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					                            Journal      Representing the total feed industry
                                                     Published by the American Feed Industry Association

                                        SUMMER 2008 EDITION

Donald E. Orr, JBS United, Becomes AFIA Chairman;
Brian Rittgers, Elanco Animal Health, Named Chair-Elect
Judy Pilgrim                             Project Selection Committee, Swine
                                         Modeling Committee and Feed

        onald E. Orr, Jr., President,    Purchasing Manual Committee. He
        JBS United, Sheridan,            has been a guest speaker around
        Ind., has been elected           the world and in 18 states at swine
AFIA Chairman of the Board. Orr          meetings. He holds a B.S. in Animal
will serve as Chairman until May         Science from Purdue University,
2009. He succeeds Jim Sullivan,          an M.S. in Animal Industry from
President, International Ingredient      Pennsylvania State, and a Ph.D. in
Corp., Fenton, Mo.                       Animal Husbandry from Michigan
                                         State University.
Brian Rittgers, Sales Mgr., Dairy
Business Unit, Elanco Animal             Chair-elect Brian Rittgers has held
Health, Greenfield, Ind., has been        his current position at Elanco since
chosen Chair-elect of the Board.         2004. He joined the Agriculture           Above: Don Orr, newly appointed AFIA
                                         Chemical Division of Elanco               Board Chairman.
Orr has been president of JBS
United since 1997. JBS United
is a nutrition technology-based                                                           IN THIS ISSUE
company involved in premix/base                                                     New Chairman in Place.......................1
mix feed production and marketing,                                                  Message From The President.............3
enzyme and probiotic marketing,                                                     A Review of FDAAA ............................4
                                                                                    AFIA Scorecard....................................7
swine production, and grain storage                                                 World Food Security Conference.......10
and marketing. In addition, he leads                                                AFIA and KSU Speak in Sydney........11
the company’s Nutrition Division                                                    PISC Wrap Up...................................12
and previously headed their R&D                                                     AFIA Hands Out Top Awards.............13
program.                                                                            New Face at AFIA..............................14
                                                                                    Career Center Launch.......................15
                                                                                    Class of 2011....................................16
Active in the industry, Don has been                                                AFIA Comments on FDAAA................5
a board member of the American                                                      FDA Webcasts for Sale......................16
Society of Animal Science and is a                                                  Successful Webcast..........................17
                                                                                    Liquid Feed Preparations .................18
member of the American Registry                                                     Members In The News.....................21
of Professional Animal Scientists.       Above: Brian Rittgers, AFIA Chair-Elect
                                                                                    Welcome New Members..................22
He has served on the National                                                       Centennial Celebration......................23
Pork Producers Council Research                                                     Events Calendar................................24
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       AFIA NEWS
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                                                                           Products Company in 1979 as a sales representative.
                                                                           In 1983, he was named Market Research Analyst
                                                                           responsible for new products. His positions have
                                                                           included Marketing Associate and Market Research
                                                                           Analyst for Cattle Products in the Elanco Animal
                                                                           Health Divison and later Marketing Associate for
                                                                           Swine Products. In 2000, he was a recipient of the
                                                                           Eli Lilly & Company’s Chairman’s Ovation Award
                                                                           for his commitment and accomplishments in people
                                                                           development and recruiting.

                                                                           He holds a B.S. degree in Agricultural Economics from
                                                                           Iowa State University. He has served on the Meat
                                                                           Export Federation Board.
    Above: At the May Board meeting in D.C., the passing of the gavel
    between Jim Sullivan, 2007-2008 Chairman (Right), and Don Orr,
    2008-2009 Chairman (Left).

    Above: AFIA members and staff at USDA Briefing Meeting.
                                                                              Above: Jim Sullivan, 2007-2008 AFIA Chairman, receiving a
                                                                              token of appreciation from Joel Newman, AFIA President

    Left: Jeff Murphy, Kemin Agri Foods, receiving Outgoing Board Member Award. Right: Staff introductions at the ‘New Director Orientation.’


                                              ne of our country’s most valuable assets, and one we can be
                                              most proud of, is our food and agriculture industry. Farmers,
                                              ranchers and other individuals involved in agriculture, including
                                       members of the American Feed Industry Association, strive to provide
                                       safe and abundant food, feed and fiber to their fellow Americans and
                                       consumers around the world.

                                       Talented individuals representing varied slices of American agriculture
                                       have pulled together time after time to develop better products and
                                       services. I know our country is better as a result of these cooperative
                                       efforts. As I write, I see news reports about people in rural America
                                       pulling together to move farm animals and equipment away from flood
                                       waters, and I know people in agriculture will help their flooded-out
                                       neighbors and small towns for months to come.

                                       The food and agriculture industry of the United States also plays a
                                       critical role in ensuring national security. This is not a new role for our
                                       sector, but it is an aspect many of us may not have thought about much
                                       until more recent times.

                                          We must balance our current national security needs with constructing
 an effective, long-term domestic energy strategy. We should not choose to fulfill short-term needs at the
 expense of long-term planning. This is not a simple task given the significant rise in energy costs, whether it is
 for fuel in the truck, the tractor, or any of the other numerous ways that energy costs affect us daily.

 The agriculture community is resourceful and resilient. With a difficult and uncertain start to this crop year, on
 top of consumer demand for increased feed and food safety assurances, there is no more important time for
 the industry to pull together with one strong voice.

 Your association is providing that strong, united leadership voice through your active participation and the
 leadership of Committees, the Board of Directors, and the Officer team of Don Orr (Chairman), Jim Sullivan
 (Immediate past Chairman) and Brian Rittgers (Chairman-elect).

 With volunteer, member-driven leadership in policy and position development, your AFIA staff team is
 diligently and effectively representing your interests on Capitol Hill and before federal and state regulators.

 As you may know, current, hot issues include the more than 30 food and feed safety bills pending in Congress
 that address everything from the development of a new food regulatory agency to mandatory Hazard Analysis
 Critical Control Point regulations for the industry. AFIA also has a member task force developing an AFIA
 energy policy and identifying realistic options to address the significant stresses on the feed industry and our
 livestock producer customers.

 Uniting behind American agriculture is the right thing to do, particularly because we are far outnumbered
 by misinformed consumers and special interests. Together, we will bring practical solutions to reality and
 enhance this tremendous food, feed and agricultural asset for generations to come!

       REGULATORY- Delivering On Our Promises To Members
    A Review of FDAAA and Future Expectations for the
    Reportable Food Registry
    Richard Sellers                         of pet food that include nutrition
                                            and ingredient information. It

          he Food and Drug                  is unclear what some of this
          Administration Amendments         language means, as there were
          Act (FDAAA) of 2007 was           no congressional hearings and no
    signed into law by President            House/Senate conference report.
    George W. Bush on Sept. 27,             This bill was rushed through both
    2008. Although it’s a 500+ page         houses, as “must pass” legislation
    law dealing mostly with the human       due to the pending expiration of the    FDA held a public meeting May 14th
    drug approval process, there was        government’s ability to collect user    to explain the new law and take
    one section inserted by the Senate      fees for human drug approval—the        public comments. There were few
    regarding pet food, human food and      main portion of this act.               public comments offered, but the
    animal feed. This section (Title X.)                                            FDA accepted written comments
    contains several new concepts and       FDA officials have said it will be       on these issues through June 13th.
    requirements, but the parts most        difficult to create ingredient and       AFIA submitted comments regarding
    impacting the feed industry concern     label standards for pet foods, when     these issues and one more pressing
    FDA’s requirements to create            feed is regulated by the same           issue—the Reportable Food
    new pet food regulations and the        ingredient definitions. Also, the        Registry—that the new law requires
    creation of a new “Reportable Food      agency is required by the new law       FDA to create and begin accepting
    Registry (RFR).”                        to work with stakeholders in crafting   information on Sept. 27, 2008.
                                            the new rules. Officials have also
    By Sept. 27, 2009, FDA must             said they are seriously considering     FDA recently published a note in the
    promulgate final regulations that        adopting processing standards for       Federal Register announcing it
    create processing and ingredient        all animal food and have asked for      would miss this deadline and
    standards/definitions for pet food       comments.
    and update standards for labeling                                                             Continued on page 5.

                                Coming Soon!
Looking for that perfect fit? Shortly, AFIA will launch its new, online job board, the
           AFIA Career Center, to be your online resource for making
           employment connections in the feed and pet food industries.
                                        Check out for more details.

    Delivering On Our Promises To Members -                     REGULATORY
Continued from page 4.                 This “determination” provision           This section does not exempt
                                       allows the firm time to collect           finding adulteration that originated
expected the RFR to be operating       the information necessary to             outside the firm’s control, such as
in spring 2009, as the agency is       “determine” that a product of the        from a supplier. Although such
finishing the “business enterprise      firm may have caused the problem,         finding could result in quarantining
software program” that FDA will        hence the emphasis on “determine.”       the product and destruction, as
utilize to accept and collect the      The firm must investigate the             it originated outside of the firm’s
information required.                  adulteration if the adulteration         control, then it must be reported
                                       originated with the reporting party.     to the RFR if it caused, or
The RFR requires a “responsible                                                 was reasonably capable of,
party” who determines a product        There are several exempt                 causing serious adverse health
that exposure to or use of has         circumstances, such that a report is     consequences or death in humans
a reasonable probability to            not necessary, if the following occur:   or animals.
cause serious adverse health
consequences or deaths in humans          ● The adulteration originated         Under these circumstances, reports
or animals to report such findings.          with the responsible party,         from the feed industry would be
A “responsible party” is a facility         AND                                 rare, but due diligence is necessary
owner, operator or manager who            ● The responsible party found         to ensure each firm is aware of
is registered as such under the             the adulteration before the         these provisions and knows how
Bioterrorism Act. This act excludes         product was transferred to          to comply. When FDA issues a
farms, provided that the animals are        another party, AND                  guidance document on the RFR,
owned by the farmer and fed on the        ● The responsible party               AFIA will develop compliance
farmer’s land.                              corrected such adulteration         documents and likely hold a webinar
                                            or caused the product to be         on the subject. As stated earlier, the
The reporting is required within 24         destroyed.                          RFR will likely not be operational
hours of the firm’s determination.                                               until spring 2009.

                                                                            Our 4 Promises to our Members…
AFIA Comments to FDA on FDAAA;
                                                                            We Will be the Active Voice for
Says Make Pet Food Rules Only                                                  the Total Feed Industry.

Richard Sellers                        last year specifically tells
                                       FDA to prepare processing

        ue to the requirement          (manufacturing) rules for pet
        in the Food and Drug           food operations and to create
        Administration Amendments      ingredients standards. The law
Act of 2007 (FDAAA) for FDA            also requires FDA to strengthen
to publish final rules for pet          ingredients and label
food processing and ingredient         standards. One other provision
standards before September 27,         in this new law is the creation
2008, FDA held a public meeting,       of a “Reportable Food Registry”
took comments and allowed              (see article on page 4).                 Late last year, FDA signed a
written comments on the required                                                Memorandum of Understanding
development of new pet food            The extension of this law to             with the Association of American
rules. AFIA provided comments          all animal feed would cause              Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)
to the FDA that said the agency        considerable hardship with little        regarding the ingredient approval
should not extend the regulations      benefit over currently utilized           process that the agency and
to include all animal food. Section    programs at feed mills and be very       AAFCO have worked out over
1002 of the new law enacted            costly.
                                                                                               Continued on page 6.

      REGULATORY- Delivering On Our Promises To Members
    Continued from page 5                “Nutrition Facts” black box on pet      these pet food requirements to all
                                         food labels that is currently found     animal feeds, as the congressional
    several decades. AFIA is a major     on human-type food labels. AFIA         intent of the law is clear that it only
    supporter of this process and told   told FDA that pet food labeling has     applies to pet food. AFIA’s rationale
    FDA in the AFIA comments that this   evolved over several decades and        included the differences in size
    should be the model for ingredient   did not agree that changes should       and number of of plants in both
    standards.                           be made due to the low label            industries, the high value of pet food
                                         knowledge of pet food purchasers,       products relative to feed products
    FDA also asked about updating        as evidenced by company toll-free       and the common consumption of
    pet food labels and requiring a      calls. Also, AFIA said pet owners       pet food by humans, intentionally or
                                          understand the current pet food        unintentionally.
                                          labels, and no changes should be
    Our 4 Promises to our Members…        made.                                  AFIA also argued any pet food rules
        We Will Provide Expert                                                   should initially be modeled after the
       Legislative & Regulatory           The underlying theme of AFIA’s         FDA’s current good manufacturing
                                          comments was concern about             regulations for medicated feed,
                                          FDA creating national pet food         which have been in existence
                                          processing/labeling/ingredient         for more than 35 years. AFIA
                                          standards where state laws with        postulated that both the industry
                                          current requirements may be            and agency need time to work
                                          different, and the fact that FDA has   through issues at each location.
                                          not been provided any preemption
                                          authority. AFIA urged FDA to           For a copy of the final comment
                                          adopt the AAFCO Model Pet Food         letter to FDA, visit
                                          Regulations, if it chose to adopt      or contact AFIA VP Richard Sellers
                                          any labeling standards.                (
                                          AFIA urged FDA not to extend

    Three Webcasts/Webinars on FDA Issues Available

            THANK YOU TO OUR

                                                AFIA SCORECARD
AFIA Scorecard of Achievements
A synopsis of the achievements and significant actions over the last year
on behalf of AFIA companies in the legislative and regulatory areas. For
additional information on any of these accomplishments, please contact
AFIA staff.

       Date                Accomplishment                                        Member Value

                                                                  Some of the bills are reflecting AFIA’s modified and
                   AFIA negotiating food/feed safety bills
        April                                                     softened language. AFIA’s goals are to mitigate any
                       with congressional sponsors.
                                                                  long-term consequences by suggesting alternative
                                                                    language for “food” bills that include “feed” also.
                      AFIA and other agriculture coalition
                                                                 Prevent the future deterioration of commodity market
                     members provided comments to the
                                                                   as an effective risk management tool for the feed
                  Commodity Futures Trading Commission
                                                                   industry. The significant increase of participation
        April         (CFTC) against the proposed increase
                                                                  by speculators in commodity markets has increase
                     speculative position limits nor to exempt
                                                                  volatility, lack of convergence and artificially raised
                   investment funds from speculative position
                                                                                 commodity market prices.
                                                                 China has changed its current enforcement policy on
                  AFIA advises US agricultural attaché in
                                                                  GM grains, thereby causing AFIA members delays
        April    Beijing of export problems with genetically
                                                                  and costs. AFIA is pushing USDA to address the
                               modified corn.
                                                                     issue and expects China to change position.
                                                                  All indications are that concerns about AFIA member
                   AFIA’s legal counsel told FDA (by letter)
                                                                  labels have been withdrawn. AFIA claimed that FDA
                    that the agency has erred in proposing
        April                                                    has previously indicated it did not have such expertise
                    to regulate as “claims” any use of patent
                                                                    and would not regulate patent numbers on labels.
                               numbers on labels.
                                                                     This was being challenged by at least one state.
                                                                   FDA indicated AIFA was “ahead of the curve, even

                                                                    for food groups.” It also wanted to know how to
                  High level meetings at FDA reveal strong
                                                                     encourage more firms to join the program and
       March      support for AFIA’s Safe Feed/Safe Food
                                                                   requested a detailed presentation on the program.
                            Certification Program
                                                                  This bodes well for expanding program participation
                                                                            with a future FDA endorsement.
                                                                  In response to a grant from the National Pork Board,
                                                                    AFIA completed this project and the Pork Board is
                                                                 funding the transformation of the written modules into
                  AFIA completes Safe Feed/Safe Food On-           computer-based training modules for on-farm use.
                   Farm Pork Producers Training Modules            This adds another level of protection to the already
                                                                  growing area of feed safety promotion. Discussions
                                                                   have begun with other producer groups to use this
                                                                                   Pork Board model.
                                                                   Removes unnecessary burden from feed industry
                   EPA publishes a comprehensive animal            customers, by providing for the voluntary assertion
                  feeding operations (CAFO) proposal, which       that firms do not discharge animal waste. Adopting
                    adopted AFIA and Ag. Coalition long held     AFIA’s position —that EPA has extended its authority
                                   positions                       beyond the Clean Water Act to require permits for
                                                                   firms that don’t discharge and intend to discharge.
                  AFIA President defines the drivers behind       AFIA supports government research and support for
                   “high food cost” at Board meeting. This       biofuels. AFIA defined that high feed and food costs
                  message was widely circulated by the trade       are caused by a variety of factors beyond biofuel
                                   press.                                    production from food grains.
                                                                                            Continued on page 8.
    Continued from page 7.

            Date                Accomplishment                                           Member Value
                                                                         Providing AFIA’s view of on-farm feed safety for the
                                                                        global feed industry assists the industry in supporting
                        AFIA authors section on on-farm feed
           February                                                         AFIA’s time-tested view of on-farm safety and
                         safety for the IFIF/FAO feed manual.
                                                                          contributes to the overall image of promoting feed
                                                                                          safety to the world.

                                                                        This group will assist AFIA staff in rapidly responding
                      International Trade Member Interest Group          to trade issues that arise frequently on a country by
           February   formed by AFIA to solicit input on frequent       country and commodity by commodity basis, thereby
                                      trade issues                      providing the US Government with timely information
                                                                                       for foreign governments.

                       AFIA President Joel Newman reappointed             AFIA will continue to provide valuable input to the
           February   to the Secretary’s (Agriculture) Agriculture       highest levels of government on trade policy issues,
                              Trade Advisory Committee                   thereby keeping the industry’s trade goals a priority.

                                                                        Industry supports voluntary (not mandatory) HACCP.
                      AFIA leads industry coalition in opposing         Adoption of a voluntary standard by a regulatory body

           January       development of voluntary HACCP                 has, in the past, led to adoption of a model rule. AFIA
                               “standard” by AAFCO                      will continue to oppose adoption of industry standards
                                                                                              by regulators.

                                                                        This is the first report indicating no failed inspections.
                                                                         FDA continues to say this is the highest compliance
                      FDA’s semi-annual BSE inspection report
                                                                          rate ever for any agency rule. This result coupled
           January    had no failed inspections listed for nearly
                                                                        with the fact there have been no BSE cattle in the US
                                  20,000 inspections
                                                                        born before this rule, makes it difficult for countries to
                                                                                            refuse our beef.
                          AFIA helped the International Feed
                                                                           By driving Codex in a reasonable direction with
                        Industry Federation sponsor a Global
                                                                             respect to any feed related codes and their
                        Regulatory Roundup in Atlanta. Focus
           January                                                      implementation, AFIA keeps clear for its members any
                      centered upon any international interest in the
                                                                         codes or guidelines that might impact trade barriers
                       Codex Alimentarius Commission forming a
                                                                           for feed and feed ingredients on a global basis.
                        new task force on Good Animal Feeding.
                       AFIA contributed on several legislative
                        fronts as Congress began consideration
                                                                        AFIA’s goal is to make the statutes clear, reasonable
                       of 15 feed and food safety bills. AFIA has
           January                                                      and to minimize any unrealistic obligation or severe
                      also been extremely active in two coalitions,
                                                                            impact these bills may have on our industry.
                       one oriented toward agriculture, the other
                                involving food industries.

                       EPA’s proposed rule on Spill Prevention
                        Control and Countermeasures left many
                          of the areas unclear as to the meaning         As a result of AFIA action, many facilities will not be
                        and interpretation of the rule and how field     subject to certain parts of the rule which would have

                         inspectors might interpret and enforce it.     cost them thousands of dollars per facility to comply.
                        AFIA met with agency officials and worked        Additionally other facilities will see a reduced amount
                      hard to clarify several areas of concern to the   of expenditures to comply with the rule. The final rule
                       industry, submitting multiple comments and                  should be out in mid-year 2008.
                       testifying before both EPA and the Office of
                                 Management and Budget.

8                                                                                                   Continued on page 9.
                                                   AFIA SCORECARD
  Continued from page 8.

        Date                 Accomplishment                                          Member Value

                      The Department of Homeland Security
                                                                      Without the AFIA generated changes, the Chemical
                       obviously listened to AFIA comments
                                                                     Facility Standards would have added extremely costly
                        on two critical points of interest (urea
                                                                      and unnecessary paperwork for feed facilities. The
                       and propane) to the feed industry when
                                                                       storage of urea was removed from the Appendix A
       December       it issued a final list of chemicals under its
                                                                      and AFIA working closely with the National Propane
                    Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards.
                                                                     Association provided information to DHS. Through his
                    DHS accepted AFIA comments that urea as
                                                                      hard work the DHS raised the level of propane that
                   handled in feed facilities poses not threat and
                                                                             can be store and note reported to DHS.
                    it lowered raised substantially the threshold
                                   level for propane.

                      AFIA provided key input and support
                     for a Presidential Interagency Working
                                                                      AFIA has been in the forefront of a growing effort for
                   Group on Import Safety. The group issued
                                                                      the safety of imported feed and pet food ingredients
                      a strategic framework covering all areas
                                                                     and in an attempt to help finalize an industry guidance
       November       of import safety on any items that could
                                                                       for FDA. As part of this drive, AFIA conducted the
                    conceivably harm consumers. As part of the
                                                                     first-ever, “National Dialog” on ingredient import safety
                     overall initiative, FDA contributed a crucial
                                                                                           in Chicago.
                     Food Protection Plan which included a call
                   for third party certification, long advocated by
                   AFIA President Joel Newman spoke before
                      President Bush’s Interagency Working              President Newman set the foundation for AFIA’s
                       Group on Import Safety stating that all         expanding leadership role in the coming months on

                     countries exporting to the U.S. should meet     the safety of imported feed ingredients and the federal
                   the same feed safety standards as companies        government’s increasing consideration for third party
                      based here. He strongly advocated that            certification programs like AFIA’s Safe Feed/Safe
                    security for feed and food be returned to FDA                   Food Certification Program.
                                      and USDA.
                                                                         IFIF’s actions should aid firms doing business
                    Through its membership in the International
                                                                     internationally by keeping FAO’s focus on addressing
                    Feed Industry Federation, AFIA played a key
                                                                         hazards to ensure safe ingredients, creating a
        October    role in the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Meeting on
                                                                        common ingredient safety control system and by
                    Animal Feed Impact on Food Safety Meeting
                                                                        maintaining the landmark 2004 Codex Code for
                                     in Rome, Italy.
                                                                                        Feeding Practice.
                                                                       The Summit was an unparalleled forum, bringing
                    “Feeding the Future,” AFIA’s first Executive         together the industry’s key leaders on pressing
                     Leadership Summit, in Dana Point, Calif.,         developments, crucial topics and where the feed
        October     was a resounding success drawing leading         industry is headed. AFIA’s leadership in food safety
                   industry executives from throughout the U.S.       and other areas was acknowledged throughout the
                              and around the world.                  event by influential government officials and industry

                       Through the advanced notice of public           Opposition of GIPSA regulation of processed grain
                   rulemaking, AFIA opposed the development of       products not only prevents another regulatory agency
                    a Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards        from regulating processed feed ingredients, it stops
                    Administration (GIPSA) program to regulate         the dangerous precedence of agency regulation of
                      the marketing and testing of co-products          products that are not within the agency's statutory
                   produced as a result of ethanol production for                           authority.
                                    two reasons.

 High-Level Conference on World Food Security:
 The Challenges of Climate Change and Bio-energy
                “Fertilizers, Feeds and Seeds in World Food Security”
                               PRIVATE SECTOR FORUM
 A statement by Fred Stephens,             in recent years China’s middle class     •   Land available
 President, International Feed             has grown to about 200 million,              to agriculture
 Industry Federation, delivered on         close to 15 percent of its population.       on the other
 June 3, 2008, at FAO, Rome, Italy         China’s economy has grown by over            hand has
                                           10 percent in 2006 and in 2007.              declined from

      he International Feed Industry       India’s economy has experienced              approximately
      Federation [IFIF] is comprised       growth of approximately 8.3 percent          0.5 hectare to
      of international associations        in the same time frame. Reports              0.25 hectare,
 and corporate entities representing       suggest India’s middle class has             challenging our capacity
 over 80 percent of the world’s            reached 250 million as well, or              to meet tomorrow’s
 commercial feed production.               about 23 percent of its population,          agricultural demand for
                                           according to a recent Doane report.          land-based protein.
 Obviously, animal feed is a               The resulting dietary change in          •   In addition to land-based
 significant consumer of grain; with        these two countries from starch-rich         protein production, meat
 world feed production estimated to        food to protein-rich chicken, beef           protein from fish has grown
 be 900 million tons. Approximately        and pork has had a major impact on           substantially over the past
 80 percent of the world’s population      increased feed, thus grain demand            several years. However,
 lives on less then $3000 a year, and      and price globally.                          wild fish harvesting, due
 income growth tends to be allocated                                                    to significant over-fishing
 to improving diet ahead of anything       IFIF believes the following points           in the world’s oceans,
 else.                                     are most pertinent to the present            appears unsustainable in
                                           and future rising food prices as they        terms of meeting increased
 The key drivers for meat demand           relate to meat, milk and eggs.               demand. Aquaculture
 are global population and the rise                                                     therefore will need to
 in per-capita income [GDP] in               •   Global demand for meat                 fill this gap and will add
 developing regions. Lennart Bage,               has accelerated over                   additional pressure on the
 President of the International Fund             the past several years,                grain market as soybeans
 for Agricultural Development [IFAD],            reflecting population                   are a protein source for
 in a recent statement, summed                   growth and rising GDP that             aquafeeds.
 up well the present and future                  has exceeded historical            •   Bio-energy demand will
 food outlook: “The challenges of                averages in developing                 continue to compete for
 a growing population and rising                 nations. Never in any                  grain. However, in the view
 demand for a richer diet, such as in            period has so many people              of IFIF, bio-energy demand
 India and China, will not go away.”             moved out of poverty as                has had negligible effect on
 It is not surprising then to learn that         over the past five years.               rising food and grain prices
                                                                                        globally and therefore meat
                                                                                    •   An important – and less
                                                                                        discussed - contributor
                                                                                        to rising prices is ‘index
                                                                                        commodity speculation’
                                                                                        who’s investment value
                                                                                        in commodity futures has
                                                                                        risen from $25 billion to

                                                                                               Continued on page 11.
Continued from page 10.                       Policy:                                        Animal Feeding; this will provide a
                                              Regulations that may present trade             global standard for the industry to
      $260 billion in the past five            barriers to the efficient exchange              efficiently, sustainably and safely
      years, contributing to rising           of food and feed ingredients                   contribute to the supply of the
      commodity prices.                       need to be reviewed on science-                incremental animal-source food
                                              based procedures. We would                     required.
To overcome the challenges                    recommend a review of present
to sustainable, abundant and                  trade regulations, to ensure that              Technology:
affordable food supply will require           impediments to efficient exchange               Investments in technological
attention to specific areas which              of food and feed ingredients are               developments in genetics and
we summarize as PET – Policy,                 eliminated.                                    nutrition, not excluding GMO-
Education and Technology.                                                                    technology, need to be increased
                                              Additionally, taxes on food should be          significantly and their outputs
                                              reviewed, reduced and eliminated               assessed on scientific basis. The
                                              where possible to the benefit of                resolution of the current global
                                              consumers.                                     food crisis requires a decisive
                                                                                             technological ‘jump’ which can only
                                              Education:                                     come about by very substantially
                                              The international animal feed                  increased global and national
                                              industry will continue to work                 commitment to agricultural research
                                              together in its effort to provide              and development.
                                              expertise to emerging, developing
                                              nations. IFIF is determined to
                                              implement across the industry the
                                              Codex-negotiated Code on Good

2008 Australiasian Milling Conference
Alexa Stanco                                 the biennial conference of the Flour            While down under, both men repre-
                                             Millers Council and the Stockfeed               sented the United States feed indus-

      red Fairchild of Kansas State          Manufacturers Council of Australia              try by making presentations to the
      University and Joel Newman             and the Australian Technical Millers            Aussies on “Innovation & Efficiency
      of AFIA were among more                Association, held in Sydney,                    - Designing the Future.”
than 350 delegates who attended              Australia, a few weeks ago.

Above: Fred Fairchild (Left) and Joel Newman (Right) present at the 2008 Australiasian Milling Conference in Sydney.

       AFIA NEWS
                                              Cashing in at the Purchasing and
                                              Ingredient Suppliers Conference

     Jarrod Kersey

           he annual Purchasing and Ingredient Suppliers
           Conference (PISC) and Spring Forum were held
           in early March in Las Vegas with more than 500
     attendees participating in the event. The AFIA Board of
     Directors met, as well as numerous AFIA committees.
     The event, held at the Flamingo Hotel, was a success
     in both attendance and program content for the
     Purchasing and Ingredient Supplier Committee.
                                                                       Above: Beverly Warrington, Golden Peanut Company (Left), Nancy
     Next year’s Spring Forum will be March 9-10 and                   Blanton, United International Industries, Inc. (Middle), and Karen
     PISC will be March 11-13, 2009, in Destin, Florida. If            Hanson, Farmers Feed & Supply Company. (Right).
     you have any questions about this year’s conference
     or next, please contact Jarrod Kersey at

                                                                       Above: Attendees were dazzled by not just educational sessions, but
                                                                       also the never-dull Vegas entertainment.

       Above: Jim Bowe, ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc. (Left), Sherry
      Jones with husband John Jones, Cargill Animal Nutrition, Inc.
      (Middle), and Ken Klauser ADM Alliance Nutrition Inc. (Right).

                                                                       Above: Chad Risley, Lucta U.S.A. Inc. (Left), Kevin Halpin,
                                                                       International Ingredient Co. (Middle), and Reid Adkins, International
                                                                       Nutrition, Inc. (Right).
      Above: AFIA staff helping register members.

                                                                        AFIA NEWS
Marlene Petersen and George Graber Recipients of
Prestigious AFIA Awards
  2007-2008 Member                    One of Marlene’s
                                      crowning achievements
      of the Year                     was the agreement
                                      she garnered from
Richard Sellers                       AAFCO to rescind its
                                      decision to start anew

        arlene Petersen, Vice         with model draft feed
        President of Quality for      safety regulations
        MSC (Milk Specialties         after the industry had
Cos.), Dundee, Ill. has been named    worked more than two
2007-2008 Member of the Year.         years to hammer out a
                                      consensus agreement.
                                                                Above: Joel Newman, AFIA and Marlene Petersen at award
Marlene’s contributions have          She led the strong        ceremony in June.
included chairing the Feed Control    industry effort to force
Committee for 3 ½ years. During       AAFCO to return to the                   new animal drug applications, food
her term, she worked on AAFCO         consensus document and continue          additive petitions and researcher
and FDA issues and was an active      discussions rather than create a         before he assumed the role of
participant on the task force that    new document drafted entirely            the director of the Animal Feeds
developed the Safe Feed/Safe Food     by regulatory officials. This was         Division—one he held for nearly
Certification Program.                 typical of her approach—take issues 30 years. In the last years of his
                                      head on and deal with officials with      tenure, he was promoted to deputy
During her tenure, AFIA reached a     integrity and respect.                   director of the Office of Surveillance
hard-won agreement with AAFCO                                                  and Compliance.
regarding its closed-door meetings,   Leading this pivotal AFIA committee
which had become more frequent.       for more three years greatly assisted Dr. Graber received a B.S. in dairy
She regularly engaged AAFCO           the association and industry in          science and M.S. in animal science,
officers and members about the         reaching some difficult decisions         both from Rutgers University. He
importance of open meetings with      with regulators. Her leadership          earned his Ph.D. in animal science
industry input.                       style, good demeanor, collegiality       from the University of Illinois in
                                      and knowledge of the industry have       1971.
                                      led to some long-term victories for
                                      AFIA.                                    He joined the FDA at about the time
                                      For these reason and many others,        the final rule for good manufacturing
                                      Marlene Petersen has earned              practices (GMPs) regulations
                                      the honor of being named AFIA’s          for medicated feed were being
                                      2007-2008 Member of the Year.            published. These were the rules he
                                                                               implemented and administered for
                                                                               the next 30 years.
                                       2008 Distinguished
                                      Service Award Winner                     Dr. Graber has distinguished himself
                                                                               in many ways during a multitude of
                                      After serving for 36 years with the      meetings with the feed industry. He
                                      Food and Drug Administration, Dr.        listened intently to issues raised
                                      George Graber retired last year.
                                      He joined the agency in 1971 and                        Continued on page 14.
 Above: Marlene Petersen, 2007-2008
 Member of the Year                   served as a scientific reviewer for

       AFIA NEWS
                                              regarding regulation by his agency       In his retirement, he has accepted
                                             and queried industry representatives      a contract with FDA/CVM to finish
                                             on aspects of concern. Not                the work on the FDA’s Animal Feed
                                             infrequently, he changed his opinion      Safety System regulations and
                                             based on these discussions and            programs—one that he started over
                                             sometimes, even over the objections       five years ago. With his leadership,
                                             of his colleagues. He was known as        this plan has evolved into a sound,
                                             a straight-shooter and administered       science-based risk management
                                             the law and rules with impartiality       system and will likely bear his mark
                                             and equity. He offered insights           when the rules are published.
                                             where the limitations of his position
                                             would allow and chastised industry        A solid scientist, regulator and
                                             officials when needed. He was a            supporter of a strong feed industry
                                             good regulator. Also, he served           for more than 35 years, and
                                             as the FDA observer during                someone who has served with
                                             the association-wide task force           distinction, Dr. George Graber is
       Above: Dr. George Graber, 2008        meetings developing the Safe Feed/        deserving of the AFIA’s highest
       Distinguished Service Award Winner.
                                             Safe Food Certification Program.           award, the Distinguished Service
                                                                                       Award—the first nomination ever for
 Continued from page 13.                                                               a regulatory official.

     Anne Keller, AFIA’s New Director of Communications
     Judy Pilgrim                            Bureau Federation. Prior to that
                                             position, she spent five years

            nne Keller, formerly with        on Capitol Hill as the Press and
            the American Farm Bureau         Communications Director for
            Federation, has joined AFIA      Congressman Charlie Stenholm
     as Director of Communications.          of Texas, and was the Senior
     She replaces Rex A. Runyon who          Legislative Assistant focused on
     left AFIA in February.                  agricultural issues for Congressman
                                             Baron Hill of Indiana.
     Anne has gained knowledge and
     experience on agricultural issues       Her experience in communications
     in her previous positions, most         also includes news coverage of
     recently serving as Director of         Washington politics as a freelance
     Issues Management and News              researcher and field producer for
     Services for the American Farm          CNN. In addition, she has done
                                             research, writing and editing of
                                             materials about candidates, elected
                                             officials and campaigns for National
                                             Journal Group publications.
                                                                                       Above: Anne Keller joins AFIA staff.
                                             As AFIA’s Director of
                                             Communications, Anne will be              and consumer confidence.
                                             in charge of the association’s
                                             publications, press announcements,        Anne remains actively involved in
                                             media relations and creating              farming with her mother in southern
             Welcome to the
                                             awareness of the feed industry’s          Indiana. She holds a Bachelor of
        organization ‘representing                                                     Arts degree in English from DePauw
                                             contributions to food safety, nutrition
         the total feed industry.’                                                     University.

                                                                         AFIA NEWS
New To Member Services - AFIA Online Career Center
Alexa Stanco                            agent to email
                                        qualified candidates

        FIA will soon launch a new      daily. They also
        service for our members,        benefit from online
        the AFIA Career Center. The     reporting that
introduction of this online job board   provides job activity
will focus on feed and pet food         statistics.
industries and professionals. AFIA
recognizes that there are millions of   For job seekers,
jobs and internships available, yet     AFIA Career Center
only a small percentage of those        is a free service that
are dedicated to the feed industry.     provides access to
The AFIA Career Center bridges this     employers and jobs
gap, offering its members—and the       in the feed industry.
industry at large—an easy-to-use        In addition to posting
and highly targeted resource for        their resumes, job
online employment connections.          seekers can browse
                                        and view available                      For more information please contact
AFIA realizes finding desired            jobs based on their criteria and save   Sarah Novak, Membership and
candidates in the feed and pet          those jobs for later review if they     Service Director at 703-558-3574 or
food industries can be a challenge.     choose. Job seekers can also create
Through this service, we hope to        a search agent to provide email
streamline searches so you can          notifications of jobs that match their
focus on what is important to the       criteria.
success of your business and                                                      During the initial
career. The AFIA Career Center          The Career Center will kick off in
offers several benefits to structure     June 2008, so plan to visit http://         launch period,
an efficient hiring process by  for details. Don’t
providing targeted access to the        miss this unique opportunity to be        receive a special
best feed and pet food professionals    seen by an exclusive audience of
in your field.                           the feed and pet food industry’s best        introductory
                                        and brightest!
 •   Targeted Approach                                                           discount of 20% off
 •   Competitive Pricing
 •   Resume Search                                                                   all packages.
 •   Easy Online Job
 •   Auto Notification
 •   Company Awareness
                                               Posting Packages &               Member        Non-Member
 •   Job Activity Tracking
Both members and non-members                  One 30-Day Job Posting            $250.00          $375.00
can use the AFIA Career Center for
                                              One 60-Day Job Posting            $350.00          $525.00
a nominal cost to reach qualified
candidates. Employers can post               Three 30-Day Job Postings          $675.00         $1,025.00
jobs online, search for qualified             Three 60-Day Job Postings          $900.00         $1,350.00
candidates based on specific job               Five 30-Day Job Postings          $995.00         $1,495.00
criteria and create an online resume

       AFIA NEWS
     AFIA Elects Board of Directors Class of 2011
     Judy Pilgrim                              Mosaic Feed Ingredients,                   Robby Ritchey,
                                               Riverview, Fla.                            Martindale Feed Mill,

            FIA recently announced the                                                    Valley View, Texas
            election results for the Board     Gerald May,
            of Directors Class of 2011.        P&G Pet Care,                              Scott Starnes,
     Following are the 16 new directors        Lewisburg, Ohio                            Eastern Minerals, Inc.,
     whose three-year terms run through                                                   Henderson, N.C.
     April 30, 2011:                           Dan Meagher,
                                               Novus International, Inc.,                 Randy Walker,
     Richard Alford,                           St. Louis, Mo.                             DPI Global,
     Trouw Nutrition USA,                                                                 Fort Dodge, Iowa
     Highland, Ill.                            James Moore,
                                               Southern States Cooperative,               Eddie Wells,
     Philip Greene,                            Richmond, Va.                              Milk Specialties,
     Foster Farms,                                                                        Dundee, Ill.
     Fresno, Calif.                            Kenneth Munsch,
                                               Cattleman’s Choice, Loomix LLC,            Alan Wessler,
     Vic Heinold,                              Johnstown, Colo.                           MFA Incorporated,
     CGB Enterprise,                                                                      Columbia, Mo.
     Mandeville, La.                           Robert Norton,
                                               BioZyme Incorporated,                      The Board of Directors is the
     Steve Koenig,                             St. Joseph, Mo.                            governing body of AFIA. The
     DDC Biotech, LLC,                                                                    full board consists of 50 member
     Evansville, Ind.                          Mark Poeschl,                              company representatives. The next
                                               North American Nutrition                   Board meeting will be October 7-8,
     David Lee,                                Companies, Inc., Lewisburg, Ohio           2008, in Chicago.

     Three Webcasts/ Webinars on FDA Issues Available
     Richard Sellers                           concerns based on a myriad of staff        must be met when filing a petition
                                               and legal counsel experience. Such         for ingredient approval. The FDA

                FIA hosted three webinars      issues as whether to recall or not,        officials also addressed their recent
                on issues related to FDA       to whom to report a contamination          decision to allow structure/functions
                and state feed regulation.     issue, or if it is required to report it   claims on ingredient labels.
     The first, “What to Do Before, During      are covered in this webinar. There
     and After an FDA Inspection,” was         are also example documents for             The webinars are contained on a
     based on a brochure developed by          media statements, memos to                 CD- ROM that can be used in house
     the AFIA Feed Control Committee           employees, media concerns and              or as a training video for feed mills.
     (now the Feed Regulatory                  memos to customers.                        Selected sections can be aired also,
     Committee) 15 years ago. It details                                                  as each program is divided by topic.
     a facility’s rights and obligations and   The third is the recently held
     those of FDA and provides practical       webcast, “Navigating the Ingredient        Each can be purchased for the
     advice when confronting a facility        Approval Process: Pitfalls and             cost of the webcast and shared
     inspection.                               Successes.” Four FDA officials              with others in your firm. For more
                                               provided insight into the procedures       information or to purchase, visit
     The second webinar, “Product              required to gain the approval for          Educational Materials on AFIA’s
     Recalls: Ethical, Legal, Regulatory       a feed ingredient. AFIA’s legal            website.
     and Median Concerns,” provided            counsel provided insight into what
     helpful tips and advice on recall         legal and regulatory requirements
                                                                                     AFIA NEWS
AFIA Completes Successful Webcast
Jarrod Kersey

         n Monday, May 19th,
         AFIA held “Navigating the
         Feed Ingredient Approval
Process; Successful Routes and
Pitfalls” featuring the following

    •   Bob Hahn (FDA legal
        counsel, Olsson, Frank and
        Weeda) - addressed GRAS
        notification process for foods
        and possible application to
        feed ingredients
    • Shannon Jordre (FDA
        Center for Veterinary               Above: Four FDA officials take part in AFIA’s recent webinar on navigating the FDA
                                            ingredient approval process. From left to right, Dr. Bill Burkholder, Dr. Mika Aleywense,
        Medicine) – addressed               Shannon Jordre and Dr. Sharon Benz.
        ingredient approval
        processes                             The two-hour webcast provided                   approval process, please contact
    • Dr. Mika Alewynse (FDA                  insights for companies on the                   Jarrod Kersey at
        Center for Veterinary                 AAFCO ingredient approval process
        Medicine) – addressed                 with a primary focus on the quality
        content needed for quality            of data submissions. Also, Dr.
        submissions to FDA for                Burkholder outlined the structure
        AAFCO ingredient definitions function claim approval process
    • Dr. William Burkholder                  including proposed claims, data
        (FDA Center for Veterinary            submission and FDA review.
        Medicine) – addressed
        structure function claim              Copies of the webcast, including
        approval.                             copies of the slides, will be sent
                                                                     to those who
                                                                      registered for
                                                                                                   To buy the AFIA webcast,
                                                                      the webcast.
                                                                                                         please fill out the
                                                                      if you did not                 publications order form
                                                                      register for the                         found on
                                                                      webcast and       - ‘educational
                                                                      would like to                       materials’ page.
                                                                      order a copy,
                                                                      please contact                              Rates:
                                                                      Alexa Stanco at
                                                                      astanco@afia.                        Members $319.00
                                                                      org. If you                      Non Members $639.00
                                                                      have questions
                                                                      about the
Above: AFIA staff member Jarrod Kersey (Right) and Bob Hahn (Left)    approval or
conducting FDA webcast.                                               FDA claim

       AFIA NEWS
 Gearing Up for the Liquid Feed Symposium in Austin, Texas
        The Kenny Berg                         acceptance as a viable and quality
                                               product, helping dairymen and
                                                                                            universities to submit industry-
                                                                                            related research proposals for
          Research &                           cattlemen alike realize a good return
                                               on their investment in liquid feeds.
                                                                                            possible funding. See the chart
                                                                                            below for previous research
        Education Fund                                                                      projects.
                                               Kenny encouraged industry-related
     Leanna Nail                               university research and during one           Complete information on
                                               of his terms as chair of the Liquid          contributing to the fund and

             y unanimous vote at the           Feed Committee, the Research &               submitting research proposals for
             March meeting of the Liquid       Education Fund was established to            the committee’s review can be
             Feed Committee Research           help fund these projects.                    found on the AFIA website.
     & Education Fund, the name of
     the fund has been changed to The          The Liquid Feed Committee                                                        E   D CO
                                               accepts contributions to this                                                 FE            M
     Kenny Berg Research & Education


     Fund in honor of the man who              fund, recognizing the contributing


     devoted his professional life to the      companies at the annual Liquid

     liquid feed industry’s growth and         Feed Symposium, and encourages

      Liquid Feed Research & Education Funds at Work
                         Research Report Title                                      Investigators                       University
       Effect of Backgrounding Diet on Subsequent Performance and        Paul Beck, J.M. Phillips, Stacy Gunter,         University of
                    Growing Calves Grazing Tall Fescue                     Kim Cassida and Steve Freeman                  Arkansas
       Effects of Liquid Supplement With or Without Fat Fed to Cows        M.K. Petersen, Gary Pulsipher, C.R.
      Consuming Native Range on Body Weight, Body Condition Score         Krehbiel, Jason Sawyer, Gene Parker                NMSU
                           and Calf Performance                                       and Shad Cox
      Approaches to Reduce Free-Choice Liquid Supplement Intake and       Paul Davis, William Kunkle and John
                      Intake Variation in Beef Cattle                                  Arthington
           How Does Sucrose Level Affect the Nutrient Yield From
                                                                                     Mary Beth Hall                            UFL
          Comparison of Dry and Liquid Protein Supplements Fed           J.S. Weyers, H.T. Purvis, C.R. Krebbiel,      Oklahoma State
          in Stocker Cattle Consuming Low-Quality Native Grass:          D.L. Lalman, D.A. Cox, J.E. Moore, and        University, UFL,
                       Performance and Digestibility                                    J. Harris                         Westway
          How Do pH and Protein Source Affect Nutrient Yield From
                                                                         Mary Beth Hall and Lucia Holtshausen                  UFL
                         Sucrose Fermentation
        Evaluation of Molasses-Soy Oil Soapstock Mix fed in a TMR or
                                                                           Charles Staples, Scott Broken, L.E.
         a Pasture Supplement for Lactating Dairy Cows (Preliminary                                                            UFL
                                                                            Sollenberger and W.W. Thatcher
        Supplementation of Copper and Selenium in Molasses-Based
                                                                                     John Arthington                           UFL
               Liquid Supplements in Growing Beef Cattle
             Ruminal Availability of Nitrogen from Liquid Feeds          Evan Titgemeyer and James Drouillard                 KSU
       Effect of Negative Cation-Anion Balanced Forages on Acid-Base
                                                                            Matt Hersom and John Arthington                    UFL
                Physiology and Dry Matter Intake in Beef Cows
         Effect of Forage-Liquid Molasses Interaction on Acid-Base       Matt Hersom, John Arthington and Gary
                 Physiology and Performance in Beef Cattle                              Hansen
         Effect of Cane Molasses on Absorptive Capacity of Rumin
                                                                           Bradley Johnson and William Miller                 KSU
      Papillae in Dairy Cows During the Dry Period and Early Lactation
      Assessing the Ability of Molasses to Prevent Milk Fat Depression
                                                                           Barry Bradford & Evan Titgemeyer                   KSU
                   From Distillers Grains With Solubles

     “Analyzing Today’s Marketplace and Tomorrow’s Opportunities”
An all-star line up of speakers will be present at the 38th Annual Liquid Feed Symposium to share their insight on topics
critical to the industry. The annual symposium is a “must attend” meeting for anyone involved with liquid production.
Whether your company manufactures liquids or supplies ingredients or services to the manufacturers, you will gain an
understanding of the issues confronting the industry today and arm yourself with the knowledge needed to keep that
competitive edge.

Wednesday, September 10th                                     Jim Lere, QLF
8:00 am – noon Liquid Feed Committee Meeting                  10:30 am – 11:00 am Kansas State Research Report- “As-
Noon – 6:00 pm Registration                                   sessing the Ability of Molasses to Prevent Milk Fat, Depression
1:00 pm – 1:15 pm Opening Remarks                             from Distillers Grains with Solubles” Dr. Barry Bradford, KSU
1:15 pm – 2:00 pm AFIA Regulatory Report, Richard Sellers,    11:00 am – 11:45 am Sulfur – Effects and Management,
AFIA                                                          Feed Ingredient Sulfur Levels, Danny Simms, Min-Ad, Sulfur
2:00 pm – 2:45 pm Animal Activists and What You Must Know,    Induced Toxicity, Dr. Dan Gould, Colorado State University
Dr. Janice Swanson, Michigan State University                 Noon to 1:15 pm Lunch and Awards/Hall of Fame Induction
2:45 pm – 3:15 pm Break                                       1:30 pm – 2:30 pm Weather Forecast and Industry Impacts,
3:15 pm – 4:00 pm Liquid Ingredient and Urea Forecast, Bill   Art Douglas, Creighton University
Anderson, Westway Feed Products                               2:30 – 3:15 pm Maximizing Forage Utilization, Tryon
4:00 pm – 4:45 pm Macro and Micro Ingredient Forecast, Jon    Wickersham, Texas A & M
Nelson, Southeastern Minerals                                 3:15 pm – 3:45 pm Ice Cream Social - Exhibit Hall
2:00 pm – 6:30 pm Liquid Feed Trade Show                      3:45 pm – 4:30 pm Maximizing NPN Utilization, Dr. Evan
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm Critical Liquid Supplementation Hour -      Titgemeyer, KSU
Exhibit Hall                                                  4:30 pm – 5:00 pm Liquid $ and Sense, Dr. R. Hollis Klett, XF
Thursday, September 11th                                      5:30 pm – 6:30 pm Sponsor’s Social - Exhibit Hall
7:00 am – 5:00 pm Registration
7:15 am – 8:00 am Breakfast Buffet - Exhibit Hall             Friday, September 12th
7:00 am – 6:30 pm Liquid Feed Trade Show                      7:15 am – 8:00 am The “Incredible Egg” Breakfast - Exhibit
8:00 am – 8:15 am General Session Opening Remarks             Hall
8:15 am – 9:00 am Feeding Certification Programs, Quality      7:00 am – 9:30 am Liquid Feed Trade Show
Assurance Specialist from NCBA                                8:00 am – 8:45 am Feed, Food, Fuel & More Foolishness-
9:00 am – 9:45 am Non-Feed Opportunities, Dave Caldwell,      What’s in our Future Now?, Bob Riley, Feed Energy Company
Westway Trading Corporation                                   8:45 am – 9:30 am CattleFax Report, Duane Lenz, CattleFax
9:45 am – 10:15 am Break                                      9:30 am – 10:00 am Closing Remarks and “Cabela’s Gift
10:15 am – 10:30 am Research & Education Fund Results,        Card” drawing

Register Early: Register on line at http:// or complete the registration form and return with payment to
AFIA, 2101 Wilson Blvd., Suite 916, Arlington, VA 22201. Registration forms with credit card information may be faxed to

Hotel and Transportation: The DoubleTree Austin Hotel, located at 6505 IH-35 North at Highway 290 is just 20 minutes
from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and minutes from the University of Texas, State Capitol, and the Sixth Street
Entertainment District. For room reservations call 512-454 3737 and mention the AFIA Liquid Feed Symposium. The AFIA
room block is available until August 10, 2008. Rates are $169 per night for single or double occupancy.

For room reservations call 512-454 3737 and mention the AFIA Liquid Feed Symposium. The AFIA room block is available
until August 10, 2008. Rates are $169 per night for single or double occupancy.

For more information, contact Leanna Nail at 703-558-3567;

                           With so many
                                isn’t it
                            to know your
                              business is
                          protected by the
                           Safe Feed/Safe
                             Food seal?

   Safe Feed/ Safe Food Certification Program
        American Feed Industry Association
20 T: 703-524-0810
                                                                         AFIA NEWS
Members in the News
Compiled by Judy Pilgrim                 Kemin AgriFoods North America          acquisition will allow Hi-Pro Feeds
                                         has announced the promotion of         to service its current markets and
                                         Andrew G. Yersin, Ph.D., to Director   the expanded markets served by
                                         of Research and Development. Dr.       Sunrise Feed more efficiently across
                                         Yersin will guide the activities of    the Southwest.
                                         scientists pursuing new product
Chr. Hansen has obtained new             development, applied research and      Wenger
quality certification in the U.S. as a    the Customer Laboratory Services       Manufacturing,
result of a recent audit by Bureau       group that supports existing           Inc., supplier
Veritas Quality International. The       Agrifoods products. Yersin joined      of extrusion
company has been awarded the             Kemin in 2004 as Product Manager       processing
FAMI-QS certificate – the state-          for the Food Safety Platform           systems for the
of-the-art quality certification          pathogen reduction program. In         feed and food
for feed additives which fully           2005, he served as Worldwide           processing
integrates ISO 9001 standards,           Director of Intellectual Property      industries, has created the new
Good Manufacturing Practices             and Regulatory Affairs for Kemin       Wenger Mediterranean Regional
and HACCP requirements. The              Industries.                            Division. Nigel Lindley will serve as
certifiable system provides a single                                             Regional Manager; Carl Eidsforth
reference for ensuring the quality                                              will be in charge of customer service
and safety of feed additives on the                                             and support. The countries included
U.S. market to the benefit of feed                                               in the Mediterranean branch are
manufacturers and their customers.                                              Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Spain, the
                                         Also at Kemin, Kristi Krafka,          U.K. and Ireland.
Feed Energy Company, Des                 formerly Director of Regulatory
Moines, Iowa, has added Alan             Affairs, has been promoted to                                  Wilbur-Ellis
Richardson as Director of Marketing      Vice President of Regulatory                                   Company has
and Market Development. Alan has         Affairs, Quality Assurance                                     completed its
more than 25 years of experience         and Quality Control. In                                        purchase of
in marketing and communications,         this role, she will provide                                    the marketing
most recently managing business          strategic and operational                                      and distribution
intelligence in the strategic planning   regulatory expertise and leadership    business of ProFood USA, Inc.
and business development                 for regulatory approvals and           and the operating units Poseidon
department of Pioneer Hi-Bred            will monitor the quality of Kemin      Proteins and Agri Trading-Gooding.
International.                           products to achieve the company’s      In announcing the acquisition,
                                         commercial objectives.                 Wilbur-Ellis President & CEO John
                                                                                P. Thacher said, “The synergy of
                                         Unifeed Hi-Pro Inc. has signed         the two organizations will provide
                                         a definitive purchase and sale          greater resources as well as joint
                                         agreement with Sunrise Feed, LLC       marketing opportunities that will
                                         in Cheyenne and Elk City, Okla.        definitely enable us to provide the
                                         Sunrise Feed manufactures and          best service to our customers.
                                         sells beef, horse and other animal     The feed ingredient marketplace
                                         feed and pasture supplements. The      is changing rapidly, and we need
                                                                                to align ourselves with a company
                                                                                that has the necessary resources,
                                                                                shares similar values and has a high
                                                                                level of integrity in the agricultural
                                                                                service business.”

  Above: Alan Richardson.

 Welcome The Newest AFIA Members
 Compiled by Judy Pilgrim              Jeff M. White
                                       Senior Consultant
 Edward Robinson                       NEWBOS Partners, LLC               Danny Gauthier
 Territory Sales Manager               PO Box 150944                      Purchasing Manager
 Bentoli AgriNutrition, Inc.           South Ogden, UT 84415              SPF North America
 5812 Trade Center Dr., Suite 200      559/667-4150                       5300 North Highway 25
 Austin, TX 78744                      Email:             Hodges, SC 29653
 512/386-7333 Fax: 512/386-7377        Web:                864/642-4420 Fax: 864/374-3091
 Email:               (Software for feed manufacturers   Web:
 Web:                  and commodity traders)             Email:
 (Ingredient Supplier –                                                   (An international company selling
 Feed Additives/                       Mike McGetrick                     pet food flavoring agents and
 Specialty                             General Manager                    palatability products)
 Products)                             Nutrition Partners
                                       20 East Lake Avenue                Art Nor
 Daniel Simmons                        Airdrie, AB, Canada T4A 2G8        Manager
 President                             204/254-1525 Fax 204/254-2428      Sietsema Farms Feeds
 Continental                           Web:      11304 Edgewater Dr., Suite A
 Search & Outplacement, Inc.           Email: mike.mcgetrick@             Allendale, MI 49401
 PO Box 42873                               616/895-7493 Fax: 616/895-4008
 Baltimore, MD 21236                   (Premix manufacturer for dairy,    Web:
 410/529-7000 Fax 410/529-7007         beef, swine and poultry feeds)     Email:
 Email:                                                 (Feed manufacturer, integrator)
 Web:                Gene Desautels
 (Recruitment in animal science        General Manager                    Adam Luce
 industry)                             The PMT Group                      Logistics Manager
                                       PO Box 26028, 2641 Albert St. N    Southern Feed Ingredients
 Gary Culp                             Regina, SK, Canada S4R 8R7         221 Shore Drive
 Vice President                        306/721-6066 Fax: 306/721-4733     Suwanee, GA 30024
 Global Animal Products, Inc           Web:              770/237-5705 Fax: 770/962-3232
 11401 S Washington                    Email:    Web:
 Amarillo, TX 79118                    (Manufacturer and distributor of   Email:
 806-622-9600 Fax: 806-373-4779        Essential EssenceTM feed flavors,   (Feed supplements, mold inhibitors
 Email:             Wet NurseTM milk replacers, free   and specialty ingredients)
 (Ingredient supplier of minerals to   choice Weatherguard™ minerals
 the feed and pet food industries)     and distributor of various feed    Ken Tufte
                                       additives)                         Sales Manager
 Dr. Aaron Gaines                                                         Superior Feed Ingredients
 Director of Nutrition & Production    David Benson                       9358 Oak Avenue
 Services                              President                          Waconia, MN 55387
 The Maschhoffs, Inc.                  Pacific Vet Group                   952/442-2380 Fax: 952/442-4945
 7475 State Route 127                  6349 E Calle De Mirar              Web:
 Carlyle, IL 62231                     Tucson, AZ 85750                   Email:
 618/594-2125 Fax: 618/594-8487        520-577-3638 Fax: 520-577-3639     (Wholesale feed ingredient
 Web:            Email:       merchandising company providing
 Email:       Web:             proteins, grains and feed
 (Feed manufacturer, integrator)       (A leading distributor of animal   ingredients)
                                       health products in Asia)
                                                                                       Continued on page 23.

                                                                          AFIA NEWS
Continued from page 22.                 Linda Lin                               Kelly Mills
                                        General Manager                         President & Founder
John M. Dwyer                           US Niutang Chemical Inc.                Westaqua Commodity Group Ltd.
President                               2913 Saturn St., Unit G                 #211 – 988 Harbourside Drive
Tri Ag Supply                           Brea, CA 92821                          North Vancouver, BC,
PO Box 606                              714/993-6885 Fax: 714/993-7889          Canada V7P 3T2
Harvard, IL                             Email:                 604/988-3833 Fax: 604/988-3850
60033                                   (A leading global supplier              Web:
815/943-7981                            of aspartame, folic acid,               Email:
Fax: 815/943-8148                       pharmaceutical intermediates and        (Supplier of aquaculture and animal
Email:          sucralose)                              feed ingredients; supplier to the pet
(Ingredient supplier)                                                           food industry)

AFIA Gears Up for Centennial Bash
                                                          of the photos               3. When you think of AFIA,
                                                          and history from               what is the first thing that
                                                          your collection.               would come to mind?
                                                          We realize                  4. In AFIA’s accomplishments
                                                          these are valued               throughout the years, what
                                                          heirlooms and                  mattered to you the most?
                                                          promise to care
                                                          for and return              5. Would you like to share an
                                                          your artifacts in              anecdote of one of your
                                                                                         favorite experiences with
                                                          a timely and safe              AFIA?
                                                                                Our hundred-year celebration is
                                                            Our member-         not just about the history of AFIA
                                                            driven              but our members. If your company
                                                            association would   would like to participate beyond
                                                            not exist without   the previously mentioned activities,
                                                            our members.        consider becoming a centennial
Above: First Board of Directors, 1909                       No matter what      sponsor.
                                                            led you to our
Alexa Stanco                                                organization,         •     Epic Level ($8,000)
                                        when you joined or how involved           •     Legend Level ($5,000)

   n March 1909 a fledgling              you are, we would like to hear how        •     Vision Level ($3,000)
   association was born; today,         AFIA has influenced you. Please            •     Quest Level ($1,000)
   AFIA prepares to celebrate one       make time in your schedule to             •     A page in the Centennial Book
hundred years of service. We need       respond to the following questions:
the help of our valued members                                                  We appreciate any guidance
with photos, testimonials and              1. Can you recall some               and help you can provide us as
sponsorships for various projects             significant historic events        we prepare for our upcoming
planned for this celebration.                 impacting the feed industry?      Centennial Celebration.
                                              How did AFIA help usher
With the AFIA birthday bash on the            them in?                          We look forward to hearing from
horizon, we need your help with                                                 you. Please email Alexa Stanco
                                           2. As we move into another
historic photos. In going through                                               at if you are
                                              century of AFIA successes,
our archives we realized we have                                                able to share your pictures or
                                              what change do you foresee
some holes in our commemorative                                                 remembrances. If you would like to
                                              for the industry? For the
collection. We are hoping you can                                               contribute financially, contact Sarah
help fill in our timeline and add some                                           Novak at
         AFIA EVENTS
     Mark Your Calendars
                                             date                  event                 city/ state                  venue
                              September 10-12              Liquid Feed Symposium          Austin, Texas       Doubletree Hotel Austin

                                        October 7-8      Board of Directors Meeting        Chicago, Ill.         Westin O’Hare Hotel
                                                          AFIA & the Northern Crops
                                     October 7 – 9       Institute - Feed Safety Short     Fargo, N.D.        Northern Crops Institute

                                                         AFIA & the Northern Crops
                                October 21 – 22           Institute - DDGS & Pellet        Fargo, N.D.        Northern Crops Institute
                                                           Manufacture Workshop
                                                          Equipment Manufacturers
                                    November 6-8                                         Savannah, Ga.       Hyatt Regency Savannah
                                                                                                             Georgia World Congress
                                   January 28-30           International Feed Expo         Atlanta, Ga.

                                                         Spring Forum/Purchasing &
                                         March 9-13          Ingredient Suppliers          Destin, Fla.    Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort
                                                      For more information on these events visit
              PERMIT NO. 2295
              SUBURBAN MD
               U.S. POSTAGE
                 PRST STD

                                                                     FEED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY V

                                                                         A technical reference volume on everyday
                                                                         operations, with detailed information on
                                                                        planning new facilities, remodeling existing
                                                                          facilities and efficient production of high
                                                                                          quality feed.
                                                                       Members: $225                  Non-members: $350
     American Feed Industry Association
      Representing the Total Feed Industry

                                                                                     Order online at
         2101 Wilson Blvd, Suite 916,
             Arlington, VA 22201

                                                            The AFIA Journal is a publication of:

                                                                                American Feed Industry Association,
                                                                          2101 Wilson Blvd, Suite 916, Arlington, VA 22201,
                                                                     703/524-0810; fax 703/524-1921,,

                                                            AFIA member companies may submit their news releases to Journal editor
                                                            Judy Pilgrim,, or mail to the address above.

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