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					                                                   Job Profile

Luxury Business Strategist

Luxe Corp is the pioneer Strategy & Management Consultancy company specialized in the luxury
industry. Created in 2005, Luxe Corp is a young and dynamic company whose corporate headquarters
is located in Paris, with business representations in New York and Beijing. The company, which has a
worldwide clientele pioneered business strategy consulting in the luxury industry, creating a sub-sector
that was previously non-existent. Luxe Corp is considered as a leader in luxury business consulting and
occupies an important niche in the luxury business services sector.

Luxe Corp operates under three business divisions: Consulting, Executive Club and Online Magazine.
The company’s Consulting division brings advanced solutions to complex business issues in branding,
marketing, retail, digital media, business planning and intelligence. The consulting solutions are
designed for multiple luxury categories and the consulting territory is worldwide.

Luxe Corp’s executive e-business club, Club e-Luxe is considered as the most innovative forum in the
luxury industry; is the sector’s benchmark for digital luxury practices; and an important contributor to
driving innovation in luxury forward. The club counts some of the most respected luxury brands as its
members and participants, including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Cartier, Hermès, Chanel, Boucheron,
Chopard, L’Oréal and a host of others.

Luxe Corp’s online magazine, Luxe-Mag.Com is the pioneer luxury business magazine that has
partnered with several global publications and events in the recent past, including the International
Herald Tribune, the Financial Times, the Global Luxury Forum and several others.

Luxe Corp has established an international team of internal and external luxury business experts based
in Paris, New York, Beijing and other locations. The company is currently seeking a Trainee Research
Analyst in pursuance of its long-term growth and consolidation plans.

This is a full-time executive role. This position will report directly to the Executive Director & Founder of
Luxe Corp. The Business Analysts and Research Analysts as well as the external Consultants will
report to the person occupying this position.

The role is multi-dimensional as described below. The overall responsibilities will include initiating,
executing and overseeing business projects on both the strategy and operational levels across every
business division. The role also covers business development including generating new businesses,
managing existing clients, revising business processes, reinforcing and managing the internal and
external teams of Business Analysts and ensuring the strategic direction of the company.

Job Description
The job responsibilities are multi-dimensional and involve Luxe Corp’s three business divisions.

    1. Business Consulting
          a. Business initiation, research and sourcing
                   i. Identifying and initiating new business consulting opportunities
                  ii. Establishing business relations with potential clients, collaborators and relevant
                 iii. Converting business opportunities and relationships to concrete projects
          b. Business projects analysis & execution

           21, Rue Cambon, Paris 75001, France, T: +33 (0) 1 49 26 06 15 F: +33 (0) 149 26 06 71
                    i. Assessing potential projects, case studies and project proposals
                   ii. Assessing strategic issues of business consulting projects
                  iii. Meeting and negotiating with clients, potential clients, collaborators and
                       potential collaborators for project evaluations and project terms
                 iv. Executing business consulting projects across all consulting platforms
                   v. Developing and executing the framework for in-house client seminars and
                       workshops across all business consulting platforms
                 vi. Evaluating post-project results & development
                 vii. Defining and managing business project teams and assignments to excellence
                viii. Defining and managing annual budgets for consulting projects
                 ix. Managing the annual budget for business consulting projects
        c.    Business Development
                    i. Contributing to the ongoing assessment and improvement of business
                       processes, methodologies, applications and approaches
                   ii. Development of new services platform & revision of existing platforms
                  iii. Initiating, negotiating and executing collaborations with industry partners and
                       service providers
                 iv. Ensuring the accomplishment of divisional and corporate objectives and results
                   v. Managing and ensuring enhanced business relations and development across
                       the client, collaborator and partner base
                 vi. Reinforcing and developing relations with an international network of luxury
                       retailers, stores, private shoppers and stylists
                 vii. Co-ordinating business projects with the New York and China Rep offices
                viii. Representing the company at client events, business events, industry
                       conferences, seminars, forums, symposiums, trade shows and career days
                 ix. Developing relationships and collaborations with institutions in academia,
                       business, design, non-for-profit, trade and others, including design and creative
                   x. Monitoring and reporting competitor activity and relevant industry trends and
                 xi. Other related areas

2. Club e-Luxe
      a. Digital content generation & management
                i. Systematic assessment of the digital and new technologies landscape in and
                   outside luxury
               ii. Generating and curating of the digital luxury knowledge base
              iii. Managing Luxe Corp’s the Digital Luxury Lab
             iv. Defining the annual themes of Club e-Luxe
               v. Defining the structure & contents of digital luxury Reports
      b. Club e-Luxe Summit & Breakfast Seminar
                i. Contributing to the definition of the contents of Club e-Luxe’s events
               ii. Definition of the structure of Club e-Luxe’s events
              iii. Selection and coaching of speakers of Club e-Luxe’s events
             iv. Negotiating collaboration terms with speakers and corporate partners
               v. Managing of the Club e-Luxe Speaker Academy
             vi. Contributing to the development of the presentations and presenting at Club e-
                   Luxe’s events
             vii. Managing the member portfolio and participants of Club e-Luxe
            viii. Initiating and recruiting new members to Club e-Luxe
             ix. Ensuring enhanced value and business relations across the entire Club e-Luxe
               x. Contributing to the expansion of Club e-Luxe
             xi. Defining and managing the annual budget of all Club e-Luxe’s events
      c. Club e-Luxe corporate member seminars & workshops
                i. Contributing to the definition of the structure & contents of in-house seminars &
                   workshops for member companies
               ii. Working closing with member company’s in-house teams to define their digital
                   challenges and a working agenda for in-house seminars
              iii. Contributing to the presentation of seminars & workshops
             iv. Conducting post-seminar value analysis

      21, Rue Cambon, Paris 75001, France, T: +33 (0) 1 49 26 06 15 F: +33 (0) 149 26 06 71
    3. Luxury Business Circle (part of the Consulting division)
          a. Developing and executing an international growth plan covering the three geographic
              regions where the Luxury Business Circle operates (Europe, Asia and the Americas)
          b. Developing the structure, content and program of each Luxury Business Circle session
          c. Contributing to the presentation of Luxury Business Circle seminars & workshops
          d. Assessing participant companies and managing the recruitment of participants
          e. Participating in presentations, workshops and consulting sessions during the Luxury
              Business Circle days
          f. Ensuring the ongoing development of the Luxury Business Circle

    4. Business Writing* & Creative Projects
          a. Contributing to business reports, research reports and analytical reports
          b. Contributing articles on relevant luxury business issues to the online magazine, Luxe-
          c. Contributing to the development of Luxe Corp’s in-house communications and training
          d. Contributing to the conception, development and production of Luxe Corp’s range of
             corporate gifts
          e. Initiation and development of in-house creative projects
          f. Contributing to the Luxe Corp Press & Media Days

Candidate Description
Luxe Corp has not only pioneered the emergence of structured business services for the luxury industry
but is also at the forefront of the current evolution of the industry as it strives towards adopting modern
business practices. To maintain this position and to continue the company’s expansion, Luxe Corp
seeks talented and dynamic individuals who have a perfect balance of business expertise, creative and
aesthetic flair, passion for luxury and excellence, effervescent personalities and international profiles.

Luxe Corp is a diverse company with a multi-cultural team and provides equal opportunities regardless
of age, gender, religion or belief (or lack of), marital status, origin, disability or sexual orientation.

    1. Education
          a. Minimum of an MBA in business and / or Marketing ( or equivalent)
          b. Qualification in multi-media, design, communications or equivalent will be a plus
          c. Qualification in Project Design & Management will be a plus
    2. Experience
          a. Minimum of 6 years overall work experience on a full-time basis
          b. Experience in a strategic and analytical role is a must
          c. Experience in the luxury or affiliated sectors is required
          d. Experience in management consulting will be a plus
          e. Experience in managing teams is required
          f. Experience in managing projects is required
          g. Experience in multiple countries and regions will be a plus
    3. Qualities
          a. Visionary, initiator & entrepreneurial
          b. Energetic, self-starter & multi-tasker
          c. Mature & balanced
          d. Positive mind-set & natural leader
          e. Analytical & strategic and strong aptitude with numbers
          f. Well organized, focused and result-oriented
          g. People-oriented, multi-cultural perspective and international background
          h. Meticulous, detail-oriented and uncompromising of high standards
          i. Innovative, strong aesthetic sense, highly creative, strong luxury culture
          j. Knowledgeable and passionate about luxury (fashion, beauty, jewellery, lifestyle etc)
          k. Strong background and affinity with digital and multi-media
          l. Strong negotiation skills, ability to stand pressure and deliver within short deadlines
          m. Excellent communications and presentation skills
          n. Ability to inspire, motivate, lead and manage a team
          o. Excellent success track-record

           21, Rue Cambon, Paris 75001, France, T: +33 (0) 1 49 26 06 15 F: +33 (0) 149 26 06 71
          p. Mobile and open to travel and discovery
    4. Languages
          a. Perfect fluency in English is a must (written & spoken)*
          b. Fluency in French is required
          c. Knowledge of other languages will be a plus (Mandarin, Italian, Spanish, Arabic,
             Japanese and Korean are favoured)

                                                       *Please do not apply to this position if your spoken and written English is not fluent

Remuneration, Perks & Particularities
   1. Attractive remuneration package (salary + commission package)
   2. A unique opportunity for close collaborations at the most senior level with some of the world’s
      most respected luxury brands across fashion, leather goods, accessories, beauty, fragrance,
      jewellery, watches, wines & spirits, technology, hotels & spas, lifestyle and others
   3. The international projects attached to this position offer an unparalleled opportunity to travel the
      world and execute projects with teams from diverse cultures
   4. Constant business and creative training (formal & informal)
   5. Excellent career acceleration and mobility
   6. All employees and consultants benefit from a regular and structured appraisal process
   7. Possibility to benefit from discounts with major luxury brands in different categories
   8. Pleasant, chic and safe working environment in the heart of Paris’s luxury and fashion district


Place of Work
Paris, France

Recruitment Process*
As a result of our uncompromising standards and focus on excellence, Luxe Corp’s recruitment process
is rigorous and stimulating. The recruitment process is in six stages.

    1.   Review of CV, Motivation Letter and materials (by Luxe Corp)
    2.   Assessment test conducted at Luxe Corp’s offices in Paris
    3.   Pre-selection and notification of candidates
    4.   Business Game with pre-selected candidates at Luxe Corp’s offices in Paris
    5.   Interview at Luxe Corp’s offices in Paris
    6.   Final candidate choice

                                 *You are advised to be familiar with Luxe Corp’s activities and all luxury categories prior to applying

How to Apply
If your profile corresponds to this job description you may send the following materials, clearly stating
“Luxury Strategist Application” as the subject of your email to:

    1. CV (clearly stating your qualifications, experience, and contact information)
    2. Motivation letter, indicating why Luxe Corp should consider you for this position and the value
       you will bring to the company
    3. An original article titled “My Vision of Luxury Today and Tomorrow” written by yourself
    4. An original document describing a complex professional context where you added value and
       stimulated results from a strategy & execution viewpoint

If your application corresponds to the profiles we seek, you will be contacted within two weeks. Please
note that we will not be able to answer all applicants. If you don’t receive a response from Luxe Corp
within one month of applying to this position, kindly consider that your application has not been
accepted. We will however keep the CVs that may correspond to future positions and may contact you
in such as case.

Closing date for applications
Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis and will close without any prior notice.

            21, Rue Cambon, Paris 75001, France, T: +33 (0) 1 49 26 06 15 F: +33 (0) 149 26 06 71

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