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									Air Force Vet Hemsley Buried in El Paso

You may have heard about the dispute that arose around the estate of the deceased actor Sherman
Hemsley. Hemsley died over the summer of 2012 after battling lung cancer, and he did in fact leave
behind a last will.

He had no children and never married. The individual closest to him was Flora Enchinton Bernal, and
he is quoted as saying that he considered her to be his family. In his last will she was reportedly named
as his executor and sole heir.

Sherman Hemsley died on July 24, but as of the middle of November his body was still sitting in a
funeral home in El Paso, Texas, the city that he called home. The reason why his body was not laid to
rest is because of the fact that the last will was being challenged by a Richard Thornton.

DNA testing has determined that Thornton is in fact Hemsley's half-brother by blood. Of course this
fact does nothing to invalidate the will.

Ultimately the probate judge in El Paso decided that the will was in fact valid. As a result, the body of
the comedic genius has finally been buried.

The funeral took place in El Paso, and it was reportedly a moving affair during which Enchinton Bernal
released a white dove in honor of her deceased friend. Because Hemsley was an Air Force veteran he is
buried in Fort Bliss National Cemetery.

Hemsley put smiles on the faces of millions of people during his long and successful career, and he
certainly made his mark within his chosen field of endeavor.

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