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                                     John Grisham. The Firm

Chapter 1
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Быть лучшим выбором для кого-то

2. Частная разведка

3. Пользоваться спросом

4. Из любопытства

5. Взять ч-л под контроль

6. Вступительная беседа

7. Пойти коту под хвост

8. Преувеличивать

9. Избирательный

10. Чуть-чуть не дотянуть до номера 1

11. Играть время от времени

12. От лица, от имени (фирмы)

13. Очень гордиться своей компетенцией в
    технической области
14. Стать партнером

15. В среднем

16. Делать все возможное и невозможное

17. Жить в бедности

18. Соответствовать требованиям для получения
    крупного ипотечного кредита
19. Платить по высшему разряду

Some terms used in the text

1. Apprenticeship             A system of training a new generation of practitioners of a skill where most of
                              their training is done while working for an employer who helps the
                              apprentices learn their trade, in exchange for their continuing labour for an
                              agreed period after they become skilled. Theoretical education may also be
                               involved, informally via the workplace and/or by attending vocational schools
                               while still being paid by the employer.

2. A low-interest mortgage     Низкопроцентный ипотечный кредит. A mortgage is a bank loan in order to
                               buy a house.

3. Associate (at a law firm)   Юрист (в юридической фирме) The lowest level employee lawyer in a
                               traditional United States law firm

4. Partner                     A member of a business or law partnership, i.e. one of the people who own a
                               company and share its profits. Usually partnerships provide professional
                               services such as legal or finance advice.

5. Turnover rate               (Коэффициент обезрабачиваемости, текучесть кадров) is the rate at which
                               an employer gains and loses employees. Simple ways to describe it are "how
                               long employees tend to stay"

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

    1) Have you finally made up your mind on a car? – Well, our ________________ is a Peugeot, but
        not sure we will afford it.
    2) Is his grandmother really a hundred years old? – No, he ______________ it. She really is about
    3) He was ________________ the gold medal but at the last moment was overtaken by a Swiss
    4) Our main shampoo brand is ______________, so we should increase the production.
    5) Before World War II broke out, there was an intense fight for information between different
        countries’ ______________.
    6) Do you still work on contracts with Red Bull? – I do _____________, but for most part I take
        other companies’ projects.
    7) We should praise his hard work somehow, otherwise he will feel his effort goes
    8) After you obtain a Doctoral degree, it takes several years teaching to __________ a Professor.
    9) She is rather well-off, and she pays _______________ to decorate her house in accordance with
        the latest trends and technologies.
    10) You must ______________ of the argument, before it grows into a fight.
    11) This new store has just opened, and though I didn’t really need anything I went there
        _________________ anyway.
    12) On ______________ our children’s orphanage, I’d like to thank you for the money you donated.
    13) Unfortunately you do not ________________ a driver’s license: your score at the exam was only
        16, while the pass score is 20.
    14) _____________, a British nurse earns 12000£ a year, her salary is even less.
    15) I’m extremely ____________ about what I watch on TV: I only watch educational and news
    16) He takes _________________ his achievements, and he likes being praised for them.
    17) All his life, Van Gogh __________________ as he never managed to sell any of his paintings
        except “The Red Vineyard”.
    18) All our exhibits are 17th century originals, and we go __________________ to preserve them for
        future generations.

Translate into English

        1) Когда ему было 16, он проходил обучение на работе в одном из ведущих
           национальных банков.
        2) Он стал юристом сразу после колледжа и очень этим гордился.
        3) В этой компании ужасная текучка, в среднем за год меняется 70% сотрудников.
        4) От имени нашей компании поздравляю Вас с юбилеем!
        5) Без преувеличения, их семья живет в страшной нищете.
        6) Банк не даст ему ипотечного кредита, он не удовлетворяет требованиям – у него
           слишком низкая зарплата.

Answer the following questions:

    1) What were Mitchell McDeere’s characteristics and educational background that made him an
       attractive candidate in all law firms?
    2) What was his family background? Why was he so “hungry”?
    3) What did his wife Abby do?
    4) What was different about the Firm from other companies of the kind?
    5) Why wasn’t Mitch impressed by the Firm at the beginning of the interview? How did his mind
       change later on?
    6) What preparations had he made before the interview? How did it help him in the course of it?

Chapter 2
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Планировка здания

2. Состоятельный

3. Быть обязательным

4. сурово наказываться

5. не экономя на расходах

6. освободить офис

7. списывать (поездки, долги, недостачи)

8. список ожидающих очереди

9. давать займ с низкой процентной ставкой

10. выгодная сделка
11. проследить за ч-л, позаботиться о ч-л

12. иметь зуб на кого-то

13. выглядеть, как будто тебе совершенно комфортно

14. неловко улыбаться

15. быть в ч-л ценовых рамках, по карману

16. готовиться к экзамену

17. пройти экстенсивное обучение

18. получить прибавку к зарплате

19. соблазнительный, заманчивый

20. пенсионный план

21. непревзойденный, самый лучший

22. (разг. Амер.) предприятие, где приходится очень
    много работать, или в тяжелых условиях

Some terms used in the text

Tax haven                      (Налоговое убежище) A state or a country or territory where certain taxes
                               are levied at a low rate or not at all while offering due process, good
                               governance and a low corruption rate. Individuals and/or corporate entities
                               find it attractive as it gives opportunities to engage in tax avoidance.

Blue-chip                      A stock in a company with a national reputation for quality, reliability and the
                               ability to operate profitably in good times and bad. Here: blue-chip client – a
                               VIP client.

Bar examination                An examination conducted at regular intervals to determine whether a
                               candidate is qualified to practice law in a given jurisdiction.

IRS                            Internal Revenue Service of the USA

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

      1) I got this brand new suit just for 30$! It was a real ___________!
      2) The ________ __ of his flat was simple, it was a large studio which combined kitchen with
         bedroom and office.
      3) I couldn’t feel quite _____________ in front of so many celebrities.
      4) By 30 he was _____________ enough to afford a house.
      5) It was such an _______________ situation: our car broke down, and they had to wait for us for
         two hours till we got there by public transport.
    6) Wearing a uniform at work is _____________ if you are on the client interface.
    7) His house was ____________ damaged during the last hurricane.
    8) Mrs.Brown’s schedule is packed for the next month. All I can do is put you on a
    9) After this project is successfully completed I am supposed to get a substantial _____________.
    10) I used to work at this company, but it is a real ______________. I preferred to find a less busy
        place to work.
    11) You shouldn’t ____________________ on your outfit; you only have a graduation party once in
        a lifetime!
    12) He is so unforgiving! Once I stepped on his foot, and he still ________________ against me.
    13) The family ____________ the house and moved to a larger one.
    14) The suggestion to go to St Petersburg is very ___________, but I’ve got an exam on Monday,
        and I’d better _____________ it.
    15) He is our very special guest. Please _____________ that he is accommodated at a top hotel.
    16) The safety characteristics of our car are __________________, you can be absolutely calm in all

Translate into English

        1) Они состоятельные люди и не скупятся на расходы на обучение их сына.
        2) Этот банк предлагает кредиты с очень низкой процентной ставкой. – Это очень
           заманчивое предложение!
        3) Планировка территории колледжа непростая, и я дважды заблудилась, пока искала
           свой корпус.
        4) Что мы будем делать с недостачей? – Мы имеем право ее списать.
        5) Проследи, пожалуйста, лично, чтобы ему подняли зарплату.
        6) Экзамены на юриста проводятся раз в полгода. Сдать экзамен и получить лицензию
           нужно обязательно.

Answer the following questions:

    1) What kind of building did the Firm occupy? How was it organized inside? What conveniences did
       it have?
    2) How was Mitch introduced to his future colleagues?
    3) What new conditions of his contract did he learn about? What impressed him?
    4) Who and how entertained his wife?
    5) What information about the Firm did Abby learn? What impression did it make on her?
    6) What is your impression of the Firm? Would you like to work there?

Chapter 3
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. 30 лет преданной службы

2. Рассказать о деталях предложения о работе
3. Беспокоиться о ч-л

4. Уяснить смысл сказанного

5. Порядочный человек

6. Рисковать

7. Нарушать правила

8. Ордер

9. Заключать сделку

10. Передумать, изменить свое мнение

11. Инструктаж, постановка задания

12. Предварительный план

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

    1) Why don’t you ________________ in this game? You have nothing to lose, and you can win a
    2) We congratulate you on retirement and would like to give you this present for your long
       _________________ at the company.
    3) Please find the ________________ on the task in the file attached, and if you still have
       questions do not hesitate to ask me.
    4) We will be glad to accommodate you and your colleagues. Please give us _________________
       the time of you arrival and the number of guests.
    5) I am not ___________________ his opinion at all, I’ll do it my way in any case.
    6) At first I was happy to find such a great job, but now I’m ________________________: my boss
       is so moody and hard to deal with!
    7) My dear daughter, I only want you to marry a ____________ man who will be a good father to
       your children.

Translate into English:

    1) Сначала я хотела описать ему всю ситуацию в подробностях, но теперь сомневаюсь: вдруг
       он не тот, за кого себя выдает?
    2) Он приличный человек и никогда не нарушает правила.
    3) Если я правильно поняла, мне не нужно беспокоиться о том, чтобы забрать дедушку из
       больницы? – Ну, таков предварительный план, давай созвонимся завтра и решим
    4) У меня ордер на арест г-на Блэка.

Answer the questions:
   1) What information about Mitch did DeVasher give Lambert? Was it satisfying? How was it
   2) How much of the story about Kozinsky & Hodge can you gather from the conversation?
   3) Why do you think such a close control of the employees is necessary in the Firm?

Chapter 4
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Возмещать (расходы)

2. Уклоняться от ч-л, принести извинения за уход

3. Сделать комплимент по поводу ч-л

4. Быть следующим по очереди

5. Набраться смелости

6. Проще простого

7. Самообслуживание; (зд.) заправочная станция

8. Обольстительно, заманчиво улыбнуться к-л

9. Промокнуть насквозь

10. Пренебрегать, не обращать внимания

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

   1) Is the exam going to be hard? – No, _______________ if you study well.
   2) What are you waiting for? – The waiter. – It’s _____________. Just go with a tray and take
      whatever food you want.
   3) Do not _____________ his opinions, he is usually right.
   4) I hadn’t taken my umbrella and got into a heavy rain, so I ______________.
   5) Someday I will ___________________, come up to my boss and ask for a raise.
   6) All the expenses from my business trips will be _____________, such is the company policy.
   7) I’ve got so little work to do that if should it come to redundancies, I’ll be __________________.
   8) During the meeting he got an important phone call and ________________ out of the meeting

   Translate into English:

   1) В этом платье ты выглядишь чересчур соблазнительно.
   2) Я беспокоюсь, возместят ли мне ту сумму, что я потратил на представительские расходы.
      (representation expenses)
   3) Я сделала ей комплимент насчет ее новой стрижки, и ее настроение сразу улучшилось.
Answer the questions:

   1)   What preparations were made for the McDerees’ move to Memphis?
   2)   What accident shook the Firm? Who were the dead employees?
   3)   How did the Queens take the accident?
   4)   How did Mitch and Abby spend their first day of affluence? What was their attitude to the

Chapter 5
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Сопроводить к-л (в офис)

2. Быть уместным, чувствовать себя на месте (где-то
   или среди каких-то людей)
3. Приписывать каждого юриста низшего звена к
4. Быть совместимым с к.-л.

5. Способный (о человеке)

6. Быть отягощенным студенческим кредитом
   (кредитом на образование)
7. Окончить с отличием

8. Формировать партнерства (как вид организации)

9. Быть специалистом высшего класса

10. Обмен активами компаний

11. 2й, 3й и т.д. месяц подряд

12. Досада, неприятность, глупость

13. Тренироваться в спортивном клубе

14. Бросить, перестать работать

15. Проверять ч-л успехи еженедельно

16. (зд.) увеличение счета (нечестным путем)

17. Определенная доля цинизма

18. Защитник угнетенных

19. Деньги это компенсируют (сглаживают негативный
Some terms used in the text

Billing                       Count of the traffic flow; (here) invoicing clients basing on the working time
                              spent on their cases

Assets                        Активы; Economic resources: anything tangible or intangible that is capable
                              of being owned or controlled to produce value. Current assets include
                              inventory, while fixed assets include such items as buildings and equipment.
                              Examples of intangible assets are goodwill, copyrights, trademarks, patents
                              and computer programs, and financial assets, including such items as
                              accounts receivable, bonds and stocks.

Attorney                      Личный адвокат, поверенный. Attorney at law, a lawyer in some countries.
                              Attorney (England and Wales), a person, who may be but is not necessarily a
                              lawyer, who is authorised to act on someone else's behalf in either a business
                              or a personal matter.

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

    1) The King was ______________ to the palace by royal troops.
    2) You will be ______________ to a mentor who will brief and instruct you on your responsibilities.
    3) Most of my marks were excellent and I only had a few good marks, so I graduated
    4) The temperature and humidity here are _____________ daily to deduce monthly patterns.
    5) He is on a sick leave the second ____________ month! It’s got to be something serious.
    6) She hurt him badly in the past and is still trying to _____________ the offense.
    7) I _____________ at this club every Wednesday, come and join me!
    8) How do you find living with your wife’s parents? – Frankly, I often feel
        _______________________ there, though they are quite nice people.
    9) I used to jog every morning, but now that I start work so early I ____________.
    10) Morning, I’d like to talk to Mr. Morran please. – Unfortunately he has just left and is not coming
        back today. – Oh, what a _______________, I need him badly.
    11) Robin Hood was considered ___________________: he robbed the rich to help the poor.

Translate into English

    1) Может, мы все обсудим? – Нет, я не буду с тобой говорить, обсуди все с моим личным
    2) Я не возражаю против определенного количества гостей, но 40 – это слишком много!
    3) Сделка заключалась в обмене активами между компаниями.
    4) Дело расследует какой-то Эркюль Пуаро. – О, он же специалист высшего класса, уверена,
       он быстро найдет преступника.
    5) Он очень способный и решает задачи, которые другим не под силу.

Answer the questions:

    1) How was training of new employees organized at the Firm?
   2)   What was discussed at the meeting between Mitch, Lambert, McKnight and two more partners?
   3)   Who was Mitch’s partner? What was he like?
   4)   What were the rules of survival at the Firm?
   5)   At what kind of place did Avery and Mitch have lunch?
   6)   What were the working hours of the Firm’s employees?
   7)   What was Mitch’s secretary like?
   8)   How did Lamar describe the profession of lawyer?

Chapter 6
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Направляться куда-либо

2. Побить некий рекордный результат, превзойти

3. Держать каждый пенс под личным контролем

4. Юридическая, правовая работа

5. Тяжба, судебный процесс

6. Перфекционист, человек, во всем стремящийся к
7. Письмо-обязательство, письмо о намерении
   совершить сделку
8. Черновик

9. Интенсивная, напряженная работа

10. Вне зависимости от того, чему вы верите

11. Устранить утечку (информации)

12. Быть занятым (к-л делом)

13. Принимать меры предосторожности

14. Руководить, курьировать

15. недвижимость

16. внутригосударственные отношения

17. завещание

18. судебная процедура

19. страховка

20. отношения между кредитором и дебитором
21. весь вечер

22. работать круглые сутки

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

    1) Your medical ________________ does not include dental service.
    2) I will be busy preparing the report ________________ the morning and I will not be able to
        meet you.
    3) What have you __________________ all this time? – Well, nothing special, I worked and spent
        time with my family.
    4) The work is always _______________ here, you’ll deal with a lot of clients, and the deadlines are
        very tough.
    5) This store is open _________________, so you can shop there even at night.
    6) He left a _____________, according to which all his money is inherited by his only son.
    7) Our shop has managed to create 300 new accounts in this month. But their shop has even
        ____________ our result by creating 350 accounts.
    8) This seminar on _______________ trade will cover various aspects and new trends in Russian
        trade nowadays.
    9) He works with _____________________: he buys and sells houses in Moscow area.
    10) All this ______________ just drives me nuts: why can’t they simply put the offender in prison?
    11) He will _______________ your work, so you will report to him and if you have any questions you
        should ask him, too.
    12) Why does he always have to improve things that are already good enough? That slows down the
        process. – Well, he is a _______________, it is a part of his character, and you just have to put
        up with it.
    13) I’ve just made a rough ____________ of the presentation, but it still needs a lot of work.
    14) Our boss really likes to be in control of everything, he keeps ___________________ on every
        single contract.
    15) The pipe is leaking! We should call the plumber to _________________ before our home gets
    16) __________________: keep away from children!
    17) Where are you _______________? – I’m going to have lunch at “Il Patio”, would you like to join

Translate into English:

    1) Работа с ним всегда будет напряженной, он всегда доводит любое дело до идеала и ждет
       того же от других.
    2) Чем ты занята, бабушка? – Я составляю завещание, внучка.
    3) Теперь я руковожу работой всей смены, и мне часто приходится работать круглые сутки.
    4) Мы начнем совещание в 8, вне зависимости от того, когда он придет.
    5) После работы он направился в спортклуб и тренировался там весь вечер.
    6) Мы получили от них письмо о намерении заключить контракт и копию черновика самого
   7) Вся юридическая работа в нашей компании ведется юридическим отделом на втором
      этаже. Сейчас они ведут несколько судебных тяжб в отношении копирования наших
   8) Все менеджеры не могут лететь вместе на одном самолете, это необходимая мера

Answer the questions:

   1) What was Mitch’s mood at the start of his first working day?
   2) What did he expect “the project of the day” would be?
   3) What new details of “the accident” at the Caymans did you learn from the conversation
      between DeVasher, Lambert & Locke?
   4) What was the new demand from Chicago?
   5) What subjects was the bar exam going to consist of? How was Mitch to prepare for it?
   6) What were Mitch’s feelings about work at the end of the day?

Chapter 7
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. В поисках чего-либо

2. Время от времени

3. Щелкать пальцами

4. Повесить трубку (телефона)

5. Спешить, ускоряться

6. Образец договора

7. Быть неплохим (поваром)

8. Болтливые языки проигрывают судебные тяжбы

9. Бормотать

10. Бросить телефонную трубку

11. Быть привычным к чему-то

12. Расшифровывать (цифры)

13. Подстригать (кусты, газон)

14. Внушительного вида документ

15. Быть полностью, по уши (занятым чем-то)

16. Срок окончания работы
17. Потерять счет времени

18. Чувствовать себя лишенным чего-либо

19. Бизнес с жесткими правилами, «на выживание»

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

    1) Our plane takes off in 40 minutes. If we want to be on time we’d better ___________________.
    2) Our family was really poor, so I often _________________ of very many things all children
        around me had.
    3) Back in the 50s, a computer was quite a ___________________ device, and only in 1965 a
        “small” refrigerator-size computer was created.
    4) You need to ______________ your lawn regularly, and then it will be nice and soft.
    5) I have visited all shops in Dolgoprudnyi _________________ the new jeans, and still have not
        found what I wanted.
    6) I have no clue how this news could reach him. – I am sure this is thanks to my grandmother,
        she’s always had _________________.
    7) The ball was so exciting that Cinderella just ___________________ and 12 o’clock came as a
        sheer surprise to her.
    8) Don’t understand you. Don’t ________________, say it again clearly!
    9) We’ll have to get up at 5. – It is OK, I’m ___________________ getting up early, I always get up
        at 6 to work.
    10) Would you please look after grandmother while we are away? You do not deed to come to her
        every day, just phone or visit her ______________.
    11) We are ________________ in debts: we owe to my mom and dad and now I am borrowing from
    12) He has got such a terrible handwriting; I cannot _______________ what is written here.

Translate into English:

        1) Какая она невоспитанная! Вчера я говорил с ней по телефону, и она все время грубила,
           а потом просто бросила трубку!
        2) По-моему я неплохая нянька: дети любят меня.
        3) Она такая болтливая, что я уже знаю все новости в их семье и у всех их друзей.
        4) Сроки поджимают, и вам надо ускорить работу. Чтобы сэкономить время, используй
           образец договора, он есть в локальной сети.
        5) Ее муж все время на работе, он погряз в делах, и она чувствует себя совершенно
           лишенной его внимания.
        6) Всю ночь напролет я сидел за работой. Сначала я время от времени смотрел на часы,
           потом вообще потерял счет времени.
        7) Она танцевала и щелкала пальцами в такт музыке.

Answer the questions:

    1) How was Mitch’s task on the Capps agreement changed? How did his bar exam studies
    2)   What did Avery’s look at office look like?
    3)   What information did Mitch learn from Mr. Lambert?
    4)   How did Abby keep herself busy?
    5)   What was her attitude to Mitch’s long working hours? How did it change after Mitch stayed at
         work all night?

Chapter 8
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Спать дома

2. Пережить трудную, напряженную неделю

3. Приводить в затруднение, давать трудные задания,
   издеваться над к-л, отчитывать к-л
4. Влезать в ч-л дела, мешать

5. Генеральный (главный) подрядчик

6. Тщательно, скрупулезно

7. Собственность

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

    1) When she came to call him for breakfast, the room was empty, his bed was not touched;
       apparently, he had not ______________.
    2) She _________________ read through the whole agreement looking for small mistakes and
       correcting every single of them.
    3) Our boss is very demanding, and he often ___________________ setting hard tasks and
       requiring them to be done perfectly.
    4) Who does this castle belong to? – This is _______________ of the Queen of England.
    5) I’ve had a ____________ day: we are having auditors and I spend 12 hours preparing the
       materials for them.

Translate into English:

    1) Лучше не вставай у него на пути! Он страшный человек!
    2) Компания делает эту работу сама? – Нет, силами генерального подрядчика.
    3) Нам требуется очень скрупулезный и внимательный к деталям сотрудник. Работа очень

Answer the questions:

    1) Did Mitch cope with the task on the Capps agreement? How did Avery react to his results?
    2) What was going on in Mitch’s house when he and Abby were dining with Mr. Lambert?
Chapter 9
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Впереди графика

2. Провалить экзамен

3. Преданность , самоотверженность

4. Красноречивый, убедительный

5. Слух

6. Иметь приоритет над чем-то

Some terms used in the text

A paralegal                   Ассистент юриста. Paralegal is used in most jurisdictions to describe a
                              paraprofessional who assists qualified lawyers in their legal work. In the
                              United States, they are not authorized by the government or other
                              agency to offer legal services.

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

    1) He loves giving speeches and he is truly _____________.
    2) There is a ____________ that our firm is going to be sold to a foreign company, but they do not
       announce it yet.
    3) Though she is trying to convince everybody that her family has ______________ work, this is
       definitely not so: she spends even weekends at work!
    4) I’m reviewing for my exam, I don’t want to _______________ it.
    5) His ____________ to the organization is obvious: he is obviously interested in work and devotes
       all his time to it.

Translate into English:

    1) Он красноречиво доказывал, как он предан своим старым друзьям, но никто ему не верил.
    2) Я сейчас работаю впереди графика. Хочу успеть сделать побольше, т.к. послезавтра ухожу
       в отпуск.

Chapter 10
Find the following words and combinations in the text
1. Неохотно

2. Быть на грани (краха)

3.  «Растопить лед», сделать первый шаг (к
   знакомству, разговору, хорошим отношениям)
4. Регулярно

5. Больная тема

6. Скрытый, сдержанный, осмотрительный

7. Быть способным что-то сделать

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

     1) The company is _________________ bankruptcy: it is getting more and more into debts.
     2) The audience was all new people. Trying to ________________ she smiled and offered tea or
        coffee, then commented on the weather.
     3) He is very _______________, and you will never know his real opinion on anything.
     4) We have these meetings ______________________, usually every quarter.
     5) You’d better not talk about money with my mom, this is a __________________, she always
        tries to show how poor she is.
     6) The alarm clock went off, and he _________________ got up. He hadn’t had enough sleep.

Translate into English:

     1) Не думаю, что он способен регулярно приходить на работу вовремя: он очень плохо
     2) Он неохотно говорит о своем больном отце, это больная тема.
     3) Она очень скрытная и никому ничего не рассказывает, но ходят слухи, что они с мужем на
        грани развода.

Answer the questions:

     1) How did Abby’s parents’ visit go?
     2) What kind of people were her parents? What was their background?
     3) What issued did they discuss?

Chapter 11
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Очень спешить

2. Малейшие следы сочувствия и утешения
3. В защиту

4. Добиться самого лучшего результата, получить
   наивысший балл
5. В ожидании, предвкушении ч-л

6. Перечитать, перепроверить (документ)

7. Ответ

8. Довериться кому-то

9. Произнести слово

10. Ближайшая, непосредственная цель

11. Экстренный случай

12. Обвинить, вынести приговор по к-л обвинению

13. Привыкать к ч-л

14. Ранимый

15. Иметь ч-л на уме

Some terms used in the text

A shelter                     (налоговое убежище) A tax shelter is any method of reducing taxable
                              income resulting in a reduction of the payments to tax collecting entities,
                              including state and federal governments. The methodology can vary
                              depending on local and international tax laws.

A write-off                   (списание со счета) In income tax calculation, a write-off is the deduction
                              of an item's value from one's taxable income. Thus, if a person has a taxable
                              income of $50,000 per year, a $100 telephone for business use would lower
                              the taxable income to $49,900.

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

    1) They are living ___________________ of their coming wedding: busy making the list of guests,
       arranging for the dress and flowers and other preparations.
    2) Do not offend the child, he is so small and _____________.
    3) He wanted to rob me, and I hit him _____________. He fell and I ran away.
    4) We are really _________________, we were supposed to go out 15 minutes ago!
    5) Our _________________ goal is to achieve a 10% growth on our domestic market; once that is
       done we can start expanding abroad.
    6) It is awful living with my parents after having lived by myself for two years! – It’s OK, you’ll
       ____________________ to it with time.
    7) My grandmother is so talkative, she is always telling me something and does not even let me
        ___________________ a word!
    8) He’s been __________________ a crime he had not made; he failed to prove his innocence.
    9) Can I tell you something very important? But promise to keep the secret! - Sure, you can totally
        ________________ in me.
    10) Let me ___________________ the invoice before you send it to the customer. There must be no
    11) Please ask him to call me back as soon as possible, tell him it is an _________________. His
        aunt is dying.
    12) How was your exam? – I think I made a high ____________________, but I will only find out for
        sure on Monday.

Translate into English:

    1) Я вижу, у тебя есть некий план. Расскажи мне, что у тебя на уме?
    2) Как твоя новая работа? – Ничего, потихоньку привыкаю.
    3) Не молчи, произнеси хоть слово в ответ, а то я начинаю нервничать.
    4) Наша первоочередная задача – построить новый склад, и нам надо очень поспешить с
       этим делом.
    5) Я вся в предвкушении приезда моей старой подруги, мы так давно не виделись!

Answer the questions:

    1)   How did Mitch do at the bar exam?
    2)   How was the news about his success presented to him?
    3)   What did an FBI agent tell Mitch at a deli?
    4)   How did Locke and Lambert explain this information to Mitch?
    5)   Which details did Mitch keep to himself?
    6)   How did Lambert, Locke and DeVasher plan to act in this situation?

Chapter 12
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Сойти за кого-то

2. Выявить, показать

3. Способности к языкам

4. По большей части

5. Оказать кому-либо услугу

6. Приговорить к-л к (наказанию)

7. Трудоголик
8. Новичок, новобранец

9. Изобилие ч-л

10. Заметить ч-л

11. В отличие от ч-л

12. Предполагать

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

    1) He’s been __________________ to 15 years of imprisonment, but was paroled after 10 years
        during the amnesty.
    2) The search of the flat has ______________ that the suspect was hiding the stolen money under
        the mattress.
    3) I _________________ I can pay by a credit card? – No, unfortunately only in cash.
    4) There is _________________ of material for your report, you are welcome to use it anytime.
    5) In this funny outfit you can go to a circus and _________________ a clown there! – Oh Mom,
        you understand nothing in fashion, this is the latest trend!
    6) He is a real ________________, he works till late and then takes work home.
    7) __________________ his criminal brother, Mitch was a decent man.
    8) What do you do at work? – Oh, _________________ I deal with the existing clients, but
        sometimes I have to negotiate new contracts, too.
    9) She definitely has an ___________________ languages: she speaks 5 European and 3 Asian
        languages and is now learning Japanese.
    10) Do me __________________, translate this text into Russian, so that I can use this information.

Translate into English:

    1)   Я заметила свободное место в переднем ряду и поспешила туда.
    2)   В отличие от меня, у нее необыкновенные способности к языкам.
    3)   Посмотри на меня: я смогу сойти за его сестру? – Да, в очень похожи.
    4)   Окажи мне услугу, купи мне молока на обратном пути.
    5)   Его приговорили к трем годам лишения свободы.
    6)   Любой новичок на работе старается показать себя трудоголиком, чтобы компания ценила

Answer the questions:

    1) Describe Mitch’s brother Ray. How did DeVasher describe him?
    2) Whose contact did Ray give to Mitch?
    3) What did Eddy Lomax’s office look like? What did his secretary look like? What was going on at
       the office?
    4) What task did Mitch give Eddy?
Chapter 13
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Законный

2. Перерабатывать, работать слишком много

3. Скрывать

4. Давать чаевые (официанту, швейцару)

5. Пробки, затрудненное дорожное движение

6. Усталый, выбившийся из сил

7. Местный (житель)

8. Соблазнительная улыбка

9. Перестать ч-л делать

10. Справиться, одолеть ч-л

11. Истекать (о сроке действия), терять силу

12. Быть связанным более ранней договоренностью

13. Иметь право на ч-л (согласно статусу)

14. Терпеть к-л, ч-л

15. Нарушать правила

16. Разъяснение

17. Искушение

18. Предприятие, фирма

19. Засучить рукава

20. Периодические издания

21. Просмотреть (статью на первой полосе)

22. свидетель

Some terms used in the text

Income tax                    (Подоходный налог) An income tax is a tax levied on the income of
                              individuals or businesses (corporations or other legal entities).
Corporate tax                (Корпоративный налог) Many countries impose corporate tax or company
                             tax on the income or capital of some types of legal entities.

Capital-gain tax             (Налог на прирост капитала) A capital gains tax (CGT) is a tax charged on
                             capital gains, the profit realized on the sale of a non-inventory asset that was
                             purchased at a lower price. The most common capital gains are realized from
                             the sale of stocks, bonds, precious metals and property.

Estate tax                   (Налог на наследуемое имущество) The estate tax in the United States is a
                             tax imposed on the transfer of the "taxable estate" of a deceased person via a
                             will, made as an incident of the death of the owner.

Gift tax                     (Налог на дарения) the tax on money or property that one living person
                             gives to another.

Power of attorney            (Доверенность) a written authorization to represent or act on another's
                             behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal matter.

Registered agent             (Регистрационный агент, официальный представитель) The purpose of a
                             Registered Agent is to provide a legal address (not a P.O. Box) within that
                             jurisdiction where there are persons available during normal business hours
                             to facilitate a legal action or lawsuit. Generally, the registered agent is also
                             the person to whom the state government sends all official documents
                             required each year for tax and legal purposes.

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

    1)  I’m not going to _____________ his awful behavior; I’m sick and tired of it!
    2)  There is so much work to do, I’d better ___________________ and get down to it.
    3)  I felt terribly _____________ after hiking the mountains all day long.
    4)  Is this tax avoidance ________________? – Absolutely, no one can ever sue you for it!
    5)  Why did you leave your last job? – I felt I ______________, just stayed at work days and nights,
        and I was definitely underpaid for it.
    6) I don’t understand how to use this device, I’d like to get the ___________________from IT.
    7) There was a ________________ of the crime who saw everything from start to finish and
        testified at Court.
    8) He is on the Board as he is a co-founder and owns _________________ in this enterprise.
    9) Do you subscribe for anything? – Yes, a few ______________ and a TV programme.
    10) The traffic is still ________________, you’d better wait till later in the evening.
    11) At the library I ______________ a lot of books and finally found the information I was looking
    12) Those who ______________ the traffic rules are subject to being fined or even confiscate a
        driver's license.
    13) The Chinese language is too hard, I’ll never _______________ it. – Oh, you will, just try your
    14) He couldn’t go to the café with us as he had a _________________ with his parents.
    15) At the restaurant the service was good, so we ________________ the waiter generously.
    16) I had a ________________ to go to the restaurant with my friends, and it was so hard to resist,
        but I still went to my parents.
    17) My passport ______________ in May and I will have to make a new one.
    18) I used to phone my grandmother every day, but then I _______________ doing this as she does
        not remember my calls anyway.
    19) They were trying to _________________ their relations from their families up to the moment
        they decided to get married.
    20) The shop is full of _________________-looking goods that you want to buy even if you do not
        need them.

Translate into English:

    1) В Индии напряженное дорожное движение, а местные совершенно не обращают
       внимания на светофоры и нарушают правила дорожного движения.
    2) Ты выглядишь очень усталым. Наверное, ты перерабатываешь?
    3) Он менеджер по продажам и имеет право на корпоративную машину, но предпочитает
       свою личную.
    4) Я не собираюсь терпеть этого безобразия, я требую разъяснений немедленно!
    5) Без официальной доверенности от владельца использование транспортного средства не
    6) Шоколадка выглядела так аппетитно, трудно было преодолеть искушение и не съесть ее.

Answer the questions:

    1) Why were the Firm authorities concerned about Mitch’s private life?
    2) Why was Mitch told to fly to the Caymans? How did Mitch find them? What things captured his
    3) What was the first evening at the Caymans like?
    4) Why did Mitch feel he must run from the girl on the beach?
    5) What business did they do in Georgetown?
    6) What kind of clients did Avery say he had?
    7) What did Mitch do during the lunch break? Why did he have to take precautions?

Chapter 14
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Обрамлять тротуары

2. Беречь, холить и лелеять

3. Он не мог дождаться встречи с ней

4. Убийца (совершающий убийство видного
   политического деятеля)
5. Улика

6. Появиться

7. Идеально спланированное время

8. Казаться подозрительным

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

    1) Do you remember the name of the _____________ who shot President Lincoln?
    2) Beautiful flower beds were _____________ the paths in her garden.
    3) All the way from the shop a man was following me, this seemed _____________ to me.
    4) The _____________ of his presentation was perfect: 10 minutes, just enough to give the
       information, but not bore the audience.
    5) We arranged a meeting and I came on time. I waited for him for an hour, but he did not
       _____________. Later I found out he had got into an accident.
    6) There was not a single _______________ to prove his guilt.
    7) She ______________ the sweet memories of her life in Britain where she met her husband and
       where they spent the first two years of their marriage.

Translate into English:

    1) То, что он вернулся домой так поздно, показалось мне подозрительным. Но когда он
       наконец появился дома, все подозрения исчезли.
    2) Я лелею мечту снова его увидеть. Он обещал приехать в июле, и я жду не дождусь нашей
    3) Ты выбрал идеальное время, чтобы прийти в гости: мы как раз садимся обедать.

Answer the questions:

    1)   How was Mitch planning to meet his wife after the Caymans? How did things really work out?
    2)   Who was the girl he had made love with on the beach?
    3)   Why did the Firm need to arrange this affair?
    4)   What was DeVasher’s view of Abby any her parents?

Chapter 15
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Быть от природы (осторожным)                             (To be cautious) by nature

2. Небольшое количество ч-л                                 A handful of smth

3. Некоторое, легкое ( разочарование)                       A touch of (frustration)

4. Изголодаться по ч-л                                      To be starved for smth
5. Отдых, свободное времяпрепровождение                      Leisure

6. Застегнуть молнию (на плаще)                              To zip (a raincoat)

7. Предполагаться для к-л, ч-л                               To be intended for smb, smth

8. Совершить самоубийство                                    To commit a suicide

9. Проверить, подтвердить подлинность (подписи)              To verify (a signature)

10. Показатели по безопасности жизнедеятельности             A safety record

11. Брать с к-л оплату за ч-л                                To charge smb for smth

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

    1)  I'm not sure this is his handwriting; we need to ____________ it with a specialist.
    2)  How much do you ______________ for a hour? – 100$.
    3)  She is __________ very beautiful, she does not need any makeup.
    4)  I’m sick and tired of working, I need some _____________ time.
    5)  Mom, on Sunday I will have a ______________ of guests. – This is fine, but tell me exactly how
        many are going to come?
    6) Segrey Esenin ________________ in Astoria hotel in StPetersburg.
    7) Though she disliked beggars, she felt _____________ sympathy looking at this poor woman with
        a baby.
    8) ___________ your coat, it is cold outside.
    9) Our ________________ this year needs to be improved, we have a lot of accidents at factories
        and we need to impose more precautions there.
    10) This telephone is _____________ for internal use only, if you want to call to another institution
        please use another phone down the corridor.

Translate into English:

    1) Она жадная от природы и берет со своих квартиросъемщиков больше, чем кто-либо еще в
    2) В деревне, где я жила, совсем не было книжных магазинов, и я совсем изголодалась по
       чтению. Иногда друзья присылали мне несколько книжек, и я проводила все свободное
       время за чтением.
    3) Эта записка предполагалась для тебя, но т.к. она лежала на столе, я прочитал ее.

Answer the questions:

    1)   What was Abby’s plan for Christmas?
    2)   Why didn’t she and Kay Quin become intimate friends?
    3)   What did she complain to Kay about?
    4)   What was Abby’s impression of the Firm?
    5)   What information did Lomax give Mitch? What was his general attitude to the Firm?
Chapter 16
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Перекресток

2. Ворваться

3. Чмокнуть в щечку

4. Видеть мельком к-л

5. Иметь влияние, произвести впечатление на к-л

6. Внимательно слушать каждое слово

7. Достоверно ч-л знать

8. Подразумевать ч-л

9. Быть подвергнутым чему-то

10. Ждать в засаде

11. на текущий момент

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

    1) I know _____________ that he dates with a woman; I've seen them myself.
    2) When I was on the train yesterday, I _______________ my old friend. I tried to get to him
       through the crowd, but failed.
    3) You cannot believe him. All he says should be _____________ checking.
    4) Now I'm going to brief you on what to do, you should _____________ and do everything exactly
       as I say. This is very important.
    5) We’ve done all we could for ____________, let’s get back to it later.
    6) Did he say they could lend us money? – He didn’t say that, but I guess he ___________ it by all
       his talk about his wealth.
    7) We suppose the murderer was ______________ and as she approached he rushed right at her.
    8) Tell her that story about the murderer in a dark street. I think it will have ____________ on her
       and she will not come home that late.
    9) Go straight ahead and turn left at the first ______________.

Translate into English:

    1) В настоящий момент я могу только одно сказать наверняка: все документы должны быть
       подвергнуты тщательной проверке.
    2) Преступники ворвались в квартиру и раскидали все вещи. Наверное, они что-то искали.
    3) Она вошла в квартиру и всех по очереди чмокнула в щечку.
    4) Девочка внимательно слушала историю, рассказ произвел на нее впечатление.
Answer the questions:

   1) What kind of restaurant was favorite with Mitch and Abby?
   2) Why did they change the place? Where did they finally have a talk?
   3) What did Mitch tell Abby? What new facts do you find out from the conversation? Did he keep
      anything to himself?
   4) What was her reaction?

Chapter 17
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Выглядеть на свой возраст

2. Магазин товаров первой необходимости (обычно
   работающий допоздна)
3. Трущоба, развалина

4. Потрескавшаяся и облезающая краска

5. Зарегистрироваться под именем

6. Отступать, удаляться, схлынуть

7. Замереть

8. Добиться дружбы, поддерживать дружбу

9. Соучастник (преступника)

10. Обязательный, необходимый, насущный

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

   1) By nature she wasn't a communicative person, and it was always hard for her to
   2) Gosh, we’ve completely run out of milk. Where do you think we can get some at this late hour?
      – There is a ______________ round the corner, try it.
   3) The army gave a furious attack, but by night had to ____________ to its previous position.
   4) Is it _____________ I come at 8 every day? – Yes, because at this time every day we have
      manager’s meetings.
   5) How old are you? – 40. – You don’t ______________, I thought you were at most 35.
   6) Suddenly he heard some noises downstairs. He _______________ and was afraid to produce a
   7) The criminal could not have done this alone, he must have had an ______________.
   8) What a shame! While you are enjoying this luxury here, so many families in Africa live in
      _____________ and have nothing to eat!
Translate into English:

    1) Но этой шайке был необходим еще один соучастник, именно он обеспечивал отступление
       с места преступления.
    2) На потрескавшейся и облупливающейся краске затонувшего корабля можно было
       разглядеть его название.
    3) Не хочу, чтобы кто-то знал, что я тут, поэтому я зарегистрировался под именем Г-н Петров.
    4) Ты не выглядишь на свой возраст. Как тебе это удается?
    5) Так трудно добиться настоящей дружбы и так легко в миг потерять друга.

Answer the questions:

    1)   How did Mitch and Abby spend the Christmas? What was their farewell like?
    2)   In what kind of neighborhood did Mitch’s mother live? Where did she work?
    3)   How did Mitch see her? Why do you think he didn’t want to talk to her?
    4)   What were his hopes for the coming vacation?
    5)   How was Lomax killed?

Chapter 18
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Отдохнувший и посвежевший

2. Финансовая сводка

3. Временно прекратиться

4. Щелкнуть выключателем

5. Ввести номер (напр., код)

6. В полном отчаянии

7. Заверить к-л

8. Схватиться за руль

9. Совать нос в чужие дела, шпионить, вынюхивать

10. Подкрасться к к-л сзади

Some terms used in the text

Net profit                    (Чистая прибыль) Net profit is a measure of the profitability of a venture
                              after accounting for all expenses. In accounting, net profit is equal to the
                              gross profit minus overheads minus interest payable for a given time period.
Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

    1) She came back ______________: she had flunked the exam she had been preparing to take for
       the last half a year.
    2) The guy is definitely _____________ you: he follows you everywhere. I think he’s trying to get
       some information on you.
    3) Insert the credit card, _____________ the PIN number and you can make a withdrawal.
    4) She _____________ and all of a sudden the room was filled with bright light.
    5) When I tried to drive a car for the first time, I was so nervous that I ________________ so that
       my hands hurt on the next day.
    6) You can find the _____________ of our firm, including our net profit, on our official website.
    7) The shop assistant _____________ that I would never find such high-quality goods at such low
       prices anywhere else.
    8) Somebody ______________ and closed my eyes with his hands. Then I started guessing.
    9) You look _____________. Have you had a holiday?

Translate into English:

    1) Он явно что-то вынюхивает. Не говори ему ничего.
    2) Ты совсем не изменилась, даже как будто помолодела за эти годы.
    3) В связи с техническими неполадками работа завода временно прекращена, но уверяю вас,
       в течение получаса все будет починено.
    4) Она слишком поздно заметила выезжавший из-за поворота грузовик. В отчаянии она
       схватилась за руль, но не успела предотвратить аварию.
    5) Чтобы включить копир, надо ввести пароль, который вы можете найти в локальной сети.

Answer the questions:

    1) What event took place on the first working day after Christmas? How much did the average pie
       of the profits cost?
    2) Why wasn’t Mitch able to copy a file at the office?
    3) What was discussed in DeVasher’s room?
    4) Where did Mitch meet Tammy? Why did she want to talk to him? What issued were discussed?

Chapter 19
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Угрожать судебным разбирательством

2. Профессиональная некомпетентность (адвоката)

3. Пристегнуть ремень безопасности

4. Выйти из самолета на летное поле
5. Картонная коробка

6. Новейшие поправки, внесенные в налоговые
7. Ценить чье-либо сотрудничество

8. Разразиться хохотом

9. Под чьим-либо руководством

10. неизбежный

11. Не замечать к-л, забыть о существовании к-л, ч-л

12. Оцепить, изолировать место

13. Жесткий, бескомпромиссный борец с
14. Из уважения к к-л

15. Наблюдение, контроль

16. Шантажировать

17. Предъявлять официальное обвинение

18. Оглушительный удар (по организованной
19. Азартные игры

20. Нелегальная лотерея

21. Наркотики

22. Влипнуть по уши

23. Чрезмерная (зарплата)

24. Выполнять чьи-либо поручения

25. Держать рот на замке

26. «косить» под дурачка

Some terms used in the text

Tax evasion                   (Уклонение от уплаты налогов) Tax evasion is the general term for efforts
                              not to pay taxes by illegal means. (As opposed to tax avoidance, in which
                              legal means are used)

Money laundering              (Отмывание денег) Money laundering is a process whereby the origin of
                              funds generated by illegal means is concealed. The objective of the operation,
                             which usually takes places in several stages, consists in making the capital and
                             assets that are illegally gained seem as though they are derived from a
                             legitimate source, and inserting them into economic circulation.

Racketeering                 Racketeering is an illegal business, usually run as part of organized crime.
                             Several forms of racket exist. The best-known is the protection racket, in
                             which criminals demand money from businesses in exchange for the service
                             of "protection" against crimes that the racketeers themselves instigate if
                             unpaid A second well known example is the numbers racket, a form of illegal

Tax fraud                    (Налоговое мошенничество) Not reporting revenue or illegally avoiding

Tax return                   (Налоговая декларация) Reports filed with the Internal Revenue Service
                             (IRS) or with the state or local tax collection agency containing information
                             used to calculate taxes. Tax returns are generally prepared using forms
                             prescribed by the IRS or other applicable taxing authority.

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions 1-13 from above.

   1) The new _____________ in the existing laws were introduced yesterday.
   2) The plant is now ready to take off. Please ____________ and bring your chairs to the upright
   3) Dear Mr.Ivanow, thank you for the information provided. We _____________ and look forward
       to getting more from you soon.
   4) The clients are dissatisfied with the results of our work and blame us for ______________. They
       are going to work with another contractor with more experience.
   5) Unfortunately my mother-in-law’s arrival is ______________, she has already bought the
   6) We know this Police Commissar to be _____________. This is why we propose to make him in
       charge of investigating this violent crime.
   7) They argued severely and now do not talk to each other. She acts as if _____________ him, he
       does not seem to notice her either.
   8) I told them my favorite joke and everybody ____________.
   9) He says we’ve broken the contract and _____________. We’d better satisfy his demands to
       avoid publicity and Court.
   10) You will be working on this project ___________. He is a very experienced supervisor.
   11) We must have the place ____________. Do not let anybody in or out, watch carefully all the

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions 14-26 from above.

   1) He’s got ____________ demands, it would be impossible to do all he wants even if I worked 14
      hours every day!
   2) They had some of his letters to his lover and ______________ him. He had to pay them more
      and more until he finally turned to the police.
    3) We’ve got three servants: a cook, a maid and a boy who runs different ____________ for the
    4) He’s been ______________ of bribery and now the Court is in process.
    5) Of course I realized perfectly what he was driving, but decided to _____________ and say I
       didn’t understand what he was talking about.
    6) _____________! If you tell them anything, we’ll find and kill you!
    7) Once a year he affords to go to Las Vegas to _____________. He loses all his money and comes
    8) When the great scientist came into the hall, everybody stood up at once ______________ for
    9) We keep the continuing ____________ of the house where the crimes took place, but still
       nothing suspicious was noticed.

Translate into English:

    1) Но это же шантаж! – Да, ты влип по уши. Лучше держи рот на замке и не заставляй нас
        использовать наши материалы.
    2) Думаю, что усилия, которые мы прилагаем к наблюдению за ним, чрезмерны. Если что-то
        не так, мы все равно неизбежно заметим это.
    3) Мы смогли предъявить обвинения пяти преступникам этой банды. Это был оглушительный
        удар по преступности.
    4) Он обвинял нас в профессиональной некомпетентности, угрожал судом и вел себя так,
        словно вообще не замечал той огромной работы, что мы для него проделали.
    5) Согласно требованию пилота, он пристегнул ремень безопасности. Когда самолет
        приземлился, он сошел на поле и направился к терминалу аэропорта.
    6) Что в этих картонных коробках? – Документы, которые мы высылаем на хранение.
    7) Чем он занимается в компании? – В основном выполняет всякие поручения босса.
    8) Под руководством режиссера мы огородили место для съемок эпизода.
    9) Он разразился громким хохотом: «Дорогой мой, мы конечно ценим ваше сотрудничество,
        но вы слишком многого от нас хотите!»
    10) Его до сих пор не выгнали из фирмы только из уважения к его отцу, который так много
        сделал для нас.

Answer the questions:

    1)   Where and what for did Mitch fly by the company airplane?
    2)   Where was Avery going? What was he busy doing there?
    3)   How was the meeting between Mitch and the FBI Director organized? Where did it take place?
    4)   Whose name did Mitch find on the Wall (of those killed in Vietnam)?
    5)   What did Mitch learn about the Firm and its lawyers?
    6)   What did the FBI expect him to do?
Chapter 20
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Обязательный

2. Битком набивать, впихивать что-либо куда-либо

3. Ничего не пропускать

4. Чрезвычайно наслаждаться ч-л

5. Воспоминание

6. В навязчивом, патологическом страхе ч-л

7. Быть легкой добычей

8. Огорошивать к-л неожиданной новостью

9. Ниже нуля

10. Слушанье (в суде)

11. Бандит

12. Загнать к-л в угол

13. Притеснение, домогательство

14. Посредник, человек, регулирующий конфликты

15. Физическое запугивание, угроза

16. Использовать жесткие методы

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

   1) They ____________ me and finally I had to tell them everything.
   2) Have you already told your parents that you are going to get married? – Not yet, we are going to
      _____________ on them when they return from holiday.
   3) It is ___________ to report your expenses on corporate credit card within two weeks.
   4) The temperature was _____________ and all pavements were covered with snow.
   5) Did he like the congratulation you prepared for his birthday? – Oh yeas, he enjoyed it
   6) Now tell me everything and please ____________, it is all very important.
   7) There is going to be the first ___________ on this case in the Court today.
   8) In our large family we often had rows, but our mother was a good _____________, she always
      managed to resolve all conflicts.
   9) All the boys in our yard were afraid of those juvenile delinquents: they were older and they used
      ____________ to keep everyone scared. We always lived in ____________ of their harassment.
    10) It is time to ____________: unless you send us all the goods by Monday, we will turn to another
    11) He had only one small bag, and he managed to ____________ all his things into it.
    12) I only have very dim _____________ of my early childhood; I remember more things since I
        went to the kindergarten.
    13) He was walking in Red square with his pockets full of cash, and of course he was a
        ____________ for all thieves: he was robbed on the very first day of his stay in Moscow.

Translate into English:

    1) Эти бандиты используют жесткие методы: они притесняют и запугивают жителей и
       постоянно держат всех в нездоровом страхе.
    2) Зимой, когда температура опускается ниже нуля, и дуют холодные ветры, вы становитесь
       легкой добычей опасных вирусов.
    3) Я рассказал ему все, не упустив никаких деталей, и он чрезвычайно насладился историей.
    4) Вам обязательно надо будет прийти на завтрашнее слушание в суде.
    5) Надо загнать его в угол, тогда он во всем признается.

Answer the questions:

    1) How did Mitch and Abby meet after the Washington trip? Where did he tell her the whole
       story? What was Abby’s reaction?
    2) How did Mitch and Tarrance meet again? What did Tarrance want from him?
    3) Why did Mitch have to report this meeting to the Firm? What did he tell them?
    4) How did DeVasher manage to figure that Mitch was lying?
    5) How did Mitch and DeVasher meet? What did the latter do to keep control of Mitch?

Chapter 21
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Удалиться

2. Продуктовый магазин

3. Несуществующий

4. Беззаботно, безразлично

5. Иметь дело, обязательство

6. Ускользнуть от к-л

7. Количество несчастных случаев

8. «заморозить», приостановить наем сотрудников

9. Сокращать, урезать
10. Избавиться от ч-л

11. плацебо (индифферентное вещество, по внешним
    признаком имитирующее какое-л. лекарственное

Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

    1) We’ve lost a lot of money this year, so we’re ____________ the number of employees to only
        the core staff.
    2) Why is their _____________ so high? I keep hearing about accidents. – No wonder, mining is a
        dangerous job.
    3) How can you sit and chat here so _____________ if there is a fire at your neighbors?
    4) After giving his speech he ____________ from the room.
    5) Mom, can we take this dog to live with us? – No, you must ___________ the dog, I don’t want
        any gods at our place!
    6) I’m going to the ___________, do you need anything? – Yes, get me some potatoes and
        sausages, please.
    7) We’ve received a directive to ____________ on production on this line. The line should stop by
        next Tuesday.
    8) What’s this noise? – I’ve been killing flies. I killed two, and ran after the third one, but it
        managed to ___________ from me!
    9) If I won a million, I’d buy a posh new car. – Stop talking of ___________ things, you’d better
        think of how to get this million!
    10) Could you give me a lift into town? I have ____________ there at 10.

Translate into English:

    1) Нам необходимо избавиться от такого количества сырья, это больше чем нам необходимо
       для производства. Со следующего месяца приостановите закупки у Российских
       поставщиков и урежьте импорт.
    2) У нас такое огромное количество несчастных случаев, а вы так беспечно ходите прямо по
       стройке без каски!
    3) Мы преследовали его до продуктового магазина, но когда он зашел, ему удалось
       ускользнуть от нас.
    4) Прошу прощения, что мне придется удалиться: у меня есть важные обязательства.

Answer the questions:

        1) Was Mitch intending to cooperate with the FBI? How did he spend the days after returning
           from Washington?
        2) How did Abby feel and act?
        3) What mail did Abby get one day? Did she suspect anything?
        4) What changes were about to take place in the Firm? How would it reflect on the associates?
           How did Nathan Locke feel about it?
Chapter 22
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Аренда

2. Облокотиться на ч-л

3. Открытый для обсуждения, по договоренности

4. С трудом покрывать расходы

5. Квитанция

6. Повышенный (на 10%) тариф на оплату с
   опозданием (после некой даты)
7. Владение (здание с прилегающей территорией и
   относящимися к нему постройками)
8. Оплачивать коммунальные услуги

9. Всякая всячина, мелочи

10. Шкаф для хранения документов, картотека

11. Сделать разворот (на 180°)

12. Разглашать секреты

13. На блюдечке с голубой каемочкой

14. Порядок подчиненности, субординация

15. Свидетельствовать (в суде) против к-л

16. Судебный процесс

17. Шансы складываются в ч-л пользу

18. Иметь преимущества, быть в выигрыше

19. Иметь (неограниченные) полномочия в ч-л

Some terms used in the text

Free-lance                    Внештатный (сотрудник) Somebody who is self-employed and is not
                              committed to a particular employer long term. Some require clients to sign
                              written contracts, while others may perform work based on verbal
                              agreements. Freelancers may charge by the day, hour, or page or on a per-
                              project basis.
Fill in the gaps in the sentences using words and expressions from above.

    1) Do you think I will be given a visa? – I believe the odds are ____________, they just must give it
        to you.
    2) I’m supposed to witness at tomorrow’s ___________ on this case.
    3) Where is this contract? – In the ___________ on your right.
    4) Today you are cooking the dinner yourself; I’m not going to bring it to you _____________.
    5) The venture is not as profitable anymore; in fact, it barely ___________.
    6) He would never ___________ what was going on during their closeted meeting, however hard
        we questioned him.
    7) He works in ___________: they have different types of real estate for rent.
    8) You should keep __________ after all your purchases, who knows, they might have defects.
    9) The ___________ is like this: you will report to the logistics manager, he reports to the supply
        chain director and the director in turn reports to the CEO.
    10) You have the __________ to negotiate and conclude any contracts; you just need to make the
    11) We have just missed our turn! Make a ___________ at the next intersection.
    12) Our company owns a sports club; it is set on our __________ , right behind the main office.
    13) What salary do we offer to the candidates? – Put the salary as ___________, it will depend on
        their skills.
    14) Don’t ___________ against this chair, it is broken.
    15) What are you going to buy? – Nothing much, just some ___________: pencils, envelopes,
    16) I don’t want to __________ this criminal, it is too dangerous!
    17) You said you rent a flat. Who pays the __________, you or the owner? – We pay for the running
        water and electricity, and he pays the rest.
    18) And what if you do not pay the rent on time? – There is a 15% __________.

Translate into English:

    1) На территорию кафе не разрешается приходить со своей едой.
    2) Он не выдаст вашей тайны, можете на него положиться.
    3) Зарплата договорная, и думаю, вы можете требовать более высокой - все шансы в вашу
    4) Магазин на другой стороне дороги, нам надо развернуться.
    5) А какие коммунальные услуги вы предоставляете? Мы сможем пользоваться кухней и
    6) А что в этом шкафчике? – Да всякие мелочи.
    7) У меня есть полномочие подписываться за директора, я подпишу ваши документы.
    8) Он преподнесет нам деньги на блюдечке с голубой каемочкой.

Answer the questions:

    1) What kind of office did Tammy rent? On what terms? What for?
    2) How was Mitch’s meeting with Tarrance organized?
    3) What did they discuss? Did they agree on anything?
Chapter 23
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Быть должным (прийти в к-л место в к-л время)

2. Встретить к-л

3. Зайти в тупик

4. Жизнь в бегах

5. Удостоверение личности

6. Особое обращение

7. Деревенский, сельский

Some terms used in the text

Common stock                  (Обыкновенные акции) A security that represents ownership in a
                              corporation. Holders of common stock exercise control by electing a board of
                              directors and voting on corporate policy. Common stockholders are on the
                              bottom of the priority ladder for ownership structure after bondholders,
                              preferred shareholders and other debtholders.

Convertible warrants          (Конвертируемый купон на получение дивиденда) A warrant that can be
                              converted into stocks.

Bonds                         (Облигации) A debt security, in which the authorized issuer owes the holders
                              a debt and, depending on the terms of the bond, is obliged to pay interest to
                              the principal at a later date. A bond is a formal contract to repay borrowed
                              money with interest at fixed intervals.

Fill in the gaps with the words and combinations above.

    1) He is trying to get a higher-paid job, but this requires more education which he is not going to
       get. So he is ___________.
    2) She is _________ to be here in a few minutes; if you wait a bit you will meet her.
    3) This is a special guest and he needs a special ____________.
    4) I ___________ her at the cinema, but we did not have a chance to talk.
    5) Please show your ___________. It says you are 15, and you are not allowed to gamble if you are
       under 18.
    6) This is __________ area, and the nearest shop is several kilometers away.
    7) I’m so tired of this life __________, I’m dreaming of settling down somewhere.

Translate into English:
    1) Думаю, мы зашли в тупик. Давайте немного отдохнем и обсудим все еще раз.
    2) Вчера я встретил бывшего одноклассника. Сейчас он работает сельским учителем.
    3) Эта собачка очень редкой породы (breed), и она требует особого ухода.

Answer the questions:

    1) Who did Mitch meet at Cotton Exchange Building? How was the meeting organized? On what
    2) What offer did Mitch receive from the FBI?
    3) What decision did Mitch and Abby make? Did they decide to trust their lives to the FBI?

Chapter 24
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Отклонить приглашение

2. Неубедительный предлог

3. Вопиющее нарушение традиции

4. Щедро расточать похвалы и обещания

5. Жизнестойкость, запас работоспособности

6. Музыкальный автомат

7. Быть навсегда лишенным адвокатской лицензии

Fill in the gaps with the words and combinations above.

    1) You know I have such a lot of work… - No, this is just a _____________, you simply don’t want to
       meet my mother!
    2) Before the elections all the candidates _____________ promises, but none was going to keep
    3) Is Frank coming tonight? – No, he has ____________, he has some engagement.
    4) He’s got such a great ___________, he devotes all his time and effort to work and never seems
       to be tired if it.
    5) Every year on the 9th of May there is a parade in commemoration of the Victory day. If we cancel
       it this year, it will be ___________, people will not forgive this to us.
    6) He inserted a coin into the ___________, ordered a song and invited her to dance.

Translate into English:

    1) Если я буду рассказывать вам о своих клиентах, меня лишат адвокатской лицензии, и даже
       моя легендарная работоспособность не спасет меня.
    2) Он отклонил приглашение под совершенно неубедительным предлогом.
   3) Если под Новый год мы не услышим речи президента, это будет нарушением традиции.

Answer the following questions:

   1)   Why was Mitch invited to the partners’ lunch? How did he feel about this invitation?
   2)   What was Tammy doing meanwhile? What signals did Tammy and Mitch use?
   3)   What did Mitch demand for the cooperation with the FBI?
   4)   When was the next meeting scheduled?

Chapter 25
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Остаться без ч-л, израсходовать

2. Возобновляться (зд.: игра возобновилась)

3. Приостанавливаться (зд.: игра приостановилась)

4. Как по заказу, сигналу

5. Рассматривание витрин в магазинах

6. Взбалмошный, очень смешной

7. С неприкрытым изумлением

8. Восточный

9. Пути назад нет

10. Представлять (особый) интерес для к-л

11. Основной предмет торговли; основной продукт
12. Ударить по тормозам

Some terms used in the text

An offshore account           (Оффшорный счет) An account in a bank located outside the country
                              of residence of the depositor, typically in a low tax jurisdiction (or tax
                              haven) that provides financial and legal advantages. These advantages
                              typically include: greater privacy, low or no taxation (i.e. tax havens),
                              easy access to deposits and protection against local political or financial
Franchise                     Franchising is the practice of using another firm's successful business model
                              on certain conditions. For the franchisor, the franchise is an alternative to
                              building 'chain stores' to distribute goods and avoid investment and liability
                             over a chain.

Fill in the gaps with the words and combinations above.

   1) Milk products are main ___________ here; they also account for most of the export.
   2) I am so tired of this hard work! – You must finish it; once you’ve started there is ____________.
   3) In her cocktail dress, sneakers and straw hat, together with a bright pink rucksack, she looked
       just ___________.
   4) As the bell rang to lunch, all the workers had ___________ their work. Now they were
       unwillingly ____________ to continue till the evening.
   5) We have ___________ petrol; we need to fill the tank at the nearest petrol station.
   6) The subject of my study is the economical situation in the countries of the former USSR.
       ____________ is the economy in Kazakhstan.
   7) As she had no money, she went ___________, enjoying the Christmas decorations and gift
       packages in the windows.
   8) Have you really made all the way here on foot? It is an awfully long way! He stated in
   9) He watched lots of birds pecking something around the fountain. Then, as if ___________, they
       all flew away into the sky.
   10) She is an ____________ type: dark skin, black eyes and hair.
   11) There was a little boy crossing the road. He ___________ and the car stopped just before him.

   Translate into English:

   1) Не тормози так резко, за тобой едут другие машины!
   2) Пока мама делал покупки, мальчик рассматривал витрины. С нескрываемым удивлением
      он смотрел на игрушечные тракторы и грузовики.
   3) Как твое шитье? – С зимы я запустила его, но теперь снова взялась за него. Раз уж я начала,
      пути назад нет, надо доделать.
   4) В магазине продавались основные продукты: молоко, хлеб, колбасы.
   5) Особый интерес представляет то, как эти замечательные животные ищут себе пропитание.

Answer the questions:

   1)   How did Mitch and Abby like their Сaymans vacation?
   2)   What was each of them busy doing?
   3)   Who followed them on the island?
   4)   How did Mitch meet Tarrance? On what terms did they agree?

Chapter 26
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. На данный момент

2. Штаб-квартира корпорации
3. Утонченный, ухоженный

4. С плохим характером, раздражительный

5. Получать прибыль

6. Еле заметно улыбнуться

Fill in the gaps with the words and combinations above.

    1) ___________, he earns very little, but he is a very prospective young man and a great future is in
       store for him.
    2) Our ____________ are in Berlin, but we have a lot of offices all over the world.
    3) We are planning to close this store as it does not __________.
    4) At this joke he ____________, but at once became serious again.
    5) She is about 45, but still looks attractive. She is very __________ and stylish.
    6) It is so hard to deal with him: he is __________ and hardly controls himself.

Translate into English:

    1) Пока что штаб-квартира компании находится в Брюсселе, но есть план перенести ее в
       Лондон. Это поможет повысить нашу прибыль.
    2) Она очень красива и ухожена, но характер у нее безобразный.

Answer the questions:

    1) Why was DeVasher suspicious about Mitch’s pastime at the Caymans?
    2) What were the moods like in Chicago?
    3) To whom did Lazarov turn for the information? What was the question he asked?

Chapter 27
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Наткнуться на к-л

2. Опухоль в легком

3. Перемотать пленку

4. Билет туда и обратно

5. Кусочек ткани, заплатка

6. Мучение

7. Быть согласным, охотно соглашаться

8. Сделать глоток
9. Тащить

10. Храпеть

11. Мастер по замкам

12. Копия

13. Бывалый, опытный

14. Столкновение

15. Каждый второй (поход)

16. Вздремнуть

17. Похмелье

18. Финальная атака

19. Склад

         Fill in the gaps with the words and combinations above.

   1)                                                                               He has a headache and
         he cannot remember anything from last evening; he has a severe ___________.
   2)                                                                               I tried to carry this bag,
         but it is too heavy. Then I tried to __________ it, but no good either. Finally I had to ask a man
         to help me.
   3)                                                                               There is a hole in my
         new jeans! I need to fix a ___________ on them.
   4)                                                                               We rent two
         __________: one for the raw materials, the other for our products.
   5)                                                                               Mom, I will phone you
         ____________ day: every day is too expensive for me.
   6)                                                                               I was just trying to slip
         away from the office and right on the stairs I ___________ my boss.
   7)                                                                               Please ____________,
         I’d like to listen to this song again.
   8)                                                                               I started reading a
         book, but it was rather boring, and soon I ____________.
   9)                                                                               We need to make
         another set of keys for our new housekeeper. Please go to the ____________ as soon as
   10)                                                                              We’re going to a club
         tonight. Would you care to join? – Sure, I’m ____________.
    11)                                                                             I’ve already worked
          here for half a year and can do most of the tasks myself, so I’m quite a ___________ employee
    12)                                                                             There is a ___________
          in her lung, she is going to be operated on next week.
    13)                                                                             There’s been a
          ___________ between our points of view, and he managed to convince me to do it his way.
    14)                                                                             I always buy a
          ___________ ticket when I go to work – I don’t want to waste time queuing on the way back,
    15)                                                                             Does he __________
          when he sleeps? – Yes, and very loudly!
    16)                                                                              The army was choosing
          disposition for the __________ which would send the enemy on the run.
    17)                                                                             It would be a real
          ___________ to get up a 6 every morning.
    18)                                                                             She filled her glass with
          water, ___________ and only after that started her speech.

Translate into English:

    1)                                                                              Это его ключи? – Нет,
          не его, это похоже на копии с его ключей.
    2)                                                                              Какое мучение
          страдать от похмелья!
    3)                                                                              Мне приходится
          ездить на склад через день.
    4)                                                                              В электричке он
          задремал и громко храпел.
    5)                                                                              Не покупай билет в
          оба конца, может быть, обратно мы поедем на маршрутке.
    6)                                                                              Пойдешь с нами на
          концерт? – С удовольствием!
    7)                                                                              В метро я наткнулся на
          бывшего одноклассника.

Answer the questions:

    1)                                                                              How did Abby appear at
          Mitch’s office? What for?
    2)                                                                              What reaction did it
          generate on the 5 floor?
    3)                                                                              Where did Abby really
    4)                                                                              How did Avery and
          Tammy meet at the Caymans?
    5)                                                                           Where did Abby and
          Tammy find the secret files? How did the two ladies spend the night? How did Avery spend it?
   6)                                                                   Where did they leave
        the copied files?

Chapter 28
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Сидение у прохода (в автобусе)

2. Говорить тихо

3. Не обратить на ч-л внимания, пропустить мимо
   ушей, «проглотить»
4. (слабый) блеф

5. Взамен на ч-л

6. Устав компании

7. Банковские отчеты

8. Протокол

9. Молодожены

10. Таможенная декларация

11. Утомительный, нудный процесс

12. Проводить инвентаризацию

Fill in the gaps with the words and combinations above.

   1) We must __________ at our warehouse on a regular basis to prevent theft.
   2) Please take care of the __________ during the meeting and send them out to all
       participants afterwards.
   3) You are so noisy. Could you __________ a bit, your small brother is sleeping.
   4) Would you like _________ seat or by the window?
   5) Peeling potatoes is a ___________ process, I always prefer to get somebody else to do
   6) There was obvious irony in her words, but he __________ and continued in a serious
   7) Are you driving him to the airport for free? – Not exactly, it is ___________ another
       favor from him.
   8) You should fill in __________ if you are leaving the country with a sum exceeding 3000
   9) __________ often spend their honeymoon by the sea.
   10) He said he didn’t have the required sum of money, but this is a __________, I’m sure he
       has it.
Translate into English:

   1) Инвентаризация – ужасно утомительный процесс.
   2) Вам придется заполнить таможенную декларацию. – Хорошо. И если можно, я
      хотел бы место у прохода.
   3) Эта информация должна быть в протоколе совещания и в банковских отчетах.
   4) Я согласен сделать это за миллион долларов. – Не верьте, это блеф, он возьмет
      деньги и сбежит.
   5) Давайте поздравим молодоженов!

Chapter 29
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Редкий

2. Пролистывать, перебирать

3. В праздничном настроении

4. Умеренность

5. Директор школы

6. Выдающийся

7. Трезвый

Some terms used in the text

Tax deduction                 (Налоговое удержание) Income tax systems generally allow a tax deduction
                              for various items, especially expenses incurred to produce income. Often
                              these deductions are subject to limitations or conditions. Tax deductions
                              generally are allowed only for expenses incurred that produce current

Tax depreciation              (Налоговая амортизация) Most income tax systems allow a tax deduction
                              for recovery of the cost of assets used in a business or for the production of
                              income. Such deductions are allowed for individuals and companies.

A warranty deed               (Гарантийный акт; документ на право владения имуществом) A general
                              warranty deed is a type of deed where the grantor (seller) guarantees that he
                              or she holds clear title to a piece of real estate and has a right to sell it to the
                              grantee (buyer).

Fill in the gaps with the words and combinations above.
    1) Now that I’ve become a monk I must forget all wastefulness; ____________ will become my
    2) Though her daughter only visits her once a month, she values these ____________ visits a lot.
    3) You haven’t heard of him?! He is a ___________ scientist in the field of gene engineering.
    4) I’ve been ____________ the books on his shelves and found a very interesting one.
    5) Celebrating New Year in Red Square is fun: there are lots of people ___________ drinking
       champagne and yelling “Happy New Year! Hurrah!”
    6) My daughter seems to have troubles at school: the ___________ asked me to come today.
    7) Look at the man lying there on the pavement: he must be drunk. – No, I think he is quite
       __________,but he is ill and we should call the ambulance.

Translate into English:

    1) Директор школы вызвал моих родителей и сказал им, что таких редких посещений школы
       явно недостаточно для моего образования.
    2) Выдающийся философ Иммануил Кант (Immanuel Kant) всегда жил в необычайной
    3) Они что, все пьяные? Почему они орут песни? – Нет, они трезвые, просто они в
       праздничном настроении.

Answer the questions:

    1)                                                                         What kind of date was
         April, 15?
    2)                                                                         How did Mitch make
         use of Avery’s departure?
    3)                                                                         Did Mitch cope with all
         his work by April, 15?
    4)                                                                         How did the celebration
         of the date go?
    5)                                                                         What kind of feelings
         did Mitch experience?
    6)                                                                         What did Tammy do at
         the Bendini building?

Chapter 30
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Вымученный, натянутый

2. Одинокий

3. Не относящийся к делу (вопрос)
4. Перевозчик нелегального товара (обычно
5. Гангстер, бандит

6. Количество

7. Время от времени

8. Выплата таможне

9. Казначей

10. Опережать события

11. Изобличающий, инкриминирующий

Fill in the gaps with the words and combinations above.

    1) He was typing the document all day long. He got up from his chair only ___________ to make
       the printouts.
    2) Let us get started: we have a huge ____________ of work to do.
    3) Don’t you think that this file is ____________? If somebody happens to see you can get into jail.
    4) He made a joke. As tired as she was, she still gave a __________ smile as she was a polite girl.
    5) How do you spend your free time? – I think this question is ___________, let’s better get down
       to business.
    6) What is the amount of your ____________ annually? – Oh, this is a question to the customs
       department, I don’t have the information.
    7) She was tired of her noisy grandchildren running throwing things around all the time, but when
       they left, she suddenly felt __________.
    8) Two ____________ with guns entered the bank and ordered to give them all the money.
    9) Have patience, don’t ___________, I’ll tell you everything in due course.

Translate into English:

         1) Я слушала бесконечный поток бабушкиной речи и время от времени вставляла
            комментарий, часто не относящийся к делу.
         2) У нас есть огромное количество инкриминирующего материала на эту компанию.
         3) Что это за сумма? – Это выплата таможне. – Как много!

Answer the questions:

    1)                                                                      What did Mitch and
       Abby discuss on the phone while she was away? What were their relation like?
    2)                                                                      How was the next
       meeting with Tarrance organized?
    3)                                                                      What information had
       Mitch already got hold of? What was he promising to get?
   4)                                                                          What was Mitch’s
        attitude to the FBI and Tarrance in particular?

Chapter 31
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. По чьему-либо приказу

2. Рак легких

3. Оперироваться

4. Шарить, рыться в ч-л

5. Раздраженный, выведенный из себя

6. Нарушение безопасности

7. Самонадеянность, самомнение

8. Неприемлемый; не принимаемый судом

9. Подкупить

10. Временное отстранение к-л от должности

11. Пост контроля веса (транспортных средств)

12. Намек на раздражение

13. Отвертка

14. Быть приговоренным

Fill in the gaps with the words and combinations from above:

   1)                                                                          The documents you are
        trying to submit now are ___________, the Court will not take them.
   2)                                                                          Driving without a
        seatbelt is a serious ___________, it can cost you a life.
   3)                                                                             Why are you removing
      all this furniture? Did my mother tell you to do so? – Yes Sir, this is __________.
   4)                                                                             When I came home I
      found a terrible mess there; somebody had been _____________ my things in search for
    5)                                                                            The Court will never
          settle this case in our favor. – Do you think we can __________ the Judge? – Well, it will be a lot
          of money.
    6)                                                                            He has been
          ___________ to death by the Court. – When will the execution take place?
    7)                                                                            You are too arrogant
          and confident; your ___________ is beyond all reason.
    8)                                                                            I kept on asking him
          questions and he kept on answering them, but now I could see _____________ in his
          expression. I realized it was time to stop.
    9)                                                                            How did your boss react
          when you overslept? – He was ___________, he shouted at me like mad.
    10)                                                                           Has she been operated
          already? – No, she is ___________ next week. I hope it will go fine.
    11)                                                                           To disassemble this
          apparatus you will need a ___________. Have you got one?

Translate into English:

    1)                                                                     По приказу дорожного
          инспектора я поехал на весовую станцию, где мой грузовик взвесили.
    2)                                                                     Он был в бешенстве.
          Кричал, что такое поведение неприемлемо, что это нарушение безопасности и портит
          репутацию всей компании.
    3)                                                                     Его уволили? – Нет,
          только временно отстранили от должности.
    4)                                                                     За взятки его
          приговорили к 3 годам лишения свободы (imprisonment).
    5)                                                                     У него рак легких. В
          пятницу его будут оперировать.
    6)                                                                     Терпеть не могу его
          самомнение. Каждый раз, когда ему приходится отвечать мне, я слышу нотки
          раздражения в его голосе.
    7)                                                                     В моих документах
          кто-то рылся! – Надо запирать шкаф, когда уходишь.

Answer the questions:

    1)                                                                              What facts arouse
          DeVasher’s suspicions? What was his version to explain them?
    2)                                                                              What did Lazarov
          suggest doing in these circumstances?
    3)                                                                     What did Mitch and Ray
       McDeeres discuss? How did Mitch inform Ray of the escape being prepared?
    4)                                                                     Where in Nashville did
       Mitch go?
    5)                                                                     What happened to his
Chapter 32
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Сердечный приступ

2. Кругленькая сумма, целое состояние

3. Плата за урегулирование конфликта

4. Конфузить, ставить в неловкое положение

5. Ни при каких обстоятельствах

6. Телефонная трубка

7. Устоять, воздержаться (от улыбки)

8. Сделать телефонный звонок

9. Устройство для измельчения бумаги

10. Следовательно

11. Разбросанный по чему-либо

12. Клиентура (банка, нотариуса и др)

13. Мир тесен

14. Студенческий бал

15. Сомнительный, якобы имевший место

Fill in the gaps with words and combinations from above:

   1)                                                                             The telephone rang and
        she picked up the ___________.
   2)                                                                               I left my dog alone for
        just an hour. When I came back home, there was a terrible mess: all my things were
        ____________ on the floor.
   3)                                                                               Is your husband at a
        meeting again? – Yes, he is staying late at work. I don’t believe in his __________ meetings, I am
        afraid he has another woman.
   4)                                                                               She has recently won
        ___________ on the lottery, now she is buying a new house!
   5)                                                                               He is a diabetic, so do
        not give him sweets, ____________, even if he asks you for them!
   6)                                                                               Do you think the Court
        will be on their side? – Yes, and I suppose you will have to pay them a huge ___________.
    7)                                                                             By your bad school
          marks you ____________ our family: we all have received a good education.
    8)                                                                             He was trying to keep
          serious, but at this joke he could not __________ a laugh.
    9)                                                                             There is a ___________
          downstairs, you should use it instead of simply throwing away documents.
    10)                                                                            Look at their portfolio:
          this bank has an impressive ___________, all large and well-known companies.
    11)                                                                            Hi! It is a surprise to
          meet you in Brazil! This is a __________!
    12)                                                                            Who have you invited
          to the __________? – I’m not coming, I don’t like such parties. – Oh, come on, all students of
          our group are coming!
    13)                                                                            I need to _________ a
          phone call, may I use your phone?

Translate into English:

    1)                                                                         Когда ты собираешься
          погулять, ты здоров, а как только пора учить уроки, у тебя болит голова. Следовательно,
          твои якобы головные боли – это простая лень. Я не разрешаю тебе пропускать уроки, ни
          при каких обстоятельствах!
    2)                                                                         Если мы не выплатим
          дивиденды, это будет скандал, который оконфузит нас перед всей нашей клиентурой.
    3)                                                                         Я заплатил
          кругленькую сумму за эту машину, но она того стоила. Не смог отказать себе в таком
    4)                                                                         Мне надо было
          позвонить. Я взял трубку, но телефон был отключен.
    5)                                                                         Ты тоже тут теперь
          работаешь? Как тесен мир!

Answer the questions:

    1)                                                                          How was Avery’s
          health? What was the diagnosis? What did he and Mitch talk about in hospital?
    2)                                                                          Where did Mitch meet
    3)                                                                          Why had Mitch’s car
          been stolen? Was he going to get a new one?
    4)                                                                          What was at the
          basement of the Bendini building? Was Mitch hoping to get more documents from the building?
    5)                                                                          Who and how arranged
          meetings of Mitch and Tarrance?
Chapter 33
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Невосполнимый ущерб

2. Отпуск, разрешенное отсутствие

3. Притвориться, что ч-л делаешь

4. На территории противника

5. Крайне нуждаться в ч-л

6. Фальсификатор документов

7. Стоимость авиабилета

8. Материальные ценности

9. Схватить ч-л

10. Колючая проволока

11. Густые леса

12. В ч-л честь

13. Быть слышимым

Fill in the gaps with words and combinations from above:

   1)                                                                               The battle continued
        ___________, and little by little we occupied the whole territory.
   2)                                                                                  This is a fake
        identification, but a very high-quality one, made by an experienced ___________.
   3)                                                                                  My granny was
        seriously ill. I took ____________ at work and hurried to her.
   4)                                                                                  Little Red Riding Hood
        had to go through ____________ to her granny’s small house.
   5)                                                                                  Why is there such a
        high wall with ___________ on the top? – This is against criminals.
   6)                                                                                  On the 9th of May there
        was a concert ____________ of the Great Patriotic War veterans.
   7)                                                                                  Not only have you
        stolen the old lady’s money, you have also incurred ___________ to the poor victim’s health.
   8)                                                                                  I ____________ to be
        listening to her with great interest, but in fact I was thinking of totally different things.
   9)                                                                                  It was a very quiet
        evening; only the distant barking of a dog was ____________.
    10)                                                                       “Can I help you carry
          this?” He ___________ my bag before I had time to answer.
    11)                                                                       The ___________ is too
          high, it will be way cheaper to go by train.
    12)                                                                         They are ____________
          of money: they have so many debts they have to pay and no sources of income.

Translate into English:

    1)                                                                        Материальные
          ценности мне не интересны; я хочу славы.
    2)                                                                        Мы крайне нуждаемся
          в деньгах: нам срочно надо лететь, а самолет стоит ужасно дорого.
    3)                                                                        Это празднование в
          вашу честь!
    4)                                                                        В толпе ее слова были
          не слышны.
    5)                                                                 Он притворялся, что
       любит меня, а на самом деле ему была нужна моя квартира! Это невосполнимый ущерб
       моей самооценке.
    6)                                                                 Он схватил меня за
       руку и потащил ко входу.
    7)                                                                 Мне необходимо
       взять отпуск, чтобы восстановить здоровье.

Answer the questions:

    1)                                                                        Did Avery’s illness cause
          any concern at the office?
    2)                                                                        Where was Mitch
          supposed to fly on the next day? What for?
    3)                                                                        What new orders did
          Tammy get from Mitch? How did she feel about her work with him?
    4)                                                                        How did Ray escape?
          Why did everybody say he had “stout friends”?

Chapter 34
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Перевести дух, отдышаться

2. Тошнота
3. Иметь мужество ч-л сделать

4. Суметь добраться куда-либо

5. Нелепый, дурацкий

6. Защищенный свидетель

7. Предатель

8. Со снисходительной улыбкой

9. «Споткнуться», наткнуться на ч-л

10. В кавычках (при зачитывании цитаты вслух)

11. Ошеломленно молчать

12. Пешеход

13. Утешать к-л

14. Сплетничать

15. Охотно

16. Продержаться (к-л период времени)

17. Федеральная автострада

18. Садиться на самолет

19. Зал ожидания, вестибюль аэропорта

20. Извещать, уведомлять

Fill in the gaps with the words and combinations from above:

   1)                                                                           After walking up 10
        floors I had to _____________.
   2)                                                                           The man can
        __________ 3 days without food.
   3)                                                                           You won’t be able to
        skydive, you don’t have __________, it is for the brave only.
   4)                                                                           He sold our secrets to
        the enemy. He is a __________!
   5)                                                                           She offered me to have
        dinner with them. As I was starving, I sat down to table __________.
   6)                                                                              This ___________ runs
      through the whole country from North to South. It is one of the country’s major roads.
   7)                                                                              The infrastructure of
      this airport is terrible: I can’t even find a single toilet on the ___________!
    8)                                                                             The girl was crying and I
          hurried to ___________ her.
    9)                                                                             On the green streetlight
          ____________ can cross the street, on the red cars go.
    10)                                                                             Who phoned? – This is
          from the bank. They called to ___________ that my bank statement has been mailed to me.
    11)                                                                             I hate ____________.
          When people have no news of their own they start discussing others.
    12)                                                                             Before the elections he
          said that by 2012 each resident will have his own flat. These are his exact words,___________.
    13)                                                                             I’ve got a bad
          __________ and I feel dizzy. – You must be carsick.
    14)                                                                             You look really
          ___________ in this hat, I haven’t seen anything funnier in my life!
    15)                                                                             He told me that my
          sister was getting married to him the next day. I stood in ____________. I couldn’t utter a word
          for the next couple of minutes – I would never expect this from her. Then I reluctantly gave my
    16)                                                                             Passengers for flight
          1240 to Boston please ___________ at gate 20.
    17)                                                                             I was looking through a
          stack of my old photographs when I suddenly ____________ this letter I had lost so long ago.
    18)                                                                             I doubt that I will
          __________ to the station on time: too little time is left.

Translate into English:

    1)                                                                       Он поспешил утешить
          меня: «Не бойтесь, вы защищенный свидетель, и ничто не угрожает вам».
    2)                                                                       Он сказал – я цитирую
          – «Мне не нужны деньги, мне хватает того, что у меня есть». Глупости, никогда не слышала
          ничего более нелепого.
    3)                                                                       К счастью, я сумела
          добраться до аэропорта вовремя и в последний момент села в самолет.
    4)                                                                       Улица была пуста
          кроме нескольких пешеходов у перехода.
    5)                                                                       Где ты нашла мой
          кошелек? – Я наткнулась на него около двери и решила принести тебе.
    6)                                                                       Есть слухи, что он не
          продержится и двух дней. Интересно, он написал завещание?
    7)                                                                       Я его пригласила, и он
          охотно приехал.
    8)                                                                       Когда он вошел, все
          уставились на него в удивленном молчании.
    9)                                                                       Дай мне перевести
          дух, и я все тебе расскажу.
Answer the questions:

   1)                                                           How did Lazarov get the
        information about Mitch? What information did he get?
   2)                                                           Who caught Ross at his
   3)                                                           What measures was the
        Firm security going to take against Mitch?
   4)                                                           How did Mitch find out
        about the danger? What did he do to rescue?
   5)                                                           Why didn’t he go to the
        FBI office?
   6)                                                           What did Mitch instruct
        Tammy to do?
   7)                                                           How did Lazarov handle
        the escape? What orders did he give?

Chapter 35
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Неумеренный, необузданный

2. Вопреки ч-л

3. Раздражающий, действующий на нервы

4. Пристегнуть ремень

5. Поднять руку, чтобы такси остановилось

6. Водительские права

7. Растянуться (на кровати)

8. Усердно, кропотливо

9. Идти по следу

10. Насторожиться, быть начеку

11. Разгуливать на свободе

12. Дорожка, проезд

13. Завязывать к-л глаза

14. В окрестностях ч-л, неподалеку

Fill in the gaps with the words and combinations from above:
    1)                                                                              The criminals
          ___________ me and drove for a long time so that I lost the track. When we stopped I could not
          even guess where we were.
    2)                                                                              While driving you
          should ____________ not only in front, but also in back seats of a car.
    3)                                                                              She ____________
          dusted every small surface, so that in a couple of hours the house was shining clean.
    4)                                                                              As you pass the Lukoil
          petrol station on your right, you should turn to the small ____________ through the bushes and
          it will take you straight to our house.
    5)                                                                              I have passed the
          theory and driving exams and will get my ___________ in a couple of weeks.
    6)                                                                              Shall I phone to order a
          taxi for you? – No need, thanks, there are plenty of them in front of the hotel. I’ll __________
          when I go out.
    7)                                                                              When the girl saw him
          she screamed with joy and jumped into his arms. He was surprised with this ____________
    8)                                                                              In the evening I
          ___________ in my bed and tried to recollect the events of the day.
    9)                                                                              There is a nice cafe
          ____________ of our office. I often go there for lunch.
    10)                                                                             The dog
          _____________ of the robber up to the bus station, and we realized he had got on the bus.
    11)                                                                             With this dog you
          should always be ___________; it can break or tear something any moment.
    12)                                                                             You guessed wrong:
          ____________ your prediction he has come on time.
    13)                                                                             Be careful, a dangerous
          criminal has escaped from the local prison and is now ____________.
    14)                                                                             Stop biting your nails.
          This is such a ____________ habit!

Translate into English:

    1)                                                                    Будь начеку: говорят, в
          окрестностях нашего городка разгуливает маньяк, которого полиция не может поймать.
    2)                                                                    Мне завязали глаза и
          ввели в комнату, где готовилось поздравление с юбилеем.
    3)                                                                    Не люблю
          пристегивать ремень, это так действует мне на нервы!
    4)                                                                    Я провел день,
          кропотливо просматривая документы, и вечером был рад растянуться в своей постели
          перед телевизором.
    5)                                                                    Он вышел на дорожку
          и махнул рукой такси.
   6)                                                                        Вопреки
        предсказаниям метеорологов, погода была сухая и солнечная.
   7)                                                                        Новость вызвала у нее
        нескрываемое горе.

Answer the questions:

   1)                                                                          How did Ray practice
        Spanish? Was he followed outside the prison? At what stage did they lose him?
   2)                                                                          What was Abby doing?
        Was she followed?
   3)                                                                          Where did Mitch come?
        What was he up to?
   4)                                                                          What information and
        instructions did Mitch give Ray on the phone?
   5)                                                                          Who checked in the
        hotel shortly after Abby? How did Ray “take care” of that woman?
   6)                                                                          Where were Ray and
        Abby going?

Chapter 36
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. На негнущихся больных ногах

2. Требования к физическим данным

3. Иметь корреспондентские отношения (с другими
4. Остаток (денег)

5. Массированная облава

6. Сообщить об обнаружении, случае наблюдения

7. Заместитель (должностного лица)

8. Сообщать (к-л) по почте о продвижении дела

9. Отправка, отсылка

10. Основной подозреваемый

11. Изнасилование

12. Обдумывать (следующий шаг)
13. Поставить контрольно-пропускной пункт на дороге

Some terms used in the text:

1. A numbered account             (Номерной счет) A bank account where instead of the holder’s name a
                                  number is used. This is done to avoid mentioning the name. Therefore
                                  numbered accounts are often used to disguise dirty money.

2. A Social Security number       (Номер (карточки) социального страхования) In the United States, a
                                  Social Security number (SSN) is a nine-digit number issued to U.S. citizens,
                                  permanent residents, and some temporary (working) residents. Its
                                  primary purpose is to track individuals for taxation purposes.

Fill in the gaps with the words and combinations from above:

    1)                                                                            Yesterday’s exercise in
          skiing was not habitual for me, so today my legs are ____________.
    2)                                                                             Are you saying that the
          ____________ of this murder is Jack? They are wrong, he couldn’t have killed a fly!
    3)                                                                             What’s going on? Why
          are there so many policemen all around? – There is a ___________ on a prison escapee, the
          police are trying to control the whole place.
    4)                                                                             Unfortunately, the
          Sheriff is too busy now, but I believe his __________ can help you with this question.
    5)                                                                             After shopping she
          counted ____________ of the money. Not much was left.
    6)                                                                             What did he commit? -
          ____________. – Oh, is he so violent? He produces and impression of a very calm and restrained
    7)                                                                             Can I get my money at
          the RBC office only? – No, you can make a withdrawal at a Sberbank office, too. These banks
          have ______________.
    8)                                                                             They have set up
          ___________ in every major road going out of the city hoping to catch the criminal.
    9)                                                                             We have hung his
          photos and descriptions all around. Any results? – Yes, a few hours ago a man __________ in
          Lenin street.
    10)                                                                            While playing chess you
          need to ____________ every move very carefully.
    11)                                                                            How much will the -
          ___________ of these goods to Germany cost? – It depends on where exactly in Germany you
          need them delivered.
    12)                                                                            12) The ___________
          are as follows: a white man, height 186sm, gray hair, brown eyes.

Translate into English:
   1)                                                                     Я хотел бы узнать, как
        продвигается розыск моей украденной машины. – К сожалению, пока результатов нет, мы
        будем информировать вас обо всех новостях по почте.
   2)                                                                     Мужчина сообщил
        нам об обнаружении Джона Митчелла – основного подозреваемого в изнасиловании.
   3)                                                                     На сайте вы DHL
        всегда можете узнать, состоялась ли отправка посылки или еще нет.
   4)                                                                     Остаток вечера я
        раздумывал о том, что он хотел мне сказать. Может быть, я не правильно его понял?
   5)                                                                     Поутру все мои члены
        были больными и негнущимися, и я пожалела о вчерашней пробежке.

Answer the questions:

   1)                                                                       What did Mitch do at
        Southeastern bank? What account did he use? Where did he transfer the money? What
        precautions did he take?
   2)                                                                       Were these transfers
        noticed in the Firm?
   3)                                                                       How was the search for
        Ray and Abby going?
   4)                                                                       Where were Ray and
        Abby? Where was Mitch? Where and how did they meet? What was their further plan?
   5)                                                                       What were the partners
        and the remaining associates of the Firm doing?

Chapter 37
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Добывать, обеспечивать

2. Расценки в низкий сезон

3. Создание помех правосудию

4. Гласность, известность

5. Композиционный портрет, фоторобот

6. (слегка) напоминать к-л

7. Собирать из составных частей

8. Доска объявлений

9. Допрашивать
10. Сговорчивый, готовый к сотрудничеству

11. Мелкая кража в магазине

Fill in the gaps with the words and expressions from above:

    1)                                                                                It is a personal matter,
          and we’d like to avoid _____________, so please ask al journalists to leave.
    2)                                                                                Your story
          ____________ me another one that I heard from my friend. But that one had a different ending.
    3)                                                                                The suspect was called
          to the police and ____________, but his answers showed he was not guilty.
    4)                                                                                He was caught
          ____________ at Mega Mall. He was trying to steal some soap.
    5)                                                                                They buy ready
          machine parts in different factories all around the country and _____________ them at their
    6)                                                                                What does your
          department do? – We ___________ materials for the production at our factories.
    7)                                                                                You cannot hang
          advertisements here, on the wall. There are special _____________ for that purpose.
    8)                                                                                Why are you going to
          Turkey in November? Isn’t it cold there? – Well, it is surely not that hot. But there are low
          ___________, and we are saving.
    9)                                                                                I think we should better
          turn to his brother, he seemed more ___________ and ready to help.
    10)                                                                               She is charged for
          __________. She refused to share the information she had with the police.

Translate into English:

    1)                                                                               Эта девушка похожа
          на фоторобот преступницы, которую ищет милиция.
    2)                                                                 Номера в низкий
       сезон очень дешевые, а персонал гостиниц очень сговорчивый. Им нужны посетители.
    3)                                                                 Необходимо предать
       обсуждение гласности, чтобы узнать мнение народа.
    4)                                                                 Наш отдел собирает
       лодки из частей, которые производят остальные отделы.

Answer the questions:

    1)                                                                               How did the “blitzkrieg”
    2)                                                                               What clues helped to
          find the McDeeres?
    3)                                                                               What was the FBI’s
          description of the three?
   4)                                                                         How did the Mafia
        search join the FBI one?
   5)                                                                         Who helped the
        McDeeres? Why?

Chapter 38
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Раскаяние, угрызение совести

2. Туда-сюда

3. Быть знакомым с ч-л

4. Вычислить, оценить

5. Признавать, принимать к сведению

6. По чистейшему совпадению

7. Вероятность ч-л

8. Тщательно

9. Качать насосом (бензин, воду и др)

10. Снабжать к-л новейшей информацией по вопросу

11. Сильно волноваться, испытывать трепет, быть
    поглощенным ч-л
12. Принимать чьи-либо инструкции

Fill in the gaps with the words and expressions from above:

   1)                                                                         When he is nervous he
        always walks ___________ in the room.
   2)                                                                         Recently there have
      been a lot of changes in the procedures, and we’ve called this meeting to __________ you on
   3)                                                                         Do you have the
      running water in this house? – Well, we ____________ water from the pond nearby.
   4)                                                                         I told him a lie and now
      I feel ____________. Probably I should tell the truth.
   5)                                                                         I was ___________ by
      his new detective novel.
    6)                                                                           You have been at his
          house, haven’t you? Then you _____________ with the layout. Tell me which window is the
    7)                                                                           He tried
          _____________ to rub off the pencil remarks in the exercise-book, but they still were visible.
    8)                                                                           Did you two agree to
          come here at the same time? – No, it is ___________, I didn’t know he would come at all.
    9)                                                                           I ____________ from
          the boss and my job is to follow that they are followed properly.
    10)                                                                          He left two hours ago,
          so I __________ he should be back soon.
    11)                                                                          Look at this clear blue
          sky! I don’t think the ____________ of rain is very high today.

Translate into English:

    1)                                                                            Я решил, что
          вероятность того, что он вообще придет, невелика.
    2)                                                                 Поглощенный
       процессом, он ходил туда-сюда по офису и обдумывал действия. Его секретарь принимала
    3)                                                                 Думаю, что это не
       совпадение – они все спланировали.
    4)                                                                 Вы знакомы с новыми
       правилами? Пожалуйста, просветите нас.

Answer the questions:

    1)                                                                       To what conclusion did
       Mr. Morolto and his men come discussing the facts? What decisions did they make?
    2)                                                                       How did the Mafia get
       the FBI and Police search out of Panama City Beach?
    3)                                                                       How was the Mafia
       going to find the McDeeres?

Chapter 39
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Быть бдительным, наблюдать за происходящим

2. Погрузиться в мысли

3. Разориться
4. Наблюдательный

5. Не терять бдительности

6. Ограничивать, суживать до ч-л

7. Выбиться из сил, быть изнуренным

8. Вздремнуть, поспать

9. Терять обороты, прежнюю силу

10. Снятие со счета

11. Шарикоподшипниковый завод

12. Выполнить свою часть сделки

Some terms used in the text:

1. A holding company           (Холдинговая компания) A holding company is a company that owns other
                               companies' controlling interest. It usually refers to a company which does
                               not produce goods or services itself; rather, its purpose is to own shares of
                               other companies.

2. A subsidiary bank           Филиал банка

3. A federal magistrate        (Федеральный магистрат) A United States Federal Magistrate Judge is a
                               trial judge appointed to serve in a United States district court.

Fill in the gaps with the words and expressions from above:

   1)                                                                        If you need money, you
        should simply come to an ATM or your bank and make a _____________.
   2)                                                                        With him, you should
        always _____________, you shouldn’t trust him the process, check everything he does carefully.
   3)                                                                        You said you are
        _____________. Did you notice what Ann was wearing when she came?
   4)                                                                        He seemed
        _____________. I decided he was contemplating something important and decided not to
        disturb him.
   5)                                                                        Do not try to do all
        work for everybody; try to ____________ only to your own tasks.
   6)                                                                        He has spent all his
        money and cannot find work. He must be ___________.
   7)                                                                        I’ve worked hard all
        day, and I’m ___________. I’d better go to bed.
   8)                                                                        He started working hard
        as no one before him. But now he is ___________. He must be tired.
    9)                                                                          According to the
        contract, they were supposed to deliver the service by March, 24, and transfer the payment by
        April, 24. We have _____________. But we still have not received their money.
    10)                                                                         I’m sleepy. I’ll probably
        ____________. Wake me up by 5 o’clock.

Translate into English:

    1)                                                                  Я совершенно
       выбилась из сил, но выполнила свою часть договора. Теперь из очередь.
    2)                                                                  Не расслабляйся, ты
       должен быть начеку.
    3)                                                                  Он был погружен в
       невеселые мысли. Что ему делать? Он совершенно разорен.
    4)                                                                  Любой
       наблюдательный человек заметит, что последнее снятие с этого счета произошло в день

Answer the questions:

    1)                                                                         How did Andy assist
         Mitch? How much did he charge? How did he suggest they could escape?
    2)                                                                         How did the Mafia men
         search the hotels? Who warned Mitch of this search? Why didn’t this method work for a long
    3)                                                                         Why did Tammy phone
    4)                                                                         What happened to
         Avery Tolar?
    5)                                                                         What were Mitch and
         Abby busy doing? What did they tape?
    6)                                                                         How did Lamar Quin
         happen to see Ray?What did he do then?

Chapter 40
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Восхищаться ч-л

2. С трудом ч-л видеть, почти не видеть

3. Судно

4. Фонарик
5. Вечность

6. Потерять равновесие

7. Изображать, притворяться кем-либо

8. Сесть (о батарейке)

Fill in the gaps with the words and expressions from above:

    1)                                                                         We saw a lot of
         ____________ in the sea, from small motor boats to four-deck ships.
    2)                                                                         What is wrong with the
         camera? – I think simply the battery ___________.
    3)                                                                         We ___________ at the
         awesome sunset.
    4)                                                                         It is so dark here! Have
         you got a ______________?
    5)                                                                            The thin board across
       the river did not look that reliable. Besides, I thought, I can ____________ and fall into cold
    6)                                                                            In such distance we
       could ____________ our house. A few more steps and it turned into a small point on the
    7)                                                                            We were sitting at a
       table waiting for the waiter. An ____________ seemed to pass when at last he came.
    8)                                                                            She was ___________ a
       person who was badly hurt though it was all her fault.

Translate into English:

    1)                                                                         Не изображай из себя
         большого босса, ты выглядишь смешно.
    2)                                                                         Фонарик не работает,
         батарейка села.
    3)                                                                         Я могу любоваться
         этой картиной целую вечность.
    4)                                                                         Такой густой туман
         сегодня, я почти тебя не вижу.
    5)                                                                         Малыш сделал
         несколько шагов, потерял равновесие и упал.

Answer the questions:

    1)                                                                         How did Mitch, Abby
         and Ray leave the hotel? Where did they go?
    2)                                                                         Why was Abby flashing
         into the sea?
   3)                                                                       Who caught them at
        the pier? What did they do to him?
   4)                                                                       Who collected them
        from the pier? Why were they late?
   5)                                                                       What did Tammy tell

Chapter 41
Find the following words and combinations in the text

1. Подробно разъяснять, комментировать ч-л

2. Спасаться бегством, покидать (страну)

3. Ограбление банка

4. Делать , как хочешь

5. Взять себе, усыновить \ удочерить (ребенка, собаку
   и др)
6. Причалить

7. Расположенный на суше, удаленный от берега;
   вглубь суши
8. Поддерживать, сохранять

9. Выходить, иметь вид (на море)

10. Вершина айсберга

11. Решающий удар по ч-л

12. Заманить кого-либо куда-либо

13. Быть досрочно освобожденным

14. Сомневаться, колебаться

Fill in the gaps with the words and expressions from above:

   1)                                                                      The town was all
      stretched along the coastline as further ___________ were high mountains.
   2)                                                                      Angelina Jolie has six
      children, and three of them are ___________.
   3)                                                                      He ___________
      whether he should go to that party or not.
   4)                                                                      They committed a
      major __________ and managed to escape with the money.
    5)                                                                             He likes to __________
          on how things should or should not be done and expects everybody to listen.
    6)                                                                             The ship __________ at
          the pier and the passengers got off.
    7)                                                                             He __________ the
          country a few years ago, but the police are still searching for him.
    8)                                                                             You can ___________,
          but first listen to my advice.
    9)                                                                             He has been
          blackmailed for the last few years, and the last sum he paid and you got to know about is just
    10)                                                                            He was sentenced to 10
          years of imprisonment, but was ___________ two years ago during the amnesty.
    11)                                                                            The complete failure of
          his project has been a ____________ on his self-esteem.
    12)                                                                            My windows
          __________ the street, and I can often see him enter that shop.
    13)                                                                            It is hard to
          ____________ friendship if you live on different continents.

Translate into English:

    1)                                                                            В этот магазин нас
          заманили низкие цены, однако качество там ужасное.
    2)                                                                        Его план был
          совершить ограбление, а затем покинуть штат и двигаться внутрь материка.
    3)                                                                        Когда он увидел
          бедную собачку, он ни минуты не колеблясь взял ее домой.
    4)                                                                        Он поддерживает дом
          в чистоте и порядке.
    5)                                                                        Я не буду
          распространяться, что тебе следует делать, а что нет. Мне все равно, делай как хочешь.
    6)                                                                        Я сняла номер с видом
          на море.

Answer the questions:

    1)                                                                            Who was George?
    2)                                                                            Where did the
          McDeeres plan to hide away?
    3)                                                                            What was each of them
          busy doing while on the yacht?
    4)                                                                            What was in the papers
          mailed by Tammy?
    5)                                                                            How did Mitch and
          Abby make it up?

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