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                                                                                     January 30, 2012
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                                 Sailings Trade Logistics
Southbound Service
                                VESSEL                  MONTREAL                                             CAUCEDO                        FREEPORT
                                MSC America CC1205A     04-Feb                                               11-Feb                         15-Feb
                                MSC Suez CC1206A        11-Feb                                               18-Feb                         22-Feb
                                MSC Don Giovanni CC1207A18-Jan                                               25-Feb                         29-Feb
                                MSC America CC1208A     25-Feb                                               03-Mar                         07-Mar
                 Additional regions serviced: Caribbean – Central America – East & West Coast South America.

Montreal Express
                                VESSEL                                    MONTREAL            LIVERPOOL ANTWERP BREMERHAVEN LE HAVRE
                                MSC Diego 672E06                           06-Feb              13-Feb    16-Feb  18-Feb     20-Feb
                                Ottawa Express 07E07                       12-Feb              19-Feb    22-Feb  24-Feb     26-Feb
                                MSC Alyssa 48E08                           19-Feb              26-Feb    29-Feb  02-Mar     04-Mar
                                OOCL Belgium 03E09                         26-Feb              04-Mar    07-Mar  09-Mar     11-Mar

                  Additional regions serviced: Australia – Baltics – East & West Mediterranean – Europe - Far East – Greece – Turkey – India – Indian Ocean -
                  New Zealand - Pakistan – Scandinavia – South & West Africa - Sri Lanka – United Kingdom.

Canada Express
                                VESSEL                 MONTREAL                                     G. TAURO                   VALENCIA                   SINES
                                MSC Shannon CE1205R    02-Feb                                        14-Feb                     16-Feb                    18-Feb
                                MSC Washington CE1206R 09-Feb                                        21-Feb                     23-Feb                    25-Feb
                                MSC Antwerp CE1206R    13-Feb                                        25-Feb                     27-Feb                    29-Feb
                                MSC Kyoto CE1207R      20-Feb                                        03-Mar                     05-Mar                    07-Mar
                   Additional regions serviced: Black Sea – East & West Mediterranean – Far East – Greece - India – Middle East & Gulf – North/East/West Africa -
                   Pakistan – Red Sea - Sri Lanka – Turkey.

California Express
                                VESSEL                              VCR        BALBOA       CRISTOBAL G. TAURO NAPLES                     CIV       LA SPEZIA       VAL
                                MSC Poh Lin MC1206R                 06-Feb      20-Feb       21-Feb          08-Mar         09-Mar        10-Mar     12-Mar         13-Mar
                                SCT Santiago MC1207R                13-Feb      27-Feb       28-Feb          15-Mar         16-Mar        17-Mar     19-Mar         20-Mar
                                MSC Mandraki MC1208R                20-Feb      05-Mar       06-Mar          22-Mar         23-Mar        24-Mar     26-Mar         27-Mar
                                MSC Fabienne MC1209R                27-Feb      12-Mar       13-Mar          29-Mar         30-Mar        31-Mar     02-Apr         03-Apr
                   New! Please call for additional service information.

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     1-800-634-3711              1-800-729-5717

                     FAX: (514) 844-4272 / 844-8364

      In the efforts to serve you better on a national level, please direct
      your inquiry to one of the following areas:

      CUSTOMER SERVICE:                         1-855 MSC-HELP
      NEW BOOKINGS:                            1-855-MSC-BOOK
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                                                                            10     An interview with Mario Girard
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Amy Schwartz
                                                                                   an ongoing project
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Quebec City                 Mark Cardwell
Ottawa                      Alex Binkley
Toronto                     Jack Kohane                                     16     U.S. House passes ballast water bill
Hamilton                    Ron Samson
Thunder Bay                 William Hryb                                    18     A remarkable year for Port of Sept-Îles
Regina                      Jonathan Tremblay
Vancouver                   Keith Norbury, R. Bruce Striegler               19     Canadian Pacific signs five-year contract
U.S.                        Alan M. Field
                                                                                   with Canadian Tire
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                                                                            19     Canadian Pacific announces long-term
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4 • Canadian Sailings • January 30, 2012
Port of Quebec activities:
                an overview of
     The port achieved these impressive
results largely by maintaining and ex-
panding transshipment of the main
classes of freight it handles for sectors
such as the mining, steel, petroleum, agri-
food, and construction industries. In 2011
the port resumed its continued growth
after a dip in traffic that hit ports around
the world in 2009 in the wake of the
global financial and economic crisis.

                                                                                                                                                   Photos: Quebec Port Authority
      Products for the mining and steel in-
dustries – especially iron ore and iron ore
concentrate, other ores, nickel, copper,
and zinc – make up a significant portion
of total freight handled at the Port of Que-
bec. St. Lawrence Stevedoring is the main      The Port of Quebec handled nearly 29 million tons of cargo in 2011.
outfit involved in transshipping and ware-
housing these products. In 2011 tonnage        overseas markets. This trend is likely to con-           These mining products are expected
of both iron ore and iron ore concentrate      tinue in 2012. Other metals stand to follow        to keep going strong. With rail links and
and their derivatives increased substan-       suit, particularly copper, which also dis-         state-of-the-art mining freight-handling in-
tially, buoyed by consistent demand from       played strong growth in 2011.                      frastructure, the Port of Quebec is well-po-
                                                                                                  sitioned to serve new projects connected
                                                                                                  to the Plan Nord. Specifics on the actual op-
                                                                                                  portunities these projects will bring are ex-
                                                                                                  pected in the coming months.
                                                                                                        Coal transshipment was another area
                                                                                                  of robust growth in 2011, with further
                                                                                                  growth expected through 2012 in response
                                                                                                  to unflagging demand. Like other mining
                                                                                                  products, coal transshipped through the
                                                                                                  Port of Quebec travels to European and
                                                                                                  Asian markets, bolstering Quebec City’s
                                                                                                  status as the main transshipment port link-
                                                                                                  ing the St. Lawrence Seaway to the rest of
                                                                                                  the world.
                                                                                                  PETROLEUM PRODUCTS
                                                                                                       For the fourth year in a row, liquid bulk
                                                                                                  tonnage reached new heights at IMTT-
                                                                                                  Québec’s terminal. Demand for fuel has
                                                                                                  held steady over the past year, especially
                                                                                                  jet fuel, one of the main products >>
                                                                                                January 30, 2012 • Canadian Sailings • 5
                                                                                     >> handled at Canada’s biggest pub-
                                                                                     lic liquid terminal.
                                                                                            Crude oil transshipments from
                                                                                     the Ultramar terminal were also up in
                                                                                     2011. This increase was expected after
                                                                                     a slight drop in 2010 due to both op-
                                                                                     erational factors and a somewhat
                                                                                     slower market.
                                                                                     AGRIFOOD PRODUCTS
                                                                                           Grain transshipment remained
                                                                                     relatively stable from 2010 to 2011.
                                                                                     Numbers for the Bunge terminal re-
                                                                                     flect this, though tonnage was
                                                                                     slightly down in 2011. Bunge, the
                                                                                     Port of Quebec’s main grain terminal,
                                                                                     has handled three- to four-million
                                                                                     tons annually in recent years. The ter-
                                                                                     minal mainly transships grain from
                                                                                     Western Canada, but also services re-
                                                                                     gional producers from throughout
Products for the mining and steel industry made up a                                       In 2011 the Sillery Distribution
significant portion of the total freight handled at the                              Center (CDS), which also handles
Port of Quebec in 2011.                                                              grain, completed construction of a
                                                                                     new indoor warehouse space that
                                                          will allow it to meet growing demand stemming from new con-
                                                          tracts. The terminal is partially owned by Coop Fédérée, which
                                                          also handles fertilizers at the Port of Quebec. The Coop’s ton-
                                                          nage figures may have slipped compared to 2010, but 2011 was
                                                          a good year nonetheless.
                                                                Raw sugar is also transshipped by St. Lawrence Stevedor-
                                                          ing from its Anse-au-Foulon terminal to a Toronto refinery that
                                                          single-handedly determines demand. This number was slightly
                                                          down in 2011.
                                                          CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY PRODUCTS
                                                               For a third year running the cement terminal operated by
                                                          Béton Provincial in the Estuary sector registered record ton-
                                                          nage, proof positive that this Quebec Port Authority (QPA) part-
                                                          ner is flourishing and is ready to take full advantage of the
                                                          opportunities of an industry well-served by this terminal.
                                                          LOOKING AHEAD
                                                                With its strategic location, the Port of Quebec’s great
                                                          strengths are unquestionably the wide range of products and
                                                          terminals, and the flexibility to handle them efficiently.
                                                                QPA continues to work closely with its partners to enhance
                                                          its terminals’ capacity and flexibility. One key goal is to optimize
                                                          the use of available space in order to meet the growing de-
                                                          mand that is forecast for the coming years. Large-scale project
                                                          planning with a view to boosting the port’s overall capacity will
                                                          continue in 2012.
                                                                The Port of Quebec’s pivotal role in freight transshipment
                                                          to and from the Great Lakes will undoubtedly bring opportu-
                                                          nities in the coming years, including bulk products for the en-
                                                          ergy sector. The port is also extremely well-positioned to
                                                          service mining projects connected with the Plan Nord, >>

6 • Canadian Sailings • January 30, 2012
>> particularly those lo-
cated in central Quebec
and the James Bay area.
With its rail connections
and , the Port of Quebec is
well-equipped to handle
these mining products
quickly and efficiently.
     The prospects for the
years ahead look good for
the port and its partners
as they move forward
with efforts to make the
most of the port’s
potential, operations, and
economic spinoffs. ❖

                              Anse-au-Foulon sector.

                                                       January 30, 2012 • Canadian Sailings • 9
Mario Girard, President and CEO
of the Quebec Port Authority
Looking back on an action-packed
first year in office
JUST OVER A YEAR HAS PASSED SINCE               handled with almost 29 million tons of
MARIO GIRARD TOOK THE HELM OF                   freight. That’s 18 per cent better than last
THE QUEBEC PORT AUTHORITY (QPA).                year, one of the best growth rates for the
MR. GIRARD WAS MORE THAN HAPPY                  year posted by any port in Canada. And
TO MEET WITH US AND REFLECT ON                  while we’re on the topic, I want to men-
AN ACTION-PACKED FIRST YEAR AT                  tion the excellent work of our terminal
THE HEAD OF ONE OF CANADA’S                     operators. They’re the driving force that
LARGEST PORT AUTHORITIES.                       got us back on the path to growth. We
Mr. Girard, what springs to mind when           diversified the types of products we han-
you think back on your first year at the        dle, and our operators rose to the chal-
helm of the Quebec Port Authority?              lenge, allowing the port to step up and           MARIO GIRARD
     First of all, I couldn’t be happier with   play a bigger role in Canadian foreign          President and CEO
my first year. We set a record for tonnage      trade. >>
                                                                                               Quebec Port Authority

>> Now more than ever, the Port of Quebec is a leading and              potential as a homeport and to get more turnaround operations
unique hub for solid and liquid bulk on the St. Lawrence River and      at the port.
for the heart of Canada. I feel fortunate to have experienced a               Passenger satisfaction levels are always very high, and Que-
record year in my first year at the head of the port. The truth is we   bec City’s already considerable draw is getting even stronger. In
couldn’t have done it without our partners and operators, who           an October 2011 survey by world-famous American magazine
bring such huge experience to the table.                                Condé Nast Traveler, readers chose Quebec City as the top desti-
     In my opinion, the breadth of knowledge and years of               nation in Canada, third in North America – and sixth in the world!
experience of people are one of the driving forces of the whole         Add to that the excellence of the St. Lawrence as a tourism desti-
Quebec marine industry. It’s not unusual to meet people who             nation, with stopovers that continue to improve year after year,
started their career in a port setting and are still here one, two,     it’s not hard to see why I’m so excited about our prospects here.
even three decades later.                                               But tourism is competitive, so we have to keep working hard and
     We handled a lot of tonnage this year, but it was also a busy      doing what it takes, with the help of our partners, to keep devel-
year on the international cruise front. We started with a setback:      oping this key industry for the Port of Quebec, the whole Quebec
two cruise lines pulled out, which has contributed to a nearly 20-      City area and obviously for many ports on the St. Lawrence.
per-cent drop in traffic for 2011. But the future couldn’t be           What are your short- and medium-term projects for the port?
brighter. Updated data shows that traffic in 2012 should bounce              At our last annual general meeting, in June 2011, I made it
back to 2010 levels, the historic high for cruise ship traffic in the   clear that the most pressing issue facing the port is its aging infra-
port. We’re talking over 100,000 passengers.                            structure. Even though we have state-of-the-art technology,
     It’s easy to have high hopes when I look at the work we are        some of the infrastructure behind this technology has either
doing with partners such as government of Quebec, Quebec City           already reached or is nearing the end of its service life. Upgrading
administration, Cruise the Saint Lawrence association, Québec           the port will require investments of tens of millions of dollars over
City Tourism as well as the other ports along the St. Lawrence,         the next ten years. We need a significant part of this for high-pri-
who have put together an action plan to increase the number of          ority projects in the immediate future if we want to secure our
cruise ship stopovers on the St. Lawrence. Furthermore, we’re           position in international trade and seize the new opportunities
working with several other partners to tap into Quebec City’s           coming our way. >>
                                                                                                                      Continued on Page 14

12 • Canadian Sailings • January 30, 2012
Building healthy port-community
relations: an ongoing project
THE PORT OF QUEBEC IS UNUSUAL IN THAT        This makes reconciling port and commu-       how to live together as good
IS LOCATED AT THE HEART OF A HISTORIC   nity activities all the more critical. One key    neighbours. As part of Quebec
CITY CENTRE WHERE PORT OPERATIONS       concern is access to and use of land bordering    City’s 400th anniversary celebra-
AND A WIDE RANGE OF OTHER URBAN         port facilities. With every new development,      tions, the port developed several
ACTIVITIES SHARE CLOSE QUARTERS.        port and city officials must carefully consider   noteworthy projects in this neigh-
                                                                                          bourly spirit, such as setting up
                                                                                          recreational areas in spaces not
                                                                                          dedicated to freight handling.
                                                                                                In the coming months, the
                                                                                          development potential of other
                                                                                          port land not dedicated to freight
                                                                                          handling will be studied. A num-
                                                                                          ber of different uses for these
                                                                                          areas are under consideration. The
                                                                                          process will continue to pay close
                                                                                          attention to how city and port can
                                                                                          live together as good neighbours.
                                                                                          A healthy port–city dialogue
                                                                                          emerging from this collaborative
                                                                                          process has ramifications far
                                                                                          beyond the projects at hand; it
                                                                                          also helps the port strengthen ties
                                                                                          with the community. The idea of
                                                                                          stepping up dialogue to help out-
                                                                                          siders better understand port
                                                                                          activities was a key point raised at
                                                                                          a major conference on city-port
                                                                                          relations that was held in Quebec
                                                                                          City in April 2011. The Port of
                                                                                          Quebec helped organize this
                                                                                          event, which brought together
                                                                                          speakers from the marine indus-
                                                                                          try, municipalities, and academia
                                                                                          to exchange views on how cities
                                                                                          and ports can live together. The
                                                                                          conference also made it clear just
                                                                                          how well Quebec City’s port facili-
                                                                                          ties are integrated into the urban
                                                                                          fabric, and noted how the port
                                                                                          almost always helps to showcase
                                                                                          the city’s charms while adding its
                                                                                          own touch of singular beauty. ❖

                                                                              January 30, 2012 • Canadian Sailings • 13
Continued from Page 12

>> The port and its partners decided to develop a strategy to           project before the mission, my belief in the Plan Nord is now
pursue growth by working to upgrade infrastructure that needs           stronger than ever. The potential of this project is tremendous.
attention. We agreed to strive for new revenue streams to ensure        This project could represent $80 billion in investments over the
the port’s long-term success. Plus, I want to point out that we also    next 25 years, and some 20,000 jobs that will be created or main-
maintain excellent relationships with various government                tained every year. This isn’t the kind of opportunity that comes
authorities, who are aware of our situation and are working with        along every day, so it’s important to take a long, hard look and
us to optimize various types of investment scenarios. It’s also cru-    plan carefully, to take full advantage.
cial -- and I won’t compromise on this – to do the work that needs           I think the Port of Quebec is going to be a major player in the
to be done in a socially and environmentally responsible manner,        transport side of the Plan Nord. I’d even go so far as to say that the
and according to sustainable development principles.                    port authorities along the St. Lawrence have a critical role to play
      In summary, we chose to prioritize projects that reflect what     in the Plan Nord. Marine transportation will be in very high
is happening in the industry globally. These projects have to be        demand at every phase of the project. The Quebec government
self-financing, and they also have to offer the potential to gener-     has done a lot to plan for harmonious development in the area
ate substantial recurring revenue in the long term. They must           covered by the Plan Nord, and it’s essential that the ports involved
include major private investments and have the backing of the           follow suit and work together to demonstrate the efficiency of
various social and economic stakeholders concerned.                     the maritime sector as well as the importance of its role in devel-
      In the short and medium terms, the port will continue to          oping the Plan Nord.
develop its main markets of solid and liquid bulk. We have sever-            I should also mention that the Port of Quebec is already an
al projects planned for the three areas under QPA jurisdiction. For     integral part of the Plan Nord. Our location makes the port the
example, the Anse au Foulon sector will be undergoing some              natural gateway to southern Quebec and beyond. We’re a multi-
changes in the near future, mainly due to the upcoming demoli-          modal deepwater port with quality equipment and infrastructure,
tion of the Champlain Harbour Station and the fire that razed           a major asset in a scheme like the Plan Nord.
Hangar 101 on November 25, 2011. So there’s going to be a                    We can’t forget that moving dry bulk is what the Plan Nord is
reconfiguration of the space to optimize land use. Our partners         all about – and bulk is precisely what the port does best. We’re
are of course as committed to these projects as we are. With the        already moving bulk from the area covered by the Plan Nord
tens of millions of dollars that will be invested in the coming year,   through Quebec City. For all these reasons, I firmly believe that
2012 will definitely be the biggest year in terms of new invest-        the Port of Quebec is more than just a gateway. It is also a key
ment since the Beauport sector was built in the sixties.                player in this historic project. ❖
The Plan Nord is now becoming a reality. Where does the Port
of Quebec fit in?
    First of all, let me say I just got back from a Plan Nord
prospecting mission attended by the premier of Quebec, the
mayor of Quebec City, and some 25 business people from the
Quebec City area. Although I was well aware of the virtues of this

14 • Canadian Sailings • January 30, 2012
International cruise ship traffic
slightly down in 2011
      Despite this drop, 2011 was the third-
best cruise season ever for the port, after
2009 and 2010. In 2011 nearly 83,000 pas-
sengers and 31,000 crew members expe-
rienced Quebec City through a total of 75
stopovers. Of these 83,000 passengers,
nearly 31,000 chose Quebec City to start
or end their cruise. Considering the

                                                                                                                                                    Photo: Quebec Port Authority
money spent on transportation, meals,
accommodation and shopping at various
retailers, these passengers generated
much greater economic spinoffs for the
      The year’s 75 stopovers brought
some 20 vessels belonging to 16 different
cruise lines. Four of these ships were visit-
                                                Nearly 83,000 passengers visited Quebec City in 2011.
ing Quebec City for the first time – includ-
ing Cunard Line’s world-famous Queen
Elizabeth. The Seabourn Sojourn                 the port from October 14 to 16, 2011,                City departures and arrivals, adding to the
(Seabourn Cruise Lines), the Boréal (Com-       bringing a total of 15,000 visitors to dis-          spinoffs generated by this industry. QPA is
pagnie du Ponant), and the Regatta              cover the joys of Quebec City over the               pleased that the cruise ship market,
(Oceania Cruises) round out the list of         course of a single weekend.                          according to Québec City Tourism data,
“first-timers.”                                      After 2011’s slight drop in interna-            now brings in $86 million in direct eco-
      An unmistakable highlight of the          tional cruise traffic, forecasts call for num-       nomic activity in Quebec, with $25 million
2011 cruise season was the simultaneous         bers to bounce back in 2012. There will              in greater Quebec City.
presence of five different cruise ships in      also be more cruise lines offering Quebec                 The Port of Quebec and its partners
                                                                                                     have been working tirelessly to tap the
                                                                                                     full potential of the international cruise
                                                                                                     ship market, both in Quebec City and in
                                                                                                     the other top calibre destinations along
                                                                                                     the St. Lawrence that are so popular with
                                                                                                     travelers and cruise lines. It’s no accident
                                                                                                     that the Port of Quebec has won Dream
                                                                                                     World Cruise Destination’s “Best Destina-
                                                                                                     tion Experience - Independent” award an
                                                                                                     impressive four times since 2004. A chal-
                                                                                                     lenge going forward will be to extend the
                                                                                                     St. Lawrence cruise ship season – 80 per
                                                                                                     cent of traffic currently comes in Septem-
                                                                                                     ber and October. ❖

                                                                                                 January 30, 2012 • Canadian Sailings • 15
                                                           U.S. House passes bill stripping states of
                                                           authority to regulate ballast water discharges
                                                           By TIM ANDERSON

                                                                      he political, environmental      ulatory programs are being estab-
                                                                      and economic battle over the     lished by the U.S. Coast Guard and
                                                                      future of rules governing bal-   Environmental Protection Agency.
                                                                      last water discharges took             “Congress is proposing some-
                                                                      some new twists and turns        thing less protective than what we ex-
                                                           during the latter half of 2011.             pect the agencies to put into place
                                                                In this region, a dispute has sur-     and less protective than what some of
                                                           faced among some governors over             the Great Lakes states are doing.”
                                                           how stringent state-level permitting              An amendment to HR 2838 (pro-
                                                           programs can and should be.                 posed by U.S. Democratic Rep. Tim
                                                                Meanwhile, in the nation’s capital,    Bishop of New York) would have pre-
                                                           moves were made to take such deci-          served states’ rights to impose more
                                                           sions out of the hands of governors         stringent ballast water standards.
                                                           and legislatures. A proposal passed               That amendment, though, was
                                                           by the U.S. House in November would         defeated largely along partisan lines;
                                                           strip states of the authority to estab-     only 15 Republicans supported it and
                                                           lish ballast water standards more           15 Democrats opposed it. Many of the
                                                           stringent than those set at the federal     exceptions to that party-line voting
                                                           level. It would also set a new national     came from the Great Lakes congres-
                                                           treatment standard in line with that of     sional delegation.
                                                           the International Maritime Organiza-              For example, all nine of Michigan’s
                                                           tion (IMO).                                 House Republicans voted in favor of
                                                                The ballast water provisions in        the amendment to retain state author-
                                                           HR 2838, the Coast Guard & Maritime         ity. (Michigan was the first state in the
                                                           Transportation Authorization Act, have      nation to adopt a state-level permitting
                                                           been criticized by several key Great        program for ballast water discharges.)
                                                           Lakes conservation groups, including        In contrast, five of the Democratic
                                                           the Alliance for the Great Lakes.           votes against Bishop’s proposal came        as Michigan and New York tend to
                                                                “To my mind, it makes very little      from Great Lakes states — two from          want tougher standards and permit-
                                                           sense for Congress to be stepping in        Indiana and one each from Ohio, Illi-       ting programs, Brammeier says, while
                                                           at a time when we’re actually seeing        nois and Pennsylvania.                      states with more ocean-going ship
                                                           the most progress among federal                   Those votes illustrate the differ-    traffic and activity such as Indiana,
                                                           agencies in the last decade,” says Joel     ences in how individual Great Lakes         Minnesota and Ohio tend to share in-
                                                           Brammeier, president and CEO of the         states view ballast water regulations       dustry concerns about the impact of
                                                           Alliance, noting that tougher new reg-      and the shipping industry. States such      new rules on waterborne commerce.

                                                           Ballast water sample is taken from a ship (left) and then checked through a refractometer.
Photos: USCG/Petty Officer 3rd Class William B. Mitchell

                                                           16 • Canadian Sailings • January 30, 2012
Differences among Great Lakes states                                  HR 2838 calls for use of the IMO standard as well, but
     In September, the governors of Indiana, Ohio and             according to Brammeier, language in the legislation would
Wisconsin sent a letter to New York Democratic Gov.               make it more difficult to raise the standard as treatment
Andrew Cuomo asking him to ease ballast water rules set           technologies advance and become available for use.
to take effect in his state in August 2013.                       Reprinted with permission from The Council of State Governments, a
     If not changed, the governors wrote, New York’s regu-        non-partisan association of state officials serving all three branches of
lations would “possibly force the closure of the St. Lawrence     government in all 50 U.S. states and territories.
Seaway and imperil thousands of maritime related jobs in          Note: Status of H.R. 2838 as of January 13: Received in the Senate and read
the Great Lakes states and Canada.”                               twice, and referred to the Committee on Commerce, Science and
     In response to the governors’ letter, Wisconsin Demo-
cratic Rep. Cory Mason circulated a letter among his leg-
islative colleagues in support of New York’s efforts. The
letter, sent in September to Gov. Cuomo, urged New York to           Ballast water, invasive species
“hold fast on its ballast water standards to prevent danger-         and the Great Lakes
ous invasives from entering the Great Lakes basin.” It was                There are an estimated 180 invasive species in
signed by 22 Wisconsin state representatives and senators.           the Great Lakes, an ecological and economic prob-
In Michigan, a resolution was introduced in November (SR             lem that costs an estimated $200 million a year.
98) urging the state of New York to “reject appeals to                    Over the last half-century, the leading source of
weaken its ballast water standards.” Three Great Lakes               these invasions has been the ballast water of ocean-
states — Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin — already                 going ships.
have ballast water permitting programs up and running. But                Beginning in 2006, all overseas vessels entering
New York’s rules would be the region’s most stringent, with          the Great Lakes were required to conduct saltwater
discharge standards exceeding those of the International             flushing and ballast water exchanges. Since then,
Maritime Organization – 100 times more stringent than the            there have been no reports of invasive species en-
IMO standard for existing vessels and 1,000 times more               tering the Great Lakes via ocean-going vessels. How-
stringent for ships built after 2013.                                ever, there are limits to the efficacy of exchanges and
     In developing its own permitting program, Wisconsin             flushing. For example, some species may be able to
had considered implementing tougher-than-IMO require-                tolerate high salinity levels, and there are other vari-
ments but decided against it after a state feasibility study         ables such as weather conditions and the knowledge
determined that treatment technologies did not exist to              of the crew on board.
meet the 100-times standard. Wisconsin instead settled on                 As a result, there is an ongoing push for tougher
requiring ships to meet the IMO standard.                            standards as well as for advances in treatment tech-
     In U.S. House debate over the Bishop amendment,                 nologies. Pending U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Envi-
New York’s proposed rules were cited by U.S. Rep. Steve              ronmental Protection rules, as well as federal
LaTourette, a Republican from Ohio, as a reason not to give          legislation, would set a numeric ballast water stan-
states regulatory leeway.                                            dard based on one already established by the Inter-
     In his effort to stop the New York regulations, LaTourette      national Maritime Organization (IMO).
also proposed an amendment to a Department of Interior                    Great Lakes advocacy groups say this standard
spending bill prohibiting any state from receiving Environ-          is not protective enough and are supporting New
mental Protection Agency funding if it adopts ballast water          York’s plan to implement tougher rules. The Great
requirements more stringent than federal regulations.                Lakes shipping industry has said the treatment tech-
     The erosion of state authority is only one reason               nologies needed to meet standards tougher than the
groups such as the Alliance for the Great Lakes, the Na-             IMO’s are not available.
tional Wildlife Federation and Great Lakes United oppose
HR 2838. They also say the measure limits the ability of
federal regulators to address the ecological and economic
threats posed by invasive species.
                                                                                TO PLACE YOUR AD IN
     The bill, for example, explicitly exempts ballast water               Canadian Sailings
discharges from the federal Clean Water Act. This exemp-
tion would strip the U.S. EPA of its authority to regulate bal-               “CAREER CENTRE”
last water discharges under the National Pollutant
Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit programme.                    Please call Wendy Hennick
The EPA already has a Vessel General Permit in place, and                   at 514-556-3042 Ext. 2
in November, it proposed a new, more stringent regulatory
program. Under the new permit, standards would be tied to                     Career ads appear
the IMO’s. The Vessel General Permit would be eliminated                        on our website
if HR 2838 becomes law.
     The U.S. Coast Guard is also expected to soon
finalize its new rule on ballast water discharges. Under its
proposed rule, the initial standard would be the same as                         Canadian Transportation &
the IMO’s but could be raised upon completion of a                                Sailings Trade Logistics
“practicability review.”                                                          

                                                                                       January 30, 2012 • Canadian Sailings • 17
                                  A remarkable year for Port of Sept-Îles
Photo: Sept-Îles Port Authority

                                             ort of Sept-Îles, North          Sept-Îles 20 years ago, the confer-               “With a projected volume of 34
                                             America’s leading iron ore       ence generated economic spinoffs es-        million tonnes in 2012,” said Pierre D.
                                             port, recently released its      timated at $500,000.                        Gagnon, Sept-Îles Port Authority
                                             2011 results. The port regis-         In November, Port of Sept-Îles         (SIPA) President and CEO, “we ex-
                                             tered growth of almost 4 per     became the first port in North Amer-        pect to reclaim our position as
                                  cent with a volume of 26 million            ica to get all its partners – terminals     Canada’s second-largest port. A num-
                                  tonnes handled, a level not seen at         and users – to sign on to the Green         ber of challenges await us again this
                                  the port since 1981.                        Marine environmental program, a vol-        year, as we begin construction of a
                                        Increased iron ore shipments to-      untary marine industry initiative bring-    multi-user berth to meet the growing
                                  taling 22.8 million tonnes accounted for    ing together over 140 Canadian and          needs of current and future users.
                                  most of the growth. The Pointe-Noire        American members, including some            State-of-the-art, high-performance fa-
                                  terminal boasted an impressive 49%          60 participants (shipowners, ports,         cilities remain a priority for us so our
                                  increase in activity. Infrastructure ex-    terminals and shipyards.)                   partners can be more competitive
                                  pansion, increasing capacity at the Re-          In addition, at the end of the year,   and efficient.”
                                  lance and Pointe-Noire terminals, were      Port of Sept-Îles became the third in             “These remarkable results for
                                  delivered on budget and on time.            North America to join the international     2011 have everything to do with the
                                  These projects, announced in 2009,          Green Award program, an independent         fruitful partnerships we’ve built with
                                  represented record investments to-          organization headquartered in Rotter-       our many customers and users, as
                                  talling $63 million.                        dam that seeks to recognize and en-         well as the federal government,”
                                        In August, Port of Sept-Îles          courage       vessels     certified   for   added Carol Soucy, SIPA Chairman.
                                  hosted the Annual Conference of             environmentally sound practices and         “We would like to express our grati-
                                  Canadian Port Authorities, attended         cutting-edge environmental technology       tude for our partners’ invaluable sup-
                                  by over 200 delegates. Last held in         by offering discounts on harbour fees.      port throughout the year.”

                                  18 • Canadian Sailings • January 30, 2012
Canadian Pacific signs new five-year
contract with Canadian Tire

           anadian Pacific Railway
           Limited (CP) announced an
           agreement with Canadian
           Tire Corporation Limited,
           which extends to early 2017
and awards the railway with the vast
majority of Canadian Tire’s domestic
container traffic.
     “We’re delighted to renew our
longstanding partnership with CP,”
said Pat Sinnott, Executive Vice-Pres-
ident, Supply Chain and Technology,
Canadian Tire Corporation. “We rely
on rail extensively to get our goods to

                                                                                                                                  Photo: Clayton Langstaff
market. Rail is the most efficient and
sustainable way to move our products
and CP is a trusted partner that will
enable us to continue to deliver prod-
ucts reliably to over 1,700 Canadian
Tire, Mark’s and FGL Sports retail lo-
cations across the country.”
             Canadian Tire’s containers in Ontario.
     “Our railway has been serving
Canadian Tire, one of our largest in-
termodal customers, for more than           CMO and Executive Vice-President,          efficiencies through a facility co-loca-
eight decades and we will continue to       Marketing & Sales, CP.                     tion strategy, will allow the company
execute on our solid operating plan to          Recent rail network enhance-           to continue to develop supply chain
foster growth opportunities for both        ments completed at CP, and the work        solutions.
companies,” said Jane O’Hagan,              already underway to further maximize

Canadian Pacific announces
long-term potash agreement

           anadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP) announced        uct to port is a reflection of the strength of our partnership
           a 10-year agreement with Canpotex Limited, ef-        and CP’s ongoing commitment to efficiency in the supply
           fective July 1, 2012. Under the agreement, CP         chain and in helping to realize our growth objectives,” said
           will be Canpotex’s principal Canadian railway,        Steve Dechka, Canpotex’s President and CEO.
           transporting a large majority of potash shipments          "By upgrading our network, and through the ongoing
to Canpotex’s main terminal in Vancouver, B.C. In addi-          implementation of our long-train strategy, CP is continuing
tion, in conjunction with Union Pacific, CP will transport all   to strengthen our potash supply chain,” said CP’s President
Canpotex potash shipments to Portland, Oregon.                   and CEO Fred Green. “We are now running potash trains
     To move Canpotex’s potash more efficiently and reli-        up to 170 railcars in length, further improving service, ca-
ably, CP has enhanced the infrastructure of its north main       pacity and efficiency."
line and western corridor, which handle potash service orig-          Mr. Green added “To better serve key customers like
inating from 10 Saskatchewan mines. Improvements made            Canpotex, CP recently announced a $1.1 billion to $1.2 bil-
under CP’s Multi-Year Plan are reducing average route            lion capital program for 2012 that includes the second
miles and improving the capacity and responsiveness of           phase of our $250 million north main line project. These
the CP network.                                                  value-enhancing investments position Canadian Pacific for
     “The selection of CP to move the majority of our prod-      long-term growth with strategic customers.”

                                                                                   January 30, 2012 • Canadian Sailings • 19
Earl appointed Transport Institute
acting director

          he Transport Institute, part of           Wheat Pools and the Canadian Wheat
          University of Manitoba’s                  Board came into existence. Also stud-
          Asper School of Business, re-             ied were the ideologies held by farm-
          cently announced the ap-                  ers that shaped those institutions.
          pointment of Paul Earl as its                  Earl has had a long relationship                       BREAK-BULK LINER SERVICE
acting director.                                    with the Transport Institute. He was a
                                                                                                                  Sailing every 14 days with 3 services from
     Mr. Earl joined the Asper School of            research associate with the Institute in
                                                                                                                            Montreal and Halifax to:
Business in 2003, after a long and var-             1987 and 1988 while working on his                                    • Service A – North Europe
ied career in the Western Canadian                  doctoral degree, and completed sev-                           • Service B – Cuba, Dominican Republic,
grain industry. He worked for United                eral studies with the Institute over the                                Mexico, Central America
Grain Growers, the Grain Transporta-                following years.                                              • Service C – Mediterranean, Middle East,
tion Agency, and, prior to coming to the                 Established in 1984, the Transport                                Persian Gulf (via Europe)
Asper School, spent close to five years             Institute’s mandate is to stimulate and
with the Western Canadian Wheat                     coordinate transport research at the                          Handling up to 300 MT • general cargo •
Growers Association.                                university and to bring together tradi-                     machinery rolling stock • lumber • paper • steel
                                                                                                                Other St. Lawrence ports and destination ports on inducement
     He is one of the founding members              tional academic research with the
of the Department of Supply Chain                   needs of the transport industry through
Management when it was formed as                    basic and applied research.
                                                                                                                     FOR DETAILS CONTACT
part of the Asper School in 2004.                        The institute’s activities cover not
     He completed his doctoral studies              only transport but also the wider lo-                              Tel.: 514-333-3380
at University of Manitoba. These stud-              gistics process including materials                                Fax: 514-333-4959
ies focused on the farm movement in                 handling, warehousing, inventory con-                  
Western Canada from about 1918 to                   trol, order processing and customer
1935, and examined how three prairie                service.                                                          

                  PROTOS SHIPPING LIMITED                                                                                                       SINCE
                       Please visit our website at for updated schedules & services

                 HEAD OFFICE TORONTO                     MONTREAL                              HALIFAX                      VANCOUVER AGENT:
                   TEL: (416) 621-4381                TEL: (514) 866-7799                 TEL: (902) 421-1211               ACGI SHIPPING LTD.
                   FAX: (416) 626-1311                FAX: (514) 866-7077                 FAX: (902) 425-4336                TEL: (604) 683-4221
        CUBA             CUBA/MEFLI LINES                                                                                    FAX: (604) 688-3401

                           VESSEL           VOY.    MTL/
                                                    TOR.    HALIFAX       HAVANA         V. CRUZ   ALTAMIRA     RIO HAINA       P. CABELLO         CRISTOBAL

                           LCL TO CUBA
                           RENATE SCHULTE 12
                           RENATE SCHULTE 13
                                                   Feb 14
                                                   Mar 05
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                                                                                                                                 Apr 23
                                                                                                                                                    Apr 06
                                                                                                                                                    Mar 26
                                                                                                                                                    Apr 13

                          DIRECT                                      NATIONAL SHIPPING COMPANY OF SAUDI ARABIA
                          Ro/Ro, B/Bulk & CNTR                        VESSEL       VOY        CLOSING          SAILING           SAILING             SAILING
                          Service to:                                                         TOR/MTL         NEW YORK         SAINT JOHN            HALIFAX
                          Jeddah, Dammam, Dubai,
                          Karachi, Mumbai                    S. DIRIYAH 153                    Feb 26          Mar 03                 –               Mar 05
                                                             S. TABUK   151                    Mar 18          Mar 24                 –               Mar 26
                          Additional FCL Service
                          to other Middle East destinations. A. ABHA    156                    Apr 09          Apr 15                 –               Apr 17

20 • Canadian Sailings • January 30, 2012
January 30, 2012 • Canadian Sailings • 21

                                    Shippers’ Handbook
                                      on Home Page

 Canadian Transportation &
  Sailings Trade Logistics

I.E.Canada joins with Logistics Institute
to offer new program

           ommencing in April of this year, I.E.Canada,
           Canadian Association of Importers and Ex-
           porters, and the Canadian Professional Logistics
           Institute will deliver a joint Executive Leadership
           Program in 2012 that will combine a customs and
international trade designation with the Professional Logis-
tician (P.Log.)
     “Trade is becoming more complex and the skills re-
quired by those responsible for trade regulations and com-
pliance continue to grow,” says Joy Nott, President of
I.E.Canada. “This joint program will set a new benchmark

                                                                    JOY NOTT                          VICTOR DEYGLIO
                                                                                                      Founding President,
         CAREER CENTRE                                              President,
                                                                    I.E.Canada                        Logistics Institute

                                                                 in the logistics community by positioning import and export
            POSITION AVAILABLE                                   trade as integral to competitive success in global markets.
                                                                 The time has come to recognize publicly the skills of im-
   CONVOY LOGISTICS PROVIDERS IS GROWING.                        porters and exporters that are essential to lead in interna-
                                                                 tional markets.”
   As a Logistics Solutions Provider located in
                                                                      This new program will build an international trade focus
   Oakville, Ontario specializing in the project cargo           onto the six-day in-residence program currently delivered
   industry, and providing freight forwarding services,          annually by the Logistics Institute. It will now include a trade
   we are seeking an ambitious, self driven individual           stream that will focus on customs compliance and interna-
   to join our Operations Team.                                  tional trade issues. Program participants will have the op-
                                                                 portunity to earn a designation matching their area of
   As an individual interested in a challenge, you are           expertise in logistics and trade.
   able to multi-task while having great communication                “Expertise in international trade is a much needed ad-
                                                                 dition to the Executive Leadership Program,” said Victor
   skills with carriers and customers alike. You enjoy
                                                                 Deyglio, founding President of the Logistics Institute. “Today,
   the intense R&D that goes into Project and BB                 supply chains and logistics are global by nature. Without a
   shipments, while still being able to handle a                 thorough familiarity with international trade issues, such as
   container one at a time with the same attention and           customs, individuals cannot provide the leadership needed
   satisfaction to exceed client expectations. You enjoy         in today’s complex world of business. Public recognition of
   the occasional one on one with the customer, where            such expertise in the form of a professional designation is
                                                                 an idea whose time has come. The P.Log is enhanced
   your experience is pivotal in finding the appropriate
                                                                 greatly by this joint approach.”
   logistics solution.                                                The joint program will feature sessions on leadership,
                                                                 professionalism and ethics, supply chain strategies, and in-
   You bring 3-5 years experience in the freight
                                                                 ternational trade issues, including customs compliance. In
   forwarding and/or project industry and are self               the interactive format characteristic of this program, break-
   motivated and eager to expand your horizons.                  out sessions will deal with issues that are unique to supply
   Candidates with these qualifications are invited to           chain logistics and international trade with a specific focus
   submit your CV together with salary expectations to           on world customs. At the end of the weeklong program, par-
                                                                 ticipants will earn designations appropriate to the specific
                                                                 expertise they practice as professionals.

                                                                             Canadian Transportation &
                                                                              Sailings Trade Logistics

40 • Canadian Sailings • January 30, 2012
                           Contact WENDY HENNICK
        • 514-556-3042 Ext. 2

January 30-31                                                            February 21-22
INFORMA MARITIME EVENTS                                                  INFORMA MARITIME EVENTS
Middle East Liner Shipping Conference                                    3RD International LNG Shipping Conference
Madinat Jumeirah Resort, Dubai, Saudi Arabia                             Jumeirah Carlton Tower, London, England
contact: 44 (20) 7017 4828, Joseph Cleary                                contact: 44 (20) 701 77674, Lauren Wilcox                                      
website:                                     website:

January 30 – February 1                                                  February 22-23
                                                                         THE ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS/ AMERICAN
                                                                         WATERWAYS OPERATORS/ THE PASSENGER VESSEL
Cool Chain Logistics Europe 2012                                         ASSOCIATION
Congress Centre, Basil, Switzerland                                      Great Lakes Waterways Conference
contact: 44 (0) 207 368 9300                                             Hyatt Regency at the Arcade, Cleveland, Ohio                                                       contact: Tim Eversole
February 6
ASSOCIATION OF SHIP BROKERS AND AGENTS (USA) INC                         February 22-24
Shipbroking & Chartered Vessel Operations Online Course                  CG/ LA INFASTRUCTURE LLC
contact: 201-569-2882                                                    5th Annual Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum                                                            London, England
website:                                                    contact: 202-776-0990, Patricia Pietravalle,
February 7-8                                                             website:
                                                                         February 23
RORO Shipping Conference
                                                                         WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AND TRADING
Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark
contact: 44 (20) 701 77674, Lauren Wilcox                                WISTA Canada Winter Luncheon Conference                                                Hosted by the Shipping Federation of Canada, Montreal, Quebec
website:                                     contact: 514-840-7871, May Jensen,
February 9-10                                                            website:
THE TRANSPORT INSTITUTE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA                           February 23
Supply Chain Connections Conference                                      ST. LAWRENCE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL
The Delta Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba                                   (SODES)
contact: 204-474-9097, Kathy Chmelnytzki                                 Luncheon Meeting                                         Intercontinental Montreal Hotel, Montreal, Quebec
website:                                                contact: 418-648-4572, ext. 201, Sophie-Anne Tremblay
FEBRUARY 9-10                                                            website:
Atelier Navigation et facteurs humains
                                                                         February 28-29
                                                                         AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PORT AUTHORITIES
InterContinental Montreal Hotel, Montreal, Quebec
                                                                         Public and Government Relations Workshop
contact: 418-725-3525, ext. 4601, Nicolas Parent
                                                                         The Westin Oaks, Houston, Texas
                                                                         contact: 703-706-4705, Colleen O'Sullivan
February 16                                                              website:
CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT FORWARDERS                                February 28-March 1
ASSOCIATION (CIFFA)                                                      THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE
Central Division Night at the Races                                      Breakbulk China 2012
Woodbine Racetrack, Toronto, Ontario                                     Intex Shanghai & Sheraton Shanghai Hongqiao,
contact: 905-234-5100, Marilyn Massoud                                   Shanghai, China                                                     contact: Gary Tang,
website:                                                   website:

      Canadian Sailings is not responsible for errors. Please verify with event organizers for possible changes or cancellations.

                                                                                              January 30, 2012 • Canadian Sailings • 41
                                                                                                                                    International Cargo Forwarding & Transit Company
  CAN-MED LINES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42                                                                           Import export via air, sea and land

  INTERSHIP (CANADA) LTD. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42                                                                                 1600 Saint-Martin Boulevard East,
                                                                                                                                                                      Tour A suite 315,
                                                                                                                                                                         Laval, Quebec
  “K” LINE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18                                                                                     H7G 4R8
  KB CARGO LOGISTIK INC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42

  MSC (CANADA) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3, 26

  MONTSHIP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38

  NIRINT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20                           Independent Weekly Service
                                                                                                        FCL, Specialized Equipment, RORO, Heavy/Project Cargo
  ODYSSEY SHIPPING . . . . . . . . . . . . 42                                       Mediterranean/Mid.East/Indian Sub-Cont/Europe/Black Sea/Africa
                                                                                                                         Tel.: (514) 934-0040 • Fax: (514) 934-3927
  PORT OF MONTREAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27                                                Toll Free 1-877-522-6633 (within Canada & USA)

  PROTOS SHIPPING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

  SHIPPERS’ HANDBOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25-39
                                                                                                                                    Intership (Canada) Ltd.
  PORT OF QUEBEC                                                                                                      Fully containerized weekly service
                                                                                                               East-Med, Middle East/Gulf, Black Sea, North Africa
                                                                                                                       Montreal –                              Toronto –
  BUNGE OF CANADA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10                                             Intership (Canada) Ltd.:               Westward Shipping Ltd.:
                                                                                                        Tel: (514) 982-1818 Fax: (514) 982-1729 Tel: (416) 290-0554 Fax: (416) 290-0559
                                                                                                              E-mail:             E-mail:
  CN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21-24

  FEDNAV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11
  GROUPE DESGAGNES INC. . . . . . . . . . . . .13
  IMTT-QUEBEC INC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12
                                                                                                                          ODYSSEY SHIPPING
  LANGLOIS KRONSTRÖM DESJARDINS . . . . . . . . . . .9
                                                                                                                              Weekly LCL Service
  LIFTOW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
                                                                                                           Africa – Asia – Australia – Middle East – Europe –
  OCEAN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .OBC                                        South America – United Kingdom
  PORT OF QUEBEC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7                                          Online Bookings 24/7
  QUEBEC STEVEDORING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8
                                                                                                      Tel.: (514) 631-2880 Toll Free: 1-877-631-2880

                        As of noon January 25, 2012
     Country                 Currency             CAD                    US                    Country              Currency                CAD                     US
    Australia                Dollar               1.0606                 1.0480                New Zealand          Dollar                  0.8152                  0.8055
    Brazil                   Real                 0.5744                 0.5676                Norway               Krone                   0.1711                  0.1691
    Chile                    Peso                 0.002055               0.002031              Philippines          Peso                    0.02347                 0.02319
    China                    Renminbi             0.1598                 0.1579                Poland               Zloty                   0.3060                  0.3024
    Colombia                 Peso                 0.000557               0.000550              Russia               Ruble                   0.03296                 0.03257
    Czech Rep.               Koruna               0.05180                0.05119               Singapore            Dollar                  0.7967                  0.7873
    Denmark                  Krone                0.1767                 0.1746                Slovakia             Koruna                  See euro                See euro
                             Euro                 1.3133                 1.2977                South Africa         Rand                    0.1260                  0.1245
    Hong Kong                Dollar               0.130400               0.128854              South Korea          Won                     0.000896                0.000861
    India                    Rupee                0.02016                0.01992               Sri Lanka            Rupee                   0.008886                0.000885
    Indonesia                Rupiah               0.000114               0.000113              Sweden               Krona                   0.1484                  0.1466
    Israel                   New Shekel           0.2676                 0.2644                Switzerland          Franc                   1.0870                  1.0741
    Japan                    Yen                  0.01295                0.01280               Taiwan               Dollar                  0.03378                 0.03338
    Malaysia                 Ringgit              0.3289                 0.3250                U.K.                 Pound                   1.5756                  1.5569
    Mexico                   Peso                 0.07692                0.07601               U.S.A.               Dollar                  1.0120                  -
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42 • Canadian Sailings • January 30, 2012
January 30, 2012 • Canadian Sailings • 43

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