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					August 26th, 2010
           Today’s Agenda
• Dr. Ortuño
    – Foreign Language Requirements
•   Positions for work on campus
•   Intramurals
•   S.I.C.E.M. Program
•   Zip CARS
•   Committees
•   Elections
             Foreign Language Requirements
1. As soon as possible upon entering their graduate program students
   should examine the options available to them for satisfying their
   foreign language requirement. These are outlined in the Graduate
   Catalog and on the Modern Foreign Language (MFL) Web site: (Go to side bar and click on “Graduate
   Language Requirements.”)
2. Students should, as soon as possible, meet with the appropriate
   MFL professor and take the “diagnostic” exam, or simply contact
   me, Dr. Marian Ortuño. See MFL Web site for details and calendar
   of deadlines. This informal diagnostic exam (which also might
   include taking the MFL undergraduate Placement Exam) determines
   a student’s current base level of language proficiency and,
   depending on the outcome, allows the MFL professor to suggest an
   appropriate option or a plan of remediation, if necessary, in a
   timely manner.
             Foreign Language Requirements
• There are five options for satisfying proficiency outlined in the
  Catalog, one of which includes taking the Graduate Reading
  Courses offered in the summer--French, German, or Spanish
  5370/71. Please be informed that in order for these courses to
  “make,” it is of utmost importance that we meet minimum
  enrollments—five students, at least, per class.
• I must know as soon as possible the number of students who plan
  to take Spanish, German, or French in Summer 2011. (Latin and
  Greek are also offered through the Department of Classics.) Please
  inform me as soon as possible if you intend to take one of these
  courses. In the case of over-subscribed classes, we need to plan for
  additional sections, and this cannot be done at the last minute.
               Foreign Language Requirements
• Note—International MA students cannot use either the previously earned
  undergraduate credit option or the 5370/71 courses to satisfy their
  language requirement. This is because, as prospective international
  degree holders, they have to show current speaking and reading skills.
  They, therefore, must take both the oral test in committee and a
  reading/translation test of 250 words in one hour with a paper dictionary.
  Nevertheless, in the past, several international MA students have taken
  5370/71 as preparation for later taking the reading test.
• Please consult the MFL Web site for all necessary information concerning
  requirements: testing procedure, test format, MFL tester contacts,
  information on the summer graduate reading courses, and the calendar of
  deadlines for taking the diagnostic and the actual test. These deadlines
  apply to all graduate students, not just the International MAs.
• If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, Dr.
  Marian Ortuño.
          Open positions for work
• Casey Pederson
  – Position with Dr. Lyon
• Dr. Randy Wood
  – 3 GA positions
  – Contact
• Digitization Center
  – Contact
• ONE time Jersey purchase ($10)
    Fall                Spring
    Dodge Ball          5 on 5 Basketball
    Indoor Volleyball   Wallyball
    Ultimate Frisbee    Soccer
    Kickball            Softball
    Flag Football       Co-Rec Sand Volleyball

• Contact
             S.I.C.E.M. Program
      Student Intellectual Community Enhancement Money

• S.I.C.E.M. events must:
   – be led by graduate students and include faculty participants.
   – enhance the intellectual community, and include an academic
   – provide creative ways of learning to enhance the graduate
• Examples might include:
   • A theatre production involving multiple disciplines
   • An excursion to a historical sight
   • A luncheon to present work prior to its publication
            Zip Cars on BU Campus!
• Baylor students, faculty, and staff can join zipcar for only
  $35/year. you also get $35 in free driving to use your first
• Get 24/7 access to Zipcars parked right on campus! Simply
  reserve online, let yourself in with your Zipcard and drive.
  The low hourly and daily rates always include gas and
• You only need to be 18+ to join. Members age 18-20 can
  use a dedicated group of Zipcars that live on campus.
  Members age 21+ also have access to thousands of Zipcars
  all around the world.

• Social
  – The Social Committee is comprised of sub-committees that plan the GSA
    barbeques, GSA social events like the ice cream social, and any other
    evens the committee deems appropriate.
• Academic
  – The academic committee is comprised of two sub-committees, the ISF
    sub-committee and the Grant Writing Workshop sub-committee.
• Policy Taskforce
  – The policy taskforce is concerned with advocacy for graduate students
    at Baylor with building the GSA’s profile and reputation in the
    university. The Policy Task Force will serve as a forum for discussing
    the work of GSA representatives on several university-wide standing
    committees. The Policy Task Force will also take up ad hoc issues
    raised by members of the GSA.
• Secretary/Historian
  – Enforce the constitution
  – Co-manage planning, preparation, and delivery of GSA events.
  – Be an official spokesman and representative of the Baylor
    graduate student body as requested by the president
  – Meet with GSA advisors and officers each week.
  – Responsible for social networking.
  – Record minutes of GSA meetings for distribution through the
    GSA website.
  – Deliver and receive emails and other communications to and
    from GSA representatives as appropriate.
  – Maintain all GSA files and records.
• Treasurer
  – Enforce this constitution.
  – Co-manage planning, preparation, and delivery of GSA
    events, particularly the financial aspects of events.
  – Be an official spokesman and representative of the
    Baylor graduate student body as requested by the
  – Meet with GSA officers and advisors each week.
  – Manage and report on GSA budget in accordance with
    Baylor accounting policies.
        GSA Shirts
• $10
August 26th, 2010

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