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                         www.purdue.edu/geri             1
    The Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI) at
    Purdue University has served gifted children and their
    families for more than 30 years. GERI offers educational
    programs for gifted children, such as Super Summer and
    Summer Residential Programs.

    GERI works with pre-service teachers and teachers in
    the field to help them understand and meet the needs
    of gifted students in their classes, and offers an Indiana
    teaching licensure program in gifted education.

    GERI also trains graduate students to conduct research
    in gifted education and talent development and
    take leadership positions in education. A leader in
    gifted research, GERI also seeks to educate schools,
    policymakers, and the public on the need for quality
    educational programs for gifted and talented children

    and their families.

                            Gifted Education Resource Institute
                            Purdue University
                            Beering Hall, Room 5108-A
                            100 N. University St.
                            West Lafayette, IN 47907-2098

                            Phone: 765-494-7243
                            Fax 765-496-2706
                            E-mail: geri@purdue.edu
1   Purdue University is an equal access, equal opportunitywww.purdue.edu/geri
                                                           institution.          2
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       E n ri c h m

                                                     d ta l e n te d y o
                                                                           Super Summer is an enrichment program designed to meet the needs of academically,

                                                                           creatively, or artistically gifted students from age four (Pre-K) through fourth grade.
                                                                           The program offers a variety of course topics in mathematics, science and technology,
                                                                           visual and performing arts, and interdisciplinary studies. PreK students must be
                                                                           eligible to start kindergarten in the fall of 2009 in order to participate.


                                                                           Designed as a commuter program, Super Summer is divided into two separate
                                                                           Monday-through-Friday sessions. Children may enroll in one or two sessions. Within
                                                                           each session, children may elect to take a morning class (8:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m.), an
                                                                           afternoon class (12:45-4:30 p.m.), or both. The fee for one class is $195 and $170
                                                                           for each additional class. Lunch will not be provided for students enrolling in both
                                                                           a morning and an afternoon class. Refrigeration will be provided for students who
                                                                           bring sack lunches.

                                                                           When AnD Where
                                                                             • Session 1 runs June 8-12, 2009, and Session 2 runs June 15-19, 2009
                                                                             • Most classes are held in Beering Hall

                                                                           WhAt MAkes it super?
                                                                             •   Small class sizes
                                                                             •   Personal attention from caring teachers
                                                                             •   Challenging, hands-on learning
                                                                             •   An emphasis on critical thinking and independent learning
                                                                             •   An environment that values creativity, diversity, and achievement
                                                                             •   A chance to share interests with other gifted children

                                                                           WhAt Are clAsses like?
                                                                             • Classes are small. Super Summer limits class size to 10 for early grades and 16
                                                                               for later grades. Each student receives individualized instruction.
                                                                             • Classes are taught by teachers who care. Super Summer teachers are
                                                                               knowledgeable and excited about their subject matter and share this enthusiasm
                                                                               with their students. Teachers receive special training and ongoing support from
                                                                               GERI to help them meet the special needs of gifted and talented students.
                                                                             • Classes are challenging. Super Summer courses provide authentic, hands-on
                                                                               learning experiences. They encourage creative thinking, the development of
                                                                               problem-solving skills, and individual exploration of student interests.
                                                                             • Classes are fun. Super Summer courses are interesting and interactive. All
                                                                               classes give gifted students a chance to meet and have fun with other bright
                                                                               students who share their interests and enthusiasm for learning.
3                                                                                                                                   www.purdue.edu/geri
                                                                                                                                    www.purdue.edu/geri              4
    PRE-K - K                                     icky, sticky, AnD Fun                       gRadES 1-2                                  gRadES 3-4
    We recommend that children at this            We have messes to make and things to
                                                  explore. I need only the most curious
    grade level take a morning class or an
    afternoon class. Taking two classes in        minds in my laboratory. Become the
                                                                                              cheMistry AnD Art                           Be An Architect
                                                                                              Get ready for fun and adventure as you      Explore the elements of architectural
    one day makes for a long day at this age.     world’s most creative chemist or inventor
                                                                                              learn how to mix your own materials         design from ancient times through
                                                  of the gooiest gunk ever glopped.
                                                                                              for art projects. Use the paint you have    today. Study pyramids, castles,
    BecoMe A kniGht                                                                           mixed from pigments, sculpt with your       Roman and Gothic architecture, and
    Do you have courage? Are you loyal to         MAtrix chess                                own created clay, and design a T-shirt      skyscrapers. You will even be challenged
    your family? Do you like to perform your      Whether you are a beginner or a             with your very own brand of fabric ink.     to design a home for a client!
    best when you complete a task? If you         budding chess champion, you will
                                                  have the opportunity to improve your
    can say yes to these questions, you may
    have the qualities to become a knight.        skills. Optimize your game by learning
                                                                                              GeoloGy rocks!                              DiGitAl photoGrAphy
                                                                                              Did you brush your teeth today? Then you    Are you the photographer of your
    Rise through the ranks to squire, and         strategic moves and techniques.
                                                                                              used rocks and minerals when you used       family? Do you enjoy looking at and
    finally, knight! Do you have what it takes?
                                                                                              your toothpaste. Experiment with us and     taking photos? Enter the world of
                                                                                              learn how the Earth has changed over        digital photography. Learn how to use
    Dr. Doolittle Junior                                                                      time and how common household items         Photoshop to enhance and improve your
    Do you talk to animals? Explore the                                                       are made from rocks and minerals.           photos, explore the principles of design,
    secret language of animals and discover                                                                                               and prepare your creations for display.
    their unique habitats and behaviors.
                                                                                              iMAGinAtion AnD pAintinG
                                                                                              Learn how painters make their paintings     electricAl enGineerinG
                                                                                              look so real. Discover different ways       Explore the internal workings of many
                                                                                              to paint as well as different items with    common household electronics.
                                                                                              which to paint. Explore water colors,       Investigate basic electronic circuitry and
                                                                                              tempera paints, Chinese calligraphy,        components as you create your own
                                                                                              landscapes, proportion, and much more.      gadget. (Supply fee: $10)

                                                                                              MAtrix chess                                MAtrix chess
                                                                                              Whether you are a beginner or a             Whether you are a beginner or a
                                                                                              budding chess champion, you will            budding chess champion, you will
                                                                                              have the opportunity to improve your        have the opportunity to improve your
                                                                                              skills. Optimize your game by learning      skills. Optimize your game by learning
                                                                                              strategic moves and techniques.             strategic moves and techniques.

                                                                                              reADy, set, think!                          Vet MeD
                                                                                              Your challenge is to build the highest      Discover your inner veterinarian. Learn
                                                                                              freestanding tower using only paperclips,   all about animal anatomy and physiology
                                                                                              straws, and index cards. You only have      with dissection and other exciting hands-
                                                                                              five minutes! What will you do? Have fun    on activities. Explore the veterinary needs
                                                                                              with us while using your imagination to     of animals of all shapes and sizes. (Supply
                                                                                              solve many fun and exciting challenges.     fee: $10)
5                                                                                                                                                      www.purdue.edu/geri              6
    PRE-K - K                                   gRadES 1-2                                   gRadES 3-4                                   seVen WonDers oF the WorlD
    We recommend that children at this                                                                                                    Are you looking forward to your next
                                                                                                                                          vacation? Travel the globe, use your
    grade level take a morning class or an
    afternoon class. Taking two classes in
                                                Ancient science                              experiMentAl cheMistry                       imagination, and participate in hands-
                                                Are you ready to try time-travel, explore    Become a research scientist. Use
    one day makes for a long day at this age.                                                                                             on activities. Join us as we visit the four
                                                the world, and make history? Invent          the scientific method to experiment,
                                                                                                                                          corners of the Earth as we explore such
                                                glue, clocks, eyeglasses, and more.          observe, and test hypotheses in this
    cAllinG All inVentors                       Uncover how ancient people discovered        fun, hands-on science class! Learn about
                                                                                                                                          wonders as Mount Everest, the Grand
                                                                                                                                          Canyon, Victoria Falls, and the Great
    Did you know that an 11-year-old            the simple things we use today in a class    matter, its properties and how it can
    invented the popsicle or that Silly Putty                                                                                             Barrier Reef.
                                                packed full of discoveries.                  change. Work on a team as you study the
    was invented by accident? You could be                                                   principles of chemistry. (Supply fee: $10)
    an inventor too. If you are curious, love
    to “tinker” and have great ideas, join us
                                                cheMicAl explorAtions
                                                Did you know that some breakfast cereals
    and create your own invention!
                                                are protected with iron? How can you         MoVinG on! explore physics
                                                find it? Mix, pour, measure, and swirl       What’s a rotoplane? Come find out!
    puppet shoWplAce                            into the world of chemistry as we explore    Explore motion, sound, forces, and
    Can you bring a great story to life? Be a   reactions in the making of our own           energy. Do experiments with movable
    part of this children’s theater and use     concoctions. Experience fun filled, hands-   spheres, ramps, sliders, rocket balloons,
    your imagination to create puppets and      on experiments and activities.               and more. Participate in an egg drop
    learn how to improvise and role-play                                                     competition by using your creativity to
    like the pros. Your puppet may be the
    best actor on stage!
                                                Green thuMBs                                 protect a raw egg dropped from very high.
                                                Gardeners know the best dirt! They
                                                know that plants are important to our        spies like us
    science in My house?                        everyday lives. Learn how gardening          Are you the next international
    Shhh! Don’t tell Mom and Dad . . .          involves bugs, plants, and nutrition. You    spy? Do you live to solve
    Find out how to use simple household        will have a green thumb in no time!          puzzles? Are you creative?
    items to complete experiments like a                                                     Learn how math can help
    real scientist. Explore solids, liquids,
    gases, mixtures, solutions, and more.
                                                FroM heAD to toe                             us break secret codes. Use
                                                How are your bones like a roll of toilet     science to break down
    Chemistry is alive in your own home!                                                     listening devices, invisible
                                                paper? Where does all of your old dead
                                                skin go? Can you figure out how tall         ink, mirrors, and more.
                                                a person is from the size of his or her
                                                feet? Answer these questions and more
                                                by using everyday materials.

7                                                                                                                                                      www.purdue.edu/geri              8
    PRE-K - K                                    gRadES 1-2                                       gRadES 3-4                                   MoVie MAkinG
    We recommend that children at this                                                                                                         Ever wonder what is happening behind
                                                                                                                                               the camera? Perhaps you see yourself as
    grade level take a morning class or an
    afternoon class. Taking two classes in
                                                 Books GAlore                                     Go Green!                                    the next Steven Spielberg. Learn what it
                                                 Dive into the world of books by creating         Can you save the environment? Yes!
    one day makes for a long day at this age.                                                                                                  takes to make a movie and create one of
                                                 your own. Learn to make a variety of             Learn how by investigating interactions
                                                                                                                                               your own.
                                                 books including pop-up, accordion and            between people and the environments
    BoB the BuilDer                              flap books, and learn techniques for             in which they live. Explore the effects of
    Can we fix it? Yes we can!! Bob and          binding and decoration while exploring           pollution and become an environmentalist     WorlD oF GADGets
    his gang need help with renovations,         interesting bookmaking techniques.               so you can help save our planet.             Electronics are here to stay. Wouldn’t
    construction, and repairs. Learn about the                                                                                                 it be great to understand how and why
                                                                                                                                               electronic devices work? Learn about
    design process civil engineers use each
    day in order to help Bob and his gang
                                                 G’DAy MAte                                       MAtrix chess                                 the basics of electronics by looking at
                                                 Take a trip to the Outback and explore           Whether you are a beginner or a
    complete their work on time.                                                                                                               magnetism, static electricity, and simple
                                                 the exciting country of Australia.               budding chess champion, you will have
                                                                                                                                               circuits with hands-on activities and
                                                 Learn how to play the didgeridoo and             the opportunity to improve your skills.
    MAtrix chess                                 experience the aquatic life of the Great         Optimize your game by
    Whether you are a beginner or a              Barrier Reef. Get your suitcase ready            learning strategic moves
    budding chess champion, you will             and join us on our journey.                      and techniques.
    have the opportunity to improve your
    skills. Optimize your game by learning
    strategic moves and techniques.
                                                 hoW thinGs Work                                  Mini MeD
                                                 Do you love taking things apart to find          Paging all doctors! Are
                                                 out what makes them tick? Do you have a          you fascinated by the
    out oF this WorlD                            question about everything you do? If you         workings of the human
    Join the ranks of Neil Armstrong and         are interested in all sorts of investigations,   body? Learn about
    become a junior astronaut. Learn about       this hands-on course is for you.                 anatomy and physiology
    space exploration through experiments                                                         as you explore the
    and imagination. Explore what life
    would be like in the final frontier.
                                                 MAtrix chess                                     exciting world of
                                                 Whether you are a beginner or a                  medicine. Learn about
                                                 budding chess champion, you will                 the many systems and
    pAnDA express                                have the opportunity to improve your             functions of the body
    An EDIBLE journey to China? It will be       skills. Optimize your game by learning           by dissecting and
    an incrEDIBLE one! Come and join us          strategic moves and techniques.                  through other hands-
    on the express journey to the country                                                         on activities. (Supply
    of pandas—China! Do Chinese people
    wear the same clothes as we do? Do
                                                 physics With toys                                fee: $10)
                                                 What do yo-yos have in common with
    they celebrate the same festivals? Find
                                                 tops, bubbles and lasers? Why does a
    stories or even legends behind Chinese
                                                 spinning top stand up? Here’s a hint: it’s
    food, its children and more about China
                                                 the same reason you can ride a bicycle.
    today in Panda Express.
                                                 Would you like to create a sonic boom?
                                                 You can do it with a simple balloon!
                                                 Come and examine the laws of nature
9                                                through the use of common toys.                                                                          www.purdue.edu/geri              10
     PRE-K - K                                    gRadES 1-2                                    gRadES 3-4                                  Junior DetectiVe
     We recommend that children at this                                                                                                     You can use science to solve a mystery!
                                                                                                                                            As a junior detective, you will dust for
     grade level take a morning class or an
     afternoon class. Taking two classes in
                                                  Action Alert                                  cArtoon crAze                               fingerprints, analyze handwriting, and use
                                                  Calling all rainforest heroes! Our tropical   Images are stronger than words,             chemistry to identify mystery substances.
     one day makes for a long day at this age.
                                                  rainforests are being destroyed every         but there’s a catch. You need to be         Can you help us solve the crime?
                                                  day by logging, mining, oil drilling,         understood to be appreciated. Learn
     MAth in Action                               and more. Animals are losing their            the basics of cartooning from super-
     Can math help you win a paper                homes will become extinct if we do            heroes to European classics. Take your
     airplane contest? Can you find math in       not do something quickly. Learn about         idea from a rough sketch through
     amusement parks, businesses, or even         rainforest plants and animals and             basic inking and coloring
     the arts? Investigate all of the ways        discover how you can make a difference.       techniques, to a humorous
     math helps us solve problems in the                                                        conclusion.
     world around us.
                                                  MAD science
                                                  Mad science is on a mission. If you have      GeoMetry MAster
     Meet the reptiles                            imagination and curiosity, we want you.       Discover the world of
     Did you know that a reptile’s skin is dry                                                  geometry as we investigate
                                                  Explore the different fields of science
     and as hard as human fingernails? Did                                                      polyhedras and create
                                                  with hands-on activities and exciting
     you know that the smallest reptile in                                                      Platonic solids. Learn the
                                                  experiments with the Mad Scientist!
     the world is less than one inch long, and                                                  rules of tessellations
     the largest is more than thirty feet long?                                                 in order to complete a
     What don’t you know about reptiles?          MAGniFicent MAchines                          unique challenge. If you
     Learn about the most fascinating             How different would your life be              enjoy math challenges
     creatures alive today.                       without machines? Explore how                 and working with
                                                  machines work and make your life              manipulatives, then
     Music or science?                            easier. Get ready to make your own!           this class is for you.
     Are we using science when we are
     playing a music instrument? How can          tWisteD FAiry tAles                           Journey into FliGht
     you make waves when you are singing          What if the Big Bad Wolf wasn’t really
                                                                                                Take a trip with us in an expedition
     your favorite song? Discover the physics     so bad? What if the princess saved the
                                                                                                of flight. Discover how planes lift off,
     behind music and sound.                      PRINCE from the dragon? Use your
                                                                                                fly, glide, and land safely. Learn how
                                                  imagination to create twisted fairy tales
                                                                                                aviation pioneers tested their inventions
                                                  of your own.
                                                                                                and construct your own aircraft with
                                                                                                materials like early designers used.
                                                                                                (Supply fee: $10)

11                                                                                                                                                     www.purdue.edu/geri               12
     HOW TO
     Who is eliGiBle                               other reGistrAtion options                       cAn We still Apply AFter MAy 22? coMinG FroM out oF toWn?
     Super Summer courses are designed for         By mail:                                         With payment of a $30 late fee, we           Our guests from out of town are invited to
     students of high ability and motivation.         GERI Super Summer                             will accept late applications (if space      stay at one of our local hotels. Those closest
     The pace and level of these courses              Purdue University Conferences                 permits) until the Monday of the first       to campus and on the trolley line are:
     are appropriate for students in the              Stewart Center, Room 110                      class session (June 8). We will personally       Hilton Garden Inn
     top ten percent of the population in a           128 Memorial Mall                             notify late applicants by Friday, May 29,        356 E. State Street
     given program area. Students wishing             West Lafayette, IN 47907-2034                 if space is available. If we have no shows       W. Lafayette, IN
     to participate in Super Summer should                                                          on the first Monday, we will place late          (765) 743-2100
     have a specific interest in the subject       A confirmation notice will be sent when          applicants in those available spaces.
     area of his or her class.                     your application materials are received.                                                          Holiday Inn Select—City Center
                                                   Complete one form per child. We cannot                                                            515 South Street
     online reGistrAtion                           give class availability over the phone.                                                           Downtown Lafayette, IN
                                                                                                                                                           (765) 423-1000
     Register online at:
     www.conf.purdue.edu/supsum09                  By phone:
       • Credit card payment is required.          (765) 494-2758* or (800) 359-2968*                                                                       Contact the hotels directly
       • Choose a class at the proper grade                                                                                                                 to make reservations.
          level for which the child is eligible.   By Fax: (765) 494-0567*
       • If a selection is not available, the
          class is full and you will need to       * If applying online or over the phone, the
          choose another class. If there are       parental authorization form still needs
          no other classes available in your       faxed or mailed to Purdue Conferences.
          grade level, the grade level is full
          and you will need to call the GERI       When shoulD i Apply?
          office at 765-494-7243 to enroll.        To avoid a late fee, all materials must be
       • Log on to the system with the             faxed or postmarked by 5 p.m. on Friday,
          child’s name. You will be prompted       May 22. Students applying after this date
          later to put the parent/guardian         will be charged a $30 late fee.
          name in the payment information.         Students are placed in classes on a first-
                                                   come, first-served basis, and many classes
                                                   will fill before the application deadline. For
                                                   the best choice of classes, apply today.
13                                                                                                                                                           www.purdue.edu/geri
                                                                                                                                                             www.purdue.edu/geri                  14
                                                                                                                                                                             2009 Super Summer SN5983/KRW/09YR

                                                                                                  stuDent inForMAtion
                                                                                                  Name:                                                                       Birth Date:

     FEES aNd
                                                                                                  City:                                                                       State:        ZIP:
                                                                                                  Gender (optional)  Male  Female                 Age:      Current Grade (2008-09):

                                                                                                  School:                                     Corporation:

                                                                                                  Race/Ethnicity (optional/check all that apply):
                                                                                                   African American/Non-Hispanic           Hispanic                              Other
                                                                                                   Asian                                   Multi-racial                          Pacific Islander
                                                                                                   Caucasian, Non-Hispanic                 Native American/Alaskan Native
                                                                                                  Ethnicity and gender data are used for research and evaluation purposes only and do not affect eligibility.

     Fees                                          FinAnciAl AiD                                  Parent/Legal Guardian Name:

     The fee for one Super Summer classes is       A limited number of need-based                 Home Phone:                                 Work Phone:                     Cell Phone:
     $195. For example, if your child enrolls      scholarships for partial tuition are           E-mail Address:
     in a morning or afternoon class only, the     available. To apply, complete and
                                                                                                  This will be my child’s first Super Summer session:  Yes  No
     fee for the session is $195. Each class       return the financial aid form on page 18
     after the first (up to 3) is an additional    with your child’s application. Financial        My child requires auxiliary aids and services due to a disability. Contact me at the above address.
     $170 per class. For example, if a student     aid applications must be faxed or
     enrolls in a morning and an afternoon         postmarked by 5 p.m. on Monday,                photo releAse
                                                                                                   I give consent for any photograph or video image of my child taken during a GERI program to be
     class in a given session or for a morning     April 13. You will receive notification
                                                                                                     used by Purdue University for publicity purposes.
     class in both sessions, the cost would be     of award by Monday, April 27.                   I do not give consent for any photograph or video image of my child taken during a GERI program
     $365 ($195 + $170).                                                                             to be used by Purdue University for publicity purposes.
                                                   clAss cAncellAtion policy
     pAyMent                                       If a class is canceled due to insufficient     MeDicAl inForMAtion
     Checks should be made payable to              enrollment, students will be placed in their   List any information regarding your child’s health, allergies, physical, and/or emotional status in
                                                                                                  order for us to best serve your child’s needs. Attach additional sheets if necessary.
     Purdue University. Tuition also may           second choice class.
     be charged to Discover, VISA, or
     MasterCard if registering online.             reFunD AnD WithDrAWAl policy                   Emergency Contact (in the event that parent/guardian cannot be reached):
                                                    Cancellation period Refund amount             Name:                                                                       Phone:
     An introductory packet, containing
     information about your child’s class           March 14 – May 22 Full refund
     placement, will be mailed the week             May 23 – June 5         $50
                                                                                                  pArentAl AuthorizAtion
                                                                                                  Purdue University Medical Authorization for Treatment of a Minor (persons under 18 years)
     prior to the start of the program. If you                                                    Pursuant to Indiana Code Paragraph 16-36-1-6 and subject to any limitations listed below, I request and authorize
                                                    June 8                  No refund
     do not receive notice at least three days                                                    the Purdue University Student Health Center, Purdue University Ambulance Service, Home Hospital, Clarian
     prior to your child’s first class, call our                                                  Arnett Hospital, and St. Elizabeth Hospital medical personnel, agents, and employees to provide all reasonably
                                                                                                  necessary medical care, including but not limited to medical transport, hospital tests, such as pathology,
     office, 765-494-7243, to check class                                                         radiology, anesthesia, surgery, and prescription drugs advisable for the health of my child. I acknowledge that no
     assignment and location.                                                                     representations, warranties, or guarantees as to results or cures will be made.

                                                                                                  Further, I hereby grant permission for my child
                                                                                                  to attend Super Saturday by signing below.

                                                                                                  Parent/Legal guardian signature is required.

15                                                                                                                                                                          www.purdue.edu/geri                        16
course preFerence
                                                                                                                    FINaNCIaL aId
Your child may take only one morning and/or one afternoon course in each session. Select courses according
to your child’s 2008-09 grade level. List, in order of preference, the courses in which your child would like to
enroll (choices 1, 2, and 3). Supply fees, if applicable, are listed after course title. We must have a minimum
number of students registered for a course before the course can be taught.

SESSION 1                     SESSION 1                    SESSION 2                     SESSION 2
MORNINg                       aFTERNOON                    MORNINg                       aFTERNOON                  A limited number of PARTIAL financial aid grants are available for students who
pre-k-k                       pre-k-k                      pre-k-k                       pre-k-k                    would not be able to attend the program without financial assistance. If you wish
     Become a Knight              Calling All Inventors        Bob the Builder               Math in Action         to be considered for financial assistance, please complete this form and provide the
     Dr. Doolittle Junior         Puppet Showplace             Matrix Chess                  Meet the Reptiles
     Icky, Sticky, and Fun        Science in My House?         Out of This World             Music or Science?
                                                                                                                    information requested by Monday, April 13 at 5 p.m.
     Matrix Chess                                              Panda Express
                              GrADes 1-2                                                 GrADes 1-2                 Student’s Name:
GrADes 1-2                        Ancient Science          GrADes 1-2                        Action Alert
     Chemistry and Art
     Geology Rocks!
                                  Chemical Explorations
                                  Green Thumbs
                                                               Books Galore
                                                               G’day Mate
                                                                                             Mad Science
                                                                                             Magnificent Machines
                                                                                                                    For school-AGeD chilDren
                                                                                                                     I have attached verification that my child is eligible
     Imagination                  From Head to Toe             How Things Work               Twisted Fairy Tales
     and Painting                                              Matrix Chess                                            for FREE lunch on official school letterhead.
     Matrix Chess
     Ready, Set, Think!
                              GrADes 3-4                       Physics with Toys
                                                                                         GrADes 3-4                  I have attached verification that my child is eligible
                                                                                                                       for REDUCED lunch on official school letterhead.
                                  Experimental Chemistry                                     Cartoon Craze
                                  Moving On!               GrADes 3-4                        Geometry Master
GrADes 3-4                        Explore Physics              Go Green!                     Journey into Flight    For pre-k or hoMeschooleD chilDren
     Be an Architect              Spies Like Us                Matrix Chess                  ($10)
                                                                                                                     I have attached documentation to verify that my
     Digital Photography          Seven Wonders                Mini Med                      Junior Detective
     Electrical Engineering       of the World                 Movie Making                                            child is eligible for federal financial assistance.
     ($10)                                                     World of Gadgets
     Matrix Chess
     Vet Med ($10)
                                                                                                                    pArent’s eDucAtionAl BAckGrounD
                                                                                                                    Parent 1                            Parent 2
                                                                                                                     Some High School                  Some High School
Fees                                                                                                                 High School Diploma               High School Diploma
Payment is due upon registration submission.                                                                         Some College                      Some College
              Tuition (includes t-shirt):     $195                        t-shirt size                               Bachelor’s Degree                 Bachelor’s Degree
Additional Classes (up to 3) $170 each:     ______                         YS       YM        YL                  Master’s Degree                   Master’s Degree
 Supply Fee (listed after course title):    ______                         AS       AM        AL                  Ph.D./Professional Degree         Ph.D./Professional Degree
               Late Fee (after May 22):     ______
                                  Total:    ______
pAyMent                                                                                                             Parent/legal guardian signature is required.
Name on Card:                                                                                                       Please do not apply for financial aid unless you can document
Number:                                                             Expiration Date:                                need by sending the requested information.
Signature:                                                                                                          Return this form postmarked by Monday, April 13.
                                                                                                                        GERI Super Saturday
 CHECK: Enclose one check per child, payable to PURDUE UNIVERSITY.
                                                                                                                        Purdue University Conferences
 APPLYING FOR FINANCIAL AID (complete information on page 18)
                                                                                                                        Stewart Center, Room 110
           Return this form and payment to:                                                                             128 Memorial Mall
              GERI Super Summer                                                                                         West Lafayette, IN 47907-20348
              Purdue University Conferences
              Stewart Center, Room 110                                                                              For financial aid questions contact Stacey Folyer
              128 Memorial Mall                                                                                     at (765) 494-7243 or sfolyer@purdue.edu.
17            West Lafayette, IN 47907-2034
                                                                                                                                                                               www.purdue.edu/geri         18
                                              U.S. Postage
                                            Purdue University

            Purdue University
            Beering Hall, Room 5108-A
            100 N. University St.
            West Lafayette, IN 47907-2098

     SU MM
     SU online:
           l       ue.e
     enrol    .purd

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