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supritom borkataky - Praxis Consultants


									                                                                           SUPRITOM BORKATAKY
                                                                            Assistant Manager (SME-Transmission)

Email:                                                                  : +91-8822319033
     Seeking assignments in GSM/CDMA/3G Telecom technology, Any Technical Project Management, Network
       Implementation, O&M or Network & Transmission Engineering with a high growth oriented organization
 Electronics & Communication Engineer (B.E) with good educational & professional background
 Currently serving Alcatel-Lucent Managed Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. at Technical Project Department at
  East Zone, Guwahati, Assam, India.
 Adept at managing overall Microwave & Optical transmission technologies (Mux & DWDM) involving
  installation & commissioning, up-gradation, operation & maintenance, Microwave & transmission
  planning, NMS, troubleshooting, LOS, RF & EMF Survey
 Also additional job roll handled as Company EHS (Employee Health & Safety) for entire Assam & NE region.
 Strong understanding of logic of telecom engineering operations & principles and knowledge of modern
  industries & tools for excellence with overall 5.8 years of rich experience.
 Excellent communication skills with troubleshooting, problem defining & solving capabilities & skills in solving
  technical & managerial issues & man-management.


Working since 18th Oct’10 with Alcatel-Lucent Managed Solutions India Pvt Ltd, Guwahati as SME-
Transmission in Reliance Telecom Ltd. 3G & 2G project

Major Project Delivery:

   To coordinate with RCOM & internal team for 100% technical data accuracy before implementing on field.
   Support in Execution of all Projects for timely completion of all projects namely- 2G & 3G MW & Optical Mux,
    NMS visibility, LOS, RF & EMF Survey.
   Ensuring 100% technical support on time to avoid any technical inaccuracy & in turn achieving monthly target
    100% by actively monitor project progress status against the plan.
   Coordinating with In-House Team & Vendor team to achieve 100% set quality standards.

Performance & Governance:
   Actively monitor all technical aspect of project to have 100 % performance with set quality standard.
   Having an attitude of 'no surprises’; Measure (and report) performance against the plan and submit status
    reports to the Manager and the customer (on a pre-decided frequency basis).
   Achieving 100% FAT & NOC AT closer for all work completed by customer within 15 Days of work completion.
   Ensuring timely offering of ATP to RCOM and getting signoff for ATP from field without Punch points.
   Monitor & to give support to all O&M transport related issues and queries within minimum time aspect
   Ensuring & promoting robust occupational health and safety work environment for the all circle employee

Technical Responsibilities:
 Primarily to give 2 level technical support and if required onsite support to field engineers in Assam & North
  East circle region
 Responsible for all NEC Microwave (PDH & SDH) and new Fibcom Mux I&C & up-gradation under 3G & 2G
  RTL project
 Responsible for establish all transmission media path for 3G bandwidth, such as I&C of MEN switches, Ethernet
  cards etc and to manage routing process
 To give training about Transmission products to the Vendors, Project Engineers and customers
 To conduct NMS NOC visibility of NEC 2G & 3G hops and rectifications of alarms
 To help the circle & central customer team for network improvement and in proper transmission planning
 To conduct LOS , RF and EMF survey as per the customer site infrastructure
 To give technical support to customer for different transmission related issues
 To maintain proper documentation as per the project progress
 Responsible for pre and post AT activity and prepare WCC for own and vendors
 Project management with effective resources and minimal costing
 To raise trouble ticket and proper follow up for O&M transport related issue
 Promoting robust occupational health and safety work practices to prevent ill health and injury cases
 Ensuring that all employees are well informed and trained & Minimizing employee health and safety risks
  Worked with ZTE Telecom India Ltd, Mumbai as Technical Expert-Transmission
  from 9th Nov’09 to 13th Oct’10
  Primarily to give 2 level technical support and if required onsite support to field engineers
  Responsible for troubleshooting and to solve the ZTE ( SDH/DWDM/MW) and other ZTE collaboration
     (NEC/Ceragon/Intracom) transmission network issue for ZTE's customers
  To give training about Transmission Equipment to the Vendors, Project Engineers of ZTE
  To work as the technical manager or senior technical expert in the Projects
  To give technical support to pre-sales team and check technical invoices
  To select best technical manpower and project documents as per project requirement
  To trace out all technical related issues and find out proper solution in least possible time and prepare database
     Loop Telecom and Loop Mobile swap project as an internal technical manager for Central Zone
  Responsible for sample demonstration of installation & commissioning and microwave integration with NMS of
     ZTE Microwave (ZXMW PR10 & SR10) and NEC MW (Neoi SDH & PDH) equipment
  Responsible for sample demonstration of installation & commissioning of optical SDH (S385, S320 S200)
  To give training about transmission equipment to vendors and customer engineers
  To provide all level technical support and solutions for transmission related issues
  To make proper planning & design for smooth process and utilize best resources as per project requirement
  To prepare DPR according to project progress report and technical issue report
  Responsible for pre and post transmission AT activity

     Other Projects handled:
     BSNL & MTNL DWDM 10G project for Mumbai and Maharastra region, responsible for all field trace
     activities regarding ZTE 10G DWDM (M900) equipment & rectify all issues as per customer requirement
     Systema Shyam (MTS) O&M project for Mumbai, Maharastra & Gujarat cluster, to give best support and
     participate for all transmission related O&M activities regarding ZTE MW and optical SDH connectivity planning
     and resolving critical technical issues ensuring higher customer satisfaction

  Worked with Nokia Siemens Network-Bharti-Airtel Project, Mumbai as OMCR Transmission Engineer from
  10th July’09 to 6 Nov’09
 NEC NMS: Software up gradation and visibility of NEC Microwave hops, back up of the nodes, changing frequency
     and Tx power, monitoring, fault finding & fault rectification from 0&M NEC Alarms. Generating health checkup of
     nodes on daily and weekly basics
 TEJAS NMS: Software up gradation and visibility of TEJAS MUX node, interconnectivity of all the Muxes back up of
     the nodes. Synchronization related issues monitoring, creating cross-connect, fault finding & fault rectification
     from 0&M TEJAS Mux alarms. Generating alarm report of nodes on daily and weekly basics
 PROJECT SURAKSHA: Protection of very important sites by including these sites into the ring, which includes
     dismantling PDH and SDH hops and installing and commissioning them at other locations to form the ring
 METRO HUB, ULTRA & FLEXI: Making the METRO HUB visible in the NMS, Q1 Integration for FIU Visibility,
     Making Cross connections in Flexi and Ultra (RRI) and in FIU; changing frequency and synchronization related
 Conducting AT with projects personnel, for Tejas, Metro hub, Ultra, Flexi & Microwave visibility
 Health check-up for all transmission equipments and making reports on day to day activity
 Online Technical Support to field engineers for trouble shooting

  Worked with Arya Communication Pvt Ltd, Mumbai as Network & Transmission Engineer from 3rd Sep’07
  to 9th July’09
 Working in Microwave area doing mainly installation, commissioning & alignment of NEC Pasolink (PDH, SDH,
     Neoi SDH, Neoi PDH) & Radwin Microwave Equipment
 Network, transmission planning & optimization in Microwave Technology for different operators
 Operation & Maintenance for NEC MW equipment
 Created both regional and client server of PasoLink Network Management System activity with proper
     assignment of IP and route adding method
 Line of Sight (LOS) & RF Site survey to plan site infrastructure
 On field and online support for different microwave and optical equipments
 Worked with Tejas, ECI & Alcatel Mux Installation, Commissioning & site Integration.
 Acceptance Test (AT) & Equipment testing activity
1. Tata Teleservices (Maharastra) Ltd, TTML project (Nov’07 - Jan’09)
 Installation & commissioning of NEC & Radwin Microwave Equipment for TTML, Maharastra and Mumbai circle
 Network & Transmission planning & LOS survey done in Maharashtra network for Microwave Technology
 Created entire PNMS activity for Nasik & Pune clusters.
 Closing of local STM-1 Microwave link in Coordination with local NI Team and managing it on PNMS
 Team Management & all level online Support to Field Engineers
2.       Helpdesk support to all India NEC Microwave equipment (Feb’09 - July’09)
        All India 2 level support provided to different customers and vendor teams for different NEC equipment
        Onsite support provided for critical issues for customers such as Idea & TTSL project, Karela; Vodafone project,
         MP and NSN-Airtel project, Mumbai
        To give training about NEC equipment to the vendors & different project engineers installation, commissioning,
         NMS & maintenance
        Pre & post acceptance test (AT) activity performed on behalf of NEC, India
        To perform different equipment testing process & checking regarding faulty NEC equipment
     Work experience as Service Engineer cum marketing person at Sahajanand Tech Pvt Ltd., Mumbai from 4
     Aug. 2003 to 29 May. 2004

      Advance training undertaken on ZTE Optical SDH & DWDM maintenance and troubleshooting, Bangalore
      Training undertaken on 3 days basic GSM & BSS at NSN, Mumbai
      Training undertaken on Radwin microwave equipment Installation & Commissioning at Mumbai
      Training undertaken on two weeks training as a part of course curriculum at ‘Nettur Technical Training
       Foundation, Bangalore’
      Training undertaken on one month vocational training at I.O.C, Guwahati Refinery, Guwahati
      Training undertaken on three weeks training at B.S.N.L. Guwahati on Digital Microwave & Optical Fiber
       Communication and Satellite Communication & Maintenance in Satellite Earth station

      B.E. in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Manoharbhai Patel Instt. of Engg. & Tech. under
        Nagpur University in 2007 (59.53%)
      Diploma in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering from Assam Engineering Institute under Assam
        State Council of Technical Education in 2003 (73.8%)
      Higher Secondary (10+2) from Cotton College under ASHEC in 1999 (60.6%)
      Secondary (10 ) from Shankardev Vidya Niketan under SEBA in 1997 (70.3%)

      Operating System                     : Windows Environment, basic of Linux
      Industrial Software                  :Pathloss4.0, MapInfo8.5, NetCfgTool, PNMS, PNMT, LCT, Tellabs Craft
                                            Terminal, Winlink1000Manager, ZXONM E300, ZXMW-EMS, NetNumen-
                                            R31, Nokia Citrix Program Neighborhood, Reflection OSS RTR, Netact
        Utility Software                   : MS Office package, Google Earth.
        Network                            : Internet /Intranet /LAN
        Certificate in Computer Hardware & Networking and working knowledge in computer hardware
        Completed two level of Red Hat Linux

     Present and
     Permanent address:      H.N.6, Arunudoi Path, Zoo Narengi Road, Gitanagar, Guwahati-781021, Assam
     Date of birth:          18 Dec 1980
     Parent’s name:          Mrs. Aroti Borkataky & Mr. Probin Ch. Borkataky
     Marital Status:         Single
     Passport No:            E8587787 (Expiry date till 13/06/2014)
     Language known:         English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali
     Attributes:             Communicative & Positive attitude, Smart worker, excellent quality of understanding,
                             willingness to learn, ability to deal with people, honesty towards work, good as team
                             member & in leading team.
                             Throughout experience in event organizing & coordinating.
                             Company EH&S co-coordinator for Assam & NE circle.
                             Hobbies includes traveling, listening music, PC games, net surfing.

     “I hereby declare that the above furnished information is true to the best of my knowledge.”

                                                                                       Supritom Borkataky

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