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					Williams Student Services Center  112 Felgar Hall  (405)325-4096 

       faculty advising handbook
     Fall 2011 undergraduate deadlines and procedures >>>

    Action                                                                       Deadline Additional Info
    Last day to DROP Fall 2011 courses with 100% refund                          Sept 2   Students can drop courses online
    and no grade of “W”
    Last day to change from AUDIT to CREDIT or CREDIT to                         Sept 2          Must have instructor signed Add/Drop slip
    AUDIT for Fall 2011                                                                          Bring slip to Office of Registration (Buchanan)
    Last day for Automatic “W” for dropped Fall 2011                             Oct 28          No instructor signature/permission needed
    course(s) or Complete Withdrawal of classes                                                  Fill out DROP slip in WSSC, Felgar room 112
    Last day for “W” or “F” for dropped Fall 2011 course(s)                      Dec 9           Need instructor signature on DROP slip.*
    or Complete Withdrawal of classes                                                            Fill out petition form in WSSC, Felgar room 112
                                                                                                 *Instructor approval does NOT guarantee approval

                         NEW OU DROP POLICY
      Beginning Fall 2011---undergraduate students may only have 5 total “W”s from OU.

      The first two weeks of school are FREE DROPS. Students do not earn “W”s from
       dropping classes during this time.

      September 2 is the last day to drop during Fall 2011 and not earn a “W”

                                                                        Williams Student Services Center (WSSC) Advising Staff
    web sites for faculty advisors >>>
                                                        Advisor                           Schools                                          Contact info
                                                        Theresa Marks, M.A.               Study Abroad Program                   
     To review completed courses                        Director of Advising                                                               325-4096
     and make advising NOTES                            Jana Jacobs, MHR, M.Ed.           Civil Engineering and Environmental Science                               Asst. Director of Advising        Industrial Engineering                           325-4096

                                                        Jeannine Desmarais, MHR           Electrical and Computer Engineering    
     To look at courses offered/seats                   Senior Academic Counselor         Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering   325-4096
     left/times                                                                           Engineering Physics program
                                                        Clint Hardesty, MHR, M.A.         Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering   
                                                        Academic Counselor                Computer Science                                 325-4096

                                          <<< ADDITIONAL STUDENT RESOURCES >>>

internships, scholarships, student groups >>>
                                                                                            career planning >>>
Fill out your OU scholarship application at
                                                              Schedule an appointment       (1) Career Services Office
                                                               with your College WSSC 
College of Engineering scholarships:
Jackie Foos
                                                             (2) Engineering Career Planning
                                                             one year before you plan to
Internships and Co-Op opportunities:
                                                            graduate to review your final
                                                                   year schedule.           (3) Engineering Career Fair
Tiffany Smith
                                                                 You must APPLY for             Every Fall semester
                                                              graduation the semester
Be involved! Participate in an Engineering group!
                                                                BEFORE you plan on          WSSC advisor 5-min walk-in hours
                                                                                            >>>     Mon: 2:30-4pm
                                                                                              Tues-Thurs: 9:30-11am & 2:30-4pm
                                Spend 6 summer weeks in France or 4 summer                            Fridays: 9:30-11am
                                weeks in Italy while earning General Education
                                credit. Courses taught in English.

                                For more information:
                                           For 30 min appointment with
                                                                                             College of Engineering WSSC Advisor:
                                WSSC (405) 325-4096                                  or call (405)325-4096

 Pre-med and Honors requirement questions? >>>

                                  Pre-Med Advisor: Nancy Blass (405) 325-2457

                                  If you are pursuing an Honors degree, contact the following for information on additional
                                  Honors requirements:
                                        Honors College (405) 325-5291
                                        College of Engineering Honors Liaison Dr. Chris Dalton
                                  (405) 325-1915

  multicultural engineering program (MEP) >>> 113A Felgar Hall (405) 325-0095
                                       YES                                          Free tutoring for engineering majors >>>
  Lisa Morales, Director of Diversity and MEP                      Sundays-Thursdays
                                                                                   from 1-9pm
  The program provides services primarily for underrepresented minority            Locations: Engineering library (2nd floor Felgar )
  populations and first generation students.                                                  Engineering Practice Facility room 230
  Academic and professional support includes an MEP freshman
  orientation, tutoring, career assistance, and a scholarship program.             Contact (MEP) 325-0095 for questions

                                       <<< FACULTY ADVISOR INFORMATION >>>

Previous B.S. or B.A. degrees >>>                                             COMMON QUESTIONS

B.S or B.A. degree from an accredited institution recognized               General Education approved list
by OU will waive the following Engineering degree              For Artistic Forms, Social Science, Non-Western
requirements:                                                  Culture, and Western Civ:
       Foreign Language
       Gen. Ed. Artistic Forms                                Refer students with Gen. Ed. transfer questions to
       Gen. Ed. Social Science                                WSSC Advisor in Felgar room 112.
       Gen. Ed. Non-Western Culture
       Gen. Ed. Western Civ. and Culture                           Maximum Course Enrollment each Semester
       English Comp. I and II
                                                               Fall and Spring: 19 hours each semester
                                                               Summer: 9 hours (consult WSSC advisor)
Previous A.A. or A.S. degrees from Oklahoma >>>
                                                                 Online courses : Center for Ind. Distance Learning
A.A. or A.S degree must be from an accredited Oklahoma or (405)325-1921 for information
institution recognized by OU. We will waive the following      Students need approval from WSSC advisor
Engineering degree requirements:
       Foreign Language                                          Student is missing 1-2 hours in MATH, PHYSICS,
       Gen. Ed. Artistic Forms                                                 CHEMISTRY course
       Gen. Ed. Social Science                                Refer student to WSSC Advisor in Felgar room 112
       Gen. Ed. Non-Western Culture
       Gen. Ed. Western Civ. and Culture
       English Comp. I and II

                               <<< TRANSFER EQUIVALENCIES >>>
                 For the most frequent transfer courses and transfer institutions

OU Course                    OCCC                      Rose State                       OSU-OKC
MATH1823           The following MATH sequence:        MATH2113       MATH2145= 1hr MATH1823, 3hr 2423, & 1hr 2433
             MATH2104 = 3hrs MATH1823 & 1hr MATH2423   MATH2123         MATH2155= 2hr MATH2433 & 3hr MATH2443
            MATH2214=2 hrs MATH2423 & 2hrs MATH2433                  (please note student will be short 2 hrs MATH1823)
MATH2433                                               MATH2143
            MATH2314= 1hr MATH2433 & 3 hrs MATH2443
MATH2443                                               MATH2153
MATH3113                    MATH2413                   MATH2173                         MATH2233
CHEM1315                    CHEM1115                   CHEM1135            CHEM1314 (student will be 1 hr short)
CHEM1415                    CHEM1215                   CHEM1145                         CHEM1515
PHYS2514                    PHYS2014                    PHYS2434                         PHYS2014
PHYS2524                    PHYS2114                    PHYS2444                         PHYS2114
CHEM3053                    CHEM2114                   CHEM2103                     CHEM2055 for both
CHEM3152                    CHEM2122                   CHEM2112
CHEM3153                    CHEM2124                   CHEM2203                         CHEM2155
ENGR2002                    ENGR2002
ECE2723                     ENGR2613€                   ENGR2213                        ENGS2613
CEES1213               ENGR1213 or CAT1214
CEES2223                    ENGR2343                    ENGR2233
CEES2313                                                ENSC1103
CEES2153                    ENGR2143                    ENGR2133                        ENGS2143
CHE2313                     ENGR2313                    ENGR2413
AME2213                     ENGR2333                    ENGR2313                        ENGS2213
AME2113                    ENGR2133Ω                   ENGR2123 or                      ENGS2113

AME2533                     ENGR2523                    ENGR2113                        ENGS2123
CS1323                       CS2163
CS1313                       CS1143β                     CIT1173
ENGR2461                    ENGR2333¥

    Additional equivalency notes for OCCC:

    Ω ENGR2133 from OCCC will also meet CEES2113
    € ENGR2613 from OCCC will also meet ENGR2431 for IE majors
    ¥ ENGR2333 from OCCC will meet ENGR2461 and waive ENGR3441 for IE majors
    β CS1143 from OCCC will meet CS1313 for Industrial Engineering majors ONLY on a case-by-case basis

                                  <<< TRANSFER EQUIVALENCIES >>>
                    For the most frequent transfer courses and transfer institutions

OU Course                              TCC (Tulsa)                         UCO (Edmond)
MATH1823                       The following MATH sequence:                   MATH2313
                          MTH2114 = 3hrs MATH1823 & 1hr MATH2423              MATH2323
                          MTH2124=2 hrs MATH2423 & 2hrs MATH2433
MATH2433                                                                      MATH2333
                          MTH2134= 1hr MATH2433 & 3 hrs MATH2443
MATH2443                                                                      MATH2343
MATH3113                                MTH2613                               MATH3103
CHEM1315                                 CHE1315                           CHEM1103 & 1112
CHEM1415                                 CHE1415                           CHEM1223 & 1232
PHYS2514                                PHYS2034                               PHY2014
PHYS2524                                 PHY2124                               PHY2114
CHEM3053                             CHE2145 for both                      CHEM3303 for both
CHEM3153                                 CHE2245                              CHEM3312
ECE2723                                  EGR2613                              ENGR2304
CEES2223                                                                      ENGR3443
CEES2153                             EGR2143 or 2993                          ENGR2143
AME2213                                  EGR2213                              ENGR3203
AME2113                              EGR2103 or 2993                          ENGR2033
AME2533                                  EGR2523                              ENGR2043
CS1323                                                                        CMSC1513
IE2823                                   EGR1253
IE2303                                   EGR1313

    Additional equivalency notes :

    Ω EGR2103 or 2993 from TCC and ENGR2033 from UCO will also meet CEES2113
    € EGR2613 from TCC and ENGR2304 from UCO will also meet ENGR2431 for IE majors
    ¥ ENGR2213 from TCC and ENGR3203 from UCO will meet ENGR2461 and waive ENGR3441 for IE


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