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Pesticide Safety Education Program

     Montana State University
      Pesticide Label Jeopardy!
  Required      Recordkeeping    Benefits of    Recordkeeping     Recordkeeping
Recordkeeping       Laws        Recordkeeping   Calibration/Mix      General
    Items                                         ing/Labels        Questions

    10              10              10               10               10

    20              20              20               20               20

    30              30              30               30               30

    40              40              40               40               40

    50              50              50               50               50
    Required Recordkeeping Items 10 Points

         Number ending with -11

What is?

*Private Applicator Certification
   Required Recordkeeping Items 20 Points

     Object or Item receiving the
         pesticide treatment

What is?

*Crop, Commodity, Stored Product or Site
     Required Recordkeeping Items 30 Points

 The ingredient responsible for the
       action of the product

What is?

*Active Ingredient
    Required Recordkeeping Items 40 Points

Period of time applicator must wait
   before entering treated area

What is?

*Restricted Entry Interval (REI)
  Required Recordkeeping Items 50 Points

  Number located on the product
   label identifying the company
    holding the registration and
  identifying the specific product

What is?

*EPA Registration Number (264-516)
           Recordkeeping Laws 10 Points

Legislation requiring applicators to
         maintain records
What Is?

*Food, Agriculture, Conservation, and Trade Act
of 1990 (commonly referred to as the 1990 Farm
       Recordkeeping Laws 20 Points

  Amount of time from the date of
restricted use pesticide application,
  you have to record information

What is?

*14 Days
           Recordkeeping Laws 30 Points

   Period of time applicators must
     maintain records following
What Is?

* 2 Years
           Recordkeeping Laws 40 Points

   Individuals who have access to
          your RUP records
Who are?

*USDA authorized representatives who present
*State authorized representatives who present
*Licensed health care professionals
        Recordkeeping Laws 50 Points

Potential civil penalties for failure to

What are?

*1st violation - not more than $650
*Subsequent violations – minimum of $1,100
  Recordkeeping Calibration/Mixing/Labels 10

    What chemical name must be
   recorded by private applicators

What Is?

*Brand or Product name
  Recordkeeping Calibration/Mixing/Labels 20

Appears as a major category in the
recordkeeping manual and refers to
 the quantity of product used before
   mixing with water and/or other
What Is?

*“Total Amount Applied”
  Recordkeeping Calibration/Mixing/Labels 30

  A spot treatment is the use of a
 (RUP) on the same day to a total
area treated of less than _______ ?
What Is?

*1/10th of an acre (4,356 square ft)
  Recordkeeping Calibration/Mixing/Labels 40

  Your sprayer is calibrated at 30
    GPA and you spray out 300
   gallons, this means you have
       sprayed _____ acres?

What Is? (Gallons/GPA = # Acres)

*10 acres
  Recordkeeping Calibration/Mixing/Labels 50
 If you must treat 10 acres and a
     pesticide label calls for an
application rate of .5 pints per acre,
    How many pints of undiluted
  product must be added to your
What Is? (acres x application rate)

*5 pints
  Recordkeeping General Questions 10 Points

  Category of pesticides subject to
   recordkeeping requirements?

What are?

*Restricted Use Pesticides
  Recordkeeping General Questions 20 Points

  What type of pesticide products
 have increased risks towards the
environment, humans, or animals?
What Is?

*Restricted Use Products
  Recordkeeping General Questions 30 Points

   State agency responsible for
    establishing recordkeeping
  methods and providing for the
review and submission of records?

What Is?

*Montana Department of Agriculture
  Recordkeeping General Questions 40 Points
     When recording location,
  applicators may use any of which
  methods? (more than one answer
              is correct)

What Is?

*County, Range, Township, Section
*Legal property description
*Name/written description
*Permanent ID system of your choosing
    Recordkeeping General Questions 50 Points

On average there is a total annual
time burden per record keeper of?

What Is?

*.35 hours
      Recordkeeping Benefits 10 Points

  Accurate pesticide records
assist with knowing the correct
  amount of pesticide to use
 which can save the applicator
What Is?

*Money $$$
       Recordkeeping Benefits 20 Points

 Good records may prevent future
 failures by documenting _______

What Is?

*What pesticide worked or didn’t work
           Recordkeeping Benefits 30 Points

 Pesticide records supply evidence
  that pesticides were mixed and
  applied in compliance with label
    directions and may provide
      __________ protection
What Is?

*Liability (lawsuit)
       Recordkeeping Benefits 40 Points

In the event of pesticide exposure,
 records may assist _______ with
treatment specific to that pesticide

Who are?

* Medical personnel
           Recordkeeping Benefits 50 points

  By monitoring your annual product
   applications, an applicator can
    reduce long term ________ of
      pests by altering the active
       ingredients periodically.
What Is?


Pesticide Safety Education Program

     Montana State University
Acknowledgements: Adapted from UNL Pesticide Safety Education Programs &
   further edited by the Montana State University Pesticide Safety Education
 Program (Paul Dumond, PSEP Program Assistant and Cecil Tharp, Pesticide
                             Education Specialist)

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