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									                                                        Anzac Day 2011

                   3/2011 April/May 2011
Society Bulletin
                                                                                                                          Max Solling
                                                                                                                          reading the
                                                                                                                          Address with
                                                                                                                          Father Colin
                                                                                                                          Fowler holding
                                                                                                                          the umbrella.
                                                                                                                          Photo: Phil

                                                                                           After the election
                                           It takes more than wet weather to keep Glebe
                                           residents away from our now traditional
                                           Anzac Day ceremony. About 45 people
                                                                                           The Glebe Society has written to Jamie
                                           gathered in front of the Diggers’ Memorial at
                                                                                           Parker congratulating him on winning the
                                           7.30am on Easter Monday.                        State seat of Balmain. In our letter, we
                                           Father Colin Fowler, Parish Priest of St        reiterated our major concerns at State level,
                                           James Church, conducted a very inclusive        which are:
                                           service. Our local historian, Max Solling,      Planning - Whilst the Society is pleased
                                           gave the address about the ways that the        to see the withdrawal of Part 3A, it is to
                                           soldiers who fought in the 1914-18 War were     be hoped that there will be adequate con-
                                           honoured (see page 3).                          sultation about the proposed replacement
                                                                                           mechanisms. The Society is also concerned
                                           Our President, Liz Simpson-Booker, laid a       about the imposition of standard require-
                                           wreath on behalf of the Glebe Society. Local    ments on Local Environment Plans which
                                           resident Louise Graeber also laid a spectacu-   fail to recognise the distinctive features of
                                           lar wreath. Some waited to the end of the       our diverse city.
                                           ceremony to privately tuck a heartfelt posy     Bays Development - The Society remains
                                           amongst the floral tributes.                     concerned about the lack of a coordinated
                                                                                           and consultative approach to the redevelop-
                                           For the twentieth year, Rob McLean played       ment of the bays and foreshores of the inner
                                           the Lament on his bagpipes. Folk singer         west.
                                           John Dengate closed the ceremony, playing
                                           There’s a Long, Long Trail Awinding on his      Housing NSW - The Society is concerned
                                                                                           that Housing NSW practices for consultation
                                           tin whistle.                                    with tenants are inadequate and maintenance
                                           Morning tea in St John’s Church followed.       policies for the heritage properties in the
                                           Welcomed by Rev Paul Perini, everyone           Glebe Estate are insufficient. The Society is

                                           enjoyed Robyn Solling’s Anzac Biscuits and      also of the view that specific Housing NSW
                                                                                           projects, such as the proposed affordable
                                           the spread of other refreshments provided by
                                                                                           housing project in Glebe, should be submit-
                                           parishioners.                                   ted to local council and conform to the same
                                                                          - Edwina Doe     planning controls that apply to any other
                    ISSN 1836-599X

                                            What’s coming soon                             The Glebe Society has also written to Verity
                                                                                           Firth thanking her for all her hard work
                                            Saturday 14 May, 1.30pm – Stained              on behalf of the Glebe community during
                                                                                           her time as the Member for Balmain. As
                                            Glass Windows, St James Church. See
                                                                                           an organisation, the Society has valued her
                                            page 9.                                        accessibility, integrity and approachability.
                                            Friday 1 July, 6pm to 7.30pm - Wel-            Doubtless, she is currently enjoying a well-
                                            come to new members, Glebe Rowing              earned rest with her family.
                                            Club.                                                                - Liz Simpson-Booker

   A publication of THE GLEBE SOCIETY INC                              PO Box 100 GLEBE 2037    
                        Heritage Week 2011
They came from                                            The Waratah cruises
far and near
to tour Glebe’s
historic waterfront
From as far away as Blaxland, Oyster
Bay and Avalon, 14 tourists were
guided around our foreshores, starting                                                                            John Brooks
and ending at the Library, with Michael                                                                           and Judith
Schiavello of Blackwattle Bay Café                                                                                Ahlqvist
providing refreshments along the way.                                                                             (standing back
                                                                                                                  right) briefing
A seemingly very happy group of                                                                                   the cruising
participants would suggest a success-                                                                             party aboard
fully event. The social interaction and                                                                           the steam tug
contribution to the histories that oc-
curred in this guided group format is of                                                                          Photos: Bill
noted value. Similarly a group size of 4                                                                          Simpson-Young
to 6 is seen as ideal. Even a local Glebe   On Sunday 10 April almost 100 people         With a big slow turn we headed away
walker said the event ‘put some meat on     were lucky enough to have the pleasure       from the wharf and began our cruise
the walk that I so often do’.               of joining Skipper Richard Toone and         across Blackwattle Bay through the
                                            his crew on two cruises around the in-       old Glebe Island Bridge. Our cruise
The guides for the walking tour were
                                            ner harbour on board the Waratah.            around the Bays Precinct had begun.
Meg Wallace, Fay Thurlow and the
writer, all well tutored by Neil Macin-     Built at Cockatoo Island in 1902, the        What a beautiful way to view our inner
doe.                                        Waratah was a working steam tug on           harbour!
                                            Sydney Harbour. She worked up and            We were privileged to have John
Details of the Glebe Waterfront Walk
                                            down the NSW coast towing dredges            Brooks on board to inform and entertain
are now downloadable from the Glebe         and barges between the various ports
Society’s web site www.glebewalks.                                                       us with the history of the Bays, and
                                            until 1968 when she was declared ir-         interesting issues past and present. His                                     repairable and was to be broken up for       knowledge of the area and involve-
                - David Mander-Jones        scrap.                                       ment with the Bays Precinct Reference
                                            Fortunately for us the Sydney Heritage       Group, Blackwattle Cove Coalition,
They made it                                Fleet recognised her historical impor-       Pyrmont Action Inc and the City of
                                                                                         Sydney Historical Association gave us
                                            tance and purchased and restored her.
happen                                      Today she is a member of the Sydney          all a wonderful insight into this part of
                                            Heritage Fleet moored at the Heritage        our harbour.
The theme of this year’s National           Fleet Shipyard in Rozelle Bay.
Trust Heritage Festival was ‘Amazing                                                     It was only a brief encounter with the
stories - our historical connections to     As part of the National Trust Herit-         beautifully proportioned Waratah but
water’. The Glebe Society contribut-        age Week the Glebe Society offered           Richard and his well informed and
ed two events to the Festival; a guided     members and friends this wonderful           friendly crew gave us a glimpse of a
walking tour and inner harbour cruises      opportunity to experience time on what       time past – thank you!
                                            is thought to be the last ship of its type
on the steam tug Waratah.                                                                                             - Gay Radd
                                            in the world.
For both events Bruce Davis, as usual,
                                            Sunday dawned with blue skies and
took the money with Judith Ahlqvist
                                            pleasant temperatures and a light
acknowledging each application.
                                            breeze. The first cruise of the day de-
Other organising committee members          parted promptly at 10am, with a second
were Gay Radd, Bill and Charlotte           at 12 noon.
Simpson-Young and Tony Gardiner.            I had expected the Waratah to be noisy
This committee is now disbanded but         and somewhat ‘sooty’ from the coal
it was a successful example of gather-      fired engines. Surprisingly, at least
ing from the membership list a group        on deck, the sound of the engines was
to develop and carry out a project.         a gentle, soothing throb and the only        The Waratah’s stoker gives the Young
               - David Mander-Jones         emission a small cloud of steam from         family (from left Justin, Hugo, Clara and
                                            her funnel.                                  Anton) a briefing in the engine room.

2                                                                                                          Glebe Society Bulletin
Max Solling’s Anzac Day address

        Honouring the 1914-1918 War’s soldiers
Soldiers were given public honour not         ment of Education agreed to donate a          Anzac Day 1924, where the Dead Soul
only as fellow citizens in the war of         conspicuous site within the grounds           March and the Last Post were played by
1914-1918 but as employees, worship-          of old Hereford House fronting Glebe          Glebe Brass Band.
pers, and in other settings of work           Road. 174 of the 792 Glebe residents
                                                                                            Between 1916 and 1923 nine separate
and leisure. Government departments           who volunteered for active service were
                                                                                            honour boards in Glebe recorded names
and private companies, churches and           killed in action or died of wounds, and
                                                                                            of local residents who saw active serv-
schools, lodges and sporting clubs            the granite and marble mausoleum resi-
                                                                                            ice. The Glebe Road Methodist Church
installed honour boards and in many           dents erected to their dead cost £2,500
                                                                                            at Derby Place created an honour
places erected more substantial monu-         to construct, an entirely voluntary and
                                                                                            board for their members in 1916, and
ments. This morning I’d like to share         local initiative overseen by Town clerk
                                                                                            Alice Meloy unveiled a board in June
some thoughts about the forms of com-         Tom Glasscock, memorial architect Wil-
                                                                                            1917 for drivers of horse-drawn carts
memoration Glebe residents and our            liam Martin and William Brown.
                                                                                            employed by carrier Johnny Meloy at
adjoining neighbourhoods created as a
                                              The first 1914-18 local war memorial           his Lombard Street depot. There were
result of this time of trial and tragedy.
                                              was a statue of a soldier, designed by        also honour boards at the Glebe branch
House to house collections in Glebe           sculptor Edward McGowan, unveiled             of the Red Cross (1918), Glebe Pres-
for the Patriotic Fund began early in         in front of the Rozelle tram depot’s          byterian Church (1919), Glebe Rowing
1915; in September 1915 a military            office compound, Glebe, on 26 Novem-           Club (1920) and Forest Lodge School
parade led by the Glebe Band marched          ber 1916, a tribute to 150 tram drivers       (1921). A large honour board at the
to Glebe Presbyterian Church where            and conductors           who enlisted.        rear of St John’s Bishopthorpe, a gift of
Rev Reid conducted a memorial service         From 1917                  the tramsheds      former parishioner Horace Jackson, and
for five members of his congregation           became an                    important        two memorial windows, were unveiled
killed at Gallipoli. Pageants, proces-        recruiting                       centre,      on 23 April 1922 by Governor David-
sions and celebrations would become           and after                          the war    son who received a guard of honour by
a regular feature on the Glebe land-          Anzac                              services   Forest Lodge cadets. And in the foyer
scape throughout the war. Processions         were                              held        of Glebe Town Hall drapery concealing
along Glebe Road were brightened by           there.                            Pupils      columns containing 792 names etched
bands, banners and sashes, and a sense        at Glebe                          School      in bronze who ‘answered the call of
of participation was encouraged by            dili-                             gently      King and Country’ was removed on 26
para-military organisations. The Police       contrib-                          uted one    June 1922 by General Granville Ryrie,
Band and Glebe Cadet Band, flanked             penny a week to fund their memorial to        who also presented a gun, a trophy of
by local councillors, led a rowdy public      300 former students who enlisted; the         the war, to the municipality.
welcome to returned men travelling in         bust of a digger created by Forest Lodge
                                                                                            The landscape of Annandale was also
decorated cars in September 1916, and         sculptor Nelson lllingworth was un-
                                                                                            dotted with these statements of public
two weeks later a carnival organised by       veiled by Tom Keegan in October 1919.
                                                                                            grief and pride. After Joseph Cook
the Local Distress Society greeted more
                                              The Glebe memorial for all its residents      unveiled a rosewood honour board at
returning citizen soldiers. As casualty
                                              had to be paid for. Funds were raised in      Annandale Council chambers on 25
lists mounted from 1916 Sydney news-
                                              a variety of ways - Glebe Rowing Club         June 1917, Mayor of Annandale, Ed-
papers were filled with in memoriams,
                                              conducted a regatta in February 1920,         ward Hogan observed there were 1,000
laying bare the emotions of the be-
                                              and in the early twenties the Work-           names on the board, an impressive
reaved. The first honour board in Glebe
                                              ing Men’s Institute and War Memorial          statistic out of a population of 12,000.
Town Hall was unveiled by Premier
                                              Committee conducted successful galas          Loyalty to God, King and Country were
Holman in February 1916, and Glebe
                                              and fairs on Saturdays at Jubilee Park        emphasised in the public school system,
Council announced it would give prefer-
                                              but a substantial debt remained after         and it was hoped, would encourage in
ence in employment to returned men.
                                              the Governor General, Lord Forster,           later life a sense of duty accompanied
 A search for a place to create a collec-     unveiled the monument on Anzac Day            by a willingness to enlist. At Annandale
tive resting place for all of its residents   1922. Hundreds of people took part in         Public School many volunteered for ac-
who died in the war began in 1919, a          a Glebe Anzac carnival the following          tive service and their P & C Association
tangible presence for local mourners          year with decorated cars and fancy dress      raised funds for a board unveiled by the
separated from the dead in Gallipoli,         revellers, with three brass bands and         Minister for Education Augustus James
France and the Middle East. Initially         the Glebe Boy Scouts and Girl Guides          on Anzac Day 1918. Every time a
the intersection of Glebe Road and            among the participants. It brought the        parishioner of the Hunter Baillie church
Broadway (fountain reserve) was               desired response, largely eliminating the     was reported as killed in action, a piper
chosen, and then the corner of St Johns       debt. Glebe Council formally took over        in full dress stood in the church’s foyer
Road and Derwent Street was favoured.         the responsibility for maintenance of         and piped a lament; its Presbyterian
Finally, in March 1921, the Depart-           the monument in a solemn ceremony on
                                                                                                         Continued on next page ...

April/May 2011                                                                                                                      3
... continued from previous page
parishioners would record their names
in the church on a roll Lord Forster
                                                             Planning Matters
unveiled in December 1920. Further           Demolition of Harold                        still inside! We have also asked Council
down Johnston Street Anglican parish-                                                    to make it clear to the Paceway that any
ioners at St Aidan’s Church also erected     Park buildings                              activity using the track and not part of
memorials on its walls to husbands and       This meeting focussed on the                the existing approval requires a DA.
sons who died in the conflict. Drench-        application for demolition and site
ing rain on 4 December 1921 unsettled        preparation. Fortunately the site is
                                                                                         Society writes to
the opening by Brigadier General Iven        largely empty, but both the stand and       Minister about City Plan
Mackay of the Annandale trachyte me-         track are quite large, especially where
morial containing 90 inscribed names                                                     The period for comment on the Exhi-
                                             the latter overhangs Johnstons Creek.       bition was extended to 21 April. At
at Hinsby Reserve, fronting Johnston         Mirvac reassured us that trucks would
Street. Mayor Arthur Packer told the                                                     the invitation of Cr John McInerney I
                                             use the Nelson Street access, not Ross      attended a forum on the Plan at Pyrmont
gathering ‘Annandale had contrib-
                                             Street. The new intersection at The         on 14 April. As at Glebe, the Council
uted generously of her men and of her
                                             Crescent, although approved by the          planners led by Francesca O'Brien gave
wealth’. The Annandale monument was
                                             RTA, will not be built until later, and     an outline of the Plan, of course in this
of an obelisk type about four metres
                                             there will be a separate DA for the         case specifically designed to address
high, flanked by a seat on either side,
                                             creation of the new 3.8 hectare park.       Pyrmont issues. However, it was clear
the seats being circular in quadrant plan
                                             Conditions to protect residents from        from the comments of residents that
and terminated by pedestals supporting
                                             noise and dirt will be included in the      they were concerned about the negative
bronze lamp standards.
                                             Council report, including reduced           impact of the templates imposed by the
 Across Parramatta Road in Camper-           hours of operation, quieter methods of      Department of Planning, as is the Glebe
down Park local residents subscribed to      demolition, and methods for making          Society, and they wanted the City to
a monument in bluestone surmounted                                                       resist these, especially as a new govern-
                                             and responding to complaints. The
by the marble figure of a soldier that                                                    ment has been elected partly on the ba-
                                             Society also asked for greater protection
Sir Charles Rosenthal unveiled on 19                                                     sis of widespread disenchantment with
                                             for existing plantings.
March 1921. At Sydney University                                                         the influence of large developers on the
a memorial roll of 197 names was             Responsibility for securing the site        Labor government and the Department
enshrined at the foot of the Great Tower     remains with the Paceway until the          of Planning. Elizabeth Ellenius, who
in October 1919; in 1923 its Senate                                                      looks after planning issues for the BCC,
                                             formal handover of the site midyear.
committee resolved to create a more                                                      agreed with me that we should write to
                                             Apparently the Paceway attempted to
substantial memorial, a carillon, to be                                                  the new minister.
                                             secure the Tramsheds by welding the
installed in the clock tower to those
                                             doors, only to discover someone was                                - Neil Macindoe
who had gone to the war; by June 1924
£15,801 had been subscribed. The
tender for £17,380 for a carillon of forty
nine bells was accepted in 1925, to be
                                                  City Council rethinks use of Walter
cast by John Taylor & Co Loughbor-                    Burley Griffin meeting room
ough, England, the largest bell foundry      For many months now the meeting             Blackwattle Cove Coalition without in-
in the world, together with a setting of a   room in the Walter Burley Griffin            convenience to the local community so
steel frame inside the tower to carry the    (WBG) incinerator building at the bot-      far as we are aware. Should residents’
weight of the bells. But it was almost       tom of Forsyth Street has been closed       objections result in this valuable re-
three years before the Carillon Bells,       due to an administrative oversight at the   source becoming unavailable, the Glebe
each with particular inscriptions, were      time the building was restored as part of   community would be much the poorer.
delivered to the University in a spec-       the Glebe Harbour development. When
tacular horse-drawn procession. A large                                                  At a meeting on 11 April, City of
                                             a DA was advertised last year some
crowd present at the inauguration of the                                                 Sydney officials briefed the community
                                             residents of Glebe Harbour objected to
War Memorial Carillon on Anzac Day                                                       on changes proposed to the DA lodged
                                             public use of the room.
                                                                                         last year, and sought feedback as this
1928, ‘stood with bowed heads while, at
                                             Glebe is a very active community with       application is being rewritten. The
intervals of five seconds, the Great Bell
                                             many organised voluntary groups that        main proposed changes relate to the
of the Carillon, called ‘AIF’(weighing
                                             meet regularly, hence there is always       number of people who can use the room
four and a half tonnes), tolled eighteen     a demand for meeting/activity spaces.       (down to 16) and the hours of opera-
times for those who fell in the War’.        Glebe, unlike other villages, does not      tion (now closing at 9pm). Hire of the
The University, proud of its contribution    have a purpose built community centre       room would be restricted to community
to the war effort, recorded the war serv-    and is currently without access to Glebe    groups and residents.
ice of each of its 2,087 members who         Town Hall.
had enlisted in the University Book of                                                   The opposition expressed by some
Remembrance published in 1939. The           When it was first opened the WBG             residents of Glebe Harbour at the meet-
Carillon and the Great Hall organ are        meeting room was used by a number           ing was strident, and ‘over the top’ in
the ceremonial voices of the University.     of community organisations, including       the opinion of many other people at the
                                             the Glebe Society, the City University
                           - Max Solling     of The Third Age (City U3A), and the                      Continued on next page ...

4                                                                                                          Glebe Society Bulletin
Kerb garden put                                Measuring the noise from
to productive                                 Sydney Super Yacht Marina
use                                          Currently, a Major Project Proposal is      residences in Glebe Point, including
Last year when Council workers con-          under consideration for a shore facil-      apartments at various levels in the
structed kerb extensions on either side      ity to support the Sydney Super Yacht       Pavilions (501 Glebe Point Road) and
of the pedestrian crossing in Wigram         Marina on Rozelle Bay. As previously        Bridgewater (18 Oxley Street).
Road, Karin Viles saw it as an oppor-        reported in the Bulletin, the Glebe
tunity to infiltrate some herbs amongst                                                   The official results of the noise
                                             Society has submitted comments on this
the standard plants. Her first plantings                                                  program are not yet available. How-
                                             proposal. One of the issues addressed
were basil, parsley and mint, which                                                      ever, Glebe residents observing the
                                             was the noise that would be gener-
flourished in the sunny location.                                                         tests could report that the levels being
                                             ated by the proposed facility at Glebe
                                                                                         measured easily exceeded the specified
After an initial set-back, when Council's    residences. Many Glebe residents had
                                                                                         limits. On a subjective basis, at some
garden maintenance contractor pulled         concerns about this issue, partly from
                                                                                         of the residences the noise level was
out most of the plants as part of a 'clean   bad experiences with the Liquidity
                                                                                         sufficient to make telephone conversa-
up', Karin contacted a Council Parks         restaurant and function centre in earlier
                                                                                         tions very difficult. The proponents
officer and got his support for a herb        years. As a result of these concerns the
                                                                                         will receive the acoustic report in
garden. Since then there has been no         proponents proposed a set of acoustic
                                                                                         the near future and are expected to
problem in maintaining and extending         tests to determine quantitatively some
the garden. It now has a wide range of                                                   submit an amendment to their original
                                             aspects of the problem.
herbs, including thyme, oregano, rocket                                                  proposal. The large group of residents
and lemongrass.                              On Saturday April, Benbow Environ-          gathering to witness the tests was very
                                             mental made a set of acoustic meas-         vocal in rejecting any outdoor bands at
Karin is keen for the herbs to be used       urements relating the noise levels at       this site.
by the neighbours, and many now              residences in Glebe to the sound levels
bring scissors and cut a few leaves as                                                   While the noise generated by outdoor
                                             generated by bands playing at the Syd-
they need them. ‘Last Saturday night                                                     bands was measured on this occasion,
                                             ney Super Yacht Marina.
five people used herbs from the garden                                                    a separate major concern remains
in their salad’, Karin reported. She         Two outdoor bands played; one jazz          regarding noise emanating from the
says that the herb garden has become         band and one rock band. The source          balconies of the proposed develop-
a talking point in the neighbourhood,        levels of the bands were adjusted at        ment, either generated on the balco-
and helps build a sense of community.        times, but were monitored throughout        nies, or generated within the building
She points out that the gardens in many      the measurement program. The re-            then exiting via the balconies.
Glebe houses are too shady to grow           ceived levels were monitored in various
                                                                                                            - Martin Lawrence
herbs successfully, while kerb gardens

                                               Final stage of Glebe Foreshore Walk
often have better exposure to sunlight.
Karin has no hesitation in recommend-

                                                        scheduled for 2013
ing that other Glebe residents establish
neighbourhood herb plots where there
is a suitable kerb garden.
                                              Construction of the final stage of the      ment, and we are awaiting a response.’
                        - Jan Macindoe        Glebe Foreshore Walk is scheduled to
                                                                                         Council is proposing an onshore walk
                                              start in mid-2013.
... continued from previous page                                                         with a number of points along the
meeting. However they have the right          The Lord Mayor, Cr Clover Moore,           foreshore to give people and their
to air their concerns.                        has advised the Society that detailed      watercraft access to the water.
                                              design of the $2.6 million project is
The Glebe Society has suggested that                                                     With the refurbishment of the Syd-
                                              scheduled for next year. Funds have
the risk of Glebe Harbour residents                                                      ney Fish Market underway, the next
being disturbed by excessive noise, bad       already been included in the City's
                                                                                         major project to extend the foreshore
behaviour by users, or parking prob-          capital works budget.
                                                                                         walk to the CBD will be the section
lems could be minimised or eliminated         In a letter to the Society Cr Moore        at the head of Blackwattle Bay along
if Council restricts hire to community        writes: ‘I share your enthusiasm for       Bridge Road. The master plan for the
groups, thus excluding both commer-           this project.’                             wharves currently used as a support
cial organisations and hire for private                                                  base for tourist boats, and the former
parties.                                      However she cautions: ‘Before we can
                                                                                         coal bunker adjacent to the Fish Mar-
                                              start building this section of the fore-
The Society has also proposed that the                                                   ket, includes an extension of the walk,
hours of operation should be extended         shore walk in front of Blackwattle Bay
                                                                                         but the leaseholder has yet to lodge a
to 10pm to allow reasonable length of         Secondary College, we need the NSW
                                                                                         DA for the redevelopment of this area.
time for evening meetings, and that the       Department of Education's permission
                                                                                         The future of the concrete batch plant
number of users should be increased to        to build and allow public access to
                                                                                         remains as opaque as ever.
at least 20 people.                           its property. We have submitted our
                                                                                                                   - Bruce Davis
                                              building and access plan to the Depart-
                           - Bruce Davis

April/May 2011                                                                                                                      5
Glebe and the terrace house
Doubtless many of you read the recent
press article1 about the ‘13 bloody
housewives’ from Hunters Hill who
commenced a battle in 1971 and after
13 years of skirmishes successfully
saved Kelly’s Bush. Fighting in the
other corner on this issue was the Pre-
mier of the time, Sir Robert Askin.
Askin’s shadow also loomed large over
Glebe. Despite the fact that he grew
up here (see his boyhood home on the
Politicians, Publicans & Sinners walk2),
he was obviously bereft of sentimental-
ity about his roots. The Askin govern-
ment aggressively supported industrial
and commercial development. The then
Premier advocated expressways which
would have cut the suburb into three,
in the process destroying Lyndhurst, a
fine Regency villa. Not content with a      Glebe terraces old and new. Above: Early 21st C, Glebe Harbour, Griffin Lane.
carve-up of Glebe, the proposal would      Below: right 19th C grand terraces, Boyce Street. Below left: Late 20th C: Glebe
also have destroyed the distinctive        Gardens, Hereford Street.
Victorian character of the suburb by       Photos: Bruce Davis
demolition of terrace houses to make
way for three-storey flats.                 forms. The terrace gave way to Federa-
                                           tion houses and cottages as Australia
Our terraces and our streetscapes, both
                                           climbed out of the depression of the
of which characterise so much of Glebe,
                                           1890s. But the terrace, with its effi-
survived Askin’s intended depredations.
                                           cient use of land, its low environmental
The terrace grew out of the necessity
                                           impact and good insulation is a model
to condense housing when transporta-
                                           of medium density housing which has
tion was inadequate and people needed
                                           stood the test of time.
to live close to their work. Whilst
transportation has greatly improved,       Whilst achieving good density, the
Glebe’s compact nature still encourages    terrace also contributes to creating
residents to walk and thus contributes     environments which are desirable places
significantly to village life.              to live3. Professor Alec Tzannes, Dean,
                                           Faculty of the Built Environment,
                                                                                          Press clipping roster -
The boom in Glebe terrace house
                                           UNSW, states that physical environ-
building occurred in the 1870s to the
                                           ments which are well-designed are
1890s. For developers and builders,
terraces delivered economies of scale
                                           ‘valued and usually endure, maintaining           can you help?
                                           intergenerational cultural significance.’4      The Glebe Society maintains a watch on
via the mechanical repetition of built
                                           The work of renovating, restoring and          the press (the Sydney Morning Herald
                                           maintaining our existing terraces is           and the local media) to ensure that press
                                           ongoing. Many have been modified                mentions are clipped and pasted up in our
                                           and added to in order to achieve more          Press Cuttings book. Over the years, any
                                           openness, light and ventilation. Some          number of these books have been filled
                                           contemporary terraces, described as            and archived, forming a valuable record
                                           ‘infill’ in our heritage conservation area,     of the Society's (and Glebe's) issues and
                                           are reinterpretations of the original con-     progress.
                                           cept but pay strict attention to roof lines,
                                                                                          Fay Mander Jones, our gallant Keeper of
                                           and other linear aspects of the façade as
                                                                                          the Press Cuttings Book, has undertaken
                                           well as providing modern facilities and
                                           significant outdoor living spaces.              this task almost single-handed for the last
                                                                                          few years but has indicated that she would
                                           References                                     like to share the task with others. We in-
                                           1. The (Sydney) Magazine, April 2011,          tend to create a roster with each volunteer
                                           p56-58                                         having, say, a three month turn, starting in
                                           2. and follow the      July 2011.
                                           walks link
                                           3. Letter to SMH, 9.2.2011                     If you would like to assist, please ring Liz
                                           4. UNSWorld, Issue 13, 12.2010, p13            Simpson-Booker on 95 186 186 for a chat.

6                                                                                                             Glebe Society Bulletin
                 Who lived in your street?
When Lyn and Peter Collingwood lived in St Johns Road in the 1960s they often visited Gladys Hunter's trash and treasure
shop in search of bargains. Later, Lyn discovered that one of her closest friends had married into the Hunter family.

                         Gladys Victoria Hunter (1898–1980)
                                           For Australian Hillbilly Radio Hits he    act, travelling around the countryside in
                                           recorded numbers such as Honolulu         a caravan. Gladys drew the backcloths
                                           March, Sweet Hawaiian Sands, Dreams       and sewed the costumes on a treadle
                                           of Honolulu and The Prisoner’s Song.      machine. Their first four children were
                                                                                     incorporated into the routines. Mayo
                                           Following their marriage Mayo and
                                                                                     (meaning ‘first born’) was born on 18
                                           Gladys formed a double act, appearing
                                                                                     November 1926, Malama (‘the dawn’)
                                           at Wirth’s Hippodrome (with Winter’s
                                                                                     Tilesa Patricia in 1930, Luana (‘second
                                           educated dogs), the Hippodrome (with
                                                                                     daughter’) ca 1935, Lani (‘heavenly’)
                                           Josie Johnson’s Nine Lilliputians) and
                                                                                     David in 1938 and Aloha (‘farewell – to
                                           the Roxy (with the Flying Omars).
                                                                                     motherhood’) Lei Irene ca 1941.
                                           In 1933 Mayo and ‘Gladee’ sang a
                                           medley including Kentucky Barbecue,       Mayo junior studied violin at the
                                           Kentucky Moon and Yaka Hula in a          Conservatorium (a fellow student was
                                           community concert broadcast from the      Ray Price learning the bassoon) but
                                           Australian Hall. On the same bill was     became a journalist. He travelled with
                                           Maori singer Princess Wiki, the grand-    the Beatles for the Canberra Times on
                                           daughter of a Rotoruan chief. During      their 1964 Australian tour, confessing to
  Gladys Hunter                            the 1920s and early 30s the Hunters       an inability to understand their appeal:
                                           lived in Blues Point Road North Sydney    ‘the secret something which has united
In the 1960s and 1970s Gladys Hunter
                                           before moving to Francis Street in the    the whole world of teenagers’. He was
ran a secondhand/antique business at 45
                                           city. Mayo taught music and had music     a Channel 7 news cameraman dur-
Glebe Point Road while living next door
                                           shops in Her Majesty’s and the New        ing the Vietnam War. Mayo’s brother
at number 43. She also had a regular
                                           Royal arcades. By 1941 they had set-      Lani also took up journalism, with the
stall at Paddy’s Markets. Gladys’ stock
                                           tled in Glebe where Mayo junior, previ-   Sydney Morning Herald and Channel 2.
was a mix of trash and treasure. In the
                                           ously educated by correspondence, was     Luana, Malama and Aloha all attended
chaos of her shop a discerning buyer
                                           enrolled at Glebe Public School. The      the Conservatorium High School and
could find bargains such as waratah
                                           family lived at 25 Arundel Street until   became accomplished musicians. Aloha
pendant light fittings from Sydney Town
                                           the early 1960s when they moved to 43     was a player with the Australian Youth
                                           Glebe Point Road.                         Orchestra and married a member of
Gladys was born in Balmain North, the                                                the Sydney Symphony. They set up as
third of five children of James Steed-      During the Depression years the Hunt-
                                                                                     alpaca breeders at Dural.
man and London-born Victoria Alberta       ers made a living as a music and dance
                                                                                      Gladys Hunter died on 6 September
Holmes who had married in 1894. Her
                                                                                     1980. Mayo senior died on 16 Novem-
siblings were Irene Margaret May
                                                                                     ber 1965. Mayo junior died at Light-
(1895-1974), James Steedman junior
                                                                                     ning Ridge.
(1897-1916), Leslie Douglas (1900-80)
and Bruce Wallace Holmes.                                                                                   - Lyn Collingwood
Gladys joined J C Williamson’s as an                                                 Sources:
acrobatic dancer and in 1925 married                                                 Australian War Memorial: record
steel guitar player Mayo Koa Hunter,                                                 DNE/65/0316/VN
one half of The Honolulu Duo who had                                                 NSW cemetery records
arrived in Sydney from Auckland on
11 July 1922 on the Ulimaroa. (Mayo’s                                                NSW registry of births, deaths, marriages
partner was fellow Samoan Thomp-                                                     Personal information from family members
son Yandall.) Mayo worked for J C
                                                                                     Sands directories
Williamson and Fuller’s Theatres and
played solo or musical interludes with                                               State Records NSW. Shipping arrivals. Reel
his Novelty Jazz Band or Hawaiian                                                    2121
Trio during silent film screenings at the                                             Sydney Morning Herald 8.1.1924; 15.3.24;
Lyceum in the city or the Acme at Rock-      The ‘Hawaiian Troubadours’: Mayo        9.8.24; 22.1.25; 29.1.25; 31.1.25; 5.2.25;
                                             Hunter (seated) with Mayo jnr,
dale. He also performed live at YMCA                                                 31.3.25; 27.2..26; 6.3.26; 18.11.26;
                                             Malama and Luana.                       27.11.26; 1.2.27; 2.3.27; 19.5.27; 28.9.27;
dances and on 2FC, 2BL and 2GB
radio with his Hawaiian Troubadors.          Photo: Lani Durland                     2.1.29; 7.6.30; 21.12.31; 3.3.32; 26.1.33;
                                                                                     23.6.33; 15.7.47

April/May 2011                                                                                                                     7
 Liz Simpson-                                                        Editor’s apology
 Booker president                            In the photo caption on page two of Bulletin 2/2011, the man on the right was

 till AGM                                    named as Anthony Cummins. He is of course Tristan Blattman, Anthony’s
                                             business partner at Red Ant. I should have known this – a photo of the real Ant
                                             Cummins appeared on page 10 of the same Bulletin.

 Liz Simpson-Booker (pictured on an
 inspection of the Sze Yup temple last
 year) has been Acting President of the
 Society since January. It was agreed
 at the Management Committee meet-
                                                  Tristan Blattman
 ing on 13 April that, in the interests
 of continuity, Liz should continue as
                                                                                                 Anthony Cummins
 President until the 2011 AGM.

Across                                                     l    2       3         4                5     6         7       8

1. One in mint condition deserves a say (7)
5. The astral body has left what a West End show is        10                                                      11
          made of (3,4.)
10. Nine geese and the last of the rhubarb provide
          another way of going out (4,6)
                                                           12           13                  14
11. This unit ends up as a headless Knight in Paris (4)
12. Two points, and part of a bridle add up to First
          Aid (4,2)
14. I’ll consume my top gear if I’m mistaken (3,2,3.)      15                                                 16           17

15. Drain us six and that’s what high C may be!
16. Fail without a tee, and hit first is garbage (5)        19                          20
19. Is she the goddess of all islands? No only two (4)
20. In France evil is backward and Ned is forward.                                21

          Together they are animated (9)
                                                           22   23                                       24
22. This degree turned the sailor and all into a
          Victorian town (8)
24. Sounds like a footnote, or feet note turned and ends
          up worn out (6)                                  25                     26                               27

25. Sounds like snow transport to kill for (4)
26. Pearl Burp likes every colour except this one (3,6)
28. This restaurant has the red back with a Roundhead!     28                                      29
          Is this how a dictator works? (2,5)
29. I’m French and sent North these small Spanish
          horses (7).                                      7. 17. Golden Oldie to direct your feet to (5,4,2,3,6)
                                                           8. Lively without Lawrence of Arabia at the finish (5)
Down                                                       9. Boss of the beat (4,9)
                                                           13. James Morrison is one (5,6)
1. A Christopher Plummer musical (9)                       18. Not Fine Cotton but Fine? (4,4)
3, 27, 23 down. A musical way (3, 3, 5)                    21. Boy soprano (6)
4. Opening (8)                                             23, 27 See 3 down.
6. Smoothly (6)
                                                                                                        Solution next month

8                                                                                                             Glebe Society Bulletin
                        Coming Glebe events
Players in the Pub                          sale price was just under $10 million.       New members’ night

Here are the next plays in the series of
                                             With the stated aim of turning dis-
                                            tressed pubs around through an in-              Our next big
                                                                                            social event
popular moved readings at the Toxteth       creased focus on their core business
Hotel.                                      – food and beverages – the group will
                                            hope to exercise their speciality for
Presented by members and friends of                                                      A talk on a famous Glebe institution
                                            profitable short-term fixes. The fund
Sydney's New Theatre, these are not         has already purchased a number of big-       - Gleebooks - will be a feature of our
static readings but theatrical presenta-    name venues over the past year, includ-      Welcome to New Members of the
tions using minimal props and furniture.    ing Manly’s iconic Steyne, Paddington’s      Glebe Society event on Friday 1 July
17 May - Moonlight by Harold Pinter         Bellevue Hotel, the Peakhurst Inn and        from 6pm to 7.30pm at the Glebe Row-
directed by Alan Faulkner                   Kinsellas in Darlinghurst.                   ing Club.

Winner of the Nobel Prize for Litera-       As with these hotels, Sydney hotelier        David Gaunt, co-owner and founder,
ture, Pinter is best known for ground-      Patrick Coughlan’s Riversdale Group          will tell stories of Gleebooks since its
breaking theatre works such as The          will operate the Toxteth’s day-to-day        opening over 30 years ago; the people
Birthday Party, The Caretaker and The       operation. With Social Impact Assess-        who have passed through its doors, the
                                            ments (SIA) for another six poker ma-
Homecoming, and screenplays includ-                                                      launches of favourite books, political
                                            chines (to total 27) and a DA to convert
ing The Servant, The Go-Between and                                                      shenanigans, brushes with the press,
                                            the first floor to new function rooms and
The French Lieutenant’s Woman.                                                           controversial authors - a reminder of
                                            bar, the Toxteth has the potential to turn
14 June - Tinseltown Tears at the Tox-      around its lacklustre profitability with      what we love about Glebe and the role
teth devised and directed by Nicholas       the right spending.                          this bookshop plays in our community.
Papademetriou                               ‘The hotel is well placed to benefit from     This will be an occasion to host our new
Stage version of a Hollywood ‘weepie’.      the Mirvac $1 billion 1,200 lot Harold       members, and for all members of the
                                            Park residential and retail re-develop-      Society - new and old (long-standing!)
Tuesdays at 7pm in the upstairs Media       ment only metres away,’ John Musca,          - to enjoy wine, light food and David’s
Room (enter via Ferry Road stairs) Tox-     agent for Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels.         talk at one of Glebe’s most attractive
teth Hotel, 345 Glebe Point Road. Free      He suggested that the Toxteth Hotel          locations - the Glebe Rowing Club at
admission. Two main meals for one on        demonstrated the sound traditional hotel     the bottom of Ferry Road.
Tuesdays - orders from 5.30pm.              investment attributes of ‘significant un-
                                            derlying property value, a well balanced     Look out for the Bookings form in the
                                            mix of trade, extensive footprint with       next Bulletin.
Toxteth Hotel sold                          outdoor areas, and quantifiable trade
                                                                                                                 - Dorothy Davis
                                            uplift under more aggressive operation’.
The licensed premise market is pres-
ently bulging with opportunities for                                  Clyde Mooney
cashed-up investment groups looking to      The Shout: hotel, bar, club & liquor
bag the right bargain at the right price,   industry news (          More glass - a
                                                                                         talk in St James
with John Singleton recently doing          11/04/2011
exactly that.
Just west of Sydney’s CBD, the cosmo-         Editor’s note                              Church
politan suburb of Glebe has a number
                                              We do hope that this doesn’t spell
of old venues that are struggling to                                                     Last October many Glebe Society
                                              the end of Players in the Pub.
maintain a good return in an age of                                                      members who went on our first Waratah
flashy refurbishments.                                                                    cruise missed out on the launch of Anne
The Toxteth Hotel on Glebe Point
                                            Leadlight windows                            Wark’s book Armour of Light in St

                                            - can you help?
                                                                                         James Church. Anne has kindly invited
Road, reputedly the oldest pub in
                                                                                         members of the Glebe Society to a
Glebe, has been ‘family run’ by the
                                                                                         ‘relaunch’ at St James church, Woolley
Murphy family through Murphy Hotel          I am trying to organise a night-time
                                                                                         Street, on Saturday 14 May at 1.30pm.
Management in recent years, but has         walk next summer to look at houses
                                                                                         There will be a cup of tea or coffee to
struggled to achieve yields greater than    with leaded glass frontage features.
10 percent.                                 If your house has leadlight windows that
                                            you would be prepared to illuminate, or      The book sheds much light on the
 To the rescue has come the Lazard
                                            if you have suggestions of houses that       stained glass windows of the Church
Carnegie Wylie Pub Fund, an alliance
                                            could possibly be included, could you        and the people to whom the windows
between Patrick Coughlan and business
                                            please contact me at c.herriman@lycos.       are dedicated. As Max Solling said in
partner Rodney Kelly with Lazard’s
                                            com.                                         October, ‘Anne Wark’s Armour of Light
Mark Carnegie and preeminent ad-man
                                                                 - Carole Herriman       is a little gem of suburban history’.
John Singleton. It is understood that the

April/May 2011                                                                                                                      9
                                  News and Notes
Thirsty Thursdays                                                   The Actors' Forum presents a
Members and friends are invited to meet in restaurants in and       professionally performed reading ...
around Glebe, on the first Thursday of each month at 7pm, to
eat and talk with other people who live in Glebe. We visit a        ... Ariel Dorfman's nail-biting hostage drama. Death and the
different restaurant each month, varying cuisines. Put these        Maiden with actors Josef Brown, Zoe Carides and Andrew
dates in your diary now.                                            McFarlane. Directed by David Baldwin.
On Thursday 5 May we will go to Darbar Indian Restau-               Set in an imaginary country moving from a violent police
rant, 134 Glebe Point Road (cnr St Johns Road).                     state to a democracy, three characters are trapped in a dance
On Thursday 2 June we will go to La Tavolaccia, 355                 of retribution, confession, guilt and innocence. Described by
Glebe Point Road.                                                   the London Sunday Times as ‘a terrifying moral thriller’.
And on Thursday 7 July we will go to Tommy’s Beer Café,             A film version of the play was directed by Roman Polanski,
123 Glebe Point Road.                                               starring Sigourney Weaver and Ben Kingsley.
Please email me or ring me on 9660 7066 by the Wednesday            Sunday 29 May - 2pm, St Andrew's Church Hall, Cnr Dar-
before the dinner to let me know if you are coming, or if you       ling Street and Curtis Road, Balmain.
are likely to be late.
                                                                    Tickets on sale at door from 1pm - $20/$15.
                                                 - Edwina Doe

Welcome to new members
                                                                    Justice of the P eace
The following people were accepted as members of the Glebe
Society at the April Management Committee meeting:                  Glebe Society member Phil Young, Justice of P eace, is avail-
                                                                    able to witness documents etc (no fee).
     •   Lynne and Graham Morton
     •   Shane and Anne O’Connor
     •   Kym Sheehan                                                Bulletins by email
We look forward to seeing them at future Glebe Society func-        If you would like to receive your Bulletin by email instead of
tions.                                                              snail mail, please email

Seminar on the Antarctic                                            City of Sydney Councillors
                                                                    Lord Mayor: Clover Moore MP
Glebe has some connections with Antarctica through the
explorer Douglas Mawson (pupil at Forest Lodge Public               Councillors:
School), the photographer Frank Hurley (pupil at Glebe                     Phillip Black
Public School) as well as modern-day Glebian Grahame Budd                  Meredith Burgmann
AM.                                                                        Irene Doutney
This year marks 100 years of Australian Antarctic Expedi-                  Chris Harris
tions, a tradition established by the first Australasian Antarctic          Marcelle Hoff
Expedition of 1911-14 led by Douglas Mawson. This all-day                  Robert Kok
seminar will include speakers from State Records, National
Archives of Australia and the National Maritime Museum as
                                                                           Shayne Mallard
well as independent historians with an interest in the Antarc-             John McInerney
tic.                                                                       Di Tornai
Convenors:        State Records and the Royal Australian            For enquiries: Please contact the City of Sydney on
                  Historical Society                                9265 9333.
Date:             Thursday 12 May 2011
Time:             10am to 3pm                                              Forest Lodge
Venue:            Reception Rooms, History House,
                  133 Mac quarie Street, Sydney
                                                                           Public School
                                                                             Home of The Glebe
Cost:             $18 (includes lunch)
                                                                             Society Archives
Bookings:         9247 8001(RAHS)
                                                                                                             Phone 9660 3530

10                                                                                                          Glebe Society Bulletin
                                 For your diary ...
Thursday 5 May, 7pm – Thirsty Thursday - Darbar Indian Restaurant, 134 Glebe Point Road. See page 10.
Wednesday 11 May, 7.30pm – Management Committee meeting, 115 Mitchell Street.
Saturday 14 May, 1.30pm – Stained Glass Windows, St James Church. See page 9.
Tuesday 17 May, 7pm – Players in the Pub, Toxteth Hotel. See page 9.
Thursday 2 June, 7pm – Thirsty Thursday – La Tavolaccia, 355 Glebe Point Road. See page 10.
Wednesday 8 June, 7.30pm – Management Committee meeting, 115 Mitchell Street.
Tuesday 14 June, 7pm – Players in the Pub, Toxteth Hotel. See page 9.
Friday 1 July, 6pm to 7.30pm - Welcome to new members, Glebe Rowing Club. See page 9.
Thursday 7 July, 7pm – Thirsty Thursday – Tommy’s Beer Café, 123 Glebe Point Road. See page 10.
Wednesday 13 July, 7.30pm – Management Committee meeting, 115 Mitchell Street.

     Contacting                                                The Glebe Society Inc
  The Glebe Society                                                     Established 1969
                                                 Management Committee:
Mail                                             President                         Liz Simpson-Booker        9518 6186
All correspondence should be addressed           Vice-president                    Bruce Davis               9660 7873
                                                 Immediate Past President          Lesley Lynch              9660 5084
The Glebe Society Inc
                                                 Correspondence Secretary          Vicky Marquis             9552 2592
PO Box 100, Glebe NSW 2037
                                                 Minute Secretary                  Margaret Sheppard         9660 4121
Website                                          Treasurer                         Bruce Davis               9660 7873
The Society has a growing Website (www.          Committee Members: for the information             Dorothy Davis 9660 7873, Carole Herriman 9571 9092,
of members and anyone with an interest               David Mander Jones 9552 4172, Margaret Sheppard 9660 4121
in Glebe. The Website will only flourish if       Sub-committee Convenors:
members use the site. Send contributions         All sub-committee convenors are ex-officio members of the Management
or comments to webmaster@glebesociety.           Committee
                                                 Arts, Culture and Media            Sue Ingram                9692 8534
The Bulletin                                     Bays and Foreshores                Tony Larkum               9660 7030
We are glad to publish letters or articles on    Community Development              Robyn Kemmis              9692 9440
any matters of interest to Glebe, any topic      The Environment                    Jan Macindoe              9660 0208
raised in the Bulletin, or any issues relating   Heritage                           Carole Herriman           9571 9092
to the Glebe Society, within the Guidelines      Membership                         Cheryl and Bryan Herden 9660 7371
published on our website. Write to the ad-       Planning                           Neil Macindoe             9660 0208
dress above or email editor@glebesociety.        Transport and Traffic               Andrew Craig              9566 1746                                           Other contacts:
                                                 Archivist                          Lyn Milton                9660 7930
Disclaimer                                       Blackwattle Cove Coalition (BCC) Bruce Davis                 9660 7873
Views expressed in this Bulletin are not         Bulletin Editor                    Edwina Doe                9660 7066
necessarily those of The Glebe Society Inc.
                                                 Event Coordination                 Dorothy Davis             9660 7873
Bulletin deadline                                History of Glebe                   Max Solling               9660 1160
The next edition of the Bulletin will be         History of the Glebe Society       Jeanette Knox             9660 7781
published at the end of May, The deadline        Liaison with CoGG                  Bruce Davis               9660 7873
for contributions is Wednesday 18 May.           Website                            Phil Young                9692 9583

April/May 2011                                                                                                        11
In this issue
         • Anzac Day 2011 – pages 1 & 3
         • Heritage Week 2011 – page 2
         • Planning Matters – pages 4
         • Glebe and the terrace house – page 6
         • Who lived in your street – page 7
         • Glebe events – page 9

The GLEBE                                SOCIETY Inc                                                           Postage
PO Box 100                                Glebe 2037                                                            paid

Membership of the Glebe Society                                  Community Contacts
Individual member                                $45             Manager-Neighbourhood Services Centre: Glebe, Forest
Joint (2 people, one address)                    $55             Lodge, Camperdown, Ultimo & Pyrmont: Nick Hespe.
Household (more than 2 adults and/or                             Office: Glebe Library - 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.
children, one address)                           $60             Phone: 9298 3191
Concession (student or pensioner)                $20             Email:
Institution or corporate                        $110             Sydney City Council Customer Service
Download a membership form from our website (www.                Telephone (24 hours): 9265 9333, click on Join), write to the Secretary at   email: council@cityof
PO Box 100, Glebe, 2037, or email                                website: www.cityof
                                                                 Dumped Shopping trolleys: Trolley Tracker 1800 641 497
If you have a matter that you would like to discuss with the
Management Committee, please contact the Secretary.              Waterway Garbage: NSW Maritime response - 9563 8592

12                                                                                                   Glebe Society Bulletin

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