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									                        Legacy Park
                 TOWN HERALD                                         For Official HOA News & Information

                                                                                      Volume 10, Issue 8, August 2008
                                Legacy Park HOA
                                3900 Legacy Park Blvd.
                               Suite C-300
                               Kennesaw, Georgia 30144
                                                                              Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
                                                                           I would personally like to thank everyone who volunteered and worked
                                                                             behind the scenes at our Spirit of America celebration. Without the
     WELCOME OUR                                                            dedication of these individuals (you know who you are), the Fourth of
                                                                                        July would not have been as spectacular!!!!!!

                                                                             In spite of the over heated sound system, Sydney Wender sang her
At the June 19, 2008 Board of Direc-                                      little heart out performing our National Anthem – Thank you Sydney for
tors Meeting, Allen Massey made the                                        performing without a mic and leading us into the “greatest” fireworks
announcement that Tom Cavanaugh                                                                          display ever!!!
resigned as a Board Member.
                                                                          The Kennesaw Police Department for keeping our residents safe during
Pursuant to the By-Laws of Legacy                                                               this enormous event!!!
Park Community Association, Inc.

Section 3.6, the Board unanimously
appointed Jim Bitner as successor
who shall serve for the remainder of
                                                                            Councilman Bruce Jenkins for coming and representing the City of
the term vacated by Tom Cavanaugh.                                        Residents who participated in our Antique Car show – everyone loved it
Michael Shambaugh will replace Tom                                                 and hopefully we’ll have more participants next year.
Cavanaugh as Treasurer and Jim Bitner
will serve as 2nd Vice-President.                                         Our sponsors Dean Yarrington of Dayco Systems, Global Granite locat-
                                                                          ed on Jiles Road, Dr. Heather Davis of the Wellpath Center, Dr. Amanda
                                                                             Conti of Legacy Orthodontics, Dr. Carlson of Bella Derma, Candy
            Inside this Issue . . . .                                     Bouquet, ServiceWise and Legacy Pest Control – please remember our
                                                                               sponsors when making decisions for your family and home.
 HOA News & Information........................2
 Covenants Update/Yard of the Month....3                                      Freedom Power Sports for the use of the six passenger Polaris.
 Community Center Update.........................4
 A Special Thank You...................................5                  Merci Brothers and ARABIA for providing us with great music. ARABIA
 Activities & Events......................................6               will have to return for another concert date to finish their last couple of
 Tennis News.................................................8                                             songs.
 Club & Committee News............................9
 Spirit of America Recap............................10                     The entire HOA staff for their constant dedication to Legacy Park and
 School & Community News.....................12                                                           Activities.
 Legacy on the Lake Recap........................13
 Classifieds....................................................15            My husband, Danny for assisting in this enormous production.
 Yard of the Month.....................................16
                                                                           And last but not least, our residents for participating and assisting in
 Events Calendar.........................................17
                                                                                                   cleaning up this year!!!!
 Financial Update........................................18
 Newsletter & Contact Information........19                                                       With much appreciation,
 Calendar.......................................................20                                        Trasey
HOA News & Information
                                      Management & Grounds
The summer is full of general maintenance work and amenity issues for the HOA. With the amenities usage tripled from the
other seasons, general maintenance repairs are addressed on a daily basis. At the pools this year, the pool company provides
arm bands when residents show their ID’s. From the time the pools opened through the end of June, over 11,000 arm bands
have been used. We are happy to say that the challenges we have had to address at pools this year have been minimal com-
pared to the past five years!

Work on the Community Center continues to move forward. This project demands a lot of time from the HOA staff and the
Board of Directors, who have been working long and hard on this project and the logistics that go along with adding an amenity
of this nature. We are positive that the end result will be great! Please see the update provided in this newsletter and on-line.

Other items that the HOA has been concentrating on include: a mail out to all owners with the changes in the rules, painting
street sign poles in Lullwater; installation of pine straw throughout Legacy Park Common Property; installation of new garbage
cans on the Town Green and Bandstand light poles; repair of a drainage problem at the Winterthur playground; addition of
mulch to the trail in front of Palisades to the Town Green; replacement of monument light fixtures along the circle; painting of
the curbs along Legacy Park Circle where “no parking” is permitted; repairs to the main pool and lights; new garbage cans for
the main pool; and installation of timber stairs leading to the main pool from the parking lot beside the amphitheatre.

The Lullwater Pool was closed for seven days in June in order to repair the steps at the deep end of the pool that are built into
the concrete. This was an unforeseen maintenance item, but had to be addressed for remainder of the swim season for safety

If you have any concerns regarding Legacy Park property, please contact Lisa Neff at

       2009                   BUDGET PLANNING
                                                                                      IN LEGACY PARK
   The Legacy Park HOA is gearing up for the 2009 budget.                All official Legacy Park Committees or Groups
   All homeowners, Legacy Park groups, and neighborhoods                 that are interested in fundraising by delivering the
   are welcome and encouraged to submit budget requests to               Legacy Park Town Herald in 2009, please send
   the HOA office. Requests should be made in writing and                your requests to Lisa Neff at propertymanager@
   submitted to the property manager by August 29th. Please    
   include as much information as possible concerning your
   budget request.

   Requests will be reviewed by the HOA board and appropri-
                                                                                   COMMERCIAL VEHICLES
   ate committees during the 2009 budget planning process.
   There is no guarantee that all requests will have funds
                                                                         At the May 15, 2008 Board of Directors meeting,
   allocated, but all requests will be reviewed and considered.
                                                                         the Board approved a modification of definition of a
   The budget will be presented for approval at the November
                                                                         “Commercial Vehicle” as referred to in the Legacy
   20th board meeting. If you have any questions, or would
                                                                         Park Covenants. The complete definition was mailed
   like additional information, please contact Lisa Neff at
                                                                         to all owners on June 5, 2008 and may be found on
   770-919-2556 or via e-mail at:
                                                                         the Legacy Park website. The Board now permits
                                                                         vehicles with commercial letters or graphics on
                                                                         three sides of the vehicle (the back side, left and
                                                                         right sides); however the writing cannot exceed one
                                                                         square foot per side. Further full size vans config-
                                                                         ured as family passenger vehicles are not consid-
                                                                         ered commercial vehicles.

2    HOA News & Information
                 8    Fall Spo                               LEASING REGULATIONS IN LEGACY PARK
            2 00              rt s
                                                         At the May 15, 2008 Board of Directors meeting, the Board
          The registration for fall sports               approved a modification to the rules that were adopted January
         will begin this month. Watch the                18, 2008. The modified regulations were mailed to all owners
          website & sign boards for the                  in June. Along with the modified regulations, the board ad-
        dates. Registration will be on-line              opted a Lease Addendum to be used with all leased property
         again, as well as paying on-line                in Legacy Park and an Owners Acknowledgment that should
         through PayPal. If you want to                  be executed and provided to the HOA office. All of these
        pay by check, you will be allowed                documents and be found on the Legacy Park website at www.
        the option to print the registration   
       form and drop your check off at the
         HOA office. If you have specific                Pursuant to the Legacy Park Covenants, the following must be
         questions about a sport, please                 done to avoid fines by owners who are leasing their property
       see the contact page at the back of               located in Legacy Park:
        the newsletter for the appropriate               • Attach the mandatory Lease Addendum to new leases
                   person to call.                       • Sign an acknowledgment regarding lease addendum
                                                         • Provide the HOA a copy of the lease within ten days of its
                                                         • Pay an administrative fee of $80, to be paid on an annual
     SOLICITATIONS – WANTED OR                             basis until the termination of the lease

If you are receiving paper solicitations that are be-         PARKING ALONG LEGACY PARK CIRCLE
ing thrown on the ground, please contact the City
of Kennesaw Code Enforcement. This is littering         With the fall sports starting up again and tennis continuing daily in
and Code Enforcement does a great job enforc-           Legacy Park the circle is crowded! Please follow the guidelines
ing the city ordinance regarding this issue. Door-      below when parking along the circle within Legacy Park. Failure
to-door solicitations are governed by the City of       to do so could result in ticketing and or towing by the City of Ken-
Kennesaw Ordinances. Solicitations are permitted        nesaw.
between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm; however, the        • Please respect the drivers trying to maneuver around your
solicitor MUST have a permit and proper identifica-        parked vehicle and do not stand outside your car in the street,
tion issued by the City. If they don’t, you should         with your door open! Maneuvering around parked cars is dif-
contact the City immediately.                              ficult enough; dodging people makes it a more dangerous situ
                                                        • Only park on the INSIDE of the circle.
                                                        • Only park WITH the flow of traffic.
                                                        • Do not park in any area where the curb is painted white (inter-
        SCHOOLS BACK – SOON!                               sections and loading and unloading zones.) It is illegal to park
                                                           within 30 feet of an intersection! There are signs posted in
     With all the local schools going back into            these areas as well!!!
    session, please remember to watch out for           • Do not park in front of the fire hydrants
     children. Bus stops are at intersections to        • Parking on the grass or the Town Green is prohibited!
  roads and many parents drive and park there.
 These areas can be very dangerous if you don’t         Additionally, if there are cars parked along the circle, please
    pay attention. By slowing down and using            SLOW DOWN! Most of the time cars are parked there for events
    caution, you can help prevent an accident.          involving children. It can be difficult to see a child coming out from
    Let’s all do our part in keeping our children       between parked cars until it is too late. Slowing down and paying
                         safe.                          attention could save a life. Thank you in advance for your coop-


  Please take time and visit the Legacy Park website at to sign up to receive e-mails from the HOA
  office about the events that are happening in your neighborhood. The sign-up section is located on the lower left-hand
                       side of the home page. Sign up today and stay informed about Legacy Park!

                                                                                                HOA News & Information    3
                                                POOL – REMINDERS
The Legacy Park swimming pools will remain staffed with guards through Sunday, August 10th. After that time, guards will be
at the pools on Saturdays and Sundays only through Labor Day. The week days will be “Swim at your own Risk”.

All the Legacy Park pools, except the Main Pool, will be closing for the season on September 2nd. The Main Pool will remain
open through Sunday, September 28th and close for the season on September 29th. The month of September will be “Swim
at your own Risk” at the Main Pool.

                                   Please remember the following rules regarding swimming:
                   Ages 11 and under: You must have a person over age 16 with you at all times.
                   Ages 12 – 15: You can swim unaccompanied by an adult only during guard hours.
                   Ages 16 and over: You are permitted to swim during all pool hours.

                   Pool hours:

                   Main & Quiet Pools: 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
                   Lullwater & Winterthur Pools: 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

                   Guard Hours through August 10 (daily) and

                   Main Pool: 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
                   Lullwater Pool: 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
                   Winterthur Pool: 12:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
                   Quiet Pool: NO GUARD ON DUTY

                   Guard Hours August 11 – September 1 (Saturday & Sundays ONLY)
                   Main Pool: 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
                   Lullwater Pool: 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
                   Winterthur Pool: 12:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
                   Quiet Pool: NO GUARD ON DUTY

                                      COMMUNITY CENTER UPDATE

In case you haven’t noticed, we now have a building
behind the main pool. The Board of Directors is in
constant contact with the builder to ensure the project
is completed according to the contract, and expects a
certificate of occupancy by the end of September.

Most of the exterior work has been completed, and
they are concentrating on the inside work. Please
remind your children to stay away from this area, while
the builder has done an excellent job of keeping the
area clean, it still is not safe for children to wonder
through, which is why the area remains fenced in.

Please check the website for the up-to-date news.

4    HOA News & Information
                                A Special Thank You

                    North Cobb Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC)

Thank you to the North Cobb Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC) for as-
sisting in the set-up, running and break-down for our Spirit of America Celebration. These
 young men and women made the event such an outstanding success with all their hard
  work behind the scenes. Their great attitude and high spirits were much appreciated.
         Also, Thank You to Duncan and Stefani Hall for coordinating the cadets!!!
Activities & Events
                                                              (Ages 8 to 13)
                                                        Legacy Park Residents Only
                                                                   Surf’s Up
                                                             August 9th
                                              7:30 pm at the Main Pool - Movie at Dusk
                          Grab your friends from Legacy Park to watch a movie while laying on a float in the Main Pool. The
                          Swim Team will have the concession stand open for food and drinks, so make sure to bring some

            Parents will have to sign their children in and out of this event – so don’t forget your Legacy Park ID!!!

Please email Activities Director at to register your child or to volunteer.

                                              Sponsored by:
                          Dr. Karen Ferguson of Ferguson Family Chiropractic Care
                                    Brandi May of Keller Williams Realty

                   Legacy Park                                                      Legacy Park
                   Youth Soccer                                                      Fall T-Ball

            Teams for Ages 3 to 13
    Sign up on-line August 1st - August 15th

       Games will start in mid-September                              August 1st - August 17th - Registration
        For more information check out:                              August 24th - Team assignment day &                                              Skills Camp @ 2 pm (baseball field)

                                                                     September 14th - First game of the season

                                                                     November 2nd - Last game of the season

                                                                     November 2nd - Trophy presentation after each game

6   Activities & Events
Tennis News
          Men’s &                      DRILLS & LESSONS
                                                                                            Adam Grandstaff
                                                                                         Legacy Park’s Tennis Pro

        Ladies’Drills                       Adult Drop-In Morning Drills
                                                                                   4:00 - 4:30 (3 - 7 years old/ Pee-Wee), Wednesdays ($5)
    Ladies - Mondays 7 - 8 pm                        Mondays                      4:30 - 5:30 Beginner to Adv. Beginner Wednesdays ($10)
     Wednesday 7 - 8:30 pm
     Men - Mondays 8 - 9 pm
                                                10:30 am - 11:30 am
      Thursdays 7 - 8:30 pm                              &                                 5:30 to 7:00 pm (Tournament Juniors)
     All levels of play are welcome!                  Fridays                                    Monday & Thursday ($12)
          (Cost: $10 per person)                9:30 am - 10:30 am

     Inaugural 5K Event Set for September in Legacy Park
 The “Trails for Life” 5K Run/Walk needs your help. Race organizers are looking for both
participants and sponsors to make the September 13th event a big success. Organizers hope
for a big turnout for the afternoon race. All proceeds from this event will benefit both the
Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer and the American Cancer Society. Pre-registration is $20
at the Legacy Park HOA office or you may pay $25 the day of the race. There are three sponsorship levels
ranging between $250 and $1500. Sponsors include Legacy Home Improvement, Quality All Pro Painting
and Granite and Marble Concepts. All participants will receive a free t-shirt at the event. For more infor-
mation, please contact: Lori Donalty at 770-975-0588, Jenn Eichmeier at 678-574-0453, David Kirkland at
678-361-5593 or Chris Kulat at 678-491-6402 for more information.

                                   Heating & Air Conditioning
      Congratulations to Jim & Paige Corcoran of
     Kentmere - Grand Prize Winners in the Dayco
         Systems Spirit of America Giveaway

                                                      Service & Repair on
                       770-919-9509                   All Makes & Models

                                                      Install New High
                        Efficiency Units

Dean Yarrington                                       Basement Heat
 Legacy Park                                          Pump Systems
   Resident       Comfort/Safety/Economy

                                                                                          family law
                                                                                           Daryl L. Kidd, P.C.
                                                                            •	 Divorce            •	 Custody & Support Revisions
                                                                            •	 Custody            •	 Restraining Orders
                                                                            •	 Child Support      •	 Paternity
                                                                            •	 Adoptions          •	 Family Violence

                                                                                  Over 25 Years Trial Experience

 C          lub & Committee News
                                              Legacy Park Moms Group

Are we having fun yet??? We had one jam-packed event-filled July, didn’t we? Our ‘Little Explorer’ Tours have been
a HUGE success. The Events Team is so thrilled the response has been so overwhelming. The philosophy behind our
‘Little Explorer’ Tours is to get our kids out in the community meeting the people in their neighborhood. The best part is that
we organize and negotiate pricing for these events for as close to FREE as possible. So far we have toured Publix, Cobb
Parkway’s Fire and Police Stations, Big Pie in the Sky (see attached photo), Coldstone Creamery, Preferred Jet Center at
McCullom Airfield and Petco. Just for fun we went to The Cupcake Shoppe with Sprinkle Bar at Miss Scarlet’s Chocolat
Emporium and Just Fired – A Paint Your Own Pottery Studio, just to name a few. Our family events were a hit too! Both
Escalades and American Adventure were rockin’ good times!

We have just as busy an August planned. Look what we have in store for our kids! We have tours lined up with Kennesaw Post Office, Pettit Creek Farms
and Berry Patch Farms for some fresh blueberry picking. Look forward to a Picnic at Acworth Beach and Back to School Pool Party too!

In July we also launched Operation: Helping Hands where once monthly we will get out in the community with our children and do something chari-
table. Our potential to make a difference is limited only by our capacity to want to help. And what a better time than now to teach our children the act of
selflessness. Last month we visited Daybreak Village and drew pictures for and played games with the residents. Everyone was so delighted with our visit
we were invited back this month too.

Our Moms’ night out provided for much needed comic relief as we tried our best to perfect pelvic thrusting in circular motion while Belly Dancing to the
instruction of Anne-Marie Tremblay. It was a night to remember, that’s for sure!! Coming up in August we plan to keep it low key and close to
up front at Molly’s. Stay tuned for more details.

New Member Meet and Greet is scheduled for Monday, August 11 at Megan Bell’s. Please refer to evite for event details. All events are also posted on the
calendar which can be accessed at Interested in becoming a member? Please apply online at http:// We look forward to meeting you!

                              New! Window Restoration (Defogging)

                                                                                                        2090 Baker Road (Next to Publix)

                                                                                                         Special thanks to
                                                                                                        Cocoa Bean Cafe for
                                                                                                       providing tasty treats at
                                                                                                        this year’s Spirit of
                                                                                                        America celebration

                                                                                                                          Legacy Park Town Herald     9


S     chool & Community
                                   North Cobb High School
North Cobb Parent Email Communication: Want to stay informed about what's happening at North Cobb High School?? It's
easy, just send your name and email information to and you will be added to the PTSA spon-
sored weekly email communication called "Smoke Signals". We will keep you informed about the latest happenings at NCHS
and important reminders. We also share with you recognition of the students and staff, and keep you informed about commu-
nity activities. Get connected today via the PTSA!!

North Cobb High School will be welcoming incoming Freshman and their parents to Warrior Welcome on Friday, August 8th
from 9:00-11:00 AM. - PTSA will be selling new Warrior Spirit Wear and all sponsors for all clubs will be available. Check
North Cobb’s web site at for additional information.

North Cobb High School will host it’s first 2008-2009 school year Open House on August 27th (tentative date) - come for the
PTSA meeting, then meet the administration and teachers. PTSA will be selling new Warrior Spirit Wear in the lobby during all
hours of the Open House. Check North Cobb’s web site for specific times

              You’re Invited

              August 23, 2008
               10 am - 2 pm
    Wellpath Center’s Anniversary Celebration
        3590 Cherokee Street / Suite 401
  Come and bring your little ones. There will be food,
  fun, prizes & lots of great information on topics such as
  healthy school snacks, exercises for a healthy spine,
  ergonomics and a backpack check! There will be no
  charge for all chiropractic services on this day.

               Back-to-School Special
                    $2.00 off Boy’s Haircut
           For Legacy Park Residents with this coupon

               Located at the Entrance to Legacy Park
               3903 Jiles Road, Suite 102, Kennesaw
                   Tues. - Fri. 9 - 6 & Sat. 8 - 1
                                        Legacy Park
12       School & Community News



  The next Legacy on the Lake Event is scheduled for August 26th

pro classic painting
     Interior/Exterior Experts
                                                               Janice Russo
     Deck Restoration                                            Master Hair Designer
     Siding                                                               &
     Carpentry                                                     Color Specialist
     Free Estimates/Fully Insured                                   Legacy Park Resident
                                                               Bringing New York to the South!
        770 420-6415
                                                                    For Appointments Call
                                         Salon Silhouette                  1635 Old Highway 41
                                         Kennesaw, GA 30152
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Pettsitting, Dog Walking, Pet Taxi: Passion for Paws, Bonded and insured. Call Kathy Cooper at 770-974-2390.

Hilton Head Vacation Condo: Looking to escape to the beach? Our top floor fully furnished condo has an ocean & lagoon view, with 1bdrm (w/ queen
bed) and bunk alcoves (sleeps 4 total). It is located in the Hilton Head Beach & Tennis Resort which has the largest oceanfront pool on the island, Tiki
bar, tennis courts, playground, catch and release pond, and bike trails (rentals too). Our condo has a fully equipped kitchen, hardwood floors, complimen-
tary internet access, and is close to everything on the island! Savannah is only 1 hour away and Charleston 2 hours away! We are residents of Legacy
Park. Email for additional information to or call me at 770-862-5179.
Costa Rica Photo Tours: Enjoy an adventurous time in Costa Rica and photograph mountains, oceans, volcanoes, animals, birds, nature and much
more! Trips begin: Jan. 10 – 17, 2009, Jan. 17 – 24, 2009, Apr 4 – 11, 2009, June 20 – 27, 2009, June 27 – Jul 4, 2009. For more info, please call: Darcy
@ 678-524-6302 or e-mail at: Additional tours can be formed upon request.
Childcare: LP resident has opening in her home for childcare. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, naps, snacks, music, reading, arts and crafts, instruction of ba-
sic pre-school tasks and homework tutoring provided. Drop-ins welcomed. Excellent references from LP moms and dads. Call: 770-795-1807.

Childcare: Experienced, well-mannered, friendly, patient, mature lady to take care of 1 baby at our home in Legacy Park a one on one growing experi-
ence. Pls. call Marta at 404-259-8045.

Postpartum Doula/Newborn Care Specialist: Providing newborn care/education, mother care, new-mommy and infant massage, care of multiples, night
duty, sleep training, in-home consultation on nursery registry and set-up, in home classes offered on swaddling techniques, Happiest Baby on the Block,
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For Sale: iMac barely 2 years old with 20 inch monitor, CD/DVD RW super drive burner, 250 GB internal hard drive, 2.1 GHZ processor, 1.5GB of
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                                                                                    Got Game?
                                                                                   R U LAME?
                                                                                                                                         
     To place a classified ad on-line go to:


                   select the classifieds                                                  Who’s Sayin’....?
                                        sponsored by:
  Yard of The Month                                                              July Winners

                                                          Annadale – 2575 Fairlawn Downs – The Gallagher Family
                                                          Bellingrath – 3949 Bellingrath Main – The Hall Family
                                                          Carillon – 4224 Carillon Trace – The Brennan Family
                                                          Gramery – 4254 – Chastain Pointe – The Bullard Family
                                                          Highcroft – 4234 Brighton Way – The Cooper Family
                                                          Kentmere – 4161 Berkley Landing – The Stokes Family
                                                          Lullwater – 3922 Madison Bend – The King Family
                                                          Madison – 3919 Collier Trace – The Jones Family
                                                          Northgate – 2711 Northgate Way – The McCoy Family
                                                          Palisades – 4030 Palisades Main - The Riedemann Family
                                                          Olmsted – 2294 Holden Way – The Horton Family
                                                          Revere – 3511 Brandywine Road – The Elleby Family
                                                          Winterthur – 3897 Greensward View – The Gilbert Family

               Winner of the $25.00 Molly Malone’s Gift Certificate – The Bullard Family of Gramercy!!!

 FALL REGISTRATION                                                          Tennis Mixer
                                                                               Hosted by:
                                                               The North Cobb Lady Warrior Volleyball Team
     Classes Begin August 18th
     Carter’s Gymnastics                                                             When:
                                                                                August 9, 7:00 pm
        & Fitness LLC
                                                               Munchies provided and babysitting available.
                                                                           $10 donations per person
                         Gymnastics Classes
                         Competitive Teams                                   Contact: Marti Schmitz
                         Birthday Parties                                at
                         Kid’s Night Out
                         1/2 & Fullday Camp                      There will be LOTS OF GREAT GIVE-A-WAYS!

                                                                                 “DR. FIXIT, PhD”
 Come Have Fun This Fall!                                                     Professional Home Dabbler

       Call 404-409-0994                                                      No Job Too Small, Just Call
                                                                                                              •	 Decks
3111 Moon Station Road / Kennesaw                                             MICHAEL COOPER                  • Maintenance                                                                                      • Painting
                                                                                                              •	 Woodworking
                                                                            Your Satisfaction - Our Concern   • Installation
                                                                                                              • Assembling
                                                                          Non-Smoker Insured Non-Drinker      • Repairs
                                                                                                              • Carpentry
16   Yard of the Month
                          LEGACY PARK’S 2008 EVENTS CALENDAR

         August-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Legacy on the Lake
         August 9th----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dive in Movie
         September------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Garage Sale
         September-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cinema Saturday
         September-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chastain Night Concert
         October -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pumpkin Fest/Haunted Trail
         November--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5K Lung Cancer Race
         November--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Family Camp Out
         November -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chili Cook Off
         November--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pictures with Santa
         November---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Holiday Festival
         December-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Breakfast with Santa

                                            MAY BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
                                                    “Unofficial” Notes

At the May 15, 2008 Board meeting, the Board:

• Approved the request that the Legacy Park’s Men’s Club become a Tier 1 group under the Legacy Park Rules.
• Approved a motion to allocate funds in the 2009 budget to add additional fencing to the Madison Playground so that it is com
  plete fenced in.
• Approved the request to hold a Youth Flag Football Camp in Legacy Park.
• Approved a modification to the Commercial Vehicle definition.
• Approved a modification to the Leasing Regulations adopted on January 17, 2008 and a Lease Addendum and Owner

                                           JUNE BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
                                                   “Unofficial” Notes
At the June 19, 2008 board planning session, the board:

• Approved a recommendation by the Marketing Committee regarding Open House signs.
• Appointed Ken Hall as the new chairperson of the Rental Advisory Committee.

The minutes of each Board meeting are typically approved at the board meeting the following month. Once the minutes are
approved, they may be viewed in a secured section (for Legacy Park homeowners only) of the Legacy Park website or in the
Legacy Park HOA office. If you would like access to the secured portion of the website, you will need to contact the HOA

                                                                                                                              Events Calendar    17
                          Financial Update
                                                                                2690 Chadwick Lane
  2008 Annual Assessments were payable by January 31st. All unpaid              2693 Chadwick Lane
  account balances have since had a 10% penalty added, are accruing             4304 Cheasapeake Trace
  interest at a rate of 18% and the home address is now listed in the
                                                                                4312 Cheasapeake Trace
  newsletter. All amenity privileges have been revoked for these
                                                                                4328 Cheasapeake Trace
  homeowners! All outstanding accounts have been turned over to
  the Association’s attorney for collecting.                                    4423 Highgate Drive
                                                                                4438 Highgate Drive
  In order to fund expenses for maintenance and upgrades of Legacy Park,        4442 Highgate Drive
  annual assessments must be levied against each property. Our yearly           4451 Highgate Drive
  budget is prepared based on the receipt of these assessments from all         4454 Highgate Drive
  homeowners. If the assessments are not received, our financial position       4491 Highgate Drive
  is impacted.                                                                  4493 Highgate Drive
                                                                                2762 Northgate Court
  According to our records as of 12:00 p.m. July 16, 2008, the following
                                                                                2714 Northgate Way
  properties remain outstanding with the HOA. This information includes
                                                                                2726 Northgate Way
  outstanding assessments and other fine, and is being provided to keep
  our members informed of the financial status of the association.              2741 Northgate Way
                                                                                2746 Northgate Way
  As of July 16, 2008, the delinquent amount is as follows:                     2749 Northgate Way
                                                                                2751 Northgate Way
  LP Assessments                  $ 72,489                                      2760 Northgate Way
  NG Assessments                  $ 26,486                                      2775 Northgate Way
  Late Fees & Interest            $ 32,369                                      2777 Northgate Way
  Attorney’s Fees                 $ 33,612                                      2783 Northgate Way
  Violation Fines                 $ 38,360
                                                                                2787 Northgate Way
  Total                           $203,315
                                                                                2793 Northgate Way
                                                                                2795 Northgate Way
                                                                                2800 Northgate Way
Legacy Park             4010 Dorchester Walk           3828 Kirkwood Run        4359 Richmond Place
                        4009 Dorchester Walk           3032 Langley Close
2837 Amhurst Way        3037 Fairhaven Ridge           3042 Langley Close        Legacy Park ID – Don’t Leave
4004 Annandale Main     2581 Fairlawn Downs            3941 Lullwater Main                  Home
4009 Annandale Main     2584 Fairlawn Downs            3918 Madison Bend                 Without It!!!
4030 Annandale Main     4207 Gramercy Main             3975 Madison Main
3606 Bancroft Main      3775 Harris Boulevard          3984 Mapleton Downs      All Legacy Park residents over the age of
3615 Bancroft Main      3167 Hartness Way              3829 Mast Court          12 must carry their Legacy Park picture
                        3170 Hartness Way                                       ID with them while on Legacy Park prop-
3623 Bancroft Main                                     4091 Mill Creek Gate
                                                                                erty. If you do not have your ID you will
3657 Bancroft Main      4174 Havenwood Court           4281 Monticello Way      be asked to leave the Legacy Park com-
3513 Brandywine Road    4176 Havenwood Court           2622 Morningside Trail   mon areas and amenities. If you have
3516 Brandywine Road    4210 Highcroft Main            4037 Palisades Main      lost your ID you may obtain a replace-
4249 Brighton Way       4216 Highcroft Main            3811 Seattle Place       ment at the HOA office. Residents will
4274 Brighton Way       4225 Highcroft Main            3815 Seattle Place       receive one replacement card at no cost,
4290 Brighton Way       2302 Holden Way                4310 Sentinel Place      subsequent cards will be $5.00.
4294 Brighton Way       2314 Holden Way                4311 Sentinel Place
4302 Brighton Way       2321 Holden Way                4349 Sentinel Place      2008 Legacy Park ID stickers were
4303 Brighton Way       2324 Holden Way                4351 Sentinel Place      mailed to homeowners in late March
                                                                                to all the residents that have paid their
2419 Brookgreen Commons 2329 Holden Way                4353 Sentinel Place
                                                                                assessments and currently have NO
2429 Brookgreen Commons 2333 Holden Way                4358 Sentinel Place      outstanding fees due to the HOA. If you
4251 Chastain Pointe    2337 Holden Way                4246	Sheffield	Court	    did not receive your stickers, and have
4222 Cornell Crossing   3696 Iroquis Road              3073 Shelbourne Trace    paid your dues, please contact the HOA.
3005 Cranbrook Walk     4103 Kentmere Main             3706 Somerset Ridge      If you have outstanding assessments
3007 Cranbrook Walk     3106 Kirkwood Drive            4142 Springhill Lane     or fines, these must be paid before you
3026 Cranbrook Walk     3128 Kirkwood Drive                                     can use the amenities and receive your
                                                                                Legacy Park ID.
18     Financial Update
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                                                                                                                      Park Town Herald, please call 770-919-2822 or

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                                                                                                                      15th of the month. Information about advertising is
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                                                                                                                      The deadline for articles for the September 2008
                                                                                                                      issue is Saturday, August 10th. Articles should be
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                                                LEGACY PARK CONTACT INFORMATION
HOA Board Members                                                                                Committees & Groups
President, Allen Massey .........................                    Activities Committee........................................................................Open
Vice President, Mike                       Amenities Committee.......................................................................Open
Vice President, Jim                   Communications Committee............................................................Open
Treasurer, Michael Shambaugh..............................michael.shambaugh                      Cub Scout Pack 002, Lisa
                                                                        Election Committee, Richard
Secretary, Tom King ....................................                 Environmental Committee, Tony
                                                                                                 Ethics Committee.............................................................................Open
HOA Office, Suite C-300, Town Fair                                                               Finance Committee, Peter Carpey.............................................................
HOA	Main	Office............................................................ 770-919-2556         Garden Club, Sharon
HOA Fax ......................................................................... 770-919-0066   Landscape Committee, David
Property Manager, Lisa                             Men’s Club, Joe
Events Manager, Trasey                            Mom’s Group, Stacey
Covenant Enforcement, Joanne Weaver .......                               Marketing Committee, Brandi
Town Herald Editor, Tracey                               Rental Advisory Committee, Janice Stolle........the

Neighborhood Watch                                                                               Sports Leagues
Legacy Park Neighborhood Watch Coordinator.................Brandi May                            Adult Flag Football, Brian Jeske ...........................
          / website:                                Adult Soccer, Lance
                                                                                                 Youth Coach Pitch, Adam
Legacy Park Website -                                                         Youth Lacrosse, Chris
Webmaster, Jason Griddine                         Youth Soccer, Greg
                                                                                                 Youth Tee-ball, Juan
                                                                                                 Youth Flag Football, Teresa
                                                                                                 Tennis Committee, Kim
                                                                                                 Tennis	Pro	Office,	Adam	Grandstaff .................................. 770-795-7926

                                                                                                                                    Newsletter & Contact Information                 19
                                               August                               2008
     Sunday          Monday                  Tuesday            Wednesday        Thursday                 Friday        Saturday
                                                                                                                    1                 2
                                                                                                                        HOA Office
                                                                                                                        Open 9 - 11
               3                    4                      5                6                        7             8                  9
                    Legacy Park            Covenants                                                                     Youth
                    Garden Club            Committee
                    Meeting                Meeting                                                                       Dive-In
                    HOA office 7pm          HOA office 7pm                                                                 Movie
              10                11       Modification      12            13                           14            15                 16
                                         Applications Due
                                         by 4 pm
                                         Board Planning
                                         Session 6:30 pm
                                         HOA Office
              17                18                         19           20                           21            22                 23
                                                                                Board of Directors
                                                                                Meeting 7 pm
                                                                                HOA Office
24                                  25                     26           27                           28            29                 30

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