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					   O k l a h o m a                      W i n d               P o w e r                   I n i t i a t i v e

A collaborative project between the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University
            that investigates and promotes wind energy resources in our state.

July/August 2010                                                                                                    Vol. 10, # 4

OKAGE/OWPI Host Renewable Energy Windshop
                                                                                                         In this issue…
The Oklahoma Alliance for Geographic
Education (OKAGE) and OWPI hosted a free
teacher’s workshop July 12-15 at the National                                                        News & Events........... 1
Weather Center in Norman. A total of 22
teachers from across the state came to learn
                                                                                                     Policy ....................... 2
about renewable energy, specifically wind
energy. The 4-day workshop consisted of
tours of the Bergey Windpower facility in                                                            Wind ........................ 3
Norman and the Blue Canyon Wind Farm near
Lawton.                                          Some of the group near the Blue Canyon Wind Farm.   Solar ......................... 5

When the teachers were not in the field, they were in the classroom learning how to analyze          Geothermal................ 5
landscapes from a geographic perspective, listening to presentations about wind, solar,
geothermal, and biofuel technologies, and gathering ideas on how to integrate renewable              Biofuels ..................... 6
energy concepts into their classrooms. The teachers were also given small model wind
turbines that they built and tested. The turbines will be used in the classroom to discuss           Renewable News........ 6
science and math concepts while demonstrating how wind turbines produce electricity.
                                                                                                     Calendar of Events ..... 8
Workbooks containing field guides, informational materials, and a curriculum guide were also
given to the teachers. The curriculum guide is meant to be a starting point for all educators
that are interested in teaching renewable energy in their classrooms. Topics covered in the
renewable energy guide include: wind energy history; Oklahoma wind energy; U.S. wind
energy; wind basics; wind benefits and myths; solar, geothermal, and biofuels; and
environmental stewardship. It is now available online at http://www.ocgi.okstate.edu/owpi
under the “Educational Outreach” link.
OWPI would like to thank the following for their support and assistance:
                                                                                                     Editor & Contributor:
Oklahoma Alliance for Geographic Education                                                           Britton Rife, OWPI-OU
U.S. Department of Energy
                                                                                                     Copy Editor:
Oklahoma Department of Commerce
                                                                                                     Mike Klatt, EVAC-OU
Bergey WindPower
Horizon Wind Energy                                                                                  Contributors:
KidWind                                                                                              Steve Stadler, Geography
                                                                                                     Department, OWPI-OSU

                                                                                                     Mark Meo, Science and Public
                                                                                                     Policy Program, OWPI-OU
OWPI Installs Tower in River Springs, OK                              construction, will be a renewable energy education hub
                                                                      for the state, housing programs focused on the new in-
In June OWPI and West-                                                dustry’s needs.
ern Tower Services in-
stalled a 31 meter tower                                              For more information about the program, contact Terry
with instruments at 10                                                Clinefelter at (405) 945-3362 or clinefe@osuokc.edu, or
and 31 meters to collect                                              visit www.osuokc.edu/engineering. To enroll or see avail-
wind data in the commu-                                               able course times, visit www.osuokc.edu/schedule.
nity of River Springs,
Oklahoma. River Springs                                               Editor’s Note: The above is a press release from OSU-
is a new community being                                              OKC on June 10, 2010.
developed    in    Cotton L to R: Mike Klatt (OWPI), Robert Smith
County by the Southwest (SORD), and Matt Waswo (Western
Oklahoma Regional De- Tower Services).                                                 P o l i c y
velopment     Corporation
(SORD). Data will be collected and analyzed for at least
one year, and if the conditions appear favorable SORD                 No Renewable Electricity Standard in Senate
would like to purchase wind turbines to provide some of               Energy Bill
the community’s electricity. For more information about
SORD or River Springs, please contact Robert Smith at 405-            Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released details of a
476-6180 or swregionaldevelopment@yahoo.com.                          newly drafted energy bill on July 27th.

OSU-OKC to offer Renewable/Sustainable Energy                         After a strong push by the renewable energy industry –
Degree                                                                lead by the wind industry – the latest Senate bill does not
                                                                      include a national target for renewable energy. It also
To prepare for one of the most important fields of study for          excludes an extension of incentives like the production
the next century, OSU-Oklahoma City will begin offering               tax credit (which expires at the end of next year) and the
the Renewable/Sustainable Energy Associate in Applied                 Treasury grant program (which expires at the end of this
Science degree to students in fall 2010.                              year). Along with a Renewable Electricity Standard (RES),
                                                                      both of those items are on the top of the priority list for
Graduates of the program will be prepared to work in a                industry advocates.
number of different related fields ranging from onsite solar
and wind energy systems, to geothermal heating and cool-              The bill sets aside $15 billion for energy efficiency pro-
ing systems, residential energy auditing and advanced                 grams, water conservation and new transportation tech-
green building systems including an understanding of Lead-            nologies based on natural gas and electricity. The bill
ership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) stan-                also raises the liability cap on offshore oil drillers if they
dards.                                                                spill oil. That provision addresses a politically-charged
                                                                      issue, but does little to help the grow wind, solar, geo-
“OSU-Oklahoma City is proud to build on its leadership in             thermal, hydro and biomass technologies that can help
21st century energy education by adding the Renewable/                shift the energy equation, say industry groups.
Sustainable Energy degree,” said Dr. Larry Edwards, OSU-
OKC Academic Affairs vice president. “The new program                 On July 27th the American Wind Energy Association re-
gives students another option in the engineering field                leased figures showing that 2nd quarter wind figures had
where they can currently choose from job-ready career                 dropped 71% from the same time period in 2009. The
paths such as Wind Turbine Technology, Electrical Power               poor economy, the lack of a national RES, and the uncer-
Technology and Construction Technology.”                              tainty around the Treasury grant program have all been
The Renewable/Sustainable degree program is designed to
provide students with the knowledge and hands-on experi-              “We need these passed. Otherwise, we risk severely
ence they will need to enter and excel in their chosen ca-            hurting this industry,” said AWEA CEO Denise Bode in a
reer path. “Programs like this will fill the demand for edu-          conference call yesterday.
cated and skilled individuals for the rapidly evolving renew-
able energy industry,” said Edwards.                                  As industry and environmental groups have pushed for
                                                                      an increasingly unpopular comprehensive climate bill, the
Striving to provide training opportunities for students look-         opportunity to pass these smaller programs has been
ing to enter the energy workforce, OSU-OKC is leading the             diminished. With fall mid-term elections coming up, the
way in Oklahoma to provide an educated workforce that                 window for any action on such items has been virtually
will be able to meet the demands of tomorrow’s industry.              closed.
The new Engineering Technology Building, currently under
                                                                      Editor’s Note: The above is from RenewableEnergy-
                                                                    2 World.com on July 28, 2010.
U.S. Senators Introduce Renewable Energy Storage                           “There is an interest on the part of some PSO customers
Legislation                                                                to be able to have a certain portion, if not all, of their
                                                                           energy coming from renewable energy resources,” said
U.S. Sens. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M., Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and                   Kathy Champion, PSO’s consumer programs manager.
Jeanne Shaheen, D.-N.H., have introduced legislation to
offer tax credits for the creation of renewable energy stor-               “The addition of this
age. The Storage Technology of Renewable and Green En-                     new wind energy re-
ergy Act of 2010 Act would offer up to $1.5 billion in tax                 source will provide
credits to support grid-connected energy storage projects.                 PSO the opportunity to
                                                                           address our customers’
The act offers a tax credit for three categories of energy                 preferences to have
storage facilities and will also provide tax credits to busi-              more electric energy
nesses and homeowners who install energy storage on their                  from renewable re-
own properties to help serve their own energy needs or                     sources and will allow Photo: NREL
capture energy from on-site renewable-energy generation.                   individual customers to
Specifically, the act will provide a 20% tax credit of up to               decide how much renewable energy will be used to serve
$30 million for storage systems connected to the electric                  their loads.”
grid. The bill will also provide a 30% tax credit of up to $1
million to businesses and a 30% tax credit for homeowners                  PSO is proposing a voluntary program that allows cus-
for on-site storage projects.                                              tomers to designate the amount of their energy require-
                                                                           ment that will be provided by renewables. The program
The bill’s authors note that the legislation would offer “a                will allow customers to buy their preferred number of
broad range of incentives to foster innovation and [the]                   fixed kilowatt-hours (kWh) blocks. Each block would
installation of energy storage technology.”                                equal 100 kWh.

“The increased use of these cutting-edge storage technolo-                 Customers may elect to purchase from a minimum of one
gies is essential to modernizing our electrical grid and to                block a month up to a maximum of 100 percent of their
meeting our clean energy goals,” Bingaman said in a state-                 monthly use.
ment. “Expanding our storage capacity will improve the
efficiency, flexibility and reliability of our electric grid, allow-       Champion said PSO chose this format because of the cer-
ing us to wring the most power out of it, while adding large               tainty that block pricing gives to customers, the ease in
amounts of new renewable energy resources like wind and                    pricing and billing under the plan, and the ability to track
solar.”                                                                    the results of the program.

The legislation is a revision of SB 1091, the Storage Act - a              The program will also be the first in Oklahoma to have
bill Wyden introduced in the last session of Congress.                     the Green-E certification. Green-E is a nationally recog-
                                                                           nized, independent certification process that provides,
Editor’s Note: The above is from Renew Grid on July 21,                    among other things, certainty to the claims of the green
2010.                                                                      utility price offering.

                Wind Power                                                 “PSO believes offering a Green-E certified program will
                                                                           add credibility to our program and we are excited to be
                                                                           the first in Oklahoma to pursue this certification,” said
PSO Signs New Wind Power Agreement                                         Champion.

Customers of Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO),                     PSO is an electric utility company serving approximately
a subsidiary of American Electric Power (NYSE: AEP), may                   530,000 customers in eastern and southwestern Okla-
soon have new options for the purchase of renewable, or                    homa. Based in Tulsa, PSO has 4,405 megawatts of gen-
“green” energy, as the result of an agreement reached with                 erating capacity, and is the largest provider of wind en-
NextEra Energy Resources for the long-term purchase of 99                  ergy in the state.
megawatts (MW) of renewable energy from a wind farm
currently under construction near Minco.                                   Editor’s Note: The above is excerpts from a PSO press
                                                                           release on July 16, 2010.
If approved by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission
(OCC), a portion of the electricity generated at the Minco
wind farm will be set aside specifically for PSO customers
who want to purchase more of their power from renewable

New Eagle Claw Tower Plant to be Built at Port of                   roads to be constructed with up to 227 megawatts of
Muskogee                                                            generating capacity. Average residential customers could
                                                                    see an increase in their monthly bills of somewhere be-
Eagle Claw Fabrication, LLC, recently announced plans to            tween 59 and 65 cents per month when Crossroads is in
build a 150,000 square-foot wind turbine tower production           full production in 2012. Beginning in 2013 or 2014, the
facility at the Port of Muskogee in Oklahoma that will em-          lower-cost energy produced by Crossroads is expected to
ploy 175 workers.                                                   result in a net decrease in average monthly residential
                                                                    electric bills and to reduce customer bills each year the
The company is expecting to break ground in the third               wind farm is in operation.
quarter on the $28 million plant, which is scheduled to
come online as early as spring and reach full capacity              The new wind farm, to be constructed by Renewable En-
sometime late next year. The transportation-friendly site,          ergy Systems Americas Inc. (RES Americas), will have at
consisting of approximately 47 acres, is located at River           least 86 Siemens turbines rated at 2.3 megawatts each
Mile 393 on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation            and will connect with OG&E’s new Windspeed transmis-
System. The site is adjacent to the Port of Muskogee’s rail-        sion line to Oklahoma City, which was energized earlier
car marshaling yard, connecting with the Union Pacific Rail-        this year.
                                                                    In 2007, when OG&E had 170 megawatts of wind energy
Eagle Claw anticipates that the plant will generate multiple        on its system, the company set a goal to quadruple that
economic benefits for the city of Muskogee, Muskogee                amount by 2012. Today, OG&E has 270 megawatts of
County, and the state of Oklahoma by creating new high-             wind power capacity, with projects under construction
paying manufacturing and management jobs, additional                that will bring the total to 550 megawatts this year. With
transportation and shipping activity, and increased income,         the addition of the Crossroads project, the company will
sales, and use-tax revenues.                                        have at least 750 megawatts of wind capacity; approxi-
                                                                    mately 10 percent of OG&E's total from all sources, in-
The plant’s location will allow Eagle Claw to acquire its ba-       cluding natural gas and coal.
sic raw material (steel) and distribute its final product by
truck, rail or barge, the company noted.                            OG&E, which serves approximately 779,000 customers in
                                                                    a service territory spanning 30,000 square miles in Okla-
Editor’s Note: The above is from AWEA’s Wind Energy                 homa and western Arkansas, is a subsidiary of Oklahoma
Weekly #1392.                                                       City-based OGE Energy Corp. (NYSE: OGE), which also is
                                                                    the parent company of Enogex LLC, a midstream natural
OG&E’s Crossroads Wind Farm Gains Regulatory                        gas pipeline business with principal operations in Okla-
Approval                                                            homa. RES Americas has been active in North America
                                                                    since 1997 and during this time has either developed
On July 29th OG&E an-                                               and/or constructed more than 3,800 MW, with another
nounced that the Okla-                                              1,000 MW currently under construction.
homa Corporation Com-
mission has approved a                                              Editor’s Note: The above is a press release from OG&E
settlement       agreement                                          on July 29, 2010.
reached by all the parties
to the company’s applica-                                           Report: Stable Wind Energy Policies Would Create
tion to build and operate a                                         Thousands of Jobs
new wind farm in north-
western Oklahoma. Known as “Crossroads,” the wind farm              The U.S. wind industry can create tens of thousands of
is expected to come online in the second half of 2011.              additional jobs manufacturing wind turbines and compo-
                                                                    nents if the U.S. passes long-term policies that create a
“This is a good outcome resulting from collaboration of the         stable market for the domestic wind energy supply chain,
various parties interested in the expansion of renewable            according to a report released in early July by AWEA, the
energy in Oklahoma,” said Jesse Langston, vice president            BlueGreen Alliance and the United Steelworkers (USW).
of Utility Commercial Operations for OG&E. “We reached
unanimous agreement with customer and shareholder                   “Winds of Change: A Manufacturing Blueprint for the
groups, state agencies and regulatory officials which culmi-        Wind Industry” notes significant recent growth in the
nated in today’s 3-0 Commission vote to approve the                 American wind industry despite the absence of a long-
Crossroads project.”                                                term and stable market for wind energy, or policies to
                                                                    support wind’s manufacturing sector. Jobs in wind energy
Crossroads, to be built in Dewey County near Canton, will           manufacturing have grown from 2,500 workers in 2004
add at least 198 megawatts of renewable generation.                 to 18,500 in 2009. But the report said tens of thousands
Pending the results of a Southwest Power Pool regional              of additional manufacturing jobs could be created with
transmission study, the Commission order allows for Cross-          policies that establish a long-term, stable market and

support the manufacturing sector’s transition to the wind            In the aftermath of the January
industry.                                                            earthquake in Port-au-Prince, the
                                                                     facilities have experienced a rise
“Wind energy provides one of the most promising sources              in demand for health care ser-
of new manufacturing jobs for American workers,” said Rob            vices, countered by dangerous
Gramlich, senior vice president of public policy for AWEA.           fluctuations in fuel supplies
“This report shows how the right policies such as a renew-           needed to operate their genera-
able electricity standard will build the supply chain and cre-       tors. SELF completed the first 10
ate those jobs.”                                                     kW solar-diesel hybrid system for
                                                                     ZL at a clinic in Boucan Carré,
The report follows a recent announcement by AWEA and                 Haiti, in September 2009. PIH Photo: NREL
USW on a “framework agreement” to accelerate the devel-              reports monthly fuel costs have
opment and deployment of wind energy production in the               since declined by 64 percent. In response to the recent
U.S. The report recommends a federal RES of 25% by 2025              disaster, PIH asked SELF to accelerate its timeline to pro-
with meaningful mid-term targets, regulation of green-               vide solar energy systems to nine remaining PIH/ZL-run
house gas emissions, and policies specifically aimed at              clinics in Haiti.
building the U.S. wind energy manufacturing sector.
                                                                     “We were very pleased to have been chosen by Solar-
“Moving to clean energy is just one piece of the puzzle—we           World as a grant recipient. This very generous support
need to ensure that America’s clean energy economy is                will go a long way to saving lives by providing the clinics
built by U.S. workers, and creates good manufacturing                with a stable, 24-hour power supply, and at the same
jobs,” said Leo Gerard, International President of the               time it will help PIH reduce their operating expenses,"
United Steelworkers. “By including common sense policies             said Robert Freling, SELF’s executive director.
like a 25% Renewable Electricity Standard and an extended
Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit in comprehen-               SolarWorld’s Solar2World program makes contributions to
sive clean energy and climate legislation, we can build a            regional development in impoverished communities
wind energy supply chain in the U.S.”                                throughout Africa. Since 2008, Solar2World’s solar energy
                                                                     grants have supported a water pumping project in South
“Failure to act presents the very real danger that the               Africa, a computer training center in Uganda, a hospital
United States will fall further behind in the race for clean         in Eastern Congo, a vocational training center in Rwanda,
energy and the manufacturing jobs that come along with               an HIV/AIDS orphanage in Malawi, and more.
it,” said David Foster, Executive Director of the BlueGreen
Alliance. “We need to pass a comprehensive plan now to               Editor’s Note: The above is from RenewableEnergy-
establish the United States as the global leader in clean            World.com on July 15, 2010.
energy technologies.”
                                                                               G e o t h e r m a l
Along with the RES, specific policies aimed at building the                         P o w e r
wind manufacturing sector include extending and strength-
ening the Recovery Act’s convertible tax credit program,             Nevada To Become Leading Geothermal Producer
fully funding the Green Jobs Act, building a transmission
grid infrastructure to meet the demand for clean energy              According to new facts from the
and utilizing loan guarantee programs for commercial                 Geothermal Energy Association
manufacturing of clean energy.                                       (GEA) the growth of the geother-
                                                                     mal industry in Nevada could be
Editor’s Note: The above is from AWEA’s Wind Energy                  worth up to $22.5 billion over the
Weekly #1392.                                                        next 30 years.
                     S o l a r
                                                                     Nevada could become the lead-
                     P o w e r                                       ing geothermal energy producer
                                                                     in the coming years if growth
SolarWorld Grants 100 kW to Rebuild Haiti                            and production trends continue Photo: NREL
                                                                     on their current trajectories. Ne-
The Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) recently announced              vada’s 86 planned or developing geothermal power
that SolarWorld has awarded SELF an in-kind grant of solar           plants have the potential add up to 3.68 gigawatts of
panels totaling 100 kilowatts to support the solar electrifi-        geothermal power to Nevada’s energy portfolio.
cation of five health clinics for Partners In Health (PIH) in
Haiti. The clinics, operated by Zanmi Lasante (ZL), are lo-          Fourteen geothermal power plants are in latter stages of
cated in the remote mountain highlands of Haiti and do not           development in the state. These projects would create an
have access to the electric grid.                                    estimated 1,400 construction jobs in Nevada once
                                                                     groundbreaking has occurred.
“This high volume of geothermal projects moving into final           tions that would potentially apply to renewable fuel pro-
stages of development will likely generate a massive geo-            ducers who use canola oil, grain sorghum, pulpwood, or
thermal boom in Nevada,” said Karl Gawell, GEA's execu-              palm oil as a feedstock. This program rule would allow
tive director. “Along with the millions of dollars in federal        the fuel produced by those feedstocks dating back to July
and private investment come thousands of new jobs.”                  1, 2010 to be used for compliance should EPA determine
                                                                     in a future rulemaking that such fuels meet certain
Twenty recipients in Nevada were awarded a combined                  greenhouse gas reduction thresholds. The second change
$73.6 million in Department of Energy funding via the                would set criteria for foreign feedstocks to be treated like
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and FY                 domestic feedstocks in terms of the documentation
08 appropriations. The infusion of ARRA funding alone into           needed to prove that they can be used to make qualify-
geothermal development in Nevada is expected to create               ing renewable fuel under the RFS2 program. Public com-
roughly 1,100 jobs in the state.                                     ment on the renewable fuel standards and the proposed
                                                                     changes to the RFS2 regulations will be due 30 days fol-
Nevada has also generated over $44 million from Bureau of            lowing publication of the proposed rule in the Federal
Land Management geothermal leasing activities. This in-              Register. As of July 13, the proposal had not yet been
cludes $4.6 million in royalties and over $49 million in bo-         published.
nus bids. $33 million of these funds were to be distributed
to the State of Nevada and the specific counties involved.           Editor’s Note: The above is from EERE Network News on
                                                                     July 14, 2010.
Editor’s Note: The above is from RenewableEnergy-
World.com on July 20, 2010.                                                      R e n e w a b l e
                                                                                     N e w s
            B i o f u e l s
                                                                     DOE Creates a New Energy Hub to Develop Fuels
                                                                     from Sunlight
EPA Proposes Percentages for 2011 Renewable Fuel
Standards                                                            DOE announced on July 22 the creation of the Fuels from
                                                                     Sunlight Energy Innovation Hub to develop revolutionary
On July 12th the U.S. Environ-                                       methods of generating fuels directly from sunlight. The
mental Protection Agency (EPA)                                       Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (JCAP), led by
proposed the 2011 percentage                                         the California Institute of Technology in partnership with
standards for four fuels catego-                                     the DOE's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, will
ries under the agency's Renew-                                       operate the initiative. JCAP will bring together leading
able Fuel Standard program,                                          researchers in an effort to simulate natural photosynthe-
known as RFS2. The Energy                                            sis for practical energy production. The goal is to build an
Independence and Security Act                                        integrated solar energy-to-chemical fuel conversion sys-
of 2007 (EISA) established the                                       tem before moving the system from the discovery phase
                                  Photo: NREL
annual renewable fuel volume                                         to a commercial scale. To fulfill its mission, the hub will
targets, which reach an overall level of 36 billion gallons in       receive up to $22 million in FY2010, then an estimated
2022. To achieve its targets, the EPA calculates a percent-          $25 million per year for the next four years.
age-based standard for the following year. Based on the
standard, each refiner, importer, and non-oxygenate                  Research will be directed at finding the functional compo-
blender of gasoline determines the minimum volume of                 nents needed to assemble a complete artificial photosyn-
renewable fuel that they must use.                                   thetic system, including light absorbers, catalysts, mo-
                                                                     lecular linkers, and separation membranes. The hub will
Under the proposed overall volumes and standards for                 then integrate those components into an operational so-
2011, biomass-based diesel will make up 0.68% of overall             lar fuel system and will develop scale-up strategies to
volume, totaling 0.80 billion gallons; advanced biofuels will        move the product from the laboratory to commercial vi-
make up 0.77%, a total of 1.35 billion gallons; cellulosic           ability. The ultimate objective is to move from fundamen-
biofuels will range from 0.004% to 0.015%, totaling 5-17.1           tal to applied research and technology development, set-
million gallons; and total renewable fuels will equal 7.95%,         ting the stage for a direct solar fuels industry. If success-
or 13.95 billion gallons. In this latest update, EPA is pro-         ful, the concept—to combine sunlight, water, and carbon
posing a 2011 cellulosic volume that is lower than the EISA          dioxide to make a clean fuel—would be an energy sector
target based on current market information. However, the             game changer. DOE's Office of Science will oversee the
agency will continue to evaluate the market before finaliz-          project. The Fuels from Sunlight Energy Innovation Hub
ing the cellulosic standard in the coming months.                    is the second of three such interdisciplinary hubs that will
                                                                     receive funding in 2010. In May, DOE announced that a
In addition, EPA is also proposing changes to RFS2 regula-           team led by DOE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory will

establish a hub on modeling and simulation for nuclear              to support American small businesses. Small companies
reactors. The selection for the remaining hub will be an-           previously awarded Phase II grants through SBIR or STTR
nounced in the coming months.                                       are eligible for funding. This is the first time DOE has of-
                                                                    fered Phase III awards under these small business pro-
Editor’s Note: The above is from EERE Network News on               grams. The money will come from the American Recovery
July 28, 2010.                                                      and Reinvestment Act and FY2010 budget appropriations.

DOE Announces $30 Million for Energy-Efficient                      Projects that include developed technologies with a strong
Housing Partnerships                                                potential for commercialization and impact on U.S. manu-
                                                                    facturing and job creation are encouraged to apply.
On July 20th DOE announced funding for 15 research and              Among the technology areas of interest are biomass tech-
deployment partnerships to help improve the energy effi-            nologies for algal biofuels production, buildings technolo-
ciency of American homes. For the first 18 months of the            gies for organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) and solid
funded projects, multidisciplinary teams will receive a total       state lighting OLEDs, advanced materials and bio-fueled
of up to $30 million to deliver innovative energy efficiency        solid oxide fuel cells, and high temperature tools and sen-
strategies to the residential market and to break down              sors for geothermal technologies. Other areas of inquiry
barriers to high-efficiency homes. The research and de-             include industrial technologies ranging from sensors and
ployment partnerships will provide technical assistance to          controls to advanced materials, solar technologies aimed
retrofit projects and will leverage industry expertise and          at lowering the cost of photovoltaics, vehicle technologies
funding to support DOE’s energy efficiency retrofit pro-            focused on internal heating in DC bus capacitors as well as
grams.                                                              magnetic materials for motors. Also considered will be
                                                                    lightweight vehicle materials, advanced wind power tech-
Funded projects, which were selected though the DOE                 nologies, electricity delivery and energy reliability such as
Building Technologies Program, will each receive between            smart grid technologies, and superconducting and ad-
$500,000 and $2.5 million. The Habitat Cost Effective En-           vanced materials for energy storage. Successful applicants
ergy Retrofit Program Team—Dow Chemical Company,                    may receive up to $3 million over 3 years to research, de-
Michigan State University, Ferris State University, and             velop, and deploy new technologies.
Habitat for Humanity—will apply innovative retrofit tech-
nologies to affordable housing in cold and mixed-humid              Editor’s Note: The above is from EERE Network News on
climate regions. Colder climates are the target of the              July 21, 2010.
NorthernSTAR Energy Efficient Housing Research Partner-
ship Team led by the University of Minnesota. This team             Submit a Story to the WinCharger
will develop and deploy high performance energy-efficient
solutions for new and existing homes in cold and severe             Do you have a story, comments, or photos that you would
cold climates. Other projects will focus on efficiency solu-        like to share with the rest of the Oklahoma WinCharger
tions for homes in hot humid and marine climates, and on            readers? Visit our website at http://www.ocgi.okstate.edu/
affordable housing, technical and market barriers, market           owpi and click on the “OWPI Newsletter” and submit your
delivery strategies, and systems-engineered solutions.              story to us!

The partnerships will explore new methods and use exist-            Electronic Distribution of the WinCharger
ing techniques in energy efficiency retrofitting. According
to DOE, existing retrofitting technologies—such as airtight         Electronic distribution of The Oklahoma WinCharger is
ducts, windows and doors—can reduce energy use by up                available. To sign up to receive your copy by e-mail, go to
to 40% per home and could cut U.S. energy bills by $40              the OWPI website at http://www.ocgi.okstate.edu/owpi,
billion annually.                                                   click on the link on the left side that says “Subscribe to the
                                                                    Oklahoma WinCharger,” and follow the instructions from
Editor’s Note: The above is from EERE Network News on               there. Receiving your copy of the WinCharger by e-mail
July 28, 2010.                                                      allows you to receive the newsletter faster, and helps us
                                                                    save paper and keep our mailing costs down. If you have
DOE Announces $30 Million for Small Business                        recently moved or changed your e-mail address, please
Clean Energy Technologies                                           let us know. Address corrections or updates can be sent to
                                                                    Britton Rife at bkrife@gmail.com or by phone at
On July 14th DOE announced that $30 million in funding              405-325-8870. Thank you.
will be made available to qualified small businesses to
support the commercialization of promising new clean en-
ergy technologies. This initiative builds on efforts by DOE's
existing Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Pro-
gram and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Pro-
gram to develop near-term clean energy technologies and

                                                  Calendar of Events

AUG 11           Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council Meeting, 10 a.m. — noon, Department of Commerce, Gallery 1-2,
                 900 N. Stiles, OKC, OK 73104.

SEP 8            Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council Meeting, 10 a.m. — noon, Department of Commerce, Gallery 1-2,
                 900 N. Stiles, OKC, OK 73104.

SEP 8-9          Best Practices in Wind Energy, Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/

SEP 14-15        AWEA Wind Resource & Project Energy Assessment Workshop, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. For more
                 information, please visit http://www.awea.org.

OCT 13           Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council Meeting, 10 a.m. — noon, Department of Commerce, Gallery 1-2,
                 900 N. Stiles, OKC, OK 73104.

OCT 26-27        AWEA Wind Power Health & Safety Workshop, Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit http://

            July/August 2010
            Oklahoma WinCharger

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