Manager                                          100711-219                   Capital Region
                          #39-B, K8th Street,                    Josielyn R.       General                  Janitorial          NCR-QCFO-7492-              National
M8 Manpower Services                            Quezon City                                     9291098                                        10/10/2011
                          Brgy. West Kamias                      Medina            Manager                  Services               1011-265               Capital Region

                                                Mandaluyong      Ernesto A.       VP - General 5318428/531                     NCR-PFO-7493-                   National
Diar's Assistance, Inc.   232 Shaw Blvd.                                                                   Maintenance,                         9/23/2011
                                                City             Domingo, Jr.      Manager        8457                          092311-212                   Capital Region
                                                                                                           Clerical, Skilled &
                                                                                                           Allied Services
                          Units 2706-2707,
                          27th Floor Cityland                                                                                     NCR-MPFO-
TCS Manpower                                                     Domingo           Finance                  Manpower                                           National
Services, Inc.            Pasong Tamo Tower, Makati City         Aguilar           Manager
                                                                                                                                 72600-92211-   9/22/2011
                                                                                                                                                             Capital Region
                          2210 Pasong Tamo                                                                                           134
                          Rm. 410 DHI Bldg.,
                                                                                     Board       824-                            NCR-MPFO-
                          #2 Lapu-Lapu                           Jesusito D.                                                                                   National
Betonbau Phil., Inc,                          Makati City                          Corporate   4826/824-    Construction        45100-102711-   10/27/2011
                          Avenue, Magallanes                     Manansala                                                                                   Capital Region
                                                                                   Secretary     3321                                156
                          No. 7460 Peach                                          Operation/                                   NCR-MUNTA-
Aquino Investigation                                             Evangeline                                                                                    National
                          Street, Marcelo       Paranaque City                     General      823-7429    Security services 74920-0810-085-   8/31/2010
and Security Agency                                              Aquino                                                                                      Capital Region
                          Green Village                                            Manager                                           R
                          22nd Floor, Tower 1
                                                                                    Asst.                                     NCR-MUNTA-
                          II Corporate Center, Alabang,         Florencio                                                                                      National
Amec Services Ltd                                                                  Business     7711571     Service Provider 74960-0211-010-     2/1/2011
                          Insular Ctr Filinvest Muntinlupa City Garcia                                                                                       Capital Region
                                                                                   Manager                                          R
                          LG10 Cityland
Transman Manpower         Herrera Tower cor.                     Esther M.           Vice                   Manpower                                           National
                                                Makati City                                    8449110/15                        72600-12211-   12/2/2011
Services, Inc.            Valero Street,                         Dominguez         President                Services                                         Capital Region
                          Salcedo Village
Climaco Investigation     1047 Crisostomo       Sampaloc,                          General                                      NCRQCFO-7492-                  National
                                                                 Nelia Ricafort                 426-98-35   Security Services                    5/9/2011
and Security Agency       Street                Manila                             Manager                                        0511-116                   Capital Region

                          G/Flr Archway Bldg.,
                          #53 Dagupan St. cor.                                     Operation                Manpower            NCRQCFO-7414-                  National
Management                                     Quezon City       Enrique Hirang                 3762388                                         12/1/2011
                          San Joaquin, San                                         Manager                  Services              1211-303                   Capital Region
Resources, Inc.
                          Francisco Del Monte

                          #18 Bagong Calzada                                                                Mechanical, Fire NCR-MUNTA-
Beta Electric                                                    Manuela          Acting HRD                                                                   National
                          Street cor. Tomasa Taguig City                                        6283129     Protection &    45330-1211-197-     12/1/2011
Corporation                                                      Tugahan             Head                                                                    Capital Region
                          Avenue, Usuan                                                                     Plumbing               R
Top Star Security         Alpha Bldg., 77 B.                    Col. Cesar       General       7235318 to                   NCRQCFO-7492-                       National
                                               Quezon City                                                Security Services                      11/17/2011
Services Corporation      Serrano Avenue                        Teofilo (ret)    Manager           19                         1111-291                        Capital Region
CAV Management
                          # 1706 E. Rodriguez                                                  4145615/468 Service             NCR-QCFO-7414-                   National
Training and                                  Quezon City       Vivian Capal     Manager                                                         12/2/2011
                          Sr. Ave. Cubao                                                          5753     Contractor             1211-309                    Capital Region
                          Room 501 5th Floor,                                                                                  NCR-MPFO-
Spectrum Security                                               Robert Aaron     General                                                                        National
                          Campos Rueda Bldg., Makati City                                       889-7317   Security Services 74920-2-4-2010-      2/4/2010
Services, Inc.                                                  Gregorio         Manager                                                                      Capital Region
                          Urban Avenue                                                                                            005

                          3/F ECJ
Security Masters                               Intramuros,      Rowena           General                                       NCR-MFO-74920-              National
                          Condominium, Real                                                      5365234   Security Services                  10/19/2011
Investigation, Inc.                            Manila           Almoguerra       Manager                                          1011-101               Capital Region
                          St. corner Arzobispo
                          1403 URCI                                                                                             NCR-MUNTA-
Mega Maintenance &                                              Remedios                                   Janitorial                                           National
                          Townhomes,           Las Pinas City                    President      873-1116                       74309-1111-182-   11/3/2011
Allied Services, Inc.                                           Garcia                                     Services                                           Capital Region
                          Pamplona                                                                                                    R
                          10th Floor Unioil,                 Maribeth G.                                                        NCR-MUNTA-                      National
Blueflame Security Inc.                      Muntinlupa City                     Treasurer      659-3404   Security Provider                     10/21/2011
                          MBP, Ayala Alabang                 Vasquez                                                           74920-1011-175                 Capital Region
                        Suite 1408 14/F
Accent Micro            Antel Global                            Cristina G.                                                    NCR-PFO-7290-                    National
Technologies, Inc.      Corporate Center, J. Pasig City         mendoza
                                                                                HR Manager      323-3888   IT Services
                                                                                                                                                              Capital Region
                        Vargas Avenue,
                        Ortigas Center
                        3rd & 6th Flrs.,
Microbase,              Casmer Bldg., 195                                       HR/Admin                   IT Solutions &                                       National
                                              Makati City       Emilio Choa                      8137603                       72600-101711-     10/17/2011
Incorporated            Salcedo St., Legaspi                                    Manager                    Services                                           Capital Region
                        Unit M3A Padre
W-4 Alliance Security & Faura Center, 42                        Jesus                                      Security Service    NCR-MFO-74920-              National
                                              Ermita, Manila                     President       4000930                                      11/23/2011
Detective Agency        Padre Faura St.,                        Bernardo                                   Provider               1111-110               Capital Region
                                                                                for Admin.
                        corner M.H. del Pilar
                          8 San Beda Road,
Showa Manpower            San Beda Village,                     Aurora M.                                  Manpower            NCR-QCFO-7493-              National
                                                Quezon City                     Proprietress     9289535                                      10/24/2011
Services                  Bahay Toro, Tandang                   Lazaro                                     Services               1011-274               Capital Region
                          8/F Basic Petroleum                                                             Mgnt.
Corporate Macro                                                                                                                  NCR-MPFO-
                          Bldg., C. Palanca Jr.                 Ma. Luisa        General       8158451 to Consultancy &                                         National
Management                                      Makati City                                                                     74140-10611-     10/6/2011
                          Street, Legaspi                       Loterte          Manager           53     Manpower                                            Capital Region
Resources, Inc.                                                                                                                     143
                          Village                                                                         Services
                         51 Vicente Avenue,
Ragojos Heritage
                         North Susana                            Marilyn B.                                General             NCRQCFO-4533-                   National
Construction                                   Quezon City                         Accountant   951-9765                                        8/16/2011
                         Executive Village,                      Martinada                                 Contractor            0811-223                    Capital Region
                         Old Balara, Diliman

L.B. Leoncio Trading &                         Puerto Princesa Lorenzo                                     Trading and                                         National
                         10-A PEO Road                                              Manager                                    IVB-2009-12-29   12/23/2009
Construction                                   City            Leoncio                                     Construction                                      Capital Region
                                                                                                           of Chemicals and   NCR-MPFO-
Johnson Diversey Phils. 8F Banker Building,                                                                                                              National
                                               Makati City       Carmel Tirado HR Director      8459400    Cleaning         72600-11-17-09- 11/19/2009
Inc.                    6756 Ayala Avenue                                                                                                              Capital Region
                                                                                                           Solutions             055
                         Unit 207, Civic Prime
Best Allied Services                                           Armand M.                                   Manpower/Servi NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                         Bldg., Filinvest      Muntinlupa City                     President    659-0467                                     7/8/2011
Integrated Co., Inc                                            Guttierez                                   ce               74911-0711-111             Capital Region
                         1855 F.B. Harrison                      Christine         Finance/Ad   523-3895   Underwater                                          National
Subsea Services, Inc                           Pasay City                                                                      72600-102611-    10/26/2011
                         St., Brgy. San Rafael                   Kenmman            min Mngr    523-3897   Services                                          Capital Region
Riens Manpower           #17 Maysan Road,                        Luningning                                Manpower/Servi NCR-CFO-74911-                       National
                                               Valenzuela City                      Manager     440-5834                                         8/5/2011
Services                 Maysan                                  Padua                                     ce              08-05-11-068                      Capital Region
                         G/F Topy Bldg, #3
GAIC Professional                                                Ricardo C.         VP/Gen                 Outsourcing/                                        National
                         Economia St.         Quezon City                                       638-4547                       NCR-8-0708-387   1/28/2010
Services Inc.                                                    Reyes              Manager                Service                                           Capital Region
                         Rm 310 Señor Ivan
                         De Palacio Bldg, 139                                      President/
Masada Security                                                  Lt Col. Jose M.                                               NCR_QCFO-7492-                  National
                         Malakas, cor         Quezon City                             Gen.      927-0043   Security Services                     9/9/2011
Agency, Inc.                                                     Sombillo                                                         0911-243                   Capital Region
                         Matalino Sts,                                              Manager
                         709 7/F, Medical                                                                                        NCR-MPFO-
Semantrix Multi-                                                                   Operations              Multi-Purpose                                       National
                         Towers Makati,       Makati City        Resty Domasig                  812-1792                        72600-51811-    5/18/2011
Purpose Cooperative                                                                Supervisor              Cooperative                                       Capital Region
                         Rufino St.                                                                                                 027
                         Unit 82 Legaspi                                                                                         NCR-MPFO-
Systems Generators                                                                                                                                             National
                         Suites, 178 Salcedo   Makati City       Jaime P. Roa      President    812-0617   IT Services          72600-91411-    9/14/2011
Philippines, Inc                                                                                                                                             Capital Region
                         St. Legaspi Village                                                                                        128

Catalina Security                                                Placido Q.                                                    NCR-QCFO-7492-                  National
                         626 G. Araneta Ave    Quezon City                         Proprietor   742-2701   Security services                     9/9/2011
Agency                                                           Urbaness III                                                     0911-242                   Capital Region
                                                                 Susan Ruth M.                                                 NCR-PFO-7491-                   National
Staff Finders Inc        209 Carriedo St.      San Juan City                   Coordinator      721-4366   Manpower/                            10/10/2011
                                                                 Belmonte                                                       101011-220                   Capital Region
                          Unit 2807, Makati
Conqueror Industrial      Corporate Office,                                                                Manpower /            NCR-MPFO-
                                                                Paulo G.          Asst Gen                                                                     National
Peace Management          Cityland Pasong      Makati City                                     750-7318    Service              72600-72011-     7/20/2011
                                                                Hernandez         Manager                                                                    Capital Region
Cooperative               Tamo Tower, Chino                                                                Contractor               087
                          Roces Ave.,
                          #8151 Antipolo Cor
First Core Multi-                                               John Paul M.     HR/Admin.                 Manpower            NCR-MFO-74911-                  National
                          SH Loyola St.,       Manila                                          743-5013                                       9/21/2011
Purpose Cooperative                                             Cesar              Mngr                    Services               0911-094                   Capital Region
El Grande Security        #748 Delos Santos                     Hubert C.                                                      NCR-MFO-74920-                  National
                                               Manila                             President    733-5921    Security services                     9/6/2011
Agency .                  St., Sampaloc                         Santos                                                            0911-081                   Capital Region
                          167 Legaspi cor. Dela
                                                                Wilfredo L.       General                  Manpower/             NCR-MPFO-                     National
Iclean Philippines, Inc   Rosa St. Legaspi      Makati City                                    856-5818                                          8/4/2011
                                                                Dizon             Manager                  Service             72600-8411-100                Capital Region
Ace-Rem Messengerial 8361 Dr. A Santos                          Rolando S.                                 Messengerial/                                       National
                                               Parañaque City                     President    820-8298                        74960-0911-149-   9/5/2011
& General Services, Inc. Ave, Sucat                             Dimaandal                                  Service                                           Capital Region
Ablebodies Manpower
                       U-517 Cityland Shaw Mandaluyong          Jimmy F.          General                  Manpower /          NCR-PFO-7491-                   National
Services (Carmelita P.                                                                         634-8923                                          7/26/2011
                       Tower, Shaw Blvd    City                 Caranto Jr.       Manager                  Service              072611-180                   Capital Region
F.I.T Mult-Purpose     Fil-Pacific Apparel                                                                                      NCR-MUNTA-
                                                                Nitz V.            Admin                   Sewing                                              National
Cooperative (Evangelen Comp. Villonco Rd.      Parañaque City                                  842-0209                        74960-0811-137-   8/8/2011
                                                                Eugenio            Officer                 Subcontractor                                     Capital Region
Clete)                 Sucat                                                                                                          R
                                                                                  Benefits &
Prestige Promotions,      2768 Faraday St. San                  Liberato                                   Manpower/             NCR-MPFO-                     National
                                               Makati City                       Remittances   893-9308                                          9/8/2011
Inc                       Isidro                                Garcia                                     Services            72600-9811-124                Capital Region
Network Plus
                                               Mandaluyong                                                 Service             NCR-PFO-7413-                   National
Merchandising &           47 Cordillera St.                     Rolando Sabile    President    533-7540                                          9/7/2011
                                               City                                                        contractor           090711-202                   Capital Region
Promo Services Corp
                       1906 Cityland
Progress Multi-purpose Herrera Tower,                           Atty. Zenaida                              Multipurpose                                        National
                                               Makati City                       Chairperson   817-8516                         72600-71911-     7/19/2011
Cooperative            Rufino St. Salcedo                       T. Aton                                    Cooperative                                       Capital Region
                                                                                 SS Director
MCPB Pentagon             1009 Aurora Blvd,                     Gilbert T.                                                                                     National
                                               Quezon City                           for       421-1451    Security services NCR-9-0609-306      6/1/2009
Security Agency, Inc      Project 3                             Corpuz                                                                                       Capital Region
                        Unit 5A Sycamore                                                                                        NCR-MUNTA-
Human Integrated                                          Ma. Liza P.               Vice       842-5528/   Manpower/                                           National
                        Centre Buencamino Muntinlupa City                                                                      74911-0711-107-   7/5/2011
Resources Experts, Inc.                                   Decena                 President/    842-5401    Service                                           Capital Region
                        St., Alabang                                                                                                  R
Industrial Inspection      2/F MJL Bldg, 1175                     Alfonso L.        Finance &    890-7330 / Engineering &                                         National
                                                Makati City                                                                       74211-93011-     9/30/2011
(International), Inc.      Chino Roces Ave                        Gala, Jr            Admin        07/18    Testing Services                                    Capital Region
Golden Sunshine        U 818 Ortigas Bldg.                        Liwayway G.                                 Janitorial         NCR-PFO-7493-                    National
                                                Pasig City                          President     631-7237                                         8/11/2011
Manpower Services, Inc Ortigas Ave                                Fernandez                                   Services            081111-189                    Capital Region
Triple "A" Security
                       724 A Tandem Bldg,                         Evangeline I.                                                  NCR-MFO-74920-                   National
Agency & Gen Services,                     Manila                                   President    523-9753-54 Security services                  3/14/2011
                       Quirino Ave, Malate                        Verzosa                                                           0311-017                    Capital Region
                           341 Alicante Tower,
Road Edge Trading &
                           Marquinton Condo.,                     Ryan Willie        General                                     NCR-PFO-4520-                    National
Development Service                            Marikina City                                      943-1767    Construction                         9/13/2011
                           Sumulong Highway,                      David Uy           Manager                                      091311-205                    Capital Region
(Ryan Willie David Uy)
                           Sto Niño
Executive Decisions
                           3/F Doña Segunda
Integrated Marketing                                              Vicente C.                                  Marketing          NCRQCFO-7414-                    National
                           Bldg., 113 Kamuning Quezon City                          President     413-6436                                         11/17/2011
Communications Frim                                               Reyes                                       Services             1111-292                     Capital Region
(EDIMCF) Corp.
                           6/F Admiralty Bldg.,
                           1101 Madrigal                                              Chief                                       NCR-MUNTA-
Customer Touchpoint                                               Cynthia C.                                  Manpower/                                           National
                           Business Park        Muntinlupa City                     Operating     842-5290                       74911-0911-160-   9/22/2011
Resources, Inc                                                    Manabat                                     Service                                           Capital Region
                           Alabang Zapote                                            Officer                                            R
Communication              #14 Calle Industria,                   Ryan Angelo       Operation                 Event Organizer NCR-QCFO-4534-                      National
                                                Quezon City                                       638-8762                                          9/5/2011
Advantage, Inc             Bagumbayan, Libis                      Balingit          manager                   / Services         0911-236                       Capital Region

Adcare Transport           #861 Valencia St                                            VP                     Service            NCR-MFO-60990-                   National
                                                Manila            Sonia B. Garcia                 711-1900                                      9/20/2011
Services Inc.              Sampaloc                                                 Operation                 contractor             0911-                      Capital Region
                           1730-B Dian St.                        Florinio R.                                 Service                                             National
LTC Multi-Services, Inc.                        Makati City                         President     239-5782                       72600-81011-      8/10/2011
                           Palanan                                Castigado                                   Contractor                                        Capital Region
Cieras Manpower            106 P Santos St.                                                                   Manpower            NCR-MPFO-
                                                                  Vivian B.                                                                                       National
Agency (Vivian B.          Matute Bldg,        Pasay City                             Owner       853-2823    /Hiring &          72600-112811-     11/28/2011
                                                                  Pagtolon-an                                                                                   Capital Region
Pagtolon-an                Malibay                                                                            Placement               175
                           200 Pluto St Bgy
Visatech Integrated                                               Anthony Z.        Operations                Telecommunicati NCRQCFO-7330-                       National
                           Bahay Toro, Project Quezon City                                        455-1196                                         8/22/2011
Corporation                                                       Galorpo            Manager                  ons / Service     0811-226                        Capital Region
                                                                  Adela D.          Accounting                                   NCR-PFO-6412-                    National
Metro Courier Inc.         144 Aurora Blvd.     San Juan City                                     725-8707    Courier/ Service                     11/22/2011
                                                                  Ocampo               Staff                                      112211-241                    Capital Region
Millenium Star
                          B 1 L 22 Japan St.,
Maintenance Services                                              Rommel                                       Service             NCR-MUNTA-                      National
                          Betterliving Subd.,   Parañaque City                        Prsident     984-4654                                         10/26/2011
(Rommel Consejo                                                   Consejo Arnaiz                               contractor         74309-1011-178                 Capital Region
                          Brgy. Don Bosco
                          6th Flr. NOL. Tower,                                                                                    NCR-MUNTA-
                                                             Maria Eva H.                          632-809-    Multi-Disciplined                              National
Cape Philippines Inc.     Commerce Ave.rigal Muntinlupa City                         President                                   50200-1109-043- 11/17/2009
                                                             Harding                                 9000      Services                                     Capital Region
                          Bus. Park Alabang                                                                                             R

Dimension Manpower        Unit 8, 2nd Flr. Anglo                                                                                  NCR-PFO-74911-                   National
                                                 Mandaluyong      Jean B. Urbino     Manager       727-3006    General Services                     8/14/2009
Services                  Bldg., Shaw Blvd.                                                                                         081109-004                   Capital Region

                          14 Omicron St. RTG
M.P. Villegas                                                     Modesto P.                                                      NCR-QCFO-4533-                   National
                          Vill. Bartolome       Quezon City                          President     937-3494    Construction                          6/2/2011
Construction                                                      Villegas                                                           0611-144                    Capital Region
                          Unit 309 Jollibee
Vetyard Terminal &                                                                  Gen. Affair             Manpower              NCR-PFO-7491-                    National
                          Plaza, Emerald Ave., Pasig City         Christie Valeza               631-3670/71                                          5/2/2011
Shipping Services, Inc.                                                               Asst.                 Agency                 050211-107                    Capital Region
                          Ortigas Ctr.
Zarahemla Engineering 348 Makisig St. Sta.                                                                                                                         National
                                                Manila            Aristotle Siton    President     713-2956    Construction       NCR-5-0709-402    7/16/2009
and Construction      Mesa                                                                                                                                       Capital Region
                          Unit 2A Sycamore
                                                                  Raynaldo                                                         NCR-MUNTA-                      National
SSG Phil. Inc.            Center, Alabang-      Muntinlupa City                      President     403-2386    Trading                              3/24/2010
                                                                  G.Salunga                                                       40100-0310-025                 Capital Region
                          Zapote Road
                          Km. 23, WSR,
Wellspring Color                                             Rogelio Mack                                                          NCR-MUNTA-                      National
                          Philcrest Compound, Muntilupa City                         President     842-28-32   Laundry Service                      3/25/2010
Laundry Ltd. Inc.                                            C. Eduardo                                                           930-10-0310-026                Capital Region
                          AFP-RSBS Industrial
                          Park, Km 12 East                        Charlie B.                                   Freight and         NCR-MUNTA-                      National
Chase Ventures, Inc.      Service Road, C5       Taguig City                        Admin. Asst.   839-0163                                         3/30/2010
                                                                  Lodriguito                                   Cargo              60139-0310-027                 Capital Region
                          Junction Western
                          707 Columbia
Aboitiz Project T.S.      Airfreight Complex 1                    Ruby B.            Executive                 Consultancy         NCR-MUNTA-                      National
                                                 Paranaque City                                    85300088                                         3/31/2010
Corp.                     MIASCOR Drive,                          Mendoza              Asst.                   Services           74140-0310-028                 Capital Region
                          NAIA Ave.
                          Unit 504 Cityland 10
Neo Cards Business                                                                                                                  NCR-MPFO-
                          Tower 2 H.V. dela                       Sharon                                                                                           National
Solutions (NCBS)                                 Makati City                        Admin. Asst.   813-2360    Trading            72600-2-4-2010-    2/4/2010
                          Costa cor., Valero St.                  Limjoco                                                                                        Capital Region
Philippines Corp.                                                                                                                      006
                          Salcedo Village
DNR Manpower              159 Ma. Felix Bldg.,                    Lester L.                                                                                        National
                                                 Pasay City                         Coordinator    521-3166    Marine Services     72600-21810-     2/18/2010
Services                  Libertad St., Brgy. 32                  Lumba                                                                                          Capital Region
                         3/F Citibank Center,                    Gisela P.                                                                                  National
First Datacorp                                Makati City                        HR Officer   893-6657   IT                   72600-22410-    2/24/2010
                         8741 Paseo de Roxas                     Evangelista                                                                              Capital Region
                          132 West Trade
Cendana - Neri Credit &                                                                                  Collcetion          NCRQCFO-6819-                  National
                          Center Bldg., West   Quezon City       Jhon Q. Neri    President    929-5476                                        4/7/2010
Collection Services, Inc.                                                                                Services              0410-049                   Capital Region
Inter-World Builders     1 Aguinaldo Suites F.                   Elizabeth                                                   NCRQCFO-4532-                  National
                                                 Quezon City                     President    913-4943   Gen. Contractor                      4/19/2010
Inc.                     Castillo St., Project 4                 Cabrera                                                       0410-052                   Capital Region

Eagle Petroleum          24 Steve St.                            Maribel S.      Operation                                   NCRQCFO-4100-                  National
                                               Quezon City                                    454-2162   Hauling                              4/22/2010
Enterprises              Commonwealth                            Villarama       Manager                                       0410-055                   Capital Region
                         81-D JCI Corporate
Meg @VPS Security                                                Francisco C.                                                NCRQCFO-7492-                  National
                         Center Lintana St.,   Quezon Cioty                      President    721-3766   Security Services                    4/28/2010
Agency Inc.                                                      Hermoso                                                       0410-057                   Capital Region
Kaakibat Security        9 Balete Drive cor.                     Viviene AnnP.                                               NCRQCFO-7492-                  National
                                               Quezon City                       Proprietor   489-5797   Security Services                    4/30/2010
Services                 Brgy. Mariana                           Rayos                                                         0410-058                   Capital Region

MS Pro Agency Phils.     19 Hillside Loop Blue                   Bonifacio C.     Gen.                   Manpower            NCRQCFO-7492-                  National
                                               Quezon City                                    647-1369                                        4/30/2010
Co.                      Ridge                                   Legaspi, Jr.    Manager                 Services              0410-059                   Capital Region
Campbridge                                                                                               Manufacturer,
                       29-D General Tirona                                       Executive                                   NCR-CFO-45100-                 National
Waterproofing Systems,                     Caloocan City         Andrew Chuan                 252-0531   Painting                             3/3/2010
                       St.                                                          VP                                         0310-007                   Capital Region
Inc.                                                                                                     contractor
Redlaine Manpower        47 P. Santiago St.,                     Redentor                                Manpower            NCR-CFO-9500-                  National
                                               Valenzuela City                   Manager      401-9539                                        3/9/2010
Services                 Paseo de Blas                           Pangilinan                              Services              0310-008                   Capital Region

One Global Multi-        3G-05-07 LRT Mall,                                       Officer-               Manpower            NCR-CFO-66983-                 National
                                               Caloocan City     Jay Tongco                   385-5445                                        3/16/2010
Purpose Cooperative      Rizal Ave. Ext'n.                                       Incharge                Services               0310-009                  Capital Region

JM Ecotech Solutions     168 Gen. Luis St.,                                       Gen.                                       NCR-CFO-9001-                  National
                                               Caloocan City     Jenny S. Chua                936-2317   Gen. Services                        3/16/2010
Co.                      Brgy. Kaybiga                                           Manager                                       0310-010                   Capital Region

                         43 Ortigas Ave.,                                         Gen.                                       NCR-PFO-22190-                 National
Icon Graphics, Inc.                            Pasig City        Diana Tan                    6410679    Gen. Services                        8/6/2009
                         Rosario                                                 Manager                                       080609-001                 Capital Region

                         1411 G.A. Tower 1, # Mandaluyong        Themistocles                                                NCR-PFO-74920-                 National
Lazaro Security Agency                                                           President    719-0578   Security Services                    8/6/2009
                         83 EDSA              City               A. Romeo                                                      080609-002                 Capital Region

R. Abalos Construction 259 A. Dr. Pilapil St.,                                    Gen.                                       NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
                                               Pasig City        Ray S. Abalos                943-0419   Gen. Services                        8/7/2009
Co.                    San Miguel                                                Manager                                      080709-003                  Capital Region
                        Unit 305 Prestige
New Kanlaon                                                      Luningning B.                                                 NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
                        Tower, F. OrtigaS Jr., Pasig City                      HR Manager      636-5200    Construction                         8/13/2009
Construction Inc.                                                Castillo                                                       081309-006                  Capital Region
                        Rd. Ortigas Center
                        Katipunan cor. Pio
                                                                 Pedro L.                                                      NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
I. D. R. Construction   del Pilar St.            Marikina City                    President    997-0404    Construction                         8/13/2009
                                                                 Macajeto                                                       081309-008                  Capital Region
                        Conception I
Creativepro Integrated # 15 San Martin St.,                      Illuminada M.                             Marketing           NCR-PFO-7499-                  National
                                                 Pasig City                        Director    632-7065                                         8/20/2009
Marketing Inc.         Brgy. Kapitolyo                           Villamayor                                Services             080029-010                  Capital Region

Wang Pin Sin            # 682 Boni Ave.,         Mandaluyong                        Gen.                                       NCR-PFO- 7499-                 National
                                                                 Gabriel B. Ong                532-2676    General Services                     8/25/2009
Enterprises             Barangka Drive           City                              Manager                                      082509-011                  Capital Region
                        1601 Taipan Bldg., F.
                                                                                    Vice                                       NCR-PFO-72290-                 National
Mygame. Ph Inc.         Ortigas Jr. Rd.       Pasig City         Jenco Yeong                   638-2511    Consultancy                          8/28/2009
                                                                                  President                                      082809-013                 Capital Region
                        Ortigas Center
                        55 Old J. P. Rizal St.                                    Operations                                   NCR-PFO-18110-                 National
Enro Apparel                                     Marikina City   Romeo Milo                    490-3900    Manufacturing                        9/7/2009
                        Tayug Calumpang                                            manager                                       090709-014                 Capital Region
                        Unit 701 Globe
                        Telecom Plaza Tower      Mandaluyong     Suzette C.         Gen.                   Manppower           NCR-PFO-6429-                  National
Fluxion Inc.                                                                                   719-2980                                         9/10/2009
                        2 Pioneer cor.           City            Facundo           Manager                 Services             091009-016                  Capital Region
                        Madison Sts.
                        Rm 221 Cityland
Opti Serv International Pioneer                  Mandaluyong     Ma. Terese         Gen.                   Manpower            NCR-PFO-74991-                 National
                                                                                               687-4900                                         9/10/2009
Inc.                    Condominium 128          City            Ong               manager                 Services              091009-017                 Capital Region
                        Pioneer St.
Art Vantage             RRI Bldg., 811 S.        Mandaluyong                                               Gen.                NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
                                                                 Joel T. Juico    President    724-1473                                         9/10/2009
Construction Inc.       Laurel St.,              Cuty                                                      Construction         091009-018                  Capital Region

Intimoda                88 Jenny's Ave.                          Ma. Cristina       Plant                                      NCR-PFO-17400-                 National
                                                 Pasig City                                    916-9608    Manufacturing                        9/14/2009
Manufacturing Inc.      Maybunga                                 Tomista           Manager                                       091409-019                 Capital Region

Stage Craft                                      Mandaluyong     Ramelyn S.       Accounting               Maintenance/Re NCR-PFO-7129-                       National
                        888 EDSA,                                                              637-5922                                         9/16/2009
International, Inc.                              City            Ubana               Staff                 ntal            091609-020                       Capital Region
                        4th Upper Level The
A-Vineyard Security &                       Mandaluyong          Elizabeth R.                                                  NCR-PFO-74920-                 National
                        Market Place                                                Owner      379-6224    Security Services                    9/16/2009
Investigation Agency                        City                 Gonzales                                                        091609-021                 Capital Region
                        Shopping Mall
Raycor Aircontrol                                Mandaluyong     Romeo R.           Gen.                                       NCR-PFO-74939-                 National
                        632 EDSA Blvd.                                                         533-70-09   Gen. Contractor                      9/16/2009
Sysyems, Inc.                                    City            Ortega            Manager                                       091609-022                 Capital Region
                           Unit 2 1st Flr.,
                                               Mandaluyong     Adelia D. De      Finance                  Manpower          NCR-PFO-7499-                   National
Prime Inzentivs, Inc.      Hernandez Bldg.,104                                                 534-5338                                      9/22/2009
                                               City            Lemos             Manager                  Services           092209-023                   Capital Region
                           Lopez , Rizal St.

Hydroventure               65 A. Rodriguez Ave.,               Antonio J.                                                   NCR-PFO-45340-                  National
                                                 Pasig City                      President     681-8723   Gen. Contractor                    9/28/2009
Corporation                Santolan                            madrigal                                                       092809-024                  Capital Region
                    1904 Raffles
Emberay Development Corporate Center, F.                       Bernard M.                                 Mapower           NCR-PFO-64290-                  National
                                         Pasig City                              President     914-8182                                      10/5/2009
& Holding, Inc.     Ortigas Rd. Ortigas                        Asperin                                    Services            100509-026                  Capital Region
                      Unit 2E/2/F Jojemar
Taeryung Construction                     Mandaluyong          Ma. Peneluth        Vice                                     NCR-PFO-4520-                   National
                      Bldg., #344 Maysilo                                                      532-9343   Construction                       10/13/2009
& Development Corp.                       City                 Barcenas          President                                   101309-027                   Capital Region
                           Whse. 1 Armal
                           Compound, C.                        Lawrence D.                                Freight           NCR-PFO- 7499-                  National
Vintel Logistics, Inc.                           Pasig City                     Admin. Asst.   900-0002                                      10/13/2009
                           Raymundo Ave.,                      Balba                                      Forwarding         101309-028                   Capital Region
Coldpoint Air Systems      3/F JPM Bldg., 845    Mandaluyong   Carmelo V. De                                                NCR-PFO-45330-              National
                                                                                 President     833-7709   Gen. Contractor                  10/13/2009
Corporation                Salamat St.,          City          Jesus                                                          101309-029              Capital Region
                       U-1027 Mega Plaza,
Ambient Industrial                                             Francis            Gen.                                      NCR-PFO-24111-              National
                       ADB Ave., Ortigas         Pasig City                                    687-4556   Manufacturing                    10/13/2009
Marketing                                                      Lagrisola, Jr.    manager                                      101309-030              Capital Region
                       3-B 3/F, EYG Bldg.
Micro Focus Research                             Mandaluyong   MyrlindaF.                                                    NCR-PFO-731-                   National
                       698 Shaw Blvd. cor.                                       Manager       571-6069   Research Survey                    10/13/2009
Center Co.                                       City          Sarniento                                                      101309-031                  Capital Region
                       Unit 2B No. 9
Advantage Collection &
                       Cabarus Bldg., East                                                                Manpower          NCR-PFO-74991-              National
Recovery Management,                             Pasig City    Lia Reyes          Director     634-2948                                    10/14/2009
                       United Drive, Bo.                                                                  Services           1011409-032              Capital Region
                       Unit D 12 Floor
First Maharlika        Strata 2000 Bldg.,                                         Finance                 Manpower          NCR-PFO-74991-              National
                                                 Pasig City    Paul P. Magno                   687-6800                                    10/15/2009
Collection Management Emerald Ave. Ortigas                                        Officer                 Services            101509-033              Capital Region
Engineering and        3rd and 4th Flr.
Development            Professional Tower #      Mandaluyong   Angel M.                                   Engineering       NCR-PFO-7421-                   National
                                                                                 President     534-6449                                      5/10/2011
Corporation of the     37 EDSA cor., Boni        City          Santiago, Jr.                              Consultancy        051011-112                   Capital Region
Philippines            Ave.
                           U-603 Taipan Place,
                                                               Wilde T.          Financial                Manpower          NCR-PFO-7413-                   National
Ipsos (Philippines) Inc.   Emerald Ave.,       Pasig City                                      914-1226                                      10/28/2009
                                                               Ramos             Controller               Services           102809-035                   Capital Region
                           Ortigas Center
                         15/F Strata 100
Puzon Value Added                                                Regina T.                              Manpower            NCR-PFO-7290-                   National
                         Bldg., F. Ortigas Jr.   Pasig City                     President    631-6084                                        10/28/2009
Services, Inc.                                                   Cayanga                                Services             102809-036                   Capital Region
                         Rd. Ortigas Center
Enav Logistics       30th Flr., Tycoon
                                                                 Carmelita m.   Finance                 Manpower            NCR-PFO-7499-                   National
Management Services, Centre, Pearl drive,        Pasig City                                  687-1771                                        10/28/2009
                                                                 Marte          Manager                 Services             102809-037                   Capital Region
Inc.                 Ortigas Center

Tubs Engineering         578 Gen. Ordonez                        Alberto A.      Gen.       09109939407 Service              NCR-PFO-453-                   National
                                                 Marikina City                                                                               10/26/2009
Contractor Services      St., Parang                             Tubalinal      Manager          8      Contractor            102609-38                   Capital Region

                         2601 Jollibee Plaza
The Shoplot                                                      Katrina        Corporate                                   NCR-PFO-74991-                  National
                         Bldg., F. Ortigas Jr.   Pasig City                                  635-4020   Gen. Services                        11/5/2009
Corporation                                                      Gotavco        Secretary                                     110509-039                  Capital Region
                         Rd. Ortigas Center
                         Unit-IE Felmare
Alion Labor Sub-                                                 Magdalena D. Administrat               Manpower            NCR-PFO-6399-                   National
                         Bldg., A. Rodriguez     Pasig City                                  501-4755                                        11/6/2009
Contractor Services                                              Silva           or                     Services             110609-040                   Capital Region
                         Ave., Santolan
                         Unit C 2F Kathrina
                         Manor, 523 Canteras
JCD Infosearch &                                Mandaluyong                                                                 NCR-PFO-7499-                   National
                         Cor. B. Francisco & P.                  Lily D. Dino   Director     534-8840   Security Services                    11/6/2009
General Services, Inc.                          City                                                                         110609-041                   Capital Region
                         Cruz Sts., Brgy. New
                         # 3 Egypt St.,
Fort Klan Construction   Marikina                                Edna            Gen.                                       NCR-PFO-4520-                   National
                                                 Marikina City                               346-2517   Construction                         11/12/2009
Development              Greenheights                            Laforteza      Manager                                      111209-043                   Capital Region
                         Unit 3505B Summit
                                                 Mandaluyong     Stephen M.      Finance                Manpower            NCR-PFO-7413-                   National
Leadingedge, Inc.        One Office Tower,                                                   718-1557                                        11/12/2009
                                                 City            Gabito          Officer                Services             111209-044                   Capital Region
                         530 Shaw Blvd.
                         Unit 202 FRDC 106 E.
JNI Technology &                                                 Mary Jane B.   General                 Manpower            NCR-PFO-74911-              National
                         Rodriguez, Jr. ave.  Pasig City                                     571-2616                                      11/12/2009
Resources Co.                                                    Perez          Manager                 Services              111309-045              Capital Region
                         Suite 1210 Antel
                         Global Corporation
Campanilla Ponce Law                                             Felixberto      Office                                      NCR-PFO-453-                   National
                         Center # 3 Julia     Pasig City                                     687-3066   Law Office                           11/18/2009
Firm                                                             Romero         Manager                                       111609-047                  Capital Region
                         Vargas Ave., Ortigas

Lodestar Engineering                             Mandaluyong     Gregorio C.     Gen.                                       NCR-PFO-4520-                   National
                         56 D. R. Castaneda                                                  534-8685   Construction                         11/19/2009
Supply Corporation                               City            Ortega         Manager                                      111909-049                   Capital Region
Accuria Executive
                          Conservatory Bldg.,    Mandaluyong      Marcel R.          Gen.                                      NCR-PFO-74920-              National
Protection and                                                                                  727-3560   Security Services                  11/23/2009
                          605 Shaw Blvd.         City             Mercado           Manager                                      112309-050              Capital Region
Detective Services Inc.
                          4/F Unit 403 Seven
Biz Solv Asia Multi-                                              Raymond S.                                                    NCR-PFO-749-                  National
                          East Capitol Drive,     Pasig City                       Secretary    633-2722   IT/logistic                         11/27/2009
Purpose Cooperative                                               Rendor                                                         112709-053                 Capital Region
                          Bo. Kapitolyo
                          Unit 4 B G & G
                                                                  Ireneo F.                                Electrical          NCR-PFO-4533-                  National
Spec-Master, Inc.         Lumber Ortigas Ave., Pasig City                          President    641-6716                                       12/3/2009
                                                                  Fernandez                                Contractor           120309-054                  Capital Region
                          Ext'n. Rosario
                          # 1 Rm. 3-5 J. P. Rizal
T-Connections                                                     Katrina                                  Manpower             NCR-PFO-659-                  National
                          cor. M. Roxas           Marikina City                     Manager     393-7839                                       12/7/2009
Marketing Services                                                Fuentes Oca                              Services              120709-057                 Capital Region
                       Rm. 705-1 7/F
Smootheline                                                       Maria Annalee Operations                                     NCR--PFP-659-                  National
                       Ortigas Bldg., Ortigas Pasig City                                        914-4798   Service Provider                    12/7/2009
Telemarketing Services                                            S. Yuson       Manager                                        120809-059                  Capital Region
                       Ave. Ortigas Center
                          Rm. 705 State
Chem-Perts                                       Mandaluyong      Mary Rose A.      Admin.                                     NCR-PFO-5190-                  National
                          Financing Bldg.,                                                      7212527    Trading                             11/10/2009
Corporation                                      City             Guiang0          Supervisor                                   121009-060                  Capital Region
                          Ortigas Ave.
                          11/F Strata 100
Computer Support                                                  Rosalie I.        Finance                                     NCR-PFO-722-                  National
                          Bldg., Emerald Ave., Pasig City                                       632-9046   Trading                             11/10/2009
Center, Inc.                                                      Armentia          Manager                                      121009-061                 Capital Region
                          Ortigas Center
                       Unit 218 AIC
                       Burgundy Empire                            Ma. Theresa S.                           Manpower             NCR-PFO-749-                  National
Easyaccess Inc.        Tower ADB Ave.            Pasig City                         Director    980-1573                                       12/11/2009
                                                                  Cruz                                     Services              121109-062                 Capital Region
                       Cor., Sapphire &
                       Garnet Rd. Ortigas
                       1551 Ortigas ave.,
Armored Transport                                Mandaluyong      Wilson L.           Gen.                 Transport           NCR-PFO-6099-                  National
                       cor. Columbia St.,                                                       740-8151                                       12/15/2009
Plus, Inc.                                       City             Luzon            Accountant              Services             121509-063                  Capital Region
                       No. 2 Gen. Atienza                                                                  Electrical and
Link Energie Marketing                                            Angelo                                                       NCR-PFO-4533-                  National
                       St., San Antonio          Pasig City                         Manager     687-1927   Mechanical                           3/4/2011
International, Inc.                                               Pasaporte                                                     030411-048                  Capital Region
                       Village                                                                             Work
City Advertising          Blk. 206 P. Martinez Mandaluyong        Imelda                                                       NCR-PFO-7430-                  National
                                                                                   HR Officer   532-5216   Advertising                         12/16/2009
Ventures Corp.            St., Daang Bakal     City               Delente                                                       121609-065                  Capital Region
                          4th/F Romm. 403
                                                                  Ma. Catherine
Handikaz Marketing        Summit 1 Tower         Mandaluyong                                                                   NCR-PFO-7499-                  National
                                                                  Yvette F.         Manager     718-0831   Loan Facilitator                    12/16/2009
Services                  Bldg. # 530 Shaw       City                                                                           121609-066                  Capital Region
Prestige Alliance Multi- 650 Unit 2 RMD          Mandaluyong                       Executive               Outsourcing/con NCR-PFO-7491-                      National
                                                                  Angeli Ancheta                535-5381                                       12/16/2009
Purpose Cooperative      Bldg., Boni Ave.        City                               Director               sultancy         121609-067                      Capital Region
                          U-1539 City Land
                                                               Sherman C.                                Manpower            NCR-PFO-3110-                   National
Shockblock Phils., Inc.   Mega Plaza Bldg.       Pasig City                      Accountant   706-3860                                        12/18/2009
                                                               Armas                                     Services             121809-068                   Capital Region
Bestoptions Assistance                      Mandaluyong        Angelyn D.                                                    NCR-PFO-74911-              National
                       608 Sierra Madre St.                                      Treasurer    717-1396   General Services                   12/23/2009
Inc.                                        City               Buan                                                            122309-071              Capital Region
                          Display Room II,
                          David Bldg. I, 567     Mandaluyong   Angelita A.                               Manpower            NCR-PFO-74911-              National
Hibizcom Corporation                                                             President    722-9586                                      12/23/2009
                          Shaw Blvd.,            City          Bacal                                     Services              122309-072              Capital Region
                          408 Delta Bldg.,
Bustos Villafuerte &                                                                                     collection          NCR-QCFO-7411-                  National
                          West Ave. Corner       Quezon City   Nicolito Bustos    Manager     373-3222                                        1/27/2010
Associates Law Office                                                                                    services               0110-002                   Capital Region
                          Quezon Ave.
                          54 Linaw St., Brgy.                  Giselle Anne        Gen.                  Service             NCRQCFO-4533-                   National
Villaram Builders                                Quezon City                                  461-7604                                        1/27/2010
                          St. Peter                            Aseron             Manager                Contractor            0110-003                    Capital Region

Good Hands Multi          Hunter St., Brgy.                                                              Manpower            NCR-QCFO-4533-                  National
                                                 Quezon City   Cristina Flores Accountant     415-1507                                        1/28/2010
Purpose Cooperative       Tatalon District IV,                                                           Services               0110-004                   Capital Region

Waterkonsult              9030 Konsult Haus,
                                                               Augusto                                   Sales and           NCR-QCFO-4533-                  National
Equipment and             Ferria Rd. Dela Paz,   Quezon City                     President    952-4122                                        1/28/2010
                                                               Gedang                                    Trading                0110-007                   Capital Region
Services, Inc.            Old Balara

Envirokonsult             9030 Konsult Haus,
                                                               Augusto                                   Sales and           NCRQCFO-4534-                   National
Equipment and             Feria Rd. Dela Paz,    Quezon City                     President    952-4122                                        1/28/2010
                                                               Gedang                                    Trading               0110-008                    Capital Region
Services, Inc.            Old Balara

Hilmarc's Construction 1835 E. Rodriguez Sr.                   Robert B.                                                     NCR-QCFO-4533-                  National
                                             Quezon City                         President    726-9471   Construction                          2/4/2010
Corporation            Ave., Cubao                             Henson                                                           0210-009                   Capital Region

Osru Manpower             46 Banahaw Street,                                                             Service             NCR-QCFO-7491-                  National
                                                 Quezon City   Isidro Bantiling HRD Officer   724-9839                                         2/9/2010
Services                  Cubao,                                                                         Contractor               0210                     Capital Region

Strategic Imperatives     71-B Regalado Ave.,                  Felisa F.           Gen.                                      NCR-QCFO-7493-                  National
                                              Quezon City                                     666-4093   Service Provider                      2/9/2010
Inc.                      East Fairview Park                   Magud              Manager                                       0210-011                   Capital Region
                          152-D Roosevelt                      Glenn
Siros Electrical &                                                                                       Maintenance         NCR-QCFO-4533-                  National
                          Ave., Brgy. Paraisa, Quezon City     Macaranas          Manager     448-7293                                        2/16/2010
Mechanical Services                                                                                      Services               0210-013                   Capital Region
                          SFDM                                 Tongos
                          805 Future Point
Beacon Frontline                                               Vicente dela       Finance                manpower            NCR-QCFO-7412-                  National
                          Plaza I, 112 Panay   Quezon City                                    7032270                                         2/16/2010
Solutions, Inc.                                                Cruz               manager                services               0210-014                   Capital Region
                          81 JCI Corporate
Jamila & Company                                               Gervid D,                                                     NCR-QCFO-7492-                  National
                          Center, Lantana St., Quezon City                       President    722-0232   Security Services                    2/17/2010
Security Services, Inc.                                        Jamila                                                           0210-015                   Capital Region
Philpower Integrated      77 Don Raul Bldg.,                                       Gen.                    Manpower            NCR-QCFO-7491-                 National
                                                 Quezon City   Rexcel S. Lanot                  4142529                                         2/17/2010
Services Company          Kamuning Road                                           manager                  Services               0210-016                  Capital Region
Kabagis Security and   26-A Carmel Ave.,
                                                               Marivie B.          Finance                                     NCR-QCFO-7492-                 National
Investigation Agency,  Carmel I Subd., Proj. Quezon City                                        487-8906   Security Services                    2/17/2010
                                                               Halili              Officer                                        0210-017                  Capital Region
Inc.                   6
                       Lapanday Center                                                                                           NCR-MPFO-
Macondray Group Multi-                                         Cristine Joy                                                                                   National
                       2263 Pasong Tamo Makati City                               Secretary     812-0651   Cooperative          72600-21310-    2/12/2010
Purpose Cooperative                                            Irinco                                                                                       Capital Region
                       Ext'n.                                                                                                       026
                          Room 703-B Vicente                   Monica                                                            NCR-MPFO-
One Commerce (Int'l.)                                                                                      Integrator                                         National
                          Madrigal Bldg., 6793 Makati City     Concepcion S.     HR Admin.      817-1505                        74211-31610-    3/16/2010
Corporation                                                                                                &Telecom                                         Capital Region
                          Ayala Ave.                           Dungo                                                                023
Transmolitor              Rm. 803 Vicente
                                                               Teresita C.        General                  Manpower              NCR-MPFO-                    National
Technologies LXXXVII      Madrigal Bldg., 6793 Makati City                                      848-5457                                        3/9/2010
                                                               Aguiting           Manager                  Services            45330-3810-021               Capital Region
Corporation               Ayala
Momentum Properties 11F L.V. Locsin Bldg.,                                                                                       NCR-MPFO-
                                                                                                           Manpower                                           National
Management          Ayala Ave., Cor.       Makati City         Liza Cardeno      Accountant     840-1014                        72600-13510-    3/5/2010
                                                                                                           Services                                         Capital Region
Corporation         Makati Ave.                                                                                                     020
                      2nd F. Adsem Bldg.,                                                                                        NCR-MPFO-
Citiworks Manpower                                                                Operation                Manpower                                           National
                      18 J. P. Rizal Ext., Makati City         Marivic Caldito                  467-0762                        72600-31510-    3/18/2010
Resources                                                                         Manager                  Services                                         Capital Region
                      Comembo                                                                                                       027
                      Unit 2108, 88
                      Corporate Center                                            General                  Business & Mgt.                                    National
Exeqserve Corporation                      Makati City         Edwin Ebreo                      893-3199                        72600-31610-    3/16/2010
                      Sedeno St., Salcedo                                         Manager                  Consultancy                                      Capital Region
                                                               Michelle                                                                                       National
U-Bix Corporation         1344 Angono St.,       Makati City                       Director     897-6819   Retail               72600-32410-    3/24/2010
                                                               Villanueva                                                                                   Capital Region
Yaletrak Philippines,     3050 F.B. HARRISON                   Ma. Teresita                                Imorter                                            National
                                             Pasay City                          Admin. Asst.   853-2815                        72600-31610-    3/16/2010
Inc.                      St.                                  D. Reyes                                    Contractor                                       Capital Region
                          6th/F Adamson
Securicor Security and                                                                                                           NCR-MPFO-
                          Center 121 L. P.                     Marilyn P.          Finance                                                                    National
Investigation Services,                          Makati City                                    939-8073   Security Services    74920-31810-    3/18/2010
                          Leviste St., Bel-Air                 Ordillo             Officer                                                                  Capital Region
Inc.                                                                                                                                028
                          UG-9 Cityland 8
AJJM Manpower             Condo #98 Sen. Gil                   Adonis T.           Gen.                    Manpower                                           National
                                                 Makati City                                    303-1641                        72600-32910-    3/29/2010
Services                  Puyat Ave., Pio del                  Roxas              Manager                  Services                                         Capital Region
                          G/F PSC Bldg. 2410                                                                                     NCR-MPFO-
Pest Science                                                   Rayner C.                                   Manpower                                           National
                          Hen. Belarmino St.     Makati City                       Director     884-2330                        72600-32910-    3/29/2010
Corporation                                                    Lorenzo                                     Service                                          Capital Region
                          Bangkal                                                                                                   035
                       U-509 TMBC Bldg.,                                                                                     NCR-MPFO-
"Z" Expert Loan                                               Teresita G.                              Manpower                                            National
                       Ayala Avenue, San     Makati City                        Owner      864-0098                         82190-32310-     3/23/2010
Facilitating                                                  Zarate                                   Services                                          Capital Region
                       Lorenzo Village                                                                                          0290
                       U-309 Vicente
Crystal Dove Marketing                                        Bonifacio U.                             Services(Loans/C NCR-MPFO-8290-                     National
                       Madrigal Bldg., Ayala Makati City                        Owner      840-1309                                    3/16/2010
Services                                                      Umali                                    redit Cards)       31610-022                      Capital Region
                       Ave., Bel-Air
                       Unit 303 PMJ Bldg.
                       1860 Evangelista                       Nathaniel                                                      NCR-MPFO-                     National
Ebizolution Inc.                             Makati City                       President   844-9628    Solution,                             4/5/2010
                       Cor. Cuanco Sts., Pio                  Marquez                                                      72600-4510-037                Capital Region
                       del Pilar
                          7th/F Telecoms Plaza                Manuel E.                                Mproperty             NCR-MPFO-                     National
Alphaland Corporation                          Makati City                    HR Manager   337-2031                                          4/6/2010
                          Sen Gil Puyat Ave.                  Gonzaga                                  Development         72600-4510-045                Capital Region

Blueridge Cleaners        EDSA cor., Agutaya
                                                              Mark Ryan                                Janitorial            NCR-MPFO-                     National
Janitorial &              St. Brgy.             Makati City                   HR Officer   881-3157                                          4/7/2010
                                                              Ferrer                                   Services            72600-4710-046                Capital Region
Maintenance Services      Pinagkaisahan
                       G/F Jardine Bldg.                                                                                     NCR-MPFO-
Jardine Energy Control                                        Lailanie          Legal                  Manpower                                            National
                       Faraday St. Osmena Makati City                                      843-6020                         72600-41410-     4/14/2010
Co. Inc.                                                      Parcon           Manager                 Services                                          Capital Region
                       Highway                                                                                                   049
                          2281 Don Chino                      Pablo C.          Safety                                                                     National
D.M. Consoji, Inc.                              Makati City                                521-3100    Construction         45100-08-09-     8/7/2009
                          Roces Avenue                        Geronimo,Jr       Officer                                                                  Capital Region
                          16 C Burgandy                                                                                      NCR-MPFO-
Mundial Inspections                                           Wilfredo        Accounting               Manpower                                            National
                          Corporate Tower       Makati City                                710-2540                        72600-08-07-09-   8/10/2009
Services Inc.                                                 Dumaguing         Officer                Services                                          Capital Region
                          Sen. Gil Puyat Ave                                                                                    0008
Alberto S. Villoria SR.                                       Policarpio S.                                                                                National
                          2740 Park Avenue      Pasay City                     Treasurer   829-3784    Construction        45100-08-12-09-   8/12/2009
Construction Inc.                                             Villoria                                                                                   Capital Region
Polygon Service           3/F P 4-10 Manlunas                 Janet F.                                 Manpower            NCR-72600-08-                   National
                                                 Pasay City                    Chairman    854-0695                                          8/19/2009
Cooperative               St., Villamor Air Base              Saavedra                                 Services             07-09-0012                   Capital Region

Skyhawk Security Force Unit 105 Chanely                       Cesar B.                                                     NCR-72600-08-                   National
                                                Pasay City                     Manager     851-3638    Security Services                     8/20/2009
and Allied Services, Inc. Towers Roxas Blvd.                  Taguiling                                                      07-00013                    Capital Region
                       4th/F Marvin Plaza
ARM Services                                                  Elizabeth D.                             Manpower              NCR-MPFO-                     National
                       Bldg., Chino Roces    Makati City                       Manager     815-99-79                                         8/25/2009
Cooperative                                                   Carasi                                   Services                74920                     Capital Region
                       17/F Corporate
Globalbridge Resources                                        Jose Edgardo      Gen.                   Manpower            NCR-72600-1006-                 National
                       Center, # 39 Valerio Makati City                                    793-1447                                        10/6/2009
Corporation                                                   B. Solis         Manager                 Services               09-0033                    Capital Region
                       SMO Townhouse,
                       Unit I, 1839 Sta Rita                  Jeanett L.       Executive               Manpower            NCR-72600-1006-                 National
Mail Specialist, Inc.                        Makati City                                   882-2074                                        10/6/2009
                       St., Guadalupe                         Evangelista      President               Services               09-0035                    Capital Region
                         2/F Salem Shopping
JBA Metro Marketing                                                                                         Marketing        NCR-72600-                      National
                         Complex, Domestic Pasay City          Jelson B. Atillo     Owner        851-7902                                     10/19/2009
Service                                                                                                     Services        10191-09-0039                  Capital Region
                         Rd. Brgy. 191

                       LG-31 Cityland                                                                                         NCR-MPFO-
Ergotronics Automation                                         Jonathan C.          Gen.                    Manpower                                         National
                       Condominium            Makati City                                        752-3306                    72600-10-09-     10/21/2009
Enterprise Corp.                                               Pili                manager                  Services                                       Capital Region
                       Estacio, Pio del pilar                                                                                   0041

                         Suite 908, 88
                         Corporate Center                      Mharicar C.        Chief Opt'n.              Manpower                                         National
Quaerito Qualitas Inc.                        Makati City                                        889-6258                   72600-11-03-09-   11/3/2009
                         Valerio Cor., Sedeno                  Reyes               manager                  Services                                       Capital Region
                         Sts. Salcedo Vill.

                         5742 Kalayaan Ave.                                                                                   NCR-MPFO-
                                                               Camilo D.            Gen.                    Contractor                                   National
Luneta Advertising, Inc. cor., Edsa Brgy.     Makati City                                        882-0275                   72600-11-10-09- 11/10/2009
                                                               Syson               manager                  Services                                   Capital Region
                         Pinagkaisahan                                                                                           0047

                         U 218 Cityland
Autohome Business        Pasong Tamo 6264                      Marites A.           Admin.                                                                National
                                               Makati city                                       393-1510   General Services 72600-11-17-09- 11/17/2009
Solutions Inc.           Calle Estacion Brgy.,                 Balmores             Assist.                                                             Capital Region
                         Pio del Pilar
                         U 316 Cityland
Alpha Appraisal and      Condominium III, V.                                                                                  NCR-MPFO-
                                                               Fernando M.                                  Consultancy                                  National
Project Management       A. Rufino Cor.,       Makati City                         President     894-2907                   72600-11-17-09- 11/17/2009
                                                               de Vera                                      Services                                   Capital Region
Corp.                    Estaban Sts., Legaspi                                                                                   0052
Brighthouse Industires   3/F Agoho Bldg., P.                   Nenita C.                                    Manpower                                     National
                                               Makati City                        Accountant     897-2111                   72600-11-20-09- 11/20/2009
Group, Inc.              Burgos St., Poblacion                 Mendoza                                      Services                                   Capital Region
Fastpace Trading &       5023 Agoho Bldg., P.                  Rodrigo P                                    Janitorial                                   National
                                               Makati City                         President     895-2221                   76200-11-23-09- 11/23/2009
General Services         Burgos St., Poblacion                 Manalo                                       Services                                   Capital Region
                         Units 113-116 MCS
Healthe Maintenance,     Tower Ground                          Erlinda A.                                   Manpower                                     National
                                              Makati City                           Admin.       811-1313                   76200-12-11-09- 12/11/2009
Inc.                     Condo., 1299 Don                      Sabino                                       Services                                   Capital Region
                         Chino Roces Ave.
                       7th/F Annex Zeta                                                                                       NCR-MPFO-
Epic Resources Multi-                                          Earl Albert        Operation                 Manpower                                     National
                       Condominium No.        Makati City                                        892-6685                   76200-12-15-09- 12/15/2009
Purpose Cooperative                                            Rayala             Manager                   Services                                   Capital Region
                       191 Salcedo St.                                                                                           0068
                       Gemphil Bldg.,
3-Way Cargo Transport,                                         Arsenia G.                                   Cargo            NCR-MUNTA-                      National
                       Teoville 3 Subd., BF   Paranaque City                       President     542-0802                                      5/6/2010
Inc.                                                           Lanip                                        Forwarding      60139-0510-037                 Capital Region
                          Unit 302, 3rd Flr.,
South Symbol                                                                    Opt'n.                  Telemarketing        NCR-MUNTA-                      National
                          Jackley Bldg., Sukat Paranaque City Czeben R. Lim                 729-6730                                          5/13/2010
Marketing                                                                      Manager                  Services            61901-0510-038                 Capital Region
                          Road cor. 4th Estate

                          # 5 Saint Catherine
Voltage Electrical                                            Antonio C.                                Manpower             NCR-MUNTA-                      National
                          St., Perpetual Village Taguig                        President    838-9091                                           5/8/2010
Contractor Corp.                                              Que                                       Services            45330-0510-039                 Capital Region
                          Bagong Tanyag
                          8161-C Dr. A. Santos
GM Joe Tours &                                                Arfel Joseph                              Transport            NCR-MUNTA-                      National
                          Ave., San Dionisio   Paranaque City                  President    829-1304                                           5/8/2010
Transport Corporation                                         M. Austria                                Services            60940-0510-040                 Capital Region
                          Northbridgeway cor.                                                                             NCR-MUNTA-
HSBC Electronic Data                                          Jennifer                                  Call Center/Data                                     National
                          Northgate Ave.      Muntinlupa City                  President    859-4861                     64209-0510-041-      5/19/2010
Processing (Phils.), Inc.                                     Strybel                                   Processing                                         Capital Region
                          Northgate                                                                                             R
                          Cyberzone, Alabang
                          2/F Bonifacio
                          Technology Center                   Sheryl F.                                                      NCR-MUNTA-                      National
Orica Philippines, Inc.   31st St., cor., 2nd   Taguig                        HR Adviser    815-17-64   Mfg.                                  5/19/2010
                                                              Nevalga                                                       24254-0510-042                 Capital Region
                          Ave., Bonifacio
                          Global City
Mahogany General          742 Vitales St.                     Noel M.          Project                  Manpower                                             National
                                                Pasay City                                  854-2525                        72600-08-07-09-   8/10/2009
Services Corporation      Malibay                             Cadacio          Manager                  Services                                           Capital Region
Electro-Systems           399 Enzo Bldg. Sen                  Rene E.                                   Service                                              National
                                                Makati City                   V-President   897-88-88                       72600-09-16-09-   9/16/2009
Industries Corporation    Gil Puyat Ave.                      Cabarles                                  Contractor                                         Capital Region
                          15th Floor, 139
Ayala Systems             Corporate Center                    Anthony R.       Finance                                      NCR-72600-10-                    National
                                                Makati City                                 793-1420    I.T.                                  10/14/2009
Technology, Inc.          Valero St. Salcedo                  Miranda          Manager                                       14-09-0036                    Capital Region
Aeroflite Airways         2/F ALPAP Bldg.                     Arnel U.                                                                                   National
                                                Pasay City                     President    854-4207    Fish Cargo          72600-11-17-09- 11/17/2009
Corporation               Andrews Ave.                        Miguel                                                                                   Capital Region
                          415 Union Square                    Jennifer V.                                                   NCR-QCFO-4533-                   National
Dormer Builders, Inc.                           Quezon City                    President    681-4169    Construction                           5/6/2010
                          Condo., 15th Ave.,                  Pantangco                                                        0510-060                    Capital Region

ARV Construction and      415 Union Square                    Alicia R.                                                     NCR-QCFO-4533-                   National
                                                Quezon City                    President    681-4169    Construction                           5/6/2010
Supply, Inc.              Condo., 15th Ave.,                  Villanueva                                                       0510-061                    Capital Region

                          146-A Roosevelt
Kintanar Security                                             Gloria A.J.                                                   NCR-QCFO-7492-                   National
                          Ave., San Francisco   Quezon City                    President    373-1695    Security Services                      5/6/2010
Agency, Inc.                                                  Kintanar                                                         0510-063                    Capital Region
                          del Monte
D'Rite Manpower and
                         10-A La Salle St.,                                      Gen.                  Manpower          NCR-QCFO-7491-                 National
Promotions                                       Quezon City   Rommel Belen                 912-5080                                      5/6/2010
                         Cubao                                                  manager                Services             0510-064                  Capital Region
Primetech Industrial     Unit 5F A&M Bldg., 9                  Arnold S.                               Service           NCR-QCFO-5150-                 National
                                              Quezon City                       Director    383-3029                                      5/6/2010
Sales Corporation        Commonwealth Ave.                     Manalad                                 Contractor           0510-065                  Capital Region

                         5 Guyabano St.,                       Crescencio R.                           Manpower          NCR-QCFO-7210-                 National
Xtreme Works, Inc.                               Quezon City                    Director    813-2237                                      5/11/2010
                         Project 2,                            Jovellanos                              Services             0510-066                  Capital Region

R. Humangit              40 Cherry Blossoms                    Romeo M.                                                  NCR-QCFO-4533-                 National
                                                 Quezon City                     Owner      427-9380   Construction                       5/11/2010
Construction             St., Payatas                          Humangit                                                     0510-067                  Capital Region
                         Lot 19 Blk. 9 Rolling
168 Dinosourze                                                                                                           NCR-QCFO-4533-                 National
                         Meadows 2,              Quezon City   Noel Katague     Manager     332-5250   Construction                       5/12/2010
Corporation                                                                                                                 0510-068                  Capital Region
                         37 Arayat cor.,
Standard Marketing                                             Roderick P.                             Manpower          NCR-QCFO-6819-                 National
                         Malabito St.,           Quezon City                     Owner      414-0044                                      5/12/2010
Access Corporation                                             Santos                                  Services             0510-069                  Capital Region
                         Kaunlaran 04,
Overture Manpower        963 A. Bonifacio                                                              Manpower          NCR-QCFO-7491-                 National
                                               Quezon City     William Sey       Owner      442-1817                                      5/13/2010
Services                 Ave., Brgy. Balingasa                                                         Services             0510-070                  Capital Region
Great Wall               214 Ivory Court                       Sean Cyril                                                NCR-QCFO-6099-                 National
                                           Quezon City                          President   9120391    Hauling                            5/14/2010
Explorations, Inc.       GreenMeadow Ave.,                     Contreras                                                    0510-024                  Capital Region

Nexus Staff Specialist   Rm. 307 Jade Bldg.,                   Jethro Ronjay                           Janitorial        NCR-QCFO-7493-                 National
                                                 Quezon City                    President   713-5898                                      5/14/2010
Network, Inc.            71 Aurora Blvd.,                      S. Lim                                  Services             0510-025                  Capital Region
                         Blk. 135 Lot 1
ACCM Marketing           Regalado cor., Casa                   Marlon C.                                                 NCR-QCFO-7493-                 National
                                                 Quezon City                    Manager     418-0720   Marketing                          5/14/2010
Services                 Milan Subd.,                          Sampaga                                                      0510-073                  Capital Region
Urban Manpower           120 Samonte St.,                      Rachelle A.                             Contractor        NCR-QCFO-7491-                 National
                                                 Quezon City                    Manager     952-2708                                      5/20/2010
Services                 Matandang Balara                      Yala                                    Services             0510-076                  Capital Region

Elixer Multi Purpose                                           Blesilda E.      General                Manpower          NCR-QCFO-9309-                 National
                         32 Road 6, Pag asa      Quezon City                                466-8404                                      5/24/2010
Cooperative                                                    Taupa            Manager                Services             0510-078                  Capital Region

Blackhounds Security & 4/F Grepalife Bldg.,                                                                                NCR-MPFO-
                                                               Ramon S.                                                                                 National
Investigation Agency,  219 Sen. Gil Puyat        Makati City                    President   812-4617   Security Agency    74920-1-7-10-   1/7/2010
                                                               Bagatsing, Jr.                                                                         Capital Region
Inc.                   Ave.                                                                                                   0071
                         611 Espiritu Street,                  Emma G.          Operation              Janitorial                                       National
Fastrust Services Inc.                           Pasay City                                 997-4054                      72600-32910-    3/30/2010
                         Brgy. 139                             Abasolo          Manager                Services                                       Capital Region
M.C. Ramiro &                                                    Maria Elena C.                           Collection                                          National
                         2423 Zamora St.,      Pasay City                         Manager      832-7298                        72600-32910-     3/24/2010
Associates                                                       Ramiro                                   Agency                                            Capital Region
                         SATA Corp. Bldg.,                                                                                      NCR-MPFO-
Prime Universal                                                  Baby Jane                                Manpower                                            National
                         2217 Cartimar St.     Pasay City                         Manager      393-4404                        72600-32010-     3/20/2010
Manpower Services                                                Cervantes                                Services                                          Capital Region
                         Taft Ave.                                                                                                 047
Unilateral Security and 536 H Calabasita Rd.                     Antonio de                                                   NCR-MFO-74920-                  National
                                              Manila City                         Operation    749-6246   Security Services                     5/6/2010
Safety Solutions Inc.   Balic-Balic, Sampaloc                    Asis                                                            0510-010                   Capital Region
Waste Solutions &                                                                   Chief
                     469 Amelia St.,                                                                                          NCR-MFO-90010-                  National
Management Services,                           Manila            Arnold S. Cruz   Executive    887-6166   Services                              5/7/2010
                     Sampaloc                                                                                                    0510-011                   Capital Region
Inc.                                                                               Officer
                         Unit 4C EKC
Ardent Support
                         Corporate Center                        Garry M.          Gen.                   Manpower            NCR-MFO-74911-                  National
Manpower Solutions                           Manila                                            393-6901                                      5/20/2010
                         Bldg., 589 Q.                           Sabiaga          Manager                 Services               0510-013                   Capital Region
                         Paredes St. Binondo

                         Blk. 16 Lot 10 Piety
Jogied Contractors &                                             Diego S.                                                      NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                         Street, Veraville 1  Las Pinas City                       Owner       801-0809   Manufacturing                         5/25/2010
Steel Fabricator                                                 Repatacodo                                                   27129-0510-043                Capital Region
                         Townhomes Talon 5

888 Gallant Manpower 9800 Vitalez                                                                                              NCR-MUNTA-
                                                                                   Gen.                   Manpower                                            National
and Management       Compound, Brgy.           Paranaque City David Balaong                    879-5107                       74960-0510-044-   5/25/2010
                                                                                  Manager                 Services                                          Capital Region
Services Inc.        Vitalez                                                                                                         R
                         # 17 Oxford Loop,
Bel-Air Realty &                                                 Jose Antonio                             Manpower             NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                         Hillsborough          Muntinlupa City                    President    809-3530                                         5/28/2010
Brokerage, Inc.                                                  N. de Guzman                             Services            74960-0510-045                Capital Region
                         Alabang Village
                         1716 Alpha Grnad
Hermedios Trading                                                Hermila V.                               Service             NCR-MFO-45500-                  National
                         View Condo M. H.      Manila                             President    3777410                                       6/18/2010
CompanyD                                                         Caballer                                 contractor             0610-020                   Capital Region
                         del Pilar St Malate
                         10-C Strata 2000
Receivers and                                                                      Gen.                                       NCR-PFO-7496-                   National
                         Bldg., Emerald Ave.   Pasig City        Susima Yngson                 636-4594   credit card                           7/28/2010
Liquidators, Inc.                                                                 Manager                                      072810-106                   Capital Region
                         Ortigas Center
Kingwanly Electrical &
                         Lot 14B-3 Dao St.,                      Francisco         Asst.                  Electrical          NCR-PFO-4533-                   National
Equipment Services                             Marikina City                                   933-6190                                         7/30/2010
                         Marikina Heights                        Lagdemeo, Jr.    manager                 Services             073010-107                   Capital Region
                        Unit 3-C City Center
ART Plus Form Builders,                                                           Finance                                     NCR-PF0-4549-                   National
                        Bldg., #338 Ortigas San Juan City        Cesar I. Cruz                 727-8761   Construction                          2/5/2010
Incorporated                                                                      Manager                                      020510-010                   Capital Region
                        Ave., Greenhills
                       557 Nueve de
Nova Business Systems,                      Mandaluyong                                                   Security Printing   NCR-PFO-2221-                   National
                       Febrero St. Pleasant                      Rita Santos      Supervisor   532-6682                                         7/1/2010
Inc.                                        City                                                          Press                070110-095                   Capital Region
                         496 ECRDC Condo.
Branch Ten Credit                                                              Gen.                                           NCR-PFO-9309-                  National
                         Barangka Drive cor.   Mandaluyong   Ruth Cordero                    531-5587     credit collection                    3/10/2010
Collection Services                                                           Manager                                          031010-030                  Capital Region
                         Talumpong St.
                       LG-25 Cityland Shaw
IMRRRJJJ Telemarketing                        Mandaluyong    Jecelie D.                                   Financial           NCR-PFO-7499-                  National
                       Tower, St. Francis St.                                  Owner         6343064                                           7/8/2010
Agency                                        City           Alabia                                       Services            070710-197(N)                Capital Region
                       Shaw Blvd.

Outserve Business        3rd Flr. 144 Fortune                Dionalyn                                     Business          NCR-PFO-6613-                    National
                                              Pasig City                     Adm. Staff      407-0729                                          7/12/2010
Solutions, Inc.          Bldg. Pasig Blvd.                   Estrada                                      Processing Office 071210-098(N)                  Capital Region
Worker's Hub             Anvic Bldg., 99-A San
                                                                                                          Manpower            NCR-PFO-74911-                 National
Employment Agency        Guillermo Ave.,       Pasig City    Elba A. Veluz    President     02-641-7797                                        7/12/2010
                                                                                                          Services              071210-101                 Capital Region
Inc.                     Buting
Knowledge Process        51 Pinagtipunan St., Mandaluyong    John Michael                                 Information         NCR-PFO-7290-                  National
                                                                              President      531-1576                                          7/12/2010
Outsource Phils. Inc.    Hagdang Bato         City           Bernardo                                     Technology          071210-100(N)                Capital Region

JERG Promotion &         726 Ballesteros St.   Mandaluyong   Joel M.           Gen.                       Manpower            NCR-PFO-74911-                 National
                                                                                             532-9341                                          7/13/2010
Manpower Services        New Zaniga            City          Guzman           manager                     Services              071310-102                 Capital Region

                         No. 2 Natib St.,      Mandaluyong   Paulino B.        Gen.                                           NCR-PFO-4533-                  National
Gemrus Inc.                                                                                  535-0084     Airconditioning                      7/16/2010
                         Barangka Itaas        City          Gatbonton        manager                                          071610-103                  Capital Region
                       No. 37 Dr. Sixto
                                                             Manuel                                       Trucking and        NCR-PFO-6099-                  National
Philpony Express, Inc. Antonio Ave.            Pasig City                    Acctg. Clerk    584-2917                                          7/26/2010
                                                             Gumalo                                       Hauling              072610-104                  Capital Region
                       Unit 172 17/F
                                               Mandaluyong   Mario A.                                                         NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
Prime Edifice Inc.     Columbia Tower                                         Architect      505-4145     construction                         7/27/2010
                                               City          Aligada                                                           072710-105                  Capital Region
                       Ortigas Ave.
                       Blk.2 L 1 Don
ICHIN Worker's Service                                       Nina Linda D.                                                    NCR-QCFO-9309-                 National
                       Enrique Holy Spirit     Quezon City                    Chairman       994-6178     Service provider                     3/3/2010
Cooperative                                                  Banaag                                                              0310-019                  Capital Region
Livingstone Security   165 Batino St. Cor.
                                                             Ruben DC.                                                        NCRQCFO-7492-                  National
and Investigation      Molave St., Project     Quezon City                     Owner         382-5031     Security Service                     3/4/2010
                                                             Conception                                                         0310-020                   Capital Region
Agency                 7, Diliman
At Your Service          88 E Rodriguez Jr.,                 Marion M.                                    Cooperative         NCRQCFO-9309-                  National
                                               Quezon City                    Chairman      4410-75-48                                         3/4/2010
Cooperative              Ave., Bagumbayan                    Domingo                                      Services              0310-022                   Capital Region

JAS Legal Credit &                                           Marilou         Operation                    Collcetion          NCRQCFO-6819-                  National
                         969 Quezon Ave.,      Quezon City                                   415-3520                                          3/4/2010
Collection Services                                          Mangalo         Manager                      Services              0310-023                   Capital Region

                       L8 Blk.26 Katipunan
V.S. Cerdon Iron Works                                       Victoria                                     Gen. Bldg.          NCRQCFO-4532-                  National
                       St., Kingspoint Subd., Quezon City                    Proprietress    937-9746                                          3/4/2010
and Construction                                             Cerdon                                       Construction          0310-026                   Capital Region
                       Bagbag Novaliches
Aseron Construction & 12-B Gen. Lim St.,                      Giselle Anne      Gen.                                       NCRQCFO-4533-                 National
                                                Quezon City                                994-4541    Construction                        3/4/2010
Supply                Brgy. Sta Cruz                          Aseron           manager                                       0310-027                  Capital Region

Gilt-Edged International                                                        Gen.                   Trading/Contract NCRQCFO-7493-                    National
                         1100 North EDSA,       Quezon City   Juan G. Abot                 928-27-47                                       3/10/2010
Trading                                                                        Manager                 ing                0310-028                     Capital Region
Netmark Manpower          74 15th Ave. cor.,
                                                                               Operation                                   NCRQCFO-7493-                 National
Resources & Training      Main Ave. Brgy. San Quezon City     Lorena Quinio                911-9427    Service Provider                    3/10/2010
                                                                               Manager                                       0310-029                  Capital Region
Development               Roque, Cubao
R.S. Gatbonton            32 Carnation St.,                   Rene S.           Gen                                     NCRQCFO-4533-                    National
                                                Quezon City                                454-25-08   Contractor/const                    3/15/2010
Construction              Dominic V Subd..                    Gatbonton        Manager                                    0310-030                     Capital Region
Solid Builders Eng'g.     10 A Banner St.,                                       Vice                                      NCR-PFO-453-                  National
                                                Pasig City    Manolo Conde                 671-5661    Consruction                         2/5/2010
Contractor                Bagong Ilog                                          President                                    020510-011                 Capital Region

                          32 Carnation St., St.               Jonathan S.       Gen                    Gen.                NCRQCFO-4533-                 National
Hyperlink Construction                          Quezon City                                926-0828                                        3/15/2010
                          Dominic V Subd.,                    Gatbonton        Manager                 Construction           0310-31                  Capital Region

Belgem Construction & 103 Matatag St.,                        Danilo S.         Gen.                                       NCRQCFO-4533-                 National
                                                Quezon City                                998-1574    construction                        3/15/2010
Supply, Inc.          Diliman                                 Cuerpo           manager                                       0310-033                  Capital Region

                          Rm. 316 Anita Bldg.,
                                                                                                                           NCRQCFO-4533-                 National
Vivid Construction        1300 Quezon Ave., Quezon City       Romil Garbo      Manager     3730117     construction                        3/15/2010
                                                                                                                             0310-034                  Capital Region
                          South Triangle

Result Oriented                                                                                        Collection          NCRQCFO-6819-                 National
                          112 Panay Ave.,       Quezon City   Ruben L. Cabio   President   376-3363                                        3/15/2010
Collection Agency, Inc.                                                                                Services              0310-035                  Capital Region

                          56 Obudan St., Brgy.,                                                                            NCRQCFO-2212-                 National
Virtual Screen Printing                         Quezon City   Salvador Lee     Manager     364-6810    Printing Services                   3/17/2010
                          Manresa                                                                                            0310-037                  Capital Region

                          935-A Alforque
Villarco Janitorial                                           Virginia A.                              Janitorial          NCRQCFO-7493-                 National
                          Bldg., Aurora Blvd. Quezon City                      President   709-2429                                        3/24/2010
Services                                                      Delgado                                  Services              0310-038                  Capital Region
                          Brgy. Silangan Cubao
Purple Cross           77 Pasda Mansion
                                                              Rodolfo                                  Construction &      NCRQCFO-4533-                 National
Construction & Supply, Bldg., Panay Ave.,       Quezon City                    President   415-6384                                        3/24/2010
                                                              Corpus                                   Supplies              0310-040                  Capital Region
Inc.                   cor. Timog Ave.
Rogan Builders &          34 A Fema Rd. Brgy.,                                                                             NCRQCFO-4533-                 National
                                               Quezon City    Rogelio S. Gan   President   928-5838    construction                        3/24/2010
Development Corp.         Bahay Toro                                                                                         0310-041                  Capital Region
Oceaniare Air             42-D Aguinaldo St.,
                                                              Mathelyn                                 Aiconditioning      NCRQCFO-5150-                 National
Conditioning              Brgy., Marilag,       Quezon City                    HRD Staff   912-0693                                        3/30/2010
                                                              Garcia                                   contractor            0310-045                  Capital Region
Corporation               Project 4
                         U-407 Sunrise
Eye Secure
                         Condo, 4/F 266                          Edgardo             Asst. Gen.                                    NCR-PFO-74920-                 National
Investigation Security                           San Juan                                           722-8274   Security Services                    1/5/2010
                         Ortigas Ave.                            Alindayu            Manager                                         010510-003                 Capital Region
Agency, Inc.
Hard at Work
                         12 C East Capitol                                            Gen.                     Manpower            NCR-PFO-74911-                 National
Manpower and General                          Pasig City         Rene Manas                         394-8674                                        1/8/2010
                         Drive, Bo. Kapitplyo                                        Manager                   Services              010810-005                 Capital Region
Services Inc.
J.V. Angeles
                         No. 1 E. Rodriguez Jr.                  Jose Virgilio R.                                                  NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
Construction                                    Pasig City                           President     671-0043/47 construction                         1/25/2010
                         Ave.                                    Angeles Jr.                                                         12510-007                  Capital Region
                         Rm. 717, 7th Flr.,
MB 7/13 Surveying                                Mandaluyong     Melda C.                                                          NCR-PFO-7421-                  National
                         Cityland Shaw Blvd.                                        Admin. Staff    631-5424   Surveying                            1/27/2010
Services                                         City            Mauricio                                                           012710-008                  Capital Region
                         Unit 1137 City &
LRA Pacific
                         Land Mega Plaza                         Mary Hazel de                                 Management,         NCR-PFO-74140-                 National
Management                                       Pasig City                           director      687-0754                                        2/3/2010
                         Bldg., ADB cor.                         Guzman                                        Consulting BPO        020310-009                 Capital Region
Consulting, Inc.
                         Garnet Road
Technogistic             Suite 1018 Tower II                                                                                        NCR-MPFO-
                                                                 Ana Marie T.        Admin.                    Outsourcing                                        National
Outsourcing Services,    Cityland 10 H.V. dela   Makati City                                        812-9629                       72600-1-04-10-   1/4/2010
                                                                 Tirthdas            Manager                   Services                                         Capital Region
Inc.                     Costa St.,                                                                                                    0073
                         No. 12 Diamond St.,
Armorshield Security                                             Joel Z.              Admin.                                       NCR-PFO-74920-                 National
                         Marikit Subd.,          Marikina City                                      948-2316   Security Services                    2/5/2010
Services, Inc.                                                   Espinola             Officer                                        020510-012                 Capital Region
                         Conception I
                         5th Flr., Benpres
                         Bldg., Exchange Rd.,                    Anthony L.                                    Engineering &       NCR-PFO-4549-                  National
First Balfour Inc.                               Pasig City                          President      910-4111                                        2/5/2010
                         cor., Meralco Ave.,                     Fernandez                                     Const. Services      020510-014                  Capital Region
                         7th Flr., JMT
                         Corporate Cond.                         Marissa R.                                    Consultancy         NCR-PFO-7421-                  National
Schema Konsult, Inc.                             Pasig City                          President      631-1691                                        2/10/2010
                         ADB Ave., Ortigas                       Camaclang                                     Services             021010-015                  Capital Region
                         Unit 3603 Antel
                         Global Corporate                                            Operation                 ISP & Software      NCR-PFO-7290-                  National
Infodyne Incorporated    Center Dona Julia       Pasig City      Jayson Yu                          687-0715                                        2/10/2010
                                                                                     Manager                   Dev't.               021010-016                  Capital Region
                         Vargas Ave., Ortigas
SL Dizon Design &                                Mandaluyong                                                   Architectural/Co NCR-PFO-4520-                     National
                         650 Boni Ave.                           Samuel Dizon         Owner         532-6264                                        2/12/2010
Builder                                          City                                                          nstruction        021210-018                     Capital Region

                         406 Mahogany cor.,
Fastcap Accounts                                                                     Operation                 Collection          NCR-PFO-9309-                  National
                         Narra Sts., F. Agapito Pasig City       Julius Sitchon                     682-7950                                        2/19/2010
Specialist, Inc.                                                                     Manager                   Agency               021910-021                  Capital Region
                         Subd. Santolan
                           2107 Prestige Tower,
Ignacio & Ignacio Law                                            Alvin Agustin                                                NCR-PFO-74110-                 National
                           Emerald Avr., Ortigas Pasig City                       Manager       634-6706   Law Practice                        3/1/2010
Firm                                                             T. Ignacio                                                     030110-022                 Capital Region
                      Unit 908 9th Flr.
Greenline Environment
                      Taipan Place,                              Alexandra H.        HR                    Solid Waste        NCR-PFO-9009-                  National
Management Systems,                              Pasig City                                     631-1665                                       3/1/2010
                      Emerald Avenue                             Legasto          Supervisor               Management          030110-023                  Capital Region
                      Ortigas Center
Centegra Technology,       PNCC Complex, EDSA Mandaluyong                          Gen.                    Trading &          NCR-PFO-5289-                  National
                                                                 Jaime A. Saez                  634-9088                                       3/3/2010
Inc.                       cor., Reliance,    City                                Manager                  Services            030310-025                  Capital Region
                           2nd Flr., SMPC Bldg., Mandaluyong                       Finance                                  NCR-PFO-7499-                    National
Process Synergy, Inc.                                            Joy S. Olivo                   632-3728   Services/Outsour                    3/10/2010
                           # 7 St. Francis St.,  City                               Head                                     031010-028                    Capital Region
                           Unit 1201 West
Hudson's Bay Loyalty                                             Ma. Nympha         Asst.                                     NCR-PFO-1499-                  National
                           Tower PSE Center,     Pasig City                                     687-4163   Wholesale/Retail                    3/10/2010
Mgt. (Phil.) Inc.                                                Ragel            President                                    031010-029                  Capital Region
                           Ortigas Center
                           # 4 Balubad St.,                                                                                   NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
J.P. Gacula Construction                         Marikina City   Jeff P. Gacula     Owner       934-0028   Construction                        3/17/2010
                           Nangka                                                                                              031710-035                  Capital Region

                           2F Prince Arcade
M. L. Sobredilla Law                                             Marietta L.                                                  NCR-PFO-74991-                 National
                           Bldg., Km. 18 Ortigas Pasig City                       Proprietor    788-6564   Collection                          3/24/2010
Office                                                           Sobredilla                                                     032410-036                 Capital Region
                           Ave., Extension
                           802 Centerpoint
Prosearch Manpower         Bldg., Garnet Road                                                              Manpower           NCR-PFO-74911-                 National
                                                 Pasig City      Melinda Prajic Accountant      631-9040                                       3/25/2010
Solutions, Inc.            Ortigas Center,                                                                 Service              032510-037                 Capital Region
                           536 Calbayog St.,     Mandaluyong     Rowena                                    Computer Sales     NCR-PFO-5259-                  National
Comfac Corporation                                                                              531-4345                                       3/25/2010
                           Highway Hills         City            Lorenzana                                 Support             032510-041                  Capital Region
                           92 Liwasang                                                                     Gen.
                                                                 Lorenzo           Gen.                                     NCR-PFO-45203-                   National
Lakden Construction        Kalayaan St.,         Marikina City                                  942-3858   Engineering/Bldg                    4/12/2010
                                                                 Endaya           Manager                                     041210-045                   Capital Region
                           Marikina Heights                                                                . Contractor
                     U-934 Mega Plaza
MCPENN Consultancy & Condominium ADB                             Emeliza M.        Gen.                    Collection and     NCR-PFO-74991-                 National
                                         Pasig City                                             687-5905                                       4/12/2010
Management Services Ave. cor., Garnet                            Regala           Manager                  Services             041210-046                 Capital Region
                     Road Ortigas Center
                           2nd Flr.,
                           Texkonstruct Bldg.,                   Carlos J.                                                 NCR-PFO-6420-                     National
Texkonstruct, Inc.                               San Juan City                    Sales Engr.   727-4230   ons System                          4/14/2010
                           168 Luna Mencias                      Legaspi                                                    041410-048                     Capital Region
                         Unit 509, 4th Flr.
                                                               Teddy V.                                                   NCR-PFO-5190-                  National
York Philippines, Inc.   Tycoon Center Pearl Pasig City                        HR Manager 706-1420/22 Aircondtioning                       4/15/2010
                                                               Pangalilingan                                               041510-049                  Capital Region
                         Drive, Ortigas Ctr.

Arsensa Manpower         511 5th Flr., Mega                    Marcial             VP                   Manpower          NCR-PFO-74911-                 National
                                               Pasig City                                    470-3953                                      4/19/2010
Services Inc.            Plaza Ortigas                         Salazar         Operationss              Services            041910-051                 Capital Region

Consult Asia Business  13 F Strata 100 Bldg.,
                                                               Airee M.        Operations               Recruitment       NCR-PFO-74911-                 National
Solutions and Advisory F Ortigas Jr. Road     Pasig City                                     637-1365                                      4/22/2010
                                                               Loares           Manager                 Agency              042210-053                 Capital Region
Services, Inc.         Ortigas Ctr.
                         Unit 714 Globe
Manila Execon Group,                                           Mary Rose         Admin.                 Management        NCR-PFO-7496-                  National
                         Telecom Plaza Tower Mandaluyong                                     636-5740                                      4/23/2010
Inc.                                                           Chua              Officer                Consultancy        042310-054                  Capital Region
                         I Pioneer St.
Jimenez Credit
                         172 A. Bonifacio                                                               Collection        NCR-PFO-74991-                 National
Management &                                   Marikina City   Tess Jimenez     Manager      664-6915                                      4/26/2010
                         Ave., Tanong                                                                   Agency              042610-055                 Capital Region
Collection, Inc.
                         U2A Felmarc
B.C. Gonzales
                         Business Center, A.                   Brigido                                                    NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
Construction                                   Pasig City                       President    646-1612   Construction                       4/27/2010
                         Rodriguez Ave.                        Gonzales                                                    042710-056                  Capital Region
Inspec Consolidated      # 61 East Capitol                                                                                NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
                                               Pasig City      Baby Rovira        clerk      687-0762   Gen. Contractor                    4/27/2010
Construction, Inc.       Drive Brgy. Kapitolyo                                                                             042710-057                  Capital Region
                       23F Wynsum
JFE Engineering        Corporate Plaza, 22F                    Alvin Bob        Personnel                                 NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
Corporation Philippine Ortigas Jr. Road San Pasig City                                       633-9446   Construction                       4/29/2010
                                                               Laguin            Officer                                   042910-058                  Capital Region
Branch                 Antonio, Ortigas
                       2-A Go Tan Nards                                                                                     NCR-MPFO-
Greatsource                                                    Ma. Constance                            Collection                                       National
                       Bldg., No. 45 EDSA Makati City                           President    887-7478                     72600-1-20-2010- 1/20/2010
Corporation                                                    de Guzman                                Services                                       Capital Region
                       Bangkal                                                                                                  001
                         3/F Savers Square                                                              Janitorial and
J. Milliones Job                                               Jolinda E.                                                 NCR-MPFO-7414-                 National
                         Bldg., No. 245 EDSA Pasay City                         Manager      392-7681   Promodizer                         1/5/2010
Consultancy Services                                           Milliones                                                    1-10-0074                  Capital Region
                         Ext., Rotonda Taft                                                             Services
                         RS-4 Makati
                         Greekside Bldg.,                                                               Maint. Service,     NCR-MPFO-
                                                                                Admin.                                                                   National
EESI Elevators, Inc.     Amorsolo cor., V.A.   Makati City     Sonia D. Wong                 815-8396   Sales, Parts of   76200-1-13-2010- 1/13/2010
                                                                                Manager                                                                Capital Region
                         Rufino St., Legaspi                                                            Elevator               0075
                         19th/F Medical Plaza
Maxicare Healthcare      Makati, Amorsolo                                                              Health                                             National
                                              Makati City     Noel U. Fresco Admin. Asst.   751-6696                      72600-1-14-2010- 1/14/2010
Corporation              cor. Oela Rosa St.                                                            Maintenance                                      Capital Region
                         Lefaspi Vill.
                         7th Flr., Corithian                                                           Industrial and                                     National
NCSI Philippines, Inc.                        Makati City     Wee Teck Him     Vice Pres.   891-1976                      74140-1-14-2010- 1/14/2010
                         Plaza Paseo de Roxas                                                          Commercial                                       Capital Region
                         JM Bldg., II,                                                                                     NCR-MPFO-
                                                                               Exec. Vice                                                                 National
Fastrak Services, Inc.   Rockefeller St., cor., Makati City   Rex Latuno                    844-1486   Courier            72600-1-14-10-    1/14/2010
                                                                                 Pres.                                                                  Capital Region
                         South Super Hi-way                                                                                   0079
                         7th/F Philcox Bldg.,                                                          Consultancy                                        National
Mirof Consulting, Inc.                          Makati City   Rosalyn Rafael    Admin.      816-6328                      74140-2-5-2010-   2/5/2010
                         172 Salcedo St. L.V.                                                          Services                                         Capital Region
Xytron International,    7192 Urban Ave. Pio                  Rosemarie                                                                                   National
                                             Makati City                       Manager      812-0808   Printing            72600-21310-     2/13/2010
Inc.                     del Pilar                            Suba                                                                                      Capital Region
Integrated Workers     Bldg., 5438 cor.,                      Natividad                                Mapower                                            National
                                         Makati City                           Director     885-7631                       72600-42010-     4/20/2010
Services & Cooperative Mascardo & Malvar                      Villarusis                               Services                                         Capital Region
                       6/F The Athenaeum
                                                              Anne D.                                  Consultancy          NCR-MPFO-                     National
Asia People Works Inc. Bldg. 160 L.P. Leviste Makati City                      Manager      814-4200                                        4/28/2010
                                                              Eugenio                                  Recruitment        72600-4210-056                Capital Region
                       St., Bel-Air Village
Multi-Dimensional        311 Valero Plaza,
                                                              Desmelyn          Gen.                                        NCR-MPFO-                     National
Executive Solutions      Valero St. Salcedo     Makati City                                 894-4891   Service Provider                     5/7/2010
                                                              Tomas            manager                                    72600-5710-054                Capital Region
Corp.                    Village
Cosmec 1-Tech            Unit 1 3F 818 Arnaiz                                   Gen.                                                                      National
                                              Makati City     Joven R. Cura                 752-7053   Distributor         72600-52410-     5/24/2010
Corporation              Ave., San Lorenzo                                     Manager                                                                  Capital Region
                         23/F Chatham House
                                                                                 Chief                                      NCR-MPFO-
Asian Appraisal          Condo, 116 Valero                    Felix Cesar L.                           Manpower                                           National
                                            Makati City                        Operation    403-6892                       72600-52010-     5/20/2010
Company, Inc.            cor. Rufino St.,                     Zerrudo                                  Services                                         Capital Region
                                                                                Officer                                        060
                         Salcedo Village
                         4/F Marvin Plaza                                                                                   NCR-MPFO-
                                                              Marieta del                              Manpower                                           National
Arm Resources Inc.       Bldg., 2153 Chino  Makati City                        Director     815-9979                       72600-52710-     5/27/2010
                                                              Rosario                                  Services                                         Capital Region
                         Roces Ave.,                                                                                           0162
                         Rm. 502 5th Flr.,                                                                                  NCR-MPFO-
                                                              Hermna                                   bank services                                      National
Hermlex Company          Manila Bank Bldg., Makati City                        Manager      338-2768                       82190-52710-     5/27/2010
                                                              Barrozo                                  provider                                         Capital Region
                         Ayala Ave.                                                                                             063
                          U2204 Citiland 10
Goldencrest                                                                       Chief                                       NCR-MPFO-
                          Tower 1 H.V. Dela                    Sandra P.                                 Management                                        National
Management Services                              Makati City                    Operating     546-3756                       72600-52710-    5/27/2010
                          Costa St., Salcedo                   Marcos                                    Service                                         Capital Region
Inc.                                                                             Officer                                         064
                                                                                                         Installation of
I. Systems Integrators,   399 Enzo Bldg., Sen.                 Rene E.                                   Electronics &                                     National
                                               Makati City                      President     882-5404                       72600-51410-    5/14/2010
Inc.                      Gil Puyat Ave.                       Cabarles                                  Mechanical                                      Capital Region
                          2/F Colbella Arcade,
Umbrella Marketing                                             Jennie                                                         NCR-MPFO-                    National
                          910 A. Arnaiz        Makati City                     HR Manager     889-1517   Mrktg. Services                     6/2/2010
Services, Inc.                                                 Gutierez                                                     72600-6210-065               Capital Region
                                                                                  Chief                  Brokerage,           NCR-MPFO-
Great Circle Logistics    220 Fresno St. Brgy.                 Rolando                                                                                     National
                                               Pasay City                       Operating     559-2122   Forwarding,         72600-60310-    6/3/2010
Inc.                      San Isidro                           Enriquez                                                                                  Capital Region
                                                                                 Officer                 Warehousing             067
Metro Parking             4/F Salustiana D. Ty                                                                                NCR-MPFO-
                                                               Maricel             HR                    Parking                                           National
Management (Phils)        Tower, 104 Paseo de Makati City                                     752-1026                       72600-61010-    6/10/2010
                                                               Rosario          Executive                Management                                      Capital Region
Inc.                      Roxas                                                                                                  068
                          14 B Rufino Pacific
                                                               Michael                                   Property             NCR-MPFO-                    National
KMC Mag Group Inc.        Tower 6784 Ayala       Makati City                     Director     703-5514                                       6/7/2010
                                                               McCullnugh                                Management         72600-6710-069               Capital Region
                          Ave., cor Rufino St.
                          1011 A.P. Reyes                                        Gen.                                                                      National
E.F.C. Enterprises                               Makati City   Emilio Chua                    899-3148   Construction        45100-61110-    6/15/2010
                          Avenue                                                manager                                                                  Capital Region
Capital Link              10/F PS Bank Center                                                            Service              NCR-MPFO-
                                                               Alfred M.                                                                                   National
Documentation             Paseo de Roxas cor. Makati City                        Owner        752-1635   Provider/Bankin     82190-61710-    6/17/2010
                                                               Insigne                                                                                   Capital Region
Services                  Sedeno St.                                                                     g                       072
                          #349 G/F Oppen                                                                 Document             NCR-MPFO-
                                                               Rowena dela                                                                                 National
Ricoh (Philippines), Inc. Bldg., Sen. Gil Puyat Makati City                     HR Officer    750-7383   Management          72600-61810-    6/18/2010
                                                               Torre                                                                                     Capital Region
                          Ave.                                                                           Solution                074
Neo Convergence           Unit 504 5/F Cityland                                                                               NCR-MPFO-
                                                               Sharon                                    Manpower                                          National
Manpower Solution         10 Tower II H.V. dela Makati City                     Treasurer     813-2360                       72600-62410-    6/24/2010
                                                               Limjoco                                   Services                                        Capital Region
(NCMS) Corp.              Costa St., Bel-Air                                                                                     076
                          2/F Hedelina Bldg.,                                                                                 NCR-MPFO-
                                                               Doloricon,                                                                                  National
Workwizard Inc.           J.P. Rizal St.,     Makati City                      Admin. Asst.   211-3325   Service Provider    72600-62310-    6/23/2010
                                                               Rowena                                                                                    Capital Region
                          Valenzuela                                                                                             077
                          B2 UCPB Corporate                                                                                   NCR-MPFO-
UCPB Group Multi-                                              Lilian            Gen.                    Manpower                                          National
                          Offices 7907 Makati Makati City                                     811-9000                       72600-62310-    6/23/2010
Purpose Cooperative                                            Macandog         Manager                  Services/Grocery                                Capital Region
                          Ave.                                                                                                   078
                          24/F BPI Buendia                                                               Asset                NCR-MPFO-
Bahay Financial                                                                                                                                            National
                          Center, Sen. Gil    Makati City      Dennis Tuddao    Manager       750-3888   Management          72600-62310-    6/23/2010
Services, Inc.                                                                                                                                           Capital Region
                          Puyat Ave.,                                                                    Services                079
                        39/F Philamlife                                                                                     NCR-MPFO-
RCG Information                                                Wilhelmina                                                                                National
                        Tower 8767 Paseo       Makati City                     HR Manager   893-2322    IT Consultancy     72600-62510-    6/25/2010
Technology, Inc.                                               Melodias                                                                                Capital Region
                        de Roxas                                                                                               081
Integtated Building
                       5/F Lepanto Bldg.,                                                                                   NCR-MPFO-
Solutions Property                                             Maxima          Operation                                                                 National
                       8747 Paseo de Roxas     Makati City                                  893-1111    Services           72600-62510-    6/25/2010
Management & Service                                           Casayaran       Manager                                                                 Capital Region
                       St. Bel-Air                                                                                             082
                       6/F Cocofed Bldg.                                                                                    NCR-MPFO-
Cases Collection                                               Mariano                                                                                   National
                       144 Amorsolo St.        Makati City                     Supervisor   867-1608    Collection         72600-62310-    6/23/2010
Management, Inc.                                               Gabay                                                                                   Capital Region
                       Legaspi Village                                                                                         083
                       2/F Pioneer House                                                                                    NCR-MPFO-
                                                               Raymond                                                                                   National
SMCC Philippines, Unc. Bldg. 108 Paseo de      Makati City                     HR Manager   840-4913    Construction       72600-62510-    6/25/2010
                                                               Jacob                                                                                   Capital Region
                       Roxas                                                                                                   084
                       Level 21, Tower II
                                                                                             6001-                          NCR-MPFO-
Pacific Links Golf     The Enterprise                          Angela                                                                                    National
                                               Makati City                     Accountant   0354/loc.   Services           72600-70110-    7/1/2010
Development, Inc.      Center, 6766 Ayala                      Maligaya                                                                                Capital Region
                                                                                              118                              086
                       Blk. 57 L I Purok III
Felix Morta                                                                                             Construction      NCR-CFO-4500-                  National
                       Kawal St. Dagat-        Caloocan City   Felix Morta       Owner                                                     4/12/2010
Construction Services                                                                                   Services            0410-011                   Capital Region
                        32 S. Andres St., San                  Eugenia de                                                 NCR-CFO-45100-                 National
ERDG Builders                                 Navotas City                      Manager     929-6794    Construction                       4/28/2010
                        Jose                                   Guzman                                                        0410-013                  Capital Region

Crane Cat Trading &                                            Melinda           Sales                  Trading of Spare NCR-CFO-50500-                  National
                        531 Edsa               Caloocan City                                364-7883                                       4/29/2010
Services                                                       Cabasal          Manager                 Parts & Services    410-014                    Capital Region

Ever Gold Staffing      124-A Biak Na Bato                                       Gen.                   Manpower          NCR-QCFO7491-                  National
                                              Quezon City      Rosa Chua Ong                415-0489                                       4/6/2010
Services                St., Sta Mesa Heights                                   manager                 Agency              0410-047                   Capital Region
                        98 Veterans Ave.,
B.S.M. Elevator and                                            Benjar                                                     NCR-QCFO-4533-                 National
                        Veterans Village,      Quezon City                      Manager     427-3207    Services                           4/7/2010
Escalator Services                                             Macantantan                                                   0410-048                  Capital Region
                        Holy Spirit
RNR Business &
                      1840 E. Rodriguez,                       Jackelyn V.     Personnel                Fabrication and   NCR-QCFO-2699-                 National
Industrial Management                          Quezon City                                  411-2473                                       4/12/2010
                      Cubao                                    Buena            Officer                 Mfg. Services        0410-050                  Capital Region
Structures Contractors, Rm. M-07 Caly Bldg.,                   Edgardo                                  Gen. Contractor NCR-QCFO-4532-                   National
                                             Quezon City                        President   913-1953                                       4/19/2010
Inc.                    Aurora Blvd.                           Cabrera                                  for Bldg. & Road   0410-053                    Capital Region

                        #8473 LE West
Cityneon Philippines,   Service Road, Km 14,                Ma. Theresa         Admin.                  Services for       NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                             Paranaque City                                 776-4616                                       4/19/2010
Inc.                    South Superhighway                  Pagdagdagan         Manager                 Events/Exhibits   40100-0410-029               Capital Region
MC Ace Service           715 S. Trinidad St.,                    Miraflor            Gen.                  Pest Control        NCR-MFO-03330-                 National
                                                Manila                                          251-0099                                        4/7/2010
Provider Inc.            Gagalangin, Tondo                       Estrella           Manager                Services               0410-002                  Capital Region

J.R.A. Engineering       1364 Cristobal Street                   Jorilyn             Gen.                  Engineering         NCR-MFO-28920-                 National
                                               Manila                                           563-7032                                      4/13/2010
Services                 Paco                                    Macasadia          manager                Services               0410-004                  Capital Region
                          9th Flr., Espana
Freyssinet Filipinas      Tower, Espana cor.,                    Maribeth Yee       Admin.                                     NCR-MFO-45100-                 National
                                                Manila                                          301-0931   Construction                         4/7/2010
Corporation               Josefina St.                           Pastrana            Head                                         0410-005                  Capital Region
                          2nd Flr. BMC 1 Bldg.,
CBCS Business Debt        2387 Pres. Sergio                                        Accounting              Collection          NCR-MFO-66190-                 National
                                                Manila           Nevina agustin                 521-6867                                      4/15/2010
Collections Services Inc. Osmena Highway                                            Manager                Services               0410-006                  Capital Region
                          San Andres
                         Unit B5, 2nf Flr.
1 protect Security       Alicia Bldg. Juan                       Romel del           Gen.                                      NCR-MFO-74920-                 National
                                             Manila                                             353-3897   Security services                  4/19/2010
Agency                   Luna St. Gagalangin                     Rosario            Manager                                       0410-007                  Capital Region
                         Unit 311 Bldg. 3,
Gerbag Industrial                                                                    Sales                 Fabrication,die & NCR-MUNTA-                       National
                         Celery Road FTI     Taguig City         Rio Astada                     837-4073                                        4/19/2010
Technologies Phils.                                                                 manager                Moulding         91120-0410-030                  Capital Region
Saferidge Security       B-8,L-18, Manuela                                         Operation                                    NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                                Las Pinas City   Nilo Villanueva                801-6096   Security Services                    4/28/2010
Agency, Co.              Homes, Talon 5,                                           Manager                                     74920-0410-034               Capital Region
                        U-1103 AIC
Angels in the Garden of Burgandy Empire                                                                    Mnagement           NCR-PFO-7414-                  National
                                                Pasig City       Eva Lopez         President    470-6411                                        5/6/2010
Eve Management Inc. Tower ADB/Garnet                                                                       Services             050610-059                  Capital Region
                        Rd. San Antonio
                                                                 Norman                                    Law
Telan Hipe Flores Telan 2 Sta Lucia St., Bo.                                       Operation                                 NCR-PFO-7411-                    National
                                                Pasig City       Frederick M.                   631-9607   Office/Collection                    5/6/2010
& Associates Co.        Kapitolyo                                                  Manager                                    050610-060                    Capital Region
                                                                 Telan                                     Agency
                           Unit 319 Valle Verde
                           Terraces, Meralco                     Roman             Corporate               Contractor          NCR-PFO-5239-                  National
Filtration Solutions, Inc.                      Pasig City                                      687-4727                                        5/7/2010
                           Ave. cor. Gen                         Rodriguez         Secretary               Supplier             050710-061                  Capital Region
                           Segundo St.
Pasco Philippines        23 F Raffles                                               Admin.                                     NCR-PFO-7250-                  National
                                                Pasig City       Annalie Intia                  914-4329   Mapping Service                      5/11/2010
Corporation              Corporate Center                                           Officer                                     051110-062                  Capital Region
                        RCJ Bldg., 3F Rm 304
                                                                                                           Services/Loan       NCR-PFO-7499-                  National
Akat Marketing Services Countryside cor.,    Pasig City          Jenny Corsino      Manager     467-5536                                        5/11/2010
                                                                                                           Facilitator          051110-063                  Capital Region
Jerico Wearing Apparel, 26 Pinagtipunan St.,                                         Gen.                  Sewing              NCR-PFO-5232-                  National
                                             Quezon City         Frelita Balmeo                 531-6280                                        5/7/2010
Inc.                    Hagdan Bato Libis                                           Manager                (garments)           050710-064                  Capital Region
Dependable Cargo           629 M. Lerma St.,    Mandaluyong   Virgilia                                Forwarding        NCR-PFO-5232-                  National
                                                                              President   534-6617                                       5/13/2010
Forwarders, Inc.           New Zaniga           City          Balitaan                                Services           051310-065                  Capital Region

                           Unit 315 AD Center                 Liberty                                                   NCR-PFO-7499-                  National
Callcentric Incorporated                        Pasig City                    President   748-6021    Call Center                        5/14/2010
                           Square, A. Rodriguez               Gamboa                                                     051410-066                  Capital Region
                        # 3 B Bartville Rd.,                                                          Elevator
Access Lift and                                               Danilo S.        Gen.                                      NCR-PFO-453-                  National
                        Bartville Subd. Dela Pasig City                                   6450913     Services/Mainte                    5/14/2010
Electronics Corporation                                       Sedicos         manager                                     051410-067                 Capital Region
                        Paz                                                                           nance
                        3102 Antel Global
Happy Green Jantech     Corp. Center, J.                      Floranda         Admin.                 Pest Control      NCR-PFO-74932-                 National
                                             Pasig City                                   8199/633-                                      5/17/2010
International, Inc.     Vargas Ave., Ortigas                  Quineri          Officer                Services            051710-069                 Capital Region
Mollysan Trading and       90 Dr. Sixto Antonio                                                                         NCR-PFO-6013-                  National
                                                Pasig City    Romulo Diaz     President   664-0142    Trucking                           5/18/2010
Trucking Corp.             Ave., Maybunga                                                                                051810-070                  Capital Region

Krismor Employment         Rm. 209 Jovan Bldg., Mandaluyong   Estrella         Gen.                   Manpower          NCR-PFO-74911-                 National
                                                                                          533-7101                                       5/20/2010
Services Inc.              600 Shaw Blvd.       City          Guzman          Manager                 Services            052010-071                 Capital Region
Uniwell Technologies       611 Shaw Blvd. Wack Mandaluyong    Leonardo          Vice                                    NCR-PFO-5259-                  National
                                                                                          721-9098    Installation                       5/28/2010
Corporation                Wack                City           Valenciano      President                                  052810-072                  Capital Region
Trojan Computer Forms
                      488 A. Mabini St.,                      Celeste          Admin.                                   NCR-PFO-2221-                  National
Manufacturing                                   Pasig City                                646-9905    Printing                           5/28/2010
                      Manggahan                               Samarita          Head                                     052810-073                  Capital Region
                      Unit 205-207 JEB
                      Bldg.,101 Amang                                          Admin.                                   NCR-PFO-5259-                  National
L J Resources Company                           Pasig City    Theresa Ong                 628-0789    Trading                            5/28/2010
                      Rodriguez Ave.,                                          Officer                                   052810-074                  Capital Region
                      U 309 Crisanta
Divergys Supplies and                                                          Gen.                                     NCR-PFO-7493-                  National
                      Towers, Javier St.,       Pasig City    May Navarro                 359-9834    Services                           5/28/2010
Services Co.                                                                  Manager                                    052810-075                  Capital Region
                           745 Raymundo Ave.,                 Marilyn                                                   NCR-PFO-5190-                  National
Pic Enterprises Inc.                          Pasig City                      President   641-4828    Trading                            5/28/2010
                           Maybunga                           Albelda                                                    052810-076                  Capital Region

Product Industrial         745 C. Raymundo                                                                              NCR-PFO-2925-                  National
                                                Pasig City    Roque Albelda   President   641-4828    Contractor                         5/28/2010
Contractors, Inc.          Ave., Maybunga                                                                                052810-077                  Capital Region

People Power               No. 5A, First St.,                 Marianne        Operation               Service           NCR-PFO-2925-                  National
                                                Pasig City                                470-6405                                       5/31/2010
Cooperative                Kapitolyo                          Calderon         Officer                Cooperative        053110-078                  Capital Region
                           43 Bignay cor.,
                                                                                                                        NCR-QCFO-7493-                 National
Oro Qlinks Marketing       Kasing Kasing St.,   Quezon City   Marlon Limbo    Manager     924-0926    Telemarketing                      6/25/2010
                                                                                                                           0610-105                  Capital Region
                           Project 2
                         328 Roosevelt Ave.,
Global Trustees' Multi                                      Virginia          Gen.                   Manpoer        NCR-QCFO-7491-                   National
                         San Francisco Del   Quezon City                                  376-6904                                     6/24/2010
Purpose Cooperative                                         Delmendo         Manager                 Services          0610-103                    Capital Region
                         Suite 408 PASDA
VSA Manpower                                                Visitacion        Gen.                   Manpower       NCR-QCFO-7491-                   National
                         Mansions #77 Panay   Quezon City                                 355-0419                                     6/24/2010
Resources                                                   Manese           Manager                 Services           06-102                     Capital Region
                         3/F Lemon Square
                                                            Antonio           Gen.                   Janitorial     NCR-QCFO-7493-                   National
Aceworks, Inc.           Bldg. 1199 EDSA      Quezon City                                 492-7179                                     6/24/2010
                                                            Zuniga           Manager                 Services          0610-101                    Capital Region
                         Brgy. Katipunan
                         DM Bldg., Rm. 306
Zekinah Manpower         Visayas Ave., cor.                                                                                                          National
                                              Quezon City   Rhima Rico       Supervisor   920-9432   Contractor            3           6/23/2010
Services, Co.            Congressional                                                                                                             Capital Region
                         Project 6
                         7 Zamboanga Sty.,
                                                                                                                    NCR-QCFO-4533-                   National
Goco Builders            Bai Compound,        Quezon City   Janet Goco         Clerk                 Construction                      6/23/2010
                                                                                                                       0610-099                    Capital Region
Dimaguila Construction 107 Mabilis St.,                     Jovito           Operation                              NCR-QCFO-4533-                   National
                                              Quezon City                                 922-5736   Construction                      6/23/2010
and Supply, Inc.       Pinyahan, Diliman                    Pangilinan       Manager                                   0610-098                    Capital Region

Expert Philservices      32-B Main Ave.,                                                             Manpower       NCR-QCFO-7491-                   National
                                              Quezon City   Lorenza Villas   President    211-3479                                     6/22/2010
Corporation              Murphy, Cubao                                                               Services          0610-096                    Capital Region

                         1251 Kundiman St.,                                   Gen.                                  NCR-QCFO-4533-                   National
Dantess Construction                          Quezon City   Teresita Gaddi                4147820    Construction                      6/22/2010
                         S.F.D.M.                                            Manager                                   0610-095                    Capital Region
                       #6 Bagong Buwan
Yadah Security Agency, St., Teresa Heights,                 Denih Ruth B.                            Security Service NCR-QCFO-7492-                 National
                                              Quezon City                    President    937-7225                                     6/18/2010
Inc.                   Quirino Hi-way,                      Morata                                   provider            0610-094                  Capital Region
                         Phesco Bldg., 491-                                                                         NCR-QCFO-4533-                   National
Phesco Incorporated                           Quezon City   Robert Ynson     President    712-2077   Construction                      6/18/2010
                         495 Quezon Ave.                                                                               0610-093                    Capital Region

Tradcon Trading and      Rm. 201 Columbian                  Merope                                   Fit-Out        NCR-QCFO-4533-                   National
                                             Quezon City                      Owner       468-4918                                     6/18/2010
Construction             Bldg. 160 West Ave.                Bautista                                 Contractor        0610-092                    Capital Region
                         Unit 339 Landcom
Ama and Saruca Law                                          Junel Anthony                                           NCR-QCFO-7411-                   National
                         Ville II, Mindanao   Quezon City                    Manager      454-3514   Law Office                        6/7/2010
Office                                                      Ama                                                        0610-091                    Capital Region
                         Ave., Tandang Sora
                         1165 Quirino
Riscor Engineering                                          Lemicio Jesus     Gen.                   Engineering    NCR-QCFO-4520-                   National
                         Highway, Zabarte,    Quezon City                                 419-9028                                     6/4/2010
Consultancy                                                 S. Roxas         Manager                 Consultancy       0610-088                    Capital Region
                          Rm. 202 Jocfer Bldg.,
Spearace Solutions                                               Angelica          Chief Exec.                               NCR-QCFO-7414-                National
                          Commonwealth          Quezon City                                      351-1110   IT Consultancy                    6/3/2010
Incorporated                                                     Concengco           Officer                                    0610-087                 Capital Region
                          Ave., Holy Spirit

                          96 Cherry Blossoms                                                                Electrical       NCR-QCFO-4533-                National
RMD Electrical Services                            Quezon City   Rey M. Digal        Owner       427-7530                                     6/3/2010
                          St., Payatas A.,                                                                  Services            0610-086                 Capital Region
                          287-E N.S.
Narrub Manpower           Amoranto, Sr. Ave.,                    Ruben del                                  Service          NCR-QCFO-7491-                National
                                                   Quezon City                     Manager       668-8307                                     6/3/2010
Services                  D-1 Brgy. N.S.                         Rosario                                    Contractor          0610-085                 Capital Region
                          Amoranto La Loma
                      Unit F, 7th Flr., One
                                                                 Sherwin            Gen.                    Service          NCR-QCFO-7491-                National
SLA Manpower Services Joroma Place,                Quezon City                                   454-3813                                     6/3/2010
                                                                 Amazona           Manager                  contractor          0610-084                 Capital Region
                      Congressional Ave.,

Chrisgem Property         23 Feb. St.
                                                                 Gwendolyn E.                                                NCR-QCFO-7491-                National
Management &              Congressional III,       Quezon City                       Owner       346-5219   contractor                        6/3/2010
                                                                 Malonzo                                                        0610-083                 Capital Region
development Services      Proj. 8
                          Unit 8 # 892 Alfina
Freewill Manpower                                                Violeta                                                     NCR-QCFO-7491-                National
                          Bldg., Quirino Hi-       Quezon city                       Owner       393-9139   contractor                        6/3/2010
Services                                                         Valencia                                                       0610-081                 Capital Region
                          way, Gulod Nova.
                          39 Pat Senador St.
Staffer's Service         San Francisco del                                                                                  NCR-QCFO-9309-                National
                                                   Quezon City   Agaton Francia Secretary        376-5310   contractor                        6/3/2010
Cooperative               Monte, Brgy. San                                                                                      0610-082                 Capital Region
                          NEB Bldg., # 1 Dr. G.
Citibest Janitorial &                                            Carmel Joanne      Gen.                    Janitorial       NCR-QCFO-7491-                National
                          Garcia St., Brgy.        Quezon City                                   376-2046                                     6/3/2010
General Services, Inc.                                           Jaranilla         Manager                  Services            0610-080                 Capital Region
Asiaconsult               Unit 317 Mariwasa
                                                                 Francis Denn       Gen.                    Financial        NCR-QCFO-6819-                National
Management &              Bldg., 717 Aurora        Quezon City                                   412-8862                                     6/2/2010
                                                                 Ver               Manager                  Consultancy         0610-079                 Capital Region
Consultancy, Inc.         Blvd.
St. Joseph D'Worker       4th RAQ Bldg., Paz
                                                                 Rodnez            Operation                Janitorial       NCR-MFO-90090-                National
Trading and General       St., cor. Sto Sepulcro   Manila                                        563-7601                                   6/16/2010
                                                                 Gemoton           Manager                  Services            0610-019                 Capital Region
Services Inc.             St. Paco
Bare Electrique System 150 BPI Bldg., Plaza                                         Admin.                                   NCR-MFO-45330-                National
                                                   Manila        Rose Gonzales                   243-7080   Trading                           6/9/2010
Inc.                   Cervantes, Binondo                                           Officer                                     0610-018                 Capital Region
                     Rm. 207 Ramagi
Buena-Vista Manpower                                             Arsenia           Finance                  Placement &      NCR-MFO-74911-                National
                     Bldg., 1081 Pedro Gil Manila                                                353-1874                                     6/3/2010
Services                                                         Buenavista        Manager                  contracting         0610-017                 Capital Region
                     St. Paco
H & H Trucking            Road 10 Pier 18,                       Julio Daniel D.                                             NCR-MFO-63191-                National
                                                   Manila                           Director     527-7855   Trucking                          6/3/2010
Corporation               Vitas Tondo                            Roa                                                            0610-016                 Capital Region
Inland Domestic                                                    Georgina
                           Road 10 Pier 18,                                           Corp.                                    NCR-MFO-63191-                  National
Distribution                                       Manila          Isabel D.                     527-7855   Trucking                             6/3/2010
                           Vitas Tondo                                              Secretary                                     0610-015                   Capital Region
Corporation                                                        Remulla
                           Unit 204 MC-28                                                                   Elevator &
Matrix Elevator                                                                                                                NCR-MFO-45203-                  National
                           BCDA Diego Silang,      Taguig City     Ronilo Gayas      Manager     489-4881   Escalator                            6/2/2010
Installation Services                                                                                                             0610-046                   Capital Region
                           Ususan                                                                           Installation

                       Allegro Pacific Bldg.,
Servicio Multi-Purpose                                                                                      Janitorial/messe NCR-MFO-74960-                    National
                       Multinational Ave., Paranaque City Oscar Asejo               Chairman     822-3601                                        6/3/2010
Cooperative                                                                                                 ngerial services    0610-047                     Capital Region
                       Kaingin II Bo Ibayo

                           Allegro Pacific Bldg.,                                                                               NCR-MUNTA-
Cappi Multi-Purpose                                                                                822-     Manufacturing                                      National
                           Multinational Ave. Paranaque City Miguel Milan            Manager                                   74960-0610-048-   6/3/2010
Cooperative                                                                                      3601/113   of bag                                           Capital Region
                           Kaingin II, Bo. Ibayo                                                                                      R

Powerhaus Industrial       25 Aguirre Ave., Pilar                  Angeles                                                      NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                                                  Las Pinas city                    Accountant   801-9525   Sales & Services                     6/7/2010
Sales & Services, Inc.     Village                                 Capulong                                                    91120-0610-053                Capital Region
                       PEATC Tollway
Spyeagle Security                                                                    Finance                                    NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                       Compound, E.                Paranaque City Zennia Pancho                  820-0885   Services                             6/10/2010
Agency, Inc.                                                                         Officer                                   74920-0610-054                Capital Region
                       Aguinaldo Hi-way
                       3rd Flr. Cargohaus                                                                   Messengerial
                                                                                      Gen.                                      NCR-MUNTA-                     National
Lightspeed Cooperative Bldg., Old MIA Rd.          Paranaque City Levi Diestro                   879-4523   and Courier                          6/11/2010
                                                                                     Manager                                   74960-0610-055                Capital Region
                       Brgy. Vitalez                                                                        Services
Paceer Security Agency, Blk. 3 Lot 4, Escalon                      Edwin            Operation                                   NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                                              Las Pinas City                                     474-8259   Security Agency                      6/20/2010
Inc.                    St., BF Resort                             Gendibe          Manager                                    74920-0610-057                Capital Region

Environmental                                             Andrew                                                                NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                        # 6 MIA Road Tambo Paranaque City                           President    853-2567   Trading                              6/22/2010
Ventures Marketing Inc.                                   Sarinas                                                              51491-0610-058                Capital Region

                        LCL Warehouse, Pier                        Precious
TFO Trucking and Allied                                                                                                        NCR-MFO-63191-                  National
                        4, Collectors Road, Manila                 Guada Lou K.      Manager     247-7960   Haulier/Trucking                  7/13/2010
Services                                                                                                                          0710-024                   Capital Region
                        North Harbor, Tondo                        Bautista
                           109 Muelle dela
Ardees Ventures and                                                                                                            NCR-MFO-60132-                  National
                           Industira St., San      Manila          Arcadio Lugod    President    242-8550   Cargo Handling                    7/14/2010
Logistics, Inc.                                                                                                                   0710-025                   Capital Region
                           Nicolas, Binondo
                           770 H. J. Planas St.,                                      Gen.                  Transport          NCR-MFO-63191-                  National
Li-Son Transport Service                           Manila          Necitas Lining                255-7887                                     7/15/2010
                           Gagalangin, Tondo                                         Manager                Services              0710-026                   Capital Region
                       U-303 Puso ng
Cargobest Logistics    Maynila Bldg., 1046                     Genelyn                                    Freight             NCR-MFO-63910-                 National
                                           Manila                             Acct. Officer   527-2855                                       7/20/2010
Corporation            A. Mabini St., cor.                     Agustin                                    Forwarder              0710-028                  Capital Region
                       U.N. Ave. Ermita
Far East Hotel         A. V. Reyes Bldg.,
                                                               Cereza           Gen.                      Hotel Service       NCR-MFO-55110-                 National
Management and         Beaterio St.,         Manila                                           526-2226                                       7/22/2010
                                                               Quiambao        Manager                    provider               0710-030                  Capital Region
Consultancy, Inc.      Intramuros
                       803 Fort Legend                                                                                         NCR-MUNTA-                    National
Perg Security Agency                         Taguig City       Ancel Canete    Manager        836-7260    Security Services                    7/1/2010
                       Tower,BGC                                                                                              74920-0710-060               Capital Region
Genials Trading &
                       Rm. 108 Skyfreight                      Josephine                                                       NCR-MUNTA-                    National
Contracting Company,                         Paranaque City                    Secretary      912-2031    Contractor                           7/2/2010
                       Bldg., NAIA Road                        Halili                                                         40100-0710-061               Capital Region
                       # 23 Tunasan Road,                      Rafael            V ice                                         NCR-MUNTA-                    National
Makati Foundry, Inc.                         Muntinlupa City                                  861-81-07   Manufacturing                        7/6/2010
                       MFI Compound                            Gregorio        President                                      24254-0710-064               Capital Region

                       1-C Benrozi Plaza
Megaserv Multi-                                                                                                                NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                       Condominium,          Paranaque City Rommel Herce       Chairman                   Cooperative                          7/6/2010
Purpose Cooperative                                                                                                           74960-0710-065               Capital Region
                       Soledad Moonwalk

Ruel Construction      6117 Dahlia St., San                                                                                    NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                            Paranaque City Ruel B. Irinco      Foreman                    Construction                         7/15/2010
Services               Dionisio                                                                                               45100-0710-070               Capital Region

V-Freight Cargo        Naga Road,                              Nestor                                     Cargo                NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                             Las Pinas City                    President      825-5097                                         7/16/2010
Services, Inc.         Pulanglupa 2                            Villanueva                                 Forwarders          60139-0710-072               Capital Region
                                                         Ma.                                                                 NCR-MUNTA-
DHL Global Forwarding # 3 Sta Agueda Ave.                                                                 Logistic/Forardin                                  National
                                          Paranaque City Antonietta J.        HR Director     851-1373                      60139-0710-075-    7/28/2010
(Phils.), Inc.        Pascor Drive                                                                        g                                                Capital Region
                                                         Antolin                                                                   R
                       # 105 Marcos                            Flordeliza      Logistic                                        NCR-MUNTA-                    National
AA1+ Peers Inc.                              Las Pinas City                                   801-6793    Cargo Handling                       7/21/2010
                       Alvarez Ave., Talon 1                   Gelarmino      Supervisor                                      60139-0710-076               Capital Region

                        Embassy Apat., Km.
Strickland Construction                                      Antonio                                                           NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                        22 East Service Road Muntinlupa City                   President      809-0227    Constructiuon                        7/27/2010
Corporation                                                  Valmonte                                                         45100-0710-078               Capital Region
                       # 14 Orchid St.,                                                                                        NCR-MUNTA-                    National
SSB Construction                             Paranaque City Antonnette S.      Manager        823-3603    Construction                         7/28/2010
                       Superville Subd.                                                                                       45100-0710-079               Capital Region
                       # 1 Lozada Homes,
                                                               Amelito          Gen.                                           NCR-MUNTA-                    National
AJSG Enterprise        Naga Road,            Las Pinas City                                   826-6401    Hauling                              7/29/2010
                                                               Galicha         Manager                                        61910-0710-080               Capital Region
                       Pulanglupa II,
Avail a Work Manpower # 104 Balingasa St.,                    Ronald             Operation                                    NCR-QCFO-7491-                 National
                                                Quezon City                                    775-1627   Placement &                          7/8/2010
Services              Balintawak                              Gutierez           Manager                                         0710-107                  Capital Region
                       Suite 1003
The Law Firm of Lauron Penthouse Union                                            HRD                     Law                 NCR-QCFO-6819-                 National
                                           Quezon City        Aileen Zapanta                   421-3989                                        7/12/2010
Delos Reyes & Partners Square Condo # 145                                        Manager                  firm/Collection        0710-108                  Capital Region
                       15th Ave.,Socorro
                       17th Flr., Citibank
Z Financial Solutions                                                                                                         NCR-QCFO-7493-                 National
                       Square, Eastwoog    Q.C.               Rosemarie Lim      President     703-2726   Service Provider                     7/23/2010
Specialist, Inc.                                                                                                                 0710-109                  Capital Region
Star Specal Corporate
                       140 J. P. Rizal St.                                       Executibe                                    NCR-QCFO-7492-                 National
Security Management,                       Quezon city        Peter G. Tadili                  911-0694   Security agency                      7/23/2010
                       Project 4                                                 Vice Pres.                                      0710-110                  Capital Region
Rising Sun Security and # 10 Bacnotan St.,
                                                              Giovanni                                                        NCR-QCFO-7492-                 National
Investigation Agnecy,   New Haven Village,      Q. C.                            President     419-8531   Security Services                    7/26/2010
                                                              Rosales                                                            0710-113                  Capital Region
Inc.                    Novaliches
                     915 cor. Albany St.
Canlaon Management                                            Ernie Val                                   Service             NCR-QCFO-7491-                 National
                     Silangan 3, Aurora, Q.C.                                   Admin. Staff   210-9208                                        7/26/2010
and Resources, Inc.                                           Asuncion                                    contractor             0710-114                  Capital Region
                     Vicar Bldg., 31
Transcend Employemnt                                          Ramon Pedro         Gen.                    Empolyment          NCR-QCFO-7491-                 National
                     Visayas Ave., Brgy. Q.C.                                                  456-1643                                        7/26/2010
Agency                                                        Cruz               Manager                  agency                 0710-115                  Capital Region
                     Rm. 615 Future Point
Cabio Law Office and                                                                                      Connceting          NCR-QCFO-6819-                 National
                     Condo 112 Panay      Q.C.                Ruben Cabio        Manager       376-3363                                        7/26/2010
Associates                                                                                                Agency                 0710-117                  Capital Region
Binhi Binding Services &                        Mandaluyong   Reggie                                                          NCR-PFO-74911-                 National
                         128 Pioneer St.,                                        Treasurer     746-2076   contractor for                       6/2/2010
Manpower Inc.                                   City          Bechayda                                                          060210-081                 Capital Region
                         Unit 718 Cityland
Outline Marketing                               Mandaluyong   Gistopher                                   Telemarketing       NCR-PFO-74992-                 National
                         Shaw Tower, Shaw                                         Owner        910-7130                                        6/9/2010
Service                                         City          Flora                                       Services              060910-085                 Capital Region
                         # 447 J.P. Rizal St.                                                             Merchandising &
D Big Man Shining                               Mandaluyong   Dyessebel                                                   NCR-PFO-74992-                     National
                         cor., Alcaraz St.,                                      President     533-2581   Promotional                          6/9/2010
Business, Inc.                                  City          Arban                                                         060910-086                     Capital Region
                         Brgy. Vergara                                                                    Services
                         2F The Praxedes
Bison Security &
                         Place, No. 5 East                    Manuel                                                          NCR-PFO-7492-                  National
Investigation Agnecy,                           Pasig City                       President     666-2685   Security Services                    6/10/2010
                         Capitol, Drive Brgy.                 Roland Arugay                                                     0610-088                   Capital Region
                         No. 205 Jovan Condo
Lifeguard Arcangels                          Mandaluyong      Lelenette                                                       NCR-PFO-7492-                  National
                         Bldg., Shaw Blvd.                                       President     571-0798   Security Services                    6/10/2010
Security Agency Corp.                        City             Aldeguer                                                          0610-089                   Capital Region
                         cor., Samat St.,
                          Rm. 607 Jovan
NCIC Credit Card                                 Mandaluyong                                               Tlemarketing      NCR-PFO-6613-                  National
                          Condo, cor., Samat                     Christy Ga       Manager      501-9581                                       6/24/2010
Marketing                                        City                                                      Services           062410-091                  Capital Region
                          St., 600 Shaw Blvd.
                          Rm. 606 Jovan
NFGA Credit Card                                 Mandaluyong                                               Telemarketing     NCR-PFO-6613-                  National
                          Condo, cor. Samat                      Christy Ga       Manager      718-1785                                       6/24/2010
Marketing                                        City                                                      Services           062410-092                  Capital Region
                          St. 600 Shaw Blvd.
                       208-A San Buena
Kaizen Human                                                     Mary Joan                                 Service           NCR-PFO-7491-                  National
                       Bldg., # 9 Shaw Blvd. Pasig City                           President    638-9944                                       9/2/2010
Resources Provider Co.                                           Aytona                                    contractor         090210-124                  Capital Region
                       Brgy. San Antonio

S. A. Tamayo              128 M. A. Roxas St.,                   Samuel                                                      NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
                                               Marikina City                      President    681-2155    Construction                       9/3/2010
Construction              Calumpang                              Tamayo                                                       090310-125                  Capital Region

Tukawan Design &          928 Q. San Jose St.,   Mandaluyong     Renante V.                                Trading            NCR-PFO-360-                  National
                                                                                   Owner       535-23-07                                      9/14/2010
Accessories               Mauway                 City            Albarina                                  (Furniture)         091410-128                 Capital Region

                          130 Sandoval Ave.,                                       Asst.                                     NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
Tactical Builders, Inc.                          Pasig City      Faustino Reyes                576-19-75   Construction                       9/14/2010
                          San Miguel                                              Manager                                     091410-129                  Capital Region
                          (Rina Carmela Sta.
Designshift Creative      Maria Rosales) 14                                                                                  NCR-PFO-7499-                  National
                                                 Marikina City   Rina Rosales      Owner       941-2950    Design services                    9/15/2010
Solutions                 Dao St., Marikina                                                                                   091510-130                  Capital Region
Lucban Hats Global        53 Rajah Soliman St.,                  Leticia                                                     NCR-PFO-18920-                 National
                                                Marikina City                     VP-Finance   941-3496    Manufacturing                      9/15/2010
Exports, Inc.             Parang                                 Cabungcal                                                     091510-131                 Capital Region

                          1113 AIC Burgundy
                          Empire Tower ADB                                                                 Manpower          NCR-PFO-74911-                 National
Remed Services, Inc.                           Pasig City        Jocelyn Aberin   Manager      7066034                                        9/15/2010
                          Ave., cor. Saphire &                                                             Agency              091510-132                 Capital Region
                          Garnet Road

                          750 San Ignacio St.,   Mandaluyong     Thaddeus                                  Marketing         NCR-PFO-5150-                  National
Tadchem Marketing                                                                 President    533-3112                                       9/15/2010
                          Plainview              City            Abalos                                    Services           091510-133                  Capital Region

                          Mezzanine 3 Manila
Peoplelink Services       Condominium Pearl                      Danny            Operation                Service           NCR-PFO-9199-                  National
                                                Pasig City                                     470-3327                                       9/16/2010
Cooperative               Drive cor. Gold Loop,                  Mendoza          Manager                  Cooperative        091610-135                  Capital Region
                          Brgy. San Antonio
                          Ortigas Center
                        Unit 802 City and
F & J General
                        Land Mega Plaza                                             Admin.         687-                       NCR-PFO-4520-                   National
Construction & Supply                        Pasig City         Anna Marie Uy                             Construction                          9/20/2010
                        ADB Ave. cor. Garnet                                       Secretary    0050/8731                      092010-136                   Capital Region
                        Road, Ortigas Center
                         2205 Prestige Tower,                                                               Installation of
JDS Construction Phils.,                                                           Sr. Opt'n.                                 NCR-PFO-4542-                   National
                         Emerald Ave., San    Pasig City        Khaddy Uy Dy                    914-1888    marbles &                           9/20/2010
Inc.                                                                               Manager                                     092010-137                   Capital Region
                         Antonio                                                                            granite stones
                        7 Katipunan St.,                        Reynaldo            Gen.                                      NCR-PFO-45310-                  National
Mendoza Construction                            Marikina City                                   934-0990    Construction                        9/23/2010
                        Conception I                            Mendoza            Manager                                      092310-139                  Capital Region
                         3rd Flr., Praxedes
Aguila Recovery
                         Place Bldg., 5 East                    Consuelo Fe          Corp.                  Collection        NCR-PFO-7499-                   National
Management                                      Pasig City                                      6346758                                         9/27/2010
                         Capitol Drive, Bo.                     Cielo D. Torres    Secretary                Agency             092710-142                   Capital Region
Collection, Inc.
                         Rm. 304 3rd Flr., AB
                         Sandoval Bldg.,Shaw                                      Operation                 Consumer        NCR-PFO-7413-                     National
Firestarters, Inc.                              Pasig City      Vivian Japos                    637-9156                                        9/29/2010
                         Blvd. cor. Oranbo                                        Manager                   Market Research  092910-143                     Capital Region
                         Unit 808 Globe
                         Telecom Plaza I        Mandaluyong     Emerita           VP-Business               Service           NCR-PFO-5143-                   National
BS Powertec Phils., Inc.                                                                        2392/687-                                       9/29/2010
                         Madison cor.           City            Zamoranos           Control                 contractor         092910-144                   Capital Region
                         Pioneer St.,
                         807 One Corporate
                         Center, Julia Vergas                   Rachel                                                        NCR-PFO-7513-                   National
Lichel Technologies Inc.                        Pasig City                         Manager      637-8209    Consultancy                         9/30/2010
                         Ave. Cor., Meralco                     Vasquez                                                        093010-146                   Capital Region
                         Ave., Ortigas Center
Jagben Plant            4/F Leeleng Bldg.,
                                            Mandaluyong                                                     Consultancy       NCR-PFO-7414-                   National
Operations              718 Shaw Blvd. Wack                     Glenn Lee          President    723-7767                                        8/23/2010
                                            City                                                            Services           082310-121                   Capital Region
Consultancy, Inc.       Wack
                                                                                                            Electrical Trading
Nema Electirc                                   Mandaluyong                          VP-                                       NCR-PFO-51433-                 National
                        506 Calbayog St.,                       Wendell Buera                   531-4214    and                                 8/23/2010
Company, Inc.                                   City                              Operations                                     082310-120                 Capital Region
                        Unit 3203-B East
Handbilt Construction   Tower, PSEC                                                                         Construction and
                                                                                                                             NCR-PFO-4520-                    National
and Development         ExchangeRoad          Pasig City        Michael Nuqui VP-Admin.         706-5936    Bldg. Facilities                    8/23/2010
                                                                                                                              082310-119                    Capital Region
Company Inc.            Ortigas Center, Brgy.                                                               Maintenance
                        San Antonio
                        10F Unit B Belvedere
                        Tower, San Miguel                       Myla S.           Acounting                 Software          NCR-PFO-7230-                   National
Ideyatech Inc.                                Pasig City                                        382-1655                                        8/16/2010
                        Ave. San Antonio                        Kabigting          Admin.                   Development        081610-118                   Capital Region
                        Ortigas Center
                                               Mandaluyong   Stephen Paul                                                  NCR-PFO-51397-                  National
Greenergy Lights, Inc.   589 Cordillera St.,                                   V-President   534-4816   Trading                              8/9/2010
                                               City          D. Yang                                                         080910-115                  Capital Region
                         34th Flr., Unit 3401
                         Raffles                             Salvacion                                  Outsourcing        NCR-PFO-64290-                  National
PNI-KMPG, Inc.           Condominium Corp. Pasig City                          HR Manager                                                    8/9/2010
                                                             Gamban                                     Services             080910-114                  Capital Region
                         F. Ortigas Jr. Road,
                         10/F Unit Bervedere
P3 Value Innovation      Tower, San Miguel                   Myla S.           Accounting                                  NCR-PFO-7414-                   National
                                              Pasig City                                     470-3671   Consultancy                          8/4/2010
Inc.                     Ave., San Antonio,                  Kabigting           Officer                                    080410-110                   Capital Region
                         Ortigas Center
                       20/F Summit One
                                               Mandaluyong   Salvio                                                        NCR-PFO-7496-                   National
Edgecomm Inc.          Tower, 530 Shaw                                          President    584-8076   Telecom Services                     8/3/2010
                                               City          Valenzuela                                                     080310-108                   Capital Region
                       2/F BISA Bldg.,
Trend Air Conditioning Perpetual Village,
                                                                                Finance                 Mechnaical          NCR-MUNTA-                     National
& Industrial           Km 16 East Service      Paranaque     Ellen Ang                       837-6368                                        8/3/2010
                                                                                Manager                 Contractor         45320-0810-081                Capital Region
Corporation            Road South
                       Lt.4-B Champaca
Traffic Supplies &                                                                                                          NCR-MUNTA-
                       Road, UPS IV,                         Arthur San                                                                                    National
Construction                                   Paranaque                        President    821-2014   Construction       45100-0810-082-   8/6/2010
                       Industrial Subd.                      Gabriel                                                                                     Capital Region
Corporation                                                                                                                       R
                       # 3 Catleya St. South
Eastrencon Builders,   Green Park Village,                                                              Gen. contractor     NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                                               Paranaque     Lerrif Monique     Manager      828-4561                                        8/10/2010
Inc.                   Severima Diamond                                                                 & Proj. Mgt.       45100-0810-083                Capital Region
                       Km. 18
                         # 6 Uranus St., Bahay                                   Gen.                                      NCR-QCFO-4533-                  National
Dahl Construction                              Quezon city   Arthur Lava                     926-9967   Construction                         8/16/2010
                         Toro, D1,                                              Manager                                       0810-121                   Capital Region

                       GF Crystal Mansion
                                                             John Roces          Gen.                   Importer/Whole NCR-QCFO-5150-                      National
Pall Roces Corporation Bldg., # 14 South AA Quezon City                                      373-9359                                        8/18/2010
                                                             Villarosa          Manager                 saler             0810-122                       Capital Region
                       St. cor. Roces Ave.

Bantay Bayan             72 Corregidor St.,                                      Gen.                   Service            NCR-QCFO-7491-                  National
                                               Quezon City   Jerry dela Cruz                 456-6968                                        8/24/2010
Manpower Services        Bago Bantay                                            Manager                 Contractor            0810-123                   Capital Region

Philippine Geogreen,                                                                                    Wholesale &        NCR-QCFO-4534-                  National
                         85 Kamuning Road,     Quezon City   Sheila Bauyon     Exec. Asst.   332-2657                                        8/24/2010
Inc.                                                                                                    Retail                0810-124                   Capital Region
                         L-13 B10 Quirino Hi-
                                                              Geronimo          Gen.                    Electrical        NCR-QCFO-4533-                 National
Tri-OHMS Engineering     way Sacred Heart     Quezon City                                    936-0885                                      8/24/2010
                                                              Perey            Manager                  Services & repair    0810-125                  Capital Region
                         Village, Novaliches

                         208 E. Rodriguez Sr.                                                                            NCR-QCFO-4533-                  National
Décor Construction                            Quezon City     Dennis Espinar   President     732-4696   Construction                       8/24/2010
                         Ave., Don Manuel                                                                                   0810-126                   Capital Region
                                                                                                        Processing of
                         139 C. Benitez St.,                                                                             NCR-QCFO-6819-                  National
EJS Marketing                                   Quezon City   Edgar Sison       Owner        411-2094   Loans & Dredit                     8/24/2010
                         Kaunlaran, Cubao                                                                                   0810-128                   Capital Region
Elecol Engineering     Unit 13 Goldland
                                                                                                        Service          NCR-QCFO-4533-                  National
Equipment Supply &     Mansion 5th Ave.,        Quezon City   Emily Garcia     Secretary     438-7738                                      8/24/2010
                                                                                                        contractor          0810-129                   Capital Region
Service                Cubao
                       Unit 102 MB Bldg.,
C & Z People Resources                                                                                  Manpower         NCR-QCFO-7491-                  National
                       Kalayaan Ave.,           Quezon City   Sol Pacon                      646-1894                                      8/24/2010
Services                                                                                                services            0810-131                   Capital Region
                         682 Aurora Blvd.                     Malcolm                                                    NCR-QCFO-6099-                  National
Aaplingkod, Inc.                                Quezon City                    Exec. Asst.   723-0808   Roadside                           8/24/2010
                         Valencia                             JohnPausanos                                                  0810-132                   Capital Region
                         Rm. 307/308 LBB 1
Northern Logistics                                                             Finance                  Forwarding/Brok NCR-MFO-63920-                   National
                         Bldg., 820 Remedios Malate Manila    Thelma Catan                   5241163                                   8/24/2010
Unlimited System, Inc.                                                         Manager                  erage              0810-043                    Capital Region
Orophil                  2/F, Knights of Rizal
                                                              Alex                VP-                   Ship             NCR-MFO-61300-                  National
Shipmanagement           Bldg., Bonifacio      Manila                                        527-0662                                   8/10/2010
                                                              Sobrevega        Operations               management          0810-040                   Capital Region
Corporation              Drive, Port Area
                         Rm. 202, 2/F, Burke
Fort Steel Cargo                                              Marcianito S.     Finance                 Cargo            NCR-MFO-60132-                  National
                         St., cor. Escolta,  Manila                                          245-1109                                      8/9/2010
Integrators, Inc.                                             Caparros          Officer                 Forwarding          0810-037                   Capital Region
                         Unit 1410 Espana
Newgraneur Services,     Tower, 2203 Espana                                                             Janitorial       NCR-MFO-90090-                  National
                                              Manila          Arthuz Baylan    President     740-5848                                      8/4/2010
Corp.                    Blvd., cor. Josefina                                                           Services            0810-034                   Capital Region
                         St. Sampaloc
                         Unit 157 Mile Long                   Christopher                               Manpower                                         National
iHR Teknology                                   Makati City                                  813-3962                     72600-71510-     7/15/2010
                         Bldg., Amorsolo St.                  Cantos                                    Services                                       Capital Region
                     Unit 5-D 5/F N & M
HMA Personnel Mgt. &                                                                                    Manpower           NCR-MPFO-                     National
                     Bldg., 1184 Don            Makati City   Julie Sarion     Manager       427-9959                                      7/7/2010
Gen. Services Co.                                                                                       Services         72600-7710-089                Capital Region
                     Chino Roces Ave.,
ABS Service              905 San Nicolas St.,                                    Vice                   Manpower                                         National
                                                Makati City   Darwin Santos                  547-0465                     72600-71510-     7/15/2010
Cooperative              Guadalupe Nuevo                                       Chairman                 Services                                       Capital Region
Hope Services             Unit 307 Balagtas                       Victorino          Gen.                   Manpower                                          National
                                                  Pasay City                                     524-9474                       72600-71510-    7/15/2010
Cooperative               Villas, Balagtas St.,                   Villanueva        Manager                 Services                                        Capital Region
                          EDSA cor.                                                                                              NCR-MPFO-
Philippine Mortuary                                               Lawrence                                                                                    National
                          Bernardino St.,         Makati City                       President    494-1464   Services            72600-71410-    7/14/2010
Institute, Inc.                                                   Medua                                                                                     Capital Region
                          Guadalupe Viejo                                                                                           092
C. Dela Cruz Manpower 820 V. Vizcarra St.,                        Cecilia dela                              Janitorial                                        National
                                                  Pasay City                         Owner       854-3210                       72600-73010-    7/30/2010
Services              Malibay                                     Cruz                                      Services                                        Capital Region
                        Aegis People
Aspire People Solutions Support Bldg., Ayala                      Melissa Anne       Board                  Recruitment                                       National
                                              Makati City                                        755-2652                       72600-72010-    7/19/2010
Inc.                    cor. Sen. Gil Puyat                       Lamzon            Director                Agency                                          Capital Region
                        115 Vicente                                                                                              NCR-MPFO-
                                                                  Romeo                                                                                       National
Telexpress Enterprise Madrigal Bldg., 6793 Makati City                             Admin Staff   753-1395   Telemarketing       72600-72910-    7/29/2010
                                                                  Servando                                                                                  Capital Region
                        Ayala Ave.                                                                                                  099
                        Unit 600 C. V.                            Ernesto                                                        NCR-MPFO-
Good Solutions                                                                                                                                                National
                        Madrigal Bldg., Ayala Makati City         Antonio            Owner       753-4163   Services            72600-73010-    7/30/2010
Marketing Services                                                                                                                                          Capital Region
                        Ave. Bel Air                              Esguerra                                                          099
Buildcraft Fabrication    # 22 Rosas St.,                         Myrna              Gen.                                      NCR-MPFO-                      National
                                               Navotas City                                      283-6224   Fabrication/repa                    4/5/2010
Company                   Merville Subd. Tanza                    Santiago          Manager                                  45100-0510-016                 Capital Region
                                                                                                            ir services
                          B 14,L 14 Sto Nino
R-911 Security Force,                                             Eufemia            Gen.                                      NCR-CFO-74920-                 National
                          St., Maligaya Park      Caloocan City                                  417-7988   Security Agency                     6/2/2010
Inc.                                                              Abedes            manager                                       0610-019                  Capital Region
                          Subd. Novaliches
                          2/F Louella Bldg.,
                                                                                                                               NCR-CFO-74920-                 National
Solar Secuirty Services   405 McArthur            Valenzuela City Bryan Dumo       Proprietor    294-1258   Secuiryt Agency                     6/15/2010
                                                                                                                                  0610-020                  Capital Region
                          Highway, Malinta
Blue Angel Sec. and    Guardian Angel                                                Gen.                                      NCR-CFO-74920-                 National
                                           Caloocan City          Marlyn Rufino                  361-9851   Security Agency                     6/17/2010
Manpower Services Inc. Cond. 488 Int. EDSA                                          manager                                       0610-021                  Capital Region
                          Blk.-14 Lt.-14 Sto
D' Job Site General       Nino St., Maligaya                                                                                   NCR-CFO-74911-                 National
                                                  Caloocan City   Beth Solis       HR Officer    418-5647   Gen. Services                       6/21/2010
Services Inc.             Park Subd.                                                                                              0610-022                  Capital Region
                                                                                                            Supply and
                                                                                     Gen.                                      NCR-CFO-52603-                 National
Starbros Enterprises      Feliza St., Parada      Valenzuela City Noel Guerrero                  291-1261   Installation of                     7/5/2010
                                                                                    Manager                                       0710-024                  Capital Region
                                                                                                            Elect'l. Equipt.
                          # 1292 Mabolo
WGM Transport                                                     Gloria Belardo                                                NCR-CFO-631-                  National
                          Street, Area D.         Caloocan City                     Manager      994-4319   Trucking                            7/9/2010
Services                                                          Meguiso                                                         0710-026                  Capital Region
                          Camarin II
                          717 Victory Central
                                                                  Mary Rose                                 Service            NCR-CFO-79420-                 National
MRNS Security Agency      Mail Rizal Ave.,        Caloocan City                      Owner       365-9132                                       7/27/2010
                                                                  Soriano                                   Contractor            0710-28                   Capital Region
                        2nd Flr. Unit 1
Fipeyu Construction     Ponciano Center,                        Ildefonso                                  Service             NCR-CFO-45100-                 National
                                                 Malabon City                      Owner       227-8896                                         7/29/2010
Subcontracting Services McArthur Highway                        Bleza III                                  Contractor             0710-030                  Capital Region
                          B1 WCMC #960
Vieren Catering                                                                                                                NCRQCFO-0910-                  National
                          Aurora Blvd.,       Quezon City       Raquel Ramos BookKeeper        507-5797    Catering Services                    9/30/2010
Services, Co.                                                                                                                      155                      Capital Region
                          Bagumbuhay, Dist. 3
                          Lot 7 B 18 Bristol St.,
                                                                Jeninen                                                        NCRQCFO-6599-                  National
Jennibe Enterprise        Greater Lagro,          Quezon City                                  586-7111    Telemarketing                        9/29/2010
                                                                Guzman                                                           0910-153                   Capital Region
                          # 6 Uranus St.,
                                                                Perpetua A.       General                                      NCRQCFO-4533-                  National
Pett Builders             Carmel Subd.,           Quezon City                                  456-5867    Construction                         9/15/2010
                                                                Sales             Manager                                        0910-149                   Capital Region
                          Project 6,
                          41-A Scout
Pacer Collection                                                Aniceta V.        President-               Service             NCRQCFO-6819-                  National
                          Chuatoco, Brgy.         Quezon City                                  413-8992                                         9/15/2010
Services, Inc.                                                  Bansag-Tidon         CEO                   Contractor            0910-148                   Capital Region
3K Manpower Services Rm. 301 Vila Bldg.,                                                                                       NCRQCFO-7491-                  National
                                                 Quezon City    Oscar H. Dosal Chairman        439-1399    Cooperative                          9/13/2010
Cooperative          598 EDSA, Cubao                                                                                             0910-145                   Capital Region

                          243-G Tandang Sora                    Ernesto C.                                                     NCRQCFO-4533-                  National
Sosep Builders                               Quezon City                          Proprietor   456-5603    Construction                         9/9/2010
                          Ave.,                                 Villas Jr.                                                       0910-144                   Capital Region

                       3rd Flr., RYS Bldg.,
Centerworld Janitorial                                          Divina                                     Janitorial          NCRQCFO-7493-                  National
                       124 15th Ave., Brgy. Quezon City                           VP-Admin.    995-7040                                         9/8/2010
& Maintenance Services                                          Tablante                                   Services              0910-141                   Capital Region
                       San Roque, D3

                          315 CMI Bldg.,                        Aniceto Apollo                             Manitenance         NCRQCFO-6420-                  National
D' Smart Services, Inc.                     Quezon City                           President    951-1515                                         9/6/2010
                          Commonwealth Ave.                     L. Cajical, Jr.                            Services              0910-140                   Capital Region

                          Unit 2-K Quedsa
Rhodium Marketing         Plaza, Quezon Ave.                    Ramon A. De                                                    NCRQCFO-6420-                  National
                                                 Quezon City                       Owner       411-4500    Banking                              9/3/2010
Services                  cor. E. Delos Santos                  Claro III                                                        0910-139                   Capital Region
                          Ave. South Triangle

                          935-A, Rm. 308 C. B.
Seven Seas Manpower       Alforque Bldg. Brgy.                  Angelita                                   Contractor          NCRQCFO-7491-                  National
                                               Quezon City                         Owner       438-17-06                                        9/3/2010
Services                  Silangan Aurora                       Garcia                                     Services              0910-138                   Capital Region
                          Blvd., Cubao

SCI Security and          26 Tirad Pass, Sta.                   Jhonson           Operation                                    NCRQCFO-7492-                  National
                                                 Quezon City                                   7315877     Security Agency                      9/2/2010
Investigation, Inc.       Mesa Heights                          Mesuelo           Manager                                        0910-137                   Capital Region
                         Unit 308 FMSG Bldg.                                                             Security and
ELU Security and                                             Constantino        Gen.                                         NCRQCFO-7492-                 National
                         Balete Drive cor. 3rd Quezon City                                   470-5064    Investigation                        9/2/2010
Investigation Agency                                         Cruz              manager                                         0910-136                  Capital Region
                         St.,                                                                            Services
Kimber Security and      Unit 306 West East
                                                                               Finance                                       NCRQCFO-74920-                National
Investigation Agency,    Center Bldg., 1334    Manila        Rachell Cerino                  521-4449    Security Services                    9/1/2010
                                                                               Officer                                          0910-044                 Capital Region
Inc.                     Taft Ave., Ermita
                        232 Padilla Delos
Bright Market Sales and                                      Fernando           Gen.                     Promotion           NCR-MFO-74911-                National
                        reyes Bldg., Juan      Manila                                        346-6960                                         9/7/2010
Promotions                                                   Atienza           Manager                   Services               0910-047                 Capital Region
                        Luna St., Binondo
                        Harbor Center II,
                        23rd cor. Railroad                   Eleonor           Admin.                    Janitorial          NCR-MFO-74911-                National
Bluemarine (BMI) Inc.                          Manila                                        527-4605                                         9/8/2010
                        Sts. South Harbor,                   Comahig           Manager                   Services               0910-048                 Capital Region
                        Port Area Manila
                        1950 F. Ma.
                                                                                                         Manpower            NCR-MFO-74911-                National
Moses Cooperative       Guerrero Ext.,         Manila        Purita Valentin Chairman                                                       9/20/2010
                                                                                                         Services               0910-050                 Capital Region
                        Tayuman, Tondo
                         251 K. Teresa St., Sta                                                                              NCR-MFO-45100-                National
Camara Construction                             Manila       Alfredo Pabian     Owner        714-89-13   Construction                       9/20/2010
                         Mesa,                                                                                                  0910-051                 Capital Region

Asia Clean Maintenance 1858 F. Agoncillo
                                                             Nerisa           VP-Finance                 Janitorial          NCR-MFO-90090-                National
Manpower and Allied cor. Remedios Sts.         Manila                                        523-4761                                       9/22/2010
                                                             Henares           & Admin.                  Services               0910-053                 Capital Region
Services, Corp.        Malate

                         UCCP Shalom Center
Smartcomp Solutions,                                                                                     IT Solutions        NCR-MFO-73300-                National
                         Bldg., 1660 Luis Ma. Manila         Jenelyn Delasa     Admin.       523-4280                                       10/5/2010
Inc.                                                                                                     Provider               1010-055                 Capital Region
                         Guerrero St., Malate
                         310 Midtown Exec.
                                                                                                                             NCR-MFO-45100-              National
Cavacon Corporation      Homes, U.N. Ave.,     Manila        Ricardo Chua      President     521-4475    Construction                       10/13/2010
                                                                                                                                1010-056               Capital Region
                         Rm. 228, EDC Bldg.,
Jomacare Combined                                            Joseph Go Hui                               Manpower            NCR-MFO-74911-              National
                         Reina Regente St.,    Manila                          President     241-11-18                                      10/13/2010
Services, Inc.                                               Tiong                                       Service                1010-057               Capital Region
                         G/F AMC Bldg., 2227
Mansor Security and                                          Eduardo                                                         NCR-MFO-74911-              National
                         Nakar St., San      Manila                            Manager       588-0167    Security Services                  10/14/2010
General Services, Inc.                                       Limjoco                                                            1010-058               Capital Region
                         Andres, Bukid
Armaguard Security and 1535 A 3rd St., Fabie                 Alfredo Ripoll     Gen.                                         NCR-MFO-74920-              National
                                             Manila                                          562-9354    Security Services                  10/15/2010
Investigation Services Subd., Paco                           Jr.               Manager                                          1010-059               Capital Region

King Albert Security     1451 Int. I. Severino               Roberto          Investigatio                                   NCR-MFO-74920-              National
                                               Manila                                        309-8236    Secuiryt Services                  10/18/2010
Agency, Inc.             Reyes St., Sta. Cruz                Alibusa           n Manager                                        1010-060               Capital Region
                         20th F Equitable
                                                             Adrian                                                         NCR-MPFO-                    National
CBI (Philippines) Inc.   Bank Tower 8751       Makati City                     HRM         238-6911   Manufacturing                        8/2/2010
                                                             Makabulos                                                    72600-8210-100               Capital Region
                         Paseo de Roxas
                         3QB ODC Int'l. Plaza
                                                                                                      cabling &             NCR-MPFO-                    National
Net Pacific, Inc.        219 Salcedo St.      Makati City                                  893-4953                                        8/3/2010
                                                                                                      electrical          72600-8310-101               Capital Region
                         Legaspi Village
                         805 Cityland 10
                                                                             Project                                        NCR-MPFO-                    National
E.F.B. Geostrukt, Inc.   Tower 2 H.V. Dela     Makati City   Ernito Baldo                  817-0022   Construction                         8/9/2010
                                                                             Manager                                      72600-8910-102               Capital Region
                         Costa St.
                         3742-B Hen. Estrella                                                                                                            National
Trale Security Agency                         Makati City    Emily G. Beron Proprietor     888-9071   Security Services    74920-81010-    8/10/2010
                         St. Bangkal                                                                                                                   Capital Region
GNGC Enterprises         2078 E. Pascua St.    Makati City                                 899-3148   Construction         54100-81310-    8/13/2010
                                                                                                                                                       Capital Region
                         1864 P. Domingo St.                                                                                                             National
Peter G. Chua Builders                       Makati City     Peter Chua        Owner       899-3427   Construction         45100-81310-    8/13/2010
                         Brgy. Kasilawan                                                                                                               Capital Region
                     Unit 202 FCC Bldg.,                                                                                    NCR-MPFO-
Full Circle Creative                                         Marion Gino     Bus. Dev't.              Events,                                            National
                     7494 Santillan St.        Makati City                                 813-8267                        72600-81310-    8/13/2010
Concepts Corp.                                               Go               Director                Advertising                                      Capital Region
                     Brgy. Pio del Pilar                                                                                       108
Top Choice           Unit 101 LV Bldg.                                                                                      NCR-MPFO-
                                                                             Operation                Janitorial and                                     National
Manitenance and Gen. 1846 Dian St.             Makati City   Romel Basilio                 659-3934                        72600-81610-    8/16/2010
                                                                             Manager                  Maintenance                                      Capital Region
Services Co.         Palanan                                                                                                   109
                     601-602 Cattleya                                        Health and                                     NCR-MPFO-
Polychem Industries,                                         Ronald                                                                                      National
                     Bldg., Salcedo St.,       Makati City                     Safety      818-5266   Manufacturing        72600-81610-    8/16/2010
Inc.                                                         Abistado                                                                                  Capital Region
                     Legaspi Village                                          Officer                                          110
                     3625 Rm. 2036
Tie-up Associates &                                                                                                         NCR-MPFO-
                     Florama Bldg., 3625                     Jesserlito       Gen.                    Manpower                                           National
Manpower Resources                             Makati City                                 804-0689                        72600-81710-    8/17/2010
                     Bautista St. Emilia St.                 Castro          manager                  Services                                         Capital Region
Inc.                                                                                                                           111
Chittick Fire and        5F Pieco Bldg., 2242                Arguilla        HR Admin                 Fire and Security                                  National
                                              Makati City                                  894-5949                        72600-81910-    8/19/2010
Security Corporation     Chino Roces Ave.                    Katherine       Supervisor               System                                           Capital Region
Matanglawin Security     Unit 414, 4th F                                                                                    NCR-MPFO-
                                                                              Gen.                                                                       National
and Investigation        Cityland 10 Tower I   Makati City   Roel K. Berba                 403-4563   Security Services    74920-82410-    8/24/2010
                                                                             Manager                                                                   Capital Region
Agency                   H.V. Dela Costa St.                                                                                   113
                         44F PBCom Tower                                                              Freight                                            National
Schenker Philippines                           Makati City   Rosalyn Tupaz    HR Head      819-6033                        60139-82510-    8/25/2010
                         6795 Ayala Avenue                                                            forwarding                                       Capital Region
                        JMBC Bldg.                                                                                           NCR-MPFO-
Tradeworx Marketing                                                                                    Marketing                                           National
                        Rockefeller cor.      Makati City       Kent Sitaca     Director    728-8279                        72600-91410-     9/13/2010
International, Inc.                                                                                    Services                                          Capital Region
                        Zanzibar St.                                                                                            118
                        5F Electra House,                                                                                    NCR-MPFO-
Shared Aims Multi-                                              Teresita         Gen.                                                                      National
                        115 Esteban St.       Makati City                                   818-4249   Service Provider     72600-91410-     9/13/2010
Purpose Cooperative                                             Samonte         Manager                                                                  Capital Region
                        Legaspi Village                                                                                         119
Trace Alarm & Security 2713 Ma. Aurora St.                      Alexander San    Gen.                  Installation of                                     National
                                           Makati City                                      896-6829                        72600-91410-     9/14/2010
System Inc.            Poblacion                                Jose            Manager                Security                                          Capital Region
Planters Kaisaka Service 109 Esteban St.                        Rosemarie        HRD                   Manpower                                            National
                                              Makati City                                   818-2332                        72600-91710-     9/17/2010
Cooperative              Legaspi Village                        Valeza          Manager                Services                                          Capital Region
Hot Rod Investigation                                                                                                        NCR-MPFO-
                                                                                General                                                                    National
Security and Services   2289 Aurora Blvd.     Pasay City        Jose Cortez                 852-7521   Security Services    74920-92010-     9/20/2010
                                                                                Manager                                                                  Capital Region
Inc.                                                                                                                            122

                        Rm. 201 Carreon                                                                                      NCR-MPFO-
Nelson Loyola &                                                 Flordeliza                             Collection                                          National
                        Bldg., 2746 Zenaida   Makati City                       Manager     895-2645                        72600-92310-     9/23/2010
Associates                                                      Rivera                                 Services                                          Capital Region
                        St. Poblacion                                                                                           125
                        4th F, CAEG Bldg.,                                                             Installation of                                     National
Smartpetro, Inc.                              Makati City       Nestor Ubalde     CFO       403-9437                        72600-92310-     9/23/2010
                        Dela Rosa St.                                                                  POS                                               Capital Region
Telecom Riggers and                                                                                                          NCR-MPFO-
                        9530-B Taguig St.                                                              Service                                             National
Maintenance Services                          Makati City       Ysmael P. Tinio President   403-0142                        72600-92310-     9/23/2010
                        Brgy. Valenzuela                                                               Contractor                                        Capital Region
Inc.                                                                                                                            127
                       Rm. 402 EI Ferens                                                                                     NCR-MPFO-
Beneton Manpower                                                Renato                                 Manpower                                            National
                       Bldg., F.B. Harrison   Pasay City                        Manager     782-5276                        72600-92710-     9/27/2010
Services                                                        Santiago                               Service                                           Capital Region
                       St.                                                                                                      129
                       3F SKK Bldg. 63-35                                                              Manpower &            NCR-MPFO-
Archway Multi-Services                                          Dorotea         Operation                                                                  National
                       Sen. Gil Puyat Ave.    Pasay City                                    551-1035   Messengerial         72600-92910-     9/29/2010
Corporation                                                     Madarieta       Manager                                                                  Capital Region
                       Cor. F.B. Harrison                                                              Services                 130
Qualitrans Courier and U-301 IDC Plaza                                          Operation              Courier &                                           National
                                              Makati City       Henry Ongshu                897-4368                        72600-93010-     9/30/2010
Manpower Services Inc. Zapote St.,                                              Manager                Manpower                                          Capital Region
                        # 15534 Valarao
Ihi Turbo International Street, Airport                         Rosheena        Admin.                 Contractor                                          National
                                              Paranaque City                                547-0809                       45320-0910-086-   9/1/2010
Trade, Inc.             Village, Barangay                       Carla Rios      Manager                Services                                          Capital Region
Jobcrest Management, Unit H 3rd Floor,                          Noel                                   Business process                                    National
                                              Muntinlupa City                               862-1985                    64209-0910-087--     9/3/2010
Inc.                 CVA Bldg.,                                 Pagtawnan                              outsourcing                                       Capital Region
Septec General          # 73 Elizalde Street,                Lorelyn            General                                  NCR-MUNTA-                        National
                                              Paranaque City                                809-4554   Mechanical                            9/3/2010
Services, Inc.          BF Homes                             Camantigue         Manager                                 45100-0910-088                   Capital Region
Ram Resources            Unit 6, Japan St.,                                                               Caretaker            NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                               Paranaque City Rhea Arnaiz        Manager      400-8650                                         9/3/2010
Company                  Better Living Subd.                                                              Service             91120-0910-089               Capital Region

                         5/F Bldg. A Plaza,
                                                                                                                               NCR-MUNTA-                    National
Genpact Services LLC     Northgate Cyberpark Muntinlupa City Basil Visaya        President    792-2500    Call Center                          9/8/2010
                                                                                                                              64209-0910-090               Capital Region

                         No. 14, Pres. Roxas                                                              Janitorial &
ABS Property                                                  Ramellia          Operation                                      NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                         St. Malacanang        Paranaque City                                 821-0213    Maintenance                          9/8/2010
Management Co.                                                Barientos         Manager                                       91120-0910-091               Capital Region
                         Village San Antonio                                                              Services

                         # 4 Saint Martin St.,                                                                               NCR-MUNTA-
Seventh Fleet Security                                                          Operation                                                                    National
                         Mahogany Homes, Taguig City            Medy Lastica                  837-1164    Security Services 74920-0910-092-    9/8/2010
Services, Inc.                                                                  Manager                                                                    Capital Region
                         Bagumbayan                                                                                                R

                         6th Flr., Unit 621                                                               Installation of
Camden International                                                                                                           NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                         Civic Drive, 2301    Muntinlupa City Raul Santos       Safety Head   659-2800    Pipe & Pump                          9/22/2010
Sales, Inc.                                                                                                                   45340-0910-094               Capital Region
                         Civic Place, Alabang                                                             Filter
                      # 22 Angeles St.,
Azzure Documentation                                                                                      Documentation        NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                      Alabang Hills Village, Muntinlupa City    Virgilio Saur   Proprietor    807-34-89                                        9/27/2010
Services                                                                                                  Services            91120-0910-096               Capital Region
                      Km. 17 Cervantes
                                                                                  Acctg.                  Consultancy          NCR-MUNTA-                    National
Leads Consultant Inc. Compd., South          Paranaque City     Rebecca Ondo                  823-3810                                         9/27/2010
                                                                                  Officer                 Services            74140-0910-097               Capital Region
                      Unit 213 Gedcor
                      Bldg., NAIA Ave., cor.                    Nenita P.         Gen.                                         NCR-MUNTA-                    National
SMA Cargo Movers Inc.                        Paranaque City                                   826-2392    Trucking Services                    9/28/2010
                      Irasan St. San                            Abdulla          Manager                                      60139-0910-098               Capital Region
                         182-C, Aguirre                         Isabelita       Operation                                      NCR-MUNTA-                    National
Aken Enterprises, Inc.                         Paranaque City                                 826-7692    other Services                       9/29/2010
                         Avenue, BF Homes                       Obarco          Manager                                       45410-0910-102               Capital Region
                         Lot 9 Lauren St.,
R. B. Soriano                                                   Richard           Gen.                                        NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
                         Simeona Village       Marikina City                                  948-5282    Construction                         10/6/2010
Construction                                                    Soriano          Manager                                       100610-147                  Capital Region
Global Security                                Mandaluyong      Rodalyn                                                       NCR-PFO-7492-                  National
                         Unit 201 Shaw Blvd.                                                  723-0466    Secuirty Provider                    10/6/2010
Solutions Inc.                                 City             Macuha                                                         100610-148                  Capital Region

                         E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.                  Leovelle                                  Mfg. and            NCR-PFO-2811-                  National
SSI Metal Corporation                          Pasig City                       HR Manager    631-1821                                         10/6/2010
                         cor. Ortigas Ave                       Raquel                                    Fabrication          100610-149                  Capital Region
                          Unit 2702 D Tektite
Eagle Star Industrial                                                               Admin.                   Retailer            NCR-PFO-51909-                  National
                          Tower 2, PSE Center Pasig             Erlinda Yasay                    638-6048                                         10/6/2010
Sales Corporation                                                                   Manager                  Industrial            100610-150                  Capital Region
                          10 F Unit-B
SQME Professionals,       Belvedere Tower,                                          Admin.                   Information         NCR-PFO-7414-                   National
Inc.                      San Miguel Ave., San Pasig City       Myla Kabigting
                                                                                                             Technology           100710-151
                                                                                                                                                               Capital Region
                          Antonio, Ortigas
                          20B Malaya St., Brgy.                                                                                  NCR-PFO-51909-                  National
Fire Solutions, Inc.                            Marikina City   Alexander           President    393-9565    Other Services                       10/7/2010
                          Malanday                                                                                                  1007-152                   Capital Region
                          # 8 (M. Suarez St.)
                                                                Caesar               Gen.                                        NCR-PFO-7492-                   National
CBB Security Agency       Market Ave. Ext.       Pasig City                                                  Security Agency                      10/12/2010
                                                                Barnachea           Manager                                       101210-153                   Capital Region
Workspeed Resources                              Mandaluyong                                                 Service             NCR-PFO-74911-              National
                          81 Maysilo Circle,                    Enrico Menuso       Director     470-9944                                       10/14/2010
Inc.                                             City                                                        Contractor            101410-155              Capital Region
                          30/F Antel Global
Digital Network                                                                                              Telecommunicati
                          Corporate Center                      Nancita Dela                                                 NCR-PFO-5160-                       National
Communications &                                 Pasig City                        Comptroller   636-2888    ons Sales &                          10/19/2010
                          Julia Vargas Ave.,                    Cruz                                                          101910-156                       Capital Region
Computers, Inc.                                                                                              Services
Superior Security         7-E Hermosa St.,                      Dovee de Leon        Gen.                                        NCR-PFO-7492-                   National
                                                 Pateros                                         643-9284    Security Agency                      10/20/2010
Services, Inc.            Brgy. San Roque                       Bello               manager                                       102010-157                   Capital Region
                         Rm. 1643 Cityland
                                                                                                             Credit Card         NCR-PFO-66130-              National
Purecards Marktg., Inc. Mega Plaza Bldg.,        Pasig City     Judilyn Ting        Manager      914-0564                                       10/20/2010
                                                                                                             Agency                102010-158              Capital Region
                         Unit 416/417 4th
Ultra Safe Security                              Mandaluyong    Sharon                                                           NCR-PFO-7492-                   National
                         Flr., J & L Bldg. 251                                      President    721-6604    Security Services                    10/21/2010
Services Providers, Inc.                         City           Salvacion                                                         102110-161                   Capital Region
PRC Courier and                                  Mandaluyong    Jocelyn Chua                                                  NCR-PFO-7493-                      National
                          727 Ballesteros St.,                                     Proprietor    534-0084    and Janitorial                       10/22/2010
Maintenance Services                             City           Wang                                                           102210-162                      Capital Region
                                                                                                             Manufacturer of
Mandaluyong Industrial 42 Lions Road,            Mandaluyong                         Gen.                                     NCR-PFO-2899-                      National
                                                                Flavio Neria Jr.                 534-9326    Fabricated Metal                     10/28/2010
& General Services Co. Barangka Ilaya            City                               Manager                                    102810-163                      Capital Region
                          2/F Cabarrus Bldg., #                                                              Janitorial and
Specialized Cleaning                                            Enrico                                                           NCR-PFO-7493-                   National
                          9 East Capitol Drive Pasig City                          VP Mrktng.    635-7735    Manpower                             10/29/2010
Services 2000 Inc.                                              Khimhoko                                                          102910-164                   Capital Region
                          Bo. Kapitolyo                                                                      Services
Fav Human Resources       2564 Manggahan St.,                   Virginia C.          Gen                     Janitorial                                          National
                                              Makati City                                        729-22-13                        72600-10410-    10/4/2010
Exponents, Inc.           Guadalupe Nuevo                       Yaguel              Manager                  Services                                          Capital Region
                        Unit 509 Cityland 10
Cymple Business                                                                                                              NCR-MPFO-
                        Tower I, 156 H. V.                    Alexander Jay                              Finance                                           National
Solutions International                      Makati City                        HR Director   840-5565                      82190-10490-    10/4/2010
                        Dela Costa St., Bel-                  Art P. Leano                               Outsourcing                                     Capital Region
Inc.                                                                                                                            135
                        Rm. 1109 Cityland 10                                                             Legal               NCR-MPFO-
                                                              Atty. Nelson Y.                                                                              National
NG and Associates       Tower I, H.V. Dela   Makati City                         Manager      812-1381   Service/Credit     82190-101210-   10/12/2010
                                                              Ng                                                                                         Capital Region
                        Costa St.                                                                        Collection              140
Philippine Forklift      2901 Sergio Osmena                                                              Sale & Service Of                                 National
                                                Makati City   Chris Abalayan Sales Mktg.      728-9374                      72600-101210-   10/12/2010
Center Inc.              Ave., cor. Faraday St.                                                          Industrial Equipt.                              Capital Region
                       Rm. 417 Cityland
Infolink Placement and Condominium 3, V.                                                                                    NCR-MPFO-
                                                              Linda Cristina                             Manpower                                          National
Computer Services      A. Rufino cor.      Makati City                           Manager      816-4697                     72600-101410-    10/14/2010
                                                              B. Manalili                                Services                                        Capital Region
Corp.                  Esteban St. Legaspi                                                                                      143
                       2nd Flr., Manila
Marvel Manpower        Memorial Bldg.,                        Imee H.                                    Manpower                                          National
                                           Makati City                          HRD Officer   812-8557                     72600-101510-    10/15/2010
Services Inc.          2283 Pasong Tamo                       Paloma                                     Services                                        Capital Region
                                                                                  Gen.                   Janitorial                                        National
KJB Manpower Services 765-C EDSA Malibay Pasay City           Grace Bibon                     887-7690                   72600-102610-      10/26/2010
                                                                                 manager                 Services                                        Capital Region
Wireless Technology      221 Nicanor Garcia                   Rachel C.                                  Telecommunicati                                   National
                                               Makati City                      HR Manager    897-7577                   72600-102710-      10/27/2010
Solutions Inc.           St., Bel-air II,                     Ocampo                                     on Provider                                     Capital Region
Intex Telecom System     221 Nicanor Garcia                   Rachel O.                                  Telecommunicati                                   National
                                               Makati City                      HR Manager    897-7577                   72600-102710-      10/27/2010
Inc.                     St., Bel-air II,                     Ocampo                                     on Provider                                     Capital Region
                         400 Margarita Bldg.,                 Huberto L.                                                                                   National
Benedictine Law Center                        Makati City                          Staff      896-4271   Law Firm        72600-102910-      10/29/2010
                         J.P. Rizal St.                       Dumlao                                                                                     Capital Region
                         G/F 2308 Natividad                                                                                 NCR-MPFO-
LBC Express Corporate                                         Raquel C.          Section                                                                   National
                         Bldg., Chino Roces    Makati City                                    812-4571   Courier & Cargo   72600-102910-    10/29/2010
Solutions, Inc.                                               Chino             Head-Sales                                                               Capital Region
                         Ave. Ext.,                                                                                             153
                         16/F Two World                                           Chief
Field Outsource Asia,                                                                                                       NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                         Square, Mckinley Hill Taguig         Judd Balayan       Finance      856-7888   Gen Advertising                    10/1/2010
Inc.                                                                                                                       22120-1010-103                Capital Region
                         Fort Bonifacio                                          Officer

                         Unit 4, Solar Land
Pacific Eight Cargo                                                                                      Cargo              NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                         Bldg., Multinational Paranaque City Genelito Neri      Proprietor    566-9160                                      10/4/2010
Logistics, Inc.                                                                                          Forwarding        60139-1010-105                Capital Region
                         Access Rd. Sto Nino
                          L 8B Dona Irenea
Opzioni Verdi Builders,                                       June Rey T.      Proj.                                         NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                          Ave., Ireneville I   Paranaque City                              820-0924     Construction                         10/1/2010
Inc.                                                          Atanacio      Coordinator                                     45320-1010-104                Capital Region
                          Subdivision, Sucat
                          Unit I Cargo
Hankyu Hanshin                                                                Admin                     Freight              NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                          Consolidators Bldg., Paranaque City Andrea Quizon                825-3636                                          10/5/2010
Express Philippines, Inc.                                                     Officer                   Forwarding          60139-1010-106                Capital Region
                          NAIA Ave.
                          Unit I Cargo
Hankyu Customs                                                Andrea S.       Admin.                                         NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                          Consolidators Bldg., Paranaque City                              825-3636     Brokerage                            10/5/2010
Brokerage, Inc.                                               Quizon          Officer                                       63910-1010-107                Capital Region
                          NAIA Avenue
                       # 9 Amsterdam
Ambica International                                                          Gen.                      Importer and         NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                       Extension, Merville   Paranaque City Deepak Bhatia                 828-6617/18                                        10/8/2010
Trading Corp.                                                                manager                    Wholesaler          51394-1010-109                Capital Region
                       Park Subdivision

                       Unit R 2nd Flr., R & E
                       Bldg., Manuela
La Fortezza Security                                         Jose Jerry     Operation                                        NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                       Avenue, cor. Ilang - Las Pinas City                                 871-0871     Security Services                    10/12/2010
Agency Corp.                                                 Torrel         Manager                                         74920-1010-110                Capital Region
                       Ilang St., Manuela
                       Subd., Pamplona III
                                                           David I.
888 Gallant Security    558 Quirino Avenue,                                Corporate                                         NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                                            Paranaque City Balaong/Edwi                    403-9400     Security Services                    10/18/2010
Services (888GSS) Corp. Yambo                                              Secretary                                        74920-1010-111                Capital Region
                                                           n Dalisay
                        315 CMI Bldg.,
Mega-Matrix Security,                                      Aniceto Apollo                                                   NCR-QCFO-7492-                  National
                        Commonwealth        Quezon City                    President       952-9050     Security Services                    10/4/2010
Inc.                                                       L. Cajigal, Jr.                                                     1010-157                   Capital Region
                        Avenue, Diliman
                        Rm. 206 The One                                                                 Local
Goldhand Career                                            Joanna Lyn L.     Opt'n                                          NCR-QCFO-7493-                  National
                        Executive Office    Quezon City                                    374-8801     Recruitment                          10/4/2010
Management, Inc.                                           Pecson          Manager                                             1010-158                   Capital Region
                        Bldg., West Ave.                                                                Agency
Velvet Greens and      Katipunan Road                        Edgardo A.                                                     NCR-QCFO-7499-                  National
                                             Quezon City                     Manager       911-5562     Landscaping                          10/4/2010
Blooms, Inc.           Brgy. White Plains                    Santiago                                                          1010-159                   Capital Region

                       Blk. 18 Lot 9 Bristol
More Than Medals                                                                                                            NCR-QCFO-6599-                  National
                       St. Lagro Subdivision, Quezon City    Ria Ensela     Secretary      417-0556     Telemarketing                        10/8/2010
Marketing                                                                                                                      1010-161                   Capital Region

                       2/F The Regalia Park                                   Chief
Bauer International                                          Francisco                                                      NCR-QCFO-4520-                  National
                       Tower A, 150 D.      Quezon City                     Operating      912-4503     Engineering Firm                     10/8/2010
Phillipines, Inc.                                            Ventura III                                                       1010-163                   Capital Region
                       Tuazon St., Cubao                                     Officer
Executive Genesis      Rm. 310 Diamond
                                                             Rhoda C.                                   Appliance           NCR-QCFO-7493-              National
Manpower Services,     Finance Bldg., EDSA, Quezon City                     President      413-6909                                        10/15/2010
                                                             Caliwara                                   Stores/Dealers         1010-165               Capital Region
Inc.                   Cubao
Alexa Trading and      # 10 Delos Reyes St.,                 Mylene P.       Finance                                        NCR-QCFO-4533-              National
                                             Quezon City                                   455-0118     Construction                       10/15/2010
Construction           Project 8,                            Aguirre         Officer                                           1010-166               Capital Region
                         34 Bolanos St.,
Great Solomon                                                                                            Contractor          NCR-QCFO-9309-              National
                         Kaliraya, Brgy.       Quezon City     Rita Cabral       Secretary    413-8910                                      10/15/2010
Cooperative                                                                                              Service                1010-167               Capital Region
Paramount Human          Unit 11 13th Flr., The
                                                               Jovelyn G.                                Cooperative         NCR-QCFO-9309-              National
Resources Services       One Exec. Office       Quezon City                      Chairman     448-5688                                      10/18/2010
                                                               Ople                                      Services               1010-168               Capital Region
Cooperative              Bldg., West Ave.
                          Blk. 83 Lot 12
                          Commonwealth                                                                                       NCR-QCFO-7499-              National
Fastfood Deli Serv., Inc.                        Quezon City   Natalio S.        President    951-1515   Delivery Service                   10/20/2010
                          Ave., Jordan Plains                                                                                   1010-171               Capital Region
                          III, Novaliches
                          1031 Aurora Blvd.                                        HR
People Serve Multi-                                            Irene B.                                                      NCR-QCFO-7499-              National
                          cor. Batino St. Loyola Quezon City                    Operation     687-6898   Cooperative                        10/22/2010
Purpose Cooperative                                            Quintana                                                         1010-173               Capital Region
                          Heights                                                 Head
Dassia (D' Arm Security
Specialist &              155 Filinvest II Road                Edmundo           Asst. Gen.                                  NCR-QCFO-7492-              National
                                                 Quezon City                                  431-0224   Security Agency                    10/22/2010
Investigation Agency), Brgy. Batasan Hills,                    Llamasares        Manager                                        1010-174               Capital Region
                          # 1 Forestry cor.
                                                               Christia Mae       Project                                    NCR-QCFO-4533-              National
ABDA Construction Inc. Lands St. Brgy.           Quezon City                                  924-0636   Construction                       10/27/2010
                                                               M. Pangilinan     Engineer                                       1010-177               Capital Region
                          Vasra, Diliman
                                                               Atty. Bernard
Readyman,                102 15th Ave.,                                                                  Contractor          NCR-QCFO-2699-              National
                                               Quezon City     Philip C.         President    912-8657                                      10/27/2010
Incorporated             Cubao                                                                           Services               1010-179               Capital Region
                       # 54 M.H. del Pilar
Roberfran Auto Shop                                            Jose Ronilo C.                            Auto Repair         NCR-QCFO-6099-              National
                       St., San Francisco del Quezon City                       Proprietor    412-0918                                      10/28/2010
and Transport Services                                         Bataclan                                  Shop                  1010-1080               Capital Region
                       Unit F Yupangco
Greatstar Security                            Mandaluyong      Lailanie           Admin.                                     NCR-PFO-7492-                  National
                       Bldg., Florida St.                                                     725-6835   Secuirty Services                   11/3/2010
Services Inc.                                 City             Acuino             Officer                                     110310-165                  Capital Region
                       Brgy. Wack-Wack
Golden Creative Multi- No. 12 F. Pasco Ave.                    Salvacion        Chairman of              Manpower            NCR-PFO-9199-                  National
                                            Pasig                                             239-8014                                       11/8/2010
Purpose Cooperative    Santolan                                Medes             the Board               Services             110910-167                  Capital Region

Platinum Creation Multi- No. 12 F. Pasco Ave.,                 Annaliza D.                               Manpower            NCR-PFO-9199-                  National
                                               Pasig City                        Chairman     239-8012                                       11/8/2010
Purpose Cooperative      Santolan                              Guerrero                                  Services             110910-168                  Capital Region
                         14F Robinsons
                         Cybergate Center      Mandaluyong                         Vice                                      NCR-PFO-7290-                  National
Rainingpesos, Inc.                                             Robert Tan                     477-3930   Intermediary                        11/12/2010
                         Tower I Barangka      City                              President                                    111210-170                  Capital Region
IPM Environmental        Rm. 804, Ortigas                      Isabelita P.                              Waste               NCR-PFO-9001-                  National
                                              Pasig City                         President    633-4372                                       11/15/2010
Services, Inc.           Ave., Ortigas Center                  Moreno                                    Management           111510-172                  Capital Region
                          1110 AIC Burgundy
Career Management         Empire Tower Tower                     Maribeth G.                               Service            NCR-PFO-9199-                   National
                                             Pasig City                            Director     916-0166                                       11/17/2010
Cooperative               ADB Ave. Ortigas                       Abuan                                     Contractor          111710-173                   Capital Region
                          16th Floor Two
                                                                 Jose Feliciano     Gen.                                       NCR-MUNTA-                     National
Rapp Spark, Inc.          World Square,         Taguig City                                     856-7888   Gen. Advertising                    11/3/2010
                                                                 A. Dytuco         Manager                                    74309-1110-115                Capital Region
                          Mckinley Hill
                          Blk. 142 Lot 25, Zone
                                                                 Maryjean           Gen.                                       NCR-MUNTA-                     National
MJ. O Security Agency     2 San Diego St.,      Taguig City                                     846-4861   Security Agency                     11/4/2010
                                                                 Oliveros          Manager                                    74920-1110-116                Capital Region
                          Central Bicutan
                          401 F Westgate
J Santos Waterscapes                                             Joyce M.                                                      NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                          Center, Filinvest     Muntinlupa                         Secretary    846-5038   Construction                        11/4/2010
Inc.                                                             Duran                                                        45100-1110-117                Capital Region
                          Corp. City Alabang
                          #2524 East Service
                                                                 Mylen            Operation                                    NCR-MUNTA-                     National
MSPear Corporation        Road, Saint Martin    Paranaque City                                  381-1655   Trading                             11/10/2010
                                                                 Rebecoy          Manager                                     61901-1110-120                Capital Region
                          de Porres
ICT Security and          Ninoy Aquino
                                                                                   General                                     NCR-MUNTA-                     National
Investigation Agency,     Avenue cor. Pelaez    Paranaque City Arturo Tuazon                    826-8855   Security Agency                     11/10/2010
                                                                                   Manager                                    74920-1110-121                Capital Region
Inc.                      St., San Dionisio
Jagline Security &        Lot 576 Blk. 39 J.
                                                                 Richard          Bus. Dev't.                                  NCR-MUNTA-                     National
Investigation Services,   Elizalde St., BF      Paranaque City                                  556-8212   Security Agency                     11/26/2010
                                                                 Ambuyog           Manager                                    91120-1110-123                Capital Region
Inc.                      Homes
Sun and Earth             310 Midtown Exec.
                                                                 Ricardo R.                                Ready Mix          NCR-MFO-74911-                  National
Development and           Homes, U. N. Ave.,    Manila                             President    521-4475                                     11/8/2010
                                                                 Chua                                      Concrete              1110-063                   Capital Region
Construction, Corp.       Paco
Chemix Janitorial         477 San Diego St.,                     Anselmo            Gen.                   Janitorial         NCR-MFO-90090-                  National
                                                Manila                                          783-8300                                     11/8/2010
Services                  Sampaloc                               Mascarinas        Manager                 Services              1110-064                   Capital Region

Shepherds Service         2/F Cartimar Bldg.,                    Roseller A.      Administrat              Service            NCR-MFO-74911-              National
                                                Manila                                          734-3723                                     11/12/2010
Cooperative               C. M. Recto                            Pilarca             or                    Contractor            1110-065               Capital Region
                          3/F Lemon Square
Altamar Janitorial                                                                Corporate                Janitorial         NCR-QCFO-7493-                  National
                          Bldg., #1199 EDSA     Quezon City      Margie A. Ko                   492-7179                                       11/2/2010
Services, Inc.                                                                    Secretary                Services              1110-181                   Capital Region
                          Brgy. Katipunan
I-Bridge Systems          8 V Cyberone Bldg.,                    Hazel             Finance                 Embedded           NCRQCFO-7330-                   National
                                               Quezon City                                      470-8295                                       11/4/2010
Philippines, Inc.         Eastwood City, Libis                   Mendoza           Manager                 Systems              1110-183                    Capital Region
Aspen Construction &                                                                                       Project
                          37 Aguilar St., San                    Ivy Illescas       VP-                                       NCR-QCFO-4533-                  National
Development                                   Quezon City                                       371-9209   Management                          11/8/2010
                          Francisco Del Monte                    Bugaoan          Operation                                      1110-185                   Capital Region
Corporation                                                                                                design
                         Unit 204, CRM 11
GNF Promotions &                                             Gerardo          Gen.                    Service             NCRQCFO-7493-                  National
                         Bldg., # 116 Kamias   Quezon City                                927-1814                                        11/8/2010
Marketing Services                                           Fernandez       Manager                  Contractor            1110-186                   Capital Region
                         Road., East Kamias
                      Lot 13 Abigail St.,
Taiyo Marine          Hobart I Subd.,                        Arturo          Project                  Gen. Engineering NCR-QCFO-7499-              National
                                               Quezon City                                952-9275                                    11/11/2010
Engineering Service   Regalado Ave.,                         Rodriguez       Manager                  Works               1110-189               Capital Region
                      Fairview Park
                      Unit 301 VS4 Bldg.,
Triune Manpower                                              Alan Ponce S.                            Service             NCR-QCFO-7493-              National
                      543 Boni Serrano         Quezon City                   Manager      709-1540                                       11/18/2010
Services                                                     Oreta                                    Contractor             1110-193               Capital Region
                      Suites A20 & A22
Dabu & Associates Law 3/F, Francesca                         Carmencita                                                   NCR-QCFO-7411-              National
                                               Quezon City                   Manager      415-7541    Law Firm                           11/24/2010
Office                Tower EDSA cor.                        Dabu                                                            1110-196               Capital Region
                      Scout Borromeo
                      2/F Timog Bldg., E.
Deltamike Security,                                          Jonnell P.       Gen.                                        NCR-QCFO-7492-              National
                      Lopez Drive, South       Quezon City                                332-3653    Security Agency                    11/25/2010
Incorporated                                                 Sanggalang      Manager                                         1110-198               Capital Region
                         42-C Magsaysay                      James                                                        CAR-493-122010-              National
ZSJ Transport Service                          Baguio City                   Proprietor               Transportation                      12/20/2010
                         ave., Old Lucban                    Sebastian                                                         114                   Capital Region

                         10 F Sterling Centre,                                                        Debt Purchases        NCR-MPFO-
                                                                              Gen.                                                                       National
Aiqon Unicorp Inc.       131 Dela Rosa St.     Makati City   Rey Lozada                   501-5370    & Collection         82190-11310-   11/3/2010
                                                                             Manager                                                                   Capital Region
                         Legaspi Village                                                              Agency                   154

                         Suite 817 Cattleya                                                                                 NCR-MPFO-
Royal Safety Sense                                           Marnely R.       Gen.                                                                       National
                         Condo, 235 Salcedo Makati City                                   813-3106    Security Services    74920-11310-   11/3/2010
Security Services Inc.                                       Andaya          manager                                                                   Capital Region
                         St., Legaspi Village                                                                                  155
M3J Manpower             4388 Dayap St. Brgy.                Michael Dax      Gen.                    Service                                            National
                                              Makati City                                 840-3094                      72600-11510-      11/5/2010
Services                 Palanan                             Gaiser          Manager                  contractor                                       Capital Region
                      7600 Dao St. cor.,                                                                                 NCR-MPFO-
Kusenerong Pinoy Food                                        Bella T.          Vice                   Canteen and                                        National
                      Kamagong, San            Makati City                                896-42-98                     72600-111010-     11/10/2010
and Catering Services                                        Ramirez         President                Catering Services                                Capital Region
                      Antonio Village                                                                                        158
                          Units 3-4 & 3-5
Silver Star Investigation Sunshine                                                                                         NCR-MPFO-
                                                             Jeremy          Operation                                                                   National
and Security Agency,      condominium 9633 Makati City                                    896-4294    Secuirty Agency     74920-111110-   11/11/2010
                                                             Bautista        Manager                                                                   Capital Region
Inc.                      Kamagong near cor.,                                                                                  159
                          Pasong Tamo St.,

Dela Cruz & Associates G/F Valencia Tower,                                                                                 NCR-MPFO-
                                                             Rose Anne        Gen.                    Management                                         National
Corporate Management 8893 B Sampaloc St., Makati City                                     899-7922                        72600-111110-   11/11/2010
                                                             Batto           Manager                  Services                                         Capital Region
Services Co.           San Antonio Village                                                                                     160
RCVC Resource            3rd Flr. Matute                                                                   Manpower and        NCR-MPFO-
                                                              Candelaria          Gen.                                                                        National
Management and           Bldg., 106 P. Santos   Pasay City                                     854-0545    Janitorial         72600-111910-    11/19/2010
                                                              Vadillo-Bation     Manager                                                                    Capital Region
General Services         St. Malibay                                                                       Services                162
                         7th Flr., F & M Lopez                                                                                 NCR-MPFO-
                                                                                  Admin.                   Logistic/wareho                                    National
GAC Logistic , Inc.      Bldg., 109 C. Palanca Makati City    Ricky Lazo                       892-2713                       72600-111910-    11/19/2010
                                                                                   HEAD                    using                                            Capital Region
                         St., San Lorenzo Vill.                                                                                    163
Prime-Guard Secuirty     1721 Escuela St.,                    Mark Ryan         Asst. Opt'n.                                                                  National
                                                Makati City                                    494-5171    Security Services 74920-112210-     11/22/2010
Agency                   Guadalupe Nueve                      Ferrer             Manager                                                                    Capital Region
                         U-3A 3/F Lee Bldg.,
Fighter Force Security   2718 Ma. Aurora                      Leopoldo San                                                                                    National
                                                Makati City                      President     403-6997    Security Services 74920-112610-     11/26/2010
Services Inc.            cor. E. Zobel Sts.                   Mateo                                                                                         Capital Region
                         21/F Pacific Star                                                                                     NCR-MPFO-
                                                                                  Legal                    Manpower                                           National
Navitas Alliance Corp.   Bldg., Sen. Gil Puyat Makati City    Elvis Uy                         793-5533                       72600-121610-    12/16/2010
                                                                                 Manager                   provider                                         Capital Region
                         cor. Makati ave.                                                                                          168

4M Resources Limited     6356 Camia St., cor.                                                              Janitorial          NCR-MPFO-
& Allied Services,       J. P. Rizal St.,     Makati City     Ronillo Villela    President     729-30-57   /Housekeeping      72600-122210-    12/22/2010
                                                                                                                                                            Capital Region
Corporation              Guadalupe Viejo                                                                   services                170

                         Unit 206, DHI Bldg.,                                                                                  NCR-MPFO-
Advend Creative                                               Catherine                                                                                       National
                         Lapu-lapu Ave.,        Makati City                      Director      854-8925    Business Service   72600-122810-    12/28/2010
Solutions, Inc.                                               Romero                                                                                        Capital Region
                         Magallanes Village                                                                                        172
                         Rm. 11, 2nd F,                                                                                        NCR-MPFO-
Goodpair Manpower                                                               Managing                   Messengerial                                       National
                         Gateway Bldg., Sta.    Pasay City    Carmencita Go                    556-6437                       72600-122910-    12/29/2010
Services Company                                                                 Partner                   Services                                         Capital Region
                         Clara Cartimar                                                                                            173
                         Unit 2B Parc Plaza
                         Bldg., 183 E.                        Francesca                                                       NCR-QCFO-7493-                  National
Berco Trading Co. Inc.                          Quezon City                      Secretary     709-1211    Marketing                           12/8/2010
                         Rodriguez Hr. Ave.,                  Villanueva                                                         1210-201                   Capital Region
                         Unit 3B C & E Bldg.,
Prime People-Multi-      26 Mindanao Ave.                                                                  Manpower           NCR-QCFO-7494-              National
                                                Quezon City   Lilian Manila     Chairperson    379-2877                                      12/10/2010
Purpose Cooperative      Tandang Sora,                                                                     Services             N-1210-202              Capital Region

Top Priority Multi-      Unit 3, 3/F VYC
                                                                                   Vice                    Janitorial         NCRQCFO-7493-                   National
Resources Specialists    Condominium, 26 E. Quezon City       Jose A. Cabajar                  559-2262                                        12/8/2010
                                                                                 President                 Services             1210-203                    Capital Region
Corp.                    Rodriguez Sr. Ave,

Good Hand Security       147 Ilocos Sur St.                   Marco                                                           NCRQCFO-5260-                   National
                                                Quezon City                       Owner        455-6254    Trading                             12/13/2010
Products                 Bago Bantay                          Mondejar                                                          1210-204                    Capital Region
                          8 Mcdivitt Ext'n.,
                                                             Malyn L.                                   Janitorial          NCR-QCFO-7493-              National
Gem Cleaning Services     Dona Faustina        Quezon City                   Secretary     455-4278                                        12/20/2010
                                                             Roman                                      Services               1210-208               Capital Region
                          Village I, Culiat
Crown Equipment           9-C Matulungin St.,                                                                               NCR-QCFO-5150-              National
                                              Quezon City    Pedro Aguilar   Manager       986-6256     Logistic provider                  12/20/2010
Singapore Pte. Ltd.       Brgy. Central                                                                                        1210-209               Capital Region

                        9 King Cristopher St.,
                                                             Virginia                                                       NCR-QCFO-6094-              National
Four by Four Rent a Car Kingspoint Subd.,      Quezon City                   Manager       408-0753     Car Rental                         12/22/2010
                                                             Marquez                                                           1210-210               Capital Region
                        Bagbag, Novaliches
                      Suite 1104, 11/F,
JP Manpower Services  State Centre Bldg.,                    Marivic                                    Manpower            NCR-MFO-90090-                National
                                               Manila                        Secretary     309-4331                                        12/3/2010
Inc.                  333 J. Luna St.                        Quinagoran                                 Services               1210-067                 Capital Region
                      Rm. 201-C.E.T.
Cyborg Leasing        Yuchengco Bldg.,                       Antonio                                    Tug boats barge NCR-MFO-61102-                    National
                                               Manila                        President     242-2701                                    12/6/2010
Corporation           484 Q. Paredes St.,                    Difuntorum                                 imports mgt.       1210-068                     Capital Region
                      Rm. 504 CNC
Kin Manpower Services Investment Bldg.,                                      Operation       242-    Manpower               NCR-MFO-74911-                National
                                               Manila        Archie T. Lim                                                                 12/8/2010
Corp.                 231 J. Luna St.,                                         Head       1756/57/63 Services                  1210-070                 Capital Region
                      Rm. 315, BPI
Safeway Custom        Condominium Bldg.,                     William          Gen.                      Custom              NCR-MFO-71920-                National
                                               Manila                                      242-2701                                        12/9/2010
Brokerage, Inc.       150 Plaza Cervantes,                   Godino          manager                    Brokerage              1210-072                 Capital Region
                        918 G. URC
                        Compound,                            Djan Bioza        Vice                     Gen.                NCR-MFO-45100-              National
Suzallacon Inc.                               Manila                                      02-731-7051                                      12/10/2010
                        Blumentrit St.,                      Suzara          President                  Construction           1210-073               Capital Region
                        Rm. 407, United
Sunrise Security
                        Condo, Taft Ave.,                    Rodolfo D.      Operation                                      NCR-MFO-74920-                National
Investigation & General                       Manila                                       522-9420     Security Agency                      1/5/2011
                        cor., Gen. Malvar St.                Cuenco           Director                                         0111-001                 Capital Region
Services, Inc.
                          727 Laguna Ext.,                   Elizabeth M.    General                                        NCR-MFO-45100-                National
R & E Espiritu Builders                        Manila                                      255-1432     Gen. Contractor                    1/14/2011
                          Gagalangin, Tondo                  Espiritu        Manager                                           0111-003                 Capital Region

Evercon Builders &        Unit 3A, 644 Rajah                                 Project                                        NCR-MFO-45100-                National
                                             Manila          Malcolm Ong                   733-5287     Gen. Contractor                    1/18/2011
Equipment Corp.           Matanda St., Tondo                                 Manager                                           0111-004                 Capital Region

                          907 Sabino Padilla                 Nelvie                                     Manpower            NCR-MFO-74911-                National
MSI Manpower Services                          Manila                        Gen. Clerk    244-99-14                                       1/20/2011
                          St., Binondo                       Domingo                                    Services               0111-006                 Capital Region
                      3/F, Velco Centre
Kabraso Multi-Purpose cor. Oca Roberto &                     Arturo Ragay,     Gen.                     Multi-Purpose       NCR-MFO-74911-                 National
                                            Manila                                          528-1015                                       1/27/2011
Cooperative           A. Delgado St., South                  Jr.              manager                   Cooperative            0111-007                  Capital Region
MBRamirez               117-C Magdalena                      Marilou                                                        NCR-CFO-45100-                 National
                                             Callocan City                    Manager      09226046411 Construction                          1/3/2011
Construction            St., Sta. Quiteria                   Ramirez                                                          010311-001                 Capital Region

D.M. Hernandez          176 A Westbank                       Donato M.                                  Service             NCR-PFO-4533-                  National
                                             Pasig City                       Manager       640-5426                                         6/16/2011
Engineering             Road, Rosario                        Hernandez                                  Contractor           061611-153                  Capital Region
                        8467 Nassons Bldg.,
Cathay Energy Services, Km. 14 West Service                                                                                  NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                        Rd., South           Paranaque City Celeste Elefan    President     821-5876    Services/Trading                     1/5/2011
Corp.                                                                                                                       91120-0111-001               Capital Region
                        Blk. 19 lot 16 Rosal
                                                             Chona M. De                                Trading of           NCR-MUNTA-                    National
Meeps Trading           St., Dona Rosario    Muntinlupa City                  Proprietor    838-2448                                         1/24/2011
                                                             Robles                                     Elect'l. Supply     61901-0111-002               Capital Region
                        Bayview Subd. Sucat

                        Veronica de Leon St.
Air Power International                                                                                 Freight              NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                        cor. Delbros Ave.,   Paranaque City Ernesto Ng        President     852-4366                                         1/26/2011
Express (Phils.) Inc.                                                                                   Forwarding          60139-0111-003               Capital Region
                        Bo. Ibayo Sto Nino

                        # 99 Taal Street,                    Carlo G.                                                        NCR-MUNTA-                    National
Up-Tech Builders                             Taguig City                       Owner        517-8025    Construction                         1/28/2011
                        Western Bicutan                      Romero                                                         45100-0111-006               Capital Region

Vican Security Services 142-C Victoria Bldg.,                Aida F.          Finance                                       NCRQCFO-7492-                  National
                                              Quezon City                                   929-2895    Security Services                    1/4/2011
Corp.                   Mindanao Ave.,                       Alcantara        Manager                                         0111-211                   Capital Region
                     22A V. Luna Rd. cor.                    Anthony
A.G.O. Creative &                                                                                                           NCRQCFO-2222-                  National
                     Mapangakit,          Quezon City        Gilbert A,       President     928-99-19   Design Services                      1/12/2011
Design Group Inc.                                                                                                             0111-002                   Capital Region
                     Pinyahan                                Ocampo
                     2215 Villa Madrid
                     St., San Benissa                                                                   Geodetic &
H.O. Noveloso                                                Hipolito          Gen.                                         NCRQCFO-7421-                  National
                     Garden, Quirino      Quezon City                                       492-9769    Engineering                          1/18/2011
Surveying                                                    Noveloso         Manager                                         0111-003                   Capital Region
                     Highway, Talipapa,                                                                 Services
Brandworks Marketing 31 Manansala St.                        Brian Alandy-                                                  NCRQCFO-7414-                  National
                                          Quezon City                         President     633-0653    Consultancy                          1/21/2011
Consulting           Ugong Norte                             Dy                                                               0111-004                   Capital Region

                        19 Rev Garcia St.,                                                                                  NCRQCFO-4533-                  National
Belvin Builders                              Quezon City     Alvin Tablante   Proprietor    454-8037    Construction                         1/26/2011
                        Proj. 4,                                                                                              0111-005                   Capital Region
                      1189 Quirino                                  Richard K.      Admin.                                       NCRQCFO-4533-                  National
Construction/Equipmen                     Quezon City                                            417-5084    Construction                         1/26/2011
                      Highway, Novaliches                           Barnmeyo        Manager                                        0111-006                   Capital Region
t Inc.
Winace Security Agency 46-A Dona Enriqueta                                                                                       NCRQCFO-7492-                  National
                                           Quezon City              Lazaro Lim      President    794-1547    Security Services                    1/27/2011
Inc.                   Bldg. Kamias Road,                                                                                          0111-007                   Capital Region
                           B3 L7 Royalle
Astran Marketing &         Parthenon Square,                        Maria Ana A.      Gen.                                       NCRQCFO-4533-                  National
                                                 Quezon City                                     984-6840    Gen. Contractor                      1/27/2011
Gen. Contractor, Inc.      685 Tandang Sora                         Cabriga          manager                                       0111-008                   Capital Region
Manpower for               1571 E. Rodriguez
                                                                                                                                 NCRQCFO-7493-                  National
Advertising Services       Ave., cor. J. Jimenez Quezon City        Nila Songco     VP-Finance   413-6368    Advertising                          1/31/2011
                                                                                                                                   0111-009                   Capital Region
Agency Inc.                St., Cubao
Safe-T-Con Pest Control-
                         #839 D. Santiago St.,                 Juan Carlos                                                       NCR-CFO-7493-                  National
Safety Environmental                           Valenzuela City                      Proprietor   440-0606    Pest Control                         7/20/2010
                         Coloong 1,                            delos Reyes                                                         0710-027                   Capital Region

                           105 Narra Street                         Desirie S.       Gen.                                        NCR-CFO-74920-                 National
Wachu Security Agency                             Malabon City                                   352-0920    Secuirty Service                     8/18/2010
                           Santolan                                 Ignacio         Manager                                         0810-033                  Capital Region

JMGA Human                 Rm. 2-D 425 AGT                          Fermin P.        Gen.                    Manpower            NCR-CFO-91110-                 National
                                                  Valenzuela City                                432-6038                                         9/8/2010
Resources                  Bldg. Paso de Blas                       Agohayon, Jr.   Manager                  Services               0910-034                  Capital Region

                           # 50 Basilio St.,                        Ruperto dela                             Advetising          NCR-CFO-85201-                 National
Jopers Enterprises, Inc.                          Malabon City                      Manager      288-4704                                         9/13/2010
                           Acacia                                   Cruz                                     Contractor             0910-035                  Capital Region
                           22-B Maysan Road,
Marbida Masonry                                                     Sarlito                                  Manpower            NCR-CFO-61405-                 National
                           Llenado Compd.,        Valenzuela City                   Foreman                                                       9/21/2010
Services                                                            Marbida                                  services               0910-036                  Capital Region
                           (Sort MPC) 2nd Flr.,
Sharing our Resources
                           PCDC Hermanos                            Ligaya S.                    0922-802-   Service             NCR-CFO-66983-                 National
& Talents Multi-                                  Valenzuela City                   Manager                                                       9/21/2010
                           Bldg., McArthur Hi-                      Montes                         1511      Contractor             0910-037                  Capital Region
Purpose Cooperative
                           way, Malanday

                           174 McArthur Hi-                                          Gen.                                        NCR-CFO-45100-                 National
J. Simeon Construction                            Valenzuela City Jessie Simeon                  292-3594    Construction                         9/30/2010
                           way, Marulas                                             Manager                                         0910-039                  Capital Region

A. G. Paragas Trucking     # 033 T. Santiago                        Arnulfo G.                                                   NCR-CFO-63191-                 National
                                                  Valenzuela City                   Manager                  Trucking Services                    10/1/2010
Services                   Road, Lingunan                           Paragas                                                         0910-040                  Capital Region

                           2nd Flr., Capri Bldg.,
Esteller Manpower                                                                    Gen.                    Manpower            NCR-CFO-74911-                 National
                           Km. 14 McArthur        Valenzuela City Shirley Sabas                  351-7256                                         10/5/2010
Services                                                                            Manager                  Services               1004-041                  Capital Region
                           Highway, Malinta
                        2nd Flr., 201 PCDC
PPBB Manpower           Hermanos Bldg.,                                                                    Manpower          NCR-CFO-74911-                 National
                                                 Valenzuela City Franklin Bering Proprietor 02-291-2312                                       11/8/2010
Services                McArthur Hi-way,                                                                   Services            110810-046                 Capital Region
                        B 88 L 10 Zapote
Total Innove Konstruct, Drive, Maligaya                            Tetchie P.                                                NCR-CFO-45100-                 National
                                                 Caloocan City                    Secretary     497-1297   Construction                       11/9/2010
Inc.                    Subd., Sampaguita                          Lapid                                                       11910-047                  Capital Region
                        St., Camarin
                        Lot 2, Blk. 21, Ph. 2,
                                                                   Rogelio                                 Repair Services   NCR-CFO-88171-              National
RLMJ Marketing          Area 1A/B Lapu-lapu      Navotas City                     Manager       851-0971                                    11/11/2010
                                                                   Rosales                                 of Shipping         111110-048              Capital Region
AM Tumolva              Blk. 35, Lot 3-11,
                                                                   Antonio M.      Gen.                                      NCR-CFO-45100-              National
Construction and        Mulawin St. Amparo       Caloocan City                                  492-5642   Construction                     11/15/2010
                                                                   Tumolva        manager                                      111510-049              Capital Region
Development Corp.       Subd.
3 Forces Manpower        Unit 17 CYT Bldg.,                        Monica R.      Officer-in-              Service           NCR-CFO-74911-              National
                                                 Valenzuela City                                984-3963                                    11/30/2010
Agency                   180 Paso de Blas                          Ching           Charge                  Contractor          113010-051              Capital Region
                       Blueridge St.,
                                                                   Miriam San                              Wholesale and     NCR-CFO-50500-              National
Amroteq Solutions Inc. Parkview Heights,         Caloocan City                    President     936-3930                                    11/23/2010
                                                                   Diego                                   Retail              112310-051              Capital Region
                       U 25 Grace Park
Neat Engagements                                                   Maria Ninya                             Janitorial and    NCR-CFO-91110-              National
                       Comm'l. Bldg., 4th        Caloocan City                    Secretary     740-8514                                    11/24/2010
Company Inc.                                                       Castillo-Gan                            Gen Services        112410-052              Capital Region
                       Ave., West
TJP Construction         B-27 Ph 2 Recomville                      Tomas Tobias                                              NCR-CFO-45100-              National
                                              Caloocan City                        Owner                   construction                     11/24/2010
Services                 2, BAGUMBONG                              Padua                                                       111710-053              Capital Region

New World Food           # 936 End of Llano                                                                                  NCR-CFO-97890-              National
                                                 Caloocan City     Annezy Cacho   Consultant    983-9191   Mfg.                             12/21/2010
Corporation of the Phil. Road Brgy. Bignay                                                                                     122110-053              Capital Region

Pyton Security Agency,                                                             Gen.                                      NCR-CFO-74920-              National
                       32-C Arellano St.,        Malabon City      Joan Sevilla                 288-3401   Security Agency                  12/28/2010
Inc.                                                                              Manager                                      122810-054              Capital Region
                         4F PIA Center, 65
Filipinas Teknika                                                                  Gen.                                      NCR-PFO-6311-                  National
                         East Capitol Drive      Pasig City        Archie Rojas                 792-0152   Trading                            6/16/2011
Solutions Corporation                                                             Manager                                     061611-152                  Capital Region
                                                 Mandaluyong       Cristina                                                  NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
Construction &           7 Pulog St.,                                             HR-Head       533-0198   Construction                       6/16/2011
                                                 City              Lobrigo                                                    061611-151                  Capital Region
Management, Inc.
Momtaza Strategic        2868 Lamayan St.,                         Maria Roche     Admin.                                   NCR-MFO-73300-                  National
                                                 Manila                                         659-3600   consulting,outso                2/25/2011
Resources, Inc.          Sta. Ana                                  V. Marilla      Officer                                     0211-011                   Capital Region
                         Suite 708 Cattleya
Guard All Electronic     Condominium 235                                           Gen.                    Trading and                                      National
                                                 Makati City       Derek Ramsay                 818-7456                      72600-11711-    1/17/2011
Security Systems, Inc.   Salcedo St. San                                          manager                  Services                                       Capital Region
                         Lorenzo Village
                          Magdalo Compd.,
Edun Security Agency,     Km. 12, Merville                                       Operation                                                                  National
                                                 Pasay City      Domingo Co                   659-7846   Security Services    74920-12111-    1/21/2011
Inc.                      Access Road,                                           Manager                                                                  Capital Region
                          Balagbag Brgy. 201
                       6th F, Trafalgar
                                                                                                         Information &         NCR-MPFO-
Trends & Technologies, Plaza, 105 H.V. Dela                                                                                                                 National
                                            Makati City          Dessa A. Nola HR Manager     811-8181   Communication        72600-12011-    1/20/2011
Inc.                   Costa St., Salcedo                                                                                                                 Capital Region
                                                                                                         Technology               182
                                                                                                         Oil & Gas
EJ Joint Venture Phil.,   7F Corithian Plaza                                        VP                   Engineering                                        National
                                             Makati City         Jay E. Olais                 8911976                         72600-12511-    1/25/2011
Inc.                      121 Paseo de Roxas                                     Operation               Management                                       Capital Region
                          123-F 11th Avenue,                                                                                   NCR-MPFO-
                                                                                  Mrktng.                Telecom/constru                                    National
Clearcom Inc.             East Rembo, Fort       Makati          Beverlet Cruz                944-0050                        72600-12511-    1/25/2011
                                                                                 Executive               ction                                            Capital Region
                          Bonifacio                                                                                               186

Service Deployment        3/F, 59 Capitol Drive,                 Roberto         Operation               Service             NCR-PFO-6099-                  National
                                                 Pasig City                                   747-2222                                        2/3/2011
Corporation               Brgy. Kapitolyo                        Tolentino        Head                   Contractor           020311-015                  Capital Region

                          12 Harvard St.,                        Cindy                                                       NCR-PFO-74999-                 National
Olympus Enterprise                               Marikina City                   Proprietor   369-8613   Gen. Services                        2/4/2011
                          Provident Village                      Urbiztondo                                                    020411-016                 Capital Region
                          Unit 806 Medical                                         Chief
Health Solutions                                                 Constancio M.                           Management &        NCR-PFO-8512-                  National
                          Plaza Ortigas San      Pasig City                      Operating    638-8550                                        2/4/2011
Corporation                                                      de Leon                                 Consultancy          020411-017                  Capital Region
                          Miguel Ave.,                                            Officer
Top Gun Security          706 OMM Bldg., San                     Benjamin         Gen.                                       NCR-PFO-7492-                  National
                                             Pasig City                                       635-9544   Security Agency                      2/4/2011
Agency, Inc.              Miguel Ave.,                           Banta           Manager                                      020411-018                  Capital Region

CDCP Security Agency,     827 JP Rizal St.,                      Teodoto F.        Vice                                      NCR-PFO-7492-                  National
                                                 Marikina City                                475-2163   Security Agency                      2/7/2011
Inc.                      Concepcion I,                          Agati           President                                    020711-019                  Capital Region
                          Unit 5C Anaheim
                          Tower 3, California                    Mischaelle
Perpetual Prompt                                 Mandaluyong                      Gen.                   Manpower            NCR-PFO-7491-                  National
                          Garden Square                          Josanne M.                   719-5469                                        2/10/2011
Corporation                                      City                            Manager                 Services             021011-021                  Capital Region
                          Libertad cor.                          Ruiz
                          Calbayog Sts.

Weltanchaung              192 A. Luna St.,       Mandaluyong     Ma. Imelda D.                                               NCR-PFO-4532-                  National
                                                                                 President    725-8243   construction                         2/10/2011
Corporation               Poblacion              City            Pagdanganan                                                  021011-022                  Capital Region

                     Unit 1114 Cityland
ETT Workforce
                     Shaw Tower St.        Mandaluyong           Elenita          Gen.                   Manpower            NCR-PFO-7290-                  National
Management Services,                                                                          6361297                                         2/10/2011
                     Francis St. cor. Shaw City                  Talucod         Manager                 Services             021011-024                  Capital Region
                         2/F Guevent Bldg.,
G & S Transport                                 Mandaluyong                        Admin.                   Transport           NCR-PFO-6094-                  National
                         #52 Domingo N.                          Arlene Espiritu                718-4064                                         2/10/2011
Corporation                                     City                               Manager                  Service              021011-025                  Capital Region
                         Guevara St.,
A-Maxx Sounds & Lights M. Paterno St.,                           Victorina                                  Manpower            NCR-PFO-7192-                  National
                                                San Juan City                      VP-Finance   727-8717                                         2/11/2011
Media Inc.             Pasadena,                                 Bautista                                   Services             021111-026                  Capital Region

First Mass Transport     99 C. Raymundo                          Ma. Virginia       Gen.                                        NCR-PFO-6091-                  National
                                                Pasig City                                      641-8206    Public Transport                     2/15/2011
Group Inc.               Ave., Caniogan                          Rodriguez         Manager                                       021511-028                  Capital Region
Paramount Electrical   93-0 F. Roman St.,                        Romy Din Uy,       Gen.                                     NCR-PFO-4533-                     National
                                                San Juan City                                   722-1969    nical service                        2/17/2011
Mechanical Corporation Brgy. Balong Bato,                        Sr.               Manager                                    021711-029                     Capital Region
Schatzilein Manpower     Suite 204, 818 Blg., #                  Marlyn G.         Managing                 Manpower            NCR-PFO-7491-                  National
                                                Pasig City                                      671-8895                                         2/18/2011
Services Company         169 Pasig Blvd.                         Andoy              Partner                 services             021811-030                  Capital Region

ECS Const. & Traffic     22 Santiago St.,                        Maricar                                    Gen. Const. and     NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
                                                Pasig City                         Purchaser    571-2717                                         2/22/2011
Supply Enterprises, Inc. Bagong Ilog                             Sambeli                                    Trading              022211-032                  Capital Region

R. G. Simbulan and       107 EDSA, Sierra       Mandaluyong      Marielynne R.                                                  NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
                                                                                    Director    535-1101    Interior Fit-out                     2/24/2011
Partners Corp.           Madre St.,             City             Trinidad                                                        022411-034                  Capital Region

St. Emilion Manpower     700 GCA Bldg., Shaw                                        Gen.                    Manpower            NCR-PFO-7491-                  National
                                             Pasig City          Noel Andoy                     706-5002                                         2/24/2011
Assistance               Blvd.,                                                    Manager                  Services             022411-035                  Capital Region
                      2602 Antel Global
F & A Outsourcing Hub Corporate Center J.                        Archie B.                                  Bus. Process        NCR-PFO-7412-                  National
                                            Pasig City                             President    687-7346                                         2/28/2011
Philippines, Inc.     Vargas Ave. Ortigas                        Patdu                                      Outsourcing          022811-036                  Capital Region
                      Sample Shop Bldg.,
Men in Blue Security  AFP-RSBS Ind'l. Park,                      Sahlee A.                                                       NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                            Taguig City                            Manager      837-6686    Security Services                    2/1/2011
Services, Inc.        Rm. 12, SLEX-East                          Zaldivia Timbol                                                74920-0211-009               Capital Region
                      Svc. Rd. W. Bicutan
                         B9 L32 Opal Street,
Mulawin Security and                                             Eduardo C.         Gen.                                         NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                         Raymonville Subd.      Paranaque City                                  542-44-34   Security Services                    2/3/2011
Investigation Agency                                             Ibanez            Manager                                      74920-0211-011               Capital Region
N-S Manpower Services Unit 811 Civic Prime                                           Vice                   Janitorial           NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                              Muntinlupa City Marilou Ochiai                    703-8330                                         2/4/2011
Corp.                 Civic Drive, Filinvest,                                      President                Services            72600-0211-012               Capital Region
Mega I-N-T-E-L
                         Unit 201 Fabricare                      Patricia A.                                Manpower             NCR-MUNTA-                    National
Manpower                                        Las Pinas City                     President    659-1176                                         2/4/2011
                         Bldg., Almanza                          Buenaventura                               Services            91120-0211-013               Capital Region
Management Inc.
                        B5-I LI-B, Jade
CJA Electrical          Avenue, Jade                               Joel               Gen.                                       NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                            Muntinlupa City                                      519-8005   Construction                         2/7/2011
Contractors Co.         Heights, Victoria                          Almandres         Manager                                    45330-0211-014               Capital Region
                        Homes, Tunasan
                        Unit No. 5, 888
Diagem Packaging        Pacific Resources                          Ma. Victoria B.                          Toll Packing and  NCR-MUNTA-                       National
                                            Las Pinas City                           Treasurer   805-8569                                        2/10/2011
System, Inc.            Warehouse Compd.                           Dona                                     Packaging        74950-0211-015                  Capital Region
                        Marcos Alvarez Road

                        G/F Amber Place No.
Ecoline Systems                                                                      Admin.                 Manpower             NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                        19 Bayani Road, Fort Taguig City           Rosalina C. Kit               856-3839                                        2/10/2011
Corporation                                                                          Manager                Services            51600-0211-016               Capital Region
Cooperative of Former
                      # 17 Cordova St.,
Employees of                                                       Avelino S.         Gen.                  Multi-purpose        NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                      Intercity Homes,           Muntinlupa City                                 809-0749                                        2/14/2011
Rennolds/AMSPEC(COF                                                Manalang Jr.      Manager                Cooperative         74960-0211-017               Capital Region
Tyler Force Security    #451 Alabang Zapote                        Ma. Jeannelita                                                NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                            Las Pinas City                        Admin Head     800-5519   Secuirty Services                    2/15/2011
Agency, Inc.            Road, Almanza I,                           V. Marquez                                                   74920-0211-018               Capital Region

Transorient Manpower 8353 A Dr. Santos                             Ma. Theresa                              Manpower             NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                                 Paranaque City                                  403-9742                                        2/17/2011
Services, Inc.       Ave.,                                         Mijares                                  Services            74911-0211-021               Capital Region

                        Olivarez Plaza Brgy.,
Moonsun General                                           Guido S.                    Gen.                                       NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                        San Dionisio, NAIA Paranaque City                                        829-6198   Construction                         2/18/2011
Contractor                                                Cuerda                     manager                                    45100-0211-022               Capital Region

Inter-Island Lift       19-C Filipinas Ave.                        Manuel E.                                Hauling/Transpo NCR-MUNTA-                         National
                                                 Paranaque City                      President   385-9813                                        2/22/2011
Exchange Corp.          UPS 5, Sucat                               Saoit                                    rt              60112-0211-025                   Capital Region

RDI Reliable            # 158 J. Elizalde St.,                     Dennis de                                Bank                 NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                                 Paranaque                           President   872-6945                                        2/22/2011
Documentation Inc.      BF Homes                                   Castro                                   Documentation       91120-0211-026               Capital Region
                         Blk. 58 Lot 19 Diego
Golden Fort Security &
                         Silang Rd., PHS IV                        Everson U.         Gen.                  Security Service     NCR-MUNTA-                    National
Investigation Providers,                      Taguig                                             745-0311                                        2/23/2011
                         AFPOVAL, Fort                             Costales          Manager                Provider            74920-0211-028               Capital Region
Margot Test Integration # 14 Ilang Street                          Frederick          Gen.                  Trading &            NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                                 Taguig                                          710-2032                                        2/28/2011
Services                Ususan                                     Festin            Manager                Services            40100-0211-030               Capital Region
                       Unit 10 Capri Access
                                                            Alfredo D.               Finance                                     NCR-MUNTA-                    National
Delta Rent-A-Car Corp. Rd., Km 21 West      Muntinlupa City                                      403-9273   Rental Services                      2/28/2011
                                                            Trivino                  Manager                                    60940-0211-031               Capital Region
                       Service Rd.,
                            17 North Diversion                                                                                       NCR-QCFO-                     National
Marksmann Inc.                                     Quezon City       Jenny Hallig      Secretary   362-4856    Gen. Services                        10/19/2009
                            Rd. Balintawak                                                                                          7499109-044                  Capital Region

Global Asia                 No. 147 Matatag St.,
                                                                                                                                   NCRQCFO-4520-                   National
Maintenance & Allied        Brgy. Central,       Quezon City                                                                                        12/3/2009
                                                                                                                                     1209-068                    Capital Region
Eng'g. Services Co.         Diliman

Prestige Advance            # 20A Malaya St.,                        Wabert V. Lee      Gen.                   Service              NCR-PFO-453-                   National
                                                   Marikina City                                   393-9568                                         6/15/2011
Systems Inc.                Malanday                                 Jr.               Manager                 Contractor            061511-149                  Capital Region

                            No. 11 Tirad Pass                        Sylvia Mari Paz   Admin.                                      NCR-CFO-34230-                  National
Tone Guide Press, Inc.                             Caloocan City                                   364-6072    Printing Services                     2/3/2011
                            Street,                                  B. Caina          Manager                                      02-03-11-006                 Capital Region

Martin Freight              45-1 Crispin St.,                                                                                      NCR-CFO-63191-                  National
                                                   Malabon City      Nestor Martin      Owner      425-4146    Trucking Services                    2/22/2011
Express                     Tinajeros                                                                                                2-22-11-011                 Capital Region

                        # 986 Villa Angelica
J @ N Trucking Services                                              Nelis              Gen.                                       NCR-CFO-63191-                  National
                        Subd., Sitio Gitna         Caloocan City                                   937-1825    Trucking Services                    2/23/2011
Philippines Co.                                                      Santillana        Manager                                       2-23-11-012                 Capital Region
                            149 Sta. Monica
Hi-Tronic Import                                                                                                                   NCR-CFO-112310-                 National
                            Compound 1,            Valenzuela City Fontsy Siao         Manager     292-3245    Trading                             2/23/2011
Marketing                                                                                                                            2-23-11-013                 Capital Region
Kinetic Phils. Electrical   126 9th St., Grace                                          Gen.                   electrical          NCR-CFO-50304-                  National
                                                   Caloocan City     Gil Mostoles                  366-21-25                                        2/25/2011
Construction Inc.           Park                                                       manager                 construction          2-25-11-014                 Capital Region

                            4th Flr., Aglipay
Emme Subic Transport                                                 Dodita H.          Gen.                                       NCR-CFO-63191-                  National
                            Bldg., Lot 6, Blk. 19 C- Malabon City                                  287-8700    Trucking Service                     2/25/2011
Corporation                                                          Mukillo           Manager                                       2-25-11-015                 Capital Region
                            4 Road, Brgy. Longos
                            2067 Paseo De                                                                      Trading of
Excel Chemical                                                       Ferdinand V.       Gen.                                       NCR-CFO-112310-                 National
                            Carlos Candido St.,    Valenzuela City                                 983-4326    Industrial                          2/28/2011
Technologies Inc.                                                    Co                manager                                       2-28-11-016                 Capital Region
                            Mapulang Pula                                                                      Chemicals
Hi-Tri Development          91 7-R Bldg., Sgt.                       Manuel R.                                                     NCRQCFO-4533-                   National
                                                   Quezon City                         President   415-3768    construction                          2/1/2011
Corporation                 Catolos St. Cubao                        Bakunawa III                                                    0111-010                    Capital Region
                            3/F AM Bldg., # 28
G-3 Security Specialist                                                                                                            NCRQCFO-7492-                   National
                            Dona Josefa, Quezon Quezon City          Vinson S. Ang     President   741-4075    Security Agency                      2/14/2011
Inc.                                                                                                                                 0211-011                    Capital Region
                            2nd Flr., Argo Bldg.,
Fusion Integrated                                                    Mary Jane           HR-                   manpower            NCRQCFO-7491-                   National
                            574 EDSA cor. P.      Quezon City                                      480-8124                                         2/15/2011
Service Cooperative                                                  Mendoza           Manager                 services              0211-012                    Capital Region
                            Tuazon, Cubao
                         Rm. 301,302, & 309
Job-On-Link Staffing                                           Gemma Demol      Gen.                   manpower            NCRQCFO-7491-                  National
                         UNI Bldg., N. 621   Quezon City                                    497-0512                                        2/15/2011
Services                                                       Salandron       Manager                 services              0211-013                   Capital Region
                         EDSA Cubao
                         Rm. 208 Cabrera
Inter-Services           Bldg., I, 130 Timog                                    Gen.                   manpower            NCRQCFO-9309-                  National
                                             Quezon City       Arnel Hiloma                 407-1612                                        2/16/2011
Cooperative              Ave., Sacred Heart                                    Manager                 services              0211-014                   Capital Region
Career Oriented          Unit 305 TDS Bldg.,                   Cherrylyn       Operation               manpower            NCRQCFO-7491-                  National
                                             Quezon City                                    927-7828                                        2/18/2011
Manpower Services        No. 72 Kamias Road                    Buce            Manager                 services              0211-015                   Capital Region
                         11 Pasacola St.
                                                               Ephraim M.                              Trading and         NCRQCFO-4534-                  National
Truetech Enterprises     Nagkaisang Nayon,       Quezon City                   Proprietor   930-8926                                        2/23/2011
                                                               dela Cruz                               Services              0211-016                   Capital Region
Contact Integrated
Marketing                29 Mindanao Ave.,                                                                                 NCRQCFO-9249-                  National
                                                 Quezon City   Donna Gancia     Director    426-0585   Advertising                          2/23/2011
Communications           Bagong Pag-asa                                                                                      0211-017                   Capital Region
Specialist, Inc.
                        22 Renowned Lane,
Hizon's Restaurant and                                         Marian Astrid   Operations                                  NCRQCFO-5529-                  National
                        Sanville Subd.,   Quezon City                                       925-0107   catering services                    2/23/2011
Catering Services, Inc.                                        A. Esteban       Manager                                      0211-018                   Capital Region
                        Project 6
                         Unit 204 RL Bldg.,
True Value Builders &                                          Emelito
                         Mindanao Ave., Cor.                                                           Janitorial          NCRQCFO-7493-                  National
Development                                   Quezon City      Reymund         President    232-4125                                        2/24/2011
                         Quirino Hi-way                                                                Services              0211-019                   Capital Region
Corporation                                                    Orencia
                         Talipapa, Novaliches
                         G/F 490 G. Araneta
Pan Asia Manpower &                                            Lyra P.                                                     NCRQCFO-7493-                  National
                         Ave., Cor. Kapiligan    Quezon City                   President    413-7929   Gen. Services                        2/24/2011
General Services, Inc.                                         Delgado                                                       0211-020                   Capital Region
                         2nd F, 9629-9631                      Emmanuel
Contact-Asia Services                                                                                  Service               NCR-MPFO-                    National
                         Kamagong St. San        Makati City   Kenneth F.      President    403-6033                                        2/1/2011
Inc.                                                                                                   contractor          72600-2111-188               Capital Region
                         Antonio Village                       Velasco
                         Unit 514 Makati
                         Executive Center,                     Arnel P.                                Property              NCR-MPFO-                    National
FCP Group Phils., Inc.   Leviste St., cor.       Makati City                   President    894-0545                                        2/2/2011
                                                               Santiago                                Management          72600-2211-189               Capital Region
                         Rufino St., Salcedo
                         U 1009 Cityland
                         Herrera Tower, V. A.                  Clara F.                                Collection            NCR-MPFO-                    National
Account Handlers, Inc.                           Makati City                   Manager      812-6517                                        2/7/2011
                         Rufino cor. Valero                    Marquez                                 Agency              72600-2711-190               Capital Region
                         Sts., Salcedo Village
                         UG-2 Cityland
NST Consultancy and      Condominium Calle                    Nanette S.                                                  NCR-MPFO-                      National
                                                Makati City                    Proprietor    845-0726   /janitorial                        2/9/2011
Manpower Services        Estacion St. Pio del                 Tuazon                                                    72600-2911-191                 Capital Region
                         Pilar Pasong Tamo
BCPS Strategic           2823 Borneo St.                      Gerardo                                   manpower                                         National
                                                Makati City                     President    884-1664                     72600-21011-     2/10/2011
Resources, Inc.          Brgy. San Isidro                     Camacho                                   services                                       Capital Region
Microsphere System                                            Ramon de                                  manpower                                         National
                         49 Acasia St., Cembo Makati City                        Owner       517-3939                     72600-21011-     2/10/2011
Technology                                                    Guzman, Jr.                               services                                       Capital Region
HG-III Construction &                                                                                                      NCR-MPFO-
                         3368 Harvard St.,                    Elmer                                                                                      National
Development                                     Makati City                     President    882-0252   construction      45100-21411-     2/14/2011
                         Pinagkaisahan                        Ceguerra                                                                                 Capital Region
Corporation                                                                                                                   198
                       14/F The Peak                                                                                       NCR-MPFO-
                                                              Roberto Dizon,                            Bus. Process                                     National
Admerex Solutions Inc. Tower, 107 Leviste       Makati City                     Director     397-6909                     72600-21411-     2/14/2011
                                                              Jr.                                       outsource                                      Capital Region
                       St., Salcedo Village                                                                                   199
Joseph Server &          1869 P. Domingo St.                  Joseph Senver,                            Management                                       National
                                             Makati City                        President    726-3103                     74140-22311-     2/23/2011
Associates, Inc.         Kasilawan                            Jr.                                       consultancy                                    Capital Region
                         101 Zodiac St. Palm                                                                               NCR-MPFO-
Imaginet International                                                          Finance                 Information                                      National
                         Village, Guadalupe     Makati City   Arlene Camara                  895-9755                     72600-22811-     2/28/2011
Inc.                                                                           Controller               Technology                                     Capital Region
                         Viejo                                                                                                208
San Isidro de Pasig      402 Mahagony St.,
                                                              Mariniano          Gen.                                    NCR-PFO-9199-                   National
Multi-Purpose            St. Agapito Subd.      Pasig City                                   703-4081   Cooperative                        1/3/2011
                                                              Pelayo            manager                                   010311-001                   Capital Region
Cooperative              Santolan
                         15-21 Flr. Sun Plaza
Chiyoda Philippines      Bldg., 1507 Shaw       Mandaluyong                    Administrat              Engineering      NCR-PFO-7421-                   National
                                                              Luna Grasparil                 571-7580                                      1/3/2011
Corporation              Blvd. cor. Princeton   City                              or                    Service           010311-002                   Capital Region
Quantum Materials
                         Unit G4 # 93 Apo St., Mandaluyong    German             Gen.                   Construction      NCR-PFO-74220-                 National
Testing and Inspection                                                                       477-6746                                      1/4/2011
                         Barangka Ilaya        City           Adefuin           Manager                 materials testing   010411-003                 Capital Region
Laboratory Corp.

                         Unit 401 Lancaster     Mandaluyong   Andrea Marie       Gen.                                    NCR-PFO-4520-                   National
Whiteport, Inc.                                                                              534-2178   construction                       1/5/2011
                         Suites, Shaw Blvd.     City          P. Tamayo         Manager                                   010511-004                   Capital Region

                      # 44 Narra cor. Yakal
Direct Electrix                                                                  Gen.                   Electrical      NCR-PFO-51433-                   National
                      St., Cristina Subd.   Marikina City     Daniel Escudo                  998-8016                                      1/10/2011
Equipment Corporation                                                           Manager                 Services          011011-006                   Capital Region
                      Conception Uno
                         Units 607-613 6th
Value Care Health        Flr. East Tower, PSEC                Armando            SVP-                   Health           NCR-PFO-8512-                   National
                                               Pasig City                                    702-3388                                      1/11/2011
System, Inc.             Exchange Road,                       Macalino         Operation                Maintenance       011111-007                   Capital Region
                          U-503 Amberland                                                               Telecomms
Intelligent Solutions                                         Lamberta          VP Admin.                                  NCR-PFO-52890-                 National
                          Plaza Condominium Pasig City                                       470-2427   Products &                          1/12/2011
Phils., Inc.                                                  Delfin            & Finance                                    011211-008                 Capital Region
                          Ortigas Center                                                                Services

                          A1 700 M. Lerma St., Mandaluyong                                                                 NCR-PFO-7491-                  National
Worklink Services, Inc.                                       Dexter A. Silva   President    533-3888   Logistics                           1/20/2011
                          Brgy. Zaniga         City                                                                         012011-010                  Capital Region

Flowtork Technologies     Unit 1, 2/F Cipra     Mandaluyong   Louie A.                                  Trading/Buying     NCR-PFO-5180-                  National
                                                                                President    532-4058                                       1/26/2011
Corporation               Bldg., 641 Boni Ave   City          Cansino                                   & sell              012611-011                  Capital Region
                        U-1108 Mega Plaza
Bergman International
                        Bldg., ADB Ave. cor.                  Sheila C.          Safety                 Trading &          NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
Marketing and                                   Pasig City                                   914-0591                                       1/26/2011
                        Garnet Road, San                      Gumiran            Officer                Construction        012611-012                  Capital Region
Development Corp.
                        11th & 12th Flrs.,
                        Tower I, Rockwell                     Armandao           Finance                Mgt. Consulting    NCR-PFO-7414-                  National
Indra Philippines, Inc.                         Pasig City                                   620-3888                                       1/27/2011
                        Business Center                       Magpantay           Head                  Services            012711-013                  Capital Region
                        Ortigas Ave.
                        Unit 104 10th The
Nishin Metal                                    Mandaluyong                                                                NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
                        Columbia Tower                        Ruth V. Coria     VP-Admin.    727-6620   Construction                        3/1/2011
Corporation                                     City                                                                        030111-038                  Capital Region
                        Ortigas Ave.
ECS Road & Traffic        22 Santiago St.,                    Flordeliza N.     Accounting                                 NCR-PFO-7499-                  National
                                                Pasig City                                   571-9113   Supplier/Trading                    3/1/2011
Supply Enterprises        Bagong Ilog                         Sambeli            Manager                                    030111-039                  Capital Region
                     33 London St.,
Camel Plumbing Works Ciudad Grande                            Marissa D.                                                   NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
                                                Pasig City                       Manager     655-3702   construction                        3/1/2011
Specialist           Executive Village                        Campita                                                       030111-041                  Capital Region
                     2/F SSI Bldg., E.
Grandway Konstruct,                                           Stella Marie I.                                              NCR-PFO-4549-                  National
                     Rodriguez Jr. Ave.         Pasig City                      HR Officer   638-4041   Gen. contractor                     3/3/2011
Inc.                                                          Habana                                                        030311-044                  Capital Region
                     Cor. Ortigas Ext.
                     LG 24 Cityland                           Raymundo
Telexcellence                                   Mandaluyong                                                                NCR-PFO-6613-                  National
                     Condo. 128 Highway                       Anthony A.         Manager     747-9355   other services                      3/3/2011
Marketing Solutions                             City                                                                        030311-045                  Capital Region
                     Hills                                    Abas
                          1109 City & Land
                          Mega Plaza, ADB
World-Tech Marketing                                          Reynaldo C.         Gen.                  Trading and        NCR-PFO-5150-                  National
                          Ave. cor. Garnet     Pasig City                                    914-4254                                       3/4/2011
Corporation                                                   Andres             manager                Services            030411-046                  Capital Region
                          Road, Ortigas Center
                          Brgy. San Antonio
Marian M. Clarke          2/F Bldg., 1 EDSA
                                                Mandaluyong   Marian M.           Gen.                  Marketing          NCR-PFO-7413-                  National
Marketing Services        Arcade, EDSA cor.                                                  532-3493                                       3/4/2011
                                                City          Clarke             manager                Research            030411-047                  Capital Region
(MMC) Inc.                Libertad
                                                                 Charles Garry
Pacific-Rim Harvester,   # 69 C. Raymundo                                                                                    NCR-PFO-5211-                 National
                                                 Pasig City      Keith E.         Treasurer               Wholesale/Retail                   3/4/2011
Inc.                     Ave. Caniogan                                                                                        030411-049                 Capital Region
Ako Ikaw May-ari ng      No. 65 C-5 Road,                        Romeo M.                                 Service            NCR-PFO-9199-                 National
                                                 Pasig City                      Chairperson   671-7534                                      3/4/2011
Kooperatiba              Bagong Ilog                             Naga                                     Cooperative         030411-050                 Capital Region

Asian Capital Grains     No. 69 C. Raymundo                                                                                  NCR-PFO-5121-                 National
                                            Pasig City           Vj O. Suanico   Proprietor    637-7096   Wholesale,Retail                   3/7/2011
Enterprise               St., Caniogan                                                                                        030711-051                 Capital Region

C-E Construction                                 Mandaluyong                       Gen.                   Engineering        NCR-PFO-4520-                 National
                         217 Romualdez St.,                      Johnny Tan                    534-6177                                      3/7/2011
Corporation                                      City                             Manager                 contractor          030711-052                 Capital Region

                         Rm. 205 Ad Square
K-Barr Unified                                                                     Admin.                                    NCR-PFO-4549-                 National
                         Center, A. Rodriguez Pasig City         Edna Dulatre                  682-9687   construction                       3/7/2011
Structural Corp.                                                                   Payroll                                    030711-053                 Capital Region

                         98 Sierra Madre St., Mandaluyong                          Gen.                   Manpower           NCR-PFO-453-                  National
Aime Comfort Cooling                                             Florante Alba                 718-7606                                      3/8/2011
                         Highway Hills        City                                manager                 Services            030811-054                 Capital Region

                      D9-406 E. Hermosa
RDG System Technology                                            Razelle de        Admin.                 Service            NCR-PFO-4533-                 National
                      St., Greenville Subd., Pateros                                           642-7347                                      3/10/2011
Corporation                                                      Guzman            Officer                Contractor          031011-056                 Capital Region
                      San Roque,

                         U 1131 Mega Plaza
Flux Weber Electric      Bldg., ADB Ave. Cor.                    Bernabe C.        VP-                    Electrical         NCR-PFO-4533-                 National
                                              Pasig City                                       687-1817                                      3/10/2011
Corporation              Garnet Road, Ortigas                    Oliver          Operation                Contractor          031011-057                 Capital Region

Petal Promotions &                               Mandaluyong     Teofila           Gen.                   manpower           NCR-PFO-7491-                 National
                     283 Shaw Blvd.                                                            534-3949                                      3/10/2011
Merchandising Agency                             City            Begonia          Manager                 services            031011-058                 Capital Region
                        Mega RMG3 Bldg.,
SMR-Select Manpower                         Mandaluyong          Djhoanna P.                              manpower           NCR-PFO-7491-                 National
                        667 Sgt. Bumatay                                          President    473-0329                                      3/11/2011
Resources Corp.                             City                 Garcia                                   services            031111-059                 Capital Region
                        Rm. 202 FORC Bldg.,
                        N. Domingo cor., F.                      Cheila May O.                            Engineering        NCR-PFO-4520-                 National
Eagle Rock Construction                     San Juan City                        Proprietor    975-1089                                      3/14/2011
                        Roman Sts. Brgy.                         Pepino                                   construction        031411-061                 Capital Region
                        Batong Bato
                         # 120 E. Rodriguez
Unison Computer                                                                                           Importer/Whole     NCR-PFO-5170-                 National
                         Jr. Ave. cor. Ortigas   Pasig City      Willy O. Sy      President    620-2977                                      3/15/2011
Systems, Inc.                                                                                             saler               031511-064                 Capital Region
                         Ave Brgy. Ugong

CPM Construction and     # 54 Aberilla St.,                      Roberto                                  construction &     NCR-PFO-4520-                 National
                                                 Marikina City                    President    948-7017                                      3/16/2011
General Services Inc.    Concepcion I                            Gabriel                                  Maintenance         031611-065                 Capital Region
Flagstar Security Safety 514 PSMBFI Bldg.,
                                                                 Reynaldo P.      Operation                                   NCR-PFO-7492-                  National
& Investigation          Santolan Rd., cor.      San Juan City                                 584-6292   Security Services                    3/23/2011
                                                                 Canoy             Officer                                     032311-067                  Capital Region
Services, Inc.           2nd West Crame

                            Suite 303 818 Bldg.,                 Maria Fe C.       Gen.                   Service             NCR-PFO-4542-                  National
J. Alexander Phils., Inc.                        Pasig City                                    671-6589                                        3/23/2011
                            # 169 Pasig Blvd.                    Francisco        Manager                 contractor           032311-068                  Capital Region
                            308 Falcon St.,
                                                                                                                              NCR-PFO-4532-                  National
Nas Construction            Metrogreen Village, Pasig City       Juliana S. Puga Accountant    646-5107   construction                         3/24/2011
                                                                                                                               032411-070                  Capital Region
                            Sta Lucia
                          711 Nueve de           Mandaluyong     Blesilda T.      Personnel               Tensioning/Pre-     NCR-PFO-4549-                  National
Prescon Philippines, Inc.                                                                      531-4971                                        3/25/2011
                          Febrero St.,           City            Villas           manager                 stressed             032511-071                  Capital Region
                         U-704 City & Land
                         Mega Plaza Bldg.,                       Adrian Arthur
Energetix Power          ADB Ave., cor.                                           Marketing               Distributor/Impo NCR-PFO-5150-                     National
                                               Pasig City        Junas A.                      470-6440                                        3/25/2011
Technologies Corp.       Garnet Rd., Ortigas                                       Director               rter              032511-072                     Capital Region
                         Center Brgy. San
                         # Waco St., Rancho
Urduja Security Services                                         Leopoldo                                                     NCR-PFO-7492-                  National
                         Estate III Conception Marikina City                      President    681-7152   Security Services                    3/25/2011
Inc.                                                             Pasiliao                                                      032511-073                  Capital Region
                         Unit 1005 The
Torque Builders          Taipan Place Bldg.                                                               Electrical          NCR-PFO-4533-                  National
                                               Pasig City        Jaime Dy         President    638-8868                                        3/28/2011
Incorporated             Emerald Ave.,                                                                    Contractor           032811-074                  Capital Region
                         Ortigas Center
Resistoflex Construction 544 Cordillera St.,     Mandaluyong                        Admin.                                    NCR-PFO-4510-                  National
                                                                 Cheeryl Bonlat                535-1939   Waterproofing                        3/29/2011
Services, Inc.           Brgy. Highway Hills     City                              Engineer                                    032911-075                  Capital Region

Frilou Construction &       241 Midway Court Mandaluyong         Eugene                                                       NCR-PFO-4539-                  National
                                                                                  VP-Finance   727-6384   construction                         3/29/2011
Trading, Inc.               Bldg., Unit 201 EDSA City            Calimag                                                       032911-076                  Capital Region

PVS Construction            G/F PVS Place, # 3                                                                                NCR-PFO-4549-                  National
                                                 San Juan City   Joel Sevilleja   President    239-0471   construction                         3/31/2011
Corporation                 Ver St., Kabayanan                                                                                 033111-077                  Capital Region

                            Roligon Compound,
Argo International                                                                  VP-                   Cargo                NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                            505 Quirino Ave., Paranaque City Amalia Zoleta                     851-2746                                        3/3/2011
Forwarders, Inc.                                                                  Marketing               Forwarding          60139-0311-032               Capital Region

Total Security Systems, Elisco Road, Ibayo                                          Gen.                                       NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                                 Taguig City     Enrico C. Cruz                640-4587   Manufacturing                        3/3/2011
Inc.                    Tipas                                                      manager                                    27122-0311-033               Capital Region
                            Elisco Road, Ibayo                     Hector V.         Gen.                    Service              NCR-MUNTA-                    National
Security Innovators, Inc.                         Taguig City                                    628-3954                                         3/3/2011
                            Tipas                                  Capitulo         manager                  contractor          28130-0311-034               Capital Region
                            10 Ruby St., Royal
V. Zuniga Transport                                                                                                               NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                            Estate CAA, Pulang    Las Pinas City   Valerio Zuniga    Owner       523-4864    Trucking Services                    3/4/2011
Services                                                                                                                         63191-0311-035               Capital Region
                            Lupa Uno
                            Km. 14 East Service
AZ Omega Signmaker,                                                Carlos                                                         NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                            Road, Western         Taguig City                       HRD Head     821-5943    Signmaker                            3/4/2011
Inc.                                                               Cabatbat                                                      74309-0311-036               Capital Region
                            AFP-RSBS Industrial
                                                                                                             Supply & Apply
High Performance            Park, Km. 12 East                                                                                     NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                                Taguig City        Rosalie Joya     HR Officer   866-1033    Flooring                             3/7/2011
Floors, Inc.                Service Road corner                                                                                  45100-0311-037               Capital Region

Derf's Manpower &        3/F KAKAMPI Bldg.,
                                                                   Wilfredo S.                                                    NCR-MUNTA-                    National
General Services, Phils. 271 Minipark, Fort       Taguig City                       President    384-1135    construction                         3/7/2011
                                                                   Sayson                                                        45100-0311-038               Capital Region
Inc.                     Bonifacio
                            # 9760 Felicidad St.,
                                                                 Juan N.                                     Transport            NCR-MUNTA-                    National
JS Travel and Tours         Gat Mendoza           Paranaque City                     Owner       853-2310                                         3/9/2011
                                                                 Estrelles Jr.                               Services            60114-0311-041               Capital Region
                            8 Acsie Compd. West
Aust-Phils. Aluminum                                           Evangeline F.         Office                                       NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                            Service Road, Brgy. Paranaque City                                   824-0488    manufacturing                        3/17/2011
International, Inc.                                            Isaac                Manager                                      27321-0311-042               Capital Region
                            Marcelo, Bicutan
                            B12 L33 Phase I EP
Trigold Trading and                                                Ben de Pedro      Gen.                    Trading and          NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                            Village, Brgy.,       Taguig City                                    496-9376                                         3/21/2011
Construction                                                       Barros           Manager                  construction        45100-0311-043               Capital Region
                            # 11 Sanford Cmpd.                     Dulce R.          Gen.                                         NCR-MUNTA-                    National
Raemann Corporation                            Paraque City                                      821-6732    Toll Repacking                       3/22/2011
                            Edison Ave.,                           Manalo           manager                                      74950-0311-044               Capital Region

                            Unit 1001 A & B
                            Richville Corporate
Pneumatic                   Tower, 1107 Alabang                 Mario Vicente         Vice                                        NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                                Muntinlupa City                                  3355/807-   Trading                              3/24/2011
Technologies Inc.           Zapote Road                         Canuto              President                                    61901-0311-045               Capital Region
                            Madrigal Business
                            Park, Ayala Alabang

                        DBP Ave., cor.
                                                                   Ernesto                                   Fabrication and      NCR-MUNTA-                    National
SPP Corporation         Manlungay Rd. FTI         Taguig City                       Manager      838-4995                                         3/24/2011
                                                                   Balacua                                   piping works        45100-0311-046               Capital Region
                        G/F Alcoser Bldg.,
Formost Multi                                                      Alain Dave        Gen.                                         NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                        9127 San Antonio          Paranaque City                                 829-8336    construction                         3/24/2011
Construction Asia Corp.                                            Ong              Manager                                      45100-0311-047               Capital Region
                        Avenue SAVI, Sucat
                        Elizabeth Avenue Sta
                                                                                                                                NCR-MUNTA-                    National
MG Exeo Network Inc.    Ana Drive, Brgy. Sun Paranaque City Yutaka Funaki        President     824-0289    construction                         3/24/2011
                                                                                                                               45203-0311-048               Capital Region
                        Valley, 1700
Agchem Construction & 195 Dona Soledad
                                                                Marlene S.      Head Acctg.                                     NCR-MUNTA-                    National
Development           Ext'n. Better Living    Paranaque City                                   823-9817    construction                         3/24/2011
                                                                Lapuz             Dept.                                        45100-0311-049               Capital Region
Corporation           Subd.
                        364-B Quirino Ave.,                     Evangeline M.                                                   NCR-MUNTA-                    National
KMBM Enterprises                              Las Pinas City                     Manager      09498488027 Hauling Services                      3/28/2011
                        Pulanglupa                              Riogelon                                                       60132-0311-050               Capital Region

Oscar Painting          13 Jerusalem St., BF                Oscar                 Gen.                                          NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                             Paranaque City                                    852-7874    Painting                             3/28/2011
Contractor              Homes Subd.,                        Bulanhagui           Manager                                       45410-0311-051               Capital Region
                        B9 L4 Bldg., A Camia
Tab-Con and Metal                                               Timoteo F.        Gen.                     contractor           NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                        St., T.S. Cruz Subd. Las Pinas City                                    771-1960                                         3/28/2011
Industries Corp.                                                Talaue           Manager                   service             45320-0311-052               Capital Region
                        Almanza 2
                        UPSI Centre, Interior
United Power Systems                                                                                                            NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                        East Service Road,    Muntinlupa City Joel T. Alegre     President     519-8872    construction                         3/29/2011
Philippines, Inc.                                                                                                              45100-0311-053               Capital Region

C.D. Dumol Electrical   29 United Nation St.                Aurea M.                                       electrical           NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                             Paranaque City                      Secretary     823-0007                                         3/30/2011
Construction, Inc.      Betterliving Subd.,                 Melegrito                                      contractors         45330-0311-054               Capital Region

Global City Car Lease & B15. FCG Bldg., Rizal                   Joaquin            HR-                                          NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                              Taguig City                                      860-8888    Auto Rental                          2/16/2011
Transport Corp.         Drive, Fort Bonifacio                   Topacio          Manager                                       60112-0211-020               Capital Region
                        Unit K, G/F Big
Regina Business                                                                                            Service             NCR-CFO-74960-                 National
                        Orange Bldg. 328      Caloocan City     Neil Laodenio    Manager       442-0186                                         3/29/2011
Management Services                                                                                        contractor           03-29-11-022                Capital Region
                        10 Road 10 cor.
Alpha Seven Trades,                                                                                                            NCR-CFO-45100-                 National
                        Road 9 GSIS Hills     Caloocan City     Alfonso Kaw      President     983-4319    construction                         3/28/2011
Inc.                                                                                                                            03-28-11-020                Capital Region
                        Subd. Brgy. Tipapa
E.V.P. Marine Repair    27 Saint Joseph                                                                                        NCR-CFO-38414-                 National
                                              Navotas City      Editha Panao     Manager                   Repair services                      3/24/2011
Services                Compd. San Jose                                                                                         03-24-11-019                Capital Region
                        Suite 202 Augusto
Queer Eye Security                                              Angelita A.                                                    NCR-CFO-50307-                 National
                        Bldg., 478 Rizal Ave. Caloocan City                      Manager       492-7854    Security services                    3/3/2011
Specialist Inc.                                                 Tolentino                                                        3-3-11-017                 Capital Region
                                                                Lorena C.         Liaison                  service             NCR-CFO-50307-                 National
Fel-Gene Construction   63 Pado de Blas       Valenzuela City                                  292-7180                                         3/3/2011
                                                                Libero            Officer                  contractor            3-3-11-017                 Capital Region
                       Unit 1407 Raffles
Synergy Construction & Corporate Center, F.                                                                                    NCR-PFO-4520-                  National
                                            Pasig City          Francis T. Sy    President     706-3075    Construction                         6/14/2011
Development Corp.      Ortigas Jr. Ave.                                                                                         061411-148                  Capital Region
                       Ortigas Center
U.P.C. Marketing Link,    2F Caley Bldg., N.                       Maria Victoria      Gen.                       Service             NCR-PFO-5239-                  National
                                                 San Juan City                                       727-9808                                          6/14/2011
Inc.                      Domingo St.                              Canlas             Manager                     Contractor           061411-145                  Capital Region

Wingain Manpower          311 A David Bldg., I, Mandaluyong                                                       Janitorial          NCR-PFO-7491-                  National
                                                                   Nenita Tuazon      President      722-1609                                          6/7/2011
Services                  567 Shaw Blvd.        City                                                              Services             060711-138                  Capital Region

Golden Fortune Techno 23 8th St. Brgy. 090,                        Roberto                                                            NCR-CFO-45203-                 National
                                            caloocan city                             Manager        364-3227     construction                         4/1/2011
Built, Inc.           Dist. 1                                      Avellaneda, Jr.                                                     04-01-11-023                Capital Region

Mega Masterlink                                                                                                   electro-
                          26 I. Francisco St.,                     Lalainie            Admin.                                         NCR-CFO-50304-                 National
Fabricator and Electrical                        valenzuela city                                     332-3818     mechanical                           4/6/2011
                          Maysan                                   Ocordo              Officer                                         04-06-11-024                Capital Region
Services Corp.                                                                                                    services
                          Lot 5 del Rosa St.
V-Kim Manpower                                                     Vivian Tan                                     manpower            NCR-CFO-74911-                 National
                          Home Centrum,          valenzuela city                     Proprietress    440-0518                                          4/7/2011
Services                                                           Chua                                           services             04-07-11-025                Capital Region
                          Mapulang Lupa
Sparkline Electrical                                               Leonila M.                                     electrical          NCR-CFO-61403-                 National
                          254 J. Velasco ext.,   caloocan city                       proprietress    285-98-29                                         4/8/2011
Contractors                                                        Navarro                                        contractor            04-8-11-026                Capital Region

Maccegon Steel Builder 1015 Que Grande                             Milagros                                       gen.                NCR-CFO-45203-                 National
                                                 valenzuela city                     Admin. Staff    4321518                                           4/11/2011
corp.                  St., Ugong                                  Hilario                                        construction         04-011-11-027               Capital Region

Markjon Trading &         B5 L24 Champasa St.                      Genelin                                        service             NCR-CFO-61404-                 National
                                              Caloocan city                           secretary      962-0282                                          4/12/2011
Construction              Almar Subd. Camarin                      Postrano                                       contractor           04-12-11-028                Capital Region
                          0164 A. Villa
Purity Manpower                                                    Violeta P.                                     Manpower            NCR-CFO-74911-                 National
                          Liwayway St.           Valenzuela City                       Owner         443-42-29                                         4/13/2011
Services                                                           Salvacion                                      Services             04-13-11-029                Capital Region
                          Maysan Road
Great Wall Janitorial     # 6 Cecillo St.                                                                         Janitorial          NCR-CFO-91110-                 National
                                                 Valenzuela City Jot An Antonio       Manager        409-6474                                          4/27/2011
Services                  Poblacion Malinta                                                                       Services             04-27-11-030                Capital Region
Basic Occupational
                          90 Sanciangco St.,                       Bejamin Clave                                                      NCR-CFO-51190-                 National
Safety Supplies Phils.,                          Malabon City                         President      447-7652     Safety supplies                      4/27/2011
                          Brgy. Tonsuya                            Jr.                                                                 04-27-11-031                Capital Region
Speedex Construction Unit 301 CCI Bldg.,                           Ronald                                                             NCR-MFO-45100-                 National
                                                 Manila City                          President      521-5700     construction                         4/1/2011
and Development Corp. N. Lopez St., Ermita                         Imperio                                                               0411-029                  Capital Region

Arviter Top of The Line 1886 Cartimar Bldg.,
                                                                   Mariecris L.        Admin.                                         NCR-MFO-74920-                 National
Security Investigation 2/F, C. M. Recto Ave. Manila                                                  353-4539     Security Services                    4/5/2011
                                                                   Evangelista         Officer                                           0411-030                  Capital Region
Specialist              Quiapo

                          2262 Pres. Quirino                       Virginia T.         Admin.                     service             NCR-MFO-45330-                 National
Unitec Resources, Inc.                           Manila                                             562-7132-34                                        4/6/2011
                          Ave., Pandacan                           Galang               Head                      contractor             0411-031                  Capital Region
Mystaff Manpower       830-832 Padre Naval                                                          manpower            NCR-MFO-74911-                National
                                           Manila      Sweet Go          President      493-8669                                       4/11/2011
Services Co., Inc.     St., Sampaloc                                                                service                0411-032                 Capital Region

Yomeco Construction 1050 Rizal Ave., Sta                                                                                NCR-MFO-45100-                National
                                              Manila   James L. Siy       Manager       722-5007    construction                       4/14/2011
and Development Corp. Cruz,                                                                                                0411-034                 Capital Region

Acre Security and      0130 Damka St., Old                               Operation                                      NCR-MFO-74920-                National
                                           Manila      Jonas E. Enaje                   713-2477    Security Services                  4/15/2011
Detective Agency       Sta Mesa,                                         Manager                                           0411-035                 Capital Region
                       1206 Estrada cor.
Multimodal Unlimited                                                     Operation                  manpower            NCR-MFO-74911-                National
                       Espiritu Sts.,         Manila   Alexis F. Perez                  710-8680                                       4/27/2011
Skills Corp.                                                             Manager                    services               0411-037                 Capital Region
                       Rm. 510 Malate
Tekton Construction    Crown Plaza,                                                                 service             NCR-MFO-45100-                National
                                              Manila   Romeo Bagain      President      310-3493                                       4/29/2011
Corp.                  Adriatico cor. San                                                           contractor             0411-038                 Capital Region
                       Andres Sts., Malate
                      Unit 304, UC Bldg.,
De Lumen, Valdez,                                                          Junior                                       NCR-MFO-74911-                National
                      Gardenville Condo,      Manila   Jocelyn Martin                               Legal Services                       3/7/2011
Zamora and Associates                                                    Associates                                        0311-013                 Capital Region
                      Sta Mesa
                       2475 Eloriaga St., Sta          Manuelito T.                                                     NCR-MFO-45100-                National
MTS Builders                                  Manila                       Owner        564-63-66   Construction                         3/8/2011
                       Ana                             Sese                                                                0311-014                 Capital Region

MC Jerad Construction, 2425 Cagayan St.,               Abigail             Gen.                     Service             NCR-MFO-45100-                National
                                              Manila                                    564-6765                                         3/8/2011
Inc.                   Sta. Ana                        Carvajal           manager                   contractor             0311-015                 Capital Region

HB Lumbang Electric    2301 J. Luna St.,               Rolando L.          Admin.                   Service             NCR-MFO-45330-                National
                                              Manila                                    255-3945                                       3/14/2011
and Industrial Corp.   Gagalangin, Tondo               Rector              Officer                  contractor             0311-016                 Capital Region

Longridge Construction 1212 Penafrancia St.,           Benedict                                                         NCR-MFO-45100-                National
                                             Manila                      President      774-3539    Construction                       3/14/2011
, Inc.                 Paco,                           Laogan                                                              0311-019                 Capital Region

Sincere Construction  908 Zacateros St.,               Evangeline                                                       NCR-MFO-45100-                National
                                              Manila                         OIC        734-7410    Construction                       3/21/2011
and Development Corp. Sta Cruz                         Cebu                                                                0311-020                 Capital Region
                       3/F, Payawal Bldg.,
                                                       Rodolfo P.          Gen.                     Service             NCR-MFO-35112-                National
G & L Hardcore Corp.   556 Quezon Blvd.,      Manila                                    5596662                                        3/22/2011
                                                       Gonzales           Manager                   contractor             0311-021                 Capital Region
                       Suite 101 FEMII
Sarangani Service                                      Armando                                      Manpower            NCR-MFO-74911-                National
                       Bldg., A. Soriano      Manila                     HR Director    408-9933                                       3/23/2011
Cooperative                                            Montano                                      service                0311-022                 Capital Region
                       Ave., Intramuros
                       Rm. 206 PNA Bldg.,
Bitumen Rebars and                                     Romelin G.                                                       NCR-MFO-45100-                National
                       1663 F. Benitez St.,   Manila                     Acctg. Staff   525-5399    Construction                       3/24/2011
Development Corp.                                      Hallara                                                             0311-023                 Capital Region
One Xperience a
                        2156-F, P. Florentino                 Orlando dela                             Manpower            NCR-MFO-73300-                National
Convergence Provider,                         Manila                            President   413-8687                                      3/24/2011
                        St., Sampaloc                         Cruz                                     Services               0311-024                 Capital Region
                        Rm. 204 Dona
                        Mercedez Bldg., 584                                                                                NCR-MFO-45100-                National
Formtech Builders Corp.                       Manila          Zenia A. Grico    Secretary   567-5309   Construction                       3/24/2011
                        San Andres St.,                                                                                       0311-025                 Capital Region
Caritas Et Labora        2002 Jesus St.,                      Mary Cecille                             Manpower            NCR-MFO-74911-                National
                                                Manila                          Manager     561-2072                                      3/25/2011
Human Resource           Pandacan                             Pena                                     Services               0311-026                 Capital Region

                         2/F Burgundy
Comcen Security                                               Norberto                                                     NCR-MFO-74920-                National
                         Transpacific Place,    Manila                          Director    353-6634   Security Services                  3/30/2011
Services, Inc.                                                Giray                                                           0311-027                 Capital Region
                         Taft Ave., Malate
                         Unit M3-B Rm. 304
Starboard Manpower       Padre Faura Center,                  Manuel M.                                Manpower            NCR-MFO-74911-                National
                                             Manila                             President   353-7621                                      3/30/2011
Services, Inc.           Padre Faura St.,                     Gorobat Jr.                              Services               0311-028                 Capital Region
                         4118 Kalayaan Ave.,                  Beverly                                  Manpower              NCR-MPFO-                   National
Freberos Corporation                         Makati City                        President                                                   3/1/2011
                         Brgy. Sta Cruz                       Tandoc                                   Services            72600-3111-211              Capital Region
                         789 Estrera Bldg.,
Manpower Services &                                                                                    Manpower              NCR-MPFO-                   National
                         J.P. Rizal St.,        Makati City   Ryan Sayson       President   622-8034                                        3/3/2011
Events Management                                                                                      Services            72600-3311-212              Capital Region
Works Asia Multi-        Unit 345 Mile Long                   Jose Winnie B.                           Manpower              NCR-MPFO-                   National
                                                Makati City                     Manager     816-4185                                        3/3/2011
Purpose Cooperative      Bldg., Amorsolo St.,                 Javier                                   Services            72600-3311-213              Capital Region

                         2803 Cityland
Golden Ace Credit                                             Michael L.                               Manpower              NCR-MPFO-                   National
                         Pasong Tamo Tower, Makati City                         Manager     403-9372                                        3/3/2011
Solutions Co. Ltd.                                            Aguirie                                  Services            82190-3311-214              Capital Region
                         Chino Roces Ave.
Pacific Blue Transport   NAIA Terminal 1,                                                              Transportation        NCR-MPFO-                   National
                                                Pasay City    Edwin Redonia Operation       832-1779                                        3/3/2011
Services                 Brgy. 198,                                                                    Services            30139-3311-215              Capital Region
Alyssa Electrical and    52 Sampaloc St., 37                                                                                 NCR-MPFO-                   National
                                                Makati City   Jesus L. Bolina   Manager     369-9818   Construction                         3/3/2011
Cabling Services         Comembo                                                                                           45100-3311-217              Capital Region
Q-Search and          5/F Valderama Bldg.,
                                                                                                       Manpower              NCR-MPFO-                   National
Management Solutions, 107 Esteban St.,       Makati City      Cristina Cruz     President   819-8879                                        3/1/2011
                                                                                                       Services            72600-3111-218              Capital Region
Inc.                  Legaspi Village
                      3/F PDCP Bank
Prime Jobs Network    Center cor. V. A.                                                                Manpower              NCR-MPFO-                   National
                                             Makati City      Dolores Pagcu     President   830-0185                                        3/8/2011
Systems Corp.         Rufino & L. P. Leviste                                                           Services            72600-3811-221              Capital Region
                         3/F PDCP Bank
Luzon Gold Services      Center cor. V. A.                      Teresita                                   Janitorial            NCR-MPFO-                    National
                                                Makati City                       President    840-2322                                         3/8/2011
Solutions, Inc.          Rufino & L. P. Leviste                 Nolasco                                    Services            72600-3811-223               Capital Region
                                                                                                                                 NCR-MPFO-                    National
Theo-Pam Trading Corp. 2818 P. Celle St.,         Pasay City    Arturo Cabigas    Manager      831-6463    Wholesale/Retail                     3/8/2011
                                                                                                                               72600-3811-224               Capital Region
Sussex General            G/F GBI Bldg.,                        Jaime S.                                   Service               NCR-MPFO-                    National
                                                  Makati City                     Vice Pres.   3343/810-                                        3/8/2011
Contracting (Phils.) Inc. Pasong Tamo Ext.,                     Romero                                     Contractor          45100-3811-225               Capital Region
Titan Manpower           7791 St. Paul Street,                  Roy Allan         Admin.                   Manpower                                           National
                                               Makati City                                     466-2027                         72600-31011-    3/10/2011
Services Inc.            San Antonio Village                    Manlapas          Manager                  Services                                         Capital Region
                     2/F Dolmar Gold
AHD Advance                                                                                                                      NCR-MPFO-
                     Tower, 107 C.                              Evangeline A.      Admin.                                                                     National
Communication System                              Makati City                                  840-2643    Other Services       72600-31611-    3/16/2011
                     Palanca St., Legaspi                       Fijer               Head                                                                    Capital Region
Inc.                                                                                                                                227
                                                                                                           Repair &
Trends & Technologies 9th/F Trfalgar Plaza                                                                                       NCR-MPFO-
                                                                                                           deployment of                                      National
Service & Maintenance, 105 HV dela Costa          Makati City   Edessa A. Nola HR Manager      811-8181                         72600-31511-    3/15/2011
                                                                                                           Voice & data                                     Capital Region
Inc.                   St., Salcedo Village                                                                                         228
                         20th/F Trafalgar
                         Plaza, 105 HV dela                                                                Information &                                      National
Logic Solutions, Inc.                             Makati City   Edessa A. Nola HR manager      982-5800                         72600-31511-    3/15/2011
                         Costa St. Salcedo                                                                 Comm. Tech.                                      Capital Region
                         16/F Trafalgar Plaza,                                                                                   NCR-MPFO-
                                                                                                           Manpower                                           National
Trends.Net, Inc.         105 H. V. Dela Costa Makati City       Edessa Nola      HR manager    818-6916                         72600-31511-    3/15/2011
                                                                                                           Services                                         Capital Region
                         St., Salcedo Village                                                                                       231
                         Suite 11A, L.V. Locsin
                                                                                   Product                                       NCR-MPFO-                    National
Ezload, Inc.             Bldg., 6752 ayala        Makati City   Ariel Lacap                    813-3003    Trading                              3/21/2011
                                                                                  Specialist                                   74920-3211-233               Capital Region
                         2nd/F EBC Sen. Gil                                                                                      NCR-MPFO-
DBPSC Security Service                                          Domingo                                                                                       National
                         Puyat Ave., cor.         Makati City                                  895-9472    Security Services    74920-32211-    3/22/2011
Incorporated                                                    Pequiras                                                                                    Capital Region
                         Makati Ave.                                                                                                234
First Goldmark           6/F LPL Annex Bldg.,                                                                                    NCR-MPFO-
                                                                                                           Service                                            National
Maintenance Services, 215 Sen. Gil Puyat          Makati City   Arlene Abacial    President    894-1196                         72600-32411-    3/24/2011
                                                                                                           Contractor                                       Capital Region
Inc.                     Ave.,                                                                                                      236
                         2242 Pieco Bldg.,                                                                                       NCR-MPFO-
Floor Finish-Floor Level                                        Arturo T.          Gen.                    Service                                            National
                         Don Chino Roces          Makati City                                  840-5343                         72600-32511-    3/25/2011
(FF-FL), Inc.                                                   Garcia            Manager                  Contractor                                       Capital Region
                         Ave.                                                                                                       237
Technological            U-211 Cityland III V.                                                             IT Software
Information              A. Rufino cor.                                        Recruitment                 Developer &                                        National
                                                  Makati City   Michelle Reyes                 817-1949                         72600-32911-    3/29/2011
Consultance Manila,      Esteban St. Legaspi                                     Officer                   Recruitment                                      Capital Region
Inc.                     Village                                                                           Officer
                       6793, LL05 Vicente                                                                                      NCR-MPFO-
                                                                    Marites del                              Marketing                                       National
Telecard Marketing     Madrigal Bldg., Ayala      Makati City                        Manager      753-1519                    72600-32911-     3/29/2011
                                                                    Rosario                                  Services                                      Capital Region
                       Ave.                                                                                                       239
                       712, Blk. 3 A UP E.                                                                                     NCR-MPFO-
BL-RA Builders         Rodriguez St.              Pasay City        Brian G. Lopez   Manager                 Construction     45100-33011-     3/30/2011
                                                                                                                                                           Capital Region
                       Malibay                                                                                                    240
                       Beacon Tower cor.
                       Arnaiz cor. Don                              Margareth C.                                                                             National
MCP Interior Finishers                            Makati City                         Owner       736-5541   Construction     45100-33011-     3/30/2011
                       Chino Roces Sts., Pio                        Pelayre                                                                                Capital Region
                       del Pilar
                       Unit 204 Sison
Champion Human                                                                                                                 NCR-MPFO-
                       Mansion, 2631                                Wilfredo          Gen                    Manpower                                        National
Resource Management                               Makati City                                     553-2645                    74140-33111-     3/31/2011
                       Rockefeller St., cor.                        Villario         Manager                 Services                                      Capital Region
& Consultancy Inc.                                                                                                                242
                       Batangas, San Isidro

                          101 Danarra Condo.,                                                                                  NCR-MPFO-
                                                                    Mary Chelle                                                                              National
Ian Conrad Baydo          Metropolitan Ave.     Makati City                           Owner       403-8713   Construction     45100-33111-     3/31/2011
                                                                    Bernas                                                                                 Capital Region
                          cor. Mola St., La Paz                                                                                   243

                        # 5305 Daang Batang
Onel Builder Resources,                                                               Admin.                                  NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                        St., San Agustin    Paranaque City Manuel Kho                             776-6279   Construction                      4/1/2011
Inc.                                                                                  Officer                                45100-0411-056                Capital Region
                        Village, Moonwalk

                          AFP-RSBS Industrial
High Performance                                                                                             Supply/Apply      NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                          Park, Km. 12 Fast       Taguig City       Rosalie Joya     HR Officer   866-1033                                     4/5/2011
Coatings, Inc.                                                                                               Coating Solution 45410-0411-057               Capital Region
                          Service Road

                          Unit 2, 2nd Flr. CITI
Primoris Manpower                                                   Mario             Finance                Janitorial       NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                          ARCADE Bldg., Don       Muntinlupa City                                 556-7469                                     4/5/2011
Services Company                                                    Raymundo          Officer                Services        72600-0411-058                Capital Region
                          Jesus Blvd., Cupang
                          Rm. #10 Skyfreight
Expediteplus                                                                                                 Brokerage and    NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                          Bldg., Ninoy Aquino Paranaque City Dante Macaisa           President    853-2043                                     4/6/2011
International, Inc.                                                                                          Freight         63910-0411-059                Capital Region
                          Ave., Brgy. Sto Nino
                          165 Tropical Ave. BF                                         Gen.
Market Insighting and                                               Josefina                                 Manpower         NCR-MUNTA-                     National
                          International, BF    Las Pinas City                         Services    788-0934                                     4/8/2011
Foresighting Inc.                                                   Ramirez                                  Services        74130-0411-061                Capital Region
                          Homes                                                       Director
                          Warehouse 16 Gate
                                                                                                                              NCR-MUNTA-                     National
Ipack Philippines, Inc.   108 Marcos Alvarez Laspinas City          Renato Quiroz    President    805-4396   Packaging                         4/8/2011
                                                                                                                             74950-0411-062                Capital Region
                          Ave., Talon 1
                        # 22 Pili St., Phase 3B
STFC Construction and                                                               Gen.                                         NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                        Gatchalian Subd.        Las Pinas City   Emerlito Regis                 820-3572    Construction                         4/12/2011
Trading                                                                            Manager                                      45100-0411-063               Capital Region
                        Manuyo II
                        # 16 Ilang-ilang Road
Redcar Trading and                                               Ma. Carina C.      Asst.                                        NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                        San Antonio Valley Las Pinas City                                       8015042     construction                         4/12/2011
Construction                                                     Torres            Manager                                        45100-064                  Capital Region
                       Unit 9, Maja Food
Golden Armour Security                                    Zenaida                                                                NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                       Plaza, Ninoy Aquino Paranaque City                          Director     826-9149    Security Services                    4/18/2011
Services, Inc.                                            Descargar                                                             74920-0411-069               Capital Region
                       Ave., San Dionisio

Acedre Tank Cleaning                                                              Operation                 Tank Cleaning        NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                        801 Park 6 Sucat,      Muntinlupa City Edward T. Ong                    659-6317                                         4/19/2011
and Repair Services                                                               manager                   Services            74933-0411-070               Capital Region
I-Excel Consultancy and
                        Rm. 205 Citimotors                       Arlene Neysa     Operations                Manpower             NCR-MUNTA-                    National
Employment Services                            Las Pinas City                                   846-8629                                         4/19/2011
                        Bldg.,                                   Tirad              Head                    Services            74140-0411-071               Capital Region
Mind Protection and     Unit I & J BGR Bldg.,                    Modesto G.         Gen.                                         NCR-MUNTA-                    National
                                              Las Pinas City                                    906-43-79   Security Services                    4/25/2011
Security Agency         M. Alvarez Ave.,                         Domingo           Manager                                      74920-0411-072               Capital Region

                        Unit 403                                                                            Bus.
                                                                 Froilan V.                                                     NCR-QCFO-7414-                 National
HR Network, Inc.        Philcomspec Center Quezon City                             President    454-0443    Management                           3/4/2011
                                                                 Florendo                                                          0311-023                  Capital Region
                        155, Road 3, Proj. 6,                                                               Consultancy

Air Movement Advance 12 Canesco St. San                                                                     Service             NCR-QCFO-4533-                 National
                                         Quezon City             Joselito David    President    413-1746                                         3/4/2011
System, Inc.         Francisco del Monte                                                                    Contractor             0311-024                  Capital Region
                        Rm. 407-409 Ablaza
Comtel Industrial                                                Romulo             Gen.                                        NCR-QCFO-6420-                 National
                        Bldg., 117 E        Quezon City                                         732-8049    Telecomm.                            3/4/2011
Services, Inc.                                                   Requierme         Manager                                         0311-025                  Capital Region
                        Rodriguez Sr. Ave.,
Direct Sales Support & # 150 P. Tuazon Ave.                      Rachel V.        operation                 Manpower            NCR-QCFO-7493-                 National
                                            Quezon City                                         438-4290                                         3/4/2011
Personnel Services, Inc. cor. EDSA, Cubao                        Puntil           Manager                   Services               0311-026                  Capital Region
                       # 53 Carmel Ave.,
Eaglerock Construction                                           Raininer Z.                                                    NCR-QCFO-4533-                 National
                       Carmel Subd. Bahay Quezon City                              President    454-2994    Construction                         3/8/2011
& Development Corp.                                              Gerona                                                            0311-027                  Capital Region
                         424 Unit 203 Rasver
                                                                                                                                NCR-QCFO-4531-                 National
FDPY Pipe Specialist Co. Bldg., E. Rodriguez Quezon City         Ediza Labang     HRD Officer   411-6573    construction                         3/9/2011
                                                                                                                                   0311-028                  Capital Region
                         Sr., Cubao
                        Rm. 208 967 Tres
Sterling Security       Hermanas Bldg.,                          Jacob S.           Admin.                                      NCR-QCFO-7492-                 National
                                               Quezon City                                      411-2088    Security Services                    3/9/2011
Services                Quezon Ave., cor.                        Moncatar           Officer                                        0311-029                  Capital Region
                        Roosevelt Ave.,
Hyosung Corporation-                                                                                      Bus.
                         5th Flr. Orcel II Bldg.,               Jeongpyo            Gen.                                    NCR-QCFO-7414-                 National
Philippines Branch                                Quezon City                                  352-8404   Management                         3/9/2011
                         # 1611 Quezon Ave.                     Hong               Manager                                     0311-030                  Capital Region
Office                                                                                                    Consultancy
Powerlink Security &     82 scout Chuatoco,                     Pedro                                                       NCR-QCFO-7492-                 National
                                                Quezon City                        President   410-5953   Security Agency                    3/9/2011
Inv. Services, Inc.      Roxas, District 4,                     Tabangay                                                       0311-031                  Capital Region
                         Rm. 409 West City
Promo & marketing        Plaza Bldg., # 66                      Levi Paul Carlo                           Sales and         NCR-QCFO-4534-                 National
                                                Quezon City                        Director    500-6633                                      3/10/2011
Horizons, Inc.           West Ave., West                        A. Barin                                  Promotions           0311-033                  Capital Region
                         Triangle I,
                         17 North Diversion                     Ryan C.                                   Service           NCR-QCFO-7493-                 National
J O B C A R E, Inc.                             Quezon City                        Secretary   362-4856                                      3/10/2011
                         Road, Balintawak                       /arciaga                                  Contractor           0311-034                  Capital Region
                         Rm. 804 8/F Medalla
                                                                                                          Processing of
Smac Marketing           Bldg., McArthur                        Katherine                                                  NCR-QCFO-6819-                  National
                                             Quezon City                            Owner      437-0957   Loans and Credit                   3/21/2011
Services                 Ave., cor. EDSA,                       Victoriano                                                    0311-037                   Capital Region
EPCI Global-Works        Rm. M-06 Caly Bldg.,                   Mark Dominic                    0927-                       NCR-QCFO-4533-                 National
                                              Quezon City                          Preisdent              Construction                       3/21/2011
Builders, Inc.           Aurora Blvd.                           Cabrera                        4918928                         0311-038                  Capital Region
                         Unit 301 JN Bldg.,
Speedo Manpower &                                                                   Gen.                  Manpower          NCR-QCFO-7493-                 National
                         104 Sgt. Catolos St., Quezon City      Bill M. Viloria                416-0393                                      3/21/2011
Forwarders, Inc.                                                                   Manager                Services             0311-039                  Capital Region
                       191 J. P. Rizal St.,                     Bea Angeli Y.       Mktg.                 Wholesaler/Imp NCR-QCFO-9009-                    National
Agrochemicals Trading,                          Quezon City                                    913-9023                                      3/18/2011
                       Project 4                                Lanaria            Manager                orter             0311-042                     Capital Region
                         # 60 Iba St., Sta.                     Marinette M.        Gen.                                    NCR-QCFO-4533-                 National
MMV Builders, Inc.                              Quezon City                                    740-6549   Construction                       3/21/2011
                         Mesa Heights                           Valencia           Manager                                     0311-043                  Capital Region

Ultralite Electrical                                                                Admin.                Electrical        NCR-QCFO-4533-                 National
                         567 G. Araneta Ave., Quezon City       Virgin Yang                    712-2319                                      3/21/2011
Company, Inc.                                                                      Secretary              Contractor           0311-044                  Capital Region
                         201-B Culmat Bldg.,
M. E. Sicat                                                     Rhoenna D.                                                  NCR-QCFO-4533-                 National
                         1270 E. Rodriguez Sr. Quezon City                        HR Manager   410-7501   Construction                       3/21/2011
Construction, Inc.                                              Medel                                                          0311-045                  Capital Region
Job Seekers Service      252 J. P. Rizal St.,                   Frederick                                 Janitorial        NCR-QCFO-7493-                 National
                                                 Quezon City                       Chairman    542-5301                                      3/22/2011
Cooperative              Project 4, District III                Cruzar                                    Services             0311-047                  Capital Region

                         # 5 Interior 2,
MRRM Trading &                                                                      Gen.                  Gen. Contractor      NCRQCFO-                    National
                         Urbano St., Bagbag, Quezon City        Rosa Mandani                   3559023                                       3/21/2011
Construction                                                                       manager                & Trading          45330311-048                Capital Region
                         Bldg. 14 Unit MRB
                                                                                                0918-     Service           NCR-QCFO-4533-                 National
R. Codilla Builders      Pilot Drive,           Quezon City     Rex C. Codilla      Owner                                                    3/23/2011
                                                                                               2578721    Contractor           0311-049                  Capital Region
                        20 Kapiligan St. Brgy.                                                                         NCR-QCFO-4533-                   National
Mascot Corporation                             Quezon City    Henry Chua       President     715-1174   Construction                      3/25/2011
                        Dona Imelda                                                                                       0311-050                    Capital Region

Marigold Development 43 G Road 7, Project                                        Gen.                                  NCR-QCFO-4533-                   National
                                          Quezon City         Apollo Chua                    456-6009   Construction                      3/25/2011
Corporation          6                                                          Mnager                                    0310-051                    Capital Region

Grandeur Construction                                         Marissa            Gen.                                  NCR-QCFO-4533-                   National
                       43 Road 7, Proj. 6       Quezon City                                  925-5204   Construction                      3/25/2011
& Vibrant Realty, Inc.                                        Tibayan           Manager                                   0311-052                    Capital Region

                                                                                                        Gen. Engineering
HGML Construction &     428 Bldg. 4, Bliss I,                 Hilario Sta        Gen.                                    NCR-QCFO-4533-                 National
                                                Quezon City                                  433-2953   & Gen Bldg.                       3/25/2011
Trading                 UP Campos                             Maria             Manager                                     0311-053                  Capital Region

IDS Industria St.       29 Industria St.                      Paulette M.                               Service        NCR-QCFO-9309-                   National
                                                Quezon City                    HR Director   687-5620                                     3/25/2011
Bagumbayan              Bagumbayan                            Hernandez                                 Contractor        0311-054                    Capital Region
LM Integrated Systems                                                                                   Computer
                      55 Kitanlad St. Brgy.,                                     Admin.                                 NCR_QCFO-7290-                  National
and Data Networking,                         Quezon City      Analyn Arcilla                 743-9382   System                         3/25/2011
                      Dona Josefa                                                Officer                                   0311-056                   Capital Region
Inc.                                                                                                    Integrated