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									2011/2012 Season Race Sponsorship proposal
           C.O.R.E Class 10 Desert car
        Drivers: Collin Miron & Carl Miron
                                  Driver profiles!

 Collin Miron;

 Collin is 19 years old and has been racing off road for about 4 years now. With
many accomplishments such as, 2008’ CORE off road racing 3rd place overall class
1600, 2009’ CORE off road racing 1600 points champ! 2010’ CORE off road racing
3rd place overall class 10, in 2010 Collin won the open class at the extreme
monster truck show at the Denver coliseum, and in 2011 was second place at
same event. Collin has raced stadium, short course, and desert off road racing.
He picked up Monster Energy as a title sponsor 2 years ago, currently still
sponsored but not as a title sponsor anymore. He is looking to pursue new racing
sponsorships and to broaden his racing career.

Collin was born with Cystic Fibrosis and was recommended to the Make A Wish
Foundation by Children’s Hospital in 2009, Collin was granted his wish and the
building of the off road car began. Collin’s wish was to have a new race car, a two
seater so his father could race along side of him as a team. With the help of many
people, family, and friends his wish came true. The generosity of everyone who
made this wish come true was overwhelming to Collin and his family. And to give
thanks Collin has pledged to donate all profits from racing to the Make A Wish
Foundation to help some other Childs dream come true.
 Carl Miron;

Carl started his racing career in 1990 racing the short track at Rocky Mountain
national speedway, he stopped racing with the birth of his twins (Collin and
Amanda) in 1992. Carl had the dream of designing and building a facility unlike
any in the United States, In 2004 Carl created CORE (Colorado off road extreme)
an 800 acre off road park where racers and family’s a-like can come and race,
practice, play or just watch all types of off-road vehicles. We have test tracks for
some of the top drivers in off road today, such as Steve Strobel (Overall winnerTT
at 2011 Vegas to Reno), Jim Price, Nathan Conley(X-Games), Tanner Foust(X-
Games), Jimmy keeney(X-Games), Brad Lovell (Pro lite driver Traxis off road racing
series Desert and rock racing champion) and England’s Andrew Pinker just to
name a few. At CORE we offer a 2.0 mile Rally sprint track, 2 Rally cross tracks, an
11 mile desert track, a 1.5 mile short course track, a Moto x track, mud bogs, rock
crawling courses, and hill climbs.

In 2011 Carl at the request of Collin started back in racing with his son. In his first
event Carl took first place in the open class at the Elbert county fair in Calahan,
                          Sponsorships include…

   Name on the side of the racecar as well as paint scheme of your choice.
   Name on company website and vendor section on forum.
   Your company banners at the race track.
   Your company name and logo on race team items i.e.; shirts and hats.
   Your company name and logo on race media promotions and fliers.
   Many events for prolonged exposure such as, desert races, stadium events,
    short course races, parades, car shows, and much more.
   Two drivers to help network and promote your company.
   Tax write offs for your company.
    Entire 800 acre multi-motorsport off road complex for maximum benefit
    for your company, (you would get the advantages of sponsoring a racecar
    and a race track all in one!)
   Season passes for you and your family to play and watch some great racing
    action at the CORE race facility.

                         What will this do for you?

Have you ever passed a trailer carrying a racecar on the road? Let me ask
you, did it catch your eye? The attention received while transporting the
racecar to races is tremendous. Maybe we could park the car in front of
your business. It will definitely draw attention. You’ll find customers
coming in and asking about the racecar. Use the opportunity as a public
relations vehicle by displaying the racing team picture on the wall of the
office or store. With us owning a race track we are also able to schedule a
car show with all the race cars at your business, or at a place that would be
beneficial to you and your company. Even if you personally have no
interest in racing, you can still take advantage of the promotional
advantage it can provide your business. Racing events can be a great
environment for the prospective client or existing customer who happens
to be a race fan. Again, use the opportunity to be creative and differentiate
your company from other companies in your market. There is no doubt
that more exposure in the community will translate into a sale down the
                                 The Racecar!

Our race car is a multi -purpose built car, it is designed to run class 10 in the
desert or super buggy when short course racing. We are running a custom
AEM Phazer 2 seat chassis, a-arm front end with 2.0 sway away coil over
shocks (front), 21 inches of travel. 2.5 Sway away coil over shocks (rear)
with 20 inches of travel. We are running a built VW bus transmission with a
2.2 Ecotec engine. And we have the car to compete at the front of the pack
everywhere we go.

We are also in the process of adding a second car that would run in
seperate classes from the 10 car. This second car would run unlimited in
desert races, pro lite in short course races and open comp in stadium races.
It will be powered by a ford small block 302 V 8 with a C4 auto
transmission. It will feature the same type of suspension as the other car
with some heavy duty upgrades.
  We are open to any and all questions or comments you may have as well as any
negotiations. We are currently looking for title sponsors for both cars as well as
secondary sponsors for both. Sponsorships would include product or monetary
compensation for your brands on race car/s and your brand at CORE (Colorado
Off Road Extreme)

 We look forward to hearing from you soon!

                                                                     Carl Miron

                                                                     Collin Miron
                        Contact Information

Carl Miron;
Phone# 303.956.3600
E-Mail carl@coloradooffroadextreme.com
Or     cwmiron@msn.com

Collin Miron;
Phone# 303.710.7517
E-Mail collin@coloradooffroadextreme.com
Or Sk8rKid_65177@msn.com

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