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									                                     ENTREPRENEUR.COM 2012

No matter what the path, the
entrepreneurial journey always
begins with a mindset. That’s why
Entrepreneur delivers distinctive
content on every road taken by the
independent thinkers, builders and
leaders driving economies across
the world.

                                     Partners on
                                     Every Path
                                     Business and media
                                     partners join forces with
                                     Entrepreneur across all
                                     platforms to make
                                     a powerful connection
                                     to the innovative minds
                                     redefining business today.
                                                                                      edit calendar                                                    ENTREPRENEUR 2012

                                                                                                                                                      in every issue
                               JAN                                                     FEB                                                     MAR    The Innovators
  Entrepreneurs of 2011:                              The Technology Issue                                 The Leadership Issue:                      The people, companies
  The Winning Names,                                  10 of the Best                                       How to Lead Great                          and ideas driving change
  Faces and Companies                                 Marketing Ideas of                                   Radicals and Visionaries
  Making an Impact                                                                                                                                    Who’s Got VC
                                                      All Time                                             Network Security                           The latest company to win it
                                                                                                                                                      Your Money
                                                                                                              AD CLOSE                 ON SALE
                                                                                                                                                      Keeping a checkbook balanced
                                                                                                              1/10/2012	               2/21/2012      and the balance checked
  AD CLOSE             ON SALE                        AD CLOSE                  ON SALE                                              —
                                                                                                              Entrepreneur’s	StartUps	 Spring         Money Department
                                                                                                              AD CLOSE                 ON SALE
  11/10/2011	          12/20/2011                     12/12/2011	               1/24/2012                     1/12/2012	               3/6/2012       Where to get it, how to make it,
                                                                                                                                                      how to keep it coming in
                                                                                                                                                      Doing Good
                              APR                                                    MAY                                                       JUN    Entrepreneurs who give back
 The Biggest, Baddest                                Business Travel Awards                                   100 Brilliant                           Tech Department
 Branding Issue Ever                                 Employee Benefits                                        Companies, 100                          Cool ways tech can help
 Top 20 Most Trusted                                 Made Simple                                              Brilliant Ideas                         entrepreneurs grow
 Brands in America                                                                                            VC Roundup                              Online Ideas Department
 Mobile Marketing                                                                                                                                     Online ideas that boost
                                                                                                                                                      Going Forward Department
                                                                                                             AD CLOSE                  ON SALE
                                                                                                             4/10/2012	                5/22/2012
                                                                                                                                                      Trends, issues and data
                                                                                                             Entrepreneur’s	StartUps—Summer
                                                                                                                                                      to keep entrepreneurs on
  AD CLOSE              ON SALE                      AD CLOSE                 ON SALE
  2/10/2012	            3/20/2012                    3/12/2012	               4/24/2012                      AD CLOSE                 ON SALE         top of their game
                                                                                                             4/10/2012	               6/5/2012
                                                                                                                                                      Ask a Pro
                                                                                                                                                      Experts respond to challenging
                                JUL                                                   AUG                                                      SEPT   questions from business owners
                                                                                                                                                      The Business Traveler
  Best Business Bars in                               Best Cities, Best                                         Young Millionaires                    Travel and lifestyle tips for the
  America                                             Lifestyles for                                            The Money Report                      entrepreneur on the go
  The Disrupters                                      Entrepreneurs
                                                                                                                Video Gaming                          All Up In Your Business
                                                      Special Report on
                                                                                                                                                      No-holds-barred advice from an
                                                      Health Care
                                                                                                                                                      online business strategist
                                                                                                                                                      Ask a Geek
                                                                                                                                                      Business tech questions
  AD CLOSE              ON SALE                       AD CLOSE                  ON SALE                          AD CLOSE                ON SALE      answered
  5/10/2012	            6/26/2012                     6/11/2012	                7/24/2012                        7/10/2012	              8/21/2012
                                                                                                                                                      Mobile Tech
                                                                                                                                                      Cutting-edge wireless and
                                                                                                                                                      mobile technologies
                             OCT                                                     NOV                                                       DEC    Linked
 Top Colleges                                         The Green Issue: Going                                  The Trends Issue: A                     Chris Brogan helps businesses
 The Drive: An In-Depth                               Green, Staying Green,                                   Look Ahead at the                       build relationships with social
 Report on Commercial                                 Selling Green                                           Markets, Ideas and                      media and the web
 Vehicles                                                                                                     Opportunities for
                                                                                                              Entrepreneurs in 2013                   Lead Gen
                                                                                                                                                      How to find new customers
 AD CLOSE             ON SALE
 8/10/2012	           9/25/2012                                                                                                                       Ask the Esquire Guy
                                                                                                                                                      Lifestyle tips for work and play
 Entrepreneur’s	StartUps—Fall/Winter                  AD CLOSE                  ON SALE                       AD CLOSE                  ON SALE
 AD CLOSE             ON SALE                         9/10/2012	                10/23/2012                    10/10/2012	               11/20/2012
 8/10/2012	           10/9/2012                                                                                                                       For editorial story pitches and
                                                                                                                                                      freelance queries e-mail
UPDATED: 12/11   Note: Editorial Calendar subject to change without notice. *Subscribers receive the issue 7 days prior to the on-sale date.
          entrepreneur at a glance                                                                              ENTREPRENEUR.COM 2012

      DEMOGRAPHICS                                                                USAGE
      Average Age                                        46                      Internet Access From Home                    97%
                                                                                 Internet Access From Smart Phone*            75%
      Male                       61%
                                44                                               Shopped Online (last 30 days)                85%
      Female                    54%
                                 39%                                             Purchased Online (last 30 days)              80%
                                45%                                             Source: @Plan Rel3 2011 and *MMR 2011
      Average HHI                $234,432

                                58%                                               SITE TRAFFIC
      College Graduate/Post Grad 52%
                                77%                                               Monthly Page Views                    93 million
      Own Residence              84%
                                46%                                               Monthly Impressions                   175 million
                                                                                  30-day Unique Audience                6 million
    Source: MMR 2011. Ranking against websites of all business publications.
                                                                                  Email Newsletter Subscribers          400,000

                                                                                 Source: Coremetrics

       Twitter                                                                     86,000+ Followers
       Facebook                                                                    100,000+ Fans
       Entrepreneur Connect                                                        93,000+ Registered Users

       Owners/Partners/C-Level                                                     60.8%      #1

     Source: MMR 2011. Ranking against websites of all business publications.

           the entire                                          Need to reach the ever-growing audience of Spanish-speaking
                                                               business owners? EntrepreneurEnEspañ contains the same
          entrepreneurial                                      great articles and advice as but translated
                                                               specifically for entrepreneurs in Spanish-speaking countries.
                                                                         audience profile                        ENTREPRENEUR.COM 2012

                                                   visitors are business owners and partners who are looking
                                                            for tools to help them succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. They own
                                                            growing businesses and look to to provide information and
                                                            perspective on industry news, business tools and services, strategies for growth,
                                                            and much more.

  the typical visitor                                          users
   53% are the owner/partner,business
          president or CEO of a                                                          Have Purchasing Power and Make Business
                                                                                         Purchases Online
    41%               have been in business for 3 years
                                                                                          71%        are the primary decison-makers for
                                                                                                     their company
    64%               are considering buying a new or additional
                      businesses in the next 12 months
                                                                                          34%        purchase vehicles through their business

    75%               own an independent business, as opposed
                      to a distributorship or franchise                                  Plan to purchase a variety of products/services over
                                                                                         the Internet, including:

                                                                                               Computer Hardware          31%
  find solutions for
  their businesses online                                                                      Computer Software          40%
    42% look for technology or Internet/e-commerce
           information online                                                                  Office Equipment           26%
                                                                                               Office Supplies            32%
    34%                look for business finance and investment
                       information online
                                                                                               Travel                     29%

                                                                                                        are frequent visitors
                                                                                                         14.6 page views on average
                                                                                                                       per unique visit

                                                                                                           56.2% use
                                                                                                                       at least once per week

                                                                                                           Average length of visit*
                                                                                                          20 minutes

UPDATED: 3/12 Source: User Survey and Coremetrics *Starch April 2011.
                                      standard ad units
                                               ENTREPRENEUR.COM 2012

       The 728x90 leader
       board is a strong, top-
       fold presence on any
       channel page.                               The 970x50 spacebar
       Increase your brand                         makes an immediate impact
       awareness and receive a                     on any channel page.
       better response by                          Raise your response rate
       advertising on a                            by placing your message
       targeted                                    next to the top-of-sight
       or broad-reach run-of-                      navigational bar.
       site basis.
                                                   Expandable to 970x300
       This ad unit can be rich-
       media-enabled, providing
       advertisers with the ability
       to promote a powerful
       message in an interactive

                                                  95 characters including spaces
                                                  and punctuation
       ISLAND                                     Drive visitors directly to your
                                                  product, service, special
       The 300x250 or
                                                  offer, or promotion.
       336x280 Run-of-site
       Island rectangle is a
       strong presence on any
       article page.
       With ad placement on
       an article page, text
       will flow around your
       creative, giving the
       advertisement added

                                           high-impact units                           ENTREPRENEUR.COM 2012

            peel back                                             grey scale print
            (MUST BE CREATED AND HOSTED BY THIRD PARTY)           The web page will grey out and
            A peel fold will appear on the right hand corner      a new page will be printed from the leaderboard
            and when hovered/clicked on, it will fold down with   and take over.
            an ad.
                                                                  Specs: Contact for more info
            Specs: Contact for more info

           spacebar push down                                     rovion
           A spacebar expander that can promote links             Talking ads that appear on the bottom of the screen.
           or video.
                                                                  Specs: Contact for more info
           Specs: Open: 970x300
                  Closed: 970x50

                                                                  synched ads
                                                                  Leaderboard and Islands interact with each other.

                                                                          video unit   ENTREPRENEUR.COM 2012

                 Visitors engage fully with your brand and messaging through video, ensuring you make an emotional
                 connection that will be remembered long after viewing.

                  VIDEO                                                           VIDEO COMPANION
                  24 max fps                                                      300x250

                  Preferred file format: FLV
                  (can convert most other file formats)

                  Preferred aspect ratio: 4:3

                  Note: all videos will be scaled to the player size

UPDATED: 10/11
                                                         interstitial unit                    ENTREPRENEUR.COM 2012

             This bold unit places your advertising message upfront and center with absolutely no distractions.

                                                                                                    Must be served
                                                                                                    as a standard ad
                                                                                                    placement, not a
                                                                                                    custom third-party

                                                                                                    600x600 or
                                                                                                    600x640, no expand,
                                                                                                    no close button

                                                                                                    Max display time of
                                                                                                    30 seconds.

UPDATED: 10/11
                         custom content center                                                    ENTREPRENEUR.COM 2012

                 Advertisers can now own real estate on through a Content Center Sponsorship.
                 This co-branded area is accessible through various campaign ad units. Excellent for branding, a
                 Content Center typically raises click-through rates.

                 CONTENT SPONSORSHIP
                 Content supplied by client or written by Entrepreneur’s editorial staff.

                 Client uses co-branded area for product promotion.

                 RESOURCE CENTER
                 An interactive workshop centered around a theme complementary to the client’s objective.

                                                                                                                THIS IS AN
                                                                                                                EXAMPLE OF
                                                                                                                A CONTENT
                                                                                                                All Content Centers
                                                                                                                are custom-built
                                                                                                                for each individual

                   CUSTOM CENTER SPECS
                   •   One primary image                                   • Please provide referring URLs for all product
                   •   No larger than 80 pixels in height                    images (additional customization subject to
                   •   File size less than 8K                                approval by publisher)
                   •   All product images can be linked                    • Email to
                                                                             Due 2 weeks prior to posting

UPDATED: 10/11
                                                                                      opt-in lists                           ENTREPRENEUR 2012

      AUDIENCE WITH A SPECIAL OFFER?                                 MANY PEOPLE CAN I E-MAIL?
      Whether you’re trying to sell a computer, life insurance       Our database allows targeted messages to be delivered
      or a travel package we have an e-mail list to meet your        to qualified buyers. We have over 470,000 unique opt-
      needs. The process is simple, you select a list based on       in e-mail subscribers constantly growing based on
      defined criteria and e-mail your message. Within hours,        customer demand.
      you are able to track results and measure campaign
      effectiveness.                                                 MATERIALS AND DELIVERY TIME
                                                                     Creative due 3 business days prior to campaign
                                                                     launch date.

                                                                           LIST                                                   SIZE
                                                                           Business Startups                                      185,000
                                                                           Money & Financing                                      20,000
                                                                           Sales & Marketing                                      65,000
                                                                           Management & Operations                                54,000
                                                                           Franchise & Opportunities                              90,000
                                                                           Legal & HR                                             7,000
                                                                           Internet & Technology                                  53,000

                                                                         List sizes as of Oct. 2011—subject to change. Please contact your advertising sales
                                                                         representative to confirm list size.

     REQUIREMENTS FOR ENTREPRENEUR.COM’S OPT-IN EMAIL requires a three business day turnaround time from receipt of the last of the following materials:
                 • Insertion order                                   •   Seed list (optional)
                 • Creative files in plain text (.txt) and HTML      •   Quantity or list target
                   (.htm or .html) format                            •   Subject line
                 • Physical postal address (no P.O. Boxes) in both   •   Signed List Rental Agreement, signed by company
                 • Unsubscribe or opt-out link in both                   sending the blast
                 • “Do Not E-mail” list
                 • Test list

UPDATED: 10/11
                 newsletter sponsorship                                                        ENTREPRENEUR.COM 2012

                                        Enjoy direct response from the business community through’s
                                        400,000 opt-in subscribers. Our opt-in weekly newsletters—Growing A Business,
                                        Starting A Business, Online Business, and Sales & Marketing—provide a powerful
                                        opportunity to reach a targeted and highly responsive audience.

                100% OPT-IN
                The opt-in subscription process ensures that recipients have indicated an interest in receiving more
                information on a particular business topic—a great vehicle for highly targeted direct response.

                                                                                         HTML SPONSORSHIPS
                                                                                         Full Banner
                                                                                         728x90-pixel ad unit

                                                                                         Anchor Position
                                                                                         300x250 or 336x280-pixel
                                                                                         ad unit

                                                                                         Intertextual Position
                                                                                         88x31-pixel ad unit
                                                                                         20-character headline
                                                                                         15-word descriptive text

                SPECS                                                             RATES
                HTML Newsletters                                         rates are
                Anchor Position                                                   net cost per thousand (cpm)
                Dimensions      300x250 (width x depth in pixels)                 impressions. Please contact
                                                or                                your local representative
                                336x280 (width x depth in pixels)                 for pricing.
                                File size less than 50kb

                Full Banner Position                                              MATERIALS
                Dimensions      728x90 (width x depth in pixels)
                                                                                  E-mail to
                                File size less than 50kb
                                                                                  Due 3 days prior to posting
                Intertextual Position
                Dimensions          88x31 (width x depth in pixels)
                Headline            88x31 (width x depth in pixels)
                Descriptive Text    15-word maximum
                Text Link           20-character maximum

                                                                                   ad specs
                                                                                       ENTREPRENEUR.COM 2012

        ad units                      ANIMATED
        (width x depth in pixels)
                                      File size must be less than 50kb
                                      For all ad units, maximum of 4 loops and 30 seconds
                                      RICH MEDIA
                                      All rich media is accepted- Doubleclick, Flash, Pointroll, Eyeblaster, etc.
                                      File size must be less than 100kb.

           ISLAND                     AD UNITS
            300x250         336x280   Email to
                                      Due 3 business days prior to posting
                                      EXPANSION DIMENSIONS
                                      Available for Island, Leaderboard, Spacebar and Interstitial units. Details
                                      available with online sales representatives.

          SPACEBAR                    THIRD-PARTY SERVED
                      970x50          All third-party ads accepted.

                Expands to 970x300 rates are net cost per thousand (cpm) impressions.

                                      contact information
         INTERSTITIAL                 Justin Koenigsberger                        Kris Kilfoil
                                      Associate Publisher                         Managing Director,
                   600x600            t. 646/278-8491                             Western Sales Group
                                      f. 212/563-3852                             t. 415/433-6389
                                                f. 415/433-0442
                                      Jeffrey Rinna
                                      Southwest Online Sales Manager              Brian Speranzini
                                      t. 949/622-7159                             Eastern Online Sales Manager
                                      f. 949/752-1180                             t. 646/278-8383
                       or                        f. 212/563-3852
                    640x480           Keith Bainbridge
                                      Midwest Director of Online Sales            Lori Flynn
                                      t. 312/464-1298                             Midwest Ad Director
                                      f. 312/923-0817                             t. 248/644-2786 x1
                                            f. 248/258-5492
                                      Patrick Notaro
                                      Southeast Digital Account Executive         Kate Stoodley
                                      t. 646/278-8492                             Northwest Integrated Sales Manager
                                      f. 212/563-3852                             t. 415/433-6388
                                                f. 415/433-0442


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