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									                   Travel Agency Requirement Guide - Canada & Bermuda
                                Application for Accreditation

In order for us to review your request for approval as an IATA accredited agency, you are requested to
submit the following. For additional information regarding your agency’s eligibility, please refer to the
Travel Agent Handbook 818g, including the local financial criteria for Canada.

       Application form including the additional local criteria for Canada and Bermuda

       Copies of 2 forms of government issued photo identification for the owner(s) and manager(s) (i.e.
        driver's license, passport, medicare card, resident card). Ensure that the copies are clear and
        legible and include both the front and back of the identification.

       Copy of the applicable provincial license, if your place of business is located in British Columbia,

       Copy of your business’ incorporation documents

       Two copies of the shareholders agreement

       Fnancial Statements and Letter of Credit - please refer to the local financial criteria for Canada
        and Bermuda, the Standards And Methodology for the Evaluation of Financial Statements.
        Please note that IATA will not accept Letters of Credits from a Provider that does not have a
        credit worthiness rating (CWR) from a rating agency such as Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s or Fitch
        Ratings. Please note this letter of credit will be kept for a two year period and reviewed every six
        months (see Financial Standards attached).

       Applicable fees

If you would like to pay by credit card, please go to the following website and
complete all required details. You will receive confirmation of your transaction once your payment has
been successfully completed. Please print this confirmation and send a copy with your application.

Should you require additional information please contact us via our Customer Portal at:

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