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									                                                                                 Author :- Leon Victor

               Best FireFox Plug-ins To Optimize Your FireFox Experience

FireFox is one of the oldest and popular Internet browsers, used by millions of people all across the
globe. Due to its varied features and plug-ins, it is highly preferred by designers and developers.

There are numerous plug-ins available in Firefox which can help you according to your usage. Let us
find out some of the best add-ons that are quite popular among the masses.

                          If you are a developer, this one is for you. Get this exceptional plug-in for
                          your FireFox web browser. It assists in breaking down the web page, which
                          displays the various languages - HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It further
                          allows you to make modifications and shows the results instantaneously,
                          even while you are on the move.

An excellent add-on for saving your different passwords and auto filling of
logins. LastPass supports all the major browsers, platforms and mobile
devices while ensuring data security. This plug-in helps to organize your data
for convenient sharing. With the help of this tool, you can build shared
password repositories for each project team, division or client. According to
your requirements, LastPass allows customized settings for password
strength, password expiration, two-step authentication and much more. It also
offers security levels along with control access rights.

                        This power packed simple tool saves you lot of time. For a web designer, it's
                        the most popular web design plug-in. Colorzilla adds a little button to your
                        FireFox browser. On clicking this button, you get an eyedropper tool, which
                        displays hex value of any color on a website. Suppose, you love a color on any
                        other website, then with this tool you can easily make out what color it is. It is
                        of great help when you want a particular color for your web designing.

                                        Best FireFox Plug-ins To Optimize Your FireFox Experience
                                                                                   Author :- Leon Victor

A valuable tool that helps you to analyze SEO competition.
You can find it at the bottom of your browser, and once you
require any SEO related information it displays the result
instantly. It shows various results such as Google Page
Rank, Alexa traffic information, how many back links a
website has, and many other information that assists you in
building a strong SEO strategy for your website.

SearchStatus also helps you to find out in detail how your competitor's site is building and gaining back

This is not the end of the list. There are hundreds of Firefox plug-ins still more that helps you in
various different ways. So, the get one according to your usage.

                                         Best FireFox Plug-ins To Optimize Your FireFox Experience

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