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Hello, readers! I’d like to thank you for picking up this first issue of Mom to Mom, NWI. This magazine is
truly a labor of love, and I am so happy to be able to share something I’m so passionate about with
other moms. The idea for this magazine came to be after spending countless hours on the internet:
trying to find something to do with my kids, to locate local programs, or simply to score a new recipe for
dinner. It occurred to me that if I was seeking out these types of resources, surely other moms must be,
too! It’s my goal to find all that is good in Northwest Indiana and to share it here, in these pages, with
you and for you and your families. I don’t speak to you as an expert on parenting. In fact, I’m far from it!
My hope and dream is that I become a better mom through this magazine and through my interaction
with all of you!

Five years ago, I became a mom to my beautiful daughter, Samantha. Her birth came at a time that
seemed like the height of my professional career. I was on my way to conquering the world, but my
entire life was changed by her mere existence. Those little fingers and toes that sweet smell of baby
made everything else in the world fade away. My priorities shifted in an instant, my original thoughts of
going back to work went right out the window, and a new role in my life became number one -- being a
mom to this tiny little baby.

As I gained confidence in being a mother, I started to entertain the thought that I could juggle some
work projects outside my home, too. As I reached out to my former self and responsibilities, I realized
maybe there was room in my life to return to work and to be a mom. As a former TV journalist, my
passion has always been writing, interviewing, and investigating, so I feel like I’m definitely utilizing
those skills and that passion in creating a magazine that deals with the life I’m currently living and that
hopefully speaks to the life YOU are currently living, too!

So here I am now: my life consists of my two amazing little girls (both of whom you’ll see through the
pages of this first issue) and my work. I feel fortunate to live the best of both worlds by being a Work-
From-Home-Mom. While there are many challenges to this job, I embrace them because I get to do
what I love while being with the ones I love, and that is something I wouldn’t trade for anything in the

And here’s where YOU come in: whether you stay at home, work from home, work outside the home,
get by with the support of a husband or partner or juggle it all by yourself as a single mother, you need
and deserve the support and resources that Mom to Mom, NWI will offer you. What local spot do you
frequent with your children? What is the ONE piece of parenting advice you’d give to other moms? Do
you have a recipe, craft or money-saving tip you’d like to share? Your input will help make this magazine
the resource that I know we all need, and I look forward to seeing your ideas, words, and faces in the
pages of issues to come. Don’t forget to become a fan of Mom to Mom, NWI on Facebook where you
can chime in on weekly discussions and interact with other local moms.

Thank you again for joining me on this journey!

Take Care,


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