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									  The Lake         Area
White Bear Lake Area Historical Society                                                                Fall 2010

          The White Bear Lake Area Historical Society’s
           Historic House Tour Is Back Again For 2010!
T   he White Bear Area Historic House Tour returns on September 26th. The WBLAHS will continue this community
  tradition with the House Tour featuring tenhomes around the area.

  Included on the tour are:

                                                                          5 YELLOW BIRCH ROAD
                                                                              BUILT IN 1916
                                                                            This stately country home was
                                                                             designed by famous architect
                                                                         Emanuel Masqueray as his last work
                                                                           before his death. Other notable
                                                                          projects by Masqueray include the
                                                                         Cathedral of St. Paul and the Basilica
                                                                              of St. Mary in Minneapolis.

         BUILT CA 1870
       One of Birchwood’s oldest struc-
     tures, this home has been masterfully
            restored in recent years.

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                                              67 WILDWOOD BEACH
                                                 BUILT IN 2007
                                               Built on the site of roller coaster
                                               for Wildwood Park, this second
                                              generation Wildwood Bay home
                                              emphasizes family and heritage at
                                                           its finest.

        215 CEDAR STREET
          BUILT IN 1915
        This village retreat is designed to
     maximize space and relaxation with an
      elegant yet comfortable living space
                and a tranquil lot.

                                                 616 HALL AVENUE
                                                BIRCHWOOD VILLAGE
                                                   BUILT IN 1947
                                                This post-war prefabricated Cape
                                                 Cod style home has been modi-
                                                fied over the years to fit the needs
                                                   of its homeowners and their
                                                           eclectic style.

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                                               2297 FOURTH
                                               WHITE BEAR
                                               BUILT IN 1905
                                               This unspoiled Queen
                                             Anne style home has been
                                               in the current owner’s
                                             family all but a decade of
                                                    its existence.

       2327 SIXTH STREET
         BUILT CA. 1889
  After serving for more than a century as
 the home of Manitou Island’s caretakers,
    this structure was moved across the
 frozen lake in 2009 to its new site where
    it has been renovated and updated.

                                                4581 LAKE AVENUE
                                                WHITE BEAR LAKE
                                                  BUILT IN 1862
                                               Historically known as “Mound
                                               Cottage” this property is one of
                                               White Bear’s oldest cottages on
                                               the lake and the original site of
                                                   the largest of this area’s
                                               American Indian Burial mounds

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                                                                              4673 LAKE AVENUE
                                                                              WHITE BEAR LAKE
                                                                                BUILT IN 1910
                                                                            Located on the site of the William’s
                                                                            House, one of White Bear’s grand
                                                                           resorts, this restful setting lends itself
                                                                               perfectly to the home which is
                                                                          decorated in such a way that one feels
                                                                           as though the lake has been brought

               10420 HADLEY
                 CIRCLE N
               BUILT CA. 1991
            This property overlooking the
            White Bear Yacht Club Golf
           Course has a majestic presence
                  in a serene setting.

                                             Ticket Prices:                              SUNDAY,
              Facebook.com/                  $25 advance,                            SEPTEMBER 26TH
              whitebearhistory               $20 WBLAHS members,                       NOON – 6 PM
                                             $30 Day of event at Depot Museum
                                                (if not sold out)
                                            Advance Ticket Sales:
                                            WBLAHS Depot (Hwy 61 and 4th St., White Bear Lake)
                                            Phone: 651-407-5327
                                            Online: www.whitebearhistory.org
                                            Mail: Checks payable to WBLAHS can be mailed to PO Box
                                            10543, White Bear Lake, MN 55110
                                                     VISA, MASTERCARD OR DISCOVER ACCEPTED

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Continued from page 4     Thank you to all of the sponsors of the White Bear Area 2010 Historic House Tour
                                                        CHUCK & DON’S PET FOOD OUTLET – SIGNATURE SPONSOR
                 JAMIE OGDEN –
                 HOUSE SPONSOR
                 & EVENT

                                        SANDY ESPE
                                        HOUSE SPONSOR
                                        & EVENT            MAINSTREET INC. –
   KATHY MADORE – HOUSE                                    HOUSE SPONSOR &
   SPONSOR & EVENT SUPPORTER                               EVENT SUPPORTER

                         WHITE BEAR LAKE –
                         HOUSE SPONSOR &                                                          WHITE BEAR
                         EVENT SUPPORTER                                                          LAKE AREA
                                                        EDINA REALTY – HOUSE                      HISTORICAL
 AMERICAN CLASSIC                                                                                 SOCIETY –
                                                        SPONSOR & EVENT
 HOMES –                                                                                          HOUSE SPONSOR
                                                        SUPPORTER              JOY ERICKSON –
 HOUSE SPONSOR &                                                                                  & EVENT
 EVENT SUPPORTER                                                               HOUSE SPONSOR &
                        MARK ASHBY GROUP – HOUSE                                                  SUPPORTER
                                                                               EVENT SUPPORTER
                        SPONSOR & EVENT SUPPORTER

        A Special Thank You to Our
        Hometown Business Members                                               Proudly Serving
                                           Knutsen Auto
                                           Manitou Station
                                                                               T   he White Bear Lake Area
                                                                                  Historical Society is proud to
                         PROUD OF OUR      Mueller Lake Mortuary                  serve the following communi-
                           HISTORY         Parkway Painting Company               ties:
                         PROUD OF OUR      Sunbear Salon & Spa
                          COMMUNITY                                                •Birchwood
                                           Town Life Magazine
                                           Ursula’s Wine Bar & Café
                          HOMETOWN                                                 •Mahtomedi
                           BUSINESS        Vacation Sports
                                                                                   •White Bear Lake
                                           White Bear Country Inn/Rudy’s
                                                                                   •White Bear Township
                                              Red Eye Grill
                                           White Bear Eye Clinic

  Alphagraphics                            Organizations:
  Auto Glass Express                       Lakeshore Players
  Edina Realty, White Bear Lake            VFW Post 1782
  Fashion Eyes                             White Bear Lake Lion’s Club              If you have a story,
  Frazer Automotive                                                                 pictures, or any
  Hisdahl, Inc.                            For information on how your              information that you
  Hoffman Corner Heating & Air             business can be a WBLAHS                 would like to share,
     Conditioning                          Hometown Business Member                 please contact Sara at
  Judy King Estate Sales                   please contact Sara                      651-407-5327
  Just Two Bikes                           at 651-407-5327
     Mission                                                 From Our President...
 Statement of the                                                           Jo Emerson
 White Bear Lake
 Area Historical
                                                             A       s you will see in this issue, we are highlighting the
                                                             2010 House Tour set for Sunday, September 26 from
                                                             noon to 6PM. We are proud to have reinvigorated the
      Society                           house tour tradition from years ago. It has proved to be a most popular event.

T   he White Bear Lake Area
Historical Society connects the
                                        So make your plans and get your tickets.
                                         Do you know the history of your house? Each house has a unique history that
                                        should be preserved. Think about looking back at the previous owners of your
community to its past, fostering an     house and making a history of your house to preserve for future generations.
understanding and                       You can use pictures and stories to tell the history.
appreciation for our history.            Our annual meeting will take place on October 28th. We will be celebrating
                                        the 40th Anniversary of the White Bear Area Historical Society. We will be
We fulfill our mission by….             honoring the charter members who saw to it that our history would be pre-
        Gathering and maintaining       served. We are so glad they had the foresight to form this organization. And
        historical information          we have a responsibility to make sure this organization continues to thrive and
        and artifacts.                  grow. So plan to attend our annual meeting, get involved as a volunteer or
        We are safe keepers of          think about ways you could contribute to make sure this happens.
        our heritage.                    And to the business owners in town, think about preserving the history of
        Educating the community         your business. If you are a new business, it’s the perfect time to start jotting
        about our history.              down your history. If you are an older established business, it’s not too late to
        We are the community            gather pertinent information and put it together. Remember what is current
        storytellers.                   information today will become history for those that follow us.
        Encouraging personal and         If you think you have some information that we might like to have, please
        community responsibility for    contact us. If you have old photos, we would be happy to scan them for our
        preserving our physical links   files. A picture taken in front of your house or a building in town can show
        to the past.                    what things use to look like. So check through your photos and see what you
        We are advocates for            have.
        historical preservation.         Thank you to everyone who continues to treasure the history of this area.
 WBLAHS 2010 Board Members Needed
Board of Directors On October 28 the WBLAHS will word out about what a treasure we

      Jo Emerson, President             hold its annual meeting to celebrate       have!
    Peter Reis, Past President          the 40th anniversary of its incorpora-     • Fillebrown House In-House Chair,
     Jenni Corbett, Secretary           tion. The Fillebrown House has             responsibilities include coordinating
  Tracey Montgomery, Treasurer          been been the signature project of         and scheduling volunteers to maintain
         Scott Freeberg                 our organization from its early years      the interior of the House, working
           Christy Gutt                 and we need your help to continue          with event planners to coordinate the
          Keith Hisdahl                 that effort. Elections will be held        members’ party and holiday functions
        Kathy Hoelscher                 that night and Board members are           and working with the Out-House
          Chris Johnson                 sought to fill the following positions:    Chair on joint interior and exterior
       Jan Holtz Kraemer                • Fillebrown House Tours Chair,            projects.
           Shana Karle                  responsibilities include coordinating      Please contact Jo Emerson, Board
          Lin Lindbeck                  the tour committee, scheduling and         President at 653-0731 if you are
            Tom Rice                    overseeing tour open hours at the          interested in learning more or would
          Bill Matschke                 Fillebrown House and working with          like to be considered for one of these
            Meg Todd                    the Promotions Chair to get the            positions.
                      From the Director’s Desk...
                      T   he WBLAHS was incorporated in September of 1970. Throughout 2010 the WBLAHS is
                      celebrating its 40th anniversary. In each of this year’s issues of our quarterly, The Lake Area
                      Preserver, we will focus on ten facts you may not know about the WBLAHS.

                      Did you know the WBLAHS…

          • Offers guided and self-guided boat tours of White Bear Lake?
          • Has a Planned Giving program where supporters can remember the organization in their estate planning?
          • Maintains databases of census, cemetery and genealogical data for researchers?
          • Has a successful record of grantseeking for project grants through the Minnesota State Grants In Aid pro-
            gram and the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund program through the Minnesota Historical Society?
          • Has provided research and historical editing assistance for several local publications including Looking Back
            at White Bear Lake by Cynthia Vadnais, A Walk Through Dellwood by Paul C. Larson, White Bear: A
            History by Catherine Carey, and Tales of the Road: Highway 61 by Cathy Wurzer?
          • Was one of three partner organizations that brought the 2009 Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener to
            White Bear Lake?
          • Is a resource for interns and students from area high schools and universities who need service learning
          • Has developed partnerships with many area organizations to preserve their records?
          • Has a local history curriculum available online for our area schools?
          • Has had a presence in local community festivals and events including Marketfest, Township Day and Zephyr
            Days consistently since 2006?

 Your local historical society is a dynamic organization in which we all should be proud. The history of this area is
tremendous and needs to be preserved. Thank you for placing a value on that history by being a member, a volunteer
and a participant in the things we do! We couldn’t continue our efforts without you.

Your Society In Action
D       uring the storm on Sunday, August 8th White Bear lost one of its natural landmarks. A giant cottonwood in
                                                                            Matoska Park uprooted and collapsed taking
                                                                            down at least one other tree. The tree dates
                                                                            back more than two centuries and pre-dates
                                                                            all of White Bear’s recorded history. The
                                                                            morning after the fall the WBLAHS was there
                                                                            to record this moment in history.

                                                                                   Learning from
                                                                                     Our Past,
                                                                                   Preserving for
                                                                                    Our Future.
Calendar of Events
For more details on these events and more, visit whitebearhistory.org or call 651-407-5327.
MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH White Bear Lake: Land of Lakes and Legends
                             6-7pm at the Ramsey County Library, White Bear Lake Branch.
                             Free & open to the public. Join us to hear illustrated stories of
                             local lore and learn which are true and which are myths. Topics
                             include the Geist Gazebo, the Legend of Manitou Island and
                             Mark Twain’s visit to White Bear.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26TH       White Bear Area Historic House Tour 2010
                             See pages 1-5 for more information, noon-6pm
                                                                                                    TO SHARE YOUR
                                                                                                     MEMORIES IN
                             White Bear’s Golden Resort Era 1870-1910                               FUTURE ISSUES,
                             Monday, October 18th 6-7pm at the Ramsey County Library,                 CONTACT:

                             White Bear Lake Branch. Free & open to the public.
                                                                                                 SARA MARKOE HANSON
                             The arrival of the railroad also meant the beginning of White          DEPOT MUSEUM
                             Bear’s Golden Resort Era. Through this illustrated program we         4751 HIGHWAY 61
                             will explore the grandest of the resorts and recreation sites       WHITE BEAR LAKE, MN
                             around the lake.                                                       651-407-5327

                       Thursday, October 28th 6-9pm at Manitou Station.
                       More details to be announced soon.

WILLERNIE, MN                                                                Address Service Requested
       PAID                                                                  White Bear Lake, MN 55110-0543
  U.S. POSTAGE                                                               P.O. Box 10543
NONPROFIT ORG.                                                               White Bear Lake Area Historical Society

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