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					 Florida Georgia           North Carolina         South Carolina               September 2012
 July 2012

                      Governor's Message
                      Labor Day Edition

Dear Club Presidents,

Labor Day in the USA falls on the first Monday of September. For 2012, it is September 3rd.
As Labor Day 2012 approaches, it is important to remember what this holiday signifies and why we celebrate

Labor Day was first celebrated in the 1880s as a result of the parade for more rest after the overwork. Later it
became a federal holiday and new meanings are attached to it. Nowadays it is often regarded as a day to
honor working solidarity. Since Labor Day is celebrated by most Americans as the symbolic end of the summer
and traditionally the very next day is the time for most students to go back to school. The Labor Day weekend
is also the last weekend for rest, travel and parties.

As everyone enjoys their last holiday weekend of the summer I hope you have decided your club’s
Make a Different Day project. Our Make a Difference Day is Saturday, October 27th, so “ink in” that
date with all your club members and venture out into your communities to highlight the fact that
Altrusans do indeed strive to be leaders for a better community.

A reminder, our Summer DSB will be coming to you as club presidents at the end of this month. Our
Editor, Lida Coffman will again deliver an outstanding bulletin to us! Remember, it is your duty to
forward a copy of our DSB to every member of your club. Please print one or two hard copies to have
on hand at your September meeting for members who do not have email. Also, let’s not forget to send
a copy to any Emeritus members who are in your club. Our Emeritus members both deserve and enjoy
staying in the loop with the happenings around our district.
Some of you are serving your second year as club president; however, there are a number of you that
are new to your job. I feel it is necessary to give the new presidents the attachments that I gave this
time last year. These are tools to help assist you in better leading your club. The attachments are as
follows and will, in most cases, be in both PDF form and Word:

   1.   List of Club Presidents
   2.   List of District Board & Committee Chairs
   3.   Biennium Goals
   4.   Updated Biennium calendar
   5.   Template for a club level LRSP
   6.    Template for electronic yearbook & newsletter

   Also, be aware that our Awards Coordinator and Vice Governor Lucy Quinn will be sending out the
   District Three Awards information this month. Altrusa District Three Foundation Trustee
   Gayle Magruder will be sending information about the Foundations Awards.

Yours in Altrusa service & friendship,
Beverly Hardy  govbeverly@gmail.com

09/01/12 District Awards posted on website                 Local Club     Awards
          and emailed to club presidents                                  Lucy Quinn
09/01/12 Consider making a club donation                   Local Club                    Review
         to the International Foundation                                                 available
         Grant Program                                                                   grants to
                                                                                         determine if
                                                                                         club should
                                                                                         apply for an
09/01/12 Distribute club yearbook (hopefully Local Club                                  Copies to
         an electronic year book)                                                        Dist.Board,
                                                                                         Comm. Chair
09/08/12 World Literacy Day, this is a great               Local Club                    September is
         opportunity to introduce a new                                                  also Literacy
Governor Beverly's Monthly Letter to District Three Club Presidents
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         project                                                                      month.
09/15/12 Grant Applications due to                           Local Club               Due 9/15
         International Foundation
09/21/12 International Day of Peace
              Each year the International Day of Peace is
              observed around the world on September 21st.
              The General Assembly has declared this as a
              day devoted to strengthening the ideals of
              peace, both within and among all nations and
09/25/12 Conference Proceedings Report to                    Conference District
         Governor                                            Committee Secretary
09/25/12 Send your pre-Make a Difference                     Local Club               Due by 9/30
         Day Report to International
09/30/12 ASTRA club sponsor information                      Local Club
         form due to International
09/30/12 Notify International if you club                    Local Club   ASTRA
         sponsors an ASTRA Club                                           Committee

Circle of Concern & Prayer requests:

   1. Please remember the members in our Live Oak, FL club. Due to tropical storm Debby, parts of
       their community are still underwater. People are still moved out of their homes and
    2. Linda Arnold member of the Waynesville, NC has lost her husband Stan. Please remember
       Linda with cards, emails, & prayers. Linda Arnold, 86 Glendale Drive, Waynesville, NC 28786;
    3. Immediate Past Governor Robin Hall’s son Daniel. Daniel suffered massive head injuries while
       playing soccer at Lewis Univ. in IL. He is improving; however, he needs our continued prayers!
       Robin’s address: Robin Hall, 822 Scenic Lake Dr., Lake City, FL 32055; drrobin1@comcast.net
    4. Past Gov. Cindy Schad is suffering from a broken bone in her foot. Please remember Cindy as
       she heals from this painful injury! Cindy Schad, 3927 SW 89th Ave., Ocala, FL 34481;
    5. Pres. Statesville, NC Janis McNemar pending colon surgery; John, husband of Janis, suffered
       an accident and had shoulder surgery. janisaltrusa@gmail.com Janis sends a message of
       thanks to everyone for the many cards, calls and emails.
   6. Continue to pray for Angie Flake, member of Gastonia, NC club after her surgery;
   7. Margaret Anderson, member of Starke, FL and beloved cousin of mine is suffering from
      “Charcot foot” (bones in the foot break & due to diabetic neuropathy person doesn’t feel it).
      This is very serious and your continued support and prayers are appreciated. Those wishing to
      send messages of support and cheer: Margaret Anderson, 1305 Searing St. , Starke, FL
      32091; attymaggie@aol.com

Governor Beverly's Monthly Letter to District Three Club Presidents
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   8. Condolences to Kitty McElhaney member of Lake City and Club Revitalization Vice Chair has
      lost her brother. Those wishing to send cards or emails: Kitty McElhaney, 725 NW Zack Dr.,
      Lake City, FL 32055; kemcelhaney@comcast.net
   9. Finance Chair, Treasurer of Altrusa Dist. Three Foundation & Pres. of Lake County, FL club
      Shannon Schell is recovering from surgery. Those wishing to remember Shannon: Shannon
      Schell, 2415 Griffin Ave., Lady Lake, FL 32159; seszippy@aol.com

 10. SOS Committee Chair Carole DeCelle is suffering from an extremely serious liver
    condition and undergoing treatment. Carole has been a valuable and undying support to me as
    the Chair of my SOS Project and all of our clubs. Please remember Carole, a person who has given
    so much to so many! Carole DeCelle, 18178 NW St Rd 16, Starke, FL 32091;

    *Note: Please send any requests for concern to me and I will include the
    information in my monthly letter.
Leadership Feature

                         Karen Robinson, Director Three Director
As an Altrusan for the past few years, I have had the opportunity to meet so many dynamic individuals and,
through conversations and written communication, have learned more about our members. Last year, I was
honored to be chosen as a District Director and have enjoyed participating on the Board and working with the
clubs in District Three. Altrusa has been a major part of my life and, through membership; I have made some
valuable friendships. To tell you a little about myself, I grew up in New York, the daughter of two great parents,
Bill and Dolores Cunningham, who were hard working, loving, and family oriented individuals. Our family moved
to Florida when I was 14 where we spent our first Christmas at the beach and calling all the relatives and
friends in NY to tell them. I married young and, fortunately for our daughter, did not become a parent for five
years. I was a single parent for a few years. In 1983, Charlie and I were married and in 2013, we will celebrate
30 years. Our daughter, Renee’, is an Assistant State Attorney in Tampa and the mother of our two
grandchildren, Katie (10) and Chris (8). She is married to Rick, an environmental law attorney.
In terms of my education and career, I attended and graduated from Eau Gallie High School in Melbourne,
Florida and, after working less than adequate jobs, decided that I needed to go to college. I was not the best
high school student as I did not see the relevance. This served me well when I later served on Boards and
committees working with high school dropouts. I attended the University of Central Florida for both my BA and
MA degrees. When I received my BA, there was little or no work and I applied to participate in the government
sponsored CETA program and began my career in Orlando as a CETA monitor. The employment and training
field turned out to be my area of interest and became my focus for the next twenty years where I moved from a
program participant to the Executive Director of a two-county, eight office program in east central Florida.
Growing up on Long Island, it was always my desire to live in a city and in 2001; I had the opportunity to move
to Atlanta as the State Director for the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). This began a whole new

Governor Beverly's Monthly Letter to District Three Club Presidents
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career working in early care and education. After a few years with the State Department of Early Care and
Education, I was appointed Assistant Commissioner for Programs with oversight of $150 million in federal
funds coming into the State of Georgia. In 2010, I was honored to be recognized by then Governor Perdue for
my work in redesigning the state’s resource and referral system which resulted in more customer service,
increased usage of the system, and a $2 million cost reduction. In 2011, I retired from state government and I
was, after so many years, faced with the decision of what do I want to do when I grow up. So here I am, doing
what I enjoy most. After so many years of working 15 hour days and putting off time with family and friends, I
am doing what I enjoy. I teach photography at the local senior service center. While I have been professional
trained in photography, I have not been able to immerse myself in the field. In addition to teaching, I am
participating in exhibits and learning more each day. I am also enjoying spending time with my husband,
Charlie, and our now more frequent trips to see our grandchildren. I am doing more yoga, water aerobics,
walking, reading, redoing our home, spending time with friends, and, of course, enjoying my service and
networking with Altrusans. The newest addition to our family, Cookie, is a five month old mixed breed puppy, a
rescue that will need lots of attention and love. As of this writing, she has been with us for five days. I
appreciate the opportunity to share my personal information and, most importantly, to serve as one of the
District Three Directors.

Charlie & Karen                                                     Chris @ grandparents weekend

                                                    Katie, soccer star

Governor Beverly's Monthly Letter to District Three Club Presidents
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   Email District Three award questions to: Lucy Quinn, Awards Coordinator vgaltlucy@gmail.com

   Emil Altrusa District Three Foundation award questions to: Gayle Magruder ggmagruder@charter.net

   Please Email Rosters for Officers and Committee Chairs & Completed Biennium Goals to Mary Powell, District
    Secretary secmary.altrusa@gmail.com

   Mail Dues & Conference fees to:
    Angela Perry, District Three Treasurer
    2709 NW 90th Terrace
    Gainesville, FL 32606
     Roster updates:
    Shannon Schell, Finance Committee Chair
    2415 Griffin Avenue, Lady Lake, FL 32159

Website Addresses
    International, Inc. website:              http://altrusa.org/Who-We-Are.aspx

      Altrusa International, Inc. District Three Website : www.districtthree.org
Username: Altrusa (capital A)
Password: District (capital D)

In Altrusa service & friendship,
Beverly Hardy, Governor

Governor Beverly's Monthly Letter to District Three Club Presidents
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