August 2007 - Congregation Beth Shalom by pengxuebo


									                  “Farewell Summer” Shabbat
                                                            “Sunrise, sunset, swiftly flow the days….” Yes, summer
                                                            is almost over, and another school year is here. What
                                                            a way to start even for those who are no longer in school!
                                                            Join your Beth Shalom family Friday, August 17, at the
                                                            Lamar Campus beginning at 5:30 p.m., for an end-
                                   at                       of-summer Shabbat celebration including a barbecue
                             sh bq
                                                            dinner, services and an Oneg Shabbat. Dress is
                                                            shorts-and-sandals casual, and outside and inside
                               b                            seating will be available for dinner.

                                                         If you cannot make dinner, join us at 7 p.m. for
                                                         either of two concurrent services. Rabbi Cohen and
                  Hazzan Menes will lead Tefillah 2000 services with Yachad – the Traveling Tefillah Band
                  in Goldsmith Hall, and Rabbi Katz will lead traditional services in the Conference Room.
                  Babysitting will be available in the indoor playroom. We’ll begin our Oneg Shabbat at 8 p.m.
                  Let’s bring in the first Shabbat of the fall season together. Reservations for dinner may be
                  made by returning the enclosed form before August 9.

                   Tefillah 2000 Celebrates Tenth Anniversary!
                   Danny Maseng to Participate in Services
                  Danny Maseng, noted Jewish educator, performer and musician, and
                  Yachad-The Traveling Tefillah Band, will participate in services Shabbat
                  morning, September 8, 9:30 a.m., in the Cumonow Social Hall as Beth
                  Shalom celebrates the tenth anniversary of Tefillah 2000. It’s a spirited
                  return engagement for Maseng, who has participated in Tefillah 2000
                  services twice before at Beth Shalom, including August 26, 2000, the first
                  T2K Shabbat morning service using the specially created Tefillah 2000 Siddur.

                  From its inception in August 1997, the Tefillah 2000 Task Force
                  envisioned an ongoing effort to “recapture the emotionalism of
                  Judaism,” and “begin a journey toward developing a variety of
                  ideas to encourage congregational participation” in a lively and        Danny Maseng
                  inclusive service. Through its spirited musical approach to worship,
                  Tefillah 2000 has become an important part of Beth Shalom. Congregants and the entire Jewish
February 2006
 August 2007      community are encouraged to attend and join in this lively celebration.
 Shevat 5766
 Av-Elul 5767
                  Danny Maseng was born in Israel to American parents. He first came to the United States to star on
Vol. 77, No. 10   Broadway in Only Fools are Sad. A playwright, actor, singer and composer, he has thrilled audiences
                  in both the Jewish and secular communities. Danny is currently the Director of the Spielberg
                  Fellowships for The Foundation for Jewish Camping, Inc., as well as the artistic director of The
                  Brandeis-Bardin Institute in California, a center for Jewish culture and learning. His appearances in
                  Kansas City always draw rave reviews.

                  Traditional services will be held concurrently, and a Kiddush luncheon in honor of T2K’s
                  10th anniversary will follow. | 913-647-7279                                                                     August 2007
     AUGUST                                personal perspective
 serv i c e s ch e d u l e
     Shabbat Services will be held
                                           Building a New Partnership
       at our Wornall Campus                                                          by Heather Schlozman
         9400 Wornall Road                 August is a busy time for those of us with
    Sunday morning Shaharit will           school-aged children. We’re enjoying our
       be held at 14200 Lamar.             summer and gearing up for the challenges of
          Daily and                        the upcoming school year. This year brings
                                           exciting new opportunities and challenges
       Sunday Services                     for the families of the Polsky Religious
Shaharit: Monday–Friday, 7 a.m. -Wornall   School. As many of you know, following
          Sunday, 8:30 a.m. -Lamar
                                           extensive study and discussion involving our
 Minha: Monday–Friday, 6 p.m. -Wornall     clergy, educators and parents, Beth Shalom’s
          Sunday, 6 p.m. -Wornall
                                           Board of Directors voted to change the
 Shabbat Services               Wornall
                                           structure of the PRS for the upcoming year.
 Main Sanctuary             9:30 a.m.                                                        Heather Schlozman
 Library Minyan             9:30 a.m.      Recognizing that teaching our children to
 Tots for Torah             9:30 a.m.      live Jewish lives starts and ends in our own homes, the Board decided to
 B’Yahad (K-5)                10 a.m.      reduce the number of required days our children spend in religious school
 Minha                         6 p.m.      on a weekly basis and focus on helping families build a strong and lasting
                                           partnership with Beth Shalom and the Jewish community. This new
          Tefillah 2000                    program allows families more flexibility without sacrificing the education
Friday, August 17           7 p.m.         our children receive. In addition to religious school attendance, families
Lamar Campus                               will also meet with clergy and formulate individual plans for attendance at
BBQ dinner will precede services           various synagogue and community events throughout the upcoming year.
at 5:30 p.m. See the front page for
more information.                          We welcome this change in our home. Our children are involved in many
Saturday, August 25        10 a.m.         activities, and we have busy lives. We treasure our time as a family, and we value
Wornall Campus                             our lives as Jews. So, we are delighted with this change in the religious school
With Taste of Shabbat service              structure because it allows us to become more involved and engaged as a family
                                           with Beth Shalom and with the Jewish community as a whole. We know that
       Tot Shabbat          Lamar          the synagogue will do its part to educate our children about being Jewish.
Friday, August 31               6 p.m.     Fewer days of religious school does not mean less Judaism in our children’s
                                           lives. To the contrary, we look at this change as a challenge to find more ways to
  Taste of Shabbat              Wornall    infuse Judaism in our family’s daily life. I think we’re up to the challenge.
Saturday, August 25           10 a.m.
                                            High Holiday Adult and Children’s Choirs
        High Holidays                       Holiday services this year at Beth Shalom will be enhanced by adult and
Selihot - Ohev Sholom                       children’s choirs. Rehearsals for the adult choir, which will participate in
Saturday, September 8, 9 p.m.               all Holiday Musaf services and Kol Nidre, will be Tuesdays, August 14,
Rosh Hashanah                               21, 28 and September 4, 7:30 p.m., at the Lamar Campus. For more
September 12-14                             information, contact Hazzan Menes,
                                            or 913-647-7296.
Yom Kippur
September 21-22
                                            All Beth Shalom children in grades 3-5 at both the Polsky Religious
Sukkot,                                     School and the Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy, are invited to join
September 26-October 4                      the High Holiday children’s choir. For more information, Polsky
                                            Religious School families should contact the school office, 913-647-7286,
                                            and HBHA families should contact Devra Lerner, 913-642-2043.

2      August 2007                                                    | 913-647-7279
off the bima
                          The Last Frontier – Part Three
                          This past fall, the National         When our new Keruv Committee held its first full meeting
                          Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs     in mid-July, the first order of business was to find more
                          held a conference on Keruv.          ways to be inclusive while still preserving Judaism’s Halakhic
                          Its Executive Director, Rabbi        boundaries. The committee has a good cross-section of
                          Charles Simon, who has been on       congregants, including some who are intermarried or
                          the cutting edge of innovation       have intermarried children. One of our first challenges is
                          in this area, led a series of        to find an appropriate term or name to identify the non-
                          discussions. The conclusions were    Jewish partner and the relationship she/he will have with
                          that we must reach out to those      the synagogue. Their support of the Jewish partner and
couples where there is an interfaith relationship and make     their raising Jewish children must be acknowledged and
them feel a part of the congregation.                          reinforced. We must identify new “gates” of entry into the
                                                               congregational community and then promote them. We will
For a number of years, we have attempted to do this in         use The Scroll and other means to publicize our efforts and
small ways at Beth Shalom. Our mail to interfaith couples      provide a variety of resources to help us all.
is addressed to both, even though only the Jewish partner is
a member. When a life cycle event occurs, the non-Jewish       I welcome the committee’s input as their work continues.
family is included in the simha in ways that do not violate    The challenges of this “last frontier” are great, but the
the parameters of the Conservative Movement. My position       necessity to deal with them is critically important.
is that these individuals are parents or grandparents, and
their presence at the simha indicates a form of support that
should be recognized and encouraged.
                                                                                              Rabbi Alan L. Cohen
                                                                  | 913-647-7294

                         Take Time to Prepare
                          As the balmy days of summer          tradition and evokes a true sense of awe. Beginning
                          come to an end, we approach          with Rosh Hodesh Elul (Tuesday, August 15), we sound
                          the Days of Awe once again. In       the shofar at each weekday morning minyan. Its eerie
                          little more than a month, we will    primitive blasts call us to honestly face ourselves, each
                          gather to perform our fall “Rites    other and God. It’s an empowering way to start the day.
                          of Renewal.” For some, these
                          rites are familiar from childhood;   Or you could read Psalm 27 (see the insert.) It is recited
                          for others, they are the chosen      at the conclusion of each service during the month before
                          practices of adulthood. For all      Rosh Hashanah. If you read it daily it will stir something
of us, participation in the High Holiday services will be      inside you. I love the Psalm. Sometimes the Psalmist feels
greatly enhanced if we take time to prepare ourselves.         God’s presence and feels confident about life. Other times
                                                               he is vulnerable and scared. This psalm captures the spirit
I realize I am fortunate. My work demands that I devote        of the High Holidays. I welcome an opportunity to study
hours to preparing. I feel ready, professionally – and         it with you individually, your family or havurah.
personally. By Rosh Hashanah, I have thoroughly
reviewed the Machzor; I have listened to the music of the      Perhaps these traditional venues won’t work for you. If that
High Holidays, and I have spent hours thinking about           is so, I will be glad to help you find other ways to prepare
the season’s significance. All this allows me to begin my      yourself. Just give me a call.
personal journey for the new year.
I would like to suggest a few ways to ready yourself.
Hearing the shofar’s blast is a powerful reminder of our                                    Rabbi Amy Wallk Katz
                                                               | 913-647-7295 | 913-647-7279                                                                   August 2007      3
  Programming Department
 Shelley Rissien, Programming Director | | 913-647-7291
 Linda Sander, Programming Associate | | 913-647-7269

“A Taste of Shabbat” Returns!                                                      Hesed Committee Needs
Join your Beth Shalom family and friends to pray, study and celebrate
                                                                                   High Holiday Volunteers
Shabbat as a community when “A Taste of Shabbat” returns Saturday,                 In anticipation of the High Holidays,
August 25, 10 a.m., in the Cumonow Social Hall at the Wornall Campus.              Beth Shalom’s Hesed Committee
All adults and school-age children are invited to an intergenerational,            needs volunteers to help deliver
participatory service led by Rabbi Katz and Yachad – The Traveling                 gifts to those in nursing homes and
Tefillah Band. The 90-minute Shabbat morning service in the Tefillah               assisted living facilities and to others
2000 format will be followed by a half-hour text study appropriate for             who cannot easily leave their homes.
adults and children.                                                               Gifts may be picked up at Lamar
                                                                                   Sundays, September 2, 9-10:30 a.m.;
Traditional services and the Library Minyan will be held concurrently, and the     or September 9, 11:30-12:30 p.m.,
entire congregation will join together after services for Kiddush.                 and delivered at your convenience. If
                                                                                   you would like to help, please contact
                                                                                   Karen Borowick, 913-685-1179 or

                                                                         , or Linda Cohen,
                                                                                   913-642-0572 or

Harryette Cooperman, President

“Torah Yoga”                            High Holiday Treasures from the Gift Shop
at PrayerWorks                                                                   The Beth Shalom Gift Shop has
                                                                                 everything you need to prepare for
PrayerWorks will have a special
                                                                                 the High Holidays! Just a few of the
presentation of “Torah Yoga” led
                                                                                 items are apple-and-honey dishes,
by Sharon Friedman at its monthly
                                                                                 beautiful serving trays for hallah,
meeting Wednesday, August 22,
                                                                                 candlesticks, and holiday cookbooks.
10-11 a.m., at the Lamar Campus.
                                                                                 Handmade tablecloths from Israel
Everyone is invited to attend. For
                                        will brighten your holiday table, and there are a variety of kiddush cups,
more information or to leave a
                                        shofars, kittels, and kipot and tallitot with bags, for both men and women.
name for healing call Rickie Haith,
                                        As always, there is a gift registry for weddings and b’nai mitzvah. Come in
                                                                                  and ask Gertie Epstein or one of the
                                                                                  other volunteers to help you select
       Todah Rabbah                                                               from a variety of decorative pieces
       to Sisterhood!                                                             which will
 Thank you, thank you, to the                                                     become
 Beth Shalom Sisterhood, for                                                      family
 their generous gift to provide                                                   treasures.
 several needed pieces of office
 equipment. The Administrative          For more information or to volunteer, call the
 staff sincerely appreciates            Gift Shop, 913-647-7298. Summer hours are
 their thoughtfulness and sends         Monday-Thursday, 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and
 Sisterhood’s leadership and            Friday, 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
 members a heartfelt Todah Rabbah!

 4     August 2007                                                      | 913-647-7279
adult learning
Sisterhood Sarah Peltzman Classes Set for
Coming Year – New Monday Afternoon Session Offered                                         Why Do We…?
This year’s Sarah Peltzman adult                                                          Question: Why do we blow
education classes, sponsored by                                                              the shofar at every weekday
the Beth Shalom Sisterhood, begin                                                            morning service during the
with a three-week mini-series, Taste                                                         month of Elul?
of Peltzman: Getting Ready for the                                                        According to one tradition, on the
Holidays, Tuesdays, September 18                                                          first day of Elul, a month before
and 25, and October 2, 10 -11:30 a.m.                                                     Rosh Hashanah, Moses climbed
at the Lamar Campus. The classes                                                          Mount Sinai to receive the Ten
will include High Holidays liturgy                                                        Commandments for the second time.
and Biblical and Talmudic sources,                                                        He blew the shofar to remind his
with the goal being to understand                                                         fellow Jews not to sin, not to build
the Holidays in a new light. Regular Renée Fuchs, Rabbi Katz & Linda Lessner              another Golden Calf, as they had
Peltzman classes start Tuesday, October 16, 10 a.m – noon. Check the new                  done when Moses received the first
Sisterhood Calendar you will receive later this summer for a complete list of all         set of Ten Commandments.
classes for the coming year.
                                                                                          The shofar is blown each day of the
In addition, for the first time the Peltzman series will offer a one-hour class,          month of Elul to remind everyone
4:45 – 5:45 p.m., Monday afternoons, for the convenience of religious school              the Days of Awe are approaching, and
parents. Others are also welcome to participate. The same Tuesday morning                 they must take stock of their lives and
material will be covered, but it will be condensed to one hour.                           move themselves to repentance. We
                                                                                          do not blow the shofar the day before
For more information about any classes, contact Sisterhood education vice                 Rosh Hashanah to make a distinction
presidents Renée Fuchs, 816-942-5382, or Linda Lessner, 913-897-0122.                     between the voluntary blowing during
                                                                                          Elul and the mandatory sounding on
The Elul Institute:                                                                       Rosh Hashanah.
                                                                                          Send your questions about home rituals and
Examining the Concept of Tikkun Olam                                                      religious services to or
                                                                                          write to “Why Do We…” c/o Beth Shalom,
At times the problems facing us seem too complex to solve. Yet, as Jews we                14200 Lamar, Overland Park, KS 66223
have long believed in the concept of Tikkun Olam - repairing the world. A new
Social Action Committee, chaired by Carla Oppenheimer, is being formed to
provide opportunities for us to become informed and take action in areas of
critical needs, locally, nationally and globally.                                         opportunities
                                                                                          Second Interfaith Mission
To begin the learning and action process, The Elul Institute will explore the
                                                                                          to Israel
concept of Tikkun Olam in a three-week series. Elul, the month preceding the
                                                                                          Plans are underway for Jerusalem
High Holidays, is traditionally a time of repentance and personal reflection that
culminates with the start of the new year.                                                Gathering 2 - Kansas City’s second
                                                                                          interfaith mission to Israel, Feb. 24
This year’s series will be held at the Lamar Campus, Thursdays, August 23, 30             – March 4, 2008. Sponsored by the
and September 6, 7:30 – 9 p.m. Beth Shalom clergy will lead the first two sessions,       Gathering Committee, the mission
and for the final class, Reverend Holly McKissick of St. Andrew Christian Church          is appropriate for first-time visitors
in Olathe will discuss what social justice means in other faith traditions.               and veteran Israel travelers to share
                                                                                          common Jewish and Christian
In order to provide adequate space and materials for participants, please register with   spiritual experiences. For more
Debby Agron in the Ritual Office, or 913-647-7281.                information, contact Rabbi Cohen. | 913-647-7279                                                                            August 2007          
  Polsky Religious School
 Patti Kroll, Director of Education | | 913-647-7286

Getting Ready for the New School Year                                                      Important Dates:
Summer is the time to do behind-the-scenes work so everything is in                            Sundays, August 19 & 26
place when students return. That includes hiring and working with new                              Faculty In-Service
teachers, ordering books and supplies and rewriting our curriculum to
                                                                                          Monday, August 27, -6:1 p.m.
reflect the new school structure that was described in the July Scroll.
                                                                                            Open House – 3rd & 4th grade
Many teachers will return, which makes for a very stable faculty, and there                 Wed., August 29, -6:1 p.m.
are also a few new staff members. Welcome to Stacy Hollander as a 2nd grade                  Open House – 5th & 6th grade
teacher. Dayna Gershon returns to 4th grade after taking a year off, and Debbie
                                                                                           Thurs., August 30, -6:1 p.m.
Asner and Haylee Hammer will teach 7th grade. Stacy, Dayna, Debbie and
                                                                                               Open House – 7th grade
Haylee are all graduates of the Beth Shalom religious school.
                                                                                                   Wed., September 
This summer several teachers attended a workshop on teaching a second                              1st Day – 2nd-7th grade
language, and Jill Goldstein, Donna Riss and Patti Kroll participated in                         Sunday, September 9
another workshop to learn new techniques for curriculum design. Three                            1st Day – K-1st & 8th-9th
teachers and three madrikhim are going to St. Louis in August for the
national CAJE conference (for Jewish educators), where Rabbi Cohen,                      Monday, September 10, 4:1 p.m.
Shelley Rissien and Patti Kroll will present a workshop on Vision and Change             1st Day “Journeys” – 3rd-5th grade
in Congregational Learning: Knowledge, Skills and Tools to be Effective.
                                                                                          Tikkun Olam –
It has been a very busy and productive summer, and we look forward to                     Donate to Harvesters
seeing our students and their families. Open houses for grades 3-7 will                   Help to “Repair the World” –
be held the week of August 27th (see the schedule.) At that time parents                  Food is needed year-round. Bring
will have an opportunity to meet their child’s teachers and learn about                   non-perishable food items to the
the curriculum and activities for the coming year. These open houses are                  Lamar Campus. Place them in
for both parents and students.                                                            the Harvesters barrels located in
                                                                                          the Grand Hall. Todah Rabbah!

Pre-K Class Offered Sunday Mornings                            1st Graders shopping for the food pantry.
 The Polsky Religious School is now enrolling students for
 a pre-kindergarten class, to be held at the Lamar Campus
 Sunday mornings during the school year. The curriculum
 will include age-appropriate Hebrew, holidays, Bible
 stories, and an introduction to tefillot (prayer.) For more
 information, or to enroll your child, contact Patti Kroll.

 Religious School Scholarships
The Beth Shalom Scholarship Committee is now
accepting applications for Polsky Religious School
tuition. Families need to be members in good standing
for one calendar year prior to applying, and their students
must be in good standing in religious school. Forms are
available in the school office or by calling 913-647-7286,     L-R, F-B: Julia Parnes, Jillian Hurst, Tess Gerson, Dean Scicchitano, Jordan
and should be submitted no later than September 4.             Kuluva, Noah Skolnick, Abby Flekier, Ariana Novicoff, Cameron Nadler,
                                                               Julia Ruben, Rhonda Fromm, Joan Fogel, Nancy Eisner & Stacey Bell

 6      August 2007                                                         | 913-647-7279
straight talk             One of the most interesting           and many not observant. Yet we eat together, learn
                          administrative tasks I do is help     together and pray together and are a community.
                          arrange the program calendar for
                          the year. The process of planning,    So out of necessity every service and program we do
                          strategic or otherwise, always        is designed for multiple constituencies. In planning
                          amazes me. Of course, when we         our calendar we struggle with the need to have at least
                          start the calendaring, we have        something for everyone and, at the same time, be
                          already made some assumptions         responsive to changing needs. So in the planning process
                          about services, religious school      each senior staff person necessarily has only part of the
                          and various programs so we could      programming answer. We share perspectives and respect
                          prepare the budget. But there are     each other’s opinions. The overriding concern is simply
still many details to work out and dates to settle to develop   to make our overall program the best it can be. We search
the full calendar.                                              for ways to make our programs exciting, relevant, timely,
                                                                stimulating, fun and appropriate, for you, our members.
What is amazing to me about the process is that it
demonstrates how inter-related the activities of Beth           Please let us know how our programming is doing. Drop
Shalom are. Our congregation has become, if it was not          me a note or email me. I look forward to hearing from you.
always, a sort of confederation of diverse constituencies.
We are a congregation of many different types of people.
We are young families, empty nesters, singles, families
with teens, retirees, widows, widowers, fourth generation                                              Joel Krichiver
members, recent arrivals to KC, those highly observant                                             Executive Director
                                                                 | 913-647-7293

Rabbinic Search Update
Following Rabbi Cohen’s announcement to the                     Assembly. Ernie Rosenthal has appointed Mike Abrams,
congregation that he would be leaving Beth Shalom               ritual committee chairman, to lead the search committee.
next summer, the process began to fill our senior rabbi         Sometime after the High Holidays, we will receive resumes
position. The Rabbinical Assembly (RA), the international       from the RA to be reviewed by the search committee.
association of Conservative rabbis, coordinates the search      They will conduct phone interviews, then invite
process for Conservative congregations.                         appropriate candidates to visit our congregation and meet
                                                                our members, and ultimately make a recommendation
The RA was notified that the position will be available,        to the board of directors. Input from congregants is very
and they have informed their members. Qualified,                important to the process, and members will be kept fully
interested candidates will apply through the Rabbinical         informed as it continues.

                                    Travel Opportunities
  Family Israel Trip Almost Full!                                Eastern Europe Trip:
  A few spots are still available for Beth Shalom’s              Join the Cohens
  family trip to Israel. Join your Beth Shalom friends
                                                                 Rabbi Alan and Linda Cohen are planning a trip
  as we explore Israel this winter, December 25 -
                                                                 to Eastern Europe May 18 – 29, 2008. Travel with
  January 6. This family oriented trip has many fun
                                                                 them and tour sites of Jewish and general interest.
  and special features just for those traveling with             Cities to be visited include Warsaw, Krakow,
  younger children. Spots are limited and are filling            Budapest, Vienna and Prague. More information
  up, so please act quickly. For more information                will be available soon, but you may contact Rabbi
  contact Rabbi Katz,                 Cohen for details.
  or 913-647-7295. | 913-647-7279                                                                  August 2007     7
                                    C E L E B R AT I N G L I F E C YC L
                                 Ecclesiastes 3:1

                                         Mazel Tov to...
                                        our B’nai Mitzvah
Joshua Klonoff                                                  Noah Scott Blank
        August 11, 2007 • 27 Av 5767                                    August 18, 2007 • 4 Elul 5767
                           Joshua is the son of Daryl                                        Noah is the son of Shari and
                           Klonoff and Robert Klonoff.                                       Mitchell Blank. He is the
                           He is the grandson of the late                                    grandson of Sue Miller and
                           Ginger Brown Davis and the                                        the late Neil F. Miller and Joy
                           late Joseph Brown and Bernard                                     and Harry Blank of Laguna
                           and Charlotte Klonoff. A                                          Niguel, CA. A student at
                           student at Northwest Academy,                                     Oxford Middle School, Noah
                           Josh enoys music, art and                                         is an honor roll student and
                           computers.                                                        enjoys basketball, track, golf,
                                                                                             tennis, tae kwon do and plays
                                                                                             the drums. Noah has two
                         Relatives and friends are invited
                                                                                             brothers, Eric and Ryan.
                         to worship with the family and
attend the Kiddush Luncheon following the service.              Relatives and friends are invited to worship with the family
                                                                and attend the Kiddush Luncheon following the service.

                                      Mazel Tov to...
Roberta Fleider and Lawerence Fleider on the birth of their     Silver Spring, MD and the late Alfred Weinberg, and the
granddaughter, Anabel Grace Bachman April 6. Anabel’s           granddaughter of the late Charles and Yetta Shepsle and the
parents are Dawn and Max Bachman of Colleen, TX. She            late Jacob and Amelia Weinberg. David is the son of Leo
is also the granddaughter of David and Joan Bachman of          and Ida Rose Feingold and the grandson of the late David
Arkansas and the great granddaughter of Yetta Levitch.          and Sarah Luke and the late Boris and Sylvia Feingold.
Fran and Joe Wolf on the birth of their grandson Jack           Kevin and Debra Jones on their marriage July 1.
Andrew Wolpe June 27. Jack’s parents are Larry and Susan        Debra is the daughter of Lou and Vicki Asner and the
Wolpe of Framingham, MA. Jack is also the grandson of           granddaughter of the late George and Estelle Rosen and the
Brina and Gilbert Wolpe of Framingham.                          late Charlie and Goldie Asner. Kevin’s parents are Bruce
                                                                and Claudia Jones and he is the grandson of Doug and
Joel and Donna Krichiver on the birth of their grandson         Deloris Holt and Elizabeth Jones and the late Harry Jones.
Jaiden Dawes Krichiver June 30. Jaiden’s parents are Ari
and Kori Krivicher of Denver, CO. Jaiden is also the            Rabbi Amy Wallk Katz for being one of seventeen rabbis
grandson of Cindy and Robert Shaiman of Denver.                 throughout the country accepted to participate in the second
                                                                year pilot of the STAR Rabbis: From Good to Great program.
Andrea and Ron Goldberg on the marriage of their daughter       (STAR–Synagogue Transformation and Renewal)
Amy to Adam Limmer, son of Miriam and Howard Limmer,
June 24. Amy is the granddaughter of Shirley Goldberg and
the late Jacob Goldberg and Helen Loeffler and the late Adolf
Loeffler. Adam is the grandson of Edna Limmer.
                                                                Welcome New Members
                                                                              Bradley and Jennifer Jerwick
Trudi Galblum and David Feingold on their marriage                               Kevin and Debra Jones
June 24. Trudi is the daughter of Ruth Weinberg of                        Daniel and Janna Rosenthal & Family

       August 2007                                                     | 913-647-7279
                              August Anniversaries
    Day                                   Years   Day                                         Years
    2   Lee & Bryna Sorkin                 43     18 Robert & Nita Levy                        39
    4   Barton & Suellen Blond             18         Harold & Linda Schlozman                 39
        Stephen & Rosalie Fein             44         Robert & Aletha Simon                    44
        Eugene & Kate Lebovitz             63     19 Clifford & Paula Cohen                    35
    5   Steven & Debby Agron               34         William & Betty Elic                     56
        Gustav & Flora Faverman            32         Edward & Alicia Klein                    17
        John & Arlene Rubenstein           28         Isac & Elaine Rosenberg                  34
        Lloyd & Jacqueline Stahl           28         David & Gail Wainstock                   17
    7   Yakov & Betya Altman               58     20 Melvin & Elaine Glazer                    40
        Phillip & Jacklyn Hermanson        24     21 Alvin & Sharon Cohen                      47
    8   Gary Mass & Cynthia Jacobsen       31         Lon & Cathy Lowenstein                   24
    10 Elliot & Jasmine Brand              6      22 Alan & Joan Jacobson                      36
        Lawrence & Nancy Carl              27     23 Michael & Laurel Rogovein                 48
        David & Judith Epstein             38         David & Frances Sternberg                37
        William & Marjorie Schlosberg      38     24 Myron & Susan Gersh                       32
    11 Irving & Shirley Epsten             39     25 Scott Evans & Limor Katz-Evans            12
        Elliott & Nancy Franks             34         Harold & Carolyn Glazer                  44
        Harry & Florence Hoffman           61         Arnold & Joan Kort                       44
        Allan & Marilyn Kaufman            31     26 Alexander & Peggy Davis                   34
        Melvyn & Janet Kogan               44         Michael & Joanne Geroe                   12
        Gerald & Anne Rabin                11         Stanley & Emily House                    45
        Abe & Evelyn Yodler                50         Arthur & Salliann Katz                   17
    12 Steve Berman & Judy Jacks Berman    32         David & Jennifer Podor                   28
        Norman & Donna Joseph              23         Martin & Ann Unger                       62
    13 Arthur & Diane Federman             35     27 Richard & Charlotte Brockman              46
        Todd & Stacy Hollander             12         Arthur & Maxine Frank                    57
        Mark & Debra Singer                35         Roger & Berenice Haberman                12
    14 Al & Barbara Beitchman              47         Phil & Marie Koffman                     40
        Stanley & Marjorie Brand           41         Howard & Gerry Trilling                  40
        Thomas & Barbara Jacobs            13     28 Lawrence & Harriet Almaleh                24
        Craig & Linda Salvay               30         Scott & Carla Oppenheimer                19
    15 Roger & Nancy Klein                 36         Daniel & Vivien Schlozman                47
        Jerald & Rochelle Pelofsky         42     29 Natan & Alexandra Kolb                    37
        Michael & Beth Sherry              3          Stephen & Ellen Kort                     36
        Stewart & Esther Stein             36     30 Marvin & Gitta Azorsky                    48
    16 Robert & Susan Greenberg            21         Robert & Evie Grant                      20
        David & Judy Jacobs                50         Arnold & Dorene Manvitz                  43
        Eric Poe & Helaine Cohn            9          David & Gerri Ruben                      15
        James & Nathalie Scharf            16     31 Jeffrey & Corrine Blackman                22
    17 Michael & Linda Begleiter           38         Marc Hammer & Alana Muller               10
        David & Rosalyn Burnstein          49         Barry Kaseff & Jessica Rudnick-Kaseff    21
        Byron & Gerri Ginsburg             21         Ofer & Orit Levi                         15
        Stephen & Toba Maslan              32         Michael & Julie Levine                   10
    18 Alan & Tina Chapman                 44         Harold & Janet Price                     32 | 913-647-7279                                            August 2007     9
D ay a n H a E m e t                                                                                  Praised is the True Judge

   Of Blessed Memory                             Monument Unveilings and Tablet Dedications
            Susan Puritz, June 21                August 5, 10 a.m. Mt. Carmel Bettye Rose Steinhaus               Monument Unveiling
            Beloved Wife of Carl Puritz
         Harold Berkowitz, June 27               August 5, 10:30 a.m.   Mt. Carmel Rose Katzeff                   Monument Unveiling
       Beloved Husband of Marian Berkowitz       August 19, 10:30 a.m. Mt. Carmel Leady Rosenberg                  Monument Unveiling
          Judge Julian Levitt July 4             September 3, 8 a.m.    Beth Shalom Ann Gale                      Tablet Dedication
         Beloved Brother of Miriam Krantz
                                                 September 3, 9:30 a.m. Mt. Carmel Ann Gale                       Monument Unveiling
            David Flekier July 6
        Beloved Husband of Dorothy Flekier      Alana Morris        Paulina Muller        Ellis Kraft            Eva Weintraub
   Dorothy Marie Dolgenow, July 7               Louis Pinsky        Fanny Shlemovitz      Meyer Minkin           Sarah White
        Beloved Mother of Rochelle Pelofsky     Harry Robinson                            Morris Sanell
                                                Sam Rosen           29 Av-Aug 13          Josef Segelbohm        7 Elul-Aug 21
           Herbert Winer, July 15               Morris Ruback       George Deiboch        Samuel Simon           Irving Cohen
         Beloved Husband of Phyllis Winer       Jacob Rubin         Harry Dubinsky        Anna Wedlan            H. Deacon Cohen
                                                Joseph Schlosberg   Ben Goldstein         3 Elul-Aug 17          Bernard Copeland
                                                Hortense Stern      Israel Kamber         Joseph Brenner         Sam Davis
Yahrzeits                  20 Av-Aug 4
                           Bernadine Benjamin   24 Av-Aug 8
                                                                    Ada Karosen
                                                                    Rebecca Lieberman
                                                                                          Charlotte Chernikoff
                                                                                          Serena Eisman
                                                                                                                 Ida Gershon
                                                                                                                 Marian Gibbs
                           Donna Cohen          Frances Franks      Abe Markus            Serena Grinpas         Kate Goldman
17 Av-Aug 1                Frank Coleman
Rebecca Berman                                  Libbie Goldberg     Pro Sherman           Jack Klein             Jeanette Hoffman
                           Esther Dubinsky      Reuben Josephson    Charles Smith         Jack Lesser            Anna Jacobs
Ethel Cohn                 Esther Duni
Abe Eisen                                       Rena Rosenberg      Mollie Spector        Sonia Mendelsohn       Minnie Katz
                           Bess Ginsberg        Philip Rosenblatt   Samuel Summers        Elk Peltzman           Fannie Kaufman
Louis Forman               Essie Goodman
Jacob Jagoda                                    Abraham Snyder                            Louis Rosenblatt       Ida Kaufman
                           Max Hecht            Hymie Sosland       30 Av-Aug 14          Harry A Rosenblum      Sarah Labowitz
Bess Merser                Joseph Klein
Lena Morris                                     John Spitcaufsky    Reline Eisemann                              Elaine Lewin
                           Sam Lustig           Gedaliah Vigder     Anna Greenberg        4 Elul-Aug 18          Abe Walters
Rubin Moskovitz            Simon Navran
Joel Polsky                                                         Sam Horwitz           Sam Cohen              Toby Weiss
                           Sam Pasmanik         25 Av-Aug 9         Theodore Kort         Bessie Eichenberg
Lewis Sofnas               Sarah Schere
Sarah Wang                                      Yoheved Flekier     Jake Lazarus          Beatrice Fogel         8 Elul-Aug 22
                           Abe Schuman          Max Gluck           Philip Lieberman      Abraham Goldberg       Hanna Achtenberg
                           Goldy Siegel         Emilie Isaak        Stanley Rostov        Slava Goldberg         Anna Dantzig
18 Av-Aug 2
Pola Baum                                       Max Lerer           William Schoen        Menia Levitch          Esther Goldstein
                           21 Av-Aug 5          Philip Levi         Sol Segal             Adolph Lipsey          Rae Jacobs
Marie Bell                 Pesyl Brand
Aaron Bloustine                                 Emanuel Reichman    Celia Spicer          Rosa Rosenblum         Esther Kaplan
                           I.J. Cohen           Frances Sandler     Harry Teiblum         Lena Stein             Sally Klutz
Hyman Brand                Mollie Dashiell
Sylvia Bromberg                                 Samuel Shapiro                            Ida Stein              Samuel Levine
                           Jack Denowitz        Marilyn Wasserman   1 Elul-Aug 15         Ernest Wasserstrom     Leonard Levinson
Benjamin Gastman           Anna Godock
Kathleen C                                      Allen Yukon         Louis Blond                                  Balfour Lieber
                           Edith Goldstein                          Rose Denowitz         5 Elul-Aug 19          Ben Millstein
Gelphman Peltzman          Reuben Kantor
Lillie Lefkovits                                26 Av-Aug 10        Fred Einhorn          Louis Adreme           Morris Minkin
                           Jacob Levinson       Edith Bell          Fannie Fish           Harry Dean             Irving Nasaw
Gladys Normand             Sarah Siegel
Sidney Osur                                     Nathan Peltzman     Kenneth Fox           Ruth Katz              Sophie Samuels
Jacob Taxman                                                        Albert Garfinkel      Israel Raskin
                           22 Av-Aug 6          27 Av-Aug 11        Jack Gersh            Sam Rosenberg          9 Elul-Aug 23
Sarah Waxenberg            Charles Bass
Alex Wedlansky                                  Ida Cohen           Tiby Gilbert          Morris Stern           Ena Bush
                           Louis Donovitz       Samuel Cohen        Esther Gilgus         Paul Vigder            Jordon Cohen
Aaron Ziman                Robert Fichman       Nathan Dreiseszun   A Jacobson                                   Gloria Cohn
                           Maurice Loeffler     Abraham Goodman     Henrietta Katzman     6 Elul-Aug 20          Morris Goldblatt
19 Av-Aug 3                Jacob Max
Samuel Baum                                     Louis Grace         Jacob Langner         Rebecca Agron          Arthur Karbank
                           Esther Millstein     Louis Karosen       Eva Naman             Harry Byer             Bessie Kupperstein
Joshua Cinnamon            Clara
Maurice Dubinsky                                Joe Lipsky          Israel Rocher         Sam Fishman            Fannye Noah
                             Ommerman-Gilgus    Beatrice Wilk       David Schikevitz      Rachel Hyman           Bennett Shapiro
Ruth Milgram               Harriet Schoket
Eisberg                                         Anna Winett         Jacob Tulchinsky      Felix Jarus            Kip Weiner
                           Samuel Sukon                             Sharon Weinstein      Max Mindell
Meyer Gordon               Rosa Witschner
Anna Halle                                      28 Av-Aug 12                              Simon Rothenberg       10 Elul-Aug 24
Jack Kay                                        Etta Bayzman        2 Elul-Aug 16         Nathan Samuels         Reva Bernstein
                           23 Av-Aug 7          Philip Cohen        Bess Byers            Sarah Sandhaus         Samuel Copelman
Rachel Levinson            Richard Biederman
Sarah Rose                                      Fannie Friedman     Edward Cohn           Hyman Schere           Melvin Frischer
                           Sherman Cohen        Rebecca Glassman    Reubin Katz           Eva Schwartz           Harry Geller
                           Ed Michelson         Moishe Kamar        Rose Kaufman                                  Continued on page 14
  10     August 2007                                                           | 913-647-7279
  Rose Family
  Early Childhood Education Center
 Judy Jacks Berman, Director | | 913-647-7285

Camp was Great – More Fun Ahead!
How can Camp Beth Shalom be over when it seems like it just began? Our second
annual five-week summer program that concluded July 18 was a great success! The
children enjoyed the Funky Mama concert, pony rides, bubble activities and Wacky
Bananas inflatable jumping fun. Over 40 young campers played in the pools,
enjoyed the misting tree and sprinklers and loved the art projects and picnics.

Soon it will be time for nursery school to begin, with visiting day August 27,
and classes starting August 28. During the school year the children will learn
about the Jewish holidays and enjoy getting ready for Shabbat each week. The
week’s Parsha will come alive for our three and four-year olds with Miss Susie
Blackman. Children of all ages love their Shabbat party and singing with Hazzan
Menes and look forward to time with the rabbis when Rabbi Cohen and Rabbi
Katz come into their classrooms to read a story and visit with Beth Shalom’s
youngest students. Some of the special activities planned for the year include:
Paul Messner Puppets, Jim Cosgrove concerts, Wacky Bananas, Laughing Matters
and LuLuBelle the Clown, to name a few.

There are still a few spots open in some age groups so call Judy Jacks Berman for
more information if you have a child age 18 months to 5 years old.

A Full Schedule of Tot Shabbat Programs                                             Swimming at Camp Beth Shalom was great fun.
                                                                                    Pictured L-R T-B: Quinn Koffman, Charlotte
Tot Shabbat monthly programs for all Beth Shalom families with pre-school           O’Keefe, Evan Frumkin, Cady Koffman, Nick
                                                                                    Schemmel, Avi Silverberg, Lydia Schwartz &
age children kicks off Friday evening, August 31, at the Lamar Campus. A            Jordyn Finkelstein
healthy snack at 6 p.m. will be followed by an age-appropriate, half-hour
service at 6:15 p.m., with lots of spirited singing led by Hazzan Menes. This        community
program will also be held at Lamar Friday evenings, October 26,
November 30, December 28, February 29, and May 30.
                                                                                    Vocalists Needed for
The following special programs will round out the year’s schedule:                  Selihot Service
 September 28 –Tot Shabbat service, 5:30 p.m., at Wornall.                          A community choir is being
  This will precede the Congregation’s Sukkot dinner in the Sukkah at 6 p.m.        assembled for this year’s Selihot
                                                                                    service Saturday evening, Sept. 8,
 January 26 – Tot Shabbat Havdalah/Pajama Party, followed by a                      at Congregation Ohev Sholom.
  concert at Lamar.                                                                 Members of the Jewish community
 March 28 – Special Tot Shabbat dinner, 5:30 p.m., at Lamar,                        who would like to participate should
  followed by a 6:15 p.m. service.                                                  have choir experience and be
                                                                                    available for rehearsals Mondays,
 April 25 – Passover snack at 6 p.m., followed by a 6:15 p.m. service.              Aug. 20 and 27, 7:30 – 9 p.m. For
Mark your calendar for these special programs! For more information, contact        information, contact Hazzan Menes,
Hazzan Menes, 913-647-7296 or                or
                                                                                    Linda Sweenie, 913-498-2212. | 913-647-7279                                                                    August 2007     11
todah rabbah!
           The following contributions have been made in honor or memory of Beth Shalom family members and friends
          and reflect donations thru July 9, 2007. Donations of $10 or more per tribute are acknowledged in The Scroll.
                             To make a donation, please contact the synagogue office at 913-647-7279.
   Ann & Isadore Gale                 Philip & Helen Adelman           Randy & Elyse Block            Rose Alisky                     Harold Berkowitz
    Scholarship Fund                  Richard & Phyllis Mould          Rose Karbank                     Judy Elliott & Jerry Stolov     Harvey Bodker
In Honor of:                          Sonia Kraft                    Harold Waxman                    Ruth Marsh                      Ira Friedson
Bernard Grill’s BD                  Mel Mallin’s 2nd B/BM              Gloria Fish                      Richard & Audrey Prywitch       Fred & Cynthia Bodker
  Howard & Laura Grill                Carl & Jeanette Galler                                          Ruth Yukon                        Betsy Bodker
                                                                     Harry Daniels                      Sarah Yukon
                                    Miriam Schwartz’s Graduation       David & Judith Parelman                                        Richard Epstein
      Arlene & Gerald                                                                                 Sam Feinberg                    Robert Kramer
    M Ginsberg Youth                  Estelle Berman                   Elliott & Kathy Hollub           Morris Feinberg
                                      Irwin & Deborah Kahn             Gerald & Annie Rabin                                           Sam Bodker
      Memorial Fund                                                                                   Samuel Taylor                   Sue Puritz
In Memory of:                         Janet Mark                       Gerald Zobel                     Margaret Smith
                                                                       Harold & Judith Esrig                                            Fred & Cynthia Bodker
Gerald M. Ginsburg                  Rabbi Alan & Linda Cohen                                          Sarah Kogan
Rabbi Barry D. Goldenberg            Receiving Award                   Jack & Elizabeth Bohm            Yakov & Betya Altman
                                                                       James & DeDe Sloto                                               Brand, Puritz, Levitch
  Arlene, Sheryl & James Ginsberg     Hanan & Natalie Hammer                                          Sidney Pakula                    Family Scholarship Fund
                                    Ron & Susie Goldsmith’s            Joe & Marion Rosen               Lawrence, Sheila Pakula,
Gittel Zigler                                                          Lillian Rubin                                                  In Memory of:
Louis Zigler                         40th Ann.                                                           Children & Grandchildren     Sue Puritz
                                      Stephen & Robbie Small           Marilyn Hoffman                Stan Shiffman
  Samuel & Maurine Agron                                               Phyllis & Rudy Green                                             Joel & Judy Levitch
                                    Sam & Francis Sapitsky’s                                            Hanan & Natalie Hammer
                                     60th Ann.                         Randy & Elyse Block            Stanley P. Louis
     Arnold Shanberg                                                   Russel & Ann Mann                                              Building Fund
      Memorial Fund                   Hanan & Natalie and                                               Christa Louis                 In Memory of:
                                       De De & Jim Sloto               Sam & Donna Zavelo
In Memory of:                                                          Sidney Carr                                                    Helen Raskin
Harold Berkowitz                    Sara Mittelman’s 90th BD                                             Beth Shalom Hesed            Russell Raskin
                                      Estelle Berman                   Sylvan & Merna Siegler              Committee Fund
  Patsy Shanberg                                                                                                                        Marlene Shulkin
                                                                     Henry Duni                       In Honor of:
        Arthur Brand                In Memory of:                      Alan Brown                     Max & Doreen Berenbom           Cantor’s Discretionary Fund
     Leadership Fund                Abe Bernstein                    Henry Lowenthal                   60th Ann.                      In Honor of:
In Honor of:                          Joseph Goldman                   Evelyn Lowenthal               Paul & Bea Flam’s Marriage      Michele & Jared Cole’s Marr.
Geraldine Salvay’s BD               Abraham Rogers                   Isdaore & Dorothy Stoup            Miriam Krantz                   Quentin & Dena Cole
  Betty Brand                         Jean Brockman                    Arthur Stoup
                                    Barry D. Goldenberg              Jacob Greenstein                 In Memory of:                   In Memory of:
In Memory of:                         Arnie, Ellen and Larry Cohen     Sam & Ida Greenstein           Abraham Noah                    Leonard Bayzman
Samuel Brown                          Jeff & Audrey Wienstock        JoAnn Hollub                     Morris Shenker                    Steven & Marcia Schorr
  Betty Brand                         Rabbi Amy Wallk Katz             Jerald Enslein                 Sarah Noah
                                      Randy & Elyse Block            Leona Goldfinger                   Ruby Noah                       Cemetery Fund/Yukon
    Benjamin Ryweck                                                    Steve & Florence Pack          Barry Goldenberg                        Chapel Fund
                                    Ben Poisner                      Lina Neustein
         Torah Fund                   Andrea Poisner                                                  Harry Daniels                   In Memory of:
In Honor of:                                                           Charlotte Kanter               Ralph Passman                   Beatrice Mindell
                                    Bernard Kanter                   Louis Pack
Janet Salle’s 45th BD                 Sid & Nanette Kanter                                              Miriam Krantz                   Judith Droskin
Rabbi Alan & Linda Cohen                                               Steve & Florence Pack
                                    Boris Segelstein                 Louis Zigler
 Receiving Award                      Lilly Segelstein                                                Beth Shalom Lehem Fund                   Cemetery
Rabbi Alan & Linda Cohen’s                                             Helen Loeffler                 In Honor of:                        Maintenance Fund
                                    Carol Flotkin                    Max Bergmann
 37th Ann.                            Hanan & Natalie Hammer                                          Karin Lichterman’s Recovery     In Support of Mt. Carmel
  Walter & Joan March                                                  Albert Bamberger               Marcia & Bernie Eveloff ’s      Cemetery:
                                    Della Glass                      Max Kopin
                                      Paul & Janet Leeds                                              50th Ann.                         Judith Droskin
In Memory of:                                                          Barbara Goldstein                Kenneth & Sandra Lerner
                                    Dick Epstein                     Max Kopin
Clementine Blumenthal                 Jeff & Audrey Wienstock                                                                           Dave & Jean Brockman
Sue Puritz.                                                            Clarence & Alice WIner         In Memory of:                        Scholarship Fund
                                    Dorothy Copaken                  Milton Gordon
  Walter & Joan March                 Irwin & Rita Blitt                                              Aileen Forman                   In Memory of:
                                                                       Hyman Sieffer                    Jack Forman                   Joshua Price
Harry Daniels                       Dorthea Ozar Jagoda              Nathan Reiz
  Susan Zale                          I.I. Ozar                                                       George Kern                       Richard & Charlotte
                                                                       Andrew Reiz                      Leibert Kaufman                  Brockman
                                    Dr Robert Tonkens                Pearl Mann
        Beth Shalom                   Ross Tonkens                                                    Henry Lowenthal
                                                                       Milton & Beverly Mann            Betty Sender                      Debbie Sue Levine
        General Fund                Edith Penzner                    Phyllis Sandler Passman
In Honor of:                                                                                          Sadye Lerner                         Scholarship Fund
                                      Brita Horowitz                   Ellen & Martin Monsees           Alan & Tina Chapman           In Memory of:
No Name Listed                        Jerry & Stacy Siegler          Rabbi Barry Goldenberg
  Hussein Farah                                                                                       Sadye Lerner                    Esther Bernstein
                                    Elaine Brown                       Sid & Nanette Kanter             Kenneth & Sandra Lerner       Marie Bernstein
Adam Shafton’s B/BM                                                  Ralph I. Passman
  Joel & Lynn Shafton                 Alan Brown                                                                                        JoAnn Smith
                                    Frieda Kanter                      Ellen & Martin Monsees         Beth Shalom Library Fund
  Milton Ozar                         Michael Gross                  Ralph Passman                    In Memory of:                   Dr Herbert & Phyllis Winer
                                    Hal Padder                         Arnie, Ellen and Larry Cohen   Dora Hellman                             Family Fund
Geraldine Salvay’s 85th BD            Jeff & Audrey Wienstock          Christa Louis                  Sadie Tonopolsky                In Honor of:
  David & Lynne Bock                                                   Diane Jaben & Sandy Peltzman     Charles & Rae Cohen           Joel Pelofsky’s 70th BD
  Jeff & Audrey Wienstock           Harold Berkowitz
                                      Gerald & Annie Rabin             Jeff & Audrey Wienstock                                          Herbert & Phyllis Winer
  Malcolm & Ida Kessler                                                                               Beverly & Harvey Bodker
                                      Harold & Natalie Klopperr      Rebecca Kaufman
Joel Pelofsky’s 70th BD               Jack & Bessie Sokolov            Esther Kaufman                     Endowment Fund              In Memory of:
  David & Judy Jacobs                 Jerald Enslein                 Robert Tonkens                   In Memory of:                   Dr David Waxman
  Eugene & Lorraine Hersh             Marvin & Janice Finkelston       Dorothy Tonkens                Diana Silverman                 Harold Berkowitz
  Louis & Janet Zwillenberg                                                                             Harry & Hedra Merson

  12       August 2007                                                                              | 913-647-7279
Rita Trantham                     Helen Rae & Sydney             In Memory of:                        Gale & Maxine Grossman’s             Elaine Feingold
Sue Puritz                           Cerier Teacher              Pauline Glass                          61st Ann.                            Jeffrey & Polly Kramer
  Herbert & Phyllis Winer         Development Fund               Rosalie Brand Laner                  Gary & Debby Cortes 44th Ann.        Fanny Kessel
                               In Memory of:                     Sue Puritz                           Herbert & Alice Stein’s 44th Ann.      Jeffrey & Corrine Blackman
 Eugene & Shirley Novorr       Harold Berkowitz                    Irwin & Sylvia Kotelov             Herman & Dorothy Mondschein’s        Harold Berkowitz
   Tots for Torah Fund         Harry Daniels                     Rosalie Brand Laner                   59th Ann.                             Rhea Salasche -Kaseff &
In Honor of:                     Helen Rae Cerier                  Stuart & Betty Ozar                Joel & Brenda Pelofsky’s 47th Ann.       Harold Kaseff
Gale Grossman’s Recovery                                           Rita Berger                        Joel Pelofsky’s 70th BD              Harry Daniels
Noreen Greenberg’s Recovery      Jack & Mollie Shapiro             Ivan & Carlyn Pollack              Marvin & Carol Goldstein’s             Shirley Passman
  Eugene & Shirley Novorr          Scholarship Fund                                                     44th Ann.                          Ida Fleischman
Geraldine Salvay’s 85th BD     In Memory of:                     Mendel & Sarah Small Fund            Neil & Blanche Sosland’s               Jeffrey & Corrine Blackman
  Robert & Jeanette Wayne      Ralph Passman                     In Memory of:                          49th Ann.                          Joseph Kaufman
                                 David & Jill Shapiro            Edith Penzner                        Peter & Beverly Newman’s               Max & Dorothy Kaufman
In Memory of:                                                      Sarah Small                           41st Ann.                         Madeline Markowitz
Carla Jo Morris                   Jacob H & Rose Levine                                               Rabbi Alan & Linda Cohen’s             Sylvie Radvinsky & Serge
Hal Padder                     Teacher Development Fund            Meyer J Pachter Video                37th Ann.                          Markowitz
  Robert & Jeanette Wayne      In Memory of:                             Library Fund                 Sylvan & Merna Siegler’s             Melvin E. Krigel
                               Reuben Levine                     In Memory of:                          48th Ann.                            Barry Krigel
Harold Berkowitz                 Arthur & Linda Levine                                                Wesley & Marna Dolginoff ’s          Sadie Gordon
  Eugene & Shirley Novorr                                        Harry Daniels
                                                                   Regina Pachter                       57th Ann.                            Elaine Gordon
  Morton & Shirley Hurst         Joel Polsky USY Fund                                                    Harold Kaseff &                   Vera Veenstra
                                                                 Meyer J. Pachter
Minnie Gampol                  In Memory of:                       Regina Pachter & Maurine Pachter       Rhea Salasche Kaseff               Jeffrey & Corrine Blackman
  Eugene & Shirley Novorr      Harry Daniels
Ralph Passman                    Edith Bratt                      Phillip & Barbara Hodes             Howard & Margie Novorr’s Ann.             Religious School
  Robert & Jeanette Wayne      Sue Puritz                         Family Endowment Fund                  Shirley Passman                        Scholarship Fund
Rita Trantham                    Robert & Cindy Daniels          In Honor of:                         Jeffrey & Corrine Blackman           In Memory of:
  Eugene & Shirley Novorr                                        Lewis Berey’s Recovery                  Steven & Joan Israelite           Harry Daniels
                                  Kaiser Family Bar/Bar            Phillip & Barbara Hodes            Jinny and Maya Max’s                   Sally, Miles, Ben, Nathan &
Florence & Meyer Kaplan          Mitzvah Tutoring Fund                                                  Conversion                            Danny Ross
   Sukkot Festival Fund        In Honor of:                          Prayer Book Fund                    Stephen & Carla Max
In Memory of:                  Joel Pelofsky’s 70th BD           In Honor of:                         Joel Pelofsky’s 70th BD              Rose & Sol Stolowy Fund
Harry Daniels                    Bill & Marcelle Kaiser          Kendra Lee Baker’s Graduation           Steven & Judith Sherry            In Memory of:
  Florence Kaplan & Family                                        Inge Silverman, Marcia, Michael,       Bernard & Ella Ullman             Ben Lesky
Meyer A. Kaplan                   Karbank Family Fund             Rebecca & Jana Silverman,              Stan & Mary Weiner                Edith Penzner
Mrs Harris’ sister Donna       In Honor of:                       Amy & Craig Both                                                         Hannah Stolov
                               Diane Davidner’s Recovery                                              Joshua & Jinny Max’s Marriage          Michael & Laurel Rogovein
  Florence Kaplan                                                                                     Joshua Max’s Graduation
                                 Max & Doreen Berenbom           In Memory of:                           Stephen & Carla Max                   Rose Evelyn Sporn
     Frank Schlozman           Max & Doreen Berenbom             Alexander F. Muller
     Scholarship Fund           60th Ann.                          Max & Charlene Muller              Kyle Mc Donald’s BD                         Primary Fund
In Memory of:                    Mark & Diane Davidner           Anna Moskovitz Glaser                   Jeffrey & Corrine Blackman        In Memory of:
Esther Nowick                    Rose Karbank                      Charles Bernstein &                Loren & Merilyn Berenbom’s           James Kunellis
George Nowick                                                       Sharyn Glaser Bernstein             Ann.                                 Inez Kaufman
  Manuel & Barbara Nowick      In Memory of:                     Barry Goldenberg                        Shirley Passman
                               Ethel Eisen                         Barney & Alberta Summers           Max & Doreen Berenbom                     Rose Family Early
Irene Malyn                                                                                             60th Ann.                            Childhood Education
Morris Schlozman               Harry Daniels                        & Family
                               Herman Millman                    Joseph C. Glaser                        Jeffrey & Polly Kramer                    Center Fund
  Michael & Wendy Malyn                                                                               Michele & Jared Cole’s Marriage      In Honor of:
                               Jennie Millman                      Charles & Sharyn Berenstein
                                 Rose Karbank                    Morton Swartz                           Quentin & Dena Cole               Debbie Minkin’s 40th BD
 George & Esther Nowick                                                                               Rabbi Alan & Linda Cohen             Joel Pelofsky’s 70th BD
    Scholarship Fund                                               Virginia Chaikin
                                       KCUSY Fund                                                       Receiving Award                      Robert & Jean Zeldin
In Memory of:                                                                                            Pauline Fish
James Pessin                   In Memory of:                       Rabbi Amy Wallk Katz                                                    Miriam Schwartz’s Graduation
                               Harry Daniels                        Discretionary Fund                Rabbi Alan & Linda Cohen’s             Arnold & Sherri Hermanson
  Sheldon & Stephanie Pessin                                                                            37th Ann.
                                 Jeff & Linda Sander & Family    In Honor of:
                                 Michael, Vicki, Jamie &         Rabbi Amy Wallk Katz                    Shirley Passman                   In Memory of:
      Gershon Hadas                                                                                   Rabbi Alan Cohen
     Scholarship Fund              Emily Diamond                   Beverly Nichols                                                         Harry Daniels
                                                                 No name listed                          Hal Himmelstein                     Hanan & Natalie Hammer
In Memory of:                                                                                         Sam & Ida Greensteins’s Ann.
Anne Hadas                       Leon & Miriam Cohen               Bruce & Devra Lerner                                                      Jeffrey & Sharon Mallin
                                    Torah Repair Fund                                                    Shirley Passman
Gershon Hadas                                                                                         Sara Mittelman’s 90th BD             Lillian Gorelick
  Judy Hadas Florman           In Memory of:                     In Memory of:                                                               Hildy Goldman
                               Harry Daniels                     Harriet Dubinsky                        Stephen & Carla Max
                                                                                                      Shira & Michael Wajcman’s            Ralph Passman
        Harry & Anita            Arnold, Larry, and Ellen Cohen    Jerry & Barbara Cosner                                                   Hildy & Joel Goldman & Family
  Daniels Camp Ramah                                             Hyman Rosen                            Toba Maslan                          Jeffrey & Sharon Mallin
     Scholarship Fund           Louis & Anna Grossman Marion Rosen
                                 Nursery School Fund                                                  Steve & Florence Pack’s Ann.         Sue Puritz
In Memory of:                                                      Samuel Rosen                          Shirley Passman                     Hildy & Joel Goldman & Family
Berche Cohen                   In Memory of:
                               Harold Berkowitz                  Sylvia Feingold                      Steve Feinstein’s 70th BD
  Harry & Anita Daniels                                            Leo Feingold                          Arthur Federman                   Rose S Levine & Doris L Flam
Harry Daniels                  Harry Daniels
                                 Norman & Charlene Meltzer                                            Sylvan & Merna Siegler’s               Arts & Education Fund
  Jerald Enslein                                                          Rabbi Cohen                   48th Ann.                          In Memory of:
                               Louis & Edith Pinsky Fund             Discretionary Fund                  Shirley Passman                   Adele Walker
        Harry Puritz                                             In Honor of:                         Yoni Eisenbach’s B/BM                  Sadie Davidoff
    Scholarship Fund           In Memory of:
                               Harry Daniels                     Amy & Paul Burckhard’s Ann.             Sol & Naomi Dubin                 Barbara Goldstein
In Memory of:                                                      Jeffrey & Corrine Blackman                                                Beverly Nichols
Fanny Puritz                     Edith Pinsky
                                                                 Bernard & Marcia Eveloff ’s          In Memory of:                        Harold Berkowitz
  Carl Puritz                                                                                         Anne Goldberg                          Paul Lerner & Rosalyn Lerner
                                      Marcus Brand                50th Ann.
                                    Scholarship Fund             Edward & Rickie Haith’s                Jeffrey & Corrine Blackman
                               In Honor of:                       49th Ann.                           Dorothy Glass
                               Milton & Marilyn Ozar’s 60th Ann. Eric & Miriam Kaseff’s 17th Ann.       Helen Coppaken
                                 George & Floriene Lieberman                                                                                     Continued on page 14 | 913-647-7279                                                                                                          August 2007         13
  Youth & Informal Education Department
 Stefanie Williams, Director | | 913-647-7292
 Andrew Azorsky, KCUSY President | Jonathan Edelman, Kadima President

                                                                                 Where in the world is your high school
             Save the When: August 19, 2007                                      graduate or returning college student?
 You won’t want to miss the fun
 as KCUSY kicks off another              What: KCUSY’s Annual          We would like to include your
 year of fabulous programming!                   Kick Off              college student’s school address,
                                         Stay tuned for more details!! phone number and email address
                                                             Jonathan in our database. This will enable
                                                             Ruben     us to keep in touch with them via
                                                             Andrew    The Scroll and special mailings.
                                                             Borowick All previous information
                                                             enjoying  has been purged; therefore
                                                             during    please contact Debby in the
                                                             CMT       Ritual Office with the contact
                                                             held in
                                                             June.     information, 913-647-7281 or

yahrzeits continued from page 10                                Esther Kohn                       Sarah Silberg                     Samuel Kaplan
                                                                Anna Levitt                       Alex Silberman                    Sarah Plattner
10 Elul-Aug 24                   Al Burstein                    Mary Schreiber                    Sam Spindler                      Melvin Rolsky
Clara Gorman                     Israel Feld                    Harry Shapiro                                                       Jerome Schrader
Esther Jaben                     Baruch Grunwald                David Silverman                   15 Elul-Aug 29                    Benne Yukon
Morris Penner                    Harry Jacobs                   Hyman Sokolov                     Abe Bergman
William Rosenberg                Ethel Kaplan                                                     Olga Bruller                      17 Elul-Aug 31
Sam Sheftel                      Israel Salvay                  14 Elul-Aug 28                    Selma Feld                        Sam Bobrov
                                 Jennie Shankman                Selig Cohn                        Suzanne Geller                    Rose Bordman
11 Elul-Aug 25                   Herman Shapiro                 Sara Ginsberg                     Bessie Ginsberg                   Katie Brown
Reva Eisberg                     Esther Shenker                 Melvin Gordon                     Rose Markowitz                    Minnie Cohen
Anna Glickenhaus                 Sarah Silverman                Abraham Isserles                  Linda Siegel                      Mary Cohn
Joseph Levy                      Morris Singer                  Jacob Levin                       Sanders Sosland                   Robert Ginsberg
Louis Rolsky                                                    Israel Noah                       Sender Szajnfeld                  David Krasner
Max Rostov                       13 Elul-Aug 27                 Isadore Polsky                                                      Samuel Levin
                                 Dora Baker                     Ben Shapiro                       16 Elul-Aug 30                    Sam Rosenberg
12 Elul-Aug 26                   Max Benjamin                   Adam Siegel                       Lucy Greenberg                    Lena Topf
Norman Arluck                    Ann Czarlinsky

donations continued from page 13                                Sol & Ruth Dennis                         The Penzner                    Tot Shabbat Fund
                                                                Scholarship Fund                  Intergenerational Music Fund      In Memory of:
   Sam & Esther Daniels            Regina Pachter               In Memory of:                     In Honor of:                      Mollie Siegler
     Prayer Book Fund              Mr & Mrs Lynn Kuluva         Golda Rosen                       Walter & Joan March’s 50th Ann.     Sylvan & Merna Siegler
In Memory of:                      Micheal Zanders                Evelyn Marks                      Paul Lerner & Rosalyn Lerner
Berche Cohen                                                      Nathan Rosen                                                         Walter & Anita Loeb
  Sol Daniels                         Scholarship Fund                                            In Memory of:                          Scholarship Fund
Harry Daniels                    In Honor of:                   Stein Family Youth Fund           Edith Penzner                     In Honor of:
  Donald & Ruthann Zurovsky      Joel Pelofsky’s 70th BD        In Honor of:                        Miriam Krantz                   Milton & Marilyn Ozar’s
  Freight Quote Team &             Jerald & Rochelle Pelofsky   Mary Smith’s 80th BD                Paul Lerner & Rosalyn Lerner     60th Ann.
    Lindsay Mincher                                               Mark & Diane Davidner           Sam & Gertrude Pasmanik             Anita Loeb
  Judith Bell                     Shifra & Joe Gaba Fund                                            Rae Marie Pasmanik de Ilbarra
  Norman & Elaine Polsky         In Memory of:                  In Memory of:                        & Renato Luis Ilbarra          In Memory of:
  Paul Lerner & Rosalyn Lerner   Harry Daniels                  Harry Daniels                                                       Abe Boresow
                                   Barry Kaseff &                 Stewart, Esther & Louis Stein    Tommy & Bert Rogovein              Anita Loeb
 Sara & Israel Mittelman            Jessica Rudnick Kaseff                                              Memorial Fund                 Judy Friedlander
  March of of the Living                                        Teddy Oshiver Memorial Fund       In Honor of:                      Bertha Pener
      Education Fund                  Sidney Ginsburg           In Memory of:                     Joel Pelofsky’s 70th BD           Sue Puritz
In Honor of:                          Endowment Fund            Teddi Oshiver                     Sandy Moses BD                      Anita Loeb
Bobby Gast reading Torah         In Memory of:                    Julian Reichman                 Tom & Alice Lewinsohn’s Ann.
Elaine Parks Retirement          Jackie Leviton                                                     Michael & Laurel Rogovein
Maria Devinki Receiving Award      Janey, Stan, Laura &
Michele & Jared Cole’s Marr.        Brian Goodman
  Sara Mittelman
Sara Mittelman’s 90th BD
  14      August 2007                                                                           | 913-647-7279
august                                                                                                                     Av | Elul 767
   SUNDAY               MONDAY                  TUESDAY            WEDNESDAY             THURSDAY                FRIDAY               SATURDAY
          Daily Minyan                                             17 Av            1   18 Av            2   19 Av           3      20 Av               4
              Morning                                              Mah Jongg 9:30
 Monday-Friday: 7 a.m. Wornall
 Sunday – Lamar Campus: 8:30 a.m.
 Sunday-Friday: 6 p.m. Wornall
 Shabbat Afternoon- 6 p.m. Wornall                                                                                           8:10                    9:10

21 Av             5   22 Av              6    23 Av           7    24 Av            8   25 Av            9   26 Av       10          27 Av        11
                                                                                                                                      Birthday Shabbat
                                                                                                                                       Bar Mitzvah
                                                                                                                                       Josh Klonoff

                                                                                                                             8:02                    9:02

28 Av       12         29 Av
                        Rosh Hodesh Elul
                                         13   30 Av        14
                                                Rosh Hodesh Elul
                                                                   1 Elul       15      2 Elul       16      3 Elul      17         4 Elul        18
                                                                                                                                     Anniversary Shabbat
                                                                   Mah Jongg 9:30
                                                                                                                                       Bar Mitzvah
                                                                                                             Congregational            Noah Blank
                                                                                                             Shabbat BBQ
                                                                                                             Dinner -5:30
                                                                                                             Tefillah 2000 -7:00
                                                                                                             Lamar Campus
                      Synagogue Board
                       Meeting 7:30           Choir 7:30                                                                     7:53                    8:53

5 Elul      19        6 Elul             20   7 Elul       21      8 Elul       22      9 Elul       23      10 Elul     24         11 Elul       25
                                                                                                                                    B’nai Mitzvah Shabbat
PRS- Faculty          RFNS -Staff             RFNS -Staff          RFNS -Staff          RFNS -Staff          RFNS -Staff
     In-Service             In-Service              In-Service           In-Service           In-Service           In-Service       Taste of Shabbat
                                                                                                                                     & Tefillah 2000
KCUSY -Annual                                                      PrayerWorks 10:00                                                 10:00
 Kick-off Program

                                                                                        Elul Institute
                                              Choir 7:30                                 7:30-9:00
                                                                                                                             7:43                    8:43

12 Elul     26        13 Elul            27   14 Elul      28      15 Elul      29      16 Elul      30      17 Elul     31
                                                                                                                                    PRS = Polsky
PRS- Faculty          RFNS -Visiting Day RFNS -1st Day             Mah Jongg 9:30       Lehem serving at                             Religious School
     In-Service        10:00-11:00                                                      Hot Lunch Svcs
                                                                                                                                    RFNS = Rose Family
                                                                   RFNS -1st Day        PRS- 7th grade                               Early Childhood
                      PRS- 3 -4 grade
                               rd   th
                                                                   Afternoon Pgms        Open House                                  Education Center
                       Open House                                                        5:00-6:15           Tot Shabbat 6:00
RoshHodesh             5:00-6:15                                   PRS- 5th-6th grade
-A Girl Thing 6:30                                                  Open House
                                                                    5:00-6:15           Elul Institute
                                              Choir 7:30                                 7:30-9:00                          7:33 | 913-647-7279                                                                                            August 2007         1
                     Sisterhood                                             Coming Attractions...
                 Gift Shop                                  • Hesed – Pick up gifts        • Breakfast Club
Summer Hours                         School Year Hours            Sundays, September 2 & 9   Topic: Darfur
Monday-Thursday                      Monday-Thursday                                             Sunday, September 30
                                       10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
                                                            • Community Selihot
 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m.                                            Service at Ohev Sholom       • Sisterhood Paid-up
                                     Friday                       Saturday, September 8      Membership Luncheon
Friday                                 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m
 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m                                                                               Tuesday, October 9
                                     Sunday                 • Taste of Peltzman
                                        9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m       Tuesday, September 18
 Alan L. Cohen
    Senior Rabbi                                                                 Once again
 Amy Wallk Katz, Ph.D.
                                                                                 the July 4th
 Robert Menes                                                                    BBQ was a
   Hazzan                                                                        huge suc-
 Morris B. Margolies, Ph.D.                                                      cess. Every-
   Rabbi Emeritus
                                                                                 one had an
 Joel Krichiver
    Executive Director                                                           “explosive”
 Patti Kroll                                                                     evening.
    Director of Education
 Judy Jacks Berman
    Director of Early
    Childhood Education
 Stefanie Williams
                                        Debby Agron serves Wendy Sitzmann                       Jeff Sander and Aaron Rissien at the grill
    Director of Informal                and Shirley Gottstein
    Education and Youth Activities
 Shelley Rissien
   Director of Programming
 Linda Runions
                                                                                            Beth Shalom Campers
    Director of Facilities                                                                  The following Beth Shalom campers are shown
 Fran Wolf                                                                                  enjoying free time with Herzl camp friends.
    Librarian                                                                               Rachel Beren, Ariel Bodker, Mackenzie Bohen,
 Andi Katz Wildman                                                                          Scott Bratt, Jamie Diamond, Katja Edelman,
   Scroll Editor                                                                            Melissa Friedman, Katie Mandel, Andrea Pack,
 Ernie Rosenthal                                                                            Leah Sosland, Max Sosland, Neili Rosenbloom,
   President                                                                                & Ricardo Zepeda
 Barbara Bohen
   Executive Vice President
 Diane Azorsky
   Vice President - Education
 Steve Ruben
    Vice President - Ritual
 Jeff Katz
 Fred Bodker, M.D.
    Secretary                                                     14200 Lamar • Overland Park, KS 66223
 Ron Coppaken                                                     913-647-7279 •
    Immediate Past President

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