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 1970 Championship Team Inducted into CSUN Hall of Fame
Spokane, WA (March 4, 2009) – The Cal State Northridge baseball team that won the 1970
College World Series and claimed the NCAA Division II National Championship for their
school was recently inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame.

The ceremony to honor the inductees to the CSUN Hall of Fame was Sunday, Feb. 28 at the
Warner Center Marriott Hotel in Woodland Hills, California. Among the members of the team
that were inducted was Irv Zakheim, president and CEO of Zak Designs and owner of the
Spokane RiverHawks.

“The group of guys that won the 1970 College World Series is the epitome of a team,” Zakheim
said. “We all sacrificed, we all worked hard, we all dedicated ourselves to one singular goal.
And, in the end, we accomplished that goal together. It’s fitting that we’re all being inducted into
the Hall of Fame together as a team, because that’s what we were. That’s what we are.”

The members of the team that were inducted included: head coach Bob Hiegert, assistant
coaches Tony Davila, Lorry Gershon and Dick Jacquez, sports information director Joe Buttitta,
Marv Castellaw, Mitch Clark, Randy Coates, Dennis Collier, Dave Drysdale, Skip Effler, Brian
Ford, Roger Fradella, Bob Hess, Bob Johnson, Steve Lee, Lew Lerner, Dave LeVeque, Bob
Lopresti, Mike McClure, Danny Noonan, Larry Ramirez, Mike Rapkin, Dave Ravare, Frank
Slaton, Chuck Stone, Rusty Swisher, Ron Valenti, Craig Warner, Zakheim, Dave Zall and Jeff
Zippi. The late Lyman Bostock, who played at Cal State Northridge and was inducted into the
CSUN Hall of Fame in 1981, was an honorary member of the team.

The 1970 Matadors lost their first game of the College World Series, but went on to win four
straight games in the double-elimination tournament in Springfield, Missouri to finish the season
with a 41-21 record and the NCAA Division II National Championship.

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