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240 Summer 2009 - Croquet Australia

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A Magazine for Followers of Mallet Sports
No.240 – SUMMER 2009
                                                                                       FINAL CONCEPT SELECTED

Official Publication of the Australian Croquet Association.
The ACA is a member of the World Croquet Federation and of the World Gateball Union.
Registered by Australia Post – Print Post Approved – PP:352583/00283
                                                                       CROQUET AUSTRALIA - SUMMER 2009          
          If you are playing one of the more
           intelligent sports in the world …

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                                      Fenwick Elliott Mallets                    Adelaide
                              Tel: 0418 884 181

                                            CROQUET AUSTRALIA No. 40 SUMMER 009

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Champion Alix Verge with WCF President,
                                          Email:                  ­ ictoria - Vacant
David Openshaw. Photo: Ken Payne.         George Karoly, Ken Hopkins                   Western Australia - Vacant
                                                                                       CROQUET AUSTRALIA - SUMMER 2009              
                               WCF News
I                                                  Venue announced for 9th
    t is with much pleasure that WCF                                                            legacy for croquet in Victoria and
    announces that Charles Jones, QSM,                                                          Australia. The three 2009 WCF Hall of
    JP, DipHRM, has been elected                   World Golf Croquet                           Fame inductees are Tom Howat
unopposed as the new President from                Championship                                 (Australia) Patrick Cotter (England) Lt.
January 1st 2010 for a four year term. At

                                                                                                Col. David Prichard (Wales). Tom joins
the conclusion of the nominating period                   he 9th Golf Croquet World
                                                          Championship will be held in the      three other Australians Tom (2006) and
for the position, only the nomination for
                                                          UK from 18-24 July 2011. Sixty-       Jean (2008) Armstrong and Sir
Charles was received, which came from
the New Zealand Croquet Council                    four players will be selected to take part   MacPherson Robertson KBE (2006),
(NZCC). Charles is no stranger to high             and the event will take place at the         along with 14 others from countries
office having previously served at the             Hurlingham Club, supported by the            England (6), Scotland (1), Wales (1) New
President of the NZCC and other high               Surbiton Croquet Club.                       Zealand (4), USA (2).
profile position in that organisation.                The championship was last held in 2008      For further information on the Hall of
   Charles started playing croquet when            in Cape Town, RSA. The final was won by      Fame and Tom’s outstanding record, go to
he left college in 1970. Over the past 39          Ahmed Nasr of Egypt who defeated Reg
years he has held the following positions          Bamford of South Africa. Egyptian
in NZ Croquet:                                     players have won the championship on
n Vice President: 1979 – 83;                       every previous occasion but following the
n President: 1999 – 03;                            success of a Rest of the World team in       Publication Details …
n Chairman NZ International and                    narrowly beating Egypt in 2008, there are
                                                   hopes that a local (UK-based) player may     Frequency
Selection 1999 – 09;                                                                            Croquet Australia – a magazine published by
n Manager NZ MacRobertson Shield                   triumph for the first time.
                                                      The Hurlingham Club has hosted many       Croquet Australia (ACA) – is published four
Team 2000, 2003, 2006                                                                           times a year. ISSN 1328-9128
n Manager NZ Trans Tasman Team 1995,               world class events including the
2001, 2003, 2006, 2009;                            MacRobertson Shield (World Team              Publication Schedule
n Manager New Zealand C/­ships 2007.               Championship) and World Association          Copy for the next issue (March) should reach the
 On the International Scene he has been            Croquet Championships.                       Editor by 14 February 2010.
involved in the following:                            Surbiton has previously hosted a
                                                   qualifying event for the World               Subscriptions
n Member of WCF Management                                                                      For details see inside back cover.
Committee 2003 – 2009;                             Championship and will host the
n Managed HQ Venue WCF 2002 World                  MacRobertson Shield in 2010.                 Advertising
Association Championship, Wellington,                                                           Advertisements from croquet clubs for
New Zealand;                                       Tom Howat inducted into                      forthcoming National and State events are
n Referee WCF 2005 World Association               the WCF Hall of Fame                         charged at $3 per column-centimetre.
                                                                                                Advertisements from other sources may be

Championship, Cheltenham, England;
n Venue referee WCF 2006 World Golf                          om Howat (1912-1995) was           accepted at commercial rates but the ACA
Croquet Championship, Hawkes Bay,                            arguably the best player in        accepts no responsibility for the quality or
New Zealand;                                                 Australian croquet. He has won     nature of goods and services advertised.
n MC Opening and Closing Presentations             the most Australian Championships,
                                                   doubles and singles and was an excellent     Disclaimer
WCF 2006 World Golf Croquet;                                                                    Opinions expressed in this magazine are
n Championship, Hawkes Bay, New                    coach who freely passed on his knowledge
                                                                                                entirely those of the contributors.
Zealand;                                           of the game. He willingly lived up to his
                                                                                                Croquet Australia (ACA) is not responsible for
n Tournament Referee 2006 Austrian                 statement to “teach you all I know”. There
                                                                                                statements other than those provided by the
Wine Cup;                                          were many who benefitted and followed
                                                                                                ACA Secretary/­Executive Director.
n Tournament Director WCF 2008 World               his example of passing on “all we know”.
Association Championship, Christchurch,              As A Champion Player, Tom Howat was        Permission to reprint text or graphics
New Zealand;                                       a member of Brunswick and Coburg             Individuals, clubs or associations wishing to
                                                   Croquet Clubs in Melbourne. He took up       reproduce material from this magazine either
n Joint Tournament Referee WCF 2008
                                                   croquet when a pennant Lawn Bowls            in print or in electronic media should first seek
World Golf Croquet Champs Cape Town,
                                                   player - he was a natural and quickly        permission from the Editor, and attach ­
South Africa;
                                                   progressed                                   ‘with permission of the Editor: Croquet Australia’
n Referee WCF 2009 World Association
                                                   through the                                  to the item used.
Championship, West Palm Beach, USA.
   Charles is a qualified Association
                                                   ranges to
Croquet Referee and an examining referee
                                                   become one                                   Australian Croquet Association (ACA)
for Golf Croquet. He has visited and played                                                                  WEBSITE:
                                                   of Victoria
Croquet in the United Kingdom, Egypt,                                                 
Germany, Austria, Australia and the United         Australia’s
States of America. He will take over from          leading                                        This issue …
the retiring President, David Openshaw,            players.                                       Editor -­Carolyn Ribone Manager -­Anna Miller
who retires having served the maximum                Tom Howat                                    Setting & Graphics­-­Erica Klodinsky
two terms allowed by WCF Statute.                  has left an                                    Production, Printing & Distribution­-­
                Brian Storey, Secretary-General,                                                  Minet Imaging, Boronia, Vic.
    World Croquet Federation,

                                                           FROM THE ACA
From the President                                                                                        From the Magazine Manager
  W                                                                                                       T
              ell we have just about reached the                                                                   he magazine, Croquet Australia,
              end of another year and looking                                                                      continues to be widely read by croquet
              forward to 2010. It has been a                                                                       players throughout Australia during the
good year for the ACA although we are still                                                               last twelve months and Editor, Carolyn Ribone,
grappling with a few problems which are a                                                                 has had a busy year preparing each edition. I
hangover from previous years. Not because                                                                 was pleased, to meet Dr Berna Madill recently, a
these are particularly difficult problems to                                                              member of the Alice Springs Croquet Club, the
solve if we have enough manpower, but that is                                                             only croquet club in the Northern Territory, who
something we are short on.                                                                                subscribes to the magazine. She reads it avidly
   2009 will go down in history as the second        follows on with the Australian contingent. But
                                                     do have a close look at the series of photographs    and was quite up to date with the happenings in
time only that we conducted a WCF World                                                                   the Australian Croquet scene. There are also a
Championship, but more significantly, with an        of Alix performing one of her ‘miracle’ jump
                                                     shots! Thank you, Ken Payne from Mornington          few subscribers from overseas.
Australian champion and a winner of the Plate                                                                Carolyn has included many interesting
in that event. Alix Verge from the Royal             Croquet Club, for sharing these photographs; I
                                                     imagine every croquet player in Australia will       articles on Golf Croquet this year, as it has
Sydney Croquet Club (RSCC) as the winner of
                                                     now be paying much more attention to jump            been the year of the 3rd Womens’ World Golf
the WCF Women’s World Golf Croquet
                                                     shots! You will find other articles and              Croquet Championship. Also, there were
Championship played magnificently and Anne
                                                     photographs of the event on pages 6 and 7.           articles on croquet clubs that were founded a
Quin from Essendon Croquet Club excelled
                                                        Thank you to those of you who submitted           long time ago and who were celebrating
herself by winning the Plate. Both won against
strong opposition from the much vaunted              photographs for the ACA 2009 Photography             special birthdays. For example, the Queenscliff
Egyptian ladies who played well but were not         Competition. This year’s competition closed on       Croquet Club in Victoria which celebrated its
able to match the Australians' strong hitting        15 November – with so many great                     90th Birthday.
and accuracy. We congratulate both players and       photographs in the various categories, there are        The Magazine is in need of a correspondent
look forward to seeing these ladies on the golf      some amazing croquet photographers in                for Western Australia and for Victoria. Croquet
croquet world stage for some yet to come.            Australia. Unfortunately the judges, heavily         players from all over the country are interested
   The Victorian Croquet Centre at Cairnlea          involved in other croquet commitments, were          in news, ideas and photos. Unfortunately, we
proved its value for this event. The court           not able to make their final choices in time for     aren’t hearing enough from Western Australia
surfaces were excellent and the clubhouse            the cut-off point for this publication. Instead,     and Victoria.
coped extremely well with the many visitors to       they will be posted on the ACA’s web site in             Several advertisers have paid for space in
the event. Our thanks go to the VCA for its          the second week of January 2010. My                  the magazine and more space is available.
efforts in organising and manning the event.         apologies to all entrants.                               It is important to continue to produce and
Without the many volunteers who manned a                As I mentioned, my life has also been hectic.     read the magazine as not only does it keep us
number of activities, it just would not have been    Earlier this year I mentioned I’d been awarded       informed, but it is also an historical record for
possible to conduct the event. There are so          a $10,000 Q150 grant to document the history         the players of tomorrow.
many to whom we owe a debt of gratitude that         of croquet in Queensland? Like Topsy, this              Judy Evans has been a cheerful and willing
to attempt to name them would be impossible.         project just growed and growed, especially as        subscriptions manager for the magazine for
Thanks from the ACA to all.                          providing two events (the Come Try Croquet           several years and has developed an excellent
   Most if not all of our readers would at some      Charity Day in May and the Friendship                system of recording and notification. It has
stage have been in contact with our                  through Croquet weekend in October) were             taken up much of her time. Sadly, Judy has
Distribution Manager, Judy Evans, over the           part of the Q150 criteria. It finally culminated     notified the ACA Executive that she will not be
years she has been doing this job. Judy has          in the official launch by the Queensland
                                                                                                          continuing with her position. Thank you, Judy,
worked tirelessly over the long period, keeping      Deputy Director General of Sports and
                                                                                                          for doing such a good job and best wishes to
the record of our subscriptions and looking          Recreation, Ruth Brown, on 5th December.
                                                                                                          you and Snow for the travelling you plan to do.
after the associated $’s; we are most grateful          Not only was the history - a CD-Rom of
                                                                                                             Finally, I wish Carolyn, the editor, and all
for her achievements and contribution to this        over 500 pages of text and photographs called
                                                     Croquet: a Game for Life. The History of             contributors and readers the compliments of
magazine. However, Judy and husband Snow                                                                  the season and happy croquet for the year
sold their house in Mornington, Victoria and         Croquet in Queensland - launched, the Croquet
                                                     Association of Queensland (CAQ), as part of          ahead.
are to head off for some well earned rest in a                                                                            Anna Miller, Magazine Manager
new caravan. We wish them all the best in their      its contribution towards the project, produced a
tripping and thank Judy and her helpers for a        companion DVD called Swing into Mallet
job well done. We will miss you and your             Sports. The DVD consists of two parts – the
                                                     first a 16-minute promotional video which            From the Executive Director
efforts. Judy’s job will be undertaken at least

on a temporary basis by our Editor, Carolyn          takes in Association Croquet, Golf Croquet,
                                                                                                                 he 3rd WCF Women’s World Golf
Ribone. Thanks Carolyn .                             Ricochet and Gateball, the second a number of
                                                                                                                 Croquet Championship was held at the
   I wish all our readers and their families a       interviews from Queensland players – was
                                                                                                                 Victorian Croquet Centre from 21 – 28
very happy Christmas and New Year and look           produced by Andy Hallinon from Legacy Films
                                                                                                          November 2009. Fifty-six players competed
forward to 2010.                                     (also the President of Noosa Croquet Club), I
                                                                                                          from eight countries. Twenty-two Australians
                   Max Murray. President, ACA        can’t thank him enough for the long hours he
                                                                                                          competed in what proved to be a very
                                                     and his assistants spent in putting this together.
                                                                                                          successful event. It was great to be a part of the
                                                     I am so pleased to report that the 60-plus
From the Editor                                      guests at the launch were quite impressed.
                                                                                                          warm and friendly atmosphere that prevailed
                                                                                                          throughout the championship, culminating in

           ow! The past few months have been         Both the CD-Rom and the DVD will be
                                                                                                          one of the most exciting sporting finals I have
           hectic in my household – but nothing      available to clubs in mid-January. Meanwhile,
                                                                                                          ever seen. Alix Verge (Australia) defeated Iman
           compared to what it must have been        Andy and I are just going to veg out, we both
                                                                                                          Elfaransawi (Egypt) to win the World
around VCC Headquarters! What a huge event           have withdrawal symptoms!
                                                                                                          Championship in the last shot of a BO5 match
the 3rd WCF Women's World Golf Croquet                  While preparing the history, I came across a
                                                                                                          with a brilliant jump shot. All results and
event proved to be, culminating in a win to Alix     card which was published by the members of
                                                                                                          photographs can be viewed on the ACA
Verge, the first Australian World Champion in        the Mackay Croquet Club back in the early
croquet! Congratulations to Alix and to Anne         1940’s. I share both the photograph and the
                                                                                                          Congratulations to Jenny Clarke (NZ) who
Quinn, who is now the holder of the Plate.           sentiments with you all (see above). May you
                                                                                                          came third and Shaden Okasha (Egypt) fourth.
   On the centre page, you will find photos and      all have the best ever Christmas and New Year
                                                                                                          Congratulations also to Anne Quinn (Australia)
pen pictures of the 22 Australians who took part     – and may 2010 be a stellar year for croquet in
                                                                                                          who won the plate event.
in the World Womens – the International              Australia!
entrants were profiled in the Spring edition, this                            Carolyn Ribone, Editor                                     Continued Page 8

                                                                                                          CROQUET AUSTRALIA - SUMMER 2009                
             – from the sidelines –
          rriving in Melbourne, and agog with         massages to stressed and weary muscles
          anticipation and excitement about           after playing. After a meal at the Stag’s Head
          the big event, I had a hit with some        Williamstown, Ellie’s Girls (Ellie is a VI
of the Australian entrants and friends at             croquet mother) blitzed the field at the
Essendon Croquet Club. Frank proudly                  Monday night trivia comp. Great fun.
showed us around the heritage-listed                     Egypt has a well deserved reputation in
building, built in 1913, with its four-metre          Golf Croquet; they have the ability to be
dining table, wood paneling, wooden                   tenacious, fast and accurate. However, this
lockers, stained glass windows and glorious           year they faced a strong contingent of
light fittings. The excitement escalated when Association players; the game is evolving
one of the girls took a call from Max Murray with the amalgamation of the skill sets of
inviting her to take a late place in the lineup; Association and Golf Croquet players and
Nerida moved from hitting with the girls to           the more sophisticated deployment of
hitting with contenders in a world event! At          tactics. Egypt came with a lot of myth that
that stage it was 40 degrees with a hot wind          they were hard hitting; they actually hit no
blowing, but that soon progressed to dust             harder than other players. Their aggressive
storm, then lightning, heavy rain and finally         hoop running shots are impressive and when
coolish. That’s Melbourne.                            successful do get the ball toward the next
   Saturday was practice                                                     hoop on 1,3,5,7 and 9,
day at Cairnlea, a day for                                                   often past it; only
players, tournament                                                          statistics on hoop
mangers, referees, scorers                                                   running-rate would
and the providor to become                                                   determine the better
familiar with the venue.                                                     approach. There is also a
Croquet Victoria is justly                                                   perception that only the
proud of the 12 beautiful                                                    Egyptian players
lawns and function centre,                                                   understand effective
plus the army of volunteers                                                  tactics. On the whole
ready for action.                                                            other players can see the
   As the players practised,                                                 patterns and techniques
a great variety of mallets,                                                  they use, and certainly
grips, swings, stances and                                                   the Australian skill base
follow-throughs were in                                                      will meet these
play. Some players use an          Queensland's three representatives,
                                                                             challenges. Egyptian
angled mallet head most of Rosemary Newsham, Liz Fleming and players are undoubtedly
the time, even for long            Margaret Melville, dressed in their      well rehearsed, practised
roquets. Some achieve                       official uniform.               and have a commanding
power in their shots with short backswing                                   presence on court. They
and a wrist flick rather than a drive from the        are also extremely generous with expertise
shoulders. Some do lots of casting, some              and are engaging, polite and friendly.
don’t do any. Some stalk the ball from a                 My role as a spectator continued

distance, some line up from the end of the            throughout the week, right up to and
                                                      including the wonderful nail-biting Final.                  he Women’s World Golf Croquet
   Sunday was the first day of competition            Congratulations to all the competitors for a                Championships, held at the
and Melbourne really turned on the weather: fabulous week of croquet and to everyone                              Victorian Croquet Centre, Cairnlea,
65mm of rain fell; out came the wet weather involved in running this event. The Cairnlea                  from 21st to 28th November, were a
gear and extra layers of clothing. But what           Complex has come into its own and is great          resounding success.
fabulous lawns; only on the back line of              for Australian croquet.                                We were expecting to see great play
Court 8 did I see a puddle and only for 10               We Croquet Golfers all need to work on
                                                                                                          from the 56 entrants, and were particularly
minutes or so. Sunday was a tough first day           skills that improve accurate cutting, not just
                                                      clearing but placing both balls. We need to         looking forward to seeing the play of the
for everyone.
   On Monday I arrived in time to give the            be able to assess ball placements quickly           Egyptians, the previously recognised
Hoop Setters a hand, or to watch them,                and accurately and to rapidly compute               world champions. We were not
anyway, as they set the hoops to WCF                  possible shots and strategy. We need a              disappointed. There was great play from
Standard; that’s 1/­32 inch clearance of the          repertoire of hoop running shots to score           all. After the eight blocks of seven players
largest ball. Owen Edwards gave me a quick from any distance. Videos of Championship                      were completed (a round robin contest),
briefing before sending me off to set the             games with appropriate commentary will be           32 players advanced to a knockout,
centre pegs; each must be hammered                    a valuable coaching resource. After that, it’s
                                                      up to us....and ....practise!                       comprising 11 players from Egypt, 1 from
precisely at 18 inches measured with a
yardstick. So it was another intense day of              Congratulations to Alix on a wonderful           England, 1 from Ireland, 1 from South
block play for the competitors, playing best- win for Australia, and to Ann Quinn for                     Africa, 6 from New Zealand, 1 from USA
of-three matches. I met Thelma and Sandra             winning the Plate. It was such a wonderful          and 11 from Australia.
from Leongotha who promised to give CAQ, experience and a privilege to be a spectator                        The Knockout produced four semi-
and Stephens of course, a plug on ABC                 at the 3rd Women's World Golf Croquet               finalists: Iman Elfaransawi (Egypt), Jenny
Radio - thanks girls. Players enjoyed a               Championships!                                      Clark (NZ), Shaden Okasha (Egypt) and
brilliant sunny day - they also enjoyed the                                           Geraldine Trivett
                                                                                                          Alix Verge (Australia). Matches of best-
                                                                                                                          The editor thanks all
                                                                                                                            those persons who
                                                                                                                          shared photographs
                                                                                                                                of the event, in
                                                                                                                              Geof McDonald,
                                                                                                                                    Ken Payne,
                                                                                                                              Owen Edwards,
                                                                                                                                 Christine Pont
                                                                                                                              and Judy Evans).

   Women’s World Golf Croquet
Championships a Resounding Success
of-five games were then played. While        Professor David de Kretser AC, there were     (assisted by Maree Skinner, Val Brown
The Egyptian players vigorously              numerous spectators. Officials included       and Sandra Kastanaras) for running the
supported their players, the crowd was       the WCF President, David Openshaw, and        house and sales of merchandise, and to
delighted when Sydney-sider Alix Verge       the WCF President-Elect, Charles Jones.       resident caretaker Eric O’Donnell. The
took the match to five games and won the     All had come to see great play, many from     three minibuses ferrying the players were
final 7-6 in the final game with a           country and city Victoria and a number        driven by David Ross, Snow Evans and
sensational jump shot. Words are             from interstate; I met more than one group    myself. Thanks to all.
insufficient to describe that shot.          who had come from Tasmania just for a            Finally, I would like to thank all the
Congratulations, Alix, on being the first    day’s play.                                   committee involved in the organisation of
Australian to be a World Croquet               Early each morning, a team led by           the event. Meetings commenced in May
Champion. Our commiserations go to           George Latham would prepare the courts,       2008, and continued nearly monthly ever
runner-up, Iman Elfaransawi, who had         setting all hoops. We had a great team        since. Between each meeting, there were
been the previous world womens golf          assisting Tournament Manager Brian            always tasks to be achieved. It was a lot of
croquet champion. Jenny Clark played off     Reither, over 20 referees assisting           work, too often not recognised.
to finish third.                             Tournament Referee Owen Edwards, and          Sponsorship and other money had to be
   For those who did not reach the finals,   many volunteers helping with catering,        sought, the venue had to be readied,
there was a Plate competition.               manning scoreboards, and assisting with       volunteers found, accommodation
Congratulations to Victorian Anne Quinn      numerous in-house activities. Each day,       suggested, transport arranged, event and
on her win in the Plate.                     well over 150 lunches were prepared for       catering organised, publicity prepared; the
   Needless to say, there was more to such   officials, players, referees and volunteers   list is too long to continue. I believe we
an event than players. From the Opening,     alone. The consumption of milk for tea        achieved a great outcome.
which coincided with the official Opening    and coffee was huge. Thanks to Shirley                                          Mike Cohn
of the Victorian Croquet Centre, by the      Hallinan for organising the catering and to                 Vice-President Croquet Victoria,
Victorian Governor and VCA Patron,           her many volunteers, to Lorna Williams            and Chairman Event Organising Committee
                                                                                           CROQUET AUSTRALIA - SUMMER 2009                
         ou’re going where?? To play what??? A      the eventual winner of the Shield for 2009. She
         typical reaction to my endeavours to       lost only one game in section play and that was
         explain to someone that I would not be     to an up and coming player, Wendy Dickson,
around for a couple of weeks because I was          also from Victoria. The final was more of a nail
playing croquet in Western Australia                biter than the score of 26-15 would suggest and
   Last year at the same time it was in             seasoned player Anna Miller, another                Colin Eagle, Helen Eagle, Pam Hamilton, Claire
Adelaide, marginally more understandable to         Victorian, fought on to the end giving Trish a              Bamford and Creina Dawson.
those inhabitants of Australia’s off shore          good battle - Trish eventually won in fine style.
islands, New Zealand. Being invited to play in         Whilst only one person can win there were
the Jean Armstrong Shield this year was the         some good performances from other players
reason for my most recent trip to Australia in      who substantially increased their index points,
early October to Perth, Bunbury and the             Kay Chynoweth from WA, the aforementioned
Margaret River Region of Western Australia. It      Wendy Dickson and Anne Quinn from Victoria
is a long way but well worth the effort as you      and WA’s Megan Reynolds, another relative
will see from the account below.                    newcomer to croquet, who won seven games in
   This year saw a field of 22 women from all       section play much to her delight (and
over Australia and New Zealand take to the          astonishment!). It is great for us old grey hairs
excellently prepared Moorabinda Club courts         to see some good younger players keeping
at Bunbury for four days of very competitive        Association Croquet alive and well.
play, in between renewing friendships, eating          On the social side we were amply fed and
delicious meals and laughing at ourselves as        watered by Hazel Barnes and her team of
we tried to master this fascinating sport. Jean     helpers from the Moorabinda Club. Many of us
Armstrong’s daughter, Carolyn Spooner, came         were billeted by club members, while fellow
from Adelaide, not to play but to encourage us      players cheerfully and generously transported       Winner Trish Devlin receives trophy from Carolyn
all. With more competitors than the usual 12        some of us from Perth to Bunbury and back.                              Spooner.
we played in two sections, 10 games and a           Pauline Reid, (also from NZ), and I arrived a
final in four days. The weather stayed fine and     week early and played in the Moorabinda Club        everyone at Moorabinda who helped to make
Murray Hawker and his team made sure that           Tournament before taking three days to explore      this year’s expanded Jean Armstrong Shield
the courts were in tip top condition each day,      the Margaret River Region with another early        tournament such a success and well done to
mowing before and during the tournament, to         arrival, Cynthia Tacey from Queensland.             Jannine Hawker and Creina Dawson, who saw
produce one of the best playing surfaces I have     Overall, what a great trip, lots of croquet, wine   the possibilities for a Western Australia venture
ever played on. No wonder there was some            and chocolate!                                      and made them a reality for us all.
excellent play, especially from Trish Devlin,          Congratulations to Trish Devlin, thanks to                                            Alison Wall

                                                                                                        the responsibility and managing the
From the Executive Director                         Committee for hosting the Championship at
                                                    Cairnlea.                                           tournament and to all the volunteers who
From Page 5                                            The Australian Open Doubles and Singles          assisted throughout the week. Defending
   I had the opportunity to meet and talk with      Championships were held in Adelaide from 31         Champion Creina Dawson (SA) lost her title to
many of the players, supporting officials and       October – 8 November 2009. My hearty                Tony Hall (NSW) and in the Doubles, David
spectators. It was a wonderful opportunity to get   congratulations to the SA Organising                and Philip Wise (SA) won the trophy.
to know people (particularly those from             Committee and the numerous volunteers, who          Congratulations to the winners and to all who
overseas) and discuss a number of topics            contributed an enormous amount of personal          played and contributed to the tournament. The
pertinent to croquet. I hope we will maintain       time and effort to plan and execute the             Deniliquin Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club has
contact and have the benefit of each other’s        Championship. Congratulations to Miranda            decided not to host the event next year. We
views for the purpose of developing the sport.      Morgan (SA) and Paddy Chapman (SA) who              thank the club members for their wonderful
   The important role of volunteers in this sport   won the Doubles and to Stephen Mulliner             hospitality, hard work and friendship
is something I often write about. It was            (UK) who won the Singles. D Wise (SA) won           throughout the past five years. The tournament
nowhere more evident than at the                    the Plate and B Ladyman from WA won the             has been enormously popular during that time
abovementioned Championship. Each day               AB Morrison Encouragement Award. I would            and we hope that players will continue to
volunteers (exceeding 70 in number each day)        also like to thank Brighton CC, North Adelaide      support it in the years to come at a different
presented themselves at the Victorian Croquet       CC, Norwood CC, South Terrace CC and                venue (still to be decided).
Centre to perform essential duties that ensured     SACA (Hutt Road) for making their venues               The ACA added a 4th Eight to the President’s
that every aspect of conducting the                 available for the Championship. The hot             Eights conducted at the Victorian Croquet centre
Championship was carried out. There were            weather kept us all on our toes and we had to       on 2–5 October 2009. Congratulations to Robert
adverse weather conditions to contend with          have contingency plans for play under lights in     Fletcher (Vic), Marty Clarke (WA), Greg
and on one day, heavy rain and wind resulted        case the conditions became too hot for play to      Fletcher (Vic) and Tricia Devlin (Vic) who won
in numerous drenched players and officials          continue during the day.                            the First, Second, Third and Women’s Eight
seeking dry clothing. Everyone pitched in to           The National AC Handicap Tournament took         respectively. Thank you to TM Brian Reither
assist and the challenge was met. Some              place at the Rich River Golf resort on 11 – 17      and the VCA for hosting the event.
volunteers were on duty in excess of 12 hours a     October. Thank you to TM Kenn Boal for                 The GC Open Singles Championship and
day. Volunteers came from metropolitan and          managing the event, to Peter Freer who              Interstate Shield were hosted at the VCC 29
country Victoria, interstate and overseas with      assisted him and to the members of Rich River       August -6 September 2009. Congratulations to
one common purpose: to do whatever they             Croquet Club who volunteered their time to          Peter Landrebe (NSW) who defeated Marty
could to ensure the success of the event. I take    assist in the execution of the Tournament. And      Clarke (WA) in 3 games of a BO5.
my hat off to each and every one of the             of course, we thank The Rich River Golf             Congratulations to the NSW Team who won
volunteers. You were magnificent.                   Resort for making the facilities available for      the Interstate Shield from defending
   It was a valuable learning experience for all    the tournament again this year. Congratulations     champions, Victoria .
of us and the feedback given about various          to doubles winners Chris and Ian Grant (Vic)           In other matters, a timetable has been sent to
aspects of the event was much appreciated. It       and to singles winner Chris Grant (Vic).            states with regard to the documentation for the
was a long time in the planning and before we          The National GC Handicap Tournament was          forthcoming AGM on 29 March 2010 (to be
knew it, it was time to pack up.                    conducted at Deniliquin for the fifth year in a     held at the Victorian Croquet Centre). A
   Thank you to the VCA and the Organising          row. Thank you to TM John Tainsh for taking         President’s Meeting to be held on Friday 26
   A Gateball First: An Australian Team Wins
    the Australian Gateball Championships
         buzz of excitement descended upon the      dull red glow provided an additional challenge   national gateball director), Mr Bruce McAlister
         Rockhampton Mallet Sports club from        for the final matches of the day. Saturday       (Queensland gateball director) and Mr Daniel
         16-18 October 2009, as the Central         evening ended with a BBQ before the players      Casey (Canberra) all passed successfully.
Queensland city hosted the 5th Australian           retired for a well earned rest.                     Rockhampton hosted a fantastic event
Gateball Championships. The Australian                 Sunday saw the end of the block stage and     amongst idyllic surroundings. The playing
Championships are held biennially and bring         the final shakeout of semi-finalists. On the     facilities were great and every minor detail that
together the strongest teams from Queensland,       scoreboard Japan dominated Block A, winning      a gateball player could think of was catered for.
Victoria and the ACT, along with visiting           every match. However, many teams matched or Congratulations to event manager Ethel
teams from overseas. Traditionally, the             even led the Japanese team in the first 20       Hughes and all others involved in the hosting
tournament has been dominated by overseas           minutes, relinquishing their leads in the run    of the championships.
teams, with previous winners coming from            home. Kew from Victoria played consistent                Gilon Smith, National Gateball Director
China, Chinese Taipei and Japan.                    gateball to register a clear second place with
   Fifteen teams entered this year’s event          five wins from their seven matches.
including a record number of Australian entries        In Block B the Wombats won five of their six
(14). With only one Japanese team, the chances      group matches to top the group. Canberra and
of an Australian team winning the tournament        Terang both recorded four wins, however
were significantly increased.                       Canberra advanced with superior net points,
                                                    partially due to a perfect game (a score of the
   Warm and dry conditions met participants on
                                                    maximum 25 possible points) in their final block
the Friday practice day as bushfires raged
                                                    match. The depth of teams competing had
around Rockhampton. The practice day was
                                                    clearly improved with all teams in both blocks
valuable for acclimatising to the pace of the
                                                    registering at least two wins. This depth was
courts and reacquainting old friendships.           particularly evident amongst the Queensland
Formalities commenced with a team parade            teams (of which there were nine).
with local school children chaperoning the             The first semi-final saw Canberra record an
teams and team introductions by MC Jim              upset win over the previously unbeaten Japan.
Northcott. After a number of formal                 Two early gate touches and tight ball
introductions, including from Liz Fleming           placement helped set up the win. The other
(CAQ President) and Steve Jones (ACA Senior         semi-final saw two Victorian rivals play out a
Vice-President), the day continued with a           higher scoring match with the Wombats
demonstration match comprising a mixture of         defeating Kew.                                      Tournament Winners: From left to right: Glen
Australian and Japanese players ably                   The large crowd enjoyed the ups and downs         Whitehead, Kimberlee Trent, Daniel Casey,
commentated by Jim, then concluded with             of the final as both teams displayed the highs       Kristina Huynh, Bryan Johnson, Gilon Smith
refreshments.                                       and lows of their talent. Canberra took the lead               (courtesy Kristina Huynh).
   Despite the bulk of block matches been           through the middle
played on the Saturday, the day concluded with      stages and was able to
a number of teams tightly bunched in both           maintain strategic
blocks and no clear direction on the semi-          positions near gate two
finalists. Light ash falling from the sky and a     and three and hold on
                                                    for a tight win.
March 2010 will address the continuing                 During the
confusion regarding the Status of Referees.         presentation, Glen
   Judy Evans has been the ACA Magazine             Whitehead, the
Subscription Manager for a number of years.         Canberra captain, payed Competitors all together after the March Past. (courtesy Keiichi Imagawa)
Judy is retiring from the position and will be      tribute to the opposition
taking a well-earned rest. Thank you Judy for       and expressed relief that
all your hard work and we wish you and Snow         an Australian side was
happy travels and successful croquet.               finally able to win the
   Thank you to Bruce Fleming who has been          Australian
ACA Insurance officer for the past two years.       Championships.
Bruce successfully negotiated a deal with              After play, three
Barclays Insurance Brokers (now Regional            Australian referees
Insurance Brokers) that brought all states under    undertook the
the one national policy over 12 months ago.         international-standard
Bruce is retiring from the position at the next     exam, the highest
AGM and Jim Saunders from Victoria will be          gateball refereeing
taking on the role. Jim has also agreed to          qualification. Mr Keith
oversee the on-going review of the ACA              McLeod (former
                                                                                 Winners Canberra and runners up Wombats (courtesy Liz Fleming).
   The MacRobertson Shield Team for 2010
will be announced very shortly. Australian
Team Coach, Steve Jones is looking forward to        2009 ACA PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION
continuing to work with team members to               Unfortunately, owing to time and space contraints, the winners of the 2009 ACA Photography
prepare them for the Championship on 6 – 22             Competition will not be included in this edition of Croquet Australia. Instead they will be
August 2010 in England.
                                                                  announced on the ACA website in the second week of January, 2010.
   Finally, I wish to thank everyone who has
contributed to the sport over the past year. Your    You will be able to see the winning photographs when you go to
generosity is much appreciated. I wish you all                  au and they will be published in the Autumn 2010 Croquet Australia issue.
a safe and enjoyable Christmas and a Happy           My apologies to all entrants. Again, so many photographs were received, all excellent, that the
New Year.                                                           judges were not able to make their choices in time for this edition.
             Maree Skinner, Executive Director,                                                                              Carolyn Ribone, Editor
                             Croquet Australia
                                                                                                       CROQUET AUSTRALIA - SUMMER 2009             9
                                P L AY E R P R O F I L E
What are your ages and your date of birth?
Greg: 17 years. D.O.B. 30th December 1991.
Robert: 16 years. D.O.B. 29th July 1993.
Malcolm: 14 years. D.O.B. 1st December
Do you have any other brothers or sisters
and, if yes, how old?
One older sister age 29 and one younger
brother age 7.                                                 The Fletcher Family: Robert, Wesley, David, Cathy, Greg and Malcolm.
Where do you live?
Dundonnell, in the Western District of           What is your most significant                     Malcolm: Paul Skinley. Because he’s a really
Victoria, (South-West Victoria)                  accomplishment in croquet to date?                good player, a very nice person and I won one
What schools do you attend?                      Greg: Representing Australia at the World’s       game off him. We both enjoyed the match and
We do Distance Education through Australian      in Florida, USA                                   I played really well.
Christian Home Schooling.                        Robert: Bronze Medallist in the WCF World         What are your impressions about the
Have you made any decisions on what you’d        Association Championships in Florida, USA         countries you have visited to date?
like to be once you finish school?               in May 2009.                                      Greg: NZ: The temperature was just right and
Greg: I’d like to study Violin and Piano at      Malcolm: Representing Australia at the            there were no flies. USA: The food was really
Tertiary level.                                  World’s in Florida.                               weird. The bread was like cake. The butter
Robert: Something to do with Business            Who has had the most significant influence        was white. (If you could get it). Everything
Studies.                                         on your croquet career to date and why?           was super super sweet, especially breakfast
Malcolm: Farmer – I have the beginnings of       Greg: Eric O’Donnell, because he would            cereals. But the people were fantastic. They
an Australian Poll Dorset Stud.                  combine his knowledge with every top coach        made you feel very special.
How long have you been playing croquet?          that he knew, then pass all on to us without      Robert: NZ was very nice and green. The
We all began at the same time five years ago.    bias. Kenn Boal really got us started when we     layout was a bit like Australia. USA was very
Do your parents play croquet?                    started playing in the big tournaments, lots of   different but their food was very nice. The
They have learned Golf Croquet and played a      his coaching is the foundation of our games       people were very accommodating. EGYPT
couple of times. They are beginning to learn     now. Stephen Forster took an interest in          was very different. Amazing history wherever
Association.                                     coaching us straight away when he met us in       you looked
                                                 ’05; he came down once every winter to up         Malcolm: NZ: It was a lot like Adelaide,
How were you introduced to croquet?              our game for the next season. When we meet        except the temperature and gum trees. USA:
A friend from the Kids’ Club our Dad ran in      him during the year at tournaments he gives       The shops and advertising were nowhere near
Lismore said “Come to croquet, it’s great”.      us advice.                                        as colourful as in Australia. The food was
We’d seen a picture of croquet and thought it    Robert: Eric O’Donnell, because of the            terrible except for in restaurants, or home
looked interesting. Eric O’Donnell, the local    grounding he gave us. Stephen Forster, for        cooking! The people were nothing like we
Lismore Greenkeeper met Dad and offered to       the strategies he taught us, showing us where     thought they’d be. They were very kind,
teach us bowls or croquet. We really liked       we should stand to hit certain shots, the         generous, humble and sincere. EGYPT: Hot
croquet and went down every week for             different grips, his continued mentoring and      and dusty. We didn’t know what to expect
lessons.                                         coaching. Kenn Boal, for showing us a             from the people but found the Egyptians were
What is your home club and for how long?         simple way of tackling tactics. Ken Bald for      very kind, welcoming and had a really great
We’ve all played at the Lismore Croquet Club     his introduction to top level play, plus his      sense of humour. If you ask directions
for five years.                                  encouragement.                                    though, don’t expect the right answer. We had
What is your preferred croquet grip and          Malcolm: Eric O’Donnell because of the            a great guide to the Pyramids, but most are
why?                                             grounding he gave us. Stephen Forster,            not proper guides, they rip you off and don’t
Greg: Standard grip. Brian Reither (Ballarat)    because he is an incredible coach, helpful all    give you any information, whereas we
showed me about four years ago and it has        the time. Reg Bamford, because he gave me         learned heaps from our guide. The taxi
suited me ever since. I also changed it around   his mallet, without which I may not have          drivers, except for one, were all nice and
a little bit.                                    improved so quickly in my game. Stephen           humorous and didn’t try to rip you off too
Robert: Standard Grip. Because it felt best      Mulliner because he inspired me to practice!      much. They had eerie sunsets.
out of the grips I tried. I tried Solomon and    There are others too.                             What are your suggestions for enticing
standard and preferred standard.                 Who is the most memorable character you           younger people to the sport of croquet?
Malcolm: Solomon Grip. I wanted to hit the       have competed against in a senior                 Greg: The only way kids are going to know
ball hard. The club mallets had very long        competition to date and why?                      about croquet is for someone to show them.
handles and I was short, it was the only way I   Greg: Robert Fletcher. Because we’ve always       Schools, Uni’s and Colleges are the obvious
could hit the ball hard.                         been competitive when versing each other.         first stop. They should make serious
How often do you practice?                       And we take that to another level when we         competition between Universities. They don’t
Greg: Twice a week. Three times a week if        play each other in croquet.                       have to play incredible so long as it’s serious.
studies permit.                                  Robert: Reg Bamford. He’s won the World           Robert: Kids need the support of parents.
Robert: Three times a week.                      Championships three times, I’d read and           Lots of kids in our area like our sport but the
Malcolm: Three times a week, though              heard a lot about him, I got to play him in the   parents often push them into another sport
sometimes it’s only two.                         2009 World’s and won a game off him.              they’ve seen on the TV. We need a way to
encourage parents.
Malcolm: The kids are taught Aussie and then         The                                                     LINE MARKER
                                                     GATEBALL FOR SALE
Golf Croquet but I think they should go on
then to learn Association. I think a lot of
young people would find it a further
What do you see as the future of croquet as               Column
a sport:
Greg: Great if we can get a “well-kept secret”          by Gilon Smith, National                              Trueline WM3/2
out, do some serious advertising. Run
smoothly as an organisation. Lots of                      Director of Gateball                                  Line Marker
teenagers love snooker and are good at it.
They would love croquet. They just don’t
                                                     The End Game                                                   Price new $900
know it’s there.
Robert: That’s a pretty broad question.              It’s quite remarkable! In many cases, the                   Our Price $400 ONO
Australia winning the MacRobertson Shield.           winner of gateball games is decided in the last
Malcolm: If we target the younger people             five minutes of the game, or even with the last            Four years old. Excellent
then everyone will see it’s an ‘everybody’s’         shot – often a ‘peg to win’.                                      condition.
sport.                                               Yet I have observed that many captains don’t
 What are your croquet plans for next year?          keep track of the time during the final minutes
Greg: Go to NZ Open in January, then go to           of a game and, as a result, make poor                          Full details:
England in July/­August.
Robert: Hopefully playing for Australia in the       decisions that can cost their team the game.             Ringwood Croquet Club.
                                                     Here are some suggestions for the captain:
MacRobertson Shield in August, 2010.
                                                     • Wear a wrist timer, and, during the last
Malcolm: To get on the State Team, then
hopefully the Australian Team. I want to do          minutes of the game, be aware of the time                     Allan Pedlow
better than I what did this year in the              remaining.
Australian Open.
                                                                                                                  (03) 9723 3506
                                                     • Keep in mind that the following team will
What other sports do you play?                       have the last turn.                            
We all play Cricket, Table Tennis and                • As a rule of thumb, assume that all 10
Snooker, but we don’t play in any organised          players will get an opportunity to play during
team sport as we don’t have the time.
                                                     the last five minutes.
What are your other interests?
                                                     • If an opponent ball will not play again before
Greg: History, classical music, chess,
reading, archery, hunting rabbits, hares and         the end of the game, sometimes it’s often best
foxes.                                               to ignore the ball, rather than touch and spark
Robert: History, current affairs, chess,             to make it an out-ball, and concentrate on
science, archery.                                    scoring points.
Malcolm: Chess, training kelpies, bike riding,       • Look for gate + touch opportunities at Gate 3
hunting rabbits, hares and foxes, archery,           because this will strengthen the opportunity to
history, tinkering with various machines – if        gain three points (gate 3 and agari).
Mum or my sister buys something that needs
                                                     • If two adjacent balls are for agari, look for an
assembling and Dad’s not around she asks
me! Inventing something even though it often         opportunity to spark one ball to near the goal-
ends up having no practical use whatsoever.          pole and then position the other ball nearby to
What’s your favourite food and drink?                allow the second ball to touch and spark the
Greg: Salad and anything with pasta. Orange          first ball to agari, and then achieve agari for
Juice.                                               itself.
Robert: Sour Cream Noodle Mince. Diet                • If your team is clearly not in a position to win,
Coke.                                                look for opportunities to minimize the
Malcolm: Meat pies. Water.                           opponent team’s score; an attacking game
Any other comments?                                  may be required.
Croquet should seek its future in Universities       • Don’t provide your opponent with usable
– competition croquet between universities.
Croquet is a great sport and we should push it
                                                     balls, such as a ball that attempted agari but
for all it’s worth. In Victoria, when we             failed and ended on the court in a position to
started, we had “B” lawns for Division 4. I          assist the opponent team.
can’t imagine any of us would ever go to a           Team players should assist the captain during
tournament if it meant we had to play on an          this critical period. They should keep the
“A” lawn. It was extremely difficult to get the      captain informed of any situations they
shots required until you had the correct             observe that may impact the final minutes.
technique. That takes time and at a young age        Rules Quiz
of 9, 10, or 12, it will take a bit longer than if
                                                     Here is a Rules question for the Referees:
you were an adult.
It is very daunting and overwhelming initially       Ball 3 and Ball 5 have passed Gate 1 only.
to just get from hoop to hoop. To have the           Ball 3 touches and then sparks Ball 5 through
distance increased to the “A” court size             Gate 2. Ball 3 then passes Gate 2 and Ball 3
would have been even more-so. I don’t know           continues to roll to touch Ball 4 and then to
if Robert and Malcolm would have continued.          touch Ball 5 again.
Once we were out of Division 4, we found             The Referee declares Ball 3 Gate Tsuka,
the “A” courts barely a challenge. It didn’t         Touch on Ball 4, allows the stroker to spark
take long before we totally adjusted. We had
                                                     Ball 4, and then declares Foul for Touching
the experience, we had our shots going better,
so it was easy to make the distances required.       the Same Ball Twice (Ball 5).
Our younger brother finds the “A” court too          What’s wrong with the referee’s decision?
big and frustrating. We reckon Victorian             The answer is in the next edition.
Croquet is fairly strong so we’d love to see                                           Gilon Smith
the “B” courts brought back for Division 4.                            National Director of Gateball

                                                                                                           CROQUET AUSTRALIA - SUMMER 2009   
                   Alix Verge
                   Alix has played association croquet for 6 years but came
                                                                                  WORLD WOMEN’S

                                                                                     2009 AU
                   to golf croquet only recently. Although the sport is such
                   an individual pursuit the highlight of the game for her is
                   team play. She has represented NSW in both golf and
                   association croquet for the past 2 years and played for
                   Australia in the 2009 Trans-Tasman Tests Series. Alix
                   lives a long way from the majority of croquet playing
                   countries and she was excited about competing against
                   new styles and attitudes in the World Championship.
                                                                                      In the Spring issue the international pla
                   Rosemary Graham                                                              were profiled. Here are the 22-
                   Rosemary began her croquet career with golf croquet               We are delighted to announce the winner
                   sessions at Leura Croquet Club in the Blue Mountains in
                   NSW. She moved on to competitive Association Croquet                Congratulations to all players for makin
                   in 1993 representing the state for five years. After a break                                      world tou
                   from croquet, she is back playing in the NSW State team
                   for Association Croquet. She has been playing pennants
                   Golf Croquet for her Blue Mountains team for the last
                   three years, and this year decided to enter the inaugural
                   Australian Women’s Golf Croquet tournament, which she
                   won. She was excited about being part of the World’s.

                   Wendy Dickson
                   Wendy Dickson is a member of the Brunswick Mallet
                   Sports Club and started playing croquet in 2005. Wendy
                   was a member of the winning Victorian Golf Croquet
                   Team for the 2008 Australian Interstate Cup. Wendy was
                   also runner-up in the Inaugural Australian Women’s Golf
                   Croquet Singles Championship held in May 2009 at
                   Career wise, Wendy has a Bachelor of Business degree
                   in accounting and is a fully qualified CPA and CFP.                  Tricia Devlin
                                                                                        Tricia first saw croquet in 1995 and has played Association
                                                                                        Croquet ever since. She has played in the Victorian State
                   Liz Fleming                                                          Team five times, but the World Women’s Golf was her first
                   Liz Fleming is internationally better known as an                    International event. In 2008 Tricia played competitive Golf
                   Association Croquet player having played since 1991 but              Croquet for the first time, at the Australian Handicap
                   is a relative newcomer to Golf.                                      Championships, and in the Victorian Open. 2009 saw a 5th
                   Liz played in the 2008 Queensland State Golf Croquet                 in the Australian Women’s Championships. She played in
                   Team during the Australian Interstate Team event and                 the Interstate Cup in Sydney, the President’s Eights, the
                   won the 2008 Queensland CAQ Golf Medal.                              Jean Armstrong, WA, and the World Women’s Golf.

                                                                                        Christine Pont
                                                                                        Christine is a retired schoolteacher. She plays both Golf
                                                                                        Croquet and Assocation Croquet at the Newcastle
                                                                                        National Park Croquet Club, N.S.W. She has represented
                   Creina Dawson                                                        her State in both Association and Golf Croquet. She has
                   Creina has been playing croquet and golf croquet since
                                                                                        played in both the first and second WCF World Women’s
                   1970. Originally coached by the legendary Tom and Jean
                                                                                        Championships and has represented Australia at the
                   Armstrong she has been a member of the SA State Team
                                                                                        WCF World Golf Croquet Championships in New
                   since 1981 and has played in Trans Tasman Test Teams.
                   For five years she was events manager for Croquet
                   Australia before becoming Vice President, President and
                   Immediate Past President, 2001-2007. Winner of the 2008
                   Australian Handicap Golf Croquet event. She is the only
                   person to have won the Women’s Singles (Assoc Croquet)
                                                                                        Margaret Melville
                                                                                        Margaret’s Association Croquet career has spanned over
                   in Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain.
                                                                                        15 years with many accomplishments, from playing in the
                                                                                        Interstate Cup for 8 consecutive years and playing for
                   Pam Gentle                                                           Australia 3 times. In 2008 she looked into playing golf
                   Pam started playing croquet in 1990, and has been
                                                                                        croquet and found it interesting and just as challenging as
                   hooked ever since. She is a foundation member and life
                                                                                        association. Having some of the necessary skills needed
                   member of her home club in Maitland, NSW. She enjoys
                                                                                        for association, golf has been an extension of some of
                   both Golf and Association croquet, and has been in the
                                                                                        these skills, with many more needed to be an
                   NSW Golf Croquet State team for the past two years.
                                                                                        accomplished player. Last year she played in quite a few
                                                                                        tournaments as well as being the Interstate Team and
                                                                                        accredited herself quite well. Margaret also played in the
                                                                                        recent Inaugural Women’s Golf Championship in
                                                                                        Melbourne and made it into the top 32.

                   Anna Miller                                                          Anne Quinn
                   Anna Miller learnt to play croquet 30 years ago before               Anne has played Association Croquet since 2005 and
                   Alistair, her youngest child, started school. He didn’t              commenced Golf Croquet in 2008. During this time she
                   enjoy being at croquet very much and would lie on the                has played in various events and was runner up in the
                   grass and flip the string at the edge of the court. Anna             Victorian Golf Croquet Doubles. During her spare time
                   retired from medical practice 10 years ago and this has              Anne loves trivia and golf. Anne was excited to represent
                   enabled her to spend more time improving her croquet.                Australia and play in her first Women’s Golf Croquet
                   She has, eight times, enjoyed being a member of the                  World Championship on home soil.
                   Victorian State Team and on three of those occasions
                   helping the Team to win the prestigious Eire Cup. Golf
                   Croquet presents a new and interesting challenge.
S GOLF CROQUET                                                                      Genevieve Vandersluys
                                                                                    Genevieve (Genny) Vandersluys is a member of the
                                                                                    Ivanhoe Park Croquet Club. Genny joined after retiring
                                                                                    from a teaching career and her 4 adult children had left

                                                                                    home. She began playing Association Croquet and took
                                                                                    up Golf Croquet in 2004. Genny is captain of the I.P.
                                                                                    Burgundy G. C. team which has won 3 Victoria. Metro.
                                                                                    G. C. Handicap Shields. The latest being the 2009
                                                                                    Victoria. Metro. G. C. Autumn Shield. Genny was a
                                                                                    member of the winning 2007 Victoria. G. C. State team in
                                                                                    Newcastle. Genny is also a Golf Croquet referee.
ayers nominated for this Championship
 -strong Australian contingent.                                                     Rosemary Newsham
r is Australian Alix Verge, pictured below.                                         Rosemary Newsham plays Association Croquet
                                                                                    competitively and is a member of Stephens Croquet
 ng it such a successful and interesting                                            Club in Brisbane. More recently Rosemary has begun
urnament.                                                                           playing Golf Croquet and enjoys the mix of both games.
                                                                                    She was looking forward to playing in the WCF

                                                                                    Judy Wembridge
                                                                                    Judy was introduced to croquet by her father in 1998. After
                                                                                    three months she was selected for the Vic Developmental
                                                                                    Squad where valuable coaching quickly lowered her
                                                                                    handicap. Her experience is with Association Croquet, but
                                                                                    she took the opportunity to play at the inaugural Australian
                                                                                    Women’s Golf Croquet Tournament. Highlights include
                                                                                    Gippsland Champion, Victorian Women’s Champion and
                                                                                    Women’s Invitation Champion. For the past four years
                      Wilma Bonnar                                                  Judy has been a member of the Victorian Association
                      Wilma first played a game of Golf Croquet when she            Croquet Team, winning the Eire Cup for the last two years.
                      was 10 in Perth, Scotland. A “few” years later she was
                      selected to play for the South Australia State Team and       Jacky McDonald
                      was looking forward to playing in the Womens World            Jacky has been playing croquet for 13 years and enjoys
                      Championship and meeting ladies from all over the             both Association and Golf Croquet. In 2007 she was a
                      world.                                                        member of the New South Wales Golf Croquet Team for
                                                                                    the inaugural WCF Shield for interstate competition. For
                                                                                    the past three years she has been President of Croquet
                                                                                    New South Wales and that has certainly kept her busy.
                                                                                    Jacky is married to Geof and they have three daughters
                                                                                    and four grandchildren all of whom need to make an
                      Kay Chynoweth                                                 appointment to see them and think they are quite mad.
                      In 2003 Kay first hit some croquet balls, joined a club and
                      entered her first tournament - all in one week - it was a
                      handicap doubles tournament with her husband as a             Elizabeth Allen
                      partner and they didn’t win a game! Since then she has        Elizabeth was a member of St Andrew’s Uniting Croquet
                      amassed: 2005 Winners, WA State Div 4 Doubles, partner        Club for 22 years and is now a member of Rich River
                      Val Alexander; 2006 Winner, WA Womens Maskew, AC              Croquet Club. Elizabeth contributed significantly to her
                      Handicap Singles; 2006 Winners, WA Open GC Doubles,           Club and the Victorian Croquet Association by taking on
                      partner husband Colin; 2007 Winner, WA Northam                administrative roles, coaching and refereeing (AC and
                      Trophy, AC Div 3 Singles; 2007 Member of WA GC State          GC), playing in various pennant competitions, national
                      Team; 2008 Member of WA AC State Team; 2008 Member            championships and representing her state at national level
                      of WA GC State Team; 2009 Winner State Div 2 Singles          in both Association and Golf Croquet. Elizabeth is a proud
                                                                                    grandmother enjoys quilt making, gardening and cooking
                      Susan Sands                                                   and was looking forward to the WCF Championship.
                      Susan, a teacher from Perth WA and member of the
                      Como Croquet Club, has played association croquet on          Sue Beattie
                      and off (mostly off!) since 1982. Since then croquet has      Sue started playing Association Croquet in 1994. She is a
                      given her much pleasure and anguish on the lawns, a           member of Kingston Croquet Club and the Tasmanian
                      rather nice bloke to marry, the honour of playing for the     State Team and has twice played in the Australian Gold
                      state team and plenty of work to keep her occupied with       Medal tournament. Earlier this year Sue played in the
                      her WACA management, match and web responsibilities.          inaugural Australian Women Golf Croquet competition
                      Susan started playing croquet again recently after a few      and was fortunate to get a wild card entry in the 3rd WCF
                      year’s break and is an enthusiastic golf croquet convert.     Women Golf tournament. Sue works fulltime as a
                      She won this year’s state women’s event, very much            manager of an Aged Care Facility, is married to Bob and
                      enjoyed the inaugural national women’s event earlier this     has three sons, one daughter, and three grandsons. Sue
                      year and hopes to again represent WA at state level.          enjoys gardening, reading and quilting and weaving.
                      Judy Evans                                                    Sue Leitinger
                      Judy commenced playing Association Croquet in the mid         Sue had been playing croquet for some years with quite
                      1990’s and loved the sport from her first lesson and with     some success. She has played mainly Association
                      good coaching rose through the ranks. She has played in       Croquet but also plays Golf Croquet and Gateball. In AC
                      the Victoria State A team.                                    Sue has represented Victoria and also has had several
                      She is now retired and with her husband has played in all     wins at State Championships. In Gateball she has had a
                      Australian States as well as New Zealand. Being a             number of wins at a senior level and was captain of the
                      member of a large Golf Croquet Club she started to play       ‘Wombats’ team. In Golf Croquet, Sue has represented
                      Golf Croquet and found the game equally enjoyable.            the Victorian state team, played in club pennant and in
                                                                                    the Australian Women’s Golf Croquet Championship.

                                                                                    CROQUET AUSTRALIA - SUMMER 2009                        
                                                AROUND THE STATES
                                                   The final was a brilliant exhibition
                                                between Elaine Roomes and Ken Newham
                                                from Kingston Club and Bob Bye and

     Tasmania                                   Robin Jackson from Sandy Bay Club.
                                                Elaine and Ken were the winners. The
                                                plate was won by Gwen Denehey
                                                (Kingston) and Patsy Paine (Devonport)
                                                against Rex Potter (New Town) and
The last three months have seen some            Cynthia Tanner (Sandy Bay).
vigorous croquet playing throughout                Our promotional news is exciting. As a
Tassie. The Southern Spring Pennant             result of holding games in January at the
was played over six weeks. It ran very          Port Arthur Historic Site, some locals               Glamorgan Spring Bay Mayor, Bertrand Cadart,
smoothly this season with only two              applied for and received a grant from their                     running the first hoop.
matches having to be postponed due to           local council and have been playing golf                Adult Education sessions and Seniors
torrential rain - these were played during      croquet often. Representatives from TCA              Day Come and Try continue to be our
the week after the completion of the roster.    are meeting with them for further games              most successful form of attracting and
  New Town fielded teams in Division B          in February. A new club is looking very              retaining new club members.
and C, whilst Sandy Bay, Kingston and           likely. Not only that, it is quite possible             Four clubs entered the Southern Golf
Eastern Shore had teams in all three            that four of us may sail our yachts down!            Croquet Pennant. Sandy Bay and New
divisions. Pennant Winners: Division A.                                                              Town fielded one team each, Kingston and
Kingston Division B. Eastern Shore                                                                   Eastern Shore two teams each. Reverse
Division C. Kingston                                                                                 doubles and four reverse singles were
  Sandy Bay Club hosted the All Grades                                                               played in each match. Players showed
Doubles. What a wonderful weekend. In                                                                sportsmanship and enthusiasm throughout
perfect weather, twenty pairs made up                                                                the series. Kingston Blue Birds were the
from three southern clubs and Devonport                                                              ultimate winners, succeeding in winning
attended. It was a delight to see mentoring                                                          all matches.
between very experienced players and raw                                                                 Nothing funny happened at the
beginners. It certainly tested the skills of                                                         Tasmanian Golf Croquet Handicap
the better players while at the same time                                                            Tournament (or if it did, Patsy Paine
instilling confidence and encouragement                                                              didn’t hear about it). Patsy offers a few
                                                 CB1300 takes it all in his stride! (CB stands for
in the newer players. The fact that a Y                          'cute boxer')
                                                                                                     statistics. Of the 50 block games only four
event was held meant greater participation                                                           did not finish in the time allowed. Twelve
and enjoyment for everyone.                        Bicheno RSL and Bowls Club hosted a               games were won or lost by one hoop. The
  Congratulations are due to all those who      mob of dedicated croquet players on their            final eight was composed of four men and
made the event such a success and so            greens on Sunday 4th October. Devonport,             four women. Both finalists came from the
enjoyable, especially many thanks to the        Eastern Shore, Sandy Bay, Kingston and               same block, both won three out of four
event manager, Elizabeth Brinsdon. It was       St Helens were represented. Our three                games, both were from the north of the
a first for her and she just had to ‘get in     interested players from Bicheno and Coles            state and both were female!
and do it.’ Get in and do it she did. She put   Bay were showered with abundant                         It was held at the Newtown Croquet Club
her head down, kept to herself and got          attention and enthusiasm! The weather was            in early November. Competitors came from
people on the lawns as quickly as               brilliant, the hospitality was brilliant, the        all parts of the state. It was particularly
possible. She commented that the penalty        view was brilliant, and Mayor Bertrand               exciting for three members from Sandy
for winning was people had to gulp down         Cadart and his cute boxer CB1300 were                Bay, as it was their first experience in a
their lunch and the penalty for losing was      brilliant. It was most successful in that it         tournament. Everyone was friendly and
that people had to wait! Nobody minded          proved that croquet is able to be played             supportive and of course fiercely
one way or the other. It goes without           using ‘garden’ hoops without leaving any             competitive. It was a great learning
saying she had the help and support of          evidence on the greens. Our TCA president            experience. Patsy did a great job as
others who had managed such events              is following up on the success of our visit.         tournament director. She was the
before. This is the joy of belonging to a       Who knows, there is every chance another             Tournament winner. A most enjoyable,
club; there are always others there to          club may be established.                             challenging and inspiring weekend resulted
support and mentor.                                With HUGE thanks to Henry and Shan                in participants keen to enter the Tasmanian
                                                Burbury, representatives from New Town,              Golf Croquet Championships in March.	
                                                Sandy Bay, Eastern Shore and Kingston
                                                spent a day each at the Royal Hobart
                                                Show between the 21st and 24th October
                                                with most of the comforts of home! We all
                                                enjoyed ourselves and were entertained by
                                                the amazing aerial feats of the trail bike
                                                riders and the grace and beauty of the
                                                horses and riders. We had a steady flow of
                                                takers who in some cases came back for
                                                more, and more; however, at this stage,
                                                no-one has expressed an interest in
  Elaine and Ken…observing and discussing       visiting a club as a result. It was worth a
                 tactics?                       try.                                                        Patsy Payne and Gwen Denehey.

                                                       AROUND THE STATES

TCA Medals
  The Gold Medal was held over two
weekends in October. There were ten
entries which were divided into two
blocks of five. Two players were seeded
and these were Rob McAdam and Bob
Bye. The final between Rob McAdam and
Bob Bye was played at the Eastern Shore
Club. Congratulations go to the winner
Rob McAdam 26 – 14. Both players had
won through to the finals by winning their
blocks four games to nil; although they
both had close calls. Bob won one game
by making a break of nine (mostly after
the bell) and winning by one. Rob won
one of his matches by two hoops after his                                     Bob Bye with three senior members at Sandy Bay’s High Tea.
opponent had the opportunity to peg out.                clubs were well represented and Sandy
The twenty-five plus spectators retreated               Bay Club members acquitted themselves
to the clubhouse in the cold, wet and                   very well! The success of the event was in
windy conditions.                                       no short measure due to Liz Smith for
  The Ladies medal was won by Sue                       preparing the questions and Ian Smith in
Beattie, Kingston. The runner up was                    his Quiz Master capacity.
Hazel Lloyd, Eastern Shore. Winner of the                 Renovation of the club’s kitchen area is
Mens was Rob McAdam (Kingston), with                    proceeding. The extra space will certainly
Runner up Bob Beattie (Kingston). Winner                be appreciated. All the club members have
of the Silver Medal was Bill Briggs (Sandy              enjoyed the recent Golf and Association
Bay), with Runner up, Rex Potter (New                   Pennants and they congratulate their “B”
Town). The Bronze Medal was won by                      Grade team who completed the pennant
Heather Lovell, Kingston. Runner up was                 season undefeated!
Patsy Paine, Devonport. The Bronze                        Sandy Bay held a High Tea to celebrate
Brooch was won by Emily Ardley,                         the contribution made to the club by their
Devonport. Runner up was Tony Hocking,                  senior members. It was a very special
Sandy Bay. Congratulations to all.                      occasion with exquisite food, the best
   Eastern Shore Club held a very                       china and silverware, lovely linen and
successful Quiz Night at the Rosny Park                 beautiful flowers. Champagne flowed and                Bob setting up shot in the Medal game – but he
Bowls Club on 17th September. Other                     everyone had a most enjoyable time.                                    waz ‘Robbed’.

                       An interview with Maurice Woodmansee
 What a great sense of achievement is attained when taking part in a               one minicourse build on the skills developed from the previous
 structured, thorough training course which offers progressive skills,             minicourse, and so on throughout the whole training course.
 tactics and psychological background to our wonderful game of croquet.            I insist on regular attendance at each and every minicourse training
 Participants in your 2009 sessions have made such comments as “The                session. The duration of a minicourse is typically 3 to 4 training sessions.
 training sessions took me from a player that showed some promise to               The contents of minicourses are based on my researches of the
 one that is very disappointed not to get a break of nine early in a game”         techniques and skills used by top players from around the World.
 and “Your sessions have given a real boost to my self esteem, and that’s          Q. Why do you think your method is successful?
 precisely what I needed”.                                                         A. Because the entire training course has a carefully planned structure
 Q. Maurice, may I ask why you became a trainer and what led you to                and because appropriate training time is given for players to achieve
 continue with such dedication over the years?                                     specified measurable results. Details of the techniques and skills used in
 A. Over the years I have had a tremendous amount of pleasure from                 the training sessions are based on those used by top players from around
 playing the game at all levels ranging from being a raw beginner up to            the World who have been observed and video recorded playing in
 and being a top level achiever. The simple answer to your question is that        competition. I have built up a library of their video recordings. Players
 I hope to instill in other players similar pleasures that I have derived,         obtain a lot of satisfaction from knowing they have developed their game
 through developing their game to the highest level they are able to               along the lines used by World class players, in a measured way. This
 achieve.                                                                          stimulates them to apply themselves to their training.
 I think that players who are willing to devote time and effort for their own      Q. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
 development deserve to be given direction, training and enthusiasm.               A. Yes there is and it is regarding the training of Trainers. I believe that
 Q. How does your method differ from others?                                       any player taken on for training as a Trainer should first of all be a top
 A. There are several ways in which my methods differ from all others:             class player. He/she should work through the whole course as any other
 The training is divided into minicourses, each minicourse dealing with a          player would, to learn the techniques and skills that are to be taught and
 small segment of the whole course e.g. Hoop Running, the Rush, etc. ...           then he/she should learn to conduct minicourses from a master-
 Peeling Techniques, the Triple Peel.                                              apprentice type method.
 At the end of each minicourse players are tested objectively for knowledge        One final question…
 and for playing skills. I believe that the only way to find out if a player has   Q. What is the most important advice you would give to a player?
 learned the skills required by the minicourse objectives is by testing them.      A: If possible sign up with the School of Croquet, if that is not possible
 If they do not pass the prescribed tests (both knowledge and playing skills)      then mix with top players and choose one player who you want to
 then they are required to put more work into their private practice.              emulate and then copy them and take their advice in all croquet matters.
 All training objectives are planned and written so that skills developed in                                                                     Ricki Barrett

                                                                                                             CROQUET AUSTRALIA - SUMMER 2009                 
                                                 AROUND THE STATES
                                                 My Experience at the Australian Croquet
       South                                     Championships in Adelaide
      Australia                                  [I thought Lesley Zadow’s experience
                                                 from a new player’s perspective was well
                                                 worth sharing with you all. Thank you,
                                                                                                when you are just new to the game. You
                                                                                                could ask silly questions and they explained
                                                                                                to you what was happening, like “why did
                                                 Lesley, for your contribution].                they get sand from the garden to put it on
                                                    It was an experience I am glad I was        the court”? It was to fill a small hole so the
Moonta Club Celebrates                           able to observe. My husband cut a small        ball would run correctly was my answer.
Moonta Croquet Club celebrated the               article from the Advertiser and said to me        There was also a group of folk watching
opening of their 2009/­2010 playing season       that I might like to go and look at these      and they were inspired to ask if a book of
with a very special and noteworthy               games. He created a monster I could not        rules was available as they play Garden
celebration. Unbeknown to them, two of           stay away from. I went four different days,    Croquet at home, you can’t judge a book
their members were, on that day, officially      the players were so inspiring to watch.        by its cover. The finals were absolutely
recognised for the length of time that they         The first game I saw was Robert             AWESOME.
have been members of the club. Muriel            Fletcher playing against Stephen Mulliner.        Stephen Mulliner won the competition,
Woodward is now in her 52nd year of              What a game. Robert is 14 yrs of age and       best of 3 games. The scores were 26-20,
membership and Eileen Trenwith is in her         wonderful to watch. I wanted to play           26-0, 26-0. My only description of this
50th year of membership.                         when I was 20 and was told “it’s a game        was it was like poetry in motion.
   Even though croquet players still play        for old ladies”, so I played Tennis. How          One thing I learned was how important
the sport well into their 80s and even 90s,      foolish was I to listen to that advice.        it is to stalk the ball. Every time I go on
it is quite rare for a club to have one of its      I am now playing 50 years on, and after     the court I hear Eldyne from the Whyalla
members notch up fifty years membership,         watching these players I am inspired to        Club at my shoulder, saying “stalk that
let alone have two of them do so. Both           play and learn as much as I can. It is just    ball!” Thanks Eldyne, it was a great tip.
women are also Life Members, an                  awesome to watch our top players in               If you have the opportunity to watch any
acknowledgment of their commitment and           action. I spoke with one of the Fletcher       Croquet Championships, do so. It is a
                                                 boys, as I am an ex-Victorian, and I was       wonderful experience. THANK YOU
dedication to the Moonta Club.
                                                 interested to find out where they lived. I     ADELAIDE.
   Moonta delegate to SACA Council,
                                                 learned that there were three brothers,               Yours in Croquet, Lesley Zadow, Murray
Jane Lewis, representing Croquet SA,             who all play croquet at the top level. How                      Bridge Croquet Club Member
presented the pair with certificates of          proud Mum and Dad must be! He was a
recognition plus bouquets of roses. Muriel
and Eileen were a little surprised at all the
                                                 well spoken young man.                         ACA Association Croquet
                                                    I would also like to say how welcoming
attention but were obviously both quite          the members from the clubs around
                                                                                                Open Championships
pleased.                                         Adelaide were to non-players, a big plus       The Australian Association Croquet
                                                                                                Championships were held in South

  Evelyn Rowsell Challenge                                                                      Australia from 31st October to 8th
                                                                                                November, with events being held at SACA
                                                                                                Headquarters, Hutt Road, North Adelaide
  Meningie Croquet Club won the Evelyn Rowsell Challenge Cup competing                          and Norwood Clubs. Unfortunately the
  against Broadview, Hyde Park, Keith and Murray Bridge on Thursday 24th                        weather was quite warm to hot, but this did
  September, 2009. Murray Bridge is the host venue for this annual                              not deter entrants from competing in some
  competition and turned on the only fine day during a very wet week.                           very good croquet matches.
                                                                                                  A welcome BBQ was held at the
                                                                                                Norwood Club after play and a Dinner
                                                                                                was held at the Royal Coach Motor Inn,
                                                                                                Dequetteville Tce, Kent Town on 2nd
                                                                                                November. The eventual winners of the
                                                                                                Championships were:-
                                                                                                  Open Singles - Stephen Mulliner (UK)
                                                                                                22-20,26-0,26-0. Open Doubles - Miranda
                                                                                                Morgan and Paddy Chapman. (SA) 26tp -
                                                                                                2, 17 - 26, 26 - 0. Congratulations to those

   Evelyn Rowsell Challenge: Mary Fiebig and Rosemary Edkins, proudly holding the cup between   Photo: Doubles Winners at Australian Nationals
            Philip Hadley (on left) and Ian Rick (on right) Two roses between two thorns!        2009, Paddy Chapman and Miranda Morgan
                                                                                                        being presented by Alf Schantl

                                           AROUND THE STATES
Annual Copper Coast Primary
Schools Croquet Tournament
The Primary Schools from the Copper coast held this year’s croquet series
at the Kadina Croquet club’s grounds on Wednesday, 1st July 2009.
The two schools entered for this year’s tournament were Kadina Primary
and Kalori Catholic Primary. These two schools have struggled against
each other over the previous four years and this encounter was to prove
as exciting as any other time.
Played in cold, blustery conditions, the children’s enthusiasm amazed the
large group of spectators – all were amazed at the display of skills shown
after such a short period of coaching. All results were in contention until
the final whistle of each game, and the eventual finals held the crowd in
                                                                                          Singles Winner Bradley Chapman, Kadina, left,
awe. The children’s behaviour was exemplary, enthusiastic, well mannered                           Marc Scott, Kaolri, runner-up
– a credit to their schools and teachers.
  Results were:
  Doubles Winners     Kalori Catholic Primary - Team “Famous”
  Runners-up          Kadina Primary - Team “Easter”
  Singles Winner      Kadina Primary - Bradley Chapman
  Runner-up           Kalori Catholic Primary - Marc Scott
Awards, donated by Rules Mitsubishi of Kadina and Croquet SA, were
presented to the winners and runners-up. All participants received a
certificate. The tournament concluded with both schools team captains
passing a vote of thanks to officials, organisers, sponsors and the host club.
A wonderful day of sport, thank you, players all. Wallaroo and Kadina
Croquet Clubs
                                          Ian Rick, South Australian Correspondent.               Kalori Catholic School Winners

  Murray Bridge Tournament, 3-5 October, 2009
     Murray Bridge Croquet Club Captain, Ian Rick, had a             with lunches being available to order, courtesy of Maureen
  vision, since he was a very new player, to see a tournament        O’Toole and her band of helpers.
  run at his club. For those who don’t know Ian, he started            The star player of the event was Allan Haywood, the
  playing croquet after battling a life-threatening illness. He      Murray Bridge President, who made not one but two breaks
  could initially only play one-handed with a modified mallet        of 11 during his games, and who was the eventual winner of
  and needed a walking stick in his other hand to help him           Group 1. Runner-up in that group was Erica Young (Crystal
  maintain his balance. Ian has worked with a fierce                 Brook). Group 2 was won by Helen Anstey (Millswood) with
  determination to improve his croquet and has made huge             Carol McMillan (Aldinga Bay) was the runner-up.
  strides forward, as his health gradually improved, so after          The tournament concluded on Monday 5th with a
  much planning and hard work, Ian saw his dream came to             scrumptious afternoon tea and award ceremony, at which I
  fruition during the October long weekend.                          was pleased to be asked to present the prizes. Congratulations
     Keith and I were pleased to be asked to assist with the         to the Murray Bridge members for all their hard work in
  running of the tournament, so we headed to the ‘Bridge’ on         making their inaugural tournament a success and especially to
  Friday 2nd October, to be there in time for registration and       Ian for his extraordinary drive and determination to bring this
  the ensuing “happy hour”. Fourteen players from Murray             event to bear. The games were played in a spirit of friendly
  Bridge, Aldinga Bay, Crystal Brook, Meningie, Victor Harbor,       competitiveness and we all enjoyed the customary hospitality,
  Keith, West Lakes, and Penola arrived to do battle on              the only blot on the event was the very changeable spring
  Saturday morning. On Saturday night visitors and club              weather.
  members enjoyed a dinner arranged by the club at the Murray          As we said our farewells and headed for home Ian was
  Bridge Community Club. A sausage sizzle was held at the            heard to mutter “Maybe next year we’ll…..”
  club on Sunday after play and each day everyone was kept             Eileen Ferguson, SA State Coaching Director.
  supplied with plenty of morning and afternoon tea and coffee,                               Ian Rick, South Australian Correspondent

                                                                                          CROQUET AUSTRALIA - SUMMER 2009            
                                                   AROUND THE STATES
                                                   memory of Muriel. Although it was so hot, a            The old Club House was brightly decorated

   New South
                                                   few brave souls went on to the courts to play       with red and white balloons and streamers, the
                                                   golf croquet and novelty games such as              tables elegantly set for a generous morning tea.
                                                   Walking the Plank and Bagatelle.                    President Linda Nickels welcomed all; Colonel

                                                     We look forward to the next 100 years,            Tony Hall brought greetings from Croquet
                                                   watching the sport increase in popularity and       Australia, while Mayor Tim Overall spoke on
                                                   the club grow in numbers.                           the history of the Club. We then cut the
                                                                                        Nola Scott     birthday cake.
                                                                                                          After morning tea, Mayor Tim Overall,
                                                   Queanbeyan Club’s 75th                              despite crutches and a plaster cast caused by
NSW wins the World                                 Anniversary                                         injury from another sport, launched us into the
                                                                                                       next 75 years by running a hoop.
Croquet Federation Shield                          Sunday 20 September - a beautiful, sunny               Although the weather cooled a little during
New South Wales has won the Interstate Golf        morning – started with members and their            the day, the atmosphere remained warm and
Croquet Championship for 2009. Previously          families gathering to celebrate the 75th            friendly, with previous members dropping in to
Victoria (who was again pre-post favourite) had    anniversary of the Queanbeyan Croquet Club.         meet our new members, reminisce and play
won this competition each year since inception.    Members welcomed Robyn Wallace, the new             croquet. Our members are looking forward
   The team consisted of John Levick               President of Croquet NSW; the Mayor of              enthusiastically to the future of the Queanbeyan
(Newcastle) captain, Pam Gentle (Maitland)         Queanbeyan, Councillor Tim Overall with his         Club.
vice-captain, Nick Macoun (Killara), Ron           wife Nicole and their two sons; Peter Tavener                                           Ruth Blunden
Johnstone (Sunderland), Alix Verge (RSGC),         representing the Canberra Club, and former                  Wendy Fothergill, NSW Correspondent
Christine Pont (Newcastle), with reserves Peter    members and their families.
Smith and Jacky McDonald (both Maitland).
The co-managers were John Compton and Peter
Smith. The team was undefeated over five
playing days, with one day stretching from 8am
to 7.30pm, finishing under lights.
   Each contest consisted of men’s and
women’s doubles together with four men’s and
four women’s singles matches (10 matches in
all). New South Wales defeated South Australia
6-4, Tasmania 10-0, Queensland 7-3, Victoria
7-3 and Western Australia 10-0.
   This was a balanced team, with John and                                                                Noela Kaylock, who holds the longest current
                                                   MC Peter Lloyd presents to Club President, Bruce      membership, and her husband, Richard, a later
Alix leading the way with some classy displays;                                                        recruit, unveiled a plaque to honour the 100 years.
Nick and Christine providing the killer; Pam        Leigh-Cooper, the clock donated by the Hunter
and Ron the steadiness under pressure; while        Bros Newsagency in honour of foundress Miss
                                                                    Muriel Hunter.
Peter and John provided off-court enthusiasm
and support.
   The Australian Golf Croquet Singles
Championships were held during the same
period, with Peter Landrebe the eventual winner.
There were entrants from throughout Australia,
but New South Wales players placed 1st, 5th,
6th, 9th, 11th and 12th. Congratulations to all.

Wagga Wagga Club’s 100th                                                                                 Pam Gentle and John            Ms Robyn Wallace,
Anniversary                                        Tim Overall, Mayor of Queanbeyan, and Patron         Levick with the Interstate
                                                                                                       Golf Croquet WCF Shield.
                                                                                                                                        President of Croquet
                                                    of the Croquet Club, runs the first hoop for the                                    NSW, with Colonel
The celebration of Wagga Wagga Croquet
                                                                   next 75 years.                       (photograph by Sue Leitinger)      Tony Hall OBE.
Club’s 100th birthday took place in a typical

                                                   Golf Croquet Inter Club
Riverina summer 35°C temperature, although
the Club’s “maiden” public appearance was in
mid-winter 1909.
   Apologies were received from Her                Golf Croquet in the Mid North coast is alive and
Excellency Professor Marie Bashir, Patron of       well with the final game of the Inter club
Croquet NSW; Hon Kevin Greene, Minister for        competition between Urunga, Sawtell and
Sport and Recreation; Mr Max Murray,               Woolgoolga Croquet clubs played on
President of Croquet Australia, and Cr Kerry       Wednesday 30th September.
Pascoe, Mayor of Wagga Wagga and Patron of            Despite postponements and delays due to the
the Club. About sixty people attended including    weather the three games were played. Each
members, friends and past members coming           competition day consisted of 12 games of
from as far afield as Albury, Hurstville, and      singles and 12 games of doubles.
Frankston (Vic).                                      The three clubs met at Urunga in July where
   Among the dignitaries were Mrs Robyn            home ground advantage saw Urunga win the day
Wallace, President of Croquet NSW, Mrs Kay         by winning 10 of the 24 games played, Sawtell
Hull MHR, Mr Daryl Maguire MLA and Cr              and Woolgoolga won 7 games each. In August          Ted Vardy of Woolgoolga and Jenny Arnold of
Wayne Geale, representing the Mayor. A             Sawtell hosted the day and they also took the         Sawtell present the perpetual Golf Croquet
beautiful cake, made by one of our members and     home ground advantage by winning 12 of the 24 Interclub trophy to Barbara Piggott of Urunga.
decorated by a professional, was the centrepiece   games played with Urunga and Woolgoolga
of a marvellous afternoon tea provided by the      winning 6 games each. However on Wednesday Woolgoolga hosted the day, but Urunga were the
ladies of the Oura CWA - nothing like              winners on the day with 9 wins to Sawtell 7 and Woolgoolga 8.
countrywomen for creating a great spread!             Although the focus of the competition is on fun and friendship there is a trophy for the
   The 'Foundress' of the Club was Miss Muriel     winning club to hold for that year. The perpetual trophy presented by Jenny Arnold of Sawtell
Hunter; Hunter Bros Newsagency (no longer in       and Ted Vardy of Woolgoolga was accepted by Barbara Piggott, Captain of the Urunga Croquet
the family hands) donated a clock to the Club in   Club.                                                                                Jenny Arnold
                                                   AROUND THE STATES
                                                   Only two fluffy chicks hatched at four and a         of their team. This makes the Shield a REAL
                                                   half weeks and sat, huddled together, near the       team event. That’s what makes it so popular.
                                                   other two eggs (in the middle of the four               Shield title, a tight battle. This year, Metro,

         Victoria                                  courts) for two days.
                                                     Then we DID almost need hard hats as the
                                                   very protective parents swooped lower and
                                                                                                        as defending champions, were keen to retain
                                                                                                        their title. Games were played in challenging
                                                                                                        winds and both teams remained in a neck and
                                                   lower during a day of Pennant competition.           neck situation well into the event. Metro dug
                                                   The following late afternoon, on the adjacent        deep and Country pushed back. Not until the
                                                   school oval, the parents were observed               last round of games was the situation resolved.
                                                   swooping very aggressively on several dogs              The final score: Country 1535 Metropolitan
Chris wins National                                and owners and some children playing footy.          1552. A good win for Metro.
                                                   The chicks probably were hidden under the               As can be seen by the results, the event
Handicap Championships                             boundary hedge.                                      remains a tightly contested event. Well done,
Ringwood Croquet Club congratulates one of           However, two days later the parents were           Metro played well, holding themselves
our newest members, Chris Grant, for his           seen ‘quietly mourning’ on the school oval,          together. Commiserations, Country. We look
outstanding success in winning both the            obviously and sadly minus their new family.          forward to doing it all again next year and of
National Handicap singles and doubles              Their lack of any aggression strongly                course welcoming new players into the
championships at Rich River in October.            suggested that. We tried our best.                   tradition.
   During the event the tournament                                                  Jenny Kneebone                             Adrian Masterman-Smith
handicappers brought his handicap down from
18 to 12. Chris then brought it down further to    Country Vs Metropolitan
11 in subsequent matches.
   Chris’ parents are both members of Rich
                                                   Shield 2009-2010                                              VALE
River and Chris played golf croquet there with
them. However he had only played a little
                                                                                                             John Holland
Association Croquet before joining Ringwood                                                                           1935-2009
earlier this year. Coached by Ray Carter, he
proved a fast learner, initially winning section                                                          John Holland, after working at the Wangaratta
4 in our club championships in September.                                                                   Hospital, came to croquet on his retirement.
Congratulations Chris!                                                                                            His background, both as a certified
                                     Jenny Ross                                                           accountant and working at the Taxation Office
                                                                                                                was a great asset to Croquet Victoria.
                                                                                                                 Ten years ago, with wife Lorraine, they
                                                                                                             shifted to Inverloch and joined Leongatha
                                                                                                               Croquet Club. John soon became very
                                                   The annual Country and Metro tournament                       involved in refereeing both golf and
                                                   was run early in October. Gales and a bitterly           association croquet. He held the positions of
                                                   cold wind howling across the lawns failed to              President and Treasurer for the Leongatha
                                                   cool the ardour of the players.                                 Club on a number of occasions.
                                                      This long standing event remains one of the                He was Gippsland Director and helped
                                                   most popular for Association players. It draws         many clubs throughout the state upgrade their
                                                   players from around Victoria into the VCC for                              constitutions.
                                                   a traditional ‘them against us’ battle.                   At State level, he was a knowledgeable and
                                                      Everyone was included. Gone are the days                 treasured member of the Committee of
                                                   of selection and preliminary knockout rounds            Management. It saddened John to retire from
                                                   which saw keen players knocked out and not              the position, but driving home from numerous
                                                   continuing on to play on the headquarters                         meetings became too much.
                                                   lawns at the big event. These days, if you put            The 2008-2009 period saw him President of
                                                   your hand up for the event then you get to play,       the Gippsland Croquet Association and during
                                                   and a great time you will have of it.                      this period he and Sam Keddie began a
                                                      A 9am start sees both teams ready to play.                   Coaches for Gippsland program.
Proud, parenting plovers                           The event is divided into four sections. Players          Victoria Croquet acknowledges with respect
produce a pair of prestigious                      are matched up with players of a similar skills
                                                   level for every game, one from the Country,
                                                                                                                     all that John did for croquet.
                                                                                                             We are sure his is in heaven, doing his best
progeny                                            one from Metro. One of the best loved features
                                                                                                                          to promote the game.
                                                   of the event is the doubles play, playing with a
A follow-up to the ‘procreating plovers’ article   team mate and working out strategy
                                                                                                                    Thelma Arnup, Leongatha
in the Spring edition. We didn’t frighten the         Every hoop counts. What makes Country Vs
plovers away, although some sitting absentee-      Metro such a good event from a player’s
ism whilst croquet was in progress caused a        perspective is that it is not the wins that count.
fifty percent success rate.                        Normally game wins are what determine the
                                                   event winner. Although the game winners still
                                                   get to enjoy a great sense of accomplishment
                                                   and enjoy their well earned accolades, there is
                                                   a twist to this tournament. It’s the hoops that
                                                   really count.
                                                      That’s right; it’s not the wins that determine
                                                   the Shield winner. It’s the number of hoops
                                                   that are scored and counted that decides the
                                                   Country Vs Metro Shield winner. This changes
                                                   everything. In this event, each and every
                                                   player, in every game, in all the divisions,
                                                   makes a real contribution to the success of a
                                                   team. Even if a player looses a game, every
                                                   hoop that they score counts towards the success
                                                                                                        CROQUET AUSTRALIA - SUMMER 2009               9
                                                   AROUND THE STATES
                                                   The teams were Japan, Kew, Terang,                As well as the Winners’ and Runners’-
                                                   Brunswick Wombats, Burden Park Bilbies,        up Trophies and Medals, awards were
                                                   All Stars, Broadbeach, Queensland State,       made to the members of the All Stars, a
 Queensland                                        Canberra, Ipswich, Caloundra, Southport,
                                                   Mc Illwraith, Rockhampton Magpies and
                                                                                                  composite Queensland team who played
                                                                                                  as a team for the first time during this
                                                   Rockhampton Herons.                            championship. A Q150 trophy was also
                                                    The competition was played in two             awarded to the Japan team. Because the
                                                   blocks, Japan won Block “A” from               Central Queensland Region did not
                                                   runners-up, Kew. Wombats won Block             participate in the Friendship through
ACA Bronze Medal                                   “B” with Canberra runner-up. Semi-final        Croquet weekend, scheduled for October
The ACA Bronze medal was contested at              results were Canberra d. Japan 12-9 and        10 and 11, the Q150 trophy was offered to
Windsor Croquet Club from 16th to 18th             Wombats d. Kew 16-11. The final was            a team in this Gateball Competition.
October. Conditions                                won by Canberra 9-6 over Wombats.              Expressions of gratitude and appreciation
were dry leading to                                The weekend began with the Opening             were offered by the several speakers at the
courts of average to                               Ceremony on Friday afternoon. There was        Closing Ceremony.
fast speed and firm                                a march past of teams, each team led by a       The Rockhampton Mallet Sports Club
well set hoops. The                                student from St Peter’s School the team’s      members, as representatives of Central
players coped well                                 name placard. After photographs, came a        Queensland, wish to express their
with the conditions                                welcome followed by speeches from Liz          appreciation for the opportunity given
and three rounds per                               Fleming (President, Croquet Queensland),       them to stage this prestigious event on
day were completed                                 Steve Jones (Senior Vice- President,           behalf of Croquet Australia and look
with ease.                                                                                        forward to the 2011 Australian Gateball
                                                   Australian Croquet Association.), Bruce
   The result was in                                                                              Championships to be held in NSW, at a
                                                   McAlister (Queensland State Gateball
doubt up to the final      ACA Bronze Medal                                                       time and place to be announced.
                                                   Director), Gilon Smith (National Gateball
round with Jocelyn Jocelyn Sutton in action                                                         Thanks to Ethel Hughes, Tournament Manager
                                                   Director), Keiichi Imagawa (representing
Sutton and Greg Bury
both still able to win. Greg’s task was a
                                                   the World Gateball Union), Paul Hoolihan,      Golf Croquet Interstate
                                                   MP (State Member for Keppel) and
little more difficult than Jocelyn’s. He had
                                                   Graeme Brady representing Rockhampton          team report
to secure a decisive win over John Hardy to                                                       Queensland came fourth in the Golf
                                                   Regional Council, who officially opened
improve his net point position and hope                                                           Croquet Interstate Shield held in
                                                   the event by stroking a ball through Gate 1.
that Les Watson managed to beat Jocelyn.                                                          Melbourne recently. Several members of
   Greg achieved the decisive win he               A 30 minute game was played by teams
                                                   made up of players from the Japanese and       the team were new to interstate
needed but he could not control what                                                              competition and rose to the occasion.
happened on the other court. Jocelyn               Canberra teams and younger players from
                                                   Rockhampton, Kew and Caloundra teams.            The experience and skill building will
brushed Les’s challenge aside to win the                                                          benefit the players, their clubs and future
medal undefeated, an outstanding feat as           This game, complemented by excellent
                                                   commentary given by Southport’s Jim            teams. Several players from the team also
she announced earlier in the year she                                                             participated in the 2009 Australian Golf
would be taking a break from croquet. Six          Northcott, was watched with great interest
                                                   by the large crowd of spectators present.      Croquet Open which preceded the event.
months later, she shows she’s ready to                                                            Ron Schodel was winner of the “W”
represent Queensland at the ACA Gold               This was followed with refreshments and
                                                   entertainment at nearby Athelstane House.      Knockout section and will be a player to
and Silver medals in March 2010.                                                                  watch in future events.
                 With thanks to Bruce Fleming        Games were played on Saturday and
                                                   Sunday, with a BBQ on Saturday and a
National Gateball                                  Closing Ceremony and presentation of
Championships                                      Trophies on Sunday. Fifty-two (52) games
The 2009 Australian Gateball                       were played in all, 35 on Saturday and 17
Championships were held at the                     on Sunday. The games were played on
Rockhampton Mallet Sports grounds on               both days in hot conditions and with the
October 16-18, 2009. Fifteen teams                 spectre of raging bushfires on the
contested the event; one from overseas;            surrounding mountains about 10
four from Victoria; two composite teams;           kilometres distant. Nevertheless, all games
one Queensland State team; one team from           were played in a spirit of true
Canberra and six Queensland club teams.            sportsmanship with many close games
                                                   being witnessed. Only two teams recorded
                                                   a perfect score of 25 - Japan playing
                                                   against Ipswich and Canberra against
                                                   Broadbeach. The closeness of a large
                                                                                                                  Ron Schodel
                                                   number of games demonstrates the
                                                   improvement in the skill levels of players,    Queensland Singles and
                                                   with four games finishing level and having
                                                   to be decided on a countback. A further 16     Doubles Championships
                                                   games had a score difference of three or       The doubles tournament was won by John
                                                   fewer.                                         and Deidre Hardy from Laurel Bank
Queensland’s first State Representative Gateball
Team: Barrie Barnard, Greg Featherstone, Bruce      The Championships concluded with a            Toowoomba 23-14, with runners-up Bruce
 McAlister, Sandra Reynolds, Barbara Ridgway,      presentation of trophies after the finals      and Elizabeth Fleming (Windsor). John
         Les Smedley, Glenda Windust.              match on Sunday.                               Hardy was the winner of the Queensland
                                                  AROUND THE STATES
singles tournament, with runner up Leslie         Headland/­Buderim, Noosa, Coolum,                 huge three cheers for Madge Steer, a
Watson (Windsor). There was a tie for the         Nambour and Bribie Island. Sunshine               member of Southport club for 30 years, on
Y section (Terry Ericson, Windsor and             Coast Region has a fine track record in           the occasion of
Tom Knight, Stephens), while Greg Bury,           presenting successful events and many             her 100th
Headland Buderim, won the Z and Ernie             participants enjoy the opportunity to have        birthday.
Melville, Stephens, the Plate.                    a chance to holiday as well and to enjoy          Congratulations
                                                  the attractions of the area.                      Madge. Madge
Sunshine Coast to host                                                                              still plays
National Golf Croquet Titles Birthday Celebrations                                                  croquet
                             Two clubs have had important events.                                   regularly,
in 2010                      Happy 60th to Coolangatta - all the other                              driving her
Players and spectators will be pleased to         clubs in Gold Coast Tweed region helped           little yellow car
know that Sunshine Coast region will              create a great party.                             to the Southport
again host the National Golf Croquet                Also, happy 70th to Sunnyside/                  Club each week.
Championships next year.                          Bundaberg - friends from Wide Bay                 Geraldine Trivett,
  They can look forward again to the              Burnett Region were there with their              State              Madge Steer with her 100th
warm hospitality and weather at                   party/­croquet hats also. Then there’s a          Correspondent      birthday cake at Southport

Q150 Friendship through Croquet Weekend
Croquet players throughout the state              Queensland Region, many players is the            gateball, celebrations, refreshments,
participated in events to celebrate               region were in Rockhampton for the                renewed friendship and the strengthening
Friendship through Croquet as part of             National Gateball titles. Mackay’s event          of the bonds that unite all us players. Well
the state’s celebration of 150 years of           was a High/­Low bisque championship;              done Brisbane North. The much awaited
statehood.                                        great idea! Nambour club was the host for         Q150 CD Rom and DVD, prepared by
   Wynnum, in Brisbane South Region,              the Sunshine Coast Region. All clubs in           Carolyn Ribone and Andy Hallinon, will
hosted a very enjoyable afternoon of              the region participated, 53 players entered       be launched at Sports House Milton at the
challenging activities requiring skill and        in 8 teams, and teams competed in all four        CAQ Office on Dec 3rd.
perseverance, not only in Association and         disciplines – a first for many, which gave
Golf Croquet skills but also Gateball. Lots       some players their first taste of a different
of us envied the new lights which will add        discipline in a supportive and enjoyable
so much to their club activities; they also       atmosphere. It was certainly a great
won the gorgeous Q150 trophy on the day,          example of friendship through croquet
well done Wynnum. Barry Nichol ,                  with clubs and members working together
charming host, made sure everybody had a          to stage a great event.
great time.                                          Up at Wide Bay Burnett Region 32
   Out on the Darling Downs Region, rain          members , some in period costume,
didn’t dampen enthusiasm. There were              enjoyed perfect weather and friendly
participants from Kingaroy, Warwick,              rivalry, producing fine croquet and plenty
Stanthorpe, Dalby, West Toowoomba,                of fun and laughter. Brisbane North
Laurel Bank and Toowoomba clubs and               Region hosted a progressive croquet
apologies from Goondiwindi Club. Once             program, nicknamed the Croquet Crawl,
again, Gateball skills were enthusiastically      an idea of Roy Donley (Toombul) and
tried by all, and then the lawns were at full     implemented by Jill Whitehouse and
stretch for the rest of the weekend to            Roger Brown from McIlwraith. A coach
accommodate all interested players in             transported a happy bunch of revellers
Association, Ricochet and Golf Croquet.           from McIlwraith (at Auchenflower), to
Well done, Kath Harrison, for winning the         Windsor, to Pine Rivers for morning tea,
trophy; well done to all the keen                 to Eildon (Redcliffe Peninsular) for lunch
volunteers who work together for these            then to Toombul, and finally to Merthyr             The Q150 trophy on show at the Sunshine Coast
occasions.                                        (New Farm) for afternoon tea. At each              Region’s Friendship Through Croquet Day. Each of
   Mackay was the muscle for Central              stop there was either golf croquet, or            the Queensland regions received a trophy to present
                                                                                                       on the day and all participants received a bag.

   Rosemary Edwards, Pat Manser (walking), Marian Langdon, Marge
 Stanbrook, and Chester Cutcliffe attempting one of the many challenging     Brisbane North Region’s tired but extremely happy participants at the
             activities set by Wynnum President Barry Nicol.                          Friendship Through Croquet Day at Merthyr Club.

                                                                                                  CROQUET AUSTRALIA - SUMMER 2009                 
                            AROUND THE STATES
                                                           four and five peeling the brown through
                                                                                                                         Did you know?
                                                           penultimate after making hoop six with the                   I came across this news item when searching
                                                           green. He missed peeling the brown through                  early newspapers for family history, and thought
                                                           rover after running two back with the green. No              that this centenary should not pass by without

                                                           problem, he thought, I can straight peel the                   being noted. It may be of some interest to
                                                           brown when green is going for rover. He
                                                                                                                                       croquet historians.
                                                           continued his break and peeled brown through
                                                           rover and then ran the hoop with green.                              LONDON, September 1, 1909
                                                              Triple peel completed - now I only have to                “The Croquet Association of New South Wales
                                                           peg out both balls. But what’s this? The brown                has been affiliated to the English Association,
A Tale of Woe                                              clip is on rover! Three peels and a peg-out in a               and the latter has presented gold and silver
Popular Moorabinda Croquet Club player,                    competition for the first time. Sorry, two were                  medals for competition at Sydney. It is
Murray Hawker nearly achieved his target of                unnecessary. Only one counts. Keep trying,                  suggested that the regulations should be mailed
completing his first triple peel in a competition          Murray.
                                                                                                      John Jury               in time for competition in October.”
recently. Playing in his club’s annual October
tournament this year, he seized the opportunity                                                                          [This news item was written in the Advertiser
after making hoop one with his second ball                                                                                    newspaper (Adelaide, Australia) on
(green). After placing his brown ball at four                                                                                 Friday, 3 September, 1909, page 7
back and running hoop two with green, he                                                                               It was also reported in New Zealand: Wanganui
loaded hoop four and set the opposition escape                                                                              Herald, Volume XXXXIV, Issue 12864,
ball near hoop three. He ran hoop three and                                                                                       2 September 1909, Page 6]
then peeled the brown through four back,                                                                                   Evening Post, Volume LXXVIII, Issue 55,
getting good position on the escape ball. First
peel completed.                                                                                                                   2 September 1909, Page 7.
   With his confidence rising, he made hoops                    Murray Hawker peeling through Rover.                                                   Judy Hammond

  ACA Laws & Decisions                                     Red to reduce the target for the adversary?
  Questions and Answers                                                                                              Take care with Cannons
  Q. 1: If a player plays a wrong ball, is that a Fault    A. 3: No. If Yellow was left as a still ball, it would    Q. 5: A player at a metropolitan tournament had a
  or an Error?                                             still be in its lawful position, and must remain there.   cannon on the yard line and set up the balls
  A. 1: It is an error. Errors are covered by Laws 22      Red is placed in contact with Yellow in the same          accordingly. He played the stroke and the striker’s
  - 28. Laws 22 - 24 are of a general explanatory          position it occupied when the stroke in error was         ball went out. The adversary claimed that that
  nature covering General Principles, Forestalling         played, but not in the yardline area.                     was the end of turn. The striker thought that the
  Play, and Compound Errors. Laws 25 – 28                  Interference by an Outside Agency.                        adversary was wrong, but because the scores
  discuss specific errors, and how each is handled.        Q. 4: A croqueted ball hits the foot of a player of the   were close and the tournament referee was some
  Playing a Wrong Ball is a breach of Law 26.              double-banked game who was walking past. What             way away, he deferred, but thought that he was
  Faults are a breach of Law 28.                           should be done?                                           right and should have played on. Who was
  Rectification of Playing a Wrong Ball                    A. 4: This is a case of interference by an outside        correct?
  Q. 2: Red, following a roquet on Yellow, is placed       agency (Law 33). If all three conditions in Law           A. 5: In a cannon, if correctly played, the striker
  against Yellow but the striker then plays Yellow. If     33(a)(1) are met, then the striker must replay the        plays a croquet stroke and makes a roquet on
  play is forestalled, what should happen? Should          stroke.                                                   the third ball. If the striker’s ball then goes out,
  Yellow be placed back in contact with Red to its         Law 33(a)(1):                                             that is not a turn-ending event. The striker’s ball
  last lawful position, or can it be hidden behind         (A) no further stroke has been played.                    is picked up, placed against the roqueted ball,
  Red to minimise the double?                              (B) the interference might have prevented a point         and play continues.
  A. 2: Yellow goes back to its last lawful position, i.   being scored, a roquet being made, or a ball              The Tournament Referee is there to be appealed
  e. where it came to rest after the roquet (or is         coming to rest in a critical position.                    to, and the time spent in having the matter
  lined if it came to rest off-court or in the yardline    (C) the interference was caused by an outside             resolved (when there is a difference of opinion on
  area). The striker’s ball, Red, is placed in contact     agency that moved . . . after the striker finally took    how to proceed) is not wasted. The main
  with Yellow, as the striker chooses, provided it is      up his stance . . .                                       question to be resolved in this example is
  not in the yard-line area.                               Law 33(a)(2]:                                             whether the third ball was roqueted or not.
  Rectification of a Fault                                 If all three of these conditions are not met, then        If the angle of swing is rather wide in a cannon, it
  Q. 3: Red roqueted Yellow and took off to Blue           there is no replay, and any balls moved in the            is wise to have the stroke watched to be able to
  leaving a still ball (a fault). The adversary asked      stroke must be placed as near as possible to where        verify that a roquet on the third ball was made.
  for rectification. Could Yellow be placed behind         they would have come to rest.                                            Nell Hass ACA Laws Committee

                                                   Calendar of Croquet Events
 17 – 28 March 2010                                AC Australian Championships: Gold Medal (17-19 Mar)                      Victoria
                                                   Mens & Women’s Singles (20-23 Mar)
                                                   Interstate Cup (24-28 Mar)

 15 – 23 May 2010                                  GC Australian Championships:                                             Hunter Valley, NSW
                                                   Open Singles & Doubles

 6 – 22 August 2010                                MacRobertson Shield                                                      England, UK

 1 – 4 October 2010                                President’s Eights                                                       VCC, Cairnlea, Victoria

 TBA October 2010                                  National AC Handicap Championships                                       Rich River, NSW

 20 – 28 November 2010                             AC Australian C/ships: Open Doubles & Singles                            VCC, Melbourne, Victoria

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mallets and sets and we specialize in                                            for 4 issues:
custom making mallets to customers         Original mallet           $200.00     Dr/Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms­.........................................
exact specifications.                      Particular mallet         $210.00
Our craftsmanship is world renowned        Evolution mallet          $330.00     ..................................
and our service, second to none.
                                           Championship balls (4) $260.00
The Original mallet has an octagonal       Hoops 1/2” p/coated each $ 15.00      ............
American white ash handle with an          Mallet bags              $ 55.00
attractive dark hardwood head. The                                               ...........................................................................
                                           Set of 4 flags           $ 70.00
heads are weighted with lead, have an      Centre pegs              $ 22.00      ....................................... ­Postcode­....................­
inlaid sighting line and tufnol end        Set of 4 clips           $ 20.00
plates.                                    Leather grips            $ 12.00      Country­.............................................................
The Particular mallet is custom made
with a fibreglass shaft .The standard      Shipping by airmail takes about a
size is 36” overall, with a 9 1/4” long                                              RATES
                                           week. Postage as follows:
head and a total weight of 3.00 lbs.       1 mallet                   $ 25.00        Within Australia (4 issues):
Different lengths and weights may be
made to suit and initials stamped on the
                                           2 mallets                  $ 45.00        $37 to Australian Residents.
head at no extra charge.                                                             In other currencies
                                           Credit cards are charged in NZ$.          (incl. Exchange Fee):
The Evolution mallet is a peripherally
weighted carbon shaft mallet with EVA
                                                                                     New Zealand – $65 NZ.
                                           Visit our web site or call our
grip and sandblasted stainless steel end                                             United States – $45 US.
                                           local agents:
                                                                                     Canada – $48 Can.
                                                   Jim Hicks
Our most popular grips are split leather                                             U.K. – £26 Sterling.
which are available in a wide range of     Port Macquarie - NSW
colours. Lettering on the mallet heads
can be printed in gold at no extra
                                                 02 6584 1998                                     Amount Enclosed
charge.                                       ----------------------
We have the Australasian agency
                                            Jim & Val Saunders
for the competitively priced Sunshiny         Leopold - Victoria                                Cheques/Drafts
balls.                                                                                    should be made payable to...
                                                 03 5250 5250                     ‘Australian Croquet Association Inc.’
All products guaranteed.
                                                                                                          and sent to...
                                                                                                Subscriptions Manager
                                                                                                Carolyn Ribone
                                                                                                P Box 5918,
                                                                   Brendale BC
                                                                                                BRENDALE QLD 4500

                                                                                CROQUET AUSTRALIA - SUMMER 2009                                          
CROQUET                                                 PRINT
AUSTRALIA                                             PP:352583/00283   AUSTRALIA
A Magazine for Followers of Mallet Sports
            If undeliverable, please return to:
   P.O. Box , Mornington, Vic. 9, Australia.

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