Calls To Bring Truth Back Into Parliament by GlynnePowell


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									   Bring truth back into Parliament
“Was it ever there?” I hear some people say in response to the title. Well I
like to think it was and I like to think the truth matters to some politicians as
much as it matters to the rest of us.

All too often ministers release so called 'facts' in their speeches which are
later proven grossly inaccurate. Sometimes I get the feeling they are fully
aware they are spouting propaganda which leads to violence against
individuals such as disabled people.

At the moment when this happens the minister or department responsible
does nothing when proven wrong which continues to mislead the public. I
believe they should have a duty to correct their mistakes.

Wouldn’t it be great if the minister who issued the false statement publicly
corrected the mistake and apologises to the public on record? Wouldn’t that
be the honourable thing to do for the so called Right Honourable Lady or
Gentleman in question?

If you agree then please consider signing and equally as important,
spreading the word about this petition as it needs 100,000 signatures
by January 2014.

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