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                             Congratulations on
                             a great start to this semester
                             Greetings! Michael Zajac here. I am a member of the Dean of Students Office staff that works to make your life
                             easier through the Parent Services office. The fall semester is underway and that means Homecoming and Family
                             Weekend are just around the corner. This is shaping up to be the biggest year ever for both of these events, and
                             we hope to see you and your entire family here on campus both weekends. Homecoming is October 11–17. The
                             theme is “Roll out the Red.” For more information, visit
                                Family Weekend is November 5–7. The theme is “There’s No Place Like Home.” To view the schedule of
                             events and order tickets and apparel go to

                             Getting involved: the key to feeling connected
                             The fall semester is now in full swing and many students, particularly those who are new to campus, are trying
                             to find a place where they feel they fit in. If you are talking to your student and he or she mentions that there is
                             nothing to do on campus; they have not met anyone; or that they are missing an activity with which they have
                             previously been involved, you may want to recommend that they visit the Student Involvement Center (SIC).
                                 Studies show that students who are actively involved in their campus community are more likely to be retained
                             there, and to be successful. There are many ways for that involvement to occur. One student might attend the
                             many cultural events that are offered; another might become a staunch supporter of Redbird Athletics; while
                             another student might follow their interests to a Registered Student Organization (RSO), or two. There are more
                             than 300 groups and organizations on campus and new ones are frequently being started. A list of RSOs (as well
                             as information about the SIC) can be found at A SIC staff
                             member can sit down with your student and talk with them about their interests. Staff can provide them with a
                             list of organizations, make recommendations, and put your student in contact with someone from the group if
                                                                                                               they have specific questions.
                                                                                                                    The Student Involvement Center
                                                                                                               is located on the second floor of the
   Parent’s promise:                                                                                           Bone Student Center, room 229C.
                                                                                                               We can also be reached by phone
   I promise...
                                                                                                               at (309) 438-3212. Encourage them
   The parents and family members of many of our first-year students participated in the Preview
                                                                                                               to contact us. We would love the
   Orientation Program and became members of the Parents’ Association by reciting “The Parent’s
                                                                                                               opportunity to meet them, and do
   Promise.” Welcome to our new members, and I hope all of our current members are doing
                                                                                                               what we can to help them feel that
   well. Are you keeping your promises?
                                                                                                               they belong at Illinois State.
       I promise not to use the word “homesick” in conversations with my student.
       I promise to write letters, make phone calls, and send e-mails and care packages often.
       I promise to visit, but not without making prior arrangements.                                          The Parent’s Association Board
       I promise to respect the changes I see in my student.                                                   welcomes interested parents/family
                                                                                                               members. To learn more and submit an
       I promise to be patient and to stop worrying (or at least to take a day off now and then).
                                                                                                               application to join the committee, visit
       I promise to trust my student to take responsibility for him or herself.
       I promise to offer help only when it is asked of me; I will not be an interfering parent.               or e-mail ParentsAssociationBoard@
       I promise to seek help for my student, if he or she truly needs it.                           
       Finally, I promise to contact Parent Services when I break any of the above promises, or
       have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.
                                                                           What Housing is doing
                                                                           We are fortunate to be working with a contrac-
5th annual Housing Fair                                                    tor who understands the impact of working
Off-Campus Services and the Student Government Association at              in an occupied building, and we have worked
Illinois State University will host the 5th annual Housing Fair from       together to create the best way for the contrac-
11 a.m.–3 p.m. on Wednesday, September 29, 2010, in the Brown              tor team to be efficient in their work and meet
Ballroom of the Bone Student Center. The Housing Fair brings               schedules while minimizing the disruption to
together landlords, vendors, community resources, and Illinois State       students. Examples include:
University offices in an effort to inform students about their off-cam-    • Contractors will be mindful of residents’
pus housing options and how to successfully live off campus. This
                                                                              quiet time and will keep major construction
year’s housing fair takes place before the apartment re-sign date.
                                                                              noise before 8 a.m. to a minimum.
Make sure that your student stops by with plenty of questions.
                                                                           • Elevator #1 will be designated to just con-
                                                                              tractors after move-in.
                                                                           • The green stairwells will be for students, and
                                                                              the red will be designated for contractors.
Watterson Commons Dining Center                                            We appreciate students’ and parents’ patience
renovation update                                                          and understanding during the renovation
This is an exciting time for students to be part of the Watterson          process. For more information, visit Housing.
Towers community. Watterson is the sixth building to be           or contact University Housing
renovated as part of the Long Range Plan for Housing and                   Services at (309) 436-0549.
Dining, with Van Buren and Clay houses being renovated this
fall and scheduled for completion at the end of December.
Project preparations started in March 2010 so that construction
                                                                           Next up
could be kicked into high gear                                             Adams and Monroe houses will be renovated
after the close of the semester in                                         during spring semester 2011. This means at
May 2010. University Housing                                               the close of the fall 2010 semester students
Services communicates regularly                                            living in Adams and Monroe houses of Wat-
with Watterson residents about the                                         terson will need to vacate their rooms in order
project and will continue to do so                                         to keep the project moving as scheduled. Resi-
through completion. As parents,                                            dents of Adams and Monroe will need to move
you can also stay up-to-date on the                                        everything out of their rooms and take it home
progress by visiting our website,                                          or store it with a friend.                                                     When those students return in January,
                                                                           they will be the first to live in the newly reno-
                                                                           vated Van Buren and Clay houses. Some of the
                                                                           renovations include: new furniture, wireless
                                                                           capability, updated bathrooms, and overall
GO GREEK at Illinois State
Chances are your son or daughter may be talking to you about join-             Students living in Adams in the fall will be
ing a fraternity or sorority when they get to Illinois State. If you had   assigned to a comparable room in Van Buren
the chance to attend one of the Greek Affairs Preview sessions, you        and students in Monroe will be assigned to
heard the staff mention that freshman students may be considered           Clay. However, if they would rather do so, they
for membership into one of the 32 fraternities or sororities we have       may choose to live elsewhere on campus. In
on campus. Sorority recruitment is September 1–7, 2010, and Fra-           order to assist students making this move, an
ternity recruitment is September 8–15, 2010. Students interested in        extra move-in day has been planned in January
learning more about the recruitment process are strongly encour-           for those moving into Van Buren or Clay.
aged to attend one of the information sessions during the first 10
days of school. Students are required to register for recruitment as
well. Links for both sorority and fraternity recruitment are located
at For more information, please call
Greek Affairs at (309) 438-2151.

                    in touch
                    Parent Services Newsletter

          Vol.9, No.1 • Fall 2010 • Published semiannually
                       Illinois State University
                      Office of Parent Services
                           Campus Box 3090
                       Normal, IL 61790-3090
                      Phone: (309) 438-3753
Prepare your student for a successful career                                   Career Center fall 2010 calendar of events
The job search market has become even more competitive under the
current economic circumstances. Yet students can develop career                September 17–24
strategies to help themselves get ahead of the curve. Preparing for            Career Week
the job search after graduation begins during the first year of col-
lege. Parents play a vital role in a student’s preparation for a suc-          Friday, September 17
cessful career. As a parent, you can actively participate in the profes-       Intern Yourself into a Career
sional development of your student and help them recognize the                 Noon–1 p.m., Employer presentation, 185 SSB
activities and resources available to them in each year of their study.        1–4 p.m., Employer Resume Critiques, 185 SSB
The Career Center has developed a four-year guide to help students
identify the steps involved in preparing for a successful career. For          Monday, September 20
the complete Four-Year Career Planner, refer to www.CareerCenter.              10 Ways to Get Your Resume and Cover letter Ignored                            4–4:45 p.m., Employer Presentation, 185 SSB
Help your student develop the skills that will get them a                      4:45–6 p.m., Last-Minute Resume Critiques, 185 SSB
rewarding job
While grades are still important, employers emphasize they look for            Tuesday, September 21
skills beyond the academic performance. Students are encouraged                Self-Marketing: Building Your Personal Brand
to become more diligent about developing the skill sets employers              4–4:45 p.m., Employer Presentation, 185 SSB
are seeking. These skills are acquired through coursework, involve-            4:45–6 p.m., Last-Minute Resume Critiques, 185 SSB
ment on campus, extracurricular activities, leadership roles in
student organizations, internships, research experiences, commu-               Wednesday, September 22
nity services, volunteerism, study abroad, etc. These opportunities            Where’s My Job? Job Search Strategies in a Tough Economy
enrich your student’s college experiences, but also develop the skills         4–4:45 p.m., Employer Presentation, 185 SSB
employers are looking for in a successful candidate.                           4:45–6 p.m., Last-Minute Resume Critiques, 185 SSB
Parents can encourage students to
• Take classes applicable to more than one career and life direction           Thursday, September 23
                                                                               Removing Doubt in an Interview
• Take interest and ability assessments to help determine their                4–4:45 p.m., Employer Presentation, 185 SSB
  strengths, interests, and values
                                                                               4:45–6 p.m., Last-Minute Resume Critiques, 185 SSB
• Experience internships
• Seek out opportunities to interact with others who are not                   Friday, September 24
  like them                                                                    Fall Internship Fair
                                                                               Noon–3 p.m., Bone Student Center
• Participate in campus and community service activities
• Develop computer skills and familiarity with online resources                Wednesday, October 6
• Take classes to enhance communication skills                                 Fall Job and Internship Fair
                                                                               10 a.m.–3 p.m., Redbird Arena
• Study a second language and study abroad
• Frequently visit the Career Center and academic advisors to stay             Tuesday, October 19
  apprised of where they are in accomplishing their academic and               Ultimate Money Skills
  career goals                                                                 7–8 p.m., Schroeder 138

Be there for them                                                              Thursday, November 4
                                                                               Fall Educators’ Job Fair
Parents have significant influence over the new college student’s
                                                                               10 a.m.–2 p.m., Bone Student Center
sense of self-confidence and self-worth. To maintain your student’s
confidence, your communications with him or her should consis-
tently identify their strengths. Through the process of clarifying
their academic, career, and other lifetime goals, students respect
and appreciate when parents:
                                                                               How to Contact the Illinois State
                                                                               University Career Center
• Exhibit patience, tolerance, and support when they
  change directions                                                            Encourage your student to make an appointment
                                                                               with their career advisor who specializes in their
• Identify their strengths, limitations, and potential and                     major or field of interest by calling (309) 438-2200
  allow them to make final choices                                             or e-mail
• Communicate genuine understanding and/or agreement
  with the final degree selected

Career Center resources for success                         How to get on the Dean’s List
The Career Center assists students in the explora-          Undergraduates, who meet high academic standards, as established
tion of career opportunities that match their talents,      by the college of their major, are included in a Dean’s List issued each
interests, and goals. As a full-service career center, we   semester. Eligible students must complete 12 or more graded hours
help students with every step of the job search pro-        during the semester. Courses completed after the official end of the
cess—from choosing a major and preparing resumes            semester and courses taken with a credit/no credit option will not be
to improving interviewing skills and applying for full-     counted for this purpose.
time jobs after graduation. Encourage your student              The Dean’s List for the Colleges of Applied Science and Technol-
to take advantage of the many services and events we        ogy, Arts and Sciences, Education, Fine Arts, and Mennonite College of
have planned.                                               Nursing will include those students whose grade point averages place
                                                            them among the top 10 percent of those students majoring within the
Personalized attention
                                                            college based on their semester GPA. The Dean’s List in the College of
One-on-one career advising                                  Business will include only undergraduate students majoring in busi-
State of the art job search tools                           ness who have completed 12 or more semester hours with an overall
• eRecruiting                                               semester grade point in the top 10 percent, and at least a 3.33 GPA
                                                            for all courses taken during the semester. Courses completed after the
  Online job vacancy bulletin that allows Illinois
                                                            official end of the semester and courses taken with a credit/no credit
  State University students to research and apply for       option will not be counted for this purpose. Students whose major
  internships or full-time opportunities. Your student      does not place them in one of the six colleges that offer classes and
  will be able to easily upload a resume and search         whose semester grade point average is within the top 10 percent of the
  and apply to job postings offered specifically to         University are identified on the list of the Vice President and Provost.
  Illinois State University students.

• Optimal Resume
  User-friendly resume writing tool that helps stu-         Help your student obtain a successful internship
  dents quickly and easily create resumes in different      Students who participate in internships while in college gain the
  formats and manage multiple documents on their            professional edge employers seek when hiring new college graduates.
  own professional website.                                 Recent studies indicate that students who have participated in intern-
• FOCUS 2                                                   ships are hired first, and often at a higher starting salary. Employers
                                                            expect college hires to have participated in at least two to three intern-
  Online interest and abilities assessments that assist
                                                            ships by the time they graduate.
  students in exploring occupations and careers.
  Your student will find a wealth of detailed infor-        Why are internships important?
  mation about a wide variety of careers and better         • Gain “real-world” experience and exposure to a professional industry.
  define their choice of major and career path.
                                                            • Identify job tasks they like or do not like.
• Career Center website
                                                            • Figure out if they fit into a specific corporate culture. Encourage
                                                              your student to participate in internships with different types of
  A great repository of information about careers
                                                              organizations to experience the difference between corporate versus
  and the job search process.
                                                              small business or not-for-profit organizational environment.
Networking opportunities with employers                     • Networking is often the key to moving a career forward. Creating
Six internship and job fairs are offered during the           relationships with people already working in the field will expand
academic year along with Career Week events, on-              their networks.
campus interviews, Cultural Career Network Program          • Gain confidence in their profession.
events, and other Career Center sponsored events
providing opportunities for students and employers          • Internships may turn into full-time jobs.
to network.                                                 • Parents can support and guide students to meet with their depart-
                                                              ment faculty/internship coordinator (contact information is on the
Quality educational opportunities                             Career Center website) and select internships that closely match
Career Week is an excellent opportunity for students          their future career goals.
to hear engaging presentations from employers about
the job search process and what they are looking for
in a qualified candidate. The presentations are enter-
taining but filled with useful information to give your
student a leading edge as they enter the job market.         learn more about the Dean of Students Office
The Cultural Career Network Program (CCNP)                                      Check us out on Facebook
CCNP is a unique employer/student networking pro-
gram for students of diverse backgrounds. Encourage
your student to get involved in a program where they
can gain leadership skills, networking opportuni-
ties, and career awareness. The following events are
planned for the fall semester (event locations and
additional details TBA):
  CCNP Information Session—September 2010
  CCNP Alumni Roundtable—October 2010
2010–2011 Student billing                                 The potential “rhythm” of the academic year
schedule                                                  College is a unique experience for students and their families. Whether it is
                                                          the student’s first year of college or their last, they will face many different
Fall 2010                                                 situations. The following is a list of typical themes that may occur during
Billing date            Mailing date        Due date      the first months of the academic year. This will give you a “heads-up” as to
1st installment         7/13/10             7/30/10       what your student may be going through, and allow you a chance to plan
                                                          ways to help them through it.
2nd installment         8/17/10             9/3/10
3rd installment         9/14/10             10/8/10       august/September/October
4th installment         10/19/10            11/5/10       •   Homesickness/loneliness
December 2010           11/16/10            12/3/10       •   Excitement
                                                          •   Readiness to get back to school
Spring 2011                                               •   Doubts about choice of school
Billing date            Mailing date        Due date      •   Tendency to test new limits and boundaries
1st installment         12/14/10            1/7/11        •   For new students, frequent calls/visits home
                                                          •   Anxiety about roommate and/or roommates
2nd installment         1/18/11             2/4/11
                                                          •   Concerns about social environment (“Do I fit in here?”)
3rd installment         2/15/11             3/4/11
                                                          •   First exams occur, stress of mid-terms
4th installment         3/15/11             4/8/11        •   Love relationships from home still going strong (or not)
                                                          •   For seniors, concerns regarding post-graduation plans begin to surface

                                                          •   Roommate problems may be getting more serious
Fall Commencement 2010                                    •   Lots of exams/papers due before Thanksgiving break
                                                          •   Excitement/anxiety about going home for the holidays
December Commencement ceremonies will be
                                                          •   Anxiety/sleeplessness in preparation for finals
held at Redbird Arena on Saturday, December 18,
                                                          •   For freshmen, anxiety over planning class schedule for next semester
2010. The ceremonies will take place as follows:
                                                          •   For seniors, realization that the “last time” events are starting
9 a.m.
Redbird arena                                                Illinois State University has many services available to assist your stu-
College of Arts and Sciences                              dent as they manage these situations. Refer to your Parent’s Guide for
College of Fine Arts                                      information on these services. As always, you may also give Parent Services
1 p.m.
                                                          a call at (309) 438-3753 with any questions.
Redbird arena
College of Applied Science and Technology
College of Business                                       Student Enrichment Fund
College of Education                                      Welcome to the Illinois State University family! When your student decided
                                                          to attend Illinois State, you and your entire family became members of
                                                          the larger Illinois State family. As a Redbird parent or family member, you
What are employers looking for in                         will be called by a current Illinois State student on behalf of the Student
a qualified candidate?                                    Enrichment Fund.
                                                              The Student Enrichment Fund strengthens the mission of the Division
According to the National Association of College          of Student Affairs through its financial support of initiatives, programs,
and Employers Job Choices 2010 magazine, employ-          and outreach activities for Illinois State students. The fund supports
ers seek well-rounded candidates with skills that         activities of Student Affairs units such as Parent Services, the Dean of
are not limited to any one academic discipline but        Students Office, and the Office of the Vice President, as well as Family
are transferable to many occupations. Some of these       Weekend and Sibling Weekend. In addition, the fund provides resources
“soft skills” are:                                        to support fundraising efforts, student and staff professional development,
                                                          scholarships, necessities for students experiencing hardships due to crisis
• Communication skills       •   Interpersonal skills
                                                          situations (i.e. fire, flooding, etc.), student memorials, and a variety of
  (written and oral)         •   Problem-solving skills   other campus programs and initiatives.
• Strong work ethic          •   Technical skills             Each year, student callers from the Annual Fund contact parents of
• Teamwork skills            •   Detail-oriented          enrolled students to seek donations for this fund. The student callers’ goals
• Initiative                                              are to provide you with a student’s perspective of Illinois State, to help
                             •   Organizational skills
                                                          answer any questions or concerns that you or your student may have, and
• Analytical skills          •   Self-confidence          to increase support for the Student Enrichment Fund. Fund donations
• Computer skills            •   Leadership skills        ensure that you and your student will continue to enjoy the services and
• Flexibility/adaptability                                programs provided by the Division of Student Affairs.
                                                              Calls typically begin in October and conclude in April. The donor roll is
                                                          printed in the spring edition of the InTouch newsletter published by Parent
                                                          Services. To give to the Student Enrichment Fund, contact the Annual Fund
                                                          at (309) 438-5474.

Parents Fund donor roll          Ric and Cindy Carvey                  Tina Hughes                        Janet Musser                       Harold Rosenblume
                                 Carvey Painting & Decorating, Inc.    William Hurckes                    Maria Muzzarelli                   Thomas Rosenthal
July 1, 2009—June 30, 2010       Lionel Casanova                       Hurckes Financial Strategies       Vinay Naik                         Richard and Ann Ryan
                                 Joan Cavozos                          Marla Hurwitz                      Phil and Carol Nathe               S.D. Wessol, D.D.S.
                                 Donna Cech                            Paul Iacobucci                     Kay and David Nelson               Kimberley and Timothy Sablotny
                                 Juana Cervantes                       Shirley Ingram                     Charles and Gail Nemecek           Michael and Judy Sanders
$1,000+                          Chas Heating & Air Conditioning       Gerald Jacques                     Michael and Eileen Nickolaou       Marla Santucci
Marilyn and Lynn Webb            Lawrence Chmielewski                  Samuel and Melissa Jones           Thomas Norman                      Julie Saros
                                 James Coffey                          Joseph P. Bauer Agent State Farm   Caroline Nortey                    Dean Scaros
$500–$999                        Douglas Conroy                          Insurance                        Jody Norton                        William Schaefer
John and Ann Hamilton            Cheryl Corley                         Laura and William Joy              Mark and Carol Nottelmann          Richard Schaschwary
Joseph Kuchta                    Paula Cormalleth                      Just                      James and Carol Novak              Douglas Scheflow
Jim Oremus                       Linda Cosby                           Cindy Kelly                        Mary Obal                          George Schick
John Themanson                   Dennis and Donnelle Cramer            John Kelly and Laura Ray-Kelly     Ann Oehmen                         Christina Schneider
Larry and Annie Williams         Diane Cronin                          Joann Kempthorne                   Karen Ogean                        William and June Schneider
                                 Brigiett Cunningham                   Renee and Paul Kessel              Patrick Oliver and Ann             Richard and Jenna Schoeneman
$250–$499                        Ann Cuvala                            Karen Kiley                        Jackie and John Olszak             Michael Schopp
David and Patricia Antczak       Gerald Dambrogio                      Cheryl Kinnaman                    Thomas Orgler                      William and Linda Schuch
Rick and Alice Barbour           Daniel W. Steadman DDS                Dale and Cindy Kirby               David Paczak                       Cheryl Schulke
Melissa and Keith Barnhart       David F. Palacz-Funeral Service LTD   Bryon Kirwan                       Christine Pakeltis                 Ellen Schultz
Todd and Diane Brinkman          Mary Davis                            Donald and Joan Kittler            David Palacz                       Craig and Mary Schulz
Douglas and Patricia Burke       Douglas DeBoer                        John Klopfenstein                  Daisy Palatty                      Michelle and Rod Schweighart
Scott and Maureen Byron          Michael Derew                         Klopfenstein Holdings, LLC.        Devkaran Patel                     Kaye Sedlock
Ronald Carlson                   Beverly Determan                      Jerry and Linda Knight             Steven and Kelly Payne             Stanley and Mary Sendra
Helen Clarke                     Richard Dibella                       Karri Kramer                       Rodrigo and Arsenia Peredo         Michael and Evelyn Shade
David Clausing                   John Diehl                            Dorcas Kresl                       Michael and Janice Perrino         Gil and Karen Shannon
Thomas Cottrell                  Scott Dikun and Linda Dikum           Debra Kretzmann                    Lisha Peterson                     Shaw Farms, Inc.
Robert and Kathy Greulich        Angelo Dilullo                        Debbra Kuhlanek                    Philip Peterson                    Lori Sherman-Gerhardt
Mary Hall                        Dorothy Dobry                         Clifford Kuschel                   Daette Petrey                      Nancy and Anton Shomali
Joseph Horecny                   Douglas Doppke                        Laury and Steve Kussmann           Becky Phelan                       Thomas Shula
John and Linda Hranicky          Timothy and Deborah Doran             Lucy Labuda                        Joann Pierce                       Greg Simpson
Stephan Kaplan                   Lance Dosch                           Alan and Mary Lagger               Ronald and Susan Pircon            Donna Sisi
Dawn Kelley                      Mark Doubet                           Frances Lamas                      Nancy Pitsch                       Dawn Skarzynski
Kenneth and Kathleen Kingman     Douglas T. Doppke DDS                 Debrah and Thomas Larson           Jean Pitzo                         Douglas and Janet Smith
Michelle McMahon                 Elizabeth and Timothy Downey          John Lavieri                       Paul and Barbara Pizzini           Joslyn Smith
Michael Nation                   Kathleen Drinan                       Christine and Brett Leifheit       Kent and Ellen Plotner             Carol and Robert Sotir
Dennis Oles                      Gregory Duncan                        Tim and Bethany Leman              Michele Porter                     Bassam and Reem Soufan
Donald Penn                      Michael Duncan                        Kathryn Lenz                       Julie Powell                       Donna and Ken Spreitzer
Kathy and Keith Perry            Steve Durdel                          Eugene Lewaniak                    Rick Prather                       Mark and Lorraine Staehlin
James Pinkerman                  Rose Dusek Tenuta                     David and Cynthia Line             Lawrence Prochot                   Susan Starr
RJB Automotive Inc.              Kathryn Ehrsam                        Mark Lockett                       Quality Drywall                    Daniel and Kathy Steadman
Gary and Sofia Scalzitti         Lara Elgin                            William Logel                      Bernard Raap                       Beth Steffen
Stephan A. Kaplan D.D.S.         Scott Ellefsen                        Leslie Loizzo                      Gary Radwanski                     J. D. and Mary Stewart
Mark Stimac                      Jeffrey and Kathleen Estabrooke       Joseph Long                        William Rakowski                   Janet Stewart
Karen Strack                     Frank Esterle                         Kevin Longfellow                   David Rasche                       Barbara Stieglitz
Karen and Mark Strauch           Gretchen Ewer                         Blanca Lopez                       Kathleen Regan                     Stanley Stoller
Martha Vigneri                   Bernard Farmer                        Connie and Michael Lopez           John and Susan Rehtmeyer           Joseph and Mary Subleski
Michael and Mary Vogelsang       Stanley Ferguson                      Chris Lotzer                       Jayne Rendall                      Suburban Accents Inc.
Randall and Penny Walsh          Tyrone Fields                         Anita Lovell                       Kathy Rendek                       Debbie and Dan Sullivan
Lou and Terry Weills             Maryann and Jim Fijalkiewicz          Judy Lucas                         Beth Rhodes                        Stephen and Janet Summers
Linda Willey                     Kenneth and Andrea Fisher             James Luikart                      Karen Richardson                   Heather Swanson
Frances and Michael Wittkowski   Lisa Fisher                           Beth and Robert Lukaszewicz        Geri and Thomas Rink               Kathy Swiskoski
                                 Michael Fitzpatrick                   Maria Machek                       Rita Robson                        Peggy and Tony Szafranski
$100–$249                        Gerald and Doreen Flynn               Frank Maggio                       Kevin Rogers and Nanette Rybak-    T. J. Foundation
Julie Abbott                     Julie Ford                            James Mahoney                        Rogers                           Sandra and Michael Tennis
Russell Adams                    Theodore Ford and Rosaria Mercuri-    Cheryl Maibusch                    Jenele Rohde                       Mark Teresi
Diane Addante                      Ford                                Michael Main                       Anna Rollins                       Ray Termini
Rick and Garnet Allen            Nadine Foster                         Kathleen Majetich
James and Monica Allison         Elizabeth Freiburg                    Patricia and Ron Malik
Alfred and Denise Anderson       Freiburg Insurance Agency             Patrick and Cynthia Malloy
Tiffany Applewhite               Dana Friedrich                        Neil Maloney
Ramon Asuan                      Richard Geninatti                     Cheryl Marquardt
Pual Augustyniak                 Janet Gibbert                         Joan Marsh
Andrea and Christopher Baer      Claudia Gillham                       Jeffrey and Carol Martini
Kelli and David Balsman          Michael and Susan Gilman              Mark and Joellen Marzinzik
Karen Baran                      Traci and David Goebig                Paul Mathes
Peter and Sharon Barber          Victor and Maritza Gonzalez           James Mathis
Andy and Mary Bazan              Dawn Goulbourn                        Katsuo Matsubara
David Beach                      Alan Gould                            Rosetta McArdle
Linda Beagley                    Josef Gray                            Kimberly and Terrence McCabe
Marliyn Beck                     Scott Gresko                          John McCracken
Brett Becker                     Thomas and Lisa Griffin               Marlon McDonald
Martin Behn                      Lisa Grivetti                         Patrick and Jean McGinnis
Elaine Bein                      Robert and Annette Grogan             Timothy and Donna McGuire
Theresa and John Birdoes         Karen Guth                            Richard and Margaret McLean                       Join us for Homecoming October 11–17. Visit
Michael Bland                    Fred Hakimi                           Anne McPherson
                                 James and Cynthia Haley               Patrick McShane
                                                                                                                for more info.
Peter Boden
Margaret and Thomas Boler        Joan Hall                             Mark Mead
Elaine Boyer                     Don Hamblen                           Susan and Paul Meany
Stepheni and Stephen Brady       Debbie Hanchett                       Donna Merritt
Marybeth Brawley                 Donald and Linda Hansen               Karla and William Meteer
Lisa and Larry Brosch            Debra Hanson                          Jon Mielke
Don and Lori Brown               Robert Hanson                         Keith Molof
Joanne Brummett                  Gordon and Kathleen Hard              Joseph Montefalco
Robert and Stephanie Bruning     Charles Herrera                       Jose and Joyce More
Judith and Larry Buchenau        Mike and Jill Hicks                   Debbie Morgan
Thomas Burch                     Kimberly Hiemenz                      James Morgan
Janice Burks                     Becky Hillyer                         Liesa Morreau-Scholl
Kevin Burns                      Scott Hoerr                           Katherine Moscinski
David Busse                      William and Ruth Holst                Gregg and Ann Mroczynski
G. Caldwell                      Lynn Honiotes                         Donald and Vicki Mucci
Paul and Linda Caplan            Elizabeth Howe                        Charles and Donna Mulchek
Craig Carstens                   Thomas Howe                           Mary Murphy                                       Family Weekend is November 5–7. To view the
Jerry Carter                     R. Stephen and Deborah Hughes         Meridith Murray
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The Big Apple Family Restaurant     Christine Atkins                  Maureen and Jens Borchert    Lynn Carioti                       Brian and Lisa Cripe
Nancy and Jeff Todd                 Gary and Judy Atteberry           Randy and Terri Borkgren     Tim Carlin                         Patricia Crivellone
Michael Tolomeo                     Peter Babich                      Noreen Bormet                Cheryl Carlson                     Robert and Joan Crossen
Raymond and Darla Tomac             Lynne Bach                        Isabelle Bosco               Jeffrey and Linda Carlson          Jeffrey and Sharon Crowhurst
Robin Tonkin                        Karen Bacha                       Michele Boston               Patricia Carlson                   James Crowley
Robert and Cathy Towers             Marvin Bachtold                   Cheryl Bott                  Jeffrey and Teresa Caron           James Cullumber
Raymon Traynor                      Gene and Shelly Bagnuolo          Kirk Bott                    Michael Carpenter                  Domenica and Michael Cummings
William Trefz                       Suzanne and Donald Baker          Pete and Sue Bouhoutsos      Marisa Carr                        Kathleen Cupples
Christopher Tripp                   Paola and Giovanni Balice         Andrew Bowden                Michael Carr                       Michael Curran
Theresa and Steven Turner           Julie Ballard                     Linda Bowen                  Reina Carrasco                     Raymond Curran
Steven Tuttle                       Cynthia Ballmaier                 Karen Boyd                   Abraham Carrillo                   Joyce Curtin
Jeanie Tweedy                       Phillip Balsano                   Catherine Boyer              Douglas and Sherryl Carroll        Kathleen and William Cusick
Deborah and John Udelhofen          Bob and Marta Banasiak            Gary Bozych                  Robert and Kathleen Carroll        David Dadabo
Patricia Ullestad                   John Bane                         Carol Brackett               Sheila Carroll                     Camilla and Keith Dadey
Teri Valentine                      Marion Bankston                   Deborah Bradley              Karin and Greg Carson              Bonnie Daebel
Jeffrey Vana                        Gary and Lynn Barabasz            Vickie Bradley               Jean Carter                        Joanna Dailidas
Sandra Vande-Hey                    Barbara A. Hubbard Living Trust   Lawrence and Dolores Brady   Kenneth Carter                     Florence Dale
John Vandenberg                     Michael and Beth Barber           Audrey and Glen Braker       Peggy Casey                        Suzanne Daly
Linda and Gary Vandre               Maureen and John Barett           Edward and Debra Brand       Rosa Casey                         Nancy and Richard Damery
Dale Vansomeren                     Estrellita Barin                  Barbara Brandon              Gregory Cash                       Joe Danca
Rachel VanVooren                    Thomas and Susan Barlock          Frances Brashares            Joyce Cashmore                     Daniel T. Murray, Inc.
Louanne Verda-Glisan                Sirkku Barnes                     Martha Brawn                 Gary Cassem                        Mario Daponte
Sherry Vesely                       Teresa Barnes                     Carol Brazelton              Diane Cassidy                      Timothy Darden
Floyd and Mary Wages                Colleen Barrett                   Teresa Breaux                James and Julie Cassidy            David Darling
Margaret Walker                     Margaret Barry                    Brian Breen                  Robert and Margaret Castle         John David
Carole Walsh                        Frances Barth                     Melinda Breen                Melanie Casto                      Julie David
Gary and Pam Walters                Phillip Bartnicki                 Gail Breiner                 Mary Cataldo                       Paul David
Alan Ward                           Susan Bartos                      Christie Brennan             Charles and Julia Cathey           Deborah Davidson
Robert Warner                       Ronald Battaglia                  Lenora and Paul Bright       Jeffrey Caughron                   Gary Davidson
Helen Wasowicz                      Dennis Battain                    Christopher Brill            Michael and Anne Cavanaugh         Amy Davis
David and Patty Watermann           Nancy and Harold Bauer            Cynthia and William Brock    Kenneth Cave                       Laura Davis
Lisa Watts                          Robert and Katherine Bausone      Nancy Brodko                 Catherine Cayer                    Mary and John Davis
Lynn and Marilyn Webb               Jeffrey Beamer                    Francis Brolley              Gricelda and Raul Ceja             Michael Davis
Kelly Weber                         Patricia Beauvais                 Deborah Brooks               Terry and Jan Cena                 Nancy Davis
Eric Wedeen                         Cindi and Kevin Bechely           Mary and Kevin Brooks        Del and Margaret Chance            Peter Davis
Brian Westphal                      Karen Beck                        Christine Brown              Stephen Changelon                  Randall and Cynthia Davis
Brett and Candice Wilfong           Gloria Becker                     Christopher Brown            Marc Changnon                      Shauna Davis-Fawcett
Brian and Jane Wilkinson            Richard Becker                    Daniel Brown                 Michelle Charlier                  Stephanie Dean
Bruce Williams                      John and Jane Beckwith            Franklin and Debbie Brown    Judith Chernik                     Lawrence and Linda Dearman
Geraldine Wilson                    Susan Beeler                      Jean Brown                   Scott and Norene Chesebro          Karen Debolt
Thomas Winkler                      Renee Beemsterboer                Kathy and David Brown        Cheri Chesney                      William Decker
Anna Wolak                          John and Amy Beetstra             Lenora Brown                 Robert and Debra Chott             John and Nancy Deeter
Michael Wyatt                       Nancy Behrens                     Manuela Brown                Cathy and Mike Christensen         Gerard Deignan
Michael Yates                       Deborah Beio                      Melisa Brown                 Christine Brown Photography        Melody Delfs
Rachel and George Yukich            Anthony Belcastro                 Ronald and Linda Brown       John Chubick                       Tracey Dell
Elizabeth and Christopher Zegadlo   Scott and Julie Bell              John Brunenkant              Becky Church                       Christine Dellacroce
George and Maria Zehak              Karen Bellot                      James Bruner                 Kathleen Chwee                     Tina DeMoss
Laurie and Thomas Zerfass           Debra Benanti                     Mary Bruni                   Daniel Cialdella                   Carol and Ron Deno
Sheila Zimmer                       Colleen Benda                     Janice Bruster               Phyllis Cigrang                    Patti Depa
AnnaMaria Zito                      Paul Beneturski                   Sandra Bryan                 Monica Cimarossa                   Deptula Florist & Gifts
Jean Zook                           Elisabeth Benfield                Denise Bryk                  Rose Ciocci                        James Derry
Juliette Zweig                      Catherine Benjamin                Ann Bucaro                   Steve Ciolino                      Cheryl Desantis
Andrea and Eric Zwit                Thomas Benson                     Mary Buch                    Glen Ciszewski                     Dale Dettloff
                                    Kathleen and Elden Benters        Diane Bucher                 Nancy Clancy                       Thomas and Diane Deutsch
$1–$99                              Reginald Benton                   James Buchler                Tracy Clark                        Carla DeYoung
Joann Abad                          Donna Beran                       Katie Buckingham             Margaret Classen                   Fred and Marcella Di Leo
Jeff Abbott                         Margaret Berg                     Brian and Diane Bulkley      Lee Clausen                        Teodora Diaz
Sherese Abbott                      Veronica Berglund                 Deborah Bull                 Gregory and Heidi Clayton          Leo and Karen Dietrich
Brent Abraham                       Marcy Bergquist                   Dennis and Debra Bull        Patrick Clementz                   Victoria Dietsch
Mary Abramski                       Carol Bernardi                    Kathy Bull                   Terry and Debbie Clifford          Robert Digiacomo
Gloria and Steve Abron              Jacquelyn and Kenneth Bersano     James Burger                 Larry Clipp                        Barbara Diliberti
Emmanuel and Helen Agomo            Michael Beruscha                  Kathleen Burger              Julie Clodfelter                   Kelly Diller
Donna Aguiar                        Karen Bex                         Angela Burgos                Luigina Cockrell                   Carrie Dillon
Frank Aguilar                       Holly Bickham                     Gina Burica                  Cindy Cody                         Carmella Dinicola and Philip Riordan
Susan Aherin                        Marge and Thomas Bickham          Richard and Mary Burja       Sandra and Scott Cody              Lori Dinquel
Ann Ahlman                          Steven Biddinger                  Carol Burke                  Marci Cole                         Lyle Dirks
Douglas Ahrens                      Wayne Bidlo                       Terry Burnet                 Evelyn Colella                     Sara Dixon
Carla Aiello                        Brent and Barbara Biggs           Marilyn Burright             Carolyn Coleman                    Philip Dobias
Therese Alagna                      Marilin Biles                     Meri and Mike Burris         Jennifer Coleman                   Janet Dobrinsky
Ronald and Cathy Alban              Susan Bingham                     William and Deborah Burrus   Rosemary Coleman                   Michele Dockery
Karen Alderson                      Kristine and Mark Bishop          Barbara Buscher              Colleen Collins                    Linda Doddroe
Jennifer Alesse                     John Blahnik                      Bradley and Nancy Butcher    Linda and John Connor              Heidi Doering
Paul Allen                          John Blair                        Holly Butkovich              Michael Consorti                   Kevin Doherty
Theresa Allen                       Thomas Blalock                    Danelle Butler               Catherine and Catherine Contorno   Lynn Doherty
Pam and Matthew Allocco             Joan Blindt                       Diane Butler                 Paul Cook                          Mark and Linda Dolence
Karen and George Allspach           Donnell Bluford                   John Butler                  Craig and Kathy Cooley             Richard and Susan Doman
Jack Alongi                         Karen Blunier                     Bruce Buttle                 Mary Copersmet                     Marianne Dominick
Kate Altman                         Barbara and Andrejs Bocka         Cynthia Byrd                 Lu Anne and Kenny Coppejans        William Donnell
Vincent and Judi Altobelli          Bruce and Diane Boeck             James Byrd                   Leola Corbin                       Donna Donovan
Amy Amend                           Douglas and Patti Boehm           Andrew Byrne                 Patricia and Casey Cordon          Steven and Judith Doris
Deborah and Robert Amling           Patricia Boheme                   Leah Bytheway                Lois and John Corless              Mark and Jamie Dorsey
AMS Reporting LTD.                  Robert and Linda Bohlmann         Mary Cadagin                 Ramona Cornea                      Sophie Dougherty
Curtis and Janet Anderson           Shelly Bohnsack                   Daniel Cakora                Jeffrey Coros                      James Douglas
Elizabeth and Eric Anderson         Laura Bohr                        Debbie Calandriello          Cliff and Sandy Cosat              Paul and Linda Dowd
John and Cathy Anderson             Tim Boland                        Tim and Patricia Caldwell    Kenneth Cosper                     Tod Dowdy
Leigh Anderson                      Eileen Boldizsar                  Victoria Camalick            Joanne Costin                      Karen Doyle
Jaseem Anwer                        Amy Boldt                         Gary Camodeca                Mary Cote                          Daniel and Diane Droege
John Armstrong                      Gary Bolger                       Michelle Camp                Mary Coughlin                      Karen and Ron Drone
Terry and Betty Armstrong           Marcey Bolin                      Sara Camp                    Moira Coughlin                     Jeffrey and Tamara Drook
Melody Arquilla                     Kelly and John Bollito            Ann Campbell                 Kevin Coultas                      Minera and Miguel Duazo
Susan Arrt                          Rich and Laurie Bomba             Irma Canino                  Laurna Cox                         Norbert Duba
Mary Asbell                         David Bontz                       Michael and Gail Caplan      Carolyn Craig                      Lori Duckwall
Mary Ashley                         Beverly and James Booth           Marilyn Caputo               Judith Cray                        Leticia Dudek
Rodas Assefa                        Carl and Vonda Bopp               Patricia Cardoso             Susan Crha                         Christine and Gary Duffield

Kelly Dulakis                 Larry Gader                        Sally and Martin Haas            Melissa Hoots                     Douglas Kaufman
Patrick and Mary Dullard      Dennis Gaeta                       Suzanne Haas                     Lisa Horcher                      Katherine Kautzer
Sandra Duran                  Dawn Gallagher                     Konrad Hacker                    Thomas Horcher                    Mary Kavanaugh
Asta and Terry Durr           Debra Gallagher                    Patrick and Sharon Hackett       Lonnie and Ronda Horn             Thomas and Ruth Kay
Steven Dussliere              Gregory Gallaway                   Michael and Amy Haerr            Donna Hospes                      Mary Kazecki
Janese Dust                   Lynette Galloway                   John Haggenjos                   Debbie Houghton                   Julie Kedzior
Ritu and Rakesh Dutta         Mary Galvin                        Steve Hahn                       Deborah Houlihan                  Michelle Keener
Donald Dybas                  Gina Gamons                        Joshua and Mary Haka             George House                      David Keeney
Anne Dyner                    Randall and Kathrine Ganschow      Mark and Debi Hall               Lynn and Paul Houser              Colleen and Joseph Kehoe
Lottie and John Dziedzic      Deborah Garcia                     Tamra Halm                       Elizabeth Howard                  Peter Kelder
Susan Dziedzic                Elias Garcia                       Shirley Hamblin                  Stephen Howard                    Michael Kelley
Nancy Earhart                 Jacqueline Garibay                 Shelley Hamill                   Kevin Howe and Kirsten Jacobsen   William Kelley
Yvette Eber                   Diane Garland                      Michael and Dawn Hamilton        Kathleen Hrach                    Carrie Kelly
John Ebner                    Janet Garreau                      David and Michelle Hammond       Khin Htwe                         Kevin and Louise Kelly
Maria Eckert                  John Garrity                       Linda Hampe                      Barbara Hubbard                   Patricia Kelly
Rex and Judy Eddy             Michael and Patty Garrity          Roger Hanks                      James and Jean Huber              Paul Kelly
Walter and Rosetta Edelman    Ann Garvey                         Dan and Michele Hanley           Keith Huber                       Mark Kemnetz
John Edmondson                Gary C. Flanders-Attorney at Law   Lorrie Hanlon                    Nina and James Hubert             Debra Kemp
Michael Egan                  Robert Gasperini                   Linda Hannah                     Kim Hubinsky                      Missouri Kerby
Jennifer Eichhorst            Linda and Michael Gates            William Hanselmann               Elizabeth Hucek                   Linda Kerler
Jill Ekey                     Roger Gates                        Robert and Betty Hansen          Margaret and Michael Huck         Susan Kershner
Tammy and Steven Elledge      Charlene and Kenneth Gaylord       Vickie Hansen                    Yvette Huddleston                 Peggy Kersting
Thomas and Diane Endress      Kim Gebke                          Patricia Harbin                  Scott Hudgins                     Charles and Bonnie Khuen
Robert Englander              Kathleen Gehring                   Peter Harbison                   Brianne Huebsch                   Diane and Edward Kickham
Barbara Engle                 Scott Geldmyer                     Jeanne Harbour                   Stephanie Huffman                 Kerry and Kathy Kidwell
Gerald Erjavec                Patricia Geniesse                  David and Terry Harby            Sherry Hufstedler                 Daniel Kill
Larry Erlinder                Sheila and Jonathan Genson         Dona Hare                        Mary Hull                         Timothy and Marsha Killian
Lori Eschenbaum               Mary Geoghegan                     Margaret Hare                    Gregory Hurt                      Britt Kinder
Joellen Eshelman              Celeste George                     James and Robyn Hargesheimer     Jane Hutchins                     Jean King
Leigh Eshelman                Phillip Gerardi                    Henry Harms                      Jerald Hyland                     Robert and Debra King
Darlene Esker                 Joan Geren                         John and Theresa Harrington      Linda Hypke                       Gene Kink
Earl Esp                      Laura Gericke                      Rodney and Jacqueline Harrison   Yasmin Ibrahim-Ahmed              Deborah Kizior
Shona Espinoza                Daniel and Terri Gibble            Shirley Harrison                 Shauna Ideus                      Bonnie Klaus
Mary Esser                    James Gibbons                      John and Melonie Hartl           Susan Ikonomopoulos               Patricia Klawitter
Mitch and Monica Esterino     Daniele Gibney                     Ree and Jim Hartman              Darlene Imhoff                    Christina and Scott Klein
Catherine Evans               Lilah Gibson                       Susan Hartnett                   Irma Canino Trustee               Deanna Klein
Jane and Glenn Faber          Kim Gignac                         Jeffrey Haseman                  Paul Isringhausen                 Allan Klepadlo
James Fagan                   Mary and Alan Gilbert              Maria Hasenbeck                  Barry and Denise Itzkowitz        Carol Kligis
Jane Fahey                    Laura Gillam                       Paula Hasik                      Robin Jacks                       Robert and Jean Kluge
David and Cynthia Fahrner     Jerald Girton                      Eileen Hattan                    Laura Jackson                     Dorothy Kluzek
Michael and Paula Faivre      James and Margaret Gismondi        Debbie Haupert                   Michael and Stacy Jacobs          Francisca Kmet
Christine Falagario           Priscilla Givens                   Debra Hawkins                    Karen Jacoby                      Ronald Knapik
Pamela Falkenberg             Catherine Gizella                  Thomas and Linda Haworth         Angela James                      Alyce Knapp
Suziann Fank                  John Paul Glab                     Pamela Hayes                     Judith James                      Jeff and Mary Knecht
Diane Fant                    Cassonia Glass                     Richard Haynes                   Rebecca Janssens                  Leann Knisely
Karen Farrell                 Rita Glass                         Denise Hayunga                   James Jaroch                      Jamie Knutson-Zahora
Melanie Farrell               Matthew and Mary Glavas            Heidi Hayward                    Denise Jarvis                     Karen Knych
Michael Federico              John Gliottoni                     Patricia Heal                    Jeffrey Jasiek                    Paul and Debra Koch
Baker Fein                    Robert Glyshaw                     Mark Healy                       Janet Jastremski                  Donna Kochan
Maria Feiner                  David Goebel                       Patrick Healy                    Agatha Jaworski                   Colleen Koehler
Linda Felde                   Maryjo Goeing                      Jennifer Heckathorne             Jayne and Paul Jedlicka           Steven and Karen Koepke
Raymond and Gabriela Felson   Lisa Goerres                       William Hedrick                  Norm Jenkins                      Gregory Koester
Deborah and Arthur Fennell    Anna and John Goessling            Jean Hedstrom                    Yolanda Jenkins                   Bettina Koltz
Steve Ferguson                Patricia Goetten                   Anne Hegland                     Kerri Jenrick                     Daniel and Deborah Koniewicz
David and Louise Fernitz      Jack Goldberg                      Barry and Deborah Heinrichs      Christopher Jepsen                John Kontos
Diane Ferolo                  Karen Gomez                        Timothy Heinz                    Alan Jesionowski                  Shirley and Thomas Koppen
Raylene Ferrari               Rolando Gonzalez                   Jeffrey and Darcelle Heist       Joan Jesse                        Karl Koppers
Carolyn Fetzer                D. Good                            William Heiting                  David and Debra Johnson           Linda Koster
Raja Fiaz                     Sondra and Bill Gooding            Connie Heller                    Donna Johnson                     Steven Koster
Wendy Filip                   Mark and Jana Goodwin              Sheri Helmel                     Gary Johnson                      Edward Kostyk
Izabella Fink-Finowicki       Daniel and Rhonda Gordon           Ronald Helmink                   George Johnson                    Laurie Kotesa
William and Shirley Finn      Katherine Gorecki                  Cindy Helms                      Glenn Johnson                     David and Karen Kotovsky
Cynthia Finnerman             Paula Gorski                       Gale Helpingstine                Gwendolyn Johnson                 Joan Kovach
Thomas Fitzgerald             Richard Goryl                      Dave and Michelle Hendee         Jacqueline Johnson                Wayne Kowalski
Julie Fitzgibbons             Tom Gospodarczyk                   Jacob Henderson                  Karl Johnson                      Joseph and Lynwood Kowsky
Margot Fitzpatrick            Karin Goth-Costner                 Mary Heneghan                    Laura Johnson                     Edwin Kowynia
James Flanagan                Gail Gotsis                        Colleen Henkel                   Randy Johnson                     Alan and Cindy Krapf
Elizabeth Florczak            William Goveia                     Daniel Hennig                    Ronald Johnson                    Patricia and Donald Krause
Carol Foley                   Richard Grabiel                    Lori and Dan Henry               Scott and Penny Johnson           Scott Kravat
Lupe Fonseca                  Joel Graff                         Lynn Henry                       Sonja Johnson                     David Krawczyk
Thomas Foody                  Robert Graham                      Janet Hernandez                  William Johnson                   Gintas Kriauciunas
Margaret Forde                Sonia Grandfield                   James Herrero and Ruth Mayer     Peter Johnston                    Robert and Lizbeth Krolczyk
Jeffrey Forgue                Scott Greco and Kelly Dove         Dan and Lynn Herrick             Bernetta Jones                    Cynthia Kron
Mona Fortuna                  Elena Greenberg                    Renee Hesselbach                 David Jones                       Susan Kruczinski
James Foster                  Kathleen Greenberg                 Luke and Joanne Hickey           Joan Jones                        Pete Krueger
Mary Fox                      Gail Gregg                         Miguel Hicks                     Kevin and Becky Jones             Jim and Diane Krzmarzick
Margaret Foy                  Susan and Steven Gregory           Timothy Higgins                  Mark Jones                        Bruce Ksiazek
Robert Francesconi            Timothy and Elizabeth Gregory      Loui Highbaugh and Athena        Verlon Jordan                     Barbara Kuczynski
Gloria Franco-Garcia          Jayne Griese                         Figueroa                       Helen Joyce                       Roy Kudrna
Rebecca Frank                 Angie Griffin                      Glenn Himert                     Judith I. Cray Hair Salon         Michael and Susan Kuhn
Thomas Franzen                Linda and Steven Griffin           Julie Hinds                      Anthony and Margaret Juliano      Karen Kull
Susan Fraticola               Mary Griffin                       Terry and Barbara Hinton         Thomas and Patricia Jung          Julie Kunst
Julie Freed                   Mary Griffin                       Ross and Amy Hintzman            Steven and Janet Jungk            Pam Kuper
Lynda and Jeff Freed          Angela and Wayne Grimm             Michelle Hirsh                   Susan Just                        Suncica Kurzeder
Sandy Frentz                  Sheila Gross                       Darcie Histed                    Carol Kadonsky                    Patricia Lacey
Cynthia Frenzer               Judy Gruchot                       Michael Hitzeman                 Tammy Kagan                       Gabriel and Vivian Ladowski
Frank Fry                     Janet Grundig                      Loren Hizel                      Barbara Kahn                      Charen and Stephen Lakebrink
Jeff Fuehrer                  Marita Grunert                     Laurie Hoelker                   Joni Kamstra                      Penny and Keith Lamb
James and Ruth Fulton         Linette Guare                      Jerilyn Hofmann                  Barbara Kapelinski                Susan Lamz
Tim Funaro                    Patricia Guess                     Paula Holaday                    John Kapolnek                     Kimberly Landon
Grace Funk                    Susan Gullickson                   Brian and Carrie Holland         Heidi Kapovich                    Julie and Mervin Landwehr
Dawn Furio                    Kathleen and Charles Gustafson     William Holland                  Katherine Kaschke                 Melissa and Douglas Lane
Alan Furman                   Laurie Gustafson                   Cathie and Bryan Hollowell       David and Judy Kastner            Lynn Lang
Jane Gabel                    Deborah Haarmann                   Matthew and Patricia Holmes      Pamela Katoch                     Patricia Langridge

Darlene Lanham                     Carla Marley                      Dave Miller                       Martin O’Donnell                   Dorota Poliskevych
Jennifer Lankenau                  Lois Marra                        Mary and Richard Miller           Franklin Ogdon                     Maryann Polivka
Kathleen Laroe                     Joseph Marretta                   Melinda Miller                    Linda O’Hearn                      Darlene and Richard Pollack
Alfred Larose                      Paula Marron                      Rosann Miller                     Michelle Ojermark                  Judith and Richard Pollack
Larry E Erlinder DPM Ltd           Deborah and Russell Mars          Wallace and Monica Miller         James OLeary                       Valorie Pollock
Dawn Larsen                        Donna and Kenneth Marshall        Erick Miner                       Jeff and Dianne Olson              Cindy Ponder
Arthur and Connie Larson           Walter Martens                    Mary Minnick                      Michael ONeil                      Mary and Tom Pons
Debbie and Mark Larson             Christopher Marti                 Sheryl Mitchell                   Carol ONeill                       Beth Porzelt
Laura and David Larson             Eric Martin                       Sharon Mizuki                     Valerie Onorato                    Rick and Linda Posey
Michael Larson                     Felicia Martin                    Liana Moccio                      Maria Orihuela                     Teresa Potocki
Erin Lastres                       Sara and Bryan Martin             Cathy Mokrzycki                   Michael and Kathy Orlando          Kevin Potrzeba
Timothy Latendresse                Theresa Martin                    Lucila Molina                     Larry and Shawn Orr                Eileen Potter
Patty Lauzon                       Jennifer and Gregory Martindill   Jody Monkman                      Christine Ortega                   Emerson Potter
Mary and Malcolm Lawrie            Hilda and Tony Martinez           Karen Monroe                      Rita Osborne                       Robert Powell and Patricia Kelly-
Tina Lawry                         Valerie Martini                   Joseph Montagano                  Gregory Oseland                      Powell
George Layer                       Patricia Marzullo                 Kathy Montanari                   Neal and Marie Oskerka             Fred and Jerilyn Powers
Elizabeth LeClair                  Susan Maslanka                    Steve Montgomery                  Vicky Osterholt                    Paula Powers
Kandi and Brian Lee                Lynne Massanisso                  Richard Moody                     Laura Oswald                       Kim Poznicek
Elizabeth Legoff                   Linda and Robert Massey           Wayne Moody                       Kenneth and Sue Otsuka             Anthony Prasnikar
Lisa Leipold                       Karen Matei                       Janet Moore                       Eileen Owen                        Debra Prendergast
Tom and Mary Leitch                Mary and James Mathes             Jolie Moore                       Kimberly Owen                      Tammie Prescott
John Lelko                         John Matousek                     Richard Moravecek                 Douglas and Brenda Oxley           Anthony Prevolos
Mark and Edie Lemasters            Maria Matthews                    Michael Moreno                    Timothy Oyer                       Laura Price
Tracy Lentz                        Gregory and Nancy Mattingly       Leandra Moroney                   Oyer-N-Sons Construction           Patti Probst
David Leopold                      Laura Matusiak                    Linda Morris                      Holly Pace                         Vickie and Kevin Probst
Al Leslie                          Teresa and Michael Mau            Lynne and Mark Morrison           Maritza Pacheco                    Julie and Joel Proctor
Denise Lesnicki                    Diane Maue                        James Morrow                      John Pacholski                     Maryann Prohaska
Donna Lewis                        Reva Maurer                       Arthur Mortensen                  John and Sheila Pacholski          Alan Puckhaber
Morgan and Patricia Lewis          Alison and Michael Mayer          Patricia Mossholder               Roberto Pagan                      Anna Pudlo
Rosemary Lewis                     Rod and Cathy Mayer               Eileen Mueller                    Rose Painter                       Cindy Pufahl
William Lindenmier                 Lydia McAfee                      James Mueller                     Vanessa Painter                    Frank Pyrcik
John and Ann Linehan               Renee and Dean McAllister         Julie Muertz                      Monica Palach                      Nancy and David Quam
James and Deborah Link             Charles McBurney                  Susan and Thomas Mulchrone        Deborah Pallack                    Thomas Quattrocchi
Daniel and Mary Jo Lippe           Diane and Dan McCabe              Thomas and Michele Mullen         Gillian Palmerin                   Donna Quick
Mary Lipps                         Mike McCabe                       Marianne Murlasits                Russel Paoletti                    Kathleen Quinn
Marina Liska                       Carl and Christa McCaffrey        John Murphy                       Carla and Gary Papineau            William Quinn
Kimberlee Lister                   Cathy McCaffrey                   Mary Murphy                       Kimberly Parente                   Daniel Rachford
Patrick and Mary Liston            Jodie McCann                      Robert and Kerri Murphy           Janet Parker                       Chester Radek
Teresita Lithgow                   Kenneth McCann                    Cathy Murray                      Robert Parker                      Diana Radek
Eugene and Jeanne Lizen            John McCarty                      Dennis and Susan Murray           Troy Parks                         Kelly Radzevich
George Lobb                        Thomas McCarty                    John and Giselda Murray           Diane Parpet                       Scott Rahn
Barbara Locicero                   Roxanne McCarville                Joseph and Mary Murray            Edward and Gail Pasiewicz          James and Tricia Ramazinski
Jacalyn Loconti                    Myron and Frances McCaskey        Terrence and Joan Murtaugh        Carrie and Graziano Pasquesi       Susan Ramos
Joyce Loebach                      Barbara McClean                   R. Scott and Kimberly Musgrave    Pamela and Steven Paternoster      Barbara Ramsey
Kitty Loewy and Terry Steczo       Susan and Joseph McClure          Lana Mushill                      Lori and Robert Paton              Jennifer Randol
Logan Avenue Foot & Ankle Clinic   Michael McCormack                 Bertha Mwitula                    Michael and Mary Patrick           Raymond Rangel
Kathy Long                         Kathryn McDermott                 Lianne Myers                      Catherine Patula                   Claire Ranieri
Karen and Vince Longobardi         Diane McErlean                    Steve and Gail Myers              Jon Paul and Renita Gusaras-Paul   Julie Ratcliff
Mary Lonteen                       Mary McGinniss                    Tammara and Steven Myers          John Paun                          John Ratko
Bruce Lookingbill                  Mary McGinty                      James Nachowicz                   Joann Paxton                       Monica Ray
Vincent and Connie Lopinot         Thomas McGrath                    Paul Nadler                       Lea Pearson                        Dina and Anthony Raya
Andrew Lorsch and Linda Lorch      Lauren and Jack McGreehin         Maple Nance                       Denise Peers                       Concepcion Razo
Josephine Louridas                 Una McGuire                       Rebecca Nath                      Thomas Peffer                      Larry Rea
Debbie Love                        Marilou McInerney                 Joseph Nauman                     David Pendergast                   Kevin and Marcia Reabe
Dennis and Linda Love              Pattie McKeague                   Teresa Nauman                     James and Susan Peplow             Susan Reardon
Mary Lovgren                       Daniel and Patricia McKee         Julie Naumiak                     Linda Pepper                       Mary Rebbe
Rex and Terri Lowrance             Denise McKeehan                   Oscar Navarro                     Diane Perez                        James Redenius
Marc Luber                         Delyn McKenzie-Lopez              Lyn Nawrot                        Juana and Jose Perez               Redenius Funeral Home
Christina Lucas                    Lou Ann McKernin                  Faisal Nazir                      Luis Perez                         Michael and Elizabeth Redline
Kathy Lucas                        Teresa and Jim McLean             Robin Neidich                     Patricia Perez                     Bruce and Cindy Redman
Stephen and Emily Lucas            Scott McLeod                      Kevin Nelson                      Stephen Perlini                    Jeri and Scott Reed
Donna Luka                         Janet McMahon                     Mary Nelson                       Cynthia Pete                       Brian Reese
David Lund                         Erin McNamee                      Ann and Thomas Neuendank          Mike Peterman                      Lori Reese
Richard and Diane Lund             Karen McQuillan                   Sharon Neukom                     Nancy Peters                       Linda Regal
Patrick Lustig                     Susan and Rich McWhorter          Jean Newcomer and Phil Miller     Brian and Pamela Peterson          Patricia Regan
Candee Luttrell                    Kenneth and Patricia Meek         Mary Newcomer                     Simon Petravick                    Kenneth and Diane Regner
Julia Lyles                        Rita Mehlick                      Jill Newman                       Vincent and Judith Petrosino       Patti Reher
Joanne Lyon                        Paul Meincke and Wendy Ellis      Newman Farms Inc.                 Kent Petschow                      Sarah Reichl
Steven Lyons                       David Meinhold                    Linda Nichols                     Dorothy Petty                      Michael Reidy
M & G Properties                   Kevin and Tami Meischner          Michele Nickrent                  Mary Pfeffer                       William Reilly
Cynthia Macchione                  Loren Meisinger                   James Nierman                     Mary Phelps                        Douglas Rendall
Raymond Maciaga                    Delia and Lev Melinyshyn          Ken Nimtz                         Kimberly Phillips                  Colleen Rhodes
Charles Mackey                     James and Kathleen                Brian and Laura Nolan             Tanya Pickens                      Deena and William Rice
Janet and Ray Madden                 Memmesheimer                    Margaret Nolan                    Jon Pickering                      James and Patricia Rice
Joann Madden                       Marcia and Larry Menold           Sandra Nolan                      Diane Pidgeon                      Lura Rice
Kenneth Madeja                     James and Elaine Merkel           Shelly Nolan                      Robert and Daphne Pierce           Beverly Richards
Michelle and Bruce Maher           Ann Mertz                         Cathleen Noonan                   Christopher Pieroni                Spring Richards
Ruth and Robert Mahler             Lucille Messier                   Sharon Norris                     Karen and Carmen Pignatiello       Betty Richardson
Daniel Majewski                    Cecelia Mestan                    Valencia Norton                   Edward and Diane Pilgrim           James Richardson
Theresa and Keith Malkowski        Susan Metelak                     William and Lenice Nowack         Anabelle Pinkerton                 Zena Richardson
Mary Mallen                        Thomas Metroff                    Laura Nowacki                     Sheila Pinson                      Sandra Richter
Christopher and Annette            Alan Metz                         Mary Nugent                       David Piolatto                     Dean Ridder
  Mammoser                         Elizabeth Meyer                   Terry Nunn                        Cathy Pittman                      Sandra Rieckmann
Blasa Mancilla                     Michael Meyer                     Kelly and Michael Nurczyk         Plant Relocation Consultants       Sherri and David Ries
Mary Manigold                      Sandra Mezyk                      Diane and Todd Nyman                Corporation                      Michael Ripoli
Michael Mankowsky                  Marilyn Micetich                  Darcie Oakes                      Michael Pleasant                   Melanie Risolvo
Richard Manno                      Alison Mickelson                  James Obert                       Judy Pocius                        Kenneth Ristau
Abdellatif and Dorota Manouzi      Vicki Middleton                   Joan Obiala                       David Podel                        Bruce Ristow
James Manser and Renee Weiss-      Larry Mieszcak                    William OBrien and Judy O’Brien   Judy Podlasek                      Michael Riszko
  Manser                           Joanna Milashoski                 Jamie O’Bryan                     Charles and Cathy Pohlman          Dan and Debby Roan
Sharon Manson                      Joanne Milby                      Susan OConnell                    Alisa Pointer                      Barbara and Howard Roberts
Ralph Maple                        Anissa Miller                     Diane O’Connor                    Juliet Pointer                     Jeanne Roberts
Marina Marcucci                    Beverly Miller                    John and Kathleen O’Connor        Craig Polak                        Lynne Roberts
John and Nancy Markendorf          Catherine Miller                  Karen O’Connor                    Kathy and John Poley               Janis Robinson

James and Patricia            Cindy and Richard             Caryn Sigmund               Steven J. Doris General       Mary Thompson             Terese Vorderer           Kim White
  Rockett                       Savalick                    Mary Sim                      Contracting                 Timothy Thompson          Terry and Karen           Lisa White
Nancy Rocks                   Laura Sawicki                 Susan Simanek               David and Cynthia             Angie Ties                  Vujakovich              Lisa White
Lisa Roden                    Catharine Sawyers             Catherine Simmons             Stevens                     William and Mary          Doreen and Franklin       Lynn White
Gary Roehl                    Mary Scalzetti                Kriss Simmons               Mark Stewart                    Timmins                   Wadephul                Lynne White
Richard and Karrie            Barbara Scapardine            Sue Simmons                 David Stickley                Diane Tinney              Christine Wadle           Nancy White
  Roels                       Martin Schabowski             James Simon                 Laurie Stinson                Veronica Tokarz           Christine Wagahoff        Nancy White
Jeff Rogers                   Theresa Schafroth             Christine Simpson           Roger Stoller                 John Toldo                Gary Wagner               Janis Whitehead
Richard Rogers                Scott Schaumburg              Edward and Patricia         Ellen Stoneberg               Theodore Tonelli          Gary Wagner               Janet Whittaker
Peggy Rompala                 Edward and Cheryl                Sims                     Michelle and Brad             Lynara and Samuel         Linda Wagner              Marcie Whittaker
Lisa Roome-Rago                 Scheibe                     Randal Singler                Stonelake                     Tonner                  Denise Wagoner            Teresa Whittaker
Judy Rooney                   Paula and Dennis              David and Teressa Sipe      Steven Stopka                 Philip Torf               Brian Waibel              Genie Wholf
Kim Rosdail                     Schick                      Janet Sirabian              Reuben Stork                  Sharon Tosovsky           Ralph and Nancy           Kirk Widman
Jeff Ross                     Carl Schill                   Susan Skonberg              Ann Stout                     Mary Toth                   Waites                  Debbie Widomski
Larry Ross                    Andrew and Debbie             Lyssa Skronski              Laura Strain                  Cheryl Totten             Russ Wajda                Carol Wiese
Chuck and Sally                 Schilling                   Mary Skryp                  Dennis Straple                Alison Touvelle           Linda and Thomas Wall     Bonnie Wiggen
  Rossetti                    Nancy Schlessinger            Scott Sladek                Joanne Stratton               David and Brenda          Gail Wallach              Linda Wilcoski
Carol Roth                    Roger Schlies                 Karen Slattery              Linda Strawbridge               Townsend                Holly Wallbaum            Perry Wilhelm
William Rous                  William Schmelzle             Christine Slegr             Diane Stredde                 Margaret and John         Carla Waller              Brenda Wilken
Michael and Barbara           Paula Schmidt                 Stephen Slowinske           Stephanie Streitz               Traeger                 Jacqueline Walsh          Tina Wilkens
  Rowley                      Michael Schmitt               Barbara Small               Kathleen Strieter             Jeanne Trengove           John and Linda Walsh      Neal and Debra Wille
Craig Roxas                   Nancy Schmitz                 Linda Smetana               Mary Strohman                 Karen Triezenberg         Ken Walsh                 Kimberly Willenborg
Rick Roy                      Charlie Schmollinger          Angela Smith                Steven Strok                  Mary Trombetta            Laura Walsh               Carole Williams
Sandra Rubin                  Jamie Schneck                 David Smith                 Janet Struck                  Richard and Sharon        William Walsh             Shelly Williams
Heather Rubio                 Rick Schneider                Donald Smith                Emily Strum                     Trowitch                Cherise Walton            Twila Williamson
Craig and Trudy Rudin         Steven Schneider              Marla Smith                 Karen Strykowski              Jean Troyke               Mark and Susan            Williamson Blind &
Rudin Electric                Lynn Schnelker                Roger and Isabel Smith      Roger and Gwen Stuber         Patty True                  Wamsley                    Drapery Inc.
Daniel Rudnick                Sari Schnitzlein              Sharon Smutny               Rae Stuczynski                Dave Tuegel               Mickie Wamsley            Yolanda Willis
Mark and Theresa              Deborah and Joseph            Jeffrey and Rhonda          Elizabeth Stuepfert           Scott and Lenora          Sharon Wanner             Bette Wilmot
  Ruhaak                        Schodrof                       Snyder                   Michelle Stuercke               Tuggle                  Lori Ward                 Amy Wilson
Carmen Ruiz                   Mark Schoening                Terri Snyder                Richard and Julie             John and Anne Turner      Terri and Jerry Warning   James Wilson
Silvia and Oscar Ruiz         Brian Schoeny                 Joanne Sohn                   Stumpf                      Mark Turner               Lynn Warszalek            Melissa Wilson
Michael Rumbold               Sherry Schonauer              Ann Solomon                 Laura Suchocki                Stacy Turner              Lynn Washburn-            Arlene Winkelmann
Kenneth Runyan                Brian and Debra               Randall and Patricia        Bob and Jane Sudhoff          Marc and Marsha             Livingston              Warren Winker
Joel and Laurie Runyon          Schrader                       Sorensen                 Barbara Sullivan                Turpin                  Karen Wassel              Cynthia Winkler
Diane Ruona                   Catherine Schrader            Roberta and Richard         David and Barbara             John and Margaret         Denise Waters             Kerry and Willie
Terese Ruppel                 Kolleen Schrader                 Soris                      Sundeen                       Tynan                   Marguerite Watkins           Winters
Mary Rush                     Brent and Doris               Richard Soso                Jeremy Susong                 Eugene Umecker            James and Nancy Watt      Linda and Chris Witte
Greg and Catherine              Schramer                    Marcia Souza                Bruce Sutchar                 David and Barbara         Teresa and Gerald Watt    Richard Wojnicki
  Russell                     Nicole Schraub                Susan Sowle                 Michael Sutton                  Underkoffler            Andrea Waxberg            Nancy and Gary
Wayne Russell                 Richard and Margaret          Bambi Spangler              Karen Swacker                 William and Kathleen      Jean Waycuilis               Wolber
Russell & Abraham LTD.          Schrishuhn                  Bonnie and David            Douglas Swager                  Unverzagt               Ellen Webb                Ewa Wolek
Kim Russett                   Frederick and Christine          Spangler                 James Swanke                  Diana and Mike Uphoff     Luann and Gregory         Jill Wolfe
Ruth K. Mayer-State             Schrop                      Lynn Sparks-Millburg        Mitch Swanson                 Mary Urbanus                Webb                    Marla Wolfe
  Farm Insurance              Donald Schuch                 Julie Spears                Douglas Swartz                Donn and Lauretta         Michael Webb              James and Judy Wolter
Celeste Ryan                  Helen Schuetz                 Stanley and Mary Speer      Randall Sylvan                  Valentine               Jan Weber                 Kurt Wolter
Denis Ryan                    Patrick Schuld                Julia Spitz                 Al Szewczyk                   James and Ellen Vallera   Jenny Weber               Christine Wonderlin
Linda Ryan                    Paul and Kelly Schuler        Mary Spokas                 Debra Szudarski               Barbara Van Howe          Gregory Weddick           Stacia Woods
Robert and Mary Ryan          Gloria Schultz                Spoor Construction          David and Louise Szura        Omer and Karen Van        Robert Wehrle             Deborah Wren
William Ryan                  Melody Schulz                 Charles Spratt              T. C. Contractors               Landuyt                 William Weibler           Vicky Wright
Kenneth and Shawn             Francis and Elaine            William and Elizabeth       Karen Taaffe                  Veda and Max              William and Jennifer      Michael Wszolek
  Rybolt                        Schumacher                     Srejma                   Paul Tackett                    Vanarsdale                Weidemiller             Carol Wurglitz
Shawn Rybolt                  Gloria and Edward             Patrick Stack               Richard and Ann               Donna Vanbuskirk          Kathleen Weiland          Richard Yacobucci
Linda Ryckman                   Schweinberg                 Ryszard and Katarzyna         Tatlock                     Raymond Vanco             David Weiner              Lawrence Ybarra
Scott and Crystal Ryder       David Schwerin                   Stadnik                  Christine Taylor              William Vandehey          Daniel Weisbruch          Wei Ye
Laurie Rzpecki                Alice Schwinger               Jill Stalzer                Steven and Michel             Carey Vandenberg          Linn Weiss                Sharon and Mark
Linda Sabella                 Debra Scott                   Monica and Mark               Taylor                      Gerard Vanderschoot       Mary Weiss                   Yeakel
Gary Sabino                   Pamela Scrivner                  Stampanato               Charles and Karla             David Vandyke             Deborah and Mark          Margaret Yocum
Anita Sager                   Connie and James              Robert Stanford               Teater                      David Varney                Weissman                Ann Young
Michael Salamone                Seboldt                     Cheryl Stang                Daniel Tebrugge               Harold and Pat            Sandra Welbourn           Richard and Becky
William and Julie             Kevin and Leandra             Beth Stanko                 Sharon Temple                   Vaughan                 Jerry and Tina Welch         Young
  Salomone                      Sedlack                     Frank Stankowicz            Karen Tennill                 Monica Vecera             Linda Weller              Dorothy Zablocki
Renee Sams                    Juanita Sener                 Ellen Stapleton             Kelly and Steve Tepper        Pam Vehmeyer              Carol Wengert             William Zahery
Robert Samuelson              Robert Senkpiel               David Stark                 Mary Tessiatore               Thomas and Susan          Teresa Wennmacher         Sandra Zamora
Juan and Karen                Richard Serritella            Maryann Staroscik           Thomas and Therese              Veitch                  Melissa Weppner           Sue Zauner
  Sanchez                     Joginder and Lovleen          Jeffrey and Wendy             Testolin                    Elvia Velazquez           Heinz Wesner              Jay Zehr
Gregory Sandrock                Sethi                          Starwalt                 The Branch Office Tree        Leonard Ververs           Elaine Wessels            Nelson Zehr
Kenneth Sandstrom             Patricia Sewing               Peter Steel                   Service                     Janet Viano               David and Elizabeth       Russell Zeine
Orlando Santiago              Gwen Seydlitz                 Amy Steeples                Jack Theden                   Jeffrey Viccone             Westen                  Bernadette Zeppetello
Marcia Sarkisaw               Sheila Shamo                  Robert and Sandra           Peter Thelen                  Greg and Kathy Victor     Julie Wetmore             Christopher Zettek
Marianne Sarno                Craig and Leslie Sharp           Steinhauser              Holly Thoman                  Rita Vidanagamage         Ann Wetstein              Mark Ziermann
Cathryn and Martin            Roger and Shirley             Janet and Robert            Jaci Thoman                   Mark and Anna Videka      John Wheeler              Cheryl Zofkie
  Sarsany                       Sharp                          Steinman                 Andrew Thomas                 Pamela Vigna              Donald and Lisa           Ricky Zohfeld
Melissa Sarver-West           Janet Shaw                    Timothy Stelzer             Debbie and Daniel             Olivia Villanueva           Whetstone               Barbara Zomick
Nancy Sauberlich              Robert Shields                James Stephens                Thomas                      Joann Villasenor          Elaine Whisenhunt         Craig and Linda Zuege
Laura Sauerwein               Michael Sholty                Janet and David             Valerie Thomas                Robert Vimarco            David and Susan White     Martha Zuravel
Bradley Sauls                 Marjorie Shymske                 Sterling                 Connie Thompson               Kristi and Damon          Helen White               Jennifer Zuri
John Saunders                 Debra Siegel                  Jolanda Steskal             Karen Thompson                  Vincent                 Karen White

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