Sprague_Alvarez by xiaoyounan


									Courtney Sprague                         February 10,2011                                 English 10

       Julia Alvarez is an Author from the Dominic Republic, who writes about Her experiences

in Her poems Exile, and All-American Girl, Antojos, and also in Her essay My First Free

Summer. These stories explain how she felt when She had came to America.

       Alvarez uses figurative language to develop her style and theme. First of all in “My First

Free Summer”, Alvarez tells her story of escaping a dictatorship in the Dominic Republic when

she realizes she will need to speak English, she describes the language as being like “rock-in-

your-mouth”(pg.265). This description tells the readers Alvarez believed English was a difficult

ugly language, and something she did not want to do. When Alvarez`s family had come to

America, She despised being Here She didn’t like the fact that she had to go to Summer School.

She didn’t want to learn English at all. In Exile, Alvarez described leaving her country, like she

was swimming in deep like Jesus on a Cross. Alvarez described arriving in American, was like

being at Macy`s, the Worlds Largest Department Store. Julia Alvarez uses her experiences as

both a citizen of the Dominic Republic and of the United States in her writing. Her background

and culture are evident in her essay “My First Free Summer”, her poems “Exile”, and “All-

American Girl”, and her short story Antojos. Julia Alvarez writes about experiences that she

went through in the Dominic Republic, like how her country was being held under dictatorship,


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