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                                                                                                      Summer Recreation
                                                                Shelburne Falls, MA 01370
                                                                33 Mechanic Street
         The Mohawk Summer Recreation Program

         offers childcare before and after camp. The
additional hours will allow the program to match
parents’ work schedules. The hours run 7:00-9:00 AM
for $7.00 per morning and 3:30-5:30 PM for $7.00 per
afternoon. Supervised games and activities will be
available for the children. Snacks will be provided.

                                     Swim Program
The Town of Buckland offers swim lessons in the morn-

ing at the pool on site. They usually run for 30 minutes.
You may sign up through the Buckland Town Office for
                 this program. Our staff delivers and picks
                 up campers who are participating in this
                 morning swim program.
                                                                                                                                   Summer Recreation

           Applications for camp are available at your
           school office. There are early bird dis-
           counts starting April 1st. If you have any
           questions you can call Jeff Johansmeyer at

“This camp must comply with regula-
tions of the Massachusetts Depart-
ment of Public Health and be licensed
by the local board of health.”
This program complies with MDPH regulations
(105CMR430) and is licensed by the Buckland
board of health. Information on these regulations
can be obtained at (617) 983-6761.

Parents may request copies of health care and disci-
pline policies, as well as procedures for filing a griev-
                                                              Revised 2011
                 Program                                                                                                                              Schedule
                                                      We run a program that is active and promotes healthy     8:45-9:00 am
                                                      choices. Activities involve group interaction, coop-            Campers begin to arrive. Informal games are
                                                      eration and decision-making skills. These activities     supervised until camp begins.
                                                      are age appropriate and are organized by grade level     9:00-9:15 am
The Mohawk Summer Recreation Program is a             or mixed grades. Counselor to camper ratio is one to            Everyone meets at the center court for morning
                                                      five for younger campers, and one to ten for older       announcements. Daily schedules are given out as well as
day program that is sponsored by the town of                                                                   reminders of activities.
                                                      campers (as defined by state regulations).
Buckland for children of the community enter-                                                                  9:15-10:15 am
ing Kindergarten through students entering sixth                                                                      Groups play age appropriate games or activities.
                                                                                                               10:15-11:45 am
grade. There is a separate program for sixth                                                                          Campers regroup and choose from a variety of ac-
grade graduates through ninth grade graduates,                                                                 tivities to participate in. Options may include: Arts &
which is called the Junior Staff Program. The                                                                  Crafts, board games, stories, hiking, drama, or active
                                                                                             Our Staff         games.
Buckland Recreation area has been the home of                                                                  11:45-Noon
                                                                     Our staff consists of local educators
this program for many years. Located on Route                                                                         Noon meeting is held. Announcements are made.
                                                                     and teens. The program director is a
112 just past the high school, it offers a variety                                                             Sometimes a group or staff may share a skit or song.
                                                                     7th grade Science Teacher at Mohawk       Half day campers are gathered and dismissed.
of environments from a wooded area, to ball           Trail Regional School. The assistant director is an      Noon-12:30 pm
field, to a swimming pool. A pavilion offers          Elementary School Physical Education Teacher in                 Lunch time. Campers eat their lunches that they
shelter from the rain and hot sun. Local teens        the Mohawk district. There is a camp nurse on site       brought from home. There is no refrigeration available.
                                                      most days. Our counselors are high school and col-       Campers eat in the same general supervised area. It is
are hired to supervise the children in a variety of                                                            generally a quieter time. Sometimes a story may be
                                                      lege students, many of whom are Mohawk graduates.
activities and games. All activities promote a        Many of these staff members participated in our pro-     told while the campers are eating.
healthy lifestyle, cooperation, and decision-         gram as youngsters.                                      12:30-1:15 pm
                                                                                                                      Games and activities
making skills. Arts & Crafts and swimming are                                                                  1:15-2:00 pm
offered daily. Swim lessons are offered in the                                                                        Swim time. All campers are given a swim time at
morning at the pool and are available to our                                                                   the pool. Prior to the first swim time, each camper is
campers for an additional fee.                                             Junior Staff Program                given a swim test by the pool lifeguard to identify his or
                                                                                                               her ability. Certified lifeguards as well as our staff super-
                                                      A Junior Staff program is offered for graduates of the   vise the pool.
The Mohawk Summer Recreation Program is a
                                                      sixth grade through ninth grade. These students          2:00-3:15 pm
six week program. It runs from 9:00 am—3:30           combine working in the morning with our paid staff              Games and activities
pm. The fee is $25.00 a day, if registered be-        to supervise the campers and/or work on community        3:15-3:30 pm
                                                      based projects to help the recreation program and the           Pick up equipment, gather personal things, and
fore May 1st. Fees increase after that. Half
                                                      local schools. Their afternoons are spent doing age      afternoon announcements. Parents pick up their children
days are also an option and the fee is $15.00 per                                                              at the pavilion.
                                                      appropriate games and activities together. They also
day, if registered before May 1st. Fees increase
                                                      have the option of swimming and doing craft projects
after that. There is a 10% discount for siblings.     daily. Recommendations for jobs are offered to them      This schedule varies in terms of swim times and arts and
Scholarships may be available upon request. A         at the completion of the program. Many of our Jun-       crafts depending on the grade level. We also
snack is available for purchase during snack          ior Staff go on to jobs with the help of our program      occasionally have camp wide activities or special
                                                      as experience. The fee for the Junior Staff Program      guests come in and entertain.
times. Lunches need to be brought from home.
                                                      is $16.00 per day if registered before May 1st. Fee
No refrigeration is                                   increases after that. Their work is a valuable part of
available. You may                                    the overall summer program.
sign up for as many
days or weeks as you
would like.

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