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                                Interactive Television (ITV)
                   Originating at Bullhead City Campus, ITV Room # 502
                                 January 8, 2010, 10:00 a.m.

                 J. Leonard and Grace Neal Campus, Kingman, ITV Room # 502
                          Lake Havasu City Campus, ITV Room # 502
                            North Mohave Campus, ITV Room # 103

Neal Campus Kingman:                           Diana Stithem, Dick MacDonald, Victoria
                                               Anthony, Charley Hupp, Curt Clough, Fred

Henry Campus Bullhead:                         Michael Kearns, Lynn Cundiff, Chuck Spotts,
                                               Jann Woods, Francisco Porres, Amy Curley,
                                               Dave Brusby, Charlotte Keller, Shawn Bristle,
                                               Blaine Yost, Heather Smathers (Mohave Valley
                                               Daily News)

Lake Havasu Campus:                            Nick Sanchez, Tim Keith, Linda Riesdorph,
                                               Rhonda Schnabl, Jim Jeremiah, Diana Parker

North Mohave Campus:                           Susan Hammon

(Action Items are in bold print)

I.      Call to Order (Jerry Ambrose, Secretary)

        Mr. Ambrose called the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m.

II.     Pledge of Allegiance

III.    Roll Call (Amy Curley, Executive Assistant)

        Jerry Ambrose              Present
        Julie Bare                 Present
        Kathy Hodel                Present
        Judy Selberg               Present

IV.     Approval of Meeting Minutes (Ambrose) (Appendix 1)

        Julie Bare moved, Kathy Hodel seconded, to approve the minutes of the November
        13, 2009 regular meeting as presented in Appendix 1. Without further discussion
        the motion carried unanimously.
Governing Board Regular Meeting Minutes                                                          2

V.      Audience of Any Citizen (Ambrose)

        [NOTE: This is an opportunity for any citizen to address the Board on any matter of
        concern to the citizen. The Board will listen to the remarks, but may not respond or
        answer questions. Unless the matter is already on the agenda for action, no action can be
        taken other than to instruct staff to include the matter on a future agenda. The President
        of the Board may limit the time for individual presentation and may limit the total time
        for all presentations. Citizens wishing to comment will be limited to one opportunity to
        speak. During Interactive Television (ITV) meetings, the chair will query each campus
        for those who wish to speak.]

        Mr. Ambrose queried each campus individually and no citizens wished to address the

VI.     Board Reports (Ambrose)

        A. Resignation of District #4 Trustee (Ambrose)

             Mr. Ambrose stated that Mr. John T. Neal, trustee for District #4 (Kingman)
             submitted his resignation to Dr. Kearns effective December 31, 2009. Coincidently,
             Mr. Ambrose stated that he had moved his residence from District #5 to District #4.
             Mr. Ambrose requested to be appointed to the vacancy in District #4 created by Mr.
             Neal’s resignation. Arizona Revised Statue 15-1441 provides for this situation.

             The County School Superintendent is authorized to appoint new board members when
             a vacancy occurs midterm. Dr. Kearns announced that the Mohave County School
             Superintendent, Mike File, has confirmed the appointment of Mr. Ambrose to fill the
             vacant District #4 position until December 31, 2010.

             Mr. Ambrose announced that any resident of the Mohave County Community College
             District #5 wishing to be considered for appointment to the MCC Governing Board is
             welcome to express that interest to the Mohave County School Superintendent.

             Mrs. Hodel thanked Mr. Neal for his service and the support of the College by the
             Neal family in general. Dr. Kearns was directed by the Board to facilitate an
             appropriate recognition for Mr. Neal.

        B. Oath of Office (Ambrose)

             In accordance with Governing Board Policy 1.035 (ARS 38-231) that states any
             newly elected or appointed members of the Governing Board shall be sworn in at the
             meeting following their election or appointment, Dr. Bare issued the oath of office to
             Mr. Ambrose for District #4.

        C. Appointment of Board Officers (Ambrose)

             Mr. Ambrose stated that in January, the MCCCDG elects members of the board to
             the offices of president and secretary for the calendar year. It is customary to
             nominate one or more candidates; nominations need not be seconded. A vote will be
             taken on each nominee in the order in which they were nominated, until one is
             elected. The officer-elect takes possession of his office immediately.

Governing Board Regular Meeting Minutes                                                         3

             The Chair recognized the nomination of Jerry Ambrose for the office of President
             and the nomination of Julie Bare for the office of Secretary by Trustee Hodel.
             Hearing no other nominations, Mr. Ambrose called for the vote.

             Jerry Ambrose was elected to the office of President of the Board for calendar
             year 2010. Julie Bare was elected to the office of Secretary of the Board for
             calendar year 2010.

        D. New and Revised Policies (Cundiff)(Appendix 2)

             1. Naming of Facilities – Second Reading (2a)

                 Dr. Cundiff informed the Board that MCC policy for formulation and adoption of
                 written policy was provided under Appendix 2 for their reference. This is the
                 second reading of policy 6.001.01 “Naming of Facilities” which states: “The
                 Board is authorized to name college facilities and other real property for
                 individuals and organizations that have made a significant contribution to the
                 college.” Dr. Cundiff provided an overview of the policy, procedure and the
                 example of a newly created nomination form provided in Appendix 2a.
                 Kathy Hodel moved, Judy Selberg seconded, to approve to the Naming of
                 Facilities policy as presented in Appendix 2a.

                 Dr. Bare, referencing the section of the procedure concerning former employees,
                 asked if there were any existing facilities named for former employees on any of
                 the campuses. Dr. Kearns responded stating that to his knowledge, the only
                 building currently bearing the name of a former employee was building 102 on
                 the J. Leonard and Grace Neal Campus – Kingman which was named the
                 Lovejoy Administrative Services Building at the November 9, 2007 regular
                 Governing Board meeting. Other former or deceased employees may have been
                 recognized with tributes that constitute landscaping, such as a tree or bench.
                 Mr. Ambrose reiterated his position that actions by previous Boards should not
                 be repealed. Dr. Kearns reminded the Board that their duty is to consider the
                 policy, not the procedure.

                 Without further discussion the motion carried unanimously.

             2. Red Flag Policy – Second Reading (2b)

                 This was the second reading of the proposed new policy “Identity Theft Red Flag
                 and Security Incident Reporting” which states: “The Mohave Community College
                 Board of Trustees shall implement a program for Identity Theft Prevention.” Dr.
                 Cundiff provided an overview of the policy and proposed procedures as provided
                 in Appendix 2b. Dr. Cundiff informed the Board that Federal legislation requires
                 that MCC have a written identity theft policy in the policy and procedure manual.
                 Many of the federal “red flag” recommendation have already begun to be

Governing Board Regular Meeting Minutes                                                         4

                 Julie Bare moved, Judy Selberg seconded, to approve the Red Flag Policy as
                 presented in Appendix 2b. Without further discussion, the motion carried

             3. Financial Stability Policy (2c)

                 This was the first reading of the proposed new policy entitled “Strategic Budget
                 and Fiscal Sustainability” which states: “Annually, the President of the college
                 will present to the Board a report that demonstrates the alignment of the budget
                 with the Strategic Plan and fiscal sustainability goals approved by the Board.”

                 Dr. Kearns explained that it would be the District’s financial policy to expend
                 State Appropriations first, Property Tax revenue second and all other tuition and
                 fee based revenue third in conducting the financial business of the college, with
                 any remaining funds rolling to a fund balance at fiscal year-end. The District’s
                 tuition and fees revenue (in addition to bookstore, food service, rental and
                 auxiliary revenues) is pledged against outstanding debt in the form of Pledged
                 Revenue Obligations and Revenue Refunding Bonds.

                 Julie Bare moved, Kathy Hodel seconded, to temporarily adopt the financial
                 stability policy until final action can be taken at the next regularly scheduled

                 Without further discussion, the motion carried unanimously.

        E. Northern Arizona Regional Legislative Summit (Kearns)

             In collaboration with Northland Pioneer College and Coconino Community College,
             Mohave Community College is proposing sponsoring a Northern Arizona Community
             College Legislative Summit to be held the Summer of 2010.

        F. January Board Workshop (Board President)

             A MCCDGB workshop has been scheduled for Friday, January 15, 2010. The
             workshop will be held in the Senita Conference Room at the Mohave County
             Administration Building, 700 West Beale Street, Kingman. The workshop is
             scheduled to start at 9:00 a.m.

        G. President’s Evaluation (Board President) (Appendix 3)

             A recommendation has been made for the Board to establish a formal evaluation
             process of the College President.

        H. Arizona Association of District Governing Boards (AADGB) Meeting Report (Judy
           Selberg) (Appendix 4)

             Dr. Selberg reported that the AADGB convened both in person and via teleconference
             at Rio Salado College in Phoenix on Thursday, November 12, 2009. The next
             meeting will be held on Thursday January 14, 2010.

Governing Board Regular Meeting Minutes                                                          5

        I.   Arizona School Board Association (ASBA) Legislative Workshop and 52nd Annual
             Conference Report (Julie Bare)(Appendix 5)

             Dr. Bare reported that on December 9, 2009 the ASBA/AASBO/ASA Legislative
             Workshop provided a full-day preview of the coming Legislative session. The
             ASBA/ASA Annual Conference at the Biltmore Conference Center, Phoenix,
             provided training for new and veteran board members; informative breakout sessions
             on best school practices, exciting speakers and awards for excellence in education;
             for new members, training on the basics of what a school board is and how it
             functions, through legal structure, powers and duties, finance and employee relations.

VII.    President’s Report (Dr. Michael Kearns, President)

        A. Draft MCC Strategic Plan (Kearns)(Appendix 6)

        B. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Update (Kearns)

        C. Arizona Community College Council Report (Kearns)(Appendix 7)

        D. Governor’s P-20 Council Report (Kearns)(Appendix 8)

        E. ACCPC - Arizona Community College Presidents’ Council Report (Kearns)

        F. Legislative Update (Kearns)

        G. State Budget Update (Kearns)(Appendix 9)

        H. Update of Current Events (Kearns)

VIII.   Instruction and Student Services (Chuck Spotts, Vice President of Instruction and Student

        A. Trio Grant (Spotts)

             Mr. Spotts reported on December 14, 2009 the college submitted four grant proposals
             for Student Support Services (SSS) to the Department of Education as a part of the
             TRIO grants project. The Federal TRIO Programs are federal outreach and student
             services programs designed to identify and provide services for individuals from
             disadvantaged backgrounds. TRIO includes seven programs targeted to serve and
             assist low-income individuals, first-generation college students, and individuals with
             disabilities to progress through the academic pipeline from middle school to post-
             baccalaureate programs. TRIO also includes a training program for directors and staff
             of TRIO projects.

             MCC’s submission consists of one regular grant proposal for each of the three
             southern campuses, and one disabilities grant proposal that covers all four MCC
             campuses. The three regular grants will focus support resources on a cohort of 140
             students from each of the southern campuses, and the disabilities grant will focus

Governing Board Regular Meeting Minutes                                                              6

             support resources on a cohort of 100 students with disabilities across all four
             campuses. Each grant is five years in length and funding is distributed at $220,000
             per year per grant. If awarded in full, the grants will result in $ 4.4 million in funding
             for MCC over the five year award period. The award period is September 1, 2010 to
             August 31, 2015.

        B. USDA RUS DLT Grant (Spotts)

             Mr. Spotts reported that as awarded, the USDA/RUS/DLT grant will upgrade the
             infrastructure for the ITV1 classroom on all four MCC campuses and add ten rural
             sites to the MCC distance delivery network. The grant is for $499,253 and MCC’s
             required match is $250,000, for at total of $749,253. Board approval is required to
             expend up to $749,253 on Tandberg video equipment to begin project implementation
             and to ensure network availability for summer 2010 testing and fall 2010 course
             delivery to the rural sites.

             If approved, the funds will be utilized to purchase Tandberg videoconferencing
             equipment for our 10 partner sites and our four MCC hub sites. Each partner site will
             receive the Tandberg Profile videoconferencing system, a 52-inch plasma monitor, a
             wheeled base unit, and an uninterruptable power supply.

             The four hub sites will receive the Tandberg Educator system, associated software,
             and an uninterruptable power supply. At the college-wide level, MCC will receive an
             IPVCR system that allows recording all ITV sessions, applications software to
             manage the systems, and additional videoconferencing licensing. All systems will be
             fully installed by Providea LLC and will include a one-year warranty. The grant does
             not allow for personnel expenditures.

             Julie Bare moved, Judy Selberg seconded, to approve to expend up to $749,253
             on Tandberg video equipment to begin project implementation and to ensure
             network availability for summer 2010 testing and fall 2010 course delivery to the
             rural sites. Without further discussion, the motion carried unanimously.

        C. Upcoming Accreditation Events (Spotts)

             Mr. Spotts reported that MCC’s Physical Therapist Assistant and Nursing programs
             will have accreditation site visits on January 24-27 and February 9-11 respectively.
             The site visit teams will conduct thorough and accurate assessments of the education
             programs for PTA and Nursing while they are on MCC’s campuses. Site visits should
             provide the site visit team members information on the planning and progress of the
             programs, and should provide the team the opportunity to meet and discuss the
             program with its administration, faculty, staff, instructors and stakeholders.

             The director of the practical nursing program, Linda Rodriguez, will formally present
             MCC’s application for a Practical Nursing Certificate Program to the Arizona State
             Board of Nursing Education Committee on February 19, 2010. Once the proposal is
             approved, the college is eligible to apply for provisional accreditation. Provisional
             approval involves the submission of a self-study and a site visit by Board staff.

Governing Board Regular Meeting Minutes                                                            7

        D. College-wide Training (Spotts) (Appendix 10)

             Mr. Spotts reported that during the two weeks prior to the winter break, MCC
             employees across the college underwent a wide variety of training on all four
             campuses. The training commenced on Monday, December 7, with a state of the
             college presentation from President Kearns and ended on Thursday, December 17,
             with an administrative team presentation on the draft strategic plan.

             During the training period, faculty and staff received a wide range of training on
             Jenzabar EX, curriculum mapping, facilities project management, departmental cross-
             training, financial-aid literacy, human resources, and a host of other valuable topics.
             Training was conducted utilizing the college’s ITV and ICE video-conferencing
             technologies and in face-to-face, on-ground sessions on the four campuses.

        E. Student Survey (Jann Woods, Dean of Students) (Appendix 11)

             Ms. Woods reported that in response to the Governing Board’s suggestion that
             students be surveyed regarding intramurals, a Student Life Survey was made
             available via MCC Home Page, Portal, Angel, MCC Facebook page and MCC
             Twitter page during the months of October and November 2009. The survey provided
             an opportunity to hear from students regarding the activities they participated in,
             what clubs and activities they would like to see on campus.

             Of the 165 responses received 82 responded to the question regarding intramural
             sports. As seen in the graph labeled Sports, the top 4 choices were Softball,
             Volleyball, Football and Basketball. Of note are the other comments in this category.

             It could be concluded that within this group there is a strong interest in sports and an
             equally strong interest in MCC providing more campus activities. In an effort to
             provide ideas for additional programming in the coming year, the results have been
             shared with the campus student life liaisons and student government presidents and
             advisors. The Student Support Committee will continue to survey students in future
             terms in order to obtain a wider response.

IX.     Technical Support Services (Francisco Porras, Associate VP for Information Technology)

        Mr. Porras reported that on January 1, 2010, the transition from SunGard Managed
        Services to Mohave Community College was completed in terms of employees and
        operational functions. This transition occurred without any disruption to the technology
        support to the college. Most of the employees from SunGard were transferred to MCC
        performing the same functions or some variation of their responsibilities to fit into the
        new organizational structure. Final appointments for those positions in the new
        organization that did not transfer from SunGard are anticipated to be completed by the
        end of January. As part of the new IT organization, several projects are already under
        way to more efficiently support the college. These projects are critical to establish the
        ground rules within the new IT organization, these are:

        ·    Revision of IT policies and procedures
        ·    Revision of the Technology Support Services Communication Plan (Completed)

Governing Board Regular Meeting Minutes                                                         8

        ·    Revision of the Charter for the Administrative Computing Subcommittee
        ·    Revision of the Charter for the Instructional Computing Subcommittee (Completed)
        ·    Revision of the Charter for the Technology Committee (Completed)
        ·    New assignment of responsibilities in TSS
        ·    New structure for projects prioritization (including time lines, ownership, and
             completion dates)
        ·    Revision of current technology contracts
        ·    Developing a new Road Map for network infrastructure – To be completed by mid-
        ·    New network monitoring system

X.      Administrative Services (H. Lynn Cundiff, Vice President for Administration)
        A. Financial Report (Cundiff) (Appendix 12)

             Dr. Cundiff reviewed the financial report for month ending November 30 and
             December 31, 2009 as they were presented in Appendix 12.

        B. Human Resources Report (Cundiff) (Appendix 13)

             Dr. Cundiff presented the Human Resources report for month ending November 30
             and December 31, 2009.

             Julie Bare moved, Kathy Hodel seconded, to approve the human resources
             reports as presented in Appendix 13. Without further discussion, the motion
             carried unanimously.

XI.     Next Meeting (Board President)

        Mr. Ambrose announced that the next regular meeting of the MCC Governing Board will
        be Friday, February 12, 2010 originating from the Lake Havasu City Campus, Room 502.

XII.    Adjournment (Board President)

        Mr. Ambrose adjourned the meeting at 11:38 a.m.


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