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Conditions for appointing an International Science Fellow

financed by the Host Institution

These general conditions shall be binding on the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, represented by the French Embassy in , and on a public research institution mentioned below and referred to hereinafter as the "Host Institution". These conditions shall apply to the arrangements for the reception by that Institution of an International research scientist referred to hereinafter as "the Fellow".

Host Institution Name : Full address :

Advisor’s Name : Phone : Fax : Email :

The Candidate Name : Address in France : Date of birth :

Phone :

Fax :

Email :

Degrees obtained or being worked for : University or College : Current academic curriculum :

Proposed activity Research project :

Desired starting date : 1st


Length of stay :




The Host Institution shall be responsible for the expenditure relating to the Fellow throughout the period during which he/she shall be made available to the Institution, from the first day of the month when the Fellow is placed under the International Science Fellow status to the last day of the last month of his/her appointment. This expenditure shall cover the following : - Monthly stipend, whose amount on the date of this Agreement is of euros or the equivalent in local currency and liable to be modified by ministerial decision during the Fellow’s mission This stipend shall be net and non-taxable both in France and abroad - Round trip ticket and transportation with up to 300lbs of luggage - Health Insurance (medical evacuation and civil liability) shall be undertaken by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs - The Host Institution authorizes the Fellow to participate in exchanges between French and foreign scientific communities, in liaison with the Counsellor for Science and Technology at the Embassy of France in the United of States. The Host Institution shall pay the stipend directly to the Fellow. The Fellow shall come under French Foreign Ministry regulations, be represented locally by the Head of the French diplomatic or consular mission and placed at the disposal of the above-mentioned Host Institution. During his/her stay, he/she shall be placed under the responsibility of the French Embassy. The Host Institution agrees, as soon as the Fellow's application is complete, to apply to the local authorities as required to enable the Fellow to obtain his/her visa at the earliest opportunity. The Fellow shall be placed at the disposal of the Host Institution for a duration of 6 to 24 months. The mission may be prolonged once for up to 24 months maximum. The posting application and possible renewal request must be transmitted to the French Embassy 3 months prior to the end of the initial mission. The Host Institution shall indicate the desired duration of mission at the bottom of page 1 of this Agreement. The Fellow agrees to communicate his/her departure date and the means of transport used to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs which shall forward this information to the French Embassy. Under no circumstances shall the Fellow be authorized to arrive at his/her place of posting before the official date on which he/she is placed at the disposal of the Host Institution. During his/her appointment, the Fellow shall be entitled to two and a half days' leave on working days per month of actual service. Travel relating to the mission assignments that may be given to the Fellow should be kept to the strict minimum required to meet the department's needs. The costs relating to such travel shall be assumed by the Host Institution. The Fellow, in agreement with the Host Institution, shall request written approval of his/her applications for leave and mission-related travel from the French Embassy. In addition, the Fellow must obtain written authorization from the French Embassy to leave the country of posting. The Host Institution agrees to inform the French Embassy of all changes in the Fellow’s situation (termination of contract for reasons of illness, etc.).

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During the period of the Fellow’s appointment, each Party may terminate the Fellow’s contract. Grounds must be given by the Host Institution for the early termination of the mission and submitted to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the French Embassy. In any event, the Parties shall consult about the steps to be taken. At the end of his/her stay, the Fellow will be required to give a report and a medical certificate to the French Embassy which will forward these documents to the department in charge of the Fellow’s appointment at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I the undersigned Mr/Ms declare having read the General conditions for the appointment of an International Science Fellow and agree to pay Mr/Ms provided that the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs accepts to place him/her at the disposal of the Host Institution.

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