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         Part 1: Salaries for Administration & Office Support
         Positions Across All Sectors/Industries

2   04   Administration & Office Support
         05     Office Support
         05     Secretarial
         05     Accounting & Finance
         06     Human Resources
         06     Sales & Customer Service
         07     Marketing
         07     Logistics

         Part 2: Salaries for Industry-Specific Positions

    08   Engineering & Technical
    10   Events & Exhibitions
         Hospitality & Retail
    14   Information Technology
    16   Medical & Science
    18   Banking
Welcome to the 2012
Adecco Salary Guide,
Welcome to the 2012 Adecco Salary Guide, Singapore – a comprehensive
overview of updated salary information, job descriptions and trends across key
sectors and industries.

The salary information and commentary included in this guide have been              3
researched by Adecco experts who liaise with clients and candidates every day
of the week. Their expert comments and opinions are based on their extensive
experience in recruitment and human resources. Throughout the year, these
experts will continue to provide salary updates and to ensure that you always
have the information that you need at your fingertips.

In 2011 and Q1 & Q2 of 2012, we saw a large number of jobs added to the
Singapore workplace. While several economies in the West were challenged
with high unemployment, Singapore added many jobs in the service,
construction and manufacturing sectors. With unemployment reaching a
14-year low during the period being surveyed, job seekers in many sectors
continued to have multiple career options open to them, along with bargaining
power relating to salary and compensation packages.

As in 2011, we are seeing organisations compete to attract and retain the
very best talent. Human Resources professionals within companies and
organisations arguably have a more important role than ever before as they
endeavour to ensure that their business leaders have the strongest teams in

This guide covers many specific job titles across various industry sectors.
However, if you are looking for salary data that may not be covered, then please
do connect with your Adecco contact who will be pleased to support you.

I personally hope that this 2012 Adecco Salary Guide, Singapore, will be of great
benefit to you and your colleagues.

Lynne Ng
Regional Director
Adecco South East Asia
    Administration &
    Office Support
    2012 Situation Update
    The job market for administrative and support positions
    continued to improve in 2011, as it had done in 2010. With many
    organisations still growing and expanding in Singapore, there
    is a continual need for support staffing with good experience
    and relevant skills. The positions that Adecco has seen in most
    demand are Corporate Secretaries, Administration Managers,
    Executive Assistants, Project Administrators, Procurement
    Specialists, Sales Operators and general office support positions.
    There is also a strong demand for candidates with overseas
    experience who can bring an international flavour to their roles.
4   Employers have continued to hire people on a temporary or
    contract basis, allowing the organisation to assess candidate
    suitability to a role and to the company - and then converting
    them to a permanent full-time role after a period of assessment.

    In 2011 and early 2012, many companies have joined the ‘war
    for talent’ - aiming to attract the best people by offering highly
    attractive compensation and benefits packages. From the poor
    market situation that we experienced in 2008 and 2009, we again
    saw companies paying reasonably high bonuses - and in nearly
    all cases the variable 13th month allowance. Job seekers continue
    to expect competitive overall remuneration packages and are
    demanding on various other factors, including location, work-life
    balance as well as security and longevity of the organisation.

    Administration and office support is one particular area where
    we have seen organisations looking to hire older workers -
    which is in-line with the Singapore governments inititive to have
    all companies appreciating this important demographic and
    implementing programmes that see the experience and skills of
    mature employees being put to good use.

    Whilst Adecco expects to see companies continuing to hire
    cautiously for the remainder of 2012, there is a high level of
    optimism in the job market for those either looking for their first job
    or making their next career move. Most companies understand
    that to establish or maintain a competitive market position, the
    quality of their support team must be very high.
                                                                                                                Administration & Office Support

                                                                                                                                            Minimum Maximum
Position                    Job Description                                                           Qualification              Experience Salary  Salary
                                                                                                                                  [In Years]      [Monthly Salary in S$]

Office Support
Administration/Office       Reports to Director or General Manager. Responsible for office            Diploma/Degree                 5-8       4,000         6,000
Manager                     administration and management and formulates administrative
                            policies. Sources for and negotiates with vendors.

Administration Assistant/   Supports the general administrative function. Proficient in MS office.    ‘A’/Diploma                    1-5       1,300         3,000
Data Specialist             Data analysis, data mining and preparation of report. Proficient in       Diploma/Degree                 3-5       3,500         4,200
                            advanced Excel skills (Macros, V-Look Up, Pivot Tables etc).

Receptionist                Attends to calls, visitors, mailing and general administrative support.   ’N’/’O’                       3-10       1,500         2,500
                            Reports to Office Manager or HR Manager. Excellent communication
                            skills and highly presentable.

Driver (goods/products)     Drives van/small lorry. Able to speak and write English.                  Secondary education             1        1,300         1,600
                                                                                                      Class 3 License required

Personal Assistant          Supports top management (sometimes C-Suite level). Manages full           Diploma/Degree                10-15      5,500         8,500
                            secretarial function and administrative function for an executive. May
                            supervise Junior Secretaries or oversee a group of Administrative
                            Assistants. Excellent coordination and communication skills.

Executive/Senior            Supports Heads of Department, Directors, General Managers etc.            ‘O’/’A’/LCCI Secretarial       5-8       3,000         4,500
Secretary                   Oversees calendar/travel management, prepares presentation                Certificate
                            materials, coordinates meetings. Excellent communication skills.

Secretary/Department        Supports a group of Managers/Department. Coordinates meetings,            ‘O’/’A’/LCCI Secretarial       3-5       2,200         3,000
Secretary                   travel and calendar management, general administrative support.           Certificate
                            Proficient in MS office.

Accounting & Finance
Finance Manager             Responsible for strategic financial management. Establishes financial     Degree with CPA               8-10       7,000         10,000
                            policies and acts as an advisory to management on business

Accountant                  Full set of accounts and consolidation of reports (management,            Degree/ACCA II                 3-5       3,500         5,000
                            financial reports). Supervisory experience is often required.

Accounts Executive          Responsible for full set of accounts (either AP, AR, GL). Prepares        LCCI/Diploma                   2-4       2,300         3,500
                            financial reports.

Accounts Assistant          Performs transactional accounting function and general administrative     ITE/CAT/LCCI                   0-2       1,500         2,300

Payroll Specialist          Manages end to end payroll processing, including: time                    Diploma/Degree                 3-5       3,000         4,000
                            management, leave administration, registration, pay processing,
                            payroll taxes, reporting, and experience dealing with payroll queries
                            and issues from employees.
Payroll Assistant           Prepares salary calculations, data entry, submission of statutory         ‘O’/’A’/ITE                    1-3       1,600         2,000

Internal Auditor            Reports to the Financial Controller/Finance Director/Audit Manager.       Degree/CIA                    5-10       5,500         7,500
                            Performs internal audit/ensure compliance and processes are in
                            order. Prepares audit reports.
Credit Control Manager      Reports to the Finance Director. Performs credit checks, prepares         Degree                         3-5       3,500         5,500
                            credit reports and may supervise a team of Accounts Assistants.

Financial Analyst           Responsible for analysing financial data and making strategic             Degree/CPA holder              3-5       4,000         6,000
                            business recommendations.

Pricing Analyst             Performs pricing activities and implements pricing policies. Compiles     Diploma/Degree                 2-5       2,800         5,000
                            data for business analysis use. Proficient in advanced Excel (Macro).
    Administration & Office Support

                                                                                                                                            Minimum Maximum
    Position                  Job Description                                                          Qualification             Experience Salary  Salary
                                                                                                                                  [In Years]      [Monthly Salary in S$]

    Human Resources
    Assistant HR Manager      Responsible for the planning and control of the full spectrum of HR      Diploma/Degree               5-10       4,000         8,500
                              duties - that includes recruitment, training and labour relations etc.
                              Likely to have supervisory experience.

    Compensation & Benefits   Responsible for the overall compensation and benefits structure for      Degree with Specialist       5-10       5,000         8,500
    Manager                   an organisation. Will likely work closely with the HR Manager.           Diploma in Compensation
                                                                                                       and Benefits
    Senior HR Executive       Reports to the HR Manager and supports with the full spectrum of         Diploma                       3-5       2,500         4,000
                              HR functions that will likely include recruitment, compensation and
                              benefits, training and payroll administration.

    HR Assistant              Provides administrative support to HR department. May report to HR       ‘O’/’A’                       1-3       1,500         2,200
                              Executive or HR Manager.

    Training Manager          Responsible for the training and development function within an          Degree with specialist       5-10       5,500         8,000
                              organisation and for formulating training programmes that will           Diploma in Training and
                              support with talent retention. Experience in conducting training         Development
                              programmes and with supervisory experience.

6   Training Executive        Supporting the Training Manager and responsible for the                  Diploma in HR (Training       2-4       2,500         4,000
                              coordination of training courses. Identifies and recommends training     and Development)
                              courses and monitors and implements training activities.

    In-house Recruiter        Conducts staffing and recruitment activities and works closely with      Diploma/Degree                4-6       5,000         8,000
                              staffing partners. Works closely with department managers to
                              strategise on recruitment requirements and to ensure that talent
                              attraction needs are met.

    Sales & Customer Service
    Sales Manager             Develops the sales plan to meet specific sales targets. Implements       Diploma/Degree                4-6       3,500 +       6,500 +
                              sales strategies as required. Oversees the sales team and ensures                                                commission    commission
                              that all ‘selling tools’ are in place.

    Senior Sales Executive    Supports the Sales Manager in execution of their duties. Duties          ‘A’/Diploma                   2-4       2,000 +       3,500 +
                              include prospecting, preparation of proposals, presentations and                                                 commission    commission
                              business development planning.

    Key Account Manager       Responsible for overall business development with key company            Diploma/Degree                4-5       3,500         5,000
                              clients. Maintains and builds close relationships with key
                              stakeholders and ensures high levels of customer service.

    Customer Service          Manages a team of Customer Service Personnel. Develops customer          Diploma/Degree                4-6       3,500         5,000
    Manager                   servicing and retention programmes and works closely with key
                              company departments.

    Customer Service          Handles customer questions and provides timely feedback. Also            ‘N’/’O’/’A’/Diploma           0-2       1,400         2,500
    Executive                 involved with pre and post sales support. Supports the Customer
                              Service Manager as required.

    Sales Coordinator         Provides full sales coordination support for the sales team, which       ‘O’/’A’/Diploma               2-3       1,800         3,000
                              may include client prospecting, data input and preparation of sales
                              reports. Needs to be proficient in Excel.

    Telemarketer              Marketing of company’s services to prospects and existing clients by     ‘N’/’O’/’A’/Diploma           1-2       1,600 +       2,000 +
                              telephone. Strong communication skills required.                                                                 commission    commission

    Call Centre Officer       Provides information to customers via telephone. This may be sales,      ‘O’/’A’/Diploma               1-2       1,800 +       2,300 +
                              service or information related and may be in-bound or out-bound.                                                 commission    commission
                              Provides customers with friendly and professional communications.
                              May involve shift work.

    Inside Sales Support      Maintains close contact with current/existing clients for contract       Diploma                       2-4       2,000         2,400
    Representative            renewals/new business requirements. Excellent communication
                              skills required.
                                                                                                          Administration & Office Support

                                                                                                                                      Minimum           Maximum
Position                 Job Description                                                                 Qualification     Experience Salary            Salary
                                                                                                                            [In Years]      [Monthly Salary in S$]

Marketing Manager        Oversees strategic marketing planning (advertising, PR, promotions              Degree                5-8       5,000          8,500
                         etc). Involved in the budgeting process and works closely with senior
                         management and Business Unit Managers.

Marketing Executive/     Supports the Marketing Manager and is involved in the development and           Diploma/Degree        2-4       2,100          3,000
Specialist               execution of marketing and promotional activities. Conducts market surveys
                         and reports as required.

Marketing Coordinator/   Supports the Marketing Department with the coordination and development         Diploma               1-3       1,700          2,500
Assistant                of reports. May also be required to perform marketing administrative duties.

PR Manager               Conceptualises and crafts news releases and media information. Is involved      Degree                5-8       5,000          8,500
                         in product launches and special events. Has responsibility for social media
                         campaigns and initiatives. Involved in all aspects of how a company is
                         perceived externally.

PR Executive             Supports the PR Manager in the handling of media relations. Follows-up with     Diploma/Degree        2-4       3000           4,500
                         media enquiries and ensures clear and open communications at all times.

PR Co-ordinator/         Supports the PR Department with coordination of PR activities, assists in the   Diploma               1-3       1,700          2,500
Assistant                preparation of PR materials, PR reports and other duties as required.                                                                       7
Warehouse Manager        Plans and manages the storage and retrieval process. Manages all aspects        Diploma/Degree        5-8       4,000          7,000
                         of warehouse operations.

Warehouse Supervisor     Supervises warehouse staff. Ensures proper human resources utilisation and      ‘O’/Diploma           3-5       2,300          4,000
                         deployment. Responsible for inventory management and other associated

Warehouse/Store          Handles basic warehouse operations, including receiving, packing, checking      PSLE/’O’/’N’          1-3       1,500          2,000
Assistant                and storing of goods.

Supply Chain Manager     Responsible for supplier relationship management, materials planning and        Diploma/Degree        5-8       4,500          8,500
                         procurement. Develops policies and material control systems to reduce costs
                         and streamline procedures.

Supply Chain Executive   Manages the order fulfillment process. Handles forecasting, purchasing,         Diploma/Degree        3-5       2,300          4,000
                         delivery coordination and management and inventory.

Logistics Assistant      Assists in basic warehouse operations - that includes packing, unpacking        ‘O’/’N’/Diploma       1-3       1,700          2,500
                         and basic paperwork.

Logistics Supervisor     Supervises the logistics team to execute shipping and freight operations.       ‘O’/Diploma           3-5       2,300          4,000
                         Reviews effectiveness of operating procedures, maintenance, space
                         utilisation and protection of equipment.

Shipping Executive       Attends to customer freight bookings/reservations with carriers, trucking,      ‘O’/’A’/Diploma       3-5       2,300          3,500
                         haulage and warehousing arrangements. Prepares weekly and monthly
                         shipment summary reports. Prepares shipping invoices and monthly

Shipping Coordinator/    Processes and handles all import and export shipping documentations.            ‘O’/’N’/Diploma       1-3       1,700          2,500
Assistant                Coordinates with freight forwarders and agents for courier shipment and
                         daily transport arrangements. Follows-up on the status of shipments.

Procurement Specialist   Interfaces with contract manufacturers for demand/order requirements.           Diploma/Degree        3-5       2,500          4,000
                         Negotiates with vendors for pricing and service KPI’s.

Order Fulfillment        Maintains customer relationships by supporting the fulfillment process and      Diploma/Degree        3-5       2,300          3,800
Representative           ensuring customer satisfaction.

Logistics Specialist     Manages import, warehouse, delivery and export operations. Tracks               Diploma               1-3       1,800          2,200
                         shipments from overseas plants and suppliers. Liaise with forwarders on
                         incoming shipments and export arrangement and requesters on providing
                         shipment status update. Supports month end and quarter end closing for
                         import, warehouse, delivery and export operations.
    Engineering &
    2012 Situation Update
    In early 2012, Singapore’s important engineering sector has
    continued to go from strength-to-strength - almost oblivious
    to the market conditions happening around it. For some time,
    engineering has been one of Singapore’s most important
    industries and employers. Across Asia, there is a continual
    demand for energy, refined products, chemicals and consumer
    goods – especially in developing regional markets. With many
    international engineering companies having their regional head
    office in Singapore, Adecco has continued to support the industry’s
    demand to hire skilled engineers and related engineering
8   professionals.

    The positions in this sector most in demand in Singapore include
    Project & Construction Managers, Piping Supervisors, Electrical
    & Instrumental Engineers, Civil Structure Engineers, Quantity
    Surveyors and Process Engineers. Rig managers and drillers
    in the oil & gas-drilling sector continue to be in relatively short
    supply, as are Estimators and project related professionals.
    Compensation packages have continued to increase for those
    positions in short-supply, with employers attempting to source
    locally, but inevitably having to look overseas for certain skills-
    sets and experience. This is one sector where large expatriate
    packages, for those with extensive engineering experience, can
    still be seen, although organisations in general are trying to
    localise packages as far as possible.

    Developments with new petrochemical facilities and refineries
    continued throughout 2011 and into 2012, providing new job
    opportunities for skilled individuals. Of significant importance to
    companies in the engineering sector is the retention of talent with
    Adecco seeing increasing numbers of employers focus on how
    to retain employees once they had been sourced and recruited.
    For many companies, it is vital that their employees see through
    projects for their duration - some of which can last for many years.

    Adecco expects salaries in the engineering area to continue to
    steadily increase - with skilled job-seekers in this space generally
    having a very good understanding of their market worth and clear
    objectives about the remuneration that they expect to receive.
                                                                                                                              Engineering & Technical

                                                                                                                                             Minimum Maximum
Position                 Job Description                                                             Qualification             Experience    Salary  Salary
                                                                                                                                [In Years]      [Monthly Salary in S$]

Equipment Engineer       Plans, organises and manages equipment installation. Upkeeps and            Degree in Engineering         2-4       3,000         4,500
                         enhances equipment within the manufacturing industry.
Drafter                  Drafts mechanical, electrical or architectural parts or components using    NTC/Higher Nitec/             2-5       2,000         3,000
                         appropriate software.                                                       Diploma
Mechanical Designer/     Designs mechanical parts or components using Pro-Engineer/                  Diploma/Degree                2-5       3,800         5,500
Design Engineer          Unigraphics/Solidworks/Catia software. Involvement from design              in Mechanical
                         through to conceptualisation, development to mass production and            Engineering
                         quality control.
Sales Engineer           Responsible for account servicing, business development and meeting         Diploma/Degree in             2-5       3,000         5,000
                         specified sales targets.                                                    Engineering
Service Engineer         Supports post-sales service and provides servicing, maintenance of          Diploma/Degree in             2-5       3,000         5,000
                         equipment and instruments at clients' sites (local and international).      Engineering
Field Applications       Provides pre-sales support in bidding, customised solutions and             Diploma/Degree in             2-5       3,500         5,500
Engineer                 product development coordination between customer R&D and in-               Engineering
                         house sales teams.
Electrical/Electronics   Undertakes electrical design and product development for electrical         Degree in Engineering         2-5       3,500         5,500
Design Engineer          aspects, e.g. electrical schematic design and testing, embedded
                         firmware and microcontroller designs.
Environment Health &     Ensures fire prevention and safety practices in accordance with             Degree in Engineering         5-7       4,000         7,500         9
Safety Engineer          Factories and Fire Safety Acts. Facilities site in compliance with
                         Singapore EHS requirements. Implements EHS policies and compliance.
Industrial Engineer      Plans factory layouts, monitors and conducts capacity planning for          Degree in Industrial/         2-5       3,500         5,000
                         equipment and processes. Establishes manufacturing cycle times for          Manufacturing
                         new processes.                                                              Engineering
Assistant/Associate      Performs support role in R&D and production/maintenance.                    NTC/Higher Nitec/             2-5       2,000         3,200
Engineer/Engineering                                                                                 Diploma in Engineering
Technician/Technical     Performs technical support role in R&D and production/maintenance.          NTC/Higher Nitec in           2-5       1,800         2,800
Specialist                                                                                           Engineering
Quality Assurance        Assures quality for incoming or manufactured parts/components/              Diploma/Degree                2-5       2,000         3,200
Assistant Engineer       modules. Maintains appropriate quality assurance systems and                in Engineering or
                         certification.                                                              Quality Assurance
Project Manager (EPC)    Project management from engineering, procurement and construction           Degree in Engineering        8-15       8,000         12,000
                         to commissioning of facilities/plants. Establishes schedules for tenders,
                         project budgets and monitors procurement and sub-contractors. Works
                         closely with construction teams to ensure all design works conform to
Construction Manager     Monitors day-to-day activities in the construction of industrial            Degree in Engineering        8-15       7,000         12,000
(EPC)                    plants/projects. Ensures that work is carried out as per plans and
                         specifications. Controls and handles all sub-contractors from piling to
                         architectural finishes.
Piping Supervisors       Responsible for piping schedules and for erection/inspection of             NTC/Higher Nitec/            5-10       4,000         6,000
                         piping work. Updates engineering P&ID drawings and piping layouts.          Diploma
                         Oversees the work of subcontractors.
Electrical &             Responsible for all installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of      Degree in Electrical          2-5       3,500         6,000
Instrumentation          plant instruments and controls. Upgrades plant reliability, efficiency,     Engineering
Engineer                 safety and operations as required.
Mechanical Engineer      Plans, coordinates and implements plant equipment and instrument            Degree in Mechanical          2-5       3,500         6,000
                         maintenance. Upgrades plant reliability, efficiency, safety and             Engineering
                         operations as required.
Civil & Structural       Designs steel structures using STAAD-Pro and prepares and evaluates         Degree in Engineering        5-10       5,500         9,000
Engineer                 tender packages.
Quantity Surveyor        Responsible for cost control/estimation of projects and works closely       Diploma/Degree in             2-5       3,000         5,000
                         with procurement teams on budgeting.                                        Engineering
Process Engineer         Responsible for all engineering process design, development and             Degree in Chemical/          5-10       5,500         9,000
(Chemical)               execution of site engineering projects. Controls and manages                Mechanical
                         quality, budgets and project scheduling. Participates in HAZOP risk         Engineering
                         assessments, qualification and validation activities.
     Events & Exhibitions
     Hospitality & Retail
     2012 Situation Update
     2011 was a strong year for Singapore’s events, exhibitions,
     hospitality and retail sector, with growth in all areas. Singapore
     continued to confirm itself not only as a regional exhibitions hub,
     but also as a sporting events and fashion centre - all of which
     support work related opportunities in these areas.

     In relation to events and exhibitions, Adecco continued to see
     an increase in demand - especially from FMCG organisations
     that are outsourcing more of their needs to specialised and
     experienced agency partners. There is a far greater need for
10   talent that is not only available at short-notice, but that is also
     well-aligned with the needs of business - either in temporary or
     full-time roles.

     The Singapore Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions
     (MICE) sector is set to grow at a rapid pace over the next few
     years, with multiple events already being forward-planned.
     Companies involved in this area have become very discerning in
     relation to talent - often requesting the same experienced staff to
     be available for specific events throughout the year.

     The hospitality and retail sector in Singapore had a phenomenal
     year in 2011 with the opening of several flagship retail stores,
     new shopping centres and the continual hiring by hospitality
     establishments. This growth has continued into 2012. The retail
     sector continues to reply on foreign talent to supplement the
     availability of local talent - with retailers looking for a blend of
     local versus overseas employees to cater for the international
     shopper base.

     Adecco has seen strong demand for frontline positions for the
     retail, F&B and MICE sectors, particularly for Retail Managers,
     Supervisors, Retail Sales Associate, Merchandisers, Beauty
     Consultants, Visual Merchandisers, Restaurant Managers, Team
     Leaders, F&B Managers, F&B crew/servers, Events Managers,
     Event Operations Managers as well as Events Executives.

     The events & exhibitions and hospitality & retail sectors are
     increasing their utilisation of older/mature workers and
     recognising the importance of the value that they can bring -
     especially in supervisory and motivational roles. This is a trend
     that Adecco expects to see continuing.
                                                                                                                                 Events & Exhibitions

                                                                                                                                        Minimum Maximum
Position                      Job Description                                                    Qualification               Experience Salary  Salary
                                                                                                                              [In Years]      [Monthly Salary in S$]

Events/Project Manager        Prepares sales presentations and pitches for projects.             Diploma in Events               2+        3,500          5,000
                              Oversees project schedules, plans, budgeting and daily             Management or a relevant
                              operations.                                                        Business/Marketing
Events/Project Executive      Provides support for sales presentations and delivery of           Diploma in Events               1+        1,800          2,400
                              projects according to schedule. Liaises with contractors and       Management or a relevant
                              assists with on-site registrations.                                Business/Marketing
Events/Project Assistant      Provides support for sales presentations, administrative           Diploma in Events               0-3       1,600          2,200
                              matters and operations/on-site co-ordination.                      Management or a relevant
In-House Designer             Partners with project teams to conceptualise, develop and          Diploma in Design               0-1       1,800          3,000
                              produce sales presentations and collaterals to meet client
Technical Designer            Drafts detailed technical drawings to support event set-ups.       Nitec in Architectural          2+        3,000          6,000
                              Liaises with clients and contractors re materials and other        drafting
                              requirements.                                                                                                                              11
Sales/Account Manager         Oversees account servicing teams and develops sales with           Diploma                         5+        2,600          3,500
                              existing clients.
Sales/ Account Executive      Performs an account servicing role and assists the Sales/          Diploma                         1+        2,000          2,500
                              Account Manager in the preparation of sales proposals and
Marketing Communications      Oversees strategic marketing planning (advertising, PR,            Degree in Marketing and/    5+ with 2+    4,500          8,500
Manager                       promotions). Develops and ensures that brand guidelines are        or Communications           supervisory
                              adhered to. Supports the Marketing Director with strategic                                     experience
Marketing Communications      Coordinates marketing and communications activities.               Degree in Marketing and/        2-3       2,800          3,800
Executive                     Ensures that media timelines are adhered to and is likely to       or Communications
                              be involved in event planning as well as the production of
                              brochures and sales literature.
Marketing Communications      Supports the marketing team in execution of their duties and       Degree in Marketing and/        2-3       1,800          2,800
Assistant                     involved in marketing related administrative duties. Will liaise   or Communications
                              with suppliers and colleagues on a daily basis.
Multimedia Manager            Handles AV/IT aspects and ensures that equipment is utilised       Degree in Multimedia        5+ with 2+    3,800          5,000
                              effectively. Continually explores uses for new technology and                                  supervisory
                              AV/IT equipment. Manages AV/IT operations on-site at events                                    experience
Lighting and Sound            Responsible for lighting design and sound co-ordination. May       Nitec or Diploma in             0-1       1,500          3,500
Coordinator                   also have some creative input and assists in ensuring that         Audio Visual or relevant
                              equipment is well maintained.                                      discipline
Exhibition Booth Assistant/   Assists in the set-up and registration process, includes           N/A                             0-1       $10 Per Hour   $20 Per Hour
Usher                         ushering of guests and guest support.
Visual Display Artist         Conceptualises, designs and displays marketing collaterals         Diploma in Visual               0-3       1,800          3,500
                              according to branding guidelines and specific requirement.         Merchandising
Production Manager            Plans and oversees production timeline of projects to ensure       Diploma/Degree in any       5+ with 2+    3,500          5,000
                              that tasks are completed in a timely manner. Ensures that          discipline                  supervisory
                              materials and equipment are utilised effectively.                                              experience
Production Executive          Executes tasks according to project timelines. Supports the        Diploma in any discipline       1+        1,800          2,400
                              Production Manager and ensure that any challenges are
                              effectively managed.
Production Assistant          Provides administrative support to ensure that documents are       'O' & above                     0-1       1,600          2,000
                              updated and categorised appropriately. Provides support in
                              project operations and on-site co-ordination.
     Hospitality & Retail

                                                                                                                                                  Minimum Maximum
     Position                        Job Description                                                           Qualification           Experience Salary  Salary
                                                                                                                                        [In Years]         [Monthly Salary in S$]

     Account Manager                 Responsible for the account servicing team. Develops new                  Diploma/Degree          5+ with 2+       3,000          6,000
                                     business opportunities. Actively involved in proposal writing and                                 supervisory
                                     presentations.                                                                                    experience
     Account Executive               Works on key accounts and supports the Account Manager. Assists           Diploma                      2+          2,500          3,500
                                     with preparation of proposals and presentations.
     Merchandising Manager           Leads a team of buyers and responsible for sourcing of product            Degree                  5+ with 2+       4,500          12,000
                                     ranges. Understands and analyses market performance. Allocates                                    supervisory
                                     budget to respective department buyers.                                                           experience
     Merchandising Assistant         Supports buyers in merchandise planning, merchandise                      Diploma                      2+          1,800          3,200
                                     performance analysis and inventory reports.
     Counter Manager                 Responsible for smooth operations and profitability of retail counters.   'O' Levels              5+ with 2+       2,200          4,000
                                     Manages, motivates and trains beauty advisors.                                                    supervisory
     Beauty Trainer                  Develops and conducts training sessions for beauty advisors.              Diploma in Beauty            5+          2,800          4,500
                                     Analyses market trends to improve and update training materials           Therapy or Make-up
                                     and techniques.                                                           Artistry
     Beauty Advisor                  Performs preliminary skin diagnosis and provides customer service         N/A                          0-1         1,300          2,500
                                     in product selection. Assists in counter operations and updates sales
     Make-up Artist                  Demonstrates cosmetic product application and make-up                     Diploma in Make-up           1+          1,500          2,500
                                     techniques. Assists in counter operations and updates sales records.      Artistry
                                     Performs make-overs when required.
     Logistics/Warehouse Assistant   Categorises and catalogues products ranges. Manages incoming              Diploma in Logistics         1+          1,500          2,500
                                     and outgoing stock transfers. Updates inventory system and                and Supply Chain
                                     performs quality/inventory checks.                                        Management
     Customer Service/Relations      Handles enquiries and feedback from customers. Implements loyalty         Diploma/Degree          5+ with 2+       3,500          4,800
     Manager                         programmes to encourage customer retention.                                                       supervisory
     Marketing/Brand Manager         Identifies, develops, and evaluates marketing strategy and                Diploma/Degree in            5+          4,500          10,000
                                     direction. Consults with product development personnel on product         marketing or relevant
                                     specifications. Formulates and leads marketing activities and policies    business discipline
                                     to promote products and services, working with marketing partners
                                     and agencies. Handles budgeting and allocation of resources.
                                     Measures and analyses ROI.
     Marketing/Brand Coordinator     Assists in advertising, media, events co-ordination and liaison with      Diploma/Degree in           0-3          1,500          2,200
                                     agencies. Provides administrative support to the marketing team.          marketing or relevant
                                                                                                               business discipline
     Retail Operations Manager       Oversees entire retail channel operations including inventory, store      Diploma/Degree in          5+ in a       4,000          7,500
                                     planning and maintenance, business development, talent planning,          marketing or relevant   supervisory
                                     training and development and financial reporting.                         business discipline     role in retail
     Store Manager                   Oversees retail operations, inventory control, training and               'O' Levels or              3+ in a       2,200          5,000
                                     development, sales generation, talent planning, visual                    equivalent              supervisory
                                     merchandising and store maintenance.                                                              role in retail
     Retail Coordinator              Provides administrative support for retail channels. Updates and          'O'/Diploma                1+ in a       1,800          2,500
                                     performs basic analysis for sales and market trends. Conducts                                     supervisory
                                     inventory checks. Assists in retail staff management.                                             role in retail
     Promoter/Retail Assistant       Performs frontline sales and customer service duties.                     N/A                          0-1         1,200          2,000
     Display Artist                  Maintains and updates marketing collaterals in retail stores to           Diploma in Visual            0-1         1,800          2,500
                                     maximise sales and in accordance with branding guidelines.                Merchandising or
     Buyer                           Analyses market trends for merchandise. Sources for suppliers,            Diploma/Degree               0-1         2,000          4,000
                                     negotiates and purchases materials or parts.
     F&B Operations Manager          Responsible for overall operations and co-ordination of F&B               Diploma/Degree            5+ in a        4,000          6,000
                                     activities. Analyses and manages costing, budgeting and allocation        in Hospitality or       supervisory
                                     of resources within the channel. Reviews F&B menu and improves            equivalent              role in F&B
                                     customer service standards. Implements training programmes.                                       operations
                                                                                                                                     Hospitality & Retail

                                                                                                                                          Minimum           Maximum
Position                        Job Description                                                        Qualification           Experience Salary            Salary
                                                                                                                                [In Years]      [Monthly Salary in S$]

Lounge Manager (for VIPs)       Monitors expenditure and revenue. Ensures high customer service        Diploma/Degree            5+ in a     3,500          5,500
                                levels. Attends to customers feedback and resolves any conflict.       in Hospitality or       supervisory
                                Ensures facilities maintenance and involved in talent planning.        equivalent                role in
Restaurant Manager              Responsible for restaurant operations. Manages inventory               N/A                       1-2 in a    2,800          3,500
                                supplies. Liaises with suppliers and vendors and involved with                                 supervisory
                                talent planning. Ensures high customer service levels and handles                              role in F&B
                                reporting for management.                                                                      operations
Banquet Operations Manager      Oversees the schedule of all banquet activities and ensures            Diploma/Degree             5 in a     3,500          5,500
                                smooth operations. Supervision of employees, facilities                in Hospitality or       supervisory
                                management and F&B product quality management. Monitors                equivalent              role in F&B
                                and controls departmental expenditure and assists in preparation                               operations
                                of the annual budget.
Captain                         Responsible for restaurant operations. Manages inventory               N/A                         2+        1,500          2,000
                                supplies. Liaises with suppliers and vendors and involved with
                                talent planning. Ensures high customer service levels. Handles
                                some required reporting and documentation.
Hostess (handles reservations   Welcomes and ushers customers. Handles reservations and                N/A                         0-1       1,000          1,500
and allocation of tables/       allocation of tables. Assists in F&B order takings and in cashiering
Service Crew/Servers)           transactions.                                                                                                                            13
Kitchen Assistant               Assists in food preparation.                                           N/A                        N/A        1,200          1,600
Steward                         Assists in kitchen utensils and cutlery maintenance.                   N/A                        N/A        1,200          2,000
Corporate Sales Manager         Responsible for the selling function room events, guest rooms and      Diploma/Degree          5+ with 2+    3,500          6,000
                                other hospitality services to corporate clients.                                               supervisory
Banquet Sales Manager           Responsible for the selling of banquet room events and other           Diploma/Degree          5+ with 2+    3,500          6,000
                                hospitality services.                                                                          supervisory
Front Office/Desk Manager       Leads a team of front office executives. Oversees coordination         Diploma/Degree          5+ with 2+    3,500          6,000
                                of reservations and room assignments. Provides customised              in Hospitality or       supervisory
                                services for clients. Implements training programmes and ensures       equivalent              experience
                                high customer service levels.
Receptionist/Concierge          Handles telephone enquiries and coordination of reservations and       'N' Levels                  0-1       1,500          2,500
                                room assignments. Performs cashiering transactions and has a
                                responsibility for high service levels.
Bell Hop/Butler                 Handles guest enquiries. Assists in transportation of luggage and      N/A                         0-1       1,000          1,500
                                belongings to guest rooms.
Business Centre Manager         Oversees business centre operations, which includes talent             Diploma/Degree          5+ with 2+    3,500          6,000
                                planning and sales within the business centre. Prepares and            in Hospitality or       supervisory
                                analyses management reporting as required.                             equivalent              experience
Housekeeping Manager/           Oversees housekeeping operations, which includes talent                Diploma/Degree          5+ with 2+    3,500          6,000
Supervisors                     planning, inventory control and budgeting. Attends to guest            in Hospitality or       supervisory
                                requests and takes corrective action when necessary.                   equivalent              experience
Housekeeper                     Responsible for cleanliness and maintenance of hotel facilities -      N/A                        N/A        1,000          1,500
                                including guest rooms.

Facilities Maintenance          Responsible for maintenance of all facilities. Ensures that safety     Diploma in Facilities   5+ with 2+    3,500          6,000
Manager                         measures and procedures are adhered to. Liaises with suppliers         Management,             supervisory
                                and vendors. Prepares occurrence and costing reports. Monitors         Hospitality or          experience
                                departmental expenditure.                                              equivalent
                                                                                                  Information &
                                                                                                  2012 Situation Update
                                                                                                  The IT sector has continually been one of Singapore’s strongest
                                                                                                  sectors, and again Adecco saw salaries increasing at the end
                                                                                                  of 2011 and into 2012 as organisations competed to attract the
                                                                                                  strongest talent. Competitive bonuses were also evident, in part
                                                                                                  due to strong company performance - but also as an effective
                                                                                                  employee retention tool.

                                                                                                  There has continued to be strong demand for IT talent in the
                                                                                                  banking, high-tech and manufacturing sectors, with a particular
                                                                                                  demand for individuals with IT Security, Cloud Computing and
14                                                                                                Mobile Application Development (IOS) experience. IT roles in the
                                                                                                  Oil & Gas and Resources sector also continued to increase, with
                                                                                                  organisations looking at long-term HR planning.

                                                                                                  One of the drivers for the continued expansion of employment in
                                                                                                  the IT area has been the increase in project budgets - as well as
                                                                                                  the fact that many roles and projects continue to be led from and
                                                                                                  located in Singapore. We expect to see projects remaining well-
                                                                                                  funded throughout the remainder of 2012.

                                                                                                  The primary challenge for organisations in Singapore seeking
                                                                                                  to hire IT talent is the shortage of skilled-labour that exists.
                                                                                                  The human resources function in many organisations is being
                                                                                                  challenged by the IT Department and end-users as to where
                                                                                                  talent can be found and how employee it can then be retained.
                                                                                                  The ease of securing work permits and passes also comes into
                                                                                                  this discussion. Organisations paying marginally below market
                                                                                                  rates will seriously need to review compensation and benefits if
                                                                                                  they are to attract and retain the talent needed for success.

                                                                                                                                                   Minimum Maximum
     Position           Job Description                                                           Qualification                         Experience Salary  Salary
                                                                                                                                         [In Years]      [Monthly Salary in S$]

     IT Director        Overall responsibility for planning, budgeting, executing and running     Master's Degree in Business              15-20      25,000        35,000
                        the IT operations for an organisation. Reports either to the CIO/COO/     Management, Bachelor's Degree in
                        CFO or CEO.                                                               Engineering or Computer Science
     Project Director   Overall responsibility for planning, budgeting and delivering projects.   Master's Degree in Business              15-25      15,000        25,000
                        Manages project managers who assist in delivering projects. Reports       Management, Bachelor's Degree in
                        to the CIO or Head of IT.                                                 Engineering or Computer Science/IT
     Regional Sales     Drives and delivers sales for an organisation. Management of the          Master's Degree in Business              10-15      12,500        20,000
     Manager            sales process and of sales executives. Reports to the Regional Sales      Management, Bachelor's Degree in
                        Director.                                                                 Engineering or Computer Science/ IT
     Service Delivery   Manages and delivers services clients as per service level                Master's Degree in Business              8-15       7,500         10,000
     Manager            agreements for particular projects. Reports to the Service Delivery       Management, Bachelor's Degree in
                        Director.                                                                 Engineering or Computer Science/IT
                                                                                                                                  Information Technology
                                                                                                                                               Minimum Maximum
Position           Job Description                                                             Qualification                        Experience Salary  Salary
                                                                                                                                     [In Years]      [Monthly Salary in S$]

Strategic/         Single point of contact for all matters pertaining to strategy and          Master's Degree in Business             10-18      9,000         15,000
Major Accounts     operations, in addition to service level agreements. Reports to a           Management, Bachelor's Degree in
Manager            Strategic Accounts Director who oversees more than one account.             Engineering or Computer Science/IT
Product            Responsible for gathering market intelligence, delivering marketing         Master's Degree in Business             10-18      12,500        20,000
Marketing          plans to increase market awareness and penetration of the                   Administration/Bachelor's Degree
Manager            organisation's products. Reports to the Marketing or Sales Director.
Sales/Channel      Responsible for driving the sales of products or services by managing       Master's Degree in Business             10-18      12,500        20,000
Sales Account      relationships with large partners who are able to provide marketing,        Administration/Bachelor's Degree
Manager            logistics and knowledge for local markets. Reports to the Sales or
                   Channel Sales Director.
MIS/IT Manager     Manages the overall operations for IT within the organisation for a         Master's Degree in Science/             10-18      8,500         13,500
                   specific location or country. Reports to the CIO or the Head of IT.         Bachelor's Degree in Computer
Application        Manages one or more application projects from the design phase              Master's Degree in Science/             8-12       8,000         12,000
Project            through to delivery per end-user specifications. Reports to the Project     Bachelor's Degree in Computer
Manager (ERP)      Director or Head of IT.                                                     Science/IT and PMP Certified
Infrastructure     Manages one or more infrastructure related projects from design             Master's Degree in Science/             8-12       7,500         10,000
Project Manager    phase through to roll-out. Reports to the Director of Infrastructure or     Bachelor's Degree in Computer
                   Head of IT.                                                                 Science/IT and PMP Certified
IT Security        Designs and operates the IT Security infrastructure for an organisation.    Master's Degree in Science/             8-12       8,500         15,000
Manager            Responsible for creating and administering security policies and            Bachelor's Degree in Computer
                   managing corporate Firewalls, DMZ servers as well as providing anti-        Science/IT                                                                     15
                   virus solutions. Reports to Director of Infrastructure or Head of IT.
Network            Designs and operates the network infrastructure for an organisation.        Bachelor's Degree in Computer            5-8       5,000         6,500
Engineer           Responsible for 100% uptime of all networks. Reports to the Network or      Science/IT
                   IT Manager.
Network Support Responsible for operating the network infrastructure for an                    Bachelor's Degree in Computer            4-6       4,000         4,800
Engineer        organisation and for uptime of all networks. Reports to Network or IT          Science/IT
Systems            Part of the IT team, responsible for operating the Window and UNIX          Bachelor's Degree in Computer            5-7       4,500         6,000
Engineer           Servers in the data centre. Responsible for the 100% uptime for these       Science/IT
                   servers and its related applications. Reports to the Infrastructure
                   Manager or IT Manager.
Network            Responsible for operating the network infrastructure for an                 Bachelor's Degree in Computer            4-6       3,500         4,500
Administrator      organisation and for uptime of all networks. Reports to the Network or      Science/IT
                   IT Manager.
Wintel Systems     Part of the IT team, responsible for operating the Windows Servers          Bachelor's Degree in Computer            4-7       3,500         4,500
Administrator      in the data centre. Responsible for the 100% uptime for the Windows         Science/IT
                   Servers and its related applications. Reports to the Infrastructure
UNIX               Responsible for operating the UNIX Servers in data centres and for          Bachelor's Degree in Computer            4-8       4,500         6,500
Administrator      100% uptime for the UNIX Servers and related applications. Reports to       Science/IT
                   the Infrastructure Manager or the IT Manager.
Database           Responsible for operating Database Servers - Oracle or SQL Server or        Bachelor's Degree in Computer            5-8       5,000         8,000
Administrator      DB2 or Sybase in data centres and for 100% uptime for these servers         Science/IT
                   and related applications. Reports to the Infrastructure or IT Manager.
Systems Analyst    Responsible for working with end users to understand requirements,          Bachelor's Degree in Computer            5-8       4,500         6,500
                   design of functional specifications and data flow diagrams, code            Science/IT
                   development, testing and delivery of software applications. Reports to
                   the Project Manager.
Analyst            Responsible for design of functional specifications and data flow           Bachelor's Degree in Computer            4-6       4,000         5,500
Programmer         diagrams, code development, testing and delivery of software                Science/IT
                   applications. Reports to the Application Project Manager.
Software           Responsible for design of data flow diagrams, code development,             Bachelor's Degree in Computer            3-5       3,500         4,500
Engineer           testing and delivery of software applications. Reports to the Application   Science/IT
                   Project Manager.
Programmer         Responsible for code development, testing and delivery of software          Bachelor's Degree in Computer            2-4       3,000         3,750
                   applications. Reports to the Systems Analyst or Project Manager.            Science/IT or Diploma in IT
Web Designer       Responsible for the design and development of the User Interface for        Bachelor's Degree in Computer            2-4       2,500         3,250
                   the internet/intranet related web pages. Reports to the Web Developer       Science/IT or Diploma in IT
                   or Project Manager.
Helpdesk           Responsible for performing level 1 - basic IT troubleshooting services.     Bachelor's Degree in Computer            2-4       2,500         3,000
Analyst            Involved in creating tickets for tracking IT issues and escalation of       Science/IT or Diploma in IT
                   issues to level 2 teams if issues remain unresolved. Reports to the
                   Helpdesk Manager, who has the responsibility of overseeing all
                   Helpdesk Analysts
     Medical &
     2012 Situation Update
     Singapore’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry is
     active and vibrant, and has largely remained resilient to market
     downturns or blips – either globally or locally. These are sectors
     that grew significantly over the past few years – with the
     biomedical sector on track to generate 15,000 jobs in Singapore
     by 2015. Employment prospects in this sector are strong,
     especially for highly experienced professionals.

     Adecco has seen a continuing demand for talent from contract
     research organisations, 2nd tier pharmaceutical companies, as
16   well as from healthcare providers. Companies are also leaning
     towards outsourcing, and many pharmaceutical companies are
     engaging service providers to provide additional support. Adecco
     has seen an exodus of low-level positions to neighbouring
     countries - with a contrasting higher demand for more senior
     positions in Singapore.

     The medical and science area is one in which employees need
     to stay trained and highly relevant. For this reason, Adecco has
     witnessed an increase in companies offering high-level training to
     employees. Training that not only helps organisations to grow, but
     that also acts as an employee retention tool.

     Adecco has seen more companies in the medical and
     pharmaceuticals area becoming employers of choice. Local
     and experienced job seekers have demonstrated a preference
     to work for large global organisations - organisations that not
     only provide opportunities for greater exposure and global work
     opportunities, but that in many cases also provide more stable
     working environments.

     Organisations in the medical and science area have been very
     receptive to the Singapore Government’s initiatives around the
     hiring and development of older workers - especially for critical
     and short-term assignments. With a talent shortage prevalent in
     many parts of this sector, maximising the skills and experience of
     mature workers is crucial.

     Wage pressure with employers will undoubtedly remain high -
     with experienced professionals still looking for salary increases
     in the region of 20-25% before making a decision to move. As
     stated in the 2011 Adecco Salary Guide, Singapore, there is still the
     situation where positions in companies can remain vacant for an
     inordinate amount of time due to the inability of the company to
     find a suitable candidate. This is an area that human resources
     professionals within medical and science organisations will be
     closely focusing on.
                                                                                                                                            Medical & Science

                                                                                                                                                   Minimum Maximum
Position                Job Description                                                         Qualification               Experience             Salary  Salary
                                                                                                                               [In Years]             [Monthly Salary in S$]

Medical Director        Provides support to sales and marketing activities. Oversees            MBBS                     10 with at least 3 in a   12,000        18,000
                        pharmacovigilence, regulatory affairs and clinical development                                    commercial set-up
                        activities. Responsible for team management.
Medical Affairs         Provides support to sales & marketing activities. Managing industry     MBBS                              3+               8,000         11,000
Manager                 key-opinion leaders. Product & brand champion.

Sales & Marketing
General Manager         Leads the management team. Accountable for sales and                    MBA + Degree                      12+              17,000        20,000
                        profitability targets. Overall organisational development and
                        resources allocation.
Head of Marketing       Responsible for developing and implementing marketing plans and         Degree                            8+               8,000         12,000
                        pricing strategies. Ensures achievement of agreed sales, market
                        share and profitability objectives.
Regional Marketing      Analysis of individual markets. Develops and implements product         Degree                            8+               8,000         12,000
Manager                 marketing strategy. All aspects of the marketing mix.
Product Manager         Develops strategic product marketing plans in line with company         Degree                            4+               5,000         8,000
                        strategy. Continually assesses the impact of the marketing plan and
                        adapts as necessary.                                                                                                                                   17
Sales Manager/          Manages the sales team to achieve set targets. Prepares sales           Degree                            4+               5,000         6,000
Business Manager        strategies, conducts business development and contributes to
                        overall compant growth. Actively involved in new product launches,
                        brand promotions, conducting hands-on workshops/training and
Medical Sales           Achieves sales, distribution, market share and profitability            Degree                   Fresh graduates and       3,000         4,000
Executive               objectives. Responsible for weekly volume sales forecasts and                                      junior executives
                        performance.                                                                                        with less than 2
                                                                                                                           years experience

Regulatory Affairs      Liaises with in-country regulatory teams to deliver timely license      Degree in Science                 5+               8,000         10,000
Manager (Regional)      approvals and associated matters.                                       (Pharmacy preferred)
Regulatory Affairs      Liaises with local regulatory authorities and area/international        Degree in Science                 2+               3,500         5,000
Executive               regulatory to deliver timely license approvals.                         (Pharmacy preferred)

Clinical Research       Leads the clinical research team and ensures the unit's participation   Degree in Science                 4+               6,000         8,000
Manager                 in clinical development programmes. Ensures clinical trials are
                        conducted in required timeframes, cost and quality standards and
                        according to SOPs and ICH GCP.
Clinical Research       Conducts pre-study, initiation, interim and close out monitoring        Degree in Science                 2+               3,000         5,000
Associate               visits. Coordinates and performs comprehensive site management.

Biomedical Science
Engineer (Production/   Provides process support to the manufacturing operation and timely      Degree in Mechanical/             2+               4,000         6,500
Chemical/Technical)     engineering support to improve product quality and process yield.       Chemical/Bio
                                                                                                Engineering or other
                                                                                                relevant qualification
Engineer (Electrical/   Assists in preventive and break-down maintenance of equipment,          Degree                            3-5              3,500         5,000
Instrument/             and carries out technical analysis on equipment.
Chemist                 Writes, reviews, approves QC Records, Standard Operating                Degree in                         2+               4,000         6,500
(QC/Analytical)         Procedures, Protocols etc. Responsible for day-to-day deployment        Biotechnology,
                        and management of Quality Systems related to laboratories and           Biochemistry,
                        associated activities.                                                  Chemistry or
Quality Officer         Oversees day-to-day activities in accordance with approved SOPs/        Degree in                     3-5 (in the          4,000         6,500
(Compliance/            Plan/Policies for a large scale, multi-product, GMP biotech contract    Engineering/Science       Biopharmaceutical
Validation/Assurance)   manufacturing facility. Reviews and approves protocols/reports          Degree or higher               industry)
                        including site discrepancies and deviations investigation/closure.      from a recognised
Supervisor              Accountable for and involved in all production processes. Oversees      Degree/Diploma in a        5-8 with at least       4,500         7,000
(Manufacturing/         all tasks on the work floor as they are carried out and provide         Science/Engineering          3 years in a
Engineering/Quality)    assistance and troubleshooting where needed.                            related discipline       supervisory capacity
     2012 Situation Update
     There was a slowdown in the banking sector toward the end of
     2011 and into 2012 - with a cautionary stance from many banks
     and financial institutions about the hiring of full-time employees.
     For this reason, this sector remains a larger user of flexible
     workforce solutions.

     No other industry has come under such close scrutiny of late in
     relation to how it compensates employees - particularly at the
     more senior level. This has had an effect on bonus payments and
     salary increases within many banking and financial organisations.
     The majority of banks and financial institutions now have global
     controls in place as to how salary increments and bonuses can
     be given to employees.
     Over the past twelve months there has been a significant increase
     in the number of banking professionals from Europe and North
     America seeking to relocate to Singapore and other parts of Asia.
     Adecco has also seen an increase in the demand for corporate
     finance/M&A professionals-especially at the more senior level.
     Bankers with security and risk experience continue to be in high-
     demand, in what, over the past ten years, has become a highly
     regulated sector.

     With the high levels of market uncertainty in various Central
     European countries, it could be some time before jobs and
     recruitment in the banking and finance sector reach any level of
     certainty in Singapore. The human resources department in nearly
     every bank is currently being challenged with reducing cost -
     while retaining talent.

                                                                                                                       Minimum             Maximum
Position              Job Description                                                                       Experience Salary              Salary
                                                                                                             [In Years]        [Monthly Salary in S$]

Back Office
Associate                                                                                                    0-4          2,700            4,500
AVP                   Based in the operations department, a Settlements Specialist will be reponsible for    5-8          6,000            8,000
VP                    trade confirmations, monitoring and reporting.                                         9-12         10,000           13,000
Director                                                                                                     12+          11,000           15,000+
Corporate Actions
Associate                                                                                                    0-4          2,800            5,000
                      Based in the operations department, a Corporate Actions Specialist will manage
AVP                                                                                                          5-8          6,000            9,500
                      operational situations around actions such as splits, dividends, mergers and
VP                                                                                                           9-12         10,000           12,500
Director                                                                                                     12+          11,000           16,000
Treasury Operations

Associate                                                                                                    0-4          3,300            7,000
                      Responsible for accounting, reporting and monitoring - Treasury Operations
AVP                                                                                                          5-8          6,000            9,500
                      Specialists are responsible for back office processes throughout debt, cash and
VP                                                                                                           9-12         10,000           13,000
                      investment operations.
Director                                                                                                     12+          11,000           16,000+
Associate                                                                                                    0-4          2,700            4,200        19
AVP                   An Operations-based role is reponsible for drafting documentation for derivative       5-8          6,000            8,000
VP                    trade confirmations.                                                                   9-12         10,000           14,000
Director                                                                                                     12+          12,000           16,000+

Middle Office
Associate                                                                                                    0-4          2,800            5,000
AVP                                                                                                          5-8          6,600            9,100
                      Responsible for examining, verifying and reporting on the accuracy of records.
VP                                                                                                           9-12         9,000            14,000
Director                                                                                                     12+          14,000           20,000+
Associate                                                                                                    0-4          2,700            5,400
AVP                   Responsible for overseeing, implementing and ensuring that departments are             5-8          6,000            10,500
VP                    working within set guidelines set by governmental financial bodies.                    9-12         10,000           15,000
Director                                                                                                     12+          14,000           20,000+
Operational Risk
Associate                                                                                                    0-4          3,000            5,200
AVP                   Responsible for the management of risk not based on direct investment activities.      5-8          5,500            9,000
VP                    Including, but not limited to, processes, people and systems.                          9-12         10,000           14,000
Director                                                                                                     12+          12,000           20,000+
Credit Risk
Associate                                                                                                    0-4          3,000            5,200
AVP                   Responsible for maximising a bank’s risk-adjusted rate of return by maintaining        5-8          5,500            9,000
VP                    credit exposure within acceptable parameters - to avoid defaults.                      9-12         10,000           14,000
Director                                                                                                     12+          12,000           20,000+
Market Risk
Associate                                                                                                    0-4          3,000            5,200
AVP                                                                                                          5-8          5,500            9,000
                      Responsible for managing the risk of investment activities.
VP                                                                                                           9-12         12,000           14,000
Director                                                                                                     12+          12,000           20,000+
Client Services
Associate                                                                                                    0-4          3,800            5,000
AVP                   Responsible for supporting clients via account maintenance and relationship            5-8          5,000            7,500
VP                    management.                                                                            9-12         10,000           14,000
Director                                                                                                     12+          12,000           25,000+

                                                                                                                                                 Minimum                Maximum
     Position                            Job Description                                                                              Experience Salary                 Salary
                                                                                                                                       [In Years]           [Monthly Salary in S$]

     Front Office
     Corporate Banking - Front Office

     Associate                                                                                                                         0-4          3,000               6,600
     AVP                                 Responsible for banking services tailored for large organisations, including financing        5-8          5,500               10,000
     VP                                  and cash management.                                                                          9-12         10,000              16,000
     Director                                                                                                                          12+          15,000              25,000+
     Private Equity - Front Office
     Associate                                                                                                                         0-4          4,000               6,600
     AVP                                 Responsible for managing buyouts, venture capital and/or mezzanine financing                  5-8          5,500               10,000
     VP                                  activities for privately held entities.                                                       9-12         10,000              16,000
     Director                                                                                                                          12+          15,000              25,000+
     Fund Management - Front Office

     Associate                                                                                                                         0-4          3,800               6,000
     AVP                                 Responsible for overseeing and making investment decisions for a mutual or hedge              5-8          6,000               10,000
     VP                                  fund.                                                                                         9-12         10,000              16,000
     Director                                                                                                                          12+          15,000              25,000+
     Investment Banking - Front Office
20   Associate                           Responsible for providing advisory services for mergers, acquisitions and other               0-4          4,000               6,600
     AVP                                 types of financial transactions. Assist institutions to raise money by issuing and            5-8          5,500               10,000
     VP                                  selling securities in the primary market. They also assist in raising funds in the capital    9-12         10,000              16,000
     Director                            markets.                                                                                      12+          15,000              25,000+

     Retail Banking
     Bank Teller
     Associate                           Responsible for processing transactions for retail banking customers.                         0-4          1,200               2,400
     Bank Officer
     Associate                           Performs customer service, administrative and/or accounting duties. Processes and             0-4          3,200               6,200
     AVP                                 verifies documentation, reports and data within a retail bank.                                5-8          6,000               8,000
     Branch Manager
     Associate                           Responsible for branch administration and operations, personnel management and                0-4          4,700               7,300
                                         customer service within a retail bank.
     Personal Financial Consultant
     AVP                                                                                                                               5-8          4,000               7,500
                                         Responsible for advising customers on financial planning.
     VP                                                                                                                                9-12         7,000               12,000+
Adecco S.A. is a Fortune Global 500 company and the global leader in HR services.
The Adecco Group network connects over 500,000 associates with business clients
each day through its network of over 33,000 employees and 5,500 offices in over 60
countries and territories around the world. Registered in Switzerland, and managed
by a multinational team with expertise in markets spanning the globe, the Adecco
Group delivers an unparalleled range of flexible staffing and career resources to
corporate clients and qualified associates.

Established in Singapore in 1985, Adecco Singapore offers a comprehensive range
of services that includes temporary and contract staffing, permanent recruitment,
outsourcing, executive search, leadership development, career management and
outplacement. Services are delivered through a network of general and professional
staffing offices.

For further details, please see

                                                                                        Adecco Personnel Pte Ltd
                                                                                                UEN: 198500164K
                                                                                     EA Licence Number: 91C2918

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