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					Ten Of The Most Popular Caribbean Holiday Islands
Posted by Andrew Prince on 14th, September 2012
Autumn is here and soon winter will come knocking on
our doors as well. What better way to beat the winter blues
than to set sail and head to the sand and surf of the
gorgeous Caribbean?

Famed the world over for their white beaches, turquoise
blue waters, swaying palm fronds, and an exotic culture,
the Caribbean islands attract tourists from all over the
world. A whopping 1.32 million tourists visited the
Caribbean island of Bahamas alone in the first six months
of 2012!

The Caribbean islands are among the top 10 package
holiday destinations among British tourists as well.
If you planning on setting sail on an exciting island
hopping holiday, ten of the most popular Caribbean
holiday islands are:

1. Jamaica

No Caribbean holiday is ever complete without a stopover
in Jamaica - the fourth largest island of the Greater Antilles
(which includes Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic
and Haiti). A very lively culture, terrific Jamaican reggae music, and affordable hotels and restaurants
are just one of the reasons to visit this beautiful Caribbean island.

2. Bahamas

The island of Bahamas is just one short flight away from Miami and attracts American tourists by the
boat-full, who come for the island's beautiful beaches and its flamingo-ruled marshes. Extremely
affordable airfare and cheap hotel rooms make it an attractive destination for British tourists, who can
even hope over to Miami for the weekend.

3. Antigua

Antigua checks all the boxes for an island paradise: never-ending beaches with soft, powdery sand,
picture-perfect swaying palm fronds, and gorgeous colonial era architecture. A little more expensive
than most Caribbean islands, Antigua is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway.
Best Caribbean Island | Caribbean Holiday

                                            4. Cayman Islands

                                         Easily among the prettiest of Caribbean islands, the Cayman
                                         Islands has attracted massive investment from American &
                                         British entrepreneurs who throng the island for its zero-
                                         income tax rule. Consequently, the Cayman Islands has one
                                         of the highest average income in the world. It is arguably
                                         more expensive than most Caribbean destinations, but this
British Overseas Territory offers much more in terms of comfort and lifestyle.

5. U.S. Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands are synonymous with Spring Break in the United States. Once the crowds
depart, however, these islands come into full bloom, with soft, powdery sandy beaches and clear blue
water, and the perfect slow-paced island lifestyle.

6. Turks & Caicos

Stunning white beaches welcome tourists in Turks & Caicos, located a short flight away from Miami.
These islands are ideal for a tourists who seek comfort and a vibrant nightlife, and who don't mind
splurging a bit on hotels and food.

7. British Virgin Islands

Get a taste of colonial British culture in the British Virgin Islands, which promise a throbbing nightlife,
the poshest of hotels, and the finest of cuisines in the Caribbean, thanks to the overwhelming British

8. Puerto Rico

A long favourite among Americans, British tourists are finally beginning to realize the tremendous
potential of these islands. Cheap hotels, rich history, and friendly locals make Puerto Rico the perfect
stop for a week long holiday.
9. Cuba

Communist Cuba seems to exist in a time warp. Step into Havana and you'll feel you have been
transported back to 1960. The islands are a welcome breath of fresh air with no mobile coverage and no
modern cars. Come here to relieve yourself of the stress of modern life, and sink back into the
welcoming arms of palm fringed beaches and friendly locals.

10. Barbados

No island does 'Caribbean' better than Barbados. It can be trite and cliche at times, but the Barbados
islands offer a taste of thriving Caribbean culture with incredible local cuisine, fantastic music, and the
best nightlife in the region after Jamaica.

The first thing you will need to do if you are thinking of sailing to and from these beautiful islands is
getting a competent crew RYA sailing course. Once you have become a proficient day skipper you will
be hoisting the main sail and raising the balast in no time. Visit Mustang Sailing in Brighton for more

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