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									         Race to the Top
Technology Infrastructure and Services
        NC Education Cloud

               Phil Emer
  Organization & Collaboration
                DPI                                            SBE
    Leadership Team

                                                  RttT Technology Infrastructure
   Program Director
                                                       Advisory Committee

                                              LEA Working Groups
  Project                                           Collaborative Services Working
                        testing                                 Group

 Site surveys          RFP - vendor
and inventory         specifications
                                                    Shared Services Working Group

                                                      Digital Media and Licensing
 E-rate and            Planning &
    CIPA                 Design                              Working Group

The RttT Technology Project Team

 DPI                                               Partner Organizations
Rebecca           Peter           Adam
Garland           Asmar          Levinson
                                                     The Friday Institute

          Program Director                                 MCNC
                Phil Emer                              NCSU ITng Lab
 Cloud Services       Instructional Tech                   NC ITS
       NEW                  Neill Kimrey
Network & E-rate            PM Office
   Ed Chase                 Jerry Bunn

              Data Systems
             Mike Veckenstedt

                         Partner Roles
Partner                                 Scope of Work
The Friday Institute                    Overall project management
                                        Planning and design
                                        Systems architecture and engineering
                                        Total Cost of Ownership modeling
MCNC                                    LEA infrastructure and application surveys
                                        LEA Cloud migration engineering
NCSU ITng Lab                           Application workload testing
                                        Measurement & monitoring tool dev.
NC Information Technology Services      Statewide licensing and procurement
                                        Provider SLA and contracts management
NCVPS                                   LMS RFP support
                                        Collaborative tool RFP support
                                        Learning object research and specification

                     Budget Big Picture
Expense Item                               4-year Budget
DPI Cloud Services Manager [1 FTE]         $0.4M
Service provider contracts [including      $16.1M
project management and planning]
Statewide software/content licensing       $18.1M
TOTAL                                      $34.6M

                  Provider Contracts Budget
[Numbers in millions of US dollars]

Provider                       Year 1   Year 2       Year 3   Year 4   Total
Friday Institute1              0.6      1.0          1.0      0.7      3.3
MCNC2                          0.4      0.4          0.4      0.4      1.6
Various                        7.3      1.3          1.6      1.0      11.2
Totals                         8.3      2.7          3.0      2.1      16.1

        1     Via task order per UNC system-DPI master agreement
        2     Via existing DPI-MCNC services agreement
        3     Multiple “cloud” providers selected via competitive procurement

           Statewide SW/content Budget
[Numbers in millions of US dollars]

Solution                              Year 1   Year 2    Year 3   Year 4   Totals
Learning Management                   2.3      3.4       3.4      1.7      10.8
Web collaboration                     1.1      1.1       1.1      1.1      4.4
Identity Management                   0.6      0.3       0.2      0.1      1.2
Learning Objects                      1.1      0.2       0.2      0.2      1.7
Totals                                5.1      5.0       4.9      3.1      18.1

           NC Education Cloud

 Middleware     Infrastructure     Platforms

• Identity     • Compute         • LMS
• Cloud        • Storage         • Enterprise
  GW/broker    • Management        Apps
• Cost share   • Monitoring      • Admin Apps

NC Education Cloud Model

               Cloud-enabled LEA

Transition server, appliance, and network control infrastructure to the cloud

          Infrastructure Blueprint
•   Servers housed in Tier-4 data centers
•   24x7x365 monitoring and support
•   Service Level Agreements with teeth
•   Usage-based provisioning and billing
•   Tiered data backup and recovery
•   Near-real-time provisioning

     A Service Delivery Platform
• The NC Education Cloud is a service delivery
  platform for modern instructional and
  administration support systems
• Initial statewide services
  – Hosted i-series
  – MS Live@edu and Google Enterprise
  – Learning Management System (LMS)
  – Web collaboration
  – Identity management
       Services Guiding Principles
•   No state-managed source code
•   Single Sign-on enabled (via SAML for instance)
•   Open interfaces and API’s
•   Software-as-a-service is the default choice
•   Strict service level agreements

              The State will
• Conduct site surveys of LEA infrastructure,
  applications, and support
• Collaborate with LEAs to develop and
  implement a deployment and operating plan
  for the NC Education Cloud
• Deploy an NC Education Cloud infrastructure
  and service delivery platform

                  LEAs Will
• Incorporate the state infrastructure NC
  Education Cloud elements into technology
• Adopt the infrastructure blueprint
• Provide and support student, teacher,
  administrator access to LMS, web
  collaboration, and related tools and services

                  LEAs May
• Propose pilots based on existing or developing
  school, LEA, or regional models
• Request support related to pre-existing cloud-
  based service deployments
• Provide regional administrative and operating
  support for particular cloud-delivered services

Questions? Contact:
• Program Lead - Phil Emer,
  paemer@unity.ncsu.edu 919 513 8511
• DPI Lead – Ed Chase,
  echase@dpi.state.nc.us 252 361 8988

(Technology directors will be invited to participate in a Webinar
   in early October to further clarify the Cloud Objectives and to
   answer questions)


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