Mission Ties June 2012 - Central Texas Conference UMW by pengxuebo


									                                                                                                  June 2012
                                                                                                  Volume 11, Issue 1

                                                               2012 Schools of Christian Mission Event
                                                                      Central Texas Conference

                                         Grace to you and peace be multiplied in the knowledge of
                                                  God and of Jesus our Lord! 2 Peter 1:3
What’s Inside...                      I’m thinking of what it means to have grace and peace multiplied in us.
                                      Isn’t that a wonderful thought? Everyone needs more grace and peace!
                                      May we remember to be Easter people and multipliers of grace and peace!
This Year’s Schools Have Changed            We certainly are multiplying our opportunities in mission through
                                      United Methodist Women! I hope you will use the information in this
Page 2                                newsletter to take advantage of all these wonderful events and take care of
                                      the organizational things we need to do as well. Also please remember that all
                                      this information is on our Central Texas Conference UMW website- ctcumw.
Greetings from the Women’s Division   org. Karla Rodriguez is working hard to keep it up to date and interesting.
Page 3                                Please be intentional about checking the site to find your registration
                                      forms, links, flyers, newsletters, etc., and please contribute your comments   Cynthia Rives
                                      and add your prayer requests. Please share this information with others!         President
2012 Studies                                Here’s a Top 10 List to help you remember all that is going on in the
                                      months to come. Registration forms and flyers and other forms are included in this newsletter.
Page 3
                                      1. June 2- More than a Prayer- Equipping Churches to Respond to Violence
                                         - This isn’t a UMW event, but it is in our conference and deals with one of our
2012 Study Leaders                       main issues of concern- Domestic Violence. It will be held at Central UMC in
                                         Waco. Call 254-772-8999 or 254-634-1184 for information or to register.
Pages 4-5
                                      2. June 5 - United Methodist Women Luncheon at Annual Conference in Waco - Come
                                         and bring your pastor and delegates as your guests. The children from Laura Edwards
New Forms, New Programs                  Christian Early Learning Center will be there to sing for us and Rev. Melinda Veatch
                                         with speak to us concerning the problem of poverty. You may register online at www.
Page 6                                   ctcumw.org or by contacting Jean Nolen at jnolen@hot.rr.com. Tickets are $12.00 each.
                                      3. June 5 - Annual Ubuntu Day of Service - Following the luncheon we will have our 2nd
                                         Annual Ubuntu Day of Service from 1:00 -5:00 p.m. Plans are being made to participate in a
Burning of the Candle Form               program called “Kids Against Hunger” where we package food for the hungry around the world.
Page 6                                   Following that we will go to Laura Edwards to read to the children and help out at the center.
                                      4. June 22-24 - South Central Jurisdictional of UMW Quadrennial Meeting-
                                         This important meeting in Abilene is going to be fantastic and so close to us!
Five Star Giver Award Form               Please consider attending. It will be a blessing! The extended on-line registration
                                         deadline is June 1. Online registration is available at http://tinyurl.com/SCJM-UMW.
Page 7
                                      5. July 23-28 - Schools of Christian Mission - Please make time to attend one of our
                                         schools in Fort Worth or Temple. Study the registration form and find the best time and
Ubuntu Day Registration Fom              place for you. We have night and daytime classes. The day studies will be taught one per
                                         day, so if you can only attend one day, you will still be able to complete the study. Study
Page 8                                   resources will be available at the UMW Luncheon at Annual Conference. Please help
                                         us recruit new folks- children, youth, women, and men. There are classes for everyone!
Special Insert:                       6. Burning of the Candle - Burning of the Candle is an annual offering that goes to Mission
Schools of Christian Mission             Giving. It is an opportunity to remember those people in our lives who have blessed
Registration Forms                       us in some way. It might be given in memory of a family member or a special United
                                         Methodist Woman. It might be a way to thank someone who is working in Mission
Fort Worth & Temple                      today. I went to a Burning of the Candle program at Burleson FUMC a few years ago
                                         and I still remember how special it was. Each woman got up and told who they were
                                         lighting a candle for and why. I was so blessed by each story. I felt so proud to be a
                                         United Methodist Woman and blessed to be part of a loving supportive fellowship!
                                      7. Five Star Giver - Check out Christie Roberts’ article about the new Five Star Giver
                                     “THAT ALL MAY HAVE LIFE”

        Please Read! – The Schools will be Different!
           There are Major Changes to the Schools Format for 2012
1) The long time CTC/Central Texas Conference Cooperative Schools no longer exists due to the CTC Exodus Project and
it is now called CTC Schools of Christian Mission.
2) The schedule of the Schools has moved from August to July.
3) The Weekend School has moved to FUMC Temple from Glen Lake Camp Retreat Center due to their extended
camping season and allowing churches in the southern section of the conference to participate closer to home.
4) No bunk beds to deal with and you will make your own lodging arrangements for both Schools.
5) Night classes will be offered at both Schools. The Fort Worth School will be held on 3 evenings and the Temple
School will be on 2 evenings.
6) Each School has been reduced in length from 3 days to 2 days and there is no Sunday in the event schedule allowing
for more clergy and staff to participate in the event.
7) Resources will be available from the Mission Resource Center, at the Annual Conference in Waco, the Cokesbury
Stores and in the Schools of Christian Mission Resource Room of each event.
8) Complete Study classes will be taught in one day instead of 3 sessions over 3 days. A complete Study class requires
you to attend a full day of one class on either of the days of the Schools, but they are all day classes. You pick the Study
and the day. The studies of “Immigration in the Bible” and “Poverty” will be offered on each day of the school. The
study on “Haiti” will only be offered one day at each school, since this is a repeat class from last year. You can only
attend one study each day of the Schools. You could even complete all three studies, if you take one of the night classes.
9) Youth attending the Fort Worth School must sign up each day for a Day Time Class in “Immigration in the Bible” or
“Poverty. They will be attending class with adults.

  Attendees are encouraged to bring their own water bottles & coffee mugs to help preserve the environment.
                                   Free Parking available at both facilities

                                         STUDY RESOURCES
                            Order resources from Mission Resource Center
   Resources will be available at Annual Conference in Waco and in the Schools of Christian Mission
             Resource Room at the Schools events! Also check your Cokesbury Stores

We have group rooms reserved at the Hilton Garden Inn, in
                                                                  We have group rooms reserved at the Aspens Suites, soon to
Temple, Texas for Thursday July 26 and Friday July 27, 2012.
                                                                  be Fairfield Inn, Fort Worth, Texas for Monday July 23 &
 King Rooms-1 bed for 1 person $91; 2 at $97 per night            Tuesday July 24, 2012. Check out is Wednesday July 25.
 Two Queens Rooms -2 queen beds for $101 per night
                                                                     King Rooms and Doubles Rooms, $99 per Night
      1 Breakfast included, additional persons $6
                                                                      Prices do not include local sales and occupancy taxes
                 Must Book before 7/5/2012
                                                                          Includes continental Breakfast in the Hotel
            Hilton Garden Inn, Temple, Texas
                      254-899-3908                                     Fairfield Inn & Suites ~ West End
               www.Temple.HGI.com/eEvents                                             6851 West Freeway
  Enter your check in and check out dates and press “GO”                            Fort Worth, Texas 76116
    Scroll to “Special Accounts” In Group/Convention”                                    817-731-9600
      Enter group code: CHRMSS – press “Continue”                        You might also check other Hotel pricing at
       Follow instructions to finalize your reservation.                       http://travela.priceline.com/
      You might also check other Hotel pricing at

            Please see registration forms insert in this newsletter for
                     both the Temple and Fort Worth forms!
Greetings!                                                                                                                           Top Ten, cont’d from pg 1
The Women’s Division Staff and Directors worked very hard for a good part of last                                                        program. This is a great way to support
year getting ready for General Conference. The hard work was rewarded we are                                                             the five channels of mission giving and
now “structurally separate” but “missionally connected” with General Board. The                                                          get a new “5 Star Giver” pin to boot!
vote was 889-20. United Methodist Women is now an autonomous organization                                                            8. Mission Today - Mission Today forms
within the United Methodist Church. We will even have a new name for “those                                                              are available online at www.ctcumw.
folks in New York”. They too will be United Methodist Women, Inc. instead of                                                             org and also on pages 40 & 41 of the
Women’s Division. The size of the Board of Directors will be reduced to 25, with Edna Davis                                              Conference Resource Book. Please
a Program Advisory Group to help with items related to program.                                                                          make sure your local unit gets things
     “This restores the break that was made in 1964 and the relationship the office of deaconess has                                     together to send in before the August 15
had with the women organized for mission since it was created in1886,” said Barbara Campbell, a                                          deadline. Remember the Mission Today
deaconess and retired staff of the former Woman’s Division of the General Board of Global Ministries.                                    form is a wonderful planning tool for your
     The staff is already working on Regional Schools of Mission. Sometimes I wonder if those of                                         group. Look at what’s on the list and find
us back home realize just how hard the staff works in order for all the events, etc. to come off in the                                  creative, exciting ways to meet those goals!
smooth way they do. Give thanks for the faithful, hard working staff.                                                                9. Get Your Officers Now! - Just a reminder
     The directors were recognized during the Board Meeting this past spring for our work during this                                    to all Committees on Nominations-
quadrennial. Some of us served on the Bylaws Committee, just think about the amount of time and                                          it’s a good idea to get your work done
work it took to get these in line with the new structure. Some of us worked on School of Mission, for                                    early. It is much easier for people
which a name change will be taking place in 2013. Some of us worked on School of Mission study                                           to say “yes” when they have time to
books, themes and purposes through 2015. Exciting things are coming. Oh, I almost forgot; I have                                         prepare to take on the new responsibility.
worked with the Finance Committee during these four years, on the Sub-committee for Investments.                                     10. CTC UMW Mission Trip -Join me on
These have been trying times.                                                                                                            the mission trip to the McCurdy School in
     I look forward to working with local units, districts and conferences to help implement the many                                    Espanola, New Mexico on September 3-8.
changes were approved by General Conference.                                                                                             Check our CTC UMW website for more
     I think the local units especially with like the new structure. Hang on the “whirl winds” of                                        information at ctcumw.org. Let’s journey
change are coming.                                                                                                                       together in Faith, Hope, Love in Action!
Thanks again for the privilege of representing Central Texas Conference on the Women’s Division                                      Save the Date - The Central Texas Conference
Board. I have learned so much. I have tried to represent you well. My term will be up at the end of                                  United Methodist Women will hold our
August but I will continue to have meetings and work throughout the summer.                                                          Annual Autumn Gathering on October 6 at
Blessings,                                                                                                                           Temple FUMC. Please make plans to attend!
Edna Davis

           SPIRITUAL GROWTH STUDY                                all those who offer themselves as neighbors, even though            cultural heritage. It provides Biblical resources for under-
      IMMIGRATION IN THE BIBLE - OVERVIEW                        they themselves may be part of the marginalized commu-              standing the basic tenets of liberation theology and its ties
                                                                 nity. The writer argues that in helping the unknown man             to the Wesleyan tradition of social holiness. Recognizing that
This study shares the story of the Bible as a narrative
                                                                 lying dying in the dirt, it is very possible that the Samaritan     many readers will want to find concrete ways to respond to
of immigrants and migration. Exploring the Biblical and
                                                                 reached out and touched the Son of God. He responded                the situation in Haiti, both the mission study and the leader’s
theological understandings of immigration, immigrants
                                                                 without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, membership             guide walk through the maze of church organizations,
and migration, this study seeks to enable the participants
                                                                 in a particular social group, or political opinion. He was          such as United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)
to examine what it is to be a sojourner and to live into
                                                                 unknowingly living a Christ-like life. Welcoming immigrants         and United Methodist Volunteers in Mission as well as the
the biblical mandate of hospitality for “the stranger” and
                                                                 provides an opportunity for functioning as modern day               covenant partnerships between annual conferences and
“aliens” in our midst.
                                                                 Good Samaritans. The study invites readers to become                L’Église Méthodiste d’Haiti (The Methodist Church of Haiti).
      The study seeks to equip participants to see
                                                                 part of a radical, inclusive, hospitable community and to                  Additional Mission Study Information is available on
the Bible as the ultimate handbook for responding to
                                                                 enable others to do likewise. Following Jesus leads us into         the United Methodist Women’s Website:
immigrants. The Bible was written by, for, and about
                                                                 lives of service with and for others.                               http://new.gbgm-mc.org/umw/learn/studies/
migrants, immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. It
                                                                                                                                            Registration is available on-line at http://www.ctcumw.
gives directions for responding to sisters and brothers
                                                                                   GEOGRAPHICIAL                                     org/message2.php?formID=571&
from around the world who come to a land seeking safety,
sanctuary and sustenance. It is also the book that many                    HAITI MISSION STUDY - OVERVIEW
                                                                                                                                                     POVERTY ISSUE STUDY
of our ancestors used to help them survive the stress            It is nearly impossible to convey the full scope of Haiti’s                              OVERVIEW
and strain of integrating into a new country. The Bible          culture and history in one study, and so Rev. Dr. Jacques
offers guidance and direction for persons who migrate            E. Pierre freely admits that this mission study “does not            Our Christian faith invites us to become agents of God’s
or immigrate by choice as well as for persons who flee           assume it captures every aspect of Haiti and its people’s           compassion and healing in a wounded world. Poverty is
because of devastation and destruction through violence          daily realities, their rich and vivacious culture, nor their long   a human rights issue with grave impact on women and
or natural disasters.                                            history of struggles.” What it does offer is an overview of the     children. This mission study on poverty is designed to help
      The Bible is the inspired word of the migrant God,         cultures that shaped Haiti’s past and the ongoing legacy            participants recognize and claim for themselves the con-
the refugee Christ and the Holy Spirit, who accompany us         of colonialism, along with glimpses into the heart and soul         nections between Scripture, church tradition, compassion
and every migrant, immigrant, refugee and asylum seeker.         of Haiti’s people through pictures and Creole adages. The           for the poor, social outreach and social justice.
Scriptures provide the basis for practicing a theology of        mission study also includes the impact of the devastating                   Biblical passages remind Christians of their respon-
radical, inclusive hospitality. The study relates key insights   January 12th earthquake in 2010.                                    sibility for poverty. The Wesleyan movement embraced this
from biblical texts to the story of immigration in the United           Although much of the study focuses on the avenues            concern by creating community centers where people
States and to global migration today and examines key            available for those wishing to help the people of Haiti             could access education, medical care or employment, and
theological themes of migration and immigration, such as         rebuild, its approach and perspective go well beyond the            members of United Methodist Women and its predecessor
journey, vulnerability, liberation and hospitality, understood   immediate need of recovery from the earthquake. The                 organizations have continued this heritage and responded
through select biblical narratives.                              author lays out the need for developing a theology of               to the poor where they exist.
      The study engages the participants in the ongoing          liberation for Haiti. Central to Rev. Dr. Pierre’s thesis is his            Other chapters address the themes of:
ministries of United Methodist Women and The United              insistence that mission must be aligned with the concept            • Avoiding or encountering the poor.
Methodist Church and encourages development of emerg-            of partnership, stating, “The primary purpose of this               • Biblical witness and our United Methodist Heritage.
ing ministries with the sojourners of today. Key examples of     endeavor is to encourage on-going exchanges of cultural             • Global poverty.
ministries are lifted up, including the service and advocacy     understanding, mutual respect, and mission partnership              • Support fair trade and microfinance and advocating for
work of United Methodist Women with immigrant rights             between the people of The United Methodist Church and               global policies that help eliminate poverty.
and Justice for Our Neighbors (JFON), developed by the           people of God in Haiti.” Most significantly, while the mis-         • Consumerism and spiritual poverty.
United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).                    sion study never minimizes the impact of colonialism or             • Charity versus justice and advocacy
      In the contemporary context of immigration and             the earthquake, it offers readers hope for Haiti’s future.          Participants in the study will engage in deepening their
migration, the study raises once again the question of                  The leader’s guide that accompanies the mission              understanding of the realities of poverty and be invited
Luke 10:29, “Who is my neighbor?” It interprets Jesus’           study contains material to assist readers in addressing             to commit to solidarity with the poor through accompani-
parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:29-37) in light of        the painful impact of colonialism while celebrating Haiti’s         ment and advocacy.
                                                            2012 Study Leaders for the Central Texas Conferen
SPIRITUAL GROWTH STUDY LEADERS                             University in 1993, graduating with honors for his         new ministries. “Miracle on 18th Street” built a praise
“Immigration in the Bible”                                 doctoral paper, Telling The Story.                         worship ministry from soup kitchen patrons, most of
                                                                 Bishop John Russell ordained Rev. Nealy Elder        whom were unemployed, homeless, or substance-
Amelia Beasley                                             in The United Methodist Church in Wichita Falls, Texas     addicted. Through this ministry, every praise team
Amelia Beasley is a fourth                                 on May 27, 1986.                                           member has found employment, broken their addictions,
year Master of Divinity (MDiv)                                   Rev. Nealy has served as student pastor of           moved into homes, rejoined their families, and are now
student at Perkins School                                  Memorial United Methodist Church, Dallas 1980-1983,        productive members or even leaders in the church!
of Theology at Southern                                    associate director of the North Texas Conference           Ralph taught in our 2011 CSCM and was a delightful
Methodist University in                                    Council on Ministries 1984-1986, pastor of Centenary       teacher!
Dallas, Texas. In addition                                 UMC, Dallas from 1986 to 1989, director of the Greater
to earning her MDiv, she is                                Dallas Community of Churches Community College             SOCIAL ISSUE STUDY LEADERS
also studying for a certificate                            Ministry 1989-1991, associate pastor of St. Luke           “Poverty”
in Hispanic Studies. During                                “Community” UMC, Dallas 1991-1993, senior minister          Eve Hamilton
the 2010-2011 school year, she was President of            of Morningside UMC, Fort Worth 1993-998, senior            Eve Hamilton is a member
L@s Seminaristas, a Perkins student organization           minister of St. Andrews UMC, Fort Worth 1998-2003,         at Whites Chapel UMC
focusing on Latino/a concerns in ministry. She is fluent   and senior minister of Aldersgate UMC, Arlington,          and has held a variety of
in Spanish and is a certified candidate for Deacon’s       2003-2010, which, under his leadership, developed          ministry related positions
orders in the Rio Grande Conference of the United          a model ESL Ministry, community outreach through           in the local church and
Methodist Church. In August 2012, she will begin an        Hispanic worship services, and a new Ghanaian              conference. Eve has served
internship at Grapevine First United Methodist Church,     UMC. He is presently senior minister of Christ UMC,        on the Board of Directors
focusing specifically on Latino/a ministry in the area.    Fort Worth. In 31 years of effective ministry, every       for the Metropolitan Board
She currently lives in Bedford, Texas with her husband,    congregation to which Rev. Nealy has been appointed        of Missions, represented the West District Mission,
Brandon and attends Martin United Methodist Church.        has paid its United Methodist apportionments in full       member and chairperson for Urban Ministries,
       Amelia Beasley está en su último año de estudio     while he was pastor in charge.                             Chairperson for the CTC Outreach Council, and
en el programa de Maestría de Divinidad (MDiv) en                Rev. Nealy’s ministry beyond the local church        Nurture Council. Her position as chair for the NOW
la Escuela de Teología Perkins de la Universidad           includes service as a United Methodist Committee           council expires in June. She has served as part of CTC
Southern Methodist en Dallas, Texas. Además de la          on Relief (UMCOR) voluntary representative for             Executive Board, the CTC Nominating Committees,
MDiv, ella también está estudiando para un certificado     disaster response in the United States, Africa, and the    CTC Annual Conference Planning session and Board
de Estudios Hispanos. Durante el año 2010-2011,            Caribbean.                                                 of Directors of Depression Connection.
ella sirvió como presidente de L@s Seminarista, una              Rev. Nealy was born in Fort Worth, Texas on                Over the past thirty years, Eve has taught Sunday
organización de estudiantes que se enfoca en temas         February 22, 1954 and received his early education         school classes from children, youth and adult, lead
ministerios de Latinos/as. Ella habla inglés con fluidez   in Dallas area public schools. He is married to Sandra     worship, and served on pastor parish relations, finance,
y es una candidata certificada para órdenes diáconos       Sue Fry Nealy of Arlington, Texas, and has two children:   education, youth councils, and mission committees.
en la conferencia Rio Grande de La Iglesia Metodista       Marian E’Layne Nealy (March 28, 1984), and Chauncey              Eve has been married for 41 years to Darryl
Unida. En agosto 2012, empezará un internado               Stephen Nealy, Jr. (May 12, 1986).                         Hamilton. She has two adult children Carson (Longview,
en la Primera Iglesia Metodista Unida Grapevine,                                                                      Texas) and Brooke (London, England). Professionally,
concentrando específicamente en ministerio Latino/a        Ralph Thompson                                             Eve began her career as retail buyer for Dillard’s
en el área. Actualmente vive en Bedford, Texas con su      Ralph Thompson joined the                                  Department Stores and Levi Strauss. She was on the
esposo, Brandon y asiste la Iglesia Metodista Unida        United Methodist Church in                                 management team for GTE Market Resources and
Martin.                                                    1989, while he served in the                               the Inside Sales Director for FoxMeyer - McKesson
                                                           Navy at Goodfellow Air Force                               Pharmaceuticals. For the past 15 years has served on
Reverend Doctor Chauncey Nealy                             Base in San Angelo, Texas.                                 the executive management team for ETAN Industries
Rev. Nealy has ser ved                                     Until recently, he worked                                  and Vice President of Corporate Staffing. She has
continuously under                                         as a Cer tified Microsoft                                  recently retired.
Episcopal appointment as                                   P r o fe s s i o n a l , p r ov i d i n g                        Born in Fort Worth, educated in the piney
a United Methodist minister                                software consultation,                                     woods at Stephen F Austin State University,
in the Dallas/Fort Worth/                                  development, training services for scores of corporate     Eve is proud to be a fifth generation Texan!
Mid-Cities area since 1980.                                and hundreds of individual clients from San Marcos to      Eve taught in the 2011 CSCM and was a
He has volunteered in                                      Ozona and from Abilene to Del Rio. He is also known        wonderful teacher!
schools, churches, health                                  as the unofficial technical advisor and provider at many
care agencies, jails and other                             SWTC events.                                               Reverend Doctor Sylvester Key, Sr.
organizations to promote the                                      Ralph has put much of his corporate business        Dr. Key currently serves as
well being of people and share the love of God. He         on hold, as he serves the United Methodist Church in       the Senior Pastor, McMillan
has served as chair of the Central Texas Conference        various capacities, to include Associate Conference        United Methodist Church in
UMC Board of Ordained Ministry, president of the           Lay Leader, Vice-Chair to the SWTC Annual                  Fort Worth, Texas.
Tarrant Area Community of Churches, a member of            Conference Council on Ministries, and on several           His education; A.A, Texas
the Tarrant County NAACP Executive Committee, vice         other SWTC councils and committees. He is a Certified      State Technical College
president of the Arlington Ministerial Association, and    Consecration Sunday Leader and a Certified Lay             (Waco, Texas), Commercial
is a contributor to “The Upper Room Devotional Guide”.     Speaker who fills pulpits across the Conference at         Art & Advertising, B.A.S, Paul
       Rev. Nealy received the Bachelor of Arts degree     least 20 Sundays every year. He has developed and          Quinn College (Waco, Texas),
with honors from East Texas State University (currently    presented workshops on a variety of topics and helped      Commercial Art & Advertising, MDIV, Perkins School
Texas A & M University, Commerce) in 1976, and the         countless congregations prepare for ministry in the 21st   of Theology South Methodist University, and DMIN,
Master of Public Affairs degree from the Lyndon B.         Century.                                                   Southwest Bible College & Seminary, Counseling
Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University                As the founder of “Miracle on 18th Street”, a       Psychology.
of Texas at Austin in 1978. He received the Master         worship ministry that grew from a local soup kitchen            Previous appointments have been: Grace United
of Divinity degree from Perkins School of Theology,        (San Angelo), he has helped to make disciples and          Methodist Church in Arlington, St. Paul UMC in
Southern Methodist University, Dallas in 1984 and the      inspire congregations adopt new ways of worship and        Georgetown, St. James UMC in Mart, Bracks Chapel
Doctor of Ministry degree from Southern Methodist
nce Cooperative School of Christian Mission Event
                                                                                                                                  owner of Putt-Putt Golf & Games, Chairperson for
    UMC in Waco and WestPoint UMC in Valley Mills.               American Center. She is a former staff of the Women
                                                                                                                                  House of Hope annual Share the Love program for
          Reverend Doctor Key has been honored with              Division and the National Division of the GBGM. Billie
                                                                                                                                  underprivileged children at Christmas, fundraiser
    numerous Civic Awards; Omega Psi Phi Fraternity              is a member of the Rural Chaplain Association, and a
                                                                                                                                  and committee member for Fort Worth Symphony
    – “Arlington Citizen of the Year”, Bnai Birith Award         Disaster Early Response Team Leader and has taken
                                                                                                                                  Orchestra, March of Dimes Signature Chefs - Chair,
    Recipient – Perkins School of Theology, Altrusa              teams into Louisiana, Mississippi, and Eagle Pass,
                                                                                                                                  and Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. I have
    International – Award for International Relations, Zeta      Texas. Over the years, she has taught in conference
                                                                                                                                  been married for 18 years to the love of my life Brian
    Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. – African-American Male Image        schools of mission and has participated in the Mission
                                                                                                                                  and have 3 precious daughters, Kennedy, Reagan
    Award, Texas Senate Recognition – Citizen of the Year        Travel Study into Indonesia and Mexico.
                                                                                                                                  and Madison Smith. In my free time I enjoy cooking,
    1998, Outstanding Young Men in America 1985, Who’s
                                                                                                                                  traveling with my family, and water skiing.
    Who on College and University Campuses, Member               In retirement, Billie enjoys working with her container
    Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Tarrant County Sheriff      flowers and being entertained by McKenzie, her five
                                                                                                                                  MUSIC LEADERS
    Advisory Board, Fort Worth Police Department Clergy          year old niece.
    and Police Alliance (CAPA), “Sylvester Key Day”
                                                                                                                                  SONG LEADER
    Proclamation City of Waco, Texas 1996, Designed the          GEOGRAPHICAL STUDY LEADER
                                                                                                                                  Andrew Nance
    MLK Day Postage Stamp, 1997.                                 “Haiti”
                                                                                                                                  Andrew was a December
          He has provided leadership and served as               Rev. Laraine Waughtal
                                                                                                                                  2011 graduate of Texas
    an Ordained Elder of the Central Texas Annual                Laraine has been appointed in
                                                                                                                                  Christian University with a
    Conference, Certified Facilitator Module 1-2 Lay             the United Methodist Church for
                                                                                                                                  BMEI (Bachelor of Music
    Missioners Training, Mid-Cities Hispanic Ministries          12 years. She currently serves
                                                                                                                                  Education, Instrumental) with
    Committee, Central Texas Conference Board of                 Bluff Dale/ Morgan Mill United
                                                                                                                                  an emphasis in trumpet. While
    Ordained Ministry, Board of Directors Wesley                 Methodist Churches. She has
                                                                                                                                  at TCU he joined the Music
    Foundation UT Arlington, Former Board Member                 served on the Central Texas
                                                                                                                                  Fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha
    Arlington Charities, Mentor Pastor – Perkins School          Conference Disaster Response
                                                                                                                                  Sinfonia where he served
    of Theology Internship Program and Chairperson               Team for the last six years and
                                                                                                                                  in leadership positions including chapter president.
    of Research and Resources. Additional service to             currently chairs the committee.
                                                                                                                                  Andrew regularly participated in both instrumental
    the United Way of Tarrant County, Mid-Cities District        Laraine has served on teams to UMCOR Sager Brown,
                                                                                                                                  and vocal ensembles in the music department. As a
    Committee on Ministry, UTA Wesley Foundation                 Hurricane Ike and Haiti. She will be returning with
                                                                                                                                  preschooler, Andrew attended the School of Christian
    Board of Directors, Central Texas Conference Board           another team to Haiti in October. She has also served
                                                                                                                                  Missions with his mother in St. Louis. He Andrew has
    of Trustees, Mid-Cites District Committee on Ordained        on numerous UMVIM and CTCYM mission teams
                                                                                                                                  been a member of FUMC Fort Worth since 2001
    Ministry & Mentor Pastor, Arlington Police Department        across the United States. Laraine has a passion for
                                                                                                                                  when he joined as a new confirmand. He sang in the
    Lieutenant Promotion Board, Contributing Writer,             any activities in the outdoors. Laraine is one of our
                                                                                                                                  Children’s Choir, Youth Choir, served as the Youth
    Waco Tribune Herald Newspaper, Founding Member               returning teachers from the 2011 CSCM!
                                                                                                                                  Choir’s Assistant Director through his college years,
    “Compassionate” Ministries Waco, Texas, Drop Out
                                                                                                                                  and is still active in the Choral Union as a section
    Task Force Chairperson Arlington Independent School          YOUTH STUDY LEADER
                                                                                                                                  leader, as he has been for the past 5 years. Andrew
    District and Arlington MLK Day Planning Committee.           “Haiti”
                                                                                                                                  earned his Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts as a senior
          He is the Son of the Late Stephen H. Key, Jr. &        Pamela Pinkerton
                                                                                                                                  in High School. His current hobbies include various
    Lois Caldwell-Key, siblings include Margarette (Key)         I am excited to be joining
                                                                                                                                  sports and games. He has been described as the
    Stringer and Kathleen Knight-Key. He attended Dade           you this year. I live in Grand
                                                                                                                                  quintessential gentleman and friend.
    County Schools in South Florida and Pastor Key served        Prairie, Texas, located
    in the United States Army (Viet Nam Veteran, 11th Light      between Dallas and Fort
    Infantry, LZ Bronco Americal Division) and Texas Army        Worth. I am employed with
                                                                                                                                  Marilyn Nance
    National Guard for sixteen years. He was the Platoon         an organization that works
                                                                                                                                  Marilyn received her B.S.
    Sergeant, Medical Platoon the 124th Calvary, 49th            with older adults, providing
                                                                                                                                  in Education from TCU and
    Armored Division.                                            training opportunities in host                                   her M.A. in Education from
          In his spare time is an Avid Golfer shooting in the    agencies to get them back into the work force. I work in         Ball State University. Her
    high 70’s – low 80’s. His goal in retirement is to open      the quality assurance department and am responsible              experiences in teaching
    a golf club business- repair and build new clubs.            for auditing files and monitoring facilities. I enjoy writing,   include preschool thr u
    A favorite quotation, “If it is not about making Disciples   sewing, knitting, crocheting and taking time to be intimate      elementar y and middle
    of Christ, it is foolishness.”                               with God. I also enjoy getting up early and going on mini        school. She currently home
                                                                 retreats. I am a mother of four and a grandmother to             schools her effervescent and
    Reverend Billie Nowabbi                                      eleven. “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual       intellectually demanding granddaughter.
    Billie is an ordained Elder in the                           fervor, serving the Lord” Romans 12:11                                  Marilyn has served in church music work for
    Oklahoma Indian Missionary                                                                                                    the past 46 years doing whatever was needed in
    Conference of the United                                     CHILDREN’S STUDY LEADER                                          the church; be it pianist, organist, director of choirs
    Methodist Church. She recently                               “Poverty”                                                        (children, youth, adult, or handbells). She has been
    retired, completing twenty-five                              Connie Smith                                                     on staff for several churches in the Fort Worth West
    years as clergy and served                                   Connie is a lifelong Methodist                                   District, in the military community, or wherever the
    three years at the Dallas Indian                             attending the First United                                       family lived. At this time she is a pianist for both FUMC
    United Methodist Church in the                               Methodist Church of Crowley.                                     Fort Worth and Poly UMC, simultaneously. While living
    Oak Cliff community. She served on the Conference            She has been the Children’s                                      in St. Louis, Marilyn attended the School of Christian
    Finance and Administration and mentors two pastors.          Coordinator at First Crowley                                     Missions with her son and daughter accompanying
            Billie has served on the conference board’s and      for 12 years. Connie has                                         her. The activities for the children and youth were
    general agencies including the General Boards of             taught the children’s study                                      blessed events for each. Current activities that Marilyn
    Publications, Higher Education and Ministry and the          at the Cooperative School of                                     enjoys include mentoring inmates in the Federal
    Global Ministries; served on the Scarritt-Bennett Center     Christian Mission for the previous 3 years and can’t             Prison, serving as a leader for a Girl Scout troop,
    in Nashville, TN, the Native American Comprehensive          wait to lead God’s children in this year’s study. Connie         meeting weekly with a prayer partner, reading on a
    Plan and the National United Methodist Native                has a B.S. in Political Science and History from TCU,            variety of topics, and finding more ways to enhance
                                                                                                                                  her relationship with the Lord.
New Forms, New Progam
The “Five Star Giver” form on page 7 of this newsletter is a new program to recognize women (and/or men) who contribute to all five
areas called “mission giving”. Local and District Treasurers will keep track of those who participate in this program. The giver must
make their gift to all areas at one time and turn in this form with their gift. The amounts on the form are minimum amounts and if a
woman has pledged a greater amount they may continue with the remainder of their pledge at other times as they normally would give.
     Last year the Conference was $14,000 short of making our pledge as a whole. We are hoping that participation in this program and
through Burning of the Candle program, we will reach our goal for 2012.
     Giving to all five channels of missions giving helps each level meet their pledges.
     An updated and hopefully easier to understand Burning of the Candle form is also included below. This program is above and beyond
pledges and helps the conference make it into the final stretch of our pledge commitment. The amount for one minute of mission work
continues to be reduced each year because the money that is budgeted for mission work is based on the amounts that have been received
in the past few years. Women’s Division is cutting back on staff and programs to keep their budget as lean as possible. They are trying
like the rest of us to be thrifty in their operations while being generous in their education and support toward missions including women,
children and youth.
     Please consider where you might be able to help us reach our pledge goal this year.

Press on toward the goal -
Christie Roberts

                                  A UNITED METHODIST MISSION PROJECT
                                      “BURNING OF THE CANDLE-2012”
The “Burning of the Candle” is a United Methodist Women’s project to collect funds for their global mission work with women and children. Money
in any amount is given in honor of someone, a relative, friend, minister, unit, officers, etc. or in memory of a deceased relative or friend.
     The cost for one minute is $29.07 but any amount will be appreciated. Please consider this “second mile” of giving for our Methodist world wide
     Please complete the following form. Information that is requested on the form (except the amount given) will be printed in the UMW Resource
Book 2012 to be distributed at the Central Texas Conference United Methodist Women at their annual meeting in October 2012.

Checks, M.O. or cash must accompany this form. Send before August 1, 2012. $29.07 FOR ONE MINUTE You may divide the minute
among several recipients.

Checks are made payable to: Central Texas Conference United Methodist Women (CTCUMW)
Send your check and form to: Christie Roberts, 1420 Boyd Rd, Granbury TX 76049
                                                               Submitted by:
Name _____________________________________ Address_______________________________________
City ______________________________ Zip __________ Phone (______)__________________________
UMW Unit__________________________________                                    Local Church ______________________________
City ______________________________________                                 District ___________________________________

Given by                                In Memory of                             In Honor of
_________________________________________________Total given $ _____________
                                                                                                   FIVE-STAR GIVER

                          Central Texas Conference United Methodist Women
                                             FIVE-STAR GIVER AWARD

A FIVE-STAR GIVER gives to all five channels of giving:
       $40 to give someone special a Special Mission Recognition Pin
       $ 5 Pledge to Mission
       $ 5 Gift to Mission
       $ 5 Special Recognition in Memory
       $ 5 World Thank Offering
       $60 Total

Your $60 offering must specify that you as an INDIVIDUAL are giving to the above five
channels and designate if possible to whom your pin will go, and that you are giving the
$60 as a FIVE-STAR GIVER. You cannot simply give $60 to your Local treasurer - you must
state that it is for FIVE-STAR GIVER and complete this form.

         Pledge to Mission ___________________

         Special Mission Recognition Pin:
         In Honor or In Memory of: ____________________________________________
                  (Please circle)             (name of person being honored or memorialized)
         If different from giver’s, include information as to where to send pin.

To:      Name ____________________________________________________________

         Address __________________________________________________________

         Gift to Mission-Which card to send? _____________________________________
         (A Special Day, Baby, Birthday, Christmas, Congratulations, In Service of Christ, Thank You, Thinking of You )

         Gift in Memory ___________________

         World Thank Offering ___________________

Given by:
FIVE-STAR GIVER’S Name___________________________________________________
Address:          ____________________________________________________________
                  (Include city, state and zip)

All components must be submitted to your Unit Treasurer at one time. It is suggested that the FIVE-STAR GIVER gift be
given in addition to your regular Pledge to Mission.
If you have questions about becoming a FIVE-STAR GIVER, please call your Conference Treasurer, Christie Roberts at
                                817-279-3760 or email: ctcumw4missions@yahoo.com

      Form 5sg2012                                                                                         4/12/2012
CENTRAL TEXAS CONFERENCE                                                                                        NONPROFIT ORG.
UNITED METHODIST WOMEN                                                                                            U.S. POSTAGE
School of Christian Mission                                                                                            PAID
PO Box 8137                                                                                                    FORT WORTH, TEXAS
                                                                                                                  PERMIT #4112
Fort Worth, TX 76124

                       Central Texas Conference United Methodist Women

                              Ubuntu Day of Ser vice
                                                  Tuesday, June 5, 2012
                              Following the UMW luncheon until 5:00 p.m.
                 (for participants not attending the lunch, please join us in the Brazos Room at 1:00)

                         Join United Methodist Women for an Ubuntu Day!
                                    Ubuntu means “because you are human, I am human”.
 We will start at the Waco Convention Center following the luncheon with the Kids Against Hunger food project in the Brazos Room.
 When we finish bagging the food, we will travel to the Laura Edwards Christian Early Learning Center to work with the children and
 staff and return to the convention center by 5:00. There is no charge for this event, but please bring an offering to help cover the
 cost of the food packages we will be preparing. They cost $.26 a bag.
                       Please let us know you are coming by calling, emailing, or mailing in your registration.
  Send your Ubuntu registration to: Donna Hughlett: 2501 Massey Lane, Robinson, TX 76706, dmhughlett@yahoo.com, 254-

 I want to participate in the Ubuntu Day on June 7 in Waco:
 Name:                                                    Church:
 Email:                                                   Phone #:

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