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									                                                                  CALENDAR OF EVENTS

                                                       Paralyzed Veterans of America, Biannual
Paralyzed Veterans of America Annual                   Meeting, Louisville, KY, August 11-15. (For
Convention, Denver, CO, July 26-August 2.              information: Pam Davis, Paralyzed Veterans
(For information : Pam Davis, Paralyzed                of America, 801 18th St . NW, Washington,
Veterans of America, 801 18th St . NW,                 DC 20036)
Washington, DC 20036)
                                                       International Society of Orthopaedic
World Congress on Pain, 5th, Congress                  Surgery & Traumatology, Munich, Bavaria,
Center Hamburg, Hamburg, West Germany,                 West Germany, August 16-21. (For
August 2-7 . (For information : Congress               information: Mr. H. Wagner, President of
Organization, 5th World Congress on Pain,              Congress, Orthopaedic Klinik Wichernhaus,
c/o Hamburg Messe and Congress GmbH,                   Krankenhaus D 8501 Schwarzenbruck,
Postfach 30 24 80 2000 Hamburg 36, West                Nuremberg, West Germany)
                                                       International Australian Winter Conference
Quinquennial Conference of the                         on Brain Research, 5th, Travelodge,
International Council for Education of the             Queenstown, New Zealand, August 16-21.
Visually Handicapped, Wurzburg, West                   (For information : Australian Winter
Germany, August 2-8 . (For information : W.            Conference on Brain Research, Graham V.
A. Stein, International Council for                    Goddard, Professor and Chairman,
Education of Visually Handicapped,                     Department of Psychology, P .O. Box 56,
Postfach 364, D-614 Bensheim 1, West                   University of Otago, Dunedin, New
Germany)                                               Zealand)

Society for Materials Management, Annual               Disabled American Veterans, National
Meeting, Royal York Hotel, Toronto,                    Convention, Marriott Marquis Hotel, Atlanta,
Canada, August 3-5 . (For information : Cheryl         GA, August 16-20. (For information : Robert
Ritzi, SMM, 840 Lake Shore Dr ., Chicago, IL           Lenham, Convention Coordinator, DAV,
60611)                                                 3725 Alexandria Pike, Cold Spring, KY
Society for Industrial Microbiology, Annual
Meeting, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Baltimore,               Meeting on Cell Biology and Technology,
MD, August 9-14 . (For information : Anne              Oxford, UK, August 16-21. (For information:
Kulback, SIM, PO Box 12534, Arlington, VA              Dr . I.A. Sutherland, Engineering Dept .,
22203-8354)                                            National Institute for Medical Research,
                                                       Mill Hill, London NW7 IAA, United
2nd International Conference on                        Kingdom)
Physiological Fluid Dynamics, Madras, India,
August 10-12. (For information : Dr . Megha            Augmentative and Alternative
Singh, Organising Secretary, ICPFD,                    Communication : State of the Art and
Biomedical Engineering Division, Indian                Science 1987, Purdue University, W.
Institute of Technology, Madras 600 036,               Lafayette, IN, August 17-19 . (For
India)                                                 information : Dr . Lyle Lloyd or Dr . George
                                                       Karlan, Purdue University, S . Campus
Harubin International Conference on                    Courts, Bldg . E, West Lafayette, IN 47907)
Medical Engineering, Harubin, China, Mid-
August. (For information : Mrs . Ma Fu Hya,            American Psychological Association, 95th
Scientific & Technological Association, 204            Annual Convention, New York Hilton
Zhong Shan Road, Harubin, Heilongjian                  Sheraton Centre, New York Marriott, Penta
Shang, People's Republic of China)                     Hotels, New York, NY, August 28 to
 Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development Vol . 24 No . 3 Summer 1987

 September 1 . (For information : Candy Won,                     European Congress of Neurosurgery, Eighth,
 Convention Manager, American                                    Barcelona, Spain, September 6-11 . (For
 Psychological Association, 1200 17th St . NW,                   information : 8th European Congress of
 Washington, DC 20036)                                           Neurosurgery, Palacio de Congresos,
                                                                 Avenida Reina M. Christina, 08004
 American Chemical Society, Fall Meeting,                        Barcelona, Spain)
 New Orleans, LA, August 30-September 4.
 (For information : Meetings Dept ., ACS, 1155                  HUSITA '87, Human Service Information
 Sixteenth St . NW, Washington, DC 20036)                       Technology Applications, First International
                                                                Convention, Birmingham, UK, September 7-
European Association for the Study of                           11 . (For information : Walter LaMendola,
Diabetes, 23rd Annual Meeting, Leipzig, West                    Information Technology Center, University
Germany (DDR), September. (For                                  of Denver, CO 80208)
information : European Association for the
Study of Diabetes, 10 Queen Anne St .,                          European Society of Neuroradiology, 14th
London W1M OBD, United Kingdom)                                 Meeting, Udine, Italy, September 8-12 . (For
                                                                information : Prof . Marco Leonardi, Servizio
7th Hungarian Conference on Biomedical                          di Neuroradiologia, Ospedale Civile 33100,
Engineering, Debrecen, Hungary, September.                      Udine, Italy)
(For information : Ms . Zsuzsa Pinter,
Scientific Society of Measurement &                             International Conference on Holographic
Automation, Kossuth ter 6-8, PO Box 451, H-                     Systems, Components and Applications,
1372 Budapest, Hungary)                                         Cambridge, UK, September 10-12 . (For
                                                                information : Conference Secretariat,
40th Annual Conference on Engineering in                        Institution of Electronic & Radio Engineers,
Medicine and Biology, Niagara Falls,                            99 Gower St ., London WC1E 6AZ, United
Ontario, Canada, September . (For                               Kingdom)
information : Patricia Horner, Alliance for
Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Suite                      Fifteenth Cornea Research Conference,
700, 1101 Connecticut Ave . NW, Washington,                     Boston, MA, September 10-12. (For
DC 20036)                                                       information : Kenneth Kenyon, MD, Eye
                                                                Reasearch Institute, 20 Standiford St .,
South African Society of Physiotherapy,                         Boston, MA 02114)
17th National Council Meeting, Capetown,
South Africa, Fall. (For information : South                   Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Annual
African Society of Physiotherapy, The                          Conference, Hilton Hotel, Niagara Falls, NY,
General Secretary, P .O . Box 47238, Parklands                 September 10-13 . (For information : Mrs . P . I.
2121, Johannesburg, South Africa)                              Horner, Executive Director, Alliance for
                                                               Engineering in Medicine and Biology, 1101
UK BES Annual Meeting, Oxford, UK,                             Connecticut Ave . NW, Suite 700, Washington,
September 2-4 . (For information : Biological                  DC 20036)
Engineering Society, c/o Royal College of
Surgeons, 35-43 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London                   Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of
WC2A 3PN, United Kingdom)                                      Canada, Annual Scientific Meeting,
                                                               Convention Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba,
International Society for Prosthetics and                      September 11-15. (For information : A. L.
Orthotics, International Seminar on                            Chabot, Head, Meetings & Assemblies,
Traumatic Amputations, Herzliya, Israel,                       Office of Fellowship Affairs, Royal College
September 6-11. (For information : Prof . H.                   of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada, 74
Stein, Chairman, PO Box 50006, Tel Aviv,                       Stanley Ave ., Ottowa, Ontario KIM 1P4,
61500 Israel)                                                  Canada)
                                                                                      Calendar of Events

American College of Radiology, Annual           Council, 65 Davies St ., London, W1Y 2AA
Meeting, Red Lion Sea/Tac Hotel, Seattle,       United Kingdom)
WA, September 12-17 . (For information:
ACR, 1891 Preston White Dr ., Reston, VA        Course on Fundamentals and Applications of
22091)                                          Lasers, Boston, MA, September 21-25 . (For
                                                information: Marge Lee, The Laser Institute
Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society,       of America, 5151 Monroe St ., Suite 102W,
Annual Meeting, Radisson Mark Plaza,            Toledo, OH 43623)
Alexandria, VA, September 15-17 . (For
information : Karen Lancaster, RAPS, 1101       American Academy of Orthotists and
Connecticut Ave . NW, Suite . 700,              Prosthetists Annual National Assembly,
Washington, DC 20036)                           Hyatt Regency Hotel, San Francisco, CA,
                                                September 21-27 . (For information : American
3rd IMEKO Symposium on Thermal and              Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists, 717
Temperature Measurement in Science and          Pendleton St., Alexandria, VA 22314)
Industry, Sheffield, UK, September 15-17.
(For information : IMEKO TC 12 Symposium        American Paraplegia Society, Annual
Secretariat, 87 Gower St ., London WCIE         Meeting, Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, NV,
6AZ, United Kingdom)                            September 22-24 . (For information : Dr . John
                                                George, President, American Paraplegia
European Conference on Biomechanics in          Society, 432 Park Ave . South, New York, NY
Sport, Leeds, UK, September 16-17 . (For        10016)
information: Paul Wright, Conference
Department C349, The Institution of             Quality Control, Conference and Exhibition,
Mechanical Engineers, 1 Birdcage Walk,          Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI, September 22-24.
Westminster, London SW 1 H 9JJ, UK)             (For information : Joseph C . Maurer, Tower
                                                Conference Management Co ., 331 W. Wesley
New Zealand Ophthalmological Society,           St., Wheaton, IL 60187)
Annual Meeting, Hyatt-Kingscate Hotel,
Rotorua, New Zealand, September 16-20.          British Orthopaedic Association, Autumn
(For information : David W. Sabiston, P .O.     Meeting, Barbican Centre, London, United
Box 294, Napier 4000, Hawkes Bay, New           Kingdom, September 23-25. (For information:
Zealand)                                        L. Klenertian, Honorable Secretary, British
                                                Orthopaedic Association, c/o Royal College
Health Industry Distributors Association,       of Surgeons, 35-43 Lincoln's Inn Fields,
Annual Meeting, Rivergate Exhibition            London WC2A 3PN, United Kingdom)
Center, New Orleans, LA, September 19-23.
(For information : HIDA, 111 E . Wacker Dr .,   International Congress on Occupational
Chicago, IL 60601)                              Health, 22nd, Sheraton-Wentworth &
                                                Intercontinental Hotels, Sydney, Australia,
National Electrical Manufacturers               September 27-October 2. (For information:
Association, Division 9 Annual Meeting,         Miss B . S . Parrott, Congress Organizer, GPO
Hilton Head, SC, September 19-24 . (For         Box 2609, Sydney, NSW 2001, Australia)
information : NEMA, 2101 L St . NW,
Washington, DC 20037)                           The Rehabilitation Institute of Pittsburgh
                                                Conference, "Community Re-entry Following
Meeting on Organ Transplantation : The          Head Injury," Vista Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA,
Oxbridge Course, Oxford, United Kingdom,        September 28-30. (For information : Training
September 20-25 . (For information : The        Department, The Rehabilitation Institute of
Director, Courses Department, The British       Pittsburgh, 6301 Northumberland St .,
                                                Pittsburgh, PA 15217)
Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development Vol . 24 No . 3 Summer 1987

4th Conference on Advances in Biomedical                        Francisco, CA, October 11-16 . (For
Measurement, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia,                        information: Fred C . Spillman, Convention
late September . (For information : IMEKO                       Manager, ACS, 55 E . Erie St ., Chicago, IL
Secretariat, 1371 Budapest, 5-POB 457,                          60611)
                                                                Computer Technology/Special
Health Industry Manufacturers Association,                      Education/Rehabilitation, Third Annual
Fall Meeting, Washington, DC, October 2-3.                      International Conference, University Student
(For information : Cass Foley, HIMA, 1030                       Union Bldg ., California State University,
Fifteenth St. NW, Washington, DC 20005)                         Northridge, CA, October 15-17 . (For
                                                                information : Dr . Harry Murphy, Office of
8th International Conference of the                             Disabled Student Services, California State
Cardiovascular System Dynamics Society,                         University-Northridge, 18111 Nordhoff St .,
Osaka, Japan, October 4-9 . (For information:                   Northridge, CA 91330)
Dr. Masatsugu Hori, First Dept . of Medicine,
Osaka University School of Medicine, 1-1-50                     American Academy of Physical Medicine and
Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka 553,                             Rehabilitation and the American Congress of
Japan)                                                          Rehabilitation Medicine, Annual Meeting,
                                                                Orlando World Center, Orlando, FL, October
American Institute of Ultrasound in                             18-23. (For information : AAPM&R/ACRM,
Medicine, Annual Meeting, Rivergate Hotel,                      30 N . Michigan Ave ., Chicago, IL 60602)
New Orleans, LA, October 6-9. (For
information : AIUM, 4405 East/West Hwy .,                       Course on Laser Safety: Hazards, Inspection
Ste. 504, Bethesda, MD 20814)                                   and Control, Washington, DC, October 19-23.
                                                                (For information : Marge Lee, The Laser
American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and                         Institute of America, 5151 Monroe St ., Suite
Developmental Medicine, 41st Annual                             102W, Toledo, OH 43623)
Meeting, Westin Hotel, Boston, MA, October
7-10 . (For information : American Academy                      Third International Conference on Rural
for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental                            Rehabilitation Technologies, University of
Medicine, P .O. Box 11083, Richmond, VA                         North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND, October 20-
23230)                                                          22 . (For information : ICRRT Headquarters,
                                                                Office of Clinical Development, Box 8202
Association of Life Insurance Medical                           University Station, Grand Forks, ND 58202;
Directors of America, 96th Annual Meeting,                      or call Deb Gasal, [701] 780-2444)
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Minneapolis, MN,
October 11-14 . (For information : Association                 Southern Biomedical Engineering
of Life Insurance Medical Directors of                         Conference, Sixth, University of Texas
America, Joseph R . Jurkoic, MD, Secretary,                    Health Science Center at Dallas, October 23-
One Tower Square, Hartford, CT 06183-                          24 . (For information : Robert C . Eberhart,
1030)                                                          Conference Chairman, Department of
                                                               Surgery/Biomedical Engineering Program,
American Physiological Society, Fall                           University of Texas Health Science Center
Meeting, Town & Country Hotel, San Diego,                      at Dallas, 5323 Harry Hines Blvd ., Dallas,
CA, October 11-15. (For information : Ms . G.                  TX 75235-9031)
Goodenough, Meeting Manager, American
Physiological Society, 9650 Rockville Pike,                    Social Sciences & Medicine, 10th
Bethesda, MD 20814)                                            International Conference, Hotel Terramar,
                                                               Sitges (Barcelona), Spain, October 26-30 . (For
American College of Surgeons, Annual                           information: Dr. P . J .M. McEwan, Editor-in-
Clinical Congress, Fairmont Hotel, San                         Chief, Social Science & Medicine,
                                                                                     Calendar of Events

Glengarden, Bridge of Gairn, Ballater,          American Association of Physicists in
Aberdeenshire, AB3 5UB, UK)                     Medicine and the Radiological Society of
                                                North America, Joint Meeting, New York,
Myoelectronic Upper Extremity Prosthetics:      NY, November 29-December 4 . (For
New Help, New Hope, Detroit, MI, October        information: Elaine P . Osterman, Executive
29-30. (For information : Dan Tomaszewski,      Secretary, American Association of
Director of Education, Rehabilitation           Physicists in Medicine, 335 East 45th St .,
Institute, 261 Mack Boulevard, Detroit, MI      New York, NY 10017)
                                                Course on Fundamentals and Applications of
American Academy of Pediatrics, Annual          Lasers, Albuquerque, NM, December 7-11.
Meeting, New Orleans, LA, October 31-           (For information : Marge Lee, The Laser
November 5 . (For information : William G.      Institute of America, 5151 Monroe St ., Suite
Janzen, Manager, Office of Meeting Services,    102W, Toledo, OH 43623)
American Academy of Pediatrics, 141
Northwest Point Road, Elk Grove Village,        3-D Imaging in Medicine, Penn Tower Hotel,
IL 60007)                                       Philadelphia, PA, December 10-12 . (For
                                                information: Ms. Janice Ford, CME
Association of Military Surgeons of the         Coordinator, Dept . of Radiology, Hospital of
United States, 94th Annual Meeting, Las         the University of Pennsylvania, 3400 Spruce
Vegas, NV, November 8-13. (For information:     St., Philadelphia, PA 19104 (215) 662-
Linda Hines, Conservation Manager,              6904/6982)
Association of Military Surgeons of the
United States, c/o T. G . McMahon, Asst.
Executive Director, 10605 Concord St ., Suite
306, P.O . Box 104, Kensington, MD 20895)                           1988

American Speech-Language-Hearing                American Academy of Orthotists and
Association, Annual Convention, New             Prosthetists (AAOP), Newport Beach, CA,
Orleans, LA, November 13-16 . (For              January 25-31 . (For information : American
information : Conventions, (301) 897-5700)      Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists, 717
                                                Pendleton St., Alexandria, VA 22314)
Acoustical Society of America, Miami, FLA,
November 16-20. (For information : Acoustical   International Symposium on Blindness and
Society of America, 335 East 45th St ., New     Visual Impairment, Beverly Hills Hotel,
York, NY 10017)                                 Beverly Hills, CA, February 3-6 . (For
                                                information : Foundation for the Junior
American Heart Association, Scientific          Blind, 5300 Angeles Vista Boulevard, Los
Sessions, Convention Center, Anaheim,           Angeles, CA 90043)
California, November 16-19 . (For
information : American Heart Association,       American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons,
Director of Meetings, Conventions and           Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, February 4-9.
Exhibits, 7320 Greenville Ave ., Dallas, TX     (For information : 444 N . Michigan Ave .,
75231)                                          Suite 1500, Chicago, IL 60611)

Society for Neuroscience, Meeting, New          American Association for the Advancement
Orleans, LA, November 16-21 . (For              of Science, (AAAS) Annual Meeting, Boston,
information : Nancy Beang, Executive            MA, February 15-16 . (For information:
Director, Society for Neuroscience, 11          AAAS, 1776 Massachusetts Ave ., NW,
Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 130, Washington,       Washington, DC 20036)
DC 20036)
Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development Vol . 24 No . 3 Summer 1987

International Annual Symposium on the                           Therapy Association, 1111 N . Fairfax St.,
Surgical Treatment of Arthritis (10th                           Alexandria, VA 22314, 703-684-2782)
Anniversary), March 28-31 . (For
information : David G . Mendes, M.D.,                           Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc .,
Director of the Research Center for Implant                     3rd National Convention, Riverside
Surgery or Moshe Iusim, M .D., P .O. Box 4940,                  Convention Center, Rochester, NY, June 24-
Haifa, Israel)                                                  27 . (For information : Convention
                                                                Coordinator, SHHH, 7800 Wisconsin Ave .,
International Rehabilitation Week, Jacob K.                     Bethesda, MD 20814 ; [301] 657-2248)
Javits Convention Center, New York, NY,
Spring . (For information : Wendy Morris,                       Rehabilitation Technology, 11th Annual
ATEC [212] 563-5350)                                            Conference, Palais des Congres, Montreal,
                                                                Canada, June 25-30 . (For information:
7th International Congress of the                               RESNA, Association for the Advancement
International Radiation Protection                              of Rehabilitation Technology, Suite 700,
Association, Sydney, Australia, April 10-17.                    1101 Connecticut Ave ., N.W., Washington,
(For information : IRPA, 7 Secretariat, GPO                     D.C. 20036, 202-857-1199)
Box 2609, Sydney, New South Wales 2001,
Australia)                                                      World Congress on Medical Physics and
                                                                Biomedical Engineering, San Antonio, Texas,
Xth Congress of the International                               August 6-12. (For information : David T.
Federation of Physical Medicine and                             Kopp, Ph .D., Secretary General, Univ. of
Rehabilitation, Sheraton Hotel Centre,                          Texas Health Science Center, 7703 Floyd
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, April 11-15 . (For                    Curl Dr ., San Antonio, TX 78284)
information : The Secretary, Xth Congress,
International Federation of Physical                            UK BES Annual Meeting, Salford, UK,
Medicine and Rehabilitation, 545 Jarvis St .,                   September . (For information : Biological
Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2H8 Canada)                               Engineering Society, c/o Royal College of
                                                                Surgeons, 35-43 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London
Quadrennial Congress of the International                       WC2A 3PN, UK)
Federation of Physical Medicine and
Rehabilitation, Toronto, Canada, May. (For                      World Congress of Rehabilitation
information : Dr . John L . Melvin, 1000 N 92                   International, 16th, Keio Plaza
St., Milwaukee, WI 53226)                                       Intercontinental Hotel, Shinjuku, Tokyo,
                                                                Japan, September 5-9 . (For information:
1988 International Medical Society of                           Secretary General, 16th World Congress of
Paraplegia Meeting, The Merlin Hotel, Perth,                    Rehabilitation, c/o the Japanese Society for
Western Australia, May 8-14 . (For                              Rehabilitation of the Disabled, 3-13-15,
information : Ms. Lesley Hudson, 2020                           Higashi-Ikebukoro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170,
Peachtree Road, NW, Atlanta, GA 30309)                          Japan)

Congress of the World Federation of                             DUNDEE '88 - International Conference on
Occupational Therapists, Australia, June.                       Wheelchairs and Special Seating, Dundee,
(For information : Ms . S. Deglio, Plaistow                     Scotland, September 12-16 . (For information:
Hospital, Samson St ., London E13, UK)                          Dundee '88 Secretariat, c/o Dundee Limb
                                                                Fitting Centre, 133 Queen St ., Broughty
American Physical Therapy Association,                          Ferry, Dundee DD5 lAG, Scotland)
Joint Congress with the Canadian
Physiotherapy Association, Metro Toronto                       IMEKO XI, Houston, Texas, October 16-21.
Convention Center, Toronto, Canada, June                       (For information : IMEKO Secretariat, 1371
12-16. (For information : American Physical                    Budapest, 5-POB 457, Hungary)
                                                                                       Calendar of Events

4th World Congress on Cardiac                   Acoustical Society of America, St . Louis,
Rehabilitation, Broadbeach, Australia,          MO, November 6-10 . (For information:
October 23-27 . (For information : Dr . R. M.   Acoustical Society of America, 335 East 45th
Goodwin, National Heart Foundation of           St., New York, NY 10017)
Australia, GPO Box 2448, Brisbane 4001,
Australia)                                      International Society for Prosthetics and
                                                Orthotics, 6th World Congress, Kobe, Japan,
American Orthotic and Prosthetic                November 12-17 . (For information : Joan
Association, Annual National Assembly,          Edelstein, Sec ./Treas ., 317 E. 34th St., 10th
MGM Grand Hotel, Reno, NV, October 25-30.       Floor, New York, NY 10016, 212-340-6683)
(For information : American Orthotic and
Prosthetic Association, 717 Pendleton St .,     American Speech-Language-Hearing
Alexandria, VA 22314 (703) 836-7116)            Association, Annual Convention, St. Louis,
                                                MO, November 17-20 . (For information:
Acoustical Society of America, Honolulu,        Conventions, (301) 897-5700)
Hawaii, November 14-18. (For information:
Acoustical Society of America, 335 East 45th
St ., New York, NY 10017)                                            1990

American Speech-Language-Hearing                Acoustical Society of America, Pennsylvania
Association, Annual Convention, Boston, MA,     State University, State College, PA, May 21-
November 18-21 . (For information:              25 . (For information : Acoustical Society of
Conventions, (301) 897-5700)                    America, 335 East 45th St ., New York, NY
                                                Acoustical Society of America, San Diego,
IFAC Symposium on Adaptive Systems in           CA, November 26-30 . (For information:
Control and Signal Processing, Glasgow, UK,     Acoustical Society of America, 335 East 45th
April. (For information : Rosamund da Gama,     St., New York, NY 10017)
Institute of Measurement and Control, 87
Gower St ., London WC1E 6AA, UK)

Acoustical Society of America, Syracuse,
New York, May 22-26 . (For information:
Acoustical Society of America, 335 East 45th
St ., New York, NY 10017)

Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc .,
4th National Convention, Hyatt Regency
Hotel, Bethesda, MD, June 30-July 3 . (For
information : Convention Coordinator,
SHHH, 7800 Wisconsin Ave ., Bethesda, MD
20814 ; [301] 657-2248)

American Orthotic and Prosthetic
Association, Annual National Assembly,
MGM Grand Hotel, Reno, NV, October 2-8.
(For information : American Orthotic and
Prosthetic Association, 717 Pendleton St .,
Alexandria, VA 22314, (703) 836-7116)
  The Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development                  is assumed that in "unpublished observations" or "personal
appears quarterly except for January, when an annual Progress             communications" the author has secured the permission of the
Reports is issued . The Journal publishes original scientific and         person cited . Authors are responsible for the accuracy of their
engineering papers, reviews, technical notes, letters to the editor,      references.
book reviews, editorials, and current information about ongoing
research (Progress Reports) in the field of rehabilitation . The             References should be typed separately, double-spaced (not
Journal welcomes submissions from sources within the United               single-spaced), arranged alphabetically by author, and numbered
States and throughout the world:                                          serially, with only one reference per number . The number appro-
                                                                          priate to each reference should be included in parentheses at the
                                                                          proper point in the text.
Review Process
                                                                            Tables should not duplicate material in text or illustrations . They
   All scientific papers submitted to the Journal are subject to
critical peer review by at least two referees, either editorial board    should be numbered consecutively with arabic numerals cited in the
                                                                         text . Each table should be typed double-spaced on a separate sheet
members or ad hoc consultants, who have special expertise in a
                                                                         and should have a brief title ; explanatory matter should be in
particular subject. To ensure objectivity, the identities of the
                                                                         footnotes, not in the title . Short or abbreviated column heads
author(s) of a paper and the referees reviewing it will not be
                                                                         should be used and explained if necessary in footnotes.
revealed to each other . The final decision as to the paper's
suitability for publication rests with the editors of the Journal.          Mathematical Formulas and Specialized Nomenclature : Tra-
                                                                         ditional mathematical treatments should be extended by adding
Style of Manuscript                                                      brief narrative notes of explanation and definitions of terms, as
                                                                         appropriate, to ensure that readers of other disciplines gain the
   Manuscripts should meet these requirements to avoid delay in
                                                                         fullest understanding of the material presented.
review and publication:
   n Only original papers written in English will be accepted.           Permissions and Copyright
   n Manuscripts should be typewritten on good quality 8yz by 11
     inch white paper (erasable bond is unacceptable), be double-             Articles published and their original illustrations (unless
                                                                         borrowed from copyrighted sources) are in the public domain.
     or triple-spaced, and have liberal margins . Handwritten
     manuscripts, single-spaced material, and excessive interlinear      Borrowed illustrations should contain full information about
                                                                         previous publication and credit to be given . Authors should obtain
     corrections are unacceptable.
   n If possible, send with your hard copy manuscript the same           permission to reproduce figures.
     material on a 5¼ inch floppy disk (non-returnable) with text
     in IBM-PC format—generic ASCII text. If the IBM-PC                  Proofs and Reprints
     format is unavailable to you, label the disk you send for                Authors will be sent galley proofs . To avoid delays in
     computer brand name and name and version of software.               publication, galleys should be checked immediately and returned
   Abstracts: An abstract of 150 words or less should be provided        by express mail to the publishers within five working days . Each
with the submitted manuscript . It should give the factual essence of    author of a published article is entitled to an unlimited number of
the article and should be suitable for separate publication in index     free reprints of his or her article.
   Illustrations : In preparing original drawings or graphs, authors
should use black or india ink . Typewritten or freehand lettering is     Manuscripts should be submitted to:
acceptable, but when at all possible, professional rendered lettering
is preferred . Lettering should be large enough to be read when          Editor Journal of Rehabilitation Research
drawings are reduced . Glossy print photographs are preferred;           and Development
good black and white contrast is essential.                              Office of Technology Transfer
                                                                         VA Prosthetics R&D Center
  References quoted in the text, as well as a selected list of           103 South Gay Street
additional readings of interest, may be cited in the bibliography . It   Baltimore, MD 21202

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