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					                                         The North Coast
                                                           “EMBRACING          THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST IN OUR TIME”
                                                    The Newspaper of the Anglican Diocese of Grafton, New South Wales, Australia                                             August / September                                                                          Issue No. 04: 2012

                          Two teas for charity - a community connects
        empsey parish recently
        held two morning teas for
        the benefit of two nation-
al charities.
   The Opportunity Shop with
the assistance of the Catering
Group and under the careful
guidance of Penelope Richards
opened the doors to a Biggest
Morning Tea with a difference.         The Sangoma, Pheasant                                                                                                pertinant questions regarding the
   There had been much admira-         Hunter and Short black and                                                                                           contents of the Queens handbag
tion within the community when         one, among the auctioned                                                                                             but was only able to reveal that
a number of the tea cosies that        tea-cosies.                                                                                                          she had spent the penny that had
Penelope had knitted, appeared               Photograph used with permission                                                                                been in her handbag.
at the local show advertising the                                                                                                                              A large number of people
event.                                 over $50 and all cosies were                                                                                         attended from around the extend-
   The tea cosies, some twenty         sold, there were many disap-                                                                                         ed parish.
seven, in a variety of styles, sizes   pointed gasps as the final bidder                                                                                       They were served a sumptu-
and extravagance were lined up         was announced for each pot and                                                                                       ous tea provided by the catering
at the top end of the hall with        cosy.                                                                                                                group and helped raise some
bidding sheets in front of them.          Father Peter, the Rector, was                                                                                     $500 which was given to the
   As the attendees entered they       present standing in for Penelope                                                                                     Westpac Helicopter service.
were given a bidding number            whose hard work had created the                                                                                         The attendees were told of the
and told that they could bid for       day. She was in hospital in                                                                                          difficulties faced by the local
any pot and cosy they wished, so       Sydney keeping an ever watchful                                                                                      fund raising group and the result-
long as the bid put down was           eye on proceedings via SMS.                                                                                          ant likelihood of the group’s
greater than the one before.              Fr. Peter stated that the event                                                                                   major fundraiser being dropped
   There was a slow start to the       was held in honour of Lyn                                                                                            from the Kempsey social scene.
bidding but as those present           Comben who had died of breast                                                                                           Nancy Fuller, the Chairperson
enjoyed tea and chat with neigh-       cancer.                                                                                                              of the Catering Group, thanked
bours friends and people from             This innovative fun filled day                                                                                    those who had come and Luke
outside the local community.           raised over $1000 for Cancer            Lady Buckingham and Gentleman in waiting being introduced                    Hartsuyker for providing the
   However, as the time for the        Research.                               by Nancy Fuller                                                              parish with some updated photo-
bidding came to a close, so the           Another fun filled tea was                                                            Photograph: Jeffery Maude   graphs of Her Majesty to replace
temperature at the sheets rose         held at the parish by the Catering                                                                                   the older ones in the Church
and frenzy broke out as each per-      group.                                  was to raise funds for the            Campbell were in attendance            Hall.
son tried to outbid the other for         The tea, a Royal garden party,       Westpac Helicopter service.           when Lady Buckingham arrived              Congratulations to both teams
their favourite cosy.                  which was held inside as a result         Local MP, Luke Hartsuyker           to give the affair a royal touch.      in bringing the community
   Final bids ranged from $6 to        of the typically English weather,       and Mayor of Kempsey, Liz                Lady Buckingham was asked           together.

        Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia church to debate nature of marriage

        s Church we need to talk       getting married in Anglican                                                   and these evolve with the cul-            He claimed, finally, that ‘het-
        about marriage. That’s         churches.                                                                     ture.”                                 erosexuals do not have a monop-
        what the General Synod             The resolution includes the                                                  Glynn pointed, for example,         oly on Christ-like love, on the
decided in Fiji on the afternoon       request that dioceses and hui                                                 to Peter who commended “the            love we hold up as an ideal in
of 11th of July.                       amorangi “explore how the                                                     holy women” of former times –          matrimony.
   Without dissent, and after a        Church might theologically and                                                including Sarah, who obeyed               ‘So, we need to have a korero
debate that at times included dis-     liturgically respond to gay and                                               Abraham, calling him Lord (1           about this.’
plays of raw emotion, the synod        lesbian Anglican couples who                                                  Peter 3: 5-6).                            Synod members queued up at
passed a resolution that “asks         request this rite.”                                                              ‘Since this is the biblical         the microphones to affirm the
Episcopal Units to hold conver-            Much of Glynn’s speech                                                    model to which Peter turns, we         motion – and none was more
sations in our church and with         turned on his claim that “mar-                                                might benefit from looking at it       moving that Bishop Apimeleki
the wider community about the          riage in the Bible is not restricted                                          ourselves.                             Qiliho.
nature of marriage.”                   to one man and one woman – or                                                    ‘Sarah was Abraham’s half-             He and his wife are caregivers
   It’s clear that the mover of the    in fact to any one model.”                                                    sister (Genesis 20:12).                to victims of HIV/AIDS, and
resolution, the Reverend Glynn             He quoted a number of exam-                                                  ‘“Well, that’s not the point”,      Bishop Api is also the chairper-
Cardy, of St Matthew-in-the-           ples, from both testaments, as                                                one might say.                         son of Fiji’s AIDS association.
City, in Auckland, hopes this will     proof that “the Biblical models                                                  ‘Exactly: who the two parties          And his voice cracked, and he
lead, eventually, to the possibili-    for marriage include a range of         Reverend Glynn Cardy                  were in relation to one another
ty of gay and lesbian couples          relationships and combinations,               Photograph:   was not Peter’s point.’                 continued on page 3

                                 The Grafton Diocese Investment Fund
                                   A great investment in the future                                                                                                      See page 8
                                                 The Diocesan Commission for the Environment

                              Youth Embassy for intergenerational climate justice

       n response to the chaotic                                                                                            generation a planet in worse con-    won’t reduce our emissions, but
       public debate over how                                                                                               dition than what you inherited.’     just that the reduction isn’t worth
       much a price on carbon                                                                                                  Devastating climate change is     much in global terms.
will cost us, young people con-                                                                                             not some future possibility for         ‘This is not a sound moral
verged on Canberra in the week                                                                                              Casey Bawden, an 18-year-old         position.
leading up to July 1st.                                                                                                     Christian.                              ‘As a society need to be able
   Their aim was to bring the                                                                                                  After a trip to Kenya she has     to look our own grandchildren in
focus back to the real cost of                                                                                              seen how livelihoods have been       the eye one day as Australians
inaction on climate change –                                                                                                lost, and believes high consump-     and say that we did what we
their futures.                                                                                                              tion carbon-intensive lifestyles     could.’
   They set up a “Youth                                                                                                     in rich countries are a major           ARRCC believes that, for
Embassy” on Capital Hill for                                                                                                cause.                               religious people, the argument
four days, standing up for inter-                                                                                              ‘My lifestyle could be causing    that implementing the legislation
generational justice in view of                                                                                             others to suffer in future.          could cost us something should
climate change.                                                                                                                ‘My vision for the future is a    be the least persuasive of all.
   The event was organised by                                                                                               world where my lifestyle does           By far the more important
the     multi-faith    Australian                                                                                           not contribute to the suffering of   question is: what quality of life
Religious Response to Climate                                                                                               others.’                             could our children and grand-
Change (ARRCC).                                                                                                                The call to take responsibility   children have in thirty years’
   The Embassy drew attention                                                                                               for the impact of our actions is     time if we don’t act now?
back to the imperative to act now                                                                                           one that is also supported by           What further injustices will
for the sake of our grandchildren                                                                                           leaders in various faith tradi-      people in developing countries
and future generations.                                                                                                     tions.                               face?
   Young people from a range of                                                                                                ‘There are those who claim           It’s worth us making some
religious faiths and of none             Parrys Raines aka “Climate Girl” and Suchita Pota at the                           the costs are too high, given that   changes now to help avert the
spoke up.                                Embassy                                                                            there will be ‘no environmental      possibility of runaway climate
   Seventeen year-old Parrys                                                                   Photograph:Pamela Philips    benefit to a Price on Pollution,’    change.
Raines, aka “Climate Girl”, sees                                                                                            said ARRCC spokesperson                 This      includes      lifestyle
the Price on Pollution as a step in         ‘I keep hearing about the cost          ‘Adults today are making                Reverend Professor James Haire       changes for individuals and
the right direction.                     of action.                               choices that will ultimately              of the Uniting Church.               structural changes as a society.
   She attends Our Lady Star of             ‘The cost of not doing enough         decide our future,’ said Parrys.             ‘They are not saying that                             Thea Ormerod
the Sea in Wollongong.                   will be too high.                          ‘Please don’t hand me and my            implementing the legislation                         President, ARRCC

                      Protect future generations NOW says CofE                                                                                                    Myna scourge

       n the eve of the United           lenge.                                                                                “Indeed, some of us recognise
                                                                                                                                                                      ndian Mynas were intro-
       Nations           Rio+20             “We remind ourselves of the                                                     that our Christian communities            duced into Australia in the
       Conference (June 20-22)           need to act humbly but fairly in                                                   are called to be ‘counter cultural        late 1860s to control insects
church leaders were calling for          living more lightly on the earth                                                   in our challenge to the current       in market gardens but have
action on sustainable develop-           as we face increasing poverty,                                                     creed of everlasting growth’          become a huge problem in cities
ment now to protect future gen-          inequality and environmental                                                       (Bishop James Jones) that             and urban centres.
erations.                                destruction.                                                                       prompts the greed which is driv-         Mynas have more recently
   The       Archbishop       of            “These days we recall the                                                       ing untold harm to the Earth’s        invaded open woodland areas on
Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams,           huge pressures on the planet –                                                     resource base.                        the NSW Central and North
recorded a video message in              climate change, growing popula-                                                       “We cannot sustain current         Coasts, threatening native birds
advance of the conference on             tion linked to unsustainable eco-                                                  aspirations to infinite economic      and hollow-dwelling animals.
Sustainable Development and              nomic growth, damage to                                                            gain on a finite planet.                 A number of projects have
asks “What kind of world do we           ecosystems and loss of biodiver-                                                      “It is clear that vulnerable       been developed to counter the
want to leave to our children?”          sity, amongst others – and re-                                                     communities are already experi-       invasion of Indian Mynas on the
http://www.archbishopofcanter-           affirm that our biblical heritage                                                  encing displacement and death         Mid North Coast through an         pushes us towards radical action                                                   and future generations will be        education program and by trap-
bishop-what-gift-do-we-leave-            to care about the whole created                                                    facing immense challenges.            ping Mynas and humanely
our-children                             world and to share more equi-                                                         “It is vital that world leaders    euthanising them.
   The CofE’s diocesan environ-          tably the resources God offers to                                                  at Rio take action now if the            A range of traps designed for
ment officers (DEOs) issued a            all life.                                                                          growing threats to the planet’s       different urban and rural condi-
public statement “at a time of              “We echo the recent words of                                                    ecology are to be halted and          tions are used.
immense and grave challenge”             the Ecumenical Patriarch, that                                                     reversed and we move towards a           Traps are most successful
following their national confer-         ‘the world is a sacred place, as                                                   more environmentally sustain-         when located where the birds
ence in Bristol.                         well as our home’ and urge the                                                     able society.”                        feed.
   “We urge the church to re-            church to develop partnerships           David Shreeve, national envi-                David Shreeve, the Church of
engage with God’s Creation at a          of action with others to continue        ronment advisor                           England’s national environment
time of immense and grave chal-          to address these pressing issues.   adviser said: ‘Our DEOs are at
                                                                                                                            the front line putting the Church
                                                                                                                            of England’s environmental
                                     The North Coast Anglican                                                               commitments into action.
                      The bi-monthly newspaper of the Diocese of Grafton NSW                                                   ‘With the encouragement of
                                                                                                                            the Archbishop of Canterbury’s
 Deadline: 15th of month prior to        Advertising Rates (including GST)                  Articles:                       Rio message, DEO’s are looking
           publish date.                                                          Should be sent, peferrably,               to their churches and dioceses to
                                         Contract:     $2.75 per cm. column                                                 support their role in developing
 In parishes: 1st / 2nd Sunday of        Casual:       $3.30 per cm. column
                                                                                  by email as plain text in the
                                                                                   body of the email or as an               and supporting local awareness
            month                                                                                                           and action.’
                                         The editor is not responsible for        attachment in Word or Rich                   The Church of England is
 Editor:                P. Richards      opinions expressed by contributors,               Text format.                     committed to act in reducing its
                       PO Box 3045       nor do their views necessarily
                      Kempsey 2440       reflect the policy of this paper or of
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 Phone:              (02) 6563 1383      the diocese. Acceptance of adver-           post should be typed.                  2020 through projects in each            Trapping sites are identified
 Fax:                (02) 6562 2381      tisements does not necessarily            Letters and articles should              diocese, parish and school to         and Landcare members train
 Email:                                  mean endorsement of the product                                                    make energy savings, introduce        volunteers to use the traps and
                                                                                  be between 300-400 words                  efficiencies and develop appro-       organise the humane disposal of          or service.
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                                                                                  but may be edited for space               priate      renewable      energy     captured Indian Mynas.
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August / September 2012                                                            The North Coast Anglican                                                                                 Page 2
               U.S. bishops and deputies affirm continuing Indaba
       he House of Bishops con-       Covenant in its present form.”          Anglican Communion.’                 and reaffirm our historic com-        covenant.
       curred with the deputies on       B005 expresses the conven-              Deputy Josephine Hicks from       mitment to and constituent mem-           The Episcopal Church in the
       July 10 to affirm their        tion’s gratitude to “those who so       North Carolina, a member of          bership in the Anglican               Philippines bishops also have
commitment to building relation-      faithfully worked at producing          convention’s World Mission           Communion” as expressed in the        rejected the covenant.
ships across the Anglican             and responding to the proposed          Committee,       endorsed     the    preamble of the church’s consti-          In March, it became clear that
Communion, especially through         Anglican Covenant.” Resolution          Continuing Indaba program,           tution, and that it would “main-      the Church of England could not
the Continuing Indaba program,        B005 initially was submitted by         which is facilitating ways of        tain and reinforce strong links       adopt the covenant in its current
and to decline to take a position                                             enabling Anglicans to learn from     across the communion” commit-         form when a majority of its dio-
on the Anglican Covenant.                                                     one another and communicate          ting itself to continued participa-   ceses voted the document down.
    After considering eight reso-                                             across different contexts.           tion in its councils.                     The Anglican Church of
lutions,         the       General                                               ‘We heard on the committee a         Douglas told the bishops that      Southern Africa has adopted the
Convention’s committee on                                                     resounding support for maintain-     the resolution ‘gives gratitude       document pending ratification at
world mission recommended                                                     ing relationships in the Anglican    for diversity of churches, cele-      its next synod meeting later this
adoption of two resolutions on                                                Communion,’ she said.                brates relationships across differ-   year.
Anglican Communion relation-                                                     Hicks, who serves as the          ences, reaffirms our membership           The Church in Wales last
ships      and     the Anglican                                               Episcopal Church’s lay member        in the Anglican Communion,            April gave the covenant “an
Covenant, a document that ini-                                                on the Anglican Consultative         promises ongoing participation        amber light, rather than a green
tially had been intended as a way                                             Council, the communion’s main        in the councils of the commun-        light.”
to bind Anglicans globally across                                             policy-making body, said that it’s   ion, and also lifts up and sup-           The church’s governing body
cultural and theological differ-                                              important for the Episcopal          ports the good work that our          said it feared the recent rejection
ences.                                                                        Church to continue to be a part of   church and other churches have        of the covenant by the Church of
    Connecticut Bishop Ian                                                    the various councils of the          been doing in the Continuing          England jeopardized its future
Douglas, chair of the World                                                   Anglican Communion because           Indaba and commits us to edu-         and clarifications about that were
Mission Committee, told the                                                   that is “where relationships are     cating our own so that we can         now needed before a decision
Episcopal News Service (ENS)                                                  forged, where our voice can be       deeper support the Anglican           could be made.
following the vote that the reso-                                             heard, and where we have the         Communion.’                               It sent questions on the matter
lutions are ‘a genuine pastoral                                               chance to dispel inaccurate per-                                           to the Anglican Consultative
response because we are not of                                                ceptions.”                           Communion-wide considera-             Council, the church’s main poli-
one mind, and to push a decision      Bishop Ian Douglas                         Some deputies said that the       tion                                  cy-making body, which meets
at this time would cause hurt and           Photograph:   Episcopal Church does not need          Throughout the Anglican            later this year.
alienation in our church on both                                              pieces of paper, such as the         Communion, seven provinces
sides and instead we chose to         Douglas.                                Anglican Covenant, to be in rela-    have approved or subscribed to                       Matthew Davies
stay in the conversation.’               The original language encour-        tionship.                            the Anglican Covenant.                       Mary Frances Schjonberg
    Resolution B005 portrays the      aged the church to embrace the             The resolution celebrates “the       They are Ireland, Mexico,                                    ENS
decision not to take a position on    preamble and first three sections       great blessing of the Anglican       Myanmar, Papua New Guinea,
the covenant as “a pastoral           of the four-section Anglican            Communion in its diversity with-     South East Asia, Southern Cone
response to The Episcopal             Covenant.                               in community as autonomous           of America, and the West Indies.        Let us gather together and
Church.”                                 This, Douglas told ENS prior         churches in relationship bound          Two provinces – the Scottish
    The resolution acknowledges       to convention, would ensure that        together in our differences in       Episcopal Church and the                remember that Christ died
that, following extensive study       the church does not remove itself       service to God’s mission.”           Anglican Church in Aotearoa,
and prayerful consideration of        from the ongoing covenant                  It also states that the           New Zealand and Polynesia –                         for us
the Anglican Covenant, there          process.                                Episcopal Church will “hold fast     have voted against adopting the
remains “a wide variety of opin-         The document’s fourth sec-
ions and ecclesiological posi-        tion, which outlines a discipli-
tions in The Episcopal Church.”       nary method for resolving dis-               ...Church to debate nature of marriage (cont)
    The Reverend Mark Harris,         putes in the communion, has
deputy from Delaware and a            been the covenant’s main stick-          continued from page 1
World Mission Committee mem-          ing point.
ber, told the deputies that he           Resolution D008, also pro-
came to convention wanting to         posed by world mission, has             had to pause and regather him-
say no to the covenant.               been revised from the original          self as he talked about how peo-
    ‘[But] this is not about our      legislation proposed by the             ple living with HIV/AIDs felt
wants but what we need … We           Reverend Tobias Haller, a deputy        rejected by the church.
need a place where we can con-        from New York.                             ‘This is not theology.
tinue to listen to the wide divides      Neither Haller’s nor the cur-           ‘This is not liturgy.
across         the        Anglican    rent version specifically men-             ‘This is humanity we are talk-
Communion,’ he said.                  tions the covenant, but the origi-      ing about… and this is what
    ‘Why must we provide an           nal was modeled on legislation          hurts me the most.’
answer now…when we are in a           adopted by several Church of               But even some of those in the
massive effort to re-envision and     England dioceses that have              Synod who are not normally
restructure the church?               opposed adopting the covenant.          seen as standard bearers for gay      Bishop Apimeleki Qiliho
    ‘We don’t need more divi-            The resolution calls on the          rights welcomed a back-to-first-                                             Photograph:
sion.’                                church to “deepen its involve-          principles look at the Church’s
    Deputy Jack Tull of Florida, a    ment with communion ministries          involvement in marriage.             business – but confused about it.        ‘I’m profoundly aware of
member of the World Mission           and networks using where appli-            Mr Fei Tevi, from the Diocese        ‘What are we doing here?           pain.
Committee, had submitted an           cable the Continuing Indaba             of Polynesia, was one of those.         ‘We need to have a look again         ‘Just pain.
earlier resolution (D006) that        process: conversations across              ‘I’m not giving you an opin-      at what marriage is.’                    ‘It’s enormously painful.’
called on the church to decline to    differences to strengthen rela-         ion,’ he said.                          So everyone, it seems, was            ‘People do matter, people
adopt the covenant ‘as I did not      tionships in God’s mission” and            ‘But I support this, because it   willing for the church to begin       matter enormously.’
want to see us expend any more        encourage dioceses, congrega-           provides us with a process, and a    this conversation.                       At times, he said, ‘every sin-
energy on this.                       tions       and       individual        way forward to discuss issues of        But a number suggested lines       gle one of us is caught up on a
    ‘But coming here has shown        Episcopalians to educate them-          great importance to us as a          in the sand that they would not       most challenging, painful,
me and other committee mem-           selves about the Communion and          church.’                             cross.                                exceptionally difficult journey –
bers the proper approach to take.     “promote and support the                   Bishop      Kelvin      Wright       Archdeacon Tim Mora, of            with a God who does not let us
    ‘That insight is reflected in     Anglican Communion and its              recalled the days of his curacy at   Greymouth, took issue with            go.
this resolution.’                     work.”                                  St Mary'sMerivale.                   Glynn Cardy’s exegesis.                  ‘To talk deeply about being
    Council has been studying the        Haller     serves    on    the          Not a Saturday would pass            ‘Let’s have a deeper reading       human is necessary – but the talk
covenant progress for the last six    Continuing Indaba reference             without two weddings being           of the texts,’ he said, ‘and see      can’t stop there,’ he said.
years, most recently through its      group alongside representatives         held in the church.                  what they really say.’                   ‘Experience is not simply
D020 Task Force (called for in        from Africa and the United                 But society had drastically          The Reverend Dr Andrew             experience, beyond any ques-
Resolution D020 from the 2009         Kingdom. He said the program            changed since then.                  Burgess, of Nelson, said he           tioning or interpretation.
meeting of convention).               is ‘catching fire and inspiring            Christendom was dying, and        hoped that the discussion would          ‘The experience of pain is
    That task force recommended,      people around the communion.            the church was no longer “the        not ‘remain around the issue of       real, but how I understand that
and council agreed, in October           ‘It’s now being explored as a        moral wing of the Empire.”           same gender sexuality.’               pain can change.
2011 to submit a resolution           way for parishes within dioceses           ‘I can’t remember the last           But it’s clear, too, from his         ‘To do theology is to locate
(A126) to this meeting of con-        to spend time with one another          time I had a couple come for         remarks that liberal theologians      our experience in the story of
vention that would have conven-       and to learn from one another.          marriage who had different           don’t have a monopoly on com-         God, the God who is with us,
tion state that the church is            ‘Continuing Indaba will be           addresses.                           passion where sexuality is con-       around us, within us – but also
“unable to adopt the Anglican         the lifeblood and breath of the            ‘We are still in the wedding      cerned.                               against us.’

August / September 2012                                                        The North Coast Anglican                                                                              Page 3
     Bishop writes
        To the followers of the way                                                                                             Bishop’s Appeal
                                           Daily the words we use shape      expectation that we are about              onations to the Bishop's     Office which allows you to
                                       and form our thinking.                God's work.                                Appeal are now tax           claim the donation as a tax
                                           In the new Diocesan Mission           We are seeking to discern the          deductible.                  deduction.
                                       Structure the word "mission" is       Spirit of God moving among us.       By making your donation via the       All proper records will be
                                       used very intentionally.                  Come with a desire to hear       Clarence Valley Anglican           kept and receipts will be given.
                                           In the establishment of the       the other, and to respect the        School's Building Fund, your          Contact the Registry Office
                                       Archdeaconry in the North and         integrity of the other.              generous donation can be a tax     on 66424122 for more details.
                                       the Archdeaconry in the South             There will be sharing of the     deduction.
                                       those appointed have been             Good News stories, but let us           CVAS Building Fund has            Please give generously to the
                                       styled as "Mission" Archdeacons.      take the stories further as the      "Deductible Gift Recipient" sta-   Bishop's Appeal via this method.
                                           Likewise in the establishing of   springboards from which deeper       tus with the Australian Tax
                                       four Regions of the Diocese           conversation can emerge.
                                       these are styled as "Mission" and         Ask ourselves the questions
                                       Ministry Regions to which have        like: What is it that enables this
                                       been appointed four "Mission"         to be a Good News story?
                                       Support Officers.                         What are the principles that
                                           I encourage us to use the lan-    may be helpful in another loca-

        ear Companions on the          guage of our missional venture.       tion and context?
        Way        ,                       The primary role of these             And of course, ask the ques-
        Blessings in Christ.           new appointments is to consis-        tion yet again: How is God's mis-
   As of the 1 July a new              tently focus our attention upon       sion being served through this
Diocesan Mission Structure has         God's mission in the world.           particular action?
come into being.                           In other words to challenge           The Diocesan Mission struc-
   This is the result of our           us again and again to ask the         ture is like a mosaic - a mission
agreed Mission Statement at            question: In what way is what we      mosaic.
Synod 2011. Bishop-in-Council          are planning/doing serving God's          In a mosaic the artist starts
has agreed to a transitional peri-     mission?                              with a range of unconnected
od of moving into this new struc-          The Mission Archdeacons, the      pieces of pottery, and then
ture through to Synod 2013.            Mission Support Officers, along       places them in relation to each
   The liturgical launch of the        with the Diocesan Leadership          other so that together they
new structure took place recent-       Team, create a network of mis-        form the one work of art.
ly on 28 July at which a new           sional focus across the Diocese,          Our      Diocesan     Mission
Archdeacon and two new                 exciting and animating and envi-      Structure has many pieces - in
Mission Archdeacons were col-          sioning clergy and laity for our      fact all the Ministry Units
lated and commissioned and             missional undertaking.                (Parishes, Schools, Chaplaincies,
four Mission Support Officers              This is about establishing a      Agencies) throughout the
were commissioned.                     critical mass of people who are       Diocese.
   The following is an extract         working together to serve                 With the new Diocesan
from my address reflecting upon        God's mission.                        Mission Structures we are plac-
the new Mission Structure:                 Serving God is our common         ing all of these Ministry Units in
                                       mission which will be given           relationship together focusing
What makes it different?               unique shape and form by the          upon mission.
    The primary difference is: It is   particular location and context.          In other words we share a
generated by a mission impera-             What will a Mission and           common goal of serving God's
tive.                                  Ministry Regional meeting look        mission in the world which is
    Our Mission Statement              like?                                 given its own unique shape and
emanated out of our Synod last             Well, that will depend -          form by the location and con-
year, stating:                         depend upon each person who           text in which we are situated.
    "We will connect to the            is a Ministry Unit representative.
wider community intentionally              It will depend upon how we           Sisters and brothers, I encour-                              Thanks
and meaningfully seeking to            come to these gatherings - what       age us to engage in God's mis-
bring transformation of life           mindset we bring.                     sion connecting with the wider
through faith in Jesus Christ."            If we come primarily to air       community in a multiplicity of         Reverends Eron Perry, Canon Robert Ireland, Lenore
    The Mission Statement is an        our issues and grievances, or to      ways.                                  Moules, Vivian Hoskins, Peter Richards - as the last Regional
initial expression of our thanks-      be competitive in the sharing of         I encourage us to walk as           Ministry Coordinators,
giving for the life-line which God     the good things which are hap-        companions within our commu-
has given us in the face of our        pening 'on our patch', then our       nities making Christ known and
financial challenge.                   gatherings have a strong likeli-      loved everywhere.                                          Resignations
    The new Diocesan Mission           hood of being superficial and of
Structure is the intentional           little value.                           Blessings,
structural implementation of the           So come with an openness to                                              Reverend Canon Sally Miller - Rector Sawtell/Bonville end
Mission Statement.                     share of ourselves and with an                            Bishop Keith       December 2012.

                                                                                                                    Reverend Carol Palmer - Rector Parish Mid Richmond end of
                                                                                                                    July to Parish of Munduddera, Eidsvold, Monto, Brisbane
                                                                                                                    Mr Greg Nelson - Fund Manager, GDIF from 27th July
  Reverend Canon Sally Miller - Chaplain to Emmanuel
  Anglican College from January 2013.
  Reverend Eron Perry - Northern Mission Support Officer
  (MSO)                                                                                                   Prayers
  Reverend Canon Ireland - Richmond MSO until Easter 2013                       Your continued prayers are asked for:
  then Reverend Canon Sally Miller.
                                                                                Penelope Richards and the family - as they move into a time              NCA Deadline
  Reverend Margaret Beach - Central MSO                                         of transition in Penelope’s health and an unknown space for the
                                                                                medical team caring for her.                                               Day is:
  Reverend Lisa Williamson - Southern MSO
                                                                                Reverend Glen Loughrey and his wife Gaye for their contin-
  Reverend Lee Shirvill - Mission Archdeacon North                              uing journey with Gaye’s ill health .

  Reverend John West - Mission Archdeacon South                                 Reverend George Chambers as he continues his journey with
                                                                                                                                                           15th of
  Reverend Canon Gail Hagon - Archdeacon at the retirement
  of Archdeacon Greg Ezzy later in the year.                                    Camryn Kirk and the family as they grieve the death of
                                                                                Camryn’s father.
  Reverend Chris Duff Rector parish of Lower Macleay.
  Commissioning service will be 28th September at 7.00pm.                       Reverend Bruce Sligo as he recovers from his operation.

August / September 2012                                                       The North Coast Anglican                                                                       Page 4
                                               Around the Diocese
                     Church family fun day                                                                                   Beef week display
      ollowing what was deemed       thirty children.                        long time.

                                                                                                                             asino’s main employer is       ding dresses to add to the floral
      to be a successful Cafe           Following church, people                Lots of pre-conceived ideas                  the local abattoir and con-    display.
      Church at Holy Trinity,        continued to arrive with an esti-       about the church were allayed                   sequently its main indus-         It was a small beginning
South West Rocks in April, the       mated attendance with parish-           and interest was shown in               try is beef.                           seven years ago with just a few
Locum Rector, Michael Bain                                                                                              Casino claims to be the Beef        people involved in the prepara-
woke up the next morning with a                                                                                      capital of Australia and so cele-      tions but this year saw eighteen
blueprint for a Church Family                                                                                        brates with the annual staging of      men and women actively taking
Fun Day for Pentecost, the birth-                                                                                    Beef Week to mark its important        part in some way.
day of the Church.                                                                                                   roll in this industry.                    The church was open to the
   With just one month to organ-                                                                                        For the first part of the week      public on Friday and Saturday
ise such an event and with some                                                                                      various functions are held lead-       with visitors arriving from sur-
tentativeness, the day evolved                                                                                       ing up to the main weekend of          rounding districts of the
into what became a most encour-                                                                                      street events and internal dis-        Northern Rivers as well as from
aging and successful outreach                                                                                        plays and markets.                     Brisbane.
into the local community.                                                                                               This year was the thirtieth            Several coach loads of people
   This of course would not have                                                                                     such celebration in the town.          came to see this display as well
happened without the amazing
support and work of many mem-
bers of the congregation.
   Attractions     included     a
Jumping Castle, face painters
and balloon tiers as well as a
treasure hunt.
   There was a sausage sizzle        Fun in the sun at South West Rocks
and other free food.                                                               Photograph used with permission
   The morning kicked off with
an informal service for those        ioners of between 100 and 150.          attending the family service.
who wished to attend followed           Most people remained in the             Above all, bridges were built
by the day’s activities.             church grounds until after 1pm          and seeds of love were sown.
   Many in the congregation          and with numerous comments                 With the success of the
were blown away with the             and thanks and encouragement,           Pentecost Family Fun Day,
response as around eighty people     the day for all intents and pur-        another such day is envisaged
attended church (the average         poses was the most successful           before the end of this year
congregation at 10am is around       outreach the church in South
twenty) including more than          West Rocks had seen in a very                                                   Sanctuary wedding display at St Mark’s
                                                                                                                                                                    Photograph used with permission

                               What’s in a name?                                                                        For the seventh year in a row       as the Casino Orchid Society’s
                                                                                                                     St Mark’s church was set ablaze        Autumn Show in the parish hall.

      t John the Baptist Anglican    being a journey where some-             that he announced to the people         with colour as the beautiful              People were able to stop for a
      Church, Lennox Head cele-      times God has been very evident         of Israel that Jesus would be           sacred place came alive with flo-      while and be still with the
      brated its Patron Saint – St   like a train moving along the           coming soon and that they               ral displays.                          blooms and gentle music in the
John the Baptist with a Patronal     train line, whilst at others it has     should ‘repent and be baptised’.           Each year the flower artists        quiet beauty of St Mark’s where,
Festival Luncheon on Sunday          been as if the train has been in a         He did not hide his message          have a chosen theme and this           combined with the Orchid Show,
24th June in the Anglican            tunnel, seemingly not clearly           in a tunnel, but openly                 year the theme was “weddings”.         the beauty of the Casino area
Church on Byron Street.                                                      announced the truth of the                 Parishioners offered old wed-       was offered.
   The theme was, ‘what would                                                gospel message to those around
we, the present congregation,                                                him.
have called the church if it was                                                The guest Speaker was                                         Diocese of Grafton
our task to name it’.                                                        Gabriel, a Sudanese refugee,
   This allowed parishioners to                                              who spoke of how St Andrew’s                                Anglican Church of Australia
contemplate what may have                                                    Lismore members had been the
been going through the minds of                                              “hands and feet” of Christ for
the original congregation who                                                him and his sister when he first                            Can you remember the Church in
established the Church in                                                    arrived in Australia in 2004.                                         your Will?
Lennox Head.                                                                    Now he helps others like him-
   We were then lead to think                                                self who have settled in Lismore          Our diocese has been blessed by the generosity of benefactors
about what attributes St John the                                            as part of the Sanctuary Australia                                in times past.
Baptist offered to us as his exam-                                           Foundation.
                                                                                                                       As we seek to expand Christ’s Mission in the 21st century, can
ple. It was agreed that most of                                                 Gabriel and his sister along
us did not want to wear camel                                                with others of a similar age had                       you think how you might contribute?
clothing and eat locusts, but we                                             left his homeland Southern
admired his austerity and mini-                                              Sudan, when he was nine, walk-                 You should get legal advice before making your will.
malism, which contrasts so much                                              ing thousands of kilometres to             You may wish to consider the activities of the Anglican Diocese
with today’s consumerist out-                                                safety.                                    of Grafton as the recipient of either a specific gift or the residue
look.                                                                           They feared for their lives as                                   of your estate.
   We also admired his outspo-                                               they fled from war and wild ani-
kenness, announcing that Jesus                                               mals, such as hyena and lions,                        The following wording may be useful for you
was coming and his determina-        Speaker Gabriel the refugee             through Ethiopia and into                            and your legal advisor when making your will:
tion to spread the news that peo-    from the Sudan                          Kenya, where they lived for
ple needed to ‘repent’ or ‘turn to         Photograph used with permission   many, many years in a refugee              I bequeath to The Corporate Trustees of the Diocese of Grafton in the
the Lord’ and ‘be baptised’.                                                 camp. He hopes eventually to               State of New South Wales the sum of . . . . . to be used for the general
   The Parishioners probably         evident to the people looking           study theology and return to              purposes of the Diocese of Grafton in such manner as the said Trustees
also hope they will not be           about for evidence that God is at       Sudan to spread the gospel.                                           may approve.
imprisoned and have their heads      work, but then the train is once           The whole service and lunch
chopped off like John did, if they   again in sight.                         with soup, sandwiches and slices
are being Jesus hands and feet in       He then challenged each              supplied by members was very
Lennox Head.                         member of the congregation to           inspiring.
   The highlight of John’s sacri-    be the “body of Christ“, in
ficial life may have been when       Lennox Head and part of the                     Some refugee statistics from the Refugee Council of Australia
he baptised the Lord Jesus as the    “visible train” on its journey.
‘one’ who would bring the truth         We were encouraged as we                           2010-2011                              1983-1984                      Top ranked country of
of salvation, “For God so loved      move about in our daily lives to
the world that he sent his only      make Jesus message real to the              Total Humanitarian Intake              Total Humanitarian Intake              origen for refugee seekers
son, that whoever believes in me     people of Lennox Head, who
shall have everlasting life” (John   may not know Jesus or even why
3:16).     The Rector, Reverend      his message is still relevant                      7.2% of annual                         21.5% of annual                          Afghanistan
Canon Dr Robert Ireland, spoke       today.
of the story of Christianity as         St John the Baptist did just                      settler intake                         settler intake                       (Sudan = No. 7)

August / September 2012                                                       The North Coast Anglican                                                                                   Page 5
                                               Around the Diocese
       Bollywood comes to Nambucca                                                                                    Lismore hymnfest on a theme of “Love”

       he June event was billed as   Nambucca Heads Anglican com-                Tery Young became Tan

                                                                                                                           ome and lift your voices      those who want to buy one,
       "An Indian Experience".       munities and friends entered the         Singh, a Bombay taxi driver,                 and join in the singing of    fundraising for people who need
       They dressed up the large     "palace" for a night to remember.        with his wife, Robin, as Tan San,            some of your favourite        one, and giving them away to
rear hall of St James' at               Jeff Bailey turned up as a            his Indian missus.                     hymns.                              those who can't afford one!
Bowraville like an Indian palace     colonialist in a three-piece suit           With a Bollywood movie                 A wide variety of hymns will        On the programme will be
with gaudy cellophane trans-         with collar and tie and won the          screening as background, the           be presented from the grand old     congregational hymn singing
forming windows and an out-          prize as best-dressed gentleman.         gathering tucked into an entree        hymns of long ago to the con-       interspersed with choral items all
door courtyard setting further          There were two hostesses at           of Pakorhas and Samosas, fol-          temporary items of today.           on the theme of ‘love’.
'indiafied' with satin cushions.     the dinner - Marj Ellison as             lowed by mains of either                  St Andrews Anglican Church          The program has been organ-
   More than 50 people from          "Bolly" and Yvonne Patman as             Chicken Korma, Beef Madras or          Choir, Lismore, will present an     ised and rehearsed by organist
both the Bowraville and              "Wood" (get it?)                         Vegetarian Curry.                      Hymnfest.                           and musical director of St
                                                                                 In the kitchen, Rector,                This is being presented in       Andrews, Warren Whitney.
                                                                              Reverend Lisa Williamson,              association with the Bible             All welcome.
                                                                              cooked up a spicy Halwa while          Society – who’s object is to put       This is a non-denominational
                                                                              husband, Mark, prepared a              the Bible into people's hands.      event.
                                                                              dessert of dumplings cooked in            This means selling a Bible to
                                                                                 The evening raised more than                                      Venues
                                                                              $1000 for both churches mainte-          St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Zadoc St, Lismore, 2:00pm
                                                                              nance funds.                             Sunday 29 July, 2012
                                                                                                                                     Entry free, but there will be a collection
                                                                                                                                     taken up for the Bible Society.
                                                                                   An Inte re s ting Fa ct             Songs of Praise, incorporating much of the same music, will be pre-
                                                                                                                       sented by the choir:
                                                                               The Ma -Thoma church is in
                                                                                  communion with the                   St Mary’s Anglican Church, Norton St, Ballina, 2:00pm Sunday
                                                                                Anglica n Communion a nd               12 August, 2012
Parishioners enjoying an “Indian Experience”                                   wa s founde d in India by S t
                                           Photograph used with permission.       Thoma s the Apos tle .               All Saint’s Anglican Church, Murwillumbah, 2:00pm Sunday 26
                                                                                                                         August, 2012

   Car Rally                                                                                                               A sweet success raises funds
    at the                                                                                                           T
                                                                                                                           here was anticipation,
                                                                                                                           excitement and a flurry of
                                                                                                                           activity to prepare for the
                                                                                                                                                            Food Technology Teacher
                                                                                                                                                         Mrs Cooke said ‘I am very
                                                                                                                                                         proud of this talented group of
   Bellinger                                                                                                         annual Australia’s Biggest
                                                                                                                     Morning Tea on Monday 4th
                                                                                                                     June 2012.
                                                                                                                                                         students who helped to raise
                                                                                                                                                         $518 for the Cancer Council.
                                                                                                                                                            ‘The contribution by all stu-
                                                                                                                       The      Year      10     Food    dents this morning is making a

        otices appeared in the                                                                                       Technology Students from            positive difference to the lives of
        Anglican Roundabout                                                                                          Lindisfarne Grammar were            people affected by cancer and
        (Parish New Letter) that
Mike and Wendy Summerill
from Prince of Peace, Raleigh
were arranging a car rally.
   Participants were to meet at         It was great!
Prince of Peace to start at 10am        We travelled on all the old
followed by a BYO BBQ lunch          roads that we used to navigate            Above: Raleigh rally partici-
to share at St Barnabas, Urunga      before the new highway was                pants at lunch
after the rally.                     opened.
   It rained heavily all week           We answered over 50 or so                Photographs used with permission
before but we woke to a lovely       questions and discovered lots of
day on Saturday.                     interesting things we always              Right: Food technology fun at
   We arrived an hour early by       took for granted when travelling           fundraiser tea
not reading the notices proper-      the old highway through
ly!!                                 Bonville, Repton, Mylestom,              Bruce Turner arrived at church
   At 10am four cars, full of par-   Raleigh and finally arrived at St        in a sparkling clean car after
ticipants, left at 5 minute inter-   Barnabas’s for a BBQ lunch and           using his prize from the rally.
vals to start looking for all the    good company.                                                                   assigned the challenge of plan-     helping to fund Cancer
clues.                                  The following day Reverend                                  Jenny Green      ning, preparing and serving deli-   Council’s vital research, preven-
                                                                                                                     cious sweet and savoury treats      tion programs and support serv-
                                                                                                                     for the event.                      ices’ said Mrs Cooke.
      Marion McCall, OAM to speak at M.U. AGM                                                                           Many staff and students thor-       This year’s fundraising was
                                                                                                                     oughly enjoyed the array of         dedicated to the memory of for-

         e are delighted that        Competition twice.                                                              beautifully presented delights on   mer Lindisfarne teacher Pam
         Marion McCall, OAM             It has been running since                                                    offer during the morning tea        Cooper.
         has accepted an invita-     1964 and invites competitors                                                    break.
tion by the Mother’s Union           from all over the globe to choose
(MU) Executive to be the “Guest      their flying challenge.                                                            Recently Marion raised           President of “Australian Church
Speaker” on Thursday 25th               The flying must be planned                                                   $10,000 to help disadvantaged       Women in SA”.
October 2012.                        with precision and flown during                                                 children, by once again partici-       She is very involved in many
   Marion learnt to fly when she     a particular time of year.                                                      pating in the challenge.            community endeavours, and in
was 50 years old, and in the            This award is presented in                                                      Between dawn and dusk she        particular in the encouragement
Queen’s Birthday Honours List        Piccadilly House London.                                                        flew from Port Pirie to Port        of young girls to reach their
in 2011, she was awarded the            Entries are judged on origi-                                                 Lincoln via Port Augusta, the       potential.
“The Medal of the Order of           nality, research, flight planning,                                              Flinders      Ranges,    Mount         I encourage all MU Branches
Australia” for services to avia-     airmanship and a difficulty of the                                              Hopeless, Lake Eyre, Pelican        to make a special effort to attend.
tion through the Women’s Pilot’s     challenge itself.                                                               Point, William Creek, Port             It will be a very worthwhile
Association”.                           A minimum of eight hours                                                     Augusta and Whyalla.                day with the delight of having
   As the wife of David, the then    must be spent in the air.                                                          All between dawn and dusk.       Marion amuse and educate us
Bishop of Willochra, she piloted        On the first occasion she won,        Marion with her           beloved         Marion began her working         with her experience and knowl-
him around all the events that       in 2004, she “beat the bounds” of        Cessna VH JCS                          career as a primary school          edge.
were scheduled around South          the Diocese of Bunbury to cele-               Photograph used with permission   teacher and has been married to        God Bless
Australia, removing him of the       brate its centenary.                                                            Bishop David for over 40 years.
burden of regular seven or eight        She was the first Australian to       between Kalgoorlie and Port               They have 5 children and                                    Yvonne
hour drives.                         win the award.                           Augusta.                               “many” grandchildren.                                          Turner
   Marion has won the presti-           On the second occasion in                A very isolated journey with           She is a Past Australian
gious “Dawn to Dusk” Flying          2007, she crossed the Nullarbor          difficult communications.              President of MU and is currently

August / September 2012                                                        The North Coast Anglican                                                                            Page 6
                                                 Around the Diocese
 Pilgrimage to Solomon Islands                                                                                      Are you Ready?

        small group mission pil-          The Cost will be between

                                                                                    his is an invitation to            She attends a church in               her children love and serve the
        grimage is being planned       $2000 and S2350, depending on                dance at the BUTTER-            Sydney with Bible – based                Lord.
        by the ABM Auxilary to         available air fares and group                FLY KISSES CONFER-              teaching and world class praise             Sue will talk from her heart
visit the Solomon Islands.             composition.                            ENCE                                 music.                                   how God has put flesh on her dry
   The pilgrimage will take               Accommodation will be in               At St. Thomas’s Church, Port          There she and her husband             bones.
place between September 21st           Church Rest Houses and vil-             Macquarie.                           are involved in many of the com-            We begin our conference with
and October 7th this year.             lages.                                                                       munity outreach endeavors’ run           dinner      on     Friday     14th,
   It will include:                       Twin share and self-contained          Ezekiel 37. v5                     by the church.                           September, continuing on
   A visit to Mission Partners on      in Honiara, otherwise, village            Thus says God to these bones;         As a mother Sue considers it          Saturday 15th .
the islands of Guadalcanal and         accommodation, including tradi-           I will cause breath to enter       an incredible blessing that both            Cost is $60 early bird regis-
Malaita,        including     the      tional leaf houses.                     you,                                                                          trations till end of July then $65.
                                                                                 And you shall live.”                                                           Registrations close after 10th
                                                                                                                                                             September, for organizational
                                                                                  Take time out for space and                                                and catering purposes.
                                                                               reflection.                                                                      That’s value girls, dinner,
                                                                                  Feeling hollow dead and                                                    morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea
                                                                               empty, wanting more?                                                          and supper included.
                                                                                  COME.                                                                         Don’t wait to hear about it!
                                                                                                                                                                Come and be changed, feel
                                                                                  Its always about ladies gath-                                              the love and acceptance, the pure
                                                                               ering fellowshipping, laughing,                                               joy of Sisterhood.
                                                                               crying, singing and of course                                                    This is a generous invitation
                                                                               enjoying food together.                                                       to pause, renew, and surrender to
                                                                                  Our speaker is Sue Mitchell, a                                             a God who has some wonderful
                                                                               vivacious, soft, gentle, energetic                                            new steps to teach us.
                                                                               woman who is incredibly in love                                                  Contact for more information
Bishop Richard Naramana and Archbishop David Vunagi lead a                     with the Lord Jesus.                                                          and registrations forms.
procession at Selwyn College                                                      She is married with two chil-                                                 Pauline, 65820297          Cilla
                                             Photograph used with permission   dren, a 22 yr old son and a 19 yr    Sue Mitchell.                            65820188         Valmai 65836265
                                                                               old girl.                                  Photograph used with permission.
Melanesian Brothers and Sisters,          Some meals are included.
Sisters of the Church and              Honiara         accommodation
Franciscan Brothers, Selwyn            includes a kitchen, so the group                                   Re-imaging EfM training
College, Christian Care Centre,        will shop for and cook meals
Mothers Union, GFS, Fouabu             together at local markets and

                                                                                      he    Reverend     Kevin          He is also Director of Studies       and we all enjoyed the great
Clinic and Airahu Training             shops.                                         Bourke from St Cuthbert’s     for ordinands in the Diocese of          sense of community engendered
Centre.                                   If you are interested please                Anglican Church, Tweed        Chester.                                 by these dedicated EfM mentors.
   You will be able to explore         contact Helen Newton, hnew-             Heads, and Mrs Norma                     Gary is taking the opportunity          ‘I was energised to take back
the island of Malaita, including,         0428        Anderson from St John’s              to research the re-imaging of            to my local EfM group insights
the legendary Artificial Islands       606647, PO Box 6229, South              Anglican Church Coffs Harbour        EfM for his PhD and has con-             from this experience.’
of the Lau Lagoon, sharing the         Lismore, 2480                           were invited to take part in an      ducted training events in
local lifestyle.                                                               EfM residential training event at    Auckland and Melbourne as well
                                                                               the Brookfield Centre for            as visiting the University of the

          Maclean Op shop                                                      Christian Spirituality, Kenmore
                                                                               Hills, Qld.
                                                                                  The guest leader was the
                                                                                                                    South, USA, the originators of
                                                                                                                    the EfM program.
                                                                                                                        The Brookfield Centre with
            vandalised                                                         Reverend Gary O’Neill, who
                                                                               was supported by Trevor Smith
                                                                               the National Director of EfM
                                                                                                                    its relaxed and tranquil ambience
                                                                                                                    was conducive to an effective
                                                                                                                    time of worship and study.

      ime and again we are             Macquarie, Bangalow, Ballina,           Australia.                               Norma said: ‘The ten partici-
      called by the Master to          Alstonville, Woolgoolga and                Gary is the National Director     pants invited to share this event
      serve and to show compas-        South Grafton.                          of EfM in the UK.                    found it creative and stimulating
sion and the will to help others.          The St James Church commu-
   Time and again in our com-          nity wishes to thank these
munities we find open-hearted,         churches for their wonderful                                           Macksville reports in
selfless people obeying the            response.
Master's call.                             Marie also indicates that

                                                                                       n Monday 21st May we         unable to be there for Marjory’s         our bird expert Jock told us about
   We have just been provided          many local people and organisa-                 had a Bible Study Group      birthday.                                the Sacred Kingfisher which is
with a fresh manifestation of this     tions not directly linked to St                 get together at Joy and         On Saturday the 30th June             often confused with the Azure
'compassion' and 'will to help         James have also been generous           Hilton Beauchamp’s with a bring      Macksville Anglican Parish host-         and Mangrove Kingfisher.
others' in our Parish of Maclean.      in their gifts of time and energy       and share meal to wish our good      ed a Cursillo and information               Bible study continues at Holy
   Since the publication of the        in helping the Op-Shop return to        friend Bob luck for his surgery      afternoon and the guest speaker          Trinity on Wednesdays and at
last edition of the North Coast        its former glory.                       the following day.                   was Geoff Duffy.                         Judith Thomson’s on Tuesday
Anglican the Maclean Anglican              Generous donations have                 The Church at Scott’s Head on       Our July lunch was held at            afternoons and the singing group
Op- Shop was broken into by            been gratefully received from           the Day of Pentecost was beauti-     Macksville RSL and 18 church             also meet on Wednesday after-
some seriously disturbed souls         the Presbyterian R. E. Serve and        fully decorated with red             friends enjoyed a great meal and         noons at Holy Trinity.
who used the shop's fire extin-        the Salvation Army Op-Shops of          Poinsettias and red balloons         thanks go to Moyna Allen who                A big thank you to everyone
guisher to destroy all that was        Maclean and the Yamba                   thanks to Pat Elphick and            organises these monthly lunches.         who has so generously con-
housed therein.                        Presbyterian Church, from Nick          Reverend Jilleen.                       After the service at Scotts           tributed to our Parish pantry and
   Given the importance of the         Clark at Maclean's Home                     Our monthly lunch at Scotts      Head on the 8th July, ten of us          to David Allen who has volun-
Op Shop's place in the life of the     Hardware business and the               Head Bowling Club was a happy        were invited to Bev and Tony             teered to act as co-ordinator for
Church and the local community,        Gulmarrad Rural Fire Service            time with 19 church friends          Chamber’s home to enjoy a tasty          this project.
members of St James, the local         workers who used their fire truck       enjoying good food and fellow-       breakfast cooked by Tony and
Anglican Church, under the             resource to collect additional          ship and each Thursday morning
inspired leadership of the             clothing and other items for the        several of us meet at Marilyn’s
Reverend Alan Lambert, quickly         Op-Shop.                                for an hour to enjoy coffee and
set about to bring it back into full       A final word from Marie:            great company.
operation.                             ‘The Parish Op-Shop has been                On Saturday the 16th June we
   Word of the shop's losses also      blessed in many ways and we             were once again at Joy and
quickly spread around the dio-         give thanks and praise to our           Hilton’s to help celebrate
cese and in no time offers of help     Lord.’                                  Marjory’s, Joy’s Mum, 96th
to replace the spoiled items were                                              birthday where many family and
flooding in from various church                              Bob Field,        friends enjoyed a delicious lunch
communities.                                            Maclean Parish.        and fun together.
   Marie Young and the leader-                                                     The following afternoon sev-
ship team at the St James Op                                                   eral church friends were once
Shop were thrilled to receive                                                  again at Joy and Hilton’s to share
generous gifts of items from the                                               afternoon tea with Reverends
Anglican communities of Port                                                   Jilleen and George who were          Discussing the Sacred Kingfisher after breakfast
                                                                                                                                                                   Photograph used with permission

August / September 2012                                                         The North Coast Anglican                                                                                Page 7
                       Grafton Diocese Investment Fund
                                                And it’s goodbye from me
  “Oh this old world keeps           aged by the then Registrar and        equivalent of gigabytes of corpo-      GDIF makes from its surpluses
  spinning round, it’s a won-        Financial Accountant.                 rate knowledge and information.        which assists the Church in its
  der tall trees ain’t laying           Whilst that was a mildly               Strategically for the GDIF, it     role of mission to the people.
  down, there comes a time”.         workable solution in the short        is imperative that as much of this        It’s worth highlighting that
                                     term, it did not allow any band-      information as possible is             each year, the GDIF has made a

          usic fans out there will   width to move the Fund forward.       retained within the organisation.      financial contribution and has
          instantly     recognise       Additionally, the GDIF Board           To that end, the Diocese has       always met on time all interest
          those words as the cho-    sought to expand the size of the      kindly asked me to remain with-        payments and redemptions to its
rus from Neil Young’s 1978 clas-     Fund significantly, thereby           in the team for a short period to      investors, despite the economic
sic song “There Comes A Time”.       enabling the Diocese to under-        facilitate a smooth transition         downturns caused by the Global
    “There Comes A Time” con-        take its mission more effectively.    onto the new Fund Manager.             Financial Crisis.
tains meaningful & powerful             Knowing that importance of             In return, I have given my            It really is a rewarding feeling    GDIF manager, Greg Nelson
lyrics, particularly the first &     that goal, the Board made the         commitment that to remain for          knowing that I’ve been part of a
second verses.                       strategic decision to create the      that period.                           team, a Diocese wide team with        might go wrong, while others
    The melody is extremely cap-     dedicated position of Fund                                                   many different members over 14        will climb through and welcome
tivating, as is the distinctive      Manager.                              Down memories lane                     years that have pulled together       the new challenges that await
sound of Mr Young’s voice.              This was an act of faith by the        Without doubt, the fondest         for the greater good.                 them.
    Briefly, the song is all about   Diocese and the GDIF Board,           memories of my time with the              So to everyone who has                What this future challenge is
how quickly life passes us by, the   faith that the parishes and the       Diocese after all the work,            played their part – big or small –    that awaits me is unknown.
frenetic pace preventing us from     people would see the many             efforts, sweat and yes some            a very big and sincere thank you         I can say that assisting people
enjoying the simple things in        opportunities that would be           tears, is seeing the results put       for your support and kindness         to make their lives better and
life.                                opened up for the future.             into tangible reality.                 shown to me over that time.           imparting useful knowledge to
    But regardless of where we          The rest as they say is history,       Whether it be the GDIF assist-        I’ve made many dear friends        others to facilitate a better life is
are on the timescale of life or      with deposits in the GDIF grow-       ing the parishes by providing          over this time and also discov-       something that holds increasing
what we are doing, “this old         ing from $5M in 1998 to $35M          funding for rectories, ministry        ered I do have a spiritual dimen-     interest for me.
world keeps spinning round”.         in June 2012.                         centres, halls and property exten-     sion too, both have been quite           We will wait and see.
    And so it is.                       That is a seven-fold increase      sions, for the clergy with min-        enabling.                                “Oh this old world keeps
    Recently, many of you would      over 14 years, something that we      istry related car loans and the                                                 spinning round, it’s a won-
have read via Bishop Keith’s         collectively can be extremely         development of Anglican based          Into the ether I go forth                der tall trees ain’t laying
“Ad Clerum” or hear at Sunday        proud.                                schooling in our Diocese.                 With the melodic chorus of            down, there comes a time”.
Services, that I have tendered my       The use of the word “collec-           I realise that the latter is a     Neil Young’s song bouncing               And so it is.
resignation as Fund Manager and      tively” is deliberate – meaning       contentious issue for some but         around my head, there does                                  Greg Nelson
will finish in that role from        both you, me and everyone else        the answer is for everybody to         indeed come a time.                                       Fund Manager
Friday 27 July 2012.                 that has been involved in this        visit the Anglican school near            A time when we intrinsically
    Our Registrar Mr Anthony         tremendous expansion and suc-         you on their annual open day.          know that we must make a sig-
Newby will take on the role of       cess of the GDIF – it’s all about         You will see the eager looks       nificant change in our lives,
Acting Fund Manager in the           teamwork, shared ideals and an        on the students’ faces, witness        career path or direction.
meantime.                            unshakable faith that we can          first hand their thirst for learning      That time for me has arrived.         The next Deadline
                                     make things better.                   and proudly admire the dedica-         Whether it is The Lord calling
But let’s rewind the present              Together as a team we            tion of the teaching and admin         me to a fresh challenge, a gut                 Day is the:
   As we all know too well, time     walked to the mountain, willing-      staff of each school.                  feeling or even little voices
passes us by very quickly.           ly accepted the challenge and are         These students are not only        inside my head (my unkind                    15th
   Fourteen years ago this           now standing firmly on the sum-       receiving an Anglican based edu-       friends would say it’s definitely
August, yes it was 1998 (last        mit.                                  cation but they are the future         the latter), you simply know
century); I was appointed to the                                           generations of our nation and          what you need to do.                      September
role of Manager of the Grafton       Back to the future                    just as importantly, the future           Another analogy; the window
Diocese Investment Fund.                As a member of the Diocese         faces of the parishes.                 of opportunity opens, some peo-              2012
   Prior to my appointment, the      team for the past 14 years, my            Last but not least, is the year-   ple will gaze through the win-
Investment Fund was co-man-          grey matter is filled with the PC     ly GDIF contribution that the          dow and wonder about what

                                                                                                                                   Meeting our clients
                                                                                                                            financial needs since 1981

                                                                                                                                                        Benefiting all

   FR EECA LL: 18 0 0 8 10 91 9
   E MA IL:    off i ce @ gd if . com . a u
   WEB SITE: www.gdif.

August / September 2012                                                     The North Coast Anglican                                                                               Page 8
                                                  Around the Diocese
    Farewell to the changing face of Greg Nelson                                                                          NCA says farewell to Greg

    t is with more than a little     accomplished and the extraordi-             Typically, he has indicated he

                                                                                                                           he North Coast Anglican                                    Not only was the article of
    sadness that the Diocese has     nary legacy he is leaving us.            is willing to assist in the transi-          has been financially sup-                               use and often related to things
    seen the resignation of Mr          A Fund that has not only              tion process leading to the                  ported in many ways by                                  happening in the financial world
Greg Nelson as Fund Manager          grown dramatically but is a safe         appointment of a replacement.         the GDIF.                                                      at the time...they were always
for the GDIF.                        and secure place for depositors             We wish Greg every success             During much of his time at                                 there.
   Greg has held this position for   throughout the Diocese and a             and happiness in his future           the GDIF the paper has received                                   Yes, we have on occasions
the last 14 years and has become     Fund that has provided enor-             endeavours and life beyond the        articles from Greg Nelson as                                   had to chase the Fund Manager
a well-known and trusted face        mous financial resources for             GDIF.                                 Fund Manager of the GDIF to                                    for his article but it always
throughout the Diocese and an        diocesan ministry.                          Well done, Greg. Our special       explain, monetary policy, the                                  arrived.
integral part of life at the            In fact Greg leaves us with a         thanks to you.                        GDIF’s position and many other                                    The current editor wishes
Registry.                            Fund that is now strongly posi-             And may God bless you in the       topics.                                                        Greg well in his future direction
   For these reasons his depar-      tioned to allow for future growth        new paths you take from here.             The editors (past and present)                             and trusts that he will take time
ture represents much more than a     and prosperity.                                                                are not sure how much he                                       to relax with family and friends
member of staff “moving on”.            Greg’s last day as Fund                (Extracted from Clergy Update        enjoyed writing the articles but                               around Australia.
   During his time as Fund           Manager was on July 27.                           3 by Archdeacon Ezzy)        were and are grateful for the fact
Manager and with Joanne along-                                                                                      that he has written them and                                     Blessings on your future
side and more recently with                                                                                         filled a space in the paper.                                   mate.
Annette as well, the GDIF has
grown enormously.
   Many of us are familiar with                                                                                               Rector welcomed home
his well-illustrated reports to
Diocesan Synod each year,

                                                                                                                           n Sunday afternoon (July                                singing a group of Australian
invariably showing a rise in total                                                                                         8th) a welcome home                                     patriotic songs – a reminder,
investments      or    children’s                                                                                          party was held for St.                                  announced the organist Rosina
accounts or in some other aspect                                                                                    Thomas’ Anglican Church,                                       Dyer, that however attractive
of the Fund.                                                                                                        Rector Reverend John West and                                  some cities doubtless were, that
   For many investors across the                                                                                    his wife Susan, who had just                                   there was no place like home,
Diocese, Greg represented a                                                                                         returned from a well-earned 6                                  Australia.
friendly, supportive and relaxed
face at the GDIF, always ready
to make time to assist in their
   Greg was very much a part of
day-to-day life in the Registry
where his contribution and
expertise extended well beyond
the GDIF.
     As a Diocese, we are very
grateful for all that Greg has

              Foundation stone layed 100yrs ago
                                                                                                                    Reverend John West talks about his European holiday

       n Sunday 3 June eighty        through attendance, family bap-          life to the occasion.                                                                                        Photograph:used with permission
       people attended the festal    tisms, weddings and funerals. In             The singing of The Church’s
       Eucharist at the Anglican     contrast to candidates for some          one Foundation, Christ Be our         week holiday in Europe – reward                                    Susan West sang a beautiful
Church of St. Mary Magdalene         confirmations, all three request-        Light, I, the Lord of Sea and Sky     for long service.                                              Hebrew lament capturing some
in Coraki to celebrate the cente-    ed to be confirmed.                      and To God Be the Glory was              Over a hundred people attend-                               of the painful history of Europe.
nary of the laying of the founda-        It was a joyous rite of passage      sung with vigour and accompa-         ed the afternoon tea, during                                       Afternoon tea was provided at
tion stone by Bishop Henry           for all three as well as their fam-      nied capably by Marie Mills of        which John showed/displayed                                    no charge other than that every-
Edward Cooper on 29 May              ily, their friends and the congre-       Casino.                               photos of their journey through                                one should bring their own deco-
1912.                                gation, which also resulted in               Bishop Keith’s sermon spoke       Europe.                                                        rated cup and saucer – meaning
                                                                              to our young people as well as           The rafters in the Church hall                              little washing up for the helpers.
                                                                              the adults.                           rang with music as the Choir                                       A good time was had by all!
                                                                                  It was about the ‘nowness’ of     joined in with the crowd in
                                                                              Christ, about commitment and
                                                                              love as well as about the church
                                                                              in history and its relevance
                                                                                  Following the Eucharist a
                                                                              delicious lunch was served in                 GDIF STUDENT BANKING
                                                                              Brandon Hall by Canon Brian
                                                                              Müller, the Brandon Hall                                           Join Saving Sal & friends as they
                                                                              Committee and friends.
                                                                                  Reverend Geoffrey Foley a                                         discover banking with GDIF!
                                                                              church historian and former rec-
                                                                              tor, Reverend Ernest Horner, a                                                                   Competitive Interest Rates
                                                                              deacon with an association with                                                                        Access Accounts
                                                                              the parish and Reverend Carol,                                                                         Term Investments

                                                                              the parish priest all spoke during                                                                      School Banking

                                                                              the luncheon.                                                                                            Direct Giving

                                                                                  Placemats made by Canon                                                                            No Account Fees

                                                                              Brian were a generous gift to                                                                         No TransactionFees

                                                                              those present.
                                                                                  It featured an oval coloured                             Open an account today
                                                                              photo of the church with a glori-
                                                                              ous red hibiscus in the fore-                                                     I
                                                                                                                    freecall: 1800 810 919
                                                                                  Tables were decorated cre-
                                                                              atively, adding to the sense of
The Centenary cake                                                            occasion.
                                           Photograph: used with permission       The table service was gra-                   r       vider
                                                                                                                             Parish Prov
                                                                                                                             Parish Provider
   During the service, Jake          healing and reconciliation.                  The parish anticipates a cele-
Haynes was baptised by Bishop           The Spirit of Christ was truly        bration of the ‘true’ centenary of
Keith then Jake, his sister Sophie   present among us!                        the consecration of the Anglican                     the                     into the future.
                                                                                                                          Carrying the tradition of giving i        future.
Haynes and Alexander Robson-            Fresh flowers arranged pro-           Church of St. Mary Magdalene                   Par ish Provider
                                                                                                                             Parish Provider allows you to make co
                                                                                                                                                                contributions on
Mortimer were confirmed.             fessionally by a parishioner             in Coraki in 2013.                                                                  rch
                                                                                                                             a regular basis to your nominated chur community

   All three confirmees have an      adorned the monastic, gothic                                                                    gh
                                                                                                                                throug the convenient and secure electronic
                                                                                                                                        funds transfer (EFT) system
association with the parish          church adding both beauty and                The Reverend Carol Palmer

August / September 2012                                                         The North Coast Anglican                                                                                                        Page 9
          ABM Celebrates its Indigenous Projects                                                                        Name change for aid agency

       BM        works      with        ments of Aboriginal and Torres         ABM works with staff at

                                                                                                                             ustralian Anglican Aid         ‘We have innovative plans to
       Indigenous Australians           Strait Islander peoples.               Nungalinya College and also                   Agency, Anglicord, on        commit more resources to
       through a number of proj-           ABM's priorities in support-        encourages clergy retreats and a              May the 28th launched a      emerging environmental areas
ects that aim to support ministry       ing both Aboriginal and Torres         new Bishop’s award program.           transformation of its public
and whole communities.                  Strait Islander Anglicans are to          ABM has recently committed         identity with the announcement
                                        support the ministry of                to the implementation of a            of a new name and logo.
                                        Indigenous Australians with            Reconciliation Action Plan               ‘The decision to rename the
                                        their own people and communi-          (RAP).                                agency to Anglican Overseas
                                        ties and to support programs of           The RAP will guide ABM in          Aid is in response to supporter
                                        training and leadership develop-       the process of furthering our         feedback that our name needs to
                                        ment.                                  relationships with our Aboriginal     better reflect what we do, which
                                           The people and projects con-        and Torres Strait Islander broth-     is to work through Anglican
                                        tribute to the development of          ers and sisters.                      connections to reduce poverty in
                                        Indigenous communities and the            ABM hopes this process and         some of the world’s poorest
                                        Australian community as a              the implementation of the RAP         communities, in some of the
                                        whole.                                 will encourage parishes and dio-      most difficult to reach locations’
                                           The work of Reverend Gloria         ceses across Australia to reflect     explains Anglican Overseas
                                        Shipp is one example.                  on their own process of reconcil-     Aid’s CEO, Ms Misha Coleman.
                                           She co-ordinates a ministry         iation and to consider taking the        ‘We accept that our name
                                        team       called     ‘Walkabout       step towards developing a RAP         should say what we do,’ says Ms
                                        Ministries’ in the Diocese of          with their local Aboriginal and       Coleman.
                                        Bathurst and runs men’s and            Torres Strait Islander communi-          ‘To help communicate what         Ms Misha Colemanr
                                        women’s camps for Aboriginal           ties.                                 we do, we’ve been including the           Photograph:
Reverend Gloria Shippr                  and non-Aboriginal people, giv-           ABM primarily seeks to             words Anglican Overseas Aid in
      Photograph used with permission   ing them opportunities to share        encourage        and       support    our logo and communications          like solar lights for poor com-
                                        their life experiences.                Aborigines and Torres Strait          for some time now.                   munities, and to assist communi-
   The month of July, and                  Scholarships, funded partly         Islanders to minister to their own       ‘The other key reason to          ties, Christian and non-
NAIDOC week, saw a spotlight            through ABM’s fundraising, sup-        people in Australia and is proud      change our name was to remove        Christian, who are being perse-
placed on such programs and             port indigenous students at            to be working with these              the confusion between ourselves      cuted.’
communities as events are held          Gawura campus at St Andrew’s           Indigenous projects.                  and other Anglican agencies,            Ms Coleman assures support-
around Australia to celebrate the       Cathedral School in Sydney.               Find out more:                     which is an ongoing issue at the     ers of Anglicord (now called
history, culture and achieve-              In the Northern Territory,                   broader public and government        Australian Overseas Aid) that
                                                                                                                     levels. We are taking the oppor-     the changes will not affect them
                                                                                                                     tunity with our move to a better     in anyway.
                              Voices For Justice 2012                                                                physical location to change the         ‘We still have the same com-
                                                                                                                     name and revamp the logo,            mitment to our vision of a world

       oices for Justice is Micah       last Voices for Justice before the     300 people, so get in quick!          reflecting that we are a strong      free of poverty and for justice
       Challenge’s         annual       next federal election, and a sig-         Early bird discounts end 20        and progressive Anglican organ-      and peace for all.’
       national         gathering       nificant opportunity to influence      July, and final registrations close   isation.                                The integration of the new
between the 15th and 18th               government policy before the           17 August.                               ‘It is meant to help us move      brand has already begun and
September in Canberra.                  2015 Millennium Development               For more details and to regis-     into a new era of working            will continue to be a gradual
   Join together with hundreds of       Goals’ target date to halve global     ter online visit www.micahchal-       smarter and creating leverage        process to ensure a cost effective
Christians from all over the            poverty.                                through partnerships and joint       transition from old to new mate-
country to pray, worship, learn            The four day program                                                      ventures,’ she says.                 rials
and speak out for a world of jus-       includes: advocacy training/ the-
tice and compassion.                    ological teaching/ worship/
   Meet other like-minded advo-         prayer/ lobbying/ events at par-
cates and meet your own local           liament house/ workshops/ polit-
MP too!                                 ical forums/ youth programme.
   This year’s event will be the           Registrations are limited to

     No new start on inadequate

        nglicare       Australia’s      income support is, or isn’t, and
        Executive Director Kasy         what in all fairness Government
        Chambers described the          should do.’                            decide on those income levels,
Senate Committee Inquiry into              National survey questions           our national survey showed                          ZERO TOLERANCE FOR
the adequacy of income support,         commissioned by Anglicare              Australians had remarkably con-
announced on the 26th June, as a        Australia last year found that         sistent views.                                      SEXUAL MISCONDUCT
vital       opportunity        for      80% of all Australians believed            ‘More than 60% of those sur-
Government.                             government allowances should           veyed agreed that welfare levels
   ‘Cost of living pressures such       cover the increased costs of liv-      should be set by an independent
as rent and power bills hurt peo-       ing or be linked to the average        body, at arm’s length from gov-                        Grafton Diocese
ple living on low incomes much          wage, with only 3% supporting          ernment, with only a quarter                       has established formal procedures
more than most of those on the          the line that the level be set to      believing it should stay a part of
average wage or better’ Ms              help governments balance their         the Government budget process.                                 to deal with
Chambers said.
   ‘And a number of allowances,
                                           Anglicare Australia will draw
                                                                                   ‘And so Anglicare Australia
                                                                               will be calling for pensions and
                                                                                                                                  sexual misconduct.
such as Newstart and Youth              on the considerable expertise of       allowances to be set by an inde-
Allowance, have been falling            its network, with more than 40         pendent body, a Fair Benefits                Persons aggrieved by the sexual misconduct
further and further behind pen-         member organisations in com-           Commission perhaps, which can                  of a church worker – whether they are an
sions and wage rises for many           munities right across the country,     consider the real cost of living as            ordained or lay person – should report it.
years now.                              to contribute to the inquiry.          it affects people on low incomes’
   ‘Economists and business                ‘We will argue that current         Ms Chambers said.
leaders across the country share        allowances such as Newstart,                                                               If you wish to speak to someone
Anglicare Australia’s view that         through their inadequacy, do not                                                       about sexual abuse by a church worker
an inadequate income makes it
harder for people to find work, to
                                        allow a new start at all, but rather
                                        trap too many Australians in
                                                                                      Next NCA                                 please phone 1800 774 945 at any time
                                                                                                                                        for recorded information
connect into their communities,
or benefit from school or train-
                                        poverty and ill health.’ said Ms
                                                                                      deadline                                  of the names and telephone numbers
                                                                                                                                                 of our
   ‘The Government must take
                                           ‘The question is not just about
                                        the level of income support                     date:                                               Contact Persons.
this Senate Inquiry seriously.          today, but also how the level is
   ‘It is a vital opportunity to
learn just how adequate existing
                                           ‘When we asked who should             15 September

August / September 2012                                                          The North Coast Anglican                                                                           Page 10
 Praying with the saints                                                           Managing the modern moral maze
           The Martyrs of New Guinea               Died. 1942                                                                   Alcohol fueled morality...
                    Feast Day 2nd September                                                                            and other nefarious deeds being         human rights and the rights of
                                                                                                                       perpetrated outside clubs, pubs         young and old alike to do as they

          hen Britain assumed           Church elsewhere fared less                                                    and other venues of alcohol             please.
          sovereignty over south-       well.                                                                          abuse.                                     It should be obvious that our
          east New Guinea in               In Anglican terminology the                                                    What happened to our moral           moral stance must be to ensure
1888 and the General Synod of           New Guinea Martyrs were eight                                                  authority?                              that people understand that they
the Church of England in                Anglican clergy, teachers and                                                     When did the individual give         have the moral and ethical
Australia (the Anglican Church          medical missionaries killed by                                                 up her moral responsibility and         authority to instil the discipline
of Australia) resolved that "...the     the Japanese in 1942, the                                                      his respect for himself and oth-        of “No”.
recent annexation of portion of         Anglican Bishop of New Guinea                                                  ers?                                       No you may not drink as a
New Guinea imposes direct obli-         (then a diocese of the ecclesias-                                                 Common sense has certainly           teenager.
gation upon the Church to pro-          tical Province of Queensland)                                                  become moribund if this is the             No you are not allowed to
vide for the spiritual welfare          Philip Strong having instructed         Fr Peter Richards                      way we act and think in                 drive your car if you are going
both of the natives and the set-        Anglican missionaries to remain                                                Australian society and as               out.
tlers.” the Christian era in Papua      at their posts despite the
                                                                                    have been astounded by the         Christians on the Mid North                No you may not hit, bully or
New Guinea began.                       Japanese invasion.                          rise in the moral stance of        Coast / North Coast.                    abuse another person.
   In 1889 the Reverend A. A.              Three hundred thirty-three               alcohol in the public domain.         As Christians we are trans-             If our Christian lives do not
Maclaren was appointed the first        church workers of various                   Alcohol is taking the blame        formed into the likeness of             encourage self discipline and if
Anglican missionary to the              denominations were killed dur-          for the most violent of crimes         Christ which includes an under-         our leaders are unable to show
region and in 1890 visited with         ing the Japanese occupation of          and thus must be a moral force to      standing that we are in a position      discipline then we are not fol-
the Reverend Copland King.              New Guinea.                             be grappled with.                      to make a moral stand and lead          lowing Christ any more.
   They purchased land at                  The missionaries were later              At least that is my under-         others into a better way of life.          We have authority, we have
Samarai for a mission station           captured and, May Hayman, the           standing after listening to the           We are informed, as never            intellect and no alcohol is not to
and later established a mission         nurse, and Mavis Parkinson the          radio, the Police spokesman and        before, on the effects that alco-       blame, only ourselves.
house at Dogura and two South           teacher, were killed.                   the politicians.                       hol has on the human body and
Sea Islands teachers joined him            The priest, James Benson,                At what point do we begin to       thus if we are able to instil disci-    “Be still and know that I am God.”
in 1893.                                was a prisoner of war and               realise that alcohol has no            pline in our lives we are able to                          Psalm 46:10
   In the intervening years             returned to Gona after the war.         morality whatsoever and is not         resist the temptation of over
schools and mission stations               He was able to give full             to blame for anything.                 indulging.
were established along 480km of         details of that terrible time.              It is an inert substance that         But here is the crux.                   Fr Peter welcomes
coast.                                     The Japanese troops moved            has no moral standing or any              The world has driven disci-              your comments
   The Cathedral of Saint Peter         inland, and other missionaries          other standing come to think of        pline out of the everyday life of            and questions.
and Saint Paul in Dogura, Milne         lost their lives – priests Henry        it.                                    the human race.                               Please contact:
Bay Province, is the largest            Holland and Bibian Bedich,                  Yet, the Australian public is         It no longer has a place in our       <>
Anglican church in Papua New            builder John Duffil, teacher Lilla      led to believe that alcohol is to      modern societies but is rather                 0427 631383
Guinea.                                 Lashmar,       nurse       Margery      blame for the violence, crime          considered to be an abuse of
   It seats 800, was consecrated        Brenchley and Papuan teacher
in 1939 three years before the
outbreak of war in the South
Pacific and survived the
                                        Lucian Tapiedi.
                                           The       Reverend
                                        Matthews Rector of Port
                                                                     Henry                                    Threads laid bare
                                                                                                            with the Reverend Camellia Flanagan
Japanese occupation of Papua            Moresby, accompanied by a
New Guinea during World War             Papuan helper Leslie Gariadi                                                                  Martyrs and Witnesses
                                                                                                                       art or crafts relating to the person    ek tou hairmatos ton marturon
    A Prayer For Us and Our Brothers And Sisters in PNG                                                                (the Wheel of St Catherine of           Jesou.”
 Almighty God, there is no greater love than to give our lives for                                                     Alexandria, the Pipe organ of St           The word martur, although lit-
 your friends. Grant us and the people of Papua New Guinea the                                                         Cecilia and the Money bag of St         erally meaning “witness” came
 courage to make our own sacrifice. And may we, in the company                                                         Matthew and the Spear and               to be applied by the early Church
  of your Martyrs, gaze with joy upon the face of Christ.                                                              Carpenters square representing          to those who had given the ulti-
                              Amen                                                                                     St Thomas)                              mate witness to Jesus, their own
                                                                                                                          In Revelation 17:6 we read           lives, hence our word “martyr”.
   The Japanese had put ashore          was taking a boatload of people                                                “And I saw that the woman was              The related verb is martureo,
troops in Papua near Gona by            from Port Moresby to what was                                                  drunk with the blood of the             which means “to be a witness.”
July 1942 with a view to taking         intended to be a safe place along                                              saints and the blood of the wit-           Jesus speaks of his Father as
Lae and Salamaua.                       the coast when a Japanese plane                                                nesses to Jesus” NRSV.                  marturounti, “witnessing” in
   The Japanese did not harass          bombed the launch, sinking it,                                                    When we look at the literal          Acts 14:3 to Jesus in their evan-
or occupy Dogura mission itself         and killing all but one survivor.                                              Greek, this passage says “…kai          gelistic ministry.
and services continued in the              Looking at the transformed                                                  eidon ten gunaika methuousan               One of the principal teachings
cathedral throughout the war,           church in Papua New Guinea

                                                                                       here are many symbols           ek tou haimatos ton hagion kai          of the early Christian kerygma
with congregations amply                today it is not difficult to see that          used in ecclesiastical art as                                           (kerugma ‘proclamation’) was
enlarged by visitors from the           the grace of God and the influ-                symbols of martyrs.                                                     that the Old Testament prophets
Australian and American armed           ence of the martyrs have been               Sometimes a symbol associat-                                               served to marturousin (witness)
forces.                                 transforming agents of the Love         ed with a saint consists of a rep-                                             to Jesus centuries before his
   However, the Anglican                of God in the community.                resentation of an attribute of the                                             coming (see Acts 10:43).
                                                                                life or the person or the method                                                  Just as the Father gave wit-

                 Book Review                                                    of death or torture.
                                                                                    Some of these symbols are
                                                                                arrows, (St Edmund of East
                                                                                                                                                               ness to Jesus through the mighty
                                                                                                                                                               works that Jesus did, and just as
                                                                                                                                                               the apostles continued to witness
SEXEGESIS. AN EVANGELICAL RESPONSE TO FIVE UNEASY PIECES ON                     Anglia,        St      Sebastian)                                              to Jesus, so too all Christians are
                                                                                crosses,(The Saltire cross of St                                               called to be marturon Jesou,
                                                                                Andrew or the Tau cross of St                                                  “Witnesses of Jesus” and in so
             EDITOR: MICHAEL BIRD AND GORDON PREECE                             Antony of Egypt) and instru-                                                   doing become agents of
           PUBLISHER: ANGLICAN PRESS AUSTRALIA, SYDNEY                          ments of torture, such as                                                      Transformation for the commu-
                      ISBN:9781922000491                                        nails,(St Joseph of Arimathea, or                                              nities in which they live and

       he last review I was privi-      is similar to the former book           St William of Norwich) and             Symbol of St Thomas the                 work.
       leged to undertake for the       albeit with a sixth uneasy piece        whips,(one of the symbols of the       Apostle
       NCA was the very same            on creation and a post-script.          Passion of Christ) or symbols of              Photograph:
Five Uneasy Pieces that this               I was impressed with the clear
book responds to from the evan-         academic writing and persuasive         cussion on what is an already          McGrath.                                not for what it says but because it
gelical perspective.                    manner in which some of the             overheated debate.                        Although clearly written from        demonstrates the current stale-
   My initial thought was excel-        writers responded to the Five               A number of referencing            an evangelical aspect it adds           mate within the Church’s debate.
lent, there is something that will      Uneasy Pieces but was left              errors and the re-interpretation of    nothing to the debate and in
contribute positively to the ongo-      uneasy with regard to the gener-        words for the author’s own bene-       some respects highlights the rea-                                   Maruti
ing debate in a similar way to its      al tone of the essays and what          fit gave the impression that the       sons why the debate has become
counterpart.                            appeared to be deliberate “un-          book was put together with haste       so polarised within the Church             NCA deadline day is:
   Indeed, it is to the credit of the   christian” responses in some of         rather than with a listening           and Theological circles.
contributors of this volume that        the essays.                             aspect and attention to detail.           I am clearly reminded of the
the evangelical side of the debate         I was unconvinced of the sin-            The best essay in the whole        scriptural injunction not to argue
has been put in a similarly suc-        cerity with which the book has          book for this reader, was the          over words which this book                  The 15th of
cinct style as Five Uneasy              been put together in terms of           postscript written with some sen-      seems to go against.
Pieces. The lay out of the book         making an attempt to further dis-       sitivity to the issue by Barry            I would recommend the book               September!

August / September 2012                                                          The North Coast Anglican                                                                               Page 11
    The ANGLICARE North Coast Connection
                    From Estelle...                                                                 Anglicare North Coast
                                      of Grafton, thus performing a                    Housing Foundation for Disadvantaged Households
                                      vital mission on behalf of all
                                      involved in the Diocese.

                                                                                     his is a call to Anglicare    Community for the disadvan-                                            people’s lives’.
                                         In the last edition of the NCA,             North Coast’s loyal sup-      taged of our region.                                                      This is but following the com-
                                      our Chair, Ann Helmrich, told                  porters and those who            There are many people who,                                          mand that Jesus Christ gave us,
                                      you about a new Anglicare ini-          want to ‘make a difference’.         for no fault of their own, are                                         to house the homeless.
                                      tiative that involves the estab-            As a member of the Anglicare     homeless or are living in inap-                                           All monies given to the
                                      lishment of an Affordable               Board I believe this welfare         propriate housing who are des-                                         Anglicare        NC      Housing
                                      Housing Foundation that will            organisation has the ability to      perate for help.                                                       Foundation are received with the
                                      help provide disadvantaged peo-         ‘change lives’.                         The Anglicare Housing                                               commitment of every Board
                                      ple with affordable accommoda-              The services we offer, with      Foundation will enable the                                             Member, that these funds will be
                                      tion.                                   the dedication of our caring staff   Anglican Christian Community                                           dedicated to the purposes for
                                         Over coming months we will           and the commitment of our loyal      in our region to once again focus                                      which they are given – to pro-
                                      be telling you more about this          supporters, are able to make a       on one of our original aims ‘to                                        vide housing for those in need.
                                      Foundation and how you can be           difference in lives of young fam-    house the homeless’.
                                      involved in it.                         ilies, single people on their own       ‘The Foundation’ will provide                                             Are you able to help?
                                         This month, one of our Board         and older people.                    the resources to make a differ-
Estelle Graham                        member,        Reverend       Brian         I believe there is much more     ence in the lives of those in need,                                         Reverend Canon Brian Muller
                                      Mueller, has shared some                that can be done by our Christian    old and young alike, ‘to change

          e recently started the      thoughts about the Foundation
          process of developing a     and other Board Members will
          new strategic plan for
Anglicare North Coast to cover
                                      also share with you in future edi-
                                                                                 Financial                              Romanian twinning study
the next 3 years.                        We      believe      that    the

                                                                                                                      n February this year Migrant                                        Citizenship       (DIAC)      and
    As part of this process we’ve
reviewed our mission, our iden-
                                      Foundation will be of great
                                      assistance to many needy people
                                                                                Counselling                           Services Coffs Harbour host-                                        Anglicare North Coast (ANC) to
                                                                                                                      ed representatives from the                                         travel to the Romanian capital,
tity and our values, which pro-       in the future and that it will also                                          Romanian Immigration Office                                            Bucharest.
vided a wonderful opportunity         provide a great opportunity for               tip                            and the non-government sector,                                            The representatives travelled
to reflect on who we are, why         you, the people of the Diocese,                                              who were visiting Australia as                                         in June to meet with the
we exist and what we should be        to assist us in our mission.                                                 part of a larger United Nations                                        Romanian settlement sector and
                                                                                     on’t EVER roll your
    Regardless of the words that
we ultimately decide to use in
our new plan, Anglicare exists to
follow the commands of Jesus in
                                         As we read in Philippians
                                         "Let each of you look not
                                      only to his own interests, but
                                      also to the interests of others."
                                                                              D       superannuation/s into
                                                                                      another super fund with-
                                                                              out checking whether there is
                                                                              Life Insurance, Total and
                                                                                                                      The Romanian delegation
                                                                                                                                                                                          provide training in case manage-
                                                                                                                                                                                          ment, as a follow on from their
                                                                                                                                                                                          visit to Australia.
                                                                                                                                                                                             The program has become
                                                                                                                                                                                          known as the Romanian
caring for those around us who           We look forward to sharing           Permanent Disability or Income                                                                              Australian Twinning Study.
are in need.                          more with you as are plans for          Replacement             insurance                                                                              I spent almost 2 weeks in the
    We do this on behalf of the       this exciting new venture are put       attached.                                                                                                   middle of June this year travel-
Anglican Church in the Diocese        into place.                                Once rolled over you will                                                                                ling to the Romanian capital
                                                                              lose this cover completely.                                                                                 Bucharest, where in partnership
                                                                                 Patti, one of our Financial                                                                              with DIAC, I assisted in the
                Disaster recovery                                             Counsellors, recently had a                                                                                 delivery of training in case man-
                                                                              client who was advised by                                                                                   agement.

        fter a wet couple of years,                                           someone else to roll his super                                                                                 Lucky for us it was European
        and resultant floods to                                               into one (he had 15 different                                                                               summer; temperatures were a
        contend with here on the                                              super funds).                                                                                               beautiful 32 degrees.
North Coast it is predicted that                                                 Patti checked and found that                                                                                The trip was very short and
we will soon experience a run of                                              he had over $300,000 Total and                                                                              most of the time we were work-
drier weather, with the increased                                             Permanent Disability insurance                                                                              ing.
risk of bush fires.                                                           on a fund with a balance of a                                                                                  However, I was able to make
   It is a reminder to us all that                                            few hundred dollars.                                                                                        a stop in at one of the oldest
disasters can affect our commu-                                                  He is blind.                                                                                             churches in Bucharest dating
nities in a number of forms.                                                      He will now be paid that in      Romanian                         church                     in         back to 1558 for Sunday service.
   The Anglican community,                                                    full, plus, he will still have his   Bucharest                                                                 The service was in Romanian
under the terms of the state                                                  super funds intact.                           Photograph used with permission                               but even without understanding
Disaster Plan (Displan), remains                                                                                                                                                          the language the sentiment was
ready to assist in outreach, evac-                                                                                 spent 4 days in Coffs Harbour                                          clear, heralded with a traditional
uation and recovery centre                                                                                         experiencing life as newly set-                                        choir which echoed throughout
efforts, if required.                                                                                              tling refugees in order to observe                                     the fresco covered building.
   We have 11 teams of trained                                                    Thought                          best practice in refugee settle-                                          It was an honor to participate
volunteers based in parishes                                                                                       ment.                                                                  in the study on behalf of ANC
from Port Macquarie to Tweed.         Anne Dinham                                  for the                             Acknowledging that Australia                                       and I look forward to watching
   Some are cross parish ven-               Photograph used with permission                                        is considered one of the most                                          the Romanian settlement sector
tures and others include volun-                                                          day                       advanced settlement countries in                                       come of age over the next few
teers from the wider community           Please consider whether                                                   the world.                                                             years.
or other denominational groups,       becoming a trained Disaster                “Two are better than one,             Romania, a new European
not specifically involved in the      Recovery volunteer is some-                                                  Union inductee keen to advance                                                              Louise Carter
Displan.                              thing you could do.                       because they have a good           their very young settlement sec-                                                  Manager Migrant Services
   Training to become a Disaster         There are no other require-                                               tor, was able to negotiate for rep-                                                  Anglicare North Coast
Recovery volunteer is free of         ments other than a heart for              return for their work: If one      resentatives        from        the
charge, and even includes lunch       helping your community; roles                                                Department of Immigration and
and morning tea, and the provi-       are varied with tasks suitable for        falls down, his friend can
sion for reimbursement of travel      the not so agile.
costs incurred in attending.             Please note this is not a              help him up. But pity the                                                                                            Anglican Care and Social
   If you have a minimum of 6         response service, like the SES,                                                                                                                               Justice on the North Coast
people interested, please contact     and does not involve heavy lift-          man who falls and has no
                                                                                                                       I wish to become a Friend of Anglicare North Coast and here is my gift in support of its work.
me at the Maclean office to           ing or physically strenuous
arrange a suitable training date.     activity.                                 one to help him up!"                     $.....              $20            $40            $50            $100             I’d prefer instead to make a regular gift
   Refresher training is required                                                                                                  of $ . . . . . charged to my credit card every              month          quarter         six months
every three years to keep accred-                                                       Ecclesiastes 4:9-10
itation valid. Anglicare North             The NCA                                                                  Payment Details:               Cheque/Money Order enclosed (single gifts only)
                                                                                                                                           Visa       MasterCard        Bankcard        Amex        Diners
Coast is planning to conduct
Refresher training for our                Deadline is                                                                              |__|__|__|__| |__|__|__|__| |__|__|__|__| |__|__|__|__| Expiry |__|__|__|__|

Kempsey            and        Port                                               In articles on this page           Name on card . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Signature . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Macquarie/Wauchope teams in
the next couple of months.
                                          the 15th of                               ‘Anglicare’ means
                                                                                                                    My Details:
                                                                                                                    Mr/Ms/Mrs/Miss/Dr/Rev (First Name) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Family Name) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
   New recruit training was                                                      ‘Anglicare North Coast’            Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Postcode . . . . . . . .
recently scheduled to take place          September!                                 unless otherwise               Email: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                          (Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible)

at Kingscliff.                                                                           indicated.                  Anglicare North Coast, PO Box 401, Grafton 2460. Phone (02) 6643 4844 Fax (credit cards only) (02) 6642 5895

August / September 2012                                                        The North Coast Anglican                                                                                                                                   Page 12

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