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					                                                             RHS WASC ACTION PLAN TRACKING

      TASK                                                                             EVIDENCE                                               PROGRESS

I-A Curriculum-Technology Infusion

      Growth Target: By June 2009, the students will have completed a           SLC PD Plans.              On-going technology training on different programs i.e., digital library, power point,
      multimedia presentation, will have basic knowledge of word processing and Teacher course             web page design, website integration, internet researching. Target will be
      spreadsheets and will be able to navigate the internet                    syllabi                    reached, but more resources are needed.

                                                                                  Programming of
                                                                                  students is done in      Incoming freshmen and sophomores are given Intro to Computers and Basic
                                                                                                           Keyboarding. Counselors in all three tracks are attempting to provide this elective
      1. All students will successfully complete Introduction to Computers or     accordance to
                                                                                                           to all students. SLC Leads need to make sure that this class is given to all
      equivalent course                                                           state guidelines to      students and that 100% of their students have taken and passed this course by
                                                                                  meet these               the 10th grade.
                                                                                                           The Tech Coordinator and AP in charge of Tech have provided access to new
                                                                                  Through the
                                                                                                           school website for teachers to integrate technology in their course syllabus. PD is
                                                                                                           provided monthly to teachers to utilize the school website and create web pages
      2. Teachers will complete a technology-based professional development       development plans.
                                                                                                           that provide ongoing information for the classes. The website has been a major
      workshop and integrate technology into their curriculum                     This facet has been
                                                                                                           plus for the school. The communication tool has been beneficial for quite a few
                                                                                  incorporated into most
                                                                                                           teachers. There are still a number of teachers who have to complete their web
                                                                                                           page link for student or parent access. This is a goal for the school.

                                                                                                           Multimedia presentations are being created, but not at a high rate The more tech
                                                                                                           savvy teachers are able to utilize the technology they have access to. With limited
                                                                                                           updated computers on campus and not enough computer-oriented teachers the
                                                                                                           progress has been gradual. PD has helped alleviate some concerns of teachers
                                                                                  Culminating projects
                                                                                                           who shy away from technology. Internet research and power point presentations
      3. By the end of their senior year, students will have completed a multi-   designed by teachers.
                                                                                                           are the most popular projects. More money needs to be set aside for technology.
      media presentation                                                          Student web pages &
                                                                                                           Major upgrades on equipment and the server for connectivity are needed. Tech
                                                                                                           support has been established to assist teachers and staff with integrating
                                                                                                           technology in the classroom. One hundred sixty teacher workstations were
                                                                                                           purchased to enhance teacher integration with technology for classroom

I-B Curriculum-Intervention
                                                                                  Beyond the Bell          Academic intervention opportunities are available during Intersession two times a
      Growth Target: By September, 2008, there will be a 10% increase in the      Progress Report.         year per track, Saturdays (Extended Learning Academy and Required Learning
      pass rate of students who were enrolled in intervention classes             Course pass rates        Academy) and during the school day (CAHSEE Boot Camp and classes listed
                                                                                  are reported             below).
                                                                                                           Algebra 1-Math tutorial A class for 9th graders who failed Algebra 1A; two of these
      1. Identify low-achieving students in Algebra 1 Geometry, and 9th and 10th                           classes per track.
                                                                                 Beyond the Bell
      grade English who need intervention or supplemental services, and provide                            Geometry-Essential Math Standards class for students who have not passed the
                                                                                 Progress Report.          CAHSEE, review all strands including Geometry.
      necessary services.
                                                                                                           English 9 and 10

Draft: June 11, 2007                                                                                                                                                                             1
                                                            RHS WASC ACTION PLAN TRACKING

      TASK                                                                              EVIDENCE                                        PROGRESS
      2. Monitor existing intervention programs and, if necessary modify existing   Beyond the Bell
                                                                                                       Curriculum needs to be consolidated into six weeks.
      curriculum to better meet the needs of low-achieving students                 Progress Report.
I-C Curriculum-Theme-Based
      Growth Target: By 2007, SLCs will have established themes. By 2008                               All SLCs have themes. SLCs are in the process of developing theme based
      SLCs will have integrated the theme into the curriculum                                          curriculum
                                                                                                       SLCs have developed banked day professional development plans. Banked days
      1. Teachers will develop themes during professional development sessions                         allow teachers to work on PDs for SLCs.
                                                                                                       Teachers are beginning to work on theme-based development. Full
      2. Teachers will integrate theme into curriculum                              observations to
                                                                                                       implementation of SLCs beginning July, 2007.
                                                                                    occur in future
II-A Instruction-Professional Development
                                                                                                       Progress reporting template provided to SLC leads and dept chairs along with
      Growth Target: Each SLC will have a professional development plan that is SLC & Dept PD
                                                                                                       areas or PD focus. RHS will employ UCLA Professional Development Center in
      implemented, evaluated and modified to meet students needs                Plans                  2007/08.
                                                                                                       Individual SLCs conducted surveys to prioritize areas of focus. Peer observation
      1. Develop, conduct, evaluate and report on a teacher needs assessment
                                                                                                       checklist and administrative oversight needed in order to ensure that PD is
      survey for Professional Development                                                              affecting the instructional program.
      2. Develop a professional development plan by each SLC to address the                            SLC development plans exist. SLCs have been meeting. Administrative staff
      prioritized areas as identified in #1 above                                                      developed a rubric for SLCs to use in rating their PD plan.

                                                                                                       RHS has not established a formal feedback mechanism. Some SLCs evaluate
      3 Evaluate and modify professional development plans based on feedback                           sessions, but a standard evaluation format does not exist.

      4. Implement Professional Development Plan by SLC                             sign in sheets     Done

                                                                                                       RHS has not established a formal feedback mechanism. Some SLCs evaluate
                                                                                                       sessions, but a standard evaluation format does not exist.
                                                                                                       Teachers who attend off-site conferences should be held accountable for sharing
                                                                                                       the information with their dept and SLC. A form was attached to Conference
      5. Evaluate Professional Development and modify as needed                                        Attendance request to specify who the teacher will share the information with.
                                                                                                       Need to verify that information sharing does occur, e.g., by asking teacher to
                                                                                                       submit an meeting agenda or summary of how the information was shared.
                                                                                                       Otherwise, the School Site Council questions these expenditures.

Draft: June 11, 2007                                                                                                                                                                      2
                                                             RHS WASC ACTION PLAN TRACKING

      TASK                                                                                EVIDENCE                                           PROGRESS

      WASC Critical Area for Follow-Up, Item #2, Focus professional
                                                                                                           Teachers are using banked days to:
      development on effective teaching strategies sustained over time,                                    --Share best practices
      including:                                                                                           --Review student work
      --Standards-based, active, challenging learning experiences that involve                             --Review CST and CAHSEE & other test results
      students in critical thinking, problem-solving, collaborative work &                                 Advisories to be implemented in July, 2007 to promote student-adult relationships
                                                                                                           English dept process for review of student achievement data is effective--they use
      meaningful application of knowledge & skills                                                         release time to work as a group. Literacy coaches need to model for other depts
      --Analysis of student achievement data and utilization of results to modify                          how they collaboratively score assessments, how they identify student strengths &
      instruction (overlap with III-A)                                                                     weaknesses, how they work together with teachers to determine what strategies
      --Building & sustaining the student-adult relationships that promote positive                        they are all going to use to address strengths & weaknesses. This should happen
                                                                                                           in math, science and social studies depts once periodic assessment is available
      & healthy student choices utilizing a systematic program such as
                                                                                                           (in social studies).
      advisement (Overlap with III-B)
II-B Instruction-Peer Observation

      Growth Target: By 2007 SLCs and teachers will participate in student work                            This is happening in buy-back days primarily through depts--especially English,
      analysis on a regular basis.                                                                         math and science. Is not regularly happening--will collaborate with UCLA to
      By 2008 teachers will participate in regularly scheduled peer observations                           promote across the board.

      1. Evaluate the existing school wide student work analysis protocol and
                                                                                                           See above.
      modify as needed by departments
                                                                                                           English Dept has established this practice. The dept provides support to teachers
      2. In-service new teachers on student work analysis protocol                                         to find ways to improve lessons.

      3. Develop and implement a peer observation protocol and modify as
                                                                                                           To be developed in future.
II-C Instruction-Culture of Failure
      Growth Target: Improve attendance rates by 1% of the next three years
                                                                                      1/8/2007 memo from
      Improve graduation rates by 5% over the next three years
                                                                                      Larry Rodriguez
      Improve college acceptance by 5%
      1. Establish protocol addressing the culture of failure and review data that is                      The Culture of Success Committee is developing guidelines and resources for
      indicative of failure (i.e., academic grades, test scores, etc) within SLCs                          SLCs to use in planning SLC based programs.

      2. Establish a committee for each track to discus findings and draft a plan     Minutes/sign in      A Culture of Success Committee consisting of SLC Leads and Dept Chairs is
      to address findings of each SLC regarding the culture of failure                sheets               meeting.
                                                                                                           Tardy policy developed & implemented. PSAs give information to students
                                                                                                           regarding last two months of school. Students with good attendance receive raffle
      3. Develop an attendance incentive program, with particular attention to
                                                                                      Tardy policy         tickets for prizes. Extensive work needs to be done in this area. RHS continues to
      period 1                                                                                             have low average attendance. Need posted graphics/competitions to promote

Draft: June 11, 2007                                                                                                                                                                         3
                                                               RHS WASC ACTION PLAN TRACKING

      TASK                                                                                   EVIDENCE                                             PROGRESS

                                                                                                               Advisories will be implemented July, 2007. Ms. Quemada working with Math dept
                                                                                                               and CSULA to implement an intersession academy for 9th graders--will train
      4. Develop a comprehensive college advisory program, including in-                 Advisories starting
                                                                                                               teachers regarding college entrance requirements & financial aid. Will have field
      servicing teacher on college requirements                                          July, 2007            trips to colleges & universities. College students will work with 9th graders who
                                                                                                               are having difficulty passing Algebra 1.

                                                                                                               College advisor emphasizes the FAFSA. She has data regarding students who
      4a. Require all seniors to apply for the SAT/ACT to apply to at least one
                                                                                                               have completed FAFSA and the % increase. District needs to bring back and pay
      four-year college or university, and to complete the FAFSA form                                          for workshop. They are no longer providing it.
      4b. Eleventh grade students will take the PSAT in the fall, if they have not
                                                                                                               District needs to bring back and pay for workshop. They are no longer providing it.
      already taken it, and the SAT in the spring
      4c. All tenth grade students will attend at least one off-campus college fair                            Done very well through SLCs. They have taken field trips to many campuses. All
      or visit a 4 year college & university. Tenth graders will take the PSAT                                 tenth graders were tested with PSAT during the regular school day.

      4d. All ninth grade students will visit a four year college or university and/or
                                                                                                               Implemented by SLCs
      attend a college fair
                                                                                                               This should be in conjunction with support from local or central district. A bridge
      5. Develop and implement a ninth grade bridge program                                                    program exists for transition from 5th to 6th grade (elementry to middle school)
                                                                                                               but not for 8th to 9th grade.

III-A Assessment and Accountability-Data Analysis
                                                                                                               Parent/student information about graduation requirements and options available
      Growth Target: By spring 2007, SLCs with counselor support, will hold bi-          Binders in
                                                                                                               has increased. Partnership of teachers/counselors to guide graduation
      annual parent-student academic progress meetings                                   counselors' offices   requirements & steps to prevent dropouts.
      1. Teachers gather, disaggregate, and review student data, grades, test
      scores and attendance
      2. Based on the review of the data, modify the instructional practices to
                                                                                         Observation notes
      address the identified areas of growth
                                                                                         AB1802                Partnership with adult schools, Beyond the Bell, concurrent enrollment in
      3. Determine intervention plan (i.e., classroom, tutoring, EL program)                                   community colleges, tutoring, Healthy Start, impact groups, SST meetings.
III-B Assessment and Accountability-Monitoring Student Progress
      Growth Target: By 2007, 100% of students will have an individual
      academic plan which describes their attendance, grades, periodic                   Memo on 12/7/2006
      assessments, in class test scores and IEP goals (overlap with IVA-1)
      1. Determine students' academic strengths and weaknesses. Develop an                                     IGPs exist for each student. Counselors are meeting with students and parents
      individual plan for each student                                                                         per state/district guidelines to review contents & obtain required signatures.

      2. Develop advisory curriculum which includes character education,                                       Previously, staff visited schools with advisory students. Need time & funding to
      personalization, and support/intervention, by SLC (same as IVA-2)                                        train teachers to develop advisory curriculum.

Draft: June 11, 2007                                                                                                                                                                                 4
                                                             RHS WASC ACTION PLAN TRACKING

      TASK                                                                            EVIDENCE                                            PROGRESS
                                                                                                       Students meet with teachers in SLCs for tutoring. Some SLCs provide pre-test
                                                                                                       CAHSEE study groups. Students receive services in Career Center for ROP,
                                                                                                       ROC students.
                                                                                                       --Counselors provide intervention by informing students/parents of academic
      3.Provide intervention services to students not making academic progress                         status through: grad checks, credit letters, promotes/demotes, AB1802, SB813
                                                                                                       --Intervention is provided through intersession 2x/year
                                                                                                       --Essential math/English built into master schedule
                                                                                                       --ELA/Beyond the Bell tutoring services/CAHSEE prep
                                                                                                       --Diploma project advisor meets with target population to provide intervention
                                                                                                       Meetings are scheduled quarterly--Back to School PHBAO conferencing.
                                                                                                       Additional meetings with parents for all students as the Central and LD5 follow
      4. Meet with parents on quarterly basis to discuss attendance, grades and
                                                                                                       state guidelines. Info on periodic assessments & attendance is not included in
      test results (Periodic assessments, exams, etc.)                                                 parent/student conference. Counselors need the information to share, as well as
                                                                                                       class grades..

III-C Assessment and Accountability-Parent Involvement

      Growth Target: Develop a comprehensive parent involvement plan to                                A parent conference should be held at the beginning of the year with 9th grade
                                                                                                       parents and should encourage them to get involved with activities. Then hold a
      increase parents' active participation in the education of their children                        second conference in mid-year (instead of April or May). A lot of effort now goes
      especially in the areas of Math and English                                                      into organizing conferences but parents are not coming.

                                                                                  Memo from Virginia   A plan has been developed in coordination with parents, the administrator in
      1. Develop a comprehensive parent involvement plan.                         Morgan on            charge of parent involvement, the Title I Coordinator and the Parent Liaison
                                                                                  12/7/2006            Coordinator.
                                                                                  Memo from Virginia
                                                                                                       A needs assessment survey was conducted with parents and their input was a
      1a. Conduct a needs assessment and identify areas of need                   Morgan on
                                                                                                       vital part of the plan implementation

                                                                                                       The following workshops are being conducted in the Parent Center weekly:
                                                                                                       Citizenship, Academic and Social. The themes of the workshops are topics of
                                                                                                       interest and educational value to parents. Need to widen the breadth of topics
                                                                                                       provided to parents, e.g., home financing, tax preparation, additional (and
                                                                                  Memo from Virginia
                                                                                                       exclusive) English Language classes for parents only (in RHS Parent Center
      1b. Develop parent workshops plan to address the identified needs           Morgan on
                                                                                                       instead of Adult School) in order to increase their comfort level. Additionally, we
                                                                                  12/7/2006            are investigating the possibility of providing Saturday sessions with Math,
                                                                                                       Language Arts, SAT and particularly CAHSEE so parents are aware of their
                                                                                                       students' requirements and are able to provide academic support and

                                                                                  Memo from Virginia   Parent workshops are evaluated after each series of workshops. When a
      1c. Evaluate parent workshops                                               Morgan on            particular theme is completed, parents evaluate the workshops in orally and in
                                                                                  12/7/2006            written form.

Draft: June 11, 2007                                                                                                                                                                         5
                                                             RHS WASC ACTION PLAN TRACKING

      TASK                                                                               EVIDENCE                                            PROGRESS

                                                                                     Memo from Virginia   Participation has been increased through the parent volunteer program. Parents
      2. Increase parents participation in established school programs               Morgan on            currently volunteer in around the campus in areas such as Healthy Start and Title
                                                                                     12/7/2006            I Office. They provide supervision during nutrition and lunch.

                                                                                                          Records of attendance are kept at all meetings. Parents are given certificate for
                                                                                     Memo from Virginia
      2a. Increase attendance in parent meetings and workshops (Title I,                                  perfect attendance and participation. Investigate the possibility of having parents
                                                                                     Morgan on
      bilingual, school site council)                                                                     write a monthly newsletter to other parents, translated as needed--a newsletter
                                                                                     12/7/2006            should promote parent attendance at meetings

                                                                                                          Activities of different learning communities conducted after school hours include
                                                                                     Memo from Virginia   parent participation. Counselors notify parents by grade reports, letters & phone
      2b. Participate in school and SLC activities                                   Morgan on            calls. Attendance Office notifies parents of attendance problems or absences.
                                                                                     12/7/2006            Parents are informed through a variety of means. Home visits will be discussed
                                                                                                          with teacher leads, pt administrator & the parent coordinator.

                                                                                                          Parents are informed in many ways of student progress. Counselors (grade
                                                                                                          reports, letters, phone calls); Attendance Office (notification of attendance
                                                                                     Memo from Virginia
                                                                                                          problems or absence); Other: phone master, letters, phone calls, newsletter,
      3. Inform parents of their responsibilities to assure their students success   Morgan on
                                                                                                          contacts with deans & teachers). Investigating the possibility of providing parents
                                                                                     12/7/2006            Sat sessions in math, language arts, CAHSEE, SAT--so they are aware of
                                                                                                          requirements & can provide support & encouragement.

                                                                                                          Teachers and the Attendance Office notify parents if a problem arises. Parents
                                                                                     Memo from Virginia
                                                                                                          also receive information on grade reports. Additional staff calls after hours-
      3a. Assure child attends class daily                                           Morgan on
                                                                                                          sometimes calling numerous times. Attendance Office coordinates with
                                                                                     12/7/2006            counselors in case intervention is necessary.
                                                                                                          The Title One Office mails a newsletter that provides parents with up-to-date
                                                                                     Memo from Virginia   information and a calendar of events at RHS. Flyers and notices are distributed
      3b. Provide updated/current contact information to school                      Morgan on            through homerooms and are mailed. Telephone calls are made to parents to
                                                                                     12/7/2006            invite them to school activities and to provide information about tutoring and
                                                                                                          opportunities available to students to help them achieve.
                                                                                                          Open House and Back to School Nights are conducted for each track to provide
                                                                                     Memo from Virginia
                                                                                                          parents with information regarding grades and educational programs at RHS.
      3c. Contact counselor at each grade report                                     Morgan on
                                                                                                          Teachers are required to be present at these activities. Administrative and support
                                                                                     12/7/2006            personnel are in attendance on these nights.
                                                                                     Memo from Virginia   Counselors and Special Education Counselors keep updated records for each
      3d Understand/monitor the individualized educational plan for each student Morgan on                student. Information is given to the students and parents regarding the progress of
                                                                                     12/7/2006            the students.

IV-A Culture-Student Life
      Growth Target: By Fall 2007, graduation rates will increase, dropout rates
                                                                                     IGP and A-G          Monitoring of student progress; after hours scheduling of meetings to facilitate
      will decrease and will strengthen a sense of personalization and support                            access and communication with counselors.
      programs will develop

Draft: June 11, 2007                                                                                                                                                                            6
                                                           RHS WASC ACTION PLAN TRACKING

      TASK                                                                             EVIDENCE                                            PROGRESS

      1. Establish an individual educational plan for each student to be monitored
                                                                                   AB1802 binders
      by counselors, teachers and parents (overlaps with IIIB Growth Target)
      2. Develop advisory curriculum which includes character education,
      personalization, and support/intervention, by SLC (same as IIIB-2)
                                                                                  Records in ISIS for    Service Learning coordinator to input information, monitor progress and facilitate
      3. Develop a service learning plan                                                                 venues for students to meet requirements.
IV-B Culture-Common Planning Time (CPT)
                                                                                                         Banked days function as common planning time. This is not "common planning
                                                                                                         time" per se, since no minutes were added to the school day. High schools
                                                                                                         usually define CPT as teachers having the same conference period--but at RHS
      1. Implement common planning time among SLCs, departments and
                                                                                                         this will compromise the SLCs--so it is hard to address. Need find solution
      interdisciplinary teams                                                                            because time allocated for banked days is insufficient for quality professional
                                                                                                         development. In a year-round school, can not expect off-track teachers to give up
                                                                                                         time off for PD.

IV-C Culture-Communication

      Growth Target: By fall 2007, all stakeholders will be involved in                                  A communication plan has been completed. Next step is for Mr. Gonzalez to
      establishing a communication plan that promotes the school's vision                                implement the communication plan with all stakeholders.

                                                                                                         Penguin PR reviewed existing resources and developed a communications plan &
      1. Utilize and improve existing forms of communication: Student             10/24/2006 memo        toolkit. Penguin PR will develop tools and facilitate:
      introduction video, technology, school newspaper, marquee message           from Dawn Wilcox,      --Business/community partnerships
      board, phone master, Title I newsletter, school leadership, web-based       President, Penguin     --Teacher/administration internal communication
                                                                                  PR                     --Parent/community information forums
      access, cable Channel 6 student programming
                                                                                                         --Media relations/promotional campaigns
                                                                                  Committee List
                                                                                  Sign in Sheets
      2. Develop a communications committee                                                              Committee has been formed
                                                                                                         Paper is being published monthly. Two journalism classes are offered, one on A
      3. Re-establish the school newspaper                                        Copies of paper
                                                                                                         track and one on C track.

      4. Cultivate school-wide partnerships with parents, community, and other    Healthy Start has a    This is done through the Healthy Start office. These partnerships operate on
      organizations                                                               list of partnerships   campus on behalf of RHS students.

      WASC Critical Area for Follow-Up, Item #4: Focus on improving
      communication with classified staff, parents and the community concerning
      the ongoing evolution of RHS.
IV-D Culture-School Leadership

      Growth Target: By 2007, modify the shared-decision making process

Draft: June 11, 2007                                                                                                                                                                          7
                                                             RHS WASC ACTION PLAN TRACKING

      TASK                                                                           EVIDENCE                                     PROGRESS
                                                                                                This has not happened. SLCs leads have two periods of release time per day, in
      1. Fund a full-time lead position for each SLC (without restrictions)                     addition to one conference period for planning time. There would need to be
                                                                                                greater accountability in exchange for a full release day.
                                                                                                A new structure is in place--Council of Leads and Dept Chairs, who focus on
      2. Identify and evaluate existing leadership groups and corresponding
                                                                                                instructional matters. A School Site Redesign Committee focuses on the structure
      decision making capabilities                                                              for school reform.

                                                                                                RHS has not made much progress in combining the advisory groups or combining
                                                                                                the School Site Council with the Shared Decision-making Council. The procedure
                                                                                                for how to combine groups is unclear (there are legal and contractual issues
      3. Establish a modified shared-decision making process                                    involved). Teachers and parents have input via the existing councils. RHS uses
                                                                                                the School Site Council to make most decisions, with input from either the School
                                                                                                Site Redesign Committee or the Council of Leads/Dept Chairs.

      WASC Critical Area for Follow-Up, Item #1: reexamine administrative &                     This has been done. Each AP oversees two SLCs and evaluates the teachers in
      support structure to ensure focus on supervision and monitoring of                        those SLCs. The frequency of classroom observation needs to be increased.
      instruction in every classroom                                                            UCLA will be asked to consult on observations.
      WASC Critical Area for Follow-Up, Item #3: revisit Culture-School
      Leadership to ensure that the decision-making structure is able to
      coordinate all aspects of the school's efforts and formalize the
                                                                                                See above in this section.
      improvement process…It is important that school wide reform efforts and
      professional development activities are consistently implemented across all
      tracks and SLCs
      WASC Critical Area for Follow-Up, Item #5: The LAUSD central office must
      address the unique needs of a year round comprehensive high school in
      terms of budgeting process, timeliness of communications, and                             The budgeting process does not support year-round schools.
      responsiveness in terms of decision making allowing the site to move
      forward in achieving the goals in the action plan.
      WASC Critical Area for Follow-Up, Item #6:….it is critical to the vision and              This will not be possible until RHS is on a traditional calendar and the number of
      mission of the school that as the SLCs grow and evolve, they all operate as               teachers/SLCs is reduced. (On a year-round schedule, one track of teachers is
      a part of the larger RHS community                                                        always just going out while another is just coming on.)

IV-E Culture-Student Leadership

                                                                                                RHS continues with a well run election process. No changes have been made.
      1. Review and establish the criteria for membership of the leadership class               Current challenge is how to disseminate election information to off-track students.

                                                                                                Sponsor is reaching out to the RHS community to find groups to assist with
      2. Review constitution and modify existing curriculum and syllabus related
                                                                                                leadership. He has made presentations at events in City Council District 14,
      to student leadership class                                                               Mayor's office events, and youth leadership conferences.

Draft: June 11, 2007                                                                                                                                                                 8
                                                            RHS WASC ACTION PLAN TRACKING

      TASK                                                                             EVIDENCE                                           PROGRESS

                                                                                                     This is being done through the Career Center and Healthy Start. Funds were
      3. Build student leadership skills by assisting with identification of                         allocated for students homeroom reps and the student leadership class to attend
      committees, cultivate an awareness of service learning projects, support                       a student government conference. The two groups have been combined into a
      the implementation of the tardy policy and the current attendance policy                       schoolwide student leadership team. This was communicated through a
                                                                                                     communications team headed by Ms. Quemada.

V-Mathematics Action Plan
      1. Our objective is to increase student achievement on the California High                     This has been done. RHS met the central LAUSD district average for passing the
      School Exit Exam                                                                               CAHSEE--84% for the class of 2007.
                                                                                   Pacing plans
      Action plan: Participate in district-wide professional development each
                                                                                   Periodic          Achievement results have increased in math on both the CST and the CAHSEE.
      quarter in algebra (concept lesson)                                          Assessments
      The Math Dept is developing an algebra readiness curriculum which will be
                                                                                                     This is implemented on all tracks.
      part of Algebra 1.
                                                                                                     They have used PD time to discuss. All tracks have been inserviced on buy-back
      Differential instruction is implemented in order to meet the needs of
                                                                                                     days. Hard to say if this is happening, though--classroom observations show
      different learners such as special education, English learners and gifted                      mixed results. Will continue to be a priority.

                                                                                                     This has been implemented on every track. The math dept is formulating a
      2. Our objective for algebra and geometry is to focus on intervention for    Pacing plan       common pacing plan for intersession classes. State money was used to purchase
      improvement                                                                  Master schedule   an additional math teacher to implement Algebra readiness classes for students
                                                                                                     who fail Algebra One-offered during the regular school day.

V-English Action Plan
      1. All teachers of ELA 9th and 10th grade classes will be trained in                           In-progress. Teachers' use of writing prompts has taken root as evidenced by the
      CAHSEE writing prompts. Students will receive intensive instruction in                         84% CAHSEE pass rate among the class of 2006/07. However, the 2007/08 class
      formal essay writing in all genres                                                             has a lower pass rate. RHS needs to continue to focus on this area.

      Action plan: 1a. ELA teachers, especially 9th & 10th grades make explicit                      Classroom observation shows this is implemented in pockets, i.e., weekly or
      writing instruction an integral part of daily lesson plan                                      several times per week, but not daily.

      1b. Teachers across disciplines are trained by literacy coaches in CAHSEE
                                                                                                     Classroom observation shows a weak implementation. This could be happening
      essay writing expectations & incorporate at least one CAHSEE essay                             more in science and social studies classes.
      writing experience into their curriculum & instruction.
      1b, cont. We analyze students' performance on timed writing assessments
      and next steps, using data to inform our writing instruction goals &                           Some is being done by coaches and SLC leads--but could be doing more.

Draft: June 11, 2007                                                                                                                                                                   9
                                                             RHS WASC ACTION PLAN TRACKING

      TASK                                                                               EVIDENCE                                          PROGRESS

      2. Ninth and tenth grade students will receive intervention support in ELA,
      ELL, and Special Education blocked classes. Instruction of intervention                          Workshops are occurring. Regular ed, core and special ed teachers are all
      classes will receive necessary training in reading strategies and teaching in                    participating. Progress has been slow due to time demands of other initiatives.
      the block. Literacy coaches will focus on directly supporting intervention                       Need to bring in more expert assistance.
      teachers and their students.
                                                                                                       Two English teachers for each track were purchased in order to maintain a double
                                                                                                       block of English for 9th grade students. There is a one block class of "Read 180"--
                                                                                                       the lowest reading level, on each track, one or two periods per day. Teachers are
      Action plan: 2a: We have created intervention courses…..                                         still being trained to implement the program. There is a facilities issue--the district
                                                                                                       asks for a dedicated Read 180 room, even though the class is not taught in every

      2b. Literacy coaches work directly with teachers and students to improve                         Some is happening between coaches and leads. Although SLCs have different
      reading instruction and to coach teachers through their own professional                         needs, this needs to be organized under a common umbrella. Currently, SLCs
      development                                                                                      handle the planning for most of professional development time.

      2c. The Literacy Cadre, composed of experience teachers in all core                              This is in progress, but in an early stage. There are individual literacy cadres by
                                                                                                       core subject (English, Social Studies, Science & Math), which are getting training
      disciplines, meets regularly and works with teachers to address reading                          through the local district. The core cadre members are now coming back to share
      needs & strategies in all academic areas                                                         training content with their departments.
                                                                                                       Differentiated instruction is not currently the focal point of the school's initiatives.
                                                                                                       SLCs, CAHSEE intervention, etc are getting more attention. The focus will have to
      2c. Cont. Materials, supplies and equipment will be purchased to offer
                                                                                                       come through the coaches and SLC leads to incorporate differentiated instruction
      differentiated instructional opportunities to students                                           through leadership, coaching and PD in order for this to be treated as a uniform

V-English Language Development Action Plan

                                                                                                       ELL focus for English proficiency is on the CAHSEE. Tasks in progress:
                                                                                                       --Adult school support for ELL CAHSEE prep
                                                                                                       --ESL transition class after finishing ESL 4 (On A track, but B track needs as well)
                                                                                      Memo from Jose   --Intersession ESL CAHSEE prep class (using Measuring Up )
      1. EL students will develop language & literacy skills in all content areas     Ramos to C.      --Scaffolded CSBI/SDAIE workshops throughout the year--aligns SDAIE/Shelter
      and throughout the school day                                                   Quemada          instruction to CSBI; workshops also focus on meta-cognitive development: how to
                                                                                      12/7/2006        motivate students and have them take ownership for their own learning. Will bring
                                                                                                       in more PD experts in 2007/08
                                                                                                       The strategy is that by focusing on the CAHSEE, expect to see a improvement in
                                                                                                       the reclassification rate.

Draft: June 11, 2007                                                                                                                                                                        10
                                                              RHS WASC ACTION PLAN TRACKING

      TASK                                                                                  EVIDENCE                                            PROGRESS
                                                                                                              This needs to be implemented. Project was started in 2006/07. There is a
                                                                                                              communication gap with the middle schools in addressing the transition from 8th
                                                                                       Memo from Jose         to 9th grade. Some students fall through the cracks by staying in ESL from
      Action Plan: 1. On-going articulation and monitoring of ELD/SDAIE                Ramos to C.            elementary through HS without being moved into more academically rigorous
      instruction at feeder middle schools                                             Quemada                courses. Elementary ESL students who do not redesignate before HS are not
                                                                                       12/7/2006              likely to be successful in HS. This is a district problem. The Boyle Heights
                                                                                                              Learning Collaborative is writing a white paper on the challenges ELLs face in the
                                                                                                              school system.
      Inventory services (tutoring, Saturday class--Beyond the Bell, Intersession)
                                                                                                              CELDT has specific instructional strategies. RHS has not implemented this re-
      must align instructional strategies to CELDT instruction, including
                                                                                                              alignment of instruction. Options include: in-service on CELDT and having
      professional development & training of ESL/SDAIE instructors in CELDT                                   teachers assist with CELDT testing.
      After school ESL computer interactive classes will be offered for all EL                                Beyond the Bell is using interactive computer classes--Kaplan Program--on
      students                                                                                                Saturdays.
                                                                                                              High Point has never been aligned to CELDT. Local district experts need to do
      Align SDAIE/Sheltered ELD (EL) High Point to CELDT instructional
                                                                                                              this. High Point is the district mandated EL program but it does not align to
      strategies                                                                                              CELDT.

      Offer professional development to teachers in all content areas on the                                  Four professional development trainings in SDAIE offered in 2006/07. The focus
                                                                                       Memo from Jose
                                                                                                              was on scaffolded hands-on strategies linked to ELA standards & metacognitive
      integration of culturally relevant instructional practices, ELD and sheltering   Ramos to J. Jacobs
                                                                                                              strategies to help students take ownership. This work is at the beginning stages.
      strategies.                                                                      12/7/2006              Need bring more PD to campus.
                                                                                       Memo from Jose
      Adult School (off and on track) intervention classes on ESL/ELD and              Ramos to C.
                                                                                                              Adult school support for ELL CAHSEE preparation is in progress.
      Reclassification to be offered by Adult Division for EL students at risk         Quemada
      Parental support of EL academic achievement in Language Acquisition and
      proficiency is a major concern. Parents need to be informed and trained on
                                                                                                              Some work being done through the Parent Center. This needs to be fine tuned.
      how to support their children at home in progressing through Language
      Workshops and training will be developed and offered through the Parent
      Center on how to support their children on furthering language development                              On-going
      and proficiency
                                                                                                              There was a 0.75% drop in redesignation rate in 2006/07. Need to analyze why--
      2. Increase the number of EL students scoring a 4 or 5 on the annual
                                                                                                              could be testing procedure artifact or due to instruction. RHS historically has a
      CELDT                                                                                                   high redesignation rate.

V- Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Action Plan

      1. Elective offerings need to be increased to allow higher student               Students are
                                                                                                             Woodshop will be added in 2007/08. Existing electives will continue.
      participation                                                                    enrolled in electives

Draft: June 11, 2007                                                                                                                                                                          11
                                                              RHS WASC ACTION PLAN TRACKING

      TASK                                                                               EVIDENCE                                          PROGRESS
                                                                                                         Special education students participate Saturday and afterschool.
                                                                                    CBI & MR students
      2. Utilization of off-site elective offerings such as occupational center                          CBI=Community Based Instruction
                                                                                    have access          MR=Mental Retardation

                                                                                                         Three full-time teachers,
      V-Partnerships, Support Services and Organization                             DOTS program
                                                                                                         DOTS program.

                                                                                    IEP meetings,
      1. Increase parent participation in school activities and their son/daughter's                     Parent involvement is increasing. Records are kept. Various workshops are
                                                                                     Schoolwide parent
      education (overlap with III-C)                                                                     offered.
      2. Increase the number of teachers who are compliant with No Child Left
                                                                                    Development,         All teachers are working towards completing credentials within time limits.
      Behind                                                                        Credentials
      3. Roosevelt will continue to work with Smaller Learning Communities to       SLC meetings with
                                                                                                         Work in this area is continuing. SLCs meet regularly.
      help meet the needs of students in a small school setting                     students & parents

Draft: June 11, 2007                                                                                                                                                                   12

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