The importance of editing & proofreading

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Scientific Publication:
The importance of editing & proofreading


   To show how editing & proofreading can help achieve better
    language quality to make the manuscript consistent, logical
    and meaningful and thus improve its communication &
    This is an example text. Go ahead and replace it
   To show how editing & proofreading can help achieve better
    language quality to make the manuscript consistent, logical
    and meaningful and thus improve its communication &
   To present opinions and suggestions to help you assess and
    improve the quality of your manuscript.

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                                Abstract ?
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                           INTRODUCTION                 khj
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          “Scientists are
          rated by what
          they finish, not
          by what they
    Ideally –
   to share research findings and discoveries with the
    hope of advancing knowledge.

     Practically –
      to get funding
      to get promotion
      to get a job
      to retain a job!
Scientific Publication is a Team Effort


     Authors            Reviewer

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Publication Process: From Author to Journal

                Completion of research

              Preparation of manuscript

              Submission of manuscript

                Assignment and review

           Rejection                 Revision


Major reasons for rejection

      Confirmatory (not novel)
      Poor experimental design
      - Poor controls
      - Hypothesis not adequately tested
     Inappropriate for journal
     Poorly written (Improper ENGLISH)
     Other factors
Ten characteristics of a dull paper

1.    Avoid Focus
2.    Avoid originality and personality
3.    Make the article really really long
4.    Do not indicate any potential implications
5.    Leave out illustrations (…too much effort to draw a    sensible
6.    Omit necessary steps of reasoning
7.    Use abbreviations and technical terms that only specialists in the
      field can understand
8.    Make it sound too serious with no significant discussion
9.    Focus only on statistics
10.   Support every statement with a reference
      Sand-Jenson in Oikos 2007, 116 723 (C&E News Sept 10, 2007)
Author Responsibilities

Preparation and Submission of Manuscripts:
General Rules:
    Ensure that the work is new and original research
    Ensure that all the authors listed on the manuscript are
     aware of submission and agree with content and support
    Authors agree that the manuscript can be examined by
     anonymous reviewers.
    Obtain copyright permission if figures, tables from other
     publications need to be reproduced
    Include proper affiliation
 To do even better ….

 The authors should make every effort to make a good
  presentation with proper usage of English grammar.

 “English is not my Native Language” is not a valid
  justification for reviewer who cannot comprehend.

 Reviewers do not wish to review papers that are not
  readable. Badly written papers are often recommended
  as “REJECT” by the Reviewers

 Some Publication office helps to edit the language for
  accepted manuscripts, but this only happens if the
  English is good enough to be reviewed.
Role of Editing in Enhancing Language Quality

Nature and the Nature research journals copyedit
 (subedit) scientific research papers to

 Ensure that the journal reads in correct English
 Enhance the reader’s perception of the journal

  Attention to language quality will impact target audience—
  more people will read it, cite it, it will receive more media coverage,
  and so on.
     Attributes of Good Writing

 Structure and flow of writing
 Style of writing / ease of reading
 Support and evidence for points being
    made /thought and argument
   Relevance to the purpose of the writing
   Language, style, clarity, formatting
   Editing and proofing
   Proper referencing and bibliography
Grammar and spelling

Grammar and spelling add to the image of a document
Errors in grammar and spelling suggest carelessness, or
 lack of professionalism
Grammatical errors can cause confusion and slow the
 reader down
Grammatical and spelling errors can (subconsciously)
 cause the reader to turn against you
CLARITY -Example

 Less Correct                      More correct

 We have analyzed this             This process conforms to
 process exhaustively and          public procurement
 found, at the end of our                 Competitive
 investigations, that the public
 procurement procedure                    price
 involved with regard to the
 efforts at procurement in this
 case are in line with current
 legislative requirements.

 Editing                      Proofreading
 • Structure
 • Logic                      • Spelling
 • Flow                       • Grammar
 • Look: formatting           • Mistakes
 • Style: jargon; familiar;   • Repetition
   formal; professional?      • Final checks
 • Necessity                  – Revision control
 • Inclusion/exclusion        – Overall presentation
 • Hierarchy                  – Objectives achieved?
 • Sequential                 – Any guidelines?
 • Language                   – Distribution
 • Numbering
Impact of Editing on Language Quality

 Author submits an unedited      Journal finds language   Author gets manuscript edited      Example
 manuscript to a journal                                  & resubmits it to the journal
                                 weak and suggests
                                 professional editing
 A. Unedited manuscript                                   B. Professionally edited
 In this paper, an online tool                               manuscript
     wear estimation method,                              In this paper, an online method,
     based on feed motor                                  based on the feed motor current
     current signals is                                   signals, has been proposed for     Output
     proposed. A special                                  tool wear estimation during        has
     attention has been done                              machining. A special attention
     on effect of work piece                              has been given on monitoring       Correct
     clamping method on                                   the effect of work piece            grammar
     measured current                                     clamping method on current
     signals and it has shown                             signals. It has been shown that    Formal
     that the signals vary by                             the current signals vary as a       tone
     respecting to distance of                            function of the distance of
     cutting force from                                   cutting force from clamping         Good
     clamping points.                                     points.                            readability
Impact of Editing on Language Quality

                                            Sentence is more
C. Published after proofreading                                D. Published after editing
In this work the possibility of obtaining                      The possibility of obtaining rectilinear
a rectilinear motion of bodies partially                       motion of bodies without the use of
or totally submerged without using                             propellers, when partially or totally
propellers is evaluated.                                       submerged, is evaluated .
                                              Better word
In this study, we investigate the             choice           In this stureport a new technique for
possibility of measuring phosphate                             measuring phosphate groups in
groups in phostides by using a                                 phospides uurier transform infrared
microscopic Fourier transform infrared                         spectrometer (FTIR), and assess
spectrometer (FT-IR) and assess                                whether this technique is easier and
whether this technique is easier and                           faster than using established methods
faster than
using established methods.

        No proofreading errors              Technical           No proofreading errors
        Readability is low
                                            corrected           Improved readability
Impact of Editing on Language Quality

Good editing ensures         Good editing depends on

Correct English              (1) Skills and expertise of the professional
    No grammar and
     punctuation errors          editor (which depends on the author’s
    No spelling errors          ability to select a good editor)
    No word/phrase
     choice errors
                             (2) The process and tools the editor uses to
Better Readability               ensure that there are no oversights and the
    Native English              correct style is followed
    Crisp, formal tone
      and consistent style
    Elimination of          (3) Quality of the original manuscript
      ambiguity                  (which depends on the author/translator’s
      or poor logic
                                 English skills)
A Suggested Approach before sending to

                     What to do                                       How to do it
          sure you have followed all the requirements     1. Refer to author instructions/guidelines of reputed
 Step1    of the journal about electronic submission         journals.
          etc                                             2. Get it edited by your colleagues or avail the
                                                             services of an editing professional.
                                                          3. Create a template for manuscript submission.

          Make sure to get your manuscript edited by
          professional editors . Listen to what they      1. Make a judicious selection of professional
 Step 2   say, especially if same criticism comes up         editors.
          several                                         2. Keep a ready list of these editors in your
          times.                                             website.
                                                          3. Ask for a sample editing .

          Review the edited manuscript and check it
          for consistency in language quality, style,
 Step 3   tone, and format.                               1. Build an in-house review team, or
                                                          2. Collaborate with professional editors

          Ensure that the editing is made contextually,
          i.e. the meaning of the sentences do not get
          changed after editing.

   Editing enhances the quality of a manuscript by correcting
    errors in English and improving readability.
   Improperly written manuscript is often neglected by the
   Availing the services of professional editors and proofreaders
    will help in greatly improving the quality of communication and
    producing an error free professional manuscript written in clear
    and concise English .
       To avail

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