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Prefix a-, anabambiamphianteantiarchbenebicircumconcomcolcorcocontracounterdediadisepieuex-, eextrahyperhypoinimilirinterintraintromacromalmegamicromismonoMeaning not away from both around, both before, in front of against, opposite, not chief, prime well two around, on all sides with before m, p, b before l before r meaning joint(ly) with against, opposite opposite not, away from, down from, entirely through apart, away, not upon, at good out from, former outside, beyond over, excessive less than, under into, not before m, p, b before l before r between, at intervals within within very large ill, bad, badly, wrong great, mighty very small wrong, wrongly, not one, alone English Derivatives amoral, amorphous, anarchy, asymmetrical abnormal, abrupt, abduct, abstain ambidextrous, ambivalence, ambiguous amphibious, amphibian, amphitheater anteroom, antecedent, antediluvian, anterior antidote, anti-Semitic, antipathy, antiseptic archbishop, archangel, archduke, archenemy benefit, benefactor, benevolent, benediction bisect, bifocal, bigamy, bilateral circumference, circumspect, circumlocution, circumnavigate conversation, concord, concomittant, convoy committee, compact, combat colleague, collateral, collapse correlate, correspond, correct co-worker, cooperate, co-author, coexist contradict, contraband, contrary, contravene counterpoint, counteract, counterclockwise, counterespionage descend, dehydrate, deviate, decentralize diagonal, diaphram, diaphanous, diagnosis disembark, disintegrate, disinterested, disorder epidemic, epidermis, epigram, epitaph eugenic, eulogy, euphemism, euphony exit, excavate, ex-governor, exhale, egress extraordinary, extrasensory, extracurricular, extravagant hyperacidity, hypersensitive, hyperthyroid hypo-acidity, hypodermic, hypotenuse inhale, inept, indecent, innocent imbalance, immoral, impolite, impel illiterate, illegal, illegible irregular, irresponsible, irresolute intersperse, intermittent, intersect, intervene intrastate, intramural, intravenous, intracellular introspection, introvert, introduce, introject macrobiotic, macroeconomics malfunction, malnutrition, malevolent, malcontent megalomania, megaphone, megalith, megalopolis microscope, microcosm, micromanage misunderstanding, misuse, mistrust, miscalculate monotone, monopoly, monosyllable, monomania



multitude, multiply, multimillionaire, multicolored nonexistent, nonpayment, nonobjective, nonconformist paraalongside, akin to parachute, paramilitary, parallel perthroughout, completely, percussion, persistence, pervasive, perennial very periaround, about, enclosing perimeter, periscope, periphery, peripatetic postbehind, after posterity, posthumous, postscript, post-impressionism prebefore, earlier, preconceive, premonition, prearrange, predict in front of proforward, before propulsion, prologue, project, progress pseudo- false pseudonym, pseudo-science quadfour quadrangle, quadruped, quadruplet, quadrille quasiin some sense quasi-official, quasi-public reback, again reappear, recapture, recede, reclaim retrobackwards retrospect, retrogress, retroactive, retroflex seaside, apart seclusion, secede, seduce, sequestered semihalf, partly semiannual, semicircle, semiprecious, semiclassical subunder, below submarine, subnormal, subterranean, submerge superover, above, extra superimpose, supernatural, superabundant, superfluous syn-, sym- together with synchronize, synthesis, sympathy, symmetry transacross, over, through, transition, transcend, transcontinental, transgress beyond trithree tri-state, triangle, triplicate, trilogy ultrabeyond, excessively ultraconservative, ultramodern, ultraviolet unione uniform, unilateral, unicameral, unique viceone who takes the place vice-president, viceroy, vice-consul, vice admjral of another

much, many not

Root anthropos aster, astron autos biblion bios chroma chronos demos derma dynamis gamos Meaning man star self book life color time people skin power marriage English Derivatives anthropology, anthropomorphic, anthropoid, misanthropy asteroid, astronomy, astrology, astronaut automatic, autobiography, autonomy, autocrat bibliography, bibliophile, Bible biography, biology, biochemistry kodachrome, chromatic, chromosome chronology, chronicle, chronic epidemic, endemic, democracy, demagogue dermatology, epidermis, dermatoid dynamo, dynamic, dynasty bigamy, monogamy, polygamy


geoglotta gonia gramma graphein helios heteros homos hydor hypnos isos -ites kosmos kratos kryptos kyklos lithos logos mania metron micros morphe nautes neos neuron nomos onoma orthos pan pathos philos phobos phone phos, photos -polis polys protos pseudes psyche pyr, pyros scopein sophos tele

earth geography, geopolitics, geochemistry, geology tongue epiglottis, glottal, polyglot angle pentagon, octogon, hexagon letter, thing written telegram, epigram, monogram write telegraph, graphology, monograph, graphic sun helium, heliotrope, heliocentric other, different heterosexual, heterodox, heterogeneous same homogeneous, homosexual, homogenized water hydrant, hydraulic, dehydrate, hydrophobia sleep hypnotic, hypnotize equal, alike isothermal, isometric, isotope, isosceles disease, inflammation bronchitis, appendicitis, laryngitis order, the world cosmic, cosmopolitan, cosmos, cosmonaut power, rule democrat, autocrat, aristocrat, plutocrat hidden cryptic, cryptogram, crypt circle cycle, cyclone, cyclical, bicycle stone lithograph, monolith, neolithic study of, science of psychology, biology, theology, astrology madness mania, maniac, manic-depressive, kleptomaniac measure micrometer, metric, metronome, geometry small microscope, microbe, microfilm, microphone shape, structure, form morphology, amorphous, polymorphic (or polymorphous) sailor nautical, astronaut, nausea new neoclassic(al), neologism, neophyte nerve neurology, neurotic, neuralgia law, order, economy, agronomy, astronomy knowledge name synonym, antonym, homonym, pseudonym right, straight orthodox, orthodontia, orthography all, completely pan-American, panacea, panorama, panhellenic feeling, suffering pathetic, antipathy, pathology, pathos loving philosopher, anglophile, philology fear phobia, hydrophobia, agorophobia sound, voice phonetics, telephone, phonics, phonograph light photograph, photogenic, photoengraving, photoelectric city metropolis, metropolitan, megalopolis many polygamy, polyglot, polygon, polytechnic first protagonist, proton, protoplasm, prototype false pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-science, pseudonym mind, life, soul psychic, psychology, psychosomatic fire pyromaniac, pyre, pyrotechnics view, examine telescope, microscope, scope clever, wise philosophy, sophist, sophisticated, sophomoric distant telegram, telephone, telepathy


theos therme typos zoion

god heat image, model animal

theology, atheist, theocracy, polytheism thermos, thermodynamics, thermometer, thermonuclear typist, teletype, typical, archetype zoo, zoology, zodiac

Root acer (acri-) aequus (equ-) ager (agr-) amare, amatus anima annus aptare aqua arbiter audire bellum brevis capere, captus caput, capitis caedere (cid-) carnis cedere, cessus celerare centum civis civilis clamare clarus claudere (clud-, clus-) corpus credere, creditus crescere, cretus crux, cruces culpare currere, cursus dens, dentis deus dexter dicere, dictus domus dominus Meaning English Derivatives sharp acrid, acumen, acrimony, acute equal, fair equanimity, equity, equality, adequate field agriculture, agronomy, agrarian love amatory, enamor, amateur, amour life, breath, soul, mind animal, animated, magnanimous, unanimous year annual, anniversary, biennial, perennial fit aptitude, adapt, inept water aqueduct, aquatic, aquarium, aqueous judge arbitration, arbitrary, arbitrator hear auditorium, auditor, audition, inaudible war belligerent, bellicose, antebellum short brief, brevity, abbreviate take, accept capture, capacious, capacity, captive head captain, capital, decapitate kill homicide, germicide, suicidal flesh carnal, carnival, carnivorous, incarnate go away, move, yield antecedent, procedure, accessible, predecessor hasten celerity, accelerate, decelerate hundred cent, percent, century, centennial citizen civil, civilian, civics, civilization civil cry out clamor, acclamation, exclaim, declamation clear clarify, clarity, declare shut, close include, exclusive, seclusion, occlude body believe, trust grow cross blame run tooth god right say house master, lord corporeal, corpse, incorporate, corporation credulous, creditable, credible, creed excrescence, crescent, accretion, increase crux, crucial, crucify, crucifix culpable, exculpate, culprit cursory, current, discursive, concur dentrifice, dental, dentist, dentition deify, deity, deist dexterity, ambidextrous malediction, dictaphone, contradict, interdiction domicile, domestic, dome dominate, dominant, dominion, predominant


donare, donatus ducere, ductus duo duplicare errare facere, factus (-fic) fullere fervere fidere fidelis flare, flatus flectere, flexus fluere, fluctus fortis frater fundere, fusus genus gratus gradi, gressus ire, itus judicium lapsus latus lateralis legere, lectus lex, legis liber lingua litera locus loqui lumen, luminis magnus mandare, -atus manus mare marinus medius migrare, -atus

give, present lead two double wander do, make

donor, donate abduct, viaduct, ductile, conductor duet, dual, duo duplicate, duplex, duplicity erratic, error, erroneous malefactor, manufacture, facsimile, factory

deceive fallacy, fallacious, infallible boil, glow trust fidelity, confidence, fiduciary faithful blow deflate, inflation, flatulent bend flexible, reflection, deflect flow affluent, influx, fluent, fluctuation strong, brave fortify, fortitude, fortress brother fraternize, fraternity, fratricide pour, meld diffuse, refund, confound, effusive kind, sort, race degenerate, generic, genealogy, genesis pleasing, thankful gratitude, grateful, gratuitous, congratulate go, step progressive, gradual, gradation, digression go transit, exit, transient judgment adjudicate, judicious, judicial, judiciary a fall lapse, elapse, collapse side unilateral, collateral, lateral lateral choose, gather, read electorate, colleague, predilection, lecturn law, rule legislate, legislature, legal free liberate, liberal, liberty, libertine tongue, language bilingual, lingo, linguistics, lingua franca letter (of the alphabet) literate, literal, obliterate, literature place local, locomotive, locus speak eloquent, elocution, loquacious, colloquial light illuminate, luminous, luminary great magnify, magnitude, magnet, magnificent entrust, command commandant, mandate, mandatory, demand hand manicure, manacle, manufacture sea marine, marina, mariner, submarine related to the sea middle median, mediate, medium move from one place migrant, emigrate, immigrate, migratory to another mille thousand millimeter, millennium, millionaire mittere, missus send, throw missionary, emit, missile, mission minor smaller, inferior diminish, minimize, minimum, minority monere, monitus warn premonition, admonish, monitor mors, mortis death immortal, mortality, mortuary, postmortem


mur mutare, -atus nascor, natus nocere nomen, nominis nox, noctis ordo pater pax, pacis pellere, pulsus pendere, pensus pes, pedis petere, petitus

wall change bear, be born harm name night rank, order father peace drive hang, weigh foot strive for, seek ask, attack placere please planus flat, level plenus full plicare fold ponere, positus place, put populus people portare carry potens powerful primus first proprius one’s own proximus nearest regere, rectus rule, direct, manage rectus right rex, Regis king regula rule rumpere, ruptus break sagax, sagacis wise sanctus holy scendere (scend-) climb sciens knowing scribere, scriptus write sedere, sessus sit, sink down sentire, sensus feel sequi, secutus follow similis like solus alone solpere, solutus loosen, free specere, spectus look spirare breathe stringere, strictus draw tight tangere, tactus touch tenere, tensus stretch

immure, mural, intra-mural immutable, mutation, commute renaissance, native, innate, cognate innocent, innocuous nominee, nominal, misnomer, nomenclature nocturnal, equinox, nocturne ordinary, subordinate, coordinate patrimony, patricide, patriotic pacific, pacify, pacifist repulsive, compulsion, impel appendage, impending, ponderous, pensive quadruped, pedestrian, centipede petulant, impetus, perpetual, petition placate, complacent, complaisant, implacable plane, explanation, plain plenteous, replenish, plenipotentiary, plenitude duplicate, explicate, complicated postpone, dispose, component, position populous, population, popular portable, import, deportment, porter potent, potential, potentate, omnipotent prime, primeval, primary, primitive property, appropriate, proper, expropriate proximity, approximate incorrigible, regulate, rectify, rectitude regal, regent, regime, regulate rupture, disrupt, interruption, erupt sage, sagacious, sagacity sanctum, sanctimonious, sanctuary, sanctify ascend, descendant, scan science, scientist, omniscient prescribe, proscribe, script, inscription sedentary, session, sediment, recession sentiment, sensation, resent, sensitive sequence, subsequent, sequel, consecutive similar, assimilate, simile, similitude solo, solitary, desolate, soliloquy solvent, dissolve, solution, resolve spectator, circumspect, spectacular, perspective respiration, inspirational, expiration, aspire astringent, stringent, strict, stricture tactile, intact, tangent, tangible tension, intention, retension, tensile


tempus, tempor- time torquere, tortus trahere, tractus vacuus valere, valutus venire, ventus vertere, versus verus videre, visus vincere, victus vivere vocare, vocatus volens volvere, volutes vorare

temporary, contemporary, extemporaneous, tempo twist torque, distort, contort, extortion pull, draw traction, distract, retract, intractable empty vacuum, evacuate, vacuous be strong, have worth valiant, validate, evaluate, valuable come convene, souvenir, contravene, circumvent turn versatile, extravert, diverse, adversity true verify, veracity, veritable see visible, evident, television, audio-visual conquer victorious, invincible, convict, vanquish live vivid, vivacious, revive, survive call irrevocable, vociferous, invocation, evocation willing, wishing benevolent, volition, malevolent turn, roll revolve, convolution, involved devour carnivorous, voracious, herbivorous


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