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					                                                                    Nielsen BDS‐ Stations Monitored

Format               Call Letters   Market                          Station Name
Adult Contemporary   WHBC           Akron, OH                       MIX 94.1
Adult Contemporary   WRVE           Albany‐Schenectady, NY          99.5 THE RIVER
Adult Contemporary   WYJB           Albany‐Schenectady, NY          B95.5
Adult Contemporary   KDRF           Albuquerque, NM                 103.3 eD FM
Adult Contemporary   KMGA           Albuquerque, NM                 99.5 MAGIC FM
Adult Contemporary   KPEK           Albuquerque, NM                 100.3 THE PEAK
Adult Contemporary   WLEV           Allentown, PA                   100.7 WLEV
Adult Contemporary   WSB            Atlanta, GA                     B98.5
Adult Contemporary   WSTR           Atlanta, GA                     STAR 94 FM ATLANTA
Adult Contemporary   WFPG           Atlantic City, NJ               LITE ROCK 96.9
Adult Contemporary   WSJO           Atlantic City, NJ               SOJO 104.9
Adult Contemporary   KAMX           Austin, TX                      MIX 94.7
Adult Contemporary   KKMJ           Austin, TX                      MAJIC 95.5
Adult Contemporary   WLIF           Baltimore, MD                   101.9 LITE FM
Adult Contemporary   WQSR           Baltimore, MD                   102.7 JACK FM
Adult Contemporary   WWMX           Baltimore, MD                   MIX 106.5
Adult Contemporary   WRQQ           Baton Rouge, LA                 103.3 FM GEN X MUSIC
Adult Contemporary   KCIX           Boise, ID                       MIX 106
Adult Contemporary   KXLT           Boise, ID                       LITE 107.9
Adult Contemporary   WBMX           Boston, MA                      MIX 104.1
Adult Contemporary   WHBA           Boston, MA                      101.7 THE HARBOR
Adult Contemporary   WMJX           Boston, MA                      MAGIC 106.7
Adult Contemporary   WSRS           Boston, MA                      96.1 WSRS
Adult Contemporary   WXLO           Boston, MA                      104.5 XLO
Adult Contemporary   WEBE           Bridgeport, CT                  WEBE 108
Adult Contemporary   WBUF           Buffalo, NY                     92.9 JACK FM
Adult Contemporary   WJYE           Buffalo, NY                     96.1 JOY FM
Adult Contemporary   WTSS           Buffalo, NY                     STAR 102.5
Adult Contemporary   WEZF           Burlington‐Plattsburgh, VT‐NY   STAR 92.9
            p    y
Adult Contemporary   WIXM                 g              g
                                    Burlington‐Plattsburgh, VT‐NY   MIX 102.3
Adult Contemporary   WWMP           Burlington‐Plattsburgh, VT‐NY   MP103.3
Adult Contemporary   WMXZ           Charleston, SC                  MIX 95.9
Adult Contemporary   WXLY           Charleston, SC                  Y102.5
Adult Contemporary   WVAF           Charleston, WV                  V100
Adult Contemporary   WKQC           Charlotte, NC                   K104.7 FM
Adult Contemporary   WLKO           Charlotte, NC                   102.9 THE LAKE
Adult Contemporary   WLNK           Charlotte, NC                   107.9 FM THE LINK
Adult Contemporary   WDEF           Chattanooga, TN                 SUNNY 92.3
Adult Contemporary   WILV           Chicago, IL                     REWIND 100.3
Adult Contemporary   WIQI           Chicago, IL                     i101
Adult Contemporary   WLIT           Chicago, IL                     THE LITE 93.9
Adult Contemporary   WTMX           Chicago, IL                     101.9 FM THE MIX
Adult Contemporary   WKRQ           Cincinnati, OH                  Q102
Adult Contemporary   WREW           Cincinnati, OH                  REWIND 94.9
Adult Contemporary   WRRM           Cincinnati, OH                  WARM 98
Adult Contemporary   WDOK           Cleveland, OH                   CLEVELAND'S NEW 102
Adult Contemporary   WHLK           Cleveland, OH                   106.5 THE LAKE
Adult Contemporary   WQAL           Cleveland, OH                   Q104
Adult Contemporary   KVUU           Colorado Springs, CO            MY 99.9
Adult Contemporary   WTCB           Columbia, SC                    B 106.7 FM
Adult Contemporary   WSNY           Columbus, OH                    SUNNY 95
Adult Contemporary   WVMX           Columbus, OH                    MIX 107.9
Adult Contemporary   KLTG           Corpus Christi, TX              THE BEACH 96.5
Adult Contemporary   KDMX           Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX            102.9 NOW
Adult Contemporary   KJKK           Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX            100.3 JACK FM
Adult Contemporary   KVIL           Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX            103.7 LITE FM
Adult Contemporary   WCLI           Dayton, OH                      CLICK 101‐5
Adult Contemporary   WMMX           Dayton, OH                      MIX 107.7 WMMX
Adult Contemporary   KALC           Denver, CO                      ALICE 105.9 FM
Adult Contemporary   KDHT           Denver, CO                      107.1 JACK FM
Adult Contemporary   KIMN           Denver, CO                      MIX 100
Adult Contemporary   KOSI   Denver, CO                              KOSI 101
Adult Contemporary   KPTL   Des Moines, IA                          CAPITAL 106.3
Adult Contemporary   KSTZ   Des Moines, IA                          STAR 102.5
Adult Contemporary   WDRQ   Detroit, MI                             DOUG FM
Adult Contemporary   WDVD   Detroit, MI                             96.3 WDVD TODAY'S BEST HITS
Adult Contemporary   WMGC   Detroit, MI                             SOFT ROCK 105.1
Adult Contemporary   WNIC   Detroit, MI                             FRESH 100.3
Adult Contemporary   KSII   El Paso, TX                             KISS‐FM 93.1
Adult Contemporary   KTSM   El Paso, TX                             SUNNY 99.9 FM
Adult Contemporary   WCRZ   Flint, MI                               CARS 108
Adult Contemporary   KALZ   Fresno, CA                              ALICE 96.7
Adult Contemporary   KSOF   Fresno, CA                              SOFT ROCK 98.9
Adult Contemporary   KWYE   Fresno, CA                              Y‐101
Adult Contemporary   WINK   Ft. Myers‐Naples, FL                    WINK 96.9
Adult Contemporary   WAJI   Ft. Wayne, IN                           MAJIC 95.1
Adult Contemporary   WMEE   Ft. Wayne, IN                           97.3 WMEE
Adult Contemporary   WLHT   Grand Rapids, MI                        CHANNEL 95.7
Adult Contemporary   WSRW   Grand Rapids, MI                        STAR 105.7 FM
Adult Contemporary   WQLH   Green Bay, WI                           STAR 98
Adult Contemporary   WMGV   Greenville‐New Bern, NC                 V103.3
Adult Contemporary   WSPA   Greenville‐Spartanburg, SC              MAGIC 98.9
Adult Contemporary   WNNK   Harrisburg‐Lebanon‐Carlisle, PA         WINK 104
Adult Contemporary   WEZN   Hartford, CT                            STAR 99.9
Adult Contemporary   WRCH   Hartford, CT                            LITE 100.5 FM WRCH
Adult Contemporary   WTIC   Hartford, CT                            96.5 TIC‐FM
Adult Contemporary   KORL   Honolulu, HI                            TODAY'S MODERN MIX
Adult Contemporary   KRTR   Honolulu, HI                            KRATER 96
Adult Contemporary   KSSK   Honolulu, HI                            KSSK FM 92.3
Adult Contemporary   KHMX   Houston‐Galveston, TX                   MIX 96.5 KHMX
Adult Contemporary   KODA   Houston‐Galveston, TX                   SUNNY 99.1
Adult Contemporary   WHUD   Hudson Valley, NY                       100.7 WHUD
Adult Contemporary   WAHR   Huntsville, AL                          STAR 99.1
Adult Contemporary   WRSA   Huntsville, AL                          LITE 96.9
Adult Contemporary   WNTR   Indianapolis, IN                        MY 107.9
Adult Contemporary   WRWM   Indianapolis, IN                        I94
Adult Contemporary   WYXB   Indianapolis, IN                        B 105.7 SOFT ROCK
Adult Contemporary   WJKK   Jackson, MS                             MIX 98.7
Adult Contemporary   WTFM   Johnson City‐Kingsport‐Bristol, TN‐VA   98.5 WTFM SOFT ROCK
Adult Contemporary   KCJK   Kansas City, MO‐KS                      105.1 JACK FM
Adult Contemporary   KZPT   Kansas City, MO‐KS                      99.7 THE POINT
Adult Contemporary   WJXB   Knoxville, TN                           B‐97.5
Adult Contemporary   KTDY   Lafayette, LA                           BEST OF THE 80'S, 90'S AND TODAY
Adult Contemporary   WFMK   Lansing‐East Lansing, MI                99.1 WFMK
Adult Contemporary   KMXB   Las Vegas, NV                           MIX 94.1
Adult Contemporary   KSNE   Las Vegas, NV                           SUNNY 106.5 FM
Adult Contemporary   KVGS   Las Vegas, NV                           107.9 BOB FM
Adult Contemporary   WCDA   Lexington, KY                           106.3 YOUR MUSIC. YOUR STATION.
Adult Contemporary   KURB   Little Rock, AR                         B 98.5 FM
Adult Contemporary   KBIG   Los Angeles, CA                         104.3MYfm
Adult Contemporary   KCBS   Los Angeles, CA                         JACK FM
Adult Contemporary   KOST   Los Angeles, CA                         KOST 103.5 FM
Adult Contemporary   WXMA   Louisville, KY                          102.3 ‐ THE MAX
Adult Contemporary   WMGN   Madison, WI                             MAGIC 98
Adult Contemporary   WZID   Manchester, NH                          95.7 FM WZID
Adult Contemporary   WMC    Memphis, TN                             FM 100
Adult Contemporary   WRVR   Memphis, TN                             THE RIVER ‐ WRVR 104.5 FM
Adult Contemporary   WFEZ   Miami, FL                               EASY 93.1
Adult Contemporary   WFLC   Miami, FL                               97.3 THE COAST
Adult Contemporary   WLYF   Miami, FL                               101.5 LITE FM
Adult Contemporary   WSHE   Miami, FL                               SHE 103.5
Adult Contemporary   WLDB   Milwaukee, WI                           B93.3
Adult Contemporary   WLWK   Milwaukee, WI                           94.5 LAKE FM
Adult Contemporary   WMYX   Milwaukee, WI                           99 WMYX
Adult Contemporary   KSTP   Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN                KS95
Adult Contemporary   KTWN   Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN                96.3 K‐TWIN
Adult Contemporary   KZJK   Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN                104.1 JACK FM
Adult Contemporary   WGVX   Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN                LOVE 105
Adult Contemporary   WMXC   Mobile, Al                              LITE MIX 99.9
Adult Contemporary   KOSO   Modesto, CA                        B92‐NINE
Adult Contemporary   KRVR   Modesto, CA                        THE RIVER 105.5
Adult Contemporary   WJLK   Monmouth‐Ocean, NJ                 94.3 FM THE POINT
Adult Contemporary   WJRZ   Monmouth‐Ocean, NJ                 MAGIC 100.1
Adult Contemporary   WOBM   Monmouth‐Ocean, NJ                 SOFT ROCK 92.7 WOBM
Adult Contemporary   WWZY   Monmouth‐Ocean, NJ                 THE BREEZE 107.1
Adult Contemporary   KCDU   Monterey‐Salinas‐Santa Cruz, CA    THE BEACH 101.7
Adult Contemporary   KWAV   Monterey‐Salinas‐Santa Cruz, CA    KWAV 97 FM
Adult Contemporary   WMXS   Montgomery, AL                     MIX 103
Adult Contemporary   WJXA   Nashville, TN                      MIX 92.9
Adult Contemporary   WALK   Nassau‐Suffolk, NY                 WALK 97.5 LONG ISLAND'S BEST VARIETY
Adult Contemporary   WKJY   Nassau‐Suffolk, NY                 98.3 KJOY
Adult Contemporary   AAC    Networks                           CUMULUS MEDIA NETWORKS ‐ AC
Adult Contemporary   AHAC   Networks                           CUMULUS MEDIA NETWORKS ‐ HOT AC
Adult Contemporary   DAC    Networks                           DIAL GLOBAL ‐ ADULT CONTEMPORARY
Adult Contemporary   DHAC   Networks                           DIAL GLOBAL ‐ HOT AC
Adult Contemporary   MCAC   Networks                           MC MUSIC CHOICE ‐ SOFT ROCK
Adult Contemporary   SXBL   Networks                           SIRIUS XM ‐ THE BLEND
Adult Contemporary   SXPL   Networks                           SIRIUS XM ‐ THE PULSE
Adult Contemporary   WLTW   New York, NY                       106.7 LITE FM
Adult Contemporary   WPLJ   New York, NY                       95.5 WPLJ
Adult Contemporary   WWFS   New York, NY                       FRESH 102.7 FM
Adult Contemporary   WPTE   Norfolk‐Virginia Beach, VA         94.9 THE POINT
Adult Contemporary   WWDE   Norfolk‐Virginia Beach, VA         2WD 101.3 FM
Adult Contemporary   KMGL   Oklahoma City, OK                  MAGIC 104.1
Adult Contemporary   KYIS   Oklahoma City, OK                  KISS 98.9
Adult Contemporary   KQKQ   Omaha, NE                          Q98
Adult Contemporary   KSRZ   Omaha, NE                          STAR 104.5
Adult Contemporary   WMGF   Orlando, FL                        MAGIC 107.7 FM
Adult Contemporary   WMMO   Orlando, FL                        98.9 WMMO
Adult Contemporary   WOMX   Orlando, FL                        MIX 105.1 FM
Adult Contemporary   KBBY   Oxnard‐Ventura, CA                 B95.1
Adult Contemporary   WMEZ   Pensacola, FL                      SOFT ROCK 94.1
Adult Contemporary   WBEB   Philadelphia, PA                   FRESH MUSIC B101.1
Adult Contemporary   WBEN   Philadelphia, PA                   95.7 BEN FM
Adult Contemporary   WISX   Philadelphia, PA                   MIX 106.1
Adult Contemporary   WISX   Philadelphia, PA                   MIX 106.1
Adult Contemporary   KESZ   Phoenix, AZ                        99.9 KEZ
Adult Contemporary   KEXX   Phoenix, AZ                        MY 103.9
Adult Contemporary   KMVA   Phoenix, AZ                        HOT 97.5
Adult Contemporary   KMXP   Phoenix, AZ                        MIX 96.9
Adult Contemporary   KPKX   Phoenix, AZ                        98.7 THE PEAK
Adult Contemporary   KYOT   Phoenix, AZ                        EVA 95.5
Adult Contemporary   WBZZ   Pittsburgh, PA                     STAR 100.7
Adult Contemporary   WLTJ   Pittsburgh, PA                     Q92.9
Adult Contemporary   WRRK   Pittsburgh, PA                     BOB FM 96.9
Adult Contemporary   WSHH   Pittsburgh, PA                     WISH 99.7 FM
Adult Contemporary   KKCW   Portland, OR                       K103 FM
Adult Contemporary   KRSK   Portland, OR                       105.1 THE BUZZ
Adult Contemporary   KYCH   Portland, OR                       97.1 CHARLIE FM
Adult Contemporary   WHOM   Portland‐Poland Spring, ME         94.9 FM WHOM
Adult Contemporary   WMGX   Portland‐Poland Spring, ME         COAST 93.1
Adult Contemporary   WPLM   Providence‐Warwick‐Pawtucket, RI   EASY 99.1
Adult Contemporary   WSNE   Providence‐Warwick‐Pawtucket, RI   COAST 93.3
Adult Contemporary   WWLI   Providence‐Warwick‐Pawtucket, RI   LITEROCK 105
Adult Contemporary   WRAL   Raleigh‐Durham, NC                 MIX 101.5
Adult Contemporary   KMXW   Reno, NV                           MIX 100.9
Adult Contemporary   KNEV   Reno, NV                           MAGIC 95.5
Adult Contemporary   KRNO   Reno, NV                           SUNNY 106.9
Adult Contemporary   WTVR   Richmond, VA                       LITE 98 FM
Adult Contemporary   WSLQ   Roanoke‐Lynchburg, VA              Q99 FM
Adult Contemporary   WDVI   Rochester, NY                      100.5 THE DRIVE
Adult Contemporary   WFKL   Rochester, NY                      FICKLE 93.3
Adult Contemporary   WRMM   Rochester, NY                      WARM 101.3
Adult Contemporary   WGFB   Rockford, IL                       B103
Adult Contemporary   WRTB   Rockford, IL                       BOB FM 95.3
Adult Contemporary   KBZC   Sacramento, CA                     STAR 106.5
Adult Contemporary   KQJK   Sacramento, CA                     93.7 JACK FM
Adult Contemporary   KYMX   Sacramento, CA                   MIX 96
Adult Contemporary   KZZO   Sacramento, CA                   NOW 100.5
Adult Contemporary   WGER   Saginaw‐Bay City‐Midland, MI     MIX 106.3
Adult Contemporary   KBEE   Salt Lake City, UT               B98.7
Adult Contemporary   KBZN   Salt Lake City, UT               THE BREEZE
Adult Contemporary   KJMY   Salt Lake City, UT               MY 99.5
Adult Contemporary   KOSY   Salt Lake City, UT               KOSY 106.5
Adult Contemporary   KSFI   Salt Lake City, UT               FM100
Adult Contemporary   KJXK   San Antonio, TX                  102.7 JACK FM
Adult Contemporary   KQXT   San Antonio, TX                  Q 101.9
Adult Contemporary   KSMG   San Antonio, TX                  MAGIC 105.3
Adult Contemporary   KFMB   San Diego, CA                    100.7 JACK FM
Adult Contemporary   KIFM   San Diego, CA                    98.1 SMOOTH FM
Adult Contemporary   KMYI   San Diego, CA                    STAR 94.1
Adult Contemporary   KYXY   San Diego, CA                    SOFT ROCK KYXY 96.5
Adult Contemporary   KIOI   San Francisco, CA                STAR 101.3
Adult Contemporary   KLLC   San Francisco, CA                ALICE @ 97.3
Adult Contemporary   KOIT   San Francisco, CA                96.5 KOIT LITE ROCK LESS TALK
Adult Contemporary   KBAY   San Jose, CA                     94.5 K‐BAY
Adult Contemporary   KEZR   San Jose, CA                     MIX 106.5 TODAY'S BEST MIX
Adult Contemporary   KSBL   Santa Barbara, CA                K‐LITE 101.7
Adult Contemporary   KJAQ   Seattle‐Tacoma, WA               96.5 JACK FM
Adult Contemporary   KLCK   Seattle‐Tacoma, WA               CLICK 98.9
Adult Contemporary   KPLZ   Seattle‐Tacoma, WA               STAR 101.5
Adult Contemporary   KRWM   Seattle‐Tacoma, WA               WARM 106.9
Adult Contemporary   KVKI   Shreveport, LA                   96.5 KVKI
Adult Contemporary   KCDA   Spokane, WA                      103.1 KCDA
Adult Contemporary   KISC   Spokane, WA                      KISS 98.1
Adult Contemporary   KZZU   Spokane, WA                      92.9 ZZU
Adult Contemporary   WHYN   Springfield, MA                  MIX 93.1
Adult Contemporary   WMAS   Springfield, MA                  94.7 FM WMAS
Adult Contemporary   KEZK   St. Louis, MO                    FRESH 102.5
Adult Contemporary   KYKY   St. Louis, MO                    Y‐98 FM
Adult Contemporary   WARH   St. Louis, MO                    106.5 THE ARCH
Adult Contemporary   KJOY   Stockton, CA                     99.3 KJOY
Adult Contemporary   WYYY   Syracuse, NY                     Y94 FM
Adult Contemporary   WDUV   Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL         105.5 WDUV
Adult Contemporary   WMTX   Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL         MIX 100.7 WMTX FM
Adult Contemporary   WWRM   Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL         MAGIC 94.9 FM
Adult Contemporary   WRVF   Toledo, OH                       101.5 THE RIVER
Adult Contemporary   KMIY   Tucson, AZ                       MY 92.9
Adult Contemporary   KMXZ   Tucson, AZ                       94.9 MIX FM
Adult Contemporary   KRAV   Tulsa, OK                        MIX 96
Adult Contemporary   WASH   Washington, DC                   97.1 WASH‐FM
Adult Contemporary   WIAD   Washington, DC                   94.7 FRESH FM
Adult Contemporary   WINC   Washington, DC                   92.5 WINC‐FM
Adult Contemporary   WINC   Washington, DC                   92.5 WINC‐FM
Adult Contemporary   WRQX   Washington, DC                   MIX 107.3 FM
Adult Contemporary   WEAT   West Palm Beach‐Boca Raton, FL   SUNNY 107.9 FM
Adult Contemporary   WHLG   West Palm Beach‐Boca Raton, FL   COAST 101.3
Adult Contemporary   WRMF   West Palm Beach‐Boca Raton, FL   WRMF 97.9 FM
Adult Contemporary   KFBZ   Wichita, KS                      105.3 THE BUZZ
Adult Contemporary   KRBB   Wichita, KS                      B98‐FM
Adult Contemporary   WMGS   Wilkes‐Barre‐Scranton, PA        MAGIC 93 FM
Adult Contemporary   WJBR   Wilmington, DE                   WJBR 99.5 FM
Adult Contemporary   WSTW   Wilmington, DE                   WSTW 93.7
Adult Contemporary   WARM   York, PA                         WINK 103
Adult Contemporary   WROZ   York, PA                         101 THE ROSE
Alternative          WEQX   Albany‐Schenectady, NY           102.7 FM EQX
Alternative          KTEG   Albuquerque, NM                  104.1 THE EDGE
Alternative          KROX   Austin, TX                       101X
Alternative          KRAB   Bakersfield, CA                  KRAB 106.1 FM
Alternative          WBOS   Boston, MA                       RADIO 92.9
Alternative          WBTZ   Burlington‐Plattsburgh, VT‐NY    99.9 THE BUZZ
Alternative          WEND   Charlotte, NC                    NEW ROCK 106.5 THE END
Alternative          WKQX   Chicago, IL                      Q87.7
Alternative          WFTK   Cincinnati, OH                   96 ROCK
Alternative          KRXP   Colorado Springs, CO             103.9 RXP
Alternative   WARQ   Columbia, SC                       ROCK 93.5
Alternative   WCGX   Columbus, OH                       X 106.7
Alternative   WWCD   Columbus, OH                       102.5 THE ALTERNATIVE STATION
Alternative   KDGE   Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX               102.1 FM THE EDGE
Alternative   WXEG   Dayton, OH                         103.9 THE X
Alternative   KTCL   Denver, CO                         CHANNEL 93.3
Alternative   KCCQ   Des Moines, IA                     CHANNEL Q 105.1
Alternative   CIMX   Detroit, MI                        89X
Alternative   KFRR   Fresno, CA                         NEW ROCK 104.1
Alternative   WRMR   Greenville‐New Bern, NC            MODERN ROCK 98.7
Alternative   WMRQ   Hartford, CT                       RADIO 104.1
Alternative   KUCD   Honolulu, HI                       STAR 101.9
Alternative   KTBZ   Houston‐Galveston, TX              94.5 FM THE BUZZ
Alternative   WRZX   Indianapolis, IN                   X 103
Alternative   WXXJ   Jacksonville, FL                   X102.9
Alternative   KRBZ   Kansas City, MO‐KS                 96.5 THE BUZZ
Alternative   KXTE   Las Vegas, NV                      X 107.5
Alternative   KROQ   Los Angeles, CA                    WORLD FAMOUS KROQ 106.7 FM
Alternative   KYSR   Los Angeles, CA                    98.7
Alternative   WTFX   Louisville, KY                     93.1 THE FOX
Alternative   WLUM   Milwaukee, WI                      FM 102.1
Alternative   WGMP   Montgomery, AL                     104.9 THE GUMP
Alternative   MCMR   Networks                           MC MUSIC CHOICE ‐ ALTERNATIVE
Alternative   SXAN   Networks                           SIRIUS XM ‐ ALT NATION
Alternative   SXFC   Networks                           SIRIUS XM ‐ FACTION
Alternative   WRKN   New Orleans, LA                    ROCK 92.3
Alternative   WROX   Norfolk‐Virginia Beach, VA         96X
Alternative   WRFF   Philadelphia, PA                   RADIO 104.5
Alternative   WXDX   Pittsburgh, PA                     THE X
Alternative   KNRK   Portland, OR                       94/7 FM ALTERNATIVE PORTLAND
Alternative   WCYY   Portland‐Poland Spring, ME         WCYY 94.3
Alternative   WBRU   Providence‐Warwick‐Pawtucket, RI   95.5 WBRU
Alternative   WRXL   Richmond, VA                       NEW ROCK 102.1 THE X
Alternative   KCXX   Riverside‐San Bernardino, CA       X103.9
Alternative   WZNE   Rochester, NY                      ZONE @ 94.1
Alternative   KKDO   Sacramento, CA                     RADIO 94.7
Alternative   KENZ   Salt Lake City, UT                 101.9 THE END
Alternative   KXRK   Salt Lake City, UT                 X96
Alternative   KBZT   San Diego, CA                      FM 94/9
Alternative   XTRA   San Diego, CA                      91X
Alternative   KITS   San Francisco, CA                  LIVE 105
Alternative   WCAD   San Juan, PR                       ALFA ROCK 105.7
Alternative   KJEE   Santa Barbara, CA                  92.9 KJEE
Alternative   KNDD   Seattle‐Tacoma, WA                 THE END 107.7
Alternative   KPNT   St. Louis, MO                      105.7 THE POINT
Alternative   WKRL   Syracuse, NY                       K ROCK 100.9
Alternative   WSUN   Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL           97X
Alternative   KFMA   Tucson, AZ                         KFMA 92.1
Alternative   KMYZ   Tulsa, OK                          Z‐104.5 THE EDGE
Alternative   WWDC   Washington, DC                     DC101
Canada: AC    CHAY   Barrie, ON                         CHAY TODAY @ 93.1 FM
Canada: AC    CISO   Barrie, ON                         SUNSHINE 89.1
Canada: AC    CKMB   Barrie, ON                         107.5 KOOL FM
Canada: AC    CIGL   Belleville, ON                     MIX 97
Canada: AC    CJOJ   Belleville, ON                     95.5 HITS‐FM
Canada: AC    CFXL   Calgary, AB                        XL 103
Canada: AC    CHFM   Calgary, AB                        LITE 95.9
Canada: AC    CHUP   Calgary, AB                        UP! 97.7
Canada: AC    CJAQ   Calgary, AB                        96.9 JACK FM
Canada: AC    CKCE   Calgary, AB                        KOOL 101.5
Canada: AC    CFLG   Cornwall, ON                       VARIETY 104.5
Canada: AC    CIUP   Edmonton, AB                       UP! 99.3
Canada: AC    CKEA   Edmonton, AB                       LITE 95.7
Canada: AC    CKNO   Edmonton, AB                       102.3 FM NOW! RADIO
Canada: AC    CKRA   Edmonton, AB                       96.3 CAPITAL FM
Canada: AC    CFRK   Fredericton, NB                    92.3 FRED FM
Canada: AC    CIBX   Fredericton, NB                    CAPITAL 106
Canada: AC    CFLT   Halifax, NS                        LITE 92.9
Canada: AC   CIOO   Halifax, NS          C100
Canada: AC   CKUL   Halifax, NS          KOOL 96.5 FM
Canada: AC   CKLH   Hamilton, ON         102.9 K‐LITE FM
Canada: AC   CHSU   Kelowna, BC          SUN FM
Canada: AC   CILK   Kelowna, BC          101.5 EZ ROCK
Canada: AC   CJUI   Kelowna, BC          103.9 THE JUICE
Canada: AC   CKQQ   Kelowna, BC          THE Q103.1
Canada: AC   CFLY   Kingston, ON         98.3 FLY FM
Canada: AC   CJPT   Kingston, ON         103.7 BOB FM
Canada: AC   CKWS   Kingston, ON         GREATEST HITS 104.3
Canada: AC   CFCA   Kitchener, ON        105.3 KOOL FM
Canada: AC   CHYM   Kitchener, ON        96.7 CHYM FM
Canada: AC   CIMJ   Kitchener, ON        MAGIC 106.1
Canada: AC   CKKW   Kitchener, ON        KFUN 99.5 FM
Canada: AC   CKPC   Kitchener, ON        FM92 THE JEWEL
Canada: AC   CFRV   Lethbridge, AB       107.7 THE RIVER
Canada: AC   CJOC   Lethbridge, AB       94.1 THE LOUNGE
Canada: AC   CFHK   London, ON           103.1 FRESH FM
Canada: AC   CHST   London, ON           102.3 BOB FM
Canada: AC   CIHR   London, ON           104.7 HEART FM
Canada: AC   CKDK   London, ON           GREATEST HITS 103.9 FM
Canada: AC   CKCW   Moncton, NB          K 94.5 FM
Canada: AC   CFGL   Montreal, QC         105.7 RYTHME FM
Canada: AC   CHMP   Montreal, QC         98.5 FM
Canada: AC   CITE   Montreal, QC         ROUGE FM
Canada: AC   CJFM   Montreal, QC         VIRGIN RADIO 95.9 FM
Canada: AC   CJLM   Montreal, QC         CJLM
Canada: AC   CJSO   Montreal, QC         L'ESSENTIEL
Canada: AC   CKBE   Montreal, QC         THE BEAT 92.5
Canada: AC   CKLX   Montreal, QC         PLANETE JAZZ 91.9
Canada: AC   SXPL   Networks             SIRIUS XM ‐ THE PULSE
Canada: AC   XSUR   Networks             SIRIUS XM ‐ SUR LA ROUTE
Canada: AC   CHLX   Ottawa, ON           PLANETE 97.1
Canada: AC   CIMF   Ottawa, ON           ROUGE FM
Canada: AC   CISS   Ottawa, ON           105.3 KISS FM
Canada: AC   CJMJ   Ottawa, ON           MAJIC 100
Canada: AC   CJOT   Ottawa, ON           BOOM 99.7
Canada: AC   CJWL   Ottawa, ON           98.5 THE JEWEL
Canada: AC   CKKL   Ottawa, ON           93.9 BOB FM
Canada: AC   CJWV   Peterborough, ON     MAGIC 96.7
Canada: AC   CKLY   Peterborough, ON     91.9 BOB FM
Canada: AC   CKPT   Peterborough, ON     ENERGY 99.7
Canada: AC   CKRU   Peterborough, ON     KRUZ 100.5 FM
Canada: AC   CKSG   Peterborough, ON     STAR 93.3
Canada: AC   CFOM   Quebec City, QC      102,9 FM CFOM
Canada: AC   CHEQ   Quebec City, QC      FM 101.3
Canada: AC   CITF   Quebec City, QC      ROUGE FM
Canada: AC   CJEC   Quebec City, QC      WKND 91.9 FM
Canada: AC   CHUB   Red Deer, AB         BIG 105.5
Canada: AC   CJUV   Red Deer, AB         SUNNY 94
Canada: AC   CKRI   Red Deer, AB         100.7 THE RIVER
Canada: AC   CHMX   Regina, SK           LITE 92 FM
Canada: AC   CIZL   Regina, SK           Z99
Canada: AC   CKCK   Regina, SK           94.5 JACK FM
Canada: AC   CHWV   Saint John, NB       THE WAVE 97.3
Canada: AC   CIOK   Saint John, NB       K100
Canada: AC   CJMK   Saskatoon, SK        MAGIC 98.3
Canada: AC   CHRE   St. Catharines, ON   105.7 EZ ROCK
Canada: AC   CJED   St. Catharines, ON   105.1 ED FM
Canada: AC   CHOZ   St. John's, NL       OZ FM
Canada: AC   CKSJ   St. John's, NL       COAST 101.1
Canada: AC   CHNO   Sudbury, ON          REWIND 103.9
Canada: AC   CJMX   Sudbury, ON          105.3 EZ ROCK
Canada: AC   CHBM   Toronto, ON          BOOM 97.3
Canada: AC   CHFI   Toronto, ON          98.1 CHFI
Canada: AC   CHUM   Toronto, ON          104.5 CHUM
Canada: AC   CING   Toronto, ON          VINYL 95.3
Canada: AC   CFDA   Trois‐Rivieres       PASSION ROCK 101.9
Canada: AC        CHEY      Trois‐Rivieres     ROUGE FM
Canada: AC        CHRD      Trois‐Rivieres     BOOM 105.3 FM
Canada: AC        CJDM      Trois‐Rivieres     NRJ 92.1
Canada: AC        CJEB      Trois‐Rivieres     RYTHME FM
Canada: AC        CKYQ      Trois‐Rivieres     KYQ FM
Canada: AC        CHQM      Vancouver, BC      103.5 QM/FM
Canada: AC        CKLG      Vancouver, BC      96.9 JACK FM
Canada: AC        CKZZ      Vancouver, BC      VIRGIN RADIO 953
Canada: AC        CICF      Vernon, BC         105.7 SUN FM
Canada: AC        CKIZ      Vernon, BC         107.5 KISS FM
Canada: AC        CHBE      Victoria, BC       KOOL 107.3
Canada: AC        CHTT      Victoria, BC       103.1 JACK FM
Canada: AC        CIOC      Victoria, BC       OCEAN 98.5
Canada: AC        WLYK      Watertown, NY      102.7 THE LAKE
Canada: AC        CHYR      Windsor, ON        MIX 96.7
Canada: AC        CFJL      Winnipeg, MB       100.7 THE BREEZE
Canada: AC        CFWM      Winnipeg, MB       99.9 BOB FM
Canada: AC        CHIQ      Winnipeg, MB       FAB 94.3
Canada: AC        CJGV      Winnipeg, MB       99.1 FRESH FM
Canada: AC        CKY       Winnipeg, MB       102.3 CLEAR FM
Canada: Country   CICX      Barrie, ON         KICX 106
Canada: Country   CHCQ      Belleville, ON     COOL 100
Canada: Country   CKDQ‐AM   Calgary, AB        Q91
Canada: Country   CKRY      Calgary, AB        COUNTRY 105
Canada: Country   CFCW‐AM   Edmonton, AB       790 CFCW
Canada: Country   CISN      Edmonton, AB       CISN 103.9 FM
Canada: Country   CKHJ‐AM   Fredericton, NB    1260 AM
Canada: Country   CHFX      Halifax, NS        FX 101.9
Canada: Country   CHKX      Hamilton, ON       KX 94.7
Canada: Country   CKXC      Kingston, ON       KIX COUNTRY 93.5
Canada: Country   CIKZ      Kitchener, ON      KIX 106.7 FM
Canada: Country   CHLB      Lethbridge, AB     COUNTRY 95.5
Canada: Country   CJBX      London, ON         BX 93
Canada: Country   CJXL      Moncton, NB        XL 96.9 FM
Canada: Country   SXHW      Networks           SIRIUS XM ‐ THE HIGHWAY
Canada: Country   CKBY      Ottawa, ON         Y101
Canada: Country   CIGV      Penticton, BC      COUNTRY 100.7
Canada: Country   CKQM      Peterborough, ON   COUNTRY 105
Canada: Country   CKGY      Red Deer, AB       KG COUNTRY
Canada: Country   CHBD      Regina, SK         BIG DOG 92.7
Canada: Country   CILG      Regina, SK         COUNTRY 100
Canada: Country   CKRM‐AM   Regina, SK         620 CKRM
Canada: Country   CHSJ      Saint John, NB     COUNTRY 94.1
Canada: Country   CJWW‐AM   Saskatoon, SK      CJWW 600
Canada: Country   CKBL      Saskatoon, SK      92.9 THE BULL
Canada: Country   CICS      Sudbury, ON        KICX 91.7
Canada: Country   CJKX      Toronto, ON        KX 96
Canada: Country   CJJR      Vancouver, BC      93.7 JR FM
Canada: Country   CKQC      Vancouver, BC      COUNTRY 107.1 FM
Canada: Country   CJWF      Windsor, ON        WINDSOR'S FM 95.9
Canada: Country   CFQX      Winnipeg, MB       QX 104
Canada: Rock      CFJB      Barrie, ON         ROCK 95
Canada: Rock      CICZ      Barrie, ON         THE DOCK 104.1
Canada: Rock      CFEX      Calgary, AB        X92.9 FM
Canada: Rock      CFGQ      Calgary, AB        Q107
Canada: Rock      CJAY      Calgary, AB        CJAY 92
Canada: Rock      CJSS      Cornwall, ON       GREATEST HITS CJSS 101.9
Canada: Rock      CFBR      Edmonton, AB       100.3 THE BEAR
Canada: Rock      CHDI      Edmonton, AB       SONIC 102.9
Canada: Rock      CIRK      Edmonton, AB       K‐ROCK 97.3
Canada: Rock      CKNG      Edmonton, AB       92.5 JOE FM
Canada: Rock      CFXY      Fredericton, NB    THE FOX 105.3
Canada: Rock      CFRQ      Halifax, NS        Q‐104
Canada: Rock      CHNS      Halifax, NS        89.9 HAL FM
Canada: Rock      CKHY      Halifax, NS        LIVE 105
Canada: Rock      CJXY      Hamilton, ON       Y108
Canada: Rock      CKKO      Kelowna, BC        K 96.3
Canada: Rock      CKLZ      Kelowna, BC        POWER 104
Canada: Rock        CFMK   Kingston, ON         KINGSTON'S FM96
Canada: Rock        CIKR   Kingston, ON         K ROCK 105.7
Canada: Rock        CKLC   Kingston, ON         98.9 THE DRIVE
Canada: Rock        CJDV   Kitchener, ON        DAVE 107.5 FM
Canada: Rock        CJRX   Lethbridge, AB       ROCK 106
Canada: Rock        CFPL   London, ON           FM 96
Canada: Rock        CKLO   London, ON           98.1 FREE FM
Canada: Rock        CFQM   Moncton, NB          103.9 MAX FM
Canada: Rock        CJMO   Moncton, NB          C103
Canada: Rock        CHOM   Montreal, QC         CHOM 97.7 FM
Canada: Rock        SIIC   Networks             SIRIUS XM ‐ ICEBERG RADIO
Canada: Rock        SXAN   Networks             SIRIUS XM ‐ ALT NATION
Canada: Rock        SXFC   Networks             SIRIUS XM ‐ FACTION
Canada: Rock        SXOC   Networks             SIRIUS XM ‐ OCTANE
Canada: Rock        XAIR   Networks             SIRIUS XM ‐ AIR MUSIQUE
Canada: Rock        XVER   Networks             SIRIUS XM ‐ THE VERGE
Canada: Rock        CFTX   Ottawa, ON           TAGRADIO
Canada: Rock        CHEZ   Ottawa, ON           CHEZ 106
Canada: Rock        CIDG   Ottawa, ON           101.9 DAWG FM
Canada: Rock        CILV   Ottawa, ON           LIVE 88.5
Canada: Rock        CKQB   Ottawa, ON           106.9 THE BEAR
Canada: Rock        CKWF   Peterborough, ON     THE WOLF 101.5
Canada: Rock        CHXX   Quebec City, QC      ROCK 100.9
Canada: Rock        CJMF   Quebec City, QC      LE 93.3
Canada: Rock        CFDV   Red Deer, AB         106.7 THE DRIVE
Canada: Rock        CIZZ   Red Deer, AB         Z‐99 FM
Canada: Rock        CFWF   Regina, SK           THE WOLF
Canada: Rock        CJYC   Saint John, NB       BIG JOHN FM
Canada: Rock        CJDJ   Saskatoon, SK        ROCK 102
Canada: Rock        CHTZ   St. Catharines, ON   97.7 HTZ FM
Canada: Rock        CIXL   St. Catharines, ON   GIANT FM
Canada: Rock        VOCM   St. John's, NL       K‐ROCK 97.5
Canada: Rock        CJRQ   Sudbury, ON          Q 92
Canada: Rock        CFNY   Toronto, ON          102.1 THE EDGE
Canada: Rock        CILQ   Toronto, ON          Q 107
Canada: Rock        CKGE   Toronto, ON          94.9 THE ROCK
Canada: Rock        CFMI   Vancouver, BC        CLASSIC ROCK 101
Canada: Rock        CFOX   Vancouver, BC        99.3 THE FOX
Canada: Rock        CHHR   Vancouver, BC        SHORE 104 FM
Canada: Rock        CKPK   Vancouver, BC        102.7 THE PEAK
Canada: Rock        CJZN   Victoria, BC         THE ZONE
Canada: Rock        CKKQ   Victoria, BC         100.3 THE Q!
Canada: Rock        CKUE   Windsor, ON          THE ROCK
Canada: Rock        CITI   Winnipeg, MB         92 CITI
Canada: Rock        CJKR   Winnipeg, MB         POWER 97
Canada: Top Forty   CIQB   Barrie, ON           B101
Canada: Top Forty   CIBK   Calgary, AB          98‐5 VIRGIN RADIO
Canada: Top Forty   CKMP   Calgary, AB          90.3 AMP RADIO
Canada: Top Forty   CFMG   Edmonton, AB         VIRGIN RADIO 1049 FM
Canada: Top Forty   CHBN   Edmonton, AB         91.7 THE BOUNCE
Canada: Top Forty   CJNW   Edmonton, AB         HOT 107
Canada: Top Forty   CJCH   Halifax, NS          101.3 THE BOUNCE
Canada: Top Forty   CKHZ   Halifax, NS          ENERGY 103.5
Canada: Top Forty   CKBT   Kitchener, ON        91.5 THE BEAT
Canada: Top Forty   CJBZ   Lethbridge, AB       B‐93.3
Canada: Top Forty   CIQM   London, ON           VIRGIN RADIO 97.5
Canada: Top Forty   KXLU   Los Angeles, CA      KXLU 88.9
Canada: Top Forty   CKMF   Montreal, QC         NRJ 94.3
Canada: Top Forty   CKOI   Montreal, QC         96.9 CKOI
Canada: Top Forty   SX20   Networks             SIRIUS XM ‐ 20 ON 20
Canada: Top Forty   SXH1   Networks             SIRIUS XM ‐ SIRIUS XM HITS 1
Canada: Top Forty   SXHT   Networks             SIRIUS XM ‐ THE HEAT
Canada: Top Forty   SXP2   Networks             SIRIUS XM ‐ POP2K
Canada: Top Forty   SXSH   Networks             SIRIUS XM ‐ SHADE 45
Canada: Top Forty   XDIS   Networks             RADIO DISNEY
Canada: Top Forty   CIHT   Ottawa, ON           HOT 89.9 FM
Canada: Top Forty   CKTF   Ottawa, ON           NRJ 104.1
Canada: Top Forty   CFEL   Quebec City, QC      CKOI 102.1 FM
Canada: Top Forty   CHIK   Quebec City, QC                         NRJ 98.9
Canada: Top Forty   CKIK   Red Deer, AB                            KRAZE 101.3
Canada: Top Forty   CFMC   Saskatoon, SK                           C95 FM
Canada: Top Forty   CFWD   Saskatoon, SK                           WIRED 96.3
Canada: Top Forty   CFLZ   St. Catharines, ON                      Z101
Canada: Top Forty   CKIX   St. John's, NL                          99.1 HITS FM
Canada: Top Forty   CIGM   Sudbury, ON                             HOT 93.5
Canada: Top Forty   CFXJ   Toronto, ON                             FLOW 93.5
Canada: Top Forty   CIDC   Toronto, ON                             Z 103.5
Canada: Top Forty   CIRR   Toronto, ON                             103.9 PROUD FM
Canada: Top Forty   CKFG   Toronto, ON                             G98.7
Canada: Top Forty   CKFM   Toronto, ON                             VIRGIN RADIO 999 FM
Canada: Top Forty   CKIS   Toronto, ON                             KISS 92.5
Canada: Top Forty   CFJO   Trois‐Rivieres                          O 97.3
Canada: Top Forty   CIGB   Trois‐Rivieres                          NRJ 102.3
Canada: Top Forty   CFBT   Vancouver, BC                           THE BEAT 94.5
Canada: Top Forty   CFUN   Vancouver, BC                           SONIC HITS NOW
Canada: Top Forty   CHWE   Winnipeg, MB                            ENERGY 106
Canada: Top Forty   CKMM   Winnipeg, MB                            103‐1 VIRGIN RADIO
Christian           KLYT   Albuquerque, NM                         STATIC RADIO
Christian           WFSH   Atlanta, GA                             104.7 FM THE FISH
Christian           WVFJ   Atlanta, GA                             ATLANTA'S J93.3
Christian           WAFJ   Augusta, GA                             FAMILY FRIENDLY 88.3 WAFJ
Christian           KFMK   Austin, TX                              SPIRIT 105.9
Christian           WRBS   Baltimore, MD                           95.1 SHINE FM
Christian           WDJC   Birmingham, AL                          93 WDJC
Christian           KTSY   Boise, ID                               89.5 FM KTSY
Christian           WRCM   Charlotte, NC                           91.9 NEW LIFE
Christian           WBDX   Chattanooga, TN                         J103
Christian           WJKL   Chicago, IL                             K‐LOVE
Christian           WMBI   Chicago, IL                             MOODY RADIO
Christian           WONU   Chicago, IL                             SHINE.FM 89.7
Christian           WAKW   Cincinnati, OH                          STAR 93.3 FM
Christian           WFHM   Cleveland, OH                           95.5 FM THE FISH
Christian           KBIQ   Colorado Springs, CO                    Q 102.7
Christian           WMHK   Columbia, SC                            89.7 WMHK FAMILY FRIENDLY
Christian           WCVO   Columbus, OH                            104.9 THE RIVER
Christian           WUFM   Columbus, OH                            RADIO U
Christian           KBNJ   Corpus Christi, TX                      LIFE CHANGING KBNJ 91.7 FM
Christian           KLTY   Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX                    SAFE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY
Christian           KVRK   Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX                    89.7 POWER FM
Christian           WKCD   Dayton, OH                              K‐LOVE
Christian           KLDV   Denver, CO                              K‐LOVE
Christian           KXWA   Denver, CO                              101.9 WAY‐FM
Christian           KNWI   Des Moines, IA                          LIFE 107.1
Christian           WMUZ   Detroit, MI                             103.5 FM ‐ THE LIGHT
Christian           KDUV   Fresno, CA                              SPIRIT 88.9
Christian           WAYJ   Ft. Myers‐Naples, FL                    100.5 WAY‐FM
Christian           WLAB   Ft. Wayne, IN                           STAR 88.3
Christian           WKZY   Gainesville‐Ocala, FL                   PULSE 106.9
Christian           WAYG   Grand Rapids, MI                        WAY FM 89.9
Christian           WCSG   Grand Rapids, MI                        91.3 WCSG
Christian           WJQK   Grand Rapids, MI                        JQ 99.3
Christian           WORQ   Green Bay, WI                           Q90 FM
Christian           WBFJ   Greensboro‐Winston Salem, NC            YOUR FAMILY STATION
Christian           WLFJ   Greenville‐Spartanburg, SC              HIS RADIO
Christian           KAIM   Honolulu, HI                            THE FISH 95.5 FM
Christian           KHJK   Houston‐Galveston, TX                   AIR 1
Christian           KSBJ   Houston‐Galveston, TX                   89.3 KSBJ GOD LISTENS
Christian           WHZN   Indianapolis, IN                        88.3 FM THE WALK
Christian           WKLU   Indianapolis, IN                        K‐LOVE
Christian           WHJT   Jackson, MS                             93.5 WAY‐FM
Christian           WCRJ   Jacksonville, FL                        K‐LOVE
Christian           WTRJ   Jacksonville, FL                        91.7 THE PROMISE
Christian           WCQR   Johnson City‐Kingsport‐Bristol, TN‐VA   88.3 FM WCQR
Christian           WMIT   Johnson City‐Kingsport‐Bristol, TN‐VA   106.9 THE LIGHT
Christian           KLJC   Kansas City, MO‐KS                      CALVARY 88.5
Christian           WDLF   Knoxville, TN                           K‐LOVE
Christian   WJTL   Lancaster, PA                    WJTL FM 90.3 ‐ THE BEST MIX
Christian   WLGH   Lansing‐East Lansing, MI         SMILE FM
Christian   KSOS   Las Vegas, NV                    SOS RADIO
Christian   KFSH   Los Angeles, CA                  THE FISH 95.9 FM
Christian   WJIE   Louisville, KY                   TODAY'S BEST CHRISTIAN MUSIC
Christian   WSYI   Louisville, KY                   SHINE 105.9
Christian   WNWC   Madison, WI                      LIFE 102.5
Christian   KVMV   McAllen‐Brownsville, TX          96.9 KVMV
Christian   WLVE   Milwaukee, WI                    K‐LOVE
Christian   KNOF   Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN         PRAISE FM
Christian   KTIS   Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN         98.5 KTIS
Christian   WBHY   Mobile, Al                       POWER 88.5 FM
Christian   WAWZ   Monmouth‐Ocean, NJ               STAR 99.1 FM
Christian   WAYM   Nashville, TN                    88.7 WAY‐FM
Christian   WFFH   Nashville, TN                    94 FM THE FISH
Christian   WLVU   Nashville, TN                    K‐LOVE
Christian   EFRN   Networks                         EFFECT RADIO
Christian   FLNW   Networks                         FAMILY LIFE NETWORK
Christian   SXMS   Networks                         SIRIUS XM ‐ THE MESSAGE
Christian   WBSN   New Orleans, LA                  LIFESONGS
Christian   WKLV   New York, NY                     K‐LOVE
Christian   WJLZ   Norfolk‐Virginia Beach, VA       THE CURRENT
Christian   KOKF   Oklahoma City, OK                AIR 1
Christian   KYLV   Oklahoma City, OK                K‐LOVE
Christian   KGBI   Omaha, NE                        SAFE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY
Christian   WPOZ   Orlando, FL                      Z88.3 FM
Christian   KLVA   Phoenix, AZ                      K‐LOVE
Christian   KZAI   Phoenix, AZ                      AIR 1
Christian   WORD   Pittsburgh, PA                   WORD FM
Christian   KFIS   Portland, OR                     THE FISH 104.1 FM
Christian   KZRI   Portland, OR                     AIR 1
Christian   WMSJ   Portland‐Poland Spring, ME       POSITIVE 89.3 FM
Christian   KRNG   Reno, NV                         RENEGADE RADIO 101.3
Christian   KLRD   Riverside‐San Bernardino, CA     AIR 1
Christian   KSGN   Riverside‐San Bernardino, CA     KSGN 89.7 FAMILY FRIENDLY
Christian   WPAR   Roanoke‐Lynchburg, VA            SPIRIT FM
Christian   KKFS   Sacramento, CA                   THE FISH 103.9 FM
Christian   WUGN   Saginaw‐Bay City‐Midland, MI     FAMILY LIFE RADIO
Christian   KKLV   Salt Lake City, UT               107.5 K‐LOVE
Christian   KZAR   San Antonio, TX                  AIR 1
Christian   KZLV   San Antonio, TX                  K‐LOVE
Christian   KLFF   Santa Barbara, CA                K‐LIFE FM
Christian   KCMS   Seattle‐Tacoma, WA               SPIRIT 1053
Christian   KWPZ   Seattle‐Tacoma, WA               PRAISE 106.5
Christian   KADI   Springfield, MO                  99 HIT FM
Christian   KWND   Springfield, MO                  88.3 THE WIND FM
Christian   KLJY   St. Louis, MO                    JOY FM
Christian   KYCC   Stockton, CA                     K‐YCC RADIO
Christian   WBVM   Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL         SPIRIT 90.5 FM
Christian   WCIE   Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL         THE JOY FM 91.5
Christian   WYSZ   Toledo, OH                       YES FM
Christian   KCXR   Tulsa, OK                        100.3 THE KROSS
Christian   KXOJ   Tulsa, OK                        KX0J 100.9
Christian   WGTS   Washington, DC                   WGTS 91.9 FM
Christian   WAYF   West Palm Beach‐Boca Raton, FL   88.1 WAY‐FM
Christian   KTLI   Wichita, KS                      K‐LOVE
Christian   KYWA   Wichita, KS                      90.7 WAY‐FM
College     KUNM   Albuquerque, NM                  COMMUNITY RADIO 89.9
College     WRAS   Atlanta, GA                      ALBUM 88
College     KUT    Austin, TX                       KUT 90.5
College     KVRX   Austin, TX                       STUDENT RADIO FOR THE UNIV. OF TEXAS
College     KXBT   Austin, TX                       KXBT 98.9
College     WTMD   Baltimore, MD                    WTMD 89.7
College     WERS   Boston, MA                       88.9 FM EMERSON COLLEGE
College     WBNY   Buffalo, NY                      91.3 FM WBNY
College     WCSB   Cleveland, OH                    89.3 FM CLEVELAND STATE UNIVERSITY
College     WJCU   Cleveland, OH                    CLEVELAND'S HOME FOR COLLEGE RADIO
College     WRUW   Cleveland, OH                    WRUW FM 91.1
College   WUSC   Columbia, SC                    90.5 WUSC
College   WDET   Detroit, MI                     DETROIT PUBLIC RADIO
College   WUAG   Greensboro‐Winston Salem, NC    THE MUSIC 103.1
College   KCRW   Los Angeles, CA                 89.9 KCRW
College   KCSN   Los Angeles, CA                 88.5 KCSN
College   WMSE   Milwaukee, WI                   WMSE 91.7
College   WPRB   Monmouth‐Ocean, NJ              STEREO 103.3 FM
College   WFUV   New York, NY                    90.7 WFUV
College   WNYU   New York, NY                    WNYU 89.1 FM
College   WSOU   New York, NY                    WSOU 89.5 FM
College   WPRK   Orlando, FL                     WPRK‐FM 91.5
College   WXPN   Philadelphia, PA                XPN 88.5
College   WRCT   Pittsburgh, PA                  WRCT 88.3 FM A RADIO STATION
College   WKNC   Raleigh‐Durham, NC              WKNC 88.1 THE REVOLUTION
College   WBER   Rochester, NY                   WBER FM 90.5
College   KSYM   San Antonio, TX                 KSYM 90.1 SAN ANTONIO'S ONLY ALTERNATIVE
College   KEXP   Seattle‐Tacoma, WA              KEXP 90.3 WHERE THE MUSIC MATTERS
College   WCLH   Wilkes‐Barre‐Scranton, PA       90.7 FM WCLH
College   WUSR   Wilkes‐Barre‐Scranton, PA       99.5 WUSR
Country   WQMX   Akron, OH                       FM 94.9 WQMX
Country   WGNA   Albany‐Schenectady, NY          COUNTRY 107.7 FM WGNA
Country   WZMR   Albany‐Schenectady, NY          104.9 THE CAT
Country   KBQI   Albuquerque, NM                 BIG I 107.9
Country   KRST   Albuquerque, NM                 92.3 KRST COUNTRY
Country   WCTO   Allentown, PA                   CAT COUNTRY 96FM
Country   WKHX   Atlanta, GA                     101.5 FM KICKS
Country   WUBL   Atlanta, GA                     94.9 THE BULL
Country   WKXC   Augusta, GA                     KICKS 99
Country   KASE   Austin, TX                      KASE 101
Country   KUZZ   Bakersfield, CA                 KUZZ 107.9
Country   WPOC   Baltimore, MD                   WPOC FM 93.1
Country   WTGE   Baton Rouge, LA                 100.7 THE TIGER
Country   WYNK   Baton Rouge, LA                 WYNK 101.5
Country   WDXB   Birmingham, AL                  THE BULL 102.5
Country   KAWO   Boise, ID                       WOW COUNTRY 104.3
Country   KIZN   Boise, ID                       KISSIN' 92
Country   KQFC   Boise, ID                       98 KQFC
Country   WKLB   Boston, MA                      COUNTRY 102.5
Country   WYRK   Buffalo, NY                     COUNTRY 106.5 WYRK
Country   WOKO   Burlington‐Plattsburgh, VT‐NY   THE BIG STATION
Country   WCKN   Charleston, SC                  KICKIN' 92.5
Country   WEZL   Charleston, SC                  WEZL 103.5
Country   WIWF   Charleston, SC                  96.9 THE WOLF
Country   WQBE   Charleston, WV                  97.5 WQBE
Country   WKKT   Charlotte, NC                   96.9 THE KAT
Country   WSOC   Charlotte, NC                   WSOC 103.7
Country   WUSY   Chattanooga, TN                 US 101 HOT COUNTRY
Country   WUSN   Chicago, IL                     US*99.5
Country   WNNF   Cincinnati, OH                  94.1 GREAT COUNTRY
Country   WUBE   Cincinnati, OH                  B‐105.1 FM
Country   WYGY   Cincinnati, OH                  97.3 THE WOLF
Country   WGAR   Cleveland, OH                   WGAR 99.5
Country   KATC   Colorado Springs, CO            CAT COUNTRY 95.1
Country   KCCY   Colorado Springs, CO            Y 96.9
Country   WCOS   Columbia, SC                    WCOS 97.5
Country   WWNQ   Columbia, SC                    COUNTRY LEGENDS 94.3
Country   WKCN   Columbus, GA                    KISSIN' 99.3
Country   WSTH   Columbus, GA                    SOUTH 106.1
Country   WCLT   Columbus, OH                    T‐100
Country   WCOL   Columbus, OH                    92.3 WCOL
Country   WHOK   Columbus, OH                    K‐95.5
Country   KFTX   Corpus Christi, TX              97.5 REAL COUNTRY
Country   KOUL   Corpus Christi, TX              KOUL 103.7
Country   KRYS   Corpus Christi, TX              K‐99 KRYS‐FM
Country   KPLX   Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX            99.5 THE WOLF
Country   KSCS   Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX            NEW COUNTRY 96.3 KSCS
Country   KWOF   Denver, CO                      THE WOLF 92.5 FM
Country   KYGO   Denver, CO                      98.5 KYGO
Country   KHKI      Des Moines, IA                          97.3 THE HAWK
Country   KJJY      Des Moines, IA                          92.5 KJJY
Country   WYCD      Detroit, MI                             DETROIT'S COUNTRY 99.5
Country   KHEY      El Paso, TX                             K‐HEY 96 FM
Country   WFBE      Flint, MI                               B95 NEW COUNTRY & THE LEGENDS
Country   WFRE      Frederick, MD                           99.9 FM WFRE FREE COUNTRY
Country   WFLS      Fredericksburg, VA                      93.3 WFLS REAL COUNTRY VARIETY
Country   KHGE      Fresno, CA                              102.7 THE WOLF
Country   KSKS      Fresno, CA                              93.7 KISS COUNTRY
Country   WCKT      Ft. Myers‐Naples, FL                    CAT COUNTRY 107.1
Country   WWGR      Ft. Myers‐Naples, FL                    GATOR COUNTRY 101.9
Country   WBTU      Ft. Wayne, IN                           U.S. 93.3
Country   WQHK      Ft. Wayne, IN                           K105
Country   WOGK      Gainesville‐Ocala, FL                   K‐COUNTRY 93.7 FM
Country   WRUF      Gainesville‐Ocala, FL                   COUNTRY 103.7 THE GATOR
Country   WBCT      Grand Rapids, MI                        B‐93
Country   WMUS      Grand Rapids, MI                        107 MUS
Country   WTNR      Grand Rapids, MI                        THUNDER 94.5
Country   WNCY      Green Bay, WI                           Y100 COUNTRY
Country   WPAW      Greensboro‐Winston Salem, NC            93.1 THE WOLF
Country   WTQR      Greensboro‐Winston Salem, NC            Q104.1
Country   WNBB      Greenville‐New Bern, NC                 97.9 THE BEAR
Country   WRNS      Greenville‐New Bern, NC                 YOUR COUNTRY 95.1
Country   WESC      Greenville‐Spartanburg, SC              92.5 WESC
Country   WKSF      Greenville‐Spartanburg, SC              99.9 KISS COUNTRY
Country   WSSL      Greenville‐Spartanburg, SC              WSSL 100FM
Country   WCAT      Harrisburg‐Lebanon‐Carlisle, PA         RED 102.3
Country   WRBT      Harrisburg‐Lebanon‐Carlisle, PA         BOB 94.9 FM
Country   WWYZ      Hartford, CT                            COUNTRY 92.5
Country   KILT      Houston‐Galveston, TX                   100.3 KILT
Country   KKBQ      Houston‐Galveston, TX                   93Q
Country   KTHT      Houston‐Galveston, TX                   COUNTRY LEGEND 97.1
Country   WDRM      Huntsville, AL                          CONTINUOUS COUNTRY FAVORITES
Country   WFMS      Indianapolis, IN                        WFMS 95.5 THE COUNTRY STATION
Country   WLHK      Indianapolis, IN                        97.1 HANK FM
Country   WMSI      Jackson, MS                             MISS 103
Country   WUSJ      Jackson, MS                             US 96.3
Country   WGNE      Jacksonville, FL                        GATOR COUNTRY 99.9
Country   WQIK      Jacksonville, FL                        JACKSONVILLE'S COUNTRY
Country   WKOS      Johnson City‐Kingsport‐Bristol, TN‐VA   GREAT COUNTRY 104.9
Country   WXBQ      Johnson City‐Kingsport‐Bristol, TN‐VA   96.9 WXBQ
Country   KBEQ      Kansas City, MO‐KS                      YOUNG COUNTRY Q104
Country   KFKF      Kansas City, MO‐KS                      COUNTRY 94.1
Country   WDAF      Kansas City, MO‐KS                      106.5 THE WOLF
Country   WCYQ      Knoxville, TN                           Q93
Country   WIVK      Knoxville, TN                           WIVK FM 107.7
Country   KMDL      Lafayette, LA                           97.3 THE DAWG
Country   KXKC      Lafayette, LA                           HOT COUNTRY 99.1 KXKC
Country   WPCV      Lakeland‐Winter Haven, FL               97 COUNTRY WPCV
Country   WIOV      Lancaster, PA                           I 105
Country   WITL      Lansing‐East Lansing, MI                WITL 100.7
Country   KCYE      Las Vegas, NV                           102.7 THE COYOTE
Country   KWNR      Las Vegas, NV                           VEGAS COUNTRY 95.5 KWNR
Country   WBUL      Lexington, KY                           98.1 THE BULL
Country   KSSN      Little Rock, AR                         KSSN 96 FM
Country   KKGO      Los Angeles, CA                         GO COUNTRY 105
Country   WAMZ      Louisville, KY                          WAMZ 97.5FM
Country   WQNU      Louisville, KY                          NEW COUNTRY Q103.1
Country   WMAD      Madison, WI                             96.3 STAR COUNTRY
Country   WWQM      Madison, WI                             Q106.3
Country   KTEX      McAllen‐Brownsville, TX                 KTEX 100.3 FM SOUTH TEXAS COUNTRY
Country   WGKX      Memphis, TN                             KIX 106
Country   WKIS      Miami, FL                               99.9 KISS COUNTRY
Country   WMIL      Milwaukee, WI                           FM‐106
Country   WOKY‐AM   Milwaukee, WI                           AM 920 THE WOLF
Country   KEEY      Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN                K‐102
Country   KMNB      Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN                BUZ'N @ 102.9
Country   WKSJ      Mobile, Al                              95 KSJ
Country   WKMK      Monmouth‐Ocean, NJ                 THUNDER 106
Country   KTOM      Monterey‐Salinas‐Santa Cruz, CA    KTOM 100.7
Country   WLWI      Montgomery, AL                     WLWI 92
Country   WKDF      Nashville, TN                      103 WKDF
Country   WSIX      Nashville, TN                      THE BIG 98
Country   WSM ‐AM   Nashville, TN                      NASHVILLE'S COUNTRY LEGEND
Country   WSM       Nashville, TN                      95.5 FM WSM
Country   WJVC      Nassau‐Suffolk, NY                 MY COUNTRY 96.1
Country   ARLC      Networks                           CUMULUS MEDIA NETWORKS ‐ REAL COUNTRY
Country   ATBC      Networks                           CUMULUS MEDIA NTWKS‐TODAY'S BEST COUNTRY
Country   DHC       Networks                           DIAL GLOBAL ‐ HOT COUNTRY
Country   DMC       Networks                           DIAL GLOBAL ‐ MAINSTREAM COUNTRY
Country   MCCW      Networks                           MC MUSIC CHOICE ‐ TODAY'S COUNTRY
Country   SXHW      Networks                           SIRIUS XM ‐ THE HIGHWAY
Country   WNOE      New Orleans, LA                    WNOE 101.1 TODAY'S HOT COUNTRY
Country   WGH       Norfolk‐Virginia Beach, VA         EAGLE 97.3 FM
Country   WUSH      Norfolk‐Virginia Beach, VA         U.S. 106.1 NEW COUNTRY
Country   KJKE      Oklahoma City, OK                  93.3 JAKE FM
Country   KTST      Oklahoma City, OK                  101.9 TWISTER
Country   KXKT      Omaha, NE                          KAT 103
Country   WWKA      Orlando, FL                        K92 FM
Country   KHAY      Oxnard‐Ventura, CA                 100.7 KHAY
Country   WXBM      Pensacola, FL                      102.7 WXBM
Country   WXTU      Philadelphia, PA                   92.5 XTU PHILADELPHIA'S COUNTRY STATION
Country   KMLE      Phoenix, AZ                        KMLE COUNTRY 108 FM
Country   KNIX      Phoenix, AZ                        KNIX FM 102.5
Country   WDSY      Pittsburgh, PA                     Y108
Country   WOGI      Pittsburgh, PA                     FROGGY 104.3
Country   KUPL      Portland, OR                       KUPL COUNTRY 98.7
Country   KWJJ      Portland, OR                       99.5 THE WOLF
Country   WPOR      Portland‐Poland Spring, ME         WPOR 101.9 TODAY'S COUNTRY
Country   WTHT      Portland‐Poland Spring, ME         99.9 THE WOLF
Country   WOKQ      Portsmouth‐Dover‐Rochester, NH     WOKQ 97.5
Country   WCTK      Providence‐Warwick‐Pawtucket, RI   CAT COUNTRY 98.1
Country   WQDR      Raleigh‐Durham, NC                 94.7 QDR
Country   KBUL      Reno, NV                           K‐BULL 98 FM
Country   KWFP      Reno, NV                           92.1 THE WOLF
Country   KFRG      Riverside‐San Bernardino, CA       K‐FROG 95.1
Country   WSLC      Roanoke‐Lynchburg, VA              STAR COUNTRY 94.9
Country   WBEE      Rochester, NY                      WBEE 92.5 TODAY'S COUNTRY
Country   WJVL      Rockford, IL                       PURE COUNTRY 99.9
Country   WXXQ      Rockford, IL                       Q 98.5
Country   KNCI      Sacramento, CA                     NEW COUNTRY 105.1 FM KNCI
Country   KNTY      Sacramento, CA                     101.9 THE WOLF
Country   WCEN      Saginaw‐Bay City‐Midland, MI       94.5 THE MOOSE
Country   WKCQ      Saginaw‐Bay City‐Midland, MI       98 FM ‐ KCQ COUNTRY
Country   KEGA      Salt Lake City, UT                 101.5 THE EAGLE
Country   KSOP      Salt Lake City, UT                 Z104
Country   KUBL      Salt Lake City, UT                 K‐BULL 93
Country   KAJA      San Antonio, TX                    KJ‐97 FM COUNTRY
Country   KCYY      San Antonio, TX                    Y100
Country   KSON      San Diego, CA                      KSON 97.3 FM
Country   KRTY      San Jose, CA                       COUNTRY 95.3 KRTY
Country   KFGY      Santa Rosa, CA                     FROGGY 92.9
Country   WCTQ      Sarasota‐Bradenton, FL             106.5 CTQ
Country   WJCL      Savannah, GA                       KIX 96
Country   KKWF      Seattle‐Tacoma, WA                 THE WOLF 100.7
Country   KMPS      Seattle‐Tacoma, WA                 94.1 KMPS‐FM
Country   KXKS      Shreveport, LA                     KISS COUNTRY 93.7
Country   KDRK      Spokane, WA                        93.7 THE MOUNTAIN
Country   KXLY      Spokane, WA                        THE BIG 99.9 COYOTE COUNTRY
Country   WRNX      Springfield, MA                    KIX 100.9
Country   KTTS      Springfield, MO                    TODAY'S KTTS 94.7FM
Country   KBWX      St. Louis, MO                      WILD 104.9
Country   KSD       St. Louis, MO                      93.7 THE BULL
Country   WIL       St. Louis, MO                      92.3 WIL
Country   KATM      Stockton, CA                       KAT COUNTRY 103 FM
Country   WBBS      Syracuse, NY                       B 104.7
Country   WFUS      Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL         U.S. 103.5
Country   WQYK      Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL         99.5 WQYK
Country   KIIM      Tucson, AZ                       HOT COUNTRY KIIM 99.5
Country   KVOO      Tulsa, OK                        98.5 KVOO
Country   KWEN      Tulsa, OK                        K95.5 FM
Country   WMZQ      Washington, DC                   98.7 WMZQ
Country   WIRK      West Palm Beach‐Boca Raton, FL   103.1 WIRK SOUTH FLORIDA COUNTRY
Country   KFDI      Wichita, KS                      TODAY'S KFDI FM 101.3
Country   KZSN      Wichita, KS                      KISSIN COUNTRY 102.1
Country   WGGY      Wilkes‐Barre‐Scranton, PA        FROGGY 101
Country   WXCY      Wilmington, DE                   WXCY 103.7 FM
Country   WGTY      York, PA                         GREAT COUNTRY WGTY 107.7
Country   WQXK      Youngstown, OH                   K‐105
Country   WWGY      Youngstown, OH                   FROGGY 95
Gospel    WPZE      Atlanta, GA                      PRAISE 102.5
Gospel    WAAW      Augusta, GA                      SHOUT 94.7
Gospel    WTHB      Augusta, GA                      PRAISE 96.9 FM
Gospel    WCAO‐AM   Baltimore, MD                    HEAVEN 600
Gospel    WWIN‐AM   Baltimore, MD                    SPIRIT 1400 AM
Gospel    WXOK‐AM   Baton Rouge, LA                  HEAVEN AM 1460
Gospel    WUFO‐AM   Buffalo, NY                      THE SPIRIT OF WESTERN NEW YORK
Gospel    WJNI      Charleston, SC                   GOSPEL 106.3
Gospel    WPZS      Charlotte, NC                    PRAISE 92.7
Gospel    WNOO‐AM   Chattanooga, TN                  GLORY 1260
Gospel    WGRB‐AM   Chicago, IL                      INSPIRATION 1390 AM
Gospel    WJMO‐AM   Cleveland, OH                    PRAISE 1300
Gospel    WFMV      Columbia, SC                     GOSPEL 95.3
Gospel    WEAM      Columbus, GA                     YOUR INSPIRATION STATION
Gospel    KHVN‐AM   Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX             HEAVEN 97
Gospel    WEXL‐AM   Detroit, MI                      THE GOSPEL STATION
Gospel    WPZR      Detroit, MI                      PRAISE 102.7
Gospel    WFLT‐AM   Flint, MI                        THE STATION WITH A MESSAGE
Gospel    WEAL‐AM   Greensboro‐Winston Salem, NC     BIG WEAL GOSPEL
Gospel    WDJL‐AM   Huntsville, AL                   WDJL 1000 AM
Gospel    WEUP‐AM   Huntsville, AL                   HUNTSVILLE'S HERITAGE STATION
Gospel    WTLC‐AM   Indianapolis, IN                 AM 1310 THE LIGHT
Gospel    WHLH      Jackson, MS                      HALLELUJAH 95.5
Gospel    WOAD‐AM   Jackson, MS                      GOSPEL 1300
Gospel    WZAZ‐AM   Jacksonville, FL                 GOSPEL AM 1400
Gospel    KPRT‐AM   Kansas City, MO‐KS               GOSPEL 1590 KPRT
Gospel    KPZK      Little Rock, AR                  PRAISE 102.5
Gospel    WLOU‐AM   Louisville, KY                   WLOU 1350 AM
Gospel    WBBP‐AM   Memphis, TN                      WBBP 1480 AM
Gospel    WHAL      Memphis, TN                      HALLELUJAH 95.7 FM
Gospel    WLOK‐AM   Memphis, TN                      1340 WLOK
Gospel    WHLW      Montgomery, AL                   HALLELUJAH 104.3 FM
Gospel    WXVI‐AM   Montgomery, AL                   NEW LIFE RADIO
Gospel    WENO‐AM   Nashville, TN                    760 THE GOSPEL
Gospel    SXPR      Networks                         SIRIUS XM ‐ PRAISE
Gospel    WLIB‐AM   New York, NY                     1190 WLIB
Gospel    WFMI      Norfolk‐Virginia Beach, VA       REJOICE 100.9 FM
Gospel    WGH ‐AM   Norfolk‐Virginia Beach, VA       STAR 1310
Gospel    WPPZ      Philadelphia, PA                 PRAISE 103.9
Gospel    KMVP‐AM   Phoenix, AZ                      GOSPEL 860
Gospel    WNNL      Raleigh‐Durham, NC               THE LIGHT 103.9 FM
Gospel    WPZZ      Richmond, VA                     PRAISE 104.7 FM
Gospel    WSOK‐AM   Savannah, GA                     SAVANNAH'S GOSPEL
Gospel    WSSJ      Savannah, GA                     JOY 100.1 FM
Gospel    KOKA‐AM   Shreveport, LA                   THE LIGHT 980 AM
Gospel    KATZ‐AM   St. Louis, MO                    HALLELUJAH AM 1600
Gospel    WPRS      Washington, DC                   PRAISE 104.1 FM
Jazz      WDCB      Chicago, IL                      PUBLIC RADIO 90.9 FM WDCB
Jazz      WCPN      Cleveland, OH                    90.3 WCPN
Jazz      KUVO      Denver, CO                       JAZZ 89
Jazz      KTSU      Houston‐Galveston, TX            CHOICE 90.9
Jazz      KABF      Little Rock, AR                  KABF 88.3 FM
Jazz      KKJZ      Los Angeles, CA                  K JAZZ 88.1
Jazz      WDNA      Miami, FL                        88.9 FM SERIOUS JAZZ
Jazz    KBEM      Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN       JAZZ 88
Jazz    WMOT      Nashville, TN                  JAZZ 89
Jazz    WWOZ      New Orleans, LA                WWOZ 90.7
Jazz    WBGO      New York, NY                   JAZZ 88
Jazz    WNCU      Raleigh‐Durham, NC             90.7 JAZZ
Jazz    WGMC      Rochester, NY                  JAZZ 90.1 TAKE JAZZ FURTHER
Jazz    KRTU      San Antonio, TX                JAZZ 91.7
Jazz    KSDS      San Diego, CA                  JAZZ 88
Jazz    KCSM      San Francisco, CA              JAZZ 91
Jazz    WSIE      St. Louis, MO                  THE JAZZ STATION
Latin   KJFA      Albuquerque, NM                LA JEFA 105.1
Latin   KLVO      Albuquerque, NM                97.7 LA INVASORA
Latin   WEST‐AM   Allentown, PA                  HOLA! 1400 AM
Latin   KJNZ      Amarillo, TX                   LA LEY 103.5 FM
Latin   WBZY      Atlanta, GA                    105.3 EL PATRON
Latin   KLJA      Austin, TX                     107.7 LA JEFA
Latin   KLQB      Austin, TX                     104.3 LA QUE BUENA
Latin   KLZT      Austin, TX                     LA Z 107.1
Latin   KBQF      Bakersfield, CA                LA LIGERA 104.3 FM
Latin   KEBT      Bakersfield, CA                96.9 LA CALIENTE
Latin   KIWI      Bakersfield, CA                RADIO LOBO 102.9
Latin   KMQA      Bakersfield, CA                LA MAQUINA
Latin   KMYX      Bakersfield, CA                RADIO CAMPESINA
Latin   KPSL      Bakersfield, CA                CONCIERTO 96.5
Latin   KDDK      Baton Rouge, LA                KDDK 105.5 FM
Latin   KDBI      Boise, ID                      LA GRAN D 101.9
Latin   KPDA      Boise, ID                      LA PODEROSA 100.7
Latin   WAMG‐AM   Boston, MA                     MEGA 890 AM
Latin   WKOX‐AM   Boston, MA                     MIA 1430
Latin   WNNW‐AM   Boston, MA                     POWER 800AM
Latin   WGSP      Charlotte, NC                  LATINA 102.3 FM
Latin   WOLS      Charlotte, NC                  LA RAZA 106.1
Latin   WOCE      Chattanooga, TN                RADIO QUE BUENA
Latin   WLEY      Chicago, IL                    LA LEY 107.9 FM
Latin   WNUA      Chicago, IL                    95.5 EL PATRON
Latin   WOJO      Chicago, IL                    QUE BUENA 105.1
Latin   WPPN      Chicago, IL                    PASION 106.7 FM
Latin   WVIV      Chicago, IL                    MAXIMA 103.1
Latin   KHHZ      Chico, CA                      RADIO MEXICO 97.7 LA GRAN X
Latin   WOXY      Cincinnati, OH                 LA MEGA 97.7 FM
Latin   WVKO      Columbus, OH                   MEGA 103.1
Latin   KSAB      Corpus Christi, TX             TEJANO 99.9
Latin   KBOC      Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX           LA ZETA 98.3 FM
Latin   KFZO      Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX           MAXIMA 99.1
Latin   KLNO      Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX           LA QUE BUENA 94.1
Latin   KMVK      Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX           MEGA 107.5
Latin   KNOR      Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX           LA RAZA 93.7 FM
Latin   KTCY      Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX           BAILA 101.7 FM
Latin   KZZA      Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX           LA BONITA 106.7
Latin   KBNO‐AM   Denver, CO                     QUE BUENO
Latin   KJMN      Denver, CO                     JOSE 92.1
Latin   KXPK      Denver, CO                     LA TRICOLOR 96.5
Latin   KAMA‐AM   El Paso, TX                    KAMA 750 AM
Latin   KBNA      El Paso, TX                    LA QUE BUENA 97.5
Latin   KINT      El Paso, TX                    JOSE 93.9
Latin   KQBU‐AM   El Paso, TX                    LA QUE BUENA
Latin   KYSE      El Paso, TX                    94.7 EL GATO
Latin   XHNZ      El Paso, TX                    LA ZETA
Latin   XHPX      El Paso, TX                    EXA FM
Latin   KAAT      Fresno, CA                     LA MAQUINA
Latin   KHIT      Fresno, CA                     EXITOS 107.1
Latin   KLBN      Fresno, CA                     LA BUENA AQUI SUENA
Latin   KLLE      Fresno, CA                     LA KALLE 107.9
Latin   KOND      Fresno, CA                     QUE ONDA 92.1 FM
Latin   WAFZ      Ft. Myers‐Naples, FL           LA LEY
Latin   WTLQ      Ft. Myers‐Naples, FL           LATINO 97.7
Latin   WGBJ      Ft. Wayne, IN                  RADIO UNICA 102.3
Latin   WIST      Greensboro‐Winston Salem, NC   LA RAZA 98.3
Latin   WZUP      Greenville‐New Bern, NC           LA INVASORA 104.7
Latin   WCSZ‐AM   Greenville‐Spartanburg, SC        WCSZ 1070 AM
Latin   WLAT‐AM   Hartford, CT                      MEGA 910
Latin   WRYM‐AM   Hartford, CT                      LA GIGANTE
Latin   KAMA      Houston‐Galveston, TX             104.9 TU MUSICA
Latin   KEYH‐AM   Houston‐Galveston, TX             LA RANCHERA 850AM
Latin   KLOL      Houston‐Galveston, TX             MEGA 101
Latin   KLTN      Houston‐Galveston, TX             ESTEREO LATINO 102.9
Latin   KOVE      Houston‐Galveston, TX             RECUERDO 106.5 FM
Latin   KQBU      Houston‐Galveston, TX             QUE BUENA 93.3
Latin   KQQK      Houston‐Galveston, TX             EL NORTE 107.9 FM
Latin   KTJM      Houston‐Galveston, TX             LA RAZA 98.5
Latin   WEDJ      Indianapolis, IN                  RADIO LATINA 107.1
Latin   WNTS‐AM   Indianapolis, IN                  LA PODEROSA
Latin   WJSJ      Jacksonville, FL                  CALIENTE 105.3
Latin   KDTD‐AM   Kansas City, MO‐KS                LA GRAN D
Latin   KYYS‐AM   Kansas City, MO‐KS                LA SUPER X
Latin   KJBZ      Laredo, TX                        Z93
Latin   KISF      Las Vegas, NV                     LA NUEVA 103.5 FM
Latin   KQRT      Las Vegas, NV                     LA TRICOLOR 105.1
Latin   KRGT      Las Vegas, NV                     LA KALLE 99.3
Latin   KRRN      Las Vegas, NV                     92.7 EL GATO
Latin   KWID      Las Vegas, NV                     LA BUENA 101.9
Latin   KXLI      Las Vegas, NV                     94.5 EXA FM
Latin   KBUE      Los Angeles, CA                   QUE BUENA
Latin   KDLD      Los Angeles, CA                   103.1 EL GATO
Latin   KLAX      Los Angeles, CA                   97.9 LA RAZA
Latin   KLVE      Los Angeles, CA                   KLOVE 107.5 FM
Latin   KLYY      Los Angeles, CA                   JOSE 97.5
Latin   KRCD      Los Angeles, CA                   RECUERDO 103.9
Latin   KSCA      Los Angeles, CA                   LA 101.9
Latin   KSSE      Los Angeles, CA                   SUPER ESTRELLA 101.9
Latin   KWIZ      Los Angeles, CA                   LA ROCKOLA 96.7 FM
Latin   KESO      McAllen‐Brownsville, TX           LA LEY 92.7
Latin   KGBT‐AM   McAllen‐Brownsville, TX           LA TREMENDA 1530
Latin   KGBT      McAllen‐Brownsville, TX           KGBT‐FM 98.5
Latin   KKPS      McAllen‐Brownsville, TX           QUE PASA 99.5
Latin   XAVO      McAllen‐Brownsville, TX           DIGITAL 101.5 FM
Latin   WAMR      Miami, FL                         AMOR 107.5
Latin   WCMQ      Miami, FL                         Z92
Latin   WMGE      Miami, FL                         MEGA 94.9
Latin   WRMA      Miami, FL                         DJ 106.7
Latin   WRTO      Miami, FL                         MIX 98.3
Latin   WXDJ      Miami, FL                         EL ZOL 95.7
Latin   WDDW      Milwaukee, WI                     LA GRAN D
Latin   KMNV‐AM   Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN          LA INVASORA 1400
Latin   KSKD      Modesto, CA                       LA FAVORITA
Latin   KLOK      Monterey‐Salinas‐Santa Cruz, CA   LA TRICOLOR 99.5
Latin   KRAY      Monterey‐Salinas‐Santa Cruz, CA   LA BUENA 103.5FM
Latin   KSEA      Monterey‐Salinas‐Santa Cruz, CA   LA CAMPESINA 107.9 FM
Latin   MCSM      Networks                          MC MUSIC CHOICE ‐ TROPICALES
Latin   SXCL      Networks                          SIRIUS XM ‐ CALIENTE
Latin   SXCL      Networks                          SIRIUS XM ‐ CALIENTE
Latin   WPAT      New York, NY                      AMOR 93.1 FM
Latin   WQBU      New York, NY                      MAMI 92.7
Latin   WSKQ      New York, NY                      MEGA 97.9 FM
Latin   WXNY      New York, NY                      X96.3
Latin   KTUZ      Oklahoma City, OK                 LA ZETA
Latin   KBBX      Omaha, NE                         RADIO LOBO 97.7 FM
Latin   WHKQ      Orlando, FL                       KQ 103
Latin   WNUE      Orlando, FL                       SALSA 98.1
Latin   WRUM      Orlando, FL                       RUMBA 100.3
Latin   KXLM      Oxnard‐Ventura, CA                RADIO LAZER 102.9 FM
Latin   KUNA      Palm Springs, CA                  LA PODEROSA 96.7
Latin   WEMG‐AM   Philadelphia, PA                  MEGA 1310 AM
Latin   KHOT      Phoenix, AZ                       105.9 PURO MEXICO
Latin   KLNZ      Phoenix, AZ                       LA TRICOLOR 103.5
Latin   KOMR      Phoenix, AZ                       RECUERDO 106.3
Latin             KQMR      Phoenix, AZ                        LA KALLE 100.3
Latin             KSUN‐AM   Phoenix, AZ                        RADIO FIESTA 1400 AM
Latin             KVIB      Phoenix, AZ                        95.1 FM LATINO VIBE
Latin             KVVA      Phoenix, AZ                        JOSE 107.1
Latin             KRYP      Portland, OR                       93.1 EL REY
Latin             KWBY      Portland, OR                       LA PANTERA 940
Latin             WKKB      Providence‐Warwick‐Pawtucket, RI   LATINA 100.3
Latin             WPMZ‐AM   Providence‐Warwick‐Pawtucket, RI   PODER 1110
Latin             WYMY      Raleigh‐Durham, NC                 LA LEY 96.9 FM
Latin             KRQB      Riverside‐San Bernardino, CA       QUE BUENA
Latin             KGRB      Sacramento, CA                     LA GRAN D 94.3
Latin             KLMG      Sacramento, CA                     LATINO 97.9
Latin             KRCX      Sacramento, CA                     LA TRICOLOR 99.9
Latin             KXSE      Sacramento, CA                     JOSE 104.3
Latin             KBMG      Salt Lake City, UT                 LATINO 106.1
Latin             KDUT      Salt Lake City, UT                 LA GRAN D 102.3 FM
Latin             KNIV      Salt Lake City, UT                 MI PREFERIDA FM
Latin             KGSX      San Antonio, TX                    95.1 FM LA KALLE
Latin             KLEY      San Antonio, TX                    LA LEY
Latin             KROM      San Antonio, TX                    ESTEREO LATINO
Latin             KSAH      San Antonio, TX                    NORTENO 104.1
Latin             KXTN      San Antonio, TX                    TEJANO 107.5 KXTN
Latin             KLNV      San Diego, CA                      LA NUEVA 106.5
Latin             KLQV      San Diego, CA                      RECUERDO 102.9
Latin             XGLX      San Diego, CA                      EXA 91.7
Latin             XHFG      San Diego, CA                      PULSAR 107.3 FM
Latin             XHTY      San Diego, CA                      LA INVASORA
Latin             XLTN      San Diego, CA                      RADIO LATINA 104.5
Latin             XMOR      San Diego, CA                      MORE FM 98.9
Latin             XOCL      San Diego, CA                      LA MEJOR FM 99.3
Latin             KRZZ      San Francisco, CA                  LA RAZZA
Latin             KSOL      San Francisco, CA                  98.9 ESTEREO SOL
Latin             KVVF      San Francisco, CA                  105.7 LATINO MIX
Latin             KBRG      San Jose, CA                       RECUERDO 100.3
Latin             WFID      San Juan, PR                       FIDELITY 95.7
Latin             WIOA      San Juan, PR                       ESTEREOTEMPO
Latin             WKAQ      San Juan, PR                       KQ 105
Latin             WMEG      San Juan, PR                       MEGA 106.9 FM
Latin             WODA      San Juan, PR                       REGGAETON 94
Latin             WPRM      San Juan, PR                       SALSOUL 98.5
Latin             WRXD      San Juan, PR                       RITMO 96.5
Latin             WVJP      San Juan, PR                       DIMENSION 103
Latin             WVOZ      San Juan, PR                       MIX 107.7
Latin             WXYX      San Juan, PR                       LA X
Latin             WZNT      San Juan, PR                       ZETA 93.7
Latin             KIST      Santa Barbara, CA                  RADIO BRONCO
Latin             KXTS      Santa Rosa, CA                     EXITOS 98.7
Latin             KDDS      Seattle‐Tacoma, WA                 LA GRAN D
Latin             KKMO‐AM   Seattle‐Tacoma, WA                 EL REY 1360 AM
Latin             WACM‐AM   Springfield, MA                    POPULAR 1490 AM
Latin             WORC‐AM   Springfield, MA                    MEGA 1310
Latin             WSPR‐AM   Springfield, MA                    POWER 1270 AM
Latin             KMIX      Stockton, CA                       LA TRICOLOR 100.9
Latin             WTMP‐AM   Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL           LA BAHIA
Latin             WYUU      Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL           92.5 MAXIMA FM
Latin             KCMT      Tucson, AZ                         LA CALIENTE 102.1
Latin             WDCN      Washington, DC                     LA NUEVA 87.7
Latin             WKDV‐AM   Washington, DC                     LA LEY
Latin             WLZL      Washington, DC                     EL ZOL 107.9
Latin             WLLY      West Palm Beach‐Boca Raton, FL     99.5 LA LEY
Latin             WRLX      West Palm Beach‐Boca Raton, FL     MIA 92.1
Latin             KSSA      Wichita, KS                        LA NUEVA
Latin             KYQQ      Wichita, KS                        RADIO LOBO
Mainstream Rock   WONE      Akron, OH                          97.5 WONE THE HOME OF ROCK & ROLL
Mainstream Rock   WRQK      Akron, OH                          ROCK 106.9
Mainstream Rock   WQBK      Albany‐Schenectady, NY             Q 103
Mainstream Rock   KZRR      Albuquerque, NM                    KZRR 94 ROCK
Mainstream Rock   WZZO      Allentown, PA                      95.1 WZZO
Mainstream Rock   WWWQ   Atlanta, GA                             98.9 THE BONE
Mainstream Rock   WCHZ   Augusta, GA                             95 ROCK
Mainstream Rock   WIYY   Baltimore, MD                           98 ROCK
Mainstream Rock   KRDJ   Baton Rouge, LA                         ROCK 93.7
Mainstream Rock   KQXR   Boise, ID                               100.3 THE X
Mainstream Rock   WAAF   Boston, MA                              WAAF 107.3 FM
Mainstream Rock   WEDG   Buffalo, NY                             103.3 THE EDGE
Mainstream Rock   WYBB   Charleston, SC                          THE X
Mainstream Rock   WKLC   Charleston, WV                          ROCK 105
Mainstream Rock   WRXR   Chattanooga, TN                         ROCK 105
Mainstream Rock   WIIL   Chicago, IL                             95 WIIL ROCK
Mainstream Rock   WLUP   Chicago, IL                             THE LOOP
Mainstream Rock   WEBN   Cincinnati, OH                          WEBN 102.7
Mainstream Rock   WMMS   Cleveland, OH                           100.7 WMMS
Mainstream Rock   KILO   Colorado Springs, CO                    94.3 KILO
Mainstream Rock   WRCG   Columbus, GA                            106.9 REALLY ROCKS
Mainstream Rock   WVRK   Columbus, GA                            ROCK 103
Mainstream Rock   WRKZ   Columbus, OH                            99.7 THE BLITZ
Mainstream Rock   KNCN   Corpus Christi, TX                      C‐101 ROCKS
Mainstream Rock   KEGL   Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX                    97.1 THE EAGLE
Mainstream Rock   KBPI   Denver, CO                              106.7 KBPI ROCKS
Mainstream Rock   KAZR   Des Moines, IA                          PURE ROCK LAZER 103.3
Mainstream Rock   WRIF   Detroit, MI                             101 WRIF
Mainstream Rock   KLAQ   El Paso, TX                             THE Q 95.5FM
Mainstream Rock   WWBN   Flint, MI                               BANANA 101.5 ROCKS
Mainstream Rock   WJBX   Ft. Myers‐Naples, FL                    99X
Mainstream Rock   WBYR   Ft. Wayne, IN                           98.9 THE BEAR
Mainstream Rock   WHHZ   Gainesville‐Ocala, FL                   100.5 THE BUZZ
Mainstream Rock   WGRD   Grand Rapids, MI                        WGRD 97.9
Mainstream Rock   WZOR   Green Bay, WI                           RAZOR 94.7
Mainstream Rock   WXNR   Greenville‐New Bern, NC                 99.5 THE X
Mainstream Rock   WXQR   Greenville‐New Bern, NC                 ROCK 105.5
Mainstream Rock   WTPT   Greenville‐Spartanburg, SC              PLANET 93.3
Mainstream Rock   WQXA   Harrisburg‐Lebanon‐Carlisle, PA         105.7 THE X
Mainstream Rock   WTPA   Harrisburg‐Lebanon‐Carlisle, PA         92.1 WTPA
Mainstream Rock   WCCC   Hartford, CT                            THE ROCK 106.9 WCCC
Mainstream Rock   WRTT   Huntsville, AL                          ROCKET 95.1
Mainstream Rock   WRZK   Johnson City‐Kingsport‐Bristol, TN‐VA   95.9 THE HOG
Mainstream Rock   WTZR   Johnson City‐Kingsport‐Bristol, TN‐VA   Z‐ROCK 99.3
Mainstream Rock   KQRC   Kansas City, MO‐KS                      THE ROCK 98.9 FM
Mainstream Rock   WNFZ   Knoxville, TN                           94.3 THE X
Mainstream Rock   KFTE   Lafayette, LA                           PLANET RADIO 105‐ONE
Mainstream Rock   WJXQ   Lansing‐East Lansing, MI                Q106
Mainstream Rock   KOMP   Las Vegas, NV                           KOMP 92.3
Mainstream Rock   WXZZ   Lexington, KY                           Z‐ROCK 103
Mainstream Rock   KDJE   Little Rock, AR                         100.3 THE EDGE
Mainstream Rock   WJJO   Madison, WI                             SOLID ROCK 94.1 JJO
Mainstream Rock   WGIR   Manchester, NH                          ROCK 101
Mainstream Rock   KFRQ   McAllen‐Brownsville, TX                 THE ROCK 94.5
Mainstream Rock   WHQG   Milwaukee, WI                           102.9 THE HOG
Mainstream Rock   KXXR   Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN                93X ROCKS
Mainstream Rock   WRAT   Monmouth‐Ocean, NJ                      WRAT 95.9 THE RAT ROCKS!
Mainstream Rock   WXFX   Montgomery, AL                          95.1 THE FOX
Mainstream Rock   WDHA   Morristown, NJ                          WDHA 105.5
Mainstream Rock   WBUZ   Nashville, TN                           BUZZ 102.9
Mainstream Rock   WWSK   Nassau‐Suffolk, NY                      94.3 THE SHARK
Mainstream Rock   ANRV   Networks                                CUMULUS MEDIA NETWORKS ‐ THE NERVE
Mainstream Rock   MCAR   Networks                                MC MUSIC CHOICE ‐ ROCK
Mainstream Rock   SXOC   Networks                                SIRIUS XM ‐ OCTANE
Mainstream Rock   WNOR   Norfolk‐Virginia Beach, VA              FM99 WNOR
Mainstream Rock   KATT   Oklahoma City, OK                       KATT ROCK 100.5 FM
Mainstream Rock   WJRR   Orlando, FL                             THE ROCK STATION
Mainstream Rock   WTKX   Pensacola, FL                           TK101 THE ROCK STATION
Mainstream Rock   WMMR   Philadelphia, PA                        93.3 WMMR ROCKS
Mainstream Rock   KUPD   Phoenix, AZ                             98 KUPD ARIZONA'S REAL ROCK
Mainstream Rock   WHXR   Portland‐Poland Spring, ME              106.3 THE BONE
Mainstream Rock   WHJY   Providence‐Warwick‐Pawtucket, RI        94 HJY
Mainstream Rock   KDOT   Reno, NV                                ROCK 104.5
Mainstream Rock   WXRX      Rockford, IL                   104.9 THE X
Mainstream Rock   KRXQ      Sacramento, CA                 98 ROCK
Mainstream Rock   WKQZ      Saginaw‐Bay City‐Midland, MI   Z93
Mainstream Rock   KBER      Salt Lake City, UT             KBER 101
Mainstream Rock   KHTB      Salt Lake City, UT             94.9 Z‐ROCK
Mainstream Rock   KISS      San Antonio, TX                99.5 KISS ROCKS SAN ANTONIO
Mainstream Rock   KIOZ      San Diego, CA                  ROCK 105.3
Mainstream Rock   WFXH      Savannah, GA                   ROCK 106.1
Mainstream Rock   WIXV      Savannah, GA                   I‐95
Mainstream Rock   KISW      Seattle‐Tacoma, WA             KISW ROCK 99.9 FM
Mainstream Rock   KKBW      Seattle‐Tacoma, WA             THE BREW 104.9
Mainstream Rock   KTUX      Shreveport, LA                 99X
Mainstream Rock   KHTQ      Spokane, WA                    ROCK 94 1/2
Mainstream Rock   WLZX      Springfield, MA                LAZER 99.3
Mainstream Rock   KQRA      Springfield, MO                Q102.1
Mainstream Rock   KSHE      St. Louis, MO                  KSHE 95 REAL ROCK RADIO
Mainstream Rock   WAQX      Syracuse, NY                   95X ROCK RADIO
Mainstream Rock   WXTB      Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL       98 ROCK
Mainstream Rock   KMOD      Tulsa, OK                      KMOD 97.5
Mainstream Rock   KICT      Wichita, KS                    T‐95
Mainstream Rock   WBSX      Wilkes‐Barre‐Scranton, PA      97.9 X
Mainstream Rock   WWIZ      Youngstown, OH                 ROCK 104
Mexico            HBIO      Guadalajara, MX                FIESTA MEXICANA 92.3 FM
Mexico            HVOZ      Guadalajara, MX                LA Z 107.5 FM
Mexico            XEAD      Guadalajara, MX                LA BUENA ONDA 101.9
Mexico            XEBA      Guadalajara, MX                KE BUENA 97.1
Mexico            XEHL      Guadalajara, MX                LOS 40 PRINCIPALES 102.7
Mexico            XHAV      Guadalajara, MX                RMX 100.3 FM
Mexico            XHDK      Guadalajara, MX                PLANETA 94.7
Mexico            XHLS      Guadalajara, MX                ROMANCE 99.5
Mexico            XHMA      Guadalajara, MX                EXA 101.1
Mexico            XHPI      Guadalajara, MX                AMOR 93.1
Mexico            XHRA      Guadalajara, MX                MAGIA 89.9 FM
Mexico            XHRO      Guadalajara, MX                LA MEJOR 95.5
Mexico            XHRX      Guadalajara, MX                LA TAPATIA 103.5
Mexico            HDFM      Mexico City, MX                MIX 106.5
Mexico            HEXA      Mexico City, MX                EXA 104.9
Mexico            HFAJ      Mexico City, MX                ALFA RADIO 91.3
Mexico            HPOP      Mexico City, MX                DIGITAL 99.3 FM
Mexico            HRED      Mexico City, MX                RADIO RED 88.1 FM
Mexico            HUIA      Mexico City, MX                IBERO 90.9
Mexico            XEJP      Mexico City, MX                STEREO JOYA 93.7 FM
Mexico            XEOY      Mexico City, MX                OYE 89.7 FM
Mexico            XEPH‐AM   Mexico City, MX                SABROSITA 590 AM
Mexico            XEQ       Mexico City, MX                KE BUENA 92.9
Mexico            XEQR      Mexico City, MX                LA Z 107.3 FM
Mexico            XERC      Mexico City, MX                STEREO 97.7 FM
Mexico            XEX       Mexico City, MX                LOS 40 PRINCIPALES
Mexico            XHOF      Mexico City, MX                REACTOR 105.7
Mexico            XHSH      Mexico City, MX                AMOR 95.3 FM
Mexico            HMNR      Monterrey, MX                  STEREO HITS 106.1
Mexico            HPAG      Monterrey, MX                  LA MAS BUENA 105.3
Mexico            HSRO      Monterrey, MX                  LA MEJOR 92.5
Mexico            XET       Monterrey, MX                  LA CALIENTE 94.1
Mexico            XHJD      Monterrey, MX                  D99
Mexico            XHMF      Monterrey, MX                  PLANETA 104.5
Mexico            XHMG      Monterrey, MX                  DIGITAL 102.9
Mexico            XHQQ      Monterrey, MX                  BANDA 93.3
Mexico            XHRK      Monterrey, MX                  LA SABROSITA 95.7
Mexico            XHRL      Monterrey, MX                  GENESIS 98.1
Mexico            XHSP      Monterrey, MX                  LA INVASORA 99.7
Mexico            XHSR      Monterrey, MX                  EXA 97.3
Mexico            BAMX      Video‐Cable Mexico             BANDAMAX
Mexico            CN09      Video‐Cable Mexico             GALAVISION
Mexico            CN13      Video‐Cable Mexico             AZTECA 13
Mexico            EXTV      Video‐Cable Mexico             EXA TV
Mexico            RITM      Video‐Cable Mexico             RITMOSON
Mexico            TLHT      Video‐Cable Mexico             TELEHIT
Mexico            XMTV      Video‐Cable Mexico                      MTV
Mexico            XVH1      Video‐Cable Mexico                      VH1
News Talk/Other   WSB‐AM    Atlanta, GA                             NEWS/TALK 750 WSB
News Talk/Other   WZGC      Atlanta, GA                             92.9 THE GAME
News Talk/Other   WYAY      Atlanta, GA                             ALL NEWS 106.7
News Talk/Other   KERI‐AM   Bakersfield, CA                         1410 AM KERI
News Talk/Other   WBAL‐AM   Baltimore, MD                           MARYLAND'S NEWS‐TALK‐SPORTS STATION
News Talk/Other   WCBM‐AM   Baltimore, MD                           TALKRADIO 680 WCBM
News Talk/Other   WJZ       Baltimore, MD                           105.7 THE FAN
News Talk/Other   WRKO‐AM   Boston, MA                              BOSTON'S TALK STATION
News Talk/Other   WBZ‐AM    Boston, MA                              WBZ NEWSRADIO 1030
News Talk/Other   WEEI‐AM   Boston, MA                              ESPN ON WEEI
News Talk/Other   WWZN‐AM   Boston, MA                              REVOLUTION BOSTON
News Talk/Other   WBZ       Boston, MA                              98.5 THE SPORTS HUB
News Talk/Other   WTKK      Boston, MA                              NEWS TALK 96.9 FM
News Talk/Other   WBCN‐AM   Charlotte, NC                           AMERICA'S TALK 1660
News Talk/Other   WBT       Charlotte, NC                           WBT NEWS TALK RADIO
News Talk/Other   WLS‐AM    Chicago, IL                             CHICAGO'S TALK STATION
News Talk/Other   WBBM‐AM   Chicago, IL                             NEWSRADIO 780
News Talk/Other   WGN‐AM    Chicago, IL                             THE VOICE OF CHICAGO
News Talk/Other   WMVP‐AM   Chicago, IL                             ESPN AM 1000
News Talk/Other   WSCR‐AM   Chicago, IL                             670 THE SCORE
News Talk/Other   WIND‐AM   Chicago, IL                             AM 560 WIND
News Talk/Other   WFMT      Chicago, IL                             CHICAGO'S CLASSICAL EXPERIENCE
News Talk/Other   WKRC‐AM   Cincinnati, OH                          55 KRC THE TALK STATION
News Talk/Other   WCKY‐AM   Cincinnati, OH                          CINCINNATI'S ESPN 1530
News Talk/Other   WLW‐AM    Cincinnati, OH                          THE BIG ONE
News Talk/Other   WSAI‐AM   Cincinnati, OH                          FOX SPORTS 1360
News Talk/Other   WHK‐AM    Cleveland, OH                           NEWS TALK 1420 AM
News Talk/Other   WTAM‐AM   Cleveland, OH                           NEWSRADIO WTAM 1100
News Talk/Other   WKNR‐AM   Cleveland, OH                           ESPN 850 AM
News Talk/Other   WKRK      Cleveland, OH                           92.3 THE FAN
News Talk/Other   WCLV      Cleveland, OH                           NORTHEAST OHIO'S CLASSICAL MUSIC STATION
News Talk/Other   WMNI‐AM   Columbus, OH                            WMNI AM 920
News Talk/Other   WTVN‐AM   Columbus, OH                            NEWS TALK 610 WTVN
News Talk/Other   WBNS      Columbus, OH                            97.1 THE FAN
News Talk/Other   WJKR      Columbus, OH                            98.9 THE ANSWER
News Talk/Other   WBAP‐AM   Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX                    NEWS/TALK 820
News Talk/Other   KRLD‐AM   Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX                    NEWSRADIO 1080
News Talk/Other   KTCK‐AM   Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX                    SP0RTSRADIO 1310 THE TICKET
News Talk/Other   KLIF‐AM   Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX                    KLIF 570 NEWS/INFORMATION
News Talk/Other   KESN      Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX                    103.3 ESPN
News Talk/Other   KRLD      Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX                    105.3 THE FAN
News Talk/Other   KHOW‐AM   Denver, CO                              DENVER'S TALK STATION
News Talk/Other   KKZN‐AM   Denver, CO                              COLORADO'S PROGRESSIVE TALK
News Talk/Other   KOA‐AM    Denver, CO                              NEWS RADIO 850 KOA
News Talk/Other   KCKK‐AM   Denver, CO                              MILE HIGH SPORTS
News Talk/Other   KJAC      Denver, CO                              105.5 ESPN
News Talk/Other   KKFN      Denver, CO                              THE FAN
News Talk/Other   WJR‐AM    Detroit, MI                             NEWSTALK 760
News Talk/Other   WWJ‐AM    Detroit, MI                             NEWSRADIO 950
News Talk/Other   WDFN‐AM   Detroit, MI                             1130 AM THE FAN
News Talk/Other   WXYT      Detroit, MI                             97.1 FM THE TICKET
News Talk/Other   KHVH‐AM   Honolulu, HI                            NEWSRADIO 830
News Talk/Other   KKEA‐AM   Honolulu, HI                            ESPN RADIO 1420
News Talk/Other   KDNN      Honolulu, HI                            ISLAND 98.5
News Talk/Other   KCCN      Honolulu, HI                            FM 100 ALL OF TODAY'S HAWAIIAN HITS
News Talk/Other   KINE      Honolulu, HI                            HAWAIIAN 105 KINE
News Talk/Other   KBME‐AM   Houston‐Galveston, TX                   SPORTSTALK 790 AM
News Talk/Other   KILT‐AM   Houston‐Galveston, TX                   SPORTSRADIO 610
News Talk/Other   KPRC‐AM   Houston‐Galveston, TX                   RADIO MOJO
News Talk/Other   KTRH‐AM   Houston‐Galveston, TX                   NEWSRADIO 740
News Talk/Other   KFNC      Houston‐Galveston, TX                   ESPN 97.5
News Talk/Other   KROI      Houston‐Galveston, TX                   NEWS 92 FM
News Talk/Other   WFNI‐AM   Indianapolis, IN                        1070 THE FAN
News Talk/Other   WNDE‐AM   Indianapolis, IN                        WNDE 1260 AM
News Talk/Other   WIBC      Indianapolis, IN                        INDY'S NEWS CENTER
News Talk/Other   WZAP‐AM   Johnson City‐Kingsport‐Bristol, TN‐VA   WZAP 690 RADIO
News Talk/Other   KCMO‐AM   Kansas City, MO/KS                 TALK RADIO 710
News Talk/Other   KMBZ‐AM   Kansas City, MO/KS                 NEWS RADIO 980
News Talk/Other   KCSP‐AM   Kansas City, MO/KS                 610 SPORTS
News Talk/Other   WHB‐AM    Kansas City, MO/KS                 SPORTS RADIO 810
News Talk/Other   KFEQ‐AM   Kansas City, MO/KS                 KFEQ 680 AM
News Talk/Other   KXNT‐AM   Las Vegas, NV                      NEWSRADIO 840
News Talk/Other   KSPN‐AM   Los Angeles, CA                    710 ESPN
News Talk/Other   KFWB‐AM   Los Angeles, CA                    NEWS TALK 980
News Talk/Other   KNX‐AM    Los Angeles, CA                    KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO
News Talk/Other   KTLK‐AM   Los Angeles, CA                    KTLK AM 1150
News Talk/Other   KLAC‐AM   Los Angeles, CA                    AM 570 FOX SPORTS
News Talk/Other   KFI‐AM    Los Angeles, CA                    MORE STIMULATING TALK RADIO
News Talk/Other   KABC‐AM   Los Angeles, CA                    TALKRADIO 790
News Talk/Other   WMEL‐AM   Melbourne, FL                      THE TALK TO ME STATION
News Talk/Other   WAXY‐AM   Miami, FL                          790 THE TICKET
News Talk/Other   WSUA‐AM   Miami, FL                          CARACOL 1260
News Talk/Other   WAQI‐AM   Miami, FL                          RADIO MAMBI
News Talk/Other   WINZ‐AM   Miami, FL                          THE SPORTS ANIMAL
News Talk/Other   WIOD‐AM   Miami, FL                          NEWSRADIO WIOD
News Talk/Other   WQAM‐AM   Miami, FL                          SPORTS RADIO 560
News Talk/Other   WQBA‐AM   Miami, FL                          LA VOZ DE MIAMI
News Talk/Other   WISN‐AM   Milwaukee, WI                      NEWS/TALK 1130
News Talk/Other   WTMJ‐AM   Milwaukee, WI                      NEWSRADIO 620
News Talk/Other   WCCO‐AM   Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN           WCCO NEWS RADIO 830
News Talk/Other   KSTP‐AM   Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN           AM 1500 THE SPORTS TALK STATION
News Talk/Other   KTCN‐AM   Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN           NEWS‐TALK AM 1130
News Talk/Other   KTMY      Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN           MY TALK 107
News Talk/Other   KFXN      Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN           KFAN SPORTS RADIO
News Talk/Other   WLAC‐AM   Nashville, TN                      NEWSRADIO 1510
News Talk/Other   WGFX      Nashville, TN                      104.5 THE ZONE
News Talk/Other   WWTN      Nashville, TN                      SUPERTALK 99.7
News Talk/Other   WRNO      New Orleans, LA                    RUSH RADIO 99.5
News Talk/Other   WOR‐AM    New York, NY                       WOR RADIO 710
News Talk/Other   WBBR‐AM   New York, NY                       BLOOMBERG RADIO AM1130
News Talk/Other   WINS‐AM   New York, NY                       ALL NEWS ALL THE TIME
News Talk/Other   WEPN‐AM   New York, NY                       ESPN DEPORTES
News Talk/Other   WCBS‐AM   New York, NY                       NEWSRADIO 880
News Talk/Other   WABC‐AM   New York, NY                       77 WABC STIMULATING TALK
News Talk/Other   WFAN‐AM   New York, NY                       WFAN SPORTS RADIO 66 AM
News Talk/Other   WHOO‐AM   Orlando, FL                        SPORTSTALK 1080 THE TEAM
News Talk/Other   WDBO‐AM   Orlando, FL                        ESPN ORLANDO 580 AM
News Talk/Other   WFLF‐AM   Orlando, FL                        AM 540
News Talk/Other   WTKS      Orlando, FL                        REAL RADIO 104
News Talk/Other   KYW‐AM    Philadelphia, PA                   NEWSRADIO 1060
News Talk/Other   WIP‐AM    Philadelphia, PA                   SPORTSRADIO 610
News Talk/Other   WPHT‐AM   Philadelphia, PA                   TALK RADIO 1210 WPHT
News Talk/Other   WPEN‐AM   Philadelphia, PA                   950 ESPN PHILADELPHIA
News Talk/Other   WKXW      Philadelphia, PA                   NEW JERSEY 101.5
News Talk/Other   KTAR‐AM   Phoenix, AZ                        ARIZONA SPORTS
News Talk/Other   KGME‐AM   Phoenix, AZ                        XTRA SPORTS 910AM
News Talk/Other   KFYI‐AM   Phoenix, AZ                        FOX NEWSRADIO
News Talk/Other   KTAR      Phoenix, AZ                        NEWS 92.3 KTAR
News Talk/Other   WBGG‐AM   Pittsburgh, PA                     970 AM ESPN
News Talk/Other   KDKA‐AM   Pittsburgh, PA                     NEWSRADIO 1020
News Talk/Other   KQV‐AM    Pittsburgh, PA                     KQV AM 1410
News Talk/Other   KDKA      Pittsburgh, PA                     93.7 THE FAN
News Talk/Other   WPGB      Pittsburgh, PA                     FM NEWSTALK 104.7
News Talk/Other   KPOJ‐AM   Portland, OR                       FOX SPORTS AM 620
News Talk/Other   KXL‐AM    Portland, OR                       THE GAME
News Talk/Other   KPAM‐AM   Portland, OR                       THE VOICE OF PORTLAND
News Talk/Other   KFXX‐AM   Portland, OR                       THE FAN 1080 AM
News Talk/Other   KEX‐AM    Portland, OR                       1190 KEX NEWSRADIO
News Talk/Other   WPRO‐AM   Providence‐Warwick‐Pawtucket, RI   NEWSTALK 630
News Talk/Other   WHJJ‐AM   Providence‐Warwick‐Pawtucket, RI   TALK RADIO 920 AM
News Talk/Other   WVEI      Providence‐Warwick‐Pawtucket, RI   SPORTSRADIO WEEI
News Talk/Other   WPTF‐AM   Raleigh‐Durham, NC                 NEWSRADIO 680
News Talk/Other   WRBZ‐AM   Raleigh‐Durham, NC                 SPORTS RADIO 850 THE BUZZ
News Talk/Other   KBZZ‐AM   Reno, NV                           1270 THE BUZZ
News Talk/Other   KHTK‐AM   Sacramento, CA                   1140 THE FAN
News Talk/Other   KSTE‐AM   Sacramento, CA                   TALK 650 KSTE
News Talk/Other   KFBK‐AM   Sacramento, CA                   NEWSTALK 1530
News Talk/Other   KNRS‐AM   Salt Lake City, UT               TALKRADIO 570 AM
News Talk/Other   KSL       Salt Lake City, UT               KSL NEWSRADIO
News Talk/Other   KTSA‐AM   San Antonio, TX                  NEWS‐TALK‐TRAFFIC‐WEATHER
News Talk/Other   WOAI‐AM   San Antonio, TX                  NEWSRADIO 1200
News Talk/Other   XPRS‐AM   San Diego, CA                    XPRS 1090AM
News Talk/Other   KFMB‐AM   San Diego, CA                    TUNE IN. TURN ON.
News Talk/Other   KOGO‐AM   San Diego, CA                    SAN DIEGO'S NEWS & TALK STATION
News Talk/Other   KGO‐AM    San Francisco, CA                NEWSTALK AM 810
News Talk/Other   KNBR‐AM   San Francisco, CA                680 THE SPORTS LEADER
News Talk/Other   KKSF‐AM   San Francisco, CA                NEWSTALK 910 AM
News Talk/Other   KNEW‐AM   San Francisco, CA                960 AM KNEW
News Talk/Other   KSFO‐AM   San Francisco, CA                HOT TALK KSFO 560
News Talk/Other   KCBS‐AM   San Francisco, CA                ALL NEWS 740 AM
News Talk/Other   KTCT‐AM   San Francisco, CA                THE SPORTS LEADER
News Talk/Other   KGMZ      San Francisco, CA                95.7 FM THE GAME
News Talk/Other   KLIV‐AM   SAN JOSE, CA                     SILICON VALLEY NEWS
News Talk/Other   KIRO‐AM   Seattle‐Tacoma, WA               710 ESPN SEATTLE
News Talk/Other   KJR‐AM    Seattle‐Tacoma, WA               SPORTS RADIO 950
News Talk/Other   KPTK‐AM   Seattle‐Tacoma, WA               PROGRESSIVE TALK
News Talk/Other   KOMO‐AM   Seattle‐Tacoma, WA               KOMO NEWSRADIO
News Talk/Other   KTTH‐AM   Seattle‐Tacoma, WA               THE TRUTH
News Talk/Other   KVI‐AM    Seattle‐Tacoma, WA               SMART TALK 570 KVI
News Talk/Other   KKOL‐AM   Seattle‐Tacoma, WA               AM 1300 WALL STREET BUSINESS NETWORK
News Talk/Other   KIRO      Seattle‐Tacoma, WA               97.3 NEWS TALK KIRO FM
News Talk/Other   KTRS‐AM   St. Louis, MO                    BIG 550 KTRS
News Talk/Other   KMOX‐AM   St. Louis, MO                    THE VOICE OF ST. LOUIS
News Talk/Other   KFTK      St. Louis, MO                    97.1 FM TALK
News Talk/Other   WXOS      St. Louis, MO                    101 ESPN
News Talk/Other   WFLA‐AM   Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL         FOX NEWSRADIO 970
News Talk/Other   WGUL‐AM   Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL         TALK RADIO 860
News Talk/Other   WDAE‐AM   Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL         THE SPORTS ANIMAL
News Talk/Other   WHPT      Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL         102.5 FM THE BONE
News Talk/Other   WTEM‐AM   Washington, DC                   ESPN 980
News Talk/Other   WMAL‐AM   Washington, DC                   NEWS TALK 630
News Talk/Other   WJFK      Washington, DC                   106.7 THE FAN
News Talk/Other   WTOP      Washington, DC                   WTOP 103.5 FM
News Talk/Other   WJNO‐AM   West Palm Beach‐Boca Raton, FL   NEWSRADIO 1290
News Talk/Other   WZZR      West Palm Beach‐Boca Raton, FL   REAL RADIO
Oldies            WROR      Boston, MA                       105.7 WROR
Oldies            WHTT      Buffalo, NY                      CLASSIC HITS 104.1 WHTT
Oldies            WOGT      Chattanooga, TN                  107.9 BIG FM
Oldies            WJMK      Chicago, IL                      K‐HITS 104.3
Oldies            WLS       Chicago, IL                      CHICAGO'S CLASSIC HITS
Oldies            WGRR      Cincinnati, OH                   103.5 WGRR
Oldies            WMJI      Cleveland, OH                    MAJIC 105.7 WMJI
Oldies            WNND      Columbus, OH                     REWIND 103.5
Oldies            WODC      Columbus, OH                     OLDIES 93.3
Oldies            KLUV      Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX             98.7 K‐LUV
Oldies            KEZW‐AM   Denver, CO                       STUDIO 1430
Oldies            KXKL      Denver, CO                       KOOL 105
Oldies            WOMC      Detroit, MI                      OLDIES 104.3 WOMC
Oldies            WDRC      Hartford, CT                     102.9 DRC‐FM
Oldies            KKOL      Honolulu, HI                     KOOL GOLD 107.9
Oldies            KCMO      Kansas City, MO‐KS               94.9 KCMO
Oldies            KJUL      Las Vegas, NV                    KJUL 104.7 FM
Oldies            KKLZ      Las Vegas, NV                    96.3 KKLZ CLASSIC HITS
Oldies            KRTH      Los Angeles, CA                  K‐EARTH 101
Oldies            WMXJ      Miami, FL                        MAJIC 102.7 FM
Oldies            WRIT      Milwaukee, WI                    OLDIES 95.7
Oldies            KQQL      Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN         KOOL 108
Oldies            WCBS      New York, NY                     WCBS FM 101.1
Oldies            WVBW      Norfolk‐Virginia Beach, VA       92.9 THE WAVE
Oldies            WOCL      Orlando, FL                      SUNNY 105.9
Oldies            WOGL      Philadelphia, PA                 98.1 WOGL
Oldies            KOOL      Phoenix, AZ                      94.5 KOOL FM
Oldies        WJAS‐AM   Pittsburgh, PA                     WJAS 1320
Oldies        WWSW      Pittsburgh, PA                     94.5 3WS
Oldies        KLTH      Portland, OR                       K‐HITS 106.7
Oldies        WWBB      Providence‐Warwick‐Pawtucket, RI   B101
Oldies        WWMY      Raleigh‐Durham, NC                 Y 102.9
Oldies        KOLA      Riverside‐San Bernardino, CA       KOLA 99.9
Oldies        KCCL      Sacramento, CA                     K‐HITS 92.1
Oldies        KHLX      Sacramento, CA                     CLASSIC 93.1
Oldies        KODJ      Salt Lake City, UT                 94.1 KODJ
Oldies        KONO      San Antonio, TX                    KONO 101.1
Oldies        XHRM      San Diego, CA                      MAGIC 92.5 FM
Oldies        KOSF      San Francisco, CA                  GREATEST HITS OF THE 60'S, 70'S & 80'S
Oldies        KJR       Seattle‐Tacoma, WA                 OLDIES 95.7
Oldies        KEYF      Spokane, WA                        101.1 FM
Oldies        KLOU      St. Louis, MO                      OLDIES 103.3
Oldies        WRBQ      Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL           Q105
Oldies        WOLL      West Palm Beach‐Boca Raton, FL     KOOL 105.5 CONTINUOUS FAVORITES
Smooth Jazz   WNWV      Cleveland, OH                      107.3 THE WAVE
Smooth Jazz   WXJZ      Gainesville‐Ocala, FL              SMOOTH FM 100.9
Smooth Jazz   KORL      Honolulu, HI                       HAWAII'S SMOOTH JAZZ
Smooth Jazz   KUNV      Las Vegas, NV                      THE SOURCE 91.5 FM
Smooth Jazz   KTWV      Los Angeles, CA                    94.7 THE WAVE
Smooth Jazz   WGRV      Melbourne, FL                      THE GROOVE
Smooth Jazz   WVAS      Montgomery, AL                     90.7 FM WVAS
Smooth Jazz   WFSK      Nashville, TN                      88.1 WFSK
Smooth Jazz   SXWR      Networks                           SIRIUS XM ‐ WATERCOLORS
Smooth Jazz   WLOQ      Orlando, FL                        ORLANDO'S SMOOTH JAZZ
Smooth Jazz   KJZY      Santa Rosa, CA                     SMOOTH JAZZ 93.7
Smooth Jazz   WEIB      Springfield, MA                    106.3 SMOOTH FM
Top Forty     WDJQ      Akron, OH                          Q 92
Top Forty     WKDD      Akron, OH                          98.1 WKDD
Top Forty     WAJZ      Albany‐Schenectady, NY             JAMZ 96.3
Top Forty     WFLY      Albany‐Schenectady, NY             FLY 92.3
Top Forty     WKKF      Albany‐Schenectady, NY             KISS 102.3
Top Forty     KAGM      Albuquerque, NM                    POWER 106
Top Forty     KDLW      Albuquerque, NM                    OMG! 106.7
Top Forty     KKOB      Albuquerque, NM                    93.3 KOB.FM THE POP MUSIC CHANNEL
Top Forty     KKSS      Albuquerque, NM                    KISS 97.3 FM
Top Forty     WAEB      Allentown, PA                      B104
Top Forty     WWPW      Atlanta, GA                        POWER 96.1
Top Forty     WWVA      Atlanta, GA                        WILD 105.7
Top Forty     WWWQ      Atlanta, GA                        Q100
Top Forty     WAYV      Atlantic City, NJ                  WAYV 95.1
Top Forty     WHHD      Augusta, GA                        HD 98.3
Top Forty     KHFI      Austin, TX                         KISS FM 96.7
Top Forty     KPEZ      Austin, TX                         102.3 THE BEAT
Top Forty     KISV      Bakersfield, CA                    HOT 94.1
Top Forty     KKXX      Bakersfield, CA                    HOT HITS 93.1
Top Forty     KLLY      Bakersfield, CA                    KELLY 95.3 FM
Top Forty     WZFT      Baltimore, MD                      Z104.3
Top Forty     KQXY      Beaumont‐Port Arthur, TX           Q 94
Top Forty     WQEN      Birmingham, AL                     103.7 THE Q
Top Forty     WZRR      Birmingham, AL                     99.5 THE VIBE
Top Forty     KSAS      Boise, ID                          KISS FM
Top Forty     KWYD      Boise, ID                          WILD 101.1
Top Forty     WJMN      Boston, MA                         JAM'N 94.5
Top Forty     WODS      Boston, MA                         103.3 AMP RADIO
Top Forty     WXKS      Boston, MA                         KISS 108 FM
Top Forty     CFLZ      Buffalo, NY                        Z101
Top Forty     WKSE      Buffalo, NY                        KISS 98.5
Top Forty     WXXX      Burlington‐Plattsburgh, VT‐NY      95 TRIPLEX
Top Forty     WSSX      Charleston, SC                     95SX
Top Forty     WRVZ      Charleston, WV                     THE BEAT 98.7
Top Forty     WVSR      Charleston, WV                     ELECTRIC 102.7 FM
Top Forty     WHQC      Charlotte, NC                      CHANNEL 96.1 FM
Top Forty     WNKS      Charlotte, NC                      KISS 95.1 FM
Top Forty     WDOD      Chattanooga, TN                    HITS 96
Top Forty     WBBM      Chicago, IL                        B96
Top Forty   WCPQ   Chicago, IL                             DANCE FACTORY
Top Forty   WKSC   Chicago, IL                             KISS FM 103.5
Top Forty   WKFS   Cincinnati, OH                          KISS 107 FM
Top Forty   WAKS   Cleveland, OH                           KISS 96.5
Top Forty   KIBT   Colorado Springs, CO                    96.1 BEAT
Top Forty   KKMG   Colorado Springs, CO                    98.9 MAGIC FM
Top Forty   WNOK   Columbia, SC                            104.7 WNOK
Top Forty   WCGQ   Columbus, GA                            Q 107.3
Top Forty   WCKX   Columbus, OH                            POWER 107.5
Top Forty   WNCI   Columbus, OH                            WNCI 97.9
Top Forty   KKPN   Corpus Christi, TX                      PLANET 102.3 KKPN
Top Forty   KZFM   Corpus Christi, TX                      HOT Z‐95
Top Forty   KESS   Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX                    H2O RADIO
Top Forty   KHKS   Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX                    106.1 KISS FM
Top Forty   KLIF   Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX                    i93
Top Forty   WDHT   Dayton, OH                              HOT 102.9
Top Forty   WDKF   Dayton, OH                              CHANNEL 99.9
Top Forty   KPTT   Denver, CO                              95.7 THE PARTY
Top Forty   KQKS   Denver, CO                              KS 107.5
Top Forty   KKDM   Des Moines, IA                          KISS 107 FM
Top Forty   WDZH   Detroit, MI                             98.7 AMP RADIO
Top Forty   WKQI   Detroit, MI                             CHANNEL 95.5
Top Forty   KPRR   El Paso, TX                             POWER 102 KPRR FM
Top Forty   XHTO   El Paso, TX                             HIT FM 104.3
Top Forty   WRCL   Flint, MI                               CLUB 93.7
Top Forty   WWCK   Flint, MI                               CK 105.5
Top Forty   KBOS   Fresno, CA                              B95
Top Forty   KSEQ   Fresno, CA                              Q97
Top Forty   WBTT   Ft. Myers‐Naples, FL                    105.5 THE BEAT
Top Forty   WXKB   Ft. Myers‐Naples, FL                    B103.9
Top Forty   WJFX   Ft. Wayne, IN                           HOT 107.9
Top Forty   WNHT   Ft. Wayne, IN                           WILD 96.3
Top Forty   WTMG   Gainesville‐Ocala, FL                   MAGIC 101.3
Top Forty   WYKS   Gainesville‐Ocala, FL                   KISS 105.3 FM
Top Forty   WHTS   Grand Rapids, MI                        105.3 HOT FM
Top Forty   WSNX   Grand Rapids, MI                        WSNX 104.5
Top Forty   WIXX   Green Bay, WI                           WIXX 101
Top Forty   WKSZ   Green Bay, WI                           95.9 KISS FM
Top Forty   WKZL   Greensboro‐Winston Salem, NC            107.5 KZL
Top Forty   WMKS   Greensboro‐Winston Salem, NC            105.7 HIT MUSIC NOW
Top Forty   WERO   Greenville‐New Bern, NC                 BOB 93.3
Top Forty   WFBC   Greenville‐Spartanburg, SC              B93.7
Top Forty   WHZT   Greenville‐Spartanburg, SC              HOT 98.1
Top Forty   WHKF   Harrisburg‐Lebanon‐Carlisle, PA         KISS FM 99.3
Top Forty   WWKL   Harrisburg‐Lebanon‐Carlisle, PA         HOT 93.5
Top Forty   WKCI   Hartford, CT                            KC 101
Top Forty   WKSS   Hartford, CT                            KISS 95.7
Top Forty   WZMX   Hartford, CT                            HOT 93.7
Top Forty   KDDB   Honolulu, HI                            DA BOMB 102.7
Top Forty   KPHW   Honolulu, HI                            THE NEW POWER 104.3
Top Forty   KKHH   Houston‐Galveston, TX                   HOT 95.7
Top Forty   KRBE   Houston‐Galveston, TX                   104 KRBE
Top Forty   WHWT   Huntsville, AL                          HOT 103‐5
Top Forty   WZYP   Huntsville, AL                          104 WZYP
Top Forty   WNOU   Indianapolis, IN                        RADIONOW 100.9
Top Forty   WZPL   Indianapolis, IN                        Z‐99.5
Top Forty   WYOY   Jackson, MS                             Y101
Top Forty   WAPE   Jacksonville, FL                        WAPE 95.1
Top Forty   WNWW   Jacksonville, FL                        RADIO NOW 97.9
Top Forty   WAEZ   Johnson City‐Kingsport‐Bristol, TN‐VA   ELECTRIC 94.9
Top Forty   WXIS   Johnson City‐Kingsport‐Bristol, TN‐VA   JAMMIN' 103.9
Top Forty   KCHZ   Kansas City, MO‐KS                      95.7 THE VIBE
Top Forty   KKSW   Kansas City, MO‐KS                      105.9 KISS FM
Top Forty   KMXV   Kansas City, MO‐KS                      MIX 93.3
Top Forty   WKHT   Knoxville, TN                           HOT 104.5 FM
Top Forty   WWST   Knoxville, TN                           STAR 102.1
Top Forty   KHXT   Lafayette, LA                           HOT 107.9 ACADIANA'S HIPHOP
Top Forty   KSMB   Lafayette, LA                           94.5 KSMB
Top Forty   WLAN   Lancaster, PA                     FM 97
Top Forty   WJIM   Lansing‐East Lansing, MI          97.5 NOW FM
Top Forty   KFRH   Las Vegas, NV                     104.3 NOW
Top Forty   KLUC   Las Vegas, NV                     KLUC 98.5
Top Forty   KPLV   Las Vegas, NV                     MY 93.1
Top Forty   KVEG   Las Vegas, NV                     HOT 97.5
Top Forty   KYLI   Las Vegas, NV                     JELLI 96.7
Top Forty   WLTO   Lexington, KY                     HOT 102
Top Forty   KHTE   Little Rock, AR                   KHITS 96.5
Top Forty   KLAL   Little Rock, AR                   ALICE @ 107.7
Top Forty   KAMP   Los Angeles, CA                   97.1 AMP RADIO
Top Forty   KIIS   Los Angeles, CA                   KIIS FM
Top Forty   KPWR   Los Angeles, CA                   POWER 106 FM
Top Forty   KXOL   Los Angeles, CA                   LA 96.3
Top Forty   KXOS   Los Angeles, CA                   EXITOS 93.9 FM
Top Forty   WDJX   Louisville, KY                    99.7 DJX
Top Forty   WNRW   Louisville, KY                    RADIO NOW 98.9
Top Forty   WJQM   Madison, WI                       93.1 JAMZ
Top Forty   WZEE   Madison, WI                       Z 104
Top Forty   KBFM   McAllen‐Brownsville, TX           WILD 104
Top Forty   KVLY   McAllen‐Brownsville, TX           MIX 107.9 KVLY
Top Forty   WAOA   Melbourne, FL                     WA1A 107.1 FM
Top Forty   WFKS   Melbourne, FL                     KISS 95.1
Top Forty   WNRG   Melbourne, FL                     ENERGY 107.9
Top Forty   KWNW   Memphis, TN                       101.9 RADIO NOW
Top Forty   KXHT   Memphis, TN                       HOT 107.1 FM
Top Forty   WHBQ   Memphis, TN                       Q 107.5
Top Forty   WHYI   Miami, FL                         Y‐100.7
Top Forty   WMIA   Miami, FL                         93.9 MIA
Top Forty   WPOW   Miami, FL                         POWER 96
Top Forty   WRNW   Milwaukee, WI                     97.3 RADIO NOW
Top Forty   WXSS   Milwaukee, WI                     103.7 KISS FM
Top Forty   KDWB   Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN          KDWB 101.3
Top Forty   WABD   Mobile, Al                        97.5 WABD
Top Forty   KHTN   Modesto, CA                       HOT 104.7
Top Forty   WBBO   Monmouth‐Ocean, NJ                B 98.5
Top Forty   KDON   Monterey‐Salinas‐Santa Cruz, CA   KDON 102.5
Top Forty   WHHY   Montgomery, AL                    Y102
Top Forty   WNFN   Nashville, TN                     i106
Top Forty   WNFN   Nashville, TN                     i106
Top Forty   WRVW   Nashville, TN                     107.5 THE RIVER
Top Forty   WBLI   Nassau‐Suffolk, NY                106.1 BLI LONG ISLAND
Top Forty   WPTY   Nassau‐Suffolk, NY                PARTY FM
Top Forty   MCDC   Networks                          MC MUSIC CHOICE ‐ DANCE/ELECTRONICA
Top Forty   MCTF   Networks                          MC MUSIC CHOICE ‐ HITLIST
Top Forty   SX20   Networks                          SIRIUS XM ‐ 20 ON 20
Top Forty   SXBP   Networks                          SIRIUS XM ‐ BPM
Top Forty   SXH1   Networks                          SIRIUS XM ‐ SIRIUS XM HITS 1
Top Forty   SXP2   Networks                          SIRIUS XM ‐ POP2K
Top Forty   SXSH   Networks                          SIRIUS XM ‐ SHADE 45
Top Forty   XDIS   Networks                          RADIO DISNEY
Top Forty   WFHN   New Bedford‐Fall River, MA        FUN 107
Top Forty   KKND   New Orleans, LA                   POWER 102.9
Top Forty   WEZB   New Orleans, LA                   B97.1
Top Forty   WHTZ   New York, NY                      Z100
Top Forty   WKTU   New York, NY                      KTU 103.5 FM
Top Forty   WNOW   New York, NY                      92.3 NOW FM
Top Forty   WQHT   New York, NY                      HOT 97 FM
Top Forty   WNVZ   Norfolk‐Virginia Beach, VA        Z104
Top Forty   WVHT   Norfolk‐Virginia Beach, VA        HOT 100.5
Top Forty   WVMA   Norfolk‐Virginia Beach, VA        105.3 TODAY'S HIT MUSIC
Top Forty   KJYO   Oklahoma City, OK                 KJ 103
Top Forty   KKWD   Oklahoma City, OK                 WILD 104.9 HD
Top Forty   KOPW   Omaha, NE                         POWER 106.9
Top Forty   KQCH   Omaha, NE                         CHANNEL 94‐1
Top Forty   WJHM   Orlando, FL                       102 JAMZ
Top Forty   WPYO   Orlando, FL                       PARTY 95.3 ORLANDO
Top Forty   WXXL   Orlando, FL                       XL 106.7 FM
Top Forty   KCAQ      Oxnard‐Ventura, CA                 Q104.7 FM
Top Forty   KFYV      Oxnard‐Ventura, CA                 LIVE 105.5 FM
Top Forty   KVYB      Oxnard‐Ventura, CA                 103.3 THE VIBE
Top Forty   WIOQ      Philadelphia, PA                   Q102 PHILADELPHIA
Top Forty   WPST      Philadelphia, PA                   97.5 PST TODAY'S HIT MUSIC
Top Forty   WRDW      Philadelphia, PA                   WIRED 96.5
Top Forty   KKFR      Phoenix, AZ                        POWER 98.3
Top Forty   KMVA      Phoenix, AZ                        HOT 97.5
Top Forty   KZON      Phoenix, AZ                        101.5 JAMZ
Top Forty   KZZP      Phoenix, AZ                        104.7 KISS FM
Top Forty   WAMO‐AM   Pittsburgh, PA                     WAMO
Top Forty   WKST      Pittsburgh, PA                     KISS FM 96.1
Top Forty   KBFF      Portland, OR                       LIVE 95.5
Top Forty   KKRZ      Portland, OR                       Z100
Top Forty   KXJM      Portland, OR                       WILD 107.5
Top Forty   WJBQ      Portland‐Poland Spring, ME         Q 97.9
Top Forty   WPRO      Providence‐Warwick‐Pawtucket, RI   92 PRO FM
Top Forty   WWKX      Providence‐Warwick‐Pawtucket, RI   HOT 106 FM
Top Forty   WDCG      Raleigh‐Durham, NC                 G105
Top Forty   WKSL      Raleigh‐Durham, NC                 93.9 KISS FM
Top Forty   WPLW      Raleigh‐Durham, NC                 PULSE 102
Top Forty   KLCA      Reno, NV                           ALICE @ 96.5
Top Forty   KWYL      Reno, NV                           WILD 102.9
Top Forty   WHTI      Richmond, VA                       HOT 100.9
Top Forty   WRVQ      Richmond, VA                       Q94
Top Forty   KGGI      Riverside‐San Bernardino, CA       99.1 KGGI
Top Forty   KQIE      Riverside‐San Bernardino, CA       Q104.7
Top Forty   WJJS      Roanoke‐Lynchburg, VA              JAMMIN' 104.9
Top Forty   WXLK      Roanoke‐Lynchburg, VA              K92
Top Forty   WKGS      Rochester, NY                      KISS 106.7
Top Forty   WPXY      Rochester, NY                      98 PXY
Top Forty   WYRB      Rockford, IL                       POWER 106.3
Top Forty   WZOK      Rockford, IL                       97 ZOK
Top Forty   KDND      Sacramento, CA                     E.107.9 THE END
Top Forty   KHHM      Sacramento, CA                     HOT 103.5
Top Forty   KSFM      Sacramento, CA                     KSFM 102.5
Top Forty   WIOG      Saginaw‐Bay City‐Midland, MI       102.5 WIOG
Top Forty   KUDD      Salt Lake City, UT                 MIX 107.9
Top Forty   KUUU      Salt Lake City, UT                 U92 BLAZIN HIP‐HOP BEAT
Top Forty   KZHT      Salt Lake City, UT                 94.9 ZHT
Top Forty   KBBT      San Antonio, TX                    THE BEAT 98.5
Top Forty   KTFM      San Antonio, TX                    94.1 KTFM
Top Forty   KXXM      San Antonio, TX                    MIX 96.1
Top Forty   KEGY      San Diego, CA                      ENERGY 103.7
Top Forty   KHTS      San Diego, CA                      CHANNEL 93.3
Top Forty   XHTZ      San Diego, CA                      Z 90.3
Top Forty   KMVQ      San Francisco, CA                  NOW! 99.7 FM
Top Forty   KREV      San Francisco, CA                  92.7 REV FM
Top Forty   KYLD      San Francisco, CA                  WILD 94.9
Top Forty   WCMN      San Juan, PR                       MI EMISORA
Top Forty   WTOK      San Juan, PR                       HOT 102 FM
Top Forty   KFYZ      Santa Barbara, CA                  Z 94.5
Top Forty   KHTH      Santa Rosa, CA                     HOT 101.7
Top Forty   KSXY      Santa Rosa, CA                     Y 100.9
Top Forty   WAEV      Savannah, GA                       97‐3 KISS FM
Top Forty   KBKS      Seattle‐Tacoma, WA                 KISS 106.1
Top Forty   KNHC      Seattle‐Tacoma, WA                 C 89.5 FM SEATTLE'S HOTTEST MUSIC
Top Forty   KQMV      Seattle‐Tacoma, WA                 MOViN 92.5
Top Forty   KUBE      Seattle‐Tacoma, WA                 KUBE 93 FM
Top Forty   KRUF      Shreveport, LA                     K94.5
Top Forty   KEZE      Spokane, WA                        HOT 96.9
Top Forty   KGZG      Spokane, WA                        104.5 JAMZ
Top Forty   KIXZ      Spokane, WA                        HITS 96.1
Top Forty   KZBD      Spokane, WA                        NOW 105.7 FM
Top Forty   KSPW      Springfield, MO                    POWER 96.5
Top Forty   KBWX      St. Louis, MO                      WILD 104.9
Top Forty   KSLZ      St. Louis, MO                      Z107.7 FM
Top Forty   KHOP      Stockton, CA                       KHOP @ 95‐1
Top Forty   KWIN   Stockton, CA                      KWIN 98.3 / 97.7
Top Forty   WNTQ   Syracuse, NY                      93Q
Top Forty   WWHT   Syracuse, NY                      HOT 107.9
Top Forty   WFLZ   Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL          93.3 FM FLZ
Top Forty   WLLD   Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL          WILD 94.1
Top Forty   WPOI   Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL          HOT 101.5
Top Forty   WPOI   Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL          HOT 101.5
Top Forty   WVKS   Toledo, OH                        KISS 92.5
Top Forty   WWWM   Toledo, OH                        STAR 105
Top Forty   KOHT   Tucson, AZ                        HOT 98.3
Top Forty   KRQQ   Tucson, AZ                        93.7 KRQ
Top Forty   KSZR   Tucson, AZ                        i97.5
Top Forty   KHTT   Tulsa, OK                         K‐HITS 106.9
Top Forty   KTBT   Tulsa, OK                         92.1 THE BEAT
Top Forty   WIHT   Washington, DC                    HOT 99.5
Top Forty   WPGC   Washington, DC                    WPGC JAMS 95.5 FM
Top Forty   WLDI   West Palm Beach‐Boca Raton, FL    WILD 95.5
Top Forty   WMBX   West Palm Beach‐Boca Raton, FL    MIX 102 VARIETY
Top Forty   KDGS   Wichita, KS                       POWER 93.9
Top Forty   KZCH   Wichita, KS                       CHANNEL 96.3
Top Forty   WBHT   Wilkes‐Barre‐Scranton, PA         BHT 97.1
Top Forty   WKRZ   Wilkes‐Barre‐Scranton, PA         98.5 KRZ
Top Forty   WHOT   Youngstown, OH                    HOT 101
Triple A    KGSR   Austin, TX                        93.3 KGSR
Triple A    KUT    Austin, TX                        KUT 90.5
Triple A    KXBT   Austin, TX                        KXBT 98.9
Triple A    WRNR   Baltimore, MD                     103 WRNR
Triple A    WTMD   Baltimore, MD                     WTMD 89.7
Triple A    KRVB   Boise, ID                         94.9 FM THE RIVER
Triple A    WERS   Boston, MA                        88.9 FM EMERSON COLLEGE
Triple A    WXRV   Boston, MA                        92.5 THE RIVER
Triple A    WCLX   Burlington‐Plattsburgh, VT‐NY     FARM FRESH RADIO 102.9 FM
Triple A    WNCS   Burlington‐Plattsburgh, VT‐NY     THE POINT
Triple A    WCOO   Charleston, SC                    105.5 THE BRIDGE
Triple A    WXRT   Chicago, IL                       93 XRT
Triple A    WWNU   Columbia, SC                      92.1 THE PALM
Triple A    WCBE   Columbus, OH                      CENTRAL OHIO'S NPR STATION
Triple A    KBCO   Denver, CO                        WORLD CLASS ROCK 97.3 FM
Triple A    CIDR   Detroit, MI                       THE RIVER 93.9 FM
Triple A    WDET   Detroit, MI                       DETROIT PUBLIC RADIO
Triple A    WXPK   Hudson Valley, NY                 107.1 THE PEAK
Triple A    WTTS   Indianapolis, IN                  92.3 WTTS
Triple A    KCKC   Kansas City, MO‐KS                ALICE 102.1 FM
Triple A    KCRW   Los Angeles, CA                   89.9 KCRW
Triple A    KCSN   Los Angeles, CA                   88.5 KCSN
Triple A    WFPK   Louisville, KY                    RADIO LOUISVILLE
Triple A    WMMM   Madison, WI                       TRIPLE M 105.5 FM
Triple A    WEVL   Memphis, TN                       89.9 WEVL
Triple A    KCMP   Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN          THE CURRENT
Triple A    KTCZ   Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN          CITIES 97
Triple A    WZEW   Mobile, Al                        92 ZEW
Triple A    KPIG   Monterey‐Salinas‐Santa Cruz, CA   KPIG
Triple A    WRLT   Nashville, TN                     LIGHTNING 100
Triple A    SXLF   Networks                          SIRIUS XM ‐ THE LOFT
Triple A    SXMU   Networks                          SIRIUS XM ‐ SIRIUS XM U
Triple A    SXSP   Networks                          SIRIUS XM ‐ THE SPECTRUM
Triple A    WFMU   New York, NY                      WFMU
Triple A    WFUV   New York, NY                      90.7 WFUV
Triple A    WXPN   Philadelphia, PA                  XPN 88.5
Triple A    KBOO   Portland, OR                      KBOO‐FM
Triple A    KINK   Portland, OR                      101.9 KINK FM
Triple A    WCLZ   Portland‐Poland Spring, ME        98.9 WCLZ
Triple A    KTHX   Reno, NV                          100.1 FM THE X
Triple A    KRCL   Salt Lake City, UT                COMMUNITY RADIO 91 FM
Triple A    KNBT   San Antonio, TX                   92.1 FM RADIO NEW BRAUNFELS
Triple A    KPRI   San Diego, CA                     102.1 KPRI ‐ ROCK WITHOUT RULES
Triple A    KFOG   San Francisco, CA                 KFOG 104.5 WORLD CLASS ROCK
Triple A    KRSH   Santa Rosa, CA                    THE KRUSH 95.9
Triple A         KEXP   Seattle‐Tacoma, WA             KEXP 90.3 WHERE THE MUSIC MATTERS
Triple A         KMTT   Seattle‐Tacoma, WA             THE MOUNTAIN 103.7 FM
Triple A         KPND   Spokane, WA                    95.3 KPND PROGRESSIVE RADIO
Triple A         WRSI   Springfield, MA                93.9 THE RIVER
Triple A         KDHX   St. Louis, MO                  ST. LOUIS COMMUNITY RADIO
Triple A         WMNF   Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL       COMMUNITY RADIO
Urban/Urban AC   WALR   Atlanta, GA                    KISS 104.1
Urban/Urban AC   WAMJ   Atlanta, GA                    MAJIC 107.5
Urban/Urban AC   WHTA   Atlanta, GA                    HOT 107.9
Urban/Urban AC   WSTR   Atlanta, GA                    STREETZ 94.5
Urban/Urban AC   WVEE   Atlanta, GA                    V‐103
Urban/Urban AC   WAKB   Augusta, GA                    MAGIC 100.9
Urban/Urban AC   WFXA   Augusta, GA                    FOXIE 103
Urban/Urban AC   WIIZ   Augusta, GA                    THE WIZ 97.9 FM
Urban/Urban AC   WKSP   Augusta, GA                    KISS 96.3
Urban/Urban AC   WPRW   Augusta, GA                    POWER 107
Urban/Urban AC   WERQ   Baltimore, MD                  92Q JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC   WWIN   Baltimore, MD                  MAGIC 95.9 FM
Urban/Urban AC   KQXL   Baton Rouge, LA                Q106 DOT 5
Urban/Urban AC   WEMX   Baton Rouge, LA                MAX 94.1
Urban/Urban AC   KTCX   Beaumont‐Port Arthur, TX       MAGIC 102.5
Urban/Urban AC   WBHJ   Birmingham, AL                 95.7 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC   WBHK   Birmingham, AL                 98.7 KISS FM
Urban/Urban AC   WTUG   Birmingham, AL                 TODAY'S R&B AND OLD SCHOOL
Urban/Urban AC   WUHT   Birmingham, AL                 HOT 107.7
Urban/Urban AC   WBLK   Buffalo, NY                    93.7 WBLK
Urban/Urban AC   WMGL   Charleston, SC                 MAGIC 107.3
Urban/Urban AC   WWWZ   Charleston, SC                 Z93 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC   WXST   Charleston, SC                 STAR 99.7
Urban/Urban AC   WBAV   Charlotte, NC                  V101.9
Urban/Urban AC   WGIV   Charlotte, NC                  THE SOUL OF CHARLOTTE
Urban/Urban AC   WPEG   Charlotte, NC                  POWER 98 WPEG‐FM
Urban/Urban AC   WJTT   Chattanooga, TN                POWER 94
Urban/Urban AC   WMPZ   Chattanooga, TN                GROOVE 93
Urban/Urban AC   WGCI   Chicago, IL                    107.5 WGCI
Urban/Urban AC   WPWX   Chicago, IL                    POWER 92
Urban/Urban AC   WSRB   Chicago, IL                    SOUL 106.3
Urban/Urban AC   WVAZ   Chicago, IL                    V‐103
Urban/Urban AC   WIZF   Cincinnati, OH                 101.1 THE WIZ
Urban/Urban AC   WENZ   Cleveland, OH                  Z107.9
Urban/Urban AC   WZAK   Cleveland, OH                  93.1 FM WZAK CLEVELAND'S R&B LEADER
Urban/Urban AC   WHXT   Columbia, SC                   HOT 103.9
Urban/Urban AC   WLXC   Columbia, SC                   KISS 103.1 FM
Urban/Urban AC   WWDM   Columbia, SC                   THE BIG DM 101FM
Urban/Urban AC   WAGH   Columbus, GA                   MAGIC 101.3
Urban/Urban AC   WBFA   Columbus, GA                   98.3 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC   WFXE   Columbus, GA                   FOXIE 105 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC   WKZJ   Columbus, GA                   K92.7
Urban/Urban AC   WXMG   Columbus, OH                   MAGIC 106.3
Urban/Urban AC   KNDA   Corpus Christi, TX             102.9 DA BOMB
Urban/Urban AC   KBFB   Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX           97.9 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC   KKDA   Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX           K104
Urban/Urban AC   KRNB   Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX           KR&B 105.7 FM
Urban/Urban AC   KSOC   Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX           OLD SCHOOL 94.5
Urban/Urban AC   WROU   Dayton, OH                     92.1 WROU
Urban/Urban AC   WDMK   Detroit, MI                    105.9 KISS FM
Urban/Urban AC   WGPR   Detroit, MI                    HOT 107.5
Urban/Urban AC   WJLB   Detroit, MI                    WJLB FM 98
Urban/Urban AC   WMXD   Detroit, MI                    MIX 92.3
Urban/Urban AC   WDZZ   Flint, MI                      Z 92.7
Urban/Urban AC   WJMH   Greensboro‐Winston Salem, NC   102‐JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC   WQMG   Greensboro‐Winston Salem, NC   97.1 QMG
Urban/Urban AC   WIKS   Greenville‐New Bern, NC        101.9 KISS FM
Urban/Urban AC   WJMZ   Greenville‐Spartanburg, SC     107.3 JAMZ!
Urban/Urban AC   KBXX   Houston‐Galveston, TX          97.9 THE BOX
Urban/Urban AC   KMJQ   Houston‐Galveston, TX          MAJIC 102
Urban/Urban AC   WEUP   Huntsville, AL                 103.1 FM WEUP
Urban/Urban AC   WHRP   Huntsville, AL                 94.1 WHRP THE ADULT MIX
Urban/Urban AC   WHHH      Indianapolis, IN             HOT 96.3 FM
Urban/Urban AC   WTLC      Indianapolis, IN             WTLC 106.7
Urban/Urban AC   WJMI      Jackson, MS                  99 JAMS
Urban/Urban AC   WKXI      Jackson, MS                  KIXIE 107 FM
Urban/Urban AC   WRBJ      Jackson, MS                  HOT 97.7
Urban/Urban AC   WJBT      Jacksonville, FL             93.3 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC   WSOL      Jacksonville, FL             V 101.5
Urban/Urban AC   KMJK      Kansas City, MO‐KS           MAGIC 107.3
Urban/Urban AC   KPRS      Kansas City, MO‐KS           HOT 103 JAMZ!
Urban/Urban AC   KNEK      Lafayette, LA                MAGIC 104.7
Urban/Urban AC   KRRQ      Lafayette, LA                Q 95.5 FM
Urban/Urban AC   WQHH      Lansing‐East Lansing, MI     POWER 96.5 FM
Urban/Urban AC   WBTF      Lexington, KY                107.9 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC   KIPR      Little Rock, AR              POWER 92
Urban/Urban AC   KOKY      Little Rock, AR              KOKY 102.1 FM
Urban/Urban AC   KZTS      Little Rock, AR              STREETS 101.1
Urban/Urban AC   KDAY      Los Angeles, CA              93.5 KDAY
Urban/Urban AC   KHHT      Los Angeles, CA              HOT 92 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC   KJLH      Los Angeles, CA              KJLH 102.3 FM
Urban/Urban AC   WGZB      Louisville, KY               B96
Urban/Urban AC   WMJM      Louisville, KY               MAGIC 101.3
Urban/Urban AC   KJMS      Memphis, TN                  V101.1
Urban/Urban AC   WHRK      Memphis, TN                  K97
Urban/Urban AC   WQOX      Memphis, TN                  88.5 THE VOICE OF MCS
Urban/Urban AC   WRBO      Memphis, TN                  SOUL CLASSICS 103.5
Urban/Urban AC   WEDR      Miami, FL                    99 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC   WHQT      Miami, FL                    HOT 105 FM
Urban/Urban AC   WJMR      Milwaukee, WI                JAMMIN' 98.3 FM
Urban/Urban AC   WKKV      Milwaukee, WI                V100
Urban/Urban AC   WNOV‐AM   Milwaukee, WI                THE NEW WNOV
Urban/Urban AC   WBLX      Mobile, Al                   93 BLX
Urban/Urban AC   WDLT      Mobile, Al                   104.1 WDLT
Urban/Urban AC   WJWZ      Montgomery, AL               97.9 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC   WWMG      Montgomery, AL               MAGIC 97
Urban/Urban AC   WZHT      Montgomery, AL               HOT 105
Urban/Urban AC   WQQK      Nashville, TN                92 Q
Urban/Urban AC   WUBT      Nashville, TN                101.1 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC   ACHH      Networks                     CUMULUS MEDIA NTWKS‐CLASSIC HIP‐HOP/R&B
Urban/Urban AC   ATOU      Networks                     CUMULUS MEDIA NETWORKS ‐ THE TOUCH
Urban/Urban AC   MCHH      Networks                     MC MUSIC CHOICE ‐ HIP‐HOP AND R&B
Urban/Urban AC   MCRB      Networks                     MC MUSIC CHOICE ‐ R&B SOUL
Urban/Urban AC   MCRP      Networks                     MC MUSIC CHOICE ‐ RAP
Urban/Urban AC   SXBS      Networks                     SIRIUS XM ‐ BACKSPIN
Urban/Urban AC   SXHH      Networks                     SIRIUS XM ‐ HIP‐HOP NATION
Urban/Urban AC   SXHS      Networks                     SIRIUS XM ‐ HEART & SOUL
Urban/Urban AC   SXHT      Networks                     SIRIUS XM ‐ THE HEAT
Urban/Urban AC   KMEZ      New Orleans, LA              OLD SCHOOL 106.7
Urban/Urban AC   WQUE      New Orleans, LA              Q93 FM
Urban/Urban AC   WYLD      New Orleans, LA              WYLD FM98
Urban/Urban AC   WBLS      New York, NY                 107.5 FM WBLS
Urban/Urban AC   WWPR      New York, NY                 POWER 105.1
Urban/Urban AC   WKSA      Norfolk‐Virginia Beach, VA   92.1 KISS FM
Urban/Urban AC   WOWI      Norfolk‐Virginia Beach, VA   WOWI 103 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC   WVKL      Norfolk‐Virginia Beach, VA   95.7 R&B
Urban/Urban AC   KVSP      Oklahoma City, OK            POWER 103.5
Urban/Urban AC   WCFB      Orlando, FL                  STAR 94.5
Urban/Urban AC   WDAS‐AM   Philadelphia, PA             THE SOUL OF PHILADELPHIA
Urban/Urban AC   WDAS      Philadelphia, PA             WDAS 105.3 FM
Urban/Urban AC   WPHI      Philadelphia, PA             HOT 107.9
Urban/Urban AC   WRNB      Philadelphia, PA             100.3 WR&B
Urban/Urban AC   WUSL      Philadelphia, PA             POWER 99 FM
Urban/Urban AC   KAJM      Phoenix, AZ                  MEGA 104.3
Urban/Urban AC   KNRJ      Phoenix, AZ                  101.1 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC   WFXC      Raleigh‐Durham, NC           FOXY 107.1
Urban/Urban AC   WQOK      Raleigh‐Durham, NC           K97.5
Urban/Urban AC   WZFX      Raleigh‐Durham, NC           FOXY 99 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC   WBTJ      Richmond, VA                 106.5 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC   WCDX      Richmond, VA                 IPOWER 92.1 FM
Urban/Urban AC   WKJS      Richmond, VA                     105.7 KISS FM
Urban/Urban AC   WVBE‐AM   Roanoke‐Lynchburg, VA            VIBE 100FM
Urban/Urban AC   WDKX      Rochester, NY                    104 WDKX
Urban/Urban AC   KHYL      Sacramento, CA                   V101.1
Urban/Urban AC   WTLZ      Saginaw‐Bay City‐Midland, MI     KISS 107.1
Urban/Urban AC   KBLX      San Francisco, CA                R&B 102.9 FM
Urban/Urban AC   KISQ      San Francisco, CA                98.1 KISS FM
Urban/Urban AC   KMEL      San Francisco, CA                KMEL JAMS 106.1
Urban/Urban AC   WEAS      Savannah, GA                     E‐93 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC   WLVH      Savannah, GA                     LOVE 101.1
Urban/Urban AC   WQBT      Savannah, GA                     94.1 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC   WTYB      Savannah, GA                     MAGIC 103.9
Urban/Urban AC   KBTT      Shreveport, LA                   103.7FM THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC   KDKS      Shreveport, LA                   KDKS 102.1
Urban/Urban AC   KMJJ      Shreveport, LA                   99.7 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC   KVMA      Shreveport, LA                   MAGIC 102.9
Urban/Urban AC   KMJM      St. Louis, MO                    MAGIC 100.3
Urban/Urban AC   WFUN      St. Louis, MO                    FOXY 95.5
Urban/Urban AC   WHHL      St. Louis, MO                    HOT 104.1
Urban/Urban AC   WHEN‐AM   Syracuse, NY                     POWER 620AM
Urban/Urban AC   WBTP      Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL         95.7 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC   WIMX      Toledo, OH                       WIMX MIX 95.7
Urban/Urban AC   WJUC      Toledo, OH                       THE JUICE
Urban/Urban AC   WJZE      Toledo, OH                       HOT 97.3
Urban/Urban AC   KJMM      Tulsa, OK                        KJAMZ 105.3
Urban/Urban AC   WHUR      Washington, DC                   WHUR 96.3
Urban/Urban AC   WKYS      Washington, DC                   93.9 KISS FM
Urban/Urban AC   WMMJ      Washington, DC                   MAJIC 102.3
Urban/Urban AC   WFLM      West Palm Beach‐Boca Raton, FL   104.7 WFLM THE FLAME
Urban/Urban AC   WHFS      West Palm Beach‐Boca Raton, FL   B‐106.3
Urban/Urban AC   WJKS      Wilmington, DE                   KISS 101.7 FM
Urban/Urban AC   WRBP      Youngstown, OH                   101.9 JAMZ
Video            CMT       Video‐Cable Canada               CMT CANADA
Video            MULD      Video‐Cable Canada               MUCHLOUD
Video            MMMU      Video‐Cable Canada               MUCH MORE MUSIC
Video            MUCH      Video‐Cable Canada               MUCH MUSIC
Video            MUMX      Video‐Cable Canada               MUSIMAX
Video            PLUS      Video‐Cable Canada               MUSIQUE PLUS
Video            PNCH      Video‐Cable Canada               PUNCH MUCH
Video            MUVB      Video‐Cable Canada               MUCH VIBE
Video            BET       Video‐Cable USA                  BET
Video            BETJ      Video‐Cable USA                  CENTRIC
Video            CMTP      Video‐Cable USA                  CMT PURE COUNTRY
Video            CMTV      Video‐Cable USA                  COUNTRY MUSIC TELEVISION
Video            FUSE      Video‐Cable USA                  FUSE
Video            GAC       Video‐Cable USA                  GREAT AMERICAN COUNTRY
Video            MPAL      Video‐Cable USA                  PALLADIA
Video            MTV       Video‐Cable USA                  MTV ‐ MUSIC TELEVISION
Video            MTV2      Video‐Cable USA                  M2
Video            MTV3      Video‐Cable USA                  MTV TR3S
Video            MTVH      Video‐Cable USA                  MTV HITS
Video            MTVJ      Video‐Cable USA                  MTV JAMZ
Video            MUN2      Video‐Cable USA                  MUN2
Video            VH1       Video‐Cable USA                  VH1
Video            VHSL      Video‐Cable USA                  VH1 SOUL

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