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                                             LORENZO’S OIL
                                                   Honors Biology
   1. What continent did this story begin in?

   2. What did Lorenzo do so that his friend Omouri would remember him? ____________________________

   3. What sense was affected which caused Lorenzo to initially go to the Children’s Hospital?

   4. What is the rare disease that Lorenzo has?

   5. Who does this disease affect? How long after diagnosis does someone affected with this disease traditionally
      live according to the movie?

   6. Myelin sheath is stripped away from what structures?

   7. Explain the theory behind the low fat diets that the boys followed.

   8. If this is a partial family tree for the Odones, what are the probably genotypes of the family members listed?
                 Aunt #1           Aunt #2        Aunt Dee        Michaela       Augusto         Lorenzo

                 X X            X X               X X             X X             X Y              X Y

               A – normal neurons,     a - ALD

   9. Why did Michaela blame herself for Lorenzo’s illness?

   10. What was Augusto Odones plumbing example used to explain? What does each part of the sink represent?

   11. What is biosynthesis?

   12. The diet did not work; explain why the blood levels of the “bad” fatty acid got higher instead of lower.
13. Did the medical community help the Odones find a cure for Lorenzo or did they resist their efforts? Explain
    what happened. Do you understand why the doctors did what they did?

14. What was the scientific basis behind the use of oleic acid (olive oil)?

15. Why was the support group angry about the Odones efforts to help Lorenzo? Can you see their point?

16. Explain Augusto’s use of paperclips to represent the “good and bad” fatty acids. What did his dream help him
    to understand?

17. Why did the olive oil only work half way? (Explain by using a model described in the movie.)

18. How come the erucic acid had to be made in another country? What country was it made in?

19. How did Lorenzo’s Oil help children with ALD? (Use the paperclip model or sink model to explain).

20. Would you do the same thing as the Odones if Lorenzo were your child? Why or why not?

21. We can learn anything we want to. Most of us should regard ourselves as “lifelong learners”. How did
    Augusto and Michaela prove that they are lifelong learners?

22. As you reflect on this movie, how did the Odone family use the Scientific Method? Start with the problem
    statement and use examples from the movie to illustrate the steps.

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